Always Hot Wife

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood mate-traders.

Penny Harris is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her, a love of perversity and a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lie coiled like snakes, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

ALWAYS HOT WIFE — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Penny Harris was rinsing dishes at the sink when Cal Richards came up behind her and molded his big body into hers. His brawny arm snaked around her waist and pulled her to him. She could feel the thick log of his cock caught between the taut cheeks of her ass.

“Cal! What are you doing? Ron will have your hide for this!” she gasped.

She kept her voice light and playful, not wishing to offend him. Cal was an old friend of her husband’s and up to now he had always been the perfect gentleman with her. Tonight he had just a bit too much to drink. She could smell it on him as he breathed over her shoulder.

“You’re so sexy, little Penny!” he growled into her ear. “I’ve been hot for you ever since Ron introduced us! Whaddya say? You and me, huh? Whaddya say?” He was stroking her belly with one hand, clasping his highball glass with the other. His hips were forcing his prick up and down in the groove of her ass.

“Cal! Ron and your wife are right in the next room! What are you thinking of?” She kept her hands in the water and tried to ignore the bulk of his hard-on as he dry-fucked her. She couldn’t move. He had her pinned to the sink.

“They can get it on themselves! They like each other! Whaddya say? You and me, huh? I’m crazy about you!”

Suddenly his hand swept up from her belly and molded itself over one of her lovely tits. She had worn a low-cut evening dress without a bra for the get-together with Cal and his wife June. It was easy for the big man to fondle her tit and tweak her nipple through the sheer silk material. The way she was bent over the sink, her tit just fell into his huge palm.

“Cal, stop this right now! This is getting out of hand! I’ll have to call Ron if you don’t stop this minute!” She was surprised to hear herself panting. She wasn’t sure if it was from shock or pleasure.

“Such beautiful tits! Such a gorgeous little ass!” Cal was wheezing. “June doesn’t even come close to you, little lady! Nobody does! You’re the sexiest little thing for miles!”

Penny wriggled and squirmed, but it only seemed to force his cock deeper into the groove of her ass. She could feel the terrible size and heat of his prick even through his pants and her silk dress. His prick was like a thickened crowbar boring up against the small of her back. It seemed so huge! His cock must be well over eight inches long.

“I’ve been wanting to slip you some meat for so long!” Cal went on, massaging her tit and fucking her nipple roughly. “When Ron first introduced us I couldn’t believe my eyes. You looked so young! And so pretty! You looked way too young to be getting married.”

He began to dry-fuck her in earnest now, plowing his cock up and down in the furrow between her ass cheeks. He tugged the shoulder string of her dress dawn her arm and one lovely tit wobbled free. He palmed her tit and rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. To his delight, he noticed the squat nubbin had started to grow long. Her nipple felt like a hot stub of rubber in his fingers.

Penny had stopped protesting. And at first she wasn’t sure why. She thought it was because she didn’t want to cause a scene. If she yelled and brought Ron running into the room, the shit would really hit the fan. There’d be a big commotion, maybe a fight, and a friendship that went back years would be over. That was part of it.

But there was something else. Cal might be drunk. He might be acting like an asshole and forcing himself on her in the most unfair way. But his hand on her tit felt so nice! She could feel her nipple, stiffening for him as he played with it. And his cock was bucking up and down so nicely between her ass cheeks! She found herself wondering what it would feel like to have a cock so big up her cunt.

“Ron’s such a lucky bastard!” Cal grunted, poking his tongue into her ear. “Getting you to drop out of high school like that to marry him. He’s the luckiest guy in the world!”

Penny wished he hadn’t mentioned Ron just then. They’d been married barely a month, after all. They’d been back from the honeymoon only a couple of days. And right now he was in the next room making small talk with Cal’s wife June, whom he didn’t even like, while Penny was writhing and squirming with horny Cal out in the kitchen! Maybe her husband wouldn’t think himself so lucky if he knew of the excitement she was feeling right now.

“You have no idea how much I think of you! I dream of you all the time! Of us in bed together, fucking. And of me eating you, and you sucking me off, I even dreamed of it last night, knowing we were coming over to see you today. I dreamed you were sucking me off and at the last second you pulled my cock out of your mouth and let me shoot all over your face! It was fantastic!”

Penny groaned deeply. What was he trying to do to her? As if his hands on her tits and his cock between her buns wasn’t enough! He had to talk dirty to her as well! It was one thing that never failed to turn her on. Ron never talked dirty. She was his wife, he said, and he didn’t want to use dirty words with her. But she loved it! It thrilled her to hear them. She couldn’t help it!

Cal had dropped his highball glass into the dishwater. Now he used his free hand to haul up her dress, fumble around her thigh into her crotch. His fingers crackled over her expensive pantyhose. And she wasn’t resisting. She had quit protesting altogether. He thrust his fist under the top of her hose and deep into her panties.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ungh!” she groaned, closing her eyes tightly. Her high heels scraped the kitchen floor and she found herself spreading her legs for the horny drunk.

“Yes, my little angel! Yes!” he panted, forcing his fingers through her ample crotch hair. He found her pussy, rammed a finger inside. Then he gasped and wheezed into her ear. “You’re all wet! You’re soaking wet down there!”

Penny couldn’t answer him. She kept her eyes clenched shut and panted softly. Her knees bent a little and she lifted up, so that she could wriggle more easily on top of his hand. His finger was probing, poking back and forth. And he was right about her pussy being wet. She could feel her cunt juice soaking his hand and forming a puddle in her panties.

“What a sweet little cunt! What a soggy, slick little cunt!” he praised, using his finger like a small cock. “You’re so small! You’re so fucking small!”

Penny fucked on his finger and let him explore her body all he wanted. She was past caring. She was trapped at the kitchen sink between a marauding finger and a humping cock. She couldn’t move but it felt so good! She didn’t want it to end! And what shocked her most of all any minute, she was going to come! She could feel the bubble growing larger in the pit of her stomach.

“Oh I wanna cram my cock up there so bad!” Cal croaked. “Such, a hot, sweet teenage cunt! You’d love it! I’d have you screaming for more! I’d have you begging for it on bended knees! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

Penny didn’t doubt it. She was tempted, right this second, to swirl around, lift her dress, drop her pants, fall to the floor and let him fuck her. To hell with the consequences. But she couldn’t move. He held her so tight! And that finger up her cunt was so good! Oh that finger!

“I swear I’m gonna cream my pants just thinking about it!” he said, grinding his hips more harshly against her. His fingers dug deep into her tit flesh. He slipped, a second finger into her dripping cunt.

“Oh God! Oh God!” she chanted weirdly. His fingers were driving her mad. The cock between her ass cheeks was forcing her onto his fingers again and again. She had to feel that huge hunk of cock meat! She had to hold his prick in her hand!

Looping her arm around in back of her, she forced her hand into Cal’s pants. She stroked down his hairy belly and immediately came in contact with the hot swollen head of his prick. Wriggling her hand deeper, she managed to curl her fingers partly around the thick trunk of his cock. She clasped the upper cock shaft while the lower part of the cock plunged up and down in the crevice of her ass.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” he croaked, pistoning his fingers back and forth in her soggy pussy. “I haven’t dry-humped anyone since high school! Shit, it feels good! It feels real good!”

She moaned, rubbing her fingers as best she could along the hard bulk of his cock. This was crazy, she realized. Here they were, two married people, fondling each others crotches like beginners. And in her kitchen, yet! With both their spouses in the next room! But she couldn’t stop herself. She didn’t want to stop it. She felt too fucking good!

“I want to do dirty things to you!” he moaned, driving his cock through the sheath formed by her fingers and her ass. “I wanna fuck you every which way! Up the cunt and up the ass! Between your tits and in your mouth! I want to fill you up with cock till you faint!”

“And I want you to! I want you to!” she breathed, shocked to hear herself admit it. “I want your cock so bad! I want your cock up every hole I’ve got! I’m going to come soon! I’m going to come!”

His fingers plowed through the spongy folds of her cunt. His cock drove her onto them. And her tits swung low over the dishwater. The second tit had flopped free of her dress top. Her tits bounced and joggled as he humped her ass.

“I’ll be coming, myself, pretty soon. You really know how to handle a cock, don’t you?” He could feel the heavy cream in his balls as her fingers teased him.

“It feels so good! Your fingers up my cunt feel so good!” she whimpered. She was bent very low over the sink now and her ass was thrust out at him lewdly. Her bright blonde hair dangled alongside her rouged cheeks. A thin film of sweat coated her forehead.

The bubble in her belly expanded, and suddenly it burst. Hot flashes of pleasure rippled through her. Slimy globs of cuntjuice slid down the walls of her pussy and wet his pistoning fingers. She was coming, real slow and easy and nice. It was a cum that would last a long time, she could tell. And she bent her neck and murmured softly into the dish water.

“What a sweet little bitch you are! What a hot, sweet little cunt!” he raved on, easing back off her some so that she could properly curl her long fingers around his aching prick. His lower cock and balls were still captured in the lush crack of her ass, but the top of the cock shaft she could pump and jerk handily.

“Mmmmmm! Ohhh, fuck!” she mumbled, pleasure rolling through her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. It was too weird, too shocking to think about.

He began to grunt and groan behind her, and suddenly his free hand was squeezing one of her tits viciously. He fucked his huge cock through the cradle of her fingers and his balls trembled. Thick wads of jism spurted from his prick tip and on up her arm like hot wax.

“You’re coming! Ohhh fuck! You’re coming!” she groaned, tugging on his cock all the harder. The scalding jism was jumping up her arm then drooling back down into her hand. It made her cock-pumping a very sticky affair.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” was all he could say. His shorts were filling up with all the excess jism. He was coming in his pants. And all the while he fucked his fingers back and forth in Penny’s soggy cunt.

Jet after jet of sizzling cock cream fired up Penny’s arm. And she squeezed and caressed his twitching cock as if her life depended on it. She had a feeling that if she let up jerking him off for one second, he might pull his fingers from her cunt in the middle of her climax. She couldn’t let that happen. She was feeling too good.

“Whore! Cock-sucker! Sleazy bitch!” he grunted into her ear, suddenly mouthing words very clearly. He fucked his fingers to the hilt in her slimy cunthole.

Penny groaned with lust. She loved it! She loved it when he talked dirty, called her names like that! Was there something wrong with her? Was she perverted because she enjoyed hearing such things? Or did other women get off on such things too? It didn’t matter. She didn’t care. Dirty talk made her cunt tingle and that’s all there was to it.

“Feel my cum! Feel my cum all over you!” he wheezed, and his cock shot out yet another hot blast of jism.

Her hand felt as if it were being glued to his spasming cock. There was a never-ending supply of cum shooting from his prick, soiling her arm, welding her fingers together. Would he never stop coming? Would he never stop shooting the stuff? What if he had gone off up her cunt like that? Or in her mouth? He’d have choked her! She’d have gagged on all the jism!

“Pull on it! Jerk me off good! Oooh yeah! Oooh yeah!” he panted. His cock was numb in the tight clasp of her fist.

“There’s so much! So much cum!” she whimpered, still jacking his cock. It excited her no end, that he should come so heavily. There was something about thick creamy jism that drove her wild. And she couldn’t decide which she would prefer to have him blast her cunt with the hot stuff, or to have him jerk off on her, so that she could watch the white spurts of cum fly into the air.

Another steaming jet fired off up her arm.

Then he seemed to relax some. And the rest of his cum just oozed out his cock tip and soiled her fingers some more. Her fist was making soft wet sounds inside his pants.

“What a hot bitch! You sure know how to jerk a guy off!” he said. His jerking movements slowed against her ass and he leaned more heavily against her.

“I know,” she answered dreamily. She was relaxing, her climax fading gradually. She pumped his cock with slower and slower motions, milking the last thick dregs of jism from his balls.

“And you came good too, didn’t you, you little cunt?” he leered. “I made you come right in your pants with my fingers! Just think what I could do with my cock! Or my tongue! I’d have you screaming, little girl! I’d have you begging me for more!”

Penny groaned heavily. For in her heart she knew this was true. She might be a married lady with responsibilities to her husband, but she couldn’t resist sex this exciting, this daring, this dirty. She blushed with shame as she realized that if Cal Richards came to her again, urged her to fuck with him, she wouldn’t be able to say no. She might still be the blushing bride, but a cock was a cock.

“We’re gonna have fun, me and you, little girl,” he breathed over her shoulder. “Now that I know you love it as much as I do, we’ll be able to try everything together. You ever been face-fucked? Huh? You ever had a nine-inch cock up your ass? We’ll do it all!”

“We can’t, Cal! We can’t!” she heard herself groaning. The words sounded phony even as she said them, she realized. But something made her say them. She had to put up at least a front of resistance. Otherwise, he would just think her a wanton slut.

“We can and we will,” he gloated confidently, pulling back from her lush body. “I’ve got to fuck you soon. I’ve just got to!”

She let go of his wilting cock and stared at her cum-soaked hand. The thick white jism webbed her fingers together and drooled down her wrist. She plunged her hand into the cooled dish water and dried off. Then she quickly set about stuffing her swollen tits back into the top of her sexy dress.

“Your pants are all soiled. What art you going to tell June?” she asked him, glaring at his crotch.

He cinched up his belt and headed for the door. “I’ll tell her I was helping you with the washing up. I’ll tell her you spilled something on me,” he smirked. He licked the fingers he had pulled from her cunt as soon as he’d finished coming. The door swung shut behind him.

Penny stared into the kitchen sink dreamily. She could feel warm pussy juice oozing from her gaping cunt. It wet her pubic hair and ran down her thighs.


Penny tried her best to come down to earth. She threw herself into her housework over the next several days, and whenever she began to feel restless she put on her cute jogging shorts and ran until she was exhausted. It as very hard to keep the sexual encounter at her kitchen sink out of her mind though, and she found herself terribly horny on occasion in the middle of the afternoon.

Those were the days she would wait for her husband to return from work with a weird glint in her eye. She would scarcely let him through the front door before she was upon him, squeezing his balls in her hand, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. And most times they didn’t even make it as far as the bedroom. They ended up fucking on the rug mt the hallway, too carried away with lust to get fully undressed.

Ron thought he had died and gone to heaven. It was almost too good to be true, he thought. While they’d been dating, and during the first few weeks of their marriage, Penny had been rather shy and awkward when it came to fucking. Now, suddenly, she was attacking him every second day, forcing her wet pussy at him with an energy that was a little scary. He told himself that she had just learned to love fucking because she was settling into her marriage.

And Penny was rather proud of herself. She might have had a sexual encounter with another man, but she was now devoting herself to her husband body and soul. Ron was the lucky one. All the sleazy scene in the kitchen had done was awaken her passion for her husband. She was, now giving him more fucking than he could handle. And she didn’t have to think about Cal Richards any more.

These feelings lasted the better part of a week. Then Cal Richards phoned up her husband and suggested a camping trip over the weekend. There would be just he and June, Ron and Penny, and a third couple, Gary and Loraine, he said. They would leave Saturday morning and be back by Sunday night. Ron accepted enthusiastically, without even consulting Penny.

At first Penny was annoyed. She was thinking less and less of Cal as the days passed and was settling down into a domestic role more easily. But the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. It would be interesting, to say the least. And she could no doubt prove to herself once and for all that she could resist Cal. After all, she’d had several days to think things over.

By Saturday, as they drove up into the wooded hills, she was confident she could handle any situation that might arise. She laughed and joked with everyone as they set up camp, and she tried not to think of Cal’s rock-hard cock each time their eyes met. He was polite and pleasant with her, and she returned the feelings. No one, least of all their spouses, could have guessed that they’d had a kinky little sex session just a few days earlier.

In late afternoon, the three men went down to the lake with a wide-bodied canoe that Gary had brought along. They told the girls they would be back in a couple of hours with fish for supper. While June and Loraine sat around and gossiped, looking bored and uncomfortable out here in the country, Penny wandered off by herself. She was much younger than the other two women and didn’t really have much in common with them.

She found a secluded spot and lay down to catch some late afternoon sun, first stripping down to a tiny string bikini that barely held her colossal tits in place. Her lean body was tanned a deep bronze color, and it damn near glowed in the soft sunlight. Her tits separated in the string hammock as she lay back, the thick nipples poking up through the material like fingers.

She had barely closed her eyes when there was a rustling in the bushes and Cal Richards stepped toward her, grinning. He was sweating, as if he been running, and there was an odd look in his eyes as he gazed at her lush and lovely body. He licked his lips and stepped closer.

“Cal! Why aren’t you with Ron and Gary?” she gasped. She sat up quickly and her tits rolled down and apart in the bikini top.

“I told them I didn’t think that damned canoe could take three of us,” he said. “I told them I was coming back to be with the girls, in case they should need me.”

Penny flushed hotly. The look in his eye as he studied her brown body was unmistakable. She had a sudden urge to cover her tits with her hands, to clasp her golden thighs together modestly. She did neither and he continued to drool, as if he were seeing something he couldn’t quite believe.

“What a fucking body!” he whispered, more to himself than to her. “What a gorgeous hunk of ass you are!”

He was about to drop to his knees in front of her, but at the last second she jumped up and went to lean on a thick tree trunk a few feet away. She could feel her resistance slipping away, even without him having touched her, and she wanted to make an attempt to collect her thoughts. If she didn’t try to stop this whole thing before it got out of hand, her marriage might be over before it had begun!

“I knew you were a fucking sexy hunk,” he went on, following her, “but this is the first time I’ve ever seen you in a bikini. Shit, you’re even more stacked than I thought!”

She turned her back to him, breathed deeply. “I don’t think you should talk to me that way. I’m your friend’s wife!” she protested weakly.

“I can’t help it. One look at you and my balls begin to churn!” He stroked a hand down the sleek brown curve of her back, slipped his fingers under the brief triangle of cloth covering her ass.

“Please, Cal, no!” she groaned. But she didn’t move away. She hunched her shoulders and leaned heavily against the tree, her back to him.

His hand plowed deeper into her bikini panties, the middle finger separating her lush ass cheeks. He teased the puckered circle of her asshole and dug a fingertip quickly inside. He felt her shudder, then as she tried to move forward he clasped the string tassle of her bikini top with his free hand. The knot slipped easily and the top fell open, forcing her to cup both heavy tits in her arms. She began to whimper softly.

