The Torment Of Sister Mary

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In THE TORMENT OF SISTER MARY, a young nun finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by international terrorists, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength she never realized she had.

Sister Mary Theresa suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is a stronger woman.


Sister Mary Theresa lay quietly in her small bed, her eyes fixed on the half-naked image of Christ on the cross in front of her. It’s a terrible thing for me to feel like this, the young nun thought, closing her eyes and shivering with sexual excitement. She was a nun, a bride of Christ, a woman following the example of the Holy Virgin in renouncing the flesh.

But lately all Sister Mary Theresa could think of was her flesh — her body, and that strange electric shock that made her fuzzy cunt very hot and very, very moist!

“No,” she whispered out loud, turning her head away from the crucifix and biting her lower lip. She couldn’t give in to those feelings that took her mind off prayer and duty. “No,” she repeated. But the feeling stayed. Her cunt was so hot! Every time she moved her plump, firm asscheeks from side to side on the bed she felt her pussy walls rubbing against one another, the slick folds and hollows shuddering with that impact.

Think of God, think of God and find peace, Sister Mary Theresa told herself. It was what Father O’Reilly told her last week when she went to confession and told him what she’d been feeling. Yes, think of God! It was easy enough for him to say. But how could she close her eyes and conjure an image of God up when her clit burned like a hot jewel, taking her breath away just as she was about to pray?

“Oh, God in heaven, help me!” the nun whispered hoarsely. She couldn’t touch herself! It was forbidden in all the writings and teachings of the Catholic Church! Even letting herself wallow in this kind of erotic sensation was sinful! She should be on her knees, hands clasped, head bowed, praying to heaven for spiritual guidance and physical relief.

Instead, Sister Mary Theresa rolled her head back and opened her eyes. She saw once again the nearly naked image of Christ sagging on the cross. Against her will the young nun found herself staring at the crotch, wondering about…

“Oh, no!”

What could she be doing? Even the vilest whore in the city wouldn’t be contemplating thoughts like those about the Lord God! The confused woman shook the tears from her eyes, getting up from the bed and sliding her long white legs over the cotton top sheet. She had to get out of bed, away from those thoughts haunting her with a horrifying regularity lately.

“Cold shower,” she whispered to herself, clinging temporarily to the doorway molding for support. Sister Mary Theresa rested her forehead against the cool wood, smiling weakly as she thought about the water. Her students had told stories about stepping into cold showers to hold down sexual tensions. How she reprimanded them for telling such filthy stories in her class! Even the school wits a house of God! Even the small office where she and three other young Dominican nuns helped certain political candidates was a house where no such filthy talk could be allowed.

And yet the nun found herself walking unsteadily down the long darkened corridor, gasping for breath, realizing the only hope for her sexual arousal was a cold shower.


That thought stopped the young nun dead in front of the large bathroom. Was that all that awaited her in this life? Sexual arousal constantly torturing her, to be satisfied only by a brisk cold shower in the middle of the night? That thought nearly took her breath away and sent another flow of tears from her eyes. She whimpered, wiping the tears with her knuckles. Why should she be crying? Surely she’d known what kind of life she’d be leading when the Holy Father placed the ring on her finger and made her take the vow of chastity! This would be a life of poverty, abstinence, of complete sexual refusal. In many ways Sister Mary Theresa was far more fortunate than other women who’d also joined convents. At least this order allowed her and her friends to do social and political work.

“Oh, help me, help, me,” Sister Mary Theresa said, moving once more into the bathroom. The damp cool air in the area comforted her. Already the hot itchy ache between her legs lessened.

Quickly the young nun slipped off her robe and stepped into the shower, twisting the knob and sending an icy spray crashing into her body.

“Uhhhhh!” The young woman felt her pussy snap shut at the first touch of the cold water. Her flesh quivered under this kind of torture. Sister Mary Theresa wanted to jerk the plastic curtain back and stumble from the tub. The cold was almost painful. But the young nun held on, smiling as she felt her cunt heat return to normal. Once again, she’d saved herself from depravity. Once again she’d managed to fight off the normal sexual drives that drove women between the sheets to seek relief from their husbands or boyfriends.

What a vile, degrading feeling! Sister Mary Theresa thought, reaching down and twisting the hot water spigot. Instantly she felt the spray become more comfortable. Surely there was nothing to worry about now. Turning from side to side in the slippery tub, her feet squeaking against the slippery bottom, the young nun luxuriated in the wet warmth.

Enough! she told herself, shutting off the water, stepping from the tub and toweling herself off. Did anyone hear her staggering down the hall, shutting the door, turning on the shower? No, most were deep in deep, the others at the far end of the church. Turning on the light, Sister Mary Theresa moved to the right and caught her image in the cracked mirror over the row of sinks.

She held the towel to one side of her face, staring at her well-formed body. Unlike many of the other young nuns who were singularly unattractive, Sister Mary Theresa was considered extremely desirable by any standard. Dark-haired, petite yet full-breasted, the girl was hotly pursued by most of the boys in her high school. None of them could understand why she turned down their offers of “hot” dates or even lukewarm ones. Her parents wondered about her sexuality, fearing she might be homosexual.

And when she announced shortly after her graduation that she was going into a convent, her mother and father thought lesbianism a better option for the young woman. Sister Mary Theresa remembered with sadness how her mother cried on the day she left, telling her between sobs what she was throwing away.

But the young woman was firm, casting off all doubt and marching into the Church without a second thought. That had been nearly seven years ago when she was eighteen. Now at twenty-five she was having doubts about her calling, doubts about her ability to continue being a nun.

Sister Mary Theresa studied herself in the mirror more closely, dropping the towel. Yes, her body was attractive. Now she understood why the boys were always following her around the school, why the girls gave her dirty looks as she passed by. Their boyfriends wanted her badly, and desired her all the more when she refused them.

Twisting to the right she looked at her large, pendulous tits. They were firm, round, high-riding with long, red nipples sticking out temptingly. Sister Mary Theresa raised her hand and rubbed her fingers over one of them, surprised at the pleasant ticklish sensation that touch produced in her body.


Her eyes dropped to her flat belly, her small, boyish hips, and the hint, in that position, of her well-formed ass. Yes, there was no doubt she was an attractive woman, meant for the marriage bed.

But she was married, married to God, to the holy Catholic Church! That thought now suddenly seemed depressing. This union, she believed, was the only kind of union that would satisfy her. And yet, pausing in front of the mirror after her shower, she wondered. Why had she become so aroused lately? Why had all her prayers, all her novenae failed?

This is ridiculous, the young nun said to herself, drying off her face. She had to get back to bed. It must be nearly four in the morning. Shortly her alarm would go off and she’d have to dress. There were matins to get through, some school lesson plans, then the trek to the small office near the church where she and the others were meeting with neighborhood groups to discuss problems of street crime.

But di at same hot itchy ache was beginning all over again! Even now as she stood in front of the mirror, beads of sweat stood like small pearls on her tits, running together in tiny rivers down her cleavage. Her cuntwalls tensed again and a resounding pulsation began deep in her pussy.

“No, no, not again,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered, clutching the cold cracked rim of the sink and closing her eyes. Was there nothing she could do, nowhere she could run to get away from this horror? A crisis of faith she could easily cope with. A crisis of the calling she could overcome. Rut this sexual feeling was so strong that she felt she had to do something now to satisfy it, something that was directly in opposition tb the teachings of the Church.

“Ohhhhh, yes, yes,” the girl muttered, her head dropping onto her chest. She was rocking her thighs slowly from side to side, feeling the rubbing sensation of her pussy walls touching one another. She giggled hysterically, opening her eyes now and watching more rivers of sweat trickling down and curling into her navel. She was breathing harder, her eyes glazing over while her mouth went slack. Slowly the nun raised one hand and massaged her flat belly, her fingers slowly working lower until she could feel the wiry cunt hairs tickling the flesh just under her nails.


All thoughts about how sinful this was evaporated under her rising sexual heat. She had tried! God only knew how hard she’d tried to rid herself of those awful sensations. But nothing worked. Prayers, cold showers, nothing!

“Yes, yes,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered, her fingers clutching the porcelain desperately. How weak her knees were getting! She was feeling the terrible power of her cunt as it throbbed with growing excitement. Never before had the girl been this powerfully aroused. It was as if all frustration, all the denial of the past twenty years broke free this early morning in the convent bathroom.

Her feet slid across the floor several inches while her clit hardened and tightened. Oh, God, my tits are so swollen! she thought to herself as she spread back her puffy cuntlips. The nun smiled, feeling the soft pussy hairs fringing the outer edges of her cunt. Her cunt mound moved, actually moved like a tiny frightened animal under her light touch. What a strange, wonderful thing her pussy was! Never had she thought much about a woman’s nether parts except in a strictly dark light. That was the root of all sin, of all temptation. It was through a woman’s cunt and resulting sexuality that the path to hell lay.

But no, nothing this good, this wonderful could possibly be the work of Satan. After all, God created the pussy and cock as well as the mind and spirit. Flow could a work of the Lord be sinful?

Sister Mary Theresa shook those thoughts from her head. These were ideas to be thought of in the calm of her room later. Right now she felt her fingertips wet with cunt juice that seeped freely from her slit now. Curling her toes, the young woman gave herself completely to the powerful feeling pulsing through her cunt. Her ass jiggled as the young nun danced in front of the mirror. She pulled her cuntlips farther back, exposing the tiny pulsing clit.

“Ohhhhh!” she whispered body. Through the mist created on the glass by her breath, she saw her tits rise and fall quickly. The nipples were harder now, the aureoles turning a dark red. The sight of her aroused flesh excited the young nun further. And when she touched her clit, Sister Mary Theresa thought she’d faint. Lust churned through her belly and seemed to make every nerve ending in her body stand up and quiver.

Sister Mary Theresa wanted to touch herself all over now. Both hands now, however, were full of soft, hairy, tightly packed cunt muscle. The young nun leaned over the small sink, her tits flattening on the wet mirror. She pressed her small shoulders against the smooth glass then rubbed them up and down so her hard-tipped tits rubbed cm the mirror. At the same time she flailed her clit with her thumbs. Her fingers pressed deeper into her pussy.

What am I doing? she thought in a flash of guilt. Pulling her fingers from her pussy with a sucking sound, the nun tried to move away from the mirror and sink. Could she stop herself now? For a moment she paused, realizing finally nothing could stop her. Even if the sisters from below were to come swarming into the bathroom and discover her, Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t stop. Things had gone too far now.


The young nun let her head roll back. The cords stood out on her neck while she gasped in lungfuls of air. She kept on pinching and plucking her clit while di rusting her tits against the minor. Her ass tightened and separated as she moved her thighs from side to side, sawing her cunt while she twisted her swollen clit between her thumb and forefinger. The tiny gland was filled with blood, being stretched like a small thumb.

“No, no, no!”

Sister Mary Theresa stuck her fingers in deeper, feeling the velvety walls of her pussy rubbing against her knuckles now. She was gasping, sobbing, sawing and twisting her pussy. Bright lights popped in front of her eyes while a strange drumming sound beat in her ears. The world seemed to slip away from her somehow. All she was conscious of was the terrible whirling ball of sexual hunger deep in her pussy.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh!”

Sister Mary Theresa stood on her toes. The power surging through her body seemed to lift her from the floor and send her crashing into the ceiling. Now she could understand why men pursued women and why women did that terrible, awful thing with men. When she first learned about sex, she had thought it was terrible, dirty and vile. How could two people take off their clothes, climb all over one another and endure that kind of humiliation while one part of a body stuck into another?

But now Sister Mary Theresa would have given anything to feel a man pawing her, thrusting her down onto a bed and shoving his cock into her. She had never seen a man’s cock. Of course there had been pictures, terrible pictures thrust in front of her by her so-called friends in school. Before tearing her eyes away from them, she had seen those pricks, some of them so long the girl thought they belonged on horses rather than on men. Were those the things men stuck into women to make babies? She felt her stomach turn over. No, no man was going to do that to her! And yet now…

“Oh, ohh!”

What was that sensation some of the boys and girls mentioned? Come! That was it, the slang for orgasm. How dirty it had sounded. And yet now how it made her smile faintly. Come! Her hands moved up now to her tits, the fingers tickling her stiff nipples. She pinched them, rolling them like tiny peas between her fingers. How it made her pussy clench and actually grow hotter and heavier! The pulses in her cunt became harder. She rocked her hips faster and faster, loving the subtle friction of her inner cunt surfaces rubbing against her hard-tipped clit.

Was this masturbating, something expressly forbidden in the Church? How could she possibly confess something that dirty to the good Father? No, no, this was different. She wasn’t finger-fucking herself or anything like that.

Sister Mary Theresa’s head drooped. Her eyes went out of focus. She had dropped both hands back down and was now holding onto the sink for dear life. Her feet were wide apart on the cold tile floor. But the friction wasn’t good that way. She brought her legs together and let out a telltale moan of delight.

It was good, too good. It was wrong to have it so good! At times she felt she should stop, crying now with tears streaming down her checks as waves of guilt assailed her.

But still she kept on, dipping and wiggling her ass, the weight of her plump asscheeks adding to the sensations tearing at her cunt. She moved so quickly, more sweat broke out on her forehead. A streak of drool oozed from one corner of her mouth. Come! The word pounded in her head. The soft, squishing sounds of her cuntflesh rubbing against itself seemed to fill the large bathroom.

“Come,” the woman moaned softly as thrilling spasms shot through her cunt. The young nun felt she was teetering on the bunk of awful sexual madness. Then suddenly a wild explosion tore through her pussy, making the woman sink to the bathroom floor. Her fingers reached in, plowing deeper into the mushy heat of her cunt.

Please, God, it’s good, too good! she thought to herself as the fire stormed through her pussy and up to her tits.

When she opened her eyes, the nun found herself on the floor, her head resting against the side of the bathtub. Her robe hung limply on the hook. Prayer, hours of prayer would be the only thing to wash away the terrible sin she carried.

With a guilty moan Sister Mary Theresa rose unsteadily to her feet, slipping the coarse garment over her shoulders. She walked slowly back to her room, feeling the weight of her particular cross on her shoulders. No more, no more, she repeated as she sank to her knees in front of her bed, bowed her head and hid her fade in her trembling hands.


“Sister, we need more stamps for the campaign mail.”

Sister Mary Theresa looked up from a stack of papers lying neatly in front of her. It had been a long day. Mother Superior was somewhat upset because of the long hours the four nuns had been putting in at this campaign office. But Church policy hadn’t expressly forbidden political activity as long as it wasn’t disruptive to either the community or the faith. This office was perfect, Sister Mary Theresa had thought. Although sponsored by a senator running for re-election shortly, the drive here was for a cleaning up of air pollution there in Los Angeles.

“I don’t know if we have enough in the budget,” she said, looking sadly at a slightly young nun sitting behind a typewriter. They had done so well up to this point, running a successful campaign with the minimum of staff and equipment. But Sister Mary Theresa knew they couldn’t keep on this way without more money. And support didn’t come often enough in the form of money.

“What a shame, Sister Mary Theresa!” the younger nun said, pushing away from the typewriter and sighing. “We’ve come such a long way, and to think we’re being stopped by lack of stamps.”

“Sister Georgiana and Sister Clarissa are out now trying to raise funds at UCLA. Sister Georgiana goes there for class, and she thought… well, maybe she was too hopeful,” Sister Mary Theresa said, correcting herself, feeling depression weigh her down. The campaign had been going so well, well enough to take her mind off that terrible evening when she’d done that awful thing to her body. Still she hadn’t been able to bring herself to confess her guilt. She was living in sin, multiplying her sin by taking communion with the other sisters while she had this blot on her soul.

“I hope something comes in. We have to get the public more interested in this. It’s becoming hard to breathe here.”

Sister Mary Dominic was right. Their convent was just off Adams Boulevard, near the center of downtown Los Angeles. Too often the young nuns peered from their windows and saw the sky gradually turn a brownish yellow as the morning slipped by. A sagging economy and demand for cheaper fuel had turned the government’s head away from supervising pollutant offenders.

“We can pray, Sister,” she said, going back to addressing the envelopes. The two women busied themselves for the next hour, not hearing the door to the office open slowly.

