My Perverted Aunt Judy

My Aunt Judy was a pervert. To be precise she was a paedophile, to be
even more precise she was a lesbian paedophile. I don’t know how many
other girls she’d molested, but I know from things she said while she
molested me over the 6 weeks I spent with her that Summer I wasn’t her
first. Or probably her last.

It all happened back in the 1980’s, shortly after my 13th birthday my
parents suddenly split up; my Father ran off with his bimbo of a secretary
and as a consequence my Mother had a complete nervous breakdown and
actually got Sectioned. My Father didn’t want to know, and the only
alternative to me being taken into Council Care was for me to be packed off
to spend the summer with my Mother’s elder sister, Aunt Judy, in Wales.

I hadn’t seen my Aunt for about 6 years but I had no trouble recognising
her at the small rural station mainly because she was the only person on
the platform. She was a tallish, slim woman in her mid 40’s, handsome
rather than pretty, and her suspiciously black hair was cut short in a bob.
She smiled as she walked down the platform towards me before giving me a
tight hug.

“Hello, Catherine, my, haven’t you grown into a pretty girl.”

At the time I didn’t think anything about the fact that she was paying
me compliments before asking about my Mother, I wasn’t even bothered by her
next line.

“I bet you have loads of boys after you” She must have seen me blushing
as she slyly added “Not interested in boys? Very wise”

The drive to her house, which was really out in the wilds, took about
half an hour up and down the savagely beautiful Welsh countryside and after
a brief enquiry about the health of my Mother the main gist of her
conversation was about what a pretty girl I’d turned into. The beauty of
the scenery and the trauma of witnessing my Mother’s breakdown meant my
mind wasn’t entirely on my Aunt’s talking so I probably missed any hints,
subtle or otherwise, about what would happen to me over the summer. Her
house was an old farm-house standing alone half-way up a hill; it, and the
setting was gorgeous and I couldn’t help telling Judy this in an excited
voice. She smiled back and said she was sure we’d have lots of fun
together over the next few weeks.

Inside she showed me to my room, the door creaked as she opened it and
she laughed, saying she kept forgetting to oil it. The room was small and
sparsely furnished but the single bed looked very comfortable. Judy
lifted my suitcase onto the bed, gave me another hug and left me to unpack
while she prepared supper.

After supper, Judy suggested I have a bath, an idea I completely agreed
with and spent a delightful hour just soaking my anxieties away in a
steaming hot bath. Aunt Judy’s comments about how much I’d changed since
she last saw me, and how pretty I’d become made me take a look at my young
body: my breasts were smallish, but quite distinct and there was the first
fuzzy growth around my pussy, my legs had long since lost the puppy fat I’d
had since I was 5, lazily I lifted one out of the bath and soaped it. I
thought I’d have a really nice time with Judy over the next 6 weeks; she
seemed nice and I didn’t think the age difference would matter; after all
she was my Aunt.
After the bath I got changed into my pyjamas for bed and went downstairs
to say good-night, as I entered the sitting room Judy was sitting on the
sofa reading, she smiled, her eyes seeming to drink me in as they flickered
up and down. She patted the seat next to her and told me to sit down; she

continued smiling as she stroked my hair.

“If you get scared or lonely in the night, my bedroom’s at the opposite
end of the hallway, just come in” Judy said.

“Thanks, Aunty, hopefully I’ll be alright, you mustn’t worry about me.”

“Well, I don’t think your Mother would be very pleased if she knew her
little girl wasn’t being looked after”

I glanced around the room, there were a lot of pictures on the walls of
teenage girls, all tastefully done in black and white, and Judy watched my
line of sight.

“Pretty aren’t they?”

“Do you know them, Aunty?” I asked intrigued as to why these were the
only sort of pictures in the room

“A few, some I’d love to have known”

The answer was odd, and it left something unsaid hanging in the room.
Before I could ask any more questions about the girls Judy patted me on my

“Time for bed.” She ordered, cutting off my line of enquiry and I
scuttled out of the room and up the stairs to my room. Getting into bed I
realised how silent the place was, so unlike my house in the city. I
turned out the bedside lamp and the complete darkness of the area
overwhelmed me; even though the curtains were open there were no lights
outside at all. The house really was isolated, and the isolation suddenly
scared me, should I lock the bedroom door? I decided against it, though
later wished I had, but given what Judy did to me over the next few weeks
it would only have deterred her for one night. I lay there in the dark for
a while until, after I’d heard Judy come up the stairs and close her door.
Shortly after that I fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I’d been asleep for, possibly 3 or 4 hours, when I
suddenly woke with a start, the bedroom door was creaking open and someone
was coming in.

“Who’s there?” I whispered the fear showing in my voice.

“Shhhh, Catherine,” said my Aunt “It’s only me. I couldn’t sleep
worrying about you, so I’ve come to check you’re ok.”

For some reason she didn’t turn the light on but walked over to the bed.

“I’m fine, Aunty. I was a bit scared by the silence and the darkness at
first but I’m ok now”

I felt the duvet being drawn back and my Aunt started to climb into bed
with me.

“You’re Mother would want the best for her little girl, wouldn’t she?”
she said as she slid in beside me and pulled the cover over us, I had to
budge right up to the edge of the bed but I felt her arms around me. “So
I’ve come to keep you company for the night.”

She hugged me to her. To my horror I realised she was naked. Her large
breasts crushed against my much smaller ones as she kissed my forehead. I
didn’t know what to do; I knew this wasn’t right but I didn’t know how to
stop her. I felt her hands stroking my back, slowly getting lower until
one of them was resting on my pyjama clad bum, gently stroking it.

“Aunty, please, don’t do this.” I whimpered as she kissed my face, her
other hand holding my head firmly. She brushed her lips over mine and I
tried to pull back as her tongue flickered over my lips.

“Just be a good girl and do as I tell you.” Her voice had a steely tone
to it, that didn’t really allow me to argue and now my ability to struggle
was behind restrained as she knotted my hair around in her fingers to hold
my face absolutely still as she showered it with kisses, occasionally
rubbing the tip of her tongue along my lips but never into it.

Her other hand, that had been gently stroking my bum through my pyjamas
now slipped inside them and I must have jumped as I felt her fingers on my
bottom cheeks as Judy suddenly whispered in a very soothing voice.

“Relax, honey, just relax, you’ll enjoy it, I promise” She gently
squeezed my cheeks and I could feel her body shake and her voice dropped to
a murmur “You’re so pretty, Catherine, I just have to touch you, so
gorgeous, just be a good girl for me.”

I could feel her nipples, like small bullets, pressing into my chest as
she held me tightly to her. I was so scared and stunned I just lay there
(not that there was a lot I could do to stop her) and let her hand fondle
and stroke my bottom as she continued to kiss my face and hair. When her
little finger pressed against my anus I twitched in her arms and gave a
small squeal of surprise which made her laugh in a really throaty voice
before telling me again and again to relax and not fight it.

Then she turned me around in her arms so I was facing away from her and
now her hands had new things to explore; she slowly unbuttoned my pyjama
top with one hand before slipping it inside and onto my nipples.

“Such pretty little titties” She whispered in my ear as her fingers
began to tease and rub my small breasts, then her other hand slid down my
bare, flat stomach and sneaked under the waistband of my pyjama bottoms
towards my pussy.

“Aunty, no, please, not there” I whined and tried to struggle free of
her grip but she held me tightly across my chest and hooked her legs over
mine to keep me still.

“Don’t try to fight me, Catherine. Just relax.” Her voice had the
steely tone I’d noted before and it intimidated me into silent acquiescence
as her fingers gently started to rub my pussy lips. I bit my lip to stop
myself screaming as I felt one of her finger-tips rub along my lips and
slowly ease inside; I struggled in her grip but was unable to prevent her
slipping her finger deeper inside me. Judy started to rub her crotch
against my bottom and her words started to sound garbled and rushed as her
finger started to tickle inside me.

