X-rated sex tapes

I work for a video cassette production firm. We have distribution
rights for various films ranging from instructional cooking classes to
X-rated sex tapes. I’m one of the few women in the company with a
management position. I’m the only woman with an office actually in
the warehouse. I’m in charge of billing and quality control. I spend
most of the day taking care of all the paperwork. The last two or so
hours each day, I QC videos. From each batch of titles produced that
day in the warehouse, I pick a sample cassette, pop it in a player and
check its video and audio recording quality before they can be
packaged and shipped.

It’s early November, and filling back-ordered Christmas items is a
priority during these long, hectic, exhausting days. I have to stay
extra late tonight to catch up on reviewing tapes from low priority,
non-Christmas batches. It’s past 10:30 in the evening. The last
employee left two hours ago. I’ve been watching videos for three
hours now, and just finished reviewing a high school video on the U.S
economy. Boy, was it boring. I commit to review one more film before
calling it a night.

The next video is a sex tape. At last, something that won’t put me to
sleep. I pop it in the player and start my review. It’s a typical
hard-core video showing a big breasted woman, hopping out of her
clothes to eagerly stroke and suck various cocks before they start
pounding away at her pussy and ass. I must be getting tired, because
I find myself not checking the video’s reproduction quality, but
focusing on the action instead.

The woman is on her back, and the guy is straddling her chest. His
big, erect cock rests between her ample breasts. She pushes her boobs
together, and he starts to tit fuck her. I think about my
ex-boyfriend. He used to like to tit fuck me, too. We broke up over
two months ago, and from time to time I miss him a little. I miss our
love-making sessions.

It seems like I’ll never have a long-term relationship. None of my
boyfriends have lasted more than two years. Most of them last only a
few months. I’m not ugly or anything. I guess my face is about
average, but it’s not my face that attracts them. Every guy who’s
been interested in me was interested in my tits first. All my
boyfriends loved to play with my boobs. For a long time I was
frustrated because more time was spent on my breasts than on the rest
of me. Once I finally accepted the fact that my lovers were all tit
men, I learned to enjoy more of what action I got. Over time, my
breasts have become very sensitive to the attention they get. In
fact, now I don’t even enjoy sex unless my tits are involved a lot.

I rub my hand between my breasts, pretending my ex-boyfriend’s cock is
rubbing against me. I loved the feel of his cock against my tit
flesh. He would rub his cock over my large, sensitive nipples and
watch my teats swell and grow. I would push my breasts together and
as he slid his cock between them, I’d squeeze my tits and pinch my
nipples. I always get very aroused when my breasts are stroked,
fondled and sucked. Getting tit-fucked was something both he and I
could enjoy.

I’m proud of my breasts; they’re tight and round, even if they are
slightly big. Being 5’6″, thirty-two years old and in great shape, my
39D chest is always getting more than its share of attention. I
almost always wear 3″ or 4″ heels to make me look taller and less top
heavy. While I’m a trim 126 pounds, the heels also highlight my firm
behind. My breasts, however, seem to be the first thing both men and
women notice about me. When I was younger, I got embarrassed at the
looks I got from others, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten to like
all the attention I get, or should I say all the attention my tits

The firmness of my breasts is envied by most of the other women, and I
can always get a rise out of the men in the warehouse. The guys
always seem to have a reason to come into my office, hover over me and
peer down at the slightest cleavage I may show. I often wear sweaters
buttoned almost all the way up to discourage them. One drawback to
sweaters, though, is that when I leave my office to walk through the
warehouse, I notice the guys stopping their work to watch as my
breasts bounce beneath my thin, form-fitting sweaters. It’s
embarrassing at times, because I can’t stop them from bouncing.
Sometimes, though, their stares turn me on and make me feel sexy. When
I’m in my office, I can look up from my desk and usually see two or
three of them staring at me through the glass wall.

The man in the tape is poking her tits faster and faster. I put my
hands on the sides of my own breasts and push them together. I rub
them up and down, against each other and imagine they’re massaging my
boyfriend’s cock. My index fingers slide over my nubs, rubbing and
pressing in on them. The man and woman in the video are 69’ing now.
His cock glistens as it slides between her lips. She moans as he
works her pussy with his tongue. I’m breathing heavy from all this
action. I pull up the front of my skirt and stick two fingers inside
my panties. I feel a warmness and sexual excitement building within
me. My knees pull apart, and my fingers rub my clit.

