His Loving Stepsister

Robin Caldwell was staring out through the window of the old farmhouse where she lived. Fields stretched as far as she could see and she hated the sight. Not only did she hate the fields, she hated the town of Hanksville, hated the people and most of all, she hated her stepfather who was just as crude as every other man or boy in the community.

The population of Hanksville, a small cattle town isolated on the prairie, was made up of cow-hands, pen keepers, feeders, railroad herders, truck drivers, slaughterers and packers, but every man considered himself to be a cowboy. Swearing, fighting and drinking was the normal way of life for the men of the community. The only social life was the Saturday night dance that always ended with a few broken jaws and noses.

Robin Caldwell was a gorgeous little blonde girl of eighteen whose only dream was to get out of this town someday. Her yearning to get away had been intensified when her mother remarried. Robin’s stepfather was one of the crudest men in town and was constantly trying to feel the grown up when he was drunk, which was mast of the time.

Other than her poor browbeaten mother, the only person she cared for was her brother, Brent, a tall eighteen-year-old boy who rarely mixed with the other young people. Being a quiet boy who enjoyed reading rather than drinking and fighting, he was pretty much a loner.

Unlike most of the young girls around town, Robin had never been balled. Because there was nothing else for the young people to do but fuck, there wasn’t a virgin in the community over fifteen years old except Robin. It wasn’t that her morals were set so high, because quite to the contrary, she was a habitual masturbator who constantly dreamed of being fucked. She just couldn’t stand the thought of being pawed by the crude boys and listening to their smutty jokes and filthy language.

Whenever the lovely girl fingered herself off, which was often, she fantasized about handsome young men from far away who would treat her gently and with respect. In her sexual fantasies, they would fuck their cocks into her with love and passion, and their naked bodies didn’t stink of cow shit. She even sometimes pretended that her own brother was fucking her. Robin knew it was wrong to fantasize about her brother, but he was the only kind and gentle boy she’d ever known, and it was a nice young man like him that she hoped to meet someday.

With her stepfather in the field, her mother visiting her sister in the next town, and her brother at the library, Robin was alone in the house. As always when she was lonely and restless, Robin spread herself out on the couch with only a thin robe on. With her eyes closed and vaguely dreaming of beautiful faraway places, she unconsciously slipped her fingers through the front opening of her robe. Lightly touching the pleasant warmth and smooth texture of her nipple, it began to swell and harden to her tender caresses. Little tingles of pleasure raced from her tits to the soft moistness between her legs. Knowing that she’d soon be bringing herself off, she sensuously moved her hand down over her smoothly rounded belly, the soft flesh of her stomach feeling like velvet against her fingers. After deliciously teasing her navel for a few moments, her hand moved farther down her lovely young body until Robin’s finger grazed against the soft blonde hair of her aroused little pussy.

Running the tip of one finger up and down the edge of her cunt lips, her entire young body began shivering with delight. Still probing between her widely spread legs she caressed the slippery flesh of the pink-lipped hole that would someday deliciously encircle a thick hard cock. Thinking about it made the pretty youngster shiver with passion.

Taking a deep breath, her fine-young tits lifted up. Her nipples, covered with little goosebumps of excitement, were as hard as rocks. With her free hand gently squeezing and kneading her quivering titty-buds, the fingers of the other continued teasing her wiggly little pussy lips. As she became more aroused, a trickle of warm slippery moisture seeped out of her sweet young slit. With her finger now probing deeper and rolling obscenely back and forth over the thickening tissues of her clitoris, her whole snatch was getting soppy wet from her flowing juices.

Moaning softly, she wormed her finger deeper into her dripping hole. Plunging it in and out, it was soon coated with the slick slippery juices that were lubricating her fully aroused cunt. Plunging her finger rapidly in and out of her creaming pussy, she reached her other hand under her butt, probing the tip of her finger against her tingling asshole.

This was something she’d never done before, and a new excitement rippled through her writhing body. Wanting to further enhance the joy she was feeling, Robin slipped the very tip of her finger up into the hot tightness of her squirming asshole. Taking an excited breath, she wormed her finger halfway up into her little forbidden hole while her other hand continued strumming a delicious tune on her clit. When she finally forced her finger all the way up into her shitter, both her cunt and asshole were tingling from the intense pleasure she was inducing in them.

With fingers racing wildly in and out of her two steaming, churning holes, Robin’s eyes flew open to see her stepfather standing beside the couch grinning lewdly down at the girl.

“Well, well,” he smirked, spit drooling down over the stubble of whiskers on his chin. “It looks like little Robin needs a hard cock.”

From the stench of whisky on his breath, it was obvious to the girl that he’d been drinking in the field all day.

“This is what you need,” he leered, pulling down his zipper and whipping out his big hard prick.

“Get out of here,” she cried, filled with shame and mortification.

“Not ’til I fuck that cute little pussy,” he panted.

“You wouldn’t dare!” gasped Robin.

“I’m just doin’ you a favor,” he grinned with an evil gleam in his eye. “A hard cock sure beats a finger-fuck.”

While he was speaking, the man had completely disrobed himself. This was the first hard cock that Robin had ever seen and the size of it thoroughly frightened her. She’d never dreamed that a man’s prick could be that long and thick.

“Come on, Robin,” he drooled, pulling the girl to her feet and tearing her robe off. “We’re gonna have a little party.”

“No!” she sobbed. “Please don’t do it, Jason!”

Robin knew there was no one around to hear her, but she instinctively opened her mouth to scream for help. Raising his hand back, he struck her across the face, knocking the girl back down on the couch.

“Now keep your fuckin’ mouth shut!” he panted, throwing himself down over her.

“NO! NO!” she sobbed as his rough hands forced her legs apart.

Robin could feel his big hard dick nudging hotly against her inner thighs as the huge brute guided it into position. The man was panting and snorting like a wild beast as he moved his big muscular body over hers.

“Please don’t,” she whimpered, feeling the blunt head of his thick knob pressing between her cuntlips.

“Now just shut up,” he panted, spit drooling out of his gaping mouth. “You’re gonna get it and like it.”

“No, Jason, no!”

A searing pain scorched through her little cunt when he lunged forward, drilling his huge cock through the tight little hole. Tearing hysterically at the cushions, the child twisted from side to side as she tried to dislodge the big cockhead that was so brutally stretching her little cuntlips.

“Stop it!” she cried. “You’re killing me!”

“Stop yelling!” he shouted. “I’m gonna use this hot little cunt of yours whether you like it or not.”

Once more lunging his hips forward, he drove his prick farther into the youngster’s painfully stretched pussy.

“Please, Jason,” she sobbed. “Please take it out. I can’t stand it.”

Giving another vicious thrust, he drove the full length of his huge rod deep into her little writhing belly. Panting excitedly, he dropped his massive body heavily over her tits.

“Now ain’t this better than a finger?” he gasped. “Please pull it out,” she begged, tears of pain running down her face.

“Not on your life,” he panted, excited by the feel of her tight hot little pussy squeezing against his thick tingling shaft. “You’re gonna learn to love it before I’m finished.”

Robin couldn’t understand how her mother could have married this vile, cruel person. His crudeness was the symbol of all the filthy boys and men in this rotten community. Feeling his stubbly whiskers rubbing against her face while his filthy prick throbbed obscenely in her belly, filled Robin with a burning hate for the beast.

After letting his cock soak in the snug warmness of her tight pussy for a while, the man slowly withdrew it until only his massive cockhead remained buried. Pausing for just a moment, he once more lunged forward, driving deep into her little hole again.

“You dirty bastard,” she sobbed. “You rotten asshole.”

Ignoring the girl’s remark, he began rhythmically drilling his deliciously tingling dong in and out of her cunt. The hot tightness of the child’s little fuck-hole was the wildest tiling he’d ever felt.

As the brute of a man continued fucking into Robin’s pussy, the initial pain was slowly replaced by a dead numbness. Spread out beneath the humping man, the girl seemed to lose all sense of feeling. God, how she wished the man would shoot his load and go away. As the time passed, Robin became vaguely aware of a rather pleasant sensation down between her legs that began growing in intensity.

“Stop it,” she cried, ashamed that she was beginning to enjoy what was happening to her.

“Please take it out!”

Robin hated herself as she felt the pleasure building and building in her loins, but she couldn’t deny the delicious friction of his prick against the tight slippery walls of her cunt. She suddenly realized that she was excitedly anticipating each thrust of his plunging dick.

“Doesn’t this feel good?” he panted as he humped over the girl.

“No,” she sobbed. “I hate it! I hate it!”

Jason grinned to himself, knowing she was enjoying it from the way she was unconsciously squirming her twat around his prick. He knew that from now on he could enjoy her little body anytime he desired her.

The intense ecstasy was mounting in Robin’s writhing body as her tight little cunt walls grasped and sucked against his deliciously hard cock. She now fully realized that her finger was no substitute for a man’s big dick, and as much as she hated her crude stepfather, she was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing to her.

“D’ya like it?” he grunted between plunges.

“Sorta,” she reluctantly admitted.

“That’s the girl,” panted Jason, driving his cock still deeper into her writhing little belly.

The pleasure mounted and mounted as her cunt juices flowed hotly around his big pistoning prick. Every vein and sinew on his thick gnarly cock was rubbing deliciously against the tight walls of her widely stretched fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed, clutching him in her arms as she writhed her hot dripping slit up around the base of his shaft, trying to suck every inch of it into her aroused cunt. The intense ecstasy was the most glorious thing she’d ever experienced. The child couldn’t believe that a cock could feel so good, and it was feeling better with every violent plunge.

“Faster, Jason, faster!” she squealed.

“D’ya like my prick?” he panted.

“Oh, yes,” she whimpered. “I love your big fuckin’ cock.”

The rhythm became faster and faster as his juice-slickened boner slammed violently in and out of her hot, slippery little slit.

“Fuck me, honey. Fuck me!” she squealed with delight. “Fuck me harder!”

Spurred on by the youngster’s wild erotic cries, the huge lust-crazed brute began plunging his massive cock into her with all his power, and little Robin was screaming for more.

“That’s it, Jason!” she cried out. “Fuck me good, you big beauty! Fuck me good!”

The room was filled with the sounds of his muscular body slapping against hers as his jolting cock slurped noisily in and out of her little hot, juicy fuck-hole. Robin could feel his prick growing bigger and harder with every violent thrust. The man was drilling his shaft into her with all his strength, and the squealing youngster was wildly enjoying every cunt-filled second of it. Grasping his stubbly face in her hands, Robin pulled his drooling mouth down against her own sweet moist lips as she screwed her pussy up tighter around the base of his plunging rod.

“That’s it, Jason,” she sobbed. “Fuck the shit out of me!”

“Hang on, baby,” he panted, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. “Here comes my fuckin’ jizz.”

“Oh, yes, yes!” she squealed. “Fill me with it, honey! Fill me up!”

Crazed with animal lust as his ejaculation drew closer, he was slamming his cock into her like a mad man.

“Ready?” he roared, rearing back and slamming his prick deep into her cunt. “Here it comes!”

Feeling a man’s thick hot cum gushing into her twat for the very first time triggered Robin’s wild orgasm.

“Oh, Jason!” she squealed, wrapping her arms and legs around his huge naked body as his throbbing cock fired a hot stream of jizz up between her legs. “I’m coming, honey! I’M COMING! COMING!”

They clung desperately to each other on the couch, his slowly shrinking prick still buried in her sperm-filled little twat. It was only when Jason pulled his limp dick put of her dripping hole that Robin came back to reality. Staring at his disgusting face, she couldn’t believe that she’d allowed this filthy beast to screw her. She was filled with both disgust and shame when she realized that she’d actually enjoyed it. Now that her passions had been spent, her intense loathing and hate for the man quickly returned.

“Well,” he leered, at her. “How did you like that?”

“I hated it, you filthy pig,” she sobbed.

“Don’t shit me,” grinned Jason. “You were hot to fuck.”

“You rotten bastard,” cried Robin. “Get away from me!”

“What’s going on here,” came her brother’s voice from the open door.

Brent stared at the slimy string of jizz hanging from the end of Jason’s limp wet dick, and the thick cum oozing out from between his little sister’s legs and knew exactly what had been going on.

“What did you do to her?” shouted Brent.

“I fucked her, sonny,” growled Jason with an evil grin. “What are you going to do about it?”

Unable to control himself, Brent lunged at the huge naked man, but he was no match for his stepfather’s strength. Jason, who towered over the boy, grabbed his shoulder and started pounding Brent’s head against the wall. Brent slumped to the floor when Jason released him and left the room.

“What happened?” panted Brent as he slowly rose to his feet.

“He raped me,” she sobbed, putting her robe back on. “I’ve just gotta leave this place.”

“Where would you go?”

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “But I can’t stay here any longer. I want to get as far away from this town as possible.”

“How would you travel?”


“Do you have any money?” he asked her. “A little,” answered Robin. “I’ve saved about fifty bucks.”

“Robin,” Brent said excitedly. “Let’s go together.”

“Would you really go with me?” she beamed.

“Sure,” smiled Brent. “I hate that bastard and this town as much as you do. I’ve saved a couple hundred bucks and we can go in my old pickup truck.”

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, throwing her arms around him. “When can we leave?”

“How about the first thing in the morning?”

“Oh, Brent,” she giggled. “I love you.”


Leaving a note for their mother, explaining that they would write, the two youngsters took off before dawn the next morning in Brent’s old International pickup.

“Where are we going?” asked Robin when they’d driven for two or three hours.

“I guess to California,” her brother answered.

“Everybody seems to head for there.”

“I hope we can get jobs,” she smiled nervously.

“Don’t worry about that,” he tried to reassure her. “I’ll take care of us.”

“I know you will,” Robin smiled at her handsome brother, sure that she could depend on him.

Watching Brent as he drove, Robin prayed that someday she would find a man as good and kind as her brother for a husband. He was only sixteen, but Robin knew she could always depend on him.

“Do you think this truck will make it to California?” she suddenly asked.

“I really don’t know,” admitted Brent. “It’s an old pile of junk, but it’s worth a try.”

“What if it conks out on us?”

“Then we’ll take a bus,” was his answer. “We have enough money for that if we’re careful.”

“What kind of a job are you going to look for when we get there?” asked Robin.

“I’ve been studying accounting in school,” explained her brother. “I can probably get a bookkeeping job somewhere.”

“Maybe I can be a waitress,” suggested his sister. “I don’t know whether they’d hire you since you’re only fifteen.”

“I can always lie a little,” giggled Robin, brushing back the long blonde hair from her pretty face.

They drove all day long, stopping only for gas and a hamburger. It was almost evening when they pulled into a rather large town.

“We’d better look for a motel,” suggested Brent. “This has been a long day and I’m tired.”

“Me too,” she grinned.

“Sis,” he said as they pulled into a motel with a vacancy sign. “Would you mind sharing a room with me. We could sleep with our clothes on and it would sure save some money.”

“That’s okay with me,” smiled Robin. “Every penny counts.”

Later that night when they got into bed, Robin wore her bra and panties while her brother kept his shorts on. Brent dropped right off to sleep, but Robin was restless in the rather warm room and tossed awake for a long tine. Finally getting up to go to the bathroom, she returned to find her sleeping brother had kicked the sheet down and the tip of his prick was sticking out from the opening in the front of his shorts.

Carefully sitting down on the edge of the bed, Robin just stared at the cock that was so clearly illuminated by a street light just outside their window. Her little twat was getting all itchy and juicy as she gazed hungrily at his beautiful soft prick. It wasn’t gnarly and ugly like her stepfather’s horrible cock, but was smooth and round with a pinkness that excited her. From the thickness of his limp penis, she could see that it would be even bigger than Jason’s if it were hard.

He was sleeping so soundly that Robin had a wild desire to touch it and make it firm and rigid. She was dying to see if it was as big as her stepfather’s filthy cock. Reaching out with a trembling hand, she moved the tip of her soft finger up the length of it, feeling the delicious hotness, of her brother’s naked penis. It began slowly swelling under her gentle caresses, the pale pinkness growing brighter as his prick expanded. As the beautiful organ began to rise, she cupped the thickness of it into her palm. Within a few moments she was grasping a full-blown erection that was much larger than her stepfather’s cock.

Robin had never heard of cock-sucking, but she suddenly had an overwhelming desire to kiss the tip of his big sweet dick. She knew that it might awaken him, but she just had to do it. Robin realized how dumb it was to try it, but she just couldn’t control the wild desire. Making certain that he was still sleeping soundly, she moved her face closer to his throbbing boner. The rich, ripe aroma of a man’s cock drifted to her nostrils for the first time. She noted the musky scent, but found it extremely exciting. Her lips were moist and trembling as she eagerly parted them to taste her sweet brother’s beautiful prick.

Lowering them down she lightly touched her softly parted lips against his big smooth cock head. Glancing up to make certain he was still asleep, she let her mouth linger lovingly as she ran the tip of her hot wet tongue over the sensitive surface. She knew that she’d gone far enough, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself.

At first the girl had only wanted to kiss his prick, but now she wanted to feel it in her hot wet mouth. As if possessed by demons, she was going to taste his cock even if it awakened him. He would probably be angry and disgusted with her, but there was no way she could control her wild urge.

Once more leaning over him, she opened her mouth wide and covered the head of his cock with her lips, feeling the hotness of it against her tongue. Closing her soft mouth around his deliciously big knob, she hungrily lashed her tongue all over the sensitive underside of his cockhead. With his big tasty knob fitting snug and hard in her mouth, she sucked softly on it, feeling it swell even larger between her lips. When she pushed her head down, it slithered back into her throat, thrilling her with the juicy bigness of it. Feeling the veins and sinews of his thick rod rubbing against her soft wet lips was one of the wildest sensations she’d ever experienced. Her dripping crotch was tingling with joy as the delicious taste of his oozing seminal fluids began trickling down her throat.

Pumping briskly up and down, she soon had his thick, meaty shaft drenched with her warm, slippery saliva. Crazed with lust, she sucked harder, giving his cockhead a delightful tongueing as she stroked the base of his shaft with her fingers.

Still sucking and stroking his magnificent prick, Robin was suddenly aware that he was moving his hips to the rhythm of her bobbing head. The girl didn’t know whether he was awake or not, but she wasn’t going to quit until he stopped her. Sucking hungrily on his throbbing rod, she could feel her own hot wetness dripping out from between her legs.

Her brother’s hips were now thrusting violently beneath her and she responded by sucking deeper and harder on his bloated dick.

“Oh, God, Sis,” she suddenly heard him cry out. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

His entire body gave a violent lurch and her sucking mouth was suddenly filled with his slippery hot cum. Startled by it, Robin started to pull her mouth away from his spurting cock, but plunged it back down. Her mouth was filled with her first taste of male sperm, and, the belching cream was almost choking her, filling her cheeks, running down her throat as his exploding cock fired spurt after spurt. She was swallowing frantically, gulping down every drop of the delicious jizz he was pumping into her mouth.

When she’d drained the last drop of sperm from his slowly shrinking prick, Brent gently grasped his sister, pulling her up into his arms.

“God, that was wonderful,” he whispered, pressing his mouth to her sperm-drenched lips.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked.

“Almost from the beginning,” smiled the boy. “I just didn’t want to stop you.”

