High school swingers 4.

Once again her fingers laced around his cock. She could get both hands on his staff. She began to move her hands up and down.
“Shit, baby,” he panted. “Keep that up and I’ll come all over you.”
“Not on me,” she whispered. “Mostly in my mouth.”
That excited him. He’d thought he was going to have to talk her into taking his cock into those sweet, red lips, but she didn’t seem afraid.
“Kiss it, sugar,” he said. “Kiss it!”
His voice was urgent because he could already feel the juices bubbling in his balls. He knew she wasn’t going to have to suck him long before he exploded into her mouth.
She licked away the drop of cream that appeared on the end of his cock. Then she opened her mouth and took the crown gently between her lips. She began to push at the tiny opening with her tongue. She tasted more of his jism.
“Baby,” he groaned. “Baby, it feels good.”
She brought one hand up to play with his balls as she kept her tongue against his slit. She felt him start moving his hips, trying to thrust up into her mouth.
She moved her hand up from his balls to his staff. She wrapped her fingers around his trembling cock and began jerking him again.
“Shit,” he groaned. “You’re killing me, sugar. You’re killing me.”
This time she took more of his staff into her throat, sucking him deeper and deeper until she felt his cock-head pushing against the back of her throat.
Again her fingers caressed his balls. Her hot mouth worked on him until he was nearly going.
He could stand it no longer! He grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting up into her mouth. He knew he was going deeper than he should have, but he couldn’t control himself. He kept feeling his balls brush against her chin with each deep, savage stoke.
“Ummmm, shit,” he groaned. “I love it, baby. I love it. Goddamn, it feels good. Goddamn!”
He felt his balls aching as he squirted the first of his cream into her mouth. She began to choke but he was too excited to release her.
“Ahhhh, sweet shit, sugar,” he groaned. “Swallow my cum. Shit, swallow my cum. Shit, it feels so good. So fucking good. Swallow that stuff. Swallow itttt!”
She swallowed as quickly as she could, taking every drop of his liquid down her throat. He tasted fiery. She kept sucking away at his cock until she felt it growing limp.
“Goddamn,” he said softly. “Goddamn.” He fell back against the floor as they both heard the doorbell ring.
“Now, who the hell could that be?” Matt asked savagely.
He knew he wasn’t supposed to have any visitors that afternoon. He didn’t like people coming to see him on Sunday afternoons.
He got up and wrapped a robe around himself. “Don’t get dressed,” he told her. “I’m coming back.”
“I’m counting on it,” Debbie said.
She stayed out of sight of the door but she heard the low voices.
She was surprised when Matt came back into sight once more and wasn’t alone.
“Mr. Wailer!” Debbie said, shocked. She thought about scrambling for her clothes, but he had already seen everything she had. She was leaning on her elbows and her pussy was in plain view. There was nothing over her titties. He ran his eyes over her with an amused glance.
“What’s going on?” Debbie asked.
“Well,” Matt said. “James convinced me that he wanted to join our party. And who knows, it might be fun.”
“Fun?” Debbie asked.
She shivered. Of course she had wondered what it would be like with two men, but she hadn’t really been serious in her interest.
“I don’t think so,” Debbie said. “I think I’d better leave now.”
“No, Debbie,” Matt said. “We hadn’t finished.”
“I’m finished,” Debbie said.
She started searching for her clothes, but James Wailer stepped on her bra.
“There’s no hurry, child,” he said softly. “No hurry at all.”
“But I can’t,” Debbie protested. “Not with two men. I never have before.”
“Then it’s time you did,” James said.
He watched her eyes and he was sure he saw a flicker of interest. She may have been frightened, but she was also curious about what was going to happen to her.
James was beginning to learn that a lot of women were alike. They were betrayed by their own excitement and when something was wrong, it only seemed to make their excitement more intense.
She wanted to leave, but she badly wanted to stay and find out what would happen. Debbie remembered the pictures in the magazines that belonged to her father and to Diane’s father. There were dirty pictures of couples and of two men with one woman. She remembered her hot excitement when she’d seen those pictures.