Unexpectedly, I hear a noise. It sounds like something heavy fell in
the warehouse. I freeze, hold my breath and listen. But I don’t hear
anything else. I pull down my skirt and pause the tape. I better
check it out. In hectic days like these, sometimes they forget to
turn off all the equipment in the back. I leave my office and walk
through the warehouse, looking for the cause of the noise. As I round
the corner near the loading dock, I am startled to see some men in the
back rummaging among the boxes.

Before I can react, one of them spies me and says, “Yeah, who’s that?”
In a second, they’re all looking my way, and one of them says, “Get
her!” They rush toward me, and I turn to run back to my office. For
once, I wish I wasn’t wearing high heels. I hope I can get to the
phone and call 911. Before I get there though, one of them catches me
by the arm.

My arms are brought roughly together behind my back. My knees buckle,
and I hang briefly in the stranger’s grasp. I begin to struggle when
he places his hand over my mouth. He presses me against the
cinderblock wall and whispers in my ear, “Keep quiet! Settle down!” I
twist away from the wall, but he pushes me back. I hear the sound of
my sweater snagging on the rough wall as my breasts rub against it. He
is too strong for me to break free. I stop struggling as I know I
have no chance against him now. I’m firmly captured.

He lowers his hand from my mouth slightly. I begin to breath heavily,
and I feel my heart pounding. He moves me away from the wall. I’m
spun around, and my arms are handed to someone else and again pulled
tightly behind me. I let out a small squeal in surprise. The first
one who held me, maybe the Leader of the gang, says, “I said be
quiet!” In the dim light of the warehouse I see a group of at least
six men facing me. He asks, “Is anyone else here?”

I try again to squirm free from whomever is holding my arms. I say,
“Leave me alone… let me go…” The Leader grabs my chin with one
hand, looks into my eyes and repeats, “Is anyone else here?” I stop
struggling and shrug my shoulders in reply. Still looking into my
eyes, the Leader says, “Bill… Ben… go check out the rest of the
building. Be careful, and check everywhere.” I know they’ll find no
one else in the building. I am alone and afraid of what might happen

The Leader moves close to my held face and says, “Don’t worry. We
won’t hurt you. We just want to take care of some business. You’ve
got some recorders and stuff we’d like to borrow. Just be quiet, and
you won’t be hurt. We’ll be outta here in no time, okay?” He lets go
of my chin, and the back of his hand unintentionally brushes against
my left breast.

He looks me all over. He steps up to me and softly says, “Don’t
worry… we won’t hurt you… just be quiet and be our friend… we
treat our friends fine… we take care of our friends…” His hand
rests below my right tit. He bounces it in his palm as if to feel its
weight. He says, “We treat all our friends fine… I know you’ll be
our friend.” His hand moves over to my other breast, and he squeezes
it softly. He says softly in my ear, “You got big tits, baby…”

The Leader steps back from me and says to a young looking boy, “Go
find some tape or rope.” He orders the others to start grabbing the
equipment and get it loaded into their truck. He takes my arms from
the other man, pulling my elbows together and making my chest stick
out further. There’s a flurry of activity as the other men move among
the shelves in the warehouse grabbing equipment and tapes. Bill and
Ben return and report the building is empty. The Leader smiles and
orders them to join in the loading.

The Young One returns with a roll of our packing tape. The Leader
tells the Young One to hold me. I hear the tape rip as it’s pulled
from the roll, then I feel it on my wrists. He wraps the tape several
times around my hands and wrists. I try to pull loose, but can not
struggle free. The Leader tears the tape and presses it firmly in
place. He says to the Young One, “Take her in there”, motioning
toward my office. “…and keep an eye on her. After all, she’s a
friend of ours.” He moves back in front of me. His fingers stroke
along the bottoms of my breasts. He bounces my boobs up and down
again. I try to pull away from his touch. He says, “Now be quiet.
We’ll be out of here soon.”

