Fill my Hole with fist, toys and fingers

Since she was a teen girl Megan had enjoyed playing with herself, rubbing
her clit until the release as the waves of pleasure washed over her
body. As she grew up she experimented more, learning to use the things she
found around her.

What exited her were the possibilities. She could not look at a piece of
fruit, or spray can, or hairbrush without thinking, “I wonder what that
would feel like in my pussy?”

When her folks were out her would lock herself in her room in front of the
mirror with a selection of toys and some baby oil.

First she would strip and kneel in front of the mirror, pouring oil over her
budding breasts, rubbing it over her body, caressing her budding tits before
gently circling her pussy lips with her oily fingers. Leaning back she would
pick out her first toy, usually a thin candle and rub it along the length of
her pussy. When it was wet with oil she would open her pussy lips with her
fingers and slowly slip it into her tight little hole. before rubbing her
clit in short circular movements of her middle finger.

Over the course of a session she would gradually increase the size of the
toy, moving first to a carrot, then, as she became more aroused on to a
banana. She got to enjoy the feel of her toys stretching the walls of her
pussy as her young body enveloped the objects she inserted. Her biggest
orgasms always coincided with her pussy feeling stretched to the limit.

By the time she got to college she would work up to a coke bottle. Reaching
orgasm as the neck of the bottle worked its way to her cervix. stretching
her open as the widest part of the bottle slipped into her pussy.

Megan was lucky. Donna, her room mate, was often out, leaving her alone to
pleasure herself.

A few weeks into term Donna was out and, alone in the room feeling horny
Megan started to play with herself. Laying naked on the bed she started with
her fingers, inserting one, then two, then three of her long thing digits
into her wet pussy. She looked around for more and picked up her hairbrush,
inserting the handle then slowly rotating the bristles against her clit. The
brush was good but she didn’t feel stretched enough to come. She looked
around again and spotted the empty Sprite bottle Donna used as a candle
holder. Grabbing the bottle Megan pulled out the candle and slowly slipped
the bottle into her pussy.

Lying back with her eyes shut she rubbed her clit as she felt the bottle
fill her pussy, gasping as an orgasm finally rocked through her body.

“That was the horniest fucking thing I think I have ever seen!”

Megan jumped up, trying to cover her tits and pussy, the bottle still
embedded deep within her.

Donna sat on the bed beside her and put her arm around Megan’s shoulders.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Donna asked.

Megan just opened up, explaining how her fetish had developed.

Donna listened attentively, putting her arm around Megan’s shoulders,
pulling her close. As she talked Megan found herself drawn to Donna, she
felt they were connecting as she spilled her darkest secrets to this virtual

As she finished Megan raised her eyes to Donna’s and smiled sheepishly,
trying to gauge her reaction.

Donna smiled and said just one word, ‘Watch’.

She stood and slipped out of her dress, revealing a white cotton bra
encasing her firm young breasts and a pair of white cotton panties, damp
with her lust, that she wriggled out of. She lay on the floor in front of
Megan and, spreading her legs with her knees raised began to massage her
pussy. She rubbed the length of her slit with short circling motions before
slowly parting her pussy lips with the index finger & thumb of her left

Megan looked on with increasing desire as her room mate slowly slipped her
middle finger into her pussy. Masturbating the juice flowing from her pussy
onto her other fingers Donna slipped her ring finger then her index finger
into her extending pussy.

Pushing these fingers into her pussy whilst rubbing her clit with her other
hand Donna began to breathe deeply, loosing herself in her lust. Megan was
also playing with herself, stroking her clit as she pushed against the
bottle filling her pussy. She watched in awe as Donna slowly slipped her
little finger into her pussy to join the others already embedded deep within

Slowly she twisted her hand, gasping as her fingers moved further and
further into her body. Megan could not believe her eyes, soon Donna’s hand
had disappeared up to the knuckles. As she rubbed her clit she watched the
other girl gasp and writhe with pleasure as slowly her whole hand entered
her pussy with only her wrist visible. Donna finally screamed as an orgasm
thundered through her body. Megan came at the same time, desperate to learn
how to fist herself.