Nanny’s helping hand

Athena found the ride from the airport in the smaller
of the family’s limousines to be truly wonderful. Not
only did it give her strangely agitated body a chance to
calm down for a few hours in absolute comfort, she had
her first glimpse of the fabled city of Chicago.
Okay, so it wasn’t quite like she imagined it would be.
Between Becky’s high-speed driving and the pouring rain
she hardly had a chance to see the city from the freeway
on their way north from the airport, but at least she had
finally arrived for her first undercover assignment. She
realized that she was not here as a tourist, and that she
had a very important task to perform. However, when her
assignment was complete, Athena promised herself two
weeks of downtown excitement.
She thought of the journal in her purse, and ached with
the need to record her first impressions of the city, but
decided to wait instead. “Can’t be suspicious,” she
thought. So Athena contentedly watched the scenery blur
by her window, as Becky explained to her all about the
city’s legendary rapid transit system over the car’s
interphone. Eyes full of wonder, Athena watched with awe as the
limousine drove through the imposing, opened wrought-iron
gates and up a long curving, tree-lined drive.
At the Devereux home, Athena’s mouth went dry.
“Whoa!” she whispered as the limo slid smoothly to a stop
in front of the vast tudor-style mansion. “What am I
getting myself into here?”
Becky jumped out of the front and briskly walked back
to where Athena was still sitting, stunned.
“People actually live here?” she breathlessly wondered
when Becky opened her door.
“Not just people, Athena,” Becky said softly as she
helped the dazed reporter out of the limo. “You live
here, now.”
They retrieved her suitcases from the trunk and, with
each person carrying one, walked towards the entrance,
Becky placing a sisterly arm around Athena’s waist.
Athena was still so busy taking it all in that she
didn’t notice that Becky’s sisterly hand on her waist had
quickly slid down to her right buttock.
“Today you get to use the front door. Tomorrow and
forever after, you’ll be expected to use the back door
like the rest of the help, so don’t forget,” Becky
instructed, gently squeezing the firm buttock in
“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to remember,” Athena
said eagerly, still unaware of Becky’s wandering hand.
As they went up the wide steps leading to the tall
double-doors, they opened and a well-tailored woman came
“We’re getting the full treatment today, girl. That’s
Mrs. Devereux, come to greet the fresh meat, er, the
newest member of the staff,” said Becky, as she furtively
removed her hand from Athena’s bottom just as Athena
whipped her head around to look suspiciously behind her.
“No, it couldn’t be,” she muttered. For a moment she
had the most foolish thought that Becky was touching her
behind. “Wow! I must be more nervous than I thought!”
Athena thought the front doors to the house must be
enormous, because they made her new employer look so
tiny. When they went up to her, Athena realized that she
wasn’t just small, she was very small. Mrs. Devereux was
in fact the smallest woman Athena had ever seen. She
couldn’t have been over four and a half feet in height,
yet she was perfectly proportioned and quite beautiful.
There was a vague oriental cast to her features that
Athena couldn’t quite place, but she understood that
would probably account for the woman’s height.
“Our new nanny. How darling!” gushed Mrs. Devereux,
her black glowing eyes burning with lust at the sight of
her family’s latest plaything.
In her excitement, Athena had forgotten about her lack
of underwear. By the time she reached the top of the
stairs the unaccustomed rubbing of her body under her
clothes had made her breathless. She wanted desperately
to stop and get her breath back but Becky kept urging her
forward toward the tiny Mrs. Devereux.
By the time they reached the waiting woman, two other
women wearing maid uniforms had come out of the house and
were standing respectfully on either side of and slightly
behind Mrs. Devereux, towering over her.
Athena tried not to laugh at the ridiculous sight, but
still couldn’t help smiling as she placed her suitcase
and large handbag on the ground and moved to formally
greet her new employer.
“I like a girl with a sense of humor,” Mrs. Devereux
said quietly, eyes glittering. “I am Devereux. Welcome
to my home.”
Terribly embarrassed at making such a bad first
impression, Athena sputtered, “It’s just that that I’m
so happy to be here.”
