Evening Song – Merlin (furry, M-vixen-F, rom)

“That’s the last of the guests.” Velvet sounded tired. “I’m glad it’s over with. What possessed him to do it, anyway?” The sounds coming from the kitchen stopped. Kay’s voice was tinged with gentle amusement when she answered Vels’ plaintive question. “He did it because he loves us both–and it was his way of telling […]

XXX Story Alias Episode: Phase One Season

Sydney Bristow opened the door and walked in to the master suite under the lustful gaze of the two men. They stared at her intently as she walked in wearing the black Bra and panty set. As they looked at her and then at one another the larger of the two men snarled and said […]

World of Mystery and of course, sex!

Felix Harris yawned and stretched as he pondered the computer screen in front of him. His Minotaur Ranger had just swung his Battleaxe of Cleaving at several nasty looking wolf creatures and now he had to wait for the monsters to decide what they were going to do. His Universe of Battle character swayed gently […]