Hot Incest Family

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of wife swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun… But where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When the children set as their own lifestyle what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of one family in one town, Anywhere, U.S.A. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, to them it is the norm.

And outside their lives go on. Business and its daily conflicts. School and its trials and triumphs.

The norm… in HOT INCEST FAMILY. And how many other families like them?

A novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.


Tiffany Shore couldn’t help overhearing the passionate moans and soft, urgent cries coming from her parents’ bedroom. The teenager had been on her way back to her own room from the bathroom when she had heard the sounds.

She stopped outside their bedroom, tilting her head and listening to her mother’s voice demanding more cock for her hungry pussy.

“Fuck me good, Mark! I need that great big cock of yours all the way up my pussy! Fuck me haaard all the way! You know how I love it!” Irene Shore panted.

“Wow, you’re sure hot, aren’t you, baby? You want my cock and you want it now!” Mark moaned.

“Damned right I want it! I’ve been waiting all day for you to fuck me and I can’t wait any longer!” Tiffany’s mother said in a husky voice. “Fuck me, darling, please!”

Tiffany didn’t know what to do. She knew she should leave, that she shouldn’t stay there at her parents’ bedroom door and listen to the sounds of their fucking. But the virgin was incredibly turned op by what she was hearing. And her feet refused to move.

She felt drawn even closer to the partly open door, as if a magnet were pulling her into the room. She poked her head around the door, knowing that she was bathed in total darkness, and that her parents would not be able to see her.

She sucked in her breath sharply as she saw her parents spread out nakedly on the bed, bright moonlight from the nearby window outlining their naked forms.

She had a perfect view of what was happening. She saw her father’s big, thick pinkish prick parting her mother’s swollen cuntlips. For a breathless second, the big, beautiful cock appeared to be framed by the light blonde pussy fur of the woman’s cunt, and then it vanished all the way up into Irene’s hungry pussy.

“Aieeee! Yesssss, Mark! Fuck meeeee!” Irene shouted her body already writhing on the bed.

Tiffany moaned softly, unable to keep her hands from her own naked cunt beneath her sheer nightgown as she continued to watch her parents fucking each other.

She simply couldn’t pull her eyes away from the exciting sight. She felt as if she were hypnotized. She knew it was wrong to spy on her parents, but she had never seen them naked before, and they looked so beautiful! The girl found, herself turning on more and more as she watched. Her pussy was pouring out hot cuntjuice fast and furiously now.

Tiffany rubbed her turgid cuntlips, feeling a hot tingling of sexual electricity shooting all the way up into her loins.

“More, Mark, give me more of your great big cock!” Irene yelled.

“Jesus, but you’re hot, Irene! I don’t know how your cunt stays so tight all these years and… like you’re a virgin!” Mark grunted, the veins of his neck bulging out with the exertion of their fuck session.

“Mmmmm, ohhhh, Mark, you fuck soooo good,” Irene moaned, running her hands aver her husband’s broad, naked chest.

“Just keep squeezing those tight pussy muscles of yours. Don’t stop. You know how I love that,” he moaned.

Tiffany’s eyes widened as her father’s back arched violently and he slammed his crotch firmly into her mother’s. His hips began rotating as he drilled deeper and deeper into the woman’s hotly clasping pussy.

Tiffany wished she could see everything that was happening. But she could guess. The wet sounds of her father’s big cock ramming itself into her mother’s juicy pussy filled the room, turning on the virgin all the more.

The girl’s pussy itched and burned with excitement, and she tried to imagine what it would feel like to have a teen sticking his big cock all the way up her cunt.

Tiffany continued to rub her cunt mound while she watched her parents fucking. Her father’s body worked like a well practiced fuck machine. His prick slid in and out of his wife’s well oiled cunt like a sex piston. Each thrust forward caused his ass to tighten up and Tiffany felt her own body responding just as if he had shoved that huge cock into her cunt.

She moved her finger between her swollen pussylips and found the tiny spire of her clit poking up out of its sheath of protective flesh. A light caress across the pointed tip made the girl’s entire body shudder as if she had plugged herself into an electric light socket.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned softly, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out louder. She couldn’t take a chance on her parents catching her spying on them. If it weren’t for the moans and groans they were making, they would have probably heard the girl by now.

Continuing to watch her parents fucking each other, Tiffany worked her finger across her clit until she was literally hopping from foot to foot. She felt her warm, thick fuck juices leaking out from between her turgid cuntlips, and she was more turned on than she ever had been before.

She rammed her middle finger up into her virgin pussy and suddenly felt so weak with desire that she was afraid she would faint on the spot. Her legs buckled under her and she leaned limply against the door.

She began to slide her middle finger in and out of her pussy in the exact rhythm that her father was using to fuck her mother.

Tiffany’s eyes locked on the naked bodies of her mother and father as they fucked each other toward orgasm. Her father’s ass tensed as he drove his prick squarely into the hot box of her mother’s cunt. Their spying daughter could hear the lewd squishing sounds of the big cock burying itself into the hot, gushing cunt.

Suddenly, Tiffany came, and she closed her eyes, biting her lower lips again to keep from crying out. She felt several warm gushers of pussyjuice shooting from her virgin cunthole as she came hard. She loved the feeling of her orgasm, but she knew, with jealous certainty, that it was nothing compared to what her mother had to be feeling.

“Ohhhh, fuck meeeeee, darling,” Irene cried, writhing obscenely on the bed, completely impaled by her husband’s cock. Her long, slender, pale legs kicked out powerfully and then wrapped around the man’s waist, trying to pull him even more powerfully into her hungry cunt.

“Fuck me haaaard! Fuck me deeeeep!” the bucking woman cried out. She arched her back and rammed her cunt up hard against the man’s crotch.

With the help of the bright moonlight spilling over the bed, Tiffany could see her mother’s pink cuntlips opening and closing around the thickness of the huge cock entering her cunt over and over.

Even though she knew it was wrong to think such things, Tiffany found herself wishing that her father were fucking her instead of her mother!

She moaned softly again, shocked by her own thoughts. She had never thought of such an obscene thing in her life. To want to be fucked by her own father! But, even as she tried to remain shocked, as she tried to feel guilty, the girl was beginning to feel only a hot desire which swept over her entire body. She admitted to herself now, for the first time ever, that this was not the first time she had wished her father would fuck her. She had had more than one wet dream about her handsome, sexy father pushing his big cock up her virgin pussy. But this was the first time she admitted it to herself, the first time she didn’t run from such thoughts. Wishing that her father would want to fuck her as much as she wanted him to fuck her!

“Ohhh, baby,” Irene moaned. “Your cock feels soooo big inside me!”

“It won’t be big in a minute, cunt! I’m about to pop!” Mark growled.

Sighing, Tiffany braced her back against the door of her parents’ bedroom. Her finger fucked harder and deeper into her spasming pussy until she was shivering and trembling uncontrollably. The feel of her finger pressing against her velvety cunt walls brought her off again.

She gasped as her orgasm broke free. It was all she could do not to cry out aloud as her powerful climax smashed through her.

Her cunt walls crushed down powerfully around her fucking finger. She felt her hand drenched by the sudden outpouring of her juices, and as the peak of her orgasm coursed through her body, the girl pretended that her father’s big cock was fucking into her cunt.

The girl felt super turned on, more aroused than she had ever felt before in her life. The only thing she felt a little guilty about was spying on her parents while they fucked. But even that didn’t bother the blonde virgin too much.

If anything, it made her even hornier. And it increased her need for cock. She realized that finger-fucking, as much fun as it was, was just not enough for her anymore. She needed to be fucked by a big, hard cock right up her little tight, juicy cunt!

She looked at her parents again and saw her father’s big, hard prick bury itself to the hilt over and over into her mother’s quivering pussy. The pinkish cuntlips folded out and fluttered wetly around his prick.

“Oh, God, I can’t take much more,” Irene groaned. “I’m almost there. I’m getting ready to come. I… I… aieeeee!” Her entire body went rigid and Tiffany watched in fascination. She wondered if she had looked like that when she had had her orgasm.

From looking at her mother now, the girl knew that having a man’s big prick racing in and out of her cunt must be just about the best, most exciting and pleasurable thing in the world for a woman. Tiffany felt a sudden surge of jealousy toward her mother. She wished she was writhing there with her father’s big cock reaming out her pussy!

She moaned softly and continued to rub her fingers up and down over the swollen folds of her trembling pussylips. As her finger strayed between the lips and entered her hot, juicy cunt, she stiffened, feeling a raging desire sweep over her again, as if she hadn’t just had an orgasm.

She bit down on her lip again to keep from crying out. And when she saw what her father was doing, it made her even more aroused. Mark had taken his twitching, jerking cock from his wife’s blonde, fur-rimmed cunt and was rubbing it against the woman’s belly, the puckering cum-slit aimed toward her face.

Tiffany came again the instant she saw her father’s cock stiffen and then spew out a thick stream of cum. Irene opened her mouth wide and her daughter watched, her own mouth open in shock, as Mark’s jism sprayed into it. Irene moaned happily and swallowed as fast as she could, groaning with passion at the taste of her husband’s delicious cum.

Mark tried to direct all of his cum into his wife’s mouth, but some of it spilled onto her belly. And, although the woman valiantly tried to swallow all of the jism that shot into her mouth, same of it ran out lewdly from between her lips and trickled down her chin and neck.

Tiffany watched her parents collapse in each other’s arms, and, with a sense of disappointment, the girl realized that the fuck session was over and that she had better leave before they caught her. With a heavy sigh, she slipped her hand from her pussy and walked silently back to her bedroom.

With a growing feeling of urgency, Tiffany threw herself onto her bed in the darkness and tore her nightgown off impatiently. As she began to finger-fuck her hot, juicy pussy, she tried to imagine herself flat on her back in her father’s bed, her legs spread wantonly wide and her cunt gaping, naked and exposed and wet with lust, just as it was now. Her pink inner cuntlips would poke out and tremble with the intensity of her need to be fucked, and fucked hard. And her father would drop between her legs and stuff his long, thick, hot, hard prick all the way up her cunt…

She would come hard, just as she had when she had watched her father fucking her mother. The virgin shuddered and closed her eyes, thrusting two fingers up into her virgin cunt, being careful not to burst her cherry. With the thumb of the same hand, she strummed her rigid, twitching clit.

She twisted and writhed on the bed in frustration. As good as it felt to finger-fuck herself, she had to have something between her legs other than her own hand!

Suddenly, Tiffany heard a sound outside her room and she realized that she had forgotten to close the door! With a gasp, the girl saw her brother, Ted, outlined by the dim hallway light. He was wearing only his briefs, and he had a shocked expression on his handsome face.

“Tiffany! I… uh… was going to the kitchen for some milk and… well, your door was open… and… I saw you, my God, what are you doing?” he finally stammered out, walking toward her.

Tiffany giggled. “Why, I was just fingerfucking myself, Ted. Don’t you ever beat off your cock?”

“Tiffany!” he cried, shocked at his sister’s words. He had never heard her talk that way before. But, her words also were exciting to him.

“Sit down here, Ted,” Tiffany said, patting the bed next to her. She was still sprawled nakedly on the sheets, her tits heaving, her legs spread wide, her pussy glistening with cuntjuice.

She saw her brother trying hard to avoid looking at her beautiful, naked body. But, whenever he thought she wasn’t watching him, his eyes would stray to her tits or her pussy, and she saw his cock growing hard beneath his briefs. She knew that, like herself, her brother was still a virgin, and he probably wasn’t ready for his first fuck yet. But, the girl thought, there are other things we could do with his cock and my…

Ted sat close to his sister, his hip rubbing against her thigh. Tiffany moved even closer, knowing that she was turning her brother on.

The girl reached out and rested her hand lightly on Ted’s knee, smiling when he jerked slightly with excitement.

“Hope you don’t mind my touching you, Ted,” she murmured. “Some people don’t like to be touched, you know.”

“I don’t mind. I like it. Especially when it’s a pretty, foxy chick like you who’s touching me,” he replied, wondering where his brave words were coming from.

“You think I’m foxy?” she asked.

It was obvious from the way his eyes raked over her big, firm tits that he found her sexy. “God, I’ll say!” the teen cried.

Tiffany glanced at his crotch and saw his prick bulging up hard against his briefs. She knew that she was the one responsible for his hard-on. His prick was getting hard and big, just as her father’s cock had been when he had fucked all the way up into her mother’s pussy.

Being so close to her brother’s hardening cock turned the girl on so powerfully, she thought she would die from frustration. She felt a torrent of warm pussyjuice shoot from her cunthole and drench her. She was breathing faster and harder now, and she felt her tits heaving with desire.

She could feel her big nipples throbbing and hardening, and she saw her brother staring at them, his mouth hanging open stupidly.

“I love your tits, Sis. They’re so big. They look so delicious that I could just gobble them up!” Ted cried, his face reddening with embarrassment and excitement.

Tiffany smiled slowly, relaxing back on the bed. “Then what are you waiting for, Ted? Gobble them up!”


