Caught By The Babysitter

Tina Mallory was an 18 year high school graduate trying to make money
for the summer. She was not very tall but very attractive. She had long
red hair flowing down nearly to her backside and although she didnt
understand why…her breasts never did get very big…An A-cup…she
was so embarrased..However, it never stopped her from getting looks and
stares from both men and women. Her own sexual experience hadnt been
much except for a few boys her age who just wanted handjobs once they
saw her small breasts.

Tonight, she had been asked by the Carters to look after a daughter Angela…or as her parents called her, Angel. Angel Carter
had been babysat by Tina since the beginning of the summer…Angel
adored Tina and always wanted Tina’s attention.

Angel wasnt the only person that wanted Tina’s attention….Angel’s 17
year old brother Doug had been getting hard ons for Tina since he saw
her at the beginning of the summer when Tina came to babysit Angel

Doug was tall with dark hair and despite his age was a well built
teenager for his age….However no matter how hard he tried could never
get a date and had never had any sexual experience of any kind except
with his own hand.

Tonight, Doug was sitting in his room thinking about Tina and was
getting very excited thinking of her getting here and he had dreamed
that one day he would love to fuck the girl of his dreams. As he
thought of Tina, Doug had slipped his hand to his pants and started to
stroke his penis.

As he undid his pants to give his hardened manhood room to breathe, it
came out and was huge for a boy his age just as the rest of him was. He
began stroking his 8 inch tool lost in thoughts of Tina.

Tina was busy in the next room putting Angel to bed for the night. As
she quietly closed the door, she then walked past Doug’s room to go
watch television. As she was about to pass the room, she heard a loud
groan and stopped.Placing her ear to the door she could hear Doug’s
unmistakable groans of pleasure as he was masturbating.

Tina had noticed Doug and he certainly wasnt unattractive but had
wondered why on weekends he was never out on dates with girls. As she
listened she felt her pussy become wet. Unable to control herself she
quietly opened the door and just stood and watched as he stroked his

As she watched, she saw the size of his manhood and just stood in shock
as she watched. Not taking her eyes off his tool as she watched him
stroke his fully hard manhood. As he was nearing his climax he yelled ”
Oh god Tina! I love you! Gonna cum down your hot little throat!” He
then let out another groan as his seed shot from his cock in spurts. It
was a good three minutes before he finally relaxed and his hardened
manhood finally went limp.

Tina stood in shock as she heard him yell her name. Had he seen her.
She stood at the door waiting and could see his eyes were not even
looking at her..She breathed a sigh of relief. As she stood
there,unable to take her eyes of his now deflated cock.

Doug turned his head towards the door and saw her standing there.
Embarrased he immediately covered himself with is pants. God he
thought, I’m in deep shit.

As both stood and looked at each other embarrased, Tina then came into
the room and closed the door behind her. She looked at him and took a
deep breath and spoke. ” How long have you been doing this?”

Doug, his face now beat red stood there in shock unable to answer. He
just wanted to hide and now he was worried his parents would find out.
He said nothing though. Just lowered his eyes in embarrasment.

His look said a lot to Tina and Tina knew she would have to make the
first move and without a word lowered herself to his manhood. She
couldnt believe she was doing this but she wanted this and also wanted
to let him know she was not mad.

Her small hand gripped his cock and she started to move it up and
down,still amazed at the size of it. As she touched him she felt his
tool grow slowly in her hand very quickly and she just kept stroking

Doug was in shock. Here he was, his dream of a lifetime coming true as
she stroked his cock. With no warning she then lowered her mouth to his
cock and started to swirl her tongue around the head of his manhood.

Tina unable to control herself wanted to taste him. She had never had
the pleasure of giving head but felt she had heard enough about it from
her girlfriends to be able to know what to do so as she sucked his
cock, she heard his groans of pleasure telling her she was doing fine.

For ten minutes she sucked him and was rewarded with an explosion from
his cock that she never expected. All she could do was swallow as he
emptied his cock inside her mouth.

Finally he let out a loud groan of pleasure as he shot the last of his
seed down her throat. As soon as she was done she then got up and
smiled at him and told him she would be right back. She had to check on
his little sister.

When she returned, she smiled and said ” Now that I have tasted you. I
want you to taste me” With that she undid her jeans and slid her
panties and jeans down at the same time to reveal her bald pussy.

Doug smiled as he buried his face in Tina’s pussy. Doug had finally had
his dream come true and Tina’s moans of pleasure confirmed it. Life was