For the next several moments they just clung silently to each other, thoroughly enjoying the nearness of their bodies.

“Oh, Brent,” she finally whispered as she tenderly fondled his limp dick. “I love you.”

“And I love you, Sis,” smiled her brother.

After another long period of peaceful silence, Robin could feel his prick starting to swell in her fingers.

“Oh, Brent,” she giggled. “You’re getting another hard on. Are you gonna give me another drink of jizz.”

“If you want it,” he grinned.

“I’d rather fuck,” whispered Robin.


“I said I’d rather fuck,” she repeated.

“Christ, Robin,” he gasped. “I’m your brother.”

“I know that,” she giggled. “You have a cock and I have a cunt, so why not use them.”

“That’s incest.”

“Shit,” she whispered. “Just ’cause we can’t get married doesn’t mean you can’t fuck me.”

Looking down into her cute smiling face, he slipped his finger inside her wet little panties.

“What are you doing?” she asked excitedly.

“I’m gonna finger-fuck you,” was his gentle answer.

“But I want to be cock-fucked,” she argued, pulling down her pants and removing her bra.

“That’s out of the question,” said Brent. “I’ll just bring you off with my finger.”

“Okay,” she finally agreed. “But take your shorts off so I can play with your cock and balls.”

After removing them, he reached down between her naked legs again, searching for the juicy warmth of her little slit.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered, closing her eyes and reaching out to take his thick hard rod in her hand.

Slowly and tenderly they began lovingly caressing each other’s genitals, both of them trembling in ecstasy as they deliciously teased each other’s sex organs.

“I could do this all night,” she sighed feeling him gently rubbing the outer edge of her lust-swollen cuntlips.

Covering her soft moist mouth with his, Brent slipped the tip of his middle finger into her hot, wet little twat.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, feeling his finger slipping into the mushy hotness of her roused cunt. Her horny young body quivered and lurched at the feel of his finger worming deeper and deeper into her hot pussy.

She began pumping harder and faster on the big blood-engorged prick that she was holding in her fist. She could feel her sweet brother’s body lurching from the intense pleasure she was giving him. On and on they teased, slowly bringing each other closer and closer to a climax.

Remembering how good her horrible stepfather’s cock had felt in her pussy, she knew how much better her gentle brother’s big prick would feel.

“Brent,” she whispered, releasing his throbbing dong. “Please stick your cock in my cunt.”

“Absolutely not,” he sighed. “What we’re doing is bad enough, but I’m sure as hell not going to ball my little sister.”

“You don’t have to ball me,” she argued. “I just want to feel your prick in me.”

“That’s fucking.”

“But you can pull it out before you come,” she giggled.

“No,” he exclaimed. “And that’s final.”

“Okay,” she panted. “But when we get to California, I’m gonna let the first guy I meet fuck me.”

“Like hell you will,” he growled. “I’ll kick the shit out of you if you try it.”

“Oh, shut up and go to sleep,” she snapped, turning her back on him.

Brent had been almost ready to shoot his load into her hand, and now he was left with nothing but aching balls. The sudden frustration was almost more than he could stand as he tried to get to sleep. The longer he lay there, the more his stiff boner throbbed with maddening desire.

“Robin,” he finally whispered. “If I put my prick in you for a minute, will you suck it off again.”

“Maybe,” she said in a pretended sleepy voice. “Will you, or won’t you?” he demanded in an angry voice.

“The best way to find out is to try it,” she giggled, rolling onto her back and lewdly spreading her naked thighs. “Here’s my pussy.”

Gazing lovingly into his little sister’s glowing eyes, he crawled down between her widespread legs. Shivering with delicious expectations, Robin drew her knees back against her chest, blatantly exposing the entire pink length of her hot, wet cuntal slit to him. She was thrilled at the excited expression on his face as he gazed down between her widespread legs.

Clutching the thick base of his shaft, Brent slowly moved his throbbing cock up between her parted legs, guiding it toward her dripping young hole. Robin trembled with excitement when she felt the heat of his lust-bloated cock head brush against the naked flesh of her inner thighs as it moved closer and closer to her sizzling little twat. Feeling the head of his hard prick lightly touching her downy-soft bush of golden pubic hairs, she reached down and tenderly grasped her brother’s burning shaft and slid the sensitive knob up and down against the soft wet lips of her slippery hot slit. The boy’s hard smooth glans was soon glistening with the hot juices that were oozing out of her aroused little cunt.

Brent fully realized that it was his own little sister’s twat he was about to enter, but he no longer gave a shit. He couldn’t wait to feel the smooth slick hotness of it around his cock as it filled her delicious little twat.

Filled with an uncontrollable passion, Robin slowly eased his big shiny cockhead between her lust-swollen cuntlips and up against the hot little mouth of her ravenous pussy.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered. “Your cock feels so nice and hot.”

“So does your pussy,” he panted. “Are you ready?”

“God, yes,” she gasped. “Hurry up and stick it in me.”

Unable to wait any longer, she reached for his ass, and arching her hips, she drew him toward her.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, feeling his big thick cockhead slipping through the tight little opening of her cunt. “It sure feels big.”

Clutching him tightly, she held the boy perfectly still until her widely stretched cuntlips adjusted to the bigness of his thick boner.

“Please don’t move for a minute,” she whispered. “That thing really hurts.”

When she felt him start withdrawing his cock, she clung tighter to him.

“Don’t take it out, honey!” she cried. “Just lay still for a while ’til I get used to it.”

When her tense little body began to relax a bit, she carefully arched her hips up again, feeling his glorious cock sinking a bit deeper into her tight little snatch. This time there wasn’t the discomfort of his initial entry.

“Have you had enough?” he asked, feeling the snug hotness of her cunt squeezing deliciously against his swollen rod.

“God, no, honey,” she whispered excitedly. “I feel it all the way up in my belly.”

“Okay,” he answered gently. “But don’t let me hurt you.”

“I won’t,” she smiled, thinking how much sweeter and gentler he was compared to her filthy stepfather.

Robin continued arching her hips and drawing him against her, feeling his nice big prick slowly slipping deeper and deeper into the expanding walls of her sweet young twat. She was becoming even more aroused as the hard thickness of his hot cock rubbed deliciously against the raw nerve ends of her slippery cuntal tissues.

“Oh, God, honey,” she gasped excitedly as his tool slid deeper and deeper into her passion-slickened channel. “Your nice big prick feels so fuckin’ good in me. Jesus Christ, it’s good.”

When he reached full penetration, Brent lay perfectly still over his little sister’s naked body, letting his cock luxuriate in the hot wet tightness of her squeezing pussy. Lying stiff and still over her, he could feel the girl’s cunt walls grasping and sucking against the thick length of his throbbing boner.

Spread out beneath him with her soft naked thighs squeezing his hips, Robin thought how her brother’s loving penetration had differed from the cruel attack of her stepfather. Now that Brent’s prick was completely buried in her cunt, Robin hoped she could give the sweet boy a fuck he’d never forget.

Brent thought he’d go crazy when his little sister started rotating her clasping pussy around the length of his deeply embedded shaft. His whole body trembling with excitement, Brent began unconsciously squinting against her, trying to drill his cock even deeper into her sucking hole.

“Oh, God!” she sobbed, suddenly aware of the movement of his prick as it throbbed hotly in the depths of her clasping pussy. “Jesus, that feels so good.”

Unaware of what they were doing, brother and sister began slowly grinding their bodies into each other. The delicious new sensations were driving Robin almost out of her mind as she began wildly thrusting her cunt up around his hard slippery boner.

Suddenly realizing what they were leading up to, Brent began slowly withdrawing his cock. He’d agreed to let her feel his prick in her cunt, but to actually fuck his own little sister was out of the question.

“Don’t do that!” Robin shrieked when she felt him pulling his prick out.

“That’s enough,” said Brent, reluctantly pulling his cock further out of her delicious little silt.

“Just a minute more,” she begged, grabbing his ass and pulling him violently back into her.

Brent shuddered with ecstasy at the feel of his tingling cock gliding back into the tight hot wetness of his little sister’s slippery cunt. The incredible feeling was more than he could handle and he suddenly began thrusting it in and out.

“Oh, sweet baby!” screamed Robin when her brother suddenly threw all caution to the wind and began drilling his rod into her with a wild passion. Faster and faster he pounded as she lifted her knees up so her dripping twat could better receive the battering attack.

Every wild thrust of his bloated cock was sending new and wonderful sensations streaking through her entire young body. The ecstasy was almost beyond her endurance as she clung to her brother who was giving her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. The delicious friction of his cock against her clitoris was driving her wild.

“Faster, honey, faster!” she shrieked, feeling his big juice-slickened boner driving madly into her passion-soaked cunt.

The two naked young bodies were pounding lewdly against each other, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room as they frantically fucked on.

“Oh, honey, fuck me! Fuck me!” squealed the writhing little blonde, thrusting her hips up to better receive every glorious thrust of her brother’s cock. “Fuck, baby, fuck!”

As the unbelievable sensation of her impending climax began building up in her body, she clutched him tighter, frightened of the intense ecstasy she was feeling.

“Oh, Brent!” she shrieked. “I’m gonna explode!”

Realizing that his little sister was in the throes of her climax, Brent drove even harder and deeper into her spasming slit. Robin was going wild with ecstasy as the massive orgasm washed through her body, sending her to the very heights of sensual pleasure.

Feeling his own cum gushing up through the length of his shaft, Brent barely had time to whip it out of her cunt. The head of his cock had barely cleared her cuntlips before it started gushing jizz all over his sister’s naked tits and belly.

When Robin’s wild orgasm subsided, Brent pulled her naked little body up against his and they soon dropped off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Their progress toward California slowed down drastically after that first night. Spending most of their time fucking, they would stop at a motel around four o’clock in the afternoon and wouldn’t leave until the noon check-out time the next day. Their money was diminishing rapidly, but they were too happy to worry about it. Their thoughts were on nothing but each other’s naked bodies and their next hot fuck.

“God, I feel dusty,” smiled Brent when he and his sister checked into the next motel.

“Me, too,” giggled Robin. “Let’s take a shower together.”

Robin had seen plenty of her brother’s big thick cock lately, but when he dropped his shorts, the girl was just as thrilled as the first time. Staring at the stiff boner that was thrusting up from between his legs, she could almost feel it twisting around so deliciously in her juicy little twat. Thinking how much fun it would be to wash his precious dick, Robin quickly undressed and led him into the shower.

“God, I’m sure gad you have such a nice big prick,” she smiled when they were in the bathroom. “I just love it when you fuck me.”

Clutching his sweet little sister, Brent drew her soft, naked body into his arms, covering her moistly parted lips with his hot, hungry mouth, her soft youthful flesh was burning deliciously against his. Finally releasing her from the passionate embrace, they got into the shower together and began lathering each other with the soft soapy suds. Brent began trembling with excitement as her slippery fingers slid up and down over his soapy boner.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, staring down at the big suds-covered cock she was fondling. “I just love your big sweet tool.”

Continuing to caress his prick, Robin was lathering his balls with the thick rich suds while he soaped her firm lush boobs, his fingers strumming deliciously on her erect nipples. When his big hairy balls were completely lathered, his naughty little sister slipped her hand under his swollen nut-sac and began soaping the sensitive crack of his ass.

“Jesus, Sis,” he gasped when her fingertip slithered into his soap-covered asshole.

“D’ya like that?” she giggled, worming her finger further up into the buttery hotness of his rectum.

“Shit, yes,” he gulped as she teasingly plunged the full length of her finger up his butt, the tip of it lewdly massaging his prostate.

“I’m glad,” she whispered, twisting her naughty finger around deep in his quivering shitter while her other hand slid up and down his hard soap-lathered cock. “I want to please you so much, my darling.”

When his sister finally removed her finger from his tingling butt, Brent drew her sweet young body up tight against him, his hard thick cock sandwiched deliciously between their soapy, writhing bellies, her lush sudsy tits rubbing firmly against his broad lathered chest.

“Oh, Brent,” she sighed, pressing her hot wet lips against his. “You’re the neatest big brother a girl could ever have.”

Still holding the naked girl in his arms, Brent eased his hands down until he had her wiggly little asscheeks cupped in his palms. Writhing his hard hot cock against her smooth young belly, the boy started goosing his fingers into the soft soapy flesh between the cheeks of her ass. His cock almost shot a wad as he dug around in his sister’s sweet tender ass-flesh.

They spent a long time teasing and soaping each other’s responsive bodies before finally getting out of the shower. When they’d finally dried each other off, Brent picked up his freshly scented little sister and carried her back to the bed.

Spread out together on the fresh clean sheet, Robin was snuggled against the secure warmth of her brother, his comforting arm circling her shoulders.

“You’re such a wonderful brother,” she whispered, pressing her warm moist lips against his neck, her tongue licking his masculine flesh.

His hands were gently caressing the bare flesh on her back when she lifted her face and eased her juicy tongue between his lips. Brent sucked her delicious little tongue deep into his mouth, his stiff prick throbbing with excitement.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, twisting around and pressing as much of her warm naked body against his as possible. Nestled happily in his embrace, she opened her thighs and wrapped one of them around his leg.

Reaching down, she affectionately grasped his thick rod, that beautiful cock she loved so much. It was hot, throbbing with pleasure under her touch as she moved down and tenderly covered it with her open mouth. Gently sucking it in between her ovalled lips, the delicious thickness of his prick was pressing out against the inside of her cheeks.

Sucking deeply on his spit-drenched cockhead, Robin ground her wet naked crotch up firmly against his leg, further igniting the sweltering tissues of her dripping cunt. She continued working on his glorious rod with her lips and tongue while her hand pumped incessantly on the thick shaft.

While she was greedily devouring his thick column of rich male meat, Brent’s hands were deliciously kneading her big quivering tits together. Her nipples, all covered with little goosebumps of excitement, were turgid and erect. Writhing with lust, Robin removed her lips from the head of his prick and dove down for his balls. Licking wildly at the loose, crinkly skin of his bag, she gulped one of his balls into her mouth, rolling it around her tongue. Releasing it, she gently sucked on his other sperm-filled nut until Brent was writhing in ecstasy.

Unable to stand the wild pleasure any longer, he grasped his little sister’s hips and pulled her loins up against his face while the girl continued mouthing his cock and balls. Forcing his face up between her soft thighs, he was staring at her dripping pussy and the soft white cheeks of her ass. Shivering with excitement, he kissed the soft wiggly buns, and then forced his tongue up into the deep crack between them.

Little Robin began sucking even harder on his big juicy cock when she felt his tongue leaving a fiery trail of wetness as it licked ever closer to her quivering asshole.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she whimpered, gulping more of his prick into her mouth when he brushed his hot, wet tongue across her tight little shitter.

Brent continued circling the tiny hole several times with his tongue, feeling his sister quivering with anticipation then pointing the tip of his muscular tongue, he forced it up into her tight little shitter with relative ease. After drilling it in and out for a few brief moments, Brent removed it and moved on to her juicy little slit.

It felt to Robin as if a string of firecrackers were going off in her loins when his tongue began licking her clitty. The hard little nub of her clit responded wildly to his lingual caresses as it throbbed, jerked and twitched with electrified joy.

“Oh, God!” she squealed, momentarily pulling her mouth away from his cock. “Yes! Oh, yes!”

Her soft ass was squirming wildly as the pretty youngster ground her wet, sopping cunt down tighter against her brother’s slurping mouth as he forced his swirling tongue into the dripping depths of her, lusting little pussy. Robin had never heard of anyone licking a girl’s twat, but it sure as hell felt good. Her drooling pussy was pouring a stream of boiling juices over his tongue and into the back of his throat.

“Oh, it’s so good,” she squealed as his tongue danced around in the juicy hotness of her slippery slit.

Brent’s tongue was making rapid-fire jabs into her twat, playing a wild tune on her clit as her entire body trembled and jerked from the intense ecstasy. When she gulped his cock back into her mouth, Brent began sucking and pulling on her wiggly cuntlips, letting the deliciously hot juices of her aroused cunt spill into his mouth.

Clutching the base of his shaft in her hands, Robin was passionately sucking and licking his massive cockhead. She twisted her lips and tongue all around his big smooth knob until it was a fiery-purple color. Taking more of his delicious prick into her mouth, Robin reached down between his thighs and lovingly caressed his big swollen balls. His big lusty cockhead filled her mouth, but she continued taking more of it until it was lodged deep in her throat.

With his face squeezed between her soft thighs, Brent was battering her clitoris with his tongue until his little sister could hardly stand the intense ecstasy. Squealing with joy, Robin began grinding her cunt down so hard on his face that her brother’s teeth were grating on the soft tissues of her cuntlips. She was starting to climax and her fiery young cunt was creaming all over his face.

Grasping tightly to her sweet young ass, with both hands, he kept her climaxing slit welded to his mouth as her spasming twat rippled and jerked around his swirling tongue.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked, releasing his throbbing cockhead from her mouth. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming! OH, SHIT, HOW I’M COMMMIIIIINNNGGG!”

As the wild climax slowly abated, Robin plunged her mouth down over his thick meaty prick again, anxious to draw his delicious juices from deep in his loins. Brent’s sperm-swollen balls began tingling with excitement, ready to unleash the pent up jizz that was screaming for release. Each deep suck of his little sister’s sucking, pulling lips was bringing him closer and closer to an ejaculation. Still licking the hot juices from her cunt, he knew the supreme moment was almost there, that delicious moment when he’d release his burning jizz into his sister’s mouth.

Robin could feel his thighs tensing, his cockhead swelling to new extremes. Knowing that he was about to cream, she couldn’t wait for the explosive moment. A wild lust streaked through her loins, thinking about drinking his thick, rich jism, swallowing it down and loving every slippery drop of it.

His big cock suddenly exploded a gush of cum into her mouth, streaming down the back of her throat. This was followed quickly by another blast against her tongue, filling her cheeks with the tasty fluid. She continued sucking and drinking from his spewing prick until it was completely drained.

When it was over, she licked every delicious drop from around the edges of his cockhead until the shiny knob was thoroughly washed.

Completely satisfied and relaxed, Brent lay back and let her baby-soft lips clean his wilting dick.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered when she’d finished cleaning him. “You’re so wonderful.”

“So are you, Sis,” he smiled, drawing her back up into his arms.

They spent the next half-hour in silence with their naked bodies pressed lovingly together.

“Brent,” his sister finally whispered. “Are you ready to fuck?”

“Shit, yes,” he panted.

“Here it is,” she giggled, pointing down at her naked little twat. “Why don’t you get busy and use it?”

Staring down between her open thighs, Brent could see the slippery juices dripping out of his cute little sister’s twat. He could clearly see the hot, slippery inner flesh of her creamy slit as the youngster parted her cuntlips with her naughty fingers.

“It’s all ready,” she whispered. “Now it’s up to you.”

Crouching down between her open legs, he placed the back of her knees over his broad shoulders.

“Ready,” he smiled, moving forward until his cockhead was snugly lodged between her hot, open pussy lips.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned feeling the tip of his prick burning hotly against the opening of her twat.

Not driving his cock all the way in, the boy just wiggled around in the hot slippery entrance, letting it tease against her erect little clitty.

“All the way in,” she panted, trying to lever her cunt up around his prick. “Please don’t torture me.”