Ted buried his face between his big sister’s heaving tits. Tiffany went all weak and helpless at the feel of his tongue licking up and down the deep canyon between her gigantic tits. She sighed and sagged down against him, feeling her pussy lewdly drooling out cunt sauce from the depths of her virgin pussyhole.

“Mmm, you taste so good,” the teen moaned, moving over to lick all the way up one spongy mound of titflesh to the large, throbbing nipple. His tongue danced over her nip, turning the girl on beyond belief. In the next instant Ted sucked the nipple into his mouth and nibbled at its edges with his teeth.

“Ohhh, ohhhh!” the beautiful blonde groaned, feeling hotter and hotter.

“Ready for something different?” Ted asked, his voice thick with lust.

Dazed with desire, Tiffany nodded. The next thing she knew, Ted was pushing his cock into her hand. She glanced down and saw the huge, pinkish prick bucking and jerking against her hand and she moaned with excitement.

“It… it’s sooo big,” she said in awe. She squeezed down on the twitching prick until her brother moaned aloud.

Tiffany’s hand began stroking gently up and down the entire length of her brother’s prick. She loved the feel of the hot cock flesh flowing beneath her fingertips. She felt his pulse beating hard by pressing her finger against the large blue vein on the top of his prick.

The feel of her brother’s bursting cock in her hand turned the virgin on so much that she was growing wetter and hotter between her legs. She tightened her grip on the big prick, feeling consumed with a raging fuck-lust.

While she continued to jerk her brother off, Ted lowered his face to her chest again and clamped his mouth down firmly on her nipples, moving his face back and forth between the two rosebud-colored nips. He licked them until he could feel them throbbing against his tongue. Then, he closed his lips tightly around them and sucked as hard as he could. Next, he bit gently into the turgid titflesh, making the girl moan and groan with sheer, unbridled pleasure.

Suddenly, she came hard, waves of erotic, lust-filled pleasure washing over her as her pussy trembled and shuddered in orgasm.

She panted and moaned with excitement, thrilling to the feel of her brother’s mouth on her tits, and his big cock throbbing in her hand. As she came, she squeezed down even harder on his prick. Her other hand reached to cup the churning balls dangling beneath his cock.

She could feel his cum boiling up in his nuts and the sensation drove her nearly insane with desire. His heavy load of jism was begging for release. She began stroking up and down the huge cock. Her fingers danced over his raw cockmeat until he was thrashing around wildly on the bed, his mouth still clamped tightly around her tits.

“Please, Tiffany! I’ve got to fuck you! Let me fuck you! I’ve got to ram my cock up your pussy!” he cried, trying to force her legs apart now.

But Tiffany kept her legs locked together and kept her hands working on his balls and cock until she kit his already huge prick beginning to swell even more.

She stared with awe at his prick as he fell onto his back and his cock jerked powerfully, spewing out his cum. The huge fountain of jism startled her, excited her, made her feel things inside her pussy that she had never felt before. She felt a little sorry that she hadn’t let him fuck her like he had begged her. But, she was still determined to save her cherry for her father. She only hoped that he would want it!

Tiffany turned on more and more as she watched her brother’s cock shooting out its heavy load of jism. Her tits tingled from the remembered feel of Ted’s rough, darting tongue moving all over their sensitive flesh. She felt her nipples getting harder and stiffer just thinking about it.

The girl fell forward and began to eagerly lick up her brother’s fallen jism from his belly, his thighs, and, finally, from his prick itself. She moaned with pleasure, loving the taste of his cum.

As she lapped up all his cum, her hand rhythmically squeezed on his softening cock. She felt it beginning to harden under her hot touch. All the while, her pussy was flowing with its own juices and she knew that she needed to come again.

Ted groaned with pleasure and moved his hands to his sister’s chest. She panted hard as Ted’s hands worked on her bursting tits, pressing into the hard rock of her nipples, crushing her turgid titflesh until she moaned with need.

The blonde virgin couldn’t take her eyes off of her brother’s huge prick. It’s plum tipped end quivered and bucked lewdly in her hand. She saw it visibly throbbing and her mouth began to water as much as her pussy. Suddenly, she got up on her knees and gripped the feverishly pulsing prick tightly in both her hands.

“What are you going to do?” Ted asked, his voice trembling with excitement.

But Tiffany didn’t answer him. She pressed the side of the big prick against her cheek. The hot, fleshy tube of raw cockmeat thrilled her beyond belief. She had to have it! But not up her virgin cunt! Not yet.

The bulbous head of her brother’s big prick slipped past Tiffany’s soft, full lips almost before she realized it. And, then a good three inches of his cock was firmly lodged in her face.

“Oh, God, Tiffany, suck it! Suck it good and hard! I want you to suck me till I come right in your mouth!” Ted cried, panting hard with desire and excitement.

With a hot, excited moan, the virgin began to suck her brother’s cock, her own passion quickly rising out of control.

The blonde girl’s mouth worked hard on the big, throbbing prick pressing into her mouth. She found it impossible to get enough of the delicious-tasting prick. Her tongue worked almost savagely against the hot, aroused cock fish. She stroked and teased the guy’s prick, sticking the tip of her hard tongue into the twitching cum slit.

“Ohhhh, holy shiiiit!” Ted cried, humping his ass up from the bed, trying to fuck more of his prick into her sucking mouth.

Tiffany was excited beyond belief when she felt her brother beginning to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. His fingers laced through the thick, shining blonde hair at the back of her head, trying to guide more of his cock into her face. The taste of Ted’s male musk and the feel of his throbbing cock inside her mouth turned her on powerfully.

Moaning with lust, Tiffany tensed her jaws enough to use her sharp teeth on the sides of Ted’s aching prick as it came rushing into her mouth. He moaned loudly as his sister left ragged red welts on his cock flesh. But then she immediately pressed her soft lips and soothing, wet tongue against the marks to ease the pain, turning him on even more. A new rush of blood surged into his thick, stiff prick, making him buck his hips up from the bed in an agony of lust.

“Ohhhh, God, Tiffany, you sure suck cock good! Best damn blow-job ever… suck it, baby! Suck me hard till I pop right in your hot mouth!” Ted cried.

Pleased that she was making her brother feel so good, Tiffany whirled her tongue around, expertly finding the tiny ridge of skin just under his cock-knob. She teased it with her hot, probing tongue until she had her brother jumping around on the bed as though getting an electric shock.

She reacted up and began playing and teasing the hairy sac containing his churning balls with her soft hands, driving the teen almost insane with her touch.

She could feel his balls lurching and boiling with their load of hot cum and she groaned with excitement. How she longed to make him come so that she could taste his jism. She knew she would love it!

“Oh, yeah, baby, gotta fuck that sweet hot sucking face of yours! You’re just too damned sexy for your own good! Suck me, whore!” Ted yelled, so turned on that he hardly knew what he was saying. All he knew for sure was that he had never felt so horny in all his life, and that he had to shoot his load into his sister’s mouth, and soon!

His hips began thrusting up harder than ever, shoving more and more of his big, bursting cock down her throat. She felt the vibration of his prick against her lips and mouth as it throbbed violently, turning her on even more. His cock began to swell with more and more aroused blood rushing into his prick.

“Suck, damn you, you cunt. You fuckin’ tease! Make me come, Goddamn you!” Ted yelled.

Tiffany sucked in hard, her cheeks hollow with the strain. Ted’s big, hard cock bucked harder in the tight wetness of her mouth. He arched his back and began to fuck his prick powerfully in and out of her face.

She loved the feeling of his prick in her mouth, and she wanted it to go on forever. But, she also wanted to make him come. She had to feel the rush of his jism into her mouth!

Suddenly, Ted’s cock jerked crazily in Tiffany’s mouth and the first blast of his jism arched up and splashed against her tonsils.

“Commmmiiinnngggg!” he cried, as wad after wad of the thick, gooey stuff splattered wetly into her mouth.

She moaned around the thickness of her brother’s prick, beside herself with lust. She loved the taste of his cum! And, even better than that was the incredibly sexy sensation of his cum rushing into her mouth, coating her teeth, her tonsils, her tongue, her cheeks. She could feel the warm goo sliding sexily down her throat and she thought she would die from ecstasy.

Tiffany came hard. Waves of hot, blinding orgasm crashed down on the girl, completely soaking her pussy with her fuck juices as she came and came and came.

She sucked and sucked and sucked, draining the guy’s balls of every drop of his precious cum. When she realized that his cock was still hard, she looked up, licked her lips, and grinned at her brother.

“Looks like you’ve still got a hard-on, Brother. What’cha gonna do with it?” she asked teasingly, knowing that she was playing with fire but not caring. She was so turned on, in spite of the orgasm she had just had, and she wanted more, more, more!

Ted grinned back at his beautiful, sexy sister. He thought she had never looked more beautiful, kneeling there between his legs, tits heaving from her orgasm, her face flushed and sweating, her eyes wide and unfocused, bits of his jism staining her lips.

“I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do with my hard-on, Sis. I’m gonna fuck you!” he said, starting to rise from the bed.

“No! No, Ted!” Tiffany yelled, panicked.

That was the one thing she couldn’t do! As much as she longed to feel his big, thick cock thrusting into her tight, virgin cunt, she knew she had to wait for her father to pop her cherry! She didn’t really understand why she felt this so strongly, but she did. And, she knew that nothing would do but to wait for that wonderful day when she finally got her father to fuck her!

But, in the meantime… she was so horny! She wanted to do something to ease the unbearable ache in her loins. But she didn’t know what to do since she couldn’t let her brother fuck her.

She moaned with frustration, wondering what to do. But, in the next minute, the question was taken out of her hands by her brother.

“Okay, cunt, I don’t know why you won’t let me fuck your precious pussy! It pisses me off after all the teasing you’ve done! But, we’re gonna do the next best thing, and no matter what you say, nothing’s gonna stop me!”

And, suddenly, Ted’s hands were on her, lifting her, pushing her, guiding her, until she was on her hands and knees on the bed, his own, lean, strong body poised behind her, his big, thick, hard cock in his hands.

“What… what are you going to do, Ted?” Tiffany asked fearfully.

Ted laughed. “I’m gonna fuck your ass!”

“Oh, God!” she cried, half in fear and half excitement.

She knew it would hurt like hell but, suddenly, she realized that a good ass-fucking was exactly what she needed. That, more than anything else — except the pussy-fucking she couldn’t allow yet — was bound to satisfy the hungry yearning in her cunt. That should give her an orgasm that would satisfy her at last!

She shuddered as she felt her brother’s hands gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them wide apart. She moaned as she felt his big prick diving down into the canyon between the rounded twin globes of her ass flesh.

And the head of his bunting cock banged hard against the tightly puckered, pink ring of her virgin asshole.

“Oh, it hurts, Ted!” she cried. “It really hurts!”

“Good,” Ted murmured, “the more it hurts you now, the more you’ll love it later!”

She trembled with excitement and lust as the blunted head of her brother’s prick poked harder into her tightly puckered asshole. It felt to her as though the tight ring of virgin muscle was refusing to let Ted’s cock all the way up her ass chute.

With a savage grunt, Ted poked harder and Tiffany felt the broad head of his cock slipping past her tensed outer ring of ass muscle. He shoved hard and fucked another inch or so into her seething bowels.

The pain was incredible, but so was the pleasure. She moaned in ecstasy, weak and about to come. She had never felt anything like it in her life. A red-hot pain lanced through her ass, sweeping through her entire body as her brother continued to fuck into her asshole. But right along with the pain was a hot, indescribable pleasure that thrilled the virgin more than she would have thought possible.

Ted pulled most of his cock out until only the tip remained. Then, with a savage grunt, he thrust back in just as hard as he could, this time burying his cock to the hilt within his sister’s tight, virgin asshole.

“Aghhhhhh!” the girl cried. “Feels great, Ted! Do it! Fuck my ass! Make me come!”

Instinctively, Tiffany clamped her ass muscles powerfully around her brother’s prick. Then she loosened her hold, allowing him to pull his cock out again. And, once again, he shoved it into her tiny asshole, burying all nine inches of his rock-hard cockrod.

“Ahhhhhh, yessssss, soooooo good, Ted! Fuck my ass! Fuck meeeeee!” she cried, ramming her hips backwards to get even more of that delicious-feeling prick into her guts.

She felt his hairy crotch pressed hard against her soft asscheeks as he buried his nine-inch prick up her ass, and she shivered with pleasure.

Then, he began to fuck her with slow, deliberate strokes that drove the virgin mad with desire. He pulled back until only the thick, bulbous head of his hard prick remained in her asshole. Then, he moved forward. She could feel the heat from his cock as it thrust hard into her asshole. When her ass was entirely filled with his throbbing prick, he began to grind his crotch against her ass.

Tiffany came then. The most exciting, powerful orgasm the girl had ever experienced shuddered through her entire body, releasing gallons of hot pussyjuice that quickly overflowed her cunt and ran lewdly into her asscrack, and on down her legs.

“Commmmmiiinnnggg!” she yelled loudly as her climax continued to tremble through her lush body.