“So pretty” she gasped and panted “So pretty” she kept repeating as her
crotch gyrated against my bottom and I could feel a dampness pressing
through the fabric as she trembled violently, her words no longer words but
almost animal gasps.

Her finger was still deep inside me as she shook, but its movement had
stopped apart from the trembling which ran through her body and she held me
so tightly I thought she’d crack my ribs. I just lay there in total
fright; I hadn’t even got wet under her attentions and she must have been
referring to that when she whispered in a hoarse voice.

“You’ll learn to enjoy it, I promise you will”

She kissed my hair and neck again as she took her hand out of my pyjama
bottoms, and did up the buttons of my top, she sighed as she buried her
face in my hair. She snuggled closer to me (if that was possible) and soon
I could hear her breathing become deeper and more even and I guessed she
was asleep. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around me so I was unable
to escape even now, still in a sort of shock I cried myself to sleep.

When I awoke, it was daylight and I was alone. Had I dreamed it? Had
my Aunt Judy really got into my bed and molested me? Still in my pyjamas
I went downstairs, following the smell of a breakfast being cooked.

My Aunt was frying some bacon on the stove when I entered the kitchen.

“Hi, Cathy, did you sleep ok?” Her voice was normal, and there was
nothing in her face to indicate she’d done nothing all night except sleep
in her own bed.

“Errr, yes, I think so”

“You don’t sound very sure, guess the silence of the place must be a
huge change from home”

I must have dreamed it, I must have. She would surely make some
reference to it if it had really happened.

“I had a really strange dream, that’s all” I mumbled trying not to make
eye contact with her as I sat down at the table place prepared for me

Judy came over with the frying pan and started to scoop the bacon onto
my plate.

“Oh yes, do tell”

“No, it’s nothing, just a silly dream.”

She rested a hand on my shoulder and I twitched involuntarily.

“Aren’t you going to thank me?” She asked, and my mouth dropped open,
was she expecting me to thank her for molesting me?

“Wha, what for?” I asked suspiciously

“For breakfast, of course. Why? Is there something else you want to
thank me for?” Her tone was still totally matter of fact, and that really
threw me. I was now totally confused; if it had been a dream it was the
most vivid one I’d ever had, but if she had crept into my room and molested
me wouldn’t she at least show some sign of acknowledgment. I lapsed into a
perplexed silence as I tucked into my breakfast, trying and failing to
think of a way of bringing the subject up.

The day passed lazily; after a drive into town for some shopping, I went
for a walk in the hills while Judy did the housework. When I came back
from my walk we had supper. While we were watching TV later Aunt Judy
dropped her bombshell.

We were sitting on the sofa when she suddenly spoke.

“I think it’s time we laid down a few ground rules, Catherine”

“Ok, Aunt Judy, like what?”

“Well, seeing as we’re now `special friends’ you are to sleep in my room
from now on.”

My jaw literally dropped as I heard this, but my Aunt just ploughed on.

“Secondly, I got the impression last night that you didn’t welcome my
attentions. From now on, never try to resist me, you’ll accept whatever I
do or say without question or resistance.”

My face must now have been beetroot red as I spluttered to register my
outrage at these demands which, even at the age I was, I knew to be
sexually charged and thoroughly wrong, yet still Aunt Judy went on, either
not noticing or, more likely, not bothering to notice my objections.

“Thirdly, if I feel that your clothing is inappropriate I will provide
more suitable attire. Think you can keep to those rules, my little one?”

Even though this last question was rhetorical I couldn’t help almost
shouting my answer, my deep shock clear in my voice.

“Aunty, no I won’t, that’s disgusting. I don’t want you touching me,
and I won’t sleep in your room.”

Judy’s voice dropped into that steely tone she’d used last night to
indicate she would brook no argument.

“You’ll damn well do as you’re told. Let me remind you of your
situation: you’re in the middle of nowhere so you can’t just walk out, and
if you did where would you go? Your Father’s abandoned you and your
Mother’s in the nut-house.”
This crude, but essentially true, summation of my family situation
kicked me in the stomach and my eyes filled with tears, but Judy carried


“If you do decide to run away, well, you’ll simply be taken into Care,
if you try and tell them I molested you I’ll just deny it; who do you think
they’ll believe?”

This was true, of course, back then it was all very different, Child
Abuse just didn’t happen.

I was sobbing now, as the awfulness of my situation hit home, one
question kept coming to mind.

“Why, why?” I sobbed, almost incoherently.

Aunt Judy watched impassively before shrugging.

“I like little girls and you’re a very pretty one, a bit older than I
normally go for but beggars can’t be choosers. And don’t get any ideas of
revenge by telling your Mother when she gets out; she’ll be in a very
delicate state for years to come and a shock like this might send her back
to the nut-house for good.”

I dropped my head; I knew my Aunt was right. I also knew she had me.

“Don’t worry, Catherine, I won’t hurt you, and you might even enjoy it.”

I said nothing, because of my sobs, but deep down I doubted it.

Aunt Judy got off the sofa and came towards me to give me a comforting
hug. Looking back now I know I should have at least tried to fight her
off, but at that moment, straight after she’d starkly reminded me of just
how alone I was in the world I simply wanted to be loved and I melted into
her arms.

Of course, she slipped effortlessly into the new rules. One of her
hands immediately started fondling my jean covered bottom as she inhaled in
my hair before kissing my cheek and neck. Then I felt my t-shirt being
tugged from the waistband of my jeans. As if in a dream I let my Aunt lift
my t-shirt over my head exposing my bare breasts. She brushed aside my
hands as I tried to cover them before gently cupping them in her hands
rubbing my small nipples with her thumbs.

Totally impassively I let her lead me to the sofa and lay me down on it,
feebly I tried to stop her unbuttoning my jeans but she simply ignored my
protests and tugged them down my legs, when they were bunched around my
knees she ran her hands up the inside of my thighs and traced circles on my
cotton knickers with her fingers before slipping her thumbs inside the
waistband and tugging them down too.

“Aunty, please stop” I sobbed in a pathetic voice which she predictably

“Just lie there little one, remember the rules. You may enjoy it” She
grunted as she slid my jeans and knickers off.

Now I was totally naked on the sofa, looking up at her with terrified
eyes as she knelt, smiling, at my feet. Her hands grasped my ankles and
spread my legs apart, and then she leant forward and started to kiss her
way up my thighs alternating from one to the other getting closer to my
pussy all the time.

I squirmed as I felt her hot breath on my pussy, then I twitched as I
felt her mouth pressing onto it. Her tongue pressed briefly inside me and
I gave a short squeal of fear and shock which produced a muffled laugh from
my Aunt. At that early stage of the summer my body wasn’t responding to my
Aunt’s violations and realising this Judy moved her attentions from my
pussy and began to kiss up my stomach to my breasts.

She spent what seemed like ages kissing and licking my nipples, all the
time her eyes were fixed on mine; they had a hypnotic quality to them as
they stared unblinking at me as her lips caressed my nipples.

Then suddenly her face was directly in front of mine, her lips only
millimetres from mine. Her voice now had a deep, sultry tone as she spoke.

“You’re very tense, little one, you must relax. You have no choice but
to let us have our fun with you. Now, kiss me”

She lowered her lips onto mine and started to kiss me, I was so
pre-occupied with her mouth smothering mine that I missed the significance
of her using the plural. I felt her hand caressing my face gently as her
tongue forced its way between my lips then started to play with my own.

She started to grind her crotch into mine as she gripped my face between
both hands and kissed me passionately for what seemed like ages. Her
tongue raped my mouth, getting more and more violent as she probed for a
response that didn’t come.

Finally she stopped and, pulling her head back, she smiled at me.

“You really are going to have to try harder to please me, Catherine. I
don’t really want to take drastic measures, but if I have to I will. I
think we should have an early night” Again her tone allowed for no
argument, nor did she enlighten me as to what the `drastic measures’ might
be, but even at the tender age of 13 I could take a guess.

She climbed off me and pulled me gently off the sofa by my hand, I was
still sobbing slightly but I don’t think she cared as she ushered me, still
naked, through the door and up the stairs with me leading the way.

