Step-mom and daughter having fun

Sally filled the tub with hot water and helped ease her daughter down into the soothing bath. It had been quite some time since she’d last bathed the young girl, and as her hands moved over Cindy’s soft, silky flesh, she felt a strange stirring within.
Carefully, she lathered down Cindy’s slim, boyish hips and long slender legs, lingering at the girl’s delicate toes, massaging each one with loving care. Then she brought her hand up Cindy’s inner thighs, right to her cunt.
Cindy flinched and gasped, but Sally held her hand there firmly. “It doesn’t still hurt, does it, baby?”
“No, I guess not.”
“I didn’t think so. And you know what? If Billy fucks you again, it won’t hurt at all, because your cherry is broken now. Besides, I’m going to teach you how to relax when you fuck.”
“You mean – it’s okay for Billy to stick his cock inside of me?”
Sally smiled. “Honey, you’re growing up.” To emphasize the point, she smoothed her free hand over the girl’s budding tits. “And you liked it when Billy played with you right here, didn’t you?” Now she slid her hand to the girl’s clit and pressed gently on it.
“Well, that means you’re going to love fucking, once you get the hang of it.”
“Don’t worry, baby. PU be here to help you.” Sally slipped a finger up Cindy’s pussy. The warm water had soothed and relaxed her, so it was easy for Sally to penetrate.
“Ssshhh… don’t get upset. That doesn’t hurt, does it?”
Gently, Sally began stirring her finger around and around inside Cindy’s cunt, while at the same time continuing to play with her clit.
“Oooh – Mom!”
“See? Doesn’t that feel good?” Sally slid a second finger up the girl’s pussy and bent it slightly. The knuckle rubbed up against the inner wall of the girl’s cunt.
“Unh, unh, unh…”
When she was certain that her little daughter was enjoying herself, Sally withdrew her fingers, then slid them back in, repeating the motion over and over again until she was finger-fucking the girl at a steady pace.
“Oh, Mom! Mom! It’s happening again!” Cindy cried. She clenched her eyes shut, arched her back and splashed her feet rapidly in the water.
Sally smiled, wiggling her fingers deep in her daughter’s cunt, giving her all the stimulation she could as the orgasm shook her delicate frame.
When it was over, Sally pulled her fingers free and let Cindy lay back in the warm, soothing water.
The girl looked very lovely lying there like that, with the water lapping up against her tiny round tits and fanning out her light hair.
When she opened her eyes, she smiled wearily at her mother. “Thanks, Mom. That felt so good.”
“You’re welcome, darling. Here, come out of the tub and let me dry you off before you catch cold.” Sally grabbed a fluffy white towel from off the rack and held it open for the girl.
Cindy stood up and then stepped out of the bathtub, and the rosy glow of her young body was so overwhelming that Sally leaned over and planted a kiss on her left tit. The fell of that firm, smooth tit-flesh against her lips thrilled the woman, and it was all she could do to restrain herself. She knew she mustn’t scare the girl, but take things slowly.
Cindy smiled shyly and let her mother towel her dry. Then she slipped into a bathrobe, and the two of them walked back to Cindy’s bedroom.
“Mom?” Cindy asked as she sat down on her bed. “You know that day Billy and I found you in Room 120?”
“You were playing with yourself, right?”
“Only, you were also watching other people?”
“Right again.”
“Mom – do you think maybe I could watch you and Daddy fucking sometime?”
Sally took a deep breath. “Honey, I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Your daddy is not quite as open-minded as I am. In fact, I don’t think you should tell him anything about what I was doing that day or what you and Billy were doing today.”
Cindy nodded her head, but she looked disappointed.
“But I tell you what – if you promise not to tell anyone about it, I’ll let you watch Billy fuck me.”
“Billy? Billy fucks you?”
“Yeah, for the last couple of days, anyway,” Sally said proudly. “And I was kinda hoping you and I could fool around a little, too!”
“Really? Like what?” Cindy asked eagerly. “Well, first of all – wouldn’t you like to feel my tits?”