And, while she came, she was aware of the hot, hard fucking cock ramming into her ass over and over. Ted was fucking her hard now, ramming his big, hard cock in and out of her tiny, twitching asshole with short, brutal jabs. He was close to coming himself, and he could think of nothing else but dumping his big, heavy load up her asshole.

Over and over again Ted shoved his entire nine-inch prick up her trembling asshole. She could feel his balls wetly slapping against her swollen cuntlips and she moaned with excitement, close to another orgasm.

She groaned loudly and ground her ass backwards against his hairy crotch. She had to have that big cock fucking her so hard and fast and deep that it would fuck right into her belly! Nothing less would do. The hot, raging fuck-lust racing through her entire body demanded an all-out fuck session.

She shrieked and moaned and sobbed, and came again. She was totally lost in the throes of an even more powerful orgasm than before. She almost passed out from its intensity, it was that strong! She cried out over and over again as Ted continued to fuck his long, hard, thick cock into her asshole, straining toward his own orgasm.

He slammed into her repeatedly, working his cock like piston, fucking her so hard now that her body shook and shuddered with its force. Each time she felt his big cock surging into her asshole, completely filling her with the nine-inch prick, she trembled with pleasure and clenched his cock hard with her strong ass muscles. Then, she sighed and loosened her hole, letting him slip out again, only to shove right back in again, thrilling the virgin beyond belief.

She rolled her ass in larger and larger, lewd circles, feeling her brother’s big cock swirling inside her asshole with hot, savage movements.

“Jeeeesus Christ!” Ted yelled.

He fucked wildly now, thinking only of the orgasm he needed so badly. His prick swelled even more in the tight cavity of her virgin asshole. He could feel her clamping down tightly on his fast-fucking cock, and he groaned with pleasure.

Suddenly, it was more than the body could stand and he came, at last, blessedly. Tiffany felt the first blast of her brother’s cum shoot into her ravaged asshole, and she came again. Gusher after gusher of the hot, thick goo jetted into her torn asshole as Ted continued to fuck into her, and she continued to work her strong, tight ass muscles around his reaming cock.

“Ohhhh, yesssss, Ted!” she screamed. “It’s heaven!”

But Ted just grinned as he continued to shoot his heavy load of cum right up his big sister’s twitching, spasming asshole. Maybe she hadn’t let him fuck her pussy this time, but he promised himself that the next time, she wouldn’t be able to stop him!

Before tonight, the teen had been a virgin, never having fucked a pussy or an ass or even a mouth before! But, grinning again, Ted realized that he had learned fast, very fast. There was nothing to this fucking business, he thought now, continuing to come. He had just followed his own natural instincts and somehow he knew just what to do and when to do it. He had never known such a thrill before as fucking into his sister’s ass. But next time, it would be her pussy!


Two days later, Tiffany was swimming in the family pool in the backyard. For most of the afternoon she had had the company of her father, mother, sister, and her brother, Ted. Her other brother, Steve, was at a friend’s house for the day.

But now, everyone else had gone into the house except Tiffany and her father. It was still warm, but the sky was darkening fast, and soon night would fall. She had started to go with the others, but then she realized that this was her chance to be alone with her sexy, handsome father! Who knows what might happen?

They swam a few laps together and then floated easily on the surface of the calm water, chatting now and then, just small talk, nothing important.

Tiffany searched her mind for a way to let her father know that she would love him to fuck her. Maybe, she thought, if I start talking about sex.

“Daddy, do you think it’s wrong for someone my age to think about sex?” she asked innocently, turning her wide eyes in his direction.

Mark sputtered, almost drowning before he was able to get his feet underneath him to stand up. Fortunately, he was in the shallow water! He faced Tiffany and she stood up, too. The water was about waist-level where they stood, and, with a growing sense of excitement, the girl noticed her father looking at her big tits, barely concealed by her skimpy bikini.

“Tiffany! What are you talking about?” he finally managed to stammer.

She laughed softly and moved closer to her father. “Well, just look at me, Daddy. I’m not such a little girl anymore. And I think about sex all the time.”

“But you’ve never actually…” he trailed off, unable to find the right word.

“Fucked? No, I’ve never fucked, Daddy I’m still a virgin, but that’s something I want to change!” she said defiantly, glancing down and trying to see her father’s crotch through the water. She would love to know if her words were turning him on!

Mark laughed. “Wow! My baby really has grown up, hasn’t she? I’ve never heard you talk this way, honey,” he murmured, feeling his cock hardening.

She shrugged. “Well, I’ve never felt so horny before, Daddy.”

Before he could say anything else, she stepped out of the pool and walked slowly toward the bathhouse in the very back of the yard. She was confident that her father would follow her.

He did. With his big, ten-inch hard-on straining against the fabric of his bikini briefs, Mark walked behind his daughter to the bathhouse. His eyes were on her in a way they never had been before. Now that she had called attention to the fact, he could see that she was right — she certainly wasn’t a little girl anymore!

Inside the bathhouse, Tiffany turned to face her father, smiling, her eyes taking in the exciting sight of the cruel bulge between his legs.

Mark closed the door behind him and walked up to his daughter, placing his hands on her shoulders. “Honey, I’m concerned about you.”

“Concerned? Why, Daddy?” she asked softly.

“Well, with you thinking about sex all the time, the way you said, you could get yourself into trouble with some pimply-faced guy!” he said, growing angry at the thought of some punk sticking his prick into Tiffany’s virgin pussy.

Tiffany stepped closer to her father and put her arms around his waist, her big tits digging into his chest. “It doesn’t have to be that way, Daddy. Not if you’ll take me in hand,” she purred.

“Tiffany!” Mark cried, shocked. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“That I want you to pop my cherry for me? Sure, Daddy! That’s exactly what I’m saying,” she said confidently.

Mark turned away, confused. His daughter was turning him on so much he could hardly stand it! He wanted to do just what she was asking him to do. He wanted to tear her bikini off and cram his big, hard cock up into her virgin cunt.

But this was all happening so fast for the man. After all, he told himself, I am her father. Maybe she just thinks she wants me to fuck her. Maybe, if I actually did fuck her, she would hate me forever.

“Honey,” he said, turning back to her. “Are you sure that’s what you want? I mean, you are a virgin, after all. What do you even know about fucking? How do you know it’s what you want?”

She smiled. “Well, if I wasn’t sure before, I sure am now after the other night,” she said.

“What do you mean, honey? What happened the other night to let you know that you’re ready to fuck?” Mark asked, amazed that he was even talking this way to his own daughter.

“I saw you and mom fucking each other. I watched the whole thing, and it was great!”

Mark gasped. “Tiffany! You spied on your mom and me while we… made love?”

“Sure. I watched you guys fucking each other,” she said, deliberately choosing the word “fucking” over “making love”.

Suddenly, Mark grinned and pulled her close to him once again. And I’ll bet you were wishing it was you on the bed with me instead of your mother, right?”

“Yes! Oh, yes, Daddy, I wanted you to be fucking me instead of her. I was sooo jealous!” she purred, leaning against him.

Mark put his arms around his daughter and untied her bikini top, letting it slip to the floor as he covered her mouth with his, their tongues pressing hotly together.

“Mmmmmm, Daddy,” Tiffany murmured, pulling away at last.

Leading her father by the hand, the girl walked over to the narrow bed in the corner of the bathhouse. As she sank down onto it, her father reached out and peeled her skimpy bottoms from her ass, down her thighs, finally slipping it off her feet and throwing it to the floor where it joined her top. Then he quickly shucked his own briefs, enjoying his daughter’s gasp of shock and excitement at the size of her father’s prick.

“Ohhhh, God, Daddy, your cock’s sooooo huge!” she cried, already beside herself with fright at the sight of her father’s big, ten-inch prick, so hard now, it was flat up against his stomach.

“The better to pop your cherry with, my dear,” he murmured, his eyes raking over her lush body.

Tiffany giggled and ran her hands over her father’s broad, muscular chest and shoulders, feeling his powerful muscles rippling beneath her hands.

“Mmm, your cunt hair is beautiful. So soft and silky,” he murmured, patting the damp, blonde fluff, his fingers opening her cunt slightly.

Tiffany squirmed with pleasure under her father’s obscene touch, feeling excited beyond belief.

“Yeah, I just love this pussy. Young and untouched. Can’t wait to shove my big cock inside!” Mark groaned, rubbing her pussy mound harder and faster as he turned on more and more.

He moved his hands up to her chest and began to fondle her large, heaving tits, feeling the big nips hardening quickly between his fingers.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, I want you to fuck me SOOOOO bad!” the virgin cried, writhing and squirming on the narrow bed, her tits throbbing with excitement as her handsome father continued to stroke the large, silken tit mounds.

“That’s just what I’m gonna do! I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time now. If I’d only known you wanted it too, we could have saved ourselves a lot of wasted time!” Mark said.

“Ohhhhh, yesssss, fuck me, Daddy!” the girl cried.

“I’m going to fuck you all right, honey! I’m going to slip my big cock into that tight pussy of yours and…

“Ohhh, Daddy, your cock is sooooo big! I didn’t know they grew them that big! Will it fit?” she asked, suddenly worried.

Mark laughed. “Don’t worry, love. Cunts were made to be stretched. You’ll love it! I can’t wait to give you the very first fucking of your life!”

Tiffany writhed with hot fuck-lust on the bed. Her father was kneeling on the mattress now, his huge, hard ten-incher swaying lewdly above her.

Mark leaned down, his hot mouth nudging and teasing her big tits. She moaned with pleasure and threw her arms around her father, pulling him even closer to her. She could feel the throbbing tip of his big cock as he rubbed it between her swollen cuntlips. Her juices were really flowing now, pouring out fast and furiously.

“Ohhh, baby,” Mark groaned, beside himself with lust. The slippery, plump folds of his daughter’s cunt were caressing the swollen knob of his prick, exciting him more than he had thought possible.

He continued to rub his prick up and down the length of her pussy, panting hard with excitement. Tiffany moaned over and over, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of pleasure and excitement.

Mark used his entire mouth on Tiffany’s tits, sucking, licking, gently biting into the turgid nipples that throbbed lewdly inside his mouth.

“Uhhhhh, ohhhhh, Daddy, fuck meee…” the horny teenager cried over and over.

“Wow, baby!” Mark said. “You’re rubbing that hot cunt of yours all over the head of my cock!”

He raised his head from her tits and covered her mouth with his, his tongue fucking her, licking and sucking her tongue. Thrilling sensations swept over the girl, making her breathe hard. She felt his cocktip mashing down on her clit and she jerked violently with a hot, savage pleasure. She thrashed her ass around on the bed, rubbing against the cock that she wanted so much to invade her virgin pussy.

“Now, baby, now,” Mark whispered, letting his smooth rounded cockhead slip into her tight cunthole while her muscles squeezed tightly around it.

With a powerful nudge of his hips, Mark opened her cunt a little, letting his prick slide back again. He brought his hips forward again, this time with mote force. Her juice slick cunthole opened before him and she felt her cunt flesh sliding around his cocktip.

Mark groaned with pleasure at the tight, clasping caress of her muscles. He wedged his prick in deeper, moving his hips in a slow, obscene dance of fuck-lust.

“Ohhhhh, yesssss!” Tiffany screamed, her eyes wide with excitement — and a little fear — as she realized just how huge her father’s cock really was. It was stretching her pussy so wide! Her cunt clung hotly to the sides of his prickshaft as he worked forward and back.

Her pulsing cunt was squeezing Mark’s cock so tightly that she felt as if he were pulling her cunt flesh back with him each time he pulled out.

The incredibly sexy sensation of this rhythmic penetration and withdrawing made the virgin babble incoherently, it turned her on so much! Even in all her wildest dreams, she had never realized that fucking could be such a beautiful, powerful experience!

“Ahhhhh, Daddy,” she sighed, unable to stop her ass from moving and undulating. When her father held his cock still inside her, she could feel it pulsing, swelling and hardening inside the close, fevered squeeze of her hot, dripping pussy.

Mark supported her body, lifting her upward so he could continue to suck and lick and nibble on the soft, white swells of her bursting tits. Tiffany let her head fall back, thrilling to the sensation of her father feasting on her body while his cock was still embedded in her stretched cunthole.

Again and again she felt her nipples ravished by her daddy’s tongue. They felt like hard, throbbing buttons. And the slightest lick sent hot shivers of lust through her writhing body.

“Ohhh, Daddy, what you’re doing to me it feels soooo good!” Tiffany cried.

Now his hands slipped down to her narrow waist. He swept his palms down over the outward curve of her hips and trembling asscheeks. He dug his fingers into her quivering flesh, holding her ass still as he brought his cock forward with quick, strong thrusts.

“Aieeeeeee!” Tiffany screamed. She had never felt such hot, indescribable pleasure in her life. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth fell open, drool gathering at the corners.

It felt as though her father’s huge cock were going right up into her belly! How could she possibly take all of it inside her tight virgin cunthole?

“Sooooooo big,” she murmured, thrilled by the idea that her father’s cock was so huge it could tear her apart. She felt his swollen prick growing hotter and harder inside her and she writhed with forbidden pleasure.

