Hot Fun Wife

What do you do with a horny housewife?

A frequent question today. All over the nation, many young married women are expressing dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Why? Do their husbands spend too much time on the job? Are women hornier now? Men less so?

Or is it simply that women feel free for the first time to express their sexual needs? The Pill and Women’s Lib two factors making women sexually independent. In contrast, some researchers suspect that American men are becoming more sexually cautious as their women become bolder. With constant pressure to perform well sexually, many men feel threatened.

HOT FUN WIFE is the contemporary story of a young housewife who is propelled by a powerful sex drive. Since her husband is a dedicated businessman who is away from home days at a time, Monica finds no reason not to indulge herself in extramarital flings, for all she really wants is simple love.

No punches are pulled in this daring story. The pace is swift, the action explicit. A story that may prove shocking to some because of its truthfulness.


Monica Adams tall, blonde, and beautiful weaved her way through the crowded living room. In the kitchen, she leaned against the sink and smiled. “It’s a helluva party, Dawn,” she said to her hostess who was piling trays with sandwiches. “Anything I can do?”

“Make yourself a drink and have fun.”

Monica nodded, determined to do just that. She grabbed a bottle of rum and filled a tall glass to the brim. Before she left the kitchen, she drank most of the hundred-proof rum and at last achieved the buzz she needed to get through the rest of the evening.

“Where are you going?” It was Jeff, Dawn’s husband, blocking Monica’s way. He leered into her beautiful face, his gaze dropping to the abundant amount of tittie flesh peeking deliciously out of her low-cut dress.

A tingle rippled through Monica’s body. Jeff’s stare was bold and appreciative. “Back to the party and have fun,” she said, a sexy lilt to her voice. The rum had her flying.

“You can have fun in the kitchen, too.” Jeff took her slim wrist.

“How?” she asked, her pale-blue eyes sparkling impishly.

“I’ll think of something.” Jeff maneuvered her to the sink. He pressed his body against hers. “Where’s Steve tonight?” He caressed her bare arms, fixing her dazzling blue eyes with his own.

“Too busy,” she said, a frown darkening her gorgeous face. “Business again.” She felt the pressure of his body and enjoyed it. A pulsing sensation shot through her hungry cunthole, and she gulped down the rest of her drink.

Jeff took the glass from her hand. “You look lonely.”

“I am,” she admitted, the booze loosening her tongue. “This is the third party I’ve had to attend without Steve. I’m fed up.” She rocked her hips, smiled wickedly and squirmed quickly away. “I need another drink.”

Jeff leaned against the counter, watching Monica’s every move. She was a dynamite bitch, and he sensed deep in his gut that she was ripe for fucking.

He had watched her all night, sensing her anger, loneliness, and sexual frustration. He shook his head. Steve was a great guy, but when it came to taking care of his wife, Jeff knew Steve was doing a lousy job. “You’re going to get drunk if you keep drinking like that.”

“So what?” Monica snapped. She had filled the glass with ice and rum again.

“Somebody might take advantage of you.” Jeff felt the hardening of his groin.

“Maybe that’s what I need,” she said defiantly. “Steve’s always too busy.” She let the fiery booze flow down her throat. It warmed her, made her feel good, something she hadn’t felt in months.

Jeff took the half-empty glass before she could finish it. “You’ve had enough.” He pulled her into his arms, felt her body yield to him.

“You afraid I’ll get drunk and ruin your party?” She rolled her hips, this time staying in his arms as she felt the pressure of his cock against her belly.

“I’m not afraid of that at all.” He grinned. His hands roamed the rounded curves of her hips and ass.

“Oooo, Jeff,” she sighed. His hands had her head reeling. “Dawn… what about Dawn? Someone might come in and get the wrong impression.” She twisted out of his arms, afraid of being caught.

“We could go somewhere else,” he said, challenging her with his eyes.

Monica was breathing heavy. Her blue eyes glowed with a passion that had not been satisfied in months. “I can’t,” she sighed. “Dawn… she’s my best friend.” Her insides were churning.

“She doesn’t have to know,” Jeff said. “No one has to know, but us.” He saw the desire in her eyes and was confident. “We could have a ball together.” Another two steps brought him up against her.

Monica gasped, but didn’t move. Her mouth opened in protest. Nothing came out.

Jeff brought his mouth to hers. His tongue slipped between her lips. He held her tight, felt the unleashed passion raging in her body. He came off her mouth. “I want you, Monica, and you want me.”

Monica couldn’t stop shaking. The kiss had stoked the fires of her pussy. Juice flowed, soaked her panties. Her nipples swelled, pressed against the chiffon of her dress. “No, Jeff. I couldn’t… Dawn… Steve… we’re both married.”

Jeff grinned boldly. He took her hand and rubbed it over his crotch. “This is what you want, Monica. You need it.” He dropped her hand. “I’ll be in the garage if you change your mind.” Gambling, he left the kitchen.

Monica couldn’t move. Her entire body was on fire. Her head was swirling. Booze and passion bombarded her senses. Her eyes found the drink. “What the hell.” She gulped it down.

Slowly, she made her way back to the living room. It was noisy, happy. She saw Dawn across the room and turned away. She couldn’t look at Dawn, knowing what she was going to do with Jeff.

She headed toward the front door. Taking a deep breath, she opened it and stepped outside, closing the door quickly behind her.

Outside, she caught her breath. Carefully, she went down the steps, pausing, wavering between going home and meeting Jeff in the garage. Passion and a need to be desired won. She turned, glanced at the house, then hurried to the garage.

Heart pounding, palms sweaty, she turned the knob and held her breath. “Jeff,” she whispered, stepping into the dark garage. “Are you here?”

“I’m here, Monica.” A dim light flicked on. “Close the door.”

Obediently, Monica closed the door. She stared across the garage at Jeff. She fought the urge to leave, making her feet take her around the car to where Jeff was standing.

“Here.” He handed her a drink. “I thought you might need this.”

Grateful, Monica took the drink and gulped it down. “Thanks.” She heaved a sigh, the happy buzz returning. The closeness of Jeff excited her.

“I brought a bottle.” He filled Monica’s empty glass. The scent of her perfume filled his head. He ogled her tits straining beneath her dress. With one finger, while Monica sipped her drink, he traced a line over her shoulder, down her smooth flesh, stopping where her neck met her dress. He noticed her hand shaking and knew it was going to be great tonight.

“We shouldn’t,” Monica moaned, but she knew she would.

Jeff circled her lush body with his arms, drawing her tight against his hard frame. “I’ve wanted you for a long time,” he whispered hoarsely. “A long time,” He crushed his mouth to hers, invading her throat with his tongue.

Drunk with passion, the potent rum making her bold, Monica gobbled greedily on Jeff’s tongue. She ground her body against him, totally committed to her first act of adultery.

“Baby,” Jeff groaned, enjoying a sample of her passion. “Unnnn, baby.” His hands roamed freely over her rocking hips and tight ass. His prick throbbed in his pants, crushed against her pressing belly.

“Ohhhhh, Jeff,” she gasped, loving his hands. “Ohhhh, God, I feel like a tramp.”

Jeff hungrily brought his hands to her tits and squeezed. “You’re not a tramp, Monica.”

His hands mauling her tits erased the last shred of resistance from both her mind and body. “Unnnn, let me take this off. I don’t want to get it all wrinkled.” She was floating on a cloud of lust.

She stepped back, face flushed, eyes bright with desire. With a sultry smile on her face, she reached behind her back, slid the zipper down. A quick shake of her shoulders and the dress melted to her waist, baring her large plump creamy tits.

Jeff’s breath caught in his chest. “Christ, Monica… your tits… damn!” His prick ached, and he rubbed his crotch. “Baby!”

Monica saw the lust in his eyes and fed on it. It had been ages since Steve had looked at her that way. “Do you think they’re too big.” She giggled, hefted her melon-shaped tits in her hands and jiggled them.

Jeff feasted his eyes on Monica’s overripe tits. They were twice the size of Dawn’s. He reached for them. “Let me do that.”

Monica relinquished her tits to Jeff’s big greedy hands. “Ooooo, Jeff. It feels so good… ummmmm, so good!” She swooned, her nipples swelling with blood, aching, ready to burst.

Jeff mauled her tits roughly, enjoying the soft texture, the heat generated by her passion, and the hard pointed nipples burning into the palms of his hands. “Get your dress off,” he rasped.

Dazed, Monica blinked. She stepped back and eased the dress down over her hips. Swiftly she stepped out of it, expertly keeping it from touching the floor. Knowing Jeff’s eyes were following her every move, she exaggerated them as she elaborately folded her dress over the back of a chair.

She was bent over, her ass wrapped in black silk bikini panties. Straightening up, she faced him, tits rising and falling as she sucked air into her lungs.

“I’m so hot,” she said. “So damn fuckin’ hot.” She didn’t care anymore. All she wanted was Jeff’s cock. Her gaze dropped to his crotch. She saw the bulge and swooned.

“So am I, baby,” he said, leering at her lush body.

“I can tell,” she said, licking her lips. “You’re going to bust through your pants.”

“Why don’t you do something about it?”

No longer shy, no longer afraid, she gave him a sizzling smile. “I intend to.” Her blue eyes scanned the garage. She spotted a towel, grabbed it and dropped it on the floor in front of Jeff. “I don’t want to get dirty.”

Jeff didn’t speak. His dark eyes looked over her creamy tits, trim waist, flared hips, and long legs. “When?” he rasped when she didn’t move.

“Now.” She dropped to her knees, stared at his crotch and swallowed the lump that formed in her throat. Trembling, she brought her fingers to his zipper. She tilted her head up and smiled. “You better give me another drink.”

Jeff grinned and handed her the bottle.

She took a swig, shivered and returned the bottle. “Mmmmm, now for a taste of something else.”

She deftly pulled down the zipper of Jeff’s pants. Her heart racing wildly and pounding in her ears, she groped in his pants, her fingers latching around his steel-beamed prick.

“Oooo, I got it,” she purred, lugging out his long thick cock. “Unnnn, it’s so hard.” She swooned, blue eyes popping as she stared at Jeff’s cock.

“Give it a kiss, baby,” he moaned. He jerked his cock through her fist. “Kiss it.”

Brazenly, Monica lifted her head. “I’ll do more than give it a kiss. I’ll give you a blow job, you won’t forget for awhile.” She licked her lips lewdly. “You know how long it’s been since Steve and I made it together?”

Jeff shook his head, his balls churning as she squeezed his cock. “He’s crazy for neglecting you.”

She spotted a small glob of jizz seeping from Jeff’s piss-hole. “You’re dripping.” She whipped out her tongue and scooped it up. “Mmm, I almost forgot how good it tastes.”

“Your mouth,” Jeff groaned. “In your mouth.”

“After I get your pants down,” she said, attacking his belt. She opened his pants and, with his shorts, pulled them down around his knees.

“Now eat me,” Jeff groaned, anxious to feed his prick to the luscious blonde. “Suck it.”

Monica caressed Jeff’s prick, enjoying the pulsing power that coursed through his cock. Hefting his balls, she moaned. “Oh, Jeff, they’re so heavy.”

“Not for long,” he groaned, jabbing forward and banging the head of his cock against her drooling mouth.

High on rum and enveloped in passion, Monica giggled. “Easy, Jeff. Don’t be so impatient. Let me enjoy myself first.”

Jeff groaned and leaned against his workbench, content for the moment to allow Monica to do as she pleased.

Monica brought her eager mouth to Jeff’s bloated prick. She kissed the throbbing piece of cockmeat. Slowly, she slobbered her lips up and down and over his entire cock, soaking his prick completely in drool. “Like it?” she purred, lifting her gaze to his lust-etched face.

“Great, baby,” he groaned. “Stop playing and show me how much you really like my cock.”

“I was about to.” She opened her mouth, and, holding his cock out straight, she slipped the fat glistening prick into her mouth. Her lips closed tightly around his cock and she hummed.

“Unnnnn, Monica.” He jabbed his hips forward, the head of his prick piercing her [missing text].


Monica gagged, but didn’t retreat. Jeff’s prick tasted too good. She relaxed her throat, accepting his cock. Grinding her teeth along the sensitive underside of his prick, she gobbled the rest of his meaty prick into her mouth, stopping only when her lips met his groin.

“Unnnnn,” Jeff moaned. He reached down, curled his fingers through her thick blonde hair and began tucking her face. “Baby! Baby! Unnnn!”

Monica loved the hard fucking stabs. She used her tongue, teeth, lips, and suction power to urge him on. Gurgling in her throat, she lashed her tongue over his cock, sucked hard on his bloated head and gnawed on his throbbing prick.

She brought her hands to his groin, scratched her nails down over his thighs, and fondled his balls as they slapped against her chin. “Unill,” she gasped deep in her throat as his prick swelled. She clawed back up his thighs, around his hips to his tight jamming ass. She scratched, feeling him jerk and twist as he ravaged her mouth with his prick.

“Baby,” he groaned, releasing her hair. He stopped, panting for air, his prick fucked to the hilt, pulsing in the tightness of her throat.

Dragging her teeth along the entire length of his cock, Monica slowly brought her mouth off his throbbing hard-on. His prick popped from her mouth, jutting up in the air. “I’m glad you stopped,” she panted. “I don’t want what’s in your balls wasted in my mouth.”

Jeff grunted, took her hands and pulled her to her feet. “Neither do I, but for a minute I wasn’t sure I could stop myself.”

“I would have stopped you,” she giggled, rubbing her belly against his spit-soaked cock. “I would have used my teeth.” Her mouth glistened, and her eyes glowed. “I need your cock in my pussy.”

“Get your panties off,” he said huskily. “Climb on the hood of my car.”

“Oooo, Jeff,” she swooned. “It sounds so exciting.” She leaned against his car, wiggled her hips blatantly and eased her panties down around her knees. Her dark-blonde pussy hair, neatly trimmed, formed a triangle where her lush creamy thighs met. “You ever fuck a blonde before?”

“Not lately,” he said, openly admiring her beautiful body.

“Now’s the time.” She shook her legs, and her panties fell to her ankles. She stepped out of one leg and lifted her foot, her panties flying at Jeff. “Catch.”

Jeff did. He rubbed the soft silky panties, the heady scent of her cunt clinging to the material. It inflamed his mind. He dropped the panties on the workbench. Holding his pants to keep from tripping, he stepped toward Monica as she climbed up on the hood of the car.

“I’ve never fucked anyone but Steve,” she gasped. “You’re the first.”

This knowledge made his groin ache and his balls rumble. “I’ll make sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“Ooooo, I know I will.” She spread her legs wide, wriggled her ass on the smooth metal.

“See how wet I am? I’m always wet, always ready, but Steve doesn’t care.” She humped up. “Fuck me, Jeff. Fuck me and make me forget.”

Jeff stepped close, grabbed her hips and pulled. The head of his prick split the wet puffy folds of her cunt and slipped easily into the steamy wet gash of her pussy. “Unnnn, you’re hot, baby. Hot and wet!”

“I know! I know!” Monica went wild. “All of it, Jeff. Shove it all in me. I need it so fuckin’ bad!”

Jeff lunged forward, fucking his prick to the root. Hot spongy cunt muscles surrounded his prick, pulsed with a steady beat against his throbbing cock and greased his prick with warm sudsy froth for fast fucking action. “Tight too!”

“Yessss,” she hissed, her blue eyes bulging as her cunt became stuffed with Jeff’s prick. “I’m like a virgin, a hot excited virgin.” She felt his cock throbbing inside her cunthole. Her hips bucked and her ass lifted off the hood of the car. “Ewww, you’re so big and hard.”

Jeff leered down at Monica writhing on the car, her pussy impaled on his prick. A grin eased over his handsome face. “It’ll get harder, too,” he groaned. He eased back, lunged forward. “You like that?”

“Unnn, yeah!” The fucking stab had her head spinning. “More, Jeff. More!”

He repeated the hard jab, his balls whacking against her flesh. The head of his prick fucked deep, skewered her soft tender cunt. Again, he pulled out, watched her face freeze, then he fucked back, enjoying the expression on her flushed face.

“Oh, Jeff… God, can you fuck!” she moaned, unable to keep from writhing on the car. “God, I wish we were in a bed.” She rotated her hips, gliding her cunt along his prick, coating his cock with warm pussycream.

Jeff held firm, allowing Monica for the moment to do all the work.

Monica’s hips jammed up, then her ass crashed down, thudding to the hood of the car. She twisted and churned, fucking his long thickening cock like a wildcat. “Fuck me, Jeff. Don’t make me do all the work.”

Jeff fucked into her squishy pussy with fast-calculated lunges. “Baby, unnn!” He released her hips and grabbed the jiggling flesh other tits. Fucking in and out of her cunt, he mangled her creamy tits in his hands.

“Ahhhhh, Jeff,” she gasped. “You’ll rip them off.” She bucked against his fucking prick, twisted against his violent hands. “Ooo, Christ, I love it!”

Jeff fucked the full length of his bloated cock into her cunt. Her cunt muscles, spongy and hot, attacked his cockshaft. Creamy white pussy juice clung to his prickshaft, greasing it for the next plunge. He filled the garage with his groans. “Baby… you’re dynamite!”

Open-mouthed and panting, Monica banged her cunt into him, getting the entire length of his prick into her hot scalding pussy. “Oh, Jeff… your cock… so stiff… hard!” Her luscious body wiggled, twisted, churned as she let herself go completely to enjoy her first fuck in months.

Jeff picked up speed. He fucked forward, meeting her. Their bodies smacked wetly into each other. “Baby… soon… cream, Monica… unnnnn!”

A low gurgling moan escaped her mouth. Orgasms, long repressed and denied, exploded deep in her cunt. Her body began to shake uncontrollably.

A host of tingling climaxes seized her body, starting in her pussy and spreading to every inch of her hot sizzling flesh. Her screams choked her throat. “I’m cumming… cumming!” Her cunt surrounded his cock in cushiony pulsations. Soft pussy muscles beat a violent rhythm on his fucking prick. “Your cock. I’m creaming it… OOOOO… creaming all over it!”

Jeff’s face was red with passion. His muscled arms stiffened, his hands grabbing her gyrating hips. He held tight, his fingers sinking into her soft yielding flesh. He saw that she was cumming and felt her climax on his cock as he plummeted her pussy with hard lightning-fast jabs. It blew his mind.