“Your bikini seems to be falling off,” he leered, and suddenly he was unplugging his finger from her asshole and grasping her by her shoulders. He pulled her around to face him, forced her back against the tree. He leaned over her and pressed his mouth against hers, thrusting his tongue into the back of her throat.

She moaned softly and let him do as he liked, her pussy already starting to ooze thick syrupy cunt juice. She lifted her arms to loop them around in back of him, and her lush tits wobbled to freedom, the bikini top dropping uselessly to the ground. She sucked on his tongue and molded her body to his, her nipples scratching against the fabric of his T-shirt.

“Attagiri! I knew you wanted it as bad as I do!” he panted, tearing his mouth off hers. “This camping trip was the best idea I’ve had in years!”

He began slobbering at her neck, then her shoulder. Then he was licking his way down one tit, pressing his lips to the warm flesh and sucking it into his mouth. Her nipple had telescoped to an inch-long stub. It was round and hard, the color of wet wood. He siphoned her nipple into his mouth and began sucking hard on it, pulling it up between his teeth and circling his tongue around its puffy surrounding circle.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Penny whimpered, running her fingers through his hair. “That feels so good! That feels so fucking good!”

He plucked at the stiff nipple for nearly a minute, running his hands up and down the curved lines of her waist and hips. Then he licked his way down into her deep cleavage and up onto the other lush tit. The second nipple was as long and swollen as the first, though it didn’t yet gleam with spit, as did its twin. He slipped that nipple between his llps and began to work on it, making loud sucking sounds.

“Ohbhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she gasped, holding his head lightly against her chest. Her head rolled from side to side and, she clasped her eyes shut tensely.

Suddenly he was spitting out the second nipple, leaving it stiff and shining. He was gripping her by the waist, dropping to his knees on the ground, licking his way down her cleavage and onto her golden brown belly. His fingers hooked into the tight bikini bottom and he started hauling down the tiny triangle of cloth.

Penny knew what was coming. Her heart pounded roughly and she began moaning weirdly. She gripped her hands to the sides of his head and urged him lower, thrilling at the touch of his tongue in her navel and on the soft smooth skin below. She watched him as he began to remove her final item of clothing.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” he mumbled, tugging slowly on her bikini panties. A sliver of dark blonde pubic hair slipped free, and as he lowered the panties he nipped at the top layer gently, plucking the tiny cunt hairs between his teeth.

Why was he going to slowly? He was driving her crazy! Was he doing it on purpose, knowing how she felt? The pussy juice was rolling down her cunt walls. She could feel it dampening her crotch. And he was going to eat her! She just knew it! He was going to use his mouth on her cunt and drive her wild!

The bikini bottom had slid off her hips and was stretched tautly across the tops of her thighs. Her rich brown pubic bush tufted up invitingly and he snuffled his nose through it, searching slowly for the deep gash of her split cunt his tongue tip found the slit of her cunt, he diddled his tongue about, widening her already gaping pussy. The cunt slot was greasy with juice already.

“Ooooooh! Ooooooh!” she moaned, cranking her legs wide for him. The bikini panties were stretched to the snapping point across her golden thighs.

“You’re soaking wet! You’re oozing cunt juice!” he raved, glancing up at her. He suddenly hooked his fingers under the string of the bikini at her thigh and snapped it. The panties slithered down her legs to the ground.

“Eat me! Please eat me!” she crooned, half out of her mind with lust. “I need it so bad! I need your mouth on my cunt so bad!”

He obliged her, burrowing his face between her legs and driving his tongue back and forth in her gaping pussy. Her cunt hairs were matting together with all the pussy juice slopping from her fuckhole. Little fronds of clinging hair formed and stuck to her belly and thighs. And she sank lower against the tree trunk, spreading her thighs wide and bending her knees.

He was fucking his tongue deep between the fat slimy slabs of her cunt, using it like a small cock. He dug his fingers into the greasy cuntlips and pried them apart, giving himself more room. The inner flesh of her cunt shone a bright pink. Her clit and the surrounding skin poked out at him like a crinkled rasher of bacon.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” she bleated, her eyelids fluttering. Her knees were buckling beneath her.

He sucked and slobbered between her naked thighs and let the warm cunt juice pour down onto his face. And then he took the erect knob of her clit between his lips and nibbled at it frantically. He wanted to drive her wild. He wanted to make her completely helpless, so that he could do whatever he wanted with her.

A quiver went through her and she sagged heavily, slipping down the tree trunk until she was nearly sitting at its base, her legs spread wide. He lifted his face from her pussy and looked at her, surprised at the crazed stare in her eyes. Then he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly.

“You ready for this now, you cute little bitch?” he leered. “You ready for a hunk of cock to sit on?”

He thrust down his pants and shorts and his huge prick swung into view, partially hard, and moist at its tip. The cock shaft was a bright red color, the head a deep purple. Beneath, his ball sac hung heavily, the balls swollen and hot. He took it in hand and primed it several times. He glared hungrily at her nude and spread-eagled body, at the erect nipples, swollen tits and soggy, gaping cunt.

“Fuck, what a sight you are, girlie! What a sight for a guy with a hard-on and a quart of jism to unload!” He crawled between her legs and knelt over her, his growing cock in his fist.

Penny watched him through half-closed lids. She felt close to passing out. She needed his cock so, she wanted it so. And there it was, right in front of her, ready to split her in half. Her pussylips began to tingle before he even touched her cunt.

“Such a beautiful, hot little cunt you’ve got! It’s peeling inside out, it wants my cock so bad!” he grinned. He planted the cock head against the greasy, hair-lined slabs of her cunt and pressed forward, easing the mushroom head of his prick inside.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” she sighed, clasping her eyes shut. Her hands sneaked behind him and grabbed his ass cheeks. Her fingers dug into his flesh and urged him deeper inside her.

“You’re so wet! You’re so fucking wet!” he croaked, and several inches of hard cock fucked inside the willing teenager.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she chanted, thrusting her pussy at him. “Fuck me deep! Split me in half!”

He thrust forward, fucking inch after inch of thickened cock into her cunt till his crotch hair tangled with hers and his balls nestled in the tight crook of her thighs. She hooked her feet over the tops of his thighs. She hugged him to her, sucking his huge hard-on high into her pussy.

“Shove it deep! Shove it deep!” she bleated. She began to fuck him as best she could, wriggling her pretty ass up off the ground.

He started fucking her with a vengeance, pumping his hips up and down and drilling every last inch of cockmeat deep into her pussy. Her cuntlips wrapped themselves lewdly around the pistoning prick shaft, sucking at his cock and drawing it deep inside. Almost as soon as he started fucking, she began to come.

She wondered why she was coming so easily of late. Her husband Ron usually had to work long and hard to push her over the top, but this past day or so, and these two times with Cal, she had started climaxing almost immediately. She wondered if it was the excitement of the surroundings, the danger of fucking with a man who wasn’t her husband, in places where they might easily get caught.

“Fuck, you’re a deep little bitch, aren’t you?” Cal gloated. He was watching, fascinated, as every last inch of his huge hard-on disappeared into her wet cunt. Her greasy cuntlips were folding over his fucking cock and sucking at it like a hot mouth.

“I love cock! I just love cock!” was all she could say. Her mouth opened in a snarl of lust and her lids grew heavy over her blue eyes.

He pulled her thighs from around his haunches and folded them back against her body, cranking her already gaping pussy wider. Her knees pressed against her tits. He watched the shaft of his cock split her cunt into a weird, oily gash. Then he spread her thighs even farther apart till her ass rocked up off the ground. He had her trussed dike a turkey as he fucked his prick into her pussy.

“Oh I don’t believe it! Oh it feels so good!” she groaned, her mouth a painted pink oval, her tongue fucking about crazily. She was being forced into the hardness of the dirt at the base of the tree, but she felt wonderful. She felt as good as she had ever felt in her whole life.

“I’m gonna blast my wad real soon!” he croaked, pistoning his ass back and forth. His thick cock shone with the pussy juice she was bathing him with.

“Oh please, yes! Hose me with it! Come inside me! Splatter me with hot jism!” she begged. She was still coming, her golden belly twitching and flexing strangely. She felt as if she had a steel bar shoved up her cunt. She felt bloated with cock.

“You sure you want it inside you? You sure you want my juice?” he leered, fucking his cock in and out of her pussy so fast she was quivering under his fuck-thrusts. His balls swung madly.

“Yes! Oh God, yes! Spurt your cum inside me! Hove it! Pump me full of hot jism!”

He pinned her to the ground, his cock a numb pole between his legs. Again and again and again he fucked in to the hilt, and her tits wobbled from the force of his fuck-thrusts. He squeezed her legs tightly in his hands, screwed up his eyes with lust. And then something snapped inside him, and he was coming.

Hot jism splashed out into Penny’s cunt. It shot out in thick, creamy jets, far up her cunt channel. Once, twice, three times, his cockhead found the depths of her pussy, quivered, and spurted out a thick ribbon of paste. He clogged her with cum, filling her pussy to overflowing. The jism stuck to his prick like glue each time he withdrew it.

“Oh God! Oh God! You’re coming so hard!” she groaned, her head tossing from side to side. “I feel your jism! I can feel your spunk shooting up my cunt! Ohhhhhh God!”

He couldn’t talk. All he could do was jerk his hips up and down, fuck his cock deep into the greasy folds of her cunt, and spurt out wad after wad of steaming prick juice. And one thought kept going through his head again and again. He was fucking the wife of his old friend Ron. He had the hots for her for months, and now, at long last, he was fucking her, belching out hot jets of jism into her. It thrilled him no end.

And it thrilled Penny too. There was something so wicked about it. To be cheating on her husband with an old friend of his. It was dirty and a bit perverted, and she loved every minute of it.

“Fill me with jism!” she cried, half-crazed with lust. “Pump me with dirty hot jism till I choke!”

He fucked into her half a dozen times more, and his prick belched out more globs of cum. The white stuff had begun to ooze out her clogged cunthole, and her crotch and cunt hair were soiled and matted with cum. When he could stand the heat of her pussy no more, he withdrew the limp shaft of his cock and lay it on hat golden belly, letting it drool jism onto her lovely skin.

“I love cum so!” she wheezed tiredly.


The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Penny and Cal went back to camp by separate routes, just in time to meet Ron and Gary as they returned from fishing. They had actually caught some fish, and the three young couples had a noisy and pleasant dinner around a roaring campfire. Penny ignored the hot stares she got from time to time from an unusually quiet Cal. She’d been well-fucked, and she was determined to enjoy her evening.

It was funny, but for some reason she felt less guilty about letting Cal fuck her in the woods than she had about their childish little encounter in her kitchen. She wondered if she was becoming a loose woman. But after all, it had only been one guy. And both times he’d caught her off guard and gotten her excited before she’d had a chance to resist.

No, it wasn’t guilt she felt now. It was hunger for more fucking. She was discovering a whole new appreciation of a steel-hard cock. And when Ron snuggled up to her in their tent that night, she was extra nice to him. She was raw and sore from fucking with Cal, and she still felt bloated and clogged with his spunk. But Ron was her husband. He had certain rights. And besides, by ten o’clock she was horny as a bitch in heat.

She let Ron part her legs and slip his hard-on inside her pussy, and she moaned sweet nothings in his ear. He didn’t seem to notice how unusually wet her cunt was. He simply humped her, fucking her as quickly and as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the other two couples. She could have fucked all night, in spite of her soreness. But he shot his wad, pulled out of her, rolled over and went to sleep — all in a space of ten minutes.

Good thing I’ve been royally fucked once already today, she thought. Otherwise, I might be tempted to go look elsewhere for a bit of cock. She tossed, and turned and fretted between the warm folds of the sleeping bag, but eventually she dropped off to sleep. She had dreams of huge cocks spurting gallons of jism.

The morning was beautiful, bright and clear. She was the first up, and had the coffee on by the time anyone else emerged from the small group of tents. It was Gary, and together they sat and chatted and drank their black coffee in the sunshine.

She wasn’t sure when the conversation turned to sex. Maybe it was when Gary gazed at her tits in her tight T-shirt and complimented her on her figure. She didn’t know him very well, having met him only once or twice before. And she was at first embarrassed by his attention. But she was soon smiling at his talk. And she found herself encouraging him.

“You and Cal are good friends, I hear,” he said at one point, letting his eyes take in the lush flow of her cleavage.

“Oh no! Has he been telling you all about that?” she blushed. Under any other circumstances, she might have been mad that Cal had been talking about her. But she was still horny from last night and her pussy was twitching and wet as she spoke.

“He didn’t say much. Just that you and he had… gotten together a couple of times. I won’t say anything.”

Gary really was very attractive, she mused, studying his muscles as they bulged out of his shirt. He had the clearest green eyes and wavy blond hair. And the way he was squatting there by the fire, he obviously had a huge cock on him. The mound of his prick and balls swelled out the crotch of his blue jeans.

“We fucked, yesterday, in the bushes. While you and Ron were out fishing. I was so horny I couldn’t believe it.”

“Do you often get that way? Horny, I mean?”

“Lately quite a bit. And it seems to me, if a girl feels horny, she should be able to let her feelings out, you know? Just like a guy. I mean I don’t believe that just because a girl is married, she has to fuck only her husband. I think that’s really old-fashioned. Don’t you?”

“Absolutely,” he agreed, his cock beginning to tremble. She was such a sexy little cunt! So young looking! And so dumb! It took all his will power not to unzip right there and slap his cock back and forth across her pretty face.

“I mean sometimes Ron is tired, and doesn’t feel like it. What am I supposed to do then?”

Gary had several suggestions, but he stood up quickly and gulped down the rest of his coffee. “Why don’t we go for a short trip in the canoe before the rest of the folks wake up? We could discuss this further.”

Penny’s heart began to pound. She knew where this would lead if she consented. She knew that if she went off with Gary he would make a pass at her sure as hell. She finished her coffee and smiled at him, her pretty blue eyes teasing him. She stood up and moved toward him. Her lush tits rolled and jiggled loosely in her T-shirt.

“I think that’s a great idea,” she purred, slipping her arm through his as they moved off toward the lake.

In a matter of seconds they were out on the smooth water, and Gary was angling the canoe toward a secluded group of trees two hundred yards down the bank. The blood was pumping in his cock as he looked at the lush form of Penny’s body draped across the other end of the canoe. She was smiling at him suggestively.

“Do you mind if I take my top off?” she asked, already peeling off her T-shirt before he had a chance to answer. “I want to get as much sun as I can on this trip.”

Her gorgeous tits wobbled free and the stiffening brown nipples pointed at him like accusing fingers. They were the most beautiful tits he had ever seen, not small and droopy like his wife Loraine’s, but full and heavy and lush, with flushed and full tips that ached to be sucked. He paddled more rapidly and brought the canoe under the shelter of the trees. He tied up and paused to stare at her.

The cut-offs she wore were incredibly tight across her crotch. She bent her knees and spread her legs as she lay back in the canoe, and from beneath the ragged hems of her pants he could see blonde cunt hair peeking out. She pulled at the cut-offs with her fingers, pretending to make herself comfortable, all the time watching him closely. Her tits wobbled and separated on her chest.

“Jesus Christ!” he murmured, his eyes glued to her crotch. She had tugged on the cut-offs so hard that the strap of denim hooking under between her legs and slipped inside the lips of her cunt. Two furry swaths of cunt hair bristled on either side, and her juicy cuntlips were folding themselves over the denim, swallowing it completely.

“What’s the matter?” she teased, smiling at him. “You look really tense. Am I bothering you?”

The wet folds of her pussy were gnawing at the loop of cloth between her legs in the bright morning sunshine her cunt hairs were glistening. And suddenly, as if by accident, the button beneath her navel popped open and there was a quick zipping sound as her fly widened. The bushy tuft of pussy hair below her belly came into view.

“Oh my! Oh my!” she gasped, pretending to be shocked. “I’m not being very ladylike, am I?”

Gary groaned heavily. And suddenly he could stand the silly cock-teasing game no more. He came to his knees and lunged toward her, rocking the canoe crazily. He was reaching for his belt and dropping his pants. His hard cock swung out lewdly between his legs. A pearl of pre-cum hung off its tip.

“What are you trying to do to me? You want me to come in my pants?” he panted. He had pushed his pants down below his knees and had taken his prick in hand. He leaned low over her and aimed the cock head for the oozing wet gash of her pussy.

“Gary, what are you doing! Gary, my goodness!” she protested.

She had known all along they were coming out here to fuck, but she was still a little shocked that it was going to happen this fast.

“What a little cock-tease you are! Gotta fuck you right now! Oh yeah!” he groaned. He hooked his fingers beneath the denim strap looped inside her cuntlips and forced it to one side. Then he planted his swollen cock head in its place and fucked forward. The great purple mushroom head of his cock disappeared inside her soggy pussy.

“Ohhh! My goodness!” she pouted. Her eyes closed with satisfaction as the great swollen hard-on fucked into her cunt. She drew up her legs and spread them wide for him.

“Is this what Ron doesn’t give you enough of? Is this what you crave?” he leered, forcing his full weight behind the stiff spike of his cock. As soon as he had his cock buried to the balls inside her cunt, he began pumping it back and forth, pinning her to the base of the canoe harshly. He pressed his body down on hers and fondled one huge tit in his fist.

“Oh yes! Oh God, yes!” she moaned, plunging her hands down his back and over his ass cheeks. She squeezed his ass in her fingers and urged him deeper into her pussy.

“You’re so wet! You must have been wanting this for hours, huh?” he grunted, “Fuck, you’re greasy as hell!”

“Yes! I want it! I’ve needed it for hours! I love it! I love cock! Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me till I can’t stand it!”

“Well, to tell you the truth,” he said, feeding cock to her with strong, steady fuck strokes, “I fucked Loraine last night — and with you, I’d like to try something different. Seems to me you’re the type would try anything, right? Right?”

When she didn’t answer right away he tweaked her nipple between his thumb and finger. The erect nubbin was nearly an inch long.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Yes, I’ll try anything! I love cock! I love it!”

“Good! Then let’s try this!” He pulled back, withdrew his huge hard-on from her steaming cunt. He grasped his cock in his fist and it glistened in the sun and dripped cunt slime onto her belly.

The canoe rocked as he climbed up on top of her, leaving her gnarled ajid empty cuntlips molded in the shape of his cock. He settled himself on her ribcage and lay his cock between her huge lolling tits. Grabbing a tit in each hand, he crammed them harshly together over his hard-on, making sure the stiff nipples scratched the blue veins running up the side of his cock. He began to fuck her tits roughly.

