Wonder woman’s sex story

Wonder Woman whisked away by the five Black Panthers.
The Amazon princess was bound and gagged and taken to a
hideaway in the mountains. The beautiful heroine, in her
red, white, and blue uniform was surrounded by the black
captives. Wonder Woman was a virgin and she had never
seen or handled a cock before.

This was not a chance happening but a planned kidnapping.
Wonder Woman had been in a fierce battle with her arch
enemy the Cheetah. The villain had allied herself with a
crime gang called The Black Panthers. The group was made
up of young, big, and strong black men. And the gang took
what it wanted.

Wonder Woman had interrupted one of their hiests jobs
and had proceeded to beat the gang and Cheetah badly.
She captured the Cheetah and took her to jail. The Black
Panthers had escaped and sowre revenge against the hero.

The Panthers had spotted Wonder Woman on patrol and
made plans to take her down. Little did Diana know that
she was being watched by the crime gang so they could
learn her routine.

The Amazon warrior was like a goddess. Wonder Woman
was perfect in every way and the sexual fantasy of millions
of men around the world. Men wanted to dominate the hero
and bend her to their wills. They wanted to fuck the super
hero and turn her into their sex slave.

Wonder Woman was the fuck-meat they craved. She was
pure white and untouched. They had busied themselves and
came up with a plan to capture the Amazon. The gang had
ambushed Wonder Woman at a crime scene and tackled her
to the ground where she was gagged and tied up with her
golden lasso. Diana was helpless and unable to resist.

They began their plot to take and ravish this white beauty
with long black hair. Her skin was white like a delicate
porcelin dish. The blacks lusted to see Diana on her back
with their cocks buried deep in her wonder cunt.

She would be the an ultimate conquest, to rape the virgin
hero and make her submit to them would make the gangs’
criminal reputation and make them players in thecriminal
big leagues.

The Panthers intended to make a show of the event to break
the heroine. The plan to kidnap Diana turned into a lustful
planned party. The unsoiled pure heroine was to be their
main attraction. Wonder Woman was to be auctioned off
to the highest bidders.

The customers would have to pay a hefty admission charge
to watch the brutal rape of the exotic heroine by a black
man. The buyers knew to bring a lot money with them to
participate in the upcoming rape. How much would it take
to win the auction of having the honor of busting the world’s
top super heroine’s treasured cherry, while an audience
looked on?

How much would Wonder Woman’s precious cherry bring,
to be busted by a big black stud in front of spectators?
Would her sweet red lips bring more than her precious
cherry? Or would her tight little ass be the prized treasure?

Once Wonder Woman’s photo was distributed as the grand
prize of ‘Rapefest’, the lustful black customers would get a
hard on just thinking of seeing her squirming on a big black
dong. Her screams would only serve to get the bidding higher.

The cabin was filled with black men for this ‘Rapefest’ auction
of the tepmting white virgin her. Wonder Woman was dazed
and confused. She feared for her life and feared the thought
of being raped by these huge black men. They were beginning
to take bids on her. “How much for the honor of being the first
black to get a blowjob by this white bitch?” was the question.

“What’s a blowjob?” thought the innocent young Amazon. She
would be in for a dreadful surprise. Diana had never even
thought of putting her mouth on a filthy penis. Now she would
be forced to suck on a bunch of filthy black cocks.

“What’s the bid to have Wonder Woman give you the blow
job of a lifetime?” yelled the Panther leader. “What do they
want of me?” Diana asked herself. She had no idea what a
blow job was.

The frantic bidding was up to $5,000. The Black Panther
leader turned to Diana. “Imagine,these men bidding to have
a blow job from you.” Wonder Woman fearfully asked “What
is a blow job?” The crowd roared with laughter and suddenly
the bidding jumped up. The current highest bid came from a
6’5″ black giant who couldn’t believe the beauty of the hero
and he wanted to be the first one to fuck her mouth.

The Panther leader turned to the scared Amazon. “He’s the
high bidder and has the honor of getting to be the first one
to ever get a blow job from you.” “What’s a blow job?” Diana
fearfully asked again.

