Cumlover Nellie Comes East

I had been talking to Nellie on line for a few months when I hit a jackpot in
Atlantic City for $2000. Nellie is a 25 year old bisexual latina who loves cum
too. I decided to blow my winnings on something completely frivolous, something
I wanted. I have a married girlfreind, lets call her “Charlie”. Charlie has
some bi experience but what I really like about her is that she is a cum lover
too. The thought of getting these two together really aroused me. I agreed to
rent Nellie a nice room in Manhattan and pay for her plane fair and we could
fulfill a fantasy we share, something she termed a “non violent oral gangbang”.
We set it up so Nellies arrival so it coincided with a business trip that
Charlies husband took out of town and a four day weekend for myself. First a
little background on the girls. Nellie looks very latin. She has a 36C chest,
rock hard breasts and the body of a 25 year old (grin). Charlie is a few years
older (28) and the mother of 3. She is half Italian and half Irish with dark
hair and eyes and creamy white skin. Charlie is very uninhibited and sensuous
and works out daily and is in good shape too. Both the women seem to the
alter-egos of myself sexually i.e. will try anything LOL. Nellie arrived about
2 PM and I met her at the airport. I took her to her hotel and got her settled
in. She gave me a “hello” blowjob as soon as we got to her room and I gave her
the facial she had been waiting for. It seems facials are her favorite thing.
Now I’m 38 years old, muscular, 6ft, 215 lbs., though I do need to lose 10 lbs,
attractive, but I don’t have the body I did 10 or 15 years ago (who does LOL).
Hopefully I make up for the extra pounds with my 25 years of sexual experience.
I am hung average but I do seem to cum in very large volume, have a good
recovery time between loads and excellent staying power(its the yohimbe &
ginseng mix guys). Anyway I went to pick up Charlie as Nellie showered up. We
were all going for Mexican food for dinner and a chance for the girls to meet.
Now I had promised Nellie her “cumparty” and had to provide a few guys. I
bought a copy of a sex newspaper , put it in my back pocket and we three went
out to eat. After a couple of margaritas the girls seemed to be hitting it off
well enough. They were giggling quite a bit and I saw Nellie repeatedly
touching touching Charlies leg with no resistance. I would have loved just to
take the two of them back to the hotel room and have a threesome but Nellie had
made it clear that I owed her since she travelled out here and agreed to meet
Charlie. Nellie was determined to have her party. We went back to the room and
i showed them the small black and white classified ads by male prostitutes. The
two of them stared intently at the photo ads. “Pick whichever three guys you
like best” I told them. There were about 15 or 20 guys to choose from. Some
advertised things like “bodybuilder” or “muscular” while others just had
pictures of their penises. All the ads said things like “10 inches cut” or
“thick 8 inches uncut”. I was hoping they would choose at least one of the
black guys but I knew Nellie wasn’t into that. They finally settled on three
guys, “Rod” a 32 year old blond type who claimed to have 10 inches
uncircumcized and 6 pack abs, “Tony” a 25 year old “Italian stallion” who
advertised a “very thick uncut 8 inches” and a gymnasts build and “Rico” a 27
year old Puerto Rican bodybuilder whos ad stated “thick 8 inches and a dominant
personality”. Rico was also quite well built as his ad stated 6’2″ ,235lbs, 48
inch chest, 21 in. biceps, 34 in. waist etc. etc. I Knew I would really enjoy
seeing Rico throat fuck these sluts!

The guys all arrived at the stated time and all claimed on the phone to like
women. There was a little dancing in the room and the girls were pretty drunk
by now. The hired studs were treating them nice, kissing them, playing with the
girls titties and pussies and it took only a few minutes until Nellie was nude
and on her knees on the floor. I got her a pillow for under her knees as I knew
she would be kneeling for a while. The three guys were gathered around her
competeing for her limited mouth space. The italian guy really did have a fat
cock, I wondered if it would even fit in her mouth. Charlie was watching with
me now as the bi latina took turns sucking the three studs handsome meats and
trying to finger herself. I didn’t know if either of these women were going to
get fucked-that hadn’t been discusses-but I do know that I smelled pussy
already (grin). I was kissing Charlie and enjoyed watching her steal glimpses
of the scene. She was really worked up and I suspect jealous too. Nellie was so
hot getting taste after taste of the three different cocks. She didn’t know
what to do. She was insatiable as she switched from meat to meat with pre-cum
as saliva dripping down her chin. I tried to see if I could detect a favorite
but it was hard to tell. The blond guy really did have a long thick cock, 10
inches was no exaggeration. Nellie repeatedly tried to deep throat him but it
was a lost cause as she choked the meat out and settled for pulling back his
foreskin and looking up at his tight torso played his long flute. The italian
guy seemed to get a perverse pleasure as he repeatedly tried to stuff his fat
sausage into Nellies bulging cheeks. I almost felt sorry for Nellie as the head
of Tonys cock was the size of a small orange, but she seemed happy. I was a
little disappointed with Rico as he seemed to be hanging back, stroking his
decent sized meat. He was certainly a prized specimen with huge shoulders, arms
and legs. So much for his “dominent personality”. I hoped he was just warming
up and I really wanted to see him throat fuck Charlie as her white creamy skin
would contrast nicely with his brown skin. He also looked like a powerful fuck
and I knew Charlie liked to get banged very hard. Charlie liked anal sex too
and I was wondering if I would see her with her legs up high getting her ass
fucked by this powerful latin stud. I noticed the guys getting more and more
heated as Nellie tortured and serviced their impressive poles. This slut really
knew how to treat a hard cock. The guy Rod was the first to blow his load.
Stroking his pipe which was now a foot long he aimed it at Nellies right cheek
as she sucked on Tonys fat wand.Soon Rod started shooting gob after gob of
thick white cum. Nellie closed her eyes and squeezed her breasts together and
lifted them as she obviously wanted them painted too. Her nipples were like
brown pencil erasers. Soon the studs pipe was emptied and Nellie sucked out the
last few drops. Now Tony took his place and stuffed his fat cock in Nellies
mouth. Brutally he fucked her stretched lips. He had enormous balls too and I
knew he would cum voluminously. It was obvious he was going to plant his seed
in her tummy as he made no motion to back off and instead held Nellies head
tightly. The sight of this cum faced young latina being held and faced fucked
made me rock hard and I pushed Charlies head down to my cock. Soon Tony was
pumping his sweet cream into Nellie. The four of us watched as she choked
repeatedly on the thick load but stayed with it until the end. His thick, heavy
balls slapped at her wet chin as Rico got in there and finger fucked her
furiously with three fingers.