Penny could scarcely believe this was happening. Her cunt felt cold and empty. But there was something lewd and exciting about what he was doing on top of her. She decided to lie back and enjoy it. It was kind of kinky, kind of dirty, but it thrilled her. He was actually fucking her between her tits! She could see the purple crown of his prick emerge each time he fucked forward. The piss-slit winked at her lewdly.

“This ever happen to you before?” he smirked, gazing down into her lust-contorted face. “You ever been fucked between the tits?”

“No! Ohhh God, no!” She writhed beneath him. His cock was oozing pre-cum from its tip and she could feel the wetness on her tits.

“You don’t know what you’ve been missing! There’s all kinds of stuff you should be trying, a newlywed like you! Open your mouth!”

“Huh? What? Mmmmmffffff!” she gasped. As she spoke he forced the big purple head of his prick between her lips.

“Suck it! Suck the head of my cock!” he ordered, grasping the back of her neck with one hand and forcing her head back and forth on his bloated hard-on. Her lips folded around the pulsing prick and the pretty pink lipstick she had applied earlier smeared off along its surface.

He still crammed her swollen tits to either side of his cock at its base. His balls nestled comfortably in her cleavage. But the head of his prick was solidly embedded in her face and he fed it back and forth, fucking her mouth, forcing her cheeks to balloon and then hollow strangely. Her dazed and lust-clouded eyes stared fixedly up into his.

“You like this? You like sucking cock?” He could feel the soft velvet pad of her tongue supporting the weight of his cock. Her saliva was bathing him warmly.

“Mmmmmffffff!” she slobbered, bobbing her head now of her own accord on his looming prick shaft. It was so strange, to have a guy fuck her between the tits and in the mouth at the same time! It was so kinky! She wondered how many other exciting and dirty things there were that she’d been missing out on.

“I think I’m gonna come in your mouth. Would you like that? Huh? Would you like me to come in your mouth? Would you like to drink down all my hot jism?” His movements had speeded up and he was panting oddly.

My God, she hadn’t thought of that! What about when he comes! He would probably drown her in cum! She might choke on his hot spunk!

“What a mouth you’ve got! All pouty red lips and even white teeth! Shit, you could drive a guy out of his mind with this little mouth of yours!” he groaned.

He suddenly let her tits roll back on her chest and lifted off her, forcing, his cock into her mouth at a new angle. He clasped his prick tightly midway up its trunk and began to jerk off furiously. Only the cock head remained between her lipstick-smeared lips. It sat on her tongue and trembled like a great bloated mushroom.

She gazed up into his eyes with mild panic, wandering what he planned to do. She was helpless, pinned beneath him in the bottom of the canoe, his weight spread across her tits and ribcage. A strong hand gripped her behind her head and helped her buck up and dawn on his thick hard-on. She couldn’t have escaped if she had wanted to.

I’m going to come in your mouth, he explained patiently. “Just relax and everything will be all right. Keep your mouth open so that I can leave the cock head inside. I’m just going to jerk off into your mouth.”

Penny did as she was told, cranking her jaw open and letting him pump his cock between her lips. This was so weird! And so exciting! She’d sucked cock before, but she’d never had a guy jerk off into her mouth. She wasn’t really taking part in this at all. She was just being used. He was simply going to use her mouth to dump his jism. She found the idea dirty and tremendously appealing.

“Pretty close now, sweetheart. Pretty close,” he gasped, his fist a blur of motion on his prick. He could feel the heavy jism boiling in his hot and swollen balls. The sight of her innocent and pretty young face, swelled out with his thick cock, was too much to bear. Her pouty red lips and smooth cheeks trembled and vibrated with the motion of his jacking off.

There was a wet exploding sound and his cock was bursting between her lips. The cock head twitched, seemed to expand on her tongue, and a great greasy wad of steaming spunk blasted into her mouth. Prepared as she was, it still caught her off guard. She coughed, she gagged, and her eyes rolled up at him in surprise. In an instant, her mouth had been filled to capacity with sizzling hot jism.

She gurgled, swallowing and spitting up at the same time. His cum was wriggling to her stomach like thick soup, but there was so much of it that she couldn’t swallow it all at one gulp. Cum squished about between her gums and cheeks, coated her tongue and hung from the roof of her mouth. And it overflowed her lips and flowed in thick white trails down her chin.

“Ohhhhhh yeah! Feels so good! Ohhhhhh yeah!” he crooned, emptying his cock contentedly into her mouth. “Suck it all down! Eat that cum!”

Penny tried her best, but no sooner had she gulped down the first wad of jism than a second blasted free, and a third, filling her mouth and clogging her throat in seconds. She had quit gagging, but she gasped and snorted, and soon she had sucked up jism into her nose and was blasting it from her flared nostrils. White bubbles snapped above her upper lip.

“Ohhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh yeah!” he yelled, thrilled at the sight of her snorting cum. He loved the sight of the thick streams of silver spunk drooling from the corners of her mouth and oozing down her chin. And he decided he wanted to see more.

He pulled back just enough to free his spurting cockhead from her cum-drenched lips. Then, with the cock tip no more than two or three inches from her open, drooling mouth, he proceeded to jerk out the rest of his cum-load. He aimed the jets carefully, shooting one after the other into the gaping white hole of her mouth. He wanted to look inside and see how much cum she could hold.

“Sssppplllfff!” she gurgled, her lovely eyes wide with panic. There was so much cum! She would never be able to swallow it all!

“Keep your mouth open! I want to fill it with cum!” he said, still jerking off steadily. The spunk sprang from his prick in thick white ropes, firing straight and true into her waiting, overflowing mouth. A great wall of silver wetness had formed across her jism-soaked lips, and as each new jet spurted inside it began to drool in huge creamy globs down her chin.

Her moved forward, plunged his cock back between her lips, forced the escaping jism back onto her tongue and into her throat. Then he withdrew once more and rubbed his cockhead from side to side on her lips, smearing the jism in wide swaths across her face. The cock was still oozing cum.

“Drink it! Drink it all down!” he grunted, marveling at the way her lovely face shone with cum in the morning sunlight it Penny gulped and gasped, sucking down as much spunk as she could. But there came a time when she lost all fear and started to relish the taste of the stuff. While she still had a huge amount of cum in her mouth she started squishing it between her teeth and playing it back and forth on her tongue. Then, realizing how much it turned him on to see the cock cream ooze from her mouth; she let it seep slowly from her lips onto her face.

He groaned, daubing the silver jism back and forth across her chin. And she knew that fucking with his wife would never be the same again.


Penny knew she was living dangerously. She knew that if she kept up her current rate of sexual activity, it was only a matter of time before her husband Ron found out about it. And then there was no telling what he might do. He might forgive her. Or he might not even care. Some men were like that, she had heard. But deep down, she had a feeling he would hit the roof. She was fairly sure that if he found out about her fucking other guys, he would leave her.

The thing was she could stop. She wasn’t sure that she wanted to stop. Now now, not now that she’d experienced a little sexual variety and knew how exciting it could be. If she had to give it up, if she had to stop fucking with other men, she would go crazy. She just knew it. It would mean the end of her marriage for sure, for then she would begin to resent Ron and her lack of freedom.

She spent three days fretting over it all after they returned from the camping trip. She didn’t begin to perk up until the middle of the week, when she decided to get out of the house while Ron was at work and catch up on some chores that needed dealing with. The most important item was a visit to the bank. Ron had asked her to inquire about a small loan so that they could buy a new car.

To cheer herself up and get herself ready to face the world, she decided to wear some of her sexiest and most expensive clothes. She wanted to feel extra special. And of course it wouldn’t hurt to try to impress a bank manager. The way she presented herself could make the difference in whether or not they got the loan.

Feeling a little wicked, and with her heart pumping, Penny brought out a special package of under things from her top drawer. Ron had bought them for her on their honeymoon, and though at first she had felt self-conscious and silly in them, she had soon come to like them. Largely because the sight of her in them caused her new husband to go into drooling tits of fuck-lust.

There was a sheer bra, made of the thinnest black silk, that had large holes cut out at its tips so that the nipples and surrounding circles of flesh would poke through brazenly. It forced her large tits in against each other and up, like two melons crammed in a sling. And it made her long nipples stick up like pointing fingers. It drove Ron wild.

Then there was the suspender belt and stockings. She’d never worn such things till that night on her honeymoon, always encasing her long lovely legs in practical pantyhose. But she had learned to like the feel of the silk stockings against her thighs and the tight belt around her waist. The stockings were black and she loved the way her lovely brown thighs were exposed at their tops. The belt was embroidered with pretty lace and had tiny red bows in several places. The slender black garters stretched elastically along her ass cheeks and upper thighs.

She studied herself in the bedroom mirror wearing nothing but this lewd and gaudy underwear and she felt a weird thrill in her pussy. She was pure sex, there was no doubt about it. One look at her and men would sink in quivering heaps, hopeless hard-on tenting up their pants. Dressed like that, she represented only one thing: cunt. She was just a cunt and ass and sultry mouth, made to give men pleasure, made to be a receptacle for gallons and gallons of steaming hot cum.

Penny suddenly had a thought, and before she put on her dress she scampered to the dressing table and began applying gobs and gobs of eye make-up and lipstick. She daubed the heavy blue eyeshadow thickly, till it gleamed like two dark bruises. Then she plastered her mouth with shiny red lip-gloss, pouting her lips and running her tongue over them till the sultry pads shone like wet fruit.

Then she went back to the mirror and practiced pouting some more. She loved the way she could make herself look like a whore while still remaining young and sweet-looking. It was an interesting contrast, and one which she knew would drive any man within a hundred yards out of his mind. She was a sexual bombshell. And she suddenly felt very good about herself. For the first time in her life, she felt confident.

She put on a print dress, smiling at the way it revealed her luscious cleavage, and skipped down to the car, full of high spirits. It was amazing what getting dressed up and applying a little make-up could do for a girl! Only hours earlier, she’d been down and depressed, fretting about her conduct on the weekend. And now here she was, feeling like a million dollars, ready to face the world and go out and get what she wanted.

Her high spirits lasted all afternoon, and she wasn’t even put out when a stern-faced secretary forced her to wait half an hour before letting her in to see Mr. Crombie, the bank manager. Nothing could spoil her mood this afternoon! She just felt too good, too attractive! When Mr. Crombie finally motioned her into his office and closed the door behind her, she could tell all the extra care she’d taken was not in vain.

“Mrs. Harris, isn’t it?” he inquired, his eyes traveling up and down the luscious teenager’s frame. “I had no idea you were so young. I’d imagined a much older woman.”

Penny smiled at the compliment and took the chair he offered her, careful to bend down enough to let him have a good look into her deep cleavage. Her creamy young tits separated invitingly, and she was glad she’d worn such a light and loose dress. If he didn’t come across with the loan when she’d finished with him, nothing would get it for them!

For several minutes they discussed finances, and Penny found herself growing restless.

Money bored her. She was only asking for this damn loan as a favor to Ron. She wasn’t interested in talking about the economy. When it became apparent that Mr. Crombie wasn’t going to come across immediately with the loan, she decided to seduce it out of him. She would get it eventually anyway, she knew. But it would certainly liven up the afternoon if she could fuck the old man for it. Why not have a little fun?

She stood up in front of his desk, amused at the way he watched her through his glasses, a slight film of sweat on his brow. He wasn’t used to having gorgeous young teenagers asking him for favors. He certainly wasn’t used to them strutting around his office that way.

“Mr. Crombie, I’d appreciate it if you’d let us have the loan. Just sign the necessary papers and we’ll settle it.” As she spoke she let the shoulder strap of her dress fall. She leaned down over his desk and let her tits separate in their lewd bra. Her nipples were erecting already and poked out the dress fabric like bullets.

“I think a few more questions.” Mr. Crombie began, his eyes glued to her tits.

“I think we’ve had enough questions. How about a little fun?” Penny leered, and she let the other shoulder strap slip, till the entire front of her dress fell down around her waist. Her stiffening nipples were exposed in the sexy bra like small cocks on their puffy red circles of flesh.

“Good God!” croaked Crombie, standing up. “Mrs. Harris, I must insist…”

“Insist on what?” teased Penny. A little to her own surprise, she was climbing up onto Crombie’s desk, raising her dress up around her waist in a rumpled roll. “Insist on me showing you more? Okay, here goes!”

Penny was squatting on Crombie’s desk on her haunches, her dress around her belly, her suspender belt, garters and black silk stockings completely exposed. In a final stroke of genius, she’d decided not to wear any panties at all, and the tufted crack of her hairy pussy was on display before the astonished bank manager.

“Do you like it? Do you like my cunt?” she teased, smiling. She spread her legs for him and hunched over to pry apart the lips of her cunt with two fingers. An oozing pink slice of lush inner cunt flesh was revealed. He could even see the dancing bud of her clit among all the wet pussy folds.

“Good God,” Crombie repeated. He gulped. “Mrs. Harris, I must insist…”

“And I must insist also, Mr. C.. I insist that you take out your cock and fuck me. It’s not nice to keep a lady waiting.”

Crombie stared at her as if he were in a trance. His mouth popped open and shut but no sound came out. He was only aware of one thing. His cock had started to pump full of blood. It was stretching itself in his shorts and growing more uncomforable by the second. He began to breathe heavily and a trickle of sweat ran down his temple.

“I’ll make it so good for you,” Penny purred, her voice softer. “I’ll show you the best fuck you ever had.”

She was reaching out to slip his jacket off his shoulders. Her fingers began popping open the buttons of her shirt. And all the time she was smiling at him wantonly, glad that he wasn’t resisting. Her tongue ran around and around her lips and made them shine brightly. Her eyes left his only when she started work on his pants.

Crombie leaned over to press a switch on his desk, finding his voice at last. “Miss Fitch, no calls.”

“Good idea, Mr. C.,” Penny whispered. “My, what have we here!”

She unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants around his thighs. The front of his shorts was bulged out hugely. She slipped her hand inside quickly and grasped the log of his prick like a bat handle. With her other hand she forced his shorts down.

“Why you naughty man, you’ve been thinking dirty thoughts about young Penny!” she teased, pouting at him with her sultry wet lips. “You’ve gotten all hard imagining us fucking, haven’t you?”

She gripped his cock like a club and began pumping it strongly up and down. His cock was already six inches long and far from fully erect. As she jacked his cock she could feel it growing thicker, stronger, harder. The foreskin peeled back off the cock head, and the tip shone wetly.

“You thinking about pumping Penny full of naughty jism?” she went on, enjoying being in control. “You want to shove your cock inside me and shoot me full of spunk?”

Something snapped inside Crombie. He’d been eyeing her plump tits hungrily and now he grasped one in each palm and mauled them like a crazy man. He circled his hands around and around on her tits and forced them back against her chest. The hot nipples scratched his skin. He couldn’t get over how her bra distorted the shape of her enormous tits and made them appear even larger.

“Yes! Yes!” Penny cried. “Feel my tits! Rub them hard! Yes!” She jacked him off expertly, pumping his cock to full she in a matter of minutes. His cock head began to ooze a thick syrup that soiled her fingers. And she decided she had better act fast or he would be coming in her hand. “Lie down on the desk and I’ll sit on your cock. Lie down on the desk!”

He didn’t have much choice; she was hauling him up by his cock. He rolled onto his back on his desk and slid under her. The soaring spike of his cock stuck up through her fist like a rocket. And she hoisted one silken leg over him quickly, squatted on her haunches above his hard-on.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” she muttered, her brow furrowed with concentration. She dipped her lovely blonde head and watched his cock as she lowered herself onto it. She tilted his cock from left to right with her fingers and nudged the wet and glossy prick head up against the soft gooey petals of her cunt. She was very wet and she was going to have no trouble at all fucking herself on his hard-on.

Crombie proped himself up on his elbows and watched with her as she planted his cock head, slipped it inside her swollen pussylips, let her weight shift gently from side to side. She tugged the cock to one side, then with a deep sigh of satisfaction she let her full weight down on his prick. Inch after inch of bloated cock meat disappeared between the soft wet folds of her pussy.

“It’s going! Feel it go inside me!” she crooned, lifting her face to his at last. She was slowly sitting on him, letting the hardened cock bore its way inside her pussy as she lowered herself. Her tits pointed at him like ripe melons. The nipples were sticking up damn near an inch from their puffy circles.

Finally Penny’s blonde cunt bush meshed with his dark cock hair. His prick throbbed and twitched inside her like a reptile. And for a moment she sat on him like that, quite still, her lovely nylon-encased legs jackknifed on either side of him on the desk top. Then she brought her hands up and braced them against his shoulders. She began to fuck him violently, pumping her lush ass up and down like a machine.

“So good! Feels so good!” she raved, her eyes closing and opening again with lust. Her big tits swung back and forth crazily as she moved. And, as she dipped lower, the hard nipples scraped his chest.

Crombie lay still on his desk, letting the horny teenager do all the work. His cock had grown to an eight-inch column and it curved thickly into the sucking slide of her cunt. She was oozing all kinds of sticky syrup and each time she lifted up off him his prick shone like a wet branch. Her cuntlips were warped strangely around his throbbing prick.

“It goes so deep! It feels so good!” she wailed, her gorgeous face glistening. Her eyes were glazed over with lust.

The jism was boiling in Crombie’s balls. He closed his eyes, tried not to look at the bouncing teenager. The sight of her squatting over him, dressed in virtually nothing but black silk stockings and, suspender belt, was driving him mad. And the lush feel of her hot young cunt sucking on his aching hard-on was paradise. Her nipples burned him each time they scraped over his chest.

“Is it nice? Does it feel good to fuck me?” she gasped, staring into his face. Her pretty blonde hair bounced wildly about her face.

He couldn’t speak. Her cunt seemed to be peeling the outer skin off his poor tortured cock. He wanted to tell her to slow down, to give him a chance to hold himself back. But he couldn’t. He glared at her, his mouth open stupidly.

Without losing her rhythm, Penny was raising her body up and back, sitting up straight on his outspread body. She tilted her head back and let her hair tumble back over her shoulders. Her huge ripe tits swelled and shifted in their bra, the bloated nipples poking up toward the ceiling. Her back arched, and her ass cheeks seemed to split even wider over the taut sac of his sizzling balls.