Her pussy was continuing to ooze hot, thick fuck juices, which dripped down the crack of her ass, wetting her father’s fingers as he cupped each firm, quivering cheek of her ass. He slowly pulled his cock back, using all of his skill and experience to give his daughter not only the first fucking of her life, but the best fucking of her life!

“Ohhhhhh, God, Dadddddddy,” she cried, feeling the swollen ridge of his cockhead as it gouged along her bruised, ravaged cunt flesh.

Then it slid out of her tiny opening and her pussy felt sadly, disappointedly empty. She couldn’t wait to feel his big cock filling up her cunt again. She rocked her slim hips from side to side as she moaned continuously.

Then, Mark pushed forward again, and Tiffany felt the broad, throbbing head of his cock pressing her cuntlips apart. She felt it sinking into her fevered wetness and nudging her tight pussy open.

“Ohhhhh, thank God,” she whimpered. “It’s going inside me again!”

With an exciting sound of suction, Mark thrust forward and back with short, powerful movements. He let his big cock go in a little deeper each time, the rigid sides bruising her cunt flesh as more and more of his cockshaft entered her virgin pussy.

“Ohhhhh, God, Daddy,” she moaned, writhing more violently on the bed as she felt more and more of his huge ten-inch cock penetrating her pussy.

“You like it, baby?” Mark asked, his voice thick with fuck-lust.

“Yesssssss, oh yesssss, Daddy! It’s incredible! I love you fucking me!” she cried.

“I love it too, baby. Your pussy’s the tightest, juiciest one I’ve ever fucked,” Mark panted, his mouth wetting her neck and tits.

Tiffany’s fingers were like sharp claws as they dug into the flesh of his back as he continued to plunge his big, hard cock into her juicy cunt.

The wet, juicy sound of their fucking was incredibly exciting to both of the lovers. Feeling her father’s mouth on her throbbing tits, feeling his big cock plunging up into the hot squeeze of her virgin pussy was too much for the girl, and she came.

“Ohhh, I’m commmmmiiinnnggg!” she cried as shimmering waves of pleasure throbbed inside her pussy and coursed through entire body. She worked her hips feverishly rubbing back against the stabbing friction her father’s fucking.

She hooked her legs over the back of her father’s thighs. Digging her heels upward, she rubbed them into his ass cheeks, crying out with pleasure and lust as he continued to thrust his big cock into her spasming pussy.

The sound of Mark’s prick sliding between her bloated cuntlips grew louder. She tossed wildly on the narrow bed, her breathing labored, her eyes glazed, her face flushed. Her cunt muscles squeezed down hard around her daddy’s cock.

The feel of his daughter’s pussy coming hard around his cock, and her strong muscles squeezing the life out of his prick, took Mark over the edge and he came too.

Wad after wad of the man’s thick, creamy cum shot from his cock and splashed wetly inside the girl’s trembling pussyhole. It quickly overflowed from her pussy and ran obscenely down her trembling thighs.

The feel of her father shooting his load inside her virgin cunt intensified Tiffany’s orgasm, and she continued to come, more and more powerfully.

Tiffany saw bright colors dancing above her head as she came, and she felt as if she were flying high, her body trembling violently in her father’s hot embrace.

As he continued to plunge his coming cock in and out of her juicy pussy, she arched her back and thrust back as hard as she could.

As Tiffany and her father continued to come, fucking each other all the while, the girl realized that she had never been happier in her life!


That night, Tiffany lay restlessly in bed in the room she shared with her big sister, Alice. Just one year older than Tiffany, Alice was almost a look-alike for her sister. In fact, people frequently mistook them to be twins.

Both girls had long, thick, blonde hair which fell in waves below their shoulders. Their legs were long and shapely, their tummies flat, and their tits large and firm. And now, they had something else in common, too — neither girl was a virgin!

Alice hadn’t been a virgin for several years, and she had had a great deal of experience not only in fucking guys, but in making love to other girls as well. For a while now, the older girl had been looking at Tiffany with the idea that she would like to make it with her. But she was afraid of scaring off her sister. She was just waiting for her chance.

She watched from her own bed now as Tiffany tossed and turned restlessly. Tiffany was so turned on she could hardly stand it. She had thought that when she finally did fuck her father, she would be satisfied for a long time. But, she was quickly learning that getting her cherry popped had aroused her so much that now all the girl could think about, was getting fucked again. And again. And yet again.

But what was she supposed to do? She couldn’t very well barge into her parents’ bedroom and ask her father to fuck her. She could hardly expect her mother to say, “Fine, dear, go right ahead and fuck our daughter.” Tiffany giggled, thinking about that unlikely possibility.

Suddenly, she felt the mattress moving slightly as her sister, Alice, sat on the edge of her bed.

“Alice! Why aren’t you asleep?” Tiffany asked, her eyes widening as she realized that her big sister was completely naked.

Alice shrugged. “I might ask you the same thing. For me, it’s just too hot to sleep.”

Tiffany grinned. “I’m too hot, too, but not the way you mean,” she giggled.

Alice smiled knowingly and placed her warm hand on the girl’s thigh. “I think I know what you mean, honey. You’re really turned on, right?”

Tiffany half-heartedly tried to squirm away from her sister’s touch, but she had to admit that she liked the way her sister’s hand felt on her leg as it moved up from her thigh toward her crotch.

“Yeah, I really am, Alice! Jeez, I wish I had a big cock to stick up my pussy right now!” she cried, wondering if she was shocking her sister.

But Alice just laughed understandingly. “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that myself, honey! But I know something that’s lust about as good.”

“What?” Tiffany asked eagerly, trying to ignore her sister’s hand, which was now brushing against her blonde pussy fur.

“This!” Alice exclaimed as she pushed her sister back onto the bed and pressed her mouth against hers.

Moaning, Tiffany let Alice force her lips apart with her mouth. Then, the next thing she knew, their tongues were fucking at each other, and their saliva, was mingling lewdly, making the girl’s pussy itch and burn even more.

“Ohhhhh, God, Alice!” Tiffany groaned, turning and twisting on the bed. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was! She had never, even in her wildest of dreams, thought she could make it with another girl! But now, with her sister’s mouth pressed against hers, she was beginning to think that she should give it a try.

Alice reached between Tiffany’s thighs, found her tender pussy, already feverishly hot and very moist, and began to finger-fuck her sister. She explored her sister’s cunt with her soft, eager fingers, stroking the girl’s delicate cunt flesh.

Alice could feel fierce tremors of lust which vibrated through Tiffany’s pussy, and the heat from the girl’s crotch was so intense it practically burned Alice’s fingers!

“Ohhhhh, Alice, it feels sooo good. I never realized…” Tiffany’s words trailed off as she was overcome by waves of excitement.

Alice teased her sister’s pussy relentlessly, playing with her hot pussy until both girls were tortured with fuck-lust for each other.

The older girl thrust two fingers deep up into Tiffany’s cunthole and began to fuck them in and out with hard, quick strokes just as if she were fucking her with a cock!

Each time she plunged her fingers into the girl’s cunthole, Tiffany worked her strong pussy muscles around her sister’s fingers, holding them against her trembling cunt walls for a few seconds. Then she loosened her hold, allowing Alice to slip her fingers back out.

After finger-fucking her sister’s pussyhole for a while, Alice turned her attention to the girl’s clit. She stroked the twitching nub of clit-flesh as hard as she could, making the girl’s body jerk spasmodically on the bed.

And all the time she was finger-fucking her sister, Alice continued to kiss Tiffany passionately. Over and over, she tonguefucked her mouth, licking the insides of the girl’s cheeks, her teeth, her tongue.

Then, suddenly, Alice moved her hot mouth down to the other girl’s large tits. Her lips and tongue played over the bursting mounds of titflesh, feeling the huge nipples hardening under her obscene sucking motions.

“Ooooooh, yesssssss, Alice! That feels sooooo good! Suck on my tits!” Tiffany moaned as she writhed hotly on the bed. She was so turned on now that she could hardly stand it anymore. She longed to come. She had to have an orgasm!

But everytime she was close to coming, her experienced sister deliberately took her hand away from Tiffany’s pussy, and the girl cooled down. If Alice kept this up, Tiffany was afraid she would lose her mind!

“Ohhhhh, please, Alice! I can’t stand this anymore! Please let me come!” she begged, twisting against the other girl’s hand, humping it, trying to fuck herself into a climax. “Ohhh, I’m so fuckin’ hot! I’ll die if I don’t come!”

Alice grinned, seeing that she had pushed her sister as far as she could. She would have to let her come. Besides, she reminded herself, her own cunt was drooling out so much cuntjuice that her own climax was much needed.

With a few murmured words of instruction, Alice helped Tiffany shift her position so that now the girl was in a kneeling position, as though about to be fucked dog style.

Tiffany knelt behind her, enjoying the other girl’s moans and groans of excited anticipation as she waited to see what her sexy, experienced sister had in mind for her aching pussy.

Kneeling in the position that her sister had maneuvered her into, Tiffany was situated so that her swollen cuntlips were thrust back between her thighs so that Alice’s pussy fur was actually brushing against Tiffany’s lust bloated cunt flesh as she pressed her body up tightly against the girl’s ass.

Alice humped vigorously for a few minutes, imagining that she was sinking a big, imaginary cock up deep into her sister’s horny pussy.

“Ahhhhh, good, Alice! That feels really good!” Tiffany cried.

Alice clenched her right hand into a fist and extended her thumb outward. The thumb protruded out at about the angle of a real prick and she pushed it into place between the swollen lips of her sister’s hat, twitching cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, God, Alice, what are you doing back there? I love it! It feels just like you’re fucking me!” Tiffany cried, humping onto her sister’s thumb.

Alice worked her thumb down the slippery hot cunt crack for a moment, grinning as her sister cried out with sheer, unbridled joy. She fucked her thumb in as far as possible as Tiffany continued to thrust her ass back, forcing even more of her big sister’s thumb into her cunt.

Alice fucked her thumb almost all the way in, then pulled it back out, and repeated this thumb-fucking action as Tiffany moaned and wriggled on the end of her sister’s thumb. The girl pretended that a cock was fucking into her pussy.

“Aghhhhh!” Tiffany moaned, shuddering violently as she felt the thumb driving up into her cunt. “Unhggggg! Oh, God, you’re in me! Just like a cock! You’re fucking meeeee! Agghhh!”

Alice’s index finger brushed lightly against Tiffany’s stiff clit as she continued to fuck her thumb in and out of the tight pussy. Alice held her fist firmly against her sister’s cunt and racked her hips to and fro, just as though she were fucking a real cock into Tiffany’s steaming pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, ahhhhh, ohhhhh, Alice!” Tiffany squealed, writhing hotly on the bed, trying to drive even more of her sister’s thumb up into her hungry pussy.

Now Alice held her thumb still and Tiffany began to fuck her pussy on it, humping her cunt wildly on the substitute cock, ramming as much of the thumb into her pussy as she possibly could.

“Go for it, Sis!” Alice cried excitedly, urging her sister on. “Fuck yourself!” Alice’s own pussy was drooling out a steady flow of warm, sticky fuck-juice, she was so turned on by fucking her sister’s sexy cunt with her thumb!

Tiffany’s pussy grew even hotter and wetter, and she knew that she was about to come. After fucking herself for a few more minutes on her sister’s hard, slick thumb, the girl suddenly cried out loudly and lurched back, making the thumb plunge even deeper into her pussyhole.

“Ohhhhhhh, God! Commmmmiiinnnggg!” Tiffany screamed, her body feeling as though it were being torn in two by the tremendous force of her climax.

As she continued to come, her sister curled her thumb up against the palm of her hand, which she then balled up into a fist.

“Fuck my fist, Tiff!” Alice cried. She worked her fist between the girl’s swollen, wet cuntlips, pressing hard against her twitching clit.

Alice held herself very still and let Tiffany fuck herself silly on her fist. Her thumb vibrated against the strong series of convulsions caused by the girl’s rocketing orgasm. Tiffany fucked her pussy on her sister’s fist with a blind hot passion that drove her half out of her mind with fuck-lust.

Tiffany worked her hips hard against her sister’s hand until she could no longer stand the unbearably sweet, hot, torturous pleasure. Then she pitched forward, crumpling up on the bed in a mass of panting, gasping flesh.

Alice continued to kneel upright on the bed for a few more minutes, watching excitedly while her sister came down from her powerful orgasm. She glanced down at her fist and grinned as she noticed the bright, glistening wetness from her sister’s sexy cunt.

Moaning with excitement, she lifted her thumb to her mouth and sucked gently. The taste of her sister’s hotly aroused pussy made her mind spin, filling her with a hot, relentless lust. She began to finger-fuck herself, still sucking at her cuntjuice-soaked thumb.

Alice rubbed her pussy with her left hand and soon had her clit twitching and vibrating with an electrically charged surge of desire.