“I’m gonna cum, Monica. Cream your pussy!”

“Yessss!” she cried. “Cum, Jeff. Drown me in your cum!” She was out of her head, not caring about anything but the cock that was giving her the pleasure she had been denied for so long. “Cum! Cum in my pussy!”

With Jeff’s next grunt and fucking jab, his balls erupted. Hot thick cum boiled over, shot through his cock and out his dilated pisser. “I’m cumming!”

“I feel it! Aghhhh!” Her cunt, sticky with juice, milked Jeff’s cock wildly as he fucked in and out of her pussy. “More, Jeff. More!”

Jeff’s exploding cock spewed out a jet stream of stringy jism, whitewashing her gorgeous cunthole. “You got it, baby! Here it comes!” More cum sprayed from his prick, filling her already overflowing cunt.

Monica’s pussy went into erratic contractions. She felt his load — boiling hot — fill her cunt. She came jabbing up at him, wanting more, and craving all he had. She needed every drop to drown the fire raging out of control in her pussy. “I’m still… creaming! Jeff, creaming… your prick!”

Monica’s foamy cunt-cream poured from her hot cunt. With each horrendous jab of Jeff’s fucking prick, cum coated his cock and dripped down the crack of her jiggling ass. The fuck juices left a wet smear of sticky goo on the hood of his car. She twisted her upper body. Her tits flopped wildly, nipples swelling, ready to burst. Her sweaty flesh squeaked against the smooth finish of the car.

“Jeff! Jeff!” She reached for him, arms outstretched, nails raking the air. Her ass hammered the hood. Her plump tits quivered and shook. She garbled something then screamed shrilly. “I can’t stop cumming. So much. Oooo… Christ!”

Jeff fucked her with every ounce of strength he possessed. He creamed her pussy with wad after wad of thick cum. His hips moved back and forth, driving, his cock through the soupy froth of her overflowing cunt. “Baby! Baby! Can’t stop… either!” He held her hips and fucked her over and over.

Cum squirted deep, triggering more orgasms in Monica’s overheated pussy. “Your cock, Jeff.”

Another shrill scream filled the air. Her head rocked from side to side, blonde hair splaying out over the shiny hood. Orgasms bombarded her. She stared, watched his face turn blurry. She blinked, arched her back, her wet ass cheeks squeaking on the hood.

The hammering ache in Jeff’s balls grew more painful. More cum gushed from his cock. Jizz flowed like a river. He saw her features, beautifully exquisite, contort into a lustful expression that churned up more cum from his balls. He savagely fucked her, spewing out cum, his piss-slot wide open.

Monica’s hips moved vigorously. Her cunt overflowed with his sticky jizz and her own frothy pussy-cream. Her ass cheeks slapped the hood and she screamed again. Her legs shot out, quivered, then closed around his hips, holding his cock prisoner inside her pussy.

Jeff fucked away at her vulnerable cunt, keeping the same arduous pace. He felt her wet cunt teasing around his cockshaft, felt the overpowering heat of her cunt sear through his prickshaft and down into his balls. His balls emptied the last of their load as he fucked in and out of her climaxing cunt for the last time.

“You’re fabulous,” she gasped, releasing him as she twitched in ecstasy. “Fabulous.” Her orgasms ebbed, leaving her weak and sated. Her naked flesh glistened with the sweat of her passion. Her hips, still jerking on their own, stopped, and she whimpered.

Jeff eased his prick from her pussy. His cockshaft hung limp against his thigh, coated with a white filmy froth. “You were great, Monica,” he groaned, catching his breath. “Great Steve must be crazy as hell.”

With her passion satisfied and the mention of her husband’s name, a wave of guilt swept over her. She pulled herself up. “I wish Steve felt the same way.” She eased off the car and slipped into her panties.

Jeff used the towel, wiped his cock clean and pulled his pants up, zipping them quickly. “Anytime you need a little relief, I’ll be waiting.” He reached for her hand.

Monica turned. “Zip me, please.” She felt strange. Her head ached from the rum, and her heart ached from what she had done.

“You’re all set.” He took her hand. “Let’s go back to the party.”

“I couldn’t,” she said. “I couldn’t.” She backed away.

“Sure you can. No one will know.”

“I’ll know,” she said. “I feel dirty.” She felt. Jeff’s cum in her cunt and blushed. “I have to go home.”

“Suit yourself.” He leaned against the workbench. “You go first. Remember, if you want me, call.”

She nodded. “Don’t call me, okay?”

“Sure.” He watched her peek out the door. “Drive carefuly.”

Monica hurried down the driveway to the street. She ran quickly to her car and climbed in, only then giving vent to her emotions. She cried, ashamed of what she had done.


Monica stirred, kicked the sheet off her naked body. Squinting, she looked at the clock. It was only ten. Automatically, she reached for Steve. “Shit,” she grumbled, her hand hitting the empty side of the bed. “Shit… shit… shit… shit… shit.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, her head pounding as she recalled the night before. She forced herself not to think of Jeff and what they had done in the garage.

“Too much rum,” she moaned, holding her head and padding barefoot to the shower.

Twenty minutes later, her, blonde hair fluffed dry her silky skin pink and clean, Monica returned to the bedroom. Still naked, she went to the window. It was a beautiful day. Her gaze drifted to the empty bed. She bit her lip to keep from crying.

The phone jangled, bringing her out of her depressing thoughts. She threw herself over the bed and grabbed for the phone, hoping it was Steve.

“Hi, sweetheart,” Steve said. “Did you have a nice time at the party last night?”

A shudder went through her body. Jeff’s face flashed in front of her. “I had a ball,” she said. His carefree tone and careless attitude angered her.

“Hey, great.” He paused, looking at all the work piled on his desk. “I’m sorry about not being there.”

“No, you’re not,” she snapped.

“C’Mon, Monica, don’t act childish. I got a lot of work here at the office.”

“Enough to keep you there all night?” The more she talked, the angrier she became.

“I slept on the couch,” he said, annoyed with her. “I’ll be here all day too. Have to finish up. We’ll have tomorrow together.”

“Maybe I won’t want to spend the day with you,” she said. “I met some very nice men at the party last night. Maybe I’ll spend today and tomorrow with them.”

“Go to hell!” he snarled. It had been a long tedious night, and his nerves were frayed. He slammed the phone down and glared at it. “Bitch.”

Monica shook. She stared hatefully at the phone, then heard the dial tone. She dropped the phone back in place then wiped a tear from her eye. Rolling onto her back, she stared up at the ceiling.

“Oh, Steve, why can’t it be like before?” Her face became set with firm lines of determination. A nagging thought loomed up in the back of her mind. “He’s cheating.”

She rolled over on her stomach, pounded the pillow. Anger and irrational jealousy filled her.

“I can do the same.” She giggled lewdly. “I did last night.”

What had happened with Jeff no longer ate at her mind. It soothed it. Since Steve was doing the same thing, there was no reason why she shouldn’t continue. She hauled herself out of bed.

“I have all day to have fun,” she said, rummaging through her drawers looking for something revealing and sexy to wear. Illogical jealousy and constant neglect had robbed her of reason. Although she wouldn’t admit it, believing Steve was cheating made her affair with Jeff last night and what she planned for today that much easier to accept.

She found what she was looking for tight purple terry shorts and matching top. Perfect.

She slipped the terry shorts up her long slender legs. The soft purple shorts clung deliciously to her round hips and tight heartshaped ass. Holding the matching top, she strode over to the full-length mirror and admired herself for a brief moment.

She liked what she saw. The shorts fit perfectly. They dug erotically into the gash of her pussy, a temptation for anyone who might look. She turned and quivered as her creamy ass cheeks peeked out from her shorts.

She sighed.

Monica slipped the top over her head, fluffed her blonde hair. One last look, then, after slipping into a pair of high-heel shoes, she left the bedroom.

She didn’t know where she was going, but she knew wherever it was, it would be more fun than sitting around an empty house moping. The doorbell stopped her in her tracks as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Her heart skipped. Jeff? She shook her head, hoping it wasn’t. The bell rang again.

“I’m coming,” she called. She opened the door, saw Kenny Morgan standing there. “Kenny… what can I do for you?”

“Your husband told me to come over this morning. He wanted me to help him clean out the garage.” His brown eyes bulged as he leered at Monica. A tremor shot through his prick. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Monica enjoyed Kenny’s obvious pleasure. It made her feel good. “C’mon in.” She stepped aside, allowing the tall muscular teenager in. “How about something to drink?” Without waiting for an answer, she took his hand and led the boy out to the kitchen.

The touch of Monica’s hand excited him. His prick, crammed in his jeans, ached. He could smell her perfume, and it inflamed his young impressionable mind.

“Where’s Mr. Adams?” he asked as Monica sat him down at the kitchen table.

“Steve is at the office working today,” she said.

“Oh, I guess… maybe I should come back later, maybe tomorrow.” He didn’t want to. What he wanted to do was sit and ogle Monica the rest of the day.

“I wouldn’t think of sending you home.” An excitement began to build inside her. Turning this handsome boy on would not only help her to forget her troubles, it would be a blast. Teasing, that would be all. She refused to think beyond the next few minutes. If she did, she knew she would change her mind. “How about some juice?”

“Sure,” Kenny said. Any excuse was welcomed. He stared at her long legs, rounded ass, and curvy hips as she headed for the refrigerator. He licked his lips, his gaze settling on the exquisite flesh of her ass, which peeked out from under her shorts. He groaned, then blushed.

“Did you say something?” She turned, caught his gaze and smiled.

“No… no…” he stammered. He tore his gaze away and looked down at his hands as they rested in his lap, covering the bulge of his cock.

Monica noticed the bulge. A prick that sure wasn’t easily hidden. She brought the juice back to the table, then leaned her hip against his shoulder as she poured.

The touch of her body had Kenny’s insides shaking. He wanted to grab, but didn’t. His prick hurt. When she moved away to sit down, he felt a sense of relief and anguish, relief because if she hadn’t moved, he would have creamed his jeans and anguish because now, sitting across the table from him, she seemed so far away.

“How much did my husband say he was going to pay you?” She stared at the young boy. The prospect of turning him on made the insides of her pussy seep.

“Ten dollars,” he said, trying, but failing to keep his gaze off her pillowy tits as they strained erotically against her soft terry top.

“Since I’ll be helping you, instead of Steve, you’ll wind up doing more work, so I’ll pay you twenty. Okay?”

“You don’t have, to help,” he protested. “I’ll do it myself.”

Monica stood and stretched, the terry top riding up, baring smooth silky flesh for the teenager to ogle. “I want to help. Now drink your juice and let’s get started.”

Kenny was thrilled, happy she hadn’t taken him up on his suggestion. He could look at her all morning.

Monica took his hand and pulled him to his feet. Their gazes met — excitement glowed in Monica’s, lust in Kenny’s. She saw it and approved. It was going to be a great day.

“I guess these empty boxes should be first,” Monica said, bending over, once they were in the garage. She lingered in this erotic position, feeling Kenny’s gaze on her ass. She gave her hips a little wiggle and stood up, carrying the empty box from the garage.

Kenny could only gawk. The bending action had caused more fleshy ass meat to peek out from under her shirts.

Monica dropped the empty box in the driveway. She turned and caught him looking. “Are you staring at me?” She walked slowly back to the garage, tits jiggling, hips swinging, and eyes dancing with fire.

Kenny blushed. “Sorry,” he mumbled. He turned, found a heavy box and picked it up.

She leaned against the station wagon and waited for Kenny to return. “You don’t have to be sorry. I like having you look at me. It makes me hot.” She winked, licking her lips invitingly.

Kenny was shocked, not believing he had heard right.

Monica, deciding it was time to step up her teasing and really seduce the boy, walked up to the stunned teenager. “You’re handsome.”

She squeezed his bare arms. “Strong too.” Her tits brushed ever so lightly against his chest. “I’ll bet all the girls think you’re sexy, huh?”

Kenny didn’t know what to say. She was driving him crazy. He looked into her blue eyes, the agony of his hard-on etched in the passion written all over his face.

“You ever make it with one of your girlfriends?” Her voice was soft, caressing.

Kenny felt her breath on his face. She moved closer, and he could feel the tips of her nipples burn through his tee shirt and sear his chest. His cock was against her belly. Heat soared through his prickshaft. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

Monica’s heart was pounding. “You’re a virgin?” The idea of teaching a boy about sex made her head spin.

Kenny, still unable to speak, nodded.

“Ooooo, Kenny,” she purred. “Today is your lucky day.”

Kenny was too dazed to realize what she meant. He swallowed the boulder that clogged his throat. “Maybe we should finish cleaning out the garage.” His voice was like sandpaper.

“Don’t you want to touch me, Kenny feel me up? I thought that was all boys your age thought about… feeling up girls.” Kenny groaned. The idea of feeling her up, touching her tits, ass, and possibly her pussy, turned his mind to putty. “Don’t… tease me,” he rasped, not believing her at all.

“I’m not teasing you, Kenny.” To prove she meant what she had said, she took his hands and brought them to her top, placing them on her tits. “Squeeze, Kenny. Enjoy yourself.”

Kenny’s fingers sank easily into the soft terry material that hid her fleshy tits. He felt as if his cock were going to snap in half.

“Mmmmmm, I like that, Kenny. Do you?”

“Yessss,” he moaned through clenched teeth. As if in a trance, he watched his hands squeezing, fondling Monica’s tits through her terry top.

“You ever do this to a girl?” The boy’s hands, inexperienced but eager, had her pussy creaming.

He nodded, afraid to speak, afraid it would break the spell.

“Were they big like mine?” She was full of questions. The answers, she knew, would turn her on even more.

“No,” he managed to say weakly.

“Oooooo.” Monica conjured up an image of Kenny fondling some young girl’s tits. The image made her knees weak. “I think you’d enjoy yourself if you took off my top, don’t you?”

“Really?” he blurted, his mouth gaping open.

“Really,” she purred. “Take off my top.” She quivered, hot spasms shooting through her pussy as the boy slipped her top up, exposing her tits.

Kenny’s breath caught in his throat. His eyes popped. He was gawking at the large fleshy mounds of Monica’s tits. “God,” he muttered. He forgot about her top. It was around her neck.

Enjoying the boy’s enthusiasm and innocence, she took the top off the rest of the way, tossing it over the hood of the station wagon. She stepped back, proudly exhibiting her huge milky tits. “You like them?”

“Uh, huh,” he moaned, feasting his eyes on her tits. They were the most gorgeous pair of tits he had ever seen. Even the girls in fuck magazines couldn’t compare.

“I’m not wearing any panties under my shorts,” she said, bombarding the teenager with horny images.

Kenny’s gaze dropped from her luscious tits to her terry-covered crotch. He saw the line where the shorts gouged into her pussy. His prick throbbed incessantly.

Seeing where his gaze was, Monica moved the crotch of her shorts, exposing, for a brief moment, a part of her blonde-haired pussy. “Did you see?”

“Yeah,” he moaned, blinking. She wasn’t wearing panties. It boggled his mind.

“If I take off my shorts, will you show me your cock?” She stood with her legs spread, hands defiantly on her hips, tits heaving with each deep breath.

“Yeah,” he said, not actually believing her. Somewhere in his mind, he had reasoned that this was as far as the beautiful Mrs. Adams would go. Showing her tits was one thing, but stripping completely and wanting to see his cock was another.

Monica giggled. “You don’t believe me.” Without waiting to hear his protest, she latched her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and skimmed them down over her hips, stopping when a few blonde pussy hairs peeked out, “You want me to keep going?”

“Yes. Don’t stop,” he groaned, his cock throbbing, his eyes devouring what he could see. “Please.”

“Remember, I get to see your cock.” She pushed her shorts down the rest of the way. They formed a puddle at her ankles. She stepped out of them. “Well?”

“Oh, Mrs. Adams.” He thought he would cream. His balls felt ready to burst. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Kenny.” She pointed to his bulging crotch. “Now you. Let me see what’s making that big lump in your pants.”

Devouring Monica’s naked body with his eyes, Kenny shyly hesitated. His knees were shaking, his gut was in turmoil. It was like looking at a centerfold in a fuck mag, except Mrs. Adams was real.

“Don’t be shy,” Monica purred, sensing the boy’s reluctance. “Take it out and I’ll play with it.”

Kenny fumbled with the zipper, hauled it down and groped inside his jeans. He grunted as he pulled his cock free. It was a relief. The ache was still there, but the pain was gone. He blushed when he found her leering at his long slender prick.

“Oh, Kenny. I never thought your prick would be so big.” The teenager’s cock dazzled her.

“My sister says I’m hung like a stud horse.” His chest swelled with pride.

“You certainly are.” She swooned. She opened the back door of the station wagon. “Hop in. We’ll pretend we’re parked in some secluded spot.” The idea excited her, and she trembled as Kenny climbed in the roomy back seat.

Kenny squirmed over to the center, leaving plenty of room for Monica. His cock speared the air like a slender tree, his cockhead glistening, swollen with blood. He had been in the backseat with a few girls, but never like this.

Monica climbed in beside him. She grabbed his prick, squeezing. “I feel like a kid, Kenny. Ewwww, you’re seeping.” She spotted the clear fizz oozing from his pisser. “You must be hot as hell.”

“I am,” he groaned, fucking his cock up through her clenching fist. “Unnnnn.” He dropped back. Her squeezing fingers had become a vise.

“I’m hot too,” she moaned, relaxing her fingers. “Don’t rush it. We have all morning.”

Kenny caught his breath and tried to relax.

It was almost impossible. Her fingers were massaging his prick, and the fire in his balls was beginning to get out of control.

Monica rubbed her naked body against him. “Play with me too,” she purred, wriggling her bare ass on the back seat. She spread her legs, waiting for Kenny to touch and fondle her pussy. She dropped his prick, not wanting the boy to cum too soon.

With one arm around Monica, Kenny roamed his hand over her sizzling sweet flesh, mauling, squeezing, and caressing her huge milky tits. His cock fucked the air, throbbed freely, blood surging through his thickening prickshaft.

“Ummmm, Kenny,” Monica moaned, writhing on the seat. “I’m having a ball.” She leaned her head back and kept her legs spread. Her tits were sensitive to Kenny’s fingers. She humped up. “My pussy. Don’t neglect my pussy.”

