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The Final Level – big tits

Gwen looked at herself in the bedroom mirror and softly caressed her large breasts. Then taking each nipple between her fingers gave them each a vicious squeeze that made her gasp. She couldn’t believe what she was contemplating on doing this morning. She had played around the edges of it in her mind for years, […]

Body Drafts

After removing her bra, Michelle slowly slipped off her more reluctant panties, then stood there holding both. She looked over at Dr Narain sheepishly, the underwear dangling from her hand. “Anywhere,” Narain said with a generous shrug. “Just throw them over there.” Michelle turned and tossed first the bra, then the panties onto a tawny […]

Whiskey dreams

Thursday evening my sexy girlfriend, Kayla called and asked what time I’d be home on Friday? “I told her that I really didn’t know but it probably wouldn’t be till late if we worked for 14 hours, “Then I had to drive for 5 hours to get home. “She said, Ok, “Then told me that […]