Athena was surprised when Mrs. Devereux suddenly
reached around her with both of her small arms and took
her in a full hug. She decided she had better start
playing along and returned the hug. Athena found it hard
not to squirm as Mrs. Devereux had her held firmly by her
behind, with her face pressing almost directly onto her
“Oh!” she unconsciously gasped as Mrs. Devereux’s
hands moved freely over her skirt-covered buttocks.
“People do have some strange customs,” she thought.
“Better not say anything about it now. Need to fit in
with the family routine first.”
She saw the two servants disappear inside the house
with her bags and purse. She suddenly remembered about
her secret journal still located in her handbag. “Damn!
I must remember to be more careful with that” she
thought, berating herself.
She knew she couldn’t make a move for her purse now,
not with out calling attention to what was inside.
In her anxiety over her journal, Athena didn’t notice
how Mrs. Devereux surreptitiously slide down and for a
brief, glorious moment had pressed her face directly onto
the unsuspecting reporter’s vulva and breathed deeply of
the heady aroma of fresh pussy!
Athena looked down to find her new employer looking
inquisitively directly up at her between the valley of
her jutting breasts.
“I notice you don’t use panties or a bra,” Devereux
said to the deeply blushing woman, her hands still
moving comfortably over Athena’s firm buttocks. “That’s
good. We don’t use them here either. Just cuts off the
“I, ah. I lost ,” Athena mumbled, at a total loss of
how to continue, the hands on her trembling buttocks
proving to be a terrible distraction.
“Oh, no!” she thought. “What have I done!” She
couldn’t tell Mrs. Devereux what had happened to her on
the plane, it was simply too embarrassing. Yet, she just
couldn’t go around without anything on underneath all the
time! She just couldn’t! Especially if she always
touched people like this. It would make her crazy!
“No need to explain, my dear. We run a very relaxed
household here, and in your off time you can dress as
lightly as you please,” Mrs. Devereux said matter-of-
factly. Much more quietly, she added, “Or even not at
Athena was glad to hear that dress was informal here
at the estate. She had never considered herself a
clothes-horse anyway, and for some reason she didn’t
understand was becoming quite anxious to put on a nice,
heavy set of jeans and a very loose top.
Mrs. Devereux turned and, with one arm still tightly
the young agitated woman’s waist, began to lead Athena
into the house. “Come, my dear. Let me show you to your
rooms.” Mrs. Devereux took Athena up to her third floor suite
of rooms. Athena was impressed. She had stayed at four-
star hotels with less luxury. As the live-in nanny, she
had her own sitting room, kitchenette, bedroom with a
king-sized bed and walk-in closet, and full bath. The
huge marble bathtub was fitted with various underwater
nozzles and their gold-plated controls lined the tub.
In fact, the entire third floor had in fact been
designed strictly for the needs of the children. The
children’s bedrooms, indoor play areas, and even a
classroom were conveniently located down the hall from
Mrs. Devereux warned her that, in spite of the size of
the house, they were sometimes short on beds and her
eldest daughter was forced to stay in the nanny’s room
from time to time.
Athena saw that her suitcases had already been
unpacked and her clothes neatly put away. She saw her
purse but didn’t want to make a scene over it while Mrs.
Devereux was there with her.
“Mrs. Devereux, I feel absolutely wilted after that
long flight. Mind if I take a fast shower first? I
would really appreciate it. I could meet you downstairs
in ten minutes.”
“That will not be necessary. Just take your time, and
come down when you are ready.”
“Thank you!” Athena gratefully replied and walked
quickly over to her dresser. She grabbed the first
panties and bra she could find and dashed into the
bathroom. She quickly got out of her traveling outfit
and hung everything neatly on clothes hooks located along
the walls. Athena thankfully relieved herself and took a
quick shower to wash away the heavy strain of travel.
Wearing just her bra and panties, the refreshed
Athena came bursting into her room, only to find Mrs.
Devereux and several of the servants going through her
“Oh my!” the surprised Athena gasped. She cringed and
tried to cover herself with her hands and arms.
“Come here, Athena,” Mrs. Devereux firmly ordered. “I
would like you to meet some of your new co-workers.”
“Could I get dressed first, please? It will just take
a second,” Athena said as she moved quickly toward her
“Come here now,” Mrs. Devereux quietly commanded,
steel now apparent in her voice.