She came hard. As her orgasm rolled out of her pussy and swept over every part of her lush body, she began to pump her hips back and forth. By pushing her crotch as far forward as possible and combining that thrust with a fierce contraction of the muscles in her thighs and hips, she was able to prolong the climax and make it even more intense.

Alice thrust two fingers up her steaming pussyhole as she came, clenching her strong, tight pussy muscles around her fingers as though she had a cock inside her instead of just her fingers.

After her orgasm, Alice grinned down at Tiffany, who was watching her hotly, her eyes wide with excitement. “Wow, Alice!” Tiffany groaned. “I never realized that making it with another girl could be so… so exciting!”

Alice lay next to her sister, but in the opposite direction so that her head was resting on Tiffany’s thigh, right next to her juicy, spasming cunt.

“What… what are you… going to do now?” Tiffany asked her sister, feeling a mixture of fear and excitement deep in her tummy.

“Honey,” Alice murmured, “I want us to eat each other’s pussy.” She spoke softly, her tits hardening at the lewd thought.

“Oh, yesssss, Alice!” Tiffany died, turning on more than ever.

Alice eased herself up onto Tiffany’s supple, lush body, her mouth just inches above Tiffany’s juicy cunt, and her legs parted, one on each side of Tiffany’s head. As her legs slowly spread open teasingly, Tiffany saw the forbidden triangle of her sister’s pussy. The sight of it opening up just for her made her mind spin with, excitement and fuck-lust.

Tiffany’s tongue darted out, hesitant at first. She had never done this before and, as excited as she was, she wanted to be sure she did it right! But then she told herself to just follow her own horny instincts and let her body take over. I can’t go wrong that way, she thought.

Then Tiffany tasted the tangy cunt sauce leaking from between her big sister’s cuntlips, and she felt her own pussy being licked by Alice’s hot, hard tongue. She moaned with desire and excitement, forgetting about everything else in the world except the need to suck and be sucked!

Alice crammed her cunt down hard against Tiffany’s face as she began to lick and suck the pussy spread out so wantonly in front of her face. The taste excited her beyond belief as she licked and lapped along the puffy, trembling cuntlips.

Her eager tongue traced along one of the swollen lips until she came to the vee in front, just beneath the blonde fringe of pussy fur. The rigidly twitching clit already poked its head out, as though searching for Alice’s tongue. She closed her lips tightly around the tiny, throbbing nub of flesh and sucked for all she was worth.

Tiffany came hard and fast.

“Ohhhhhhh, God, ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!”

Tiffany cried. “That’s soooooooooo fuckin’ exciting! I’ve never felt anything like it!”

The force of the girl’s orgasm jolted both of the girls, so that they rolled over on their sides, tongues still in place. Tiffany’s tongue worked along Alice’s cunt until she found Alice’s cunthole. She gently spread her pussylips apart and then began to tongue-fuck the cunt with all the power she could muster.

Tiffany licked and tongue-fucked until her jaws ached from the effort, and still she continued to drive her hungry, greedy tongue into the hot, tasty depths of the other girl’s juicy, twitching pussy.

She moaned as she felt Alice doing the same thing to her, thrusting her tongue deeply into Tiffany’s tight cunthole, pumping it in and out like a small, rigid cock.

Tiffany’s entire body trembled with pleasure, and a hot, rosy flush spread over her tits and face. She was breathing raggedly and the sexual tension in her belly grew until she could hardly stand it. She came again and again, pouring her cunt juices out over her sister’s eager tongue and mouth. She tonguefucked the hot pussy in front of her face as hard as she could, even while coming herself.

Tiffany moved her mouth back a little and moaned with excitement as she saw the tightly puckered ring of her sister’s asshole. She bent forward, her nose just inches away from Alice’s ass chute, and shoved her tongue out hard against the tight, resisting ring.

“Oh, God! That’s great! Toooooo fuckin’ muuuuuuch!” Alice shrieked, her body writhing lewdly against her sister’s.

Tiffany tongue-fucked her sister up the asshole and loved every second of it. A small part of her mind detached itself and was shocked by her depraved behavior. But the shock just made the forbidden fucking all the more exciting!

Tiffany suddenly slid her body over Alice’s. Her hands lifted the girl’s knees higher. Her mouth closed over Alice’s pussy again. Her finger worked in and out of her raging asshole.

“Suck me,” Alice whispered. “Suck my pussy harder! You do it soooo good!”

Tiffany moaned happily and sucked her sister’s pussy harder and harder, nibbling at the rigid, jerking clit that seemed to be begging for release. Continuing to suck Alice’s cunt, Tiffany shifted her position slightly, putting one knee on either side of Alice’s head.

Alice opened her mouth. Tiffany’s cunt moved sensuously, teasingly up and down against the girl’s tongue. Alice’s head was in a whirl, and Tiffany was half out of her mind with a raging, hot fuck-lust that pounded through her, making her whole body shudder violently.

Alice licked Tiffany’s cunt flesh as delicious pussyjuice flowed into her mouth. She abandoned herself to the thrilling excitement of sucking her sexy sister’s cunt. Her tongue probed deeply into Tiffany’s spasming pussyhole. The squeezing heat of her sister thrilled the girl beyond belief.

She sucked and licked as if she were starved. She paced the movements of her tongue with Tiffany’s, which was still diving into Alice’s cunthole. Tiffany seemed to intuitively know every single sensitive spot in her pussy. Alice began to quiver and shake from head to toe. She jerked Tiffany’s wriggling ass down to her face, licking frenziedly into the tight asshole that gripped her tongue so lewdly.

“Oh, Jeeeeeeesus, Alice! You’re making me so fuckin’ hot!” Tiffany gasped. She moved her tongue back farther and plunged it deeply into Alice’s tight asshole. Her hips whipped back and forth, driving Alice’s probing tongue into her ass channel. Tiffany’s knees pressed against Alice’s ribs. She tilted her sister’s hips up and over her searching tongue even deeper into Alice’s asshole. She now had her tongue buried as deeply up her ass channel as she could get it.

Just seconds later, both of the horny girls came hard.

“Shove your tongue back up my cunt!” Tiffany panted. “I’m commmmmiiinnnggg! Oh, Alice! Coming!”

She slammed Alice’s legs flat. Her teeth pulled and nibbled on the orgasming girl’s swollen clit. She brought Alice off twice in a row while her cunt pressed down against the older girl’s uplifted face.

Tiffany jerked her face away from Alice, gasping for air. Her orgasm smashed through her body like a battering ram. Her knees slapped together and she doubled up, jamming her finger up her cunt, rubbing her own clit to keep herself coming.

Alice watched her with a smile on her face. Wow, she thought to herself, for a girl who’s never done anything like this before, the cunt sure learns fast!


The next afternoon, Tiffany was out by the swimming pool in the backyard. She had been swimming and her skimpy little string bikini was plastered wetly against her firm, lush body.

She was stretched out on the warm, wet tiles surrounding the pool, her legs spread wide to try to get an even tan. At least, that’s what the girl told herself. But the truth was that Tiffany was hornier than hell, and spreading her legs widely just turned her on all the more.

She knew that either of her handsome, sexy brothers would be only too glad to fuck her, but she couldn’t allow that. No, she could jerk off Steve and Ted, and she could suck their cocks and do anything else they wanted. But she couldn’t let them fuck her.

She didn’t know exactly why she felt so strongly about that, but in a way she didn’t care why. All she knew or cared about was that she was determined that no one but her beloved father would fuck her pussy. After all, she seasoned, he’s the one who’d popped my cherry, so my cunt belongs to him now.

She only wished that her father were there at that very minute so he could fuck her good and hard, the way she needed so badly! She let her hands stray over her full, firm tits, feeling the hardening nipples poking through the thin fabric of her bikini top.

She squirmed slightly on the ground, feeling her pussy beginning to drool warm, thick fuckjuice. She closed her eyes and moaned, wishing her father were there to stick his big cock right up her horny cunt!

But he had gone out earlier to run some errands, and she wasn’t sure when he was coming back. As she ran her hands over her tits, she thought about her decision not to let anyone but her father fuck her.

And she had to admit to herself that she enjoyed teasing her brothers. She liked flaunting her big tits, trim ass, and bushy cunt in their faces, letting them touch her and then pulling away with a laugh. That always gave them a good hard-on, she thought, chuckling to herself now. And she loved the sense of power over them it gave her.

She had been teasing Ted a lot lately. And, of course, she had even sucked him off and she had let him eat her pussy. He had fucked her in the ass too, she remembered, wincing, but there she had drawn the line. No pussy fucking!

Her older brother, Steve, wasn’t around the house that much these days. Between his part-time job and his steady string of adoring girlfriends, he didn’t seem to have much time for his family. But, whenever he was around, he always seemed to try to get Tiffany alone. She was so turned on by her big, handsome brother that she always made it easy for him. Then, once alone, she let him feel her up a little before dancing away out of his reach.

The last time she had let him touch her naked tits. Then, just as he had reached down to stroke her pussy, she had run away, laughing. He had run after her, swearing, but she had run into her bedroom and locked the door behind her. It still gave her a creepy sort of chill to remember the words he shouted at her through the closed door as he had stood there, pounding and yelling for her to let him. He had said, in a menacing tone she had never heard him use before, “Just you wait, Tiffany! One of these days you’re gonna pay and pay plenty for being such a cock-teasing whore!”

Just then, her thoughts were jolted back to the present by a shadow falling over her. She glanced up, startled, and saw the object of her day-dreams standing there, grinning down at her.

“Steve!” she cried, sitting up and quickly noticing the hard bulge straining against the crotch of his sexy bikini briefs.

“Hi, sexy!” Steve said, his eyes traveling from his sister’s big, full tits down to her crotch.

Glancing down at herself, Tiffany blushed as she realized that the crotch of her bikini was partly stuck between her puffy cuntlips. And, between her swim and her pussyjuices, the fabric was good and wet!

Smiling now, Tiffany deliberately spread her legs wider to give her brother an even better view of her horny pussy! The warning still rang in her thoughts but she ignored it. What can he do? she asked herself carelessly. I can tease him all I want! It’s such fun and there’s really nothing he can do about it! Hours later, the girl was to remember those thoughts, and she would realize just how little she knew about her brother, or what he was capable of!

She felt the lust growing within her as she stared up at Steve’s hard crotch. She knew she could get him to do whatever she wanted without having to let him fuck her. But she would let him think he was going to get to fuck her. She smiled again, proud of her plan. All she had to do was promise something she had no intention of delivering. Simple — or, so she thought.

She saw Steve swallowing hard, his Adam’s apple bouncing up and down as he continued to stare at her crotch. She grinned, thinking that teasing boys — especially her brothers — was such fun! It was quickly becoming her favorite pastime!

“I’m glad you came out here, Steve. I get so lonely sometimes,” she purred, watching his eyes follow her hands as she ran them over her tits. His eyes were riveted on her chest as her tits swelled and pushed against her bikini top. The nipples were growing and hardening rapidly, standing out hard against the soft fabric.

“Christ, Sis! You’d better not be teasing me!” Steve growled.

She laughed. “Why, no, Steve, of course not.” But she knew better. Oh, this was going to be so much fun, she told herself. I can drive him wild with my body. I’ll make him give me an orgasm with his hand or his sexy mouth. Then, when he can’t stand it anymore and he tries to fuck me, I’ll just run away like I did the last time! She giggled. If he only knew what I was thinking, he’d have a fit!

“What’s so funny?” Steve asked.

“Huh? No, nothing. Private joke.” Steve’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. If this cunt thinks she’s going to tease me again and then run away like she did the last time, I’ll have to show her she’s got another think coming!

“My, but your bulge is growing, Brother dear,” Tiffany said, staring at his crotch again.

“Yeah, and it’s hurting like hell right now, too! Because of you!” he growled.

“Really, Steve? Did I do that?” she asked innocently, writhing slightly on the ground, feeling her cuntlips open up as she spread her legs even wider. “Can I help you with that monster between your legs?”

“You sure could! But don’t try to tease me again, Tiff. I’m warning you, I won’t let you get away with that kind of shit anymore!”

She batted her long, thick eyelashes up at her brother and tried to look as guiltless as she possibly could. “Why, don’t be silly, honey. That was kid stuff! I wouldn’t do anything like that to you again!”

“Well, okay. I guess I should trust you. After all, you are my own sister,” he muttered, licking his lips excitedly.

She smiled. It was so easy. She had him wrapped around her little finger again. She was thrilled by the tremendous feeling of power she had over her older brother.

Suddenly, Steve pulled his bikini briefs off and Tiffany gasped with shock and excitement when she saw the full size of his enormous prick. It was a good ten inches, and every bit as long and thick as their father’s cock!

“Ohhhh, Steve,” she moaned, no longer play-acting.

The ten-inch cock was fully erect, throbbing hard as it bounced free, sticking straight out in front of him. Steve stroked his hard-on, grinning down at his sister.

“Damn, but you sure are one sexy chick, Sis. You really do turn me on. You always have! Those big tits… that ass… your long legs… and that luscious pussy…” he licked his lips again, hardly able to contain himself.