The Leader goes to check on the loading, and the Young One takes me
into my office. He pushes me into a chair and nervously looks around
the office. He sees the monitor still paused at the 69 sex scene. He
works the player’s controls, and the action resumes. The woman is
leaning over the man’s cock. Working it with her hands and mouth. Her
large breasts dangle and bob over the man’s chest. He reaches up to
squeeze and rub them. The Young One looks at me and smiles. “Is this
what you were doing? Watching them fuck? You like this stuff? I
didn’t think women watched this stuff.” He turns up the volume to
hear the sounds of her slurping.

He rummages around the office, looking in drawers and boxes. Finding
nothing, he looks at me. He says, “You’re pretty,too. I’ve never had
anyone as old as you… …especially like this, all tied up and
watching people fuck…” He reaches down and touches the tip of my
left breast. I tense up and instinctively pull back from his touch.
He pulls his hand back and gives a nervous chuckle.

He looks out into the warehouse and watches the activity for a while.
He comes back over to me looking nervous. On the video, the woman is
being fucked doggie style. They show a close-up of the man’s cock
driving in and out of her pussy. The shock of his body slamming
against her bottom makes her breasts flop all over. She reaches for
one of her fleshy tits, squeezes it, pulls it to her mouth and licks
her nipple.

The Young One looks at me, grins and says, “Can you suck your own
titties too?… They look big enough… I’m not gonna hurt you… I
just wanna feel your tits some…” He reaches down for my breasts. I
try to turn away, but can not move much in the chair. I lean forward,
trying to evade his touch, but I can not stop him from touching me. He
pushes my shoulders up against the back of the chair. With one hand
holding up my right shoulder, his other hand moves to my left breast.
I can not turn away. I stop struggling and lean back in the chair. I
will endure his boyish groping.

He stops holding me up in the chair. He softly squeezes on my left
breast and slides his other hand gently up and down the slope of my
other breast. I look up to see him still grinning. He says, “This is
nice, huh… you like this?… does this feel good to you?… feels
good to me… these are nice tits… you’ve got some nice, big tits,
lady… I bet your tits are as big as hers… I ain’t never seen any
like these before…”

With both my hands securely taped behind me, he easily takes advantage
of my well-presented breasts. He plucks at the tips of my breasts. I
squirm in the chair and try twisting myself away. He moves closer and
straddles my legs. He again pins my shoulder to the back of the
chair. My eyes move up to catch the sight a bulge in his pants. I
think it’s growing bigger right before my eyes.

He, however, is preoccupied with my breasts. He presses them in and
rubs them up and down. His fingers play with the tip of my left
breast. A hint of my nipple becomes visible, and he flicks at it with
his finger. He softly presses my nub between his thumb and finger. He
rolls my teat around and gently rubs my other breast. I feel my
breasts beginning to swell with all this attention. Soon neither my
bra or sweater can hide my growing nipples. The more he rubs them,
the more noticeable they become.

I move my head away from him and look toward the door. There is the
Leader standing silently in the door, for how long I don’t know… he
is watching as the Young One fondles me. After some more time passes
he says, “You having fun?” The Young One steps back and stammers,
“I… I was just feeling her tits… We were watching this tape here,
and I just wanted to grab some tits too… You know… anyway, I
ain’t never touched tits this big before…”

The Leader walks over to us. I look down to see both of my aroused
teats clearly poking through my sweater. The Young One says, “She’s
got the biggest pair of tits I’ve ever seen…” The Leader places his
hand on my left breast and rubs its tip slowly up and down with his
fingers. “Yeah… I see what you mean.”, he says. The Leader looks
over at the monitor. The woman is with two other men now. She’s on
her hands and knees, and her fleshy breasts hang down to her elbows.
One man fucks her doggie style and grabs at her tits, while she sucks
the other man’s cock. The Leader puts the tip of his finger on my
sensitive nub and pushes it around. The office is quiet, except for
the sounds made by the woman in the video.

The guy she is sucking pulls out of her mouth and strokes his cock
wildly, holding it in front of her face. His cum shoots out, landing
on her lips and chin. He moves his cock to her lips and milks it
while she licks it clean. Her hand moves up to wipe his cum off her
face, then she spreads it over her breast. I twist to the side to
move my nipple away from the Leader’s finger. He looks down at me and
says, “Is your nipple getting tired…? Maybe we should let it rest a
bit…” His hand moves to my other breast and gives it a couple of
squeezes. “I can use your other tit for a while…” he says, as he
rubs the tip of my breast.