“Yes, ma’am,” Athena meekly replied and, still
covering herself, went over to where the group stood.
“Ladies, this is Athena Valentine. She is to be our
new nanny. You are to treat her as one of the family.
Now, introduce yourselves and make her feel welcome.
Athena, when you are finished here, meet me in the first
floor library, okay?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
The women crowed around the unsuspecting Athena.
Everyone wanted to introduce themselves and talk with
her. As she talked, she felt hands start to play with
the retaining strap of her bra and the thin elastic
waistband of her panties. Hands circled her waist and
ran up and down her exposed rib cage. Someone started to
brush her thick hair.
As the introductions continued, hands dipped into
Athena’s panties, while others were holding her bra-
covered breasts.
Terrified, she was suddenly sure that she was being
groped by a group of degenerates. Her body trembled as
she waited for what she was certain was to come next.
Athena prepared to scream and run for her life when, all
at once, it was over. The women all said their cheerful
good-byes and left.
She continued to stand there, panting, but not so
confidant now about what had just occurred as she was
before. It certainly wasn’t some kind of sicko attack
that she had ever heard about. Even the stories she
heard about what happened at fraternities didn’t come
What was she getting so worried about? Nothing really
happened, did it? She told herself that they were just
friendly people welcoming her. “My God!” she thought.
She had been close to having hysterics like some
Victorian maiden. How could she have been so wrong about
She really needed to calm down. Ever since she lost
her clothes on the plane she had been looking for
villains everywhere. She had to be more trusting with
these good people. She was, after all, the outsider
here, coming into a strange home with their own
established way of doing things.
Old Forthingill from nanny school was right after all.
She needed to fit into the family, and not the other way
around. She couldn’t start putting her own values on
things, not yet anyway. She had to gain their trust first,
regardless of what small sacrifices this might entail.
Otherwise, she might go back to her editor empty-handed,
a failure at her first real assignment as a reporter.
Athena knew she could never do that!
Having made her decision, Athena felt better. She
went to her closet and pulled out a nice pair of designer
bell-bottom jeans and a sleeveless top. With socks and
running shoes she felt ready for anything and went to
find Mrs. Devereux.
In all the excitement, Athena forgot to check on her
journal. Athena and Mrs. Devereux had finished a two-hour tour
of the interior of the house, and were now walking the
grounds immediately surrounding the large house. They
were walking through the vast garden that was located
behind the house, with Mrs. Devereux’s usual arm around
Athena’s waist.
“You surprise me, Athena.”
“Oh. And how is that?”
“Well, it’s nothing important I suppose. It is just
that after being here for several hours, you have yet to
ask about your new charges. For a nanny, you do not seem
very interested in children.”
“Oh, my! The children! Yes, of course. Where are
“The ones you will be concerned with, my three
youngest are away at camp. So for a few days we, my
eldest, Danielle, and I, have you all to ourselves. You
are lucky in a way. I have been told that the little
ones can be quite a handful.”
“Yes, I am so sorry about not asking about them before
now,” Athena gushed, while thinking to herself, “Stupid,
stupid, stupid! How could I have missed doing something
so basic?”
“I did read about your family at Miss Forthingill’s,
you know,” Athena said, defensively. “It’s just that
this house is so overwhelming, and you have been so
hospitable, I was, er, overwhelmed.”
“Ah, I see. Please keep in mind that, while it might
not seem so at the moment, you are an employee here with
an important job to perform. My children are important
to me, and while I don’t mind spoiling them now and then
with a treat, their well-being is always my greatest
concern, and I am very particular about who takes care of
them. If they are not happy, then I am not happy. Do
you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am. I understand completely,” Athena
replied, chilled by the new tone in her employer’s voice.
As they walked in silence for a moment, Athena thought,
“I understand all right. If your spoiled brats aren’t
happy, then I’m out of a job. Shit!”
Well, she didn’t attend Miss Forthingill’s for
nothing. Perhaps this was a good time for them to get a
dose of her ‘firm but fair’ policy. When it proves
successful, she could write a series of articles on
professional child rearing (‘Ask Miss Valentine!’), turn
them into a book, and then do the talk-show circuit.