He was so glad and relieved that, at long last, his sister was willing to have him fuck her. He could hardly wait to sink all ten inches of his throbbing cockmeat up her juicy pussy!

The girl groaned with fuck-lust. But she still wasn’t about to let him fuck her up the cunt. Still, her pussy was begging for his cock so much that it slobbered its lewd juices all over her panties, the wetness running down the insides of her firm thighs. She wanted that cock. But she knew she would have to be satisfied with jerking it off — or maybe she would suck it. But, whatever she did, she wouldn’t fuck it! And if Steve thought differently, that was his problem, she told herself defiantly.

No, she could not possibly allow him to actually fuck her. If she did, she would be unfaithful to her father. He hadn’t asked her to not let anyone else fuck her. But, it was just something she wanted to do for him because she loved him so much. Besides, he can give me all the pussy-fucking I need, she told herself. It’s just that he isn’t home right now when I need him!

“Come on, Sis, let’s stop farting around. I wanna fuck!” Steve said, breaking into her thoughts.

She gasped. Wow, he was really getting right to it, wasn’t he? she thought. But she was the one in control of this situation, she reminded herself. No matter what he wanted to do, she could completely control him. She had already proven that.

“Later,” she promised, though she knew she was lying to her brother. “But, first, there are other things we can do.”

She pulled him down next to her and pressed her mouth passionately against his, fucking at his tongue with her own, their saliva mingling hotly. Steve moaned, but he pushed her away from him.

“I want to fuck you,” he repeated. “And you’re not gonna jack me off or anything like you did with Ted. I’m going to really fuck you!”

She gasped again. So, her brother had been talking. Now, Steve knew that she had been teasing not only her big brother, but Ted as well. Oh, well, she thought, mentally shrugging, what can he do about it?”

Her mind raced, wondering how she should handle her brother. She thought about letting him fuck her up her ass. But, if he did that, he would be the one in control of the situation, and she definitely did not like that idea one bit. She had to keep control over him!

She ran her tongue around the rim of his ear, stabbing her tongue inside of the tight canal like a little cock. She breathed into his ear, then bit into his earlobe gently. He groaned and ran his hands up and down her body, twisting against her.

“What’s wrong with letting me jack you off?” she whispered hotly in his car. Her hand started working up and down on his thick, bursting cock. She felt the heat and hardness in his cock and her pussy drooled out more cunt sauce, completely soaking her panties.

“Goddamn you!” Steve shouted, gripping her by her arms and shaking her hard. “You Goddamn little prick-tease! What do you mean you only want to jerk me off? You got me all hard and now I want to fuck you!”

Tiffany shrank back from her brother, alarmed by his anger. She thought about running away now and leaving him with his painful hard-on. But she needed an orgasm just as much as he did, and if she ran away now, he would be really pissed off at her!

Suddenly, the girl remembered how wonderful it had felt when her sister, Alice, had eaten her pussy, and that gave her an idea.

“Why, of course, we’ll fuck, Steve! Don’t be silly,” she laughed and slapped him playfully on his strong, muscular arm. “But why the rush? I’m surprised that a mature young man like you would be in such a hurry. If it was little Ted, I could understand it more. But, I’m surprised that someone your age doesn’t know how to hold himself back and have a little fun first before fucking!”

Steve flushed. He felt a mixture of embarrassment and anger. He was so hot for his sexy sister that he wanted to fuck her now and fuck her hard! But, she was right, be told himself. After all, he was experienced enough to know how to hold himself back and fool around a little first if that’s what will make her hot enough for a good fuck session! Besides, she promised me that she would let me fuck her, so I don’t have to worry about her running away from me again, the teen told himself.

Tiffany watched her brother as he struggled with his thoughts and conflicting emotions, and she knew she had him. Right where she had him. By the cock! She knew that he would believe her, that, he would do whatever she wanted now with the promise of fucking her later. Only, what he didn’t know was that she wasn’t going to let him fuck her. Not now, not ever! If he believes me, she thought, that’s his tough luck!

“Want to eat me out?” she asked, pulling down her juice-soaked panties. She tore her top off at the same time and watched her brothers mouth hanging open as he stared at the blonde triangular patch of pussy fur between her legs.

“Oh, God, Tiff,” he sighed, his eyes still fixed on the damp cunt fur.

“What’cha waiting for, Brother? Eat me out, Steve! Lick my cunt!” she cried, raising her knees and opening her cuntlips with her fingers so that the pink inner lips fluttered and beckoned to him.

“Oh, yeah, Sis, you got it!”

Steve cried out as he dived down to the tasty meal of pussy meat offered him. His tongue lashed out and licked the entire length of the throbbing, wet cuntlips. I’ll fuck her later, he told himself. She’s right. There’s time enough for that later. But, now I’m gonna tonguefuck her, with pleasure!

The blonde sobbed with the intensity of fuck-lust now raging inside her. She could feel her brother lapping up and down her puffy, turgid cuntlips with his rough tongue, and she groaned with pleasure, twisting and writhing beneath her big brother’s hot, grasping mouth.

She held herself up on her shoulders, her fingers still holding open her pussy lips for her brother. She felt wanton, completely lewd and abandoned, and she loved the feeling!

“Eat me out good, Steve!” she begged. “Drive your tongue all the way up my aching pussy!”

“I’ve never felt a cunt clinging to my tongue like that. I can’t wait to fuck my big cock up your tiny cunthole!”

Tiffany grinned. Little did her brother know that that was one treat he was never to know. She let her head fall back and closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt his tongue stabbing deeply inside her tight cunthole. Her pussy muscles grabbed his tongue hard and held it against her trembling cunt walls. Then they released it, letting him plunge into her again.

He expertly ate her pussy, alternating between tongue-fucking her cunthole and strumming her twitching little clit. He used his entire mouth on his sisters cunt. His teeth, tongue, lips, all were used to bring the girl closer and closer to her much-needed orgasm.

“Ohhhh, Steve, your mouth feels heavenly on my cunt! Make me come! Eat meeee!” she cried, bucking her hips up to grind her crotch against his sucking face.

Everything Steve did to Tiffany’s pussy thrilled the girl beyond belief. His hot breath on her bursting clit his nose burrowed into the twitching cunt flesh, his lips caressing her cuntlips, his tongue probing into her fuckhole… all of his sexy pussy-eating movements sent jolts of sexual electricity zinging through her entire body.

With a loud groan of fuck-lust, Steve slid his rough, skilled tongue into her cunthole and stroked along the soft, trembling walls of her cunt. He felt her pussy walls clutching wildly at his tongue. Then, it slid free.

He eagerly lapped up all of her fuck-juices, enjoying the taste of his sister’s cunt sauce. It was tangy and delicious, just as he had known it would be!

“More!” she begged, writhing more violently on the ground in a fit of fuck-lust. “Deeper! Harder! More! Give it to me! Fuck me with your tongue, you bastard! Fill my entire pussy up with your tongue! Fuck me with it!” she cried over and over.

He sucked her clit into his mouth, then tongued the pointy tip of it until he had her writhing and thrashing around on the tiles like a fish out of water. She was totally lost in her world of fuck-lust now, unaware of everything except the hot, exciting tongue inside her pussy, and the orgasm she needed so badly!

As Steve sucked harder and harder on her clit, using his sharp teeth on the slippery sides of the jerking nub of clit-flesh, she thrust her ass up from the ground, mashing her crotch hard against his sucking face.

Suddenly, with another groan, Steve shot his finger up his sister’s asshole, and she screamed in joy.

“Ahhhh! Fuck my asshole! Finger-fuck it, Steve! Eat my pussy! Ohhh, God!” she cried, hardly knowing what she was saying.

But, even as she was consumed with fuck lust, a part of Tiffany’s mind remained clear, thrilling to the notion that she had complete control and power over her big brother. He had wanted to fuck her, and she hadn’t let him. She had wanted him to eat her pussy, and that was exactly what he was doing. Soon, she told herself, he’ll be giving me the orgasm I need. Then, I can run off and he’ll never get the fuck he thinks he’ll get from me! The thrill the girl felt from having such power over her sexy, handsome brother just added to her lust, turning her on all the more powerfully.

“More, Steve! More of that hot tongue inside my cunt! Tongue-fuck me goood and haaaard!” she begged.

She lifted her ass off the tiles as her brother continued to finger-fuck her asshole. He used the same rhythm with his tongue, driving it deep into her seething cunt with just the right speed to make her wild, but not fast enough to make her come yet.

Over and over, Steve drove his finger hard into his sister’s tight, resisting asshole, feeling her ass muscles clamping down around his finger.

The combination of feeling her brother’s tongue reaming out her pussy while his finger fucked into her asshole was enough to bring the girl over the edge, and she came hard.

“Aaaaarrrggghhhh!” she cried, as her orgasm hit her full force. Her pussy exploded, sending out torrents of thick, creamy juice, which Steve quickly swallowed, his cock growing even harder as he felt his sister’s cunt coming around his tongue.

“Commmmiiinnnggg!” she shouted as the peak of her climax struck her. She shook violently as her orgasm rocketed through her, leaving her pussy quaking and twitching with relief and pleasure.


The instant her orgasm subsided, Steve raised his juice-smeared face from between her legs and grinned down at her. “Okay, baby, no more game-playing. Let’s fuck!”

“No!” Tiffany yelled, scrambling to her feet, her sudden movement making her big tits jiggle and bounce attractively.

“What?” Steve cried, surprised by her change of attitude. “You said after I ate you out, we’d fuck!”

She grinned down at him, still feeling as if she had all the power in the situation. “I know what I said, but I lied, Steve! I’m not gonna let you fuck me! Not now! Not ever!”

With that, she ran across the yard toward the house and safety. She could hear Steve pounding behind her, trying to catch her, and she laughed at him over her shoulder, knowing that she had too much of a head start for him to catch her now. She had nothing to fear, she had won. Once again, she had shown her brother who was boss.

Suddenly, her brother, Ted, was standing in front of her, barring her way.

“Outta my way, Ted! Steve’s chasing me!” she yelled.

Ted laughed cruelly, catching her and holding her close to him. “I know. And it’s about time. I’m gonna help him catch you!”

“No!” she yelled, pulling away from him.

Tiffany turned and ran in the other direction across the yard. Now both Ted and Steve were chasing her, and she was no longer so sure that she could get away. They were between her and the house so all she could hope to do was to keep running in circles until she could get back near the house’s backdoor.

She was starting to feel a real fear forming in the pit of her tummy at this turn of events. Her brother, Ted, had really surprised her. If both he and Steve caught her… She shivered, not wanting to think about what they could do to her.

Confused and frightened, she ran past the bathhouse and right into a dead end. She gasped and whirled around, thinking of retracing her steps toward her freedom. But, there in front of her was her father, with her brothers not far behind!

“Daddy!” she cried, at first glad to see him. He’ll save me, she thought. But then, she saw the look on his face and she shrank back from him. “Daddy… what…”

“Tiffany, you’ve been playing your cock teasing games just a bit too long now. You’ve driven your poor brothers half crazy and they’ve had enough! I won’t have any daughter of mine a prick-tease!”

“Oh, Daddy, no, what are you gonna…” she tried to side-step past him but he caught her by the shoulders and held her there easily in his strong, powerful grip.

At that point Steve and Ted ran up to them, breathless and excited. “Good work, Dad!” Steve said, clapping his father on the back.

The three males exchanged a look, and Tiffany knew finally that all hope of escape was gone. They were all in this together, and they had no intention of letting her go.

“She wouldn’t let me fuck her pussy, Dad,” Ted said, his eyes taking in the sexy sight of his sister’s heaving tits, their large nipples hard and throbbing.

“Yeah, and you know about me,” Steve muttered, flashing her a look filled with anger. “Did you watch the whole thing from the bathhouse the way we planned it, Dad?”

Mark nodded. “Right. After the cunt thought I’d left to run some errands, I sneaked back here and watched her doing her usual cock-teasing number with you, Steve. I felt like going out there and slapping her silly for what she was doing to you!”

Tiffany could hardly believe her own ears. They had planned this whole thing! And, all the time, she had felt so smug, believing that she was the one in power. What a fool she had been! She felt like crying.

“And I stayed by the backdoor, watching you guys,” Ted added. “Sure gave me a hard-on watching you eat her pussy, Steve.”

“Yeah, I’ll say!” Mark laughed.

“But… but… how did you know I, wasn’t gonna let you fuck me, Steve? What if I had?” she asked, blubbering now, tears of fear and humiliation pouring from her wide, dazed eyes.

Steve laughed cruelly. “We know you by now, you cunt! We were pretty sure you were gonna do another cock-teasing number on me out here. And we wanted to be ready for you! But, if you did change your mind and let me fuck you, great! Dad and Ted would have come on outside for their share of your pussy!”

Tiffany turned her tear-filled eyes to her father, who still had a powerful grip on her arms, not letting her escape. “But, Daddy,” she murmured. “I always let you fuck me! I wanted you to fuck me! Why are you treating me this way?”