“Mmmm, you have a gorgeous little bum, Catherine. Be careful you don’t
give me the opportunity to spank it.” I didn’t realise, but should have
guessed, that I wouldn’t need to give her an opportunity.

At the top of the stairs she guided me into her room and sat me down on
her large double bed. To my dismay she immediately started undressing
talking casually about the length of time her abuse of me would last.

“Since I’m going to take advantage of your delightful young body
whenever I want, you’re going to have to learn how to please me”

This was the first time I’d seen my Aunt naked; she was slim although
there was some fat around her hips, her breasts naturally dwarfed mine and
because she was already aroused her nipples were standing stiff. My gaze
was drawn irresistibly to her large mass of pubic hair around her pussy
(don’t forget this was the 1980’s, shaving down there was very rare). It
only took a few minutes for her to undress; probably deliberately she had
been wearing no underwear and as she walked towards me on the bed she
continued her sentence.

“Tonight I’m going to teach you to pleasure me just as I like it done,
and we’ll have a lot of fun too.”

I recoiled in fear as she climbed onto the bed but she merely chuckled
and put her arms around me, bringing her mouth straight onto mine as she
laid us both slowly down onto the duvet with her on top of me. Using her
knees she pushed my legs apart and ground her pussy against mine as her
tongue slid over my lips. She broke the kiss momentarily to issue her
first instruction.

“When I kiss you I expect you to open your mouth and use your tongue on

Most pre-pubescent/adolescent girls learn kissing from people their own
age and with roughly the same level of experience, I learnt from a woman
over 30 years my senior and she used all her experience on me once I’d
opened my mouth; her tongue flitted all around my mouth, the tip one second
teasing my own tongue before what felt like her whole tongue pushing into
my mouth, as I began to respond to her I felt her pussy grind harder
against mine, and I felt a warm wetness pressing onto me. I began to feel
a tingling in my own pussy as we kissed and I think she sensed this as she
stopped kissing briefly to grin at me.

“Learning to like it? Now, put your arms around me and stroke my back,
try to stroke my bum too”

As we continued kissing I did as she told me and stroked her back and
tried to reach her bum, but because of the difference in our heights was
unable to do more than brush my fingertips over the top of her cheeks,
nevertheless she moaned as she felt my hands on her flesh. One of her arms
was under my shoulders holding us in a tight embrace, pressing my small
breasts against hers, her stiff nipples against my flesh. Her other hand
had slipped under my bum and was squeezing the flesh as it inched further
underneath me until her little finger was pressing on my tiny, rear hole. I
squirmed in distress as her finger tip wormed against my ring until she
broke the kiss again.

“Don’t worry, little one, I won’t slip anything up there that’s not
lubed, you young things need careful preparation before that” I felt sick
inside at her words, surely she wouldn’t put anything up there, would she?

My Aunt rolled off me, still keeping me in a tight hold before loosening
her grip and moving up the bed so her breasts were level with my mouth.

“Right, Catherine, now I want you to kiss my titties.” As she said this
she gripped the back of my head and pulled my face onto her chest.

My face was buried in between her breasts while she wiggled her fleshy
mounds on my cheeks before she eased my head back and carefully brought my
lips onto one of her stiff nipples.

“Suck it” She hissed, and then she arched back, giving a small gasp of
pleasure when I opened my lips and took it into my mouth. At the same time
her free hand grasped my right wrist and pushed my hand between her legs,
forcing my fingers into her very damp pussy.

“Keep sucking, keep licking it. That’s very good, little one, very
gooooood” She clasped my fingers in hers and moved my hand up until they
pressed against a small, hard little `button’ amongst all the wet, warm
flesh. She shivered as my fingers were pressed onto it, and then her hand
moved my fingers all over it; up and down, across and around it.

“Ahhhhh”, she groaned, her body starting to tremble, “open your mouth
wide” she hissed and as I obeyed she forced more of her large breast into
my mouth. “Keep sucking, keep licking”

She kept repeating this all the while she was directing my hand in her
pussy, until suddenly her words became a low hiss, then a groan, then a
long shriek which instinctively scared me. Her whole body was shaking now
and her thighs were clamped around my wrist, her pussy pumping itself on my
hand. My fingers were becoming coated in a hot juice as her hand held them
pressed against her hard button.

In my fear I tried to move away, but was held very tight against her as
she now started to thrash about, still moaning and shrieking for what
seemed like ages until finally she slowed, her screams reaching a wordless
point, her head thrown back, her mouth wide open.

I was now rigid with fear, I’d never seen anyone have an orgasm before,
and my Aunt was what I now know is `a screamer’, and for a minute or so she
just lay there her body still quivering slightly and now her voice started
to come back at first as a whisper, then getting louder.

“Oh, you little slut, you little slut” She kept repeating it like a
mantra and I burst into tears at the insult.

This made her laugh and she brought my face to hers and kissed my lips.

“Don’t cry little one, you were very good, very good indeed. We’re
going to have such a good time together.”

Her hand slipped down between my legs and she ran one finger over my
slit; she felt a trace of wetness and grinned evilly at me.

“Hmmmm, little one, I think you enjoyed that too.”

She pushed me onto my back and started to kiss my breasts, taking each
nipple in turn in her mouth, gently rolling them between her lips as her
tongue slobbered over them. All the time her finger was worming her way
between my pussy lips, and then I felt an electric tingle as it pressed on
my own little bud. Aunt Judy looked up at me and smiled.

“You see, little one, I showed you my `Magic Button’, and now I’ve found
yours. I show all my Little Friends mine and then I show them where theirs

She started to kiss her way down my body, her free hand still playing
with my nipples as her finger nail trailed across my bud. I clasped at the
duvet cover with my hands; I now had a real tingle in my pussy and my
breath was starting to get shallower. Then I felt her breath on my pussy
as her lips pressed against my labia, before they moved off briefly to let
her fingers in to spread my pussy lips apart so her tongue could press deep

It felt really weird as her tongue worked inside me, concentrating on my
young clit, or `Magic Button’ as my Aunt preferred to call it; weird, yet
undeniably arousing. Just as with kissing normally a teenage girl would
learn about sex from someone their own age and roughly of their own level
of experience, but this was being denied to me as my Aunt’s expert work on
my `Button’ soon produced dramatic and (to me anyway) scary results.

I felt a really strange tingle inside my pussy as her tongue traced
circles on my `Button’, and then an electric jolt ran through me, then
another, then another until they all seemed to fuse into one continuous
charge. I felt I was losing control of my body down there and I knew there
was a lot of wetness coming from somewhere inside me (for a second I really
thought I was wetting myself). My head seemed to fill with a pounding
sensation and I was almost unaware of my Aunt’s hands slipping under me to
squeeze my bottom and pull my pussy hard against her mouth. One of her
little fingers pressed against my anus and, lubed by the oozing liquid
which ran from my pussy, wormed its tip inside me.

Strangely, this violation simply passed me by as my body began to jerk
about, unconsciously I pushed my pussy against my Aunt’s mouth and then, as
I was gasping for breath, and my body seemed to go into a state of
hyper-sensitivity and time seemed to be suspended as her tongue did one
final twist on my `Button’.

Then, on my Aunt’s bed, aged 13, under the spell of her mouth I had my
first orgasm, what should have been a loving experience with a chosen lover
was ripped from me by a predatory lesbian paedophile with no concern for
anything except her own lusts. Yet at the same time, I didn’t hate it or

I bucked and thrashed on the bed, hands gripping and then releasing the
duvet cover, my voice dropping off from a scream to a low, pleasured moan
over which I could hear my Aunt lapping at the juices she’d coaxed from my
pussy, her throat making gurgling sounds as she swallowed the hot, sticky

Slowly we both came down, I lay still, my heart pounding, my breathing
deep and hard, my pussy still tingling with small electric shock style
jolts. I heard Aunt Judy laugh gently, though I could tell her breathing
was laboured too, and then she pushed herself up with her arms and looked
at me.