Kenny had no intention of neglecting Monica’s pussy. His hand skimmed down over her belly. His fingers combed through her thick blonde thatch of pussy hair. Fingertips touched the steamy wet gash. At that moment, if Monica had been holding his cock, he would have exploded. Instead, his pisser seeped, the clear cum making his cockhead looked waxed.

“Ooooo, Kenny, my pussy. Finger me. Feel how wet I am.” She had given up on reality. Passion, lust, desire enveloped her, caressed her, urged her on. “Finger-fuck me, Kenny. Please!”

Her words pounded in his ears. He gouged his fingers into the sopping wet gap of her cunthole. Muscles pulsed wildly against his fingers. Creamy pussy juice coated them. Fuck juice oozed from her cunthole, soaking the rest of his hand.

Writhing in bliss, her legs spread, her tits bouncing with each move, she looked at his cock. She had to have his prick. She craved his cock in her mouth. She couldn’t think beyond that. To suck this handsome boy off became an irresistible impulse she had to indulge.

“No… more,” she panted, pushing his hand away.

Kenny froze, not understanding, believing he had done something wrong. He stared, bewildered.

Like a wildcat, Monica was on the startled boy. Frantic, dying to taste the boy’s prick, she forced down his pants and shorts. Moaning and whimpering like an animal in distress, she swooped down on his cock.

“Aghhhh,” Kenny growled as Monica’s lips, teeth, and tongue attacked his throbbing prick with full force. He stiffened, leaned back, a pawn to the older woman’s lust.

Monica squirmed to get comfortable. On her side, her head on his lap, she used her hand to twist his cock against her mouth.

Monica sucked the sensitive underside of the boy’s prick. She chewed delicately with her teeth and lips, her tongue whipping over, his cock madly. The boy’s groans excited her, pushed her into more acts of pleasure.

With glassy eyes, Kenny followed the contour of Monica’s body. His gaze moved along her legs and lingered on the red oozing gash of her cunt where moments ago his fingers had enjoyed the heated wetness of her gripping pussy.

Kenny’s gaze continued up her body to her tits, the nipples reddish-brown, swollen, the tips like hard bullets. “Oh, Christ,” he groaned. Her hot sucking mouth was driving him crazy.

She slurped noisily, his cock filling her mouth to capacity. His prickshaft flattened her tongue.

He looked at his cock where her mouth played havoc. He watched, dizzy from what he saw. He used his hand, following the same path as his eyes. He caressed her flesh, stroked fingers through her pussy and massaged her tits greedily. He was getting close, dangerously close to blasting his load.

Monica sensed it, felt it in the erratic throbbing of his cockshaft against her sensitive lips. She twisted around, loomed over his prick, mouth open, ready to dine on every hard delicious inch.

“Cum in my mouth,” she gasped, her voice husky, coated with a thick layer of lust. “Cream my throat and mouth.”

“Unnnn,” Kenny moaned, unable to say anything else. He jerked his rump up from the seat. The head of his prick brushed against her wet hungry lips. “Unnnnn.”

Stiff, fully erect, and swollen with blood, Kenny’s cock was at her mouth. She swallowed the head of his prick. Easily, the bloated cockhead invaded her throat. Still, she didn’t stop. Hard throbbing inches beat against her tongue, the roof of her mouth, and deep in her gullet.

“Aghhh!” Kenny growled, overcome by the heated pleasure of Monica’s mouth. He began to shudder, unable to stop himself. Her mouth was a furnace, a wet fiery furnace.

“Mmmm,” she hummed, liking the taste of the boy’s cock. “Mmmmm.” She popped her mouth off for a second. “I’m going to suck every drop of cum out of your cock, Kenny. Every fuckin’ drop.”

As the boy groaned, she surrounded the head of his cock again, taking his prick to the root. Curly crotch hair tickled her nose. Quickly, as if her mouth were a hot pulsing pussy, she began to bob her head up and down, bringing the crazed teenager to the peak.

Kenny squirmed, his lean-muscled frame tight, ready to explode. He stared, vision blurred with lust. “I’m… gonna… aghhhh, Christ!” He jabbed up, his groin smacking roughly into Monica’s hot clinging lips. “Aghhhh!”

With Kenny’s passion unleashed, Monica groaned deep in her throat. Kenny’s long exquisite prick was spearing her gullet, fucking away in her mouth. She kept her eyes open, breathing hard through her nose. Elated, she knew it wouldn’t be long now.

She took the attack to the boy. Her soft lips glided along his throbbing cockshaft. Warm spit dribbled from her mouth. She sucked. Kenny moaned. She chewed. Kenny groaned.

“Unllll,” she gurgled as Kenny’s cock clogged her throat. Deep sucks, whipping lashes, and gnawing bites on his prickshaft had the boy shuddering in bliss, ready to blast.

Wildly, Kenny fucked into her eager mouth. His head was tossed back, his eyes glaring at the roof of the car. Mouth open, he growled, fucking violently into Monica’s open mouth.

Monica jammed her face forward. Her throat muscles squeezed around Kenny’s prick. She dragged her teeth along his cockshaft, sucking all the way until only the head of his prick was in her mouth. She tasted his cum. Jizz had never stopped seeping. She anticipated the coming explosion and shivered.

Kenny, with only the head of his cock in her mouth, lunged up. He wanted his prick buried in her throat when he creamed. He fucked again, but Monica evaded his efforts, keeping only his cockhead between her clinging lips. Frantically, he tried to bury his prick in her throat.

Monica loved it. She used her tongue to torment his piss-slit. She sucked on his cockhead noisily, then, meeting one of his frenzied lunges, she slammed her head forward, allowing Kenny’s cock to fuck back into her throat.

“Agllhhh,” Kenny groaned with relief.

With his prick buried, he concentrated on fucking her mouth until he creamed.

Kenny’s cock stretched her throat. His groin smacked into her lips. She loved it.

The deep erotic sucks, whipping tongue, and gnawing teeth finally took their toll. “I’m cumming!” he roared in the back seat of the car. “I’m cumming!” Hot thick cum spewed from his cock in a deluge. Groans strangled his throat as he flooded Monica’s mouth and gullet with cum.

Monica sucked, greedily refusing to lose a drop of Kenny’s precious cum. As Kenny fucked his cock in and out of her sucking mouth, she drew in her cheeks, giving more suction power. Her teeth scraped along his throbbing hulk of cockmeat, and she heard Kenny howl.

Kenny went berserk. Monica’s mouth was a vacuum, a hot vacuum sucking the jizz from his balls faster than his cock could squirt it out. His jerky frantic moves fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. He twisted his hips, his prick caught, a prisoner of Monica’s delicious mouth.

Monica gurgled on Kenny’s cum. His jizz was coming too fast. Cum gushed into her mouth, out her lips. Gooey wads trickled down his cockshaft, forming a puddle in his cock hair. Cum dribbled down his aching balls to the seat.

Monica, as Kenny fucked her mouth, sucked on his prick. More cum filled her cheeks. Thick wads spewed down her throat, clogged her nose. Gagging, choking, she swallowed, refusing to quit, refusing to lose even one fantastic glob of cum.

Kenny lunged up wildly, grinding his groin against her lips. His cock spurted more jism. He heard her gag, didn’t care. He hadn’t finished. “I’m still cumming!” he roared. “Ahhhhh!”

Monica held her head steady, allowing the boy to give full vent to his lust. She absorbed his thrusting jabs and sucked his cock, draining his balls expertly. Cum flowed from her mouth, her nose, and down his shaft.

She sensed he was through. She wasn’t. As he collapsed back and groaned, Monica sucked his entire cock into her mouth. She held his prick in her throat, felt his cock begin to shrink. The sensation was exciting, something she had never felt before.

“No,” he moaned, his prick spent, his balls empty. “No.” He squirmed, but her mouth refused to set him free.

Monica sucked, getting the last few precious drops from his cock. Slowly, her cheeks drawn in tight, she pulled her mouth up the length of his now-limp prick. His cock head popped from her mouth.

“Unnnn,” Kenny groaned, this prick free at last.

Monica wasn’t through. She used her tongue, licking his prickshaft, his balls, through his cock hair, cleaning him, catching every drop of cum she had missed.

Finished, she looked up. Her blue eyes blazed. “Now me. We’ll go in the house… up to my bedroom.”

Kenny nodded. He would do anything, anything she asked. He was her slave. “In the house?”

“Yes, my handsome young lover. Up in my bed.”

Kenny groaned, dizzy with lust.


Monica scrambled out of the car, pulling her shorts and top on. Passion ran rampant through her body. Sucking the teenager off had been fabulous. She couldn’t wait until they were up in bed. She had plans for Kenny, erotic plans they would both enjoy. “C’mon, Kenny.”

Kenny had his cock back in his pants, his zipper halfway up. “Okay,” he said, dazzled by all that was happening. “I’m ready.”

Monica took his hand, anxiously pulled him outside.

They hurried through the kitchen and up the stairs. Excited, they strode down the hall to the bedroom.

Inside, Monica swiftly tore her clothes from her body, and threw herself on the bed, ready to be fucked by the teenager in every way possible. “Strip, Kenny. Get on the bed with me.”

Kenny had been gawking. Her voice brought him out of his stupor. Frantically, he pulled his clothes from his hard lean body. His gaze never left the bed and Monica’s writhing naked flesh. He gulped. Bare-ass naked, his prick hanging limply against his thigh, he stood in a trance.

Monica drooled as she stared openly at the tall boy. “Mmmmm, you’ll be hard in no time.” She lifted her arms. “Now come to bed and kiss me good night.”

Hoping his cock would get hard again, Kenny eagerly jumped into bed with the sexy blonde housewife. He shuddered as her sizzling body pressed against his. A spasm shot through his cock.

“Oooooo, Kenny…” She roamed his body with her hands, showering the stunned teenager with hot wet exciting kisses.


For the moment, Kenny wallowed in the pleasure of Monica’s mouth and the pleasure of her roaming hands. “Oooo, Mrs. Adams.” He squirmed, grabbed her, shyness gone. He kissed her hard, urgently, his tongue invading her mouth. His hands kneaded her body, exploring, reveling in her soft curves, her yielding flesh. “Oh, Mrs. Adams.”

“Oh, Kenny, you’re so forceful.” She caressed his face, his neck, and his tightly muscled back. “Unnnnn, Kenny. You’re driving me wild.”

Kenny feasted on Monica’s neck. He became an animal, groaning, gobbling Monica’s flesh with his mouth.

Monica loved it and let him explore her body without guiding him. His inexperience excited her. His uncontrolled lust made her pussy cream. “Unnnn, Kenny. Kenny! Suck my tits. Don’t just play with them.”

In his fogged passion, Kenny heard Monica’s voice. He held in his lust somewhat, caught his breath, and lifted his body. He stared hotly down at Monica. He gulped, dizzy with desire as he leered at her large ripe tits.

“Yes, Kenny. Suck them hard and get me all wet.” She cupped her tits, offering them to the dazed teenager.

For a second, Kenny could only stare and drool.

“Suck them, Kenny,” she repeated softly. “Suck my tits.”

“Yes, Mrs. Adams.” He brought his hungry mouth to one offered globe of sweet tittie meat. Reverently, he kissed her tit. Again and again, he kissed her tit, until finally, he lost control again and attacked her tits maniacally.

“Unnn, yeahhhh,” Monica gasped, loving the way the boy was ravaging her tits. “Chew them, Kenny, bite.” She writhed on the bed, legs spread, and ass humping.

His moans and animal groans were muffled by the abundance of Monica’s tits. He devoured first one, then the other. He soaked each creamy tit with his spit. Each tit glowed a bright pink from his attacking mouth. Red teeth marks pocked her flesh, fading as Kenny now concentrated on her round swollen nipples.

She thrashed on the bed. Creamy fuck juice oozed from her pussy. She combed her fingers through the enraged boy’s thick brown hair. Crushing him against her tits, she squealed as his teeth sunk into her sensitive nipple.

“Oh! Oh! Aghhhh!” She humped her ass from the bed. “You’re… biting… me!” She gazed at the ceiling. The boy was crazy. He was going to destroy her tits. It was heaven.

Kenny slobbered over her flesh, his face wet, her tits slippery, red, marred. He heard Monica scream. His head snapped up. “Did I hurt you?”

“Ewwww, yes, but I loved it.” She caressed his face. “You really know how to treat a woman.”

Kenny grinned sheepishly, stared at his handiwork and was shocked to see what he had done to her tits. “I’m… sorry.”

“I told you, I loved it. Don’t be sorry.” She felt the throbbing of his cock against her thigh. “You’re hard again, Kenny. I feel it.”

Kenny realized it too. His prick was swollen, boiling hot from the blood surging through his cockshaft. His hips moved, brushing his cock against her smooth thigh. He knew what he wanted. He glanced at her blonde-haired pussy.

“Fuck me, Kenny. Fuck me with your nice hard dick.” She wriggled her hips, exaggerating the sensuous move as if she had already been stuffed with prickmeat. “Fuck me, Kenny.”

Kenny scrambled between her legs, his long throbbing prick poised at the entrance to her gorgeous cunt. He found himself shaking. He jabbed and missed as Monica twisted her pussy away from his fucking prick. Surprise and bewilderment flooded his face.

“Not that way, Kenny,” she sighed. “I want it slow. I want you to enjoy your first fuck… really appreciate it.”

Kenny groaned. Understanding replaced his perplexed look. He nodded, ready to learn and enjoy from this luscious woman.

Monica spread her legs again, wriggled her ass. “Now, Kenny… nice and slow.”

Kenny groaned deep in his throat as he angled his cock. This time he inched forward slowly. The head of his cock slipped between the puffy folds of her overheated pussy. Fuck juice flowed, bathing his cockhead in warmth. “Unnnnn.” A shuddering spasm erupted in his gut.

“Oooooo, Kenny. I feel it.” She sensed his resistance was about to break. “Easy, Kenny. Slow… fuck me slow.”

Kenny, wanting to please this beautiful woman, obeyed. He eased his prick into her pulsing cunt slowly. The pace was sheer torture. Her cunt was beating against his cockshaft. “Unnnnn, Mrs… aghhhh!” He stopped, shaking, half his cock buried in the steamy sheath of Monica’s pussy.

“Ummmmm.” Monica was trembling, savoring the pleasure of Kenny’s half-buried cock. Don’t move… don’t move.

Kenny groaned, not sure if he could obey this command. His muscles tensed, and his face contorted in agony.

“Now I’ll fuck you.” She lifted her hips, gliding the spongy softness of her pussy along the length of Kenny’s cock until their bodies met. She eased back, quivering as she emptied her pussy of prickmeat. “You like that?”

All Kenny could do was groan. He stared down into her beautiful face as she did it again. He saw her face flood with passion as she eased more of his cock into her pussy. He saw the passion change to agonizing lust as she again emptied her pussy of his prick.

Monica’s blue eyes widened. A sly smile crossed her face. She bit her lip and, without warning, slammed her cunt up, driving Kenny’s cock to the root. She used her cunt muscles on his prickshaft, twisted her hips, ground her clit into his hard groin.

“Aghhhhh!” she growled and fell back, spasms racing through her body. “Oohhhh, fuck me, Kenny! Hard and fast!”

Kenny needed no second invitation. He fucked hard, smashing his lean frame into her supple flesh. His cock fucked deep, ripping into the cushiony wetness of her pulsating pussy. His head snapped back. An animal groan rumbled in his throat.

“Yes!” Monica howled. “Yes.” She met his fucking stab with an upward lunge of her own. Their bodies whacked together. “Harder, fucker. Harder!” She urged the boy on with her twisting body and screaming voice. “Fuck me, Kenny. Fuck me!”

Kenny’s hips became like pistons. He fucked his cock into her cunt with hard fast fucking stabs. His balls swelled and whacked against the cheeks of her juice-stained ass. He leered down, wallowing in the exquisite sight his young innocent eyes beheld — floundering tits, beautifully flushed face, blue eyes wide and glassy, and mouth open, her pink tongue flicking over her lips.

“Ohhhh, Kenny. Fuck your cock into me.” She thrashed on the bed, his prick sending her into bliss. “Ohhhh! Unnnn!”

Kenny’s mind was spinning. His cock fucked deep. Squishing pussy muscles beat against his prickshaft. It was fabulous. His dark eyes bulged. The swelling of his balls was torture.

Monica saw the look on his face. “Yes, Kenny. Me first. I’m going to cream your dick.”

Her words spurred him on. His speed increased. His powerful fuck-strokes grew more demanding. “Unnun,” he groaned through clenched teeth.

Monica let herself go. She soared, exploding noisily into her orgasm. “I’m cumming,” she shrieked, her pussy gushing hot buttery pussycream from the pulsing walls of her cunt. “I’m cumming! Aghhhh, Kenny!”

Kenny saw and felt the intensity of Monica’s orgasm. It was better than any of his wet dreams. His balls rumbled. His vision blurred. He knew he was going to cum.

In the throes of an exquisite orgasm, Monica felt the frantic actions of the teenager. She welcomed the chance to cream with the boy. “Cum, Kenny. Cum with me!” She humped up, twisting her hips.

Kenny’s prick exploded. A spurting stream of thick sticky jizz blasted from the tip of his cock. “I’m cumming!” he roared. He had never before said it aloud. Jerking off in bed or the bathroom wasn’t the place to scream. It blew his mind. “I’m cumming!”

“OOOOO, yeah!” Monica wailed, squeezing his lean muscled arms. “Cream me. Fill me, fucker. Shove it deep!” Another orgasm ripped through her cunt, arching her back and stiffening her legs. “Aaghhhhh… Kenny!”

Kenny fucked his cock maniacally in and out of Monica’s pussy. Hot cum gushed from his prick, squirting deep, flooding the channel of her cunthole. His balls whacked against her wriggling ass as he gritted his teeth. He brutally fucked her, driving her twisted body back into the bed.

Monica was happily overwhelmed by the boy’s strength and cunt-filling prick. She wrapped her legs around his back, squeezed. “More, fucker,” she taunted. “More!”

Kenny, with all the exuberance and strength he possessed, complied with Monica’s screaming pleas. He fucked deep, squirting out thick globs of cum. His jizz mixed with her cream, washed over his prick and out over his swinging balls.

“Yes,” she screamed. “Yes.” Tits flopping, head fixed, eyes burning into Kenny’s face, she exploded again. Her legs shook, her heels digging into Kenny’s back. Her ass lifted from the bed. Hot cum dribbled down the crack of her ass.

