Hey it’s not fair for me to be the only naked one in here

I was looking into the bathroom mirror shaving when my 18 year old
sister, Christine, poked her head through the partially closed door and
said: “Hey, Jake, I know I’m supposed to be done with the bathroom, but I
overslept and missed my turn. I’m going to be late for school if I don’t
take my shower now but Mom locked her bedroom door when she left for work.
Mind if I jump in the shower in there while you finish up?”.
“No problem. Go ahead.” I replied. Although I was just wearing a
towel, I was not bothered, since Christine and I had often seen each other
in towels or underwear as we had grown up. Besides, I was not ashamed of

my body, at 18 I was 5’9?and already had an athletic build.

“Thanks!” she said and entered, closing the door behind her. I couldn’t
help but stare at her voluptuous body barely hidden by her sheer white
negligee. She was 5’8? with jet black hair,36D breasts, a slim waist,
curvy ass, and drop-dead legs shaped by her years of athletics at school.
Her large nipples and half-dollar size areolas were clearly visible through
the sheer fabric, as was the closely trimmed bush between her legs. She
smiled embarassedly as she walked to the shower, saying: “I’m your sister-
keep your eyes on the mirror before you cut yourself!”,

She hopped in the shower, closed the shower curtain, turned on the
water, and a few seconds later tossed her negligee over the curtain rod. I
could see her washing herself, although partially obscured by the clear
curtain. She shampooed and then began washing her body. When she began
soaping her breasts and then pussy and ass, I could feel my erection
growing, imagining myself in the shower soaping them for her. I had often
fantasized about fucking her since she had developed into young womanhood,
and my jealous friends often teased me about getting to see her in various
stages of undress over the years, often saying: “You know what they say,
incest is best!”. It was embarrassing when our World History teacher told
us how the ancient Egyptian pharaohs married their sisters and my friends
all turned and leered at me. But although Christine and I had a great
relationship and were loving siblings, I had never acted on my fantasies
due to the incest taboo, although it was getting harder to control myself
the sexier she became.

Christine turned off the water when she had finished showering and said:
“Jake, could you hand me a towel? I forgot to get one”. I smiled and took
a hand towel from the rack and tossed it over the curtain rod.

“Ha, Ha!” she laughed “You WISH! Now get me a bigger one! C’mon, I’m
going to be late as it is!”. I pulled a regular towel from the rack and
tossed it over. She quickly dried off, tied the towel around her, opened
the curtain and stepped from the shower. The towel barely concealed her.
She looked at me and said: “What, STILL not done shaving? What were you
doing, watching me or something?”

“Couldn’t help it” I replied. “You may be my sister, but that body of
yours is SLAMMIN”. She gave me a mock disapproving look with pursed lips
and said: “Naughty boy”, wagging her finger. But as she turned she looked
down and partially closed her eyes, smiling, which I took to mean she had
secretly enjoyed my spying.

She began to brush her teeth at the other sink, and I noticed that her
towel began to loosen by the movements of her arm. She rinsed out her
mouth, and as she stood up from that her towel lost its tie and fell to the
floor. There she stood in all her naked glory. She exclaimed “Oh my!” as
she tried to cover her breasts with one arm and pussy with the other, but I
noticed she did not bend to pick up the towel. Something told me it was
now or never to act on my fantasies. She looked at me with wide eyes for a
few seconds, then I stepped towards her and gently pulled her arms away
from her body, saying: “Wow, with a body like that it’s a shame you have to
cover it with clothes”. I ogled her large, perfectly shaped breasts still
unaffected by gravity and her closely trimmed pubic mound.

She gently pulled away and with and with a sly, wicked smile purred: “So
you think I’m sexy?” while striking a provocative pose with one hand on her
hip and the other behind her head, legs apart. “HELL YES” I replied.

“How about my ass?” she said as she turned around for my inspection.
Her perfectly rounded butt cheeks almost made me drool. “Awesome” was all
I could croak out.

By now my towel was sticking way out from my fully erect cock, and as
she turned around Christine noticed it. She unconsciously licked her lips
and softly said: “Hey it’s not fair for me to be the only naked one in
here” and pulled my towel from me. My 8? rock-hard cock sprang into her
view. She focused on my cock while I stared at her perfect body for ten
seconds or so until she muttered: “Damn, you sure have grown into quite a
young man. And you sure are excited, too”.

I could barely keep myself from jumping on her. I said: “Christine, you
have the body of a porn star. Your tits are so perfect they almost look

She again gave me a wicked smile and replied: “That’s what most of the
other girls at school think, too. But they’re real, all right. Feel them
if you don’t believe me”.