“See, my little darling, I told you you’d enjoy it.” She said as she
moved up the bed and moved her face close to mine. I could see her mouth
was glistening with sticky juices as she brought her lips onto mine.

Remembering her instructions I kissed her like she’d told me as she
rolled onto her side, her arms slipping around me, holding me close to her,
her large breasts crushing mine.

She kissed me for what seemed like ages, before releasing her grasp and
standing up to pull back the duvet and motioning me to get under it, then
she turned to light off and joined me, pulling the cover over us both as
she ran her hands all over me.

“I love you, little one” she whispered as she kissed my hair whilst her
hands stroked my bum.

“I love you too, Aunty” I whispered back. And at that moment it was
probably true.

“Tomorrow I’ll make a woman of you, my little darling, you’ll enjoy that
too, I promise”

“Hope so, Aunty” I mumbled, a post-orgasmic drowsiness starting to creep
over me, and soon I was sleeping despite my Aunt’s hands still roaming all
over me.

Part II: Depravity

I think if things had just stayed like that between my Aunt and I then,
looking back, it could just be viewed (at a pinch) as a lonely old woman
becoming besotted with an adolescent teenager. Not legal by any stretch of
the imagination, nor moral, but at that early stage and after my first
orgasm at her hands (or more accurately, her mouth) reasonably consensual
and pleasurable to both of us.

But after that night I think something broke free inside Aunt Judy’s
libido; whereas up to that moment she’d only had possession of her young
victims for a few hours at most before, after having her way with them, she
had to relinquish ownership of them (I found out over the course of the
summer that they were nearly all under-age prostitutes from Cardiff) now
she had her own little pet on a 24/7 basis for a whole summer, one who
would do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, and who wouldn’t be gone
in a few hours. I think that this realisation, coupled with the ease with
which she’d got me into bed and made me orgasm, opened the deepest recesses
of her mind; the ones where the truly dark fantasies she’d been feeding for
years were lurking. In effect I was the key that let loose her true

It was in the morning after our first full night together that I got the
first glimpse of this dark side of hers.

I awoke feeling cold and rapidly realised why: the duvet cover had been
thrown off leaving me naked and exposed. Without looking round I tried to
reach down to pull it back up, but realised with a shock that my wrists had
been tied together in front of me while I slept. Instinctively I tried to
sit up and in the next split second found my ankles had been tied as well.

“Aunty” I started to scream in mounting panic; had there been a robbery
and I’d been left tied up? There was no end to the possibilities, but I’d
never have guessed the truth.

“Shhhh, little darling,” Aunt Judy was lying next to me on the bed, one
hand playing slowly with her pussy as she watched me starting to struggle
“Don’t be scared, I just wanted to see how pretty you’d look tied up.”

With her free hand she moved me fairly freely onto my side facing her,
and stroked over my hips, her finger tips running over my thighs before
tracing their way up across my stomach to my breasts, taking and squeezing
a nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“Please Aunty, I’m scared, please let me go.”

Her voice seemed almost distant, but it was clearly aroused. “Shhh,
little one, remember the rules.” She rolled me onto my face and ran her
hand all over my thighs and bum, her fingers sliding between my legs and
pressing against my pussy.

I struggled but it was no good and then I started to shout. “Please
Aunty, I don’t like this, I’m scared, please untie me, please” my voice was
getting louder and louder all the time until it became a piercing scream as
her fingers found my clit. Unlike last night, I was not enjoying this one

With my face turned towards her I was just able to see, by looking down
the bed, that the louder I screamed the faster she rubbed herself, and the
more ecstatic the look on her face became. Suddenly she rolled me onto my

Almost as if in a dream she seemed to drawl “Even though no one can hear
your pathetic whimpers Sally, they are a bit loud; I think you’d look even
prettier with a gag in.” Lazily she reached down to the side of the bed and
retrieved a pair of her knickers, screwed them into a ball and tried to
force them into my mouth. I clamped my mouth shut and, as she pressed them
against my lips, I could smell her taste, and I realised they were worn

“Do as I tell you, dammit” she suddenly snarled and with her free hand
jabbed me sharply in the stomach, making me gasp, winded for air. She
triumphantly pushed the knickers inside my mouth, then held them in place
while she produced a dressing gown cord from somewhere and looped it around
my face and between my lips thus holding her knickers in place.

I was crying loudly now, partly because this was the first time my Aunt
had hit me (and it was quite a violent blow), but also because I was now
really scared. Breathing was difficult, and I had to make a real effort to
stay as calm as I could and breath through my nose.

“Now, just lie there and let me look at you” my Aunt purred, the anger
in her voice gone as suddenly as it had arrived, she knelt up on her shins,
her eyes glowing with lust. “Oh yes, my little darling, you look so
gorgeous like that.”

Once again her hand had slipped between her legs, and two of her fingers
were inside her pussy which was clearly wet and glistening in the morning
sunshine. Once again she molested me with her free hand, pushing a finger
inside my pussy despite my attempts to clench my legs; attempts which only
made her laugh.

“Don’t try and fight me, little one, you know the rules. I love it when
you little things are helpless like this.” She murmured as her finger
probed at my clit, and to my shame my body began to tingle again. “Mmmm,
yes, what a lovely way to start the day; a pretty young girl all tied up in
my bed. Mmmm, yessss” her voice trailed off as her eyes closed in ecstasy.

My breathing was really difficult now, but she showed no concern as her
molestations reached a fever pitch as her hand literally ran wild over my
body, caressing, pinching, kneading, stroking, probing as, her eyes closed,
she fingered herself to a clearly crushing orgasm.

Coming down slowly, she opened her eyes and gazed at my bound and gagged
teenage body. “So pretty, so pretty” she murmured to herself, before
glancing at my face and noticed as if for the first time my distressed

“If I take your gag out, do you promise not to scream?”

I nodded wildly, breathing was now getting virtually impossible and I
had started to fear I’d suffocate. Languidly, though I wanted her to do it
as fast as possible she leant down and untied the sash behind my head, then
hooked her knickers out of my mouth and I greedily gasped at the cold,
fresh air, my chest heaving. She laughed as she played with my fast moving
nipples, tweaking and pinching them, delighting in the small squeals they
produced from me.

Showing how much preparation she’d put into this scene Aunt Judy
reached under her pillow and produced something that she waved in front of
my face. It was long, round, slim and silver and one end was rounded to a
gentle point, my Aunt could clearly tell from my reaction that I had no
idea what it was. This seemed to give her much amusement.

“Oh my innocent little creature, you have no idea what this is, do you?”

I shook my head, “N n n n no Aunty”, my voice was apprehensive though;
if she had brought it out now, with me tied and helpless, it was
undoubtedly sexual.

“This, my little innocent, is a vibrator.” She twisted the base and the
object started to make a low buzzing sound which altered in pitch as she
twisted the base some more. “I’ll show you what it does.”

With that she started to rub the silver tip over my bound body; it
tickled at first, but in a nice way. Slowly and very deliberately she
trailed it across my shoulders and down onto my breasts, circling my
nipples before gently brushing against them. That sent a tingle to my
pussy and she must have sensed the almost imperceptible change in my body
as she leant down and kissed me on my lips, her tongue pushing against

And then, for the first time in my life, I felt a hard object pushing my
pussy lips apart. I broke my Aunt’s kiss and screamed loudly, writhing in
a feeble attempt to escape this violation, but Judy simply draped a leg
over mine, hooking it under my knees so as to make my movements even more
futile. She also grabbed my hair and jerked my head backwards making me
close my eyes in pain and reducing my scream to a single gasp of pain.

“Just lie still, little one, you know our rules, just let me have my
fun.” Even through the pain of her hair pulling I noticed there was no
mention of anyone’s fun but hers.

It wasn’t because of any Rules some perverted lesbian paedophile had
imposed on me that I now lay still; rather it was just that I recognised
that, tied as I was, any resistance was absolutely pointless: My Aunt had
tied me up on her bed and could do anything she liked to me.