His fingers excite my nipple and make my nub swell until it stands out
from my breast. He rolls my teat between his thumb and finger, and
says, “Now I’ve got something to hold on to… you got nice nipples,
baby…” He smiles and looks back at the monitor. The guy fucking
the woman is picking up the pace. His neck muscles begin to tighten.
The woman squeezes her tit and pulls on its nipple. The Leader
pinches my nipple each time the woman pinches hers. Her eyes are
closed, and her loud moans match the rhythm of the man’s thrusts. She
lets go of her tit and grabs the bed sheet. Her big, dangling breasts
flop wildly about. He pulls out his cock and masturbates to climax,
shooting cum on her butt.

The Leader moves over to the player and turns it off. He says, “Yeah,
I can see how watching that can work up an appetite…” He looks over
to where I sit and approaches. He presses up on my left boob and rubs
it in a circle. His thumb and finger find my softening nub, and he
pulls on it through my clothes. He looks to the Young One and says,
“You’re right… this does feel good… she’s got some nice feeling
tits, doesn’t she… these are just made for grabbing, aren’t
they…” He looks back to me and says, “I wonder how much they’d sag
without a bra on….” The Young One’s eyes open wide, and he licks
his lower lip.

The Leader’s hand moves to my chin, and he raises my head to look in
my eyes. He says, “She’s even pretty, too, huh? Nice body, nice
face… this is too good to pass up, eh? The guys should have a
chance to see this too, you know… go get one of those video
cameras… we can at least show the guys later what they missed…”
The Young One giggles and rushes out to the warehouse. The Leader
says, “Tits like this don’t come along very often…” His other hand
cups my right breast, giving it a firm squeeze.

I say, “Stop… stop touching my breasts…” The Leader looks toward
the returning Young One and says, “Hey, I’m not touching your
breasts… no… I’m grabbing your tits! That’s what I’m doing…”
His hands cover my breasts and he clenches them tightly. He says,
“Just feeling you up a little, that’s all, baby… anybody with tits
like these ought to be use to having them grabbed… I know I’m not
the first one to touch these puppies, am I… tits like these need
attention… I bet your titties get squeezed and sucked a lot, don’t
they, baby…”, and he slaps at the bottom of my boobs a few times. He
looks in my eyes and says, “I can tell you’ll want to be good to
us… you’ll want to be our friend… you’ll be a good girl… won’t
you, baby?”

The Young One returns with a camera, lights and three cassettes. The
Leader laughs and says, “I don’t think we’ll be here long enough to
use all of those… You know how to run that?” The Young One says,
“Oh yeah… they’re all alike…” He loads the camera and plugs in
the light. The Leader pulls me up from the chair, spins me around and
backs me up to the desk. He says, “Get over there, and we’ll get a
shot of her ‘BEFORE’… and remember, don’t take any pictures of our
faces… just shoot her…”

The Young One turns on the light, starts filming me. The Leader says,
“Okay guys… this is what you were missing while you were loading
the trucks…” He reaches for my arm and positions me so the Young
One can take a profile shot. The Leader says, “See how big her tits
are…” He motions the Young One to get a close shot of my side,
focusing on my breast. The Leader says to the Young One, “Let’s show
the guys how her tits feel…” I say, “No… leave me alone…” The
Leader says, “What? and deprive my men?”

He tells the Young One to stop for a minute. He grabs me by the waist
and lifts me onto the edge of my desk. He yanks the bottom of my
sweater up. I feel cool air against my belly. “Let’s see what old
Big Tits has got up there…” His hand goes underneath my sweater.
The material hugs against his hand. I see the outline of his hand as
it moves upward.

His hand is cold, as it moves up over my belly and covers the bra cup
holding my left tit. As he squeezes me, he looks into my eyes, smiles
and tells the Young One to get a close shot of my sweater. When the
camera starts, he moves his hand from one tit to the other. I feel
the coolness of his fingers as they rub over my nipples through the
thin fabric of my bra. His fingers move up and glide along my upper
chest. The silence is broken as I gasp for breath at his touch. They
both grunt in amusement at my response.