“I’m going to come!” Crombie panted at last, feeling himself on the very edge. “If you don’t stop, I’m going to come inside you!”

“Yes! Yes! I want you to! Come inside me! Fill me full of jism! Yes! Oh yes!” she whimpered, fucking up and down on his steel-hard cock. “I love cum! I love it!”

Crombie remained motionless on his desk, trying his best to hold back his swirling jism. It was impossible. The hot teenager was simply too much for him. She speeded up her fucking, driving herself up and down on him wantonly. And she scooped up her tits in her hands and squeezed them, half out of her mind with lust.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” Crombie grunted. Great sizzling bolts of jism were spurting from his cock tip, blasting up into Penny’s pussy like water from a hose. He lifted his ass off the desk and began to fuck her back at last.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” Penny wailed. “You’re coming! I can feel you coming inside me!”

Again and again his prick twitched inside her cunt, belching out thick slabs of cock cream. They sprang out like hot pellets of wax, drenching her insides with goo. And as she continued to fuck him the spunk squished from her cunt and dribbled thickly down the trunk of his cock. The silver jism pooled stickily in the curls of his pubic hair.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” he croaked, ramming his cock deep inside her now, carving her poor ravaged pussy viciously. The sight of his jism sliding down his cock like wax down a candle was too much. He wanted to pump her full of cum. He wanted to blast her so full of cum she would be spitting it up.

“I love it! I love it!” she crooned, leaning low over him once more. “Fill me full of it! Fill me!”

Another jet of spunk shot up into her cunt. And another. His balls kept cranking out the stuff. And the more jism he gave her, the more she seemed to want. She couldn’t seem to get enough of it. She bent her neck and watched the cum roll down the sides of his cock. Her cunt hair was matted with the white stuff.

“Yes! More! Oh God!” she ranted, bucking crazily up and down. Her tits bounced and rolled in their harness. The nipples appeared about to burst.

“Ungh! Ungh!” he grunted, fucking his hard-on through all the slop. What a hot little bitch she was. She couldn’t get enough cock, or enough cum. There was no slowing her down.

Sizzling hot wads of spunk burst from his cock and drenched her insides. His cock head was exploding. Her pussy was clogged with fuck cream, and more and more of it sluiced free of her pussy lips and drooled down his prick. She reached down and scooped up a fistful of the steaming slop. Then she began to smear it back and forth across her belly, coating the golden skin and soiling the taut black strap of her garter belt.

“I love it! I love cum!” she wailed on. Her cunt was twitching. It was sucking at his spurting prick madly, milking out every last bolt of slimy paste. Her bloated cuntlips were red and raw and gleaming under their layer of jism.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” he was wheezing, his face shining with sweat. “I’m empty. I’m empty. You’ve drained me dry.”

His cock had stopped spurting jism a last. He quit fucking and let his ass sink to rest on the desk top. She slowed with him, convinced at last that she really had pumped out all his jism. And she rested for a moment, rolling her crotch around and around on him in slow lazy movements, keeping his prick buried deep inside her pussy. She rubbed his cum into her belly.

But then she lifted up off him a bit. Her cunt slid up his cock just high enough for the bloated cock head to plop free. His hard-on stuck up between her legs like a thick spike her pussy lips clung to the very tip of the prick head tenderly. She reached for her pussy folds and pulled apart harshly.

A great gleaming pool of gooey white spunk oozed free, bathed the top of his cock, then slid down the cock head and trunk on all sides. She lowered her head and together she and Crombie watched as the thick layer of cum dripped down like wax. Wads of spunk followed, slithering from her cunt as she pried the cuntlips wide. His cock glistened with the stuff and bent a little to one side so that ropes of jism dripped off.

“See how much cum you shot off! You filled me with cum!” Penny moaned. She was pressing her cuntlips together then cranking them wide apart, forcing the turn out in great white globs.

Crombie couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing. Was this little girl some kid of weirdo or what? She seemed fascinated by the cum and the way it drooled from her wet pussy. She squatted over him, nude but for her string bra and suspenders and stockings, prying her cunt open so they could watch his fresh jism drool over his wilting cock. He had never seen anything so erotic in his whole life.

“You naughty man, you filled Penny with cum! Look what you did to her! Look!” she went on childishly. She gripped his prick in her hand, drew up strings of cum that webbed her fingers together. Then she began to smear his cum once more onto her belly.


Her new-found freedom pushed Penny a bit off balance. Whole new areas were opening up for her and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle herself. Her major concern should have been for her husband and her marriage, she realized. But her thoughts were of other things. She kept thinking of all the guys out there she would never get to fuck, all the cocks she would never get to suck. She wanted to explore more, experience more. She wasn’t going to let being married stand in her way.

The fact that she could use her sex appeal to get what she wanted out of life didn’t really concern her. Mr. Crombie had come through with the loan of course, and that had pleased her. But she wasn’t about to let the fucking become business. She was in it for the fun, pure and simple. She loved to fuck. She loved to suck cock. And she wanted more. She wanted to fuck with many different types of men.

Two days after her session with the bank manager, she enrolled in a photography class. On the camping trip, Cal had mentioned that he had a friend who taught a course at the local high school. He’d been speaking to Gary at the time, and she hadn’t paid much attention until he mentioned that the classes were usually made up of many more men than women. And young men at that. Photography didn’t interest her, but she decided to enroll to see who she would meet.

Her husband Ron was pleased. He was glad she was taking an interest is something outside the home. And if he wondered what she was doing enrolling in anything, since she hadn’t exactly been the brightest girl in school, he didn’t show it. He drove her down to the high school after dinner one weeknight and said he would be by for her around ten o’clock, when the class got out. She suggested she should phone him instead when she was ready.

The class was rather boring, just as she had feared. But there was only was only one other female attending, and the rest of the students were men. Several of them were really young and cute. And the instructor was gorgeous. Penny couldn’t take her eyes off him. She spent the first half hour wondering how she could him to notice her.

She sat at the back of the room, and a little off to the side. The instructor had a clear view of her. But he seemed to be caught up in what he was talking about and she couldn’t seem to distract him. She sat a little lower in her seat and let her skirt ride up her thighs. She spoiled it slowly above her knees and spread her legs wide. It had an immediate effect. The instructor stopped in mid-sentence.

He soon recovered and went on with his talk, but she had his attention. She had fun teasing him. Not only did she enjoy turning him on, she loved the fact that she was doing it in a crowded room. It felt so wicked, somehow, to be doing lewd things in public. She raised her skirt farther and winked at him.

The instructor began to sweat. He managed to keep on talking, but he’d lost his concentration. He glanced back at Penny every chance he got, not quite believing she was lifting her skirt for him, showing off her crotch so brazenly. What was really amazing was what she was wearing. Black silk stockings ended at the tops of her lovely thighs and taut elastic suspenders disappeared under her stylish skirt. And she hadn’t finished yet.

As she lifted her skirt even higher, he could see her pussy hair. Yes, there it was, all dark blonde and fluffy. The straps of her suspenders snaked up on either side of her tufted cunt. And finally he could see the garter belt itself stretched across her belly. She had actually pulled her skirt that high. The sexy little cunt wasn’t wearing any panties. She was flashing her naked pussy at him. His cock lurched inside his pants.

Shortly after that he ended the class. He didn’t want to bore them on the first night, he said. Several people stopped by his desk to ask questions but he hustled them away, saying he would answer them at the next class. Soon he and Penny were the only two left in the room. She dropped her skirt back down and was watching him with a sweet smile on her lips. She ambled slowly up the aisle to face him.

“The class was very interesting,” she said, jiggling her lovely tits at him. Not only had she quit wearing panties, she had left off her bra as well. The thick stubs of her nipples poked out the front of her dress like hard stones.

“You taught me more than I taught you!” he said, eyeing her hungrily. He’d never met a girl who oozed sex appeal like this. Just talking to her was giving him a hard-on.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” she went on. She ran her pink tongue over the painted red pads of her lips and made them gleam.

“Very much. Let’s go into the darkroom.” He led the way to a small room at the rear of the class and ushered her inside, closing the door behind them. Deep-red light came from a single bulb. There were sinks and trays and sheets of film hanging from the ceiling. He stood with his hands on his hips and his back against the door, watching her. He didn’t make any move to touch her.

“I got the hots for you, listening to you talk,” she muttered, dropping to her knees in front of him. “My mouth started to water, just thinking about your cock.”

He stared down at the top of her lovely blonde head and watched as she grappled with his belt and fly. She opened his jeans and tugged them to the floor. Then she thrust up his shirt and yanked down his shorts, slipping them to his ankles in a flash. His thickening cock leaped out and smacked her in the face. His prick was large and heavy and still pointed at the ground. But it was growing by the second, and she had a feeling his cock would soon be too much to handle.

“Oh God! Oh God!” she panted, gripping the fat prick, in her fingers. She pumped his cock several times and glared at its purple head. Then she crammed it in her mouth hungrily.

She drove her lips down, letting the cock head bump the roof of her mouth and plug her throat. She lifted up again till the prick head sat on her tongue. Then she began to buck her face up and down, sucking big cock violently. Greasy globs of dark lipstick smeared off onto his growing hard-on.

“Oh yeah, suck it! Suck my cock!” the instructor groaned. He placed his hands on her shoulders and moved his hips slowly in and out, feeding her his growing prick.

Penny sucked and sucked, her cheeks hollowing and swelling with the effort. The cock inflated in her mouth, forcing her lips wider and wider apart. She made wet slurping sounds and saliva dripped down the cock trunk. A deep moaning sound started in her throat. She was whimpering with lust, fucking her face on his cock.

“That’s it! Suck it! Oh yeah! You sure know how to suck a cock, little girl!” he crooned. Her face and hair were bathed in red light, but he could still see the bumps and bulges in her cheek as she gnawed and sucked at his thick cock. She turned her face up to him, made sure he was watching her. She wrapped her tongue around his prick and plunged up and down on him.

He stripped off his shin while she sucked his cock and he was soon nude except for the pants tangled around his ankles. He wanted to undress her too. He had to see her naked and fuck her. But he couldn’t stop her cock-sucking. Not yet. Her mouth was doing wild things to him. She was using her tongue to caress and tickle him. And she was taking in every inch of cock. On the down stroke, her teeth nipped at his crotch hair.

“What a cock-sucker! Fuck, what a hot little cock-sucker you are!”

She brought up her hand and cupped his swinging balls, squeezed them gently. Then she backed off his cock and examined it, panting strangely. His prick was dripping spit and was pointing to the ceiling proudly. She’d sucked him to a blazing hard-on. And she was very pleased.

“It tastes so good? God, how good it tastes!” she whimpered.

She kissed the throbbing cock head, then did something that made him go weak in the knees. Grasping his cock midway up its trunk, she began rubbing the cock head into her face, around and around, as if she were massaging herself. First she smeared her cheeks, then her nose and forehead. She closed her eyes and smudged the cockhead against the lids, messing up her blue eyeshadow.

“Fuck, what are you doing? Jesus!” he groaned. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I love your cock! I want to rub it all over my face!” she croaked. She was tilting his cock every which way against her face, pressing the swollen prick head out of shape. It was oozing clear fluid from its piss-slit and her face was covered in shiny snail trails of pre-cum. A pearl of scum hung off one eyelash like a tear.

“Oh God! Oh God!” was all he could say. She was dipping beneath his cock with her face, tugging his cock to one side. His balls hung down in a hairy pouch and she opened her mouth and began to lick them one at a time, covering them slowly with a layer of spit. The balls rolled and squished against her lips and at one point she slipped one onto her tongue and sucked it completely into her mouth. She began to bathe it in saliva and tickle it with her tongue.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” he moaned, rolling his head back. Her mouth was driving him crazy. And all the time she was sucking on his balls she was pumping his cock up and dawn in her tits.

“Ssspppmfff! Sssmmmnmikkk!” slobbered Penny, spitting out one ball and chasing the other till it slipped easily between her lips. His balls tasted so good in her mouth. They felt like great spongy eggs. She circled her tongue around and around the sizzling gobes and tugged at the hanging ball sac with her lips.

“Girlie, you’re really something! Ohhh fuck!” he moaned, his jism swirling. His cock stuck up like a steel bar through her fingers.

Penny let both balls swing free for a second, then brought her fingers up to clasp them gently. She lifted the whole of his ball sac up and stuffed it hungrily between her lips. Both balls were in her mouth and she began sucking on them madly. Her cheeks ballooned with the swollen mouthful.

“Ohhh no! Ohhh no!” the instructor wheezed. He glared down at her blonde head and felt his balls go numb again. Her lovely face was bathed in red light as she sucked his balls.

“Do you like that?” she asked him, backing off his sizzling balls and letting them drip saliva to the floor. “Does it feel good to have me suck your balls?”

He groaned and wrapped his fist over hers on his cock. With his free hand he clasped the back of her neck and forced her closer. Then he repeated her trick, rubbing his cock head in to her face harshly, smearing the pre-cum juice all over her cheeks and nose and forehead. She held up her face for him and let him do as he liked. She smiled, beaming with pleasure as he abused her.

“You’re a sexy little cunt, aren’t you?” he croaked. “Is there anything you wouldn’t do with a man? Anything at all?”

“I’d do anything! I love sex! I love fucking and sucking! I love cocks! I love jism! I’ll never get enough!” She was clutching both her hands to the backs of his thighs now, allowing him to do as he wished with her face. Her make-up was smeared.

“How about a thick cock up your ass? Would you go for it? How about nine inches of hard cock up your sweet little asshole?”

“Yes! Oh God, yes!” she whimpered, a thrill running up and down her spine. “Give it to me! Let me feel it! Fuck me up the ass!”

Her eyes were wide and excited. He forced one of them shut with the heavy head of his cock, then let her go and backed off from her. His cock swung loose in the air. A heavy bolt of creamy slime hung off its tip and then dripped down in a long slow string. Before she stood up, Penny dipped her mouth underneath and captured the drooling pre-cum. The string broke and snapped across her face.

“Stand up. Lean over the bench,” he ordered, raising her to her feet. “Take out your tits. I want to feel them.”

Penny did as she was told, turning her back to him and bending down over a low bench that at one end held trays of soaking film. She eased her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. Her gorgeous tits wobbled free and hung beneath her like heavy pears, their nipples thrusting out rudely. She jerked back her ass and waited to see what he would do next.

He was bending, caressing her calves with his hands, moving his fingers up over her legs to her thighs and higher. The expensive nylon crackled dryly under his touch. It felt so sexy, so exciting. And then the dress was being raised, up over the tops of her black stockings and over the hillock of her luscious ass. He forced the dress into a roll.

“I couldn’t believe you were wearing a suspender belt and stockings! I thought women only did that in the girlie magazines! And no panties! What a little nympho you are!”

She had the smallest, sweetest ass cheeks he had ever seen. Like a young girl’s, with not an ounce of extra flesh. They were tight and round and perfectly shaped.

“I feel like such a whore when I’m wearing them! I feel so dirty!” she moaned. She spread her legs as wide as she could, planted her feet firmly on the floor. She could feel the wetness seeping from her aching pussy.

“What a fucking perfect ass! It’s fucking gorgeous!” he praised. He was running his hands over the ass cheeks, digging his fingers into them, kneading them like dough. And he was spreading her ass cheeks, prying them apart so that he could see clearly, even in this light, the puckered opening of the asshole itself.

“Shove your cock up my ass! Shove your big stiff prick all the way up my hot ass!” she groaned. She bent her head to the bench and waited.

The instructor planted one hand in the small of her back, circled his prick with the other. For a second, he studied the perfect twin spheres of her ass cheeks, the way they split so nicely into the gaping pink slash of her cunt below. He followed the black strip of suspender belt across her lower back, noticed the way it gave way to the taut elastic strips of the garters that dug into her buns and upper thighs before connecting with the incredibly erotic black stockings. What a gorgeous, tempting little slut she was.

He nudged his cock head under the inverted of her crotch, scooped up a thick wad of slime from her cunt. He noticed how she shud dered as his cock touched her greasy cunt lips.

Then he planted the mushroom head of his cock between the sweet cheeks of her ass, right up against the tight circle of her asshole. He began to move forward.

“Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me up the ass! Cram me full of prick! I love it! I fucking love every inch of it!”

Slowly, he drove forward, and the small ring of her asshole expanded. As he pushed forward, she heaved back, and his cock head became buried first between her plush buns, then in her asshole itself. He fucked inch after inch of thick cock meat into her asshole. He was surprised at how easily his cock went in.

“Unnggghhh! Unnnggghbh!” she strained, feeling every inch of prick fuck into her asshole. It was such a weird feeling. But it was so exciting, so fucking dirty. She loved it!

“It’s going, bitch! It’s going up your ass!” he yelled, amazed at the way her asshole was sucking his cock inside.

“I love it! Unnnggghhh! I love it!” she crooned.

He slid forward another two inches, and his cock was fucked to the balls in her asshole. His crotch hair rammed against her satin-smooth ass cheeks. He reached under her, grabbed a huge swinging tit in each palm, and began mauling them roughly. He dug his fingers into her flesh and tweaked her long nipples. Then he began fucking her from behind.

“Oooooh yes! Oooooh yes!” she moaned. Her body jerked forward each time he thrust his cock into her. “Fuck me up the ass! Fuck me deep up the ass with that thick cock of yours!”

He was fucking her in earnest, driving the head of his cock again and again into the depths of her asshole. Her ass clung to him snugly, massaging the trunk of his prick like a tight fist. His swinging ball sac slapped into the crook of her thighs each time he drove forward. And her cunt gaped wide and oozed slime down her legs.

“So, you like getting fucked up the ass, huh?” he panted raggedly. His hands were roaming all over her now. He massaged her nipple tits, stroked her flatly, caress hers tiny waist. He hooked a hand under her suspender belt and tugged her to him.

“I love it! Oh God, it feels so good!” she whimpered. She bent her head over the bench and her lovely hair grazed its top. When he let go of her tits they swung beneath her lewdly.

“I’m going to shoot into you pretty soon! I’m going to blast your asshole full of jism!” he gloated. He was fucking her faster now, pumping his ass back and forth like a piston.

“Yes! Do it to me! Pump me full of cum! I love it!” she wailed.

He was pulling on her suspender belt so hard it was digging into her belly, but she didn’t mind. She felt so good. She stuck two fingers inside the lips of her cunt. She diddled her clit back and forth crazily.