After completing her Nanny Expos�, of course.
In the middle of her dreams of wining two Pulitzer
Prizes, while at the same time earning a great deal of
fame and fortune, Athena was brought quickly back to
earth when she heard Mrs. Devereux say, “I am taking this
time to spend with you because I know all about you,
Startled, Athena croaked without thinking, “You do?”
“Don’t look so worried. Everyone has to leave home
for the first time sooner or later. It is nothing to be
ashamed about. Miss Forthingill told me all about you.
I thought a little personal orientation on my part might
make you feel more at ease with us. Unless of course,”
she murmured, running a small hand over Athena’s rounded
denim-molded buttocks, “there is something else I should
be aware of about you?” She waited a moment, then
suddenly slapped Athena’s left buttock.
“OW! Oh, no! Nothing at all!” the blushing Athena
exclaimed loudly, surprise at how the small hand could
make her buttock sting so much, even through her tight
jeans and panties. She wished that the inquisitive Mrs.
Devereux wouldn’t touch her below the waist so much. She
just couldn’t think whenever the tiny woman did that to
“That’s good,” the smiling woman softly said, as she
gently rubbed the spot she had just spanked. “Trust is
so important in a family, don’t you think?”
“Oh, yes,” the flustered reporter babbled. “Trust is
very important.” Her left buttock was tingling with the
effects of Mrs. Devereux’s soothing hand and it was
making her very nervous in spite of herself.
“I’ve told Danielle to look after you for a few days,
until you become oriented to our life here. She is 17,
so you will have someone only a year younger to help you
adjust, and to be your friend if you like. It is nice to
have a real friend around. Things can become a bit
overwhelming at times in this family, especially if you
are alone and are not used to such a life. I understand
that the staff gave you quite a scare in your rooms this
“What?” gasped Athena, as Mrs. Devereux’s hand now
started slowing moving over both her buttocks. “Oh yes,
this morning! I’m sorry about that. I’m just not used
to being touched so MUCH!” Athena’s voice rose as the
hand slipped easily between her upper thighs, just below
her crotch!
“It’s something we don’t even think about. My family
came from Europe, where the concept of personal space
doesn’t exist, and where touching is the norm for
family,” Mrs. Devereux said as she moved her hand over
the soft denim-covered flesh of Athena’s inner thigh.
“And we are all family here.”
Athena’s mind raced, but she couldn’t think of a way
out of this troubling situation without irritating Mrs.
Devereux and jeopardizing her assignment. She never
dreamed it would be so difficult, and this was just her
first day!
“It’s really nothing personal, you understand,” said
Mrs. Devereux as she continued to absently rub her hand
on Athena’s sensitive inner thigh, “but it is something
you must allow for if you wish to remain here in my
“Oh!” the surprised Athena cried out as Mrs. Devereux
pressed her hand up against Athena’s vulva, clearly
defined under the tight denim. “Yes!” she croaked,
trying desperately not to jump away from the unseemly
pressure on her most secret of places. “It’s no problem,
really,” the novice reporter said breathlessly, bouncing
on her feet. “It’s going to take some getting used to,
that’s all.”
“We hardly think of such things at all,” Mrs. Devereux
murmured softly, rubbing the edge of her hand back and
forth along the indented fabric between the flustered
woman’s thighs. Finally, she reluctantly withdrew her
hand and returned it to the relieved Athena’s left hip.
“Come, my child. Let me introduce you to Danielle,
your new friend.” They came to Danielle’s closed bedroom door, which to
Athena’s surprise Mrs. Devereux quickly opened without
knocking first. They found Danielle in her bedroom
listening to CDs. She remained sprawled on her bed,
seemingly unaware of their presence, as the pair walked
towards her. She finally lifted her head slightly and
openly took stock of the new nanny.
“You’re cute.”
“Er, thank you,” the perplexed Athena replied. No
girl had ever called her ‘cute’ before.
“Our last nanny was a pig.”
“Now, now, Danielle. Get up and be nice. You must be
polite and say hello to Athena.”
Danielle languidly got up from the bed and tiredly
slouched over to where they were standing.