“I don’t know,” Debbie said. “I don’t think we should.”
“Comb on, Debbie,” Matt said. “Be a sport.”
Matt pulled off his robe and James started undressing. He was flabby but she saw that his cock was thick and already coming to life. Debbie licked her lips nervously.
“I don’t know,” Debbie repeated.
They really weren’t going to give her a lot of choice in the matter. Matt stretched out on one side of her and James stretched out on the other. Suddenly two pairs of hands caressed and stroked her body. Two hands tugged at her titties while two hands parted her thighs and began to play in her blonde bush.
“God,” she moaned softly.
James was kissing her titties. He bent over and his lips sucked at one of her nipples and she felt the bud become hard in his mouth.
Matt was not wasting any time either. He caressed her nipple and then let his hand go down to stroke her taut, nervous stomach.
“Oh,” she said. “I feel like there’re butterflies in my stomach. I feel so strange!”
“Sure you do,” James said. “And you’re going to feel a lot stranger before we’re done. You’ve never had two men before.”
“No,” she said. “Never.”
“You’re going to enjoy it,” Matt promised.
His lips pressed against hers and cut off any response she might have made. She felt his tongue slip urgently into her mouth.
She pushed her tongue against his, feeling him wiggle it on the inside of her mouth. She sucked at his tongue hungrily, greedily, as if she were trying. She shivered as she felt James’ lips sucking harder at her titties, going from one to the other with butterfly kisses that made her ache.
His hand touched Matt’s hand as he dropped it between her legs. It had never been like this before. Nothing had ever been like this.
She felt so many fingers between her legs. Fingers that caressed her swollen cunt lips and rubbed against her furry snatch. She ground herself against the probing hands.
“She’s starting to feel it,” James said. “She’s really starting to feel it.”
“I told you she was a hot little bitch,” Matt said. “Why did you think I called you?”
It was only then that she realized Matt had only been acting when he said he didn’t know who was at the door. He had known. He had probably called James Wailer when he went to make the drinks.
She remembered now that he had left the room and yet, there was a bar in plain view across the room, with plenty of bottles. Matt Kinkaid had planned this.
She didn’t care. She was glad that he had planned it. It felt good, really good. She sucked at Matt’s hot tongue even harder.
“Damn,” James said. “I’m getting so fucking hard.”
She felt herself being pulled toward James and she felt his cock brushing against her thigh. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his immense tool.
He hadn’t been lying. He was hard. His rod felt like a club between her fingers. She moved her fingers gently up and down and felt her fingers get sticky.
“God,” James groaned. “Oh, God, she’s making me feel good. Good!”
She pulled his cock snug against her snatch and felt the pressure.
“God,” she said. “I’m hot enough. Get it in me. Get that big thing in me.”
She had not even thought about what Matt was going to do. All she could think of was that she wanted that big club-like cock between her legs.
James thrust and he filled her up.
“Unimm,” she said softly. “Umm, that feels good.”
He didn’t move. His thick cock vibrated within her and she loved the feeling. He kept still until she had to start moving against him.
“Fuck me,” she said softly. “Please fuck me. Your big cock feels so good. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my cunt!”
He began to move in and out of her while his chest pressed hard against her titties and his mouth searched for hers. She opened her mouth willingly as she felt his fat tongue slide into her lips.
“Mmmmmmm,” she said. “Mmmmmmm.” He started fucking her in slow, gentle strokes that pushed his cock deep into her pussy. With each stroke, she could feel him stretching her cunt walls. She could also feel him leaking slightly. His thick cream mixed with her juices and made his deep strokes easier.
“I love it,” she said softly. “It feels good. I love your big cock.”
“I love your pussy,” James said. “I love how tight it feels.”
Again she wondered what Matt was doing, behind her. She couldn’t really concentrate on him. She could only think about the good cock filling her.
She felt Matt kissing her neck aid then his hands slipping over her shoulders and down to grope her titties.
“Sweet titties,” he said softly. “You’ve got a sweet pair of titties.”
She pushed her titties into his hands. She loved the way his rough skin rubbed her aching nipples, the way his fingers gently caressed her. She felt her skin come alive, all tingly and hot.
