Aunt Judy Gets Drunk and seduced

When I was younger, I used to stay with my grandmother
a lot on the weekends. It was a big house, and a busy house, too.
Several of my relatives lived there, including two of my aunts
who had their own bedrooms, in addition to my grandmother’s
bedroom. I even had a younger male cousin who shared a room with
one of my aunts as well, so as you can imagine, it was a pretty
crowded house.

Normally when I would sleep over, I would get the couch
in the living room. Other than the bathroom, it was the only
place at night where there wasn’t anyone else. I pretty much had
my privacy when the lights went out, and didn’t have to worry
about anyone bothering me. The extra plus of being alone later
when I became a teenager was having the privacy to masturbate
after everyone turned in for the night. The older I got, the
hornier I got, it seemed.

By the time I turned 13, I was still spending the
occasional Saturday night at my grandmother’s house, sometimes a
couple of weekends in a row. It wasn’t a problem, because I
enjoyed being there and visiting with everyone. But while I was
still 13 things got a little strange for me…

Besides the relatives that lived with my grandma, of
course there were others who didn’t. One of those others was my
aunt Judy. When I was 13, Judy would have been about 26.
She was the prettiest one of my aunts by far, but I didn’t see
her very often. She had a great body that is just hard to
describe – large breasts, a nice ass, long light-brown hair, and
glasses. I always liked girls who wore glasses. Her hips were
just a little large, but that was because she had a 10 year old
daughter named Susie.

As it would happen, Judy had been going through a
divorce, which found her and Susie with no place to stay.
Everyone else seemed to live at my grandmother’s (besides myself
and my parents), so it just seemed natural that Judy and her
daughter would stay there also until she could get back on her

It was in November, and my parents would be out of town
for two consecutive weekends, so I ended up staying there at my
grandmother’s house again. It was no big deal, but we had to
figure out some kind of sleeping arrangements, since there were
only two couches. The adults decided that, to keep it fair,
Judy would be sleeping on one of the couches when she got home
(this first weekend she was going to be out with some of her
friends), and Susie and I would be sleeping on blankets and
pillows on the floor. With me being 13 and her being 10, nobody
thought anything of us sleeping together, and they actually
didn’t have anything to worry about. I seemed to be horny all
the time, but still doing something with my younger cousin didn’t
really cross my mind.

Susie and I got in our “bed” and fell asleep about 10:00
pm, about the time everyone else went to bed for the night.
Judy hadn’t been home yet, but we knew she would be gone anyway,
so no big deal. Around 1:00 am, though, I was awaken by someone
walking very closely by me. In fact, it was someone more or less
tripping over my leg. We kept the bathroom light on most nights,
so in case someone would get up, they could see their way around.
As I was awaken, I cracked my eyes open, and saw that it was aunt
Judy. Apparently she had just gotten home and was making her
way to the bathroom. What was also apparent was that she was
completely drunk! She didn’t seem to even notice she had tripped
over me, and she more or less staggered into the bathroom, closed
the door, and returned after about 10 minutes wearing a red
terry-clothed, ankle length bathrobe. It seemed to be all she
could do to make it to the living room couch and fall down onto
it. It was obvious that she would be out for the night. I lay
there for what seemed like an eternity, although it was only
about half an hour, and I just could not fall back asleep.
Usually I woke through the night to use the bathroom, so I
figured I might as well go on in and try, since I was up anyway.
I made my way to the bathroom, pissed, and when I was done I
backed up and noticed I had stepped on Judy’s clothes. As I
stood there, I noticed her bra lying there. I had always
wondered how big her breasts were, so I picked it up and read the
label. 36C. Today, after being used to my wife’s large DD
breasts, I know that 36C really isn’t that big, but at 13 they
looked HUGE to me. I pressed one of the bra cups to my face and
inhaled. It smelled wonderful, just like you would imagine from
a 26 year old. I looked down and noticed nestled in her jeans
was a pair of panties. I couldn’t pass this up, so I dropped the
bra and grabbed the panties. They were white and silky, just
like the bra, but they had a cotton crotch. I brought the crotch
up to my nose and inhaled again. It was WONDERFUL, a hundred
times better than the bra, and this was her own natural smell,
too! My cock immediately started to grow. At that age my cock
wasn’t exactly big, but I didn’t know the difference and I didn’t
care anyway. It felt good. I knew I was going to have a hard
time sleeping now, but I didn’t really want to just sit down and
jerk my cock off at 1:30 in the morning. Plus, I wasn’t entirely
sure if she would come back in or not, so I decided not to risk
it. I laid her panties back down on her jeans, and basically
with my cock jutting through the front of my underwear, I walked
back to the living room.