Kenny drove her back into the bed. His lean powerful body overwhelmed Monica’s soft yielding frame. More cum churned in his balls, pissed out his cock and drenched the cushiony cunt walls that beat against his prickshaft. He had never cum this hard before. “I’m still…” The rest of the sentence caught in his throat as he fucked her twisting body back into the mattress.

Monica absorbed his pounding blows. With her legs wrapped around his back, she mashed her clit against his groin. The exquisite pleasure sent her reeling higher. She grabbed him, hauled him down, and crushed him to her body.

“Aghhhhh,” Kenny groaned, then crashed into her. Her tits smashed into his chest. He felt the nipples burn into his flesh. His arms curled under her writhing body, searching, finding the tight jerking cheeks of her ass. He squeezed.

Their bodies, slippery with the sweat of their lust, squirmed and twisted. Kenny’s hips drove forward. Monica’s hips lunged up. Cock-cum mixed with pussy-cream. It soaked them, formed a dark stain on the sheet where Monica’s ass banged over and over again.

Monica stiffened, then went into a quivering spasm she couldn’t control. Her ankles unlocked, freeing Kenny’s jamming hips. Her arms came from around his back, clawed the air. Her back bowed, twisted as her head snapped from side to side.

Kenny couldn’t stop his body from attacking. He ground her into the bed, mashed her clit, and fucked her cunt. Animal sounds came from his throat, muffled by her neck where his mouth was plastered.

Monica’s body melted. She lay limp, exhausted. One last upward thrust, and she shuddered.

One, two, three hard-hitting jabs emptied Kenny’s cock. He ground to a halt, his body twitching, his prick buried in a bubbly pool of cunt-cream and his own jizz. Her spastic pussy muscles quivered against his shrinking prick.

Monica caressed his back. “You were wonderful, Kenny. So wonderful.” She hugged him, then sighed and released him.

Kenny rolled off, his limp cock slipping from her pussy. He reverted back to being shy. “Did… did you really like it?”

“You fucked like a man, Kenny. You were fantastic.” She caressed his limp sticky prick. “You could satisfy any girl or woman.”

The compliment swelled the teenager’s chest. His ego was inflated. “I’ll clean out the rest of the garage now, okay?”

Monica giggled. “Sure. We didn’t get too much done, did we?”

A sheepish smile crossed his face as he climbed out of bed. “You don’t have to pay me anything.”

Relaxing, Monica watched him dress. “I’ll pay you thirty dollars instead of twenty.”

He stared at her naked body. Getting thirty bucks and getting fucked in one day. He shook his head and grinned. “Thanks.”

“Thank you.” She winked, wiggling her hips lewdly. “Remember, don’t say a word about this.”

“I won’t,” he promised. He was reluctant to leave.

“If I have to go out, I’ll leave the money on the kitchen table.”

Kenny nodded, tore his gaze away from her beautiful body and left.

Monica lingered in bed, luxuriating in the pleasures she had received from the boy. “Mmmmmm. Serves you right, Steve. You’re cheating on me.” She needed to believe it. Her passion needed satisfying, but she had to soothe her conscience at the same time.

She pulled herself out of bed and padded to the bathroom to shower.


Monica stood in the shower. Warm water beat against her naked flesh. “Unnnnn,” she moaned. The steady spray of water relaxed her.

She spread her legs and rubbed her hand over the swollen lips of her cum-filled cunt. “Oh, Kenny… you will make a fine husband.”

She shuddered. Steve had been a fine husband, until his job became more important than his home.

She became filled with a violent hate. “You bastard.” She spat out the words, their sounds echoing in the tiled shower. “Rotten fuckin’ cheating bastard.”

The calming effect of the shower spray had lost its usefulness.

A half-hour later, dried and filled with a jealous rage, Monica hurried downstairs to the living room. The hem of her clinging silk dress licked at her knees as she crossed the room to the leathered bar Steve had built before he had become so wrapped up in the office.

“Office, hah,” she said, pouring vodka into a tumbler. “It’s a damn whore secretary that keeps him working late every night and almost every weekend.”

She gulped the potent liquid. It burned a path to her stomach, spreading its heat throughout her insides. She took another gulp. It helped. She heaved a sigh and set a bucket of ice and the bottle of vodka on top of the bar.

The doorbell rang just as Monica was about to prop her silk-covered ass on a barstool. “Jeff, maybe… Kenny?” She giggled. Drink in her hand, she headed for the door.

“Hi, Monica.” A woman’s dazzling green eyes greeted Monica. Her neighbor was standing on the step.

“Lois. Come on in. I was just having a drink.”

“I see.” Lois smiled. “Lead me to the bar.” Without waiting, she went to the front room, spotted the bottle. “Got everything ready. You must have known I was coming.” She eased herself up on a stool and poured herself a healthy portion over ice.

Monica grinned, glad for the company. It would keep her mind off Steve. “I planned on getting drunk.”

“Now you can have company.” Lois looked over Monica’s lush body as she sipped vodka. “You’re dressed for action. Anyone I know?” There was a glint in her eye.

Monica blushed, surprised she looked so obvious. “I might be,” she said, her tits bouncing loosely under her dress as she climbed up on the other stool.

“Oooooo, I can tell,” Lois said, admiring the joggling of Monica’s tits. “No bra, probably no panties.” She licked her lips. “Steve working again?”

It was like pouring salt into an open wound. Monica winced, then recovered nicely. “He’ll be home later. Probably around dinner time.”

“Gives you plenty of time to enjoy. Right?”

“Maybe,” Monica said, crossing her legs.

Lois noticed the smooth creamy complexion of Monica’s skin. Her heart skipped. “I noticed you didn’t stay long last night at the party.”

“I had a headache.”

Lois couldn’t help but giggle. “I guess Jeff had a headache too.”

Monica choked on her drink. Her face turned red. “I don’t… know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you do, Monica. I’m not a dummy. Neither is Frank.”

“Your husband? I don’t understand.” She wasn’t sure she wanted to either.

Casually, Lois sipped her drink, holding Monica in suspense. “I noticed Jeff leave, then you. I got curious and slipped out the back door. I was surprised too… saw you sneak into the garage.”

Monica let out her breath. There was no sense denying it. “So? I’m not the first woman to cheat. Besides, Steve is cheating on me.”

“Hey, I don’t care.” Lois grinned. “I enjoyed watching.”

“Watching?” Monica was shocked.

“Frank too,” Lois said.

Monica’s mouth dropped. “Frank? Jesus Christ! How… where?”

“After I saw the light go on in the garage I walked over and peeked through the window. Once I saw what was going on, I went back and got Frank.” She paused, enjoying Monica’s embarrassment. “Frank thinks you’re fantastic.”

Monica shivered. “You both… watched… everything?”

“Everything worth seeing. You can really use your mouth.” Lois’ voice was throaty, the tone subtle, taking on a sexy quality. “I saw the pleasure all over Jeff’s face.”

The conversation was affecting Monica. She found herself growing hot. Knowing someone had watched her fucking with Jeff did something she had never thought possible — it made her hot and excited.

Lois noticed this and decided to capitalize on it. “You gave Frank a hard-on that nearly busted through his pants.”

In spite of her embarrassment, Monica giggled. She took another long pull on her drink. “I should be mad, but I’m not.”

“The idea appeals to you, huh?” Lois licked her lips, making her full mouth glisten.

Monica nodded. “What did Frank say?” Her voice had turned breathless. Her heart was skipping wildly. She wanted to know all the details of her neighbor’s spying.

“He wished he were Jeff. When Jeff was fucking you on the hood of the car, Frank almost creamed. I did too. You’re gorgeous naked.”

A lump clogged Monica’s throat. She didn’t know what to say.

“Frank fucked me like crazy once we got home. I think he was pretending I was you. We talked about you and it turned us both on.”

Monica was shocked. “Doesn’t it bother you, what Frank was thinking?”

“Shit, no,” Lois said. “It turned me on. In fact…” She lowered her voice. “While Frank was tonguing my pussy, I pretended it was your mouth.”

Monica became dizzy from what she was hearing. “You know what you’re saying?”

“Ooooo, I know,” Lois sighed, blatantly staring at Monica’s tits as they appeared to swell. “Seeing you naked and making it with Jeff gave Frank and I the hots. We both want you.” She let the knowledge sink in, saw that it had, then continued. “Maybe even share you.”

Monica’s head was spinning. She stared at her friend, trying to see if she was joking. She wasn’t. “Whew, I don’t know what to say.”

“What to say?” She gave Monica a hot sizzling smile. “You never made it with another woman?”

Breathless, Monica shook her head. “Never.”

“How about with two people?”

The questions boggled Monica’s mind. “Except for Jeff, Steve’s the only man I’ve ever done anything with.”

“Holy shit. You’re practically a virgin.” Lois squirmed on the barstool. “I’m creaming just thinking about it.”

Monica blushed. “Did you see the boy working in our garage?”

Lois’ eyes flickered with lust. “Yes. Nice looking hunk.”

“I sucked him off in the garage.”

Lois laughed. “There’s hope for you yet.” She polished off her drink. “Do you have this thing with making it in garages? First Jeff, now this kid?”

Monica, high on passion, giggled. “I don’t think so. I brought Kenny up to my bedroom, and we fucked.”

“How is he in bed?”

“Built like a man. He drove me crazy.”

Monica stood, stretched, her huge tits straining against the loose-fitting blouse she was wearing. She combed her fingers through her thick red hair. “Maybe I should try him. I’ve never done it with a kid.” She winked. “Except when I was one myself.”

Monica couldn’t keep her gaze away from Lois’ bulging tits. Her mouth was dry, and she quenched it with more vodka. “He’s a little shy.”

“Oh, I can fix that.” Lois noticed where Monica’s blue eyes were staring. “If you think the kid drove you crazy, wait until you have Frank shoving his cock up inside you.”

Monica was stunned. “You wouldn’t care? I mean… wouldn’t it make you jealous?” The idea of making it with Frank had her pussy pulsing.

“Why should I mind?” She winked, then saw the way Monica continued staring at her. “I’d have fun with you, too, right?”

Monica was speechless. Her mouth dried up again, and she swallowed the rest of her vodka. The room reeked of sexuality. She saw Lois’ nipples harden beneath her blouse. She felt dizzy.

“You keep staring at my tits. You want to see them?”

Unable to stop herself, Monica nodded. “Yes,” she said weakly. She licked her lips, wondering, secretly hoping Lois would take off her blouse.

Lois sauntered to the center of the large living room, her hips swaying provocatively. She turned, faced Monica, her green eyes glowing. “I think we’re going to have a ball today,” she sighed.

Monica was mute. Her hazy blue eyes were fixed on Lois nimble fingers as she worked the buttons open. Her breath caught in her throat.

Lois had her blouse open. She slipped it off her shoulders, let it fall to the floor. “Mmmmmm, Monica. I always get hot when I strip.” She brought her hands up, massaged her own fleshy tits. “I’m as big as you.”

Monica gazed hotly at her horny neighbor. “They’re beautiful.”

“How about you, Monica? You didn’t seem to mind stripping for Jeff. How about giving me a treat?”

Booze and passion, laced with neglect and jealousy, caused Monica to stand. Boldly, she eased the zipper down her back. As if by magic, her clinging silk dress peeled from her body and melted to the floor. She stood naked, primed for anything sexual. “Is it better than peeking through a window?”

“Much better,” Lois gasped, dining on Monica’s lush naked body. She stepped close, spanned Monica’s tits with her hands and squeezed. “Unnnnn, much better!”

“Oooooo, yes,” Monica moaned, dizzy with passion as her friend fondled her tits. Without thinking, she brought her hands to Lois’ large fleshy globes. “Ummmm, I like playing with your tits. It’s so… erotic sexy.”

“Mmmmmm,” Lois purred. “Frank is going to love you.” She released Monica’s tits, pressed her body against her and wrapped her arms around her. “You’re so soft and hot.”

Dizzy, her head in the clouds, Monica circled her arms around her friend. Lois’ perfume, soft sizzling flesh, and whimpering sighs drove Monica insane. “God, Lois. I never thought this could be so much fun.”

“We haven’t even started yet,” Lois moaned, her lips touching Monica’s ear. She squiggled her thigh between Monica’s legs, pressing it up against Monica’s wet inflamed cunt. “You’re soaked.”

“Unllll,” Monica moaned. Her hips, working on their own, humped her cunt against Lois’ thigh. “Ohhhhh, Christ, I’m going to fall.”

Lois held her. She wormed her tongue into Monica’s ear, panting heavily. “Ooooo, will Frank love fucking you.”

Monica heard the words, but didn’t understand. Her legs grew progressively weaker, and slowly, with Lois holding her, they melted to the floor a heap of exquisite hot flesh.

Lois, keeping Monica swirling in a cloud of passion, leaned over her friend. She stared at Monica. “You’re going to love having Frank fuck you.”

Dazed, Monica batted her eyelashes. “How can you let him?”

“We share,” Lois explained again. “Sharing keeps our marriage together. When Frank sees a woman he wants, he brings her home and we both enjoy her. If I see a woman he might like, I bring her home.” She giggled. “Togetherness.”

Monica writhed on the floor. She brought her hands up and squeezed Lois’ dangling tits. “What about you and other men?”

“Frank’s enough for me.” She pressed her tits into Monica’s squeezing fingers. “I get my extra kicks making it with Frank and other women at the same time.”

The images Lois words conjured up in Monica’s mind had her crazy-hot. “I don’t think I’d be able to control my jealousy.”

Lois leaned forward and swished her tits over Monica’s mouth. “You’d be surprised. It’s better than having him out cheating on the side… look at the fun you’d have. It’s great.”

Monica gobbled on Lois’ fleshy tits. She sucked, mauled, and chewed on the beautiful pulpy flesh.

“Ohhhh, Monica,” Lois gasped. “I knew your mouth would be exquisite.” She rocked on her hands and knees, her pussy creaming, soaking the soft flesh of her inner thighs. “Ooooo! Ohhhh!”

Monica gobbled hungrily. Lois had a point. She was having a jealous fit now over what she believed Steve was doing on the side. If he did it at home, she could enjoy, too, like she was now enjoying Lois… and she was really enjoying Lois.

“Oh, Monica,” Lois gasped, parting her thighs. “Finger-fuck me.”

With her mouth stuffed with tittie meat, Monica explored, for the first time, the wet juicy hole of another woman’s pussy. Deep stabbing thrusts, twisting fingers, and gouging nails had Lois squealing with pleasure.

Lois rocked on her hands and knees. She rotated her hips, her green eyes sparkling with fire, a fire Monica’s fingers were stroking deep in her cunt.

Monica was out of her skull. She pulled her mouth off Lois’ tits. A craving to put her mouth where her fingers now explored overwhelmed her. “Let me eat you.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Lois sprawled herself out on the rug, legs spread, pussy ready to be devoured. “Get me the phone first.”

Puzzled, Monica obeyed, putting the phone next to Lois. “Why?”

A lewd smile spread over her full sensuous mouth. “Frank likes it when I tell him what’s happening to me.”

Monica’s eyes popped. “You’re… going to call him?”

“Un, huh… and tell him everything you’re doing to me. It will drive him crazy.”

Monica swooned. “Then what?” Her heart was racing, pounding in her ears. She suspected the answer, but wanted to hear it from Lois’ mouth.

“Then he’ll come over here to join us. Now lick me while I give him a call.”

Monica’s heart leaped into her throat. Her gaze fell to the red seeping gash of Lois’ pussy.

Her cunt was trimmed in dark red curly hair, the slit oozing a white froth. She licked her lips, the scent of Lois’ overheated pussy coming up to caress her senses.

Lois squirmed on her back, the phone against her ear. “Frank,” she sighed, once she heard his voice. “Guess where I am?”

Monica listened, her gaze riveted to Lois’ reddish pussy. Without thinking, she dropped between Lois’ outstretched legs and fused her mouth to the red glistening gash of her pussy. “Ooooo, Frank. She’s sucking my hole. Ohhhh, what a mouth!”

Frank listened, his prick already throbbing and stiff like tempered steel.

Monica sucked deep, drawing the fleshy folds of Lois’ velvety pussy into her mouth. Fuck juice greeted her. Gently, she sucked and chewed on the delicious pussy meat.

“Oh, Frank,” Lois moaned into the phone. “She’s sucking and chewing my cunt.” She humped up into Monica’s mouth. “Unnnn, Frank. Her mouth is wonderful.”

Lois heard her husband’s deep raspy breathing on the other end of the line. It added to her pleasure. Knowing Frank was having fun too made it a blast, like always. She rotated her hips, soaking Monica’s face in warm sudsy pussy-cream. “Tongue me, Monica. Tongue-fuck me!”

Monica heard and obeyed. She darted her tongue out and explored the entrance to the steamy insides of Lois’ pussy. Creamy froth flowed over her tongue and into her mouth.

“She’s tonguing me, Frank.” She lifted her head, the phone clamped to her mouth and ear. I see her blonde head. It’s between my legs. She’s bare-assed naked too, just like when Jeff was fucking her. I’m staring at her ass. Her head fell back with a thud as Monica’s tongue fucked deep into her scalding pussy.

Monica heard each word. It kept her crazy hot. She reamed the spongy wetness of Lois’ pulsing pussy. Deep lunging stabs with her tongue into the soupy goo thrilled her. Lois’ cunt muscles, beating against her elusive tongue, excited her, made Monica’s own pussy overflow with a warm buttery cream.

Lois writhed en her back. Her large tits jiggled, appearing as if they were floating on her chest. Her large nipples, brownish-pink, swelled and ached, making her whimper with delight. “Frank, she’s so damn good. Tonguing me… OOOO so deep.”

Monica slurped on Lois cunt. The more Monica chewed and sucked, the hotter she became. Knowing Frank was listening on the phone blew her mind. It was exciting, bizarre, a fantastic fantasy.

“Listen… to this,” Lois gasped into the receiver. She took the phone away from her ear, dragged it down her body, and pushed it close to Monica’s sucking mouth. “Suck me, Monica. Suck me loud so Frank can hear!”

Monica obliged and sucked noisily on Lois’ overheated pussy. Loud slurping noises, whimpering gurgles, and lapping slaps with her tongue were carried over the wire to bombard Frank’s ears.

“Did you hear her, honey?” Lois groaned as she brought the phone back to her mouth.