Her father’s face was a mask of anger as he stared at her. “Sure, you let me fuck you, but you wouldn’t let jour own brothers fuck your pussy even after you made their cocks all hard, even after lying to them and saying you’d let them fuck you! There’s nothing I hate more in the world than a cock-tease and you, my dear, are the biggest, Goddamn cock-tease I ever saw! And, now, your brothers and I are going to show you what happens to pretty prick-teasers like you!”

He suddenly let go of her arms and she backed up, her arms trying to hide her tits. But, the stiff tips of her nipples poked between her fingers and tightened even more. The fear in her tummy made her heart pound faster, rushing more blood into her tits and her pussy.

She looked around wildly and then quickly realized she had nowhere to run. Behind her was a high wall. On one side was the bathhouse and on the other, tall trees and dense shrubbery. In front of her were her brothers and father, all looking at her menacingly as they advanced on her.

“Please, no,” she begged, standing there nakedly in front of the three males. “Don’t do anything to me!”

“We’ll do anything we Goddamn well please to you!” Steve snapped.

And he came toward her, his prick poking between her legs. She tried to hold him off, to keep her legs pressed tightly together. But, the more she struggled, the more he laughed, and she knew she was just turning him on all the more. Her balled-up fists struck him on his broad, powerful back. She tried to knee him in his crotch, but that only opened up her pussy to his probing cock.

She felt three pairs of hands on her as she was forced down onto the ground. Her father and Ted were holding her arms so she had no chance of escape. Steve was kneeling between her legs.

“Nooooo!” she moaned, writhing and twisting as much as she could.

But they had her pinned so tightly to the ground that the blonde could hardly move. She was forced to lie there and wait for her big brother to fuck her against her will! Rape! she thought. They’re going to rape me!

She almost passed out with shock when Steve’s big, hard prick shot up against her swollen cuntlips. The feel of his hot, demanding ten-incher so close to the very spot where she had been denying any man entry except her father made her senses reel.

She weakened out of fear and shock, allowing her brother to surge forward and drive his prick into her cunt. She gasped as he penetrated her cunthole.

“Aieeee!” she screamed in protest as she felt Steve’s big, ten-inch rod of raw, pulsing cockmeat fucking into her pussy.

“Way to go, Son,” Mark laughed as he and Ted still held her down so that she could hardly move.

“Yeah, fuck her good, Steve!” Ted yelled.

“I’ll fuck her good, all right!” Steve shouted, grinning with triumph now. “I’ll fuck this girl so good and hard that she’ll be sorry she ever tried to tease us!”

“Noooo, nooo, oh, God, nooooo,” the girl weakly moaned, tossing her head from side to side.

Her brother was raping her! And that knowledge filled her with a red-hot rage and a deep, burning humiliation. And the girl had no doubt now that Ted and her father fully intended to rape her, too! How could she ever bear this treatment, this humiliation?

She arched her back to try to move away but her movement just caused her cunt to mash down hard around Steve’s prick.

“Sweet, very sweet,” he grunted, loving the way she was moving.

Tiffany sobbed hard, tears of rage and humiliation pouring from her eyes. She struggled in vain against the hold her father and brother had on her. But there was nothing she could do. She had to let her brother rape her! “Stop it,” she pleaded weakly, “you’re hurting me, Steve! This is rape! How can you rape your own sister?”

“Easy!” Steve spat out savagely. “Because you fucking deserve it, you cock-tease! Flaunting those big tits and sexy ass and pussy all around the way you do and expecting me to do everything you want, but never letting me fuck you! You deserve to be raped and to be raped good and hard!”

He clenched his teeth and brutally jerked, sending his prick racing even deeper into her pussy. She screamed, and her entire body shivered and shuddered under the raping impact. He ground his hips in a circular motion, digging his cock into her pussy even further. She felt her puffy cuntlips bruising under the savage assault.

But, deep down, the girl realized that Steve was right. Everything he had just said was true. She did have this rape coming, she realized it now. With a deep sense of shame and guilt, she sobbed harder than ever. How could she ever have treated her brother that way? If only she had another chance… But she didn’t, and she knew that her punishment wouldn’t stop until all three cocks had rammed into her cunt!

Suddenly, a feeling of pleasure began to sweep over her and she moaned again, but this time out of fuck-lust. She was really beginning to turn on to her brutal rape!

Steve continued to fuck his big ten-inch cock into his sister’s juicy pussy just as hard as he could. He knew he was giving her pain with each fuck-stroke, and he was glad. The cunt had it coming!

“Ohhhhh, God, Steve!” Tiffany groaned, and then came.

The familiar sensation of a hot orgasm blasted through her cunt, making her entire body jerk and writhe lewdly. She felt the sharp contractions in her pussy walls as they squeezed down powerfully on the raping cock buried inside her cunt.

“Goddamn, the cunt is coming! This prick-tease is having the orgasm of her fucking life!” Steve groaned through clenched teeth.

“Figures,” her father laughed. “She always was hot for cock. Just didn’t wanna admit it!”

“Fuck her good, Steve!” Ted panted, only holding onto her with one hand now while he stroked his growing hard-on with his free hand.

“I don’t think we have to hold her down anymore, Son,” Mark said to Ted; “We have more important things to do.”

Ted frowned at his dad. What could be more important than holding his sexy big sister down so his brother could rape, her? Then, as he watched his father stripping off his clothes and beginning to jerk himself off, the teen got the idea. Grinning, he imitated his father’s actions until, very soon, both of them were completely naked and pulling on their big, hard pricks.

Tiffany saw them out of the corner of her eye, and the sight of her father and brother jerking themselves off right in front of her while her other brother raped her turned her on so powerfully that she came again.

“Ohhhhh, commmmiiinnnggg!” she groaned as another pounding climax shot through her, making her pussy grab hold of her brother’s big cock again, squeezing it practically to death!

“What a hot pussy!” Steve groaned, ramming her faster and harder flow. The Goddamn whore had already come twice and he only wanted to shoot off once, he thought to himself.

The teen was free to move, now that she was no longer being held down. And she did move, violently. But this time, she wasn’t moving to try to get away from her rape. This time she moved to bring even more pleasure to her brother and herself while he continued to fuck into her savagely.

She twisted and writhed on the ground, arching her back, lifting her ass up from the ground, bucking her hips up, mashing her crotch up hard against his, helping him bury all ten inches of his hot, pounding cock with each brutal thrust.

She couldn’t think of anything now except the sheer joy of being fucked hard by her big brother. He was ramming his big cock into her pussy with all his force, and she loved it, and wanted more!

“Fuck you… fuck you… fuck you… little cock-tease!” Steve chanted over and over as he continued to fuck her as hard as he could.

Each single thrust of his prick into her gripping, juicy cunt just added fuel to the fire already out of control between her legs. And, when he lifted her ass off the ground, using only his cock buried inside her pussy, she came again. His massive prick touched nerves and areas in her pussy that had been aching to be touched by a cock.

He fucked her fully, totally, ramming her harder and deeper with each savage fucking stroke into her juicy, twitching pussy.

“More,” she sobbed. “I need it all! Fuck me as hard and fast as you can!

She came again as she was begging him for more. She couldn’t seem to stop herself — not that she wanted to! It was as if her trembling little pussy had a will all its own.

“So the cock-teasing slut wants more, huh?” Steve taunted her. “Isn’t that just like a lousy prick-teaser? First, you refuse to let me into your pussy! Now, you can’t get enough of my cock! All you cock-teasing pussies are alike!”

She raised her head and watched the huge prick slipping repeatedly between her swollen, wet pussylips. Her cunt opened eagerly each time to allow her brother’s prick to fuck into it. With each fuck-thrust, he buried his cock balls-deep inside her pussy.

Her cunt expanded to make room for the long, thick prick that relentlessly fucked into it. The inner walls of her pussy took his cock and then clutched hard at it. She tensed and relaxed her pussy muscles around Steve’s prick each time he fucked into her.

Steve reached underneath his writhing, horny sister and gripped her ass cheeks in a firm hold. He kneaded the cheeks of her ass, pulling and rotating them lewdly. Tiffany didn’t really understand what he was doing, but it filled her body with even mote pleasure, and she loved it!

“Ohhhhh, Steve,” she moaned, tossing her head from side to side, her long, thick, blonde hair cascading over her face as her head swung back and forth.

She glanced up and saw her father and little brother still fondling their pricks. She licked her lips excitedly as she saw the size of their cocks! They both looked as if they were about to burst, and she realized that she could hardly wait to feel them fucking into her cunt!

“Fuck you… fuck you… deeper and harder…” Steve groaned.

His face was contorted with fuck-lust now. He closed his eyes and arched his back to drive his prick even deeper into his little sister’s softly yielding pussy. He clawed at her asscheeks with his strong fingers. Each fuck-stroke made his balls slap lewdly against her upturned ass.

Tiffany moaned loudly, more turned on than ever. She longed to feel her brother’s cum rushing into her pussy. And, she knew that when she did, she would probably have the biggest orgasm of her life!

She groaned and reached for her brother, puffing him closer to her, clawing at his chest with her long, sharp fingernails, beside herself with lust now.

“Commmmmiiinnnggg!” Steve finally yelled, still pumping furiously into her pussy as a hot rush of cum filled her cunt to overflowing. Spurt after spurt of thick, creamy goo shot into her pussy, ran out between her drenched cuntlips, and dripped lewdly down her legs, soaking into the ground beneath her.

“Ohhhhh, Steve, gimme all your cum!” the teen screamed as she came powerfully.

Just as she had thought, this was one of the most thunderous orgasm she had ever experienced. Steve continued to plow into her cunt while she floated on waves of hot, forbidden pleasure that tore through her entire body.


Steve’s orgasm finally ended and he pulled his softening prick out of Tiffany’s pussy, backing away to make room for his father and brother, who were eagerly waiting to fuck her.

Tiffany lay on the ground, a smile on her face, her eyes still lust-dazed, a river of jism leaking from between her bloated cuntlips.

“Your turn,” Steve said. “She’s all yours. Mark and his son, Ted, grinned at each other. They glanced at their pricks, both of which were rock-hard now. But Mark realized that, as a man of considerable fucking experience, he could probably hold back much longer than his son. With that in mind, he thought it would make more sense if Ted fucked Tiffany first. Then Mark would only too gladly take his long-awaited turn.

“She’s all yours, Ted. Fuck her good. Then I’ll take my turn!” he told his son, who was all but drooling at the idea of finally being able to fuck his sexy big sister in her cunt!

“Great!” Ted cried, moving toward his sister. “Up on your hands and knees, Sis. I want to put it to you dog-style. This’ll be my very first pussy-fuck and that’s the way I want it!”

He spoke in a demanding tone, as if Tiffany were arguing with him. But the girl had said nothing and was already scrambling up on her hands and knees, eager to feel her little brother’s cock shooting into her pussy dogstyle!

With her ass wiggling so nakedly in the air, Tiffany felt exposed and excited. She was feeling a rush of fuck lust that threatened to overwhelm her. The blonde teenager was helpless before the three males but she couldn’t help but feel a hot, stark desire for that huge prick jerking and bucking so powerfully in front of Ted’s groin.

Ted dropped to his knees behind her. She shivered as she felt his hands moving along her sides, reaching around her trembling body and finding her big tits. He gripped them and squeezed them hard. She moaned but it was with pleasure. She loved the painful sensations rippling through her chest.

“It gets better,” he murmured. “But first I want to make sure, you’re big cock!”

His hands circled the bases of her tits, then slowly moved to the pointy nipples. He squeezed harder and harder as he went, as if he were milking her. Tiffany felt the aroused blood in her tits throbbing hotly.

“Mmmmmm, my tits are on fire!” she sobbed.

“This’ll heat them up even more,” Ted muttered, enjoying the fact that the tables were turned on the cock-teasing girl. He was the one who was in control now.

Tiffany didn’t mind the fact that she was no longer the one in power. She almost wanted her brother to do whatever he wanted to her.

She had to admit to herself that she had loved it when Steve had raped her. What would happen next? she wondered, turning on more and more to her helplessness.

“Fuck her good, Son,” Mark said, stroking his hard cock. “She’s got it coming. Remember that.”

Her father’s lewd words excited the girl even more. The hands on her tits made her nipples swell and pulse wildly. They felt as if they would pop any second. And the way her heart was pounding, she could hardly breathe. Her entire body shivered uncontrollably when she felt the long, thick shaft of Ted’s prick pushing between her thighs. The tip of his heavy prick raked along her bloated cuntlips, making the girl moan with desire.

She sobbed louder now, tears running down her cheeks. She knew that she was nothing more than a toy to her father and brothers now. But, she had been using them in much the same way, she realized, especially when she got Steve all hot and horny and then didn’t let him fuck her.

“Ohhhhh!” she yelled as she felt the broad purplish knob of Ted’s prick part her slick pussy lips and enter her trembling cunthole.

“Unnnhhhh,” Ted grunted, trying to ram his cock balls-deep into his sister’s cunt. She wiggled her hips helpfully, allowing her brother to shoot his prick in to the hilt.

“Fuck her good, Bro,” urged Steve, whose cock was already growing hard again.