I made my way back to my “bed” in the floor, which was
right next to the couch where my aunt was resting. With the
light from the bathroom shining in a little, I could see my aunt
lying there on the couch, in her robe. Before lying back down, I
moved over by her, standing there and looking at her. She was
lying on her back with one leg stretched out, and the other one
bent with her knee raised, causing her inner leg to be visible.
As I stood there watching her sleep, watching her chest rise and
fall with her breath, my cock started to stir again (not as if it
had entirely gone limp to begin with). In my mind I could still
smell her pussy on her panties, and I wished I could actually see

Glancing over, I checked to make sure Susie was still
asleep. She was lying on her side, facing away from the couch,
but she was lying motionless, so I figured she had to be asleep.
My heart started beating harder, and I started to feel warm all
over, knowing what I was about to do. First, I had to see just
how out my aunt really was. If she woke up and caught me looking
at her pussy, I was dead and I knew it. So gently I reached out
and nudged her arm. Nothing. Figuring if she actually did wake
up I could just tell her I was checking to make sure she was
alright, I grabbed hold of her arm and shook a little harder,
wispering her name while I did so. She let out a sigh, but no
more. She must have really been smashed, considering that this
didn’t wake her.

Slowly, I reached down and untied the belt on her robe.
It was barely on anyway, considering the state she was in when
she put it on. With the belt open, I slowly pulled her robe open
and layed it at her sides. I was awestruck with the sight before
me. My aunt was every bit as beautiful as I had imagined, and
more. Her full breasts were highlighted by the soft light from
the bathroom. Now that I could see them up close and bare, they
looked twice as big as I had thought they were. Her belly was
flat, and pretty tight, but still soft from where she had given
birth ten years ago. She never did quite loose all of the fat on
her stomach, but as I had just found out, you could not tell it
unless you saw her naked.

As my eyes made their way down her belly, they fell on
what I had started out wanting to see – two very shapely legs,
which I had seen many, many times in shorts and a bathing suit,
and a wonderful triangle of thick, dark pussy hair.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make out her actual pussy lips, but what
I was seeing was enough to make my cock feel like it was going to

I looked back up and studied those big breasts. Even in
the darkness, her nipples and areolas were a dark red color,
almost purple. I could just imagine what they looked like in
broad daylight. Glancing up at her face, I could see she was
still resting very soundly, the only movement being the slow rise
and fall of her chest. I moved my hands up to her left breast,
which was closest to me, and gently squeezed it. I had never
felt any part of a female before, and her big tit felt like jello
in my fingers. My finger traced its way around her nipple, and
it started to harden under my touch. She was surely asleep, but
her body knew how to react even when she was out cold. Gathering
up a little more courage, I leaned forward and brought my lips
to her hard nipple. Opening my lips wide, I took her whole
nipple and areola in my mouth and started sucking gently. The
taste was just unreal. Her skin tasted sweet, yet a little
salty, I suppose from her sweat. As I sucked, I could smell the
perfume she had apparently sprayed between her breasts before she
went out for the evening.

At this point, I just couldn’t take anymore. As I sucked
on her nipple, I could feel the tingling in my balls that I knew
I couldn’t stop. Reaching over, I started to squeeze her free
boob as I sucked on the one in my mouth. I pressed my crotch
against the couch, and my cock started to go off in my underwear.
My knees started to feel weak as my cock went off. Feeling this
beautiful woman in front of me was just too much for me.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I stopped
coming. I couldn’t believe that I had orgasmed like that without
even touching myself, but sure enough, the front of my underwear
was soaked. As I started to come back to reality, I loosened my
grip on my aunt’s breast, and let the other one pop out of my
mouth. Damn, this was too much, and I was lucky I didn’t get
caught. Looking behind me, I saw that Susie had not moved from
her spot on the floor, next to the place where I was supposed to
be right now. Luckily, she was still facing away, and no one had
come in.

