An Ordinary Morning

After taking a shower together we sat in her kitchen. She read the
paper and sipped chamomile tea. I drank Viennese coffee and nibbled
on my bagel and occasionally her earlobe.

— Uh, oh, she laughed.

I slipped my hand inside her robe. Her nipples started to go crinkly.

— He wants something.

My hand slipped further down.

She put down her tea cup.

— Hmmm, feels like you’re still a bit wet and sticky, it must
be soap. Maybe I’d better make sure you didn’t miss a spot.

— Oh, she gasped suddenly. Look, they’ve cut the school budget again.


— Don’t worry, you know how these budget things go. One day it’s
in, then it’s out, then it’s in again. You just got to go with it.

She opened her legs wider.

— Huh, maybe… but things are kind of hard at work already. Ungh!

She moaned, my poor dear.

— You’ll do alright. Besides, if we, you know, live together we’d
both cut our expenses. I mean, we’d get by if one of us had problems.

Her eyes went wide.

— I’m serious.

She was trembling, biting her lip. Almost.

— You know, she said, the weather forecast is for storms.

I took my hand back. I said:

— And given the weather I suppose you’ll want to catch the early bus.

She crumpled the newspaper in her fists.

— Bastard.

I licked my fingers. Bagel crumbs.

— Aren’t we men terrible?

— You have your uses.

— Yes? Like?

— Like, would you drive me to work this morning so I won’t be late? Please?

I slipped her robe off and tossed it on the floor.

I was all over her. Neck, ears, the small of her back, the back of her knee.

I picked her up in my arms and headed for the bedroom.

— Wait, my robe…

— Don’t worry, your roommates will pick it up.

* * *

We were both pretty quiet as I drove her to work. She held my hand on
her lap while I drove and gave it back whenever we turned a corner.

We arrived. She opened the door and got out.

— Thanks for the ride.

— Anytime.

— You know, I could get used to this. Getting a ride to work, I mean.

She grinned and shut the door.

I’ll get her for that one. Next time.