The leader grabbed her hand and dragged her down to a
kneeling position. Wonder Woman fearfully looked up
to see the winning black man approach her, unzipping his
fly. Out flopped the most horrid looking penis Diana could
imagine. She couldn’t believe a penis could be so big and
ugly. The huge cock was 12-inches in length and 3-inches
in diameter. The Panther leader was now standing behind
her holding her shoulders so she could not get up and run.

The leader laughed. “A blow job my sweet Wonder Woman
means you’re going to suck that big black cock down your
throat till that black dick spits its venom down your throat.”
Diana’s eyes popped open, not believing what she had just
heard. She squirmed. “No, please it’s too filthy to do a deed
like that! I’ll die. It’s too huge! I’ll choke to death.” she
pleaded. Wonder Woman turned her head away from the
approaching black organ.

Wonder Woman began crying. The black monster in front
of her lifted her head by the chin. “Now kiss my cock,
you slut.” he ordered. All of the audience chuckled to see
Wonder Woman defiled and forced to suck on the monstrous
black prick, that oozed its slimy venom. “Lick it with your
tongue bitch.” came the order.

Diana closed her eyes and her delicate tongue slowly parted
her soft lips. Wonder Woman shivered in disgust as the
slimy goo coated her tongue and began to paint her red lips.
What a sight! The amazing Wonder Woman , kneeling before
a black bastard, and licking at his monstrous black cock.

The seething black dick darted into Diana’s virgin mouth.
Wonder Woman’s hands went up to push and slow the black
hips from thrusting the 12- inch penis down her lilly white
throat. Diana stretched her mouth to the fullest as the thick
black cock forced its way to the back of her throat.

The black man groaned in delight as he watched his cock
slowly disappearing into the choking heroine’s throat. He
stopped his movements for fear of erupting prematurely.
He wanted to make this last as long as possible. It sure would
be embarrassing to shoot his load so soon in front of this
group and also paying the most for the pleasure of being the
first man to defile Wonder Woman.

Eight full inches of black cock now forced its way down
Wonder Woman’s tender throat. Her black hair and head
shook from side to side trying to dislogde the invading cock.
Her hands now gripped the base of the black cock to keep the
remaining four inches from being forced down her throat.

Diana could not breathe with what was already down her
throat. The black’s hands were now grasping the back of
her head and he began to fuck in and out of Wonder Woman’s
choking mouth.

The black fucked away at the gagging young heroine. Slowly
he withdrew until only the head remained in her gulping mouth.
He grinned down at the hapless heroine, “I’m going to feed you
in a minute.”

Slowly the black cock glided down the hero’s swallowing throat.
The speed picked up and the black man groaned. His cock was
buried deep in her throat, the guy twitches and groans. Diana’s
head tried to dislodge the spurting rod. She choked and cum
gushed from her nostrils. The black pulled back to shoot his
load in the Amazon’s gagging mouth. Cum poured over her lips
and chin. Then the black pulled out totally to shoot his last three
blasts directly up the length of her face, splattering cum over her
eyes and nose. Diana was on her hands and knees gagging the filthy
cum. The black laughed, grabbing Wonder Woman by her hair.

The black saw her about to retch her guts and laughed. Wonder
Woman gagged and retched out the slimy cum. The entire group
of blacks roared in laughter to see the untouchable Wonder
Woman retch out a cup full of black cum all over her face.

The leader now announced. “It’s time to bid again! A three part
bidding is on. #1 is fuck the Amazon’s beautiful white feet;
#2 is to get jerked off by her right hand and # 3 by her left hand.”
Diana couldn’t believe her ears. One black bid $5,000 to fuck her
feet and two others bid $2,500 apiece to get jerked off. The leader
grabbed Wonder Woman by her black hair to look up at the grinning
black bidders.

“How many times have you brought a guy off with your hands and
feet little girl.” he quizzed. Diana cringed and answered as the
black jerked her hair “Please don’t make me do this, I’ve never
done those things.” A roar of laughter came from the audience.