His hand lightly moves down, and his fingers trace the top edge of my
bra. He moves along the top of one cup, then the other. He moves his
hand down from the lacy top of my bra and over the smooth fabric of my
bra cup. He locates my nipple. He stretches his fingers wide until
he rubs both my nipples at the same time. As my nipples are moved
back and forth, my breasts get warmer and warmer. I am angry at
myself because I can’t fight back a growing arousal within me.

I notice I’m breathing heavier and heavier. I try to control my
breathing, but finally openly gasp for air. He doesn’t seem to
notice. He is concentrating his attention on my nipples. His fingers
press in on my teats, and he pops them in and out of my now heaving
breasts. I can feel my nipples tingle, in spite of the revulsion I
feel. He says, “You’ve got nice nipples, Big Tits…” He stops and
slides his fingers to the front of my bra. His hand pauses between my
boobs, and his fingers move up and down my cleavage as he strokes the
insides of my breasts. His fingers move down to rest on the front
clasp of my bra. I feel his fingers probe around it. He begins to
unclasp it, but pauses.

Reality begins to come back to me. Here is a stranger with his hand
up my sweater, fondling me and now about to undress me. He’ll
probably unhook my bra, then rip open my sweater to expose my breasts.
I will not be able to hide my nakedness from him or the Young One.
They will take with them a video of my naked tits to watch over and
over. How many men will see this? I can’t protect my breasts from
their touch. I know I can’t stop him from opening my bra. I pull at
my taped wrists and move my shoulders from side to side. I look up to
plead for him to stop. I’m afraid of what they might do next… of
what might happen next.

His eyes stare into mine. I want all this to stop. I just want him
to go away. I want them all to go away. I just want this to end. I
don’t want to make this last any longer. He grins as I squirm around
on the desk. I decide to stop resisting to see if my lack of any
reaction will make him leave me alone. Maybe he only wants to tease
me, and if I stop then he’ll stop.

His grin changes to a smile as he sees me relax. I am somewhat
relieved as his fingers move from my bra clasp. He curls a finger
under the top lace of my bra, sticking it inside my bra cup. Two of
his fingers locate my growing teat nestled just below the top lace of
my bra. His fingers move up and down on either side of it. I feel
chills shooting from my bud, through my breast and up my back. He
says, “You’ve got some healthy nipples on your big titties, don’t you,
baby…” He flicks it back and forth with one finger rapidly, and I
hear three short gasps escape from my mouth.

The Leader’s fingers move across my chest to straddle my other nipple.
When he touches it, I can not hold back another shudder. I’m sure
both the Leader and the Young One see me react. The only sound in the
room is that of my ever deepening breathing. The Leader says,
“Yeah… this is nice… and she likes this too… her nipples like
this… see how they stick out?… she’s really enjoying this…
aren’t you, baby… you’ll like being our friend… like I said, we
always treat our friends good, baby…”

As he pulls his fingers out of my bra, he yanks up on my nipple. The
material of my bra presses the hardening tip of my nipple up, pinning
it against the sensitive flesh surrounding it. He pulls his hand out
from under my sweater, steps back and says to the Young One, “She’ll
be your friend, too… I think you’re old enough to handle something
like this… come over here, give me the camera and grab a handful of
some real tit…”

The Young One laughs nervously, says, “All right!”, and approaches the
desk. The Leader takes a close shot of my face and says, “Smile,
baby… you’re gonna be a star…” He moves back to get my chest
into the picture too, and the Young One puts both his hands under my
sweater, pushing it up my chest, bunching it up beneath my bra. His
hands, too, are cold. They move up over the bottom of my bra. His
fondling is more aggressive than before as he roughly paws at my bra.

As he rubs and squeezes me, he looks up at me and says, “Do you like
this?… does this feel good?… I’ll tell you, this sure feels good
to me… you got some big titties, don’t you lady… I ain’t never
had titties like these before… this is real good, isn’t it…” I
shiver slightly when he rubs my nipples. I am breathing deeply again;
his immature roughness excites me. He moves his hands to the outside
of my bra, squeezes my breasts together and moves them up and down.
The Leader says, “Look at them tits… rub ’em… squeeze ’em…
squeeze ’em hard…” The Young One follows his que and squeezes my
breasts over and over.