“Hello,” the teenager said, managing with ease the
difficult task of sounding interested and bored at the
same time.
“Athena, this is my daughter, Danielle.”
“Hi!” chirped Athena, in what she hoped was her best
18-year old manor.
Athena looked up in wonder at her “new friend.” Mrs.
Devereux’s eldest daughter was as tall as her mother was
short. Even slouched over she must have been at least 6-
feet in height, and weighed all of 110 pounds. She had a
full head of raven black hair worn ruler-straight down to
her waist, and the palest complexion Athena had ever seen
on something that wasn’t a porcelain doll. She had on
black stretch pants and a tight black turtle neck. To
Athena she looked like a hairy black pencil with dabs of
white paint scattered here and there.
“Be sure to show her what to do, Danielle. Remember,
you are both expected for dinner at eight. See you
then.” Mrs. Devereux smiled pleasantly at them both,
then departed.
“My mother must really like you a lot,” Danielle
grumbled. “She doesn’t spare me even half as much time.”
“She just wanted to make me feel at home, that’s all.”
“Do you swim, ride horses, that sort of thing?”
“Oh, yes, I love to swim. I haven’t had much
experience with horses, though. I’m…a little bit
afraid of them.”
“Well, let’s go swimming, then. We’ll save those
nasty old horses for another day. But first, we need to
get you fixed up, because the kids are coming back home
“What! But your mother just told me that they would
be away for a couple of days.”
“They were away, at my Aunt’s place. But this
afternoon they’ll be back and we have to get you properly
dressed first.”
Athena found a wall mirror and automatically looked at
herself in wonder. “What is wrong with the way I look?”
she asked defensively.
Danielle stood behind her, tightly pressing her long
body against Athena’s. “I think you look just fine,”
Danielle said, wrapping her long arms around Athena’s
middle. “But, you must get into your nanny’s uniform now
or Mother will skin us both!” Danielle lifted her arms
so that Athena’s breasts were now resting on them.
“Danielle, please! Nanny’s uniform? Oh, of course,”
the disappointed Athena said. At school they had told
the students that some homes preferred their nannies to
be in a type of maid’s outfit, so that they would fit in
more easily with the rest of the staff. This was also
sometimes done to try and prevent the children from
thinking the nanny was their real mother. Athena had
hoped to avoid this, but it looked as if she was going to
be wearing some silly outfit after all. She just hoped
it wasn’t too frilly. She knew it didn’t really matter,
as she would make sure her articles would not have any
pictures of her in them.
“Oh, by the way. We’re going to be bunking together
for a while.”
“What!” Athena gasped in surprise as she watched her
breasts being pressed together by Danielle’s arms in the
mirror. “I was supposed to have my own room!”
“Yes, it’s a damned nuisance, but whenever the family
gathers, I get bumped out of my room and into yours.
Athena wasn’t sure that this was the best of ideas.
Danielle was far too demonstrative in her affections for
Athena’s peace of mind. Maybe she was lonely, Athena
reasoned. The unhappy girl sure wasn’t getting any kind
of support from her mother, of that she was certain. She
had to go along with this in order to fit in. And maybe
Mrs. Devereux was right, and she wanted her to be a
companion for Danielle as well as the other children.
Well, then. It looked like she was getting a
roommate. If Danielle became too bad, she would just
have to gently lay down the law for the teenager. She
was the 21-year old after all (even if she had to act
18), and Danielle only 17.
“That’s all right, Danielle,” Athena shakily said she
felt Danielle’s hot breath on the back of her neck. “I
don’t mind your staying with me. Really I don’t.”
“Cool!” Danielle exclaimed, squeezing Athena’s breasts
between her arms again in her excitement. “We can
have a pajama party when all of the cousins are here.
It’ll be great fun, okay?”
“Sounds great. Can’t wait!” Athena said, trying to
sound as enthusiastic as she could. As if having
Danielle all over her wasn’t bad enough, now she had to
endure an all-night party full of giggling teenage
girls. She had been to only one in her life and it had
been a crashing bore for her. Even as a freshman in high
school, such girls had been far too immature for her.
God only knows what gum-snapping horrors awaited her
during this one!