“Yeah, Lois,” he rasped, his voice gravelly. “Sounds fantastic.” He rubbed his cock through his pants. “I can’t wait until it’s my turn.” He closed his eyes, picturing Monica between his wife’s legs. “Christ, baby. Cum. Let me hear you cream.”

“Soon,” Lois promised. “Soon.” She worked her hips in a tight circle, soaking Monica’s face with cream. “Bite my cunt. My clit. Chew it!”

Monica groaned, pussy juice flowing into her mouth, over her lips, and down her chin.

She rocked her hips, her own clit exposed and surging with blood scraped against the nap of the thick-piled carpet. Spasms ripped through her pussy. The friction was fabulous. She kept her hips rolling, her passion growing more intense by the minute.

Slamming her mouth tight against Lois cunt, she found Lois’ blood-engorged clit and sucked it into her mouth. She used her tongue like a whip, lashing Lois’ clit repeatedly as Lois squealed her delight.

“She’s chewing my cunt, Frank. Ohhhh, Christ. She’s gonna bite it off!”

Frank listened, seeing, in his mind, his wife getting her cunt sucked by their luscious blonde neighbor. “Cum, baby,” he rasped into the phone. “Cream her face.”

“I will,” Lois shouted into the phone. “Oooo, I will!”

Monica heard and prepared for Lois climax. She sucked hard, almost tearing Lois’ cunt from her twisting body. She chewed the blood-crammed clit, making Lois howl. Cream drenched her face as she waited for Lois’ body to explode.

“Keep tonguing me. Chew me!” Lois was delirious. She humped her red-thatched pussy violently, into Monica’s mouth. “Bite, Monica. Make me cum!”

Monica gurgled, her mouth and throat filled with pussy-cream. She used her tongue, her teeth, and her lips. She sucked, chewed, and lashed her tongue over Lois’ exposed pulsing clit.

Lois screamed into the phone. “I’m cumming, Frank. I’m cumming!”

Frank heard. His balls rumbled as he listened to his wife’s screaming voice. “Drown her,” he rasped. “Cream the hot little bitch!”

Lois heard her husband’s raspy voice urging her on. She twisted violently, grinding her pussy into Monica’s hungry mouth. Her body jerked. Her legs lifted and spread. Her ass thumped the thick carpet. She mangled her own tits. “Ooooo, Monica. Suck me! Chew me! Oooooo!”

Greedily, Monica sucked her own pussy was on fire. Lois screaming voice echoed in her lust-sopped brain. She grabbed Lois’ humping, rotating hips, sunk her fingers into the pliant flesh. More gooey cunt-cum washed over her face.

Lois creamed again and again. She writhed like a snake on the floor, her legs slapping against the carpet. An ocean of hot buttery cunt-cream gushed out from her cunt with each pulsing beat of her spongy pussy hole. “More, Monica. I’m still cumming. Bite! Bite!”

Monica used her teeth. She gnawed on the throbbing blood-filled clit. She slapped her tongue over the sensitive tip. She sucked hard, heard Lois wail. She gulped, drinking the flowing cunt-cream as it poured from Lois’ exploding pussy.

“Ooooo, Frank. She’s biting my clit off! Frank! It’s heaven!” She dropped the phone, concentrating all of her efforts on grinding her climaxing pussy into Monica’s hungry mouth. “Oooooo, Monica!”

Monica used her teeth and tongue rhythmically, keeping her screaming neighbor in bliss. She held Lois’ clit between her teeth and shook her head. The action turned Lois into an animal.

“Aghhhh!” Lois jerked her tips, almost ripping her clit from her own body. Spit dribbled from her open mouth. Her green eyes, glassy with lust, rolled up into her skull. Pussy-cum flowed from her hole, saturated Monica’s face, then oozed down the crack of her ass. “Ooooh, Monica, I’m in heaven!”

Monica gulped the warm flowing cunt-cum, sucking hard on the pulsing clit. Cum flowed over her face and into her throat and nose. Monica was drowning in the pungent juice and loving every second of it.

Lois arched her back. Her tits rolled like Jell-O, her hips jerked violently and her green eyes focused on the ceiling. Orgasms whipped through her pussy. “More, Monica. Ooooo, suck! Suck!” It felt as if Monica were sucking out her guts. Lois snapped her head from side to side, her nails clawing the carpet, her legs spread, stiff, trembling as she crashed over the peak.

Monica knew from the frenzied movement of Lois’ body that she had reached the peak and was coming down. She renewed her efforts. Her tongue lashed over Lois’ clit. Her hands roamed Lois’ flesh, caressed her hips, found the jiggling cheeks of her ass. Monica gurgled as more pussy-cum flowed into her mouth.

Lois shuddered. Her mind was reeling. She twitched, squirmed, and jerked her hips. Whimpering cries came from her open mouth as she gasped for air.

“No, more.” Lois squealed. “No more!” she twisted away from Monica’s greedy mouth. “Save some for Frank.”

Dazed, Monica came up from between Lois’ juice-stained thighs. Cum covered her face, along with a hot dirty smile. “I’m hungry for more.”

Lois giggled, saw the phone on the rug. She picked it up. “Did you hear it all?”

“Everything,” Frank rasped. “When do you want me to come over?”

Lois looked at her friend. Her green eyes danced. With Frank, the party would be even more fun. “He wants to know when to come over.”

Monica shivered. “Ooooo, Lois. I’m creaming.” She reached for the phone. “Let me talk to him.”


Lois giggled and covered the receiver. “You going to tease him?”

“Yeah,” Monica whispered. She took the phone, caught her breath. “Frank?”

“Hi, Monica.” The sound of her voice sent a tremor through his cock and balls. “How about me coming over and making it a real party?” Frank asked.

“Ummmmmm, I don’t know, Frank,” she purred. “Sucking Lois has made me kind of tired.” She covered the mouthpiece and giggled.

Frank wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not. “Let me talk to Lois.”

“She’s resting, Frank. Why don’t we just talk?”

“I’ll come over and we’ll talk.”

“I don’t know,” Monica teased. She winked at Lois who was laughing softly. “If you come over, you’ll want to fuck me like Jeff did last night.” She was out of her head. Talking to a man like this over the phone with his wife listening was a mind-bender. “I’d be afraid Lois would get jealous.”

“I’m coming over,” he said, sure that his luscious blonde neighbor was jerking his string. “Keep it hot for me.” He hung up.

“He’s on his way,” Monica laughed.

“We’re going to have a ball.”

“I know,” Monica sighed. She found herself trembling and unable to stop it. “I’m so hot, I can’t think straight.”

“You’re gonna love Frank’s cock.” Lois moaned, rubbing her hand through her own wet pussy. “He really knows how to use it.”

A knock at the door stopped further conversation. Both women turned to the sound.

“Is the door locked?” Lois asked as Frank knocked again.

“No.” Monica’s heart was thumping wildly.

“Spread your legs and tell him to come in.” Lois quickly got between Monica’s legs, plastering her mouth to Monica’s blonde-haired pussy.

“Jesus,” Monica moaned. “Suppose it isn’t Frank?” The thought frightened and excited her at the same time.

Monica lifted her head. “Then they’ll be in for the surprise of their life.” She brought her mouth back to Monica’s pussy as the knocking grew louder.

Kenny, Monica thought. It’s Kenny. She blinked. Lois’ tongue was fucking her hot pussy hole. She didn’t care. “Come on in!”

Frank opened the door just as Kenny came around to the steps. “Can I help you?” Frank asked.

“I’m finished cleaning Mrs. Adam’s garage.”

“How much does she owe you?”

“Thirty dollars, Mr. Morgan,” Kenny said, looking at Frank. He heard giggling coming from the house and wondered.

Frank reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of money and peeled off three tens.

“Here, Kenny.” He eased the door closed, not wanting the boy to hear Monica’s moans.

“Thanks, Mr. Morgan.” Kenny turned and left, glancing back as Frank went into the house. “God,” he mumbled. “I wonder if he’s going to fuck her? Whewwwww!” He hurried home, clutching the three tens in his fist.

Monica, staring at her neighbor sucking out her cunt, looked up when she heard footsteps. A dreamy smile crossed her lips. “Hi, Frank. Who were you talking to?”

“The kid, Kenny. I paid him the money you owed him.” His eyes feasted on the erotic sight. “Damn.” His cock throbbed.

The mention of Kenny’s name sent a spasm through Monica’s pussy. “Lois is getting my cunt ready for your cock.”

“I can see,” he said hoarsely.

“Why don’t you strip and join us?”

Before Monica had finished her sentence, Frank had his shirt over his head, and off. He grinned, worked his belt and dropped his pants. His huge hard-on made a tent of his tight clinging shorts.

The sight of the bulge made Monica gasp. She rocked her hips, soaking Lois in warm buttery pussy juice. “Oooo, Frank. Take off your shorts.”

Lois popped her head out from between Monica’s thighs. Her face was covered with a film of pussy-cream. “Yeah, Frank. Show her what makes me so contented.”

“No,” Monica blurted. “Let me.” Her blue eyes glistening with lust, she crawled over to where Frank was standing. She sat up on her knees and turned her head to Lois. “Come on over and help.”

“Ewwwwwww, is this gonna be fun.” With her huge tits swinging, Lois crawled over and joined Monica. “We’ll do it slow.”

Frank stared down at his naked wife and sexy neighbor. He marveled again at being lucky enough to be married to Lois. Not only was she fantastic in bed, but she enjoyed fucking around as much as he did. “Enjoy yourselves, ladies. I got enough for you both.”

“He does,” Lois confirmed, scratching her nails down Frank’s thighs.

Monica licked her ups. “I’m dying to see it.” She teased herself, her finger tracing a line over his cock’s bulge. “Look at it throb.”

Frank groaned. “Cut the shit and take off my shorts.”

Monica latched two fingers into the elastic waistband of Frank’s shorts. Slowly, with Lois on the other side, she pulled them down, exposing first his swollen purplish cockhead. “Wow, will you look at that!” She sucked in her breath and admired his bloated prickhead.

Frank shuddered. The elastic of his shorts was cutting into his cockshaft. He glanced down. “Don’t stop.” He was getting impatient, ready to yank his shorts down himself.

Monica giggled. She too was impatient. She pulled hard. His shorts dropped to his ankles. His prick stabbed the air like a thick piece of lumber. “God!” Monica gasped. “Jesus!” She looked at Lois. “No wonder you’re always smiling.”

Lois stared at her husband’s prick, as thrilled with the sight of his cock now as she had been on her wedding night. “I can never get enough of it.”

“She tries though,” Frank said, enjoying the praise of his wife and neighbor. “She wears me out sometimes.”

“Don’t believe him,” Lois said. “You can’t wear this out.” She grabbed her husband’s hulking cock and squeezed. “He’s always ready, always stiff. A damn stud.”

Drunk with lust, Monica caressed Frank’s legs, avoiding his cock and heavy balls, teasing herself a while longer. “Mmmm, did you like watching me suck Jeff last night?” She looked into his hard lean face, her blue eyes wide, her tongue flicking over her lips.

“Yeah,” he groaned, looking down into her passion-filled eyes. “I can’t wait until you give me the same treat.”

Monica pushed Lois’ hand away from Frank’s cock. “You can have him all the time. Let me play.”

“Sure,” Lois said, relinquishing his stiff prick. “I’ll work on his ass.”

Monica’s hand replaced Lois’. She stroked Frank’s long thick prick. “God, it’s alive.” The throbbing sensations in Frank’s cockshaft beat against her fingers and the palm of her hand.

“Kiss it like you did Jeff’s,” Frank groaned. “A nice wet friendly kiss.”

“Like this?” Monica parted her lips and brought them to the head of Frank’s cock. With her lips glued to his bloated cockhead, she sucked and used her tongue, popping her mouth off noisily when she was through.

“Yeah.” His balls rumbled, and his veiny prickshaft thickened even more.

Monica hefted his balls. “God, they’re heavy.” She peeked through Frank’s parted legs, spotting Lois. She reached between his legs, squeezed one of Lois’ tits. “What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna lick his asshole while you suck his cock.”

Frank groaned. It was always fantastic with Lois. “Don’t talk about it,” he moaned. “Do it.” He stood stiff, waiting for Lois and Monica to begin devouring his body. He didn’t have to wait long.

Lois parted the cheeks of her husband’s ass, drooling at the sight of his tight puckered asshole. “Mmmmm, looks delicious.” She brought her face close, darted out her tongue and licked his ass crack.

Monica watched Frank’s prick twitch. She gently massaged his balls with one hand and glided her other hand up and down the length of his thick meaty cockshaft. “I’m so hungry.” She looked up. “You ready?”

Frank nodded, his dark hooded eyes on fire. “Lois is tonguing out my asshole.” He jammed back, smashing his ass into his wife’s face. “Suck me, Monica. Suck me like you sucked Jeff.”

Monica obliged him. She opened her mouth and glided her lips up until his bulbous cockhead was in her mouth. She clamped her lips tight, just below the ridge of his prick. Holding him, she used her tongue, whipping, lashing, slashing maniacally over his imprisoned prickhead.

“Aghhhhh,” Frank groaned. He was under attack. His wife’s tongue was reaming out his ass. Monica’s tongue was destroying the head of his prick. He fucked forward, growling. He pulled back, groaned.

Monica caressed his jerky hips, scratching his flesh with her nails. She continued to whip her tongue over his bloated prickhead, creaming with each slashing blow. Using her teeth, she scraped them along his cockshaft as the head of his cock brushed against the roof of her mouth on its way to her gullet.

Lois kept his ass cheeks apart. She used her tongue like a snake, reaming, exploring the tight narrow channel of her husband’s asshole. Like Monica, she too used her nails, scratching, clawing his ass cheeks and the back of his thighs.

With two mouths, two tongues, and two sets of nails clawing his body, Frank went crazy. He jabbed forward, fucking his cock into Monica’s welcoming throat. His balls whacked against Monica’s chin as his groin mashed against her eager lips. His cock was buried to the hilt.

Monica stifled a gag. His prick was throbbing violently in her throat. Her mouth was stretched wide, her teeth clamped into the base of his hard steel-beamed cockshaft. Gurgling noises rumbled in her gullet. Her nails raked his thighs.

Lois began chomping on the cheeks of his ass, marring his flesh, and turning his ass a bright red. She scratched his ball-sac from behind, used her fingers to caress Monica’s lips and the base of Frank’s prickshaft. She was getting hot all over again.

Frank’s legs weakened, but he remained upright. He looked down and saw the top of his neighbor’s blonde head. His hips jerked back. He slammed his ass into Lois’ face. He lunged forward, fucking his prick into Monica’s eager mouth. Back and forth he moved his lower body, enjoying the mixture of exquisite sensations.

Monica, getting hotter and hotter, became like an animal. She sucked hard, drawing her cheeks in each time Frank jammed back into Lois’ face. The action made his cock throb powerfully. As he fucked forward, she used her teeth, dragging them sadistically along his cockshaft. His growls of passion told her he was enjoying himself.

Lois came away from his ass. She crawled around and gaped in awe as she watched her husband fuck his cock into Monica’s willing mouth. “Damn,” she muttered, watching Monica take every hard inch of Frank’s prickmeat with each powerful lunge. “Damn, what a mouth.” She swooned, remembering how great Monica had sucked her pussy.

Monica sucked hard, chewed hard, and used her tongue viciously. She was having a ball, knowing Lois was watching. She began to jerk her head back and forth, matching Frank’s thrusts with her own. Her lips mashed into his groin. She felt his cum-filled balls whack against her chin. Her body was on fire.

Frank’s thrusting stabs became faster, more demanding. His prick swelled, his balls churned. He was almost there. He saw his wife leering at him. A dirty grin spread over his face as his eyes seemed to bulge out of his head.

Monica sucked. She knew what was going to happen, but couldn’t stop herself. She blended the sensations, brought Frank closer to exploding. She wanted his cum. It didn’t matter where as long as she got it. Her own passion, she knew, would be satisfied. It was going to be a long day.

Dazed, Lois finally realized what was going to happen. She grabbed Monica by the shoulder, pulled her away from Frank’s cock. His prick popped wetly from her Monica’s mouth.

Writhing and whimpering, Monica fell back on the floor. Through glassy eyes, she stared first at Frank’s throbbing spit-soaked cock, then at Lois, who had taken his prick away from her. She twisted on the rug, drooling, moaning, and exposing her pussy as she licked her tongue over her lips.

“Hey, baby,” Frank said, looking at his wife. “Why did you do that?” He held his cock. His prick ached like a toothache. “I was ready to blast.”

Lois laughed, looked at his prick. “I know.” She pointed to Monica twisting on the floor. “Wouldn’t you rather fuck her?”

Through glazed blue eyes, Monica stared at her tormentors. “Yes,” she gasped, hearing the word fuck. “Fuck me. Fuck me, Frank.”

Monica humped her ass up from the carpet, inviting him to ravage her hole. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” She looked at Lois. “Tell your damn husband to fuck me.”

Both leered at Monica as she begged to be fucked. Frank stroked his cock, torturing her as he waved his prick back and forth. “You want this?”

“Yes,” Monica cried, twisting and jerking on the floor. “Tell him, Lois. Make him fuck me!” She was pleading, her body on fire, Frank’s cock the only thing available to quench her lust.

“Ohh, Monica,” Lois sighed. “Don’t be so impatient.” She ignored Monica for the moment, held her husband’s prick in her hand. “She fucked that kid Kenny.”

Frank looked at his wife, then at Monica. “She took on the kid? Christ.” It made his cock throb.

“Yeah,” Monica wailed. “I fucked him blind.” She laughed, drunk with lust. “So fuck me, Frank, so I can do the same to you.”

“I want to fuck the kid,” Lois said, “some Saturday afternoon.” She gently stroked her husband’s spit-soaked cock. “You can watch from the closet so we don’t scare him off.”

“Yeah, Frank. Let her fuck Kenny. She’ll give you a show you’ll never forget.” Monica’s gaze was glued to Frank’s long thick cock. She needed his prick in her pussy.

Frank, his head reeling, nodded. He looked at his wife. The idea burned into his brain. He was too hot to refuse. “Yeah, baby,” he growled. “I’ll set up the camera and you can tape it. It’ll be a blast.”

Lois swooned. The idea of filming herself fucking the handsome young boy made her cream. “Ohhh, Frank. Great.” She dropped his cock. Already her mind had raced ahead to the following Saturday and her seduction of Kenny.

