She was a hotwife, I was a cuckold and we were swinging

In retrospect, it was clear when cuckolding and hot wifery
entered our marriage. Teak had been with several men, including
me, during her college days and enjoyed some wild times. But,
when we married, she became the model faithful wife. There were
times when guys hit on her, but she always shrugged them off.

Then two children came along. That stifled our love life in a big
way. She just wasn’t very interested any more. Oh, Teak still was
intimate with me, but the enthusiasm was gone. No spark, no fire.

Until she decided to go to graduate school. This was 12 years
into our marriage. I was stationed on a staff in Norfolk, the
kids were 7 and 8 and in school and she had time to do what she
always wanted to do – pursue her PhD. As it turned out, she
pursued a bit more than that.

Being back in school, she met a whole new group of friends –
younger, more open, eager to explore new adventures and found it
exciting. It was obvious that she really enjoyed the time spent
with them and the excitement was visible.

She established a routine with her new friends. Friday nights
were party nights – right after classes, the party started at
someone’s house or apartment. Teak always went and stayed later
and later. Something else changed also – her appearance. She
updated her wardrobe – current styles, shorter skirts and dresses
that showed off cleavage, new panties and bras, heels, shorter
shorts, tighter blouses or shirts. Where she once wore skirts
that were mid knee, now they crept higher – to 2 or 3 inches
above. Her panties went from plain cotton briefs to feminine
bikini – often see-thru. It should have started to dawn on me
then that something was causing this, but I was just too happy to
think about it.

Teak also started to show an interest in sex again. Her
enthusiasm picked up and she even became a little assertive. For
the first time she seemed to enjoy oral sex and even directed me
in how she wanted it.

The next hint was a Saturday night. We were on the living room
floor and I was fucking her from behind when she said that all
the men considered her a staid old married mommy and she didn’t
like it. She wanted them to hit on her, but they wouldn’t. She
told me she thought it was because she was older than they were
and she intimidated them. Then she smiled and we went on…

I finally got to go to one of the Friday night parties. It was at
a bachelor apartment with a hottub. Teak didn’t use the tub that
night, but I did. Very quickly, it was clear that this was a hot
hottub – more touching and caressing than tubbing. Teak stayed
inside, but I noticed she had a lot of men talking with her,
usually two or three at a time. I saw a few nods and then head
shakes “no”, but always with a smile. On our way home, I asked
her about her circle of friends. She explained that they were
just sharing some jokes and were just “good buddies”.

Things went their way. At Teak’s insistence, we installed a
hottub. Soon, the parties stopped at our house too. Things seemed
okay, lots of booze, some smoke, but nothing more – until the
night that Teak and her boss (she was now working in a hospital
laboratory as part of her studies) left the tub within minutes of
each other. When I saw them again, she was in a robe that zipped
up the front and the zipper was halfway to her navel. It was
obvious that she was naked underneath. Blair showed up in a
terrycloth robe also, also naked underneath. His was short and
when he walked his cock and balls were visible. Teak was excited,
animated, flirtatious, and talkative. After everyone left, she
was also very aggressive, fucking me and having serveral orgasms.
Still, no connection.

Over the next few months, I noticed that she would occasionally
come home without her underwear – sometimes no panties, sometimes
no bra. When I asked, Teak would explain it by saying that she
didn’t wear them that day, which was a big change! Finally, the
light bulb started to glow. Much of her conversation was about
Blair and what a great person he was and the things they talked

This went on for several months, when, during a session in bed,
we started to talk about fantasies. I admitted that I thought a
threesome was about the most erotic thing going. To my surprise,
Teak agreed with me. I asked her if she meant it and she looked
me in the eye and said “Absolutely”. I was surprised to say the
least, but also incredibly excited by the conversation. I asked
who she’d consider and, not surprisingly, she answered, “Blair,
I’ve been fucking him for months, ever since the night at our
hottub party and I want you to join us.”

And there you have it – just like that, she was a hotwife, I was
a cuckold and we were swinging. And it hasn’t stopped…