Not wanting to upset his sweet little sister, Brent suddenly lunged forward, driving the full length of his tool deep into her slippery cunt.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed with joy when his thick shaft drilled up through the slick, slippery flesh of her little fuck-hole.

With his cock buried to the hilt in the little blonde’s quivering belly, Brent couldn’t get over the hot tightness of his sister’s little cunt. The way her hot, juicy cunt walls squeezed against his throbbing boner was absolutely incredible.

“Oh, Brent,” she sobbed, frantically screwing her wiggly little slit up tighter around the thick base of his shaft. “You’re just wonderful.”

Reaching under her butt, Brent was goosing his fingers into the soft pliant flesh between her quivering asscheeks as his thick rod glided in and out between her hot sucking cuntlips.

“Oh, honey, that feels so good,” whimpered Robin as her brother’s big virile cock pumped into her scalding little fuck-hole.

When he parted her asscheeks with his fingers, Robin’s smoldering young cunt also spread, letting his massive shaft drill deeper into her belly in a series of fast, jabbing thrusts.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she squealed as her brother’s juice-slickened rod speared into her cunt from different angles while his finger teased around the sensitive ring of her asshole. The way he was changing the tempo and the angles of his thrusts was driving the child wild. The slippery hardness of his bloated shaft was deliciously pulling the hood back and forth over her clitoris, sending a screaming ecstasy through every nerve of her body.

“Oh, sweet Brent!” she squealed, pulling her brother’s body down tighter against her own, feeling her big firm tits squishing back and forth under his chest as he drilled his thick cock in and out of her tight, clinging fuck hole. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Feeling the boy’s big rod pounding into the scalding depths of her tight little twat was pure heaven to the girl. Although only recently introduced into the wonderful world of fucking, the unbelievable joy was beyond her wildest dreams. She had secretly enjoyed the intense sensations when her stepfather raped her, but that was nothing compared to the thorough fucking she was getting from her big brother.

Crazed with the feel of Robin’s little gold-fringed cunt, Brent was fucking into her with a wild passion, his virile young shaft storming furiously into the girl’s writhing belly, sending wave after wave of unbelievable joy screaming through her writhing young body.

Feeling her brother shift into another position that seemed to intensify her pleasure, Robin snaked her legs up over him, lifting her slit up tighter around the base of his plunging rod.

“Oh, darling!” she squealed. “You’ve never fucked me like this!”

“Practice makes perfect,” he panted. “Do you like it, honey?”

“I love it! I love it!”

“I’m glad,” he gasped, still fucking furiously into her lurching cunt. “Because you’re sure a sweet little fucker.”

“Good,” she cried, thrusting her frothy little pussy up to receive every plunge of his cock. “Are you gonna give me a nice cuntful of jizz?”

“You’re not just shittin’,” he panted. “And soon.”

“That’s what I want, honey,” she whimpered with joy. “I want you to fill me up with it.”

Mewling with pleasure, the horny youngster was frantically writhing her ass down into the mattress as each of her brother’s lusty strokes drove deeper and harder into her little belly. God, how Robin wished she and her brother could live together forever. She loved him with a passion she’d never felt for anyone else, and the thought of him leaving her someday was absolutely terrifying. God, how she’d miss this beautiful big prick of his if he ever went away.

“Christ, Sis!” he panted, pounding deeper and deeper into her little fifteen year-old pussy. “You’re sure a hot little fucker!”

“I know!” she squealed. “And I hope you won’t forget it!”

Her excited squeals seemed to spur him on and he began violently increasing the wild tempo of his frantic screwing. Pumping into his little sister, he was vividly aware of the intense pleasure she was giving. Brent had fucked two or three of the girls back home, but had never found a cunt that sucked and squeezed and clung to his cock like this one. He also knew that every time he fucked his sister, it was better than the last as their techniques improved.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she began screaming hysterically as the boy poured it to her at an even faster tempo, literally lifting her hot little ass off the bed with every thrust.

Robin’s battered little twat had never taken such a beating in her life, and she was thoroughly enjoying every second of it. The delicious friction of her brother’s thick dick sawing in and out of her slit was lifting her to new heights of ecstasy. Each hard plunge felt better than the last as the intense joy mounted in her loins.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she began screaming. “I’m almost there, honey… almost there!”

Robin’s body was filled with such intense heat that she thought she’d explode. She and her lurching brother were locked lewdly together by the massive cock that her clinging cunt was squeezing and massaging. Her little pussy was frantically milking on his prick with a wild frenzy.

Brent’s tingling dick was aflame with fires that were reaching every nerve in his body. He couldn’t believe that any snatch could be as tight and hot as his young sisters’ ravenous pussy. Feeling an explosive climax building up in his sperm-swollen balls, he hoped he could hold back until Robin could reach her own orgasm.

“Oh, honey!” she suddenly screamed, locking her arms and legs around his lurching body. “I’m coming! I’m coming! COMMMMUINNNGGG!”

As her thunderous orgasm streaked through every nerve and muscle of her body, Brent fucked harder and deeper into her cunt, wanting to prolong her climax, making it the most intense she’d ever had.

“Oh, God!” she shrieked, feeling his thick hot cum gushing into her twat. “That’s it, darling! Squirt me good, you sweet fucker!”

Writhing her cunt up tightly around the base of his spewing cock, she clung desperately to him as he rapidly filled her hot little hole with his thick, slippery jizz.

“Oh, Brent darling,” she whispered when her brother finally pulled his spent prick out of her sopping cunt. “That’s the best fuck you’ve ever given me.”

“God, honey,” he panted. “You’re the sweetest, hottest little girl in the whole fuckin’ world.”

“I’m glad you think so,” she whispered puffing his mouth down against her soft parted lips. “Are you going to fuck me again tonight?”

“You know damn well I am,” he whispered, running the tip of his finger up and down the slippery wetness of her little sperm-soaked slit. “We’ll fuck as long as I can keep getting a hard-on.”


Two days later when they were only a few miles from Reno, the engine in Brent’s old pickup began clattering loudly. He carefully nursed it along to a garage where the mechanic said he’d burnt put a main bearing. Having very little money left, and not nearly enough to pay for the expensive repair costs, Brent sold the truck to the mechanic for a hundred and fifty dollars, took two suitcases out of the pick up and walked across the road, hoping to catch a ride. Brent was wearing jeans and a shirt, and his pretty sister was a lovely sight in a blouse and short cut-offs that deliciously exposed her shapely, tanned legs.

They’d only been standing there a few minutes when a man and woman stopped in a big Continental.

“Where are you kids going?” the man asked when they got in.

“Just to Reno,” smiled Robin.

“Visiting friends there?” asked the woman.

“No,” explained Brent. “Our truck broke down and we want to catch a bus to Frisco.”

Watching the couple in the front seat, Robin couldn’t get over how nice looking they were. He was in his mid-thirties with a thick head of dark well-groomed hair. His features were extremely handsome and there was a soft gentleness in his deep brown eyes. His wife was one of the most beautiful women Robin had ever seen. The creamy skin of her flawless complexion was further enhanced by her long red hair. The woman was in her late twenties with full lips and amber eyes that sparkled when she smiled.

“I’m Brenda Lasser,” said the woman. “And this is my husband, Phil.”

“Hi,” grinned Robin, thinking how much more refined these people were, compared to the assholes back home. “I’m Robin Caldwell and this is my brother, Brent.”

“Oh, honey,” giggled Brenda, a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “You don’t have to give me that brother and sister crap. I know how you kids live these days.”

“But we are,” said Brent.

“How old are you, Brent?” asked Brenda, ignoring his denial.


“How old is your girlfriend?”

“She’s my sister,” he argued.

“How old are you, honey?” asked Brenda, turning to Robin.

“Fifteen,” she answered. “And he is my brother.”

“Okay,” laughed Brenda. “Have it your own way, but if I were fifteen, I wouldn’t mind traveling with a handsome stud like him.”

“Where do you come from?” asked Phil, deciding to change the subject.

“Nebraska,” answered Brent.

“Gee,” sighed Brenda, smiling at Robin. “You kids sure have it made these days.”


“It’s the so-called sexual revolution,” smiled the beautiful redhead. “When I was your age, we sure couldn’t roam around the country balling each other.”

Watching through the mirror, Phil couldn’t keep his eyes away from Robin. It was very obvious that the two kids were fucking around together, and the sight of the little blonde’s shapely bare legs and her firm tits pressing out against her tight blouse was giving him a horrendous hard-on. Phil and Brenda were real swingers, and the thought of screwing this little blonde who was undoubtedly pretty free with her body really turned him on.

Watching her husband’s expression, Brenda knew what was on his mind, and the big bulge in the front of Brent’s tight jeans hadn’t gone unnoticed by the woman. The thought of the four of them balling together seemed like a great idea to Brenda.

“When do you have to be in San Francisco?” asked the woman.

“No special time,” Brent answered. “Why?”

“Well,” continued Brenda. “My husband and I are heading for our summer home at Lake Tahoe, and I was wondering if you’d like to spend a few days with us?”

“Do you mean it?” gasped Robin.

The girl had heard about and seen pictures of Lake Tahoe since she was a little child, but had never teamed she’d ever actually go there.

“Sure, I mean it,” smiled Brenda. “Phil and I would love to have you.”

“D’ya wanta go?” Robin turned to her brother.

“You can sleep in the same bed,” giggled Brenda.

“Okay,” blushed Brent. “It sounds great.”

The two youngsters were shocked when they arrived at the Lassers’ summer home. It was a beautiful house, complete with swimming pool, sitting in a forest of towering pine trees that overlooked the lake. Having never seen anything except her hometown, Robin was completely shocked with the luxurious home. She found it hard to believe that anyone could live in such a fine style.

Shortly after they arrived and had a snack to eat, Brenda suggested they all take a dip in the pool. Phil almost shit his pants when he saw little Robin in the bikini that his wife had found for, her. Her lush big boobs were barely covered by the small bra, and the brief bottoms hid practically nothing.

After a quick dip in the pool, Brenda excused herself and went back into the house, leaving Robin and Brent with her husband.

“Brent?” the beautiful redhead called down from her bedroom window a few minutes later. “You’re a big strong boy. Can you come up here and help me with these boxes?”

“Sure,” he volunteered, standing up and walking toward the house.

Phil grinned to himself when the boy disappeared, knowing his wife would keep the boy well occupied for the next couple of hours. With them both gone, he could start concentrating on Robin. God, what a delicious little fuck she would make.

Entering the bedroom, Brent almost choked when he saw the beautiful woman standing by a group of boxes. She was dressed in a nearly transparent black negligee that revealed every line of her curvaceous body beneath the sheer material. His eyes ogled the fleshy contours of the woman’s seductive figure beneath the revealing garment. She was not wearing a bra, and he could clearly see the dark circles of her nipples as her swollen tits pushed out against the sheer material. Below the soft smooth curve of her belly, he could see the hint of pussy hair between her legs.

“Brent,” she smiled. “These boxes are so heavy. Would you help me get them up on those shelves in the closet?”

When he’d lifted the last box up on the shelves, Brenda undulated across the floor and stood very close to him, resting her hands on his shoulders.

“That was very sweet of you,” she whispered. “Now is there anything I can do for you?”

He stared down at her. The twin mounds of her magnificent boobs, the silky smoothness clearly visible through the transparent material of her negligee, were almost touching his chest.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do for you?” she repeated in a soft sensual voice as she slid her hands from his shoulders down over his bare chest. “There must be something.”

“Don’t w-worry,” he stammered. “It was no problem piling those boxes.”

“I didn’t mean that,” she whispered, moving her soft hands down over his belly, “I thought maybe… you know… you might want to… fuck me.”

For the second time since he’d entered the room, he was rendered completely speechless.

“You would like to screw me, wouldn’t you?” she smiled, stepping back and staring down boldly at the big bulge in his shorts. “I can see your cock’s ready to fuck.”

Still unable to speak, he gaped at the almost naked woman standing in front of him. Then suddenly she was against him, her soft warm body pressing close as she slid her arms around his back.

“Brent,” she whispered. “Come over on the bed with me.”

“How about y-your husband?” he stammered nervously.

“Don’t worry about him,” she giggled. “He’s probably already taking your little girl friend’s pants off.”

Brent suddenly wondered if his sweet little sister would let the older man fuck her.

Leading the boy over to her bed, Brenda released his hand and dropped onto the mattress, leaning back on her elbows so that the front of her negligee fell open to deliciously expose the red, silky hair of her pubic mound. His head spinning with excitement, the boy sat next to her. Looking down between her soft creamy thighs, he could see the soft coral lips of her red-fringed little slit. Noticing the way he was staring, Brenda spread her legs a little wider and gave him a naughty little smile. Trembling with excitement, the boy could see the slippery drops of moisture glistening in her open slit as she shamelessly exposed herself.

“God,” he panted when she loosened the tie-cord at the waist of her negligee, letting her full ripe tits spill out. “You’re beautiful.”

“You’re not bad yourself,” she smiled. “And from that bulge, I’ll bet you’re built like a fuckin’ bull. Have you had many girls besides the little kid you’re shackin’ up with?”

“She’s my sister,” he argued.

“Oh, Brent,” she giggled, throwing her arms around the boy. “I don’t give a shit whether she’s your sister or not.”

Pulling him savagely down on her, one of his legs fell between her open thighs and she brought one of her own legs up to deliciously grind it into his crotch, feeling the hardness of the big prick in his shorts. Smashing his mouth down against her softly parted lips as her body melted against his, Brent could feel the wetness of the seminal fluids seeping from the tip of his bloated cockhead.

She continued massaging his crotch with her soft naked thigh until Brent thought his throbbing cock would explode. Feeling his cock jumping and jerking around in the tight confines of his shorts, Brent thrust his tongue deep into her soft open mouth and let her gently suck on it, her nibbling little teeth sending chills all through his aroused body.

“Brent,” she whispered in his ear. “Is Robin a good piece of ass?”

“I guess we’re both a little inexperienced,” he admitted before realizing how she’d trapped him.

“If you’ll take your shorts off,” she smiled. “I’ll teach you some things you’ll both love.”

Quickly rising from the bed, the boy hastily removed his shorts while Brenda slithered out of the flimsy negligee, leaving her deliciously naked on the bed. Her breath caught in her throat when the beautiful redhead first glimpsed his long thick cock thrusting up from between his legs. Brenda had literally been fucked by hundreds of cocks in her depraved life, but she’d never seen one as huge as this young stud’s.

“My God,” he gasped. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ tool in the world. Shit I can almost feel it twisting around deep in my belly.”

Throwing herself back on the cool, fresh sheet, she lewdly kicked her legs apart and reached down to spread the hot lips of her cunt apart with her fingers.

“In here,” she panted. “Ram that beauty in as far as you can.”

Choking with excitement, the boy threw himself down on the bed, frantically digging his hands into the soft flesh of her ass, cupping her delicious buns in his palms. Her asscheeks were firm, yet wiggly as he pulled her warm soft body up against his. They faced each other on their sides. She pressed her mouth to his, welding their lips tightly as her hand searched between them for the hard thickness of his cock. Kissing him passionately as her cool fingers circled around his thick boner, her lips were soft and yielding, sending little chills up and down the length of his spine.

“Oh, God, baby,” she panted, tearing herself loose from his embrace as she rolled onto her back again, puffing him on top of her as she lewdly spread her legs to take him between them.

As he lay on top of her deliciously naked body, her soft teasing fingers were running all over him, exploring his hard, trembling young flesh. His massive prick was lying hotly between her thighs; the head of it nudged between the slippery cuntlips of her dripping slit. Arching her hips up for a moment, she reached under her sweet ass with both hands and slowly pulled her pussy-lips farther apart, giving his throbbing dick more contact with the hot inner flesh of her steaming twat.

“God, that’s big and hard,” she whispered, pressing her hot open lips against his mouth as she writhed her juicy slit around the tip of his prick.

Cupping her ass-buns once more in his palms, he pulled her writhing loins up tighter against him.

Slowly moving back and forth, the length and thickness of his cock was rubbing up and down against the sopping wet furrow of her widespread pussy, feeling it getting wetter and wetter with excitement.

“Oh, Brent, baby,” she sobbed. “Put it in. I can’t stand any more of this.”

No longer able to control her wild lust, Brenda reached down and grasped his stiff rod and stuffed it directly into the se ding wetness of her open cunt. The lustfully writhing redhead let out a wild scream as his massive pole glided up into the hot tightness of her passion-slickened hole. Brenda had never taken such a huge cock, and the pleasure-pain of it was the most incredible thing she’d ever experienced. The thickness of it was pressing out against every tingling nerve in her widely stretched fuck-hole. When the boy began thrusting his huge dick in and out, the delicious friction against her sensitive cunt walls was the most ecstatic sensation she’d ever felt. She couldn’t believe that any cock could be so long and thick and so wonderful. Her cunt had never been so deliciously stuffed full of prick in her life, and the joy of it was incredible.

“Oh, you sweet baby!” she whimpered as Brent increased the tempo of his lusty strokes.

On and on he fucked until the screaming woman was almost delirious with this newfound ecstasy.

“Oh, God, it’s so good… so gooood!” cried the depraved woman. “Stick your finger up my ass!” As their hot naked bodies pounded relentlessly together, Brent excitedly reached under her buttocks, his middle finger probing for her asshole. Goosing into the soft flesh between her ass cheeks, the tip of his finger soon found her tight little hole. He pressed hard at her puckered little shitter and the tight rubbery nether ring gave way under the pressure. His obscenely invading finger slid up to the first knuckle in her hot buttery asshole.

“Aaaaaggghh!” she shrieked, trying to wriggle her ass free from the initial pain of entry. “God, that hurts!”

Realizing that the lurching woman was enjoying the discomfort, Brent wormed his finger further into her butt.

“Yes! Yes!” shrieked Brenda. “That’s it, honey! Hurt me more!”

Despite the pain, the excited redhead frantically writhed her ass back around his finger until it was sunk to the palm of his hand. Wildly rotating it around in the tight slippery hotness of her rectum, he could feel his cock through the thin wall of flesh that separated her two holes as it pistoned in and out of her cunt. Becoming more excited by the second, he began alternating the thrust of his dick with the plunges of his finger, carrying the screaming woman to new heights of ecstasy.

“That’s it, you big-cocked beauty!” she shrieked. “That’s the way to fuck a girl! Shit, honey, I’m never gonna let you get away!”

In all her life, Brenda had never experienced such a fantastic fuck, and here she was getting it from a sixteen year-old kid. She suddenly wondered how little fifteen year-old Robin had been able to take this much cock in her young little body. It was almost unbelievable to Brenda that any man could have such a huge prick.

“Drill me, baby! Drill me!” she screamed on the verge of hysteria. “Fill me with hot cum, honey! Oh, fuck… fuck… fuck!”

On and on he fucked into her as the room echoed to the slapping of wet flesh against wet flesh and the sobs and moans of the lewdly coupled pair. Then, as the speed of his thrusts increased, Brent urgently wanted to unload his hot jizz into her writhing belly.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed from beneath him. “That’s the way, honey!”

Brenda had enjoyed every second of this cunt-filled fuck, but it was getting better with every thrust. The intense ecstasy in her passion sickened pussy was almost more than she could tolerate.