Cindy’s gaze dropped to her mother’s enormous bust-line. “Yeah, that would be neat!”
Sally smiled and took off her shirt. Her big, juicy tits were encased in a sheer, lacy bra, the stiff nipples perfectly visible through the gauzy material. When she unhooked the bra and slid out of it, Cindy’s eyes popped.
“Wow! They sure are big!” Cindy giggled, and she reached out, grabbing handfuls of her mother’s tit-flesh.
Sally groaned with excitement as her daughter’s slim fingers sank into her tit-flesh. Cunt cream began to flow freely into her panties, and she bit her lip, trying to hold back the powerful sexual forces that were building inside her.
Now Cindy smoothed her hand into her mother’s deep cleavage, so that the two melon sized tits sandwiched it tightly. Then she slid it over the massive swells and down toward the nipples.
“Oooh, Mom, your nipples are sticking out!”
“Yes, honey – that means that I’m really turned on! And you know what would turn me on even more?”
“If you took off that robe of yours so I could feel you against me.”
Quickly, Cindy did as her mother suggested. Throwing the robe aside, she crawled close to Sally, rubbing her small tits against the woman’s enormous tits. Almost immediately, her nipples popped out, stiff and wbite at the tips.
“God, that feels good, Mom!”
“Mmmmm… come closer.” Sally wrapped her arms around Cindy, gnmting with the pleasure of feeling the girl’s warm young body so near. Then shc began to sway from side to side so her sensitive tit-flesh moved all over Cindy’s chest.
“Can I suck on your tits, Mom? Like Billy did to mine?”
“God, yes! I’d love it!”
Sally shut her eyes, and when she felt the girl’s warm eager mouth close over her left nipple, she shivered with ecstasy.
“Oh Mom, I’m getting wet down there.”
“Mmmmm… you’re supposed to get wet, honey. That’s a sure sign that you’re turned on.”
Sally’s clit was vibrating rapidly, so sensitive and full of blood that it felt as if it would explode.
“Don’t be afraid, honey,” she murmured, stroking Cindy’s back. “I like it kinda rough. In fact, you can even bite me.”
Spurred on, Cindy began to lash her mother’s nipple with her tongue, every so often baring her teeth so she could sink them into the delectable nub.
And with her restless hand, she explored the great smooth surface of her mother’s right tit, lingering at the rich under swell, delighting in the way it curved up softly to the nipple.
“Oh God, I can’t stand it!” Sally whimpered, tossing her curly red hair as if it were a mane.
She slid her hand up between her thighs and searched out her clit. It was sticking out from the gentle folds of its protective covering, and it was so sensitive, that when Sally touched it lightly with her finger, she sparked a shattering explosion of pleasure.
Cindy felt her mother shake violently and pulled her mouth off the woman’s luscious tit.
Looking down at Sally’s cunt mound, she was startled when she saw that Sally’s fingers were rooting through her muff, diddling on her clit.
“Oooh, I bet that feels good, Mom,” Cindy cooed.
“Mmmm… I’m gonna come any second, baby lust let me get off, and then I’ll give you an orgasm you’ll never forget.”
“Oh, wow! What do I do?”
“Just keep on sucking my tit, honey. It feels so good!”
Eagerly, Cindy buried her face in her mother’s tit-flesh again, laying and sucking and biting hard.
“Aw, Jesus, I can’t take it!” Sally cried. She quivered and humped, the wild sensations in her body growing and growing.
Now she was beating mercilessly on her clit, squeezing and gouging and pressing on it, until it throbbed with both pleasure and pain. Desperate to get off, she plunged one, two, three fingers up her steaming fuck hole and flexed them so that they pressed dangerously on the walls of her pussy.
“Ungh, ungh, ungh! Hurt me, baby. Bite me!” Sally cried. She needed release from the burning itch that was torturing her.
Wildly excited, Cindy did not hesitate this time. She chomped down on her mother’s distended nipple.
“Oooh, God!”
The sharp pain exploded into an orgasm. Sally let go completely, throwing herself into mindless bliss.