She pressed herself even harder against him.
“Ummm,” she groaned. “You two are turning me on. You’re making me feel so hot.”
He kissed the back of her neck and then ran his tongue down her spine. She felt his tongue probing at the crack of her ass.
“What are you doing?” she asked in a frightened whisper.
James kissed her again and cut off anything else she wanted to say. She felt Matt’s tongue go into the crack of her ass all the way to her anus. He began to rim her anus and it felt better than she could have imagined.
Then, she started to remember some of the pictures in her father’s folder and especially those that had belonged to Diane’s father. There were color pictures of a girl pinned between two men, one cock had been in the girl’s pussy and the other cock had been deep in the girl’s ass.
Debbie felt frightened.
“Oh, no,” she said. “Oh, my God, no. You can’t do that to me!”
“Just relax,” Matt told her. “It’ll only hurt a little.”
“Just a little,” Debbie moaned in horror. “No you can’t. You can’t.”
Matt’s tongue still played in the crack of her ass. Now she felt him pushing his tongue into her anus. He was getting her wetter there.
She tiled to push James away but there was no way she could do that. James had her completely impaled on his cock and his arms kept her steady. There was no way she could push him very far and the good feelings his cock had her made her feel weak.
“Oh, Jesus,” she said softly. “You can’t.”
“Yes, I can,” Matt said. “I will.”
His fingers parted her asscheeks and she felt his breath on the back of her neck again. She shuddered when she felt his hard prick-head pressing against her anus.
“No,” she begged him. “Please, no!”
“Just relax, sugar,” he said. “Just try to relax. I won’t hurt you.”
She couldn’t relax because she knew he was lying and was going to hurt her. She knew his big cock going into her would have to hurt.
Site didn’t want his cock in her ass. She tried to wiggle any from him, but the two men held her firmly.
“Don’t fight it,” Matt said calmly. “Fighting won’t do you a bit of good.”
“Don’t!” she screamed at him. “Don’t do this to me. I won’t enjoy this.”
“You’ll enjoy it,” he assured her. “You’re going to enjoy it a lot.”
“No,” she begged him. “Oh, my God, no!”
His cock pressed harder against her anus and she started frantically struggling to get away. Nothing helped. She felt his huge cock-head forcing the walls of her anus to stretch.
“Shit,” she groaned. “Please stop. You’re hurting me. You said you wouldn’t but you’re hurting me.”
“It won’t hurt long,” he promised.
His cock began to push into her tight ass. His cock was so big. She had never realized how big a cock could be. He pushed hard and she screamed in pain.
“No,” she moaned. “No, no, no, no!”
He didn’t stop. He continued the pressure until his cock-head pushed past her anus and popped inside. She shuddered as she felt him pushing again. A fiery pain came to her insides. The more she struggled the deeper she seemed to suck his cock into her ass.
“Ahhhh,” he said softly. “You’ve stopped fighting. Now it’ll be easier.”
“Bastard,” she said.
He laughed. He kept pushing until she felt his entire cock go into her, all the way into her stomach. It seemed like a burning pain was in her stomach.
“God!” she moaned.
He kept his cock still and told James to continue to stroke her.
After a few moments she began to feel the relaxed muscles of her insides. Slowly, she was growing less tense and wetting up enough to keep his cock in her ass without too much pain.
“Feeling better?” he asked.
“Bastard,” she said softly.
Then he began to move. It wasn’t hard, just a gentle back-and-forth movement that made her grow more slippery and more relaxed.
It seemed impossible but the pain left her and she felt herself responding again to James’ deep strokes. The two men found a rhythm together.
Two strong cocks filled her insides. She found herself responding to them, with gentle tinglings at first, then with a growing hunger.
“She’s starting to like it,” James said. “She’s starting to feel your cock.”
“I told you she would,” Matt said. “All the cunts love it when the pain stops.”
They started fucking her harder as they sensed the intensity of her excitement. She could feel their heavy balls slapping against her.