“Oh, sit!” she screamed, suddenly shuddering and stiffening in his arms. “I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

Pulling her knees back and throwing her legs over his shoulders, she offered the entire juicy length of her slit to his delicious assault. Her loins were writhing wildly beneath him as the intensity of her climax increased. With her beautiful mouth hanging slackly open and her long red hair flailing wildly around her lovely face, Brenda rolled her eyes back, staring blindly at the spinning ceiling.

Slamming her cunt up around the length of his thrusting boner, she welded herself to him with her squeezing thighs, her belly jerking spasmodically against his. As the intense orgasm ebbed, she collapsed back on the bed, her pulsing cunt still clinging tightly to his deeply embedded cock.

The lust-crazed youth was still fucking his huge prick in and out of her fuck-hole, anxious to explode a stream of cum into the beautiful woman’s pussy. He’d never felt anything like the hotness of her slit in his life. Aching to release his load into her belly, Brent further increased the tempo of his wild thrusts.

“God, that was wonderful,” she panted, slowly opening her eyes.

“Hang on,” he gasped. “It’s not over yet.”

“Oh, my God,” she whimpered. “Didn’t you come?”

“Not yet,” he panted, still slamming his big thick rod into her. “But I’m almost there.”

“Oh, yes, honey!” she squealed, instinctively screwing her cunt up around the base of his cock again. “Fill me, baby! Give me a nice big cuntful.”

On and on he fucked, lifting her hot little ass off the bed with every wild thrust. The friction of his thick plunging prick was rapidly building Brenda up for another climax.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed. “I’m gonna do it again… do it again!”

Brent suddenly felt his jism starting up the tingling journey from his balls, feeling the joy of it speeding up through his shaft.

“Aaaaaagggghh!” he gasped, giving a final wild thrust as the white-hot cum exploded from the head of his cock.

“Oh, Brent,” she squealed, feeling his scalding sperm jetting into her writhing belly. “I’m coming again, honey! I’M COMING AGAIN!”

When the youth had emptied the last of his hot load into her sperm soaked cunt, Brent collapsed over her soft quivering body.


While Brent and Brenda were fucking up a storm in the house, Phil Lasser was down by the pool hungrily watching little Robin. She lay stretched out on the chaise lounge next to his, her delicious young body only partially concealed by the skimpy bikini that Brenda had outfitted her in. Her full young tits were heaving up and down with her steady breathing, her hands resting on her soft rounded thighs which were slightly parted. He’d been dying to fuck this sweet little youngster since they’d first picked her up. Knowing that she was traveling around the country with a boy, Phil had decided that she was probably a hot-cunted little bitch, but he didn’t quite know how to approach her.

“Why do you think Brent is staying in the house so long?” she smiled, turning to the handsome man.

“He’s probably balling my wife,” was his honest answer.

“You’re kidding?” she giggled.

“No,” he smiled. “She digs young men.”

“Doesn’t it bother you?” asked Robin.

“Not at all,” he answered. “I like to fool around with young girls myself.”

“How young?”

“About your age.”

“Oh, Mr. Lasser,” she giggled, “that sounds like a proposition.”

“That’s the way it was meant,” he smiled staring her straight in the eye.

There was something about the way he was looking at her that strangely excited Robin. There was a fire burning in his deep brown eyes that she found a bit disturbing. She had thought him a very handsome man from the first moment she’d seen him, but the idea of balling him had never crossed her mind.

“Do you really think Brent is in there screwing your wife?” she finally spoke.

“I’m sure of it,” he smiled. “That’s why she invited you kids over here.”

“And you intend to screw me?” she asked.

“I’d like to.”

Robin suddenly decided that if her brother were in the house fucking Brenda, it might be fun to let Mr. Lasser lay her. He was sure handsome, and would probably give her a real wild fuck. Getting up, she walked over and sat down on the edge of his chaise.

“What makes you think I’d let you screw me?” she whispered, reaching out and gently caressing his handsome face with her soft fingers.

“I’m just hoping,” he answered, kissing the tip of her finger as she lightly brushed it across his mouth.

“You’re sweet,” she giggled, throwing her arms around his neck.

Caught by surprise and off balance, Phil rolled off the chaise with the girl still clinging to him. They sprawled out together on the lawn and Phil ended up on top of her nearly naked little body. Crazed with lust for the pretty young blonde, Phil mashed his mouth down on hers and began sucking on the sweet tongue she slipped between his lips. The softness of her young body was sending hot flames of anticipation scorching through his loins.

His hands moved swiftly, sweeping the brief bra aside as they roamed over her soft little body, digging into her nubile young breasts. Eagerly cupping her big taut nipples in his hands, he ground the turgid buds between his forefinger and thumb, listening to her soft whimpers of undisguised lust. Excitedly raising her hips to assist him, the trembling child let him peel the bottom of her skimpy bikini down over her sweet little ass.

Just like the man, Robin was filled with a surge of passionate lust that was almost beyond her control. Her mind was reeling dizzily from the excitement caused by the sensuous touch of this handsome man’s hands on her young body.

Staring down at the youngster’s nakedness, Phil was trembling with lust. He could see the soft triangle of her golden pussy hairs as his searching finger wormed its way into the juicy hotness of her pink little slit. His middle finger groped through the moist hotness until he found her twitching clitoris.

His first caresses had ignited a wild passion in Robin’s body, but now the vibrant tingling of his finger against her clitty was driving her wild. This handsome strangers fingers were sending chilling surges of pleasure through her body as they explored the slick moistness of her quivering pussy flesh.

“Oh, God, Mr. Lasser,” she whimpered. “Don’t stop… don’t stop. It feels so gooooood!”

Excitedly twisting and grinding her soft nakedness up against his body, she rubbed the thick hair on his chest and torso against her tits and belly. This handsome man had intrigued Robin when she first met him, but to have him fondling her nakedness was pure heaven.

She could feel his thick hard cock throbbing against her belly through his swimming trunks. As he squirmed over her, Robin could feel the hardness of his prick grazing against her thigh, occasionally poking against her swollen clit. There was a sexual magnetism to the man as he lurched and humped over her, his finger twisting around deliciously in the hot depths of her pussy. She could hardly wait to feel his swollen cock grinding around in her belly as it plunged hard and fast into the deepest recesses of her cunt. God, how she wanted him to fuck her to death!

It had been wonderful being fucked by her brother, but the thought of this handsome mature man drilling his prick into her was almost breathtaking. Her entire young body began writhing up hotly against him when his fingers once more began strumming her quivering clitty.

Aching for his cock, Robin grasped the elastic waistband of his trunks and violently pulled them down over his sinewy ass and legs. Her breath caught in her throat when his cock sprang into view. It wasn’t nearly as huge as her brother’s but it was smooth and hard, a tool that was more than capable of doing its job.

“Oh, Mr. Lasser,” she whispered. “It’s so beautiful and hard, I love it.”

Lowering her face she rubbed his burning rod against her cheek, enjoying the delicious heat of it against her flesh. Squirming around, she rubbed it down her neck, over her chest and finally against the softness of her big lush tits, rubbing his cockhead briskly against her big swollen nipples, she could feel the hot cunt juices squishing out from between her legs.

“God, that’s a beauty,” she smiled up at him through lust-glazed eyes. “I’m so glad you want to fuck.”

Once more moving her head down, she licked her hot wet tongue lightly across his gleaming knob, feeling the handsome man shudder with joy.

“Oh, God,” he sighed.

Then Phil suddenly felt the incredible softness of her wetly parted lips close down over his sensitive cockhead, felt her tongue licking circles of liquid fire around his tool.

“Ouuuuuuuh!” he moaned, reaching down and digging his hands into her long blonde hair as he unconsciously drove the full length of his male hardness deep into the soft warm confines of her sucking mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Robin slobbered, then drew back a little so she could taste the moist stickiness of the hot seminal fluids that were dripping from the end of his prick. Swirling her tongue around his cock, she began rhythmically bobbing her head up and down as she sucked, using the expertise that she’d learned by sucking off her brother for the past few days. Because this man’s stiff dick was smaller than Brent’s, Robin was thrilled at how much more of it she could take into her mouth.

Phil stared down excitedly at the way her tightly ovalled lips worked on his cock, the softness of her mouth puffing outward as it moved up his shaft with such delicious suction. His loins were tensing and jerking as he sawed his spit-drenched boner in and out between her hot grasping lips. Sucking voraciously on him, the youngster’s full naked tits were jiggling wildly as her head bobbed up and down over his hard juicy cock.

“Suck, honey, suck!” he panted.

Faster and faster she sucked, her cute little ass heaving and twisting in the air, and her tits flopping in a wild dance. Feeling the man starting to tense up, Robin began slowing her action. She didn’t want him to cum until he fucked her. There would be plenty of time to suck him off after he first filled her cunt with his thick white jizz.

Finally removing her mouth from his quivering dick, the little blonde teen-ager rolled onto her back, still clutching to the man’s shaft. Wildly aroused by the delicious suction of her sweet young lips, he crawled over her naked body, his hard spit-drenched cock throbbing wildly between his legs. Sliding his hands beneath the silky smoothness of her firm young ass, he cupped her sweet wiggly buns in his palms. He’d been lusting over this child all day, and now he was going to fuck her, fuck her deep and hard and passionately. Looking down, he could see the hot juiciness of her little fifteen-year-old slit as it quivered impatiently for, his cock. Her hot juices were creaming out over the slippery pink flesh of her eagerly waiting cuntlips, covering them with a glistening film.

Trembling with expectation, Robin tenderly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, then drew her knees back and opened her thighs, offering up her dripping young slit for both of their enjoyment.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered, looking up at him through dreamy eyes. “Please fuck the shit out of me. I’ve never felt so fuckin’ hot in my life.”

Groaning softly, Phil lowered his lips down over her soft young mouth and grasped the cheeks of her ass as he slowly moved his hips forward. He felt his cock grazing lightly against the juicy cuntlips between her legs, and then he pushed gently forward against her little teen-aged hole. He shoved toward it as his hands lifted her butt, trying to draw her little cunt around his cock head. The man was panting with unconcealed excitement as he felt her loins straining up toward him, trying to assist him with his entry. Clinging tightly to him with her arms, she hooked her legs around his back and dug her bare heels into the crack of his sinewy ass, trying to screw her cunt around his slowly advancing prick.

The man could feel the head of his cock starting to ease through the tight juicy opening of her delicious little twat. The small entrance, dripping with her hot pussy juices, was widening to hungrily receive him. Pressing a little harder, his prick skidded a bit against her lust-slickened flesh and suddenly plunged into her. The trembling man continued inching his throbbing rod deeper and deeper into the deliciously hot tightness of her adorable little pussy. He’d never experienced such exquisite sensations in his life as her snug little cunt closed hotly around his tingling shaft.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Robin moaned with delight, feeling the hot hardness of his shaft in her cunt. It didn’t stretch her pussy walls out like her brother’s big thick cock did, but it sure felt neat. Her young twat was small enough that his hard cock completely filled it, pressing deliciously against every tingling nerve in her slit. She was frantically writhing her cunt up against him, feeling the incredible joy swirling through her loins as Phil’s cock moved deeper and deeper into the juicy hotness of her pussy. Her lovely young face was glowing with excitement as soft moans of joy came from deep in her throat.

It was heaven how perfectly they were fitting together. The smooth slippery folds of her warm cuntal sheath clutched tightly to his lust-swollen prick, sucking, pulling and squeezing deliciously on the entire length of it, making his rod thicker and harder with every passing moment, Phil had done plenty of fucking in his life, but this was the tightest little cunt his cock had ever entered. The wild flames of lust were sweeping glowing fires of passion to every nerve ending in his entire body.

Drilling his cock in and out of the youngster’s little cunt, Phil was amazed by her prowess, by the way her naked young body responded, fucking back at him for all she was worth. Fucking into each other with perfect harmony, they were both giving and taking the intense passion they felt for each other. The intensity of their ecstasy was carrying them to a pinnacle of unbelievable pleasure that neither had ever experienced before.

Screaming with joy, the horny little teen-ager screwed herself up tighter around his prick, feeling his lusty balls slapping softly between the cheeks of her ass, enjoying the way his pistoning cock plunged deeper and harder into the molten furnace of her sizzling twat. Humping wildly, his cock built up an intense friction on her tingling clitty as it glided in and out through her lust-lubricated fuck-hole, each thrust pounding her ass into the lawn. Lunging steadily back and forth, lost to the world and everything else except the burning lust that was devouring his body, Phil was filling the girl’s naked flesh with rapturous delight, sending shivers of passionate joy streaking through her writhing loins.

Filled with an unbelievable ecstasy, the man was fucking to please them both, drilling in and out with long powerful strokes. The highly aroused youngster was clinging passionately to him, heaving her crotch up to meet every skewering thrust of his rigid pole.

“Oh, you sweet little bitch,” he panted, boring into her tight hot cunt with greater exhilaration, his eyes glazed with lust. “Oh, fuck it, little darling. You’re fantastic!”

Robin could feel him drilling more and more deeply into her as she fucked wildly back at him. Her urgent cries were lengthening out to long wails of joy as the intense pleasure built up between her legs. She was slamming and revolving her slit around his stiff boner, wringing every ounce of ecstasy from his wonderful spike.

Wanting to prolong the intense ecstasy of it all, Phil slowed down, using long sweeping thrusts that tore deep into her belly.

“Oh, yes, fuck me… fuck me!” she squealed, her thighs tightening around his lunging hardness.

It was as if they’d both been lifted beyond the heights of human awareness, their bodies filled with feelings that had never been shared by anyone else. Up and up they soared through this newly discovered world of unbelievable sensuality, seeming to be flying through eternity.

Robin’s youthful little body was filled with a heat so intense that she was almost afraid of being devoured by the flames. It was a heat that was scorching up from her cock-stuffed cunt, searing through her entire body and ending with bunts of excruciating pleasure in her hot swollen nipples. The joy down between her legs was intensifying with every delicious thrust of his dick.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she shrieked, her screaming voice piercing the thin mountain air. “I can’t stand it… it’s so good… so good! Fuck me harder!”

“D’ya like ridin’ this hard pole?” he panted, drilling deeper and deeper into her little teen-aged slit.

“Shit, yes!” she squealed. “I’ve never felt anything like it! Oh, fuck… fuck… fuck, you beautiful bastard!”

Then suddenly her body began to quiver and quake with a wild new sensation. Her wildly rippling pussy began clenching around his thrusting cock as the man screwed mercilessly into her quivering little belly. Seeing the look of raw ecstasy burning in her glowing eyes, Phil knew she was on the verge of climaxing. He pumped faster and faster into the youngster’s slippery hole, feeling his cock expanding and throbbing as his own ejaculation approached.

“That’s it!” she shrieked. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Down between her legs she was dimly aware of the delicious friction of Phil’s rigid tool sawing against her screaming clitty, and suddenly it was as if she’d been struck by a lightning bolt.

“Oh, God!” she screamed up at the cloudless sky above the towering pines. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come! Don’t stop… keep fuckin’ faster… faster! Oh, shit, I’m coming! COMMMMIINNNNGG!”

She was almost momentarily paralyzed by the intense ecstasy that exploded throughout her lurching body. Her orgasmic juices began flowing hotly around his plunging prick as it continued pistoning in and out of her clinging pussy.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she screamed.

Clutching him frantically with her arms and legs, she clung to him for dear life as the convulsive spasms of her wild orgasm lifted her ass high off the grass. Her little fifteen-hear-old body was spasmodically jerking as her gaping mouth obscenely screamed out all the joy she was receiving from her mind-shattering climax thrusts prolonged her orgasm. “Keep fucking, honey! I’m still comin’… comin’!”

She could feel her tight little pussy sucking hungrily on the stiff pole that was still slamming deep into her scalding fuck-hole. Her entire young body felt as if it were bursting apart as her cunt contracted wildly around the hardness of his plunging cock.

“Aaaaaaggghh!” she sobbed. “Oh! Oooooh… Eeeeeeegh… Aaaaaaaaggh… Ooowwwww!”

Completely crazed with the ecstasy she was enjoying, Robin was suddenly aware that the handsome man’s hot, jerking dick was expanding wildly in the clinging wetness of her tight little twat.

“Aaaauuuuggghh!” gasped Phil as he suddenly shot a thick wad of cum out of his cockhead.

Then another jolt of ecstasy hit Robin’s body when the man started coming in her cunt. Her prolonged orgasm seemed to intensify as wave after wave of ecstasy swept through her writhing naked body as his exploding shaft gushed floods, of scalding white cum that was splattering against her womb, filling her spasming hole with the hot creamy juices. His deliciously thick sperm was spewing into her in long hot spurts. Her brother had always withdrawn his cock before coming, and Robin was wild about the feel of this hot jizz filling her body. Even in her state of excitation, she made a mental note to do something about getting on the pill. She never wanted her brother to pull his cock out again until after he’d filled her twat with cum.

Her hungry cunt seemed to milk and suck on his prick until the last drop had been emptied. Never had the child experienced such a tumultuous orgasm as this one, and she had this handsome older stranger to thank for it. His cock wasn’t nearly as big as her brother’s, but this man sure knew how to use the equipment he had.

“God, Mr. Lasser,” she whispered as the man continued soaking his shrinking dick in the hot wetness of her sperm-filled cunt. “That was just fantastic.”

The man could still feel the final tremors of his passion slowly ebbing as he lowered his mouth and tenderly kissed the youngster’s softly parted lips.

“You’re so sweet,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” she smiled, her big blue eyes filled with contentment. “Are you going to fuck me again sometime?”

“Just as soon as I get another hard-on,” he promised. “And you can count on that.”


Upstairs, in the bedroom, Brenda was tenderly licking Brent’s limp prick back to hardness again, anxious to feel it stuffed into her cunt once more. It was slowly starting to expand and swell as her tongue traveled wetly around the flange of his cockhead, licking up the sticky sperm that still clung to it from their last fuck. Even in its state of softness, his prick was thick and meaty as it gleamed wetly with the woman’s spit.

“God, that’s a big beauty,” she whispered as her lips and tongue brought it slowly back to hardness.

“Is my cock bigger than most guys’?” he asked, not realizing what a huge dong he had.

“Christ, baby,” she smiled, licking her tongue over the shiny head of it. “I’ve had plenty of cocks in my life, but this is the biggest fucking tool I’ve ever seen. You could make a fortune with it.”


“I have a friend in San Francisco who would pay at least a hundred bucks to have this big cock stuffed up her cunt,” she answered.

“Are you kidding?”

“Shit no,” giggled Brenda, still lustily licking his now fully erect boner. “And she has rich friends who would pay even more for it.”

“That’s a lot of money,” he gasped.

“Listen, honey,” Brenda smiled with a naughty glow in her eyes. “I’ll give you her address and my letter of recommendation before you leave. Then you can look her up if you’re ever broke.”

“Gosh,” be grinned. “That’s a lot of money.”

“And you’ve got a lot of cock,” she whispered. Lowering her mouth back down to his cock head again, her nostrils flared with excitement as she inhaled the pungent masculine scent that was steaming up from his bulbous knob. Her amber eyes rolled crazily as the lusting woman opened her mouth wide, revealing the sparkling whiteness of her teeth and her pink wet tongue. While Brent’s hands rolled and squeezed her soft naked tits, Brenda grasped the root of his shaft and wrapped her hot wet lips around his big bloated cockhead. She moaned with wanton lust as her drooling mouth clamped, sucked and milled wetly on his meaty knob. Brenda could feel the hot juices of excitement boiling out from between her legs as she ravenously attacked his big meaty boner with her lips and tongue.