Suddenly the bidding became fast and furious as each wanted to
be the first to fuck her feet and being jerked off by this beautifu
l heroine. $15,000 was the winning bid to fuck her feet for the
first time and $8,000 apiece for the honor of being the first to
be jerked off by the crime fighter.

The winning threesome moved quickly to claim their prize. They
lifted Wonder Woman onto the table. The blacks quickly stripped
off their clothing to proudly reveal their towering black rods.
Each possessed a fearful monster, far bigger than shewould’ve
imagined. The black winner of Diana’s feet slowly made a show
of removing her red and white boots. He then brought her feet
up to his face and inhaled deeply. He wiped his face into the soles
of her stockinged feet. He began to lap at her insoles with his long
tongue. Meanwhile, the other two blacks had forced Diana’s hands
onto their throbbing black organs. Her white hands could not fully
encircle either of the huge throbbing cocks. It beautiful contrast
of black and white skin, Diana in her costume was being totally
defiled by three blacks.

What a show this was. Wonder Woman was forced to pump away
at the two cocks in her fists while the black at her feet began to
fuck between her tender soles. All three men slowed to a stop at
times to prevent from exploding and managed to hang on.

Finally, as if on cue, they all stopped. Wonder Woman’s hands
were pried open to let go of the two cocks and the cock slid
from between her soles. Slowly she stroked the hard cocks.

She cringed as her hands wrapped tighter around the hot and
slimy black cocks. The black at her feet then began to fuck
between her white feet. Many in the audience had wished he
had bid for the right to be the first to fuck this beauty’s white

On and on the degration continued. Wonder Woman cringed
at the thought of being dirtied further by these black monsters
Her strong white fingers were now slick with the drool from
the black cocks. Her feet felt slimy as she serviced the lusting
blacks. Disgusted at being defiled, Diana was alarmed when she
felt her pussy grow wet and she became aroused from being
debased by the men.

Wonder Woman whipped her head back and forth in shame until
her hair whiped around and covered her face. The blacks being
jerked off both groaned and edged closer to the table. One then
the other erupted, sending spurt after spurt to criss-cross Diana’s
face. Her fingers were webbed from the sticky glue and her face
was covered with cum. Wonder Woman closed her eyes and
shivered in disgust and excitement as the nigger cum dripped on
her face.

The blacks at her side laughed at her reaction and stepped forward
and used their black cocks to smear the sperm down onto her beautiful
sticky face. Needless to say that Wonder Woman’s beautiful face
was now a fucking mess.

The black at her feet continued to slide between her tender
soles. Finally he groaned and shot a thick stream of cum up to
the top of the heroine’s thighs. Then he pulled back and cupped
Diana’s soles around his cockhead where he shot the rest of his
load. His hot creamy cum covered her soles and webbed her toes

The three drained blacks stepped back to admire their
accomplishments, to the applause of the roaring audience.
The heroine put her head down in shame when one of the
black’s pointed out her lust, as evidenced by her erect nipples.
Wonder Woman lay on the table shivering in disgust,her hands
and feet, soiled and saturated with black cum.

The bidding soon began for the most treasured prize – the
Amazon’s cherry! The bidding reach $25,000. The winner –
a giant 6’6″ ugly looking black, as dark as the night. Diana
cried out as the giant black dropped his pants to reveal a
whopping foot long black snake, round like a rolling pin.
“No please, I’m a virgin! Please let me go! That monster cock
will ruin me, please!” she begged. The winning black walked
up next to her.

The black helped her off the table. “Kneel down next to me jerk
my pecker bitch!” In despair, Diana obeyed by unzipping the
tented pants of her rapist. Out popped his rigid cock, at its full
length of 12 inches. Wonder Woman wrapped her cum soaked hands
around the ebony pecker. He groaned with pleasure as Diana began
to pump her fists. “Now suck the cock.” commanded the black. As
she lowered her head to her tormentor’s cock, the black laughed.

Wonder Woman shook her head in disbelief. Another black walked
up to her and wrapped her hand arond his pole. Diana was to suck
one cock while she played with the new guy’s pecker. Diana reluctantly
obeyed, slowly opening her mouth to admit the black slimy cock.