Sitting behind her desk, Sister Mary Theresa had been thinking once again about that night when she stuck her fingers into her swampy pussy and toyed with herself. Oh, how could she be thinking of something that foul, that filthy right here in the campaign office? Guilty inhibition should be guiding her now. But once again her sexuality was getting the better of her.

The woman’s thoughts were rudely interrupted by the slamming of the front door. Sister Mary Theresa jerked her head up. Men, four of them, wearing green military style clothing, strode into the office. Two stood by the door holding something. Only after several seconds ticked by did the young nun realize those objects were semiautomatic rifles!

“Oh, God, Sister Mary Theresa!” the young nun screamed, holding her fingers to her mouth as two of the men strode across the tiny office toward her.

“Fuckin’ nuns. Told you,” the tall dark-haired commando muttered, sweeping the top of her desk clean with his free hand. A service revolver was gripped tightly in the other hand.

“What are you doing here?” Sister Mary Theresa finally managed to get out. She felt terror shoot through her veins as the ruggedly handsome ringleader moved around her desk.

“Tell your friend not to open her mouth and she ain’t gonna get hurt,” the first man said.

Sister Mary Theresa motioned to the terrified nun to keep quiet while she tried to collect her thoughts. They looked like marines standing there. Two remained at the door, holding their rifles tightly to their bodies after locking the door and puffing the blinds shut both over the windows and front door. Were they thieves, radicals? If she hadn’t known better, the nun would have thought they’d come straight from a war movie.

“I think we’re okay for now. Told you it’d be a cinch,” the first commando said, relaxing a little. He shovcd his revolver in his field trousers and smiled down at Sister Mary Theresa. The frightened nun felt a strange flash of something other than fear take hold of her body. His black eyes flickered with excitement and fury. The man’s animalistic power both terrified and attracted the confused woman. No, no, I must remain in control, she told herself, holding onto the front edge of the desk for support. She had to have something tangible pressing against her. This situation was dreamlike in its ferocious intensity. The woman needed to take hold of something to remind herself of reality.

“Who are you?” she stammered out.

“My name’s Tolbo… Jack Tolbo. But name’s ain’t important now,” he said, sneering at her.

“We gonna wait ’til it gets dark?” one of the men at the door said.

Dark? Sister Mary Theresa thought of the two other nuns. Soon they’d be coming through that door, victims of these men. She started to explain about the other two when Jack slapped her across the face.

The suddenness of the blow paralyzed the young nun. She fell to one side, her hands grappling desperately for support. Sister Mary Dominic screamed, then pressed her fingers tightly to her mouth as the other nun slipped to the floor.

“I ain’t no Catholic, honey, so don’t think you’re gonna hide behind some fancy hocus pocus. Rick, anybody doin’ anything out there?”

One of the men at the window shook his head from side to side, his eyes still peering through the slats of the closed blinds.

“Who are you?” Sister Mary Theresa repeated, holding her head with one hand. It throbbed from the force of the blow. She could still feel his fingers against her check as she climbed back onto the chair and steadied herself.

“Told you, name’s Jack. The group?” he continued, smiling cruelly down at the terrified nun. Jack’s eyes narrowed as he inhaled sharply, his chest puffing out. “The Democratic Liberation Front.”

Sister Mary Theresa racked her mind, trying to think where she’d heard that name before. Of all the off-beat terrorist groups crawling over this planet that one didn’t strike a familiar note.

Her thoughts were interrupted by sharp laughter. It was the second gunman at the window, his face temporarily wrinkled up in laughter.

“Okay,” Jack said, jerking his head toward the window. The gunman stopped laughing and went back to surveillance.

“Hey, two more of ’em coming down the street,” Rick said.

“Christ, like roaches,” Jack muttered. “Unlock the door.”

“There’s just four of us here, I swear,” Sister Mary Theresa said in a quavering voice.

“Okay, back against the door,” Jack whispered.

The men moved out of sight while the two nuns sat paralyzed with fear. In a moment it was all over. The door opened, two nuns stepped inside, stopping as they saw Sister Mary Theresa raise her hand in warning. A brief scuffle followed, marked by screams and slaps. Soon the two entering nuns were helpless. Jack told the terrified holy women to move out the rear entrance.

“We’re goin’ to your place. We been scoutin’ it out all week. It’s gonna be one hell of a hideout,” Jack said as Rick moved cautiously into the alley and checked for police. He unlocked the rear door of the blue Chevy van when he felt it was safe.


Sister Mary Theresa was first to climb in, screaming when she saw a large black and white German shepherd standing by the driver’s seat.

“He ain’t gonna hurtcha… if you don’t yell,” Rick said with a grin.

On the way to the convent, the nuns learned these men tried to assassinate a Spanish official in downtown Los Angeles. They had failed, but were planning to try again in a few days. For the moment they had to find a safe place near the Spanish consulate. The nuns’ convent presented an ideal place of refuge from the police. The political office had been on the escape route from the hit spot.

“How many inside?” Jack asked as the van rolled up behind the massive three-story Gothic building. The church was just across the street. How good and comforting it looked now!

“Eight. It’s a small order,” Sister Mary Theresa confessed.

“Okay,” he said tensely, glancing at his watch. Rick moved the van cautiously along the alleyway, stopping at the rear door of the convent.

“You stash the van where we agreed. Me, Rico and Joe’ll take the place. Don’t think we’ll have any problems. And when we get inside, you can tell your fuckin’ Mother Superior, or whatever the hell she is, I don’t give a fuck about shootin’ nuns, understand?”

Sister Mary Theresa nodded her head up and down rapidly. The operation was fast. The four nuns were shoved roughly from the van and nearly thrown into the back of the convent. Three nuns were in the kitchen cooking when the assault began. There were screams that ended quickly when Jack and Rico painted the automatic rifles at their heads. In minutes the men, had subdued the women, breaking them up into groups of three and herding them into separate rooms.

“I want this one for a while,” Jack said, wiping his thick sensuous lips with the back of his right hand.

Sister Mary Theresa leaned against Mother Superior, holding the older woman’s trembling hand with hers.

“Give me strength, Mother. Pray for me,” the young nun whispered. She was shivering as Jack stared hotly at her. The other men were grinning from ear to car, their rifles dangling from their armpits. Jack smirked at the young nun, touching one leg with the tip of his weapon and laughing as she jumped and shuddered. The cold metal made the woman’s flesh crawl.

“Take solace in our Lord, Sister,” Mother Superior whispered back, kissing the woman gently on the forehead.

“Upstairs,” Rico growled, shoving the older woman roughly between the shoulders.

She stumbled, nearly falling to the floor. Sister Mary Dominic screamed with the other nuns as they watched this unspeakable act of disrespect.

“No, don’t, don’t do this to me,” Sister Mary Theresa begged as Jack took her by one arm and led her down the long corridor.

“Any of these yours?” he asked as they marched swiftly past several opened doors.

“No, upstairs. Please, don’t,” she repeated confusedly.

“Ain’t never fucked a nun before,” Jack said, stopping in front of one door, peering in, then shoving the young woman inside. “There’s a first time for everything,” he said, kicking the door shut.

Sister Mary Theresa stood in the middle of the bare room. It was furnished as simply as hers. An iron post single bed was pushed against one whitewashed wall. A dresser stood opposite it. A small throw rug lay in the middle of the tiny cubicle while a crucifix hung just above the dresser.

Jack slipped the rifle’s shoulder strap off his arm and lay the weapon down against the dresser. Pulling his green shirt out from his trousers, he unbuttoned the sleeves, staring strangely at the trembling young nun.

“What… oh, God, don’t, I’m a nun! You can’t do this to me,” she said, shaking her head back and forth. He was going to… to have… relations with her. What did the boys call it? Fucking! Yes, he was going to fuck her!

The young nun backed away from Jack until she felt the edge of the bed pressing against the backs of her legs. Oh, if only there was school today! But it was a spring holiday. No one would be coming into the convent for another four days!

“You a virgin?” he asked, laughing derisively before Sister Mary Theresa could register her indignation at that kind of question.

He unbuckled the long black leather belt, then unfastened the top button of his trousers. Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes raced down between his legs and saw the bulge in his crotch. It was just as in her dreams. The young terrified nun was feeling excitement, curiosity, all the things that would send her straight to hell if she gave into them. She had to resist for her soul and her body.

“No, I won’t,” she whispered, clenching her teeth, and turning away from the young man.

“You’re hot, baby. I can tell. You ain’t got no business being a nun. Not like them other women of ice out there,” Jack whispered.

His words were like fire to her brain. She felt dizzy, confused. Before she had a chance to respond, Jack was all over her, his body pressing hard against hers. Sister Mary Theresa cried out, twisting as best she could in his grip. At times she managed to free one arm and tried to scratch her nails against his face. Jack only laughed, knocking her hand roughly away and slap ping her.

“I like a cunt who fights,” he commented crudely.

“No, stop, stop!”

There were tearing sounds. The nuns of Sister Mary Theresa’s order no longer wore the full-dress wimple and habit of medieval time. But still the garments were in full keeping with conservative modesty. Now the woman felt her clothes being torn from her body. First the small veil fell from her hair, followed by the long black dress. Jack was breathing hard, rubbing his groin against her crotch while stripping the screaming nun of her clothes.

“Always wondered if nuns wore black panties,” he said, finally tearing the last of her garment from her hips.

Sister Mary Theresa shoved herself back, temporarily breaking away from the commando mercenary. His shirt was completely opened now, revealing a hairy, broad chest banded with well-developed muscles. She crossed her arms, trying to cover her tits and pussy. She felt so naked even though her bra and panties were stills intact.

“You’re gonna be one hell of a tight fuck, baby,” he said, his voice quavering with excitement.

The woman’s eyes widened as she watched him take one end of his belt and pull it from the trouser loops. Jack held the buckled end like a whip, doubling the belt and tapping the looped end rhythmically against one thigh.

“Please, oh, no, please,” she said in a tight little whisper.

But Jack only smiled, his eyes wide with excitement. The veins leading to his knuckles stood out while his chest glistened with sweat.

“I got an idea you like a little rough stuff. All you fuckin’ Catholics got somethin’ about penance and all that shit. Some buddies of mine told me all about it. Even caught a couple of nuns actin’ freaky with whips.”

With that he shoved her back, sending the young nun toppling backward onto the small bed. Sister Mary Theresa let out a pant, catching herself with both arms pulled back. She tried to scramble back up. But Jack moved to the edge of the bed and held the belt up menacingly. With a whimper the young woman scooted back, covering her face protectively with one hand while clutching the wrinkled top sheet with the other.

“Little whore, little hypocrite,” be muttered.

“No, no, no!” she whimpered. Tears oozed from her eyes. “Don’t do this!”

Jack hesitated with the belt, his eyes moving slowly over the woman’s body. He stared at her tits pressing hard against the black bra, at the few dark curls peeping around the elastic leg bands of her modest black panties. He was enjoying watching this woman tremble under him.

Sister Mary Theresa cried out one more time. Then Jack swung the belt, the thick leather sizzling through the air. It seemed to hiss as it slashed across one thigh with a loud crash.

The young nun screamed, her body jerking to one side while the injured leg kicked out at the commando. It hurt so badly! It was as if someone had touched her thigh with dry ice, then followed up with a red-hot poker! She rubbed the sore spot with one hand, looking up pleadingly at the young man.

“Over on your ass,” he said with a growl.

Sister Mary Theresa had no choice. At least she’d be able to protect her tits and pussy from the belt.

Jack studied her firm, well-rounded ass, then reached down, curling his fingers around the elastic waistband of her panties. Sister Mary Theresa groaned into the pillow, pressing her fingers into the soft down as she felt him pulling down her panties. Her face reddened with shame. He was stripping her, tearing the last remnant of modesty and pride from her body, and all under the calm gaze of Christ on the cross!

“Oh, God, please help your handmaiden,” Sister Mary Theresa prayed with a whisper.

With a tearing sound the panties came free. No God, the sobbing nun realized, would come to her aid now.


Sister Mary Theresa squirmed and whimpered as the belt criss-crossed along her ass. Small whip stripes were left on her white flesh as her asscheeks jiggled under the constant attack. Jack was sweating, droplets of his perspiration dropping onto her body. Sister Mary Theresa had stopped screaming. Her belly churned with terror and a strange kind of excitement as the leather bit into her flesh again and again. Once or twice she felt the pointed end of the belt curling around her inner thighs, coming dangerously close to her pussy. What a strange reaction she had then! Instead of the usual pain and fear, an odd kind of heat surged through her pussy, making it clamp shut on thin air. It was almost like the feeling she’d had that night tossing and writhing on her bed.

“Nice bitch, good bitch,” Jack panted, stopping his beating for a while and wiping his forehead with his upper arm.

Wouldn’t he ever grow tired? Already the young nun was feeling her butt growing numb under the constant cruel attack. But the searing pain was doing strange things to her pussy. Her body rolled and jerked under the slicing belt and Sister Mary Theresa’s pussy grew hotter and tighter. No longer did the belt have to touch her inner thighs to prove that delicious sensation between her legs. Now with each blow her cunt vibrated strangely, those tremors spreading rapidly to her stiffening clit. The tiny spindle ached and throbbed and itched. The young nun clutched at the pillow desperately to keep from jerking her hands down to her pussy to relieve the terrible pressure building there. Oh, how awful! How terrible to be feeling this wonderful sensation while being used so foully!

Sister Mary Theresa chewed the pillow now, hiding her lust-contorted face in the lumpy material. Her asscheeks stayed tense, instinctively opening and closing rhythmically, matching the blows from the belt. Then as Jack slowed the assault she raised her ass, almost as if she were silently begging him for more.

“You dig it, eh, babe? Man, my Catholic buddies were right,” Jack said, smiling down at the beaten young nun.

Sister Mary Theresa turned a tear-streaked face toward him. How she hated this man, hated him for what he was doing to her and her fellow sisters, hating him for what he was revealing inside her.

The bed sagged as Jack sat next to her. The smell of his sweat came through the heavy trousers. The stink almost made her gag. And yet there was something excitingly masculine about him. The young nun turned away from him, shoving her face deeper into the pillow.

“Baby, I’m gonna have you dancin’ with my cock in your cunt before we get outta this room,” he said evenly, trailing his fingers down the small of her back. He stopped at her bra strap, slipping his fingers under the elastic and quickly unbuttoning it.

Sister Mary Theresa let out a little groan as she felt the halter being slipped from her shoulders, moved from her tits, then dropped to the floor. She was completely naked now, defenseless against this madman!

The nun felt him get up, heard his fingers working at the rest of the buttons of his trousers. She could hear his pants slipping down, hear his shirt hitting the floor along with the belt buckle. And as she pictured how he must look standing there by the bedside stark naked, she felt her pussy start to twitch while pussy oil seeped from her fuckhole. Her clit tingled as if a thousand hot needles were pricking that tiny gland. The nun trembled while her pussy quivered with excitement. An odd kind of pressure was building in her cunt and belly, swelling up through her ass to her nipples. She opened and closed her thighs, moving from side to side in a shameless dance of lust.

Jack was laughing at her now, enjoying the young woman’s confusion and excitement. Sister Mary Theresa bit her lower lip, realizing she was giving herself up to a man, deriding her own faith.

The commando stepped out of his briefs, dropping them on the floor next to his trousers.

“Look at me, you stupid cunt. Man, take a look at a man’s cock.”

The young nun slowly complied, rolling over and stopping dead when she saw the fat thing sticking straight out from his groin.


That big thing was frightening. It was huge, far larger than anything she’d seen in those awful picture books showing men with erections! The sac below the monstrous cylinder of throbbing veins and twitching muscle was swollen like a sack of walnuts. At the fat root of his prick a thick bush of black wiry hairs curled, some of them dripping with droplets of perspiration. A strange odor came out from his groin. When the nun picked the scent up, she felt her pussy trigger into a higher stage of sexual heat.

“It’s gonna split you apart, baby, and you’re gonna dig it,” he said in a thick voice.