And at that moment what she wanted to do was assault my clitoris with
her vibrator.

I lay in her grasp as she slowly worked the tip of the vibrator over my
clit, each time she pressed against it I gave a little gasp and, despite my
best efforts, my pussy gave a very slight twitch of pleasure. She grinned
as she felt this and kissed my cheek whispering about what a good, pretty
little girl I was. Because her leg was hooked over mine her pussy was
pressing against my thigh and I felt it getting as wet as the night before
as she started to grind it against me.

This wasn’t like the night before when, to be honest, I’d enjoyed the
sensations my Aunt had coaxed from my body, this was my first real taste of
my Aunt’s depravity and I wasn’t enjoying it one bit. I started to cry,
shaking my head from side to side as the vibrator was drawing patterns
inside my pussy lips, and I knew that it was summoning an orgasm from deep
inside me, and that nothing I could do would stop it.

My Aunt knew how much I was hating this, but this only seemed to fuel
her lust and she ground her pussy hard against my slender thigh and I could
hear her grunting her arousal as she kissed my face.

“Please, Aunty, please stop, I don’t like this, please just stop.” I
whined through my sobs, but this had no effect on my molester.

“Shut up, little bitch, shut up and take it” Aunt Judy muttered, her
voice lacking any of the tenderness she’d used previously and I was shocked
by her calling me a bitch.

“Please, Aunty,” I whispered “Please stop.” There was desperation in my
voice because I knew I would orgasm almost immediately.

She knew too, and she pressed her body against mine, her left hand
letting go of my hair and grabbing frantically at one of my nipples as she
tilted the angle of the vibrator on my clit; this subtle change triggered
my orgasm and I shuddered and cried, half with shame and disgust, and half
with the pleasure it brought.

Aunt Judy pressed hard against me for a minute or two, waiting for my
shudders to subside, and then cruelly turning the vibrator up to its top
setting and rubbing my sensitive clit with it, making me cry briefly in

“Mmmmm, little one, wasn’t that just the nicest way to start the day?”

I didn’t reply, merely started crying again and turned my head away.
What happened next scared any resistance out of me for the rest of the

With a volcano of rage, my Aunt grabbed my hair and jerked my head
around so I was looking at her, with her other hand she slapped me three or
four times across the face with the flat of her hand. The speed and
violence of the assault completely shattered any defiance that remained
inside me, and I started to wail almost uncontrollably, then she started
shouting at me and her words gathered up the rubble of my defiance and
carried it off.

“Listen here you little tart, apart from me you are completely alone in
the world, your mother’s in a loony bin and your father’s off shagging some
slag from the typing pool. I took you in out of the goodness of my heart,
and while you’re living under my roof you will do anything and everything I
tell you. If you refuse me or my friends anything, I’ll just say I can’t
cope with you and you’ll get put straight into Council Care. Do you
understand?” She slapped me twice more “Well, do you?”

In absolute physical and mental terror I dumbly nodded my acquiescence,
but her face still flashed with anger and her hand wound itself tighter
into my hair. She carried on muttering, half to herself, half so I could

“Fucking ungrateful bitch. I’ll show you what your mouth will be for
from now on.”

She knelt up on the bed, still keeping a tight grip on my head, and
swinging one leg over me sat on my chest, her legs tucked under her knees
either side of my body. Her hairy pussy was only inches from my face and
she was pulling me towards it. I struggled in terror and revulsion, but
she was far too strong for me and easily brought my lips into contact with
her glistening, wet pussy.

“Ahhhhh” She gasped “Right, little one, push your tongue inside me” She
twisted my hair even harder now as an incentive. “Do it or I will really
hurt you.” She reached behind her with her other hand and twisted my nipple
hard making my eyes water even more.

She wriggled her pussy against my mouth and I knew I’d have to do as she
said. Almost gagging with revulsion I poked my tongue between her lips,
tasting her arousal as I did so.

“Up a bit, little one” She murmured, guiding my tongue onto her `Magic
Button’, I could tell when I touched it by her squeal of pleasure. “Very
good, little slut, now lick it, lick it like a sweet” her voice now was
smooth and seductive as she talked me into giving her a climax.

As her body shuddered and her thighs clamped my face tightly, she let go
of my hair and pulled and stroked her breasts as she screamed and moaned in
pleasure. My open mouth filled as her juices oozed between my lips and I
started to cough.

“Swallow it, little one, and do as I say now” she said through her
squeals, and kept my head in her thigh-lock until I had no option but to
take some down my throat. This seemed to satisfy her and her whole body
relaxed, her legs released their suffocating grip on my face and my head
fell back on the pillow. I gasped for air as my Aunt, almost snake-like
shifted position so she was now lying on top of me, her smiling face inches
from mine. Her tongue flicked out to run along mine, tasting her own

“You’ve a bit to learn still, little one, but that was a good start.”

I smiled weakly back, too scared to tell her how horrible my situation
was. Over the next few weeks it was going to get 100 times worse.

Judy now climbed off the bed and began to untie the cords binding my
wrists and ankles. I sat up, rubbing some circulation into my extremities,
dismayed at the vivid red marks left by the tight dressing-gown cords.

My Aunt put on her white dressing gown, tying it with one of the cords
now lying on the bed, as she fastened it loosely around her waist she
turned to face me.

“Your behaviour this morning was quite deplorable, Catherine, and for
that you must be punished.”

My jaw nearly fell open at this; she’d tried me up while I was asleep
and then sexually assaulted me when I was awake, yet my behaviour was being
called deplorable. But my growing fear of her made me stay silent as she
blithely carried on.

“And your punishment is that today you may only wear a t-shirt and
knickers, nothing else. Is that clear? I’m going to prepare breakfast,
you may have a bath, but don’t be longer than half an hour.” As she was
talking she was rummaging in one of her drawers. Finally she found what
she was looking for, and turning around she lobbed some things onto the

“Don’t get any ideas about wearing a big t-shirt; I want you in that one
and those knickers, I don’t want you trying to cover up your gorgeous
little body.”

Her voice left no room for argument and I stared at the clothes as she
left the bedroom for the kitchen. My head was spinning, the taste of my
Aunt’s juices was still in my mouth and my stomach was in a knot of fear as
I staggered to the bathroom and ran a shallow bath. I didn’t even lay back
in it, just sat with my arms around my knees, a deep, depressing sadness
drawing tears from my eyes. I knew everything Aunt Judy was true; I was
alone, and if she kicked me out I would end up in Council Care for who
knows how long. And no one would believe me if I told them the truth about
what she was doing to me. I was totally in her hands and at her mercy.

Almost like a zombie I got out of the bath, dried myself and went back
to the bedroom. The T-shirt featured the logo of the film `The Goonies’,
but it was for a girl a few years younger than me and because of this it
was tight and ended about 1 or 2 inches above my waist. The knickers were
also for a girl younger than me, they were white cotton with little blue
stars on them, and they too were tight and too revealing. I’ve wondered
over the years what the story behind them was, were they just clothes my
Aunt had bought for her `little friends’, or had they belonged to one of
her `little friends’ and if so how or why had she come to be parted from
them? Many dark and scary thoughts have gone across my mind since that
day; there is no doubt in my mind that my Aunt was a scary woman, only she
knows if one day she took her dominance games a stage too far. I certainly
wouldn’t put it past her; if her `little friends’ were under age
prostitutes who would miss them if they simply went out and never returned?

But those thoughts were long into the future as I went down to the
kitchen for breakfast, feeling sick inside as Judy’s eyed me over
lasciviously as I entered the kitchen.

We ate in silence, I wore a sullen look throughout that barely covered
my obvious powerlessness, and as a result she had a constant, lustful smirk
on her face as she sat next to me, her hand constantly stroking my bare

After breakfast I slouched off to the lounge to watch some TV while
Judy washed up, she popped her head around the door to announce she was
going to town and then asked me what clothe size I was? Puzzled, I grunted
the answer at her and heard her leave the house and drive off.