“Oh, God!” gasped the boy, his loins writhing, under the delicious assault.

His wet slippery dick was stirring around in her slurping mouth as she greedily slashed at it with her tongue, scooping up the flow of seminal fluids that was oozing from the end of his fat juicy knob.

The taste of his swollen dong further inflamed her, as did his hands as the boy’s fingers toyed and squeezed her big erect nipples. There was something about the randy flavor of the big teen-aged prick she was sucking and licking that was driving her wild. God, how she loved the taste and texture of his big smooth knob against her tongue and lips. Moving her mouth up and down, she could feel his fantastic dick probing at the back of her throat as she expertly sucked and tongued his big throbbing cockhead.

“Oh, Christ,” he moaned, writhing his young muscular body around on the bed.

“D’ya like this?” she giggled between slurps on his dong.

“Shit, yes!” he gasped, squeezing her big luscious tits. “This is fantastic.”

Locking her lips more tightly around the base of his big mushroom-shaped knob, the beautiful redhead began a deep suction that almost blew his mind.

“Jesus Christ!” he panted, pounding the bed with his fists. “Suck, honey, suck!”

Realizing that her young lover was about to shoot his load, Brenda quickly removed her mouth from his jerking cock.

“Don’t stop!” he cried out. “Please don’t stop! I’m ready to squirt!”

“Then squirt it in here,” she whispered, rolling onto her back and parting the slippery lips of her wet slit. “Fill my cunt, honey. Fill it with your nice hot cum.”

Trembling with excitement, the boy crawled between her lewdly splayed thighs, staring hungrily at her drooling cunt-mouth, surrounded with fiery-red pussy hairs.

“Hurry, honey,” she begged, pulling her slippery pink cunt lips further apart. “I want that big fuckin’ cock right in here.”

Grasping his thick meaty shaft, Brent guided his big blunt cockhead between her slippery open twat-lips.

“Oh, Brent,” she sighed softly, feeling his monstrous boner worming up into her lusting fuck-hole. “You sweet beauty. That’s what my cunt needs.”

Brenda could feel her sensitive pussy walls stretching deliciously wider as the thickness of his huge prick plowed deeper and deeper into her scalding twat.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” she moaned in ecstasy as his big bloated dong moved further into her hot sucking fuck-hole. “Oh, God, what a fucking big cock that is!”

When his horrendous fuck-tool was completely lodged in her grasping pussy, Brenda screwed her hot sucking cuntlips up tighter around the base of his thick shaft, wanting to make sure that every throbbing inch of it was in her brutally stretched slit. She could feel the crinkly growth of hair around the root of his cock scratching deliciously against her red bush.

“Now start fuckin’, baby,” she whispered hotly, wrapping her soft arms and legs around his young naked body. “Just fuck the shit out of me.”

Reaching down and grasping her soft wiggly asscheeks in his hands, the boy began fucking his monstrous cock in and out of her tight cunt with a teasing rhythm that soon, had Brenda squealing with joy.

“Oh, sweet baby!” she whimpered at the feel of his big meaty rod grinding around in the depths of her gash. “Jesus, how I love that big hot cock.”

Encouraged by her squeals of delight, the boy began slamming his thick dick into her deliciously stretched cunt with faster and harder thrusts. The entire surface of his prick was tingling with the glorious feeling of her slick pussy rubbing and squeezing against it. The harder he drove his rod into her, the wilder her hot little twat fucked back at him, her hungry pussy-lips nibbling and sucking deliciously on the sensitive flesh of his juices slickened boner. Screaming with the intense joy she was feeling, Brenda was tearing at his butt with her fingers, trying to pull even more of him into her body. On and on they fucked, the bedroom filled with their squeals and moans, mixed with the wet slurping sound of his big slippery dick sluicing in and out of her wet sucking cunt.

The couple was so engrossed in their wild fucking that they didn’t even notice when Robin and Phil walked into the room. They’d heard Brenda’s wild squeals of ecstasy from down by the pool and had come up to join the party.

“Wow!” giggled Robin. “Look at them fuck.”

“My God,” Phil gasped. “Look at the size of that kid’s cock.”

“And he sure knows how to use it,” smiled Robin, proud of the way her brother was fucking Brenda to death.

Robin began excitedly stroking Phil’s stiff prick as they stood watching the wild scene on the bed.

“Oh, shit!” they heard Brenda screaming as she pulled her knees back against her tits. “Harder, baby! Fuck harder! I’m almost there… almost there!”

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” squealed Brenda. “Don’t stop! Fuck harder! HARDER! HARDER!”

With his ejaculation boiling up in his balls, Brent was slamming his huge cock into the scalding wetness of Brenda’s slippery cunt with all his might.

“Oh, God!” screamed the beautiful redhead, wildly throwing her legs into the air. “I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

From the way Brent began jerking over her, it was obvious to Phil that the boy was exploding a hot load of cum into his wife’s spasming hole. When Brent finally pulled his limp wet prick out of her sperm-drenched twat, Brenda dove down and stuffed it in her mouth again.

“I see you like my brother’s cock,” giggled Robin.

“I love it,” panted the redhead, momentarily releasing his prick when she saw Robin and her husband for the first time. “Is he really your brother?”

“Sure,” grinned Robin. “But we fuck up a storm together.”

“I’ll be damned,” smiled Brenda, locking her lips around his wet dick again, eager to suck it back to hardness for another wild fuck.

With Brenda’s attention once more on Brent’s cock, Robin turned to Phil.

“Would you like me to lick yours?” she giggled.

“In a minute,” he smiled, spreading the little blonde out on the bed next to Brent and Brenda. “But I think I’d like to taste your sweet little pussy first.”

“Ooooooooh, yes! Yes!” she squealed with delight. “Please eat me!”

Crouched over the naked youngster, Phil gently caressed the soft cheeks of her pretty young face, and then let his hands move down to the creamy flesh of her heaving tits where he lightly rolled her lust-swollen nipples between his fingers. Moving farther down, he lifted the child’s knees and spread her thighs widely apart. Staring at her obscenely exposed crotch, he could see every fold of her pink wet cunt flesh, her soft bush of golden pussy hair that gleamed like whipped butter and the crinkly little dot of her asshole. The entire region between her legs was lewdly spread out for his eyes to enjoy. Phil unconsciously licked his fevered lips as he gazed at the shimmering droplets of pussy juice that were gleaming wetly on the moist pinkness of her open slit. Her erect clitoris was standing hard in its hooded cover, the pink head gleaming like a jewel.

Trembling with excitement, he continued holding her thighs apart as she lay on the bed, offering up her succulent young pussy for his feast. Moving his face down into the humid hotness between her legs, he inhaled the fragrant aroma of her burning crotch. He began by lightly tickling the tip of her clitty with his hot wet tongue.

“Ooooooooh!” she shivered with delight, her hips involuntarily jerking, causing the man’s tongue to slither along the slick hot flesh of her open slit.

Panting excitedly, the experienced man wormed his tongue into the hot moist folds of her pungent cunt flesh. Thrusting his tongue in deeper, he began reaming out the child’s deliciously sweet twat. He licked up and down in Robin’s wet humid cunt, breathing in the horny scent of her aroused juices. He twirled his tongue deliciously around her quivering cunt, making the youngster squeal with joy as he beat a tattoo against the tip of it.

“Oh, shit,” she shrieked. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Suddenly remembering how much fun it had been when she and her brother licked and sucked each other at the same time, Robin quickly pushed his face away from her crotch.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she beamed excitedly. “Roll over on your back.”

When the naked man had done as she suggested, his rock-hard cock was standing proudly up from between his legs. Facing his feet, the girl excitedly straddled his face. With her dripping twat hovering just above the man’s mouth, she leaned forward, lowering her head down toward his throbbing boner.

Trembling with excitement, Phil stared up at the full length of her pink juicy, little slit, so deliciously exposed between the youngster’s soft smooth thighs. The soft pink folds of her pussy were glistening with little droplets of clinging juices. Excitedly grasping the soft firm buns of her ass, he gently eased her dripping twat down toward his open mouth. Again the fresh scent of her tumid cunt filled his dilated nostrils. Burying his face into the soft garden of golden pussy hairs, he began hungrily lapping up the tasty juices that were dripping out from her adorable little slit.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed with delight when she felt the heat and wetness of his tongue licking on her pussy.

Staring down in front of her, Robin could see his hard cock lying stiffly back against his belly. His smooth cockhead was filled with his pulsing blood, and the veins stood out under the hard length of his tightly stretched cock-skin. Below the base of his shaft, she could see his big lust-swollen balls, the crinkly skin covered with hair.

Squirming with delight as his tongue slithered obscenely around in her twat, Robin grasped the base of his rod, eager to taste the hot hard flesh of his prick. Lowering her mouth down over his big bloated cockhead, she was thrilled with its strong male scent. There was a thick pungent odor to his aroused dick that sent wild tingles racing through her young loins. Gently taking the base of his stiff boner in her hand, Robin began wetly licking the entire surface of his smooth cock head. The taste of his rubbery-hard knob was as exciting as the aroma, and the hard meaty texture of the purple knob felt fantastic against her tongue.

“Goddamn!” spluttered Phil into her cunt when he felt the first hot wet contact of her tongue on his sensitive cock head.

As the pretty youngster continued licking the head of his prick, Phil could feel her aroused body shivering with pleasure as he burrowed his tongue deeper into her hot, dripping slit. Forcing it in as far as possible, the shivering man began licking her slick hot cunt flesh, her hot juices boiling around his tongue as he lapped up the slippery moistness of her dripping fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered with joy. “That feels so shittin’ good.”

Little Robin was sliding her hot wet lips and tongue up and down over the sensitive underside of his quivering boner. The excited teen-ager was boiling with lust as she passionately sucked, licked and slobbered on his hard meaty cock.

Spreading his thighs with her hands, the excited youngster leaned farther down over his stiff prick and buried her pretty face in the thick tangle of black hair that covered his crinkly nut-sac. Whimpering with uncontrolled passions, the aroused girl began feverishly sucking his balls while Phil’s tongue danced around in her smoldering hole. The pungent odor and the strong taste of his sweaty flesh further excited the girl and she lowered her face until her wet tongue found the puckered ring of his asshole.

“Oh, God!” Phil panted when the girl’s slippery tongue forced its way into his quivering butt.

After tongue-fucking the forbidden hole for a few delicious moments, she lifted her head and began licking up his shaft until she’d reached his big shiny cockhead. Opening her hot wet lips as wide as possible, she wolfed the big knob into the hot moistness of her mouth.

“Jesus Christ,” gulped Phil, feeling her lips and tongue working on the head of his cock again.

The feel of her hot sucking mouth around his prick and the taste of her fresh young twat was incredible to the man. He could feel and taste her hot juices boiling around his tongue as he licked and lapped around in the slippery warmth of her deliciously scented slit. Phil had eaten more than his share of pussy over his depraved years, but none had ever tasted as good as this little gold-fringed twat.

Watching them as Brenda stroked his new hard-on, Brent was thoroughly aroused at the way his little sister and Phil were eating each other out. There was something erotic about the way Phil’s lips were welded to the girl’s dripping pussy as her hot young juices drenched his face. He could almost feel his own cheeks cradled between his sister’s soft thighs.

He was even more turned on by the passionate lust on the girl’s hot flushed face as her clinging lips sucked and pulled so wetly on Phil’s cock. She’d sucked Brent off several times in the last few days, but the sight of her sucking on another man’s prick was almost blowing his mind. It was fantastic how the pretty girl’s mouth was drooling over his prick, lathering it with her sweet warm spit.

“Jesus,” whispered Brenda as she frantically stroked Brent’s thick cock. “She’s some cocksucker.”

“She sure is,” gasped the boy, “and she just learned how to do it.”

“You can sure tell that she loves it,” giggled Brenda.

Brent couldn’t wait for Phil and Robin to finish so he could stuff his throbbing boner into his sister’s hot little cunt again.

“Ooooooooh, honey!” Robin squealed with delight when Phil removed his tongue from the hot depths of her fuck-hole and began flicking it around her quivering clit. “Oh, yes! Yes! That’s it, baby! Oh, shit, that’s good!”

Sucking on the youngster’s sensitive joy-button, Phil could feel the child’s lurching body tensing for a climax.

Realizing that she was about to come, Robin began sucking more vigorously on his swollen dong, wanting them to reach their sexual paradise together. Getting more excited as the supreme moment grew closer, she was gushing a torrent of hot pussy juices into Phil’s mouth as she bobbed her mouth up and down over his dick, feeling the hard hotness of it rubbing across her tongue.

“Oh, shit!” she suddenly squealed, grinding her hot wet slit down tighter against his face. “I’m gonna come… gonna come!”

“Me, too!” he panted, thrusting his hips up and driving his cock deep into her throat.

Robin was pleased with the vast amount of jizz that suddenly spurted out of Phil’s jerking knob, filling her mouth to overflowing. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but she still couldn’t take all the cock-cream that Phil was pumping into her.

Watching his little sister, Brent could see the slippery cum oozing out from the corner of her cock-squeezing lips, running down over her chin and onto the man’s hairy balls.

Then with her mouth filled with his slippery sperm, little Robin exploded into her own wild orgasm.

“Phil! Phil!” she screamed, momentarily removing his drooling prick from her mouth. “Keep suckin! I’m coming, honey! I’M COMING!”

Locked lewdly together, they sucked frantically on each other until their wild climaxes slowly subsided.

“Well,” grinned Brenda who’d been excitedly watching. “You’re one helluva cock-sucker, honey.”

“And I’m a helluva piece of ass,” giggled Robin, staring hungrily at her brother’s super-swollen dick.

“Can you use this?” Brent asked excitedly as he stroked his massive shaft.

“You better believe it,” whispered the horny little blonde as she untangled her body from Phil’s. “Just try me.”

As her brother crawled across the bed toward her, Robin rolled onto her back and spread her thighs for him. Even after her thunderous orgasm, she was still hot for more, and knew her brother’s big tool was just what the doctor ordered.

“Okay, honey,” she whispered up to him when he knelt between her legs. “Give it to me good, baby. Just fuck the livin’ shit out of me.”

“Don’t worry,” he panted, nosing the head of his massive cock between her soaking cuntlips. “That’s what I intend to do.”


Brent and Robin spent almost two weeks with the Lassers before they continued their journey to San Francisco. The four of them slept together in a big king-sized bed every night, and it was just one big long orgy of fucking and sucking each other. Before putting them on a bus, Phil gave the youngsters two hundred dollars to tide them over.

When they arrived in San Francisco they spent the first day trying to find an inexpensive furnished apartment, finally locating one in a rather run-down building on Grant Avenue near Chinatown. By the time they’d paid the first month’s rent, plus a deposit, they had very little left for food.

Brent went out every day, looking for a job while Robin tried to stretch their limited money for food. When Brent left on his fourth day of job hunting, they only had three dollars left between them. Sitting alone in the apartment, Robin began worrying about the desperate position in which they found themselves. She could think of only one way to raise some quick money, but she had no idea of how to sell herself. The thought of walking up to a strange man on the street frightened the unworldly youngster.

Wondering where she could go and who she could proposition, she suddenly thought of Carl Jackson, the apartment house manager. He lived downstairs with his fat rude wife, but Robin had noticed how he ogled her youthful young body when they passed in the hall. He was a rather sloppy-looking man in his early forties, but Robin was acutely aware of how he’d been lewdly lusting for her since the first day she’d moved in.

Brent had replaced a light bulb the day before, and the burned-out one was still in the waste paper basket, so she decided to replace it for the good one in the kitchen. Her plan was to get the apartment manager alone with her on the pretext that the light switch wasn’t working.

It was only about ten o’clock in the morning, and not having dressed yet, she threw on a robe and walked down to his apartment.

“Hello,” smiled Robin when his fat, slutty wife answered the door.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Jackson, without smiling.

“Is your husband in?” the girl asked.

“No, but he’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Well,” sighed Robin. “The light switch in my kitchen isn’t working. Would you ask him to check it when he gets back?”

“Yeah,” sighed the woman, closing the door in the girl’s face.

Hurrying back to her apartment, Robin removed the robe and slipped into a short little nightie that barely covered her sweet young ass. Looking into a mirror, she was pleased to see her nipples faintly exposed beneath the thin material of the low-cut garment.

She put on a pot of coffee and had only been waiting a few minutes when she heard him knocking.

“Hi, Mr. Jackson,” she beamed when she opened the door.

She was pleased with the way he gulped and sputtered as his eyes traveled from her visible nipples down to her shapely bare thighs that were so deliciously exposed beneath the short nightie.

“M-m-my w-wife says you’re having trouble with a light switch,” he stammered, beads of perspiration breaking out on his bald head as his eyes moved back up over her lovely young body.

“It’s in here,” she smiled, leading him into the kitchen.

Following the girl, he was literally drooling as he stared at the soft round cheeks of her ass through the thin material.

“Is the bulb okay?” he asked, flipping the switch up and down.

“I’m sure it is,” she lied. “We put a new one in last night.”

“Well,” he spoke in a trembling voice. “Let, me get a bulb out of the bathroom so I can check it.”

While he was gone, Robin hoisted herself up on the sink top, lifting the hem of her nightie and spreading her thighs so her pink little slit would be clearly visible to him. Returning, he screwed in the bulb and the light immediately came on.

“It was just the bulb,” he said, turning to face the pretty little blonde who was perched on the drain board of the sink.

His mouth dropped open and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her juicy pink cuntlips peeking out at him from the golden swirls of her downy pussy hair.

“I’m so sorry to have bothered you,” she smiled coyly. “I feel so stupid. May I offer you a cup of coffee?”

“That would be nice,” he gulped, not in any hurry to leave.

Hopping down from the sink, she poured him a cup of coffees and then picking up a large carrot that she’d purposely left on the table, she jumped on her perch again. He sat in a chair not three feet from where she was sitting above him. He just stared numbly at the delicious pussy tucked so sweetly between her open legs.

“Aren’t you having any coffee?” he stammered, frying to make conversation under the wild circumstances.

“I’ve had plenty,” she grinned. “I like to suck on carrots.”

“What do you mean, suck on them?” he asked, completely confused with her behavior.

“Ooooooooh,” she giggled, suggestively sliding the fat end of the carrot in and out between her obscenely availed lips. “I like to suck on long, hard round things.”

His cock began throbbing violently as he watched the passionate expression on her face. The wild lust in her eyes as she sucked and licked on the obscene-looking carrot was almost blowing his mind.

“What’s so neat about sucking a carrot?” he asked, his trembling hand placing the cup back down on the table.

“Please don’t think I’m naughty,” she giggled, “but it reminds me of sucking on a man’s hard prick.”

“Do you suck your husband’s cock?” he asked excitedly, getting more aroused by the minute.

“Sure,” she bragged.

“Funny,” he grinned. “You kids don’t even look old enough to be married.”

“Don’t worry,” giggled Robin. “I’m old enough.”

