Bay Watch

Shawnie and Eddie had been living together for a long time.
Naturally neither of them knew much about the other except for the fact
that they loved eachother to death. One morning, Eddie had to get up early
and go to work. he got up, kissed Shawnie on the lips and fixed a quick
bite to eat and left without a word.

Meanwhile, Shawnie was tossing and turning in her sleep. Not really
violently, but more in a way that looked like she was having a real exotic
dream of some sort. Her breathing was slightly heavy, she was dripping
with sweat, and a slight moaning could be heard from her sweet lips. A
sudden knock at the door made her jerk up in the bed. She whiped the sweat
from her face and looked around.

“Who is it!”, she shouted in a tired voice.

“It’s me, C.J.!”, she heard from the other side of the front door of
her beach house.

Shawnie hesitated for a moment and thought back to what she had just
been dreaming about before she was rudely awakened by the knock at the
door. For a long time, there was a special person, a woman that she had
been working the beach with, that she actually considered very erotically
sexy, and had been dreaming about several heart pounding sexual encounters
she would liked to have had with her. But to her, this woman seemed so
pure…So straight. So she wasn’t sure of whether or not she should come
forward with this beautiful woman and tell her the truth.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the knock at the door again, and
C.J. shouting, “Shawnie! You gonna let me in or what!”

Shawnie pushed the covers off her. She was wearing a metallic blue
silk night gown. As she draped her legs over the edge of the bed to stand
up, the night gown rode up her inner thighs exposing a small part of the V
shape between her legs, covered nicely by her red Bay Watch baithing suit.

She had been so tired from working the day before, that she didn’t
even bother taking her baithing suit off to get ready for bed. She just
threw her night gown on over it. She put her slippers on and walked to the
door. She opened it and saw C.J. standing there in her red Bay Watch
baithing suit, with only a white button up dress shirt covering her. But
it wasn’t buttoned up. It was wide open and flapping in the cool brease.
Her long beautiful blonde hair was blowing in the wind. Shawnie stood
there for a brief moment checking her out from head to toe before finally
stepping asside to let her in. As C.J. walked passed her she wished so
badly she had the guts to tell C.J. about her little erotic fantasies she
had been having about her.

Shawnie closed the door and turned around expecting to find C.J., but
saw nobody.

“Where are you!”, she shouted.

“I’m in here!”, she heard C.J. yell to her from the bedroom.

Shawnie hesitated for a moment. “She’s in my bedroom?”, she
excitedly thought to herself. She walked slowly to the bedroom and saw
C.J. laying on the bed. A thousand fantasies ran through her head as she
stood there in the door way of her bedroom watching C.J. getting
comfortable on her bed. She noticed something different about her. When
she first let C.J. in, she was wearing a shirt. But now, she wasn’t. She
was just laying there in her baithing suit, legs and arms spread out
relaxing. Shawnie couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to do something
about these fantasies before they drove her crazy.

Taking a leap of faith and not caring what C.J. would do, she slowly
crept over to the bed and stood beside her for a moment. C.J.’s eyes were
closed. Shawnie took a moment to study her beautiful body from head to
toe. From her beautiful large breasts (bigger than any she had seen) to
the V shape between her legs which her Bay Watch baithing suit tightly
covered. As she studied C.J.’s body, she began to breath rather heavily.
She raised her hand toward one of C.J.’s breasts and hesitated for a
moment to look at her eyes to make sure they were still closed. When she
realized that they were, she slowly crept her hand closer and closer, and
finally rested it upon C.J.’s soft large right tit. As she lightly
squeezed it, she placed her hand between her own legs and felt a wet spot

She was so busy feeling her own pussy as she rubbed C.J.’s breast
that she didn’t take notice that C.J. had opened her eyes and witnessed
what was happening. She felt C.J.’s hand touch hers and bring it upon her
breast heavier. Shawnie was startled for a moment, and was about to pull
her hand away from C.J.’s breast when she looked over and saw her smiling
at her.

“Go ahead….This is what you’ve always wanted isn’t it?”, C.J. said
to her in a soft sexy voice.

Shawny was very surprised at what C.J. said to her. But at the same
time, was relieved that C.J. didn’t have a problem with what she was doing.
She smiled back at C.J. and slowly pulled her hand away and stepped a
little closer to her, pulled her night gown up to her hips, lifted her
right leg and strattled C.J.’s pelvice area and rested comfortably on top
of her. As she felt her pussy rest upon C.J.’s, she let out a soft moan
and reached down and placed both of her hands upon C.J.’s breasts and
started squeezing them softly at first, but then as the minutes went by,
she started to really get into what she was doing, and was now pinching
C.J.’s now hard nipples.

C.J. put her hands on Shawnie’s hips and held them in place as she
moved her hips up and down very slowly at first, but as she felt her pussy
rubbing against Shawnie’s, she began doing it faster and faster until she
reached a horse bucking motion. Shawnie was moaning louder and louder, and
C.J. joined her moans. C.J. stopped moaning and sat up. Her arms wrapped
around Shawnie’s back to support herself. She pulled herself closer to
Shawnie, and began pulling the straps of her baithing suit down to her
shoulders. Shawnie did the same to her. After both women’s breasts were
exposed to one another, the placed their arms around eachother and began
wildly and pationately kissing eachother.

Shawnie had her arms wrapped tightly around C.J.’s back and began
digging in her nails. When C.J. felt this, it only made her more wild, and
she quickly pulled Shawnie’s body tightly closer to hers. When she felt
Shawnie’s exposed breasts touching tightly against hers, she held her there
and continued to kiss her. Shawnie was moaning loudly into C.J.’s mouth as
their tongues met. They were now tasting eachother’s sweet syliva as the
two of them mad love to eachother’s mouth

C.J. layed back in the bead taking Shawnie with her. Shawnie brought
her legs back behind her, and was now fully on top of C.J.’s sweating body,
as she too was working up a hot sweat of her own. C.J. brought her legs
around Shawnie’s waste and locked her ankels around her waist and began
pulling wildly at her. Shawnie began wildly humping her beautiful lover as
the two of them continued passionately kissing one another.