A large woman divorces and decides to have some fun

His hands roamed across her body, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she felt his embrace;
His tongue traced around her aereola as she moaned softly, enjoying the attentions of her lover.
Then he was standing up as he pulled on his tight briefs again, Oh, how she loved a man with a tight butt.
‘I’ll be back in a moment my dear, But first, we need more wine!’ he kissed her longingly and slipped away to the Kitchen as she lay back on the bed.
God, he was worth every penny!

Clare was not an unattractive girl, as far as she was concerned she got enough attention for two women.
She was a sizeable woman with large voluptuos breasts and wide hips, but her 6 foot 4 height made this size less of a problem for her.
She liked to think it was a problem for whichever man her thighs were around that night to deal with.
Her hair was long and chestnut brown, her face round but not chubby, her ass was the one thing she wished was smaller, though thats every girls wish afterall, she mused.
As she heard the sharp clink of glasses downstairs she felt her heat rising as she anticipated her lovers return, he was worth every penny she thought to herself again as she reminisced on the days events;

She had been married for 16 years and before the ink was even dry on her divorce papers she had seduced her plucky young divorce lawyer, Matt, into her life, she remembered the night she had made her move,
It had been the day after the divorce signings and she had invited him over to celebrate, she knew he would come, Matt was newly graduated from Law school and at 26 he was 14 years Clares junior;
He had come around in his customary suit, smartly dressed, she loved that in a man, his hair was a short dark cut, his face youthful but firm from the many hours he no doubt spent in the gym, she had to have him.
He had even brought a bottle of Wine though she had taken the liberty of buying many more in anticipation of his arrival.
She was relaxing on her sofa when he rang the bell;
‘Its open!’
He had walked in and stopped in his tracks, she was lying on the Sofa, yes;
But he had been unprepared for what she wore,
A black leather corset with gold piping held her large belly in while her breasts ballooned!
He gasped as his eyes roamed down, taking in her g-string, suspenders and the boots…..
his mouth ran dry at the sight of them, knee high and laced tightly around her wide legs…

She noticed his obvious discomfort and barely concealed arousal,
‘Come here, sit with me…’
She whispered softly, standing and taking his hand to guide him to the Sofa, she pushed him back on it;
He landed and dropped the bottle of wine to the floor softly as she placed a long booted leg next to him and guided his face towards it,
Caught off guard he hesitated, then began to kiss and lick the shiny leather, his saliva running down the leather as he kissed up her leg;
Clare grinned, it wouldnt be that easy!

She pulled his face up into a long, lingering kiss, his lips hungering for hers, trying to follow her as she slightly pulled away, teasing him.
Her hands pulled at his belt, sliding his pants to his ankles as she kissed his neck;
‘You’re going to enjoy this!’ she whispered breathlessly, her hands delving into his briefs to remove his semi-flaccid member, she knelt then, breathing on Matt’s stiff cock as he stared in amazement;
‘Clare…. I uuughh!!’ he groaned as her lips slid over the head, her tongue teasing his un-circumsised member as she kissed down the length and back to begin suckling at his already hardening length in earnest.

Matt gripped the sofa’s fabric as his body began to move with her motions, slowly fucking her lips as she gripped his balls, squeezing them just enough to show him they were her’s now.
She felt his excitement rising, his first orgasm of the night was building and she’d always known it would be the quickest!
Her lips took in more of his member, he felt his cock strike the back of her throat as she felt him suddenly stiffen;
‘Clare! fuck! oooh!’
His cum shot down her throat as she came up off it to let it shoot across her corset and tops of her breasts, she jerked him till he had subsided;
she smiled, grabbing his head she guided him to begin cleaning her chest and corset,
‘Good, the funs just beginning!’
He could only moan in reply.

Clare stood, reaching back to unzip her corset as she let it fall, she grabbed his face, pulling it into her large bosom;
‘Mmmmph! grrmp!’ he mumbled with a mouthful of her left tit.
She felt him begin to suck on it she gasped, loving the feel of his lips around her aereola;
she threw him back against the Sofa, pulling his pants off over his shoes as his briefs dropped around his ankles, his cock still semi-rigid,
she ripped his shirt open, running her hands, and sharp nails down his chest before she began to suck him off again, only coming up to kiss him and share the taste with Matt,
she moaned in his ear, ‘I want you to cum all over these leather boots….’
He could only gasp in reply as she lay back on the ground and directed him to squat over them, jerking off his big cock while she absently stroked his balls with one of her heels, toying with him as he aimed to please her, his cum finally shooting across her right boot, running down the shiny leather much as his saliva had done;
he panted for breath as he looked up at her, only to here her say;
‘Good, now lick it all off’
To which he willingly complied as she stroked his head,
She couldnt wait to get him upstairs for more!

To be continued?