Seeing how the trembling man was drooling, Robin was quite confident that she would land her first customer. Smiling down at him, she removed the carrot from her mouth, and spreading her bare thighs wider apart, she began lightly running the thin tip of it up and down her blatantly exposed slit.

“God, that feels neat,” she whispered.

Seeing that the bald headed man was almost out of his mind with lust, she turned the carrot around and slowly pushed the fat end of it up between her slippery cuntlips. The sweating, drooling man could hardly believe his eyes when she began plunging the length of the thick carrot in and out of her hot dripping twat. The orange surface of the vegetable was soon coated with a milky film of cunt juice as her young pussy began creaming all over it. Trembling with the most intense lust he’d ever felt, Carl could see her deliciously pink cuntlips sucking and clinging wetly to the juice-slickened carrot every time she drew it out for the next thrust.

“Oh, God,” she panted. “I’m gonna come all over this fuckin’ carrot, but I’d rather have a cock fill me with jizz.”

“Would you?” he gasped, excitedly rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Sure,” the cute little blonde giggled. “Would you like to fuck me?”

“Shit, yes,” he panted.

“Okay,” she whispered. “Take your clothes off and come into the bedroom.”

The man began frantically ripping his clothes off as he followed her from the kitchen.

“My,” she beamed when he finally ripped his shorts off. “That’s a neat prick.”

It wasn’t as large as her brother’s, but it was long and thick with a big acorn-shaped cockhead with a thick flange at the base of it. The thought of his dick drilling into her cunt was getting the horny youngster almost as aroused as her potential customer.

When he sat down on the edge of her bed with his cock thrusting up proudly from between his legs, Robin removed her nightie and dropped to her knees in front of him.

Momentarily forgetting that she was after money, Robin firmly took his shaft in her hand and lowered her mouth down toward his big, blood-bloated knob. As with every prick she’d tasted, it felt so deliciously big and hard as she lightly brushed her half-parted lips against the big rubbery cockhead. Her wet little tongue darted out, gently flicking against his sensitive male flesh. Swirling her tongue around the end of his swollen knob, she could feel the man’s body trembling with excitement.

Smiling up at him, she could see little drops of sweat breaking out all over his bald head and brow. His eyes were rolled crazily back in their sockets and his open mouth was twisted into an imbecilic grin.

Lowering her head again, she began running her tongue up and down the entire length of his shuddering shaft. It pleased Robin to feel it throbbing as she teased her wet tongue around the base of his dick. Completely forgetting that she was going to charge him for her favors, she slowly took the whole of his big cockhead into the wet hotness of her mouth. She could feel him lurching as her soft slippery mouth slid down over his rod, her lips tightening around the base of his thick knob, trapping it securely in her moist oral cavern.

“Oh, God,” he gulped, staring down at his shaft buried between the baby-soft sucking lips of the pretty little blonde.

“D’ya like having your cock sucked?” she softly whispered, momentarily releasing his prick from her mouth.

“Shit, yes,” he gasped, clutching at the edge of the bed.

“Good,” she smiled, suddenly remembering why she had him there. “Because we’re gonna have a lot of fun this morning.”

“What are you doing?” he gasped when the pretty girl stood up. “Aren’t you going to suck me off?”

“Maybe,” giggled Robin. “But that was just a sample.”

“A sample of what?” he panted, his amused, spit-drenched cock throbbing wildly.

“A sample of what you’ll get for twenty-five dollars,” was her calm answer.

“What?” he gasped.

“I think you’re neat, Mr. Jackson,” the youngster spoke in a sincere voice. “But I’m broke and need twenty-five dollars, and this is the only way I can earn it.”

“I can’t give you twenty-five bucks,” he mumbled. “My old lady would kill me.”

“Why tell her?”

“She handles all the money in our house,” was his dejected answer.

“Oh, poor Mr. Jackson,” she whispered, reaching down and lightly caressing his lust-crazed boner. “Wouldn’t you like to stuff that nice hard prick into my juicy young cunt?”

“Sure,” he grinned. “But my wife ain’t gonna give me any money so I can fuck a girl.”

“Don’t you think my cute little twat’s worth the money?” she mewled, taking his hand and inserting the tip of his finger into her hot dripping slit.

“Jesus, God,” he gulped, twisting the length of his finger around the slippery hotness of her slick pussy flesh. “That sure is a sweet little pussy.”

“Wouldn’t you just love to put your nice big cock in there?” she teased, still tenderly sliding the man’s foreskin back and forth over his quivering shaft. “You can find the money somewhere.”

“Can I owe it to you?”

“No, honey,” she whispered, stepping away from him. “Either pay up or get out.”

“Well,” he stammered, his eyes drooling over her cute naked body. “I got a little money the old lady don’t know about.”

“How much?”

“Let’s see,” he answered, walking over and picking his pants up from the floor.

He took out his wallet and began fumbling through it.

“Here’s twenty,” he grinned, pulling out two ten-dollar bills.

“Let’s see that,” giggled Robin, snatching the wallet from his hand.

After thoroughly searching it, the girl came up with two more dollar bills.

“Oh, Mr. Jackson,” she teased. “You were trying to hold out on me.”

“Can I fuck you for twenty-two bucks?” he asked excitedly.

“Well,” the little blonde whispered. “Maybe this time.”

“Will you suck my cock again for a minute before we fuck?” he timidly asked.

“Don’t worry, honey,” she giggled, walking over and putting the bills in her dresser drawer. “You’re really gonna get your money’s worth.”

Returning to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed, Robin dropped to her knees in front of him and gently grasped his lurching boner. With his big hard cock thrusting up from his lust-swollen balls, she could feel it jerking in her grasping fingers as she lowered her mouth and began licking his knob with her wet little tongue again.

Robin’s mouth slobbered up and down the entire length of the squirming man’s cock, soaking it from tip to base until the entire wet shaft was glistening with her warm spit. Reaching down under his stiff boner, she tenderly cupped his balls in her hands, and then lowering her lips, the youngster sucked his nuts gently into her mouth. Delicately sucking on his balls, she tongue-washed the loose crinkly skin of his swollen nut-sac.

The highly aroused man could see her long blonde hair falling luxuriantly over his trembling thighs, her face buried deep down between his legs as she worked hungrily on his balls. The only sound in the room was the wet, smacking noise of her slippery lips and tongue sucking and slurping on his swollen cock and balls.

Lifting her mouth, Robin again closed her lips around his sensitive cockhead while she continued gently kneading his big spit-soaked balls with her fingers. Stroking the base of his hard dick with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, her slippery lips began sucking rhythmically up and down over his cockhead.

“Holy shit!” gasped the trembling man, digging his hands and fingers into her long golden hair, feeling the softness of her tongue swirling around the head of his prick as her lips sucked and pulled up toward the tip of his knob.

Continuing to suck and slurp on his juicy boner, Robin glanced up at the man she was sucking off. His face was flushed and his heavy jowls quivering as the perspiration glistened on his bald head. There was a wild expression of idiotic bliss on his face as he writhed under the ecstasy of it all.

“You’re a naughty man to let a little girl suck on your prick,” she teased, her eyes sparkling impishly. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Shit, no!” he gulped. “This is wonderful.”

“Good,” she giggled, thrusting his cock back in her mouth.

Her hot slippery lips tightened deliciously around his shaft, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his big cockhead nudging against the back of her throat. Then, slowly raising her mouth with a deep sucking action, her lips pulled deliciously on the sensitive tip of his prick. When she began excitedly increasing the tempo, the man began unconsciously thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her slobbering mouth.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he gasped, half-crazed with the feel of her mouth slithering up and down over his screaming rod. His hands and fingers digging into her long blonde hair, he began pumping her head over his bursting cock.

“Suck it, baby, suck it!” he panted like a wild man, thrusting his prick as deep into her mouth as he could.

Realizing that he was about to climax in her mouth, Robin pulled her lips away and flung herself out on the bed.

“In here,” she whispered, parting her cuntlips with her fingers as she writhed on her back. “Finish it off in here. I want your cock to give me a big cuntful of jizz.”

Trembling with excitement, the apartment manager crawled up between her legs while little Robin grasped his prick and slowly guided it toward her steamy little fuck-hole. She could feel the older man quivering with excitement when his fiery cock head nudged between her slippery young pussy-lips.

Having fucked no one but his fat, slutty wife for the last twenty years, the man almost lost his mind when he felt the tip of his knob slithering up through the hot squeezing flesh of her deliciously tight little pussy. The unbelievable sensation became even more intense as his prick plowed deeper and deeper into the hot juiciness of her tightly grasping twat.

“Oh God,” he moaned at the feel of her hot young cunt walls clasping soft and wet around his dick, sending delicious tingles racing up and down the length of his sensitive shaft.

When the man had finally reached full penetration, they lay perfectly still as he luxuriated in the feel of her juicy little slit squeezing soft and hot against his throbbing rod. After several motionless moments, he began slowly drilling his hard shaft in and out of her hot, slippery pussy.

Little Robin was soon writhing in ecstasy as his bone-hard cock slithered in and out against the moist slippery walls of her grasping fuck-hole. The thick ridge of his bloated cockhead was causing a delicious friction as it rubbed briskly through the hot inner flesh that was sucking and squeezing on his thrusting shaft.

“Oh, God!” she whispered, listening to the erotic slurping sound of his tool pumping in and out of her slippery slit. She could feel her cunt juices oozing out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips and dripping down over her ass where his big hairy balls were slapping against her wet flesh.

Even though she was only doing it for money, Robin felt as if she were floating suspended under this naked male body that was filling her loins with such intense joy.

“Oh, Christ, Mr. Jackson!” she squealed when he began speeding the tempo of his thrusts. “That’s it, honey! Give it to me good!”

It had been years and years since the man had fucked into a lovely young body, and never anyone as luscious as this cute little nymphet. The pure joy of it was making him rise to the occasion, and he was suddenly fucking with the gusto of a young stud.

“Oh, baby!” she whimpered, clutching him tightly. “That’s it, you sweet fucker! God, can you fuck… fuck… FUCK!”

The horny youngster was screaming hysterically as the older, puffing man slammed his cock in and out with an unbelievable vigor.

Rapidly approaching an ejaculation, the man was losing all control of his movements. Muscular spasms had taken over and were frantically thrusting his jerking prick in and out with short frantic strokes into her deliciously scalding cuntal sheath.

“That’s it, baby! That’s it!” she squealed as his jerking dong pounded in and out. His iron-hard cock was ripping and tearing into her cunt with ruthless abandon.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m coming, baby, coming!”

Feeling the man’s hot cum gushing into her twat, triggered the girl into a wild orgasm that lasted and lasted.

“Oh, God,” he sighed a few minutes later as he held the girl in his arms, wondering how he’d be able to steal money from his old lady. “That was wonderful, Robin, just wonderful.”


When Brent returned front another fruitless day of job hunting that evening, Robin couldn’t wait to show her brother the twenty-two bucks and tell him how she earned it.

“My, God!” he sighed. “You don’t have to do things like that. I’ll get a job soon.”

“Don’t be silly, honey,” she giggled. “It was sorta fun. You know how much I like to fuck.”

“I know,” he muttered. “But it’s my job to take care of you.”

“Are you mad at me?” she asked.

“Of course not, Sis,” he grinned. “But I don’t want you to be doing that any more.”

“Oh, Brent,” she begged. “I’ll only do it until you get a job, and besides, I think it’s fun.”

After dinner that evening, Brent was quietly thinking while his sister washed the dishes. He hadn’t realized how hard it was to get a job without any previous experience or references. Sitting there worrying, he suddenly remembered about the name and address that Brenda had given him. He hadn’t paid much attention when Brenda told him to call this Arline Mason if he ever needed a quick hundred bucks.

Searching through his wallet until he found the woman’s phone number, he walked down to the pay phone in the hall and dialed her number.

“Hello,” said a soft sultry voice on the other end of the line.

“Is this Mrs. Mason?” he stammered.


“Well, you don’t know me,” he nervously continued. “But Brenda Lasser suggested that I call you if I were ever in town.”

“Are you Brent?” she asked in an excited voice.

“Yes,” he gulped. “But how did you know?”

“I just got a letter from Brenda, and she told me all about you,” she giggled. “And I mean all about you.”

“That’s n-nice,” he stammered, not knowing what else to say.

“She said nice things about you,” the sultry voice continued. “She says your cock is worth a hundred dollars, and if it’s as big as she described it, I’m ready to pay.”

“Will you really?” he gasped, unable to believe his good fortune.

“I’ll have to check your plumbing out first,” she whispered with a naughty lilt to her voice. “And if it’s as nice and big as Brenda says it is, you’ve got a deal.”

“When would you like to see me?” he asked. “Just thinking about it turns me on,” she giggled. “What’s the matter with right now?”

“Nothing, I g-guess,” stammered Brent. “Where do you live?”

When she gave him an address in the exclusive Nob Hill area, he realized it was only a short cable car ride up the hill from where he was living.

“Okay,” he said excitedly, “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Returning to his apartment, Brent told his little sister all about his conversation with the woman.

“Leapin’ Jesus,” she giggled, “I’ve been suckin’ and fuckin’ a hundred-dollar cock and didn’t even know it.”

When he rang the bell at the sumptuous Nob Hill apartment, it was opened by a handsome man in his middle forties.

“Excuse me!” gulped the shocked boy. “I’m looking for a Mr. Mason.”

“Are you Brent?” the man asked.


“Please come in,” he beamed, extending his hand. “I’m Duane Mason, Arline’s husband. We were expecting you.”

Completely bewildered by what was happening, Brent followed him into the lavishly furnished apartment. He was completely stunned when he saw Arline Mason standing in the middle of the room. She was a beautiful full-figured woman with long dark hair, wearing nothing but a sheer black negligee that blatantly exposed her big nipples and the dark triangle of pubic hair through the thin material. She was about, thirty years old with big lavender eyes that glowed passionately from beneath her long black lashes.

“Hello, Brent,” she whispered when Duane introduced them, her full red lips smiling generously, displaying a row of dazzling white teeth. “I’m so glad you were able to come right over. I’m really hot to fuck this evening.”

Brent was too stunned to even move. He couldn’t believe this beautiful woman could be like that right in front of her own husband.

“Well,” she smiled as a nervous silence fell over the group. “Shall we go in the bedroom and get better acquainted.”

Brent glanced nervously at the woman’s husband, completely confused by what was going on in the apartment.

“Come on, honey,” she urged, taking Brent’s hand as she turned to her husband. “Excuse us, darling. We’ll call you when we’re ready.”

“What’s th-this all a-about?” stuttered Brent when he was alone with the woman in her bedroom.

“You don’t mind fucking in front of him, do you?” she whispered.

“I don’t understand,” gulped the boy.

“Well,” Arline began explaining. “Duane hasn’t been able to come in a girl for over ten years, and the only way he can bring himself off is by watching another man fuck me with a huge cock.”

“It sounds crazy,” gasped Brent.

“I know,” she giggled. “But I don’t mind. It takes a mighty big cock to make me come, and Duane is willing to spend the money to find them for me.”

“Doesn’t it embarrass you to fuck in front of him?” asked Brent.

“Shit, no,” she giggled. “It turns me on to know he’s watching. Okay, take your clothes off so I can see if your prick’s big enough.”

When he’d removed his shirt and pants Arline began excitedly licking her lips, seeing how far the front of his shorts was poking out.

“How old are you, Brent?” asked the woman.

“Sixteen,” he answered dropping his shorts, letting his massive shaft spear up into the air.

“My God!” gasped Arline, completely stunned by the unbelievable size of the youth’s thick boner.

“Is this big enough?” he asked, pleased with the obvious excitement in the beautiful woman’s eyes.

“Jesus Christ, honey,” she panted, nervously licking her wet open lips. “I’ve never seen such a big prick in my life.”

Dropping to a sitting position on the edge of the bed, Arline reached out and hungrily grasped the hard thickness of his shaft.

“Oh, Brent,” she whispered, squeezing the hotness of his big rod in her hands. “What a magnificent tool!”

She sat on the edge of the bed as she lovingly stroked the standing boy’s huge cock. The front of her negligee had fallen open and a stream of hot cunt juices was oozing out, of her inflamed pussy. She couldn’t remember ever being this hot in her life, and her swollen, slit was itching and burning with desire. She could almost feel his huge meaty dick screwing around deeply in her hot sucking fuck-hole.

Releasing his prick, Arline grabbed the boy and pulled him down on the edge of the bed with her.

With his butt perched on the sheet and his wide-spread feet planted on the carpet, Arline dropped to her knees between his legs. Once more grasping his big throbbing shaft, the beautiful brunette began hungrily licking the fat head of his prick.

Her wildly aroused body was quivering with lust as she slurped her wet tongue all around the rubbery hardness of his beautiful knob.

“Do you like having your big cock sucked?” she whispered, feeling his body tensing with excitement.

“Christ, yes,” he panted, his ass writhing around frantically on the edge of the bed.

Running her tongue around his thick meaty prick, Arline was thrilled with the strong randy scent and taste of his big pungent cock head. Holding his massive rod straight up in the air, Arline was feverishly running her hot dripping tongue up and down the length of his beautiful boner.

“Oh, shit, Mrs. Mason,” panted the youth, feeling the hot wetness of her tongue slashing greedily against his meaty dick.

“Call me Arline, you sweet bastard,” she gasped between the strokes of her tongue.

Bending his cock slightly forward, the amused woman opened her mouth wider and slid her soft slippery lips over the head of his prick. She was shivering with delight, as she tasted the exciting drops of seminal fluid boiling up out of his cockhead.

“Oh, my God,” he gasped as the intense suction of her soft full lips increased.

On and on she sucked, bringing the boy closer and closer to his inevitable climax. Arline had never had such a gigantic cock in her mouth before, and the way it was spreading her lips, pushing out against her cheeks, and nudging at the back of her throat was absolutely fantastic. She didn’t know how she’d ever be able to thank Brenda for sending her this magnificent young man. She couldn’t get over how delicious the thick meatiness of the boy’s cock felt as it pumped in and out between her hot sucking lips.

“Jesus Christ,” he panted. “I’m almost there. D’ya want my load in your mouth?”

“Shit, yes,” she slurped. “Why do you think I’m sucking you? Please fill my mouth with it.”

Lurching with excitement, Brent stared down at her full red lips sucking and pulling on his quivering cock head.

“Oh, sweet suckin’ Jesus!” he cried out as the aroused woman took his massive rod deeper and deeper into her sucking mouth.

Further excited by the boy’s obvious pleasure, Arline was slurping noisily on his big tasty fuck-pole, anxious for a big mouthful of his rich virile sperm. The horny woman always enjoyed sucking her men off before putting on the fuck-show in front of her husband. She thoroughly enjoyed sucking off cocks, and this was the biggest, juiciest one she’d ever tasted.

“Oh, shit!” he panted, digging his fingers into her long black hair, forcing her gulping mouth down tighter over his bloated dick. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Wild for a big mouthful of the young man’s thick slippery cum, Arline’s full red lips were sucking feverishly on his big jerking prick.

“That’s it!” gasped Brent, thrusting his loins up as his exploding cockhead began spewing a stream of hot jizz into her eager mouth. “HERE IT COMES!”