“You’re such a hot little piece! I’m going to fill you full of it!” he went on, fucking her ass with fast, deep strokes.

Penny felt as though his huge hard-on was splitting her in half. She was not a big girl, except in the right places. Across her hips she was slender and little-girlish. Her pretty buns were warped all out of shape around the thick fucking prick. It felt like a log inside her. But it felt so good. There was no discomfort at all. Only warm, cunt-melting pleasure.

“Here it comes, little girl! Here comes the jism!” he croaked. And on his next lunge his cock tip belched a thick sizzling wad of spunk up her asshole.

“Ohhh yes! Ohhh yes! Spunk inside me! Pump my ass full of jism!” she raved. She urged her ass back at him so that she was getting every last inch of his blazing hard-on.

A second slug of jism shot from his cock. And a third. Her asshole was being flooded with steaming hot cum. He started moaning deep in his throat as his balls emptied. He sounded as if he hadn’t come in a month. The cum lubricated her asshole and made it easier for him to fuck her.

“Ass-fuck! Ass-fuck! Ass-fuck!” Penny sang, her body jerked forward again and again. He’d forced her so far now that her flopping tits scudded over the bench top at every fuck-thrust, scraping roughly against the wood.

“Feel my cock go up your ass! Feel it shooting!” he grunted, fucking every last inch of cock into her asshole. The jism was springing from his cocktip in juicy knots, flooding her raw ass guts. It hung off his prick like elastic each time he pulled back into the open. Cum dribbled down the insides of her thighs and soiled her black nylon stockings.

“I love it! I love getting fucked up the ass!” she wailed, and she reached beneath her legs and grasped the swinging pouch of his balls in her hand. Her fingers were immediately sticky with jism.

He was slowing down at last, and the last wad of cum spurted deep into her asshole. He watched the greased pole of his cock as it fucked in and out of her, forcing the poor puckered ring of her asshole wide. She looked so red and raw. The straps of her garters pulled tightly over her haunches, digging deep into her lovely ass cheeks.

Penny squeezed his balls, milking out the drops of his cum. She loved the slimy feel of the stuff as it drooled over her fingers and down her legs. She scooped up a handful of cum and rubbed it into the gaping slash of her cunt.

“By the way, what’s your name?” she asked, massaging his jism into the open lips of her pussy.


Once the loan at the bank was okayed, Penny’s husband Ron lost no time in ordering a new car. But the delivery was delayed several weeks, and in the meantime they had to make do with the old model. Ron asked Penny if she would drive it in for a tune-up. And so one bright sunny afternoon when he was at work she did so, making sure she went to the garage he recommended.

She hadn’t the vaguest idea how a car worked, and she wasn’t interested in learning, but once she’d parked the thing outside the garage and told the young mechanic what she wanted done, she decided to stay and watch. Maybe because the mechanic was cute and muscular and had tufts of brown chest hair showing through the split in his coveralls. She couldn’t be sure, but it looked to her as if he had nothing else on underneath.

He smiled at her and was very pleasant, telling her that they would try to have the job done within an hour. She watched as he parked the car in the cool dark interior of the garage and set about tinkering under the hood. A radio played somewhere and there were sounds coming from the front office, but back here it was fairly quiet and private. She found herself examining his stooped-over body closely.

He barely begun when another mechanic, a little older, came in from the front office to help. He wasn’t quite as pleasant as the first fellow, and he eyed Penny with unconcealed lust. But she didn’t mind. She found it exciting to be alone with two strange men in a grimy garage. There was something weird about it, especially the way she was dressed.

She wore a huge-brimmed white sun visor that came very low over her eyes. All that could be seen of her face was her pretty turned-up nose and her glossy plum-colored mouth. A very brief white bikini top harnessed her tits, barely. The tiny triangles of cloth really just clung to the tops of her tits and let the rest roll free. The nipples poked, up roughly and the lower swells of her tits oozed out the front and sides of the top lewdly.

Her cut-offs were also white, sliced up so high on her thighs that her ass cheeks were damn near nude and the strip of cloth that ran between her legs dug deeply between her buns and even revealed a wisp or two of crotch hair at her cunt. A good six inches of golden-brown belly was visible between the cut-off top and her navel.

“Can you fix it okay?” she asked sweetly, leaning over the motor and letting her gorgeous young tits swing low in the tiny top. The tits separated heavily and seemed about to burst into the open.

“I think so,” the younger mechanic said pleasantly. “We’ll have your oil and filter changed in no time.”

Neither mechanic could take his eyes off her tits. It was as though they couldn’t believe that tits so big could stay inside a bikini top so small. Both men felt blood pumping into their cocks. They made no move to start work.

“You want to change my oil?” Penny giggled. This struck her as funny. She leaned over the motor, pretending to study the car. One of her nipples slipped slyly around the inner edge of her top and peeked at them.

“And your filter,” volunteered the older mechanic. “Your filter needs cleaning regularly.”

She seemed not to have noticed that one half-inch long stub of nipple was clearly visible to them. And neither one of them was about to tell her.

“Anything else I should have looked at?” she went on. One tiny triangle of bikini top had slid off her tit completely now. It hung uselessly to one side while her huge tit drooped down freely over the motor. The squat nipple was growing longer by the second.

“We could pull your plugs,” the younger one said, ogling her naked tit.

Both men were so close to her they could smell her lovely young-girl fragrance. They backed off suddenly as she bent lower and lifted one pretty foot off the floor. She was spreading her long brown legs and her ass cheeks were damn near splitting her white cutoffs apart. As they watched, the strip of cloth disappeared entirely between her lush ass cheeks and, even from behind, they could see her pulpy cunt slabs sucking the fabric inside.

“How often do you guys change your oil?” she teased, glancing back at them. Her other tit had bobbled free and now both tits grazed the car radiator. Each nipple was nearly, an inch long. “Maybe I could change it for you.”

Penny turned around to face them, ignoring the fact that both her tits were bare and sitting high and proud on her chest. She leaned back against the car front and lifted one foot onto the fender. The stud of her cut-offs popped and an inch or two of her zipper opened. A fluffy mound of pussy hair was clearly visible. It was obvious she was wearing no panties.

She watched the two men with playful, teasing eyes, waiting to see what they would do. They both seemed in a trance, gazing from her tits to her cunt bush and back again. Each had a healthy growing bulge of cock in his coveralls. The older one was actually panting.

“I guess you should get to work,” she whispered, swinging her leg back and forth so that her zipper opened even wider. Most of her cunt bush had burst into the open.

The older mechanic could stand it no longer. He stepped up to her, slammed shut the hood of the car, and dropped to his knees in front of her. He reached up behind her and grabbed her cut-offs, tugged down viciously. The tufted V of her sweet young cunt was inches from his face. He forced her cut-offs down below her knees and pressed his face into the lush hair of her cunt.

“Ohhh my! Ohhh my!” she chirped, grasping him behind his neck and tuning him to her. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

She spread her legs for him and felt his tongue licking and digging at her. He had grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands and was mauling them roughly, digging his fingers into the taut ass flesh. His tongue was suddenly inside her, probing her cunt and licking up and down each pulpy cuntlip. She leaned back over the car hood and let him eat her pussy.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Lick me! Lick my cunt!” she crooned, throwing her head back. Her tits wobbled on her chest and the nipples poked up high.

“What about me, huh? What about me?” the younger mechanic was saying. He had come around the side of the front fender and was inches from her. But he seemed unsure of what to do.

Penny reached a hand out toward him, stroking it down his hairy chest over his belly. As she went, the zipper of his coveralls slid open, and in no time her hand was in the thick hair of his crotch. Her band brushed against his solid hard-on and she curled her fingers around his cock and began to pump it tidily. It was like a thick branch in her fist.

“Let me suck your cock. Move closer. Let me suck it,” she said.

He did as he was told and she twisted her head down and began to lick his hard-on like a candy cane. She slipped the bloated cock head between her lips and gave it a special sucking, running her tongue around and around the swollen plum.

“Fuck, Ed, she’s sucking my cock!” he raved, as if he couldn’t believe a girl that young and pretty could do such a thing. Fully a third of his cock had disappeared inside Penny’s sucking face.

Ed didn’t appear to be listening. His face was buried in Penny’s pussy and he was fucking his tongue far up inside her. She had raised her legs and had them hooked over his shoulders. She was draped over the hood of the car like a big cat.

“She’s taking it all inside! Look! All of my cock!” the younger one raved. He began pumping his ass back and forth, feeding her his cock. It slid through her fist and into her sucking mouth. Her cheeks hollowed then expanded as she blew him.

Ed had found her clit and was nipping at it with his lips. He felt her shudder and quake, but no sound came from her mouth because it was full of cock. He forced the flushed lips of her pussy wide with his fingertips and snuffled his face between her legs. His beard was getting wet with all her oozing cunt juices.

“Shit, Ed, this chick sure knows how to suck a cock! Look at her go! Look at her go!” The young mechanic watched Penny’s pretty young face bob up and down on his prick. She was reaching the base of the cock now each time she drove downwards. And she had brought up her hand to cup and fondle his swinging balls.

Ed finally stood up, his face coated with cunt juice. He unzipped his coveralls to the crotch and hauled out a thick and dangerous looking cock about eight inches long. His cock stuck out from his crotch at a ninety-degree angle and he took it in his fist and stepped in between Penny’s outspread legs. Her cunt was wide and pink and oozing for him.

“Let’s see how she likes two cocks inside her,” he grunted, plugging the gaping slit of her cunt with the fat purple head of his prick. “Let’s see how she gets off fucking and sucking two guys at the same time.”

He pressed forward and his cock head despaired between the lush wet lips of her cunt. Her pussy sucked at him, and inch after inch of bloated prick slid inside her cunt. There was no resistance at all in seconds, all eight inches of his cock was embedded in her pussy and her pubic hair was mangled with his. He began to fuck her slowly.


Penny whispered gratefully. She fucked her mouth down on the cock each time the older mechanic fucked his prick up her pussy. It felt so weird, to have two cocks inside her at the same time. But it was so exciting! She had never dreamed anything could be this thrilling or could feel this dirty.

“You’re fucking her!” the young mechanic grunted, gazing across Penny’s naked body. “You’re fucking her while she’s sucking me off!”

Ed didn’t pay any attention. He fucked in and out of the sweet teenager’s aching cunt and gradually began speeding up his movements. It had been quite a while since he’d had a piece of ass so young and sweet and willing, and he was determined to make the best of it. Later he would have his cock sucked, and if he could hold back long enough, he might even treat her to an ass-fuck.

“Shit, Ed, she’s sucking me raw! She won’t quit!” the young one said. His cock had all swollen up into an angry purple color and appeared about to burst any second. Her mouth was slurping up and down, up and down on him, drawing the cock head deep into the back of her throat on every down stroke. Her nostrils flared noisily.

“What a hot little cunt. What a sweet, dirty little cock-sucker,” Ed muttered, fucking the willing teenager with his bloated hard-on. He grabbed one of Penny’s legs, lifted it up and out so that her crotch was split incredibly wide. He watched the progress of his cock as it fucked in and out, in and out. It was covered in green and shining, lubricated by all her streaming cunt juice.

Penny was in heaven. Never had she thought she could do something this lewd, this filthy. But it was so exciting. It was so much fun. Just because it was so crazy. She felt so bloated with cock, so totally fucked. Her body was racked with pleasure.

“Oh God! Oh God!” the young mechanic wailed. He suddenly drew back from Penny’s face, tugged his cock from her sucking lips. “I almost came. Shit, I almost came!”

He gazed down tensely as Penny clutched his prick tightly in her fingers and tried to pull it back into her mouth. She was moaning and whimpering. She drew the greasy cock head across her checks and nose, but that was as close as she could get. He wouldn’t let her stuff his cock back into her mouth.

“Gimme your cock! Please! I want to suck it! Oh, I need your cock! Oh God!” she groaned. Her neck strained and her tongue caught the underside of his cock from time to time, but she couldn’t get the prick where she wanted it.

Ed fucked his cock deep into Penny one last time then rested. He pulled out from her sucking pussy and let his prick steam in the open air.

“Here, Mickey, you fuck her for a while. Nice and slow. If you can’t handle that hot little mouth of hers, I’ll take over.”

Mickey smiled with relief and stepped back farther from Penny, letting the older man take his place. He’d been so scared of coming too soon. It wasn’t every day the two guys got a willing young cunt to fuck them both at the same time, and he wanted to enjoy the afternoon to the fullest. He moved around between Penny’s still outspread legs and dug his cock head into her gaping wet cunt. He fucked forward and buried his cock to the balls.

Penny took hold of Ed’s thick cock and stuffed it quickly into her open mouth. She pumped her face up and down on him and he helped by jerking his hips back and forth. She gazed up at him gratefully, happy to be stuffed with two thick cocks again. She sucked hard on his cock, scraping her lush red lips up and down lovingly.

She suddenly wondered what her husband Ron would say if he could see her now. She was supposed to be getting the car fixed, and instead she was getting herself fixed, letting two burly mechanics she’d never seen before bore her with cock while she lay draped nude over the car hood. It was hardly the behavior of a brand new housewife. Most whores didn’t have this kind of experience to talk about.

She hummed merrily on Ed’s cock. She didn’t care what her husband thought. She was past worrying about him. She had entered a new and incredibly exciting phase in her life and she wasn’t going to quit just for him. She loved sex, she knew that now. And not with just one man. She needed more. She needed to fuck and suck lots of men. Hundreds. Thousands. She wanted to drown in oceans of jism.

“Shit, I see what you mean about this mouth,” Ed said.

He stared down at Penny’s cock-stuffed cheek and watched her drive her lips up and down on his cock with even, practiced strokes. He wondered how someone who looked so young and innocent could have learned to suck cock like this. High school must be different these days, he mused.

“She’s amazing! Fucking amazing!” young Mickey agreed. He was studying the progress of his greased cock as it fucked effortlessly in and out of Penny’s quaking cunt. Her pussylips were swollen and puffy as they sucked at his plunging hard-on.

“She’s sure a horny little cunt,” Ed went on. “I’ve never seen a chick enjoy sucking cock so much!”

Penny listened vaguely, strangely thrilled at being discussed like this, as if she weren’t even there. They were treating her like an object for their lust and nothing more. And it excited her no end. It all added to the dirty experience.

The two men fucked Penny viciously now, burying their cocks to the hilt in her sweat slick young body. Their balls swung and their cocks gleamed with slime, pulled to granite hardness by her pouting, teasing mouth and sucking cunt. She was jerked and scraped across the car hood, her bare ass cheeks flattened onto its cool hard surface. Her tits and belly and thighs were squeezed and mauled by rough, oily hands. Black finger-marks were daubed all over her.

“I can’t hold it much longer. I can’t,” Mickey panted, his cock aching in her slick wet cunt. The change in position hadn’t helped him much. His balls were still sizzling with cum.

“Me neither,” admitted Ed, plowing his prick into the back of Penny’s throat. She had her face tilted to one side for him, and was letting him fuck his cock to the hilt in her mouth.

Penny was in heaven. She wanted to scream out to them, to yell for them to fuck her harder, fuck their thick pricks deeper into her lust-crazed body. But she could only stobber and drool. Her mouth was stuffed with cock. She wrapped her legs tightly around Mickey’s haunches, hauled him deeper into her. She cupped Ed’s ball sac in her fingers and urged up his steaming jism.

“Oh shit, I’m coming! Oh fuck!” Mickey crooned, his ass a blur of motion as he fucked his cock in and out of Penny’s pussy. He ran his dirty hands up and down over her flat belly, smearing her skin with thick oily marks.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” was all Ed could say. He suddenly gave up any idea of fucking Penny up the ass this time around. He had to come too. He couldn’t help himself. He was going to come in her pretty mouth.

Mickey moaned and sighed. And suddenly thick globs of jism were gushing up into Penny’s cunt, like hot grease. He humped and bucked between her legs, meshing his pubic hair with hers. And again and again steaming bolts of fuck juice spat from his cock, drenching her insides, clogging the depths of her cunt with cum. He stared down at his bloated cock and saw the white jelly drooling from it each time he withdrew into the open.

“Suck it down! Suck it all down! Eat it!” Ed grunted.

He gripped one hand tightly in back of Penny’s neck and held her in place. He pulled his cock back till only the prick head and an inch or so of prick shaft was between her lips. Then, with his cock head sitting on the soft pad of her tongue, he gripped his prick with his free hand and jerked off into her mouth.

She gurgled, her mouth and throat clogged with sizzling jism. And she could feel Mickey’s cum spurting up her pussy at the same time. What a wild and wonderful feeling!

Mickey’s cock wouldn’t stop shooting. Again and again is cock tip poured out another blast of sweet silver spunk. He was jetting wads of cum into her, blasting her pussy full of cum. And each time his cock fucked into her it plowed the steaming paste before it, pumping her with goo. The fuck cream oozed out of her, gleamed like whitewash on her puffy red cuntlips and pussy hair.

Her cheeks ballooned out with the heavy drafts of spunk Ed was pumping into her faces. She snorted, gagged, and rivers of white jism jetted from the corners of her mouth. It ran down her cheek and off her chin. Her lips shone with a coating of hot thick cock cream. And as hard as she swallowed, she couldn’t keep up. The spunk was jetting too thick and hot. There was so much cum. It was like being force-fed a thick milk shake.

Ed tugged on his cock, pumping out the slimy paste. He watched her throat bob as she swallowed desperately, saw his excess jism seep between the tight seal of her lips on his cock. The stuff was backing up, pouring from her lips in torrents. Cum oozed from her mouth, down her jaw line and into her ear. Her head was tilted at such a weird angle, one streamer skirted up to her temple and into her hair. Her eyes rolled in panic.

“Scared you can’t take it all?” Ed gulped. “Just keep sucking, little whore. You’ll manage. You’ll eat it all down.”

The two men kept on humping, fucking glob after glob of her spunk into the helpless girl. And she began to rein. Ed was right. She could take it. She could take any amount of jism. It was just a matter of wanting it. And she did. She wanted cum like she had never wanted anything in her life. Gallons and gallons of steaming cum. She would never get enough cum!

She clamped her thighs tightly around Mickey’s hips and drew his cum-spurting cock deep into her pussy. She sucked on Ed’s exploding prick as if it were the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Her mouth and pussy were clogged to capacity with sizzling spunk.