I knew for a fact that her breasts were real since I had closely watched
their development over the years, but I wasn’t going to pass up a chance
like THIS. I stepped forward and began to gently squeeze her magnificent
rack, rotating my hands. Soft yet firm, DEFINITELY real. I was thoroughly
enjoying mauling my sister’s tits when I felt her hand close around my cock
and rub its helmet with her thumb and forefinger. “And THIS is obviously
real” she murmured.

With that I groaned and dropped my head to her chest, beginning to lick
her suddenly hardened nipples and circling her areolas with my tongue. I
began to suck her nipples with my lips as they grew to the size of the tips
of my index fingers. Christine began moaning, continuing to stroke my cock
and reaching around to squeeze one of my ass cheeks.

Leaving my mouth on one of her juggs I began to run my hands all over my
older sister’s body, squeezing her ass and rubbing her pussy lips, her
moaning egging me on. When I began to rub her clit with my forefinger, she
suddenly pushed my shoulders back and exclaimed with wide eyes: “WAIT!
STOP! We can’t be doing this, we are brother and sister! This is

I replied: “Please, Christine, I’m so horny for you I could explode.
I’ve felt this way for YEARS now. I’ve jerked off hundreds of times
fantasizing about fucking you. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t”.

Her eyes softened but she firmly stated: “No, I don’t know what got into
me but we have to stop this right now or we’ll never forgive ourselves.
It’s WRONG. Besides, what if our parents caught us?”

I said: “You know they’re both at work and won’t be home for many

She replied: “It’s STILL wrong!”

We looked each other intensely in the eyes for several seconds, then I
slid down to my knees, grabbed her ass with both hands, and began to lick
my tongue up and down over her pussy lips. She tried to push my head away
but I held her ass intently and continued to lick her pussy. She continued
to resist, but when I started tonguing her clit, I felt her legs go rubbery
and her resistance lessened. Soon she ceased all resistance, and began
moaning, She tilted her hips up to make her pussy more accessible, began
rotating them, and began to caress my head with her hands, encouraging me
by pulling it closer into her.

“Ooooohhhh, Jake, that feels so gooooooood” she groaned. “Don’t stop,
eat your big sister out!” I growled agreement.

Suddenly she pulled me up by my armpits and said, smiling: “Hold on-
let’s go somewhere more comfortable. We can get each other off, but you’ve
got to promise me we won’t actually fuck. Maybe then it isn’t incest.” She
pulled me by the hand, looking back into my eyes lustfully, into her

Once there, she told me to lie on my back on her bed: “I want to do YOU
while you do ME” she purred. She straddled my head with her legs and
quickly lowered her head to my throbbing cock, sucking it into her mouth
while she stroked the shaft with one hand, holding her body up with the
other. It was the most exquisite feeling I had ever had to have her soft
lips moving up and down my cock.

“MMMMMMMMM” she groaned as she bobbed up and down on my cock, reaching
down to fondle my balls with her free hand.

I looked up to see the glory of her squirming ass and wet pussy. I
reached up and parted her cunt lips and began to lick inside. Eventually I
focused my attention on licking and flicking my tongue on her pulsating
clit. My sister’s moans began to increase in intensity, indicating her
increasing excitement. Continuing to manipulate her clit with my tongue, I
began to alternate squeezing her magnificent ass and breasts.

I could feel the cum building up in my balls and knew I couldn’t hold
out much longer. I began to buck my hips to meet her mouth until finally
the cum surged up my pulsating cock and exploded in Christine’s mouth in
burst after burst. She swallowed as much as she could but some of it oozed
down the shaft of my cock.

Once my cock ceased to spasm, I flipped my sister onto her back,
groaning: “Now I’ve got to finish getting YOU off!”, I started by slowly
circling her clit with my tongue, gradually increasing the speed and
alternately flicking it with the tip of my tongue and sucking it between my
lips. She held my head and guided my cunnilingus.
ME COME!!!!!!” Christine began to moan loudly, as her ass squirmed and her
hips began to buck. I licked and flicked faster and faster to bring on her


“YES!! YESSS!! YESSSSSS!!! I’M COMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!” she screamed,
eyes closed, as she grabbed my head tightly while I felt her body stiffen
and her pussy began to try to suck my tongue into it with its spasms.

While she was distracted with her intense orgasm, I took the opportunity
to quickly move up her body and place my once again rock hard cock on her
clit, rubbing it back and forth on it. Christine’s orgasm subsided and she
opened her eyes to see why things felt differently. She looked at what I
was doing and her eyes initially grew wide but then grew dreamy again as
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Her big tits were shaking violently as she

My sister’s eyes rolled back in their sockets as she enjoyed her second
intense orgasm, and now I embarked to finish the plan I had made in my head
on the way to her bedroom. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy
and parted its lips with the cockhead. It was incredibly tight but also
very wet and I slowly began to push it in, inch by inch, until my cock was
buried balls deep in my sister’s pussy.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH” Christine groaned, eyes closed, as my cock made it
journey to her cervix. She moaned incoherently, finally opening her eyes.
“But you promised we wouldn’t fuck” she whined. “I never said a word” I
replied. “Do you want me to take it out?”

“Yeeeeessss” she moaned in ecstasy. “You’re still my brotherrrrrrr”.
She feebly tried to push me away.

I pulled my cock back slowly until it was almost out, but then slowly
inched it back in, My sister’s groan grew louder and she made no further
effort to stop me. So I continued to saw my cock in and out of my older
sister’s tight pussy, faster and faster, our hips bucking together, our
moans matching each other, her breasts bouncing with the rhythm. The
feeling of her pussy’s warm velvet liquid vise was exquisite on my cock.


I kept up the in and out slamming of my sister’s pussy with my cock
while I put my head down and sucked her breasts and nipples, adding even
more excitement to her experience as indicated by her squealing. I then
began to kiss her, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as we bounced
with our fucking.

Since I had already cum once in my sister’s mouth I found I was able to
hold off the second one for much longer. I pulled out of Christine’s pussy
to her disappointed whine but told her to switch places with me and get on
top. I turned her around with her back facing me and told her to lower
herself onto my cock. She did so eagerly and began to bounce happily up
and down, her pussy squeezing my cock tightly and her juices leaking on my
pubic hair.

I said: “Lie back, Christine, I want to show you something I saw in a
porno flick”. She laid her back onto my chest, her legs cocked and feet
flat on the bed, my cock remaining inside her pussy. I began to buck my
hips up and in, sawing my cock back and forth in her pussy. My hands were
now free to molest her gorgeous breasts, squeezing them and pinching the

“OH YESSS!!!” Christine moaned “SQUEEZE MY TITS!!! FUCK MY PUSSY!!!

I reached down with one hand and began to rub my sister’s clit with my
forefinger at the same time I ground my cock up into her cunt, continuing
to rub a nipple with my other hand.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Christine screamed at the pleasure of this
triple stimulation.

I could feel myself approaching orgasm so I flipped my sister over again
and mounted her missionary style, this time putting her legs over each of
my shoulders and slowing things down to make myself last longer. This
position made her pussy even tighter and made my cock rub her clit as I
pistoned it in and out.

“OH MY GOD YOU FUCK SO GOOD JAKE!!!” my sister gasped. “THIS IS THE
BEST FUCK I EVER HAAAADDDD”. After five minutes of this I was getting very
close to cumming so I dropped her legs and got to business fucking her
willing cunt as fast as I could. Christine began to scream louder and
louder with each thrust. In and out, back and forth, with Christine
bucking her hips up to meet each lunge of my cock into her tight, wet

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’M COMING AGAINNNNNNN!!!!!!!” she screamed.

“MEEEEE TOOOOOO!!!!!!” I bellowed.

Once again the cum raced up my shaft and I plastered the inside of my
sister’s pussy with my hot cum. I felt my balls completely empty
themselves as I continued to ram my cock in and out of Christine’s cunt.
Finally I collapsed on top of her, both of us shuddering in intense

Our breathing slowly returned to normal as we lay there, my cock still
buried to the hilt in my sister’s pussy. “Are you mad at me?” I asked her.
“I should be” she replied with a smile “but that felt far too good to be
angry about”. I suddenly remembered: “Oh shit!! I didn’t use a condom!
What if I got you pregnant?” She reassured me: “Don’t worry, I’m on the

“That was incest, you know” I said. She smiled. “Well, like you said,
if you don’t tell anyone I won’t. It’ll be our secret”.

I remembered something else: “Uh oh! What about school? We’re
massively late now!”. Christine replied: “FUCK school today!! I’ll forge
us some notes, don’t worry. Besides, I want to get some more of that hard
cock of yours and see what OTHER positions you learned from porno movies!
Now roll off me and I’ll go make us some breakfast to get our strength back

I did so and she walked to the door where she stopped and turned her
head back with that sly smile of hers. She purred: “I don’t think you’ll
ever need to jack off again or fantasize about me as long as we live
together. Even after I move out. You can fuck me anytime you want. We
just have to be careful not to get caught.” With that she scooted off down
the stairs, her tits jiggling. I laid back and smiled with the thought of
the fun day I would have of hot sex with the most gorgeous girl I knew, my