The massive discharge of fuck-cream was almost more than Arline could handle, and it began oozing out from between her cock-sucking lips. She desperately sucked and swallowed until she finally had the belching flood under control, and then lovingly sucked the last delicious drops from his slowly shrinking prick.

“Jesus,” he panted, falling back exhausted onto the bed. “That was fantastic.”

When Arline slipped out of her negligee and crawled up onto the bed with him, Brent’s eyes traveled down over her smooth dimpled belly to the sweet little twat that was tucked so deliciously between her soft creamy thighs. The most exciting thing about the beautiful woman’s cunt was the soft bush of dark silky hair that surrounded her juicy slit. Her cuntlips were a shocking pink, and were deliciously parted to show the warm wetness of her slippery inner flesh.

“Arline,” he whispered nervously. “Would you let me lick your pussy?”

“God,” the beautiful woman smiled. “I’d love it.”

Rolling onto her back and spreading her thighs far apart, Arline grasped her knees and pulled them back against her tits, deliciously exposing the long hairy furrow of her slit to his excited eyes. Moving down, Brent covered her soft pubic mound with his hot open lips. Feeling the steamy wetness of her slit against his mouth, he probed at the slippery crack with his tongue, the clean sweet aroma of her twat wafting gently to his nostrils. Trembling with excitement, he found the tangy taste of her twat was just as delicious as the lovely scent.

With her thighs open and knees drawn back, she was lewdly exposed from asshole to navel. Starting at the puckered dot of her shitter, he licked all the way up the soft furrow to the silky hairs above her cunt. Using the flat of his tongue like a wet paint brush, Brent was soon lustily licking up and down the length of her furry little slit, unable to remember anything that had ever tasted so fucking good.

When the woman’s pubic area was completely saturated with spit, the boy hungrily attacked her hard little clitty.

“Eeeeeeeeeegghh!” she squealed with delight when Brent’s mouth made ecstatic contact with her sensitive joy-button. “That’s it, Brent darling! Oh, you sweet, sweet cunt-lapper!”

Holding the hard little button between his lips, the boy flicked his tongue rapidly against her quivering clitoris, driving the beautiful brunette almost out of her mind with the intense joy of it.

“Oh Christ, Brent!” she screamed, hysterically grinding her sopping slit up against his mouth. “God, that’s good, baby! Ooooooooh! Shiiiiittt!”

Locking her soft naked thighs tightly around his juice-drenched face, Arline’s hands held his mouth securely down over her cunt while the boy’s hot lips and tongue ravaged her hot, slippery hole.

“Oh, Brent!” she screamed when she looked down and saw his new thick hard-on. “Fuck me, honey. I can’t wait any longer!”

When the boy pulled his face out from between her legs, the woman called out to her husband, telling him they were ready to fuck. The man must have been waiting just outside the door, because he entered the moment she called to him. Duane was stark naked when he walked into the room with a rather large cock hanging limply between his legs. Grasping an armchair, he dragged it over by the bed and quietly sat down to watch the show.

When Brent crawled up between her legs, Arline stared down to see his massive cock advancing toward her dripping crotch. Again drawing her knees back against her tits, she excitedly offered the length of her hot, wet, slit to the biggest fucking prick she’d ever seen in her depraved lifetime. Feeling his massive knob pressing between her slippery cunt lips, she closed her eyes in preparation for the thrilling penetration. She could feel her slit being stretched wider and wider as his huge boner began filling her cunt. Arline was momentarily a bit frightened, suddenly wondering if her pussy would be able to take such a big dong. Clinging tightly to the boy, she could feel, his magnificent tool sinking deeper and deeper into her unbelievably stretched hole. Her quivering body was filled with both ecstasy and agony as his enormous cock plowed up into her belly.

When she’d finally taken the entire length of his thick rod, their naked stomachs were pressed hotly together as they lay perfectly motionless in each other’s arms, her widely stretched cunt completely stuffed with his throbbing fuck-pole.

“Oh, lover,” she whispered, grinding her hot, sucking cunt up tighter around the thick base of his deeply embedded shaft, “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ cock in the whole world.”

Watching from his chair, Duane was sweating profusely as he frantically stroked his limp prick. The sight of that huge dong stuffed into his wife’s cruelly stretched hole was driving him wild.

“Oh, sweet fucking Jesus,” she whimpered when Brent began fucking into her with long rhythmic strokes. “It’s so fuckin’ good, baby. Oh, how I love that Goddamned big dork.”

The thick meatiness of his hard cock was carrying her to new heights of sexual bliss as his magnificent tool drilled deeper and deeper into her writhing belly. Brent was just as excited with the hot tightness of her wet, sucking pussy. The clinging smooth walls of her slit were sucking and milking on his dong with a passion he’d never before experienced.

“Oh, you sweet baby,” she whispered as the boy continued drilling the hard thickness of his dick into her hot, slippery gash. “Oh, God fucking damn, that feels so shittin’ good!”

Watching them as he sat in the chair pounding his meat, Duane could feel his own prick swelling in his fist. The sight of his wife being fucked by that huge cock was driving him wild. God, how he wished he could get a hard-on in her cunt.

On and on the couple fucked, his big prick pounding savagely into the beautiful woman’s lusting pussy. With her legs wrapped around his lurching body, Arline was excitedly digging her bare heels into the crack of his ass, trying to urge him on. Never in her life had she felt anything as good as this big boner slamming in and out of her dripping cunt.

“Oh, God, lover!” she wailed, locking her legs tighter around his humping body. “Fuck harder! FUCK HARDER!”

Duane’s prick had suddenly exploded into a full erection, and he was stroking it faster and faster as he watched the deliriously fucking couple.

“Ride me, baby, ride me!” Arline was squealing as she frantically thrust her loins up to better receive his pounding strokes. “Fuck, honey, fuck!”

With her legs waving crazily in the air, Arline could feel an orgasm building up hotly between her legs.

“Hold me! HOLD ME!” she suddenly shrieked, clutching the wildly humping boy in her arms. “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”

Duane was beating his own meat more violently as he watched the naked couple thrashing toward their climaxes.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” squealed Arline when she suddenly felt the youth’s big cockhead squirting a torrent of cum into her writhing fuck-hole. “Eeeeeggghhh! AAAUUUGGGHH! COMING… COMING!”

Clinging tightly to him, she could feel her cunt filling up with his hot spurting cock-cream.

“Oh, sweet baby,” she whispered.

Unable to control himself any longer, Duane jumped up and pulled Brent off of his wife and then, standing over the naked woman, he pointed his cockhead at her and began stroking his prick at an even faster tempo. Within a matter of seconds, his cock began squirting jizz all over her, drenching her face, tits and belly. When he’d discharged the last drop, he collapsed completely exhausted into the chair.

Not saying a word, Arline got out the bed, and after picking up their clothes, she escorted Brent out of the room.

“I feel so bad for him,” she said to the boy when they were alone. “He used to be such a wonderful lay.”

“What happened?” asked Brent.

“I really don’t know,” she sighed. “He can only get a hard on when he watches someone fuck me with a big cock.”

“Does he fuck anyone else?” the boy asked.

“No,” she smiled. “We’ve brought lots of girls over for him, but he just doesn’t get a hard on for them.”

“Gosh, that’s strange,” said Brent.

“Sometimes I think he’s insecure with women and is afraid he can’t live up to what they expect of him,” she tried to reason. “I’ve even thought that maybe a little girl could bring him around. He might feel that a child wouldn’t expect so much from him.”

“Have you tried it?” he asked.

“No,” Arline smiled. “Just thought about it.”

“I’ve got a little fifteen-year-old sister that loves to fuck,” Brent volunteered.

“Really!” she gasped. “Is she cute?”

“A livin’ doll.”

“Could she pretend that she was defenseless, and let him think he was dominant?” asked Arline.

“She’s a pretty sharp little kid,” grinned Brent.

“Do you think she’d try it?”

“Sure,” he answered. “But she’d want a few bucks.”

“That’s no problem,” beamed Arline. “I’ll give you each a hundred dollars if you’ll bring her to dinner tomorrow night.”

“Fine,” smiled Brent.

“But Duane mustn’t know she’s being paid,” warned the woman. “He must think he’s dominating a horny little girl.”

“Okay,” Brent grinned, “he can think she’s just my little hot pants sister.”

“Great,” giggled the woman. “But you’ve gotta promise to fuck me with that big cock again tomorrow night.”

“I wouldn’t miss the chance,” laughed Brent.


Robin was thrilled about the hundred bucks when her brother told her about it. Deciding to look as young as possible, she wore a ribbon in her hair and absolutely no make up. To further the image, Robin wore a short little fluffy dress without panties or bra under it.

“My God,” grinned Brent when she spun around in front of him. “You don’t look more than thirteen years old in that outfit.”

“Good,” she giggled. “Let’s go make our hundred bucks.”

When they arrived at the Masons’ apartment, Robin was pleased at the way the man studied her. It was obvious that her youthful body attracted his attention, and she hoped it would be a successful evening.

“I hope you didn’t mind my bringing Robin with me,” lied Brent to Duane Mason when they were momentarily alone. “She’s getting to that age where I don’t like to leave her by herself?”

“What do you mean?” asked Duane.

“Well,” grinned Brent. “I don’t quite know how to say this, but she seems to be such a horny little girl.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Duane laughed. “All children go though that phase.”

“Maybe so,” sighed the boy. “But I came home the other day and found a little kid screwing her.”

“Really,” gasped the man.

“That’s right,” Brent laughed. “He just had a little prick, but Robin was sure enjoying it.”

Duane had a strange stirring deep in his loins when he thought about a cock drilling into the pretty youngster’s pussy. She had looked so fresh and innocent to him that the thought of her being fucked was strangely exciting to the man.

When dinner was over, Arline whispered to her husband that she wanted to be alone with Brent for a little while before they put on the fuck-show for him.

“I want to suck off his big cock first,” she giggled, knowing this kind of talk would excite her husband. “Will you watch Robin until we come back?”

“Sure, honey,” smiled Duane. “Have a good time.”

When the couple had retired to Arline’s bedroom, Robin moved across the room and sat down next to Duane on a couch, making sure her short skirt was pulled up to expose most of her bare thighs. Staring down at the naked flesh, the man could almost visualize a hard cock stuffed up between her legs.

“Where did they go?” she innocently asked.

“Never mind,” he explained. “They just want to be alone.”

“Are they gonna mess around?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Well,” she giggled. “When I’m alone with one of the kids in the neighborhood, we always mess around.”

“Is it fun?” he asked, intrigued with the child’s innocent honesty.

“Gee, yes,” she whispered. “It’s real neat.”

“What do you do?”

“Well,” she beamed excitedly, “sometimes I play with his prick while he finger-fucks me, and then sometimes we screw.”

“Do you like screwing?” asked the man, excited by the naughty conversation he was having with the youngster.

“Sorta,” she giggled. “But the kids I play with have such little pricks. Someday I want to be fucked by a real man.”

“How old are you, Robin?” asked the man.

“Old enough to have nice big tits,” she giggled. “Would you like to feel them?”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure,” she teased. “I like it when guys play with my boobs.”

Excitedly reaching out, he cupped her tits through the thin material of her dress and was shocked at how fully developed the child was. Her breasts were big and firm, yet here was a delicious softness about them that was luscious. The hardness of her swollen nipples burned against his palms through her dress.

“Gee,” she whispered, squirming delightfully around on the couch. “That feels neat.”

Robin put her head back against his shoulder as the man continued kneading and caressing her luscious boobs. His face was buried in her long blonde hair and the fresh fragrance of it filled his nostrils.

“You can play with my pussy, too,” she whispered, taking one of his hands and easing it up between her soft young thighs.

He almost choked with excitement when the tip of his finger brushed against the moist hotness of her slippery young cunt lips. Her little twat was soon creaming all over his middle finger as he wormed it into the girl’s passion-slickened cunt. He could feel the hot slippery flesh squeezing deliciously around the length of his deeply embedded finger.

“Shit,” she panted. “Your finger’s bigger than any of those little peckers I’ve had. Will you finger-fuck me until I come?”

“If you want me to,” he stammered, enjoying the way this pretty child was allowing him to molest her.

Jumping up, Robin quickly pulled the little dress off over her head, revealing her deliciously naked body to him. Her firm young breasts were thrusting out proudly from her chest with big ripe nipples exploding from the tips. Though she was a mere child, they were the firmest, most exciting tits he’d ever seen. The oversized nipples were taut and erect, and the swollen flesh of her pink asshole was covered with exciting little goosebumps.

His eyes wandered down over her smooth, rounded belly to the golden V between her creamy soft thighs. The passion-swollen lips of her delicately pink slit glistened with little droplets of hot pussy juice. Soft curls of downy blonde hair swirled deliciously around her adorable little cunt. Her youthful nakedness was one of the most exciting things he’d ever witnessed.

Reaching out, he pulled the lovely youngster onto his lap. With his left arm around her shoulders, he drilled his middle finger between her partly open legs. Lowering his head, he took one of her big luscious nipples into his mouth while fervently finger-fucking her hot, dripping slit. Sucking gently on her quivering tit, he rolled the erect nipple around his tongue while the youngster writhed her hot pussy up against his plunging finger.

“Oh, Mr. Mason,” she whispered at the excited feel of his mouth and finger filling her trembling body with pleasure.

Turning his head, the man wolfed the second tit into his mouth while he continued stimulating her wildly aroused cunt. Time seemed to almost stand still for him as he continued ravaging the child’s naked little body.

Finally lifting the youngster from his lap, he spread her out on the couch. Lowering his face over her deliciously naked body, he began lovingly licking her dimpled navel and belly. Then parting her soft young legs, he moved his face down until his eyes were only inches from her exquisite little pussy. Robin began shivering with excitement as she felt his hot breath against her juicy twat.

“Oh, Mr. Mason!” she squealed, feeling his tongue slowly easing up into her slit. “Shit, that feels good.”

He started slowly, but was soon lashing his tongue rapidly in and out of her hot, juicy little hole. The man was suddenly aware that his cock was throbbing violently in his pants, something it hadn’t done in years except when he was watching his wife being fucked. The almost forgotten sensation of tingles racing up and down his cock was fantastic.

“Oh, Mr. Mason!” she screamed with joy when his probing tongue found her clitty. “God, that feels good.”

The hot sweet scent of her steaming pussy was filling his nostrils. He couldn’t get over the tangy taste of the youngster’s deliciously hot juices dripping onto his tongue, trickling down the back of his throat. Twisting his face from side to side, he tried to drill his tongue even deeper into the slippery hotness of her dripping little slit.

As the man lustily devoured her delicious pussy, Robin was thrashing and lurching all over the sofa. The man was having one helluva time trying to keep his slurping lips welded against her squirming little twat.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she shrieked. “Don’t stop, Mr. Mason! Don’t ever stop!”

The man continued slurping on her cunt, completely aware of the horrendous hard-on that was throbbing wildly in his pants.

Robin’s little clit had become rock-hard as the wildly aroused man sucked and rolled it between his tongue and lips. The squealing youngster’s ass was drenched with the hot juices that were running out of her creaming slit. Frantically rubbing her sopping cunt up and down against his slavering wet face, the girl was almost out of her mind with the intense ecstasy.

“Oh, honey!” she whimpered, “I’m gonna come, gonna come!”

He began sucking harder and faster, anxious to carry the child over the crest of her impending climax.

“Help me!” she shrieked. “Oh, Christ, I’m coming! I’M COMING! AAAAAUUUUGGGGH! EEEEEEAAAAH!”

Thrusting her crotch up, she violently ground her spasming cunt against his face, and with one last scream, she collapsed into a limp mass of trembling flesh.

Gathering the girl up, he drew her naked little body into his arms.

“Are you okay, honey?” he asked, tenderly running his fingers through her rumpled blonde hair.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Shit, Mr. Mason,” she whispered. “That was fantastic. You’re some real man.”

Pleased that he’d been able to satisfy the girl so well, he cradled her in his arms, covering her softly parted lips with his mouth, gently probing his tongue between her teeth.

“Oh, Mr. Mason,” she giggled, feeling his cock throbbing against her body through his pants. “You’ve got a hard-on.”

This was the first time anyone had said this to him in almost ten years, and it was music to his ears.

“Yes, darling,” he whispered. “I know it.”

“May I play with it?”

For a brief moment he was struck with fear, afraid it would go limp when she touched it. Then realizing that the youngster didn’t expect him to try and fuck her, the thought of her soft fingers toying with his prick was rather exciting.

“May I?” she repeated.

“If you want to.”

“Good,” she giggled excitedly. “Now take your clothes off.”

“All of them?”

“Sure,” she grinned. “I did.”

When the man stood up and removed his clothes, Robin reached out and tentatively touched his hard cock with her fingers.

“Gee, that’s neat,” she whispered as he sat back down on the edge of the couch.

Duane suddenly had a frightened feeling that his cock wouldn’t maintain its hardness. He momentarily wondered what the cute little kid would think of him if it suddenly went limp. Then glancing down, he was alarmed to see it slowly sagging.

“It’s such a sweet prick,” she whispered, clutching it in her fingers when she realized what was happening. “I’m so glad you’re letting me play with it.”

The feel of her soft little hand against the hot bare, flesh of his cock sent a shiver of ecstasy through his loins that momentarily blanked out his fears. The pleasure was quickly increased when the youngster began sliding the thick foreskin up and down over his shaft.

Robin’s little pussy started tingling with joy when she felt his cock starting to thicken again in her fingers. Sliding the skin back and forth over his sensitive cockhead, she could feel his dong getting stiffer by the second until it was as rock-hard as it had been a few moments ago.

“Isn’t this fun,” she giggled as he writhed around under her tender caresses. “This is the neatest cock I’ve ever played with.”

Dropping to her knees in front of him, she touched the tip of his prick with her hot, wet little tongue. As always, the aroma and taste of a hard dick sent delicious shivers up and down her tingling spine. Holding his cock straight up in the air, she began licking the underside of his twitching knob as if it were an ice cream cone.

“Oh, my God,” he moaned, feeling her deliciously hot tongue lapping wetly against the network of nerves under the base of his cockhead, “That feels wonderful.”

Bending his prick slightly forward, Robin opened her mouth wide and wrapped the soft wetness of her lips over the head of his hard rod. She could taste the tangy flavor of lubricating fluids that were oozing out from the tip of his excited boner. The suction of her lips around the head of his dick was driving him wild.

“Oh, Mr. Mason,” she whispered, momentarily removing her mouth from his cock. “You’re such a wonderful man and I just love the taste of your nice big prick.”

The man was trembling with the intense pleasure of her soft warm lips sucking and pulling on his lust-bloated cock head. On and on she sucked, bringing him closer and closer and closer to a thundering climax. The child was excitedly waiting for him to fill her mouth with delicious cock-cream when she suddenly remembered what she was being paid to do.

“Oh, God, baby!” he gasped. “Don’t stop, honey! I’m almost ready to squirt!”

Afraid that he would, the youngster quickly pulled her lips away from his lust-bloated tool.

“Jesus Christ,” he roared. “What the hell are you doing? I’m ready to shoot!”

“Then shoot it in here,” she giggled, facing the man as she straddled his loins.