She began to suck in earnest. “Okay Wonder Whore, time to get
your cherry popped!” the black snickered. Wonder Woman looked
up in fear, “No,please, I can’t do this. You’ll kill me.” “I lied slut,
I’m getting my money’s worth and busting your cherry.” he snickered.
The audience roared. The black easily grabbed the heroine and carried
her back to the table.

Wonder Woman lay on the table, her arms held above her by two
strong blacks. Two other blacks pulled her legs apart as the prize-
winner grinned at her and began to stroke his massive dong. He
approached her virgin cunt, hidden by satin blue shorts. He grabbed
onto the waistband and the shorts were shreded as if they were made of
tissue paper. Whistles and howls erupted as Wonder Woman’s prize
possession was revealed to all.

Wonder Woman saw the 12-inch black snake approaching her vagina.
“Please don’t put it in me. You’ll get me pregnant. Please…..no…..
I can’t have a baby!” she cried. “Please, I can’t have a baby. I’ll be
ruined. Please don’t……You’ll end my hero career by making me pregnant.”
she pleaded. The black laughed and looked over at the beaten Amazon,
“I’m going to make you a little black bastard in you! I’m going to
ruin your pretty little white life you slut.”

The twitching black penis was right at the height of Wonder Woman’s
love tunnel. The black grinned as his manhood began to ooze its
venom onto the heroine’s treasure. Wonder Woman was held tightly
and could not move, except to toss her head from side to side in torment.

“Please, I’m a virgin. You’ll kill me with that. Please don’t put it in
me. I’ll get pregnant from it. Please!” she begged. The black edged
forward to rub the frothing cock head up and down her tight slit,
depositing its slimy filth along the way. The black twitched his hips
forward, forcing his thick cock head into Wonder Woman’s virgin cunt.
“Ahhhhhhhhh…nooooooooo……..PLEASE!” came the cry from the gorgeous
virgin Amazon.

The black monster put his large black hands at each side of Wonder
Woman’s hips and thrust forward with all his might. “Aieeeeeeee!
AAGHHHHHHH!” shrieked the hero as her precious cherry was torn
to shreds. A roar of cheers came from the audience. Six full inches
had plowed through her virgin cunt. “Please. Stop. Pleaseeeeeeeee
pull it out of me!” Diana pleaded. Slowly the pulsing black snake
backed its way out of the snug cavern, streaked with with bright red
liquid, Wonder Woman’s cherry blood.

Suddenly the black cock thrust forward again and again bringing more
cries of anguish from the screaming heroine. The audience cheered
as they witnessed the 12-inch black penis fully embedded in ravaged
Amazon. What a sight this made, a dream of every black bastard,
deflowering the mighty Wonder Woman. Diana screamed as she was
raped by the monster black cock.

All the blacks smiled and chuckled as Wonder Woman continued to
cry out in agony as the prizewinner began to fuck into her delicate
belly. The rapist began to withdraw 10-inches of his monster cock
and plow it back in. The black rapist looked at the audience,”The
slut’s got a nice tight little pussy. I can feet it snapping at my cock!”
The crowd roaored with excitement.

Wonder Woman had planned on a week long vacation but that
was not to be. Instead, the Amazon was raped entire time by
her huge black rapists. After the blacks were exhausted from
fucking the heroine, cumming in and on her numerous times,
they fucked Wonder Woman’s tight virgin asshole. Wonder
Woman had her eyes closed in shame and had not opened them
as the men climbed on her abused body.

Diana was raped by cocks over and over. She soon became a
babbling idiot and begged the black men to fuck and degrade
her. Diana willingly humped all the blacks and sucked their cocks.

Anoher man had entered her she was quickly cumming by the second
stroke. Wonder Woman’s legs had wrapped around him. She cried
out “Ohhh,Yess! So good!. Let me man fuck all of you and be your
whore! I love it!” The blacks all laughed at Diana pronouncement.

Wonder Woman weas blindfolded and released at the end of her
ordeal. The heroine was now a cum swilling whore and was changed
foreveer. Wonder Woman had turned into a cock crazed slut and she
forgot all about being a super hero any more. She wondered what she
would do if she gave birth to a black baby.