For the next few days Penny rested. She’d taken such a royal fucking, in such a unique position, and under such strange circumstances, that she needed a day or so to rest up. But she also wanted to savor what had happened to her. She wanted to run it through her mind over and over again like some raunchy porno movie. She found her pussy getting wet every time she thought about it, and several times she had to slip off her panties in the middle of the day, stop whatever she was doing, and finger-fuck herself.

She found herself looking forward to her next photography session. Fucking with her new husband was okay, in between times, but it wasn’t enough. It would never be enough, ever again. She recalled the weird session in the darkroom vividly as well, and she wanted to fuck the instructor silly. She was determined only to look up her new mechanic friends in an emergency. Fucking them was too risky, not to mention greasy.

The night before the next photography class, her husband Ron worked late. She couldn’t wait any longer. She looked the instructor’s name up in the phone book and called him. She had some questions far him, she said. He invited her over to his loft. He had someone like her in mind for some new photographs he was experimenting with, he said. She grabbed a cab, and was knocking on his door within half an hour.

He made her feel very welcome. He gave her a drink, and showed her around his roomy loft, explaining the use of his equipment. But Penny was more interested in the huge low divan that took up a whole corner of the place. She asked him why he had all the strange lights arranged around his bed. Wasn’t that kind of kinky?

“It’s for the models I use. It forms a sexy backdrop,” he said.

“You have models up here? You take pictures of them?”

“Sure. All the time. Want to try it? I think you’d be good in front of the camera. You’re very photogenic.”

“Really?” Penny blushed prettily. “What would I have to do?”

“Just stand here in front of the bed, like this. And then do as I tell you.” He positioned her before the divan and stepped back quickly to eye her through the view-finder of one of his cameras.

“Well?” she smiled, twisting her pretty shoulders from side to side. “What do you think?”

“Beautiful,” he wheezed. “Just beautiful.” He took several shots of her quickly and then slipped his camera off its tripod. He moved closer, snapping her from every angle as he gave her instructions. He bobbed and weaved in front of her, his knees bent, his camera glued to his eye.

“You want me to take anything off? You want me to undress?” she purred. She was growing more and more excited at all the attention.

“We’ll do it gradually. Lean forward some. Let’s see the tops of your tits. That’s it.”

Penny did as she was told, and her already half-exposed tits rolled and separated in her print dress. The creamy upper tit globes were fully exposed, and he snapped away happily. He made her sit down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Then he told her to loosen the dress as much as she could.

“That’s it, pull down till your whole tit damn near falls out. Good. And lift the dress up and show us your thighs.”

The excitement grew in Penny as she hefted her dress and felt the material scrape dryly over her nylon stockings. One of her tits was exposed almost to the nipple and her dress was high enough he could see the snaky black straps of her garter belt. Once again, she’d neglected to wear any panties.

“You wore that crazy fucking garter belt again. Great,” he said. “These shots are going to be dynamite!”

Penny really began to get into her work. Without being told, she let her tit flop loose from the dress. The erecting nipple poked out at the camera invitingly. She lifted her dress higher and began to finger herself, dipping into her already wet pussy. Her heavily made-up face took on the look of a wanton cock-teaser.

“Great! Wonderful! Fucking first class,” he smiled. He could feel his cock erecting in his jeans. “Move back on the bed. Show me your cunt good. Spread your legs wider and pull your cuntlips apart. Great! Fucking great!”

With the tips of her fingers, Penny tugged on her hair-lined cuntlips. Juicy folds of pink pussy flesh bloomed into the open. Her red clit swelled up like a tiny cock. She was oozing cunt fluid, and the slabs of flesh shone brightly. Soggy hunks of skin gleamed for the camera.

“Lean farther back. Spread ’em wider,” the instructor went on. “Show me your asshole. I wanna get that too.”

Penny lay back against the bed pillows and spread her thighs wide. Now, beneath her gaping pink cunt, the puckered circle of her asshole was clearly visible. Blonde cunt hair clung to the insides of her thighs. The instructor leaned in close between her legs and adjusted his focus. He snapped pictures hungrily.

“Is this good? Am I showing you enough?” asked Penny pertly.

“It’s great. Fucking great,” he replied, his cock throbbing. “But turn over now. Get on your hands and knees. Show me your cunt and ass from another angle.” With one luscious tit hanging freely from her dress top, Penny rolled onto her hands and knees and thrust her ass back at the camera. She flipped the dress over her back, so that he would have a clear view of her. She lay her face and tits down on the bed and arched her back, forcing her lovely ass cheeks up into the air in an erotic hump. She spread her knees wide.

“Jesus Christ,” murmured the instructor. His camera clicked constantly.

The black straps of Penny’s garter belt clung to her ass cheeks, digging into them slightly. The taps of the black silk stockings ended high on her thighs. Her buns were spread and her puckered asshole winked at him. Her gaping pink cunt oozed slabs of flesh. Her pussy hair bristled up as if it had been back-combed.

“I’m getting really horny,” she breathed into the coverlet. “Showing you my pussy and everything, it’s making me really horny.”

He snapped several more close-ups of her cunt, then paused, reached into an end table for something. He brought out an enormous dildo, a plastic cock damn near a foot long. Without warning her, he pressed the head between her open cuntlips and fucked a great hunk of the dildo in after. Five inches of plastic prick disappeared inside her cunt. The rest stuck out from her cunt like the fat tip of a baseball bat.

“How’s that? That satisfy you for the time being?” he leered. He went on with his photography, picking up another camera deftly.

“Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned into the bed, her eyes closed with lust. She didn’t need to look back to see what he had done. She knew. The fake cock felt like a hunk of pipe up her cunt.

He took several shots of the obscene object jutting out from her warped cuntlips, then he shoved it deeper into her pussy and took some more pictures. Soon all but a couple of inches of the plastic cock had disappeared inside her cunt. Then he had her lie on her back and pull her dress off completely. She was naked now, except for her black stockings and garter belt.

“Will you fuck me? Please?” she pleaded sleepily. The dildo was wonderful in her aching cunt. But she wanted his thick cock. And she wanted motion. She wanted his prick shoving and fucking inside her cunt.

“Soon, real soon,” he panted. It was taking all his concentration not to whip his cock out right then and there.

“I’ll suck you. I’ll do anything,” she moaned. “You can fuck me up the ass again if you want.”

He gazed at her swollen tits, her bursting, inch-long nipples. He watched her belly rise and fall with lust. He stared at the pink plastic cock thrusting from her pussy.

“One more thing first,” he said, again reaching into the end table.

He had her get on her hands and knees again, then planted a second artificial cock, just as big as the first one, against her tight asshole. He twisted it carefully, and forced it inch by inch up her ass. When it was halfway up her ass, he began taking photographs of her again, concentrating on the twin dildos planted in her ass and cunt. They were embedded in her like posts driven into the ground.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” panted Penny, twisting her head to stare between her legs. She couldn’t see much, but she certainly could feel it. Her whole lower body was crammed with plastic cock. Her pussy and asshole were tingling with pleasure.

“Shit, you’ve no idea how wild this looks!” he raved. “These shots are going to be great. You’ll love them.”

Penny groaned. “Fuck me! Please, fuck me! I need it! I need your cock inside me!” Her hand was twisting the tangled coverlet into knots.

“I though you said you’d suck me,” he teased, still working.

“I will! Yes, oh yes!”

She reached for him finally, half out of her mind, and he moved up the bed and lay against a pillow, let her do as she wished. He took close-up shots of her as she fumbled with his fly, unzipped him, tugged his pants off his hips. He lifted his ass helpfully and spread his legs, and soon she had his pants around his ankles.

His thick cock lay propped up against his belly, its shaft pulsing strongly. His balls rested below in their pink crepe pouch. She curled her fingers around his prick and began to pump gently. She lowered her face and started licking his balls with slow, sensuous scrapes. The hat globes rolled from side to side at the touch of her tongue.

“Lick ’em nice and slow,” he whispered. He brushed her hair up off one cheek so he could see every lick of her tongue.

“Mmmfffmmm, sssppplllfff,” Penny answered. She was turning her head lazily making sure she covered his swollen balls from every angle. She nipped at the ball sac with her lips between licks, tugging at the tiny hairs gently. The skin of his balls stretched like rubber.

At one point she hefted a ball on her tongue and let it roll into her mouth. She closed her lips around it and bathed it in the heat of her mouth, basting it in saliva. Then she let the shining globe pop free and did the same thing with the other one. His ball hair gleamed with the juices of her mouth.

“Suck ’em good like that! Yeah!” he encouraged her, his camera snapping. His cock twitched and rolled on his belly, then slowly cranked itself up till it pointed to the ceiling angrily.

Penny was stuffing both his huge balls into her mouth. It was not easy, but at last she had her lips wrapped over his entire ball pouch and she raised her face to the camera, beaming proudly. Both her cheeks were swollen as if she were blowing up a balloon. His cock loomed up in front of one of her eyes.

“Beautiful. Fucking beautiful,” he croaked. A pearl of pre-cum seeped from his cock tip and attached itself to her eyelash.

Penny held her pose for as long as she could, her nostrils flaring. Then she released his balls and began licking her way up his enormous cock, curling her tongue this way and that on the swollen prick shaft. She tilted his cock from left to right with her fingers, sometimes letting it go altogether, so that it bobbed and swayed in front of her face.

Finally she reached the cock head. She swirled her tongue around and around on it and tried to pry open the piss-slit with her tongue. Her lips mashed against the angry purple cock knob and then folded down ova it. Two, three and four inches of cock followed, guided by her expert fingers. She began to suck him, fucking her pretty blonde head up and down on his aching cock shaft. She went deeper on each successive stroke, until she had all of his hard cock in her mouth.

“Suck it, suck it, suck it,” he chanted, photographing the bumps and swells in her pretty cheeks. His cock was shining with her spittle.

Penny made lewd slurping sounds on his cock. Her face was contorted in concentration.

She still had two enormous plastic cocks jutting from her ass and cunt. They stuck out behind her like thick crowbars. But she didn’t let them distract her. She was sucking cock, and when she was doing that, she gave it her full attention. Getting the guy off was all she cared about.

“Hey, hey, hey!” he announced suddenly jism was boiling in his balls and he knew he couldn’t last long.

Penny continued her efforts. She had wrapped her fist around the lower part of his cock and was jerking him off while sucking him. There were tremors and pulsing at the cock base and she knew it couldn’t be much longer. Her blonde hair bounced prettily with the effort.

“Hey, I’m going to come in your mouth. Hey…” he panted.

Penny stopped suddenly. She lifted up off his cock and let it stick up red and angry in her fist. She smiled widely at him, her mouth all smeared with cock jucie, her purple lipgloss smudged. She tilted the cock back and forth in front of her face.

“Am I good? Am I doing it right?” she teased. “Am I a good little cock-sucker?”

He moaned. “Don’t stop! For Christ’s sakes don’t stop, you stupid slut! Suck it! Put my cock back in your mouth! Suck me off!”

Penny took her time, examining the cock carefully, pumping it softly in her fist. “Do you want to come in my mouth? Is that what you want?”

He groaned, still taking pictures. She began to rub his reddened cock into her face, smudging the fat cock head all over her mouth and cheeks, against her nose and eyes. The prick seemed to grow even thicker, even harder in her hand. It oozed slime onto her nose and forehead and throbbed hotly.

“In your mouth or in your face — take your choice,” he croaked. His balls were sizzling with their heavy load of spunk.

“I love it any way. I love it, I love it,” she crooned, kissing his cock, nipping it with her lips.

Suddenly she gripped his prick firmly in her fist, dipped her head, and plunged down on the trembling prick shaft. She bobbed her head up and down madly, clasping the cock tightly with her lips. She was taking his fucker deep into her throat on every thrust, and her tongue was tickling the cock shaft crazily.

“Oh fuck! Here it comes, baby! Get ready to drink it all down!” He humped his ass up off the bed and lunged his prick deep into her face.

His cock exploded in her mouth, rattling a thick wad of cum off the back of her tongue and filling her throat completely. Her head snapped back, as if she’d been struck. Her eyes flashed up at him in surprise. She was shocked at the size of his cum-load.

But then she was hard at work, gulping down the oily paste, sucking up fat globs of jism. Her fist pumped up and down on his cock, milking the cream from him. Her face pistoned up and down. The jism clogged her throat. Cum ballooned out her cheeks and slithered from the sides of her mouth in white strings. She made thick gulping noises.

“Suck it all down! Suck it all down!” he raved. His crotch heaved as he poured out his sizzling spunk into her mouth. Her hand was clamped on his balls and was urging up more cock cream. She squeezed his balls with one hand, pumped his cock with the other.

She gurgled, snorting into his crotch hair. The jism was filling her mouth up again and again with thick globs, like raw eggs. Gum was spilling from her lips and running over her fingers, pooling in his pubic hair.

And finally she had to back off. It was too much. She slurped her mouth off his prick. The steaming silver spunk poured from her mouth like milk. Her mouth sagged with the weight of the stuff. Her eyes closed tensely. His cock tilted back and forth in front of her face like a pendulum.

A long silver jet gushed from his cock tip. The cum rose up across her face diagonally, then fell splattering across her skin, clinging to her cheek, wriggling over the bridge of her nose, angling off across her forehead and into her hair. The cum looked like a long white scar across her face.

“Far out! Far fucking out!” wailed the instructor, delighted at the wild special effect. Even while coming, he was still snapping her picture.

A second rope of jism, as big as the first, burst from his cock and fountained up her face. This one rose close to her nose and hooked itself on one eyelash, matting the tiny hairs together. Then his cum dripped down her face lewdly, finally dangling from her chin like wax. The two thick ropes of jism cut across each other just below her eye.

“This is great! This is fantastic!” croaked the instructor. He was fascinated by the erotic sight of her face. She looked so weird.

His cock continued spurting jism, but by now Penny had recaptured his cock in her mouth. She had cleared her throat of cum and could swallow what he had left with ease. She kept her face tilted up toward him as she sucked and slobbered, knowing how much the sight of her must turn him on. She was curious to see what she looked like. Maybe later he would show her the photographs.


Twenty minutes later, Penny was still writhing on the bed, the fake cocks embedded in her cunt and ass. She was on her back, with her knees hooked up, and she was shoving the dildo in her pussy back and forth. She was moaning softly, and her face was twisted with lust. The ribbons of spunk still clung to her cheeks.

The instructor refused to fuck her, that was the thing. After he had come in her face he had hauled himself away from her and gotten dressed, saying he was too tired and had had enough. He had something else in mind, he said, something that she was sure to enjoy. But she would have to wait a while. He had to make arrangements, call some people. He left her there on the bed, wearing nothing but her stockings and garter belt, her face smeared with his jism, the fake cocks still stuck in her cunt and ass.

She had begged him to fuck her. She was half out of her mind with fuck-lust. But he had refused. And so she started to use the fake cocks, keeping herself aroused, waiting for his surprise, whatever it was. It obviously involved other people. Otherwise, why was he making phone calls? She didn’t mind. She only wished they’d hurry up. She would fuck anyone at this point.

After another few minutes, Penny became aware of voices through her daze. She gazed up from the bed, not once losing the rhythm of her hand on the fake cock. There were three men staring down at her and speaking in whispers to the photography instructor. She caught parts of what they were saying. And she thought she recognized one of the voices.

“She sure looks like she needs it,” someone said. “Look at her pump that thing. You’d think she hadn’t been fucked in a couple of months.”

“Oh, she’s been fucked all right. But she’s going to get more than her share tonight. She won’t be able to fuck stand us afterwards.” She recognized the voice of the photography instructor.

“Looks like you had your share already,” the other familiar voice put in. “Why’d you have to come in her face? She’s all messed up.”

It was the voice of Cal Richards. It seemed weeks to Penny since he had finger-fucked her at the kitchen sink, but in fact it had only been a matter of days.

“I couldn’t help it. She sucked me hard and then pulled me out of her mouth at the last minute. I sprayed her. I got some fucking great shots though. And that’s where I got the idea. With all three of you fucking her, I’ll be able to get some of the dirtiest shots ever. It’s not the kind of thing you get to see very often.”

“You’re not kidding,” said the man who had not yet spoken. “But I don’t want my face in any dirty pictures. What if my wife found out?”

“I’m only interested in you guys from the waist down. Relax,” said the instructor. “The only one with a face in the pictures will be this stupid little slut.”

“That’s right,” Cal Richards agreed. “You think I’d be doing this if I showed my face? Her old man’s a friend of mine. He’d have my balls.”

Penny played with her pussy while all this was going on. She should have felt insulted, being discussed like this, being called names. But she wasn’t. She was too far gone. There were three men in the room besides the photographer. That meant three cocks for her. And if two of them belonged to strangers, that was all the more exciting. She wanted all her fuckholes filled.

“Go ahead. Take it nice and slow,” the photographer said to the men. He tad yet another camera around his neck and was ready to go.

The three men circled the bed, then climbed on it fully clothed, giving the camera a full view of the action. One lay down between Penny’s legs and began teasing her with the fake cocks. The other two came up on either side of her, their crotches inches from her head. Penny gazed up and smiled at them.

“Fuck me, please fuck me,” she murmured. She reached up both her hands and squeezed the cock-bulges between their legs. Then she clasped both fly hasps and tugged them down.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” whispered the instructor. He knew he wouldn’t have to say much, that she would put on quite a show without much encouragement from him. He leaned down and began snapping pictures.

The two men shoved their crotches at her, and she soon had their pants open and their soft cocks in her hands. They were thick cocks, and ugly, both of them, but Penny didn’t mind. She found them beautiful. She whimpered at the sight of the cocks and tugged on them expertly, urging them to full hardness.

“Shit, what a horny little cunt,” one of the men said.

“She’ll suck you dry. All of you,” put in the instructor.

Penny was jacking the cocks in her fists, making the foreskins snap. The fuck-poles were thickening in her fingers, growing stronger every second. She leaned down toward one prick and began to lick it, tried to stuff it between her lips. The cock slipped from her grasp and hit her in the face.

“What a sweet little whore,” someone said in appreciation.

All three men were peeling off items of clothing, but the guy between her legs was already nude. He screwed the fake cocks about in her fuck holes for a while, but soon he was tugging them out, leaving her cunt and asshole gaping like hungry mouths. He primed his half-hard cock in his fist and lowered himself down between Penny’s widespread legs. The purple head of his prick slotted neatly between the rubbery flanges of her cuntlips and he fucked forward.