Perhaps, I wondered, she was going to buy me some nice clothes to say
`Thank you’ or more realistically `Keep quiet’, and for a while I cheered
up, and then bored went upstairs to sleep

She came back mid-afternoon and popped her head around the door to
announce her return; her hands were empty, so if she’d bought me anything
she wasn’t going to let me have it at once.

I lay there as I heard her go down the stairs and the phone by her bed
made a brief noise which showed she was on the phone to someone. I stared
up at the ceiling for some minutes; at least she hadn’t molested me now for
over 6 hours which was good going for her, surely it was too good to last.
It was. After about 20 minutes I heard her coming back up the stairs and
looked apprehensively at her as she came in.

“Come downstairs.” She ordered, in that voice that didn’t allow for
debate. “I’ve got my friend Margaret on the phone and she wants to talk to
you. You are to answer all her questions truthfully, do you understand?
One word of warning though. She doesn’t like her girls to use the word
`Pussy’, so if she asks you about `down there’ use the word `cunny’.

My stomach knotted itself in fear again, now one of her friends was
going to ask me some pervy questions over the phone. “Umm, what sort of
questions Aunty?” I asked, though I knew the answer already.

My Aunt took my hand and led me down the stairs “Oh just about what
we’ve been up to. And you’ll be very good and answer all of her questions,
won’t you?”

“Yes, Aunty.” I mumbled as she led me into the lounge.

The phone was beside the sofa and Judy led me to the sofa before
sitting down and pulling me down onto her lap, one of her arms immediately
snaked around me and rested on my thigh. Then she reached for the
receiver, and covering the mouthpiece briefly as she picked it up reminded
me again about the use of the word `cunny, then she handed it to me.

“Hello?” I asked in a truthfully, frightened voice

“Hello, my dear” It was the voice of a woman about the same age as my
Aunt, but slightly deeper and huskier with a distinct Liverpudlian accent.
“I’m your Aunt’s friend Margaret. You must be Judy’s pretty little
Catherine, she’s told me so much about you.”


“Now Catherine, where are you sitting?”

“On my Aunt’s lap.”

“And has she got her arms around you?”

“Yes, one of her arms is.”

My Aunt, who either knew what was going to be said, or could hear
anyway, slipped her hand down to the inside of my thigh, the side of her
hand pressing lightly against my knickers.

“Where is her hand?”

“On my leg.”

“Are her fingers touching you at all?”

“Yes” My voice was starting to get a bit tearful at the humiliation of
the whole situation

“Don’t get upset, my dear, it’ll be alright. Now, is she touching you
at all?”


“Where is she touching you?”

“On my, on my….”

“On your cunny, my sweet?” Margaret finished my sentence for me.

“Yes.” I sobbed as my Aunt moved her hand up across my knickers and slid
her fingers inside them.

“Is her hand inside or outside your knickers?”

“Inside” I whined as Judy pressed her index finger along my slit

“What happened to your jeans?”

“My Aunt wouldn’t let me wear any because I’d been bad.” I was sounding
like a really small girl now.

“Really, what had you done?” Margaret’s voice seemed slightly different
now, as if her she was short of breath.

“She tied me up while I was asleep and I told her I didn’t like it.” My
own breathing was now getting a bit faster as my Aunt’s finger tip pressed
against my clit.

“While you were asleep? Did she come into your room?”

“No, I was in her bed.”

“In her bed?” Margaret’s voice registered surprise, but I couldn’t
believe my Aunt hadn’t gleefully told her everything she’d done to me.

“Yes, she’d told me I had to sleep in her bed?”

“Did she kiss you?”


“Did she show you her magic button?”


“What did you do to her?”

“She made me touch her magic button?”

“Was she wet?”

“Yes.” I sobbed, but Margaret ploughed on, and I had a mental image of
her playing with herself as she questioned me.

“Well, Catherine, I don’t know what to say. You walk around without any
jeans, you sleep in your Auntie’s bed and touch her `Magic button’ and make
her wet, and now you’re on the phone to me while you let her put her hand
inside your knickers. It does seem to me, my girl, that you are a little
tart. Isn’t that true?”

For what it was worth, even though she couldn’t see me, I shook my head
and sobbed some more. “I’m not a tart.”

Margaret’s voice registered mock surprise. “You mean you don’t like
your Aunt touching you?”

“No” My voice was barely audible now, partly because I simply felt so
bad, but also because my Aunt was playing with my clit, and was making my
pussy tingle against my will.

“Would you like me to get her to stop touching your cunny?”

“Yes.” I mumbled, not really believing she would.

“If I do though, my dear little thing, you must promise to do something
for me, will you promise to do that?”

Clutching at this potential salvation, I eagerly said I would.

“That’s a good little girl. Now, tell your Aunt that her friend
Margaret tells her to stop touching you.” She sensed the fearful hesitation
in my silence. “Just do it, she won’t be angry.”

My voice faltering with both unwilling arousal and fear of my Aunt’s
anger I barely managed to squeak my words. “Aunty, Margaret says to stop
touching me.”

I feared a volcanic eruption, but Judy merely pouted like a spoilt
child and removed her fingers from inside my knickers with no further
objections, although she fixed my gaze as she licked my juices from her
fingers with a cruelly lewd smile.

Margaret’s Liverpool tones sounded again in my ear. “Has she stopped
touching you?”

“Yes” I sobbed

“Now, if I did that for you, you promised to do something for me, didn’t

“Yes.” A small dread was growing inside me as my Aunt’s hand slid under
my t-shirt and started to squeeze and fondle my breasts.

“Well, I want you to put your hand inside your knickers. You promised,

I hesitated, and she sensed my hesitation. “You promised, remember? If
you don’t do as you promised I’ll tell your Aunt to punish you. And you
don’t want that, do you?”

I shook my head, my Aunt was now a massive figure of dread in my
demonology and I didn’t want to incur her wrath. So reluctantly, with my
face almost crimson with embarrassment, with my Aunt pinching one of my
nipples between her finger and thumb, I pushed my hand inside my knickers.

“Are your fingers on your cunny, little girl?”

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Does it feel wet? Has your Aunt made your cunny wet?”

“Yes.” I was crying again

“Mmmmm, lucky you. Now, little Cathy, I want you to masturbate for me,
will you do that for me?”

“What’s that?”

Margaret laughed, her voice sounding amused, but also aroused at my
confession of innocence. “You’ve never masturbated?”

“No.” I mumbled through my tears. And it was true; I really never had
played with myself `down there’. Was that abnormal? Did it make me that
innocent? Not really, I was only 13, remember. Sex, at that age in the
80’s was not something that loomed very large for girls of my age, unlike

“Well, in that case you’ll have to ask your Aunt to help you. Say what
I tell you: `Please, Aunt Judy, will you help me play with my cunny?'”

I hesitated to obey, and down the phone line I could hear Margaret’s
shallow, excited breathing. Time was almost standing still; my Aunt’s
fingers were still playing with my nipples, teasing them into arousal as I
was still incapable, at that age, of controlling my reactions. Her breath
and lips were now on my cheek as she kissed me and her left hand stroking
the top of my left leg.

“Do it, little girl, don’t make me ask her.”

Swallowing deeply, dropping my head, the words came out as a barely
audible whisper. “Please, Aunt Judy, will you help me play with my

“Of course I will, my little pet” she purred and I shivered, partly at
her use of the word `pet’ and partly with fear and disgust as her left hand
pushed into my knickers until it smothered my smaller one.

Aunt Judy wriggled her hand around on top of mine, her movements
stretching the already tight fabric of my knickers and making the waistband
dig into me, until her digits exactly shadowed mine and she pressed my
index finger onto my clit as her others guided mine to stroke my pussy

“Tell me what, she’s doing.” Margaret urged her voice now quite husky
with perverted lust.

With a voice betraying the tears rolling down my cheeks I sobbed my
description of a woman in her late 40’s forcibly masturbating a half naked
13 year old girl. “She’s making me play with my cunny.”

“Is she making you wet?”

“Yes.” I whispered in acknowledgement of my Aunt’s dextrous work.