I turned back around and looked at Judy lying before me.
She looked so contented, so relaxed, so… passed out. She
hadn’t moved at all. One of her knees was still bent and raised,
and the other leg was straight out. And I STILL had a pretty
good view of her pussy, even if it was just her furry mound. And
the worst or it was, looking at her beauty like this, my cock was
still hard as a rock, even if I did just come. I scooted over a
little, so that instead of her breasts being in front of me, her
crotch now was. I had already gotten away with murder, so I
figured if I couldn’t see her pussy lips, I’d at least have a
feel. Reaching forward with my left hand, I carefully placed it
on her mound. Then slowly, I moved my fingers down to her slit.
As I felt around, I could feel her pussy lips, and they felt
HUGE. I knew what a pussy looked like. Hell, I had seen them in
many magazines from my own father’s collection. But I really
wasn’t prepared for what it would feel like. I slid my fingers
up and down between her lips, feeling the softness, then I worked
my way down to her opening. Glancing over at her face, I saw
that she still hadn’t moved a muscle, so slowly I started easing
a finger inside of her.

Damn, she was soaking wet! I didn’t have any experience
with a real female, but I had learned enough to know that when a
woman’s pussy was wet, she was excited. It did not make sense
though, since she was completely unaware of what was going on.
Slowly I eased my finger out of her, then I started sliding it
back in, over and over. Just then, I almost went into shock –
her hips started moving to the rythem of my finger. She was
trying to fuck against my hand! Shit, this was getting to be too
much. My cock was still hard, and although she wasn’t awake, she
was definitely responding to my touch now.

I pulled my finger out of her, and I stood up for a
minute. I had to decide what to do. Bringing my finger up to my
nose, I inhaled her aroma. Just like her panties, only ten times
as strong. And it was having an effect on me, too. Looking at
her beautiful figure lying in front of me, and my cock hard as a
fucking rock, I decided fuck it – I couldn’t stand it anymore.
In one motion I had my underwear down to the floor, and I stepped
out of them.

It took a little doing, but I maneuvered myself on the
couch, so that I was on my knees at her feet. Slowly, I took one
of her ankles in each hand, and raised her legs up to my
shoulders. I rested her ankles on my shoulders and reached down
to my cock. Placing the head against the spot that I guessed her
entrance was at, I slowly pushed forward. With no effort at
all, my cockhead was inside her. The feeling was unreal. I knew
it was going to feel good to be inside a woman, but I didn’t know
it was going to be THIS good! Gathering a little more courage, I
pushed a little harder, and with this second stroke, my cock went
into her up to my balls. The fact that my cock had already been
covered in come, and that her pussy was wet, made this
unbelievably easy. That, and the fact that my cock wasn’t
entirely developed yet. At least not in my opinion. But that’s
besides the point.

Taking a deep breath, I held onto my aunt’s outer thighs,
and I started pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. Keep in
mind, although this was my aunt, and she was a good bit older
than me, she was still a 26 year old girl. You can imagine the
sight in front of me. Cute face (although sleeping), big boobs
lightly bouncing with each thrust, smooth belly. Yeah, it was
too much for me, too. My strokes became more suddenly, when her
lips parted and I heard a soft moan. For a split second, I was
trying to decide whether or not to continue, but the feeling in
my balls kept the thought from completely entering my head. As I
pumped faster, I began to feel her hips moving again, and this
time instead of fucking against my hand, she was fucking against
my cock!

She continued her soft moans, and as I started fucking
her even harder, I heard her say “Uhn, fuck me
Scott…fuuucccckkkk….”. Scott was her soon-to-be ex-husband.
She was dreaming that she was fucking him! This was way too much
for my 13 year old brain. I slammed into her a couple of more
times when I felt her body tense up and her pussy started
squeezing my cock HARD, over and over, as she came in her sleep.
I didn’t even stop my thrusting as my cock started to empty
inside of her. Blast after blast shot into her pussy, my balls
tightening, my own body shaking.