When she was herself again, groggy and bleary-eyed, Cindy’s face was hovering above hers, a look of concern on it.
“Are you okay, Mom?”
Sally laughed. “Well of course I’m okay. When you come hard, that’s what happens. And it’s about time, young lady, that you found out for yourself. Just lie back and relax.”
Her eyes bright with lust, Cindy did as she was told. Now Sally crouched above her, straddling her slim body. Her huge tits hung down so that the nipples just skimmed the girl’s belly.
Without a word, Sally lowered her mouth to Cindy’s, first kissing her on the lips, then, ever so gently, poking her tongue into the girl’s mouth.
Cindy spluttered and choked in surprise, but Sally kept right on Frenching her, letting her tongue explore the hot inner reaches of her sweet mouth.
Gradually, the girl got used to this kind of kissing, and just as her brother had done before her, she began to respond in kind, poking her tongue out to duel with her mother’s.
Sally could tell by the way Cindy was grunting and squirming that she was getting very turned on, so while she continued to tongue-fuck the girl’s mouth, she slid her hands down the smooth flesh of her shoulders to her pert little tits.
When Cindy lay on her back, her tits looked completely flat. The only indications of her budding womanhood were the slight shadows cast by the underswell of each tit.
Tenderly, Sally began kneading the firm young tit-flesh, and Cindy groaned with pleasure, jabbing her tongue into her mother’s mouth with greater force.
Now Sally pulled her mouth off Cindy’s and began kissing the side of her face and the tender skin of her neck. When she pointed her tongue and slid it around the outer rim of Cindy’s ear, Cindy shivered with excitement, her hips starting a slow, sexy grinding motion that really turned Sally on.
Sally smiled lewdly and ran her tongue around her daughter’s ear again with the same result.
“Oooh, yeah!” Cindy groaned, her forehead puckering into a frown of need.
Sally was delighted that her daughter had such a powerful erotic zone in her ear. Growing bolder, she jabbed her tongue deep into the central portion of the girl’s ear, and Cindy bucked up at her violently.
The sweet spicy smell of cunt juice began to fill the air, and Sally knew it was pouring from deep inside her daughter’s hot pussy. Now was the time to really stimulate her.
As she continued to press and squeeze the young girl’s tits, she proceeded with the tongue-fucking.
“Anugh, Mom! Stop! Stop! I can’t stand it!” Cindy cried.
Sally was delighted that she had gotten her daughter to this frantic state. The girl was bucking her ass off the bed, her whole body shaking uncontrollably.
And when Sally slid her hand down to Cindy’s pussy and ran her fingers up the cunt slit, they came away covered with thick, rich pussy cream. The girl was ripe for a good fucking.
Sally raised her self up and off of Cindy, pulling her punishing tongue out of Cindy’s ear. The girl gasped in surprise, frozen in mid-motion. Opening her eyes, she saw that her mother had moved down her body and was now crouching at her little pussy.
“Wh-what are you doing?” Cindy propped herself up on her elbows, astonished at her mother’s behavior.
Sally had spread Cindy’s sticky pussy labes apart and now had here face pressed right up against the warm, oozing fuck hole.
“Mom! Aaaah!” Cindy gasped.
Sally had lost no time in swiping her tongue right up the warm entrance to her daughter’s cunt. Now she did it again, starting from the girl’s puckered little asshole, all the way up to her nubby clit.
“Oh, oh, oh!”
The way the girl’s cunt contracted, Sally knew she was really enjoying the stimulation. So she laved up the crack again, collecting slick pussy juice on her tongue and rolling it around her mouth. The cunt cream tasted good. It was tangy and a little salty, yet fresh and delectable like the girl, herself.
But Sally didn’t pause too long to relish the fuck cream. She knew she had to keep up a good rhythm if she were going to give Cindy a really good orgasm.
This time, when Sally ran her tongue up Cindy’s pussy crack, she lingered at the girl’s hard clit which had swelled up to twice its normal size. Delicately, she poked at it with her tongue, sending shock waves of pleasure up Cindy’s body.
“Oooh Mom! That feels great!”