“Uuunngghhh!” grunted Penny gratefully. She hooked her stocking-clad legs around the stranger’s haunches and drew his fucker inside her.

Cal Richards was one of the men kneeling by her face. He thrust his prick at her through it the cradle of her fingers and suddenly her mouth was wrapped around the cock-head.

While she sucked on him she kept the second cock primed by jerking it steadily in her hand, inches from her face. As soon as she had one cock fully hard, she planned on getting to work on the other. The idea of having two cocks to suck on thrilled Penny.

“What a sweet fuck,” the man between her legs was saying. He had shoved several inches of cock into Penny’s pussy and was now fucking back and forth gently, greasing his prick with all her syrupy cunt juices. Her cunt gleamed with slime.

“That’s great, Terry. Fuck her slow like that,” the instructor suggested. He was down at the foot of the bed, snapping his camera between Penny’s legs. He had a vicar view of Terry’s pumping ass and Penny’s wet and soggy cunt sucking in the bulk of his thick cock.

“Suck it, girl. Suck it just like that,” Cal Richards murmured. Penny’s cheek was now swollen over the fat shaft of his cock. She was fucking his cock back and forth between her check and gum, like some huge toothbrush.

“What about me?” asked the third male. He was completely nude now, his prick a soaring hunk of angry red flesh in Penny’s hand. He kept poking her cheek with the cock head to suggest that it was his turn for a suck. Obligingly, she released Cal’s hard-on and turned her pretty face to the third cock. Still jerking at it with her fist, she thrust the top three inches between her lips. She gazed up dreamily up at the cock’s owner, her eyelids heavy with lust. She still had the streaks of silver jism on her face. Her platinum hair was damp. She looked incredibly sexy.

Terry was fucking faster and faster between Penny’s legs. He was fucking his cock into her pussy to the hilt, until his balls smacked into the crook of her thighs on every fuck-stroke. But the photographer had moved, and he was now taking shots down across Penny’s flat golden belly, photographing the long shaft of cock fucking into the bush of her pubic hair.

“Thick her deep! Split her in half!” panted the photographer. He was sweating heavily.

Penny’s tits wobbled on her chest as the fuck-thrusts of the men grew stronger. Her body was bent at an odd angle between the hairy male bodies. Terry had lifted her ass off the bed to fuck her cunt deeper, and her legs were still twisted around his lower back. Her black silk stockings crackled against his hips as he fucked her and her snaky black suspenders were stretched to the snapping point because she had her legs spread so wide.

The photographer now concentrated on her face, which was half hidden under the log of Cal’s cock. Her cheeks hollowed and swelled as she sucked the third prick. Her lips looked raw and puffy. While Cal was waiting, he rubbed his cock head into her face, nudging her nose with it and poking her in the eye.

She suddenly spit out the cock and turned her face directly toward the camera. She clutched both cocks tightly and pulled them to her mouth. Then she smiled lewdly, planting both purple cock heads on the soft pink pad of her tongue. She pursed her lips over the twin cocks, kissed them hungrily. Her tongue tickled the undersides and wet with saliva.

“What a sight! Shit!” raved the photographer. He leaned in to shoot her face in close-up.

Slowly, Penny turned her face from side to side, kissing first one cock tip then the other. Her full lips slid over the cocks easily, keeping them wet and shiny. But then she paused, butted the cocks together, and closed her mouth over both cocks at the same tine. The prick tips disappeared at an odd angle between her glossy red lips.

“I don’t believe it. I don’t fucking believe it,” murmured the photographer. Her face was swelled out of shape over the two cocks. Her cheeks were puffed out grossly.

Terry quit fucking his cock into her soggy cunt and withdrew, propping his prick up at an angle through her tufted pussy hair. His balls nestled in the wet gash of her cunt and were soon coated with grease. Gently he slid his cock up and down over her lower belly. A string of pre-cum dangled from his cock tip and and slopped onto her stomach.

“What’s the matter with you?” the photographer asked.

“I’m going to come if I don’t rest up,” Terry announced. He had grabbed one of Penny’s tits and was mauling it with his fingers, tweaking the erect nipple.

“Rest up then. Save it. Why don’t you change positions maybe?”

Penny was reluctant to give up her two prize cocks, but the men assured her she would soon have replacements. Cal changed places with Terry and the third male stayed where he was, his cock stuck between her sucking lips. They flipped Penny over onto her hands and knees and Cal came at her from behind. The other two knelt together in front of her so she could clasp both their cocks and go from one to the other as she had before.

“Tom, don’t come in her mouth,” the photographer warned the third male, noticing his dazed look. “I want you all to take your time with this. Save your jism till later. When you guys come, I want it to be like opening the fucking floodgates.”

Penny’s heart lurched. This was the wildest situation she had ever been in in her whole life. And it looked like it was going to get even wilder. She was fucking and sucking three guys and letting a fourth photograph the whole weird scene. At some point all three men had to come, and she might get drowned in jism. What if her husband could see her now?

Cal Richards fucked her from behind. He was kneeling on the bed with his hands planted firmly on the twin humps of her ass. He pistoned in and out slowly, fucking his massive cock between the fat pulpy slabs of her cuntlips. He reached far the black strap of suspender belt that stretched across her back and hooked his fingers beneath it. He reined her back and forth with it, feeding her the cock.

“She sure sucks good,” said Terry, staring down at her. The two cocks had swelled hugely in her fists and she was slurping first one then the other cock into her mouth and pumping them at the same time. Between slurps, each cock drooled pre-cum over her fingers.

“I love cocks,” Penny murmured, hanging onto both pricks for dear life. “Cock, cock, cock! I love sucking cock.”

She plunged her mouth down again and again, fucking the thick hunks of prick meat into her face. Cal jerked her body forward with his fuck-lunges and her heavy tits swung and swayecd beneath her, the stiffened nipples scraping the tangled coverlet. Her legs were split wide in an upside-down V. Slime oozed down from her cunt and soiled her black silk stockings.

“Shit, what a mouth!” Tom grunted. Penny had just spit out his prick and transferred to Terry’s cock. She squeezed his cock in her fist and whacked his prick up and down. He tried to think of other things. The jism was churning in his balls.

“Sssppplllfff!” slobbered Penny. It felt so strange to have two cocks to suck while a third cock fucked back and forth in her cunt. She lost all track of time. She didn’t know if she had been sucking cock for two minutes or two hours.

“I wanna fuck her too,” Tom put in. “You had enough down there, Cal? Okay if I fuck her for a while?”

Cal tugged on her suspender belt, hauled her back onto his cock again and again. His prick had swelled to an alarming thickness and it was shining like a greased piston each time it slid into the open. He glanced up at Tom, then at Terry, then at the photographer. He smiled slightly, his upper lip shiny with sweat.

“Shit, I could keep this up all night,” he gloated. “She’s such a sleazy little bitch. She’ll do anything. She’ll take it any which way.”

“I wanna fuck her,” Tom repeated. Penny had taken his cock back inter mouth and was sucking on it violently, bobbing her face up and down on his prick as if her life depended on it.

“I wanna fuck her up the ass,” Terry added. “If she’ll fuck any which way, let’s see her take it up the ass.”

The photographer stopped his snapping. “Let’s plug her up completely,” he suggested. “Stuff a cock into all of her holes at once. She’ll love it. She loves any thing to do with cocks. You heard her.”

“How do you mean?” asked Tom.

“All her holes. Just like I said. A cock up her cunt, a cock up her ass, and a cock in her mouth. All at the same time. She’ll love it. She loves cock.”

Penny’s heart lurched again. God, how fantastic that sounded. To have each and every hole plugged up with cock. What a lewd, dirty thrill! She could hardly wait. She lifted her mouth off the cocks expectantly. She clutched them tightly in her fingers.


Terry lay flat on his back on the tangled bed. His cock stuck up into the air at an angle, its head angry and purple. His balls twitched in the crook of his thighs. He kept a fist wrapped around the base of his cock, and he pumped it slowly, keeping his prick primed. He kept his eyes glued to Penny as the others helped her climb up on top of him.

“Sit on it! Take hold of his cock and sit on the fucking thing!” Cal was ordering. His cock jutted up from his crotch hair and scraped her thigh. He had an arm around her tiny waist and lifted her so that she had a foot planted on either side of Terry’s body.

“I wanna fuck her up the ass,” Tom kept repeating. Instead of helping Cal get her into position, he spent more time fondling her dangling tits. His prick pointed to the ceiling and a string of clear pre-cum hung from its tip.

The photographer circled the three men and the helpless girl. He was sweating and had a huge cock-bulge in his pants. He was panting softly and muttering an occasional comment. His camera snapped every few seconds as he found a new angle to shoot from. He couldn’t believe she hadn’t once protested, that she was letting him record the lewd gang-bang on film. She was so fucking stupid.

“I need cock! I need cock!” Penny complained.

She was squatting over Terry’s huge hard-on, propped up by the other two men, her tits hanging down heavily, her nipples swollen and hopelessly stiff. She bent her knees as they lowered her, reaching for Terry’s cock with her hand.

“Grab it! Grab the fucking thing!” Cal commanded. As the session had progressed, his voice had gotten surlier. His balls were aching with the strain of holding back his cum.

When he finally got to blast her, he was going to blast the little bitch good. He would teach her to cheat on her husband.

Penny’s fingers found Terry’s stiff cock. She held his prick upright, guided it between her legs, underneath the tufted bush of her cunt hair. The fat cock head pressed against the gaping lips of her pussy and she screwed it inside, as if she were fitting in a light bulb. The other two men let go of her and her full weight fell on Terry’s prick. His cock fucked into her pussy, prying her cuntlips open.

“Sit on it! Sit on his cock!” Cal urged. He gripped her by her shoulders, forced her down harder. Her legs jackknifed and her ass settled on Terry’s crotch. His cock was completely embedded in her soaking cunt.

Her eyes filmed over with satisfaction. A slight smile came to her lips. With both hands planted on Terry’s shoulders, she leaned forward, let her blonde hair fall about her face and her tits flop onto his chest. She rolled about on top of him, circling her cock-stuffed cunt erotically. She let her hard and horny nipples scratch his chest and rubbed her belly on his.

“Okay, Tom, plug up her ass,” Cal said. He was pressing one hand into Penny’s back now and hooking the fingers of the other under her suspender belt. He leaned down to watch.

Tom knelt on the bed between Penny’s legs. The twin globes of Penny’s gorgeous ass split wide in front of him. He could see the furry pouch of Terry’s balls and an inch of two of cock where it disappeared into her sucking cunt. Above was the puckered circle of her asshole, waiting for his prick.

“Up her ass. Up her ass,” Tom muttered, taking his cock in hand. He nudged forward, slotted his greasy cock head into the crack between her ass cheeks. He rubbed up and down, wetting the crack with cock slime. Then he planted his prick head against her asshole and pressed forward.

“Nnnnmnn! Nnnnnnnn!” Penny groaned, bracing himself against Terry with her arms stiff. Her huge pear-shaped tits hung ripely beneath her.

“Up her ass! Up her horny little ass!” Tom went on. I could see her asshole widening, expanding, folding itself over his intruding cock. There was a split second when he thought it wouldn’t go, when he had to reinforce his prick with his fist as it bent in the middle. But then her asshole was forced wide open, and was wrapping itself over his prick head warmly.

“It’s going! It’s disappearing up her ass!” the photographer croaked, crouched in back of Tom where he could see all the action. Two and then three inches of cock fucked up Penny’s ass.

“Nnnnn! Nnnnnn!” moaned Penny. She felt as though she were being split in half.

“Cram it all the way! Cram your fucker all the way up her ass!” urged Cal. Both his hands were now splayed on her ass cheeks and he was forcing her buns as wide as they would go. He watched the fourth and fifth inch of Tom’s cock fuck into her asshole.

Penny’s eyes had glazed over completely. Terry’s cock throbbed up her cunt. She could feel his cock pulsing. Now she had six inches of prick fucked up her ass and more to come. It felt fantastic, like nothing she had ever felt before. She had never thought such a thing possible. Two cocks inside her like this at the same time. It was wonderful. It was dirty an lewd and obscene. But it was wonderful!

“I can feel your cock inside her!” croaked Terry, peeking around her shoulder at Tom. “I can feel your cock plowing up her ass!”

Tom was clenching his teeth. His cock felt as if it were caught in a vise. But he couldn’t stop. He had to go forward. Her asshole was sucking in his cock and wouldn’t let go. He jerked his hips one more time and the final inch of his prick vanished up her asshole. He and Terry were both inside her to the hilt, their cocks trembling with the effort.

“Gggnnn! Gggnnn!” Penny yelped. She was sandwiched tightly between the two horny men.

“Finally,” Cal snarled. “Finally got the little bitch plugged.” He stepped backwards, stood to one side of Terry’s head. He thrust his hand under Penny’s chin and tilted her face up toward him. “Suck it, bitch! Suck my cock till it’s raw!”

Dreamy-eyed, Penny gazed at the huge purple head of Cal’s cock. The piss-slit was winking at her and clear strings of pre-cum were oozing free. He nudged her face with his cock, smeared her cheek with goo. Then the cock head was planted against her full lips and she was opening her mouth, allowing the fat bloated mushroom to plop inside. The prick head throbbed on her tongue.

“Mmmfff! Gggmmmpppfff!” she gagged as he lunged forward and bumped the roof of her mouth with his cock. She clamped her fist around the base of his prick and began to jerk him off, pumping and tugging on his mighty fuck as if she couldn’t wait for him to empty his cum in her mouth.

Tom began to fuck her viciously up the ass. He fucked his cock into her ass again and again, burying it far far up her asshole on each fuck-stroke. The feel of her black stockings against his thighs really excited him. Her ass cheeks were pale and smooth as satin. He played his fingers about on her lower back and tugged on her garter belt, as Cal had done.

Beneath her, Terry lay still and let all the motion up above him push him closer and closer to coming. She was being jerked every which way on top of him, first by fuck-lunges up her ass from Tom, then by fuck-thrusts of Cal’s cock in her mouth. All he had to do was lie there. Her cunt nipped and sucked at his prick and bathed it in pussy juice.

“Great stuff! Keep it up!” wailed the photographer. He couldn’t believe he was getting such close-ups of the gang-bang. The stupid little bitch was absolutely clogged with cock.

Penny felt herself growing faint. It was almost more than she could take, to have her body abused this way, to be utterly stuffed with three enormous cocks. She was about to swoon from the sheer lewdness of the situation. It felt so good!

Her face was swollen out of shape on the bulk of Cal’s cock. He thrust forward again and again and fucked his prick deep in her mouth. Her lips were raw from all the sucking she’d done. Yet she still did the best she could, pumping his cock in her hand and sliding her lips up and down on his cock, taking his fucker in so deep his pubic hair got caught in her teeth.

“Suck me good, that’s it. Suck that cock hard, you sweet little cunt,” he said.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth altogether. He stood in front of her and slapped his heavy prick back and forth across her face, clamping one hand an top of her head to keep her still. The cock made loud smacking, sounds against her cheeks. Then he gripped the cock tightly and smeared it into her eyes and across her cheeks, cleaning off all the syrupy drool that was oozing out its tip.

“What if your husband could see you now, bitch?” he sneered. “What do you think he’d say? His brand new bride, who he’s been married to only a matter of weeks, fucking with three guys at the same time, while she gets photographed doing it. What do you think he’d say? How do you think he’d react to you taking three cocks inside you at the same time? What do you think, bitch?”

Even in her daze, Penny was surprised at the harshness of his voice. It was as if his wife were the one on her hands and knees here between the three of them. He was talking to her as if she were cheating on him. And maybe that was part of it, she thought. Maybe he was thinking that under the right circumstances, his wife, anybody’s wife, would be capable of acting his way.

She dismissed her thoughts. She had too much else to cope with at the moment as it was. These guys couldn’t last much longer. And if she didn’t care about how her husband would react, why should he? She was having the time of her life. She wouldn’t have stopped fucking and sucking these three guys for the world. Even if her husband walked through the door that very second, he couldn’t stop. She would thrust herself against the two cocks behind her and keep sucking Cal.

“I’m gonna come soon. I can’t hold out!” Tom wailed. “Her ass is driving me crazy. It’s peeling my cock.”

“Pull out of her. All of you! Don’t come inside her,” insisted the photographer. “I want some juicy cum-shots on film. I want to see you all come. I want to see her covered in jism!”

Cal gave him a strange look, as if he’d said something shocking. But Tom immediately did as he was told, stopping his fucking and gingerly withdrawing his aching cock inch by inch from Penny’s asshole. Terry held her by the waist and, eased her off his prick with a quick motion. Cal stepped back from her, his cock dripping.

“Flip her on her back, gather round her face,” the photographer instructed. “I want some real close-ups of this. I want all of you to come in her face.”

Again Cal looked at him, as if to say even he wouldn’t have thought of something that dirty to do with the horny cheating little cunt. But Cal did as he was told, kneeling with Terry by her face and jetting his cock hang out over her. She immediately gripped his and Terry’s cocks in her hands and tugged them to either side of her mouth. She flipped onto her back expectantly. She seemed more than willing to go through with what the photographer was suggesting.

“I wanna come on her tits! I wanna see jism dripping off her nipples!” Tom put in. He was frowning like a spoiled kid.

“Climb on top of her,” suggested the photographer. “Fuck her between the tits if you want. But when you come, shoot it into her face. It’s important for the shots I want.”

Tom frowned again, but he swung a leg over Penny’s middle and settled himself down on her belly, his cock swinging out in front of him like the branch of a tree. He forced his prick down, not an easy task, and slotted it in the plush groove between Penny’s full and wobbly tits. Then he placed a hand on the outside of each of her tits and pressed inwards, mashing the tits together over has sizzling prick.

“Shit this feels good! It’s almost as good as fucking her up the ass!” he raved. He formed a tunnel for his prick and was now plunging it back and forth between her tits, trying to scratch his cock shaft with her horny nipples each time.

“You want us to come in her mouth or on her face?” Terry asked. Penny was jerking him and Cal off with short sharp tugs of her fist, but she was also turning her head from side to side, licking and sucking at their cock heads from time to time.

“Both. Fill her mouth up with cum and dump the rest all over her face. I want her totally smeared,” said the photographer. He had leaned in close with his camera, and now he had Penny’s smudged but pretty face in full focus, with three bloated cocks pumping on the sidelines.