He was right. Matt was right, damn him! It was starting to feel good. She was beginning to feel fire all over her body. She moaned deep in her throat as she felt all her floodgates let loose.
“God!” she cried. “I can feel both your cocks in me. I love it. God, I love it. I can’t stand it. It feels so good. I’m going to come. Jesus, I’m coming. I’m coming. Jesus, I’M COMINGGAGHGHGHGH!!”
It was so nice. Her orgasm made every part of her body tingle. She felt their cocks growing in her and she knew they were both getting ready to come.
“Fuck!” Matt cried. “Fuck, it feels so good!”
“I can feel you coming,” she said. “I can feel you both coming. It feels so good. So good. I can feel you squirting me. Squirting. Oh, Jesus, fill me up.”
She kept pushing at the two of them until she felt them slow down and then stop. They were both breathing hard.
“Christ,” James Wailer said. “That was fantastic. I’ve never felt anything like that.”
Debbie hardly listened to the two men as they talked. She felt herself drifting into a deep sleep. She’d never felt so completely satisfied.
Diane didn’t understand the urgent message sent to her in gym class. She was right in the middle of her sit-ups when her gym teacher called her over.
“Diane,” Miss Caulfield had said. “You’re wanted right away in Mr. Kinkaid’s office.”
“Mr. Kinkaid,” Diane had said. “But whatever for?”
“I don’t know,” her teacher said. “But it’s very important. At least his note sounded urgent.”
“All right,” Diane said. “I’ll go change right away.”
“No,” her teacher said. “You don’t have time for that. Go right away.”
Diane looked, curiously at her teacher. It was a school rule that the girls weren’t supposed to leave the gym while dressed in the blue gym shorts and blue top, especially the way Diane filled her suit out.
“But my clothes,” Diane said.
“You’ll be all right this time,” her teacher said impatiently. “Now go on.”
Diane nodded and hurried out of the gym.
She was immediately aware of the looks some of her classmates gave her, and she was even more aware of the look one of the boys gave her.
He was walking down the hall and his eyes got wide as he saw her coming toward him.
“Ummmmm,” he said. “You look delicious, Diane.”
She might have gotten angry at him a few days before, but today she didn’t. Instead, she gave him a wink and shook her thick head of hair.
“Maybe you’ll find out someday, buster,” she said.
He grinned at her and it was easy enough to read his dirty thoughts. Diane brushed close to him as she passed by and she felt his hand touch her ass lightly.
“Why, buster,” she said, pretending shock. “You’d better watch where you put your hands.”
He grinned at her again.
She hurried on and saw nobody else until she reached the math building. Debbie was standing outside. Diane gave her friend a wave.
“What are you doing here?” Debbie asked.
“I got an urgent message,” Diane said.
“I did too,” Debbie said. “They jerked me out of my study hall.”
“I wonder what it’s about,” Diane said.
The two girls went into the math building and reached Mr. Kinkaid’s office in a few minutes. Diane felt a little uneasy as they went into his office. Mr. Kinkaid sat behind his desk and he smiled at them.
“Hi, girls,” he said. “Come on in.”
“What’s the matter?” Diane questioned. “Is something wrong?”
“Shut the door, Debbie,” Mr. Kinkaid said.
He watched the swing of Debbie’s hips as she turned to shut the door. He shifted his position so that his hard cock would not be so uncomfortable.
“I asked if something was wrong?” Diane asked. She was a feisty one, all right. Matt liked his girls a little fiery. He had thought about this ever since the Sunday afternoon with Debbie and he just couldn’t wait any more. He had to take a chance. “No,” he said.
“Then why did you send a message asking us to leave class?” Debbie asked.
“Yes,” Diane said. “What’s so urgent?”
“Me,” he said slowly. “I’m urgent.” He could tell that Diane was still a little confused, but Debbie understood immediately.
“Both of us?” Debbie asked.
“Both of you,” Matt said. “I’ve been thinking about it a long time. Now I can’t wait any more. My cock’s hurting from wanting it so bad.”
“Ummm,” Debbie said.
There was one thing he could say about Debbie without fear of lying and that was she wasn’t shy. Or perhaps Debbie had thought about the same thing.