Sally probed the girl’s clit again, only this time, she let her tongue linger at its base, and she breathed down on it. It shuddered and lurched, just like a miniature cock. One more time, Sally swiped at the clit with her tongue, then she swooped back down to Cindy’s pulsing fuck hole.
The kid’s pussy was small and tight, and Sally was surprised that Billy had managed to shove his prick inside. But it didn’t matter now. Sally knew that she would really get off on fucking her tongue into the sweet hot depths of her baby’s cunt.
She began to lick and nibble gently at the thin, pink labes of Cindy’s cunt, thinking as she did that they were like perfect little rose petals.
“Ungh, oh, oh, oh!” Cindy’s ass buns contracted on the bed, and her thighs automatically sprang toward each other, nearly boxing Sally on the ears.
“Just relax, baby,” Sally murmured, pushing the girl’s legs back down. “Just relax and let your mother do you.”
She tried again, letting her tongue search out the swirls and crannies of Cindy’s outer and inner cunt lips. And while she was doing this, Cindy moaned and gyrated her hips, need building steadily within her.
When the time seemed right, Sally thrust her tongue deep into Cindy’s hot dark fuck hole. Immediately, the muscles at the entrance to Cindy’s hole contracted, strangling Sally’s tongue at the root.Sally stiffened in surprise, but she was able to withdraw her tongue. It smarted from the rough treatment, but Sally was determined that she was going to give Cindy the tongue-fuck of her life.
Now she slid her hands up to the girl’s pussy and once again spread the outer and inner cunt labes apart, opening the hole up so that it was defenseless against the attack of her tongue.
With renewed vigor, she stabbed her tongue forward, sliding it into the sweet slick depths.
“Aaaugh! Mom!” Cindy cried. Her thighs jerked upward, but Sally’s upper arms and elbows were resting on them, so they could not rise up and batter Sally’s head.
She ran her tongue along the sides of Cindy’s soft, sleek cunt with arousal, her muscles tensing and waves of excitement passed through her.
Now Sally slowly withdrew her tongue, and the young girl humped forward, trying to capture it again in the warm embrace of her pussy.
Sally chuckled to herself. She was proud that her daughter had the same sensuality that she did. Now she teased the girl, running her tongue around and around the sticky opening of her pussy, then finally jabbing it in.
“Ungh! Fuck me, Mom! Fuck me!”
Your wish is my command, Sally thought. She pulled out and then jabbed her tongue back in, repeating the motion over and over again, until the smacking, slavering sound of her furious tongue-fucking filled the room.
Cindy was going wild. She had thrown her head back, and as she thrashed it from side to side, her long yellow hair spread out on the sheets. She was digging her fingernails into the mattress, clawing and scratching as hard as she could, as if she were being tortured rather than experiencing the greatest pleasure of her young life.
Her hips gyrated in a circular motion that got faster and faster, and her legs, tensed from the strain, vibrated rapidly.
And Sally just kept pouring it on. Her tongue was a blur of speed and precision as it cut through the torrent of hot pussy cream that washed over it.
In and out, in and out, she fucked. And she had just plunged in especially roughly, when she felt a strong sharp spasm overtake Cindy’s cunt.
“Mom! This is it! God! Help!” the girl cried. The bed shook as wave after wave of violent release surged through Cindy’s body. The contractions of her muscles were so strong that her thighs overcame the weight of Sally’s arms and sprang up from the bed, bashing against the sides of Sally’s face.
But Sally was so engrossed in what she was doing, she didn’t even notice. She just kept licking up all the sweet cunt nectar that was gushing from Cindy’s churning pussy.
At last, the wild fucking motions and the cries and whimpers stopped. Even the flow of pussy cream became sparse, and Sally knew that Cindy’s orgasm was over. Gently, she removed her tongue from the girl’s pussy.
She slid out of the weakening hold of Cindy’s thighs and then lay down full length beside her.
“How do you feel, honey?” she asked softly. “Like a million bucks, Mom. I’ve never felt so good – or so tired – in my whole life.”
“Go to sleep now, honey. And dream of me.”