Eventually my orgasm subsided, and Judy seemed to calm
down, too. As I withdrew from her pussy, I didn’t notice if
anything dripped out of her or not. Really, I didn’t even think
about it. I just knew that I had to get things back to normal.
Slowly I backed away from Judy, and laid her legs back down on
the couch. Then I walked around to her side and closed her robe
back up the best I could, even tying the knot in the belt the way
she had it. I put my underwear back on, and before I laid back
down in my bed on the floor, I leaned over and gave her a soft
kiss on the lips. Her lips tasted even sweeter than her breast

Quietly I laid back down on the floor and covered myself
up. I had actually gotten away with it! She thought she was
fucking my uncle instead! Damn, this was so great, although a
little sad that my first lay was with a woman who didn’t even
know I was fucking her. But hey, you have to do what you have to
do. I couldn’t pass up a chance like that. As I drifted off to
sleep, I glanced over at Susie again and noticed that this time,
although she was asleep, she was facing me. When did she turn
over? Evidently she didn’t see anything, or she would have said


The next day was Sunday, and nothing seemed to be out of
the ordinary. When my aunt woke up, she had an obvious hangover,
but she didn’t seem to remember a thing. In fact, she hardly
remembered how she got home. I knew I was home free as far as
she was concerned.

I was around my cousing Susie all day, who had slept next
to me in our “bed” on the floor. She didn’t seem to act strange,
either, so she must not have woken the night before while I was
basically taking advantage my aunt sexually. I was worried
because she turned and faced us before I could finish, but she
must not have woken.

A week went by, and before I knew it, I found myself at
my grandmother’s house again, under the same circumstances as the
week before. Susie and I both made our beds on the floor
together, and Judy had gone out on one of her drinking binges.
I only hoped that she would be so fucked up that I might be able
to pull a replay of the weekend before, when I fucked her as she
slept, completely outcold. I would wait until she came in, give
her time to get changed, slip my underear off and go for it. My
plan was all set…

Around 1:30 am, just like the week before, aunt Judy
came staggering in the house, bumping in to my leg, and waking
me. I layed there while she made her way into the bathroom,
taking her time to change into her robe again, and returning to
the living room to fall on the couch and pass out. So far
everything was happening just as I had planned. As I layed
there, giving her time to really get to sleep, my cock started
standing at attention, just as hard as it had the week before.
Although I had thought about this night all week, I made sure not
to make myself come that day, so I would be able to come at least
twice when I took my aunt again. I knew this was risky, but at
the time it seemed to be worth the risk.

I lay there quietly, trying to get my nerve up to go over
and start fondling my aunt. Quickly but silently I reached down
to my waist and slid my underwear off, so I would be ready to go
when the time was right. Just when I was about to pull the cover
off and get up, though, I felt a hand wrap around my cock. I
jerked my head around, and saw Susie looking back at me through
the darkness.

“Why did you put your thing inside my mommy last time you
stayed?”, she asked.

I didn’t know what to say. My mind was blank from fear.
I had to say something, so I said the firt thing that came to
“I guess because it feels good.”

“Well, Jimmy down the street lets me rub his thing, and
he says it feels real good,” Susie replied.

I couldn’t believe it! She had done this before. I
pulled the cover down to my knees, and slowly my cousin started
running her little hand up and down my shaft. My cock had been
hard as a rock anyway, and this didn’t help any. Her tiny
fingers made their way slowly up to the bulb of my head, and back
down to the base of my shaft. Oh, it felt so good.

I reached over and put my arm around her, pulling her
head to my chest. We both lay there watching her masturbate me.
She took her index finger and ran it up and down me, circling
around the slit in the head of my prick, then slowly bringing it
back down. Then she wrapped her cool fingers around my skin and
started jerking her whole fist up and down my cock. I let out a
soft moan.

“Does it feel good? Is that stuff going to come out of
your thingy, too?”

I couldn’t answer. I just watched as she masturbated my
prick. I raised my ass off the floor just a little, then I just
lost it. My cock blew, and come shot through the air like a
rocket. I heard my little cousin gasp as she continued stroking
my organ.

Slowly my orgasm eased, and I layed back on the pillow,
with Susie’s little hand slowly massaging the sticky come into my
shaft. A few minutes passed, then Susie spoke to me.

“Were you going to put your thingy in my mommy’s hole
tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess I was going to…”, I answered.

“I want you to put it in me instead. I can’t get Jimmy
or anyone to put there thing in me. Come on, I wanna see what it
feels like.”

“No”, I told her, “we would get in trouble.” I really
didn’t want it in her, I wanted it in a WOMAN like her mother.

“Well, you’re still going to get in trouble when I wake
mommy up and tell her what you were going to do”.

She had me there. Either she was going to get some dick,
or she was going to tell on me. I didn’t know she had ever seen
a dick, let alone wanted to have one in her. But I didn’t have
much choice right now, so I agreed.

“Where do you want to do it?”, I asked her.