Then it struck her. If this was all she had to worry
about, life was very good indeed!
“Come on!” said Danielle. “We need to start moving.
By now your uniform should have been brought upstairs and
be waiting for you in your suite.”
“Oh, well,” the laughing Athena told Danielle. “The
things I must do for a living!”

When she and Danielle had returned to her suite,
Athena looked around each of her rooms but could find
nothing that looked like a maid’s dress.
The only new clothes she found was something that was
spread across the king-sized bed.
“What’s that? Someone’s funky exercise outfit?” the
amused Athena asked.
“That’s your nanny suit. Cool, huh?”
Athena’s new-found enthusiasm for her assignment died
a quick death when she saw the pink nightmare that was to
be her new uniform.
It was a body stocking with a long zipper running
down the back. It was made of some thin, elastic
material that Athena couldn’t even identify. It had a
shiny pink plastic belt and matching ankle boots with 2-
inch heels. And that was all!
“Oh, no! I’m not getting into that! I don’t care!
Oh, my God! No-No-No!”
“Calm down, Athena. It’s not that bad!”
“Yes it is! It’s horrible!” She held up the
offending garment. “And where’s the rest of it? This
should just be the first part of it. There should be
some outer covering that goes with it. It’s usually
small, but at least it’s something! I’ve seen them that
way at my club. So where’s the rest of it?”
“Athena! Take it easy, will you. You know, for
someone who is 18, you sure take things seriously. Don’t
you have any sense of adventure at all?”
“ADVENTURE!?!?” Athena cried, tears streaming down her
face. “You call wearing this an adventure?” Stricken,
the sobbing woman buried her head into Danielle’s thin
“Come on, girl. Let’s get your things off.”
“But I don’t want to!” Athena choked out.
Danielle unfastened Athena’s top behind her neck.
“Raise your arms,” Danielle commanded the still
sobbing woman. Athena complied without thinking and
Danielle pulled her top up over her head and arms. She
laid the woman’s top on the bed.
She then knelt down behind the still distressed nanny
and, reaching around her waist, unfastened her jeans.
She worked the tight denim down over Athena’s flaring
hips and sculptured legs. She took a moment to admire
the beautiful buttocks moving under the thin panties,
then moved the crying woman close to the bed.
One sharp push later a surprised Athena was laying
face down on the bed and Danielle had worked off her
jeans, shoes, and socks.
“What�what are you doing?” Athena sobbed, trying to
get control of herself again.
Danielle walked across the room and got a box of
tissues that was on the dresser. Tossing the box to the
new nanny, she said, “Here! Use this on your face.”
Athena was blowing her nose when she felt her panties
being pulled down past her buttocks.
“Wait! What are you doing?” she cried as her panties
were pulled past her tightly clenched thighs and down her
Dying of embarrassment, she used her hands to try and
cover her naked backside as best she could. Frantically,
she exclaimed, “You can’t do that! Give me something to
cover myself with, please!”
When she felt her bra being opened, she knew she had
to stop whatever was going on. “I’m telling your mother
about this!” she declared firmly.
“Good. It was her idea.”
“WHAT?” Athena cried in shock as Danielle coolly
flipped her over. She frantically scrambled to cover her
naked pubes as Danielle pulled easily off the now useless
“Come off it, Athena!” Danielle said to the now nude
woman, who in an absolute frenzy was trying to hind her
luscious body behind her arms and hands.
“We’re both girls here, so get real and calm down,
will you?” Danielle thundered to the stunned reporter.
“I’m�I’m sorry,” Athena said meekly. “I just don’t
like being�being undressed in front of anyone.”
“It’s okay. I’m a little shy myself. Now, take a deep
breath and get hold of yourself.”
Athena did as she was told. “I’m feeling much better
now. Really I am.”
“Good. Now, look.” Danielle held up the nanny suit.
“You ever wear a bathing suit?”
The woman nodded a tearful yes.
“Okay, then. You’ll be more covered in this than in any
bathing suit. Mom prefers this to regular clothes
because it will be more convenient for you. Also,” and
here Danielle lowered her voice, “we almost lost our
youngest once when she choked on a nanny’s loose blouse
button. So, now you know why you must wear your nanny
suit, and that’s all you’ll be able to wear.”