He watched the young blonde girl start undoing the buttons of her blouse.
“Now, wait just a minute,” Diane said, not sure of what was going on.
“Come on,” Debbie said. “Don’t be proud. It should be fun.”
Debbie was already half-undressed. Her beautiful titties were naked and Diane remembered again how those luscious mounds had tasted. She felt a little weak in her knees.
“Yeah,” Matt Kinkaid said. “Don’t spoil things. I’ve been looking forward to this.”
Diane shrugged her shoulders. “What the hell,” she said. “I’m not a virgin or anything. You already took care of that little thing.”
Matt grinned. His cock pounded hotly as he watched the two girls finish undressing.
“Stand close to one another,” he said. They moved closer to one another and Debbie took Diane’s hand in her own.
They were just as beautiful standing together as he had pictured them in his mind. Both of them had beautiful bodies. Diane’s titties may have been just a little bigger. Diane’s black bush was heavier.”Goddamn,” he said softly. “Fantastic. You’re both fantastic-looking.”
The startling contrast of their bodies would have turned a priest on. Debbie with her light, good looks and Diane with her jet-dark hair.
“God,” he said. “God, it makes me so hard just looking.”
“Then we’ll just have to do something about that,” Diane said.
He walked over and sat don on his couch. He wasn’t too surprised when both girls fell down beside his legs. He put his hands against their heads and let his fingers run through their thick hair.
“Ummm,” Diane said. “Let’s see how hard the poor baby is.”
“Yes,” Debbie agreed. “His poor cock looks so uncomfortable in those tight trousers.”
He felt fingers tugging his zipper down and two hot hands going into his trousers. The fingers searched for his cock and found it. He fell his cock being pulled out of his trousers.
“Ummmm, nice,” Debbie said. “Let’s have a little of that sweet stuff.”
He groaned as Debbie bent her head and suddenly sucked his entire cock into her throat.
“God,” he moaned.
Ups kissed his balls as Debbie drew his cock deep into her throat and let her throat muscles work on his cock-head.
“Great,” he said softly. “That’s fantastic. God, it feels wonderful.”
“And it’s my turn,” Diane said.
He groaned as Debbie’s lips left his cock. Then again he was drawn into a hot sheath. Diane’s mouth seemed even hotter than Debbie’s, if that were possible. He felt his cock-head sucked deep into her tight throat muscles. He knew he was leaking, but Diane didn’t seem to mind.
“Uh, shit,” he grunted. “Shit, that’s nice. You’re going to blow my wad, Diane.”
Diane had no intention of letting him come in her mouth, at least not yet. She wanted to take him to places where he had never gone before. She wanted to teach him what a real blowjob could be like.
“God,” he said softly. “I’m getting there.”
He protested when he felt her hot mouth leaving his cock.
“No,” he said. “Put it back. Please suck me some more. Don’t quit.”
Debbie knew what she intended to do. Both girls smiled at one another as they gave him time to relax. In a few minutes, Matt had relaxed again.
“Now,” he groaned. “Suck it some more.”
Debbie’s mouth closed over his cock-head and her teeth began to work on his sensitive crown.
“Jesus,” he grunted. “Jesus, I’ve never felt like this. Never before.”
Diane had a smug look as she bent her head and started using her tongue on his heavy balls. She ran her tongue over and under his heavy balls and then farther down to the crack of his ass. She felt his anus with her tongue and she was rewarded by a soft groan.
She rimmed his tight hole.
“Christ,” he grunted. “You girls are killing me. Christ, it’s killing me!”
He had never felt so hot. One tongue in his ass and the other hot mouth enveloping his cock like liquid fire, like being covered with lava.
He grabbed her head but she twisted out of his gasp.
“No, no,” Debbie chided him gently. “Let’s not get impatient.”
But he couldn’t get more impatient. Every time he looked down he could see the two heads working on his cock. He couldn’t stand the tight pressure of his clothes any longer.
He pushed them both away and unbuckled his trousers. He tugged his trousers and shorts down.
“Get over the desk,” he said.
“What?” they both asked at once.