“Right here. I want you to get on top and do it just
like you did to mommy”

“Are you kidding? We’ll get caught!”

“No we won’t. She didn’t wake up while you were putting
your thing in her, did she?” Her voice was starting to get
louder and I could tell she was getting mad.

“No, she didn’t wake up, and it’s called a DICK, not a
thing”, I told her.

“Well, I want you to put your DICK in me, now, or I’m
gonna tell.”

“Ok, ok, but go in the bathroom and get the vaseline so
we can do it right. And I’m warning you, it’s going to hurt”, I
told her.

“I’ve put the handle of my hairbrush in there before, and
that only hurt at first. Your thing… I mean dick… is just a
little bit bigger”.

With that she got up and went to the bathroom to get the
vaseline. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I DID need
to fuck again, so it might as well be her. She returned with the
vaseline in one hand, and her panties and t-shirt in the other.

“I figured I would need to take these off. Here, get on
top of me and put it in.”

Damn, she wasn’t much for foreplay. Maybe she had this
planned all week, too.

Susie lay back on the pillow and lifted her legs up in
the air. She must have really been watching me last weekend,
because she knew exactly what to do. I took the vaseline and
smeared a little on my cock, then I positioned my cock against
her naked pussy lips. Of course, being 10 years old, she wasn’t
very developed down there, especially not like her mother. But I
figured this was better than just rubbing my cock!

I held Susie’s little ankles in my hands, and slowly I
started to push. I could see her cute face dimly lit by the
light from the bathroom next to the living room where we were.
As I pushed foreward, I could see her close her eyes, and I could
tell she was wincing in pain. Quietly I asked her if she was ok.

“Yeah, keep pushing. I really want that thing inside of
me. I have to see what it feels like!”

That must have meant that she didn’t want me to stop, so
I pushed a little harder. Without warning the head of my cock
entered her little tunnel, and I could have sworn I heard it pop.
I looked over at Judy on the couch, and now she was facing away
from us. Pushing even harder, I felt the shaft start to enter my
cousin’s pussy. I let go of her ankles, resting her feet on my
shoulders, and I reached down to hold her soft waist.

Within a minute or so, I felt my cock hit the back of her
vagina. By now Susie had her eyes open and was just staring at
me as I started sliding my cock in and out of her virginity
(well, up until then!). I could not believe how tight this
little thing was. It was a good thing I was lubricated well, or
I would have never gotten in her.

My pace started to quicken as I felt that familiar
feeling in my groin. My 13 year old cock and her 10 year old
pussy were a perfect match. Susie brought her hands down to mine
and our fingers entwined as we made love in the living room
floor, the same room where her drunken mother lay asleep.

I could feel my balls start to tighten, and I knew it
wasn’t going to be long now. Little gasps started escaping
Susie’s lips, then they grew in volume to normal moans. I didn’t
worry about her mother waking, because if she could sleep through
a fucking, she could sleep through a few moans. My engorged cock
was growing even bigger in her tunnel, and she was feeling even
tighter than before.

“Oh, no, I think I’m going to pee!”, Susie said, as she
started to panic, not realizing what an orgasm felt like.

“No, it’s ok, it’s supposed to feel like that. Just let
it happen,” I reassured her.

Suddenly her eyes clamped shut, and her pussy turned into
a vice, squeezing my cock harder than I ever thought imaginable,
pulsing and spasming around me as she had her first full-blown
orgasm. I knew what she was feeling, and within seconds my cock
blew, shooting gobs of come against her cervix as I buried myself
in her to the hilt. Our bodies shook and jerked together as we
enjoyed our incestual experience.

After what seemed like an eternity, I slowly pulled my
wilting penis out of her pussy. As it popped out I reached down
and placed my hand at her opening, feeling some of my own sperm
seeping out of her. I knew she was too young for her period, so
I figured we were safe.

We fumbled around in the dark for our underclothes, and
eventually we were back under the covers, as if nothing had
happened. We whispered to each other for a while about what had
just happened, and we eventually found ourselves french kissing,
something that neither of us had done before but had both wanted
to do. We fell asleep in each others arms, and fortunately by
morning we were lying there with our backs to each other, without
any of the waking adults having a clue about the sinful,
incestual experience we had the night before.

I never did fuck my aunt again. I never had to. The
next few years were spent experimenting with my younger cousin,
learing all we could about sexuality, every chance we could…