“Yes, I understand now. Thank you for explaining it
to me. I really appreciate it.” Wow! What a story for
her article, thought Athena excitedly.
“Fine,” said Danielle happily, greatly relieved that
the worst was finally over and that she had been able to
talk her into doing it without too much trouble.
“Now, let’s stand up and get into our nice new nanny
suit, shall we?”
Athena slowly got up off of the bed, being careful to
keep herself covered as much as possible. She
reluctantly took the suit from Danielle and started
backing toward the bathroom. She immediately stopped
when she saw Danielle moving to follow her.
“No, I don’t need any help. Thanks!”
“Okay, suit yourself, to coin a phrase. Don’t forget
the boots and belt.”
“Yes, thank you. Danielle, could you, er, hand me my
bra and panties from the dresser? I’d rather not have to
walk any farther than absolutely necessary right now.”
“No. Listen, you can’t wear any underwear with that.
It’s too thin. The suit really isn’t designed for it,
and looks a great deal better without. You’ll see.”
“Wonderful,” muttered Athena. She backed into the
bathroom and shut the door carefully behind her. She
tried to lock it but found that there wasn’t one.
“That’s very strange,” she thought.
Without giving the matter further thought, she went
over to the sink to wash and fix her face and hair.
Repairs completed, she gave the suit one final
distasteful look and took it over one of the bathroom’s
She sat and started wiggling into the tight garment.
The fabric gave easily where it needed to and, after
zipping up the back, Athena felt ready for a mirror.
She stood up and turned towards the full-length mirror
located on the back of the bathroom door.
“Oh my God!”
She was naked. The suit, not uncomfortably, she had to
admit, acted like a second skin. She was completely
covered, yet every curve, every bulge, every crevice, was
there for the entire world to see. She could even feel
the material working its way between her buttocks and
Shocked, she slowly put on the boots and belt, then
looked back at the mirror once again.
“Oh my God!”
They didn’t help. She now looked like she was
starring in one of those sleazy R-rated science fiction
movies that her younger brother and his friends would
sometimes sneak up to his room.
“Oh my God!”
“Okay, you’ve said it three times now,” Danielle said
good-naturedly from outside the room. “Come on out now
and let’s see you,”
“See me is right,” muttered Athena, still looking with
horror at the mirror.
Very reluctantly, she went to the bathroom door and,
after first closing her eyes, opened it.
“Hmmm. Yummy,” said Danielle appreciatively.
Athena opened her eyes to see Danielle eyeing her up
and down while licking her lips in a hungry fashion.
“Ha. Very funny,” she grumbled. “Look, Danielle. I
can’t do this. I’m sorry. I really tried, but I just
can’t go around like this.”
“Sure. Fits well though, doesn’t it?”
“Yes, for what little it matters, the suit does fit
very well. How did you get my sizes so fast, anyhow? I
just received this assignment less than a week ago.”
“Your school supplied them when they heard you
accepted. It was a rush job to get the suit made in
time. It only got here this morning.”
“Well, sorry you went to all that trouble, but I’m
not wearing this, and that’s that.”
“No one is going to see you, not that there is
anything showing. This floor is strictly for women and
children only, and even the mothers rarely stick around
for very long. You’ll be up here the whole time with
mostly just you and the kids.”
“Still, I can’t look like this in front of little
children. What would their parents think?”
Danielle pointedly looked at her watch and said,
“Unfortunately, we’ve run out of time to discuss this. I
checked on the house phone while you were in the bathroom
and heard that the kids arrived about ten minutes ago.
You’re on, Nanny!”
“Oh, no! Not until I’ve�OW!”
The slap on her virtually unprotected buttocks caught
the protesting Athena completely by surprise. She
covered her stinging behind with her hands while tears
formed in her eyes. “You�you hit me!” she exclaimed,
“Yes, that’s right,” agreed Danielle calmly. “Now
MOVE YOUR ASS, you stupid bitch,” she shouted, “and start
doing your job or I’ll give you a real spanking!”
With that, Danielle chased the squealing Athena out of
her suite and into the hallway.