It was frightening. His cock was so big. She felt she’d never be able to take it. How could any woman take something that large without tearing her pussy! Sister Mary Theresa moved back, feeling her ass pressing hard against the cold cracked plaster wall.

Jack reached down and scratched his balls lazily. His big pink cock bobbed from side to side. Droplets of opaque cum oozed from the broad piss-slit. He stood there next to the bed, purposely shoving his cock forward and nearly touching the terrified nun several times on the forehead with the drooling tip.

“Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they do,” Sister Mary Theresa prayed, rolling her eyes up to the ceiling.

“Me? Forgive me?” Jack said, laughing loudly. “Baby, the way you’re juicin’, you’d better ask for some of that forgiveness yourself,” he said mockingly, pointing at the wet, slick hairs fringing around the outer edges of her puffy cuntlips.

Sister Mary Theresa felt shame knife through her like a hot poker.

“God ain’t gonna help you. Go ahead and pray if you wanna, though,” he said, jerking her legs apart. “Pray while I fuck you ’til you bleed.”

As the nun screamed, he reached down and touched her cunt. The woman jerked back, that touch making her pussy quiver and actually move! Did he notice? Did he see her hot reaction to that light touch?

Jack muttered something, then crawled onto the bed. He reached up and shoved her roughly back down onto the bed. Was this it? Was he going to fuck her now? Oh, Lord, let it be fast! Maybe he’d be through so quickly she wouldn’t even know what happened.

But Jack had other plans. He moved down between her legs, holding her thighs down with both hands while wedging his cheeks between them.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, no, don’t do that to me!” she begged.

But how could she resist that feeling? It was as if someone had opened a trap door. Suddenly she was spinning down into a secret, strange world. And the smooth, silky rubbing of Jack’s lips as they forced her cuntlips apart was a furious new sensation for the nun. She had vague guilty feelings about what was happening. Not only was what she was doing condemned by the Church, but what she was doing would also bring dishonor down on the religious order she represented. How could she do something so terrible to an order that had helped her?


The young nun wallowed her shoulders against the mattress, rubbing her thighs against her unshaven cheeks of the commando. Hot flashes raked her clit as he burrowed deep between her cuntlips. She felt the flooding juices of her pussy seeping from the deepest parts of her slit. The tickling of his kisses made her actually hunch back into his face. How odd it was with his face against her cunt, his tongue rimming the sensitive flesh separating her inner and outer cuntlips!

“Ahhhhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, her eyes rolling up into her head. She stiffened in embarrassed fright when she felt him rimming up toward her clit. But then any thoughts of guilt and shame disappeared when he touched her clit with his tongue.

“Oh, yeah, baby, hot and wet, that’s what you are.”

The vibrations of his voice sent sympathetic ripples through her pussy.

“What… no, don’t!” the nun protested.

Jack was rolling her from side to side, slipping his hands under her ass and heaving her up slightly so he could lick more of her. He was growling, growling like an animal while he lathered her pussy with his eager tongue. He loved exploring her, discovering the curves and plumpness of her virgin cunt. She felt his strong fingers cutting into the muscles just above each of her knees. He was spreading her inch by inch. She felt as if she were being split in two. And yet he hadn’t even begun to fuck her.


Already the tension added to the steady friction of his mouth against her slick cunt. Without thinking, Sister Mary Theresa began moving her hips. She was fucking back at him, actually fucking back at him! Where had she learned to do that. Nowhere! Nowhere in her life had she performed so vilely, so naturally! It was instinctive, as instinctive as eating or breathing! The young woman dug at the top sheet with her curling fingers, tossing her head from side to side. She felt her hair tangle around her neck and ears. And then Jack was pushing his face up, kissing her hot, swelling belly. The bruises on her ass from the belting didn’t hurt her any more. All she could think about was that hot pulsing itch between her legs. It was driving her crazy! And the more Jack teased her, licked her, toyed with her pussy, the more it throbbed!

“Stop, please, stop!”

But Sister Mary Theresa didn’t want him to end his cunt-lapping. Her arms felt so weak. She couldn’t shove him away even if she wanted to. And God only knew she didn’t want to.

“Baby, you’re better than most broads I fucked,” Jack said, catching her face in his hands and kissing her hotly. She felt floods of hot juice wetting her pussy hairs as his tongue knifed into her mouth.

Jack ran one hand gingerly along the slit. The young nun had closed her legs again. But his touch brought out a low moan from her throat. She spread her legs apart, rubbing the backs against the cotton top sheet while wiggling her ass around. The springs beneath groaned from the double weight pressing down. She was actually holding tightly onto him, whimpering like a drowning kitten, begging him with lusty little grunts to do things to her.

“Wanna get eaten out again?”

Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t answer that question. But her gaspy, shallow breath told the commando her answer. He grinned down at her, then stuck his head between her shivering white legs again.

The nun was on a wild high. Her cunt was peeled open by the strain of her spread thighs. Jack was gently touching her firm little ass with his hands. The tickling touch brought shudders of pleasure from her throat. The woman’s pussy was over his mouth now. Jack moved up farther, starting his lapping all over again. “Ohhhhh, God!”

She heard her soppy cuntlips being licked over and over. His teeth were cutting along the edges of her small pussy lips. She threw back her head and groaned. The young nun couldn’t believe this was happening here in the convent! Not in her wildest dreams would she have thought this possible.

“Stop it. Oh, God, please stop it!”

Sister Mary Theresa rolled her eyes up to the ceiling, moving her lips in silent prayer. Oh, how she wanted him to go on, to keep on eating her out, to have his fingers digging into her firm flesh. The young nun had closed her legs a third time. But Jack’s rough touch brought out a groan from her throat. She slid them apart to let him find her clit again. He rolled one thumb back and forth, crushing her clit under his fingernail. Her breathing was out of control, sounding gaspy, shallow and hot.

“Baby, you don’t wanna stop, do you? You wanna get more, more tongue, more cock, more everything, right?” he asked, pulling his tongue out.

“Oh, yes, yes, yesssss,” she hissed back, covering her ears. She was terrified of her own voice. It had to be the voice of Satan. He was making her feel this good! It was the devil himself leading her down the path toward hell!

“Uh… uh… uhhhh!”

The gasps broke from her throat. Jack’s fingers sneaked under her, rubbing the hollows of her thighs where they met her body. Sister Mary Theresa felt herself burning there. Then suddenly he shoved two fingers into her convulsing cunt.


The nun jerked as if someone had touched a live wire to her. She was drooling, throwing her head from side to side. He fucked in and out of her with his fingers, sucking her clit between the small gap in his front teeth. Sister Mary Theresa could feel his other hand crawling over her belly, inching up toward her jiggling tits. Soon he was pinching her nipple hard, squeezing the tiny nubbin until she was crying out in pain.

“You dig it, bitch, dig it a lot! You ain’t no fuckin’ nun. You’re just a Goddamned little bitch in heat,” he growled.

The nun looked heavy-lidded at Jack Tolbo. He drew back a moment, wiping the mixture of cunt juice and spit from his mouth and chin. His hair hung rakishly in his eyes. His face, flushed with sexual lust, was a mask of conquest. Yes, he was right. Sister Mary Theresa knew she was no better than the unfortunate women she used to pray for. She had betrayed her vows, her Church, her God, herself!


The young nun could hardly keep still. Jack was working his fingers deep inside her body. He dug against her soft, slick cunt, pushing his knuckles against the grabbing folds. She felt the suction of her pussy trying to nurse his fingers as if they were a cock.

“Man, fuck,” Jack muttered.

The nun seemed to lose all control of her body. She curled her slim form up, holding the sides of Jack’s head now with both hands. She was squeezing her asscheeks, bunching them up, feeding the young commando her pussy. Her feet slid over the wrinkled top sheet as she tensed her thigh muscles and pushed up. Her ass hung inches off the sagging mattress as Jack gobbled up her flowing cunt juices. When she started crying out, Jack backed off, wiping his mouth and chin again with the back of one hand.

“Gonna shove my cock in your pussy, honey. Yeah, gonna shove it in tight,” he said, his face darkening as he crawled on top of her and held her down tightly by the shoulders.

“Ohhhhhh.” Sister Mary Theresa cried. She felt him pushing forward with his hairy ass. His thick cockhead worked slowly inside, and the young woman shivered when she felt her cuntlips closing over his cock. His long shaft was outside, still waiting to be shoved into her twisting pussy.

Jack bit her neck, burying his face in her hair as he dug his knees into the mattress, rolled her back and twisted his body around so she could feel his prick working. The fat head reamed out the tight pink passage, sinking deeper into her wet cunt slit. With squishing sounds, his cock disappeared into her hot fuckhole.

“Man, good fuck, a fuckin’ good screwin’,” Jack muttered.

“Fucking,” the young nun whispered back, not caring any more about what she said.

Sister Mary Theresa felt the pressure in her cunt become more intense as Jack shoved in deeper. Oh, how she wanted all of it inside her! She wanted the young commando rolling down on top of her, squeezing her, shoving her down into the soft mattress while pushing his cock up inside her cunt.

Then suddenly both of them felt his cockhead run into something firm. Sister Mary Theresa stiffened, her eyes fluttering open. Her face became a mask of concentration. Pushing her arms down she pressed her fingers and palms against his chest and shoved up. No, she didn’t want him tearing away her cherry! Fear and guilt washed over her again. The bed rocked as the nun struggled under him.

“Fuck, so you got a cherry!” Jack said, raising his eyebrows in surprise. “Gotta bust it.”


Sister Mary Theresa clawed at him, twisting and writhing under the big man. Twice she managed to bend her knees and kick hard against his thick-muscled thighs. But it was futile. The harder she struggled, the harder he shoved down.



The nun screamed, the cords sticking out from her neck while she tilted her head all the way back and shoved it into the pillow. The pain was killing her. She thought he’d knifed her in the crotch. Then came the sensation of hot flesh rushing through her pussy. Oh, God, he’d ripped away her cherry!


The nun had tried to twist away from his grasp. Her hysterical sobs had subsided. Now she lay quietly in his arms, gasping for breath, feeling the throbbing hurt between her thighs slowly ebb.

Jack lay down on her tits, his breath coming in pants. Sweat trickled off his forehead and chest as he smoothed his fingers along her sides.

“Good, baby, good. Fuck, guess all you nuns are cherry, right? Or you’re supposed to be,” he said with a laugh.

“You animal!” she whispered with hatred.

Jack pulled his head up and stared with disbelief at the young woman. Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t meet his eyes. She turned her face away from the young commando, feeling as if she could die from shame. She knew what he was thinking.

“Baby, you been beggin’ for this. Bet when you was prayin’, you hoped God’d send you a nice, fat long cock. Well, you got it now,” he said, twisting his hips from side to side.

Sister Mary Theresa gasped, her eyes widening as she felt that fat cockhead scraping along the slick sides of her pussy. The young woman shivered, moving her shoulders back and forth over the sheets while Jack slowly pulled his long prick from her cunthole.

“Uhhhhh!” she cried, arching her back and closing her eyes. How good it felt to have her pussy walls shrinking back to normal, closing behind the retreating cockhead. It was as if Jack were pulling out all her insides when he withdrew slowly.

“Good fucking?”

“Ohhhhh,” Sister Mary Theresa answered, her face red with lust and shame.

“Feel it, baby, feel it,” he repeated again, holding his cockhead suspended between her cuntlips. Jack rocked back and forth, reaming out her pussy. Sister Mary Theresa thought she’d go crazy with that wild sensation. Her pulsing muscles milked at the fat spongy cock, cramping, grabbing at it, trying to pull the full length back in.

Jack shuddered, then flexed his thigh muscles and shoved down hard and fast.

The young nun felt the rushing of his cock nit tore through her tight cunt. Before she knew it, he was hammering at her cilt. This time the commando didn’t stop. He kept going, slamming down harder and faster. His weight shook her as he hunched his way into her body over and over. She was grunting like a stuck pig, stretched wide open by the working of his strokes. His cock seemed to swell wider and wider, stretching her open until she felt as if she were going to split apart.

“Gonna cut loose, baby, gonna make it,” Jack groaned.

“Ohhhh, yeas, yeas!” she hissed between her teeth.

“Man, makin’ it with a fuckin’ nun. Wonder if all the girls are like you,” Jack said, his words cut off in a strangled cry as he neared orgasm.

Sister Mary Theresa moaned as a flash of sexual fire raced through her body. She felt her legs swing up and scissor around the man’s back. Her arms slid around his neck, trying to pull him harder again her. Her ass was grinding up to meet him as the bed bounced and scraped across the wood floor.

“Gettin’ it, baby? Gettin’ ready for your first big come?” Jack said, going crazy with the idea he was fucking a nun. “Shoot off, baby, shoot!” he cried as he worked his hips.

Sister Mary Theresa could feel what he meant. Somewhere inside her body an explosion was building up. She was grunting with each hammering downward thrust slamming into her body. Her tits flopped around while her flesh glistened with more sweat. Her hair clung damply to her cheeks and forehead while her legs slid up and down his hunching lower back. The bed squeaked and groaned with the regular fucking thrusts.

“Oh no, nooooo!”

Her body tightened up into pre-orgasmic tenseness. Her cunt muscles were already clenching around, his pistoning cock. Sister Mary Theresa was getting ready for her first big come.

“Come!” Jack cried out, his face looking as if someone had stabbed him in the back. His face was red and pinched, his eyes shut tightly while his mouth was more like a large scar.

“God!” she shouted back. Sister Mary Theresa felt the commando’s cock throbbing inside her. Her pussywalls tightened around it. As his trembling prick started to shake more violently, she felt her cunt vibrating back. She felt hot spurts of something creamy scald her cuntwalls. It burned into her, making her lose what little control she had. The world seemed to explode around her, crashing down into her pussy while brilliant white and yellow lights popped in front of her eyes. She was coming, coming far more ferociously than she had that fateful night in the bathroom.

“Come!” the young woman screamed, her cuntwalls spasming as her pussy clutched the young man’s hammering cock. The squirming, shooting hunk of meat deep inside her was filling up her pussy with hot jizz. Already some of the sticky milky substance had oozed from her slit, trickling down her ass crack toward her shitter.

“Fuck, make it, bitch!” Jack shouted, burying his face in the nape of her neck.

The young nun couldn’t talk. She wanted to scream out all sorts of obscenities. Her orgasm was so powerful, it was nearly painful. She raked his back with her fingernails, beating his hips with her heels. How good this was! It was far better than those mystical experiences she’d read about, the saints’ descriptions of ecstasy when they saw God. There was the same loss of reality, the same sensation of floating on air, the same losing of sanity. But how much more exciting coming was?

Jack left her alone in that room for several minutes after sliding off her body, wiping up and dressing. He called her all sorts of names, even threatening to spit on her at times.

Still the young nun lay quietly, her head turned away from the dressing commando. She didn’t care what he called her. Nothing could equal what she was calling herself. Now that the throbbing delight had passed from her cunt, Sister Mary Theresa was at sea with her guilt. She had had a man, had encouraged a man to foul her. Now she lay naked, spread out in front of the cross, a shameless harlot before God! If there were a hole in the wall, she could have crawled into it. Surely there could be few creatures on this planet more miserable, the young nun thought. Covering her eyes with the back of one hand, Sister Mary Theresa sobbed quietly, the tears rolling freely down her cheeks.

An hour, maybe two passed before anyone entered the room again.

“We’ve got the others around,” Jack said. Rico was behind him, rubbing the barrel of his gun against his unshaven cheeks. “Ain’t nobody leavin’ here ’til it’s safe for us.”

Sister Mary Theresa felt shamed before these men. Stretching one arm to the side she picked up her discarded garment and covered her tits and cunt modestly. She was shivering, her teeth chattering both from fear and cold. What were they waiting for? Park? Mother chance at murder? Surely they planned their place of refuge carefully. No police would come and swarm over the convent looking for political assassins. They wouldn’t unless they received a phone call. An idea struck the young nun. Perhaps the commandos hadn’t cut the lines. Possibly they had friends throughout the city and needed communication to them. She hadn’t heard the phone ring. But the nuns received few calls when the school was doped for holiday. If only she could get to a phone!

“Get dressed. I’ve had my fun with you. You can wait with the others,” Jack said, shoving the point of his rifle under her dress and flipping it over into her face.