His fondling is against my will, but my breasts warm with pleasure
while he mauls them. I can not stop my arousal. I afraid I might
even orgasm from his stimulation. I don’t want this to continue, but
I feel an electricity beginning to travel through my breasts. I raise
my head and see the Leader has stopped filming and is watching my
reaction. He smiles, nods slightly and says, “You know… I think
it’s time we really see what she’s packing… I wanna see your tits,
baby…” He approaches me and hands the Young One the camera.

The Leader pulls my sweater back down. His fingers play with the top
button of my sweater. He moves down to the next one. It rests in the
gap between my breasts, and my sweater holds it away from my chest. He
presses the button in, pulling the material of my sweater tight across
my chest. He now can see just how big my tits are. He smiles,
releases the button and pushes it in again. His fingers move down to
the next button, below my breasts and says, “Three…” He touches each
of the other buttons, counting all six of them.

He tells the Young One to start filming again. He goes to the bottom
button of my sweater and undoes it. He looks into my eyes as his
fingers move to the next button above it. I over look at the Young
One; the camera is fixed on the action, catching each button being
opened. When the button just below my breasts is opened, my sweater
springs open slightly, baring some of my belly. He moves to the
second button from the top, the one suspended between my tits. He
pops it open, and my sweater snaps apart, but it catches along the
insides of my breasts and clings to them. The bottom of my sweater
pulls open more than before, exposing most of my belly. The front
clasp of my bra is visible. The Leader flicks at it with his finger.
Finally, the top button is undone. The Leader says to the Young One,
“Get ready for the unveiling!… Here come the boobs…”

He grasps each half of my sweater. He pulls it away from me, then
opens it slowly, pausing for a moment once the black lace of my bra is
exposed. My bra has underwire support to hold my large breasts high
and push them together. Even so, my full bra cups droop and cover the
bra’s bottom strap. My bra’s shoulder straps are taut, as they strain
to support their load. I’m wearing a half-cut style bra which covers
only the bottom portion of my breasts. A sliver of my dark, brown
nipple flesh peeks over the lacy bra cup. The bra makes my breasts
look like they’re barely contained and ready to pop free.

The Leader says, “Wow… better than I thought…” His eyes are
feasting on the revealed breast flesh. He sticks a finger in the deep
cleavage my bra creates as it pulls my breasts together. He wiggles
his finger between my tits and says, “These are packed in there pretty
tight, aren’t they, baby… they probably don’t like being held so
tight… maybe we should let ’em breath a bit, eh?” With his finger
still buried in my cleavage, he taps the inside of my right breast to
make it jiggle. He seems to enjoy the sight of my moving breast
flesh. He says, “Are you getting a good shot of her wiggly tits?” The
Young One says, “You bet! This looks real good…”

He pulls his finger out and glides the back of his hand over my upper
chest. Only his fingernails touch my skin as he strokes up to my
neck, then down to the top of my bra cups. My nipples are not far
below the lacy top of the cups, and when he touches the exposed nipple
flesh, I begin to visibly shake.

He says, “Do you think your tits would like some air?” “No…”, I beg
pitifully, “stop it… don’t…” He lightly strokes my lacy bra cups
and continues to say, “I bet you let them free as soon as you get home
each night, don’t you, baby… you probably can’t get home fast
enough to take this thing off, can you, Big Tits… you probably like
it without a bra on… you like it when your tits are free and bounce
around, don’t you…”

I drop my eyes, embarrassed to know that what he’s saying is really
true. His language is offensive to me; no one has said such things
to me. I feel vulnerable knowing he is discovering my private
feelings. I’m scared that he may discover too much. He moves his
fingers down to the tip of my left breast. His two fingers act like a
pair of scissors as he gently clips away at my nipple under the thin,
lacy material. I feel a little bit of pleasure growing in my breast.

He softly says, “I bet you like it when your tits rub against your
clothes, don’t you… it must feel real good when your tits bounce up
and down a little bit, just enough for your clothes to drag over your
nipples once in a while… you like the feeling of something brushing
against your nipples, don’t you, baby…” His fingers move to my
other breast, and he gives it the same scissor treatment. The sense
of pleasure he creates on my nipple grows a bit quicker this time, and
the tingling in my other