“Are you tingling down there, is your cunny feeling nice.”

I didn’t reply, merely sobbed in agreement as my pussy got more and more

I think that was what made it worse; the awareness that my Aunt was
making me feel `tingly’ and that there was nothing I could do to stop her
making me come.

“Ask your Aunt to make you come, ask her nicely, little one.” Margaret’s
voice was now like a low pant, each word standing separately. “Ask her

I shut my eyes and with a voice almost choked out of existence by the
orgasm started by my Aunt’s fingers muttered Margaret’s instructions.

“Please, Aunty, make me come.” And she did.

She trapped my fingers in place in my pussy as my juices oozed onto our
hands, I gurgled and gabbled incoherently and dropped the phone, but at
that point I guess Margaret 150 miles away in Liverpool had probably done
the same.

My Aunt laughed in a deep, satisfied tone as she gripped my hand and
removed it sharply from my sensitive pussy, the phone receiver fell to the
floor but she gave it no attention as she slid me off her lap onto the sofa
next to her and, spreading her legs, forced our hands onto her wet pussy.

I screamed in disgust, defiance and fear but she held my hand in a
vice-like grip as she moved forward on the sofa to press her pussy against
our fingers. Her other arm gripped my arm in a headlock as we fell
sideways on the sofa immobilising me under her, my screams stilled as she
half choked me. All the time she was rubbing our hands against her pussy,
my finger tips being forced between her pussy lips. I could feel her
breath on my ear as she whispered.

“It’s sexier when you struggle.” I felt her body shudder as her voice
trailed off and I felt her juices flood onto my fingers.

She lay on top of me as she slowly wound down, kissing my hair as her
words started up again.

“You’re a sexy little girl, Cathy, if only you’d realise it and let us
have our little fun, we wouldn’t have to hurt you.”

She pushed herself up, letting me breathe and slither away off the sofa
gasping for air. Sullenly I looked at her, wondering what her next
perverted move would be.

To my amazement a sudden and remarkable transformation took over her;
she stood up, smoothed her dress down and picked up the phone receiver from
the floor, put it to hear and smiled to herself as she replaced it on the

Then turning to me she announced, as if nothing untoward had happened,
“Shall I go and make the supper.”

I curled up in a ball, half moaning, and half screaming as she left the
room. I knew she was right about the location of the house; I could scream
my lungs out and no one would hear me.

She left me alone for about half an hour as she prepared our meal, and I
eventually stopped sobbing and just sat on the sofa, my knees drawn up
under my chin, hugging myself disconsolately.

Aunt Judy re-appeared with 2 plates of Omelettes and handed one to me
as she sat down on the sofa next to me. She devoured hers heartily, I
picked at mine, being understandably not very hungry. This didn’t seem to
bother my Aunt at all and as soon as she was finished, and seeing I wasn’t
going to eat any more she took our plates back to the kitchen.

After another half hour of watching T.V. on my own she re-appeared and
sat next me, roughly pulling my legs over her so she could stroke my thighs
distractedly as we flicked the channels.

Time passed and she tried to engage me in conversation, but I did little
more than grunt in reply. Until finally, she snapped, leant over me and
said very quietly but very firmly (and this made it even more scary):
“Listen, I’ve explained your situation before, I don’t want to hurt you,
but if you refuse to co-operate with us then I will, get it?”

There was an edge to her voice, even now it would scare me, now I could
recognise it as just this side of restraint; back then it was just scary
and I nearly dissolved into tears again as I promised to try to be a good
girl for her.

She calmed down a bit after that, even going to the kitchen to make us
some coco. I was grateful for the warm drink as I’d been in t-shirt and
knickers all day now and, being summer the central heating was off and as
always in Britain when the sun went down the temperature dropped like a

Aunt Judy noticed me shivering and smile ruefully at me. “See, if
you’d been good this morning you wouldn’t have had to walk around all day
dressed like that. So, are you sorry for being bad?”

I nodded meekly, anything to not make her angry. Besides, if she was in
a good mood she might let me be fully dressed again. She stroked my legs
as they lay across her lap.

“Mmmmm” she murmured appreciatively “you have such gorgeous legs.” Her
fingers trailed upwards and ran over the gusset of my knickers, resting
lightly on the stain of wetness. “I love seeing that on a girl’s knickers”
she mused as if to herself, then in a more serious, almost desperate tone.
“God, you are so sexy Catherine. I don’t know how my sister kept her hands
off you, if you were my daughter you’d have been sleeping in my bed for

I blushed, partly at the compliment but mainly at the casual reference
to child abuse.

“Did you enjoy talking to my friend Margaret this afternoon?”

I shook my head, making my Aunt laugh.

“Oh, she’ll be so disappointed to hear that.” Abruptly she changed the
subject. “Well, I think you’ve learnt your lesson about disobeying me so
it’s time you got to wear some clothes again. In your old bedroom are some
clothes I bought for you, go and put them on and also read and memorise the
instructions I’ve left with them.” Patting my knee she ushered me away.

With a sinking heart I climbed the stairs; I knew that whatever she’d
bought me it was bound to be a prelude to more sexual abuse but nothing had
prepared me for the shock when I entered my old bedroom.

On the bed, next to a piece of paper covered in Aunt Judy’s elegant
writing, was a Brownie uniform.

I stared at it in disbelief for a minute or 2, this was too much surely?
I was starting to get an idea of just how depraved my Aunt was, I guess now
that this was possibly her ultimate fantasy; to molest a real-life Brownie
(or as near as she could get; I was 13 and so technically too old for that
organisation). As if in a daze I picked up the paper and read the detailed
instructions she’d left for me; clearly this was a fantasy she’d spent a
very long time developing, probably fine tuning it each time she’d
masturbated to it, refining each little detail in her mind, waiting for the
moment it could reach fruition and today it had.

I heard my Aunt coming up the stairs and looked round fearfully
expecting her to enter the room to oversee my getting changed but instead I
heard her go into her room for a few minutes before returning downstairs,
as she descended she shouted in a voice filled with mock weariness.

“Get on with it, Cathy, don’t make me come and get you.”

I knew I’d have to do as she ordered; what else could I do? Resignedly
I stripped off (which didn’t take long, obviously) and put on the brown
uniform: the blouse rubbed on my bare nipples as I buttoned it (she’d left
no bra, but this was no oversight as the pair of navy blue knickers on the
bed and the white knee high socks showed she’d spent more than a few
minutes fantasising about the underwear of her little victim). I stepped
into those blue knickers and pulled the skirt up, which because it was
originally for a girl a few years younger than me left quite a lot of leg
on display. Pulling up the socks I looked at myself in the mirror with a
depressed air, God knows what Aunt Judy had planned for me, but only one
of us would get any pleasure out of it. I spent a few more minutes
studying her list of instructions until I heard my Aunt’s voice shouting up
the stairs ordering me to get downstairs immediately. I took one last look
at the instructions before heading downstairs.
I reached the front door and slipped outside, in the gathering dusk I
could make out the hills all around; there was no way I could run away,
there was nowhere to run to. Plus, looking down at my shoeless feet I knew
I wouldn’t get far. Swallowing hard I turned to face the door and rang the


After a minute or so my Aunt opened the door smiling sweetly at me.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

Remembering my instructions I slipped into my role.

“Good afternoon, Miss, I’m from the local Brownie Troup and I’m trying
to raise money for our charity.”

“Well, that’s very commendable, little girl. But what are you going to
do for the money?”

I looked down at the ground for a second, my eyes unable to meet hers.

“Whatever you’d like, Miss.”

“Really? Well this is my lucky day, come in and I’m sure I’ll be able
to think of something”

She ushered me into the house, her hand pressing into the small of my
back as she directed me into the lounge. She stood me in the centre of the
room as she sat back on the sofa, crossing her legs as she smiled at me.

“So, you’ll do anything I’d like to help your troupe?”

“Yes, miss.”

“Come here.” She purred and I meekly obeyed, moving next to her and
standing awkwardly as I waited for her next move.