Rico laughed, scratching his groin. He wanted the young woman sitting half-naked in front of him. But Jack wielded supreme authority in a group where obedience was paramount.

The men remained in the room, watching the embarrassed nun slide from the bed and step back into the torn garments. She held the veil languidly in one hand, afraid the sky would open if she were to place it back on her head. She wasn’t worthy to wear this. Years of penance would have to be performed before she could once more look with awe at the altar.

They marched down the long corridor, Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes dropped modestly to the floor. Even now she was conscious of Jack’s body. She could still feel his arms wrapped tightly around her, his knees digging hard against her ass as he wormed his cock into her cunt. Try as hard as she could, the nun couldn’t drive those thoughts from her mind. The sensations stayed with her, the sensations of fucking, of having her cunt licked and sucked!

Once they passed a small room where Sister Mary Theresa caught sight of Mother Superior and several other nuns, Sister Mary Dominic wasn’t among them. She saw the older nun look inquiringly at bet, starting to stand up. There were orders barked, and the religious leader sighed and returned to her seat, her lips moving silently in prayer.

“Wait here,” Jack said, ducking into one room where another group of nuns sat. Rico stood behind her, his breath growing shallow and uneven. She could sense his mounting excitement. He wanted to fuck her, to feel her body twisting under his. The thought made her mind spin around confusedly. What was happening to her? She was a bride of Christ, and here she was acting like some street whore!

“Hey, stop it!”

At was Joe shouting in the room where Mother Superior sat. Rico stiffened, wheeled around and ran back down the corridor to where the shouts came from. For a few seconds Sister Mary Theresa remained unguarded. Mother Superior’s office was only three doors down. Mustering what courage she could find, the nun dashed down the hall, reaching the door and twisting open the handle.

“God,” she whispered tensely, darting into the darkened office. She stumbled over a large wing chair, her hands outstretched as she ran for the desk. If only she could get the operator in time, give her the name and address of the convent and beg for help!

Sister Mary Theresa pulled the receiver off the phone, sending the instrument sliding across the polished desk top and onto the floor. It jangled angrily, landing on its side.

“Hello, hello?” she whispered, her heart pounding so hard she thought it would tear through her ribcage. Her eyes darted toward the opened door. Jack had returned and found her missing. She could hear his angry shouts for Rico as he ran down the hall.

“Oh, God, isn’t someone there?” she almost shouted. There was a whirring, buzzing sound on the line. Perhaps she’d broken the phone in her haste to call for help. A large bulk in the doorway told her the game was up. The young nun stood there, the phone pressed to her ear as Jack marched into the room.

“Thought you’d pull something funny, eh?” he snarled, tearing the receiver from her hand and smashing it against the side of the desk. Pieces of plastic showered over her body as brightly colored wires tumbled from the instrument. “Don’t think you’ll be usin’ this any more.”

Sister Mary Theresa felt her heart sinking. She wanted to faint dead away. What would Jack and his friends do to her now?

“The slut needs a lesson,” he said, pulling his revolver out and holding the cold barrel to her head.

Sister Mary Theresa screamed, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth. There’d be a loud sound, then nothing. She was sure there’d be no pain. But where would her soul go? Surely to hell considering what she’d done earlier with this foul man.

“Take her down to the chapel,” he said.

They moved quickly through the building. When they entered the main sanctuary, Jack flipped on the overhead lights. The narrow room was quiet, filled with the heavy perfume of burned wax and incense. Mass hadn’t been celebrated in here for nearly two days and still the pungent odor remained.

Jack ordered her tied to the altar with her back flush against the smooth wood surface. Rico did as he was told, finding rope where the priest’s robes were kept.

Jack moved up to her as his friend was finishing up several figure eights on her ankles. He threw back her habit, exposing her lush body.

What is he going to do to me, fuck me again? the nun wondered to herself. Oh, she’d be surely lost if that were to happen. Already her clit was stiffening, the juices were flowing in her pussy, slicking down the folds and hollows. There was no controlling her hot little cunt! It seemed to have a life and will of its own.

Rico grunted with satisfaction, backing away and admiring his handiwork. Sister Mary Theresa shut her eyes and tried to shrink away from his probing stare.

“I think, she’s a little ashamed of herself. ‘Course, that’s what they’re told. Body’s not good, right honey? But you sure enjoyed yourself a little while ago,” Jack said, snorting with derision. “She good and tied?” he asked, his eyes still focused on her wet pussy.

“Yeah, ain’t no way she’s gonna get loose,” Rico said. He reached down and scratched his bulging crotch. He waited silently, waiting for Jack to give him the go ahead to fuck the young nun.

“Get the fuck outta here then,” he murmured, a tight smile snaking across his lips. “We’ve got a lot to talk about in private.”

Rico’s face fell. Narrowing his eyes, he mumbled something, turning around and stalking out of the vaulted room.

Sister Mary Theresa whimpered, twisting against the ropes holding her tightly to the altar. She’d never been held like this. Being defiled in this house of God was too cruel even for someone like Jack to enjoy. Surely he knew how she’d behave. Would he purposely let her shame herself in front of the Lord, sending her soul straight to hell? Fear for the fate of her soul crept across her mind as Jack approached the altar. Surely in hell, the deepest, most vile pit was being saved for her.

Rico had tied her so her arms were stretched out while her legs were spread wide. As the door to the sacristy closed behind Rico, Jack tugged at the habit, bunching it under her ass. He chuckled to himself, his face looking like that of an amused child as the fold of her heavy black dress jerked free of her clenched butt. The smell of her growing arousal and his sweat filled the immediate tight space around them, that odor more powerful than that of the burning candles. Sister Mary Theresa gasped, feeling faint from all the smells and excitement. The odor from her juicing cunt grew stronger as Jack knelt and lightly stroked her pussy.

“You’ve got a nice slit,” he said, watching as her cuntlips trembled at the light touch.

Oh, touch it, stick your finger in, Sister Mary Theresa thought, closing her eyes and biting down hard on her lower lip.

“Too bad if somethin’ happened that hurt you down there,” Jack said evenly, still stroking her pussy with his fingers.

The words snapped the nun back to reality. Hurt her? What was he planning to do?

The young nun raised her head and peered down. Jack was reaching over to the side where five rows of votive candles sat burning in their little red cups. He removed one, holding the short candle so the nun could see it clearly.

“This can do a lot of damage,” he said, passing the red flame under her eyes.

Sister Mary Theresa flinched, snapping her head back as the flame moved back and forth in front of her face.

Then Jack knelt again, bringing the fire between her spread legs. Heat stabbed her cunt while some of the dripping wax splashed onto her thighs. Her slit felt as if it had recoiled while her cunt muscles tightened. Jack was drawing the burning candle closer and closer toward her pussy.

“No, don’t, don’t!” she begged in a tight, whimpering voice. This was surely a punishment from heaven. God was guiding Jack’s hand. He was going to destroy the instrument of her body that would destroy her soul if left untouched!

Jack was too aroused to stop now. He passed the candle repeatedly between her thighs while his cock filled with blood and strained against his trousers. His nuts ached with arousal while the smell of her singed pussy hairs wafted up to his nose.

“No, stop! Stop!”

Her body thrashed wildly as the flame neared her flesh. Surely the end was near. In a burst of flame her pussy would explode and, fainting from pain, her ordeal would be over.


Jack waved the candle an inch from her cunt. Wax dripped on her pussy hairs while some of the curls disappeared in a crackling whisper under the flame’s attack. Sister Mary Theresa twisted and sobbed as the flame lapped her cuntlips. The heat radiated into her cunt, stimulating her sensitive pussy nerve endings as if it were a million tiny needles. The helpless nun whispered her prayers and shivered while the heat burned her pussy lips. And the fire hissed like a snake when her pussy oil dripped from her cunt onto the candle.

The terrified nun tensed. But, more than fear coursed through her body now. She was fully aroused, her pussy hot and wet while her nipples had swollen to their maximum half-inch length. Her flesh once again was covered with a slick layer of perspiration.

“You don’t move, you ain’t gonna get hurt too bad by this,” Jack said, glancing down at the burning candle, then back up into the girl’s lust-bloated face.

While he talked, Sister Mary Theresa sucked in a deep breath. Could she keep from defiling herself in this, the most sacred place in the convent? Twisting her head around, she saw the face of Christ peering sadly down at her.

“Oh, Lord, forgive me, your transgressing handmaiden. If only… if only I could pray,” she sobbed, closing her eyes and fighting back the tears.

The sound of a metal buckle striking the marble altar floor made Sister Mary Theresa snap her head around. She watched in horror is he dropped his trousers, stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. His cock was fully aroused to its nine inches, while his balls tightened in their leathery sac. Naked, aroused in front of this sorrowing image of Christ! Jack’s depravity seemed to know no bounds!

“Still wanna pray? I get tired of hearin’ that kinda shit. I got somethin’ better for your mouth,” he said, reaching down and rubbing his fingers greedily over his hard cock.

Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes widened while her heart pounded maddeningly. She’d heard about the sins of Sodom. One of them was this… oh, cocksucking! That was it! Surely he wasn’t going to have to perform that vile act! Not here, not in front of God!

“And if you try anything funny, I’ll ram this fuckin’ candle up your slit. Just think how that’ll feel, and see if your damned prayers’ll help,” Jack said menacingly. He stared at her, his face showing his amusement at her dilemma.

The young nun struggled with her conflicting emotions. She was going to be forced to commit this unnatural act, an act not even talked about publicly by members of the Church. It was bad enough to be abused. But the infliction of his perversion in this sacristy was too horrible to think about. She tried to shut out everything except prayers for help and mercy. But Jack wouldn’t allow her the luxury of her waning faith. Springing lightly onto the altar, he balanced himself above her head. While her eyes widened with fear and horror, he slowly squatted.

She watched as his cock seemed to grow larger. Would it never stop? The nun twisted her head away and closed her mouth. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t take that vile thing into her mouth and suck. She had slipped earlier, but her, faith would sustain her.

“Open up, damn it! Open up or I’ll break your fuckin’ jaw!” he shouted.

Still Sister Mary Theresa fought back, jerking her head away a second time from his grip. The young commando snarled.

“I said, open up!”

With that, he reached down and jerked her head toward his cock. He squeezed tightly where her upper and lower jaw met, making the young woman cry out in pain. Quickly her lips parted. He was enjoying her terror and sense of degradation.

“Yeah, gonna have a good pair of hot tight lips around my cock,” he muttered, staring hotly at the cringing nun.

Her mouth was fully open, the air rushing in and out her flared nostrils as Jack’s cock slipped between her lips. The woman groaned, feeling his hot, hard cock brushing against the soft, wet lining of her checks. Never had she dreamed of something like this happening to her. Fucking, yes. But this? No, no, it was far too awful even to think of.


The taste of the slimy thing made the nun choke. Jack slapped her face to keep her from retching. His fat prick scraped her bottom teeth. He warned her once more what would happen if she tried biting him.

“Yeah, good, good head. Nuns give good head,” he said, laughing softly. His breath caught when a series of spasms racked his sinking cock.

Sister Mary Theresa wondered at her own reaction to this perverted act. The male odor issuing from his groin triggered her once more into heat. The slippery hot tissues of her pussy clutched into knots. She felt her knees shaking while her legs and ass slipped back and forth sexily across the altar. Globs of his pre-cum seeped from his piss-slit, coating her throat and making her swallow.

“Yeah, gimme head, yeahhh!” he moaned, moving his hips back and forth, making his cock revolve in her mouth.

Sister Mary Theresa felt the throbbing cock brush over her tongue. What a strange, salty, bleachy flavor his cum had! It made her swallow even harder, coating her mouth and throat with the sticky substance.

“Come on, honey, suck it. Gimme good head,” he breathed, caressing the sides of her head with his hands. He told her to use her tongue, to flick it over and over the thick tube running the bottom length of his cock.


The young woman did as she was told, flicking at the thick cum-tube, working over the tight scar where his foreskin had been cut away.

“Lick it, tongue it, get it good, baby! Get on my cock! Take it down your fuckin’ throat!” Jack instructed as he centered his cock in her mouth and slowly sank down.

The nun felt the fleshy head shoving back over her tongue, going deeper and farther toward the back of her mouth. The young woman took in a deep breath and let Jack push his cock into her throat. Oh, it was like swimming under water. She held her breath and dived deeper, taking his prick all the way in until her face was tight against his crotch. The wiry hairs surrounding his cock tickled her nostrils.

“Man, suck me off!”

Sister Mary Theresa began to like the feel of that long fat-headed cock inside her mouth. She sucked so hard her cheeks caved in. The woman took in air through her nose with a whistling sound, keeping his cock lodged tightly ir her mouth. Her tongue lashed over it, licking and tasting the salty fluid oozing from his cockhead.

“Yeah, man, gonna pop off if you keep doin’ that,” he said in a tight voice.

Sister Mary Theresa shivered. Having cum spurting down her throat! The thought sickened as well as delighted her. As Jack moved faster, his cockhead struck the back of her throat. She swallowed and shut her eyes, wondering what it would be like taking in all that jizz.

“Mmmmmfff!” she moaned, able to breathe in air now around the sides of the pistoning cock. She crushed her fingernails against her palms, the pain making her temporarily forget about her pleasure in this terrible act. Swallowing cum, a man’s seed? Oh, dear God, what could she have been thinking of?

Jack grunted, sweat raining down from his body onto her face and tits. He rammed ahead, striking the back of her throat several times while his fat balls swung forward and brushed her chin.

“Man, gonna come, gonna come soon,” he panted in between mouth-fucking thrusts.

Spit and cum oozed from the corners of Sister Mary Theresa’s mouth. The young man on top of her was going wild, pulling her hair, shoving his prick so hard in her throat, he was nearly knocking her unconscious with his groin. Her teeth scraped against his shaft. Peering down at the bound nun, Jack could tell by the way her cheeks expanded and contracted that she was enjoying what he was forcing her to do.

Sister Mary Theresa’s tits seemed to swell while her nipples itched maddeningly. Her pussy ached and throbbed, the burning sensation matched only by the terrible pressure. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine how she and this madman looked — her bound to the altar, her long black dress hitched up around her waist with most of her body exposed while he thrust his fat, long, horse-like cock in and out of her mouth. The image excited her. Her pussy itched and burned with a tremendous intensity.

“Fuck, fuck!” Jack cried, his head snapping from side to side.

His cock banged at the back of her throat. At that point the young woman felt her pussy convulse. She was coming, actually coming without having anything touching her pussy! Her hips jerked from side to side while a chilly fire raged through her pussy. Juice flowed from her slit, wetting down her thighs. The nun flexed her thighs, forcing her pussywalls to rub against one another much as she’d done several nights ago in the convent bathroom. The increased wet friction was driving her delirious. Her tongue flicked around his pistoning prick faster while she sucked as hard as she could. Above her she could hear Jack moaning, his breath catching while his cock once more slid over her teeth, tonsils and brushed the back of her throat.

Jack cried out, pressing his fingers so hard against the sides of her head, she thought he’d crush it. She jerked, shocked at a hot stinging sensation against her throat. She was ashamed and terrified, trying not to swallow the jizz. But the pressure in her pussy was so wild that, releasing the rest of her orgasm, her throat opened. Hot cum slopped down to her belly.

“Man, good head, good head,” Jack crooned, leaving his cock shoved all the way in the nun’s sucking mouth.

Sister Mary Theresa twisted and shook, her belly turning over while her tits bounced, rolling together, then falling apart. Her hairy cunt touched the burning candle now. How odd it was that right in the middle of her climax she was actually seeking out the flame, wanting more stimulation, wanting pain to heighten her physical delight.

“Mnunmfffff!” the nun cried happily, sucking in more jizz. The flame licked hungrily at her cuntlips and burned the curly hairs. The acrid stench of burning flesh reached her nose. She was burning herself, actually throwing herself onto the fire. But she didn’t care. The flame in her pussy was stronger and seemed to consume her with a more ferocious fury.

“Ahhhhh!” the girl cried, spitting out the softening prick.

Jack watched with interest as the nun writhed in orgasmic agony. She clenched her thighs tightly. The flowing pussy juices put moist the fire with a hissing sound. The short squat candle toppled. Jack caught it and shoved the shaft into her cunt.

“Oh, yes, fuck, fuck,” Sister Mary Theresa groaned, grinding her thighs against the waxen cock. The dazed little nun rippled her thighs and cunt, working the candle tip into her pussy. She moved down, sucking the candle against her clit with careful flexing movements.

With a final jerk, the nun shoved the candle into her cunt, working her pussy muscles around the small hard shaft, then letting it drop to the floor as she reined after her climax.

Jack finished dumping his spunk into her mouth. She drank the last of his jizz with a gagging sound. When he pulled his cock out, the woman gave a small cry and looked at the jizz dripping onto her lips and chin.

“You’re a little slut, aren’t you, baby? Fuck, you ain’t no nun… anyways, not like the others down there prayin’ and moanin’,” Jack said derisively, climbing down from the altar. Shoving his face against hers, he moved his hands up and down her exposed tits, pinching her nipples, rubbing his flaked groin against hers. Oh, even after coming she was still hot. Her pussy seemed to swell with that light, sexy touch!

“Jesus, Mary, please help me,” she whispered, turning her face from his with great effort.

“Ain’t nothing’ gonna help you here. Told you that before,” Jack said, growing tired of the nun’s constant praying. He began to dress, telling her he wasn’t through with her yet.

“Rico!” he shouted after zipping up and tucking his shirt into his trousers.

The door opened after some hesitation and the other commando stepped in. Staring at the young nun hanging by her wrists, he quickly took in the situation. She had performed with his commander. Once more he’d been left in the cold.

“Come on and help me get this bitch down. We got some plannin’ to do,” Jack said, working his finger on some of the knots holding the woman’s hands to the altar.

“Yeah, yeah,” Rico muttered under his breath. Laying down his rifle on a pew, the young man began untying the knots as Sister Mary Theresa moaned above them.

“What the fuck’s the matter?” Jack asked, glancing up and noticing Rico’s sour face.

“Nothin’… yeah, somethin’,” he corrected himself, stopping his work and staring hotly at Jack. “You always get the cunts, don’tcha? I mean, I work just as hard as you and you always wind up with pussy… even a nun’s cunt!” he spat out. His lips were pressed tightly together as he dropped his eyes from Jack’s.

The commander tilted his head to one side, scratching his neck with one hand while drumming the floor with the other.

“Guess you got a point, never thought that much about it. Mind’s been filled up pretty much with killin’ that fat Spanish dude. Want ‘er now? She gave me a blow job, that’s all. Her cunt’s still hot,” Jack said, remembering the candle she’d managed to work into her cunthole. Yes, she was hot, hot enough to fry up a few cocks in her bubbling pussy oil.

“Yeah, it’s pretty big. The other guys don’t mind so much. But man, I used to be big man on the block… fuckin’ all the chicks. Now…”

Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t believe this conversation was going on under her in this holy sacristy! She expected lightning to come crashing through the small dome overhead and destroy all three of them. They had offended God mightily in his holy place. They all deserved to be plunged into the depths of hell!

“Come on. Let’s take ‘er upstairs. I fucked ‘er there before. We’ll both get her this time,” Jack said with a broad smile.

“What about the other guys?” Rico asked, finishing untying Sister Mary Theresa and catching her in his arms as she fell from the altar limply.

“Let ’em get their own nun,” Jack said, laughing lightly as he helped his buddy escort the struggling nun from the altar, down the aisle toward the main door.

Sister Mary Theresa was far too weak and humiliated to fight back. She felt as if she’d been wallowing in filth for the past hour. To think of what she’d been doing, what she’d felt, and where she’d been experiencing all this made her sick to her stomach. She looked around at all the holy pictures hanging on the plaster walls. The martyrs and saints still pawed down at her, their eyes filled with sorrow and pity. But now their messages of hope and prayer were no longer for her. She was an outcast, a traitor to them and her faith.

The men hurried her along the corridor, bypassing several rooms quickly where she suspected the other nuns were being held by Joe and Rick. She stumbled over the slick floor at times especially when her knees threatened to give way. Oh, if only she could rest, if only she could just fall in a faint to the floor!

But her pussy was throbbing, swelling with sexual heat as she thought about what waited for her. A nun, panting with heat as she thought about the two men who were going to fuck her! The thought horrified as well as strangely delighted her.

“In there,” Jack said, tugging at the nun’s long black sleeve.

The pushed her in, slammed the door and started undressing quickly without saying a word. Sister Mary Theresa backed away, looking desperately at them, then at the window. She should save what dignity she had left and fling herself through the glass. But when she saw Jack’s fat cock come back into view, her heart failed her.


“No, no, not again. I don’t want to,” she whispered as she backed away. Partly what the young nun said was true. She couldn’t take on another test of her faith and find herself wanting. She had to have time to reflect on the horrors that had already been committed by her with these terrible men. They were forcing her to fuck them. She hadn’t started any of this. Only when they were crawling on top of her, shoving their cocks into her mouth and cunt did she finally give in and enjoy it as much as they did. Surely it had been Satan possessing her at this time. How could she, a poor young nun, find the strength to fight off the Evil One?

“Nooooo!” Sister Mary Theresa moaned, covering her face with both hands in shame as Rico stepped out of his trousers and neatly folded them on a nearby chair the men were stark naked now, their cocks standing straight out from their groins. Already the woman could smell the strange sour odor coming from their aroused bodies. That odor triggered once again something in her pussy, something that made her cunt so hot, so wet, so tight!

Jack moved up behind her, catching her in his strong arms, pulling her tightly against his naked body. The nun jerked her head back, closing her eyes and letting out a tight whispering groan when she felt his cock pressing into her tight little ass. As he held her, Jack hunched slowly into her, sliding his cock back and forth over the coarse material of her long black dress.

“Man, nice, wonder if I should fuck this one in the ass,” he said.

“Let’s see just how hot you are, baby,” Rico whispered.

He stepped up to her, reaching down and pulling bet skirt up by the hem. Before she knew what he’d done, the woman felt his hand rubbing lightly over her thighs, feeling for her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” she groaned, her head rolling from side to side. This was shameless, utterly shameless! Had she no pride, no respect for the cloth she was wearing, for the cloth she was vilifying in front of these men?

“Listen to that, man. Can’t tell if she’s scared or hot!” Rico said, his voice trembling as he pinched her thighs.

“She’s hot, man, take my word for it. She ain’t had any cock since she’s been a nun. Now she’s makin’ up for it,” Jack said with a grim smile.

“Don’t, don’t, God will punish… you,” Sister Mary Theresa said haltingly.

The men laughed as the woman clenched her legs together tightly. She trapped Rico’s hands between her knees and cunt.

“Christ, what a grip!” he muttered, his thin lips curling up into a knowing smirk. “Man, she do that to you when she’s fuckin’? I gotta have some of that leg wrapped around me!” Rico said as Jack nodded.

The struggling nun moaned again when she felt his fingers crawling up toward her pussy. Her body burned with his touch. Combined with that was the sensation of Jack’s arms still pinning her from behind. The sensation of a cock pressing into her ass made her shove back into him and twist her thighs.

“She’s fuckin’ your cock, right?” Rico asked as he felt the first of her soft pussy hairs brushing over his knuckles. “We’ll get ‘er goin’ back and forth like a little pump.”

In response to what Rico suggested, the young woman started pumping her ass backward and forward as if she were trying to get away from them. Was she? Sister Mary Theresa screwed up her face and tried to answer that question. Was she trying to save herself or only add to the delightful sensations already racking her pussy?

“What’s the matter, baby, didn’t get enough down there?” Jack said, circling his arms around her upper chest and squeezing her tits through her garment.

The nun could feel her nipples mash in. The strength and broadness of his arms made her want to rub her tits into them. But the woman held still, letting him rub her instead. No, this time she couldn’t give in, couldn’t let the Devil triumph!


Rico had reached home plate. She felt his fingers slip into her pussy. Two of them glided past the cuntlips, scraping the hot sides of her pussy. She wiggled around as if she were trying to get away.

“Hot and slippery enough to barbecue cock,” Rico said, pulling his hand out and smelling the juices on his fingers.

“Let’s get ‘er in the sack then,” Jack said, fully aroused by now.

They were tearing at her clothes, lifting them above her head, taking off her thick-soled shoes, then pushing her back until once again she was flat on her back in bed.

Jack let his buddy climb onto the struggling woman first. Sister Mary Theresa tried for a final time to save her self-respect, curling her fingers and trying to scratch the commando’s eyes out.

But Rico had been prepared for some resistance. He slapped her hard across the face, backhanding her quickly, stunning the woman into submission. She lay there, legs spread apart, hands limply at her side as he threw himself down on her body.

“Never kissed a fuckin’ nun before,” he mumbled, pressing her head back into the pillows.

Sister Mary Theresa groaned under the spit-slicked kiss. She felt his tongue plunging into her mouth, wiggling around, moving over her tonsils while his hands smoothed over her thighs and tits.

Jack watched the nun disappear under Rico’s muscular thighs. Finally he threw one arm over Rico’s back as if to lock him in place. Moving in close, he stuck his cock between the nun’s and his buddy’s bodies.

While Jack welded himself to them, Sister Mary Theresa could feel two cocks probing their way over her body. She felt Jack’s stop on her thigh. Rico’s was shoving its way down into her crotch. Shoving up with her hips, she silently signaled Rico to take his weight off. As he rose she spread her legs enough to expose her cunt. Its fat greasy lips were clenched stickily together. The crack between them seeped with bubbles of pussy oil. After opening her legs, the girl tilted her head back. How good, how wonderful this was!

“You’re right, man, she’s hot, hotter ‘n most cunts I’ve had up to now,” Rico said.

“Told you. Christ, she’s gonna fry you up when you stick your cock in there. She was so fuckin’ hot the time I fucked her, she almost cried!” Jack said, licking the nun’s sweaty, salty flesh.

Sister Mary Theresa sucked in a deep breath. She felt a cockhead jabbing at her fat cuntlips. Her swollen pussylips were unstuck, forced apart by Rico’s red cockhead. Her pussy tingled along its length as it felt that long, hard prick being jammed against it. Her pink, moist tissues wiggled. Inch by inch they were unsticking, moving apart to make room for Rico’s fat cock.

“No, no, ho!” the woman tried.

But nothing could have prevented her from taking on these men. Two of them on top of her, waiting to shove their cocks into her! It nearly made the young nun dizzy with excitement to think of it. She could hear their uneven breathing. And she knew whenever she moaned, they were excited.

“Man, she’s tight!” Rico said in a strained voice.

“Shove it in, man, shove it in hard then,” Jack said.

“Uhhhhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa moaned as she felt him penetrate her hot frothy cunt.

The young woman moaned once again, her cry of pleasure sending chills over the men’s bodies and making their cocks throb more maddeningly than before.

“Easy, don’t make ‘er come yet,” Jack said.

Rico grunted something, holding tightly onto her shoulders while inching his knees up against her ass. He was shoving in, feeling her soft pussylips giving way under his steady attack. All of them could hear her cunt being reamed out by the commando’s fat cock, the telltale squishy sounds.

The nun’s pussy fitted tightly around Rico’s sinking cock. She moved her body as best she could, letting her knees sag apart to make fucking her easier. Yes, yes, she wanted his cock, inches and inches of hot, hard throbbing cock inside her. Already she was feeling pre-orgasmic thrills racing through her pussy.

“Yeah, almost all the way in, man. She’s tight, but she’s givin’ way,” Rico panted.

Soon the woman felt her cunt fitting tightly around the broad, hairy base of Rico’s cock. Inside her cunt the sensitive tissues were stretched to the maximum to take in the throbbing eight inches of meat. The girl’s clit was throbbing. When Rico came to the end of his down stroke, his groin ground into this nerve-rich bud. Thrills shot through Sister Mary Theresa’s pussy and tits. Her pussy clutched greedily at his cock.

“Ohhhhh, noooo!” the nun cried. She squeezed her butt muscles together and jerked up hard, grinding her thighs against Rico’s hips. Yes, yes, this had to be the best feeling she had, better than with Jack earlier, better because two men were on top of her, ready to give her the thrill of a lifetime with their cocks.

“Give it to her good, man,” Jack urged. “I’m gonna get in on this,” he muttered to himself, crawling down between their spread legs. He lay flat on his belly, shoving his head up to the top of their legs. As he crawled closer, he could hear the soft squishing sound of Rico’s prick trenching out the nun’s hot pussy. The rich gurgling of her juice-filled pussy sounded like soft mud sticking around a piledriver. The smell of her pussy mixed with the hot male odor of Rico’s cock and sweaty ass. Sister Mary Theresa groaned when she felt his hair brushing against her soft, sweaty inner thighs.

“Uhhhhhh!” she cried.

The sensation of his fingers on the ticklish insides of her thighs sent a hot shiver through her pussy. She didn’t know what he was going to do, but she knew it would be tremendously good!

“Hey, don’t get queer with me,” Rico warned.

“Don’t have to worry about that with me,” Jack answered angrily.

The commander stretched her body wider. Rico pulled up, then gave a hard shove, burying his cock up to the hilt. He almost blew his balls when he felt the girl’s pussy muscles cramp, squeezing his cock hard around the center of the shaft. Sister Mary Theresa couldn’t stop the reaction, feeling as if she were going to blow apart at any second.

“Ain’t never had a woman do that before,” Rico panted, his eyes bugging out.

The young man worked his hips from side to side, letting his cock stir around in her pussy like a giant spoon.

“Uhhhhhhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried as she felt her stretched pussylips being teased by a wet, flicking tongue. The tickling sensations made her want to snap her legs together, trapping Jack’s head between her silky thighs. Rico’s weight kept her spread wide open while she felt the flicking tongue lick over her pussy and the tender flesh between her cunt and ass.

“Fuck her,” Jack hissed as he flicked his tongue in circles over the wet, tight red pussyflesh.

Rico pulled his ass up, pulling his cock out of her furry hot cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” the nun moaned again as Jack inched up farther between her and Rico. He licked around the tense, eager, pulsing edges of her cunt. His tongue raked along the surface, then darted in.

“Man, oh, man!” Rico groaned as he felt Sister Mary Theresa thrashing under him. The woman was going out of control. Nothing could feel like this! It was so dreamlike in intensity!

Jack backed away, keeping himself between their legs. As soon as his head was out of the way, he heard a squishing sound. He knew Rico’s cock was sinking back into the juice-filled cunt again. Reaching up, he tugged on the nun’s inner thighs. While he held her wide open, he heard Rico’s cock throw in several quick hunches.

“If you really wanna make her go wild, pull all the way out next time and let me eat her cunt,” Jack suggested.

Rico didn’t say anything. Bracing his body on his knees and elbows, he pulled all the way out on his next upstroke. His cock shot free, trembling as he held it out of Sister Mary Theresa’s cunt. His thighs were high in the air, giving Jack room.

“Oh, nooo!” the girl cried. “Hmmmmhhhh!” she grunted frantically as she felt her stretched cunt tissues being licked by that rough, slippery tongue. She tried to snap her legs shut again. But Jack had his hands pressing outward against her thighs, holding her open for his licking attack. As she struggled against them, the woman could feel her clit being pushed around, shoved down, teased by the rough licking tongue. “Ohhhh, yessss, yesssss!” she cried, twisting her body as best she could to increase the wonderful wet friction driving her wild.

“Stick it to ‘er, man,” Jack instructed as he pulled his head away.

Rico fitted his cockhead into her throbbing cunt, shoving himself dawn hard. His eight hard inches pushed down into the hot sheath again. As her pussy membranes curled around his shaft, the girl went wild, raking her sharp fingernails down his back. He cried out, arching his back up while shoving his cock all the way in.

“Uh, fuck, fuck!” the young nun demanded, hunching under him. She needed all the sensation she could get. The woman was going wild, her face a mask of lust. She rocked her thighs from side to side, feeling Rico’s prick stirring around inside her pussy. Tilting her cunt down at a certain angle, the nun rubbed her clit over and over Rico’s pistoning cock.

Rico grunted, giving her a series of short strokes. His cock slid down into her tight cunt again and again. His body ground against hers as he shook his back, trying to dislodge her nails from his back.

“Man, told you it’d drive her nuts,” Jack said as he lay between their legs.

“She’s too nuts,” Rico growled back. “The Goddamned bitch almost cut my back up.”

“I… I’m sorry, I…”

“Shut up and fuck.” Rico snapped as he pulled his cock out.

Sister Mary Theresa ran her hands lightly over his scratched back, shoving her pussy up onto his cock. Her ass strained upward, shoving her tight hole onto the throbbing thick cock. She felt his body tense and shiver with pleasure, then sink down, sending his prick back info her pussy.

“God!” she moaned as she moved her body around in frantic circles under, him. She could feel his prick slipping around in her cunt with each movement they made. The throbbing head of his cock shoved and probed deep inside. Oh, how good it all was! Sister Mary Theresa could hardly breathe! Her chest was so tight and her mouth so dry! The young woman gulped in air as the two of them crushed closer and closer together. Every square inch of her body seemed alive.

“Man, don’t shoot off yet,” Jack whispered as he lay listening to them. The commando leader could tell both of them were getting close to coming. “I wanna eat her cunt again before you get your rocks off. I like to feel her get hot.”

He listened while their rhythm of fucking slowed. Reaching up again, he pulled Sister Mary Theresa’s thighs apart. The woman moaned, her flesh actually quivering under his heavy touch.

The nun waited, her eyes shut tight, her breathing shallow and labored. Then she felt his tongue lashing up, running around the straining edge before shoving deep into her cunt. Rico had meanwhile slowly pulled his cock from her pussy, keeping it inches above the drooling dark red fuckhole.

“Oh, God, God, God!” she screamed. Wild spasms hit her pussy like bombs. She felt her cunt muscles spasm, then buckle as Jack’s tongue worked over and over the pulsing surfaces.

“Man, I’m close to shootin’!” Rico warned.

“Uhhhhhhh!” the nun moaned softly as the big man pulled out. She felt the elastic tissues of her pussy squeezing shut. In a second Jack placed his mouth tightly against her hairy cunt. She threw her hips into the air, offering her pussy to his mouth. Oh, yes, life was good, fucking was good!


“She’s gonna go, man, get outta the way and let me get my cock back in her,” Rico warned as he felt the girl becoming more and more carried away.

Jack roughly pulled the nun’s thighs farther apart and shoved his open mouth again onto her pussy.

“Man, move! I gotta take care of this bitch. She’s goin’ outta her mind.”

Rico fought to keep the girl trapped under him. She was thrashing around crazily, her tits rubbing against his broad chest. Her legs tried to kick out, while at the same time her pussy rode up and down on his fat cock.

Jack could feel her going wild. She was throwing her hips up to his face with hunching motions. Her pussy spread apart with every hunch trying to get his working tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her legs were fighting to close over his head. Jack had to strain with his hands to keep them front trapping him against her pussylips. The hotter she got under his tonguing, the more he liked it. The sensation of her young cunt lifting up to get licked and sucked sent tremors through his cock.

“Christ, she’s goin’ fast!” Rico panted.

Hearing the two men talking about her sent the nun into spasms. Her cunt trembled, trying to grab at Jack’s licking tongue. Urging him on, she shoved her hips up harder, driving her furry little cunt up against his sucking mouth. At the same time she started raking her nails over Rico’s back. She had both men driven to a fiery pitch, both of them hot for her body.

“Don’t, ohhhhhh, don’t, in me, in, in, in!” she cried.

“Gotta fuck ‘er now,” Rico said.

Jack moved his mouth away and let his buddy drive his prick back in.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, cock, cock, love cock, oh, yes, love cock!” the nun babbled, tossing her head from side to side Sister Mary Theresa had thrown aside the last remnants of her pride. She was no better than a bitch dog in heat, thrashing around shamelessly on this bed, urging two men to fuck her! Her holy training had evaporated under her rising sexual heat. Tossing around, she hunched, scratched and yowled like a cat in heat. Her claws kept on working over Rico’s back as she tried to force him to shove his cock hard into her. All she felt were teasing, hunching movements that drove her wild.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah!” Rico groaned, sinking his eight inches into her cunt.

Sister Mary Theresa moaned and shivered, feeling the relief of having her tense, itchy pussywalls being stretched apart again. The hard steely cock filled her convulsing pussy in one long thrust. She felt Rico’s body pounding down onto hers, pushing her into the sagging mattress. It was a wonderful feeling. And between her legs was Jack, lapping occasionally at her thighs, tugging at her cuntlips. The young nun felt overwhelmed by all this masculinity. All fears about Jack, Rico and the others and what they’d do to her afterward were pushed back into her mind. No, all she could think about now was her pussy.

“Fuck!” Rico cried, wrapping his arms tightly around the young naked nun’s twisting body.

“Fuck,” she whispered back, feeling her cuntwalls explode under the rapid thrusts of his fucking. “Come!” she hissed between clenched teeth, feeling herself whirling around in a dizzying dance of lust.

Rico held off for a moment. One more series of hard thrusts and he’d pop off in her cunt. The nun was almost ready, but she still had a little farther to go than he.

“Roll ‘er over. I wanna fuck her in the ass,” Jack suddenly said.

Sister Mary Theresa felt herself moving on one side, the cock still shoved inside her pussy, still sticking back and forth into her cunthole. Behind her she felt the broad shaft of Jack’s cock shoving against her ass. The nun cried out, flexing her asscheeks, hunching away from the rubbing cock. Fucked in the ass? Was she that hot? Could she take something in her butt without really hurting herself?

Jack’s thighs pressed against her soft ass. She could hear his hoarse panting as his body twisted into position. She knew she couldn’t get away. They could do whatever they pleased with her.

“I can’t take it! Oh, God, please, please don’t hurt me like this!” she wailed.

“Shut up,” Jack hissed from behind her. “You dig everything, don’tcha? Man, you keep sayin’ you don’t wanna get fucked, then you hump on a guy like you’re gonna die if you don’t have cock!” the big man growled.

“I can’t, no, oh, I can’t!” she cried in panic as she felt Jack spread her buttcheeks with his callused fingers, then push the tip of his cock up against her tightly puckered asshole.

“You gotta, baby. Nuns gotta take everything. Tell yourself it’s for the Church,” he said derisively, laughing as he arched his back and shoved forward.

Sister Mary Theresa screamed, her eyes bugging out as she clawed at Rico’s chest. The nun thought, she was being split apart by that fat cock.

“Christ, she’s gonna break my cock,” Jack grunted, inching down lower and shoving up and in once more.

The young nun cried out again, her body trembling with pain and fear. She could feel the hot juice oozing from his piss-slit, greasing down the pink flesh surrounding her butt hole. The big commando was working his fingers around her shit chute, massaging the tight sphincter until slowly it began to relax and gave way to his prick. It was slipping farther and farther between her soft asscheeks until the girl felt it pressing against the first few inches of her shitter lining.

“No, noooo!” she pleaded, feeling his cock pushing insistently at the tight little hole. She kept begging him to stop while his pre-cum lubed up her butt. As his cockhead shoved in harder, the young woman felt her sphincter finally give way.

Sister Mary Theresa jerked and twitched like a speared fish. She had two cocks in her now! It was mind-boggling. Just as Jack’s cockhead shoved its way inside her ass, the nun gave a frantic hunch forward, the wall of Rico’s chest stopping her from going too far. Frantically she bunched forward again, her tits jiggling against the big man’s chest.

“Oh, it hurts! Hurts!”

Sister Mary Theresa’s face was red and pinched, sweat trickling down from her forehead. Groaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain, the confused nun twisted her hips and bore down on Rico’s throbbing prick.

“Fuck me, fuck me good,” the young commando said, watching with interest as the nun not only accepted his buddy’s cock up her asshole, but actually begged for more of it!

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!” she panted. Her nostrils flared while her eyes glazed over and rolled up into her head. She felt both cocks pumping in and out of her fuckholes simultaneously. Jack kept pushing into her from behind while she moved her ass away from him. Even though the pain was decreasing, Sister Mary Theresa still couldn’t get used to the idea of having something that big and thick rammed up her shitter.

“You can take it, baby, you can take it,” Jack said, sliding his arms around her and pinching her high-riding tits.

“Hurt, hurt!” she cried.

But Sister Mary Theresa wanted more cock piledriving into her. She was sandwiched between two virile men, pawed by two sadists who would trample her in the mud when they were finished with her. As the two sweaty men started hunching wildly into her, the woman felt a thrill unlike anything she’d ever felt before. The religious ecstasies practiced in confession and prayer were nothing compared to these two hammering pricks. Two men fucking her! Two thick long cocks were slipping deeper and deeper into her body. In a wild thought, Sister Mary Theresa wondered if the men could somehow feel one another in her body as they fucked down and forward.

“That’s it, baby, just relax,” Jack whispered as he felt the tension drain out of her body.

Thick streams of cum oozed from his cock, flooding into the valley between her asscheeks. The tip of his cock worked slowly back and forth in her tight butt hole. As it pushed in, the elastic ring of flesh stretched open, puckering in from the shoving pressure. Her wrinkled asshole fit tightly over his cockhead, spasming shut as the meaty head popped inside.

“Good, baby, good!” he panted, his mouth tickling against one ear.

Sister Mary Theresa cried again in pleasure when she felt her ear being sucked into Jack’s mouth. When his tongue lashed down deep into the canal, she shoved back with her ass, opening for his cock, begging him to shove all the way inside. She hunched forward then, sinking onto the slippery prick shoving into her pussy. As she hunched back, Jack’s long cock shoved into her tight ass all the way. It nearly blew her mind to feel the wiry cock hairs brushing against her shitter!

“Oh, no, no! Nooo!”

“Man, gonna shoot, gonna pop off!” Jack suddenly cried out from behind.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” the young nun cried.

She was ready for them now. She could feel her pussy muscles throbbing, tensing, getting ready for a mind-splitting climax. Sister Mary Theresa held off, waiting for the men to start shooting.

“Fuck!” Jack groaned, feeling his jizz bubbling up thick and rich in his cock. He shoved forward and pressed in as tightly as he could, throwing one arm across Rico’s back and drawing them all tightly together.

“Oh, yes, come!” the nun wailed in response, her body exploding with maximum pleasure. She felt something shooting in her ass and knew it was the young commando’s spunk.

Rico hunched furiously, pushing up hard against the nun’s body, keeping his cock embedded in her cunt up to the hilt. His mouth moved down onto hers and stayed there while he hammered his cock against her clit. The two of them were moaning into one another’s mouths, both of them wildly out of control.

Suddenly Rico tore his mouth away and let out a cry sounding as if someone had knifed him in the back. He closed his eyes, his body twitching. The young nun couldn’t hold back any more. She felt his cock twitching, shivering, then throbbing regularly as cum shot out of the piss-slit and burned into her shuddering cunt. As Rico’s cum shot out, he stabbed his tongue back deep inside her mouth. With each bubbling load, he jabbed his tongue deeper and deeper.

“Ohhhhh, God!” she cried. Her cuntwalls shook with the violent explosion of her climax. Chilly fires licked at her clit. Her pussy jerked with a crazy rhythm matching the explosions of the cocks still buried inside her body. As she floated off the bed and sailed high in the sky, Sister Mary Theresa knew she’d forever sullied her religious vocation. She could somehow explain away what had happened the first time between her and the commando leader. But now the nun knew she was forever ruined, unfit to enter a church, let alone serve God.

“Man, you were right,” Rico panted, pulling his cock from her cunt with a squishy pop and rolling onto his back. He scratched his balls, a smile of dreamy satisfaction crossing his handsome face. “You could stay in the sack all day with this one.”

“Yeah,” Jack said, still moving his hips from side, keeping his cock buried in her shitter. He smoothed his fingers over her thighs, sighing deeply. “But don’t forgot we got a job to do.”

Rico stiffened, brought back to reality by Jack’s words.

Sister Mary Theresa remembered now about the assassination attempt. How could she have become so carried away? These men were not better than common murderers! They were going to kill someone, possibly start a world-wide crisis. And all she’d been thinking of was the unholy lust making her asshole hot and her pussy tighten and swell!

“Let’s get her below with the others,” Jack said, sliding out of bed and searching through the pile of clothes on the floor for his shirt and trousers.

“In the name of everything holy, give this up,” the nun begged, pressing her hands together. She realized she must have appeared odd, stark naked, her body stained with sweat and cum, her hands pressed together in prayer-like fashion as she pleaded with them.

“Listen to the Pope,” Rico laughed derisively, slipping the shirt over his broad shoulders and buttoning it. “You ain’t gonna help nobody. You’re gonna sit around here like the rest of ’em. And when we’re through, you can pray for souls all you want,” he said, lowering his face to hers and grinning foully at her.

The young nun felt chills ripple up and down her spine. How could she have let this go so far? Oh, God does punish! She’d have the blood of that Spanish diplomat on her hands for eternity. Already the young nun could smell the fires of hell!

After they all dressed, Rico and Jack escorted the trembling woman from the bedroom, down the corridor to one of the rooms near where she’d last seen Mother Superior. No one was inside at the time when Jack shoved her in roughly, telling her it was useless to escape. The nun stood holding onto her upper arms with criss-crossed hands, her eyes lowered to the floor as the door slammed and was bolted shut behind her.

For what seemed like hours, she stood in the middle of that dark, barren room, her eyes filled with tears of shame. Images of her and the two commandos filled her mind. She thought of the way she’d encouraged them, of the delicious sensations tearing through her cunt as Jack and Rico fucked her in the ass and cunt.

“Oh, God, forgive me, forgive me!” she cried in a trembling whisper.

As the shadows crept menacingly across the wooden floor, Sister Mary Theresa sank to her knees, her lips moving as she prayed for her soul and the souls of the men torturing her.

She must have fallen asleep. Shaking herself from stupor, the nun realized she had collapsed, her head resting on one arm. Moaning softly she roused herself, feeling stiff, dirty, defiled. It was still night. Hugging her body tightly, the nun walked to a barred window overlooking the service alley. Pressing her forehead against the glass, she looked up at the black sky. It was so peaceful. All those stars in that cloudless sky made it seem so quiet and good. Yet here she was, trapped in the convent with other nuns by men who were bent on destroying another human being! And there seemed nothing she could do to save him!

It was growing cold inside. Even the thick garment now hanging half in tatters on her body couldn’t shield her completely from the drafts in the room.

Shivering, Sister Mary Theresa turned from the window, wondering what she could do to free herself and save the diplomat.

It was in this frame of mind she heard footsteps approaching the door. Tensing, the young nun backed away, making the sign of the cross when she heard someone fumbling with the doorknob.

A hand shot in, moving up and down the wall, searching for a light switch.

The nun turned her head away, closing her eyes and shielding them with one hand as the overhead light clicked on.

“Sorry about that,” she heard Jack say. Someone else was in the room with him. Her eyes became accustomed to the light quickly. Turning back around, she saw him there with the two other terrorists, Rick and Joe.

“She’s been through the mill,” Joe observed sourly. He was the youngest of the four, his face looking like the portraits the holy painters created depicting angels and cherubim. Tall, slender, blond, this commando looked as if he should be leading a church choir rather than carrying an M-16 automatic slung over his shoulder.

“Rico and Jack don’t fuck around,” Rick answered. Rick was the oldest and least intelligent of the commandos. He was a big man, not young any longer. Without this terrorist group, he might have remained a clerk in some obscure accounting firm. But Jack or Rico had discovered his talents for subterfuge, cruelty and good shooting. Rick enjoyed his mercenary-type of terrorism. For Jack, Rico and Joe it was only a job. For him it was the fulfillment of many fantasies.

Forty, slightly pot-bellied and round-faced, the big man enjoyed standing there in the doorway, his rifle butt pointed at her head.

“The boys wanna see you perform. We got some time. Rico’s with the other girls,” he said, laughing. “Girls, yeah. We oughtta see if they dig this kinda shit.”

Sister Mary Theresa was horrified. They were going to turn the convent into a brothel of rape!



Sister Mary Theresa lay on the floor, covering her forehead with one hand while stretching the other behind her for support. Rick had dropped his gun from his shoulder, giving it to Joe and approaching her. She could see the cool animal sadism filling his eyes. Moving backward, the terrified nun looked for something she could grab to defend herself.

“Please!” she begged. Not again, dear God, not again! And now there were three of them harassing her, scratching their groins, waiting for her to spread her legs so they could take their pleasure with her and sully her soul!

Sister Mary Theresa tensed as Rick raised one hand. He let her scoot back to the wall, her eyes rounding, bulging, showing the terror and shame she felt surging through her body. While she lay cringing against the wall, he advanced slowly.

The nun saw his hard-on, his cock pressing against the front of his trousers. His eyes reminded her of the stare of a hungry rat. His thick lips were curled into a sick smile while his jaw trembled with excitement. Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes raced from Jack to Joe, hoping she’d find some kind of hope there.

But the two men only watched with interest. She trembled, terrified of what was to follow. Rick smiled more broadly, his flabby lips pulled across his teeth. She flattened herself as best she could against the wall as the hand arched down.

“Unnghhh!” she cried as his fingers struck hard across her cheek. The report of the slap and her quavering cry filled the small room. The force of that blow made her head throb.

“Yeah,” Rick muttered to himself. He let her cry for a second, scratching his groin, breathing more irregularly as his cock stiffened and thickened.

The nun was aware of a sexual thrill, intensified by the fear she felt. Oh, it was happening again! Was there nothing that could stop her pussy from tightening and heating up at will?

Oh, he was unzipping his fly!

“That’s it Joe, fuck her. Loosen her up,” Jack said, feeling his cock tighten in his pants. The big leader wanted to touch Sister Mary Theresa. He remembered her tight cunt, her supple body, the way she twisted and writhed under the slightest touch. But he had other plans for her and restrained his desire to fuck her.

“Oh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, pulling herself up off the floor. Rick’s prick was thick and long just like the others. The red tip of his cock glowed like a heated branding iron. His balls were taut, drawn up into the leathery sac dangling from his cock. With a sudden wild thought, the nun wanted to touch his prick, feel his balls brushing against her knuckles. It was only with the greatest restraint she kept her hands from his crotch.

Sobbing, her back against the wall, Sister Mary Theresa clenched her fingers into two tight fists and pressed them against the floor. No, she wouldn’t give into Satan any more. She’d think of God, think of the damnation awaiting her if she continued in this sort of unholy action. Dizzy with fear for her spiritual life as well as her physical one, the nun watched helplessly as Rick pushed his trousers down to his boot tops. The hot smell of his groin washed over her.

Moving up, she watched as his big cock waved back and forth, striking the bottom of his shirt. Even though he was old and fat, the older man still had muscular thighs.

The nun’s tits swelled, the nipples growing taut again, scratching against her dress. Her pussy was trembling, her cunt muscles contracting, forcing her cuntwalls to rub against one another. She realized then that her whole body was alive, quivering, waiting for his touch as if he were her lover!

In a moment she found Rick on top of her. He was tearing her garment, hoisting it high above her waist, exposing her juicing pussy. Reaching down between her legs, be cupped her pussy, squeezing the furry hot mound hard and feeling it respond with rippling, quivering movements of its own.

“She’s ready,” he mumbled.

“She’s always ready,” Jack countered, smirking at the nun sprawled on the floor.

Sister Mary Theresa groaned. It was uncomfortable being stretched on the hard wood, her shoulders and head at times pounding against the surface. And Rick was on top of her.

The nun closed her eyes, tears oozing from under the lids. Her mouth was a tight scar. She tightened her jaw as she felt spasms of lust rip through her cunt and belly. His weight pressed her down as the hot, spongy cockhead snaked through her tangled cunt hair. Oh, she was responding to this man, responding to him almost as powerfully as she had to Jack and Rico!

With the grunt of an overfed pig, Rick slammed into her, stretching her cunt open with his fat long prick. There was no finesse, no foreplay for this man. He rode her mercilessly, his fat ass rising high in the air and falling quickly. He panted as she started matching his wild pistoning. They collided over and over. Soon the cries coming from Sister Mary Theresa were cries of greed and lust.

Half against her will, the nun held onto Rick tightly, pulling his shirt front over her tits. She rubbed her belly into him, moving her legs over the floor, grunting as loudly and foully as he was.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried as the first gouts of jizz burned into her pussy. She raised her legs high, kicking them out, then wrapping them around the big man. She held on for dear life as his jizz filled up her pussy slit, spilling out and trickling down her butt crack toward her shitter. She held him prisoner until the commando’s cock softened, sliding out with a soft sucking sound.

“Man, good, good,” he grunted, standing up and pulling his trousers over his thick-muscled hips.

“Get the mutt,” Jack said expressionlessly. “You don’t want ‘er now, do you?” he asked Joe as Rick swaggered out of the room, zipping up his trousers, then slinging his rifle over one shoulder.

“Naw, not yet,” the youngest commando said, licking his lips. His fingers curled, rubbing against his stiff cock. He wanted to be the one to slap her, knock her to the floor, spread her legs apart and sink his cock into her cunt. But Jack had his reasons for this, he guessed, and only sighed, smoothing his hands over the cool metallic barrel of his weapon.

“You’re gonna have one hell of a time,” Jack said, smiling strangely down at the defiled nun.

Sister Mary Theresa raised one hand and weakly brushed some hair from her eyes. Her veil had long since been immodestly ripped from her hair. But what did it matter? She was no longer worthy of that garment. Mechanically, the defeated woman pushed her skirt down over her knees, feeling as if decades had passed from the time she’d taken her vows to the present.

There were sounds outside the door. Rick reappeared in the room with the German shepherd she’d seen earlier in the van. How much larger and more threatening he looked now as she lay on the floor! The nun felt her hair standing on end as she tried to figure out why they had brought that guard dog up here.

“We move in three hours,” Jack said, glancing down at his wristwatch. “Meanwhile, I wanna see how far you can go, baby. I wanna see how low a fuckin’ nun can crawl when her pussy’s on fire,” he whispered in a trembling voice.

“Oh, don’t, don’t,” she said in a gasp, staring at the animal and guessing what the men had in store for her.

“You’re gonna dig it. We keep Patch around for protection and guard duty,” Jack continued, reaching down and scratching the animal between the ears. Patch twisted his head up, wagging the big bushy tail while panting heavily. Sister Mary Theresa trembled as she studied the big, muscular dog. He was larger than most German shepherds she’d seen. And if Jack were telling the truth, he was trained to kill as well as guard. Staring at his powerful sides, his well-formed head, and his smooth fur, the young woman wondered if she were going to be martyred right here in the convent.

“Yeah, but he gives us a little entertainment sometimes,” Joe said, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand.

Sister Mary Theresa remembered the story about a rich young heiress by that name who’d been kidnapped. After her father had paid a tremendous ransom, the police found her tied up in an abandoned cabin. She was incoherent, screaming meaningless, obscene phrases. Obviously she’d been tortured, raped and beaten. The last article buried in the back of last week’s newspaper indicated the girl was still raving in an asylum.

“Go on, boy, have dinner,” Jack said, straightening and indicating the bowl of food with a sweeping hand gesture.

Sister Mary Theresa shuddered, her mouth opening to scream. But only a rush of air came out as her chest tightened and her mouth turned dry as dust. The young nun was too terrified to move. Lying there, she felt her face drain of blood while her heart pounded maddeningly. But something menacing, something primeval burned in the German shepherd’s eyes. He stopped, his bushy tail dropping between his legs while his tongue retracted in his mouth. She heard a low, growling sound.

“Get away!” she cried, kicking one leg at the animal as she rolled onto her ass and scooted back away from the German shepherd. This was awful! There was no way to turn. The men were blocking the open doorway, their rifles held loosely in their hands as they watched the scene unfold in front of them. She felt as if she were in some terrible porno movie. “Get back!” the young nun screamed, feeling her back pressing against another wall. Nowhere to turn, nowhere! She stared at the big dog with wide, terrified eyes. Her flesh was dampened by perspiration, making her heavy nun’s garment cling to her body uncomfortably.

Patch retreated, circling the screaming nun several times, waiting for her to calm down. Then he bolted forward again, his paws striking her chest, knocking her back to the floor.

Sister Mary Theresa let out a shout, her arms flying out in crucifix fashion.

Sister Mary Theresa was petrified. But then why wasn’t she screaming or praying to God any more?

“Oh, no! Oh, my God!” she finally managed to say.

Pictures of how the holy women of her faith had suffered indignations similar to this one without complaint flashed through her mind. Yes, holy women had endured humiliations like these. But they had their minds focused on heaven. Slowly she was responding to this terrible act of depravity!

“Oh, God, save me, save me,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered.


“Glad I got a chance to fuck her,” Rick said pointedly, smirking at the sullen Joe. Instead he stood next to his men, his eyes glistening with excitement while Sister Mary Theresa grunted, humped and hunched like a wild woman.

“Uhhhhhhh!” she cried. Every tiny hollow of her pussy was peeled back now.

“Man, think he’s gonna fuck her?” Rick asked anxiously.

Sister Mary Theresa didn’t care about anything any more. She could die doing this and it wouldn’t matter. Concern for her eternal soul vanished under this delightful, forbidden excitement. Who cared what or who was between her shivering legs? It wasn’t the Church’s business what she did on her own. To hell with the “calling”! The nun pranced her ass around in the air, growing more and more excited.

“Harder, ohhhh, harder!”

The men sensed she was close to coming. She worked her butt around in frantic circles, crying excitedly through bet nose. Her nostrils burned with the air she sucked in. The more she moved, the more pleasure he brought to her. Sister Mary Theresa felt her sanity slipping as she tilted her cunthole. Then his tongue stuck inside. The young nun could feel her bare ass sliding on a mixture of cum, cunt juice and sweat coating the wood.

The young nun grunted with frustration, rolling her ass down somewhat and panting for him to lap her pussy. Obeying, he rose slightly and searched deeper in her pussy with his strong tongue. Her cuntwalls spasmed with that probe. She could feel the muscles trying to grab the man’s knob. She was teetering on the edge of her climax. The muscles in her ass cramped. Crying out like a mad woman, she fanned her toes until they cramped too. Sister Mary Theresa raised her knees a little higher, feeling like an animal herself. She couldn’t talk any more. All she could do was moan.

She was coming! With a slow, terrible cramping series of spasms she was coming! The nun’s face became red and pinched while her legs kicked out. She was giving him all of her cunt now. Every wet, slick hidden hollow, every fold was exposed. Oh, if only she could have something in her pussy, something to shove those quivering cuntwalls apart!

The sharp edge of her climax cut through her like a rusty knife. She thrashed across the floor like a snake, convulsing and screaming like a mad woman. She knew there was no escape until he was finished with her.

It was a double climax! Or was it just a continuation of the first? Sister Mary Theresa didn’t know. What did it matter? She gazed down at the still licking man. She scratched him hard, digging her fingernails into his back. He was wiggling his narrow ass. “Oh!”

Sister Mary Theresa bucked backward, rolling and squirming on the floor as her orgasm tortured her with a pleasure too intense to stand. Each time she had sex, her response was more frenzied, more powerful than the last! This time she’d nearly passed out from pleasure.

“God help me, help me,” she whispered mechanically. The nun didn’t expect any help from… if indeed there were a God! Why should something so powerfully good lend a hand to a filthy woman like her?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a hot, flicking sensation striking her thighs, making stringy lines up one side of her body. Looking down again, she realized the man was rubbing his cock against her calf and knee. He was humping forward with rapid movements. Each time he did, his knobby cock sprayed out jizz.

Sister Mary Theresa cried out again, trying to stagger to her feet. But it was useless. All her strength left her. She lay there, being covered with that foul man, stinking like a barn while the men watched and laughed at her.

She was still babbling, moaning, turning her head away from the commandos.

“God in heaven!” she panted. It was still too dreamlike for her to comprehend. If she had really done this, really opened her body to another man. Surely some terrible fate awaited her for committing this depraved act.

Sister Mary Theresa made it to the desk, curling bet fingers around one of the legs and holding tightly onto it. There was some sense of reassurance, some feeling of reality coming to her by performing this simple act.

“Strip her, clean her up and take her down to the other nuns,” Jack said tersely. A strange smile crossed his face as Rick and Joe slid their hands under her arms and pulled Sister Mary Theresa groaning from the floor. They dragged her to the doorway, her tattered habit trailing behind her. Her head hung limply forward. She opened her eyes and flashed the handsome young commando a look of sorrow and fear.

“Please, leave me alone. Please, stop this! You’re endangering your mortal soul.”

How silly, how hollow those words sounded now. How awe-inspiring they had sounded several years ago when the archbishop of San Francisco had pronounced them solemnly in the cathedral. But now she nearly laughed herself after warning Jack and the others.

“Fuck my mortal soul!” he snarled. “That fuckin’ dude from Spain’s got more to worry about than I do,” he said, patting his rifle. “Just a little more,” he added, glancing again at his wristwatch. He was so cocky, so sure of success! Only then did Sister Mary Theresa remember the real reason for this madness. They were simply passing time, amusing themselves in the safety of a hideout, waiting for the hour when they could go out and gun down an innocent man! No, she had to warn people somehow. There’d be blood on her hands for eternity. Whatever sexual atrocities she had committed here and would commit, they would pale next to the crime of murder!

“Come on,” Rick said to his buddy.

Both dragged her down the corridor silently. At times the young nun tried to walk. But she was so weakened from her ordeals, she finally let them drag her along as if she were a sack of potatoes.

They took her to the bathroom, that awful place where Sister Mary Theresa had first learned of her powerful, suppressed sex drive. Tearing the filthy garments from her body, Rico shoved the protesting mm into one of the five shower stalls.

The nun stood there, leaning against one of the cold metal walls, modestly covering her pussy and tits with her crossed hands and arms. It was silly to keep up this pretext of modesty considering what she had done with these men. But old habits die hard. She stood in the shower stall then, feeling weaker by the second as Joe reached in and turned on the water.


Sister Mary Theresa gasped. The water hit like a hammer on her sensitive flesh. Joe turned the shower head so the main stream bit her pussy. It was as if someone had punched her cunt. Then the man moved the water up to her tits. Her nipples sunk into the firm flesh surrounding them under the powerful flow. She felt the whole mass of each tit aching with arousal. Oh, now she was turning onto water! Was there nothing that could stop her sexuality? The outside heat of the water and the inner heat of her lust combined, to make the nun pant from excitement.

“Oh, no, no!”

The nun put her hands to her face. The shame of feeling this in front of these men made her tremble. She wept, wishing she could die on the spot.

“This’ll wash it out,” Joe said, pushing her back so roughly her head struck the metal stall with a loud thud. Sister Mary Theresa cried out, then felt her knees giving way. With a long, low moan the nun slipped to the shower stall floor, the water blasting into her face, wetting down her hair to her skull.

She weakly covered her face with one hand, turning it away from the men and the stream of water now raising clouds of steam from the floor. She lay weeping as Rico played the stream over her body.


The young nun opened her legs, bringing her knees to her belly. The incredibly heavy rush of warm water on her clit made the girl’s hips rise and fall. She cried out again with a mixture of shame and lust, letting her upraised knees fall open fetter. She tried to stop this crazy cunt heat by holding her hands over her throbbing, sensitive pussy. But still her hips rolled shamelessly, much to the delight of the two commandos washing her down.

“Oh, unnngh!”

Every time Sister Mary Theresa put her hands over her cunt, Rick moved the stream to blast her nipples. The splashing droplets of water bounced off her tits and shot into her nose or mouth. Sister Mary Theresa coughed, gasping for air.

“Fuck the water, honey, that’s it, fuck the water,” Rick said derisively.

The nun couldn’t hide this growing heat from them. She knew she was rutting there like a cow in front of them. She was helpless, powerless against her own body. No matter how she tried, the nun still sought out the stream, still fucked back at the rushing warm water.

“Shit, she ain’t gonna just sit there and fuck water when I ain’t had nothin’,” Joe muttered, his eyes bugging out as be watched the nun thrash around on the stall floor.

Sister Mary Theresa twisted her hips, seeking out the stream. It was feeling more and more excitingly erotic. The hot mass of feelings in her crotch accelerated, sharpening to a fever pitch as the water beat steadily at her clit. Her flesh squeaked on the cement floor. Sister Mary Theresa knew all the sweat and cum of the doggie show had come off by now. But she still remained in the shower, drinking in that pulsing sensation taking over her pussy. Gritting her teeth, she tried to force an orgasm right there in the stall.

A quick move of Rick’s arm swept the water across her tits, leaving her cunt high and dry.

“Uhhhh!” she grunted with frustration.

“Take her, kid,” Rick said.

Joe didn’t need further encouragement. Rick had turned off the water while his buddy ducked in, pulling the rutting nun from the stall and dragging her out into the bathroom. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Joe was on top of her in a second, tearing open his zipper, yanking out his cock while knocking her legs apart with his knees. She felt the hard tiles pressing against her butt and shoulder blades. He was fucking her on the floor, his trousers growing dark with water stains while his cock pushed through her wet cuntlips. Already the nun could feel her pussy muscles contracting, grabbing tightly and greedily at his cockhead as it pierced her hot drooling fuckhole.

“Let’s take the slut to the others,” Joe said, getting up unsteadily.

Sister Mary Theresa looked up at him and felt like an old worn dishrag.


“There’s a phone working in the office just below Mother Superior’s,” Sister Mary Dominic whispered as the men gathered at the other end of the room. Sister Mary Theresa’s eyes widened. There was hope, hope she could alert the outside world to the coming terror. “I know it’s working. I heard one of them talking to someone just a few minutes after they brought you here.”

The young nun blushed as she stared at her flaked fellow nun. Yes, it was embarrassing. Sister Mary Theresa remembered the shocked expression of Mother Superior and the others when Rick and Joe pushed her into this reception room area, then told the captive gathering what they’d done to her. Some of the nuns wailed, others prayed in silence while Mother Superior’s face seemed to turn gray with the confession.

But there was no time for pride. They had to warn the Spanish diplomat that his life was in danger. What group had tired Jack and his terrorist band was unimportant now. The police could find that out easily enough. Right now, she or someone else here had to notify the authorities.

“You, on the floor,” Jack said, pointing a finger at Sister Mary Theresa.

His voice rang out like a shot in the room, making the women all jump and gasp.

“And you too,” he growled, pointing to the petite nun Sister Mary Theresa had been whispering to.

“Me?” Sister Mary Dominic gasped, her eyes widening. The youngest of all the nuns sat in horror. She’d always been the pride of the convent, modest, quiet, shy to the point of complete reticence. Now someone was singling her out for something terrible.

“Yeah, you,” Jack said, walking over to her. The nuns gasped again when he yanked the young girl from the chair and pulled her toward Sister Mary Theresa. “Now strip?”

She looked incredulously at him.

“No,” she whispered, unable to comprehend what he’d just said.

Smiling, Jack turned around, then raised a hand high in the air. For a moment Sister Mary Theresa thought he was going to strike her friend. But the blow was meant for her.


The naked nun cried out, staggering back then falling to the floor. Jack shrugged off his M-16, holding it by the barrel and driving the tip of it into her pussy. Everyone screamed, then held their breaths as he started fucking the trembling nun with his rifle.

“You want me to clean her out with this?” he asked, his eyes riveted to Sister Mary Theresa, even though his question was directed elsewhere. The nuns watched in horror as his finger flirted with the trigger.

“No!” Sister Mary Dominic cried, covering her mouth with her fingers. She was turning white, trembling with shame and terror as she contemplated what was surely to happen next.

“Then strip!” he growled, shoving at least three inches of the cold metal barrel in the nun beneath him.

Slowly, reluctantly, the tiny nun did as she was told. In a few moments she’d stepped from her black panties, standing knock-kneed, naked in front of the gaping crowd. She hunched her shoulders forward, covering her tits and pussy with her hand and arms. Her face turned a brighter and brighter red while her flesh broke out into goose pimples. She was shamed, shamed beyond simple mortification.

Jack finally took his eyes off Sister Mary Theresa and looked approvingly at the naked nun standing some five feet from him.

“Nice, nice. Not as good as that slut there, but nice,” he crooned, admiring the petite woman’s boyish figure.

“Leave her alone!” Mother Superior snapped, about to stand up.

“Sit back down, you old crow,” he growled. “Sit down or I’ll tear your clothes off and stick this gun up your fuckin’ old cunt.”

The words had their effect.

“Now, get down on the floor and suck her cunt,” Jack said more mildly, turning back toward the young nun.


“Down!” he barked, putting both hands on her shoulders and shoving down.

“Sister, listen. Whatever happens, you’ve got to get out of here, go for the phone, warn the police,” Sister Mary Theresa whispered as the trembling woman sank to her knees.

“What are you going to do to them?” the older woman asked in a trembling voice. She was holding tightly onto the beaded rosary, her fingers moving over the stones.

“Just wait. I’ll give you one hell of a show. Hey, lick her pussy!”

The words sounded like a gunshot in the tiny room. The seated nuns gasped, their eyes round with disbelief at the foul language and the order it expressed. Mother Superior crossed herself swiftly, holding tightly onto the row of beads while Sister Mary Dominic knelt in front of the reclining Sister Mary Theresa. She was terrified. Looking up at the big man, she could see his bulging crotch, his thick-muscled arms, his finger flicking playfully around the trigger of his M-16 rifle.

“Suck her cunt, baby, suck it good. You won’t have no problems. This one turns onto water,” Joe said with a sharp laugh.

“I… can’t,” Sister Mary Dominic stammered, turning her face away and hiding it in her hands.

“Sure you can,” Jack said, slinging his rifle behind his butt and holding her tightly by the shoulders.

“Don’t fight them,” Sister Mary Theresa counseled, raising herself up from the floor and stretching out one arm protectively toward the young nun. The girl trembled, her eyes glazing over while her flesh puckered up into goose pimples.

“Go on, suck on her clit,” Jack said, reaching over and wrapping his fingers in the nun’s blonde hair. He gave it several yanks, drawing from her, a series of sharp screams punctuated by the other nuns odes. Mother Superior raised her eyes to the ceiling, her fingers moving noiselessly over the beads.

Reluctantly the nun lowered her head, then stopped.

“I can’t, I can’t!” she cried, covering her face with both hands once more and turning away. Jack muttered something obscene, then hit her hard across one side of her head. The young nun screamed, her body jerking to the side. She shot out one hand, catching herself from falling to her side. Jack struck her again, sending her hair splashing across one side of her face. A third blow knocked her to the floor, her arms spread out in front of her.

“Stop it!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, moving up to Sister Mary Dominic’s spread legs. She pushed her hair back behind her ears and stared at the curly blonde pussy hairs. Under the thick growth of tangled hairs, she could see the red gash of Sister Mary Dominic’s pussylips. How strange it was to be in this position, crouched like an animal over another nun. She also stopped, unable to go any farther, for the moment. Sister Mary Theresa saw Jack moving behind her and knew the same treatment waited for her if she failed to follow his command.

“You suck Pollyanna then,” Jack said, pushing the nun’s head forward.

Sister Mary Theresa moved her head a little lower, her breath moving many of the cunt curls. The hair was so soft and curly. Sister Mary Theresa flicked out her tongue, sucked in a deep breath and held it as she licked up the slit between the nun’s pussylips.

“Uggghhhh!” Sister Mary Dominic cried, her fingers curling and her nails scratching her naked thighs. The young nun’s eyes closed, her upper teeth biting hard into her lip. Sister Mary Theresa repeated the licking action. Soon a glistening oil was bubbling out from the nun’s slit, wetting down her inner thighs. Jack laughed derisively.

“They’re all alike. So fuckin’ holy! Then they bend over soon as you snap your fingers.”

“Our father…” Mother Superior whispered, watching with horror as the two nuns began to warm to their task.

“Ohhhhh!” Sister Mary Dominic cried. The moan marked the end of her reluctance. She wrapped her arms around the other woman. Sister Mary Theresa groaned back, scooting around on the floor until the two of them were lying side by side naked.

The other nuns turned their heads away or watched in disbelief as the cunt-licking scene proceeded. Sister Mary Theresa felt the world fade around her as her friend began to massage her sore pussy. Looking up, she saw the young woman’s little virgin cunt poised over her. Her mind whirled around and around. Never had she harbored any thoughts about going to bed with another woman. Always her erotic dreams had been about men.

But now driven half-crazy with torture and fucking, the young nun was ready to take on anything, even in front of this wailing group.

Slowly Sister Mary Dominic’s curly-haired pussy lowered almost to within licking distance. Just as the dark slit parted, Sister Mary Theresa felt a tongue ease into her pussy. It slipped carefully in, working past her tense, eager cuntlips. The other nun blew hot breath through her pussy hairs while she licked the bud of her clit.

“Ohhhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried as she felt the other nun fit her mouth tightly onto her drooling cunt and start to suck.


What happened next wasn’t very clear to the confused nuns involved in the sex scene. Sister Mary Theresa was on the bottom, smoothing her hands over the other nun’s legs while squeezing her ass and hunching up to Sister Mary Dominic’s sucking mouth. At the same time, the young nun above her was going wild, hunching her pussy hard against her friend’s face. Her clit popped out, trembling wildly as Sister Mary Theresa blew her hot breath through her cunt hair.

“Man, bet all these broads suck cunt,” Joe muttered, pushing the barrel of his rifle under the skins of one of the sitting nuns. The woman screamed, gathering her dress about her tightly and watching the man with horror.

Meanwhile Sister Mary Theresa and Sister Mary Dominic were going wild. The reluctant young nun had soon turned into a spirited sex partner. She shoved down with her hips, grinding her pussy hard into the other woman’s face. At the same time she spread her legs, stretching her asscheeks apart so Sister Mary Theresa could get her finger deep inside. It was a signal the other nun recognized and obliged. Quickly she moved her hands over the smooth rounded asscheeks, sliding the fingers into Sister Mary Dominic’s asscrack.

“Uhhhhhh!” the younger nun cried, pulling her head from between Sister Mary Theresa’s legs as a finger slipped into her asshole. She wiggled her hips, angling her thighs and lowering her pussy back down to the other nun’s mouth.

Just as Sister Mary Theresa felt her pussy swell to the bursting point, Jack bent down and pulled the younger nun roughly away.

Sister Mary Theresa cried, panting heavily like an animal. Cunt juice and spittle flecked her inner thighs while a deep flush of excitement covered her belly, chest and face.

“Show’s over,” Jack said, glancing down at his wristwatch.

Clearing her head as best she could, the nun realized the importance of getting help now. The Spanish diplomat would die if the police weren’t notified soon.

“We got a few minutes,” Joe said, also glancing at his wristwatch. Rico and Rick had begun tying up some of the nuns, stuffing handkerchiefs in their mouths while fixing their wrists and ankles to the chairs they sat in.

“Not that much. Wait,” Jack said, his eyes brightening as an idea shot through his mind. “Get the mutt. Let the others know what kinda shit they’ve got here.”

“Think he’s back in the van. I’ll get him.” Joe said, ducking out of the room.

“No, no, not that! Not that!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, scrambling to her feet. She clenched her fingers into two tight fists, pressing them hard against her naked thighs. Her eyes started from her head while sweat broke out all over her body.

“All right, then we’ll put this one through the paces,” Jack said, reaching out and grabbing a fistful of Sister Mary Dominic’s hair. The young nun screamed, her hands jerking up and beating back at the commando as he yanked hard. Sister Mary Theresa stepped forward to help, then stopped as Rico aimed his rifle at her belly.

The other nuns screamed again through their gags while Sister Mary Theresa blushed. The world had ended for her. At least for Sister Mary Dominic there was hope. She couldn’t let the same thing happen to this young nun that happened to her.

“Let her go,” she said in a low, trembling voice, her eyes dropping to the floor.

“I… I think I’m gonna be sick,” Sister Mary Dominic moaned, holding her belly tightly with both hands after Jack had released her hair. She shivered, her face turning white as a cold sweat broke out on her forehead. Then turning around stretching, the young nun bolted from the room, her feet padding down the tiled corridor toward the bathroom. They all heard the large doors bang open, shortly afterward followed by the continual flushing of a toilet.

Jack laughed, shaking his head from side to side.

“Keep an eye on her,” he said to Rico, jerking his head in the direction of the opened door. The young commando looked at Sister Mary Theresa, then reluctantly backed out of the room.

“Oops, sorry,” Joe said, banging into his buddy was a brief scuffle at the door. There commandos and the dog stumbled over one another.

“Damn it, this ain’t no comedy flick,” Jack snarled.

After some time the small group disentangled itself, Rico going out into the corridor looking for the young nun and Joe entering the reception room with Patch. Jack and Rick had finished binding and gagging the nuns.

“Ohhh!” Sister Mary Theresa cried, sinking dazed to the floor. It was happening all over again!

Tears streaked the lined old face of Mother Superior as she watched one of her favorite nuns race down the path toward hell.

“Harder!” she cried, curling her toes and digging the nails into the floor.

Jack was touching her with his rifle, ordering her to get up and roll over.

Fighting through the fog of sensuality that had made her powerless, the young nun did as she was told. In a second she found herself on her hands and knees, her thunderous tits hanging and nearly touching the floor while her ass tilted high in the air and wagged provocatively at the man.

“In there!” she whispered, her knuckles whitening with growing tension.

Could she really go this far? Oh, how she’d give anything to feel something long and hard in her slit! None of them would fuck her. Sister Mary Theresa felt nails scratching at her asscheeks. With a shout of horror, the young nun realized she was being mounted by the man.

Sister Mary Theresa was babbling, throwing her ass around in frantic tight circles to urge the man on. Was it really happening? Could she actually be performing this vile act in a room where whispering too loudly had been severely punished? Suddenly Sister Mary Theresa heard loud laughter. After some time, she realized the laughter was coming from her. Fucking! That’s all there was in the world. That’s all that was worth anything in the world! Hysterical, the young nun took on the man with a relish that surprised even the jaded commandos.

A flash of sex hunger shot through the nun’s reeling mind. Her excitement was at a keen pitch. Sobbing, gasping in air to feed her writhing body, she felt his red, knobby prick slip into her cunt.


“Tie her up and let’s get the fuck outta here,” Jack snapped.

Rico and Joe worked quickly, picking up Sister Mary Theresa and dropping her into a vacant chair. They needn’t have tied her and gagged her. She was far too tired, far to crazed to have done anything. Still the ropes cinched her tits and bound her wrists and ankles.

“It’s been fun, ladies, but now it’s back to work,” he said, smirking at the nuns as his buddies and the animal quickly evacuated the large reception room.

Several minutes passed. Some of the nuns began working their hands against the ropes, trying to get free. Sister Mary Dominic tried to catch her friend’s attention.

Sister Mary Theresa only thought of her humiliation, her debasement, all those cocks, all that torture. And hidden behind the handkerchief gag, her lips curled into a smile.

Shots in the street suddenly snapped her to attention. There were shouts, more shots followed by the wail of police sirens. So Sister Mary Dominic had made it to the phone. The bathroom had been a ruse! Glancing over at the young naked nun, she saw from her eyes this was true. Jack and his friends would either be killed on the street or captured and tried. “Oh!”

It was Mother Superior. The old woman had managed to work her hands free. Sister Mary Theresa saw her pull the handkerchief from her mouth, then bend down and untie the rope binding her ankles to the chair. It was over. She could begin her life again.

Or could she? As she watched the old nun begin untying the others, Sister Mary Theresa wandered how she could ever resume her life of prayer? No, no, it was impossible! Whatever violence and filth Jack and his friends had shown her, they also revealed to her how false her life had been. She needed love. What was more, she needed physical stimulation. The order of religion was fine for those who wanted to run from life. But Sister Mary Theresa now realized she needed life, needed stimulation.

“Sister, you have much work to do,” Mother Superior said as she untied the ropes binding Sister Mary Theresa’s anus.

“Yes, more than you know,” she replied, staring back at the older woman, then pushing her away as she finished loosening the ropes.

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