Wife love showing off husband’s body

My name is Bill, and I have some amazing stories, about the things
that turn my wife on. We have been married for 6 years. I am 32 and
my wife is 24. She is very sexy, but has always bragged to her
friends on the size of my cock (even when we started dating in high

Her friends’ brother would tell me that she told their sisters how
big I was and how good I was, at foreplay and fucking. Sometimes,
when we would be drinking, she would start describing how big I was
to all her friends. I was flattered, usually, but sometimes I was
embarrassed, too.

One day, she was telling her sister how big I was and I walked in.
Her sister said “Prove it!” My wife stood up and rubbed my cock,
and like always, it started to grow. Her sister just stared as all
15″ pushed at my pants, trying to get free. My wife unzipped my
pants and let it out. Her sister gasped and stared.

My wife, then said she could touch it, if she wanted to. She
grabbed it and just purred. I pushed it toward her mouth and my
wife guided it there and said “taste my husbands giant cock.”

She did and sucked me dry. Ever since then, I know whenever my wife
starts bragging to people about the size of my cock, that she wants
me to show off, so I do.

Some of her male friends are interested, too, she says.. I guess
I’ll show off to them, also. She has, also bragged to her mother
how big I am and every time we’re there, she stares at my cock,
which causes it to harden. Some day, maybe? .