Monica, her body on fire, her pussy flowing like a bubbling river of lava, looked at them both. “Christ, fuck me. Frank! Lois!” She mauled her jiggling tits, drooling at the mouth as she gasped out her urgent pleas. “Fuck me!” Her voice echoed in the room.

Frank’s brain was mush. “You ride it since you want it so much.” He got down on the floor on his back. His towering cock shot up from his groin like a steel girder. “Climb aboard, bitch.”

Moaning and babbling incoherently, Monica crawled over to Frank’s powerful body. She drooled as she stared at his dock. “Oh, God, do I need this.” She grabbed his cock and squeezed until Frank groaned in protest.

“I’ll teach you to tease me,” she moaned, pulling hard on his cock. She dragged her body over his, shaking as she straddled his hips. Weak, she crushed his cock into his groin, her tits dangling in his face.

“Baby,” Frank groaned. The heat of her wet pussy seared his cockshaft, ignited the cum churning in his balls. He grabbed her tits, mangled them in his powerful hands.

“Ohhh, Frank! Frank.” She rocked her hips, enjoying the torturous pleasure of his cock. She glided forward. The head of his dick banged into her clit. “Aghhhh!”

“Make him howl,” Lois squealed, thinking about Kenny and his teenage cock. She dropped to her knees and stroked her fingers through Monica’s ass crack. “Lift, I’ll put his cock in you.”

Dazed, her body numb with lust, Monica lifted herself from Frank’s groin. “Nnnnnnn, quick, Lois. Quick. I need it so bad.” She was shaking, unable to stop.

As Frank’s cock sprang up, Lois grabbed his prick in her fist. She dragged his cock sadistically through Monica’s steamy pussy slit. She did it again, fuck juice flowing over his bloated cockhead and her fingers.

“Bitch! Bitch!” Monica wailed. She trembled, wriggled her hips, and tried capturing Frank’s cock. She couldn’t. “Frank. I need it so bad!”

“Me too,” he groaned. He lunged up, but Lois twisted his prick, making the elusive target of Monica’s pussy impossible to invade. “Christ, Lois!”

Lois jerked his beefy cockshaft, jabbed the prickhead into Monica’s hole, then pulled his cock out. She reveled in their groaning protests. She did it again, cunt-cream flowing down his shaft, over her hand. His prick throbbed in her fist. “Christ, you’re both ready.”

Frank lunged up, his ass coming off the floor. He fucked the head of his prick into Monica’s pussy. “Unnnn,” he groaned, feeling the overheated walls of Monica’s cunt cling to his cockhead.

Monica’s head snapped back. Her pussy clung to what cockmeat it could. She wriggled her hips, pressing down, gobbling more hard wonderful inches into her pussy. “Ooo, Frank. Frank.”

Still holding the base of Frank’s prick, Lois twisted his cock, grinning as Frank groaned in agony. Monica’s pussy was flush against her fingers. Her hand was being crushed between their excited turned-on bodies. “Fuck her, Frank,” she said, relinquishing her hold on his cock. “Fuck her to hell.”

With Lois’ hand removed, the two bodies met, grinding into each other. Lois dropped back on the floor and watched, her thoughts on Kenny.

With her cunt stuffed to the hilt with prick, Monica went insane. She ground her hips in a tight vicious circle. She felt the head of Frank’s thick-beamed cockshaft gouge into the cushiony walls of her pussy. “Oh, Frank. Sooo, deep! Heaven!”

Frank mauled her tits for a moment longer, dropped them, then found her gyrating hips and held them firm. His ass lifted from the floor. His cock fucked her pussy, filled her cunt to capacity. Each time he fucked into her pussy hole, his throbbing prickshaft was greeted with hot fuck juices and pulsing cunt muscles. “Baby! So hot and wet! Unnnn!”

Lois leered at Monica’s gorgeous ass. She drank in its beauty, the rounded curves, and the matching cheeks of pink flesh split down the middle, a hint of her asshole. She saw the thick base of her husband’s cock, drooled as he fucked Monica’s pussy. Next week, she thought, Kenny will be spearing my pussy. The thought sent her into spastic fits of bliss.

Monica snapped her head around and saw her naked neighbor sprawled out on the floor, legs spread, pussy ripe. “I’m fucking your husband. Fucking him… so good.”

“Go ahead,” Lois encouraged. She crawled over and clawed Frank’s thighs with her nails, making his powerful body lunge up and fuck the head of his cock deep into Monica’s spongy pussy hole. She raked Monica’s jiggling ass, causing the squealing blonde to twist and jerk on Frank’s cock. She continued clawing their bodies, adding to their pleasure.

Monica, never before experiencing anything so exciting, lost her mind. She stiffened, her back straight, her tits jutting out, swollen and sore. She swayed, impaled on Frank’s cock. Eyes blazing, she fell back, bending Frank’s prick inside her pussy hole. Lights flashed behind her eyes. The room began to spin.

Lois gasped and moved away. She scrambled up and looked into Monica’s face as she balanced herself on stiff arms, palms flat and Frank’s cock fucking into her cunt hole. “Christ, how does it feel?”

“Wonderful. So wonderful.” She rocked, the angle causing the head of Frank’s prick to fuck into her spongy pussy. “Touch my belly. You can feel his cock.”

Frank howled, feeling as if his prick were going to be ripped from his body. He lunged up, feeling the pressure of his wife’s hand as she pressed her fingers into Monica’s belly.

“Christ,” Lois gasped. “I feel it.” She pressed hard as Frank fucked up and Monica rolled her hips. “Damn!”

Monica’s dazzling blue eyes, glassy with lust, looked up into Lois’ face. “Oooo, Lois. I’m having such a ball fucking your husband.” She giggled, intoxicated by what was happening to her. “Oooooo, I’m getting close. So damn close.”

“Me too,” Frank roared, fucking into Monica’s pussy like a crazed demon.

Lois scratched her nails over Monica’s jiggling tits and laughed. She turned her creamy flesh into a series of criss-crossed lines of red.

Monica raged, twisting churning, but unable to get away from Lois’ raking nails. “Bitch.”

Lois stopped, fell back, and content now to watch them both cream. “Have fun.”

Struggling, Monica pulled herself up. She leered down into Frank’s mask of lust. “Your wife’s a bitch. A whore bitch with nails.” She rocked her hips, felt his prick swell inside her tight pulsating pussy.

“I know,” he growled, grabbing Monica’s tits in his hands. He lunged up, pulling her forward. “Cum, baby. Cream me!” He jabbed, watching her blue eyes roll into her skull.

“Soon!” Monica cried, wanting the pleasure of this fantastic fuck to last forever. “Soon!”

“Now!” he bellowed, increasing his fucking speed. His cock fucked into her pussy maniacally, her warm buttery cunt-cream greasing his cockshaft. His balls churned. “Now, baby! Cum!”

The speed, the fucking force, everything came to a head. Mouth open, eyes bulging, Monica climaxed. “I’m cumming! Cumming!”

Monica’s head snapped back, blonde hair swishing across her smooth back. Spit dribbled from her mouth as she ground her clit into his hard groin. “I’m cumming, Frank. I’m cumming all over your cock.”

“Yeah, baby. Yeah.” His cock was caught in the stormy vat of her exploding pussy. Mauling her tits, fucking his prick into her pussy, he joined her. His balls erupted like an active volcano.

“Me too!” he shouted loud and clear. The first wad of hot thick cum sprayed from the tip of his prick. “Me too! Aghhhh!”

Lois watched, enthralled by the erotic action between her husband and their sexy blonde neighbor. She began to tremble. She gazed with sparkling green eyes, seeing the cum oozed from Monica’s pussy trickle down the base of his cockshaft and coat his exploding balls. “Damn,” she muttered, never failing to enjoy this fabulous sight. “Damn.”

Frank and Monica waged their struggle for pleasure on the floor. Frank lunged up, and Monica squealed. Monica plunged down, and Frank groaned. Back and forth they battled, absorbing the powerful blows of the other, feeding on each other’s lust and strength. Hot cum flowed from the walls of Monica’s pussy. Thick globs of cum squirted from Frank’s pisser. It mixed inside Monica’s stormy pussy, flowing out with each slamming together of their overheated bodies.

Monica went insane. She thrashed on Frank’s prick, her hips swiveling around and around. “I’m creaming. Ohhh, Frank. Hard! Faster!”

Frank obliged his screaming neighbor. Hard powerful fuck-strokes had Monica shaking, her tits bouncing, her head jerking. He pulled her tits and made her scream.

Monica fell forward, arms stiff, drool coming from her panting mouth. “I’m still cumming, Frank. God, I’m never going to stop!” She rocked her hips, bucked back and forth and milked his spurting cock with her greedy cunt muscles.

Frank growled like an enraged bear. With his ass thumping on the floor, his cock gouging out her cunt juice emptied his balls. “Baby! Aghhhhh!” A thick squirting load flooded her cunt hole and gushed from her pussy, burning a path down his empty balls.

Monica’s arms collapsed. She crushed Frank in her soft tittie flesh, almost suffocating him.

Frank gasped and twisted his head, breathing laboriously. He rolled, taking the still climaxing blonde with him. “You’re dynamite, baby,” he said, winding up on top. “Just like Lois.” He fucked his spent cock one last time into her tight pussy and stopped.

Monica’s body twitched, then writhed to a halt. She shivered, gasping air into her tired lungs. “Oh, Frank. I don’t believe how great it was.” She looked at Lois. “He’s fantastic.”

“I told you,” Lois bragged. “A regular stud.”

Frank rolled off. He smiled at his wife. “How about you making me some lunch? I worked up one helluva appetite.” He stood, his prick still thick, but limp against his thickset thigh.

“Whatever you want, master,” Lois giggled. She pulled herself up and slapped him playfully, on the ass. “Then you can fuck me.”

“I don’t know if I can,” he said as he dressed. “Monica wiped me out.”

“Nobody can wipe you out,” Lois said. She looked at Monica, who was still on the floor. “Anytime you want to party again, give me a call. We’re always ready.”

Monica, numb, watched them both, marveling at how easy they took fucking. “I’ll keep that in mind.” She wondered, as the horny couple left, if she and Steve could ever live like that. She shook her head, knowing it wasn’t possible. When the door slammed closed, she hauled herself up and staggered upstairs to clean up. She was still determined to get even with Steve. Neglect and jealousy had warped her mind.


Monica stepped outside. The afternoon sun felt good against her bare legs. Her blue eyes sparkled with lust as a sneer crossed her face. Images of Steve in the arms of his secretary raced through her mind. It salved her conscience for her own fuck sessions.

“He’s probably got more than one bitch on the side,” she said. She headed down the treelined street. Long sexy strides had her hips swinging provocatively. Her tits, free under the skimpy halter that barely covered them, bounced erotically.

She reached the corner. Her eyes widened. A city truck was halfway down the street. “Hey,” she shouted. “Don’t go.”

The driver, hearing her voice, glanced in his rearview mirror, spotted Monica hurrying down the street. “Jesus, will you get a look at that?”

His buddy turned in the seat and looked out the window. A low whistle came out of his mouth. “What a fantastic looking bitch.”

Monica stopped at the truck, caught her breath. “I thought you guys didn’t work on Saturday.”

“Usually we don’t,” the man on the passenger side said as he ogled Monica’s gorgeous body. “We had a special pickup at the Mayor’s house.”

Monica felt the handsome man’s gaze on her. She looked in the truck, spotted the driver and smiled. “Would you two good-looking guys be able to help a poor helpless woman?” She pouted, her blue eyes dancing with devilment.

The driver leaned forward, his eyes bugging out. He licked his lips, wishing his mouth was feasting on her bulging tits. “We got all day, beautiful. What can we do for you?”

“I got some things that have to be carted away. I was going to call about it on Monday, but…” She gave them a big sexy smile. “Maybe you could take them away today?”

“Sure,” the workman on the passenger side said. “I’m Griff.” He opened the door and climbed out. “Hop in, and we’ll drive you home.”

Monica shivered with anticipation. “Ewww, thank you,” she purred, sliding across the seat. She pressed against the driver as Griff climbed back in and closed the door. “Cozy, huh?”

Gruff felt the pressure of her thigh against his leg. Her perfume filled his head, and a tremor rumbled through his balls. “Real cozy,” he said, draping his arm over the back of the seat.

“I’m Carl,” the beefy driver said as he pulled away. “Where do you live?”

“Right around the corner.” She was excited. Two men. Top, that, Steve, she said to herself. The presence of both men, and what she was sure they were thinking had her pussy bubbling with desire.

Carl pulled the truck up in front of Monica’s house. “Here we are.” He cut the motor, saw the trash in the driveway. “Doesn’t look like much.”

Griff opened the door and climbed out. “Give me your hand. I’ll help you down.”

“Thank you,” Monica sighed. She eased out of the truck, tripped on purpose, and fell into Griff’s arms. “Oooooo!” she squealed, making sure she rubbed her body against him. For a brief moment she lingered in his arms, delighting him with the softness of her body.

“You better be careful,” Griff said, his cock turning to hard steel in his pants. Reluctantly, he let her go. “Whewww.”

Monica leaned against the side of the house, posing as the two burly men removed all the trash Kenny had brought out of the garage. She felt their glances and knew she was turning them both on. Maybe… she thought as they quickly finished. Why not? She made her decision.

“I don’t know how to thank you,” she mewled. Her gaze darted from Griff to Carl.

Carl leered at his buddy. They both had the same idea. Instead of saying it though, Carl said, “How about a beer? We worked up a thirst.”

“Yeah,” Griff agreed. “A nice cold brew would be great.”

The quick look between the two men wasn’t lost on Monica. She smiled secretly, wondering if she had the nerve to give them what she knew they really wanted. “Follow me.” She spun on her heel, and, swinging her ass as if she were a hooker, she strutted around to the back of the house.

They followed, their gazes glued to the rolling sensuality of her swinging ass and hips. Two cocks throbbed for the opportunity to be buried between her long sexy legs, in her hot cunt or tight ass.

With Griff and Carl sitting at the kitchen table, Monica went to the refrigerator for their beers. Each move she made, she exaggerated. Knowing their gazes were glued to her ass, she bent over and looked into the fridge. “Mmm, I know I have beer in here somewhere.”

Griff groaned, made a lewd gesture with his hand and glanced at Carl.

A dirty smile played on Carl’s mouth, and he rubbed his crotch. His dark menacing eyes bore into the crease of Monica’s shorts as they highlighted the crack of her ass.

“Oh, here they are,” she giggled. She took out two bottles, straightening up, and turned to face her admirers. “I thought for a second I was out of beer.” She put the bottles on the table and stood there, close enough for either one of them to touch her. She became dizzy, her eyes filming over with a veil of passion. “Drink up.”

“You’re a gorgeous woman,” Griff said. He gulped down half his beer, his eyes fixed on her pussy where the shorts cut tightly into her cunt gash.

“You’re handsome,” she said. She looked at Carl, saw him leering at her tits. “So are you.”

“Is that all you?” Carl rasped.

Monica giggled. “It sure is. You can ask my husband.” She winked. “He’ll tell you.” She was having a ball. The admiration of two men made her feel great.

“I think he’d rather find out for himself,” Griff said, glancing up, then returning his gaze to the crotch of her shorts.

“Ooooo, Griff. You shouldn’t talk like that.” Her cheeks turned pink. Her nipples, hidden from view, swelled, the bullet tips breaking the smooth contour of her billowing halter.

Her gaze dropped, spotted the bulge in each man’s pants. It boggled her mind. For a brief second, she wondered if Lois had ever done anything as bold as what she was now contemplating. A giggle escaped her mouth.

“I guess you two will have to take my word for it.” She took a deep breath. “It’s all me.”

Griff’s breath caught in his throat. “Can’t be,” he said, playing the game, knowing this was what the sexy blonde wanted. “They’re too big. Right, Carl?”

“Yeah,” Carl said huskily, his eyes bulging. “Her tits are too big to be real.”

Monica giggled, liking the sexy game. “How much would you like to bet?” she asked breathlessly, challenging the two brawny men with her dazzling eyes.

Griff pulled out his wallet and laid a twenty-dollar bill on the table. Carl matched it.

“Mmmm, forty bucks,” she giggled. “I can’t lose.”

“Neither can we,” Griff said, his throat scratchy.

Monica glanced down at her bulging tits and smiled. “You guys have just lost forty bucks.” With liquid grace, Monica slipped her halter over her head. She took a deep breath, tossed her halter on the table and, modeled her bate fleshy tits. “I told you they were real,” she said, her voice rushed, laced with a growing lust.

Griff found his voice first. His eyes popped as he looked at her large creamy tits. His mouth watered as he anticipated chewing her large swollen nipples. “I think they’re fake,” he said.

“Yeah,” Carl rasped. “Probably injections.” He grinned lewdly, dining on her magnificent tits with his hot eyes.

“Oh, no,” she giggled. “Nature gave me these.” She brought her hands up, mauled her tits roughly, whimpering as she did. “You can’t do this with fake tits. It’ll ruin them.”

“I’d have to see for myself,” Griff said.

“Yeah,” Carl agreed. “Can’t take chances. We got forty bucks riding on this bet.”

Monica laughed. “The bet didn’t include playing with me.” She stepped to the table, reached far the money.

Griff slapped his big hand down, covering the two bills. “Gotta make sure.” With his other hand, he reached and spanned one fleshy globe of tittie meat and squeezed.

Monica swooned. “Oooh, Christ!” she gasped as Carl, following his buddy’s lead, grabbed her other tit. “Ohhhhh, stop it. Stop it!” She was reeling. The pleasure was overwhelming.

“I don’t think she wants us to stop,” Griff said, mauling her tit.

“Me either,” Carl said. “She loves it.” He brought his free hand to her ass and rubbed one rounded cheek through her shorts. “Great ass.”

Griff brought his hand around, cupped Monica’s other ass cheek. His fingers kneaded the pliant ass meat. “Bet it looks good naked.”

Monica was trembling inside. Their hands were wonderful, driving her crazy. “Stop,” she sighed, knowing they wouldn’t. “Oooo, stop.”

The two men grinned at each other. A silent signal passed between the two horny, men. Together, they eased Monica’s shorts down over her squirming hips, pushed them down her thighs, and watched them drop to her ankles. Both men leered, savoring the sight of her gorgeous blonde-thatched cunt mound.

“Damn,” Griff said. “A natural blonde.”

Monica was soaring on a cloud of pleasure. She swayed under their mauling hands, creamed under their steady gaze. “Oh you guys… stop. I’m a married woman.”

Griff ignored her feeble protests because he knew she didn’t mean them. He brought his thick fingers to her seeping cunt, dragged them through her gash. “An oven… a wet fuckin’ oven.”

Monica shuddered. Her hips moved on their own. Jerking forward, she dragged her cunt over Griff’s fingers. “Oh, God. I’m creaming.” She rolled her hips. “Don’t do this to me. It isn’t right.” Her feeble protest, like her belief in her husband’s cheating, helped to erase the guilt of what she was doing.

“You don’t want us to stop,” Carl said, joining Griff between Monica’s thighs. “Damn, she really is on fire.” He fucked a finger into Monica’s pussy. “Whewwww, what a hole.”

Monica shook. Her pussy was an inferno of heat. Her nipples felt as if they would burst. “Unnnn,” she moaned, rotating her hips. “Oooo, this isn’t right.”

Griff fucked one of his own fingers into Monica’s pussy. “Feel her cunt, Carl?” He fucked his finger deep, spreading her pussy hole wide.

“Greedy for something more than fingers,” Carl laughed as Monica squealed. He pulled his juice-stained finger from her pussy, slipped it around and fucked it up her tight narrow asshole. “This hole is just as nice.” He twisted his finger and at the same time mangled her pliant tit.

Monica almost collapsed. She kept her legs spread, working her hips in a circle. She hissed out her breath and reveled in the attention of the two men. She leaned forward, her tits milked by rough callused hands. She braced herself on the table, palms flat, hips jerking.

Griff popped his finger from her ass. “How about my cock, baby? Don’t you want to see it?”

Numb, Monica nodded. She looked from one horny man to the other, saw their leering faces. “Yes,” she whispered hoarsely. “I want to see both your cocks.”

Carl pulled his finger from her pussy and smeared it over her mouth. “You like the taste of your own pussy?”

Monica moaned, licking frantically at Carl’s finger, relishing the tangy taste of her own cunt juice. “Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned, melting to her knees as both men continued to massage her tits.

She looked at Griff’s cock-bulge. Moaning, she pulled down his zipper and groped inside his pants for his prick. She found his cock, gasped, and then hauled his prick out. “Oh, Christ!”

“Now me,” Carl rasped, squeezing her tit hard. “Takeout my cock.”

“Yes,” she whispered. She yanked down Carl’s zipper, grabbed his cock and pulled his prickshaft out. She gazed first at Carl’s towering prick, then at Griff’s. Two cocks. It boggled her mind.

“Kiss’em, blondie,” Griff moaned. “Show us how much you appreciate our help in cleaning up your trash.”

Monica leered at their pricks. Her head was swirling. “No,” she said feebly.

Carl grabbed her hair and tugged easily. “Kiss it, honey. Give me a nice good suck.”

Monica didn’t fight. She wanted to suck them, wanted to degrade herself. She opened her mouth, gobbled up Carl’s prick and sucked as much hard cockmeat as she could.

“Nnnnnn,” Carl growled as the heat of Monica’s mouth seared his prick. “Jesus Christ!”

Griff’s jaw dropped. “Damn.” He grabbed Monica’s hair, pulled her mouth from Carl’s cock and brought her to his own prick. “Suck.”

Monica did. She didn’t care. One cock was the same as the other. She whipped her tongue over his bloated cockhead, heard him groan, and heard Carl complain.

“Hey, buddy,” Carl said, rubbing his aching prick. “Let’s share her.”

“She’s only got one mouth,” Griff moaned.

“Yeah, but she’s got two holes,” Carl reminded him. “Two tight fantastic holes.”

Griff pulled Monica’s sucking mouth from his prick. An ugly sneer spread over his face. “Let’s prime her first, good buddy.” He grabbed her tit and tugged, pulling a dazed lust crazed Monica to her feet. “Spread, your legs, honey.”

Obediently, Monica did as he asked. She was out of her mind, her hips swiveling erotically under the ready gazes of both men.

Griff fucked three fingers into Monica’s hot gaping cunt. “Gonna get you nice and ready for my cock.” He finger-fucked hard, making Monica squeal. Hot fuck juice flowed over his fingers, coating them with a white milky froth. “Finger-fuck her asshole, Carl. Let’s give her a sample of what’s in store for her.”

“Yeah,” Carl agreed. He skimmed his hand over her rocking hip, kneading one jiggling ass cheek. “You’re one hot sexy bitch.” He found her wrinkled asshole.

“Yessss!” she squealed as Carl fingerfucked her asshole. “Yesssss!” Her blue eyes bulged. Her asshole stretched as Carl’s blunt rough fingers jabbed into the tight dry walls, of her narrow asshole.

Her tits swinging and bouncing with each jerky move of her body, Monica squealed and whimpered her overwhelming pleasure. “Oh, God, what am I doing?” Somewhere in her lust-sopped brain, a ray of decency began to shine. “Ohhh, God.” Her passion was too powerful, too intense. The ray faded.

“Look at this bitch go,” Griff said, fucking his fingers into her pussy. “A regular nympho.” His speed increased as her spongy cunt muscles attacked his fucking fingers with greedy pulsations.

“Yeahhhh,” Carl groaned. “A dynamite bitch.” He plunged another finger into Monica’s asshole, spread them, stretching her hole. “My cock is going to fit perfectly in here. It’ll be just like fucking a virgin.”

Monica heard them talking through a buzz which filled her head. She couldn’t stop her hips. “Oh… Ohhhhhhhh, I’m gonna cum! Unnnnn! So close… so damn fuckin’ close.” If they thought she was a whore, she was going to prove she was.

She leaned forward, her arms stiff, her palms flat against the table. “Harder, you guys. Make me cum. Prime me for your cocks.” She kept her legs stiff and parted, her hips in perpetual motion. “Soon, guys. Soon!”

Griff’s hooded eyes looked over her naked flesh. He leered at her heavy dangling tits swinging like fleshy weights as she rode his fucking fingers. “Gonna fuck you proper once you’re primed, blondie. Nice and proper.”

“Yesssss,” she hissed through her teeth. “Yesssss!” She snapped her head back, her blonde hair swishing across her smooth naked back. She rocked her hips and jabbed back at Carl’s ass-gouging fingers. Her blue glassy eyes found his face. “Harder, Carl. Finger me harder.”

“Unnnnn!” she wailed as Carl complied with what she had asked. Her eyes saw their cocks jutting up from their pants. She swooned, her blue eyes widening. She raced mindlessly toward an orgasm. “Oh, Christ. I’m ready… so close!”

Griff fucked her pussy with his fingers. With his fingers tearing into her cunt hole, he mashed his thumb against her clit. The action sent Monica into a screaming climax.

Jerking and thrashing on Griff’s fingers, Monica creamed. “I’m cumming!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!”

“Look at her go,” Carl gasped, watching Monica twisted and turned as she leaned against the table. “Goddamn! She’s gonna be great in bed?”

“No shit,” Griff agreed. He ravaged her cunt with his hard callused fingers. “She’s creaming me, buddy. Her fuckin’ cunt is going crazy.” His prick throbbed. He knew his prick would soon take the place of his fucking fingers.

“Can’t wait to fuck her asshole,” Carl said, gouging her narrow ass canal with his fingers. “I’m stretching it now. Damn!”

Monica heard their voices. The situation didn’t seem real. They were talking about her. She was drunk, drunk with a passion their fucking fingers had caused. She humped forward, her knees buckling. She cried as her clit slammed into Griff’s thumb.

She rocked back and forth. Orgasms attacked her pussy, swept her up and carried her into bliss. “I’m creaming… creaming!” She looked at their faces one at a time and moaned. “Oooooo, I it… love it!”

“She’s one hot bitch,” Griff said as hot buttery cream dripped from her pussy and soaked his wrist. “A real cummer too.” He twisted his fingers inside her exploding cunt hole, mangled her cunt with his thumb. “Soon, baby, it’ll be our cocks.”

“Yeah,” Carl groaned. He jabbed the walls of her asshole.

Monica’s knees buckled. She crashed forward. Her elbows gave out. “Aghhhh!” Her tits smashed into the smooth surface of the table. Their fingers, deep in her body, kept her from falling to the floor. She was creaming over and over again.

“Better save some for our cocks,” Carl said, amazed by Monica’s unabashed lust. “Damn, we don’t want to wear the bitch out.” He popped his fingers, from her asshole.

“Can’t tire this bitch out,” Griff said. He crammed his fingers deep, then dragged them out of her cunt hole, ripping his nails against her pulsing pussy walls. “She’s always ready.”

Monica, her body empty, melted to the floor in a heap of quivering flesh. She writhed on her back, skittering down from her tremendous high.

“Look at her,” Griff said. “She’s already thinking about our cocks.”

“You’re right,” Carl said, rubbing his aching hard-on. “She can’t get enough.”

Dazed, her passion abated, Monica looked at the two grinning men, saw their cocks, and knew what was next.


“No,” Monica murmured weakly.

“Don’t be a shit,” Griff said, leering down at Monica’s naked body. He wielded his cock in front of her as she cringed on the floor. “You know you want this.”

“No,” she sobbed, closing her eyes. She felt as if she had just awakened from one nightmare and had been flung into another. “No!”

“Listen to her,” Carl said, brandishing his prick. “She wants to be begged.”

“Yeah, we’ll beg her,” Griff laughed. “Up in bed.”

“She’ll be begging us,” Carl sneered, drooling as Monica shivered on the floor, frightened and sick with disgust.

Griff, his cock jutting out like a totem pole, reached down and grabbed Monica’s wrist. “C’mon, baby. Let’s go upstairs where we can get comfortable.”

“No!” she spat, yanking her wrist loose. “Get out of here! I’ve given you two enough.”

“You ain’t given us shit,” Carl sneered. “We gave you, honey. Remember it was you who creamed a few minutes ago. Now it’s our turn.”

Monica shook her head. “No! Noooo!” Griff laughed, reached down, and grabbed her wrist. As if she were a rag doll, he pulled, hurling her shuddering naked body over his shoulder. “Up we go, baby!” He laughed, carried her through the house.

Carl followed, enjoying the way Monica twisted and beat her tiny fists against Griff’s broad-muscled back.

Griff reached the stairs, stopped. “You keep struggling, I might drop you on the way up.” He laughed and started up the stairs.

Monica, afraid he would drop her, stiffened and kept still. She saw Carl’s grinning face and closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I guess this is the bedroom,” Griff said, kicking open a door. “Yep. There it is.” He strode in, tossed her body on the bed as if she were a feather.

Carl came in. “Nice big bed, too. Bet her husband gives her plenty of loving in it.”

Monica curled up in a ball. Carl’s untrue words rang in her head like echoing chimes. She heard, but didn’t see, the two men stripping off their clothes. She was afraid to look.

“Time for some fun, blondie,” Griff said. He grabbed her ankle and pulled.

“No,” Monica cried as Griff dragged her down from the head of the bed. She twisted, but couldn’t get free.

“Better get her other leg, Carl,” Griff said as Monica tried kicking him with her free foot.

“Gotcha, buddy!” A sadistic grin twisted his nasty mouth. “Easy, honey.” He got her ankle on the second try, twisting it just enough to let her know he meant business.

“Owwww!” Monica screamed as both men stretched and parted her legs. “Owwww!” She looked at them both, hating them, hating herself more. She had gotten herself into this mess. Now she was paying for it.

“Look at that gash,” Griff rumbled. “You should have felt the Goddamn muscles pulling on my fingers.”

“You should’ve felt her asshole. Tight, man tight!”

Monica was sickened. She closed her eyes, but couldn’t block out the sound of their ugly voices and dirty words.

“Look at us,” Griff said, a threatening tone in his voice. He pulled, making her scream. Quickly dropping her ankle, he grabbed her wrist, pulling her to his long veiny dick. “This will feel a lot better than my fingers.”

“Oh, no,” she sobbed. “Please.” Blue eyes, glassy with tears, pleaded with him.

“Listen to that,” Carl said. He plopped on the bed, twisted her around until her, ass was on display. “She sounds so convincing.”

Griff laughed. “Yeah. It makes them get off more when they’re forced.”

“Ha,” Carl said. He rubbed her ass and gouged her wrinkled asshole. “Once my cock is in here, she’ll be begging for more.”

“Oooow,” Monica sobbed. She twisted her hips, trying to dislodge Carl’s finger from her asshole.

Griff grabbed his prick at the base and slapped his cock across Monica’s face. “You like it rough, huh, baby?”

“No!” she cried, her cheeks turning red as he hit her face with his thick steel prick. “Let me go.”

Carl slapped her ass hard. Monica’s yell pierced the air. He slapped her again, reddening both of her jiggling ass cheeks. “Her kind always want it rough. Makes them feel good. Her husband probably plays this game every night.” He laughed.

Griff joined in, still slapping her face with his prick. “He’s probably tired all the time, too. These hot-natured blonde nymphos can really wear a man out.”

Carl laughed. “Not this time, Griff. We’re going to tire out the sexy lady.” He gouged his finger through her ass crack, scratching and stretching her asshole. “Gonna get it nice and ready for my cock.”

The idea of being raped by both men scared her blind. She shook her head. The pain from Griff’s slapping cock and Carl’s beating hand kept her from slipping into unconsciousness.

Griff forced his cock between her lips. “Suck it, bitch.”

Carl joined him. “Me too, whore. I need it nice and slippery for your asshole.” He laughed and crammed his cock into her mouth, the second after Griff pulled his prick free.

Monica gagged as Carl’s thick bloated cock filled her mouth and clogged her throat. She tried twisting away, but Griff’s fingers had her hair tightly in his grip.

“Hot mouth, buddy,” Carl moaned, fucking his prick into her face. He leered down and watched his groin smack against her lips. “Soak it, baby. It’ll make it go in easier.”

Horrified, Monica knew he was telling the truth, but she couldn’t bring herself to do as he commanded.

“C’mon,” Griff said. “Your cock’s wet enough. Let’s fuck this bitch and make her happy.” He released her hair.

Quickly, Monica pulled her mouth off Carl’s fat prick and choked. Her face was red, and she gagged and sucked air into her lungs.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Carl said. He stared down at his prick. “It’ll go in nice and easy.”

Griff’s face hardened. “The easy way, or the hard way, blondie?” His dark hooded eyes showed he had every intention of having his own way and nothing was going to stop him. “Well?”

“Your way,” she whispered, scared out of her wits by the thought of being maimed for life by these two sadistic men.

Griff climbed on the bed, his cock towering above his hairy groin. “Climb aboard and give it all you got, or I’ll be the last one you fuck for a helluva long time.”

“He ain’t shitting, honey,” Carl added. “Griff doesn’t bullshit.”

Believing them, Monica swallowed back her shame and climbed over Griff’s powerful body. Closing her eyes, she shuddered, her pussy brushing against the head of his prick.

“Nnnnn,” Griff moaned, impatiently grabbed her hips and slammed her shaking body down, fucking into her cunt with his long fat cock. “Nnnnn, baby. So fuckin’ tight too.” There was no fuck juice. Fear had dried her pussy.

Monica shuddered, the pain searing through her pussy and spreading fast. “It burns!” she screamed, wriggling against the hard cock. “It bums!”

Griff laughed and grabbed her tits. “Wait until you get the other end filled.” He pulled, dragging her forward. “Go, Carl. She’s all ready for you.” He stared up into her frightened eyes.

Carl, an evil grin on his face, climbed behind Monica’s lush ass. His cock swung like a piece of lumber. He grabbed his prick at the base and forced his cockhead between the plump cheeks of her ass. “Here it comes, honey. You ready?”

Monica braced herself, sobbing as she prepared herself for the invasion of her asshole. “No,” she whimpered, knowing it was useless to beg. “No.”

“Don’t listen to her, Carl. Ram it in her asshole.”

Carl howled. With his hands holding her hips, he lunged forward, fucking his prick deep into her asshole. Her tight ass muscles tried to repel the invader, but it was impossible.

“Ayyieeee!” Monica screeched as the two cocks fucking into her body tried splitting her apart. “Ayieeee!” She twisted and bucked like an unbroken filly trying to throw its rider. She failed to rid her body of the hot fucking cocks. It was futile. Their cocks were buried too deep, and the men were riding the stormy fury of her actions, each man enjoying her to the fullest.

“Ride her, buddy,” Griff shouted, fucking violently up into her pussy. “Make her scream for more.”

Carl plowed forward, fucking his prick like a hot poker in and out of her dry tight ass. The spit had helped, but now it was sheer strength that let him fuck into her vulnerable asshole. “She’s tight, buddy. Tight and dry.”

Monica thrashed between them. Her body was being torn apart. Their lewd remarks, hole-splitting pricks, and mauling hands kept her in pain both physically and mentally.

Carl gouged his blunt fingers into her hips, shaking her from side to side. Hard lunges had Monica trembling and squirming in agony.

“She’s great,” Carl said.

“Yeah.” Griff lifted his ass from the bed, his fucking cock ripping into her cunt. “She’s getting juicy!” he roared triumphantly. “Getting hot and juicy.”

“I knew it,” Carl howled. “She’ll be begging soon, good buddy. Real soon.” Knowing Monica’s cunt was greasing up fast, Carl picked up speed, his prick stretching her asshole, his balls rumbling, ready to exploded.

“Noooo!” Monica cried, hating her body for betraying her. “Noooo!” It was no use. The hard cocks fucking into her had taken their toll. She was being catapulted into a state of frenzied passion. She squealed one last time, but it was in vain. She now wanted them, needed them to quench the fire they had started in her fuck holes.

The passion ignited earlier in the kitchen had taken its toll. Carl’s balls rumbled again. He was unable to stop them from exploding. “I’m cumming!” he roared above Monica’s high-pitched squeals. “I’m creaming her ass!”

“Aghhhh,” Monica moaned as Carl’s hot cum, like an erotic enema, filled her asshole, igniting passion fires deep in her body. “He’s cumming. He’s cumming in my asshole.”

Griff snickered. “You love it, right, blondie?” His hips worked like pistons, fucking his cock in and out of her now-sopping pussy.

“Yes,” she groaned. “I love it.” She worked her hips magically, her eyes bright with lust. “You too, fucker. Cream my pussy. Cum. Fill my hole!”

