Body Drafts

After removing her bra, Michelle slowly slipped off her more reluctant panties, then stood there holding both. She looked over at Dr Narain sheepishly, the underwear dangling from her hand.
“Anywhere,” Narain said with a generous shrug. “Just throw them over there.”
Michelle turned and tossed first the bra, then the panties onto a tawny brown plush chair squeezed next to the bedroom dresser. She then turned back to Dr Narain, arms folded lengthwise across her front, as if to attempting to cover her breasts and crotch-though very little of either was covered.
“It’s more comfortable here than in my office, isn’t it?” said Dr Narain.
“Not as cold, I think.” A knowing smile filtered in. “In any sense.”
“Yes,” Michelle giggled. “It is much more comfortable here. Very much.” She laughed again, then let her arms fall to her sides. After all, this was hardly the first time Narain had seen her naked body. The only difference was that this time they were in the doctor’s bedroom, not the office. After exchanging conspiratorial smiles with Narain, Michelle folded her arms behind her back, shifted her feet, threw her head back and posed, showing off her work-in-progress body.
Narain beamed, stepped forward and started caressing the edges of that delicate Chinese face, finally streaming skilled fingers through the patient’s hair. “Admiring your work?” Michelle asked with a nervous smile.
“Admiring your beauty,” Narain replied, with a more confident smile.
Michelle closed her eyes and leaned her head back further, allowing Narain to caress her more easily. She did, indeed, feel comfortable in the hands of this doctor. From that very first time she stepped into the office and saw Narain, she felt surprisingly at ease, glad that she had taken her friend Tania’s advice and sought out this particular specialist.
Michelle had been going to Dr Narain for just over a year now. She had started with botox treatments, then went on to collagen infusions, before moving up to minor surgery to give her the double eyelid that all affluent Asian women seem required to sport these days. Only recently had she decided to ask Narain about more radical procedures: body sculpting, breast enlargement, vaginal tightening. Though still anxious about this next stage, she was nonetheless determined to press ahead with it.
Narain had moved from stroking Michelle’s hair and face and was now skimming the tips of well-trained fingers across the patient’s neck. “Yes, you can use a little bit of work here. Don’t worry, we’ll get these lines gone completely. Very simple. We can do it next week at the office, if you like.”
“Botox?” Michelle asked. Narain gave another generous, reassuring smile, along with a shake of the head. “No, that won’t work here. What we’re looking at is just a short deep laser treatment. Fifteen minutes, tops, for this lovely neck of yours. And no down time really.”
Michelle nodded, just as Narain started grazing fingers lightly over her shoulders, before slowly easing them down to the outer curve of her breasts.
Michelle again closed her eyes and took long, deep breaths.
“I think your breasts are just … wonderful,” Narain told her. “They are so right for you. Why so many women here want those big, lumpy Western appendages, like the things poor Pamela Anderson has to struggle around with, I just don’t understand. It’s terrible.”
“Yes, I agree, Doctor. But my husband says they’re too small-
especially for the wife of someone in his position. He’d like something a little closer to Pamela’s problem.” During this exchange, Narain’s hands had cupped Michelle’s petite breasts and were now fondling them gently, working the palms dexterously along the soft, pliant curves.
“Well then, whatever … But like I’ve told you already, I think your husband is an absolute idiot.” For emphasis on this point, Narain started fondling the breasts with vigour. Michelle breathed deeply, bit her lower lip, then whispered out her reply.
“You are absolutely right. He is an idiot, A-list idiot actually, but he pays all the bills. Including all your bills.”
“For which, I am eternally grateful,” Narain answered, then leaned over and placed an eager mouth to Michelle’s nipples. First, the doctor’s lips gently grazed against the broad aureole and nipples, already hardened, before an ardent tongue started flicking against them. Soon, lips and tongue both began sucking in soft, measured pulls, as Michelle eagerly lost control.
She started running her hands wildly through the dark tangles of Narain’s hair, then, as Narain nuzzled upwards and started planting deep kisses on the neck, she dropped her hands to the doctor’s hips and rubbed vigorously, before gliding the hands around to clutch Narain’s well-toned butt. Narain responded instantly: the doctor’s crotch was pressed tightly against Michelle’s. As Narain took Michelle’s face and the two kissed fully on the mouth, their loins started grinding rhythmically against each other.
Then, as the tongues lashed in slow swirls upon each other, the twists of the loins grew longer, slower, more charged with purpose.