Grinning with excitement, Ted worked his nine-inch prick slowly in and out of his big sister’s hot, juicy pussy. The beautiful teenager moaned, beginning to writhe on the ground.

The feel of her brother’s prick moving slowly against her hot, steamy cunt walls thrilled the girl more than she would have thought possible. She should have been screaming for help. She should have been yelling and begging for mercy because, after all, her brothers and father were raping her!

But, though she could hardly believe it, the girl was enjoying her rape. And she knew that she deserved it. But, more than that, she was enjoying the rough way her father and brothers were treating her. It thrilled her, turning her on more and more.

As her brother continued to fuck into her pussy, she raised her head and saw her father and Steve stroking their hard-ons, and she whimpered with even more excitement. She knew that, as soon as Ted was through with her cunt, her father would fuck her. And who knows? she thought. Maybe Steve would want to “rape” her again! The thought should have terrified her, but it didn’t. Instead, it filled her with a hot, pounding fuck lust, which made her entire body tremble.

Her just-raped cunt hurt her like hell, and the pain was made even worse by Ted’s cock, which was rubbing hard against the sore, bruised cunt-flesh. But, she didn’t care. Somehow, the pain only added to her pleasure, making her hotter and wetter than ever.

Gallons of warm, thick cuntjuice oozed from the girl’s ravaged cunthole, overflowing her pussy and trickling lewdly down her slender, trembling thighs.

“Hurry it up, Ted,” Mark muttered, fondling his rock-hard ten-inch prick. “If you don’t I’m gonna cream all over the place!”

“Hang on, Dad. This is too good to hurry up. I love this little slut’s pussy! Damn, but it’s tight! It’s squeezing my cock like it’ll never let go!” Ted groaned his voice thick with lust.

At her brother’s words, Tiffany worked her strong, tight cunt muscles even harder around the teen’s huge, hard cock. Her cunt was giving him a working over that he wouldn’t soon forget, she thought, smiling to herself.

“Finish fucking her so Dad can fuck the little whore!” Steve said; “And, since I’m getting horny all over again, just watching this hot action, I’ll have another crack at her when he’s done!”

“No… no… please, no…” Tiffany moaned, meaning that she didn’t want Ted to hurry up. She liked the slow, deliberate way he was fucking her!

“Shut up, you stupid cunt!” Ted growled, slapping her hard on her quivering ass cheeks, leaving his red handprints on the lily-white assflesh. “You’ve been cock teasing me long enough! Now you’re gonna pay for it!” Obviously he thought that her “no” meant that she didn’t want to be fucked!

Ted speeded up and used short, quick fuckstrokes now, which made the girl gasp. She felt as if she were on fire inside. The constant cock-friction burned away her cunt oils as fast as they poured out and the cock head slid painfully against her trembling cunt walls.

“Ohhhh, God, it hurts, Ted! You’re hurting me!” she wailed.

“Good!” Ted said and his brother and father laughed along with him.

“Way to go, Ted!” Steve said, the sound of approval in his manly voice. “Fuck the little bitch good and hard!”

“Yeah, don’t worry about hurting the little whore!” Mark growled.

“Who’s worrying?” Ted panted. He gripped Tiffany’s hips firmly and pulled her back against his crotch with each and every one of his rapid cock-thrusts.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, my God! Yeeeooowww!” the beautiful girl screamed with pain and pleasure.

And, suddenly, she came. Bright flashes of colored lights danced before her eyes as the girl’s orgasm tore through her. She screamed and moaned and felt tears of relief and pleasure running down her cheeks.

Her entire body flushed as her blood rushed hotly through her, making her tits swell even more and their large nipples throbbed painfully. The lewd tit-throbbing turned her on even more and made her orgasm continue even longer than it otherwise would have.

“Oh, God, more!” she finally yelled. “I want more cock!” Ted laughed delightedly. “See, guys?” he said, glancing at his father and brother. “The little bitch loves my cock! I never thought the little prick-tease would ever admit it!”

“You think I was fucking you before? That was nothing! I’m gonna really fuck you now, slut!” Ted yelled.

He really fucked her cunt hard then. His big, pulsing prick was like a fucking machine. It drilled her pussy hard and fast, sinking all nine inches into her hot, humid depths. She felt her cunt walls crushing down powerfully on his cock as she came again.

Panting, she began to ram her hips back, managing to get her brother’s cock into her cunt even deeper. The feel of his throbbing cockhead thrusting all the way into the depths of her pussy pushed her over the edge and she came yet again.

“Jeeeesus Christ!” Ted roared, continuing to fuck her as hard and fast as he could. “I can’t hold back much longer. She’s crushing my prick so hard I can hardly stand it!”

“Keep on fucking her, Son,” Mark urged. “You’re doing fine. You’re really teaching her a lesson!”

“Ohhh, shit!” Ted cried, his entire body twitching as the teen fought down the rising tide of cum. His balls were lurching and tumbling violently in the hairy bag beneath his long, hard cock. His heavy load of cum was boiling, threatening to explode any second.

He forced himself to calm down so he wouldn’t come too soon. But it wasn’t easy. This was his first fuck and he was even more excited than he had expected.

His sister was so gorgeous and her pussy turned him on beyond belief. Even though he had never fucked any other chick before, the teen had an idea that his big sister had one of the sexiest, juiciest pussies imaginable!

“Ohhhhh, yesssss, Ted, fuck me!” Tiffany cried.

She felt the beginning of another climax, and the powerful sensation made her feel weak all over. She rested her forehead on her crossed forearms, still shoving her ass forcefully back against her brother’s crotch. His cock penetrated her cunt even more deeply as both of the lovers approached orgasm.

She tensed and relaxed her pussy walls around his hard-fucking prick, giving him an exciting massage that made the teen groan with pleasure and excitement. His prick swelled up even more on the hot, wet depths of her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, yeah, baby, work that cunt of yours on my cock!” he groaned.

He had been fucking into her with short, quick strokes in a natural, instinctive fucking rhythm. But now his body assumed total control. He fucked hard and deep with no rhythm at all. But neither he nor Tiffany cared. Both of the teenagers were completely lost in their own world of blinding, hot fuck-lust.

Suddenly, his balls exploded, sending gushers of white, hot cum shooting deeply into the girl’s pussy. She felt her brother’s jism spurting into her and she cried out with joy and excitement.

“Awwwww, yessss, Teddy! Shoot your stuff! Shoot it all up my pussy! I love it!” she screamed as gallons of Ted’s gooey jism pumped into her hungrily sucking cunt, making her come again.

A fresh flood of warm, thick pussyjuice shot from her cunthole and spilled out from between her bloated pussylips, dribbling obscenely down her legs.

Panting heavily, Ted finally fell backwards on his heels, his prick finally going limp.

“Goddamn! What a tight cunt! Never felt anything like it!” he cried.

“Oooooooh,” Tiffany moaned, her pussy still burning hotly from the savage fucking her brother had just given her. She was completely fucked out, feeling as if she didn’t even want to see another cock for a long time.

But she hadn’t counted on her father, who came toward her now, his big ten-inch prick sticking straight out from his hairy crotch.

Suddenly, the girl glanced up and she gasped with shock and horror. Steve’s cock was now rock-hard again and he grinned lewdly at her as he fingered it, making it obvious that he fully intended to have another turn with her pussy! And her father was coming toward her with a gleam in his eyes, and Tiffany knew that when he fucked her, it wouldn’t be gently! She knew he was still good and angry with her, and that he wanted to punish her with his big, hard cock.

The beautiful teenager panicked. She had already been through so much! And, even though she had enjoyed it when Ted had fucked her and, yes, even when Steve had raped her, enough was enough! She was fucked out now, and did not at all like the idea of both Steve and Mark ramming their big cocks into her unwilling pussy. She had had more than enough orgasms for one day, thank you very much, she thought as she scrambled nervously to her feet.

Now that she no longer, had a prick in her pussy, all the girl could feel in her cunt was pain. A hollow, aching red-hot pain from the savage way she had been fucked. Her pussy had been torn apart by Steve and Ted. And, she decided in a flash that she couldn’t allow Steve and her father to fuck her. She had to escape, naked or not.

As her father moved toward her, she turned and ran, catching them all off guard. They had heard her cries of pleasure while Ted was fucking his big prick into her, and they had relaxed their guard on the girl. Her erotic, lewd behavior while being fucked had convinced her brothers and father that running away from their cocks was the last thing she had in mind!

Tiffany ran as fast as she could, feeling jism leaking from her cunt and down the insides of her legs, her long blonde hair flying from side to side as she tried frantically to escape from her raping tormentors.

She had gotten over halfway across the yard toward the house before her father caught up with her. She felt his strong arm around her waist picking her up off her feet.

“Forget it, cunt!” Mark spat out. “You’re not going anywhere. You still haven’t learned your lesson yet, have you?”

“Yes, I have, Daddy!” the terrified girl screamed, uselessly struggling in her father’s powerful arms as he hauled her back across the lawn where her grinning brother stood waiting, their cocks hard and standing at attention. “I swear I have! All of you were right! I was being a cock-teaser! But no more, I swear. You’ve taught me a good lesson! You were right to do what you did! I’ll never tell anyone that Steve and Ted raped me if you let me go now. Please!”

“Why, you holier-than-thou bitch!” Mark yelled, setting her down on her feet and slapping her hard across her face several times, easily holding her with one muscular arm. “So, you won’t tell anyone that we ‘raped’ you, eh? Damn nice of you, you little whore, since not only did you ask for it but once you felt a big fat cock up your cunt, you got so hot that you practically raped your brothers instead of the other way around!”

Mark was furious now. He was crazy about his daughter, and more turned on by her than he ever had been by any other chick he had ever met in his life, but her cock-teasing, righteous ways were really getting to him. He had to teach her a lesson once and for all now. Better that it come from him, since he really did care about her, he figured. Otherwise, some day, some punk would get ahold of her and, in trying to teach her a lesson, might not know when to quit. He could even end up killing her! With that in mind. Mark decided to give her a lesson she would never forget! She’d hate him for it for a while, but someday, she would be grateful. He would be doing it for her own good.

He thrust his fingers in his daughter’s long, silken, blonde hair and dragged her across the lawn.

“Aieeeee! No, Daddy, let me go! I’ll scream!” Tiffany shouted, her scalp on fire. She couldn’t believe that her own loving father would treat her this way. She was filled with humiliation and anger.

He laughed cruelly. “So scream! Big deal! There’s no one around to hear you. And even if there were, all I’d have to do is explain your behavior and I’m sure they’d agree with what I’m going to do to you.”

By now Tiffany and her father had reached her brothers and they laughed along with their father, more excited than ever by the rough treatment their father was giving the beautiful, sexy, girl.

“What do you mean, Daddy? What are you going to do to me?” she asked fearfully, trembling all over.

Mark ignored her question. He looked at Steve. “Steve, go get that old paddle out of the garage.”

“The paddle?” Steve asked incredulously, his eyes widening as he read his father’s mind.

“Right. The paddle that I used to have to use on you kids once in a while when you were little. This little bitch really needs to be punished!”


“No, Daddy, nooooooo!” Tiffany screamed in terror. “You can’t beat me! You can’t!”

The girl struggled futilely in her father’s arms while he waited for her brother to return with the paddle he intended to use on her! She screamed and kicked and tried to fight. But her father and Ted only laughed at her powerless efforts. She was trapped and totally at their mercy.

She went cold all over. But the cold lump of fear that was forming in her belly felt strange to her. And, then she realized that it was a mixture of fear and excitement. She didn’t understand. Why would she be excited about getting hit?

She couldn’t seem to keep her eyes away from Ted’s and Mark’s pricks. They both had super hard-ons now, and she licked her lips unconsciously as she stared at the large, thick meaty cocks bobbing in front of her.

“When Steve gets back here with that paddle, you and he can hold the cunt down while I swat that, lily-white ass of hers! Okay?”

“Okay, Dad! Okay!” Ted cried, fingering his hardening cock. He could hardly wait to see his father beating Tiffany’s ass!

“No, you can’t do this to me, Daddy! You can’t get away with raping me and beating me.”

But her father’s and brother’s loud, cruel laughter drowned out her words. “Ha!” Mark thundered. “Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do with you. You’re my daughter and it’s up to me to punish you! And there’s not a fuckin’ thing you can do about it, you slut!”

“Here’s the paddle, Dad!” Steve panted, running up to them. His cock was so hard now that it was flat up against his belly, and Tiffany moaned when she saw it.

Before the girl knew what was happening, her father and brothers had her stretched face-down on the lawn. Ted and Steve held her down easily while her father stood over her, smacking the large paddle against the palm of his hand.

“Okay, bitch, get ready! Enjoy your punishment!” Mark growled as he raised the paddle.

Tiffany almost passed out when the paddle smashed against her trembling ass cheeks. The pain shot all the way through her body. But the pain eased after a few seconds and she felt her pussy beginning to drool. She had been right before… she was responding sexually to her beating!

“Stop it, Daddy! Oh, please stop! Oh, God!” she cried.

She shