Abused Again And Again

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain countless examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Ginger Martin, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A teenager, she finds herself tricked into aiding a false cause and ultimately is swept into a web of depravity and perversion she could only have dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the depraved whims of her captors.

ABUSED AGAIN AND AGAIN — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story revealing another side of our complex society.


At eleven-fifteen Friday night in the airport parking lot, Ginger Martin waited apprehensively for Roger to walk around the Mustang with her suitcase and open the door. And when he did open it, Ginger started to get out, but Roger blocked her way. “Not yet, baby,” he said. “It may be a long time before I see you again.”

Ginger heard Roger’s fly unzipping. She looked down as his huge cock flipped out of his pants. Roger’s cock was the most magnificent thing about him. Every time she saw it, she could not help getting excited. His cock was over eight inches long and as fat as a club. His purple knob seemed to pulse. Roger Swain spread his legs and poked his cock at Ginger’s face. Startled, Ginger flinched back and looked around nervously.

“Someone will see us, Roger!”

“I don’t care. Suck it! I want to watch you swallowing my cum one more time before you fly off to San Diego.” Roger stroked his mammoth shaft as he talked, pulling his foreskin back and forth.

The sight of Roger’s erect cock was too much for her to pass up. Her mouth watered to have his throbbing knob sliding wetly over her tongue and poking deeply into her mouth and throat. The satiny texture of his cock head touched Ginger’s lips. She tasted the tiny drop of clear fluid oozing from his slit.

Looking quickly around the parking lot to make sure no one could see them, Ginger opened her mouth and sucked Roger’s cock into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down, Ginger drove Roger’s cock back and forth over her tongue. Roger’s cock tasted like warm, succulent meat. Every time Ginger saw Roger’s cock she felt an urgent need bubbling up inside her. How would she ever be able to live without Roger if he got caught? Ginger pulled her mouth from Roger’s cock and begged him to go with her.

“I can’t,” Roger said, burying his fingers in Ginger’s hair. “The police are going to be looking for me everywhere. It’ll be safer for you if we split up.”

Roger twisted Ginger’s hair until the dark strands were like a harness around her head. Roger pulled Ginger’s mouth back to his cock and forced his knob between her lips. Ginger took his throbbing knob back into her mouth and bathed it eagerly with her tongue. If it had to be this way, she would have to make this time last until Roger could get the horrible mistake with the police cleared up.

As Roger began to drive his cock back and forth between Ginger’s lips, Ginger felt her arousal building quickly in her cunt. Juices oozed from her slit and began soaking her panties. She wanted to pull off her clothes and spread her thighs so Roger could bury his mammoth cock in her cunt. But there was not enough time. Eagerly, Ginger sucked Roger’s knob, feeling his rhythmic pulse against her cheeks and tongue.

Roger groaned and tightened his grip in her hair, twisting the strands of hair tighter until Ginger’s head was pulled against Roger’s crotch. Roger’s walnut-sized balls slapped against Ginger’s neck each time he hunched his hips forward. Ginger relaxed her throat muscles and arched her neck to help Roger’s cock penetrate deep into her throat.

Driving his hips faster and faster, Roger continued working his cock deeper into Ginger’s mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She felt his fat shaft stretching her throat and reaming so deeply into her that she could breathe only haphazardly. Yet she wanted even more of his cock plunging into her mouth. She fondled Roger’s balls with her fingers and hefted them in her palms.

Each thrust into her mouth brought the juices in her cunt to a more and more copious flow, soaking her panties. Ginger lifted her skirt until it was above her hips and she reached between her thighs and stroked the outside of her cunt through her panties. Ginger felt primed to explode.

“That feels good,” Roger rasped. “Keep it up. Suck it like an ice cream cane. Lick it! Ahhh!”

Ginger slid from the car seat and rested her ass on the edge of the door-frame. Lifting Roger’s heavy balls, Ginger bathed them with her tongue, licking them until her saliva dripped in thick drops. She sucked and chewed on his soft flesh, taking care to avoid harming his balls. She felt the tension building within his cock. She buried her face in his crotch and wiped his prick with her cheeks and nose.

She could suck his cock forever, never taking her mouth from his wonderful shaft, but time would not permit. Roger released her hair and leaned forward until his fingers reached Ginger’s youthful breasts. He dug into her braless orbs like he was kneading dough, puffing and stretching her breasts in reckless passion. Ginger felt her tits tingling under Roger’s savage fingers.

Roger twisted and pinched Ginger’s nipples until every nerve sizzled with passionate energy. Ginger’s breathing came in deep gasps as she continued nursing his cock and balls. If only they had not gone to the bank yesterday. It was a freak coincidence that the bank was robbed shortly after they had left. And with Roger’s past record, he would never be able to prove his innocence. Ginger was involved simply because she had been driving the Mustang.

As Roger’s cock plowed like a piston in and out of her mouth, Ginger realized that in all of her eighteen years, she had never loved anyone as deeply as she did Roger, despite the fact that she had known him less than two months. Roger began groaning louder and louder and Ginger realized his climax was rapidly approaching.

Ginger sucked and slurped her lips and tongue over Roger’s cock with more passion than she had ever lavished on his dick before. She wanted to give him something to remember until they were together again. She felt his burning knob searing against her throat and plunging to the hilt in her mouth. His loins slammed against her lips and nose with each savage thrust.

Ginger forced her hand between Roger’s legs until she could massage his ass-crack and she could toy with the opening to his anus. She pressed a finger against his tightly clenched sphincter muscle and massaged gently. She placed her free hand to her own crotch and stroked her cunt lips, feeling her arousal flaming hotter and hotter. Ginger flicked her tongue over the underside of Roger’s knob and sucked the oozing juices from his slit.

She felt his cock throbbing and pulsing against her mouth and throat. Each thrust brought Roger closer to orgasm. Ginger wanted it to last and last, but time forced them to hurry. Roger’s hips drove his cock into Ginger’s throat with eager, lustful plunges that demanded all of Ginger’s attention. Ginger purred like a cat every time Roger’s big cock plunged into her throat and she sucked air into her lungs each time Roger drew back for another thrust.

As Roger continued ramming his cock into Ginger’s mouth and his passion grew to the point of burning intensity, his movements became more and more savage until he was stabbing his cock as hard as he could into her throat. Ginger loved it and wanted more. Ginger welcomed the vicious thrusts of his cock into her mouth. She kept her neck arched to guide his eager cock deep into her throat.

Ginger felt Roger’s knob pulsing hotter and hotter with each thrust. She tasted his slick shaft and sucked the juices from his knob each time drew his cock back. Roger’s fingers tortured her breasts and nipples as he caressed her breasts. Yet she enjoyed everything Roger did to her. And as her own passion continued growing to match Roger’s, Ginger sucked even harder on his cock. She wanted his prick buried in her mouth as deep as it would go.

Then she heard footsteps coming down one of the rows of parked cars. She looked up just long enough to see a young couple walking arm in arm toward the terminal — oblivious to her and Roger. Ginger resumed sucking and bathing Roger’s cock, slurping her tongue over his feverish head and shaft until his entire organ glistened with her saliva.

Passion burned so hotly in Ginger’s pussy that she could think of nothing but having Roger’s marvelous cock buried to the hilt in her cunt. Quickly she raised her hips and slid her panties down over her legs.

“Put it inside me, Roger. Please! I need you so bad!”

This time Roger looked quickly around the parking lot to insure their privacy. Then, as Ginger lay back on the front seat with her thighs spread and her feet resting on the door-frame, Roger sprawled above her and positioned his giant cock against her dripping slit. With one vicious shove, Roger drove his cock to the hilt in Ginger’s pussy.

Ginger gasped at the sudden penetration, but after a couple of stokes, her cunt stretched to accommodate him. She felt his cock stretching her cunt widely as he thrust in and out like a madman. Roger pulled Ginger’s blouse above her breasts and buried his face in her cleavage. Ginger pulled his face hard against her tits and guided his mouth to first one nipple and then the other, feeling his teeth and tongue tantalizing her nerve endings until she was ready to scream from pleasure.

Lifting her legs, Ginger locked her ankles around Roger’s waist and thrust her hips upward to impale Roger’s eager cock in her. Again and again, Ginger felt Roger’s cock driving all the way into her pussy. Each time Roger drew his cock out, it felt like a plunger was sucking at her insides. And each time Roger drove his cock forward, the force caused Ginger to gasp.

Roger’s fingers dug at Ginger’s buttocks, spreading them and massaging her ass-crack until he touched her puckered anus. Roger stabbed first the index finger of his right hand into Ginger’s ass and then the index finger of his left hand. Roger forced both fingers all the way into Ginger’s ass and then he started twisting and stretching her anus as though he was trying to tear her apart.

Ginger moaned submissively as Roger used her ass like a handle to drive his cock even deeper into her pussy. Ginger felt Roger’s cock smashing again and again against her cervix in his eagerness to reach a climax. Ginger pulled down with her ankles and forced his pulsing cock head even deeper into her cunt. She felt his cock burning like a flaming torch. She didn’t ever want him to take his cock from her cunt.

Roger drove his hips faster and faster reaming his dripping cock back and forth between Ginger’s cunt lips until they were both ready to come.

Roger nibbled on Ginger’s tortured nipples. Yet she sucked in her breath and tried to force even more of her tit into his mouth. Every nerve in Ginger’s body tingled with an intensity she had never felt before. How would she ever be able to get through the coming days and nights without Roger?

And then Roger’s climax exploded with unbelievable passion. His cock blasted a thick, burning load of cum into Ginger’s cunt that splashed like molten lava against her cervix. Immediately Ginger’s climax erupted with equal intensity. She screamed and tightened her legs around Roger’s hips, pulling his cock as hard and deep into her pussy as possible. She felt every nerve vibrating with erotic passion as Roger’s cock plunged like a saw back and forth between her cunt lips.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she cried. “Don’t stop, Roger. Ohhh… Ohhhh. Fuck me harder! Harder!”

Roger did his best to give her what she wanted, plunging his hips forward with savage need, driving his cock to the hilt with each thrust. Ginger felt his cock squirting load after load of cum into her pussy, filling her so full that his viscous fluid ran back out around the sides of his cock and dripped in thick streams down her buttocks and into her ass crack. She felt his cum running into her ass as he drove his fingers deep into her butt.

At least four heavy spurts of cum flooded Ginger’s cunt before Roger’s balls were emptied. And still she felt her cunt clawing and sucking at Roger’s shaft in an attempt to milk even more fluid from his cock. Keeping her ankles locked around Roger’s hips, Ginger thrust upward again and again, impaling her cunt on Roger’s feverish cock. She felt his slick knob pumping in and out of her cunt, turning her into a seething, convulsing animal.

Ginger’s fingers raked the back of Roger’s jacket and her heels pounded his hips to keep him plunging his cock into her pussy. She felt her orgasm exploding again and again through her flesh as Roger’s cock plowed relentlessly into her pussy.

And when their climax finally ended, they were both left drained and exhausted. Roger rested his weight on Ginger until he had the strength to push himself away and pull up his pants. Ginger slipped on her panties and adjusted her clothing. Roger picked up her suitcase and she walked beside him to the end of the parking lot.

“You’ll have to go the rest of the way by yourself,” Roger said, setting down the suitcase and pulling her into his arms for a final kiss. “Willie will meet your plane in San Diego,” he said. And then he turned and walked away into the night.


Willie met Ginger at the airport in San Diego and drove her to a secluded house overlooking Mission Valley. Ginger was impressed by Willie’s flashy clothes and new Cadillac, but not with his manners. As soon as they were inside the house, Willie leaned back against the door and lewdly undressed her with his eyes. “You’re a good looking piece of ass,” he said.

Ginger ignored his comment and turned away to explore the small, two-story house. She was only to see the bottom floor, however, because the house had been divided into two separate living quarters. The bottom unit consisted only of a living worn, kitchen and bath.

“It’s not very big,” Ginger said, “but it will do until I can get another job as a nurse and get a place that will be big enough for Roger and me.”

Willie closed the distance between them and circled her waist in his hands. Pulling her hard against him, Willie began nibbling on Ginger’s ear. “Why don’t you take your clothes off and get comfortable?”

Ginger tried to push Willie away from her, but he held her tight. “Let me go!” she demanded. “Roger didn’t send me down here to be mauled by someone he said was his best friend.”

Willie moved his hands to the front of Ginger’s blouse and with one swift motion, tore it open to expose Ginger’s large, succulent breasts. Ginger tried to pull away, but Willie grabbed her arms and twisted them painfully behind her back until she was forced to stand on tip-toes with her hard nipples stabbing into his chest.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said. “It may be a long time before you see Roger again and we don’t want you to get all sexually frustrated waiting on him, do we?”

Ginger couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had expected to be put up as Roger’s girl friend and now she was being treated like a slut.

“I’ll tell Roger if you don’t let me go,” she threatened, but her words had no effect on Willie’s savage attack as he continued tearing at the rest of her clothes until she was stripped naked.

Willie pushed her to the floor and stood above her with a lewd smile on his face. Slowly, he began removing his own clothes. Willie was about the same age as Roger, somewhere in his late twenties, and about the same build. Even his cock was as large as Roger’s. But Roger had treated Ginger with a certain amount of tenderness; Willie treated her like a slave to be ordered and pushed around.

“Lay on your back,” he ordered, “and spread your thighs. I want to look at that pretty, pink pussy.”

Ginger closed her legs and began scooting away from him, but Willie grabbed her ankles and pulled her back to the center of the room. He spread her legs easily and stared at her gaping cunt. Ginger tried to kick free, but she was like a child in his strong hands. He stood up and removed the rest of his clothes. His erect cock stood out from his body like a third leg.

Willie straddled Ginger’s stomach so his cock and balls pressed into her cleavage.

“Let’s get something straight,” Willie said, his left hand playing with his own cock, his right hand bunching Ginger’s long, dark hair at the nape of her neck and pulling back on it like reins so she was forced to arch her neck. “You’re here because Roger’s hot in L.A. And since you’ve been seen with him, it’s only a matter of time before the police find out your name and you’ll be just as hot as he is. Now if you want to attract attention and have the police down here, you just start yelling and screaming and telling me what you don’t want. But if you want to keep yourself and Roger out of trouble, you’ll do what I say.”

Ginger could not take her eyes from Willie’s huge purple knob as it pulsed hotly between her breasts. Each time Willie pumped his fist up and down his shaft, his cock head seemed to throb with greater and greater urgency. What sort of trap was she getting into? Her arms were pinned by Willie’s knees and when she tried to buck Willie off, she succeeded in only tossing him farther up her body so his cock head pressed against her lips and chin.

A drop of clear fluid oozed from the tip of Willie’s knob. He wiped the fluid over Ginger’s pursed lips. “Lick it up, baby. You might as well learn to enjoy it because you’re here for the duration. And you can forget about getting a job as a nurse. That’s the easiest way for you to be traced.” Willie pumped his cock again as a second drop of fluid oozed from his prick. He wiped that against Ginger’s mouth as well. “Now, let me see how good you are at sucking cock.”

Ginger didn’t know what to do. What would Roger say if he found out she sucked his best friend’s cock? But what would happen if she didn’t and Willie kicked her out and the police found her? The problem was solved for her because Willie gave her no choice. Lifting his hips, Willie forced his cock between Ginger’s lips. She tasted his rubbery cock head as it slid over her tongue and cheeks. His cock filled her mouth as fully as Roger’s did.

Willie hunched his body over Ginger’s face and began working his dick in and out of Ginger’s mouth, pulling back until only his pulsing knob remained between her lips and then pushing forward until his cock slammed against her throat. Ginger was afraid she would gag as Willie continued reaming his cock in and out of her mouth. She tried to relax so his shaft would work its way completely into her mouth, but the position they were in made it difficult.

“I want you to take all of it, bitch,” Willie said angrily. He turned around so he straddled her face and was facing Ginger’s cunt. His cock was now positioned so it could easily be rammed all the way down Ginger’s throat. With his knees pinning Ginger’s arms to the floor, Willie began grinding his hips back and forth, working his cock deeper and deeper into Ginger’s mouth.

Willie knotted Ginger’s hair even tighter and arched her head back painfully. With his free hand, he began pinching and mauling her firm breasts, stretching and twisting her nipples until tears came to Ginger’s eyes. But at the same time, Ginger realized with humiliation and shame that her body was responding erotically to Willie’s sadistic treatment. Ginger tried to suppress the growing response, but she could not stop the slick juices from dripping from her aroused cunt.

“You like it, don’t you?” Willie began driving his hips forward with greater and greater force. Ginger felt his huge cock plunging deeply into her mouth until she was forced to breathe on the out-strokes. Each time Willie rammed his cock forward, his balls slapped against Ginger’s eyes.

Ginger arched her neck and back even more to accommodate Willie’s punishing dick as it burned against her throat. She felt it plunging back and forth like a snake exploring a hole. Willie’s fingers tortured Ginger’s breasts until every nerve tingled with erotic sensations.

Ginger hated herself for the arousal that took control of her body and turned her into a wanton woman. In a last attempt to save her dignity and self-respect, Ginger twisted violently back and forth, but she could not squirm free. Her movements only helped Willie to work his cock even deeper into her throat. Ginger’s lips and chin were pressed into Willie’s curly pubic hair.

Suddenly Willie pulled his cock from Ginger’s mouth and turned around so he knelt between her spread thighs. He dipped his head and licked deeply into Ginger’s spread cunt, lapping at the hot juices dripping onto her thighs and buttocks. Ginger cringed as Willie’s tongue darted between her pussy lips and flicked against her clit. Passion flared like a growing fire in her body as Willie’s tongue continued arousing her.

Ginger no longer made an attempt to escape. Instead, she locked her fingers in Willie’s hair and pulled his head tighter into her cunt, feeling his tongue arousing her clit until it stood up like a tiny prick in its pink sheath of skin. She wrapped her thighs around Willie’s head and encouraged him to stab his tongue deep into her pussy.

Willie sucked at Ginger’s cunt wildly, slurping her juices noisily into his mouth and lapping his tongue over her swollen lips. Ginger shivered as her arousal continued growing with each slash of Willie’s tongue. He turned his head so he could suck in part of Ginger’s cunt lips while his chin pressed into her wet slit. He nibbled and tantalized Ginger’s vulva. Slowly he chewed his way completely around Ginger’s cunt and then concentrated on plunging his tongue deeply in and out of her quivering tunnel.

Willie’s mouth plastered Ginger’s cunt hair to her mound as his tongue lapped greedily. Slowly, he began to work his way up Ginger’s body, licking and biting her creamy flesh until he reached her breasts. His mouth covered first her right nipple and then her left as he feasted hungrily at her breasts. Willie bunched Ginger’s tits in his palms until her nipples were forced so close to each other that he could suck both of them at the same time.

Ginger felt his tongue burning over her heavy globes and arousing her to the point that she would have begged him to continue if necessary. She felt Willie’s cock poking at her dripping pussy. She reached between her thighs and guided his cock head to her spread lips. His knob felt like it was on fire as it pushed into her slit and forced her inner lips aside. Ginger lifted her knees and crossed her ankles behind Willie’s back just as he tensed himself to drive his cock forward.

Ginger screamed as Willie’s cock suddenly plunged to the hilt in her pussy. She felt his dick splitting her apart in his sadistic need to rape her cunt. Willie reached beneath Ginger’s hips and spread her buttocks with his fingers, stretching her cheeks until he could stab one finger into her tightly clenched anus. As soon as he had located her asshole, he pulled his cock from her pussy and positioned it between her buttocks, his dripping knob pressing against her sphincter muscle.

Realizing what he was going to do, Ginger struggled to get away from him. “Not there!” She pleaded. “You’re too big! It’ll rip me apart. I can’t take your cock in my ass. Please!”

Willie ignored her protests and tensed his body to ram his cock as deeply into her ass as possible. Ginger was helpless to stop him. With one vicious shove, Willie drove his cock into Ginger’s butt, burying his cock to the hilt. Ginger screamed as Willie’s dick tunneled up her ass. It felt like a burning torch had been forced up her butt, but as Willie began to slowly work his cock back and forth, the pain lessened and gradually turned to a feeling of pleasure.

Pressing Ginger’s knees hard against her breasts, Willie rested completely on Ginger’s body as his hips ground back and forth in a slow rhythmic movement that soon had Ginger moaning. Ginger began to relax her muscles and experience the deviate sensation of a huge cock fucking into her butt.

Ginger felt even more humiliated by her reaction to being ass-fucked. If only she could pretend she wanted Willie to stop she would feel less ashamed, but she couldn’t even do that as his cock continued to arouse her to a more and more intense excitement. His cock felt like a vacuum sucking at her insides each time he withdrew his shaft, leaving his swollen knob inside her rectum, and then plunged forward again to drive his dick completely into her bowels.

Ginger raked her nails across Willie’s shoulders and rocked her body back and forth in time with his thrusting hips. Ginger spread her knees and pulled Willie’s head back to her breasts. He bit viciously into her heavy globes as he chewed and sucked her flesh. Ginger felt her climax building and building within her body until she knew her climax would erupt at any moment.

And then suddenly she felt Willie’s cock exploding and shooting cum into her ass as he convulsed into a writhing mass of orgasming flesh. Willie’s cum quickly filled her ass and his semen gushed back out and dripped in thick gobs down her crack to smear over the tops of her buttocks. As spurt after spurt of cum filled Ginger’s bowels, Willie drove his cock back and forth in her ass as fast he could.

Willie’s cock was like a plunger pushing and pulling Ginger’s insides until she was driven to the very peak of sensual excitement. She could hold back her own orgasm no longer and with a scream of intense sensation, erupted into seething contractions. Ginger dug her heels into Willie’s buttocks and, clasping his head, forced his lips back and forth over her nipples.

Their orgasm went on and on as Willie continued humping his cock in and out of Ginger’s punished asshole. She felt her butt sucking up his cum as her sphincter milked his shaft. Pounding with her heels, Ginger tried to drive his cock even deeper into her ass. She wanted their climax to go on forever as Willie’s cock drove her wild with perverse excitement.

Each plunge of Willie’s cock forced cum to splash back out Ginger’s ass. Ginger begged him to keep his cock fucking into her ass, but all too soon, his cock began to shrivel as his passion drained away. When at last Ginger’s passion cooled, shame and humiliation for the way she had acted flooded through her. She turned her face away as Willie pulled his cock from her ass. Maybe it was over now. Maybe she wouldn’t be forced to submit to him any more. But as Willie stood and sneered down at her, she knew her plight had only started.


Ginger tried to stand, but Willie pushed her back with his foot.

“Don’t try to go anywhere,” he snarled. “When I’m through with you, I’ll let you know.”

Fear raced through Ginger as she huddled completely humiliated on the thick green carpet. Willie flipped her suitcase onto the trundle bed in the corner and opened it. Gathering up the shredded remains of her clothing, he stuffed them into the suitcase and closed it again. His eyes flicked around the room until he located her purse. He found it by the door and set the suitcase beside her purse. Hands on hips, legs spread dominantly, Willie faced Ginger. “You won’t be needing your things for awhile.”

Ginger felt her heart racing wildly. Things had somehow gone horribly wrong. “What do you mean?” she gasped.

Willie began wiping his still dripping cock on his palms. In the process, his cock rose slowly to erection.

“I just want you to understand exactly what kind of position you’re in,” he said. “As of the minute you stepped on that plane in Los Angeles, you’ve been living outside the law. You’re game now. Free meat, so to speak. You have no protection. That’s why Roger wanted me to look after you. That’s what I’m going to do. But you’re going to earn your keep. Now get over here and finish cleaning my cock and balls with your mouth.”

Ginger shuddered over Willie’s humiliating order. Did he actually expect her to do it again? So soon! His cock glistened at her in complete erection. His balls swung heavily against his thighs. When Ginger didn’t make a move toward him, he suddenly turned and walked over to his pants. He pulled a thick black belt free.

“I gave you an order. If you don’t start sucking my cock and licking my balls real fast, you’re going to be punished.” He spread his legs in front of her, his erect cock wagging back and forth. The leather belt dangled threateningly in his right hand.

Sitting on her heels, her back straight, shock and shame flooded Ginger’s features. She felt fear and humiliation pumping through her body. She was being treated like a complete slave! Rebelliously, Ginger pursed her lips and refused to move. She felt every nerve in her body screaming with alarm and tension. He couldn’t order her around that way. But then he drew back the belt and lashed it sadistically against her right tit. Ginger screamed and crossed her arms around her breasts as she felt the stinging kiss of the leather burning through her entire breast.

Once he started whipping her, Willie was reluctant to stop. Whack! Whack! The sound of leather against flesh vibrated through the room as Willie continued whipping. Each lash was aimed at a new piece of flesh until Ginger’s entire body was criss-crossed with red marks. Ginger rolled and twisted around the floor, begging him to stop, but he was like a perverse demon. Ginger couldn’t believe it was happening to her.

She felt the blows torturing her flesh until she would have agreed to anything to stop them. Willie dropped the belt. Ginger wasted no time crawling between his legs and licking his cock. Her tongue washed over Willie’s balls and into the forest of cock-hair. Ginger wanted no more of the belt. Her flesh burned, yet the remaining sizzle and tingling of her nerves was somehow erotic. Willie’s cock filled her mouth as she swallowed her pride and gobbled at Willie’s crotch like a slave.

Willie locked his fingers in Ginger’s hair and began pumping his hips slowly, allowing his swollen cock to plunge in and out of Ginger’s throat. The belt dangled over Ginger’s shoulder and brushed against her breast. She felt it scraping against her nipple and turning it alive with tension. Ginger was ashamed of her easy submission. She felt Willie’s cock warming her mouth and felt the humiliating return of desire moistening her pussy.

She didn’t resist when Willie tapped at the insides of her thighs with his toes and forced her to spread her knees as wide as possible, exposing her cunt. Willie stroked Ginger’s pussy with his toes, working from her ass to the top of her mound. He inflamed her cunt with first one foot and then the other. As Ginger continued sucking and feasting on Willie’s cock, he did a slow dance from side to side. Ginger felt her pussy tingling with aroused passion as her juices began oozing between her cunt lips.

Willie stuffed his toes into Ginger’s slit and stroked between her lips. Ginger felt dirtied and shamed, but even that feeling added to the erotic arousal growing in her flesh. But anger grew there, too, and a desire for revenge. If she had the opportunity, she would make him pay for the way she was being treated. But now she could not stop the humiliating arousal of her passion. Willie’s cock tasted delicious in her mouth. Ginger stroked his balls and continued bathing his swollen, purple knob with her mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down.

As long as Willie tantalized Ginger’s dripping and swollen pussy with his toes and kept her cunt filled with surging sensitivity, she realized she was helpless to control the urgent need for sexual release. Each time Willie changed feet, Ginger held his heel and assisted guiding his toes into her pussy. She pound her hips into him and felt the erotic sensation against her clitoris.

“That’s it, baby,” Willie said. “Fuck my feet. Stick my toes as far in your pussy as they’ll go.” Willie pushed and wiggled his foot up and down as though to get his entire foot into her cunt.

Despite her aroused condition, Ginger managed to beg him to leave her alone. Still, her mouth was back on his cock after every word.

Willie only laughed at her. “I’ll leave you alone when I’m through with you. Just keep sucking my cock. Take it all the way into your throat.” He thrust his hips forward with renewed emphasis. “Ahhh, that’s it. Relax that throat. Take it all, baby.”

Ginger tried to work Willie’s knob into he throat, but the position prevented her from working it down as deeply as Willie wanted. She felt his cock ramming against the back of her throat, but she couldn’t arch her back enough to get it any farther. Angrily Willie pushed her away. Lifting his right foot, Willie kicked Ginger’s breasts and forced her onto her back.

He began masturbating his cock and kicking his toes into Ginger’s splayed pussy. “Play with your tits,” he ordered. “I want to watch you get yourself excited.”

Ginger was afraid not to do as she was ordered. She felt his toes stabbing deeper and deeper between her cunt lips as his cruelty grew with his arousal. She stroked and caressed her breasts. She pressed them with her palms and bunched them together. Her fingers twisted and pinched her nipples to erection.

“Suck them,” he ordered. “Suck your own tits.” Willie was bent over, his hand moving faster and faster over his cock. His balls swung like huge pendulums.

Feeling the humiliation of Willie’s eyes lusting over her, Ginger pulled her large breasts toward her face. Lifting her head as far forward as possible, she was easily able to run her tongue over her nipples. She had done it before by herself, but doing it in front of someone made her feel perverted.

Ginger felt her cunt surging with arousal. Her pussy lips sucked at Willie’s plunging toes. Ginger wanted his whole foot inside her pussy now. “Push harder,” she moaned.

Sadistically, Willie began literally kicking his feet into her cunt. He alternated from one foot to the other with each kick. Willie’s toes dripped with Ginger’s juices. Again and again he plunged his toes into Ginger’s gaping cunt, punishing her vulva with eager cruelty. He pounded her cunt lips and tender interior until Ginger writhed with deviate arousal.

Completely humiliated by her own perverse desire for punishment, Ginger moaned and spread her thighs even wider. She deserved all she got. The more punishment she took, the less guilt she felt for the shameful desire for orgasm that burned with insatiable need through her flesh. “Fuck me,” she begged. “Fuck me! I want your cock inside me!”

But Willie wasn’t ready to satisfy her. He continued to torment and torture her by keeping her aroused to the point of excruciating need, but not allowing her to reach a climax. And then to punish her further, he began lashing her breasts and stomach with the belt while he tortured her pussy.

Ginger vowed that somehow she would make Willie pay for the degrading way he was making her respond. But she couldn’t stop herself. She had to have release somehow. “Please,” she begged.

“Don’t whip me any more. Let me have your cock.”

Whack! Whack! Willie lashed across Ginger’s breasts. As soon as she covered her breasts, Willie lowered the belt to kiss against her stomach. Whack! Ginger writhed like a coiling snake each time the belt smacked her skin. Finally Willie dropped the belt again and crouched between Ginger’s thighs. “All right, baby, here it is,” he said, pressing his eager cock head between Ginger’s ravished pussy lips.

With one hard shove, Willie rammed his cock to the hilt in Ginger’s cunt. Ginger screamed as his dick filled her cunt sleeve to the bursting point. Viciously, he slammed his body against Ginger as hard as he could, his pelvis gyrating like a savage dancer. Even Willie’s cruelty added to the growing need that tortured Ginger’s flesh.

Wrapping her legs around Willie’s hips, Ginger gave herself up to the erotic feeling of Willie’s cock reaming in and out of her cunt. She felt her clitoris being aroused to unbelievable intensity. She hunched her hips upward to meet each savage thrust of Willie’s mammoth cock. Ginger arched her back and pulled Willie’s face to her breasts. “Suck them! Bite them!”

Willie’s mouth and lips covered Ginger’s right breast. He snarled and slobbered over her nipple like an animal. Ginger felt his teeth arousing her until her nipple stood in a hard point. Willie shifted to Ginger’s left tit. His teeth left marks as he bit and chewed her heavy globes. Bunching her breasts together, Willie sucked both nipples into his mouth and tugged at them, stretching them out as far as he could before letting them pull free.

Ginger felt her orgasm ready to explode. She humped against his cock with frenzied need. His pulsing knob pushed against her cervix each time he lunged forward. His shaft sawed against her clitoris, driving her to the very brink of explosion. And then Ginger felt Willie’s cum shooting into her pussy and filling her with his erupting passion. His cum burned against her cervix. Immediately, Ginger’s orgasm overwhelmed her.

She tossed and writhed with giant convulsions as her cunt clawed and sucked at Willie’s cock. Ginger felt as though she would pass out with the intensity of her climax. Dark spots danced in front of her eyes as Willie continued spurting load after load of cum inside her pussy. Ginger felt his sticky fluid oozing from her cunt and dripping into her ass.

Willie hunched in and out of Ginger’s cunt with long, vicious stokes that buried his dick to the hilt with each plunge. Ginger clawed at his back and drove her heels into his buttocks. “Faster! Faster,” she begged. “Give me your cum. Squirt it all in me.”

Ginger’s pussy milked Willie’s cock. She wanted to keep Willie’s cock flooding her cunt with cum. His hot fluid gushed in copious gobs into her body. And even when he was completely drained, she wanted more. She kept lunging upward with her hips and drawing his exhausted cock deeply into her pussy.

Ginger’s orgasm went on and on until she, too, was left exhausted and drained. They lay on the carpet, Willie’s cock slowly shrinking inside Ginger’s cunt. At last it dropped from her pussy lips with a soft sucking sound. Willie pushed himself up and began gathering his clothes and dressing. Ginger stayed where she was until he was completely dressed.

As her passion ebbed, shame and disgust for her own action took its place. She couldn’t look Willie in his eyes. “What are you going to do with me now?” she asked.

Willie chuckled and picked up her suitcase. “I’m going to take your things upstairs. There’s a lot to this house that you don’t know about yet, but don’t worry. You’ll find out soon enough everything you need to know.” He opened the door. “There’s two ways you can get your things when you need them. Walk up the front steps or the back steps, come inside my living quarters and get them. If you walk out the front door, the neighbors down the street can see you. If you come up the back steps, you have privacy. Which way you come up is all the same to me. You’re the one who needs to hide.”

Carrying her suitcase and purse, Willie stepped out the front door. “And when you come up,” he added, “I’ll have a little entertainment planned for you.” He smiled lewdly and closed the door.

Terrified and humiliated, Ginger looked around the room. She had never felt so alone or helpless in her life. How had she gotten involved in all this? She knew no one to turn to other than Roger and he was hiding out in Los Angeles. “We’ve got to split up for a short while,” he’d said. Ginger wished now she had not listened to him. Nothing could be worse than being trapped with a sexual maniac.

Ginger prowled naked through the small living quarters. There was no food in the refrigerator. She had no clothes, no money, and no chance of escape. Ginger shivered and realized that sooner or later she would have to make the trip upstairs to find out what perverted surprise Willie had in mind for her.


Ginger spent the night huddled in the center of the trundle bed, her arms wrapped around her naked body. In the morning, she watched the sun break through the early mist. She crossed to the window and warmed herself in the rays. Below, in the center of Mission Valley, cars crawled ant-like along the freeway. She had to figure out what to do. She had no intention of allowing Willie to continue dominating her. Somehow, she would get back to Roger. It had been a mistake to leave him.

She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She would feel better after washing away the stiffness of the night. Then she could decide the best plan of action. Ginger adjusted the spray as hot as she could stand it, letting the burning water splash hotly over her breasts and run aver he stomach. She felt it cleansing away the sticky passion of the night before, streaming between her pussy lips and down the insides of her thighs.

There was no soap or towels and Ginger contented herself with just water. When she turned off the spray, she rubbed as much water off with her hands as she could and then stepped out the back door and sat on the steps leading to the upstairs apartment. She would have to face Willie sooner or later. She had to get her clothes back. It would take all of the money she’d kept to pay for her plane ticket back to Los Angeles.

As the morning sun began drying her skin, Ginger heard the door opening on the landing above her. She turned and saw Willie standing with a robe cinched at his waist. He smiled at her and began descending the stairs.

“Aren’t you a sexy picture,” he said.

Self-consciously, Ginger pressed her knees together and covered her breasts with her arms. He stepped around her and sat on the bottom step.

“I want my clothes back,” Ginger said.

“All you have to do is go upstairs and get them,” Willie said. “I have that surprise waiting for you, too.”

“What is the surprise?”

Willie stroked the outside of Ginger’s thighs, his fingertips brushing with teasingly light strokes. “Go up and find out.”

Ginger pulled her leg away from him. She stood up and began walking up the stairs. Why put it off? The quicker she got her things, the quicker she could get back to Roger. Willie could keep his protection. His kind of protection she could do without. Willie followed close behind her. When she opened the door and stepped inside the kitchen, Willie closed and locked the door behind them.

Ginger spun around. “Why did you lock it?”

“That’s part of the surprise.” Willie untied his robe and let it drop to the floor. He pushed her farther into the room. “The surprise is,” he said, “that once you’re up here, you can’t leave until you entertain one of my friends.”

At that moment, Willie’s friend walked into the kitchen. Willie’s friend was a woman. She was as naked as Ginger. She was young and blonde and curvaceous. She smiled at Ginger, letting her hands rest on her hips as she eyed Ginger’s body. “Hello,” she said. “I’m Alice.”

Ginger felt herself blushing. Did Willie expect her to entertain a female? She wouldn’t do it. “Where’s my suitcase,” she demanded.

“Not so fast,” Willie said, circling Ginger in his arms and cupping her breasts. “You’re going to eat Alice’s pussy before you see your suitcase. Alice has been complaining that she’s horny. She says she needs another woman to eat her out right. Isn’t that right, Alice?”

Alice rested her buttocks on the kitchen table and spread her legs, exposing her pink cunt to Ginger.

“Whatever you say, Willie. Ginger looks like she’d be a real good pussy eater.”

Ginger flinched at Alice’s vulgar talk. She tried to pull free of Willie’s arms, but he held her tight and began twisting and pinching her nipples. Ginger felt his cruel fingers amusing her nipples to firm points.

Suddenly Willie grabbed Ginger’s hands and twisted them behind her back until she was forced to bend over, her face only inches from Alice’s gaping pussy. Willie nudged her forward until her nose was buried in Alice’s blonde curls. Ginger smelled the tangy aroma of Alice’s cunt. The smell was thick and pungent. Her lips were pushed against Alice’s and Ginger was forced to open her mouth to breathe.

“Eat her,” Willie ordered, twisting Ginger’s arms tighter until she yelled from the pain and began lapping her tongue between Alice’s waiting cunt lips. “That’s better. Keep it up. I want to see you give Alice a big orgasm. Eat all the juices from her pussy.”

Ginger felt humiliated as she began sucking and nursing at Alice’s pussy. Surely Roger didn’t know what kind of evil person he had sent her to for help. She felt Alice’s hot cunt beginning to ooze fresh fluid onto her tongue as she lapped at Alice’s pussy. Ginger would do what they forced her to but as soon as she had the chance, she would slip away and return to Roger.

As Ginger sucked and stabbed her tongue into Alice’s dripping slit, Willie continued torturing Ginger’s breasts. She felt his cock lifting into an erection between her legs. Willie ground his hips slowly against her buttocks and his shaft sawed back and forth along the slit of her pussy. She felt his hot organ arousing her clitoris and causing electric currents of energy to begin shooting into her pussy.

Feeling perverted by her own actions of licking another woman’s pussy, Ginger tried to ignore the sensations growing within her own flesh. But as Willie continued screwing his cock between her legs and slamming his loins into her buttocks, Ginger could not stop the growing fire spreading through her body. She began moaning and sucking at Alice’s hot pussy with new interest.

Alice rested only the tips of her toes on the floor as Ginger ate like a glutton between her spread thighs. Ginger’s tongue stabbed deeply into Alice’s cunt, sliding easily up her tunnel until it would reach no farther. The harder Ginger sucked on Alice’s cunt lips, the louder Alice moaned. Ginger felt Alice’s fingers in her hair, pulling her head tighter into Alice’s crotch. Ginger breathed heavily, feeling Willie’s fingers continue to torture and maul her breasts.

Willie’s cock sawed between Ginger’s thighs. She felt him draw his cock back and press his pulsing knob into the crack of her ass. Ginger tried to twist her hips away from him, but he held her hips tightly while he worked his fat knob back and forth until she felt it positioned in the very center of her sphincter. And then, with one hard shove, Ginger felt his cock ram into her ass like a wooden club.

At first she felt like she had been split in two, but as Willie began rotating his hips and gently sliding his shaft in and out of her ass, the pain turned to a hot burning sensation that resembled the feverish passion of approaching orgasm. Ginger relaxed her ass and gave herself up to the growing excitement spreading through her buttocks and up into her pussy.

Alice pulled harder on Ginger’s hair as Ginger slurped harder at her pussy, tasting the hot flavor her cunt oozed into her mouth. Ginger’s tongue stabbed deeply into Alice’s pussy, lapping the juices into her mouth. She felt her arousal burning as hotly as Alice’s pussy tasted.

Willie’s cock moved faster and faster in her asshole as he fucked his shaft to the hilt between Ginger’s buttocks. Ginger felt Willie’s balls slapping against her cunt-mound each time he lunged forward. Ginger braced herself by resting her forearms on Alice’s thighs. She felt Willie’s fingers moving down from her breasts to her crotch. Willie stabbed his fingers into Ginger’s cunt and spread her lips until her pussy entrance gaped open.

As Willie toyed with the pink sheath of skin protecting her clitoris, Ginger felt her arousal growing hotter and hotter. She nursed with more and more enthusiasm at Alice’s cunt as Willie brought her to an intense state of arousal. Ginger pound her hips back against Willie’s body, feeling his cock reaming savagely into her ass and his fingers fucking into her pussy like a second cock.

Suddenly Willie began climaxing in Ginger’s ass as his thick cock spurted cum into her butt. Ginger felt the hot fluid flooding her ass and spilling back out around the sides of Willie’s cock. Ginger’s own climax erupted with as much intensity as Willie’s. Feverishly, Ginger sucked and chewed at Alice’s pussy in an attempt to bring her to climax at the same time.

Alice drew up her legs and her face twisted into a grimace of pain and then she, too, exploded into violent convulsions of climax. The three of them moaned and caressed at each other’s bodies, their orgasm gripping them in intense ecstasy. And when it was over, they sagged away from each other, Ginger dropping to her knees on the floor, Alice lying back on the table and Willie staggering over to the sink and leaning against it.

Ginger felt shame returning and a renewed determination to escape as her climax drained away. She stood up and moved from the kitchen without saying anything to either of them. The living room was a duplicate of the one downstairs except a huge circular waterbed replaced the trundle bed. A large mirror was displayed above the bed, reflecting the red velvet spread covering the bed.

Ginger looked for her suitcase. She opened a door that appeared to be a closet and saw it sitting in the corner. She pulled it out and tossed it on the bed. Opening it, she quickly began separating the things she wanted to wear to the airport. She didn’t hear Willie and Alice walking up behind her until Willie grabbed her arms and pulled them again behind her back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Willie laughed. “You haven’t even begun to pay your debt for me hiding you last night. Close that suitcase and turn around.”

Angrily, Ginger spun around, her eyes flashing. “I’ve done everything you told me and now I’m getting out. You can’t keep me here any longer!” Again Willie only laughed at her anger. He pushed her onto the bed. Ginger bounced over her suitcase, feeling the water sloshing beneath her. She tried to crawl back to the edge, but Willie pushed her back again with his foot.

“Look at her, Alice. Isn’t she something? She just got here and already she wants to leave. What do you think I should do with her?”

Alice crossed her arms and held her chin with one finger as though in deep thought. “Maybe she should be tied to the bed and whipped so she’ll understand the seriousness of trying to get away without paying her bill.”

Ginger couldn’t believe what she heard. “What do you mean tie me up and whip me?” She tried again to crawl from the bed, but Willie easily kicked her back again. “I’ll tell Roger when I see him,” she threatened.

“Go ahead,” Willie said. “But it may be a long time before you see him again because I just got word this morning that he was picked up by the police in Los Angeles.”

Ginger was stunned by the news. No, it couldn’t be true. She covered her mouth with her hands, biting into her palms. What would she do now? Fear raced through her as Willie crawled onto the bed and grabbed her ankle. He pulled her to the edge. Before she had time to protest, Willie had strapped her ankle with a leather belt to the bed and spread her other leg to repeat the process.

Willie stretched her arms above her head and strapped her wrists to the opposite side so she was spread-eagled helplessly. She felt her cunt quivering with a mixture of fear and anticipation of what evil thing Willie planned to do to her. Alice handed Willie a short, black riding crop.

“Whip her with this, Willie. Make her flesh sting with little kisses of leather. She’ll like it.” Alice licked her lips. “If you want, I’ll whip her for you.”

Ginger gasped with fear. She saw the sadism burning in Alice’s eyes. “No, please!” Ginger begged. “Don’t whip me. I’ll cooperate with you. I’ll do anything you want.”

Willie spoke harshly. “It’s not what I want. It’s what Roger needs that you’ve got to be willing to do. Roger will need money for lawyers now. The only place he can get that kind of money is from you.”

“How can I get the money?” Ginger responded.

“You can turn a few tricks for him.”

Again Ginger gasped with shock. They wanted too much from her. “No!” she begged. “I can get a job as a nurse.” She didn’t have time to say more. Willie lashed her breasts with the riding crop. She jerked as the leather hissed against her flesh, leaving a thin red line over her breasts.

Willie whipped Ginger’s tits over and over. “Ungrateful bitch,” he cursed. “You think you have something to complain to Roger about, yet you won’t do even the most natural of all things to help him.” Angrily he began lashing Ginger’s stomach and legs with the whip. The leather sizzled through the air. Soon Ginger’s entire body jerked and spasmed under the growing network of criss-crossed lines.

Ginger pulled and jerked against the bonds keeping her spread helpless on the bed. She begged and pleaded with Willie to stop, but she knew there was only one way she would ever be released from her bondage.


Willie continued whipping Ginger’s body. He tortured her carefully and sadistically. He was an expert with the whip. He timed each lash like a pulse beat, letting the last sting begin to melt away before delivering the next. Ginger twisted helplessly. She felt the fire burning through her flesh with a perverse appeal. Willie wasn’t trying to disfigure her. He wasn’t whipping hard enough for that. He wanted to torture her. He was playing with her like a cat plays with a mouse.

“So you’ll give your cunt away, but you won’t sell it to help Roger!” Willie lashed the whip over Ginger’s breasts. “With an ass and tits like yours, bitch, you were made to fuck. You deserve all the punishment I’m going to give you.”

“No! Please!” Ginger begged, but the whip continued cutting smartly against her flesh. She jerked continuously under the steady rain of blows. And with each contraction, her arousal grew hotter and hotter.

“I’m going to lash your pussy and tits till you agree to turn a few tricks for Roger.” The whip snapped against Ginger’s flesh with a sharp cracking sound. Crack! Crack! Willie was becoming as aroused as Ginger. His cock stiffened slowly to complete attention. It throbbed like a thick club each time the whip cracked against Ginger’s flesh. Ginger twisted frantically against her bonds. How much punishment could she take? The fact that she wouldn’t give in made it seem like she didn’t want to help Roger. But that wasn’t true. “I’m not a whore,” she protested. But the arousal growing hotly through her flesh made the idea seem more and more appealing.

Crack! Crack! “I can do this all day,” Willie said. He fondled and stroked his swollen cock with his left hand. The whip dangled in his right. “Do you want more?” Crack! The leather kissed into Ginger’s pussy. Crack! Crack! Her thighs were criss-crossed with thin red lines.

Ginger closed her eyes and tried to hide the arousal burning through her flesh, but her cunt gaped open and glistened with heated juices. She moaned sensually. Fire licked at the inside of her cunt lips. Her clitoris throbbed with intense need. The whip singed her flesh like tiny jolts of electricity.

“Stop!” Ginger begged.

Willie hesitated, his feverish eyes lusting at Ginger’s dripping pussy. He pumped his fist over his purple knob faster and faster. “You’re ready to be fucked,” he said, dropping the whip and crawling between Ginger’s thighs.

“No,” Alice pouted. “Whip her some more. She thinks she’s too good to be a whore. Let me have the whip. I’ll show her what a whipping feels like.” Alice grabbed the riding crop and drew back her right hand.

Willie snatched the whip away and threw it across the room. “Not now. Now I want my cock in her pussy.” He lowered himself over Ginger’s body and positioned his eager cock in Ginger’s hot slit. His purple knob plunged easily into her pussy.

Ginger felt his hot cock filling her cunt and sliding against her clit. “Oh… oh! That feels good. Keep it in me. Fuck me.” She ground her hips against his thrusting body, feeling his shaft sliding back and forth over her clitoris and bringing her to an excruciating state of arousal.

“I’m going to, bitch. I’m going to teach you what it’s like to have a cock punish you.” Willie stabbed his dick into Ginger’s pussy like he was plunging a knife into her body. His hips churned frantically. Sweat beaded out on his forehead. His balls slapped against Ginger’s thighs as he screwed into her pussy with savage strokes.

Willie’s cock was a blessing compared to the whip. “Harder,” Ginger taunted, feeling her arousal take complete control of her body. She bucked upward each time Willie lunged downward. “Make me feel it, Willie. Put your big dick in me as deep as you can.” Ginger ground her hips upward. “That’s it, Willie. Hard! Hard!”

Willie found himself unable to match the gigantic need Ginger begged for. He worked his cock in and out of Ginger’s pussy as fast and hard as he could. Still, Ginger was not satisfied. Suddenly he drew his cock back until only his feverish knob remained between her cunt lips, then he pushed in as slow and tantalizingly as possible.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” Ginger cried, feeling every fat inch of Willie’s cock as it slid hotly inside her, filling her pussy to the maximum. She thrust against his hips, driving his cock even deeper.

Willie withdrew his cock rapidly, letting his swollen knob suck at Ginger’s insides as he drew back and then again sliding his cock inside with a slow, nerve-tingling stroke. He repeated his gesture until Ginger pleaded with him to drive his cock into her faster.

“Make it burn,” she begged. “Drive it into me. Let your cock fill my pussy.”

The slow, easy strokes were too much for Willie. Suddenly his climax burst from his loins in a gush of cum that splashed against Ginger’s cervix like it was shot from a gun. “I’m coming! I’m coming,” he cried, bursting into a frantic rhythm that drove his cock like a buzz saw back and forth between Ginger’s cunt lips.

Willie emptied his balls in Ginger’s pussy. His cum flooded her cunt and drained back out to smear over her crotch, plastering her dark curls to her mound and running in thick gobs into her ass crack. As, soon as he finished, he pulled his cock out and pushed himself away.

“Don’t stop now,” Ginger pleaded. “Put it back inside, I’m almost there. Finish me, please!”

Willie turned to Alice. “You finish her. Get down there and eat her out. Eat up all my cum and then bring her to a climax.”

Alice backed away. “No!” she flared.

Willie crossed the room and picked up the whip. Alice quickly changed her mind and crawled between Ginger’s thighs. Ginger felt Alice’s mouth covering her pussy and sucking hesitantly at the sticky mess that oozed from her cunt. She felt Alice’s tongue lapping the juices into her mouth. Ginger didn’t care now who finished her as long as she found relief from the compelling need that flamed through her loins.

“Stick your tongue inside,” Ginger begged. “Lick my clit. Ohhhh, yes. That’s it. Oh, that feels so good. Suck me! Eat me!” Ginger humped her hips upward against Alice’s face, feeling her tongue digging into her slit like a squirming snake.

And then Ginger’s climax erupted in her cunt, causing her to writhe and twist against her bonds. Her climax burned through her flesh and caused her pussy to pulse and throb with exploding contractions. Ginger’s climax went on and on as Alice sucked and gobbled between her thighs.

Alice sucked the top of Ginger’s slit into her mouth and tongued her clit as hard as she could. Even after Ginger’s climax cooled, Alice continued flicking her tongue over her clit, keeping Ginger writhing with intense sensations. When Alice finally lifted her head and sat back on her heels, Ginger was near the point of exhaustion.

Willie pushed Alice away and untied Ginger’s hands and ankles. Ginger curled herself in a ball as soon as she was free. She felt humiliated and disgusted with both of them and herself, too. Roger was in jail and all his best friend could think about was fucking Ginger.

Ginger was beginning to realize that Willie was not the person Roger had thought he was. Alice just had to be a prostitute. Willie was a pimp. If Ginger didn’t somehow manage to get away and find some way to help Roger without Willie’s influence, she would be turned into a whore herself. She shuddered and scooted across the bed. She climbed out on the opposite side from Alice and Willie.

“I want to get dressed now,” she said.

“Are you going to turn a trick or two to help Roger get a lawyer?” Willie asked.

Ginger nodded, not looking at him in fear he would be able to tell she was lying. “Yes. I’d do anything to help Roger.” That part was true. If it was necessary, she would do anything to help, but she didn’t want Willie to be the person telling her who she should screw and who she shouldn’t. Ginger didn’t trust Willie. She didn’t think he had either her best interest or Roger’s in mind when he did things.

Willie dropped the whip and wiped his cock on his palms. “All right then. I’ll let it go at that for awhile. I’ll get something lined up for you tonight.” He looked at Ginger sternly. “If you behave yourself until then, you can have the run of the house, but if you fuck up, I’ll have to make other arrangements.”

“I’ll behave,” Ginger promised. “Aren’t you and Alice going to be here today?”

“We have a date across town,” Willie said, going to the closet and selecting a fresh suit of clothes.

“Get dressed, Alice. Wear the red dress. You have a date with Tearing Tom.” Willie finished dressing before Alice.

Willie held the front door open for Alice. Willie warned Ginger one more time about being good before he left. Ginger felt a tremendous release of tension as soon as they were gone. She flopped on the bed and rested her head in her hands. She didn’t think she could have taken much more. She tried to think of what she should be doing first to escape. Maybe she should take the bus back to Los Angeles instead of the plane. If the police really knew whom she was and were trying to find her, the bus would be safer.

Ginger dressed in a light cotton suit. She couldn’t call a cab because there was no phone in the house. She had not seen a newspaper or television since the night Roger told her they had to hide from the police. Ginger had wanted to see what the paper said, but there was never an opportunity. She didn’t even know if they had a picture of her or not.

Closing her suitcase, Ginger slipped her purse over her shoulder. She was only too glad to be leaving this house. She had to walk almost two hundred yards before she reached the street. The fresh air smelled marvelous as she set off eagerly down the street. She didn’t know where she was or how to get to the bus station, but she would ask at the first business she came to.

Ginger didn’t notice the plain black car following her down the street until she reached the corner and looked back. The car stopped when she did and at first she thought nothing of it, but when she started walking again and the car continued following her, she became concerned. At the next block, she turned south. The car continued to follow. Ginger began to run. Panic filled her. She didn’t know if it was the police or one of Willie’s jokes. She didn’t even know where she was running. She only knew she had to get away.

The black car cut her off at the corner. Alice stuck her head out the side window. She smiled sadistically. “Willie says to get in the car,” she taunted. “He says you’re not being good.”

Ginger felt like crying. She felt sweat dripping down her. After all she’d been through, it had been a game Willie was playing with her after all. He had never intended leaving her alone for the day. She had been a fool to think he would trust her after the things she had said about getting away.

The back door swung open and Ginger crawled in, letting her suitcase fall on the floor ahead of her. She closed the door and slumped dejectedly against the seat as Willie turned the car around and drove back to the house. When he parked the car, he climbed out and took Ginger’s suitcase to the rear of the car. He opened the truck and tossed the suitcase inside.

Willie took Ginger’s arm and led her back the long path to the house. “You’re going to have to be punished for trying to get away,” he said. “You really lied to me, bitch. You were going to let poor old Roger stay in jail forever, weren’t you?”

“No,” Ginger defended herself. “I was going back to Los Angeles and get in touch with him. He’ll tell me what to do.”

Suddenly Willie viciously twisted Ginger’s left arm behind her back until she was forced onto her toes. Willie spoke directly into Ginger’s face. “From now on, bitch, you’d better understand that I’m the person who’ll be telling you what to do. I already told you Roger is in jail and he needs your help. The only way you can help him is by fucking your brains out. Do you understand?” He twisted her arm cruelly for emphasis.

“Yes,” Ginger replied timidly. “I understand.”

“Are you going to help Roger or not?”

“I’m going to help,” she promised. Willie released her arm and Ginger looked away meekly. Alice, walking behind them, snickered at Ginger’s humiliation, but Ginger paid no attention. When Willie held open the front door, Ginger walked past him into the upstairs apartment. She turned and faced Willie as bravely as she could. She would take whatever came, but she would not give up trying to escape and get back to Roger.

“Take your clothes off, bitch,” Willie ordered. “This time I’m going to let Alice whip you. I should have done that in the beginning. I’ve been too soft with you. But don’t worry. After Alice’s through with you, you won’t feel like trying to run away for awhile.”

As Ginger removed her clothes, she saw the sadistic glow in Alice’s eyes. She undressed slowly. There was no way to escape the inevitable. When she was completely naked, she lowered her head in resignation and waited for her punishment.

“Chain her up, Alice,” Willie growled. “She has a lesson to learn.”


Willie bound Ginger’s hands above her head with leather straps and secured the straps to a hook in the ceiling. He pulled the bonds until Ginger dangled helplessly with only the barest tips of her toes able to touch the floor. “Now you’re going to find out what happens to bad little girls who don’t do what they’re told,” he said.

Alice selected a multiple-strand, short whip from the dresser and positioned herself in front of Ginger. Alice smiled sadistically. “So you’re not a whore, huh? I’m going to make you wish you never said that,” she threatened, lashing the whip across Ginger’s stomach. The leather bit into her flesh and caused Ginger to jerk against her bindings!

“Stop, please,” she begged. “I won’t try to escape again. Don’t whip me. I can’t stand it!”

Alice laughed and aimed the whip so it wrapped around Ginger’s hips and kissed against her buttocks. “How does that feel?” Alice began whipping Ginger’s flesh with vicious lashes that caused her to twist and jerk from side to side like a puppet.

Ginger felt the leather biting into her flesh and marking her skin with red welts. She begged and pleaded with them to stop, but her words fell on deaf ears. Both Willie and Alice laughed at her and promised to make the whip teach her a lesson she would never forget.

As the fire sizzled against her skin, Ginger felt an arousal growing in her loins. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed with growing desire as aroused juices oozed from her cunt lips. She felt humiliated by her own deviate response to the whipping. What was wrong with her? How could a whipping stimulate such a bizarre response in her flesh? As the whip cut across her breasts, Ginger felt her arousal growing like a spreading fire.

Alice continued the merciless lashing. Sweat popped out on her face as she worked herself into a feverish rage of cruelty. She licked her lips at the criss-cross of red lines that began covering Ginger’s flesh like a web of pain. She lashed Ginger’s helpless body faster and faster, aiming the whip at different parts of her body until she was covered with stinging lines.

The harder Alice whipped, the greater became Ginger’s arousal. She felt humiliated and shamed as she tried to hide the arousal pulsing through her body. Each lash caused Ginger to suck in her breath as the leather bit into her flesh, leaving a line of fire that quickly spread through her like burning passion. She pleaded with Alice to stop with each cruel blow, but they only laughed at her pathetic begging.

“Keep it up,” Willie ordered. “I want to see her covered with welts. Make her dance, Alice. Whip her legs. Let her know what it feels like to have the insides of her thighs kissed with the leather.”

Alice needed no encouragement to beat Ginger’s body as hard as she could. The whip bit into the tender flesh of Ginger’s thighs and caused her to writhe with frenzied arousal. Juices dripped from Ginger’s cunt and ran in tiny drops down her thighs. She twisted and pulled wildly at her bindings, begging for mercy. “I can’t stand it,” she cried. “I’ll do anything you say. Just stop.”

“You said that before,” Willie countered. “I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet. Keep punishing her, Alice.”

Ginger felt like her entire body was covered with hot flames as the whip tortured her on and on. She sagged against her bindings as the leather straps cut into her wrists. She felt like she would pass out at any minute. Dark spots danced in front of her eyes. Yet the torture went on as Alice eagerly lashed the whip against her unprotected flesh.

Willie turned and walked to the dresser. When he returned, he held a monstrous-looking dildo in his right hand. It was flesh-colored and at least eighteen inches long. Willie pushed a button at the base and immediately the rubber cock came to life with buzzing vibrations.

As Willie approached her with the fearful-looking instrument, Ginger begged him for mercy. “Oh, please, don’t put that thing inside me. It’s too big. It’ll tear me apart.”

“You should have thought of that when you tried to run away,” Willie said, pushing the bulbous knob of the rubber cock against Ginger’s dripping slit. Using a cork-screw motion, he began slowly grinding the thick knob between her pussy lips.

Frantically, Ginger tried to squirm away from the invading cock as Alice stopped whipping her to let Willie force the vibrating dildo into her pussy. Ginger felt the awful thing working its way inside her cunt and tunneling up her body, stretching her pussy sleeve to the maximum to accommodate the mammoth instrument.

Despite her fear, the giant cock filled her pussy with sensual heat that aroused her perverse passion to increased intensity. Willie continued pushing the huge thing into her cunt until only his fist and the bulbous knob of the vibrator remained outside her cunt lips. Slowly, he began to grind the dildo back and forth. Ginger’s cunt was alive with the vibrating and thrusting organ.

Using a long leather strand, Willie tied the dildo in place in Ginger’s pussy and secured the leather in a knot behind her back. Willie stepped back and watched the vibrating cock tantalizing Ginger’s cunt and causing her juices to run copiously down the dildo’s shaft.

Ginger felt the rubber dick arousing her passion to an excruciating intensity as it throbbed against her clitoris and stretched her pussy. Her body responded to the cock with a humiliating display of sensual need. She found herself thrusting her hips at the organ as though she were fucking. Her hips thrashed wildly as the rubber dick churned inside her with unlimited energy.

Willie and Alice watched sadistically as Ginger writhed helplessly under the ceaseless churning of the fake cock. She pleaded with them to take the cock out. “I can’t stand it,” she begged. But the longer the cock vibrated in her pussy, the more and more aroused she became. She tried to force the cock out by thrusting her pelvis forward with all her energy, but she only succeeded in making the organ plunge in and out as it was pulled back by, the leather around her waist.

“She needs another one stuffed up her ass,” Alice said, going to the dresser and returning with a dildo identical to the one torturing Ginger’s cunt. Alice squatted behind Ginger and began caressing and massaging her quivering buttocks. She spread her cheeks and pushed the second dildo head against Ginger’s puckered anus.

Alice viciously pushed and rammed the dry cock at Ginger’s ass, attempting to drive the knob past her tightly clenched sphincter. Ginger felt the organ tearing at her ass and forcing her bowels to stretch cruelly. She felt the knob tear past her anus and plunge up her butt like a burning prong.

Ginger screamed as the second cock fucked into her ass and rammed to the hilt in her bowels. She felt the rubber cock stretching her colon as cruelly as the first one stretched her cunt. “Stop,” she begged. “It’s too much. I can’t take it!”

“You’ll take more than that,” Willie said, grabbing the cock in her pussy and pumping it in and out as far as the leather strap would allow. Immediately Alice began plunging the other cock in and out of Ginger’s ass with the same torturous rhythm, alternating her strokes so the dildo in Ginger’s butt was being withdrawn as the dildo in her pussy rammed forward.

They continued sawing the two cocks back and forth in Ginger’s pussy and ass until she thought she would pass out from the intense sensations burning through her body. She was forced back and forth like a helpless doll. The cocks set her body on fire with perverse lust. She actually wanted them to continue ravishing her flesh with their sadistic torture. Yet she begged them to stop, trying to pretend her deviate arousal did not exist.

Willie was not fooled. “You like it, bitch,” he said, releasing his hold on the dildo and running his hands up her body to her breasts. He cupped each heavy globe in his palms and hefted them, testing their weight and firmness. His fingers pinched and twisted her nipples until her breasts burned with savage arousal.

Alice continued reaming the dildo back and forth in her ass as Willie bent and sucked Ginger’s right breast into his mouth. His teeth bit and chewed her tender flesh, continuing to arouse her passion to an even greater intensity. He shifted his attention from one breast to the other, keeping her aroused to a feverish pitch of excitement.

Ginger felt her orgasm drawing closer and closer as her body was tortured and humiliated. She bit her lower lip to keep from begging them to ravish her flesh even more viciously. She felt at any second she would explode in a giant climax. But suddenly Willie stepped back.

“She needs to be whipped some more. Use the leather strap. I want her whipped hard, but I don’t want her marked up with the whip.”

Alice eagerly went to the dresser again and brought back a thick strap of black leather. Willie stepped aside as Alice positioned herself directly in front of Ginger’s sagging body.

“You’re really going to feel this,” Alice warned. “If you think you’ve been whipped before, wait till you feel this.” She drew back the strap and swung viciously. The leather slapped against Ginger’s breasts with a loud smacking sound. Smack!

Ginger writhed in frantic contortions as the leather bit into her body, stinging her flesh in two-inch strips of jolting shocks. Again and again the leather kissed over Ginger’s skin, leaving a deep flush with each cruel lash. But even the leather strap added to the perverse excitement building steadily in Ginger’s tortured body.

The dildos throbbed and pulsed like evil demons in her pussy and ass. She felt them arousing her to the point that she would do anything to bring the release she needed so desperately. Every inch of her body surged with burning arousal that continued to build in volcanic proportions. Finally, Ginger could deny her arousal no longer. She begged for release.

“Fuck me! Beat me! I can’t stand it.” And then as Alice whipped her body mercilessly, Ginger erupted in violent contractions. Her climax raced through her body. She writhed against her bindings in spastic contortions. Every nerve in her body surged with sensual energy as the dildos continued vibrating in her pussy and ass.

Ginger’s climax went on and on until she was left drained and sagging against the leather securing her to the ceiling. She felt too weak to even stand. Her head tilted forward as she gulped deep breaths of air, her breasts rising and falling provocatively.

At last, Willie untied her hands. Ginger crumpled to the floor at their feet. She kept her eyes averted as shame washed over her at the humiliating performance she had given them. She hated herself for the way she had responded to the sadistic treatment. What was wrong with her that she had become so aroused at being whipped and tortured?

“Are you ready to help Roger now?” Willie asked.

Ginger nodded her head. “I was always ready to help Roger. I just don’t like being forced.”

“Bull!” Willie said. “You love it. You’re the biggest masochist I’ve ever seen. You like being punished. It’s a good thing you do because I have a lot of contacts that get their kicks out of beating up pretty little girls like you. You’ll be able to earn a lot of money to pay for Roger’s lawyers. A lot more than you could ever earn as a nurse.”

Ginger shivered at the threat of what was in store for her. She knew she would never be able to stand very much of the kind of treatment she had just received. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to help Roger, but she still didn’t believe Willie was being honest with her. What if he only used her and kept the money for himself? Roger could be rotting away in jail forever and she wouldn’t even know if he was getting the money or what.

“I’ll do it,” Ginger said, “but I want to talk to Roger first.”

“Don’t be dumb. How do you propose to do that? Roger’s in jail in Los Angeles. Do you think you can just go waltzing in there and talk to him. They’d have you behind bars yourself. Then what would you do to help Roger?”

“In that case, I want to talk to his lawyer.”

Willie smiled. “That I can arrange. As a matter of fact, Roger’s lawyer is one of the kinky types I told you about. He gets his kicks whipping women. When you meet him, you can make your first payment toward Roger’s release.”


Willie pulled Ginger to her feet and dragged her naked out the back door and down the stairs. He pushed her inside the bottom apartment and followed her in. She cowered away from him, her arms hugging her breasts.

“I don’t want to be whipped by anyone,” she said. “I’ll… I’ll turn some tricks if it will help Roger, but I don’t want to be hurt.”

“Roger’s lawyer is J.D. Simpson. He’s a very big man. You’ll do what he says.” Willie backed her into the living room and forced her onto the trundle bed. Using leather straps he took from a shelf, he tied Ginger’s wrists and ankles securely to the bed corners. Willie left the apartment without another word.

Ginger pulled against her binding, but they only tightened around her wrists. She felt humiliated being spread-eagled with her pussy still dripping from her last orgasm. She heard footsteps upstairs, the front door opening and closing — and then silence. She didn’t know how long she would have to wait. Not knowing sent chills surging through her body. She struggled harder against the leather straps, twisting and pulling until she was exhausted.

It was late evening when the front door opened and J.D. Simpson stepped inside. He looked exactly like a lawyer was supposed to look. He wore a light gray business suit. He was in his mid-thirties and had streaks of gray in his temples. He closed the door behind him and stared at Ginger’s helplessness, smiling. “Willie told me you were reluctant to help Roger. I see he’s taken care that you don’t run out on him.”

“Please untie me,” Ginger begged. Her arms ached to be moved. She felt like every muscle in her body was frozen with stiffness. “I’m not trying to keep from helping Roger.”

J.D. crossed the room and sat beside her on the bed. “That remains to be seen. You tried to run away earlier. You should be punished for that.”

“I have been.”

J.D. began stroking Ginger’s naked flesh, letting his hands run over her smooth skin and cup her breasts. He ran his fingers into her crotch, feeling the soft forest of dark curls covering her mound. He spread her cunt lips and stabbed a finger into her slit, pushing it deeply into her body.

Ginger flinched when she felt his finger touch her clit and begin massaging it back and forth. She didn’t want to be aroused again, but J.D.’s finger kept flicking back and forth over her clit until she felt it responding as blood rushed to her pussy and began arousing her clitoris to erection.

“Don’t!” she said. “I want to be untied.”

“You’ll be untied when I decide to untie you. But right now you need to learn a lesson. Maybe I’ll leave you tied like this all week. By that time you wouldn’t be able to move your arms or legs at all you’d be so stiff. How would you like that?”

“Please, I’ll do anything you say. I want to help get Roger out of jail.” As J.D. continued caressing her body and toying with her breasts and pussy, Ginger felt herself becoming aroused. Her cunt quivered with fresh juices as blood pumped hotly into her pussy.

“Are you willing to pay Roger’s expenses by providing favors to whoever I say?” J.D. pushed a second finger into Ginger’s pussy, grinding them in and out of her slit and causing her to become more and more aroused.

“Yes. I’ll do anything. Just untie me.” As tough to prove she meant what she said, Ginger began grinding her hips upward against J.D.’s fingers, feeling them working their way deeper and deeper into her cunt.

“Are you willing to take any kind of punishment to prove your willingness to help?” He added another finger to the first two in her pussy.

Ginger felt her cunt being stretched and filled to the paint that his fingers felt like a huge cock reaming in and out of her pussy. He continued tormenting her breasts with his other hand, pinching and twisting her nipples until she felt them standing rigid, her nerves tingling with erotic sensations. “I promise,” she said. “You can do anything to me you want.”

“That sounds good. But you’re going to have to prove it to me. I’m going to untie you and then I’m going to spank and whip you. If you really are willing to help, you’ll take every thing I give you and ask for more. You know you should be punished, don’t you?”

Ginger realized the seriousness of Roger’s situation. He was already a two-time loser. One more conviction and he would be put away for life. She felt ashamed of herself for having given them so much trouble. Somehow J.D.’s words made her feel that everything would work out all right if she would just do as she was told. No amount of punishment would be too much if it helped Roger get out of jail. Ginger turned her head, unable to look at him. “Yes. I deserve to he punished.”

J.D. smiled and began untying her wrists and ankles. “To prove you mean what you say, I’m going to spank you without you being tied. You’ll have to take it without trying to get away.” When he untied the last strap, he pushed Ginger’s thighs farther apart and began caressing and pinching her legs.

Ginger gritted her teeth and prepared herself for what she thought would be one of her hardest tests ever. She felt his fingers tormenting and teasing her thighs. His fingers worked their way back to her pussy and began pinching her cunt lips and rubbing the pink flesh of her slit. She felt herself becoming more and more aroused. His fingers brought her to life as rapidly as a lover’s lips.

And then he began slapping her thighs, not hard at first, but hard enough that she felt her flesh stinging and burning with each whack. The sound vibrated through the small room. Smack! Smack! The slapping caused her flesh to tingle and burn with sensual energy. She kept her arms above her shoulders and vowed to take anything he gave her without complaint.

J.D. began slapping her harder, allowing his hands to cover more of her body. He spanked her legs and then moved up to her breasts. He slapped both of her large globes back and forth, using both hands alternately so he was able to slap both sides of each breast. He knocked them into each other and kept them jumping from side to side.

Ginger gasped the first time his hands struck her firm tits, but again she felt a perverse stirring of deviate arousal as her flesh was tortured. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as he struck her again and again. He slapped her stomach and sides, continuing to move from spot to spot until every inch of her body stung with awakened sensitivity.

As he increased the fury of his whipping, Ginger began to roll from side to side. The slapping grew louder and louder. Finally he made her lay on her stomach and then he began beating her ass as though punishing a child.

“You’ve been a naughty girl,” he said. “You’ll feel better after you take your punishment.”

Compared to the whipping she had received from Alice, J.D.’s spanking was titillating. His spanking was almost a caress. Ginger felt herself being aroused greater than she would have believed possible from a spanking. Every nerve in her body tingled with growing need. She felt her juices flowing freely between her cunt lips and running down into the crack of her ass.

“I love seeing your flesh turn red from my hand,” J.D. said, his voice growing husky as his own arousal began to surge through his loins. He stopped spanking Ginger long enough to remove his clothes. Naked, he straddled her legs and began slapping her ass with both hands as hard as he could. Slap! Smack!

Ginger’s ass throbbed under the stinging rain of blows. She felt her ass burning as though it was being held over a flame. Yet the feeling remained sensual and her arousal continued to fan itself into a greater and greater need for release. She felt herself arching her back in an attempt to stick her ass up in the air to make an easier target for his savage beating.

She wanted to prove that she would do anything to help Roger. “I love it,” she said. “Keep whipping me. I deserve to be punished.”

J.D. whipped her flesh harder and faster. His cock grew erect and poked against Ginger’s ass as he continued spanking and torturing her. He drew his hands higher and brought them down harder with each slap. Whack! Smack!

Ginger’s ass tingled and surged with electric energy as blood flooded into her buttocks and turned her flesh into a deep red flush. She felt her cunt throbbing with need.

“Fuck me,” she said. “I want to feel your dick inside me. I want it ramming in and out of my pussy. Phase, put it in me now!”

J.D. wasn’t ready to give her what she needed. His own arousal surged like a growing forest fire in his cock. He hunched forward and pushed his pulsing prick between her burning ass cheeks. And then he began pinching and scratching her buttocks and making them rub around his shaft, keeping his cock surging with arousal.

He pushed her up on her knees so she lay with her shoulders touching the bed and her ass sticking up in the air. He pushed his knob into the center of her puckered anus and with one hard shove, forced his cock deep into her bowels. Ginger screamed as she felt his cock ripping into her asshole. It felt as though a club were being twisted and rammed into her butt.

Ginger clenched her fists under the vicious invasion of her ass and steadied herself to take the worst. She felt his cock working back and forth in her ass, stretching and tearing at her hole until it began to relax and grow moist enough for his cock to slide freely back and forth. The feeling was perversely erotic as her ass began clawing and sucking at his cock like a vacuum. She felt her butt devouring his shaft and clenching itself in a perverse effort to suck even more into her hole.

J.D.’s fingers circled her nipples and began twisting and pulling them until her breasts were stretched and screaming with intense sensitivity. She rocked back against his hips, feeling his large cock punishing her ass and plunging to the hilt with each savage thrust.

“That feels good,” J.D. said. “Your ass is so tight it feels like I’m fucking a virgin. Ahhh it feels so hot and juicy. I could keep fucking your ass forever!”

Ginger continued thrusting her hips back to meet each forward thrust of his cock. She felt his right hand move down to her cunt and begin fucking across her aroused clit. Passion burned and throbbed through her cunt. She knew she would reach a climax at any moment.

“Oh, your cock feels so good in my ass. Keep it up. Fuck me harder. Faster!”

J.D. did his best to give her what she wanted now. His hips churned wildly. His cock reamed in and out of Ginger’s ass like a piston, keeping her hole burning with friction. And then his cock exploded in a violent eruption of passion as his climax blasted a hot load of viscous fluid into her butt.

Ginger felt his cum flooding her ass like hot milk. His cock sucked and pulled at her insides. His fingers tore and inked over her clitoris. Her own orgasm exploded suddenly with equal intensity as his. Ginger felt her body being drawn up like mass of seething energy and plunged into convulsions of churning release.

Their orgasm kept them humping and thrusting at each other in a violent display of excruciating sensation. They clawed and tore at each other until they were both drained and exhausted. J.D. was the first to sag depleted to the bed, his cock pulling from Ginger’s asshole with a soft sucking sound. He rolled onto his back, his breath coming in deep gasps.

Slowly, Ginger allowed her legs to slide down the bed until she rested on her stomach. She felt J.D.’s right hand resting on her buttocks. She felt somehow at peace with herself now that she had committed herself to do anything she was told to do to help Roger. Timidly, she rolled onto her side and looked at J.D. “Do you believe me now?”

J.D. smiled. “Yes, I guess you mean to help.” He sat up. “I’m going to take you away from this house. I don’t think Willie is capable of putting you to your most productive use. Would you rather go with me or stay with him?”

Ginger didn’t have to think very long to make up her mind. J.D. was much more sensitive than Willie had been. And besides, she felt that to be around Alice very long would be the most unpleasant of all.

“I’ll go with you,” she said. “Will you be able to get Roger out of jail soon?”

J.D. shrugged. “It may take a long time and a lot of money, but as long as you’re willing to cooperate with me, I’ll do my best to get him free.”

Ginger believed him. But the thing that worried her was just what she would have to do to cooperate with J.D. Willie had mentioned kinky customers. She hoped she would not have to entertain anyone too kinky, but something told her that the worst was yet to come.


It didn’t take long for Ginger to find out that she was in for much more even than she’d feared. She was blindfolded and led out the back door and up the steps. Once in the top apartment, J.D. told her to lift her feet and step inside a wooden box. Doing as she was told, she felt the rough wood scrape against one of her knees as she stepped inside. J.D. pushed her head down so she knelt in the bottom of the box.

Her hands were tied behind her back and a lid put on the box. Ginger felt the sides of the box all around her. With the lid on there was just room for her body and nothing else. She felt the box moving and realized it was on wheels. She heard the front door opening and then felt herself bumping down the front steps. Her apprehension grew as she was pulled the long distance to the street.

She felt metal knocking against the outside of the box and then heard a whining noise as the box was lifted into the air. She heard other noises and a moment later, the sound of a truck engine starting. The box began shaking as the truck pulled away and began taking her somewhere. She rested her head on her knees, feeling the sides of the box touching her everywhere. Her breasts were pressed hard against her chest. Her hands were pressed against the lid.

Fear of the unknown surged within her and she struggled to keep from crying out for help. She couldn’t tell how long the ride lasted. It seemed like forever. Each bounce of the truck caused her to flinch and suck in her breath. What if the truck wrecked and she was found naked in the box? Or what if she was hurt and wasn’t found? As fear caused her heart to race wildly, she also felt a stirring of sensual arousal.

Why did she respond in such a humiliating way to being treated like a slave? Shame filled her but she could not stop the erotic pulsing in her pussy. Even her breasts tingled with deviate excitement as the truck carried her away; being naked and helpless, completely at the mercy of a man she hardly knew, kept her in a constant state of erotic tension.

At last the truck stopped and she felt the box being hauled from the truck and lowered to the ground. Again it was pulled along on its wheels. She thought she felt herself being lifted in an elevator but she couldn’t tell for sure. And then everything stopped. She heard footsteps walking away from her and then nothing. She waited for something to happen but nothing did.

She prayed someone would open the box and let her out. Every muscle in her body ached for a movement. She tried to squirm around to relieve some of the tension, but she was pressed so tightly in the box that she could do nothing more than wiggle her fingers and toes. She strained to hear movement around her, but she could hear nothing other than the sound of her own panicked breathing.

It seemed like hours went by. And when the lid was finally lifted from the box, Ginger was no longer able even to lift her head. The box was pushed over on its side and she was unceremoniously dumped onto soft gold carpeting. Her blindfold was removed and she looked up to see J.D. standing over her. Slowly and painfully, she began working the stiffness from her limbs. Sweat dripped from her body.

“You look like you could use a drink,” J.D. said, a strange smile tilting the corners of his mouth.

Ginger nodded eagerly. She had not had anything to eat or drink since getting off the plane in San Diego. But when J.D. unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, Ginger was not so sure she wanted to drink what he offered her.

“Suck my cock in your mouth,” he ordered. “I’ll quench your thirst with piss. And I don’t want you to spill one single drop.”

Ginger was horrified. Surely he didn’t mean it. But when she tried to back away, he grabbed her hair and pulled her face into his crotch until his cock head pressed against her lips.

“No, please!” she begged. “I don’t want to.” But he twisted her hair until she opened her mouth. Immediately he rammed his soft dick into her mouth.

She tasted his rubbery cock head and felt it pulsing in her mouth as he prepared to unleash a stream of pee. He allowed only a tiny dribble to run into her mouth. She felt the liquid running over her tongue and filling her cheeks. “Swallow it,” he ordered. Hesitantly, Ginger did as she was told, tasting the salty fluid as it disappeared down her throat. Immediately another spurt of piss filled her mouth. She swallowed that as well.

And then J.D. allowed his cock to pee a long, continuous stream of piss into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but still some of the urine ran out the corners of her mouth and dripped down her chin. She gulped and swallowed over and over, struggling to keep up with the copious amount of liquid filling her mouth.

Ginger could not believe she was actually drinking pee from a man’s cock. She swallowed as fast as she could, trying not to taste the pungent flavor, but his piss kept filling her mouth as fast as she could swallow it down. And when he did finally run out of pee, he would not allow her to take his cock from her mouth. “Keep sucking it,” he said. “Get it hard. I want to feel your tongue bathing over my head and licking me to erection.”

Ginger was beginning to understand how much she would have to put up with to get Roger out of jail. Still, no price was too high to save Roger. She had never loved anyone in her life as much as she loved Roger. The thought of him rotting away in jail for a crime he didn’t commit was too much for her to bear. She sucked and licked J.D.’s cock until she felt it pulsing and throbbing to erection. Slowly his shaft expanded as blood pumped into his organ.

She felt his cock poking at the back of her throat and pulsing with aroused lust. She tasted the tangy flavor of his hot cock on her tongue and sucked the tip of his head until all the fluid was drawn into her mouth. As his cock grew to complete erection in her mouth, Ginger relaxed her throat muscles and bobbed her head harder and harder over his cock until she felt his head pushing into her throat and working its way farther into her mouth.

Not until her nose was buried in his pubic hair did J.D. relax his hold on her hair and allow her the freedom to suck and nurse at his cock at her own pace. Ginger licked the underside of his head, tasting the satiny texture of his skin and swallowing the juices that accumulated in her mouth. She felt her own arousal growing in her cunt at the realization of how perverse she was behaving. Yet she had no choice in the matter and that alone allowed her the freedom to enjoy what she was doing.

Ginger felt his pulsing knob plunging deeply into her throat, growing larger each time it went in and out. She tasted the faint aroma of cum on her tongue as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Over and over she bobbed her head into his crotch, feeling her throat stretching to accommodate his huge cock.

“That’s it, baby. Keep sucking it. It feels so good going down your throat. Lick my balls, too. I want to feel your tongue going all over my body.”

Like an obedient slave, Ginger did exactly as she was told. She lifted his balls and lowered her mouth to them. First licking them until they dripped with her saliva and then sucking them carefully into her mouth and stroking his buttocks at the same time.

“Hum,” he said. “Make my nuts vibrate with your mouth. Hum me a little song.”

Ginger felt humiliated having to hum at the same time she licked and sucked his balls, but she knew better than to disobey. She hummed, allowing herself to be ordered around like a slave. She actually enjoyed being dominated and ordered to do things she normally would not want to do. She felt shamed and humiliated by what she was doing, but perversely that added to the growing excitement in her own loins.

She felt her cunt dripping with passion and her breasts swelling as though filled with electric energy. J.D. bent over while she sucked his cock and began pulling and twisting her nipples, arousing her to as an intense state of excitement as he was in.

“Play with yourself,” he ordered. “I want to see you stroking your pussy and stretching your cunt lips apart until juice drips down your thighs.”

Ginger blushed with embarrassment at what he ordered her to do. Yet even that thought excited her. Obeying him quickly, Ginger dropped her hands to her crotch and began caressing her pussy. She stroked her cunt lips and toyed with her clit, flicking her nails over the erect organ until she felt her passion flaring and surging like bubbling lava.

Just as her orgasm erupted through her body, the first spurt of cum blasted from J.D.’s cock into her mouth. Ginger felt his viscous fluid splash into the back of her throat. She tasted his sticky cum on her tongue and felt her mouth being filled until she was forced to swallow. Load after load gushed into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, her fingers continuing to stroke her cunt.

J.D.’s orgasm did not last as long as the first time. After three spurts of cum, his balls were emptied. Ginger kept his cock in her mouth until her own orgasm dwindled and faded away. J.D. pushed her head away and stepped back. “That was good,” he said, smiling. “You’re going to be able to take care of a lot of good customers.”

Ginger wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or not, but if it meant she would be able to make a lot of money to help Roger, she was all for it. Still on her knees, Ginger started to stand, but J.D. pushed her back to the floor. He gathered his clothes from the floor and dressed quickly. When Ginger made a move to stand up, he again ordered her back.

“What do you want me to do?” she said, confused at not even being allowed to stand. She watched him finish dressing since he refused to answer her.

When he was completely dressed, he said, “You can get up now. You don’t mind standing around for awhile, do you?” He didn’t wait for her reply, but turned and strolled out the door.

Ginger looked around. It was the first chance she’d had to see the room. It was about fifteen feet square. One wall was covered with mirrors. There were no windows or even any furniture. It was impossible to tell if she was in an apartment building or an office building. She had no idea even what part of town she was in, although it didn’t matter since she didn’t know her way around San Diego.

Ginger waited only a short time before J.D. returned. “I have a customer waiting for you now,” he said. He had a bag in his right hand. He opened it and tossed some clothes to her. Separating them, Ginger realized she was going to look rather kinky wearing what he’d brought. She dressed and looked at herself in the wall mirror.

Her nipples showed through the skimpy black bra and the panties had no crotch. A garter belt, black stockings and high-heeled shoes completed her outfit. She looked away from the mirror. “I look silly,” she observed.

J.D. laughed. “It doesn’t matter. You’re not dressed to please yourself. You’re dressed to please your customer. I want you to understand that you’d better handle this right. If you’ve been stringing me along about your willingness to cooperate and are waiting for a chance to screw things up, you’re going to be sorry.”

Ginger shivered at the violence his voice suggested. She assured him again that she wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want her to and would do everything he did want. She followed J.D. out of the room, feeling her pulse racing wildly. They went only a short distance down the hall and turned into another room. Ginger’s eyes widened in surprise at the red walls and canopied bed. The room looked and smelled like she would have imagined a whore house was supposed to look.

She felt an overpowering sense of shame at what she was submitting to. She kept reminding herself she was doing it for Roger. “You’re to wait here,” J.D. said, leaving her alone in the room. She sat on the bed. The mirrors reflected her image. She turned her head away. She was a whore now. She was doing it for money. She was doing it for Roger.

The door opened and Ginger’s first paying customer walked in. He was fat and balding. His eyes went up and down her body, taking in her nipples and the slit in her panties. She took a deep breath, allowing her breasts to swell into her bra. She smiled, trying to make herself look as sexy as possible. And then she saw the rubber paddle in his right hand and her smile disappeared.

“Do you like to be whipped?” the man asked, his voice husky. He came closer and she could smell the alcohol on his breath. “They said I could whip you all I wanted.”

Ginger struggled with her fear and revulsion. She wanted to scream and run. Instead, she lowered her eyes and nodded. “Yes,” she said. “I love it. I want you to whip me.” And the worst thing about it was that somewhere deep inside her, she knew she liked it. She deserved it. She was nothing but a whore and she should be whipped again and again.


The man walked over to Ginger and dropped the rubber paddle on the bed beside her. “Call me Adam,” he said. He looked at her nipples poking through her bra and licked his lips. “You’re beautiful. I’m going to love spanking you.” He wiped his palms on his pants. “Take my clothes off me.” He stood like a statue while she removed his clothes and folded them.

When he was naked, Ginger began caressing his body. She felt like a slave. She was humiliated by what she was doing, but she realized she had no escape. She stroked his large cock to erection. The quicker she brought him to orgasm, the sooner she would be free. “Your cock is huge,” she said, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his knob until it began to swell and pulse.

“Lick my feet,” Adam said. He pushed Ginger’s head down until she was forced to kneel in front of him. Her face brushed against his cock as she was pushed the remainder of the way to his feet. “Kiss them,” he said. He sat on the bed. “Suck my toes.”

Ginger was horrified. Yet the humiliation caused her cunt to quiver with a perverse stirring of arousal. She kissed the tops of his feet. Holding them between her hands, her naked nipples pressed into her knees, Ginger licked her tongue over Adam’s feet until they were washed thoroughly with her saliva. He pushed the toes of his right foot into her mouth while he forced his left foot between her breasts. She was pushed back so he could run his toes over her nipples.

“Take your bra off. I want to see all of your big boobs. Wipe them over my feet. That’s it. Ohh… that looks beautiful.” Taking his saliva-slickened toes from her mouth, he stabbed his right foot into Ginger’s vulva.

Ginger felt his toes sliding hotly between her cunt lips and flicking sensually over her clit. She was pushed back until she caught herself with her hands behind her. His toes toyed with her pussy while his other foot fondled her breasts. She felt herself becoming quickly aroused to the point that juices began oozing from her pussy lips.

He leaned forward and grabbed her hair. Pushing both his feet between her legs, he pulled her face against his stomach and pushed her mouth into his pubic hair. “Eat me. Lick my cock and balls. I want to feel your mouth all over my cock. Suck my prick.”

Ginger obeyed him slave-like. His cock head tasted salty and slightly rubbery as she sucked it between her lips and licked her tongue over his satiny skin. His cock head was swollen purple by the blood surging into his shaft. She sucked his cock into her mouth, feeling his head poking at the back of her throat.

As his throbbing knob worked its way deeper into her throat, Ginger spread her thighs wider to allow his toes to push like tiny pricks into her slit. She felt his toes arousing her cunt as rapidly as if they were skilled fingers.

“I like feeling your pussy with my toes,” he said. “Your cunt feels all hot and slippery.” He ground his toes in and out of her cunt faster and faster.

Ginger hunched her hips into his feet, feeling herself impaled deeper and deeper. His cock throbbed against her tongue and cheeks. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked and slurped over his knob as eagerly as she could, trying to bring his climax quickly. She teased his scrotum with her finger. She lifted his large balls in her palms and rolled them gently.

But just as she sensed his cock was ready to spit cum into her mouth, Adam pushed her away. “Not so fast. I’m not ready to come yet. Lick my balls.”

Ginger lowered her mouth to his scrotum. Her tongue lapped over his loose skin. She tasted the tiny hair covering his balls. Very gently, she sucked his balls into her mouth and rolled them over her tongue. She licked up his shaft as though feasting on an ice cream cone. She felt his cock pumping itself into an even harder erection as blood surged along his shaft, making the criss-cross of veins pulse rhythmically.

“You don’t act like you like it enough to satisfy me,” Adam said. “If you don’t act more excited, I’m going to have to spank you.” He picked up the rubber paddle and slapped her on the hip gently.

Ginger increased the speed of her head bobbing up and down over his cock. She sucked and slurped at her own saliva as it drooled from her mouth down over his knob and shaft. She flinched as she felt the paddle slap against her other hip. She realized it was not her lack of enthusiasm that made him swat her with the paddle. No matter what she did, he was going to punish her.

His toes continued tormenting and arousing her pussy as she gobbled and sucked his cock head. She felt his knob pulsing in her mouth and burning hotly as she again brought him close to orgasm. But each time he came close to spilling his seed in her mouth, he pushed her head away and slapped her buttocks with the paddle, bending over from the waist, crushing her face harder into his crotch and letting her ass cheeks receive the full force of the rubber paddle.

Smack! Whack! The rubber caused her buttocks to quiver like jello. They quickly turned from white to pink to deep red as the paddle beat a continuous tattoo on her naked flesh. Whack! Whack! She felt her buttocks burning and stinging. Whack! Smack! Each blow caused her to jerk spastically. Whack! Whack! She tried to wiggle her hips to keep the paddle from striking the same place over and over. But no matter how much she gyrated from side to side, Adam kept striking her buttocks on the same spot. He took careful aim with each swat.

Soon Ginger felt her ass flaming with fire. The heat burned through her entire crotch. Her cunt dripped with aroused juices. She felt her pussy lips wrapping around his toes. Her hips continued to grind forward. She felt his toes plunging in and out of her pussy and arousing her to as feverish an intensity as the flesh on her tortured buttocks.

Suddenly Adam pushed her away as though he was disgusted with her.

“You’re not cooperating with me at all! You really need to be punished.” He kicked her onto her back in front of him and grabbed her ankles. Pulling her legs close to the bed, he fled her ankles together with her bra. He left her arms untied and began whipping her with the rubber paddle. He slapped her breasts and thighs.

Whack! Whack! The paddle made her breasts jiggle back and forth on her chest. Her stomach and sides were slapped unmercifully. She felt every inch of her skin burning from the cruel torture. Smack! Smack! Ginger rolled back and forth. This time he didn’t care where she twisted. He continued beating her wherever he could reach. He leaned over from the waist and whipped her as if he were whipping a dog.

Ginger took as much punishment as she could before breaking down and begging him to stop. “Please, I can’t stand it!” she begged.

Instead of easing the torture, Adam increased the force of the blows. He beat her harder and harder. Ginger realized he could punish her with the paddle for hours and leave no telltale signs. She continued begging him to stop, promising to do anything he wanted if he would only show a little mercy.

Finally, Adam dropped the paddle to the floor angrily. He stomped over to the door and pushed a buzzer Ginger had not noticed before. A moment later, the door opened and Alice walked in with a long strand of rope. How had she known what he wanted? Was everything planned even before it happened?

Ginger felt a nervous tremor pass through her body as Alice handed the rope to Adam and looked at her as though she wanted to pick up the paddle and whip her herself. Ginger shivered again. She would rather Adam whipped her all day than to feel Alice’s cruel lashes for even one minute. Alice turned and left the room.

Adam tied one end of the rope to the bra around her ankles and ran the other end through a hook in the ceiling. He had to stand on the edge of the bed and lean out, holding onto the bedpost to reach the hook. When it was secured, he pulled on it until Ginger was hauled upside down in the air.

So Alice was involved with J.D.’s place as well as Willie’s — they were probably all involved in some sort of prostitution ring, Ginger thought. Ginger closed her mind to the sinfulness of what she was doing. Anything was all right as long as it helped Roger. She watched Adam as he walked around her hanging body as though he were inspecting a piece of meat.

When he disappeared behind her, she felt the first slap of the paddle on her buttocks again. She jerked and twisted on her binding. Her ankles felt as though they had been cut by the nylon bra.

Her weight pulled the knot tighter and tighter until she felt the blood cut off from her feet.

Smack! The paddle beat a merciless rhythm on her flaming buttocks. As he continued torturing her flesh, the paddle twisted Ginger’s helpless form round and round on the hook. He whipped her tits and ass. Ginger felt the perverse arousal burning hotter and hotter in her cunt as the fire ate at her flesh and burned through her body.

Finally Adam stopped whipping her and held her waist with both hands. He lowered his mouth to her cunt-mound and began licking her pubic hair into her slit. Because her thighs were pulled so tightly together, his tongue could only reach part of her pussy, but she felt him lapping over her clit until she thought she would reach an orgasm herself at any moment.

He lowered his hips slightly in order to stab his cock head into her mouth. She felt his cock plunge past her lips and slap against the back of her throat. The curve of his cock made his shaft fit easily. Relaxing her throat muscles, she felt his cock pushing deeply into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

As he ground his hips back and forth, Ginger felt his hot flesh reaming against her tongue and throat. She felt her arousal growing hotter and hotter. She hated herself for the shameful way she responded to the humiliating treatment. But she could not stop the fire from spreading through her pussy. His tongue was like an eager animal struggling to explore her hot, dripping hole.

His fingers found her breasts and began clawing and raking over her heavy globes, pulling and stretching her flesh. He used her breasts to rock her back and forth on his cock. Her nipples were pinched and twisted until her nerves screamed for release. He pushed and pulled on her breasts like he wanted to literally rip them from her body.

With his burning cock filling her mouth and throat, Ginger was unable to plead with him to stop. But so great was her arousal that she no longer wanted him to stop. She wanted him to continue lapping and snorting into her slit until she found the blissful release of orgasm.

Suddenly his cock began spitting cum into her mouth. She felt the first spurt splash into her throat. She swallowed it down just as a second wad filled her mouth.

Being upside down, she found it impossible to swallow his seed as fast as it flooded into her mouth. He continued reaming his cock back and forth as his orgasm filled her mouth with his cum. She felt it dripping out around the sides of his cock and running into her nostrils. And then her own climax exploded through her flesh.

Ginger writhed in violent coils on the end of the rope, her body twisting and churning in spastic contortions. Cum ran in gobs over her face while he cursed and clawed at her breasts, his orgasm causing his body to plunge against her with abandon.

“Ohhh… my cock feels so good inside your mouth,” he screamed. “Eat it, eat it! Suck my cum down, bitch! Taste every drop of it.” He continued pumping into her face as fast and hard as he could.

Ginger clasped his buttocks and pulled his hips as hard against her face as possible. His pulsing cock tasted delicious spurting his cum into her mouth. She sucked and gobbled at his shaft like she was starving. She stabbed a finger into his ass and pulled him even tighter.

When his orgasm at last drained away, Adam stepped back, pulling his empty cock from her mouth. Ginger dangled helplessly at the end of the rope. She waited for him to untie her, but he only sat on the edge of the bed, his breath coming in deep gasps.

When she asked him to untie her, he only looked at her with a sadistic grin on his face. “Why? I’d have to just tie you up again. You don’t think I’m through with you, do you?” He laughed. “I’ve only started.”

Fear again raced through Ginger as she watched him walk to the door and push the buzzer again. What now? How much did she have to take? She’d thought that once she brought him to climax, she would be released.

The door opened and Alice stepped inside again. This time she had a long, black whip in her hand. Ginger felt herself blacking out as she saw the vicious-looking whip. If she was whipped with something like that, her flesh would show welts for ages. She struggled to pull her feet free, but every move only tightened the knot around her ankles. She was completely at their mercy.


As Ginger hung upside down, Alice and Adam talked about her.

“J.D.’s new slave will have to go through a lot of training if she’s going to be used to please Mr. Savoy,” Adam said, gathering his clothes together and dressing.

Alice wore the same bizarre costume Ginger had worn when J.D. led her into this room. “She’ll get her training. I’m sure she learned a lot from you. She’ll get a lot more before this day is over.” Alice rested her hand on her hips, her legs spread, the whip dangling in her hand.

Ginger felt blood rushing to her head. Her breasts tingled and her cunt oozed with still warm juices. She tried to lift her arms up to her ankles, but she did not have the strength. So many orgasms and the lack of food and water left her weak. “Please untie me,” she begged.

“See what I mean?” Adam said. “She doesn’t even know enough to keep her mouth shut when no one is talking to her.”

Alice lashed the whip around Ginger’s body. It coiled around her sensitive flesh like a snake, its tip kissing into her ass. Ginger spun dizzily when the whip was pulled away. “Keep silent, slave,” Alice ordered.

Adam completed dressing and left the room. Alice turned her complete attention to Ginger. “You have one more customer before you leave this room. He’s paid even more money than Adam did so you’d better make sure you do everything he wants. J.D. will be mighty mad if you don’t.” Alice flicked the whip around Ginger’s body a couple more times to make sure her words were taken seriously. Then she too turned and left the room.

Ginger twisted slowly on the hook. When she finally came to rest, she faced the large wall mirror. Her reflection stared back at her like a grotesque horror movie. Yet somehow the effect left her sexually excited. Even the fear she felt seemed to trigger a perverse arousal that would not leave her alone. She took a deep breath and tried to steel herself against feeling and against the further humiliation she knew was coming.

But when the door opened and her next customer came in, she was not prepared for the depth of degradation she faced. Her next customer was the largest, most vicious-looking German shepherd she had ever seen. Alice led the dog in on a short leash. The animal snarled and strained at the leash. Willie followed Alice into the room carrying three folding chairs. So Willie was here, too.

A moment after the chairs were set up a few feet from Ginger’s dangling body, J.D. and Adam came in. The men sat in the chairs. J.D. nodded to Alice as if to say, begin the show.

Alice spoke to the dog. “Okay, Rex, it’s your turn. That dangling piece of meat over there is all yours. Go sniff it up. And if you like it, it’s going to show you a real good time.”

Ginger felt less than human being referred to as an “it”. She was being treated with even less respect than a slave. As soon as the dog was released from the leash, he bolted to Ginger, his nose poking into her hairy crotch. She felt its hot breath snorting into her still swollen pussy. Its tongue lapped over her cunt lips, slurping up the mixture of cum that stained her body.

Rex had to stand on his hind legs to reach her pussy. His paws raked at her stomach. Rex was not satisfied until he had licked all of Ginger’s body that he could reach. Even her ass received a thorough cleansing from his strong and eager tongue. As the dog feasted and snarled over her quivering flesh, his cock poked out of his sheath like a pink dagger.

Ginger shuddered at the sight of his aroused cock. It was much larger than she would have thought a dog’s cock would be. Rex’s tongue slurped and splashed over her skin until she felt every inch of her flesh tingling with sinful arousal. Then Alice untied the rope and lowered her to the floor, giving Rex a field day as the rest of her body came in reach of his tongue.

When her ankles were untied, Ginger sprawled on her back, her arms and legs flopped to either side in exhaustion, too disoriented even to sit up. The animal snarled between her thighs, his tongue lapping along her slit. She felt his tongue spreading her pussy lips and sloshing over her clitoris. She drew her legs up, her knees spread, afraid to do anything to hinder Rex’s movements.

Ginger managed to sit up enough to rest on her elbows. She felt the others staring at her lustfully. She moaned as Rex began stabbing his tongue into her cunt as though he had been trained in the art of pussy-eating. Her arousal grew with each eager lap over her clit. She turned her head away in shame as her juices warmed with revived sensations.

Alice cracked the whip in the air and Rex backed away from Ginger. He looked at her expectantly, then Alice spoke to Ginger. “Eat his cock. He’s spent enough time giving you pleasure. It’s your turn to satisfy him. Get on your hands and knees and crawl under his stomach. I want to see you giving him the best blow-job he’s ever had.”

Ginger shivered at the sight of the whip. Yet the thought of the dog’s aroused cock in her mouth horrified her. Fearing the whip more, she obeyed her instructions. Rex hurried back to her and jumped atop her, his cock hanging directly in front of her face. Obviously Rex had done this many times before.

As Rex began humping his hips into her face, Ginger gripped his furry sheath and pushed it back, forcing his erect cock to protrude even farther. Hesitantly, she licked the tip of his red cock. It tasted slightly salty and rubbery — not too different than a human cock. At first she didn’t think she would be able to do it, but as she continued licking the dog’s shaft, the warmth of his hard cock became almost pleasant.

She allowed her lips to circle his cock. She tongued the end of it, tasting the moisture and swallowing part of his shaft into her throat. Rex humped into her face, driving more and more of his cock into her mouth. Ginger arched her head back and gave herself up to the humiliating spectacle she made. She stroked the animal’s balls with her fingers. She sucked and slurped at his cock to bring him to climax as quickly as possible.

She felt his cock sliding hotly over her tongue and working ever deeper into her throat as he became more and more excited. His hips plunged in and out in rapid strokes. She nodded her head in time with his racing hips. His paws dug into her sides. Just as she sensed Rex was about to reach an orgasm and spurt his cum into her mouth, Alice cracked the whip again and Rex backed away, pulling his cock from Ginger’s lips with a wet sucking sound.

“That was good,” Alice said. “His cock is nice and aroused. You were wise to slobber it all over because it will fit in your ass easier that way.” She snapped her fingers and Rex quickly dashed around Ginger’s hips and mounted her dog-style.

Instead of ramming his cock into her pussy, however, Rex stabbed between her buttocks. She felt his hard cock poking against her sphincter. Instinctively, she tried to dodge his cock by twisting and grinding her hips, but Rex locked his paws around her waist and pressed into her with experienced skill. His cock pierced her tight asshole and burrowed easily into her bowels.

She felt his cock sucking and pushing at her insides each time the dog plunged in and out. His cock was like a hot finger sawing back and forth in her ass. The slick feeling burned inside her sphincter muscle and spread through her entire crotch. Her cunt lips quivered and dripped with growing desire. The humiliation of so many people watching her being raped by a dog caused her to blush with shame.

Still the feeling of arousal spread with such intensity that she bit her lower lip to hold back cries of pleasure. As though she had no control of herself, she found her right hand reaching between her thighs and stroking her pussy while the dog fucked into her butt. Her left hand caressed and fondled her tits. Her nails flicked over her nipples until they stood at rigid attention, every nerve tingling with electric energy.

“How does it feel, slave?” Alice taunted. “You play with yourself like a real slut. Keep it up. Suck his cock up your ass.”

Willie jumped up from his chair. “Wait,” he said. “While she’s sucking Rex’s cock up her ass, she can suck mine in her mouth.” Unzipping his pants, he began pumping his cock to erection. He whipped his fist back and forth, pulling his foreskin over his knob until his cock was stiff. He knelt in front of Ginger and pushed his cock against her lips. “Suck it real good! I want you eating my cum.”

Ginger had no time to protest. He forced his cock into her mouth. She felt it pressing against her tongue and cheeks. It tasted hot and good and she didn’t even try to pretend she didn’t want it. She wanted it rammed to the hilt in her throat. She wanted to feel it reaming over her lips and caressing her throat like a hot piece of meat. He wadded her hair at the nape of her neck and used it to pump her head up and down over his cock.

She felt his savage arousal pulsing in her throat as Rex humped frantically into her ass. And then she felt Rex spurt his first wad of cum into her butt. The dog’s viscous fluid filled her bowels until it ran in a sticky mess down her buttocks and thighs. As soon as Rex began pumping his load into her ass, Willie hunched forward as his climax gripped him in an excruciating spasm of sensual release and he, too, began blasting cum into her body.

Ginger sucked at the cum flooding into her mouth. She tasted the rich flavor as it rolled over her tongue and gushed into her throat. She swallowed his fluid down as fast as it filled her mouth.

Ginger’s own climax exploded like a series of thunder bolts, twisting and writhing her body in violent contractions that kept her gobbling and sucking at Willie’s discharging cock. She felt Rex’s cock sizzling in and out of her ass in a frantic pace.

The dog’s swollen knob pulled at her insides like a suction cup.

“Eat it,” Willie cried. “Suck it down. Swallow my sperm like candy. Ohhh… that feels so good! Keep it up. Ahhh!” He hunched his hips in and out almost as fast as Rex humped into her ass.

Despite Ginger’s enthusiasm, some of his cum dripped out the corners of her mouth and ran in sticky drops down her chin. As soon as his balls were emptied, she drew her head back and licked at the drops escaping from her mouth. Then she sucked his cock back between her lips, her fingers milking the base of his shaft to squeeze out the last drops.

Willie pulled his shrinking cock from her mouth long before Rex was able to extract his. But when the dog at last dropped down from Ginger’s back, she sank exhausted to the floor, feeling her pussy still twinging and pulsing with the last of her orgasm. She rolled to her side, thankful it was finally over. But Rex continued licking and sniffing at her ass and between her thighs. She tried to push the dog’s head away, but he drew back and snarled until she jerked her hands back.

When Rex pushed his nose between her thighs, she spread her legs in fear. The others only laughed as Rex continued eating the cum smeared over her ass and pussy. The dog’s tongue kept her spasming with excruciating intensity long after her orgasm had ended. “Call the dog off,” she pleaded. “I can’t stand anymore!”

She might as well have been talking to the wall. No one did anything to stop the dog. But they watched her torture with obvious delight. “It’s just possible we can train her to please Mr. Savoy when he comes tomorrow,” Alice said. “Look how much Rex likes eating the slop in her cunt.”

J.D. stood up. “Well, that’s enough for now. Alice, go get the food tray for her. Willie, I won’t be needing you anymore today.” When Alice and Willie left the room, J.D. turned to Adam. “Thanks for coming. Call me when you’re ready for another little treat and I’ll set up anything you want.”

Not until J.D. and Ginger were alone did he call off the dog. He hooked the leash to his collar and commanded him to sit. Rex obeyed with perfect training, but he continued looking at Ginger’s pussy and licking his chops with obvious desire.

Ginger couldn’t believe how J.D. seemed to be so much in charge of everyone. It seemed strange for a lawyer who was supposed to be so good to be so involved in prostitution. There was nothing else she could call it. She was now a full-fledged prostitute. Only she had not — and knew she would not — receive any money. Anything she earned would go to get Roger out of jail.

Ginger reached for the skimpy underwear on the floor, but J.D. told her to leave it alone. “If I want you dressed, I’ll tell you to get dressed.” A moment later, Alice returned carrying a silver tray with a single bowl in the middle of it. She placed the tray on the floor in front of Ginger.

“What is it?” Ginger asked, looking at the cream-colored liquid in the bowl.

“Dinner,” J.D. answered. “Eat it.” He put his hands on his hips and spread his legs. “Lap it up with your tongue. People who fuck dogs should eat like dogs.” He bent over and unhooked Rex’s collar. As Ginger began lapping her tongue in the bowl, she felt the collar buckled around her neck. “You’ve managed to get through the first day,” he said. “Tomorrow won’t be so easy.”


Ginger continued licking at the liquid in the bowl. It tasted like dishwater, but she was so thirsty she would have taken anything. Her tits and pussy throbbed from excessive stimulation. Never had she reached so many orgasms in so short a time. She felt like she would never be able to calm down again. Every nerve in her body pleaded for rest.

J.D. tied her hands behind her back as she lapped up the liquid. Her tits were pressed against her thighs as she leaned over the bowl. She didn’t care what happened anymore. She didn’t think there was anything they could do to her that would be any more humiliating than she had already been through.

When she finished, Alice took the tray away, leading Rex out of the room with her. J.D. stood in front of Ginger and unzipped his pants. Pulling his cock and balls out, he said, “Suck it, slave. Keep me entertained while we wait for Alice to get back.”

His cock was soft and drooped out of his fly like a huge, fat hose.

“I thought I was through for the day. You said so yourself,” she protested.

J.D.’s face turned angry. “If you don’t start sucking my cock and licking my balls damn fast, you will be through!” He pushed his cock head against her lips. “Now suck!”

Ginger knew better than to hesitate any longer. She opened her mouth and licked her tongue over his knob, tasting his warm flesh. She sucked his cock into her mouth. His soft flesh filled her like a warm pacifier. She closed her eyes and concentrated on eating his cock and arousing him slowly to erection.

J.D. circled his fingers around Ginger’s neck and pulled her head harder against his crotch. “That’s it, baby. Swallow my whole cock down. I want to feel my head inside your throat… That’s it! Swallow it deeper.”

Bobbing her head back and forth over his growing shaft, she felt his rubbery knob slipping deeper and deeper into her throat. His cock tasted hot and good running over her tongue and plunging into her throat. She rocked back and forth on her heels, feeling the erotic sensation of his slick cock stroking her cheeks and tongue.

Alice returned without Rex. She handed J.D. a long wooden switch and then left the room again without a word. J.D. slapped the switch against his palm a couple of times. He pushed Ginger’s head away from his cock. “It’s time to get you tucked away for the night. Stand up and come with me,” he ordered, tucking his cock back in his pants.

She followed him dawn the hall until it ended at a door. The door opened to reveal a large closet. J.D. pushed Ginger ahead of him and closed the door. Opening a panel in the back wall, she saw there was a hidden room beyond the closet. He pushed her into the secret room and stepped in behind her. The room was only a couple of feet wider than the closet. A single light bulb burned from the ceiling. Three walls and the ceiling had metal hooks screwed into them at scattered intervals. The fourth wall was covered with a mirror. Except for the mirror, the room looked like a dungeon.

“You’ll be safe here,” J.D. said. “You can scream your ass off and no one will bother you.”

He unzipped his pants again and pulled his cock and balls back out. “Finish sucking me.” He held the switch in his right hand.

Kneeling in front of him, her hands still tied behind her back, Ginger sucked his soft cock back in her mouth and began bringing him to erection. His cock grew swiftly in her mouth, pressing against her tongue and cheeks and poking at her throat. She wiggled her head up and dawn and sucked his cock in and out. As soon as his cock stood at complete erection, he again pushed her head away.

J.D. fondled his cock, pumping his foreskin back and forth over his cock head.

“Lay on your back,” he ordered, continuing to masturbate himself. “That’s it. Now spread your legs. Get your thighs wide apart. I want to see your pink pussy gaping open. Wider!” He switched the insides of her thighs a couple of times.

Ginger obeyed him as eagerly as she could. She didn’t know how mercilessly she would be whipped if she didn’t please him. With her wrists tied behind her back, her hips were forced humiliatingly up in the air. Her cunt was exposed helplessly.

J.D. selected two leather straps hanging from one of the hooks and tied her ankles, stretching her legs apart even farther and making it impossible for her to close her thighs to protect herself. He switched the insides of her thighs lightly. Ginger flinched as the wooden lash bit into her skin. The switch made a hissing noise as it lashed through the air.

She felt the lash torturing her flesh. She tried to wiggle away from it, but the straps held her tight.

“Stop, please!” she begged.

“I’m going to let you get a good taste of the rod,” J.D. responded. “Just in case you think things have been too easy on you.” He laughed. “I like torturing young girls. Especially when they deserve it. You do realize you deserve it, don’t you?”

Ginger nodded. “Yes.” If that was what he wanted, maybe it would end her torture sooner. She felt the steady rain of light blows lashing over her skin and arousing her. She writhed and twisted under him, her breath coming in deep gasps. There was no way she could escape the punishment.

“The only thing I ever hear from you is begging to be left alone. You don’t seem to understand your purpose here. You’re a slave and the sooner you understand that the better help you’ll be to Roger.” He whipped the switch across her breasts, the thin wood criss-crossing her tits with red lines.

Ginger felt her breasts and nipples burning with fire. Perversely, the feeling aroused her. She felt her arousal stirring within her hotter and hotter as J.D. whipped her body with eager enjoyment. She hated herself for responding the way she did. She was being conditioned to respond like a slave.

“Say you like it,” J.D. ordered. “Beg me to whip you for a change instead of begging me to stop.”

Defeated, she lowered her head on her breasts and begged to be punished. “I deserve it,” she said. “Whip me. Beat me. I want to feel the lash punishing me.”

“That’s better, slave.” He lashed her stomach and hips, making the switch fly through the air. He began flicking the switch over her pussy, not striking her hard enough to cut her tender flesh, but hard enough that she writhed frantically. “Taste that,” he said. “Learn to love it.”

Ginger felt her pussy burning with inflamed arousal as the whip stung her cunt lips and thighs. The feeling left her churning helplessly. She couldn’t believe the punishment was actually arousing her sexually. “Don’t stop,” she begged.

J.D. continued beating her with the lash at the same time he masturbated his cock. He straddled her and pumped his dick up and down, his fist keeping a rhythm that caused his balls to swing back and forth lewdly. “It feels good jacking myself off and whipping you at the same time. I like watching your skin turn red and seeing you twisting and moaning. Keep your head back. I want to whip your tits!”

Ginger could not prevent her shrill cries as the lash bit over and over into her tits. Her nipples felt like hot coals burning her boobs. Her large tits jiggled from side to side. Yet the feeling continued to arouse her until her body felt as though it would burst into orgasm at any moment. “Whip my pussy,” she cried. “Fuck me. Put your big cock inside me. I need it. Please!”

Dropping the whip, J.D. knelt between her thighs and positioned his massive cock between her pussy lips. With one hard shove, he slammed his cock to the hilt in her cunt. She felt his organ tearing up her cunt like a cudgel, stretching and pushing aside her wet cavern until his purple knob smashed into her cervix.

Her pussy sucked and clawed at his cock like a hungry mouth. She ground her hips upward, feeling his mammoth cock diving even deeper into her pussy. His shaft burned back and forth over her clit, arousing her to intense need. He pulled his cock completely out and stuck it between her buttocks. She felt his cock-head poking against her anus.

“I’m going to fuck your ass like it’s never been fucked before,” he warned, clenching his buttocks in preparation to rape into her bowels.

Ginger started to protest, but the thought of her ass being fucked by his huge cock aroused her.

“Yes,” she said. “Stick it in me. I want it! Fuck my ass!”

He rammed his cock into her butt as savagely as he’d slammed it into her pussy. One hard shove plunged it to the hilt. She felt it ream into her bowels and stretch her asshole. He ground his shaft back and forth between her buttocks. She felt his slick organ burning and ravishing her asshole.

And then he began alternating holes. His cock fucked from her ass to her pussy. He pumped in and out four times in each hole and then changed. “Oh, your pussy and ass feel good around my cock. I like fucking them both. Ahhh. Your ass is so tight and your cunt is so hot!” He thrust into her faster and faster.

“Don’t stop,” Ginger begged. “Fuck me harder. Yes! Yes! Screw me as hard as you can. Make my ass feel it. Oh… oh!” She bucked against him as hard as she could, feeling his big cock reaming her ass and cunt like they’d never been reamed before. His cock pounded in and out, switching back and forth from her ass to her pussy without missing a stroke.

She arched her back until her head rested on the floor. And then her orgasm burst through her flesh like hot, bubbling oil. Her body pulsed with sensual contractions that kept her humping and thrusting her body against his.

J.D. pulled his cock out of her cunt just as his orgasm exploded and spurted his cum out like a geyser. The first spurt shot out in a thick wad that splashed over her breasts. The second heavy load landed on her upper lip. He emptied the rest of his load on her stomach. His milky cum spotted her body in a sticky mess. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” he cried.

“Cover me with your cum! Smear it over me. I want to smell it and taste it.” She licked her cheeks and lip, sucking the cum into her mouth.

And when their orgasm finally drained away, leaving them limp and exhausted, J.D. ran his fingers through the mess spotting her body, smearing his cum over her stomach and breasts. He milked his cock for the last drop of cum and wiped it on her pubic hair. When he stood up, his cock was already shriveling.

“You’re a nasty mess,” he said. “You smell like a whore. You look like a whore. You are a whore.”

Ginger looked away. It was true. Everything he said was true. But she was not as ashamed of it now as she would have been in the past. After all, she was doing it for Roger, not for herself. And the punishment she received made it seem as though she was paying for her sins even as she committed them.

J.D. tucked his cock back in his pants and zipped his fly. “For your first day with us, you did pretty good. Get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow you’ll be put to the test again.” He turned and opened the door.

“Wait,” Ginger begged. “You can’t leave me like this. Untie me, please.”

“Why? You plan on going somewhere?” he smiled at her. “If you’re looking for comfort, you’ve joined the wrong organization.”

“At least tell me what’s being done to get Roger out of jail before you leave. How can you be doing anything to help him if you spend your time in San Diego?”

“You let me worry about that. The only thing you need concern yourself with is how well you do what you’re told. If you satisfy the customers I assign to you, Roger will be taken care of. If you don’t, Roger will rot in jail for a long, long time.” He stepped out the door and closed it behind him.

Ginger couldn’t believe she was being left to spend the night with her arms tied painfully behind her and her legs spread obscenely. She could barely roll onto her side even to relieve the pressure of her hands pressing into the small of her back.

Ginger felt cum dripping from her pussy and asshole. She tried to relax her strained muscles, but her position was so uncomfortable she kept turning from side to side as far as her spread legs would allow. The minutes ticked by slowly. She knew she would never be able to sleep the way she was tied. How many more hours before morning?


Panic shot through Ginger when she heard the bolt opening on the door. Alice stepped completely naked into the room. She looked fresh and cheerful. Her blonde hair fell in strands over her shapely tits. She held a black riding crop in her right hand. “Good morning. Oh, did mean ole J.D. leave you tied up all night?” She knelt and untied Ginger’s ankles.

Ginger felt like kissing her in gratitude. She stretched her legs, feeling the stiffness begin to ease. “Thank you.” She turned so Alice could untie her wrists. When her hands were free, she started to unbuckle the collar around her neck.

“Leave the leash on,” Alice ordered. “Just because I didn’t come in whipping you doesn’t mean you’re not still a slave. And my slave if I want you to be.” She spread her legs and rested her hands on her hips. “Kneel down to me!”

Ginger moaned silently. All this slave stuff was becoming too much for her. To how many people would she have to humiliate herself? It seemed like everyone was her boss. If she didn’t obey them she would be whipped. But it was for Roger. Reluctantly, her limbs stiff, she turned and knelt in front of Alice.

“Bow down, slave. Touch your head to the floor. Worship me! If you’re going to be any use to the group, you’ve got to learn to serve. Understand you are a slave. Now kiss my feet.”

Group? What group had she become a member of? And how many people were in it? She hesitated too long obeying Alice’s order and felt the stinging kiss of the riding crop cracking across her buttocks. Quickly she cupped Alice’s right foot in her palms and began kissing the top of it.

She kept her lips puckered at first, but soon began licking and lavishing affection on Alice’s foot as though she were making love.

“That’s it, slave. Keep it up. Suck my toes. Pretend they’re little cocks. Oh… that feels good.” When she was satisfied with Ginger’s performance, she ordered her to repeat the same thing to her left foot.

When Ginger finished bathing Alice’s feet, she continued licking and lapping her way up her legs. She tasted her creamy skin and realized with a shudder that she enjoyed the warm taste on her tongue. And the skin of kissing a woman stirred a perverse arousal in her. She reached Alice’s spread thighs and traced a wet trail up to the blonde curls covering her beautiful-looking mound.

Ginger lapped her tongue into Alice’s pink slit and tasted the hot moisture. Her cunt tasted sweet and fragrant. If Alice wasn’t satisfied with this kind of worship, she would never be satisfied. Ginger cupped Alice’s ass and caressed her firm cheeks. She felt Alice’s hands on her head, pulling her harder against her pussy. Ginger licked deeper into the moist interior.

“You’re doing a good job, slave. Keep this up and you may become an asset after all,” Alice spread her thighs even wider and leaned back against the door so she could watch the lewd scene unfold in the mirror. “I like watching you eat my pussy. Stick your tongue way inside. Ummm… that’s it. Oh… oh! Yes, just like that. Nibble my cunt lips. Work your way all the way around.”

Ginger did her best to satisfy her. She didn’t want to give her any reason to use the riding crop. She slurped her tongue over her pussy as hard and urgently as possible. She tasted Alice’s tender flesh on her tongue like honey.

The door opened and Alice quickly and surprisingly pushed Ginger’s head away. Ginger looked up as J.D. stepped into the room. “I told you to feed her food, not your cunt,” he roared.

Alice backed away from him, her fear showing in her face. “I thought I’d just have a little fun with her first,” she pouted.

J.D. grabbed the riding crop from Alice and lashed it over her tits savagely.

“I’ll tell you when to have fun. You seem to forget your true status, bitch. You’re just a slave the same as she is. Now get down on your knees.”

Alice quickly knelt beside Ginger. She bowed her head to J.D. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. Please don’t punish me. I’ll do anything to make it up.”

“It’s not me you should be telling you’re sorry. Tell her. She’s the one you were ordering around.”

Alice looked at Ginger out of the corner of her eye. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I won’t do it again.”

J.D. wasn’t satisfied with that. He made Ginger stand and take Alice’s place against the wall. She spread her thighs as she was told and offered her pussy to Alice. With their situations reversed, she felt her cunt tingling in anticipation of being eaten. As soon as Alice pressed her face into Ginger’s pussy, J.D. began lashing the riding crop across her ass.

Ginger’s climax came in a matter of seconds. Like a jolt of electricity searing through her flesh, Alice’s tongue literally devoured her pussy in a feverish attempt to save her own ass from being beaten raw. Ginger screamed with exploding pleasure. “I’m commmming! Oh… eat it, suck it! Lap my pussy!”

She humped her hips into Alice’s face, feeling her tongue stabbing like a cock into her pussy, sucking and slurping out her bubbling cunt juices. Ginger’s fingers raked across her own breasts as her climax throbbed drum-like. And when it ended, Alice’s tongue continued flaying at her clit and cunt lips until Ginger’s arousal returned with renewed fire.

But before a second orgasm was reached, J.D. dropped the whip and ordered Alice from the room. She obeyed eagerly. J.D. turned to Ginger.

“Spread your thighs again. I want to see your pussy.” He knelt and took Alice’s place. He licked over her cunt, slipping his tongue along her slit, his lips sucking like a vacuum at her juices.

Ginger felt her arousal burning with compelling intensity. She held his head and pulled his face against her cunt. She ground her hips forward, smearing her cunt juices over his mouth and nose as he lapped at her with eager enjoyment.

“That feels good,” she said. “Oh, put your tongue way inside! Ummm… bite my clit! Suck it!”

He feasted with hungry grunting noises. His breath burned like a hot fire into her pulsing cunt. His tongue stabbed in and out like a cock. Gripping her ass, he pulled his mouth as hard against her pussy as possible, sucking and biting her aroused sex. His fingers spread her ass cheeks and stroked along her crack until reaching her puckered anus. She felt his finger probing and toying with her asshole and then pushing past her sphincter and tunneling up her colon. She gasped as his finger reamed back and forth between her buttocks, arousing her lustful need to even greater heights. She felt her ass sucking at his finger as though it had a life of its own. Her body writhed and thrust into his face as her passion took complete control.

“I love it,” she said. “Your tongue feels so good going in and out of my pussy. I could have you eat me for hours. Oh… that’s it! Lick over my slit. Flick it with your tongue!” She pulled on his ears and ground her pussy in a circular motion that smeared her cunt juices over his face until his nose and lips glistened slickly.

He sucked and snorted into her pussy at the same time he raped his finger in and out of her ass. With his free hand, he unbuckled his pants and let them fall around his knees. His big cock stood rigid. He pumped his cock up and down. His cock head glistened and pulsed a shiny purple. He stopped eating her pussy for a moment. “Turn around,” he ordered. “Bend over.”

Ginger turned so her ass faced him. She leaned over so both her pussy and asshole were within easy reach of his tongue. Her face dangled inches from his cock as he continued masturbating it with his fist. She felt his tongue slithering over her buttocks.

She reached between her legs and grabbed his cock. She pumped it up and down exactly as he had been doing. She stroked his balls, hefting them in her palm carefully and rolling them back and forth. She wanted his cock in her mouth. She moved back farther, pushing her ass harder against his face and making it possible for her to get his cock head in her mouth.

They licked and sucked at each other, tasting the growing fire in their bodies and drinking in the flavor of pure lust. Ginger’s climax burst through her pussy like a thunderstorm. And immediately she tasted the first spurt of cum as J.D.’s climax followed hers. His cum shot up into her mouth in three heavy spurts. She swallowed it down eagerly and milked his cock for more.

J.D.’s tongue flayed obscenely over her pussy and ass as his climax throbbed through his flesh. And when their climax finally ended, they both collapsed in complete exhaustion. “You’re fantastic,” he said, reaching out to stroke her dripping cunt.

Ginger rested her head against the wall, keeping her thighs spread to receive J.D.’s caresses. She touched his cock, milking it to draw out the last of his semen. She leaned over and sucked his half-hard cock into her mouth and swallowed the few drops of cum oozing out.

“Ummm… that tastes good.”

J.D. stood up and pulled on pants. “What a way to start the day.” He picked up the leash around Ginger’s neck. “Come with me. After that, you deserve some breakfast.”

Ginger couldn’t believe she was actually going to get to eat a real meal. The thought of having coffee and eggs made her stomach growl hungrily. She stood and followed.

As they walked down the hall, Ginger suddenly stopped. She heard a male voice laughing behind one of the doors. “That sounds like Roger,” she cried excitedly. “Did you get him out?” She made a dash for the door, but J.D. cut her off.

“Where do you think you’re going? If Roger was out, don’t you think I’d tell you? Stop acting silly or you won’t get any breakfast.” He pulled her away from the door.

Ginger felt like crying. The excitement of thinking she would see Roger today and then finding out her hopes had been wrong left her feeling depressed. She didn’t know how much more of this kind of treatment she would be able to take. More than anything else, she wanted to see Roger. She didn’t even have any proof that Roger was getting any kind of help from anyone.

J.D. led her into a dining room large enough to seat a convention. There was no one else there. He seated Ginger at the table and disappeared through a side door. A few moments later, he returned carrying a heaping tray of eggs, bacon and coffee.

Ginger gobbled the food as though she had been without for months instead of a couple of days. Nothing had ever tasted better. And when the food was gone, she crossed her legs on the chair and nursed a steaming cup of coffee.

“I want to see Roger,” she said.

J.D. sat across from her. “We’ve already been over that,” he said. “It’s impossible for you to see Roger. He’s in jail in Los Angeles. So unless you want to go up there and join him in jail, you’ll just have to be patient.”

“How do I know you’re doing anything to help him?”

J.D. stared at her, letting his face turn angry. “How dare you say that. Just what kind of proof do you think you should have? A note from my mother maybe, telling you I’m honest?”

Ginger looked away. She didn’t want to make him mad. It was so pleasant not being tied up and being able to sit in a chair and nurse a cup of coffee, that she didn’t want to do anything that would change that, but she did want proof. If she didn’t get it, she could wind up being J.D.’s slave for months and be no closer to getting Roger out of jail than she was right now.

She didn’t know what to do, but she knew she had to do something. Finally, taking a deep breath, she committed herself. “I’m not going to take on any more customers until I know something is being done to help Roger.”

She was not prepared for J.D.’s violent reaction. Knocking the coffee cup out of her hand, he pushed her backward out of her chair. She landed on the back of her head and rolled over. J.D. was on her even before she could sit up. He jerked her by the arm out of the room and into the hall. “Bitch,” he cursed. “You’ll be sorry you said that. You may not know it, but now you’re going to take not only your customers today, but Alice’s as well. I’ll teach you to act so independent. You haven’t learned anything! Slaves do what they’re told — not what they want to do!”

“I’m not going to be your slave any longer,” Ginger said, pulling uselessly against him. His fingers tightened around her wrist. He twisted it and she was forced onto her face. Still she insisted on proof that Roger was being helped.

J.D. laughed at her. He grabbed her ankles, twisted her legs until she rolled onto her stomach, and dragged her over the carpet. “I’ll show you what’s going to happen to you next.” He dragged her through several doors until she found herself in the spotless, richly tiled and lavishly mirrored bathroom.

The tub was huge. It was round with gold faucets. Three steps led to its edge. Ordered into the already filled bath, Ginger looked at the steam rising from its surface. Shaking her head, she turned and made a final stand. “No,” she said, refusing the bath despite its appeal. “Not until I have proof Roger is getting help.”


J.D. picked her up and threw her into the tub. Ginger gasped as the hot water splashed over the room. She grabbed the edge and was surprised to discover the water came all the way up to her breasts. She backed away as he stripped away his clothes, moved to the edge and sat down. He spread his legs so his cock and balls dangled atop the water. Tossing her a bar of soap, he ordered her to wash his prick.

Ginger looked at his already growing erection. Refusing him would be brave, but she also knew it would only bring her more punishment. Yet once more she vowed she would not be his slave any longer.

“I don’t think you’re doing anything to get Roger free.”

“If I hear Roger’s name mentioned one more time, you’ll be eating my cock underwater. Would you like that?”

She shook her head but the idea of blowing his big cock under water stirred her curiosity. “I won’t do it,” she said, but her refusal was not convincing.

“You’re standing on thin ice. No one knows where you are. If you turn up missing, no one will even know. Roger thinks you’re with Willie. Willie tells Roger you ran away. That gives me the freedom to do with you as I wish. Do you see now that I have the power of life and death over you.”

Ginger shivered despite the hot water. “You wouldn’t do anything like that.” She backed farther away, her heart racing in alarm.

“Don’t be too sure. After all, what use do I have of you if you don’t do what you’re told?” He stroked his cock until it stood out stiffly. “You’ve got one more minute to make up your mind before I turn you upside down in the water.”

Ginger didn’t hesitate very long. The look on J.D.’s face told her he meant what he said. Completely humbled, she moved to his side of the tub and stood between his legs. She lathered the soap over his cock and balls, working heavy suds into his pubic hair. She felt his cock pulsing between her fingers as she washed it carefully.

His balls were the size of walnuts. She fondled them gently, wondering what would happen if she suddenly squeezed them as hard as she could in her fist and made a run for it. She put the thought out of her mind as fast as it occurred to her. She didn’t know anything about the building she was in. It might be impossible for her to escape if they knew she was running. Any chance of escape would have to be when they were not expecting it and after she had time to explore the building.

Despite herself, she found the sight of his huge erection stimulating. She continued caressing his cock until he told her to wash the suds off and suck it. This time she was eager to do as he ordered. His swollen prick tasted fresh and exciting. She forced her head down hard over his cock and felt his rubbery knob pushing against her throat.

“That’s it,” he said. “Blow me real good. I like the feeling of your tongue licking my cock. Play with my balls while you blow me.” He held her hair and jerked her head up and down over his cock, ramming his knob harder and harder against her throat.

Ginger worked his cock deep into her mouth. She felt his prick sliding over her tongue and working all the way into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She smelled the clean fragrance of his balls and felt her cunt responding to the taste of his cock. Her pussy quivered. Relaxing her entire body, she allowed him to work her head up and down at his own pace.

Continuing to fondle his balls with her right hand, Ginger lowered her left to her cunt. Her fingers spread her cunt lips and slid lewdly along her slit. She flicked a finger over her clit and felt the nubbin jerking to life. Lifting his balls, she licked his scrotum, tasting the warm flesh. She felt his shaft reaming back and forth over her tongue with eager compulsion.

“You’re a slave,” he told her, “and you’re always going to be a slave. From now on you’ll do as you’re told and nothing else. If you have any more ideas about refusing to obey, you’d better change them. Do you understand?”

Ginger nodded without taking his cock from her mouth. She had ideas, but she certainly wasn’t going to ask for trouble by telling him about them. But somehow she knew she had to escape to find out what was being done for Roger. She felt her arousal continuing to grow within her cunt as she sucked J.D.’s cock. Even if she wanted to get away now, she couldn’t leave until she had reached a climax and released herself from the insatiable need of her aroused sex.

J.D. pushed her head from his cock and turned her around so she stretched out on the water face down. She reached for the apposite side of the sunken tub, but couldn’t reach it. At first, she thought he meant to drown her, but he pulled her back until her legs wrapped around his hips and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back just enough that she could breathe.

She felt his cock pushing between her cunt lips and working its way into her tunnel. Panic filled her as she struggled to keep her face out of the water. Each time he hunched his hips forward, driving his cruel cock deeper into her body, her face dipped into the water.

She felt his cock pulsing inside her pussy. Her own arousal surged hotter and hotter as her tortured position added fear to the emotions surging within her. She felt her cunt sucking his cock deeper into her pussy. She wanted him to ram his cock as deep as possible into her body. She wanted to feel it driving in and out of her pussy as hard and fast as he could.

Suddenly he pushed himself away from the edge and dipped into the water, carrying her down with him. They surfaced a moment later with his cock still reaming into her cunt. He reached around and cupped her breasts. His fingers twisted and pinched her nipples. He stretched her tits painfully until they felt like they would be literally ripped from her body.

Ginger felt his cock plunging viciously into her cunt. It felt like a branding iron sizzling inside her pussy. Her arousal kept her hips bucking back against his cock, her cunt impaled mercilessly. As the intensity of her arousal grew, so too grew her need for release. She flailed frantically against his cock, both wanting to find release for herself and release from him.

But just as she felt her orgasm ready to explode, he jerked his cock from her cunt and spread her ass cheeks and drove into her anus. His cock ripped past her sphincter with one cruel plunge. She felt her ass burning as though a blow-torch had been pushed into her butt. She screamed and tried to pull away, but his fingers tightened on her tits and she was locked helplessly on his cock.

“Please,” she begged. “Take it out. It’s too biigggg… oh!” She winced as he began humping his hips at her. But as his mammoth cock burned back and forth over her sphincter, the feeling began to change. She felt it burning through the rest of her body in a sensual arousal that left her panting. And suddenly she didn’t want it out. “Oh, oh… ummmm. Don’t stop!”

J.D. crowed. “You like it, bitch! Don’t you? Admit it. You want my cock fucking your ass. You like the feel of it. Say it!” He humped into her butt as hard as he could. Pushing her against the edge so she could hold on, he moved to the steps and pushed her ass up to the top of the water. His cock plunged in and out relentlessly.

Ginger could feel her orgasm approaching. With her ass sticking completely out of the water, her pussy slapped the surface each time his cock tore into her ass. The water splashed into her cunt in a rhythmic cadence that matched his cock. “Yes, yes. I love it. Ram it into me. Keep it coming. I want to feel your cock spurting cum inside my ass!”

As soon as she said, it, he pulled his cock out. “If that’s what you want, you’re certainly not going to get it, bitch. You don’t deserve what you want. You deserve what I decide to give you.” He grabbed her hair and twisted her head back until she was forced to look up at him with her nose and mouth barely out of the water. “And what you’re going to get is eating my cum underwater.”

“No, please!” She didn’t have time to argue further. He pushed her head underwater and twisted her around so her legs were wrapped around his neck. She felt his face pressed against her pussy, his tongue stabbing into her slit. Oh, it felt so good. Yet, she felt a shudder of fear she would not be able to suck him off underwater.

Holding her breath, she opened her mouth and circled his cock. Keeping her lips tightly pursed around his shaft, she plunged her head up and down. She felt his legs moving and lifting her upward. Her face broke free of the surface and she saw he had stretched his legs across the tub and was holding on with his feet. He held the other side with his hands so that his head bobbed up and down in the water the same as hers.

She felt his mouth sucking and eating her pussy. His tongue lapped and stabbed into her silt as eagerly as she sucked his cock. Ginger allowed herself to be orally raped as he humped his hips up and down, driving his cock in and out of her mouth and tantalizing her cunt with his tongue.

His climax came quickly. His cum shot into her mouth in thick wads. She rolled his semen over her tongue, tasting its delicious flavor. She let it ooze past her lips onto his shaft. She smeared it over his shaft, twisting and pumping it to milk as much cum from his balls as possible.

And then she felt her climax ripping through her body. She writhed and twisted, her hips slapping into his face. She felt his tongue literally sucking her juices from her pussy as she stabbed it deeply into her hale and slurped savagely. She pumped his cock and sucked at his knob as hard as she could, milking his shaft for more cum.

They sucked on each other until they were both completely drained. They sank down into the water and floated apart. Ginger held the edge and let her feet settle comfortably to the bottom. Being a sex slave was not all bad. She felt every nerve in her body tingling with satisfaction. Her tits heaved as she sucked air into her lungs.

“But I still want proof,” she said.

J.D. looked at her, anger returning to his face. He jumped from the water, grabbed a towel and marched from the room. Ginger felt stunned. She was untied and unguarded. Quickly, she unbuckled the collar from her neck and let the leash sink to the bottom. She crawled out of the tub and stepped to the door.

She peeked into the next room. It was a bedroom. No one was there. Dripping a stream of water, she scuffled to the door and again peeked out. The hall! But which way to go? She turned left without giving any further thought to an escape plan other than to flee. She was almost to the end when she heard someone coming around the corner. Panic stricken, she dashed for the closest door. Praying the room was empty, she silently twisted the knob and stepped inside.

Ginger was not prepared for the shock. She stood in a small foyer leading to a sitting room. Roger sat in an easy chair, his back to her, talking to a woman partially hidden from her view. She started to rush to him and embrace him, but something he said made her freeze.

“She should think I’m in jail for a month at least. At the end of that time, she should be trained enough that even Mr. Savoy will be pleased.”

Ginger could not believe what she heard. Roger was not only not in jail, but he knew where she was and what kind of treatment she had been receiving. She was shocked. She clutched at the wall to keep from falling. All the punishment and torture she had been through had been to prepare her for someone she had never even met. Roger had made a fool of her.

She felt her heart pounding rapidly. She backed to the door and twisted the knob behind her. Just as she started to step out the door, she heard the woman speak.

“Roger, honey, I don’t see why you want her around anyway. Haven’t I been taking good enough care of you?” It was Alice’s voice.

Ginger gasped. No wonder Alice had been so vicious with the whip. She had looked at Ginger as a competitor. Biting back tears of frustration, Ginger turned and fled into the hall. Silently, she dashed to the corner. She felt angrier than she’d ever felt before. As soon as she saw where the hall ended, she knew she’d made a mistake choosing this direction. The hall ended at the same closet door that led to the secret room.

She stopped and turned around. J.D. walked around the corner and ambled down the hall toward her. He carded a leather strap in his right hand.

“Trying to go somewhere?”

Ginger looked desperately for a place to run, but she was trapped. She backed against the closet door.

“No!” she pleaded. “Don’t whip me. I’ll tell the police if you do. You lied to me. Roger lied to me. He’s not even in jail. I saw him.” She cowered against the door.

J.D. stopped, surprise lifting his features. “You know?” He hesitated, clearly confused about what to do with her now. Ginger saw his hesitation as a chance to dash past him, but he responded as soon as she started to move. He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her like a child. He carried her to the closet door and pushed her into the hidden room.

He tied her wrists and ankles to the wall, spread-eagling her in an upright position.

“You may wish you never poked your nose in where it wasn’t meant to be before this day is over,” he said as he shut the door behind him.


When the door opened a few minutes later, Roger stepped inside. He looked at her angrily. “Bitch,” he said. “You’ve really messed things up now. J.D. wants to kick you out.” Roger crossed the room and slapped Ginger’s face.

She couldn’t believe the way Roger was turning on her. “You lied to me!” she protested. Her cheek stung. Tears streamed down her face.

“It doesn’t matter. If you loved me the way you said you wouldn’t be trying to get away. And now I’m not so sure I want you any more.” He ran his hands down her body like he was inspecting a slave on the auction block. His fingers twisted her nipples and hefted her breasts. He parted her pussy lips and stabbed a finger deep inside.

Ginger flinched as his finger plunged into her cunt. “Don’t,” she pleaded, feeling her clit tingling despite her anger.

He slapped her tits. “What makes you think you’re so special?” Using the palms of his hands, he slapped her breasts again, whipping them back and forth and making them dance and slap together until they were swollen with a perverse arousal.

Ginger pulled and struggled at the bonds around her wrists and ankles. She writhed and twisted under the cruel torture of his hands. She felt the blows beating her tits until they felt on fire with sensual excitement. As he continued slapping her flesh, she begged him to stop, hating herself for responding to his sadistic treatment.

“I’ll stop when you get what’s coming to you,” he threatened. Using the fingers of his right hand, he stabbed upward into her pussy, punishing her cunt viciously.

Ginger screamed as his fingers tore between her pussy lips and stretched her tender flesh to the maximum. His thumb pressed into her clit, tantalizing the sensitive nubbin until she felt her cunt quivering frantically. She felt like her body was betraying her as her pussy sucked at his fingers, coaxing them to plunge in and out of her cunt. She bit her lower lip and turned her head away as he moved against her.

His cock throbbed between her thighs as he spread her pussy with both hands and positioned his bulging prick at her slit. She felt his cock head raping into her pussy. She tried to squirm away, but the bindings made escape impossible. His cock tore into her cunt like a rapier. She felt his cock burning through her pussy and arousing her into a seething mass of lusting flesh.

“How could you treat me this way?” She cried, feeling his fingers twisting and tearing at her breasts. But at the same time, she felt her thighs spreading and her pelvis twisting and grinding up to meet each cruel thrust of his cock.

Roger pulled his cock out of her pussy and resumed slapping her thighs. Whack! Whack! His palms left her flesh stinging and burning. She felt her pussy quivering and dripping with juices. He began whipping her stomach and cunt-mound. She felt his hands beating her body into a frenzied state of desire and punishment. Trying to dodge his blows was useless. His hands struck her every where.

He untied her legs and one of her hands, then tied both hands together so she could turn both sides to him. He used one of the leather straps to whip her buttocks. The leather hissed though the air. She felt it kissing across her ass, criss-crossing her tender flesh with red lines. He didn’t stop until her ass and the backs of her thighs were covered with thin streaks.

When he untied her wrists again, she dropped to the floor. He prodded her with his foot until her legs were spread. He knelt between her thighs and dipped his head to her cunt. His tongue lapped into her slit. She felt her clit flaming to life. His tongue flicked over her quivering flesh until her nerves ached for release. “Fuck me,” she begged. “Put your big cock inside me, Roger. I need you so bad!”

“I’ll put my cock in you, but not where you want it.” He lifted her legs until her thighs wrapped around his hips. Reaching under her, he spread her buttocks and stabbed his swollen cock into her crack. She felt his knob pressing against her asshole. And then she felt it plunge past her sphincter and tear into her ass with savage fury.

Ginger screamed and tried to pull away, but his fingers dug into her buttocks.

“I’m going to ream out your ass. Take that… and that!” His hips churned eagerly as his cock drove in and out of her ass. His cock head probed relentlessly at her insides. He pushed her knees back until they were stretched far apart. His fingers spread her pussy lips and dipped into her pink interior.

“Oh, that feels good,” Ginger moaned as she relaxed and gave herself up to the feelings surging through her body. She felt his cock sawing back and forth between her buttocks and his fingers tantalizing and stroking her clit.

“Play with yourself,” Roger ordered, moving his hands from her cunt to her tits. “Finger-fuck your pussy.” He raked his fingers over her breasts, stretching and pulling them cruelly.

Ginger felt her face flushed with embarrassment as she lowered her hands to her pussy and began stroking her own flesh. She spread her lips and stroked into her slit, feeling her finger flicking aver her clit. She stabbed first two fingers and then three and then four fingers into her pussy, plunging her hand up and down like a cock.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck yourself. Take your time. I want to see your fingers dripping with your cunt juices.”

Suddenly Roger’s cock exploded in climax and began spurting thick wads of cum into her ass. She felt his hot fluid filling her bowels and running back out around the sides of his cock and dripping in viscous gobs down her buttocks and back. “I’m commmiing!” he cried, his hips pumping frantically back and forth.

And then Ginger’s climax ripped through her with unbelievable intensity. “Don’t stop,” she begged. “Fuck me harder, faster! Oh, it feels so good in my ass!” Her fingers tore at her pussy, raking and clawing at her flesh as her body convulsed in erotic spasms.

Their climaxes went on and on, twisting and churning their bodies together until they were both exhausted and drained. Roger’s fingers dug into her buttocks as his cock drained the last of his semen into her ass. And when their fires finally cooled, they lay depleted, locked in each other’s arms.

Ginger felt Roger’s cock shriveling inside her ass until it slipped from her anus with a soft sucking sound. He rested his entire weight on her body as he breathed heavily. Finally he pushed himself away and sat up. “You’re a good piece of ass. It’s too bad I won’t be seeing you anymore.”

Panic pounded suddenly in Ginger’s heart. No! She couldn’t lose Roger. She had done too much to lose him now. “No,” she begged. “Don’t leave me, Roger.”

“What good are you to me,” he said. “You haven’t done half of the things I expected you to do here. From the reports I’ve gotten, the only thing you ever wanted to do was get away.”

“Come with me, Roger. I love you. We don’t need these people. We can go somewhere else. We can hide. The police will never find you.”

Roger laughed. “You don’t still believe that story, do you? The police were never after me. That was just what I told you to get you down here.” He stood up and rubbed his cock back and forth between his palms. He picked up his clothes and began dressing. “There’s only one way we can stay together and you’ve already shown you’re not fit for that.”

“But I love you, Roger. Please, go away with me. Everything I did, I did for you.” Looking up into his face, she hugged Roger’s knees.

He pushed her away. “You’ve already said you want to leave. Well, I’m not going to stop you. If you don’t want to stay, I don’t want you to either. You’re a big disappointment to me. I sent you down here with high hopes that you’d make the grade, but you haven’t done anything but whine about getting away.”

“Come with me Roger, please. I love you so much. I couldn’t stand being away from you. You mean everything to me.”

Roger pushed her away. “If I meant so much to you, you would have been trying harder to please J.D. and get yourself ready for Mr. Savoy. You haven’t done any of that.”

“I don’t even know Mr. Savoy. What does he have to do with any of it?”

Roger looked, at her as though she was a complete idiot. “He has the money.”

“We don’t need money, Roger. I can get a job as a nurse again. Please come with me.” She felt humiliated the way she begged to him but she didn’t care. She’d done so much for him already. She realized she couldn’t face losing him now.

“I’ll do anything for you, Roger. I’ll make you happy, I promise.”

“The only way you can make me happy is by satisfying Mr. Savoy.”

Ginger hung her head. “I only want you, Roger.”

“Then get out!” He didn’t wait for her to take time to consider. Grabbing her ankles, he kicked open the door and dragged her through the closet and into the hall. He marched her bumping and protesting over the carpet. When he released her ankles, he wadded her long hair at the nape of her neck and, keeping her head bowed, jerked her stumbling along the hall until they reached a private locked elevator.

He forced Ginger onto her knees at his feet. Reaching into his pocket, he extracted a key to the elevator. He put it in the lock and twisted. The door opened.

“Get out of here!” he ordered.

Ginger stared at the empty elevator. She was being told to leave naked, without money, without anything. And wont, without Roger. “No,” she sobbed. “Let me stay with you, Roger. I’ll do what you want. If you want me to please Mr. Savoy, I’ll do it. Anything.”

Roger’s anger softened slightly. “You’ll have to prove it.”

“I promise. Anything, Roger!”


She was taken into a room she’d never been in before. A single, circular couch dominated the room. Scattered around the couch were several expensive-looking sexual devices. She didn’t have time to examine them before she was thrown onto the white couch and her wrists and ankles were spread-eagled with leather straps. She stared up into a huge round mirror reflecting her helpless form.

“What do I have to do to please Mr. Savoy?”

Roger ran his hands over Ginger’s body, fingering her pussy and stroking her breasts. “All you have to do is come. Mr. Savoy likes women who know how to come. And before I’m through with you, believe me, you’ll know how to come.” He twisted her nipples between his fingers until they stood up in hard points. Then he taped small wires to each nipple and attached them to one of the machines.

“What are you doing?” she asked, startled. She watched him flick a switch and suddenly Ginger’s tits surged with a pulsing current of electricity. Her nipples burned and sizzled with torturous arousal. The sensual feeling spread through her like a raging fire. Her body heaved and bucked back and forth as the current throbbed with controlled energy, bringing her to a state of arousal that she had ever experienced before.

Roger spread her pussy with his fingers and dipped his tongue inside. She ground her pussy into his face. He spread and stretched her lips apart until he could plunge his tongue deep into her dripping slit.

She felt him sucking and drinking her juices and bringing her arousal to excruciating need. “Oh, yes,” she cried. “That feels good. Eat me! Suck me out! Stick your tongue in me, honey! I love it. Oh… ahhh!”

He flicked his tongue over her clit and ran his hands over her thighs, stroking and caressing her until every nerve in her body tingled with the same electric need as her tits and cunt. He lifted his mouth from her cunt and picked up an electric dildo from one of the many lewd instruments beside the bed.

Terror shot through Ginger when she saw the size of the monstrous-looking dildo. It was at least three feet long and had a head at each end. The flesh-colored cock looked like a huge snake. Roger pushed one end against her ass and pushed a button. Immediately the evil thing came to life, twisting and vibrating. He pushed the huge knob into her ass.

“No, no! It’s too big,” Ginger screamed, but she felt the awful thing plunging past her sphincter and tunneling up her ass, stretching and tearing its way into her as though on its own. “Stop!” she begged. She twisted and wiggled her hips frantically in an attempt to escape the punishing cock. Her efforts left her only sweating and exhausted.

“This is just the beginning, slave.” He pushed the cock in and out of her ass, slamming it viciously forward until she screamed helplessly, and then pulling it out like a plunger until only the head remained between her buttocks. Each forward thrust drove the air from Ginger’s lungs and left her gasping for breath.

She felt her ass burning and smoldering with a perverse arousal that caused her butt to suck at the terrible dildo with shameless lust. Roger bent the dildo so the other end could plunge into her pussy. She felt it ramming up her cunt as savagely as he had pushed it into her ass. The cock vibrated and throbbed inside her pussy, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Roger stepped away from the bed and turned on a tape recorder. “Scream, slave. When you’re ready, let it all come out. We’ll get the sounds of your come on tape.” He moved to another box, opened it and set up a small television camera.

Ginger felt the dildo buzzing within her and charging her nerves. She felt her climax ready to explode at any moment. Roger turned on the camera, made a final adjustment and stepped back.

“When Mr. Savoy gets here, he’ll look at the film and listen to the tape. If you please him, I might let you stay.” He turned and walked to the door.

“Wait,” Ginger cried. “How long are you going to leave me here? I can’t stand much more. Oh… I’m almost ready to come!”

“I told you. Until Mr. Savoy gets here. That could be anywhere from ten hours to ten days.” He laughed sadistically. “Hang in there, slave. And remember, all you have to do is come.” He closed the door, leaving her alone.

Immediately Ginger felt her body heaving and convulsing with exploding energy as her orgasm overwhelmed her like a volcanic flood. Every nerve in her body sizzled with releasing energy. “I’m comming!” she screamed. “I’m comming. Oh… oh! Stop it! Turn it off. I can’t take any more. No, no!” Her screams echoed off the walls as her body writhed and spasmed against her binds.

The two-headed dildo vibrated deeper and deeper into her pussy and asshole. She felt herself being carried away on a wave of orgasmic torture that went on and on and on. “Take it out!” She screamed. “Please!” The electricity continued surging like sensual fire through her breasts. The dildo fucked her ass and cunt with tireless energy.

She knew no one would come. She felt her orgasm going on and on. The camera and recorder captured every tortured move she made, every sound she uttered. Ginger gritted her teeth against the endless torture and vowed to take anything they gave. Her love for Roger went beyond anything else.

And as soon as her first orgasm ended, the ceaseless dildo soon had her flesh aroused again and it started all over. She screamed and writhed with frantic contractions. Tossing and pulling at the straps around her wrists and ankles, she prepared herself to accept her fate whatever it would be. And somehow the fact that she was submitting for Roger made her torture seem all worth while.

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