I didn’t have to wait long; her hand ran up my leg, pushing under my
short skirt.

“Well, I’d like it if you sat on my lap.” Without giving me a chance to
reply she manoeuvred me round and eased me onto her lap, her arms around me
holding me lightly but firmly.

“Now, I’ve always thought you Brownies look so sexy in your little
uniforms but I’ve always wondered if you wear knickers under your skirts.”
As she said this one of her hands slid under my skirt and along my thigh
until I could feel her fingers pressing against my knickers. Aunt Judy’s
eyes lit up with mock surprise as she felt them. “Oh, you do. Mmmmm,
we’ll have to see about them later. Now, you said you’d do anything I
like, well you can start by putting your hands behind your back.”

Dumbly, I obeyed and my Aunt twisted me round slightly so my hands were
more accessible to her. She gripped them firmly with one hand and slipped
what felt like a rope onto my wrists, pulling the loop tightly so it
crushed my hands together, the fabric of the thin cord biting into my soft

A change seemed to come over Aunt Judy as she rendered me thus
incapable of offering any resistance to her (not that I had the courage to
anyway), many times over that summer my helplessness sparked an almost
uncontrollable lust within her; I’d witnessed it that morning when she’d
tied me in my sleep but now I was to see the depths of her depravity.

She twisted me back around so I was sitting normally in her lap again,
one hand now gripped me quite tightly around my shoulders while the other
returned under my skirt and I felt her fingers first pressing against my
pussy through my knickers, then worming their way underneath them.

My obvious discomfort (I was starting to sob now) acted as a further
boost to her lust and she started to kiss and nuzzle my neck, whispering
smutty comments about how pretty I was in my uniform as 2 of her fingers
started to press between my pussy lips, her fingertips spreading them
apart. Her arm around my shoulder now slipped under my arm and her hand
started to cup and squeeze my small breast through my Brownie top, crushing
my cup in her hand, her fingers pressing onto my nipple through the fabric
of my top.

Her finger tips had now wormed inside my pussy and were starting to play
with my clit as my Aunt whispered more degrading filth in my ear.

“You know, Cathy, you really are a right little clit-tease aren’t you.
Right from when you got off the train you’ve been teasing me, haven’t you?
Well, haven’t you?” she cooed.

I shook my head, I was crying too much to reply to her lies.

“Oh, don’t come the innocent with me, little one, I know what young
girls are like and you’re no different; ever since you arrived you’ve been
flaunting yourself in front of me, wanting me to touch you in your special
place, hoping I’d let you share my bed. Isn’t that the truth?”

All the while her fingers were abusing my pussy and my breast, numbing
me into stillness. She didn’t even wait for a reply this time before
carrying on.

“All you pretty little things are the same, everywhere I go I see you
all and you all want me to touch you, you all want this. You’re no
different, Cathy, ever since you got off the train you’ve been leading me
on, haven’t you? Tell me the truth now?”

I shook my head again, sobbing my denial; all I wanted was for her to

Aunt Judy’s voice now took on a sharper, more menacing tone.

“Liar, I know you want me to do this. Well, you are clearly a very bad
little girl and bad little girls get punished. Stand up.” Her fingers
stopped their molestation of me and she pushed me to my feet then
immediately spun me around and dragged me over her lap. My skirt was
flipped up over my back, and her fingers hooked inside my knickers and drew
them down rapidly.

Her voice dropped to a sultry tone. “And bad girls get spanked on their
gorgeous little bottoms.” Her voice seemed almost dreamy as her nails
glided lightly over the cheeks of my bottom, almost as if she was losing
herself in her own fantasy. My struggles seemed to snap her out of her

“Please, Aunty, don’t spank me. I’m sorry, you were right, I was
leading you on, please don’t hurt me.” I’d never been spanked before, so I
was lying wildly to avoid it.

Aunt Judy laughed. “I knew it, you little tart, and I bet you were
only denying it just so I’d spank your little bottom. You really are a
right little minx.”

To this day I can’t decide if she was playing with me, or whether she
genuinely believed all the little girls she molested were `asking for it’;
she must have known I was not a wiling participant in all this, but I do
believe that serial paedophiles like my Aunt need to believe that the child
is an equal partner in their activities, so who can say?

She grasped my bound wrists with one hand and lifted them upwards
forcing my head nearer to the ground and my bottom to be raised more

“Please, Aunty, please don’t hurt me.” I sobbed wildly as I felt her
hand land briefly on my bottom as if it was getting the range.

She said nothing, and for a minute there was silence in the room and all
I could hear was her laboured, excited breathing.

Then she started to spank me. Slowly and rhythmically at first, pausing
between each slap so she could savour my yelps of shock and pain, then
gathering speed and ferocity almost as if any restraint on her part had

My bottom felt as if it was on fire, (remember this was the first time
I’d ever been spanked) and my wails and sobs were getting louder as her
assault continued.

I don’t know how long she spanked me for; it seemed like ages but was
probably only a few minutes. And although my bum felt as if hot coals had
been dragged across it she didn’t spank me half as hard as some of her
friends would do later that summer.

She kept me lying across her lap while she fondled my bottom, forcing my
legs apart so her fingers could slip into my pussy. She seemed surprised
that I hadn’t become aroused by my punishment.

“So little tart, you didn’t enjoy that?”

I wailed a defiant confirmation.

“Well, I’d better make sure you’re well prepared for what’s coming

I felt her reach under the cushions for something, and then I heard what
sounded like a plastic bottle being squeezed. Aunt Judy’s fingers rubbed
against my pussy again but this time they were coated in something cold and
slippery, her fingers pushed inside very easily as she lubricated my virgin
pussy thoroughly, her fingers sliding in and out with ease.

I heard her breathing getting faster now and she dragged me to my feet
and pushed me onto the sofa on my stomach, she slipped an arm under my
waist and hoisted me onto my knees, I felt her kneel behind me and heard
her skirt being hoisted up, then she lifted my bound wrists again to force
my face deep into the cushions.

I screamed in terror, my shrieks muffled by the fabric as I felt
something cold and hard pressing against my pussy lips, then it slipped
inside me and I screamed again, this time in agony, as a split second of
pain shot through me as my Aunt took my virginity with her strap-on.

As usual, any sign of distress on my part galvanised my Aunt into
further displays of depravity, and the realisation that she’d taken the
virginity of a 13 year old seemed to give her fresh energy. She raped me
with a brutal, merciless intensity ignoring my screams of pain each time
she thrust her plastic phallus roughly into me.

Anyone looking through the window of my Aunt’s house would have seen the
sight of a woman in her 40’s, her skirt bunched around her waist raping a
Brownie from behind, the Brownie’s face buried in the cushions of the sofa
but her agonised screams still audible.

I felt that my insides were being ripped to shreds; the pain from my
Aunt’s frenzied thrusts and also her nails digging into the back of my neck
holding me firmly down on the sofa was beginning to make me feel physically
sick and my breathing became progressively harder as my face was pushed
remorselessly into the cushions of the sofa; I started to think I was going
to suffocate. I started to kick my legs wildly in my mounting panic and I
think this alerted her to what was happening (or maybe she’d just fucked
herself out) because she eased up on her thrusting and, gripping my hair,
pulled my head up from the cushions.

The cool air of the room was bliss to me and I gulped at it as my Aunt
slipped her arm across my chest and hugged me close to her. I could feel
her breasts beneath her blouse pressing into my back as she pressed her
lips into my hair near my ear and whispered in a breathless voice.

“Sexy little bitch, you’ve been begging for me to do that to you ever
since you arrived.”

I tried to wail a pointless denial but was still catching my breath and
so could only manage a low cry of despair which resonated strangely as my
Aunt gave a couple of thrusts with her strap-on which was still buried in
my, no longer virgin, but very painful pussy.

Then, frantically, she started to tear at my clothes, pulling my skirt
off rapidly. She undid the binding on my wrists to slip my blouse down my
arms and onto the floor until I was naked apart from my socks.