“I love cocks,” Penny whimpered softly, gazing fondly at the reddened pricks. “Come in my mouth and all over me. Come in my face. I want all your jism. I want every last steaming ounce of it.”

Cal and Terry exchanged glances. Their cocks were being jerked viciously in her fists. They both placed their hands on their hips, letting her handle their cocks any way she pleased. Her heavy-lidded eyes shifted from cock to cock anxiously. She knew that any second both cocks would explode and start lobbing jets of cum at her.

The photographer gazed at her through the view-finder. He really liked the contrasting colors other face. Her skin was pale, already whitewashed with his own steaming load of jism, which had dried to crusted silver flakes. But hot mouth was still strangely reddened, partly by all the sucking she’d done, partly with what was left of her bright cherry lipgloss. And her eyelids were greasy with deep-blue eye shadow, like two bruises. The red mouth, blue eyelids and blonde strands of hair were perfect for his photographs.

And then there were the three enormous cocks. They had been sucked and yanked and teased for over half an hour, and they were now bloated far beyond normal. Incredibly thick blue veins wriggled up their skies and throbbed painfully. The cock shafts were a deep-brown color, by contrast. And the mushroom prick heads, swollen almost as large as tennis balls, shone a weird purple color.

He leaned down closer trying to stay out of the way of the three panting, horny men. To have the three thick cocks pulsing and throbbing there inches from Penny’s pretty young face, was the dirtiest, more erotic sight he had ever seen. Monstrous, overgrown, old-looking cocks like these, all resting on or aimed at Penny’s clean-cut young face: it was sheer obscenity.

And yet she so obviously loved their cocks. She held the pricks in her hands and kissed them, using her gorgeous full lips and pink, darting tongue, her blue eyelids closed in rapture.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!” Tom gasped suddenly. He had been fucking Penny between her tits for several minutes. There were finger marks all over her where he had mauled her lovely tits and mashed them together over his pumping cock. But now he let her tits roll apart. He grabbed his cock in his hand and inched himself higher on her heaving ribcage. He aimed his cock directly at Penny’s waiting face.

“Come on me! Come in my face! Fill up my mouth!” she yelled, gazing intently at Tom’s twitching cockhead. “Jerk off in my face! Gum all over me! Fill my… mmffssppff!”

Her voice was cut off and she began to gurgle as a huge rope of jism jumped from Tom’s cock and fell diagonally across her mouth. Much of the cum sprayed across her chin and on up her cheek to her temple, but a great deal of cum slopped in between her open lips. Jism coated her tongue and hung off her pretty teeth like silver glue. A wad of cum caught at the corner of her, mouth and webbed her lips together.

“Oh fuck! I can’t stop! Oh fuck!” Tom groaned, his fist a blur of motion on his cum spurting cock. As he spoke, a second monster rope of cum jetted from his cock tip. This one missed her mouth altogether and skated up the left side of her face, painting a shiny white line from her chin to her hairline. The jism looped over her forehead and cut across her eye at dead center, matting her lashes together.

“Beautiful! Fucking beautiful!” praised the photographer, snapping pictures enthusiastically. He was determined to record every last spurt of cum.

Penny was whimpering softly, both eyes tightly shut now. She had wanted them to start coming in her face. The notion thrilled her. But the force of Tom’s blast had caught her off guard. It was like being hit with tiny pebbles. And this was just the beginning. The other two had to come as well.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!” Tom grunted, jerking himself off into the teenager’s face. He tilted his cock down and spurted a long jet of cum straight into her gaping mouth. Then his prick was swinging up again, and a twist of spunk spun in the air and splattered across Penny’s nose and off her check.

“Unbelievable! Fantastic!” cried the photographer.

“Think that’s something?” sneered Cal.

“Get a load of this!”

He reached down and closed his hand over Penny’s on his cock. She had been gamely jerking both cocks while Tom jerked off into her face, but she had lost her rhythm. She was yanking and tugging this way and that, crazily. Now Cal tightened his fist and began pumping solidly, anchoring his fat cock head against Penny’s right cheek.

There was a squishing sound, and suddenly long streamers of jism were spraying in every direction from Cal’s cock head. The cum was hitting Penny’s face then richocheting all over the place like a pinwheel. What didn’t spurt off into the air either drooled down her neck or bounced off over her face like mercury.

“I’m gonna shoot jizz all over the little slut,” Cal growled. He aimed his cock higher and sent a huge white jet of cum spinning off across both her eyes, cementing them both shut. He was milking out his jism with long slow tugs on his cock.

He and Tom were shooting at the same time, hosing Penny down with jets of silver spunk. They criss-crossed her face with white lines, decorating her like a cake. And she couldn’t escape, even if she wanted to. They had her trapped beneath the blizzard of cum.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Terry roared. He too had covered Penny’s hand with his own and was helping her jerk him off. Flat glow of spunk began to fly from his cock too.

“Amazing! Amazing!” groaned the photographer. He could hardly believe what he was seeing.

For a time all three cocks were spurting cum at the same time, lobbing great heavy wads of cock cream onto the poor helpless girl. She tilted her head from side to side, whimpering as her eyes were scaled shut and one of her nostrils was plugged with cum. But she kept her mouth open, and blob after juicy blob of jism shot inside, hitting her teeth and dripping off the back of her throat.

“Fill it! Fill her hot whore mouth!” Cal urged, pouring an especially huge plug of cum between her lips.

All three cocks were poised within inches of Penny’s foaming mouth, dripping heavy strands of spunk into the hole or spurting off across her face. There were white lines across both cheeks and all over her forehead. Fat loops of jism draped themselves across her pretty turned-up nose. Both her eyes were submerged under pools of cum. Strings of spunk hung in her hair.

Tom was slowing down. The cum was oozing from his cock tip now, not spurting. Jism rolled down over the crown of his cock and formed heavy strings that dangled in the air for several seconds before snapping and breaking across Penny’s face like cobwebs. He poked at her left cheek and eye and coated her nose some more before returning his cock to her overflowing mouth.

“Eat it! Eat that cum!” Cal wailed, still spurting. He was lifting her with a hand clasped on the back of her neck, so that he could hit her at a more direct angle. His cum was making loud splitting sounds as it hit her in the face.

Terry planted his huge cock head in the soggy pool over her left eye, with the piss-slit stuck up against the bridge of her nose. His jism sprang out in fat globs. The thick white lines of cum spiraled out across her face like spokes of a wheel. Her face glittered with cum, layers and layers of it, like some milky cosmetic.

“Suck cock! Suck cock, slut!” Cal wheezed, directing spurt after spurt of jism into her face and between her lips. His fist squeezed his cock hard and he seemed to be trying to poke the prick head into Penny’s mouth.

But her mouth was already full. It was clogged to the depths with steaming, wriggling spunk. Her throat was blocked with cum, her tongue buried under it. Her checks ballooned wide with wads of jism. And white streamers of cum oozed and dribbled from the corners of her mouth, down her cheeks and along her neck. Her teeth were no longer visible. Her open lips were sealed with a wide and deep pool of spunk.

Terry was panting. He grabbed a handful of Penny’s blonde hair, tried to stop the flow of his cum with it. But his prick kept on shooting, blasting knots of jism along her forehead and down her left cheek. The hot cock cream was jetting out in torrents. Blonde strands of hair were matted together with cum.

“Take it all, whore! Suck down every blast blob of cum!” ordered Cal. He forced his cock head against her open lips and tried to plunge the wall of white spunk inwards. More hot jism overflowed her mouth and ran down her face.

Penny started to gag. She made gurgling sounds deep in her throat and Cal backed off, his cock tip dripping white cum. He and Terry still spurted ribbons of jism across her face. She played the pond of cum about on her tongue, then forced it upwards, spilling milky fuck cream all over her flower face. The spunk was pouring from her mouth like lava.

She was whimpering under the awful rain of cum. Her hands were caught under the burly fists of the men and she couldn’t stop jerking their cocks. But she couldn’t take any more cum. They were drowning her in jism. She swallowed frantically, slurping gobs of the stuff to her belly. But she couldn’t eat it all. She let cum ooze and roll from her lips, soiling her pretty face even more.

“Jesus Christ,” whispered the photographer.

Terry stopped spurting cum and rested his swollen cock on Penny’s forehead. He swished it about casually, smearing jism all over her like varnish. Strands of her hair were stuck to his cock by the gooey cum. And finally Cal stopped shooting. He held his cock head over her spewing mouth and let the dangling strings of spunk snap across her lips.

She was making soft little sounds, half of pleasure, half of panic. The great wet wall of spunk still clogged her lips and overflowed down her chin. Ribbons of white cum crisscrossed her face like lines on a road map. Her face glistened and shone like a weird liquid mask. The globs and strands of cum drooled down her neck like wax down a candle.

“Rest your cocks on her face,” instructed the photographer. “I want some tight closeups of all that cum and your hard-ons. Smear it about some. Smudge the jizz around with your cocks.”

The weary men did as instructed, anchoring the fat bloated heads of their cocks on Penny’s cheeks and forehead and swishing the thick layers of spunk to the left and right. It began to make strange patterns on her skin. Her cum mask glittered and shone like an uneven coat of paint. Her face stayed passive under the weight of the cocks.

“Let her do it. Let her do it herself,” said the photographer.

The men lifted their hands off their cocks. Penny squeezed the pricks. And now she took over, rubbing the prick heads into her checks and smearing the thick layers of cum. Her mouth was still a clogged oval of greasy white. Spunk drained off down her chin. She had stopped whimpering and was calmer now. A teasing smile had even returned to the corners of her cummy mouth.

“These are the best shots I’ve ever taken,” the photographer said. “They’re going to be fucking amazing.”

He snapped several more pictures and let his camera hang loosely from his neck. Then he unzipped his fly and hauled out his thick oozing cock. He knelt with the others by Penny’s unrecognizable face and began to jerk off, aiming his cock head at her shimmering mouth.


Penny’s husband Ron sat at his office desk and stared at the wall. His mouth was dry and his head hurt. He knew he wouldn’t get any more work done that afternoon, but he didn’t feel like going home. He couldn’t face his young wife. Not yet. He reached into a drawer and took out the thick manila envelope for the fourth or fifth time. Slowly, methodically, he leafed through the bundle of obscene photographs.

At first he hadn’t believed it was his wife in the pictures. He said it was a look-alike, a model who just happened to look like Penny. But Cal had insisted it was Penny, and deep down Ron knew it was too. Cal had come to his office early that morning, obviously embarrassed, and asked to talk with him. He had something very unpleasant to show him, he said. As a close friend, Cal went on, he thought he owed it to Ron to show him the photographs that he’d stumbled on.

Ron had laughed at first, thinking Cal had simply wanted to pull some practical joke. Cal was fond of such things. But then Ron had examined the pictures closely, one by one. There were dozens of them. And there could be no doubt. The horny slut in the photographs was his new wife. She was dressed in nothing but a garter belt and black stockings, and she was fucking and sucking three men.

“Where did you get these?” Ron gasped, his heart churning.

“What does it matter?” Cal watched him carefully, thankful he wasn’t recognizable in any of the pictures. “I got them from the friend of a friend. It was coincidence, really. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was Penny. But I thought you ought to know. I felt I owed it to you.”

“You did the right thing,” Ron said miserably. “Do you know who these three guys are? Who took the pictures?”

“I’ve no idea. Like I said, it was a weird coincidence I got hold of them at all.”

Ron sifted through the pictures, not speaking. And soon after that Cal left, feeling more and more uncomfortable standing there while his friend examined the pictures of the incredible orgy. It was one thing to let a friend know his new wife was a cheating slut, but it was another to have to watch him grow purple with anger and hurt. Cal beat a hasty retreat.

And so all morning Ron sat there in a daze, shoving the photographs away in disgust then taking them out again and again, examining them in detail. His anger grew and slackened off, as the hours passed. And something else grew and kept growing. He was ashamed to feel a healthy stiffness in his pants that just wouldn’t go away. His cock was hard and throbbing.

Now he was going through the pictures yet again, and as he did so he stroked his cock through the material of his slacks. It was no longer anger he felt, he realized. It was fascination. He was wondering how Penny had gotten herself into the amazing gang bang, and why. In most of the shots she was smiling. She had obviously enjoyed herself.

The pictures were really very well done, he had to admit. It seemed a professional had been in charge. Even the backdrop was interesting just like the plush backgrounds he’d seen in all the mens’ magazines. And Penny’s costume. She was dressed just like one of the magazine models. He recognized the dress he’d bought her, and the exotic underwear.

He flipped through the first few shots of Penny jiggling her tits free of the dress and stripping to her garter belt. He slowed down the ones showing her stuffing herself with fake pink cocks. The look on her face was unmistakable. She was really turned on. He had never seen her turned on quite like this.

He watched her grabbing for some guy and stuffing his balls into her mouth, then he studied the close-ups of her sucking a huge cock to the hilt. He was especially fascinated with the shots of her mouth overflowing with cum. But this was only the beginning.

The three men entered the pictures, and she sucked on two of them while the other fucked her. At one point she even sucked two cocks into her mouth at the same time. Then came the shots Ron could scarcely believe. While she had a thick cock stuffed to the balls in her mouth, the two other men were fucking her up the ass and cunt at the same time. There were several amazing close-ups of her sandwiched between the two men, the great thick logs of their cocks disappearing into her ass and cunt, their furry balls almost touching.

Then there were the close-ups of her pretty painted face with the three ugly pricks aimed right at her. And the shower of gleaming white cum which blotched her face gradually, like snow. Some of the shots had even frozen the cum-jets in mid air. They hung there like ropes of silver twine while she stared at them expectantly. Then they fell across her face.

Ron set the photographs up in sequence and studied them. He rubbed his cock up and down and felt the jism burning in his balls. Then suddenly he stopped. He hesitated a split second, then shuffled the pictures together and stuffed them back in their envelope. He crammed them back into his desk drawer, locked it, and stood up. Moving as best he could with his stiff cock, he strode out to his car.

He had stopped thinking now. His anger had changed into something else. He wasn’t concerned with the future of his marriage, or with what he planned to do tomorrow, next week, a year from now. He had other things on his mind. He had to fuck his wife, and soon. He was home in twelve minutes. He left the front door wide open as he entered.

The house was strangely quiet, and for a moment he was afraid Penny wasn’t home. Then there was a sound from the bedroom, and he smiled bitterly to himself. He might have known. Somehow — even before he stuck his head into the room — he knew what he would see.

Penny was naked except for her garter belt and black stockings. She had her bare back to the door, and was squatting on top of a scrawny young man with long blond hair. She bounced up and down and Ron could see the stiff spike of cock fucking in and out of her sucking cunt. Even from this angle, he could see part of one huge tit jiggling up and down.

“Hey…” the blond kid spluttered, catching sight of Ron as he crossed to the bed. He was sweating thickly, Ron noted, as if he’d been fucking Penny for quite some time.

“Relax, punk. I’m not going to hurt you. Fuck her all you want. But I insist on getting in on the action. This whore happens to be my wife, you know.”

Ron stood beside the bed, unzipped his fly and dropped his pants. His cock sprang out and bounced up before him, dripping precum. Penny glared at him vacantly, as if she didn’t recognize him. But she kept on fucking up and down on the youth’s cock. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t even try to explain.

“Now, what first?” Ron asked, slipping off his shirt and taking his cock in hand. “How about a nice blow-job? What do you say, bitch? How about sucking my cock?”

“Hey look, I didn’t know…” the kid began. “I don’t want to get into any weird scenes, man.”

Ron was climbing onto the bed, placing one foot to either side of the young man’s head. “Just shut up and fuck her, kid. She’s a good fuck. You must know that by now. Half the neighborhood knows that by now. Half the fucking city.”

Ron thrust his cock into Penny’s face. She glanced up into his eyes a moment, started to say something, then thought better of it. She took hold of his cock and slid her mouth down on it. Pumping the prick base in her fist, she began sucking the top four inches of prick harshly. At the same time, she kept fucking up and down on the young man’s cock.

“Who are you anyway, kid?” Ron asked, fucking Penny’s face. “How’d you get so lucky?”

“I’m… I’m the delivery boy,” the young man panted. His face was tense and glistening. “I delivered some groceries earlier.”

“And this is your tip,” Ron grunted. “Not bad. My wife always was a heavy tipper.” He fucked his cock deep into Penny’s throat.

So she’s fucking teenage delivery boys now, he thought. Was there anyone she wouldn’t fuck? Who else had she already fucked, besides the three guys in the dirty pictures? She had probably been cheating on him right from day one, from the very first day they’d gotten married.

“Okay, bitch, that’s enough cock-sucking for now. I want to try that asshole of yours.” Ron withdrew his cock from her mouth and clambered around in back of his humping wife. “I wanna fuck you up the ass while the delivery boy fucks your pussy.”

Ron kneeled on the bed and ran his cock head up and down in the crack of Penny’s ass. He forced her to stop moving for a second or so while he slotted his prick head into the puckered circle of her asshole. Then he drove forward and fucked four of five inches of cock into her asshole. He began to fuck her viciously up her ass.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” Penny whimpered. She was crushed forward now on top of the scrawny kid, her full tits scraping his chest. Her eyelids drooped with lust as the two thick cocks fucked in and out of her.

Ron was enjoying himself. He was fucking away all his anger and hurt, driving his cock again and again into the quaking body of his horny wife. And what was making this especially exciting was the thought of what she had done with those three guys. The images of her handling three bloated cocks spun about in his head.

He would never forgive her for betraying him, for making their marriage a joke. But he was going to hang onto her, at least for now. She might be the main topic of conversation in many a local locker room for a while, but she was all his. She might be a slut, but she was his slut. And he could fuck her whenever he wanted to.

He found this situation incredibly exciting. Sandwich-fucking his wife along with a strange kid was fun. Maybe there were other weird situations he could get into her with her. Even now, he could think of things he would like to see her do that would make his balls quake. The sight of her fucking and sucking three strange men had turned him on. Maybe she could handle more. Maybe she could handle a whole platoon of horny, men.

Ron fucked his cock in and out of Penny’s asshole. Below her he could see the kid, his face tense as he poured out his cum into Penny’s cunt. Shit, this was bizarre! He never would have thought he could get into such a crazy scene. But it was so exciting. To fuck his wife like this was so thrilling. He fucked his cock into her ass one more time and began to shoot out his cum.

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