Now he had them where he wanted them. He was back in charge again. He felt the power going through him. He could control them. He knew how to make them tremble.
“Get on the desk,” he said. “Both of you. Bend over so I can see your cunts.”
“But we were sucking you,” Debbie said. “Didn’t you like it?”
“I loved it,” he said. “But now I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”
“Both of us?” Debbie questioned.
“Yes,” he said.
“But how are you going to do that?” Diane asked.
“Get over the Goddamned desk,” he said savagely. “I’ll show you.”
The girls looked puzzled and confused but they did as he told them. They bent over the desk so that they were both lying close together. Debbie reached out and took Diane’s hand and Diane shivered.
A month before, she would have never dreamed that anything like this could happen to her. “Now I’ll show you,” Matt said.
He gave them no time. He didn’t want them to think about what he was going to do. He slammed his cock savagely into Debbie and he heard her groan.
Quickly he pulled his hard cock out of her tight cunt and positioned himself behind Diane. He slammed his cock into Diane’s cunt with the same savage fury.
“Oh, God,” Diane gasped.
He knew the girls had never expected anything like this, not in a thousand years. He had seen their smug looks and he wanted to teach them a lesson. Today he would teach them how it really felt to be completely fucked.
“Move closer,” he said.
Diane and Debbie moved even closer to ape another. Their bodies touched. He didn’t have to move so far, now. He slammed his cock back into Diane and then into Debbie. In a few minutes, he had established a rhythm.
“God,” Diane moaned. “What are you doing to us? This is crazy!”
“Ummmm,” Debbie agreed, “but crazy good.”
“You’re fucking right it feels good,” he said. “I’m going to take you both to the stars. Hang on.”
He fucked them as savagely as he had ever fucked anyone. First one tight cunt, and then, the other tightened around his cock.
“God!” he gasped. “You both feel so fucking good and tight. It’s like fucking twin pussies.”
Again and again, he slammed his cock deep into their greedy cunts. He felt them get slippery as their juices started to flaw.
“Hot, baby?” he asked. “Getting hot?”
Both of them started grunting in answer. Now they were both pushing back against him, trying to draw his cock as deeply into them as they could.
“Shit,” he grunted.
Nothing had ever felt so good. The only sound in the room was the heavy slap of his balls against the cheeks of their asses, and the slippery sound his cock made as it slipped deeply within them.
“God,” he said softly. “Good. Good stuff. I fucking love it!”
He knew when they were getting ready to come. He could feel them tensing up, both of them at almost the same time. Debbie was the first one to scream and he left his cock in her a moment longer than usual.
“God!” she groaned. “I’m coming. I’m coming. God, it feels so good. I love it. God, it feelssogoooddddd!!!!”
He slammed into her one more time and then he moved completely behind Diane. He shoved his thick cock into her one time and he felt her start wiggling. A moment later, he could feel his cock being flooded by her juices and her cuntal muscles working on his thick cock-head.
“Jesus!” she said savagely. “JESUS CHRIST I LOVEE IIIIT!”
He slammed his cock into her a few more times and then he brought it out.
“On your knees,” he commanded.
This time there was no teasing pretense as Debbie and Diane fell on their knees before his cock. Diane took his cock into her mouth and Debbie’s tongue worked on his balls. In a moment, Diane felt the first squirt of his jism.
“Both of you,” he said. “Both of you suck some of it up.”
Debbie tongued up his cock and pressed her mouth against Diane’s. They both tasted his jism the next time he squirted. They both swallowed some of the creamy fluid. He squirted one more time and it coated their lips.
Diane went don on his shaft and licked him clean. Only then did Diane and Debbie leave their knees.
“Good,” he said. “Fucking good. We’ll have to do this again.” He patted Diane’s head. “You’ve come a long way since you saw me fucking the redhead.”
Diane knew what he said was true. She had come a long way, but she had a long way to go yet.
She had things to learn, lots of things. She found herself looking forward to learning as much as she could about fucking.
Diane licked her lips and tasted a little salty jism. A funny little smile came to her lips. Yes, she really was going to enjoy learning!