When they broke to seize a few breaths, Michelle gave a light push and stepped back. “Maybe we’d better change tactics here, or you’re going to have to rush those pants of yours right over to the dry-cleaners. And I have no idea how easy it is to get out those kinds of spots.” Narain again flashed that soft, reassuring smile. “To hell with it: I’ll just keep them as a souvenir of a very wonderful time in my life.” As Michelle grinned shyly, Narain leaned over and planted a quick, affectionate kiss on her lips. “But you’re right; it is unfair that I’m always ‘in uniform’ while you’re in various stages of undress.” The doctor then turned and indicated the bed with a theatrical flourish of the hand. “Anyway, it’s time we moved on to the next phase of the examination. So … shall we move to the … examination table, Mrs Tay?”
With an enthusiastic nod, Michelle padded over to the bed. Narain, already barefoot, followed just behind.
“Oh, I really like this examination table,” Michelle said, climbing onto the bed and sitting up, as her shapely legs (no work needed there) slid back and forth along the length of the bed. “Especially the 40-thread cotton sheets you’ve got on it.” Narain nodded. “Much better than those cold, metal stirrups in your office.”
“All in the interests of making the patient more comfortable, of course,” Narain said, starting to undo those pants Michelle had been so concerned about.
“Of course,” Michelle echoed, watching captivated as the doctor shed the other articles of clothing. Within moments, all of Narain’s clothing had been dropped to the floor, and the doctor spread both arms out like wings, showing off that very enviable body.
Although they’d had sort-of-sex several times in the surgery office, Michelle had never before seen Narain completely naked. She now found herself thoroughly aroused by the doctor’s well-sculpted form.
“God, you’ve got a great body there.” She smiled impishly, like a schoolgirl having happened upon an adult’s locked-up secret. “Did you go under the knife yourself to get there? Or get lasered, or whatever you can do these days?”
“That, my dear, is a professional secret. It would be a gross violation of the plastic surgeon’s code to reveal such details about a patient-any patient.” Michelle laughed. “And isn’t it maybe a teensy, weensy violation of the surgeon’s code to have sex with a patient-one still undergoing treatment?”
“Hmm,” replied Narain, “Now that you mention it, I think there is something about that in the code. But we don’t want to violate too many parts of the code all at once now, do we?”
Narain had by this point shuffled to the edge of the bed. Reaching down with the skill, tact and delicacy of a doctor starting a probe, Narain took Michelle’s right foot, raised it about six inches, then-while staring right into her eyes-started stroking the sole. “Now, what about these? Is your husband satisfied with your feet?” Narain started running two deft fingers along the easy curve of the foot. “Sure he doesn’t want the arches raised a little, perhaps lowered a little?”
“No, I think he’s fine with the feet,” Michelle answered, as her eyelids slid closed in enjoyment of this impromptu massage.
“Oh really? So he doesn’t want me to add a few dimples to the toes?
Make them even more delectable?” At this, the doctor raised Michelle’s foot slightly higher and started sucking on those toes. This sent Michelle into a slow spin of ecstasy, which only intensified as Narain turned the foot gently and started slowly licking the sole. The doctors’ tongue flowed along the pinkish skin, paused to give one spot special treatment, flowed again. In muted rapture, Michelle herself raised the other foot and rubbed it against the doctor, from the strong chin down to just below the waist.
Narain put the two feet together, kissed each one, then slowly lowered them back onto the bed. Michelle looked up with keen anticipation. When Narain answered this look with a feigned quizzical expression, Michelle reached for the doctor. Smiling, Narain took her hand, caressed it, then slipped fully onto the bed, next to her. With head raised, supported by the left arm, the doctor gave a slow, appreciative scrutiny along the entire length of her body. It was clear that Narain took both pride and delight in attending to Michelle and all her needs.
“So, Doctor, do you think there’s hope for me?”
“Oh … much hope; much, much hope,” the surgeon replied, allowing a hand to roll slowly over the slope of Michelle’s thighs. “It’s just a matter of determining what we want and then, you know, setting out the proper body drafts.”
“Body drafts?” Michelle was obviously amused by the term.
“Yes, my darling-body drafts. We examine the basic material, sketch out a working topography, then decide what we wish to create out of that. The actual surgery is the hard part, of course; taking body drafts is much easier and, I have to say, much more fulfilling.” At this, Narain leaned over as if to kiss her, but suddenly stopped short and delivered a playful tickle instead.
Michelle, of course, laughed and in the middle of her laughter managed to say, “Alright, Doctor, let’s see how you carry out your drafts.” She pointed a mock warning finger at the beaming face. “And I expect a thorough job here.”