With Carl howling as he fucked his exploding cock into her asshole, Griff picked up speed. “You, baby. You first.” He manhandled her tits, watched her face flood with her approaching orgasm. “Yeah, cum!”

Carl’s fucking cock, hot squirting cum, and Griff’s cunt-stuffing cock had her at the peak. Her clit, mashing constantly into Griff’s hard groin, couldn’t take any more punishment.

Her head snapped back. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Orgasms erupted deep in her cunt, fed by their jabbing cocks. “I’m creaming!”

Griff’s cock, caught in the stormy center of Monica’s exploding pussy, couldn’t hold up. His prickshaft swelled; his balls burst. A hot squirting load of jizz blasted deep into her pussy. “Me too!” he roared, joining in the chorus of screaming voices. “Me too!”

Monica was being drowned in a deluge of hot spurting jizz. Carl’s thick wads filled her asshole. Griff’s long stringy globs flooded her cunt. She responded to both. Her hips churned. She slammed back, her ass gobbling at Carl’s stabbing prick. She ground her ass down, fucking on Griff’s throbbing hard-on.

“Ahhhhhh!” she squealed. The room started to spin. Her eyes tried focusing. Everything was a blur. “I’m still cumming!” Her voice drowned out the deep roaring howls of both men. “I’m still creaming!”

Carl’s hips became a blur. Hard lightning stabs emptied his cock first. He grunted, stopped, his breathing labored, ragged. “Done,” he groaned, popping his prick from the greasy vise of her asshole. “Damn, what a fuck.” He dropped back on the bed to watch his buddy and the screaming housewife finish each other off.

“Just you and me now, baby,” Griff rasped, his body working like a well-oiled machine. “You and me.” Hot cum squirted from his cock with each jab. Jizz filled her pussy and drooled down his almost empty balls.

She sneered down into his face, mashing her tits into his rough hands and grinding her raw clit into his humping groin. “More, fucker,” she moaned. “Fill me. Make me cum again!”

She twisted on his prick, beat the muscles of her cunt against his cockshaft. Hot buttery cum flowed over his prick, igniting more explosions in his balls.

They battled on the bed, cheered on by an exhausted Carl. Her soft twisting, flesh and Griff’s hard-muscled flesh whacked repeatedly into each other. The slapping sounds of their skin echoed in the room.

Monica’s head jerked back and forth, her blonde hair lashing over her face and over Griff’s contorted features. A shuddering spasm ripped through her body and she collapsed into his mauling hands.

Griff’s last lunge freed her. He grunted, his balls drained, his prick spent.

She fell off, his prick popping from her pussy. She rested on her back, gasping for air. The room was still spinning. Somewhere in her confusion she heard them dress, laughing as they left.

An hour later, after deciding she wasn’t good enough to remain in the home she had shared with her husband, Monica showered, and left, determined never to return again.


Monica drove along the ocean highway, tears flooding her blue eyes. She drove east, the sun setting behind her, and the sound of the waves filling the car.

She drove for miles along the weaving highway that hugged the sandy beach. Blinking, she spotted what she was looking for. The small dirt road that led to a promontory. She braked, turned onto the road and followed it to the end.

Cutting her motor, she took a deep breath, inhaling the ocean air. This was where Steve had busted her cherry, two weeks before their wedding day. It seemed so long ago. Tears pilled from her eyes. She had ruined everything. Jealousy had turned her into a tramp, unworthy of her husband’s love.

She shivered, watching the waves crash against the shoreline, enjoying the sparkle of the setting sun on the water.

Quietly, she sat in the station wagon, vowing never to go home and wondering where she would go.

Steve sped recklessly down the highway, his jaw firm, his eyes hard, filled with rage, hurt, and a fear that he wouldn’t find Monica.

He put the gas pedal to the floor. The small sports car zoomed forward, racing along the highway.

“Goddamn,” he muttered, going over in his mind the short cryptic note she had left him. “Why, dammit… why?”

Expertly, he tooled the car along the winding shore highway, hoping his hunch was right. He prayed if it were, she would still be there.

The small car hugged the road, the wind rushing by, echoing in his ears. His eyes searched for the small dirt road that led to the knobby cliff overlooking the ocean. Mentally, he crossed his fingers and uttered a small prayer.

A nervous smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he saw the road up ahead. “Be there. Be there, baby,” he said, wheels squealing as he turned onto the road. He sped down the road. He spotted the station wagon, heaved a sigh, and slammed on his brakes, screeching to a stop.

Monica heard, turned her head. “Oh, no!” Steve jumped from his car and threw open the door of the station wagon. “Why?” he shouted, climbing in beside Monica. “Why, for chrissakes… why?”

“You shouldn’t’ve followed me!” she bawled. “I’m not coming back.”

Steve grabbed her arm. “Yes you are,” he snarled.

“You don’t want me,” she said through sobbing tears. “You have your job, and…” She stopped. Accusing him of cheating would be ridiculous after the things she had done… “I love you, baby.”

Through eyes glistening with tears, she looted at him. “You wouldn’t, if you knew the things I’ve done to hurt you.”

Steve winced, knowing the things he had done. He had neglected her, shelved her for money, success, shut her out of his life. He couldn’t blame her. “It doesn’t matter,” he said.

“It should!” she wailed. “I’m a tramp. A whore.”

“No, you’re not.” He rationalized the situation in his mind. “So you cheated once.” Monica was always blowing things out of proportion, exaggerating things.

She laughed hysterically. “Once?” She faced him, her eyes filled with shame, her bottom lip trembling. “I said I was a tramp. Didn’t you hear me?”

“I heard you. It was my fault. You’re only human.” He pulled her into his arms, reveled in the joy of holding her, ashamed of himself as he remembered how long it had been since he held her this way.

For a second, Monica melted against his chest, sobbing softly. Suddenly, she struggled free, hugged the door. “No! No! I’m a whore.” Hysterically, she jumped from the car.

Afraid of what she might do, Steve climbed out and ran around the front of the car, grabbing her just as she was about to run down the path to the beach below.

“Let me go!” she cried, struggling to be free of his grip.

“No!” he shouted against the wind. He dragged her back to the car and forced her inside. He climbed in beside her, his fingers gripping her arm. “You’re not going anywhere. We have to talk.”

“I have nothing to say.” She became sullen, staring blankly out the window, watching the darkness begin to fall over the ocean.

Steve pulled his emotions under control. “I love you. I want to start over.”

“Not with a whore,” she said, still staring out the window. “Go back to your girlfriend.” It was out, and she was sorry. Her calm faded, and she began crying again.

Steve started to speak, but stopped. He shook his head. He had cheated on her. Business had been his mistress. It had caused the same problems another woman would have caused. He had ignored her, for how long he refused to think about. The future was all that mattered. He turned her tear-stained face to his. “Nothing matters except us, baby.” He brought his mouth to hers, kissed her.

Gurgling sobs came from her throat as tears ran down her cheeks. She clung to him desperately. “The things I’ve done,” she sobbed, her head on his shoulder.

“The past is dead.” He caressed her back, brought his hand around, found one large tit. “God, do you know how long it’s been?”

Monica moaned. The touch of her husband’s hand sent hot shivering goose bumps up and down her spine. “Ohhhh, Steve. Too long… too long.” She squirmed and pressed her tit into his hand.

“Baby,” he groaned, fumbling, pulling at her buttons. “Never again. Never.” He had her blouse open, warm supple tittie meat filling his hand. “So soft.” The nipple, like a red-hot bullet, burned into the palm of his hand.

Monica leaned back against the front seat, both tits exposed for her husband’s pleasure. She felt as if she were floating on a cloud. “How did you know where to find me?” she sighed dreamily, reveling in the firm touch of his hand.

Steve opened her blouse completely and devoured her tits with his eyes. The sight of her exquisite flesh made his cock stiffen. “Did you think I’d forget where I took your cherry?”

“Ohhhh, Steve,” she murmured through a stream of tears. “You remembered.” She threw herself into his arms, showering him with kisses.

Steve’s hand roamed Monica’s body. He massaged her hip, worked his hand down her thigh, and touched silky flesh. “Baby,” he moaned. “Sweet, wonderful baby!”

Monica was out of her head. His hand was driving her wild. “Mmm, Steve. Like before. Let’s do it again. Right here in the car.” Saying it made her cream.

“Yeah, baby,” he groaned. His fingers touched her panties. He wormed under the elastic and stroked one finger through her heated cunt gash.

Monica went into spasm. She spread her legs, found the cock-bulge in his pants and squeezed. “Nnnnn, it’s so hard.” She was hot and ready to start her life over again.

“Take it out, baby,” he groaned, squirming on the seat. “Take out my cock.”

“Let me get my panties off first,” she moaned. She lifted her ass and skimmed her panties down. A hot smile crossed her lips. “I’m not as shy this time.”

“Neither am I,” he groaned, grabbing her hand. He rubbed her hand over his throbbing prick. “It needs your mouth.”

For a second, Monica withdrew her hand. She looked at Steve, her eyes filling with tears.

“None of that,” he said. “The pasts dead.”

“Yes, my darling.” She pulled her skirt up around her waist, presenting her blonde cunt to her husband. “I’m all wet for your cock.”

“I’m all stiff for your hole.”

She pulled his zipper down, fished in his pants and pulled out his prick. “Ooooo, Steve.” Lovingly, she stroked his bloated cockshaft, thrilled by each throb of his prickmeat against her hot palm.

Steve’s face froze in a mask of passion. “Christ, baby. I need you so damn bad.” He jerked up, fucking his cock through her fist.

Monica leered at his prick. “I was too shy to suck you, remember?”

Steve groaned, looked at his beautiful wife, and feasted on her tits. His gaze dropped to her bare legs, her blonde-haired pussy. “You were even too shy to jerk me off.”

“I did though,” she said. “You busted my cherry too.”

“I don’t have to now.” He grinned. He grabbed a big creamy tit in his fist. “Suck me, baby! Get me ready to cum.”

“Yes, Steve.” She squirmed on the front seat, dropped her face to his lap and gobbled his cock quickly into her mouth.

“Unnnn,” Steve groaned, fucking into his wife’s face. “Baby! Baby!” He stared down at her. He realized now he had been crazy to neglect her. “Chew it, Monica. Bite it!”

Monica devoured her husband’s cock, her mouth a wet furnace of desire. She sucked, bobbed her head, chewed, blending it with a steady slashing of her tongue.

Steve’s hands roamed her flesh, kneading, exploring her, enjoying her body once again as if it were the first time. “Baby! Baby!”

His fingers found her cunt. He fucked three fingers into her wet steamy cunt gash. He twisted them, gouging the cushiony walls of her overheated pussy.

Spasms racked her cunt. Sucking his cock, she humped her cunt against his fist, her spongy pussy dining on his fucking fingers.

She pulled her mouth from his prick, gasping for air. “No cherry to stop you this time.” Her eyes rolled as he twisted his fingers inside her pussy. “Ooooo!”

Steve popped his fingers from her tight grasping cunt. “You ready for my cock?”

“I’ve been ready for ages,” she panted. She scrambled up. “In the back, or up here?”

“Here, baby. You climb on top!”

“Ohhh, Steve, just like the first time.” She swooned, straddling his body as he yanked his pants and shorts down.

“Now there’s nothing in the way.” He grabbed his prick, and guided his cock through her steamy cunt gash, his gaze glued to her melon shaped tits and large round nipples.

Monica shuddered. The head of his prick was tormenting the entrance to her pussy. She kept herself above him, tits jutting out, her body quaking. “Move you hand,” she gasped. “I want it all.”

Steve moved his hand away from his cock, grabbed her bare hips under her skirt. “Take it then. It’s all yours.”

“Oooooo!” Monica squealed, slamming her pussy down and capturing Steve’s cock in one mighty gulp. “Oooo, Steve. It went in so easy.” She was shivering with bliss. “Soooo easy!”

Steve groaned. Hot frothy pussy juice bathed his cock, greased it in sticky heat. “Unnn, baby. So wet… so tight.”

Blue eyes blazing with fire, she stared into his face. The cock she loved was buried deep in her hole. “Ooo, my darling!” she gurgled dreamily. “Oooooo, Steve!”

Her pussy muscles grabbed his thick buried cockshaft. She rolled her hips, watched the expression on his face fill with lust. “Unn, Steve. It’s wonderful.”

Steve humped up, his groin whacking into Monica. He twisted his hips as she twisted hers, their groins mashing, fusing. His hands mauled her hips, then circled and cupped the cheeks of her soft yielding ass. “Unnn, baby!”

Monica wriggled in spasm. “Oh, darling. I’m creaming your prick. Creaming all over you!” She stiffened her back, slapped her large fleshy tits over his face. “Ooooo.” Her body quivered. “Bite them, Steve. Chew my tits.”

Steve gobbled on her jiggling globes. He snatched a nipple with his teeth and bit down.

“Oooo, Steve!” She crushed him in her fleshy tits. “Oooo. Make me cream.”

Feasting on Monica’s tits, he lunged up, quickening the tempo of his cunt-skewering cock. Muffled groans escaped his mouth, the sounds trapped in tittie flesh. His muscles tightened. Hard upward thrusts had Monica squealing and her tits bouncing.

“Oh, Steve… I love you!” Recklessly, she thrashed about, keeping her pussy impaled on his hard thick prick. She twisted her hips, letting his cock go as deep as possible. Spongy cunt muscles, dripping with ooze, tattooed a rhythmic beat on his cockshaft.

Lunging up, Steve fucked at her with all of his strength. He quickened his pace, but kept each upward thrust calculated for optimum pleasure. “I’m going to make you cum, sweetheart… like never before.” He leered into her lust-crazed face. “Like never before.”

He thrust up. “Unnn!” He ravaged her pussy with his fucking prick, making Monica shake and bounce. He grabbed her tits, mauling them.

Monica’s breath quickened. An orgasm swept over her. “Oh, my darling… I’m cumming!” She ground her pussy against his groin. “Oh! Oh, my God!” Orgasms bombarded her senses. Her hips lunged forward and her ass swiveled sensuously. “Steve! Ohhhh, Steve, I’m cumming!”

Steve fucked deep. Cunt juice, hot and thick, clung to his cockshaft, dribbled out over his balls. He stared into her face and saw the gleaming sheen of passion in her blue eyes. He watched her jerk and twist, his hands on her hips, guiding her, keeping her from falling.

“Oh, Steve.” Her head snapped back, tits floundering, ass jiggling. She felt the bloated head of his prick fuck deep. Each downward thrust filled her cunt with his thick ready to explode cock.

She fucked him harder, with a loving unleashed passion. She fucked herself on his cock and at the same time pounded her adulterous acts from her mind. She had. Steve again, and she was never going to let him go.

Savagely, Steve lunged up, his ass coming off the front seat. Each fuck went deep, causing more cunt-cum to wash over his piercing prick. He had a lot of making up to do.

“Your cock… it feels, so wonderful. Cum, Steve. Cream me make it happen again.” She skittered at the peak, needing a load of his jizz to take her higher. “Cream me!”

Grunting, his balls churning and ready to blast, Steve mangled her tits, tearing her blouse completely away. He pinched the nipples and made her howl. “Getting ready,” he groaned, “My cock… gonna blast!”

“Yessss,” she hissed. “Cum! Cum!” She wriggled on his prick. “I want you.” Moans of passion replaced her words. Wildly, she churned her hips, ground her cunt into his groin and gobbled his cock into her exploding cunt.

They worked together, each trying to please the other, each trying to erase the past. His cock fucked deep. Her drooling cunt bathed his hulking prick with gooey pussy-cream. Her tits jiggled, and her ass quivered. He lunged up, his balls swelling, ready to erupt. Their eyes locked. His groin smashed into her pussy. Her pussy gobbled his cock.

“Baby. I’m ready!” He lunged up with all his might, making his wife scream in blissful anguish.

“Yeahhhh!” she wailed, her blonde hair thrashing across her face. She was ecstatic. The man she loved was fucking her cunt with his cock and was going to cream her. “Now, Steve! Now!”

She plunged herself down on his prick and used her muscles to torment him, to coax the cum from his balls. She rode his cock with wild abandonment.

“Cum!” she shrieked, needing his wad of jizz to take her over into bliss. “Cum!”

Suddenly, his prick exploded. A thick stream of white cum jetted from his cockhead. Thick globs quickly followed the first spraying stream. “I’m cumming! Creaming, baby! Creaming your hole!” Thick wads splattered deep.

“Ooooh, darling… I feel it… your cum. Ohhh, it’s heaven!” Her cunt greased with their cum, she jammed up and down on his bulky cockshaft. The heat of his cum, spurting deep in her pussy triggered another orgasm in her cunt, mote intense than the first. With insane twists and violent bucking thrusts, she washed his cock again with her hot buttery pussy-cum.

“Baby!” Steve roared, his hands mangling her floundering tits. More jism squirted from his cock. Heavy wads white washed the spongy insides of Monica’s cunt. He could feel each squirting load shoot through his cock. He felt her grabbing cunt muscles along the entire length of his prickshaft.

Monica fucked like a maniac. She whimpered and sobbed, hysterically happy. She climaxed again, falling forward, crushing Steve with her tits as another load of hot jizz splashed deep in her cunt hole.

Their groaning voices filled the car, then drifted out and blended with the crashing waves. They fucked frantically on the front seat, proving, with their, passion, their love. Grinding twists and upward hinges came together as they fucked each other.

He grabbed her hips, humping, dragging her back and forth along his cock. He felt the cum, sticky and hot, dribble down his balls, searing his hairy ball-sac before it formed a dark stain on the seat. “Baby! Baby! Fantastic! Aghhhhh!”

Monica swayed precariously on his buried prick, her head lolling, her eyes glazed. Babbling moans escaped her drooling mouth. “Steve!” She froze, almost as if in mid-air, then went into a series of wild convulsions that made her scream at the top of her lungs. She collapsed, twitching as she toppled back from the dizzy heights of her orgasms.

Steve held her tight, lunging up one last time as he emptied the rest of his cum into her pussy. “Baby,” he moaned, easing her limp body off his cock. “Let’s go home.”

Monica snuggled close. “Hold me.”

They held each other, watching the last rays of the sun disappear and the ocean turn black. Then, with Monica behind the wheel of the station wagon and Steve leading the way in their tiny sports car, they headed home.

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