He just stared wildly at the youngster as she slowly lowered her hot dripping twat down toward his lurching rod. In his aroused state, he shuddered violently when her hot, wet cuntlips brushed against the tingling tip of his cock head. Suddenly wanting to fuck her more than he’d ever wanted to do anything in his life, he excitedly grasped her soft young ass cheeks and guided her juicy twat down over his throbbing cock. He could see the flow of slippery cunt juices dripping out around his prick as her slippery pussy lips closed around it. He was thrilled at how easily the big swollen head of his knob slithered through the slippery little opening.

“Oh, Mr. Mason!” she squealed with delight as she threw her arms around his neck and rubbed her luscious tits against his face.

Still holding her quivering asscheeks, he lowered the girl’s hot, tight cunt farther down over his straining pole.

“That’s it, honey!” she whimpered. “Deeper, baby! Ram it in deeper!”

Robin’s tight, slippery twat walls were squeezing deliciously against his screaming prick as it sank deeper and deeper into her hot little belly. It had been years since he’d felt slippery hot cunt flesh closing around his dick, and the glorious feeling of it was driving him wild. He’d completely forgotten the intense pleasure that a hot sucking pussy could give a man.

“Oh, Robin,” he sobbed. “I’ve never felt such a hot little cunt.”

“God, Mr. Mason,” she whimpered when she’d taken all of his hard rod. “I want you to fuck me silly.”

“That’s what you’re going to get,” he grinned, nibbling lightly on the big turgid nipple she was rubbing against his face.

Firmly grasping the wiggly cheeks of her sweet young ass, he began moving her up and down over his hard shaft.

“Oooooooh, Mr. Mason!” she cried out with joy. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

Every nerve along the length of the man’s tingling cock was alive with the delicious sensations he hadn’t experienced in years. The heat, the moisture and tightness of her hot sucking little cunt was driving him wild. It was as if his whole future was opening up for him, a world of ecstasy he hadn’t felt for years. The feel of her soft hot flesh slithering juicily against the entire length of his thrusting dick was almost more than he could stand. With his hands cupping her soft buns as he bounced her up and down over his throbbing boner, Duane unconsciously slipped the tip of his finger through the tight ring of her asshole.

“Ooooooooh, Mr. Mason,” squealed Robin with joy. “That feels funny, you naughty man!”

Thrusting his finger a bit deeper into the forbidden hole, he began propelling the girl up and down over his screaming rod at a much faster tempo.

“Oh, yes!” she whimpered. “I love it! I love it!”

With his burning cock slashing into her slippery little slit, Robin held him tightly in her arms, frantically rubbing her excited nipples against his hot open mouth. Unable to stand the wild ecstasy much longer, and with his cock still deeply embedded in her hot grasping pussy, he stood up and eased Robin back on the couch with him over her body.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Mason,” she gasped, wrapping her soft young legs around him. “Fuck me hard, honey! Fuck the shit out of me!”

That was exactly what the man had in mind. Flexing his ass, Duane began drilling his prick into her with a wild passion. His cock was tingling ecstatically as it streaked in and out her little teen-aged pussy. The friction of her soft slippery cunt against his pounding boner was unbelievably good. Half crazed with lust, the man was slamming his dick in with a brutal force as he felt an ejaculation building up deep in his balls. It had been so many years since he’d last emptied his thick hot sperm into a cunt, and now that supreme moment was only moments away.

Robin was more than delighted at the way he was hammering his dong into her slippery little lust-crazed fuck-hole.

“That’s it!” she squealed, wildly thrusting her loins up to meet every delicious plunge of the man’s streaking rod. “Ride me, baby, ride me! Fuck me harder! HARDER! HARDERRR!”

Biting into his shoulder as her shapely bare legs waved crazily in the air, Robin could feel a climax building up in her passionately aroused body.

“Hang on! Hang on!” she shrieked, frantically clutching the man in her arms. “I’m gonna come! I’M GONNA COME!”

Wild with the newfound lust that was flaming throughout his entire body, Duane began drilling harder and deeper, anxious to blast his wad into her little spasming pussy.

“I’m coming, honey… coming!” she squealed, locking her thighs tightly against his big humping body. “Oh, honey, EEEEGGGGHH! AAAAUUUGGGHH!”

Clinging desperately to the man as she exploded into a bell-ringing orgasm, Robin could feel his thick hot cum splattering against her cunt walls. It felt all hot and sticky and delicious as it spewed deep into her wildly climaxing fuck-hole.

“That’s it, Mr. Mason!” she cried with joy, thrilled that she’d been able to bring off the impotent man. “Keep squirting, honey! Fill me up!”

When his cock finally stopped squirting, Duane collapsed over the trembling girl. Opening her eyes, Robin could see Arline beaming at her from the open door to the bedroom. Smiling contentedly, the teen-ager felt certain that Duane Mason would have no trouble fucking any woman in the future.


“Congratulations,” smiled Arline, walking into the room with Brent following her, his recently sucked off cock hanging limply between his legs. “You’ve done something that no one else has been able to do.”

“He was so sweet,” giggled Robin, glancing over at the exhausted man. “I’m so glad he was able to fill my cunt with jizz.”

“Are you going to fuck me?” Arline asked her husband.

“You can bet your ass on that,” laughed Duane. “Just as soon as this thing gets hard again. I’m going to make up for ten fucking years.”

“Good,” she smiled. “But I’m ready to fuck now.”

“Me, too,” giggled Robin. “But they both look like they’re out of commission for a few minutes, and I sure feel horny.”

“Maybe I can take care of that,” whispered Arline with a naughty smile.

“What do you mean?”

“Come into the bedroom with me,” smiled the beautiful brunette, taking the little blonde’s hand. “Have I got a surprise for you.”

Spreading her lovely naked body out on the bed, Arline held her arms out to Robin.

“Come here, darling,” she whispered. “Let me hold you.”

A bit puzzled, Robin lay down facing the older woman on the bed. When Arline enveloped the youngster in her arms, a strange excitement rippled through Robin’s loins as their soft warm bodies came together. The woman’s deliciously big tits crushed against her own. A bit nervous about what was going on, Robin instinctively tried to pull away, but Arline’s strong arms held her tightly as she twined one of her soft naked thighs around the youngster’s leg. A strange tingle raced through Robin’s body when she felt Arline’s hot open cunt rubbing wetly against her own hairy pubic mound.

“Just relax,” whispered the beautiful brunette. “Doesn’t this feel good?”

“Sorta,” gulped Robin. “But it makes me feel funny.”

“I know,” Arline assured her. “I’m not going to do anything wrong to you. I’m just going to bring you off in a brand new way.”

Robin had never felt another woman’s naked body pressed against her own before, yet she felt wickedly excited. The strange fire had started in her loins the moment their two naked bodies made contact, and now as Arline’s hairy wet pussy rubbed against her, the fire was turning into an inferno.

“Doesn’t this feel good?” Arline asked in a husky whisper, her cunt rubbing hotly against the girl’s.

“I don’t know,” panted Robin, feeling a bit guilty and perverted for secretly enjoying it.

As the moments rushed by, the little blonde was growing more excited and her pussy was throbbing with lewd anticipation of even more intense joy from the woman’s naked body. The feel of Arline’s big hot tits squishing against hers, the insistent grinding of their twats together and the feel of the woman’s fingers goosing in between her wiggly ass cheeks was driving Robin wild.

With her body being consumed by a flaming lust, the youngster suddenly wanted the woman to kiss her, finger-fuck her and even eat out her cunt. Robin began grinding her hot wet cunt harder against Arline’s when the seductive brunette obscenely probed her fingers around in the soft crevice of her quivering buttocks.

Robin made no resistance when Arline rolled her onto her back while the woman continued probing her finger around her tight little asshole. Arline’s other hand was clutching one of the girl’s milky soft tits, stroking and toying with her desire-taut nipple.

With the last vestige of guilt gone, Robin eagerly accepted Arline’s passionate kiss on her lips, even responding by snaking her tongue into the woman’s soft hot mouth. With their hot slippery lips welded together in a deep tongue-sucking kiss, Arline moved her hand down over the girl’s soft belly until her middle finger parted Robin’s steamy cuntlips.

“Oh, God,” gasped the little blonde, violently arching her hips up to receive the finger into her dripping twat.

Still sucking passionately on Arline’s tongue, Robin reached up and grasped one of the woman’s swollen breasts. A delicious thrill raced through the child’s trembling loins when her fingers touched the hot silky flesh of Arline’s naked tit. Aroused by the spongy heat and fullness of the lusciously big boob, Robin suddenly wanted to suck on the turgid nipple, realizing for the first time why men were so crazy about tits.

Arline was spreading Robin’s moist, sticky cunt juices generously around the girl’s open pussy lips, working her finger up closer and closer to the swollen clitty. The wildly aroused little blonde let out a squeal of delight when the tip of Arline’s finger found her quivering joy-button. Wanting to further arouse the youngster, Arline began rapidly rubbing it, vibrating her finger around it at a frantic speed. Robin began squirming and squealing with joy as the wild ecstasy increased in her writhing loins.

“Oh shit,” whimpered Robin, cruelly squeezing her older friend’s tits. “Put it in me. Please finger-fuck me. I wanta come!”

Anticipating how much she would enjoy the little blonde’s naked body before she was through with her, Arline plunged her finger deeply into the youngster’s seething pussy, circling it around deliciously against her passion-drenched cunt walls. She brought the child up near to hysteria before she suddenly jerked her dripping, finger out of the juicy little honey-pot.

“Oh, Robin,” whispered Arline as she rolled over on her back. “Come over here and lie on top of me for a minute.”

Eager to do anything the beautiful brunette wanted of her, Robin quickly straddled her and threw her body down over the woman’s hot naked flesh. With their lips locked in a wild kiss of lust, they frantically rubbed their pubic mounds together as Arline stroked the soft asscheeks of the girl above her. Robin began sucking hard on her friend’s big swollen nipples while Arline’s fingers continued goosing into the soft quivering flesh between the girl’s buttocks.

Making wild little animal sounds, Robin fondled Arline’s lush big tits while her sucking lips and tongue worked greedily on the big juicy nipple.

“Oh, baby,” panted Arline. “You’re sure some tit-sucker, honey.”

Delicious little ripples of delight streaked through Robin’s body as she passionately sucked and vibrated her tongue against the sweet hard nipples, feeling gloriously depraved at what she was doing. Sucking frantically on the dark-haired beauty’s ripe tits, Robin suddenly had a wild desire to bury her face between Arline’s lovely naked thighs and lap up the slippery juices from her sweet furry twat.

“Arline,” she suddenly asked, lifting her mouth from the juicy nipple. “May I kiss your pussy?”

“Yes, lover,” whispered the woman. “You may do anything you want with me.”

Quickly moving down over Arline’s soft warm body, the excited little girl began teasing a circle of wet fiery kisses around the perimeter of the woman’s sweet scented cunt. Turning her face to one side, she rested her cheek against the hairy wetness of Arline’s dripping pussy while her tongue licked the soft sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. Finally lifting her face a bit, Robin could see the soft wetness of her pink cuntlips peeking out from the soft bush of dark silky hair. Inhaling the deliciously musky scent of the woman’s dripping slit, Robin had never seen anything so obscenely beautiful in her life. Just as the blonde opened her mouth to snake her tongue into the moistly inviting hole, Arline grasped Robin’s head and slammed her mouth down over her hot wet pussy.

With a sob of passion, the aroused little blonde thrust her tongue deep into the scalding wet flesh of Arline’s palpitating cunt. It tasted so fucking hot and sweet as the delicious cunt flesh seemed to suck back on the girl’s swirling tongue. The gorgeous brunette began writhing around wildly on the bed as the youngster’s mouth slurped greedily on her cunt, seemingly unable to get enough of this delicious new taste treat.

“Oh, honey,” whimpered Arline, feverishly grinding her hot wet twat up against the youngster’s slavering mouth. “That’s the way to eat pussy, baby. Oh, you sweet little cunt-lapper.”

The intense joy was carrying Arline to new heights of ecstasy, molten waves of bliss flooding through her loins like wildfire as Robin sucked hungrily on her dripping pussy. Half-crazed with the maddening pleasure, Arline began squeezing and pinching her own tits to the tempo of Robin’s thrusting tongue.

“Faster, sweetheart, faster!” squealed Arline, rhythmically smashing her hot wet cunt up and down against the girl’s mouth when Robin suddenly discovered her swollen clitoris. Sucking the hard knob of Arline’s clitty between her lips, Robin was wildly vibrating her tongue against the quivering little joy-button, sending electric-like tingles all through the woman’s screaming body. Arline was heaving her ass high off the bed as she smashed her scalding wet slit up against the youngster’s hot sucking mouth.

“Oh, you darling little pussy-eater,” she sobbed. “God, can you eat cunt!”

Wildly working her head from side to side while she worked on the woman’s tingling clitty, Robin could feel Arline convulsively clawing at the sheets. Suddenly remembering how good it had just felt when Mr. Mason stuck his finger up her ass, Robin began probing her thumb between Arline’s writhing asscheeks.

Finding the tight little rubbery ring, Robin pushed until the tip of her thumb plunged into the tight, hot little hole. Thrilled with Arline’s wild screams of pleasure, the little blonde forced her thumb deeper into the hot buttery softness of her friend’s tight little asshole as she continued sucking passionately on her dripping cunt. Completely lost to her wild passions, Robin was lewdly wriggling her thumb around in Arline’s hot rectum while still plunging her tongue as deep as possible into the woman’s aroused pussy.

Brent and Duane had followed the girls into the room and both were staring excitedly at the scene on the bed. Watching the naked girls writhing together had given both of them horrendous new hard-ons.

Watching Robin’s cute little butt wriggling around as she knelt between Arline’s legs, hungrily sucking on her pussy, Duane Mason couldn’t take his eyes away from the little blonde’s puckered asshole. It looked so small and tight to the man as he unconsciously stroked his boner, wanting desperately to ravage the youngster’s sweet young ass.

Unable to control his depraved lust any longer, Duane crawled up behind Robin on the bed. Gently grasping her hips as he knelt behind the girl, he lowered his face and began softly blowing his hot breath against the tight little hole. Next, he touched her quivering anus with the tip of his tongue, deliciously lapping the sensitive little ring.

Sucking on Arline’s frothy cunt, Robin was vaguely aware of the feathery touch of his hot wet tongue against her asshole. She didn’t know who it was, but she was thoroughly enjoying the erotic sensations. She let out a soft moan into Arline’s pussy when she felt him tenderly parting her nakedly exposed asscheeks with his thumbs. Robin could feel the hot wetness of his lips and tongue burning delicious circles around the sensitive ring of her anal opening.

Aware that the youngster was enjoying the tongue bath he was giving her sweet young bottom, Duane thrust out his tongue and drove it between the fleshy cheeks of her ass. As the girl squirmed excitedly, he pressed his lips tighter against her flesh, obscenely sucking and licking the entire wiggly crevice between her quivering buns.

Still sucking avidly on Arline’s twat, Robin began churning her soft yielding globes back against his face. Duane pointed his tongue, pushing hard against the youngster’s spit-drenched asshole until he forced it through the tight opening. His tongue was soon plunging in and out of her tingling asshole, each thrust adding to the little blonde’s ecstasy.

“Oooooooh! Oooooh!” she squealed into Arline’s smoldering pussy as the man expertly tongue-fucked her quivering asshole.

Knowing that Robin was fully aroused by the action of his tongue, Duane grasped the base of his shaft and eased his bloated cockhead up against her little spit-drenched shitter. Firmly grasping her hips, the man lunged forward, his hard cock ripping through the tight little ring.

“Aaaaaaaaggghhh!” she screamed with pain, trying to squirm loose from his hot skewering rod. “Oh, God, you’re killing me!”

Ignoring her cries, he stared down at the deliciously obscene sight of his swollen cock buried between the twisting cheeks of her ass. Grasping her tighter, he rammed his stiff boner another inch or two into her cruelly stretched rectum as she screamed again.

“Don’t worry,” whispered Arline to the sobbing girl. “You’ll love it when your asshole gets accustomed to it.”

Grunting, the determined man wormed another inch of his cock into her tight little shitter.

“Oh, Arline,” she sobbed. “It hurts so fuckin’ much.”

“I know,” smiled the lovely brunette. “But the pain will soon go away and you’ll just love it.”

“That’s right,” panted Duane. “Just fuck your ass back against my cock.”

Deciding to take their advice, Robin began rotating her painfully stretched ass back around his prick, taking a bit more of it into her rectum. The pain didn’t seem to decrease, but wasn’t increasing as he slowly worked his knob deeper and deeper into her widely-stretched asshole. Finally she felt his lusty balls pressed hotly against her flesh and knew she’d taken his entire cock into her guts. Slowly the pain began to ease, and Robin once more lowered her mouth down over Arline’s deliciously scented pussy.

Clutching firmly to the youngster’s hips, Duane began easing his swollen rod in and out of Robin’s tight young bung. The girl began strangely liking the new sensation as her rectum became accustomed to the big foreign object buried so deeply in her bowels. Her tense young body began sensually responding and there was no denying that she was beginning to enjoy the way he was sodomizing her forbidden hole. There was something deliciously depraved about having a man obscenely fucking into her lewdly exposed butt. As the tempo increased, her mouth began slurping wildly on Arline’s cunt while she buffeted her buttocks back around Duane’s hard pistoning dick, her cute little ass doing a wild dance of depravity.

“Ooooooooh,” she whimpered into Arline’s slit as the man’s shaft slammed harder and deeper into her hot slippery rectum. Her entire body was filled with a delicious pleasure-pain that was filling every part of her writhing body with a strange, but wonderful ecstasy.

The man’s loins were slamming loudly against her soft quivering ass flesh, his heavy balls slapping wetly between the hot dripping lips of her open cunt. Robin was thrusting her sweet young butt back around the unbelievable hardness of his plunging rod, reveling at the way she was being sodomized by the wildly humping man. Maybe it was depraved, but Robin was thoroughly enjoying every ass-filled moment of it as her lips and tongue were bringing Arline closer and closer to a wild climax.

Her loins burning deliciously from the obscene assault on her asshole, Robin was being gloriously buffeted by every thrust of the man’s pounding cock. Looking back over her shoulder, Robin could see the wild look on Duane’s face. His teeth were bared like a wild animal’s and his eyes were staring crazily up at the ceiling, as he bored deeper and harder into her tingling asshole.

“Oh, shit!” Arline suddenly squealed. “Keep sucking, honey! I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

The beautiful brunette squeezed her soft naked thighs against Robin’s juice-drenched face as her cunt exploded into a wild spasming orgasm.

“Oh, God,” the girl heard Duane roar as he suddenly reared back and slammed the length of his prick to the very depths of the girl’s bowels. “Here it comes, baby! Here it comes!”

Shuddering with joy, Robin experienced a rather intense mini-climax when she felt Duane’s thick hot cum gushing into her rectum.

“My God,” whispered Arline a few minutes later as they all relaxed nakedly on the bed. “You kids should make a fortune with Robin’s cute little body and Brent’s big cock.”

“Do you really think so?” beamed the little blonde.

“I know it,” laughed the woman. “I could get on the phone and have you both booked for at least a month at over a hundred bucks a trick.”

Robin smiled to herself, thinking how much fun she was going to have being a whore, and she decided that she’d work herd and be the best whore in the whole fucking world. She wondered what the slobs back home would think if they could see her now.