“Of course; you should expect nothing less from me. Let’s see: we can easily sculpt a more svelte curvature here …” the doctor’s hand slid up the thigh, all the way to the place where it met the other, lingering there a few moments “… and here.” Narain now began squeezing the hips, which Michelle had long considered too well padded.
“And there’s no problem at all shaping this luscious part.” Narain had just swung one leg over the patient and was now straddling Michelle as the trained surgeon’s hands did a quick draft of the buttocks, kneading the soft flesh as if about to sculpt it into a splendidly taut masterwork. Michelle elevated her hips slightly, allowing the doctor’s strong fingers to slip in and then run along the crack of the ass from top to bottom. The fingers gently rotated as they made their way down the soft cleft. Like that first time it had happened at the office, Michelle was amazed at how much pleasure she could take from this ‘disgusting’ manoeuvre-when done by someone who obviously knew what they were doing.
Still arched over Michelle’s eager body, supported by elbows and knees, Narain bent down until moistened lips hovered maybe an inch away from the breasts. “And there are just… so many possibilities with these beauties here.” The tongue, the teeth, the lips now swept all over Michelle’s breasts, sending the patient into deeper ecstasy.
“And as for that vaginal tightening your idiot husband wants …”
“Yes, Doctor, yes-s-s?”
“Well, let’s explore the territory in question.”
As Narain said this, two skilled fingers were already slipping inside Michelle, testing pleasure spots Michelle herself had somehow always neglected until Narain had taught her a month and a half ago. The very willing patient rose slightly and began swivelling on these two fingers as Narain, now repositioned, eased the same two fingers from the other hand in and began rotating vigorously in close rhythm to Michelle’s gyrations.
Her eyes shut tightly, fingers squeezed into Narain’s shoulders, Michelle thrust herself on and around the fingers until, within maybe twenty seconds, she came. Then, clutching the doctor’s wrists, she pushed down, intensifying the pleasure as she swelled into a second orgasm. Oh God, I always come with Dr Narain, she thought-even those crazy times in the office, where it was so cold and rushed, with a pack of other patients waiting impatiently outside.
Always came. She told herself it was simply because Narain was a doctor, a surgeon trained in handling those most intricate-and intimate-
parts of the body that she could … She didn’t dare to try on any other explanation for Narain’s unfailing success at bringing her to orgasm. After another few moments, Michelle opened her eyes and peered with a swirl of love-lust at this highly skilled healer.
“And your husband wants this lovely passage tightened?” The doctor’s brow furrowed in mock bewilderment. “I don’t know. It certainly works for me.” The fingers started churning around again energetically. “And most important, Michelle darling, it clearly works for you. Oh yes: definitely.” The fingers still there inside the patient, Narain bent over to kiss Michelle gently on the lips. As their lips brushed against each other, Michelle grabbed the back of the doctor’s head, pulled it in closer and turned that gentle kiss into a long, urgent, passionate embrace.
At the end of the kiss, Narain rose off Michelle slightly, pulling the fingers back until just the tips were still inside. As those tips started rotating gently, Michelle was filled with a fierce urge to give the doctor as much pleasure as she had just taken, more if possible … yes, more and more-for both of them. More.
In high arousal, she pulled herself up slightly and reached out-reached out to take Dr Narain’s breasts, pulling at those gorgeous tits, much larger than her own, then rose and, while still massaging the breasts, started sucking desperately at one dark nipple, then the other. As she sucked, she also moved her left hand to the doctor’s own vagina and started stroking along the moist slit, caressing its cushion of tightly whorled hair.
As Michelle pulled back to see the mounting rapture on her physician’s face, she managed to push this larger woman down on her back and whispered,
“So, Dr Narain, do you like the taste of your own medicine?” The doctor put her hand over Michelle’s and started pressing hard against it. “Oh yes, yes indeed. I think I’d even enjoy a little overdose, if you don’t mind.”
By now, Michelle had slipped her own fingers into Narain. She bowed lower and before starting to trace her tongue along the sweet curve of the doctor’s lovely left breast, she replied, “Well, we’ll give it all we can. But you’ll have to tell me if I’m doing everything right. After all, you’re the doctor, Dr Narain.”
“Please,” she murmured, “call me Vivien.”
Michelle looked up from the robust mound of the doctor’s breasts.
“Alright then … Vivien. You know, Vivien, I’m beginning to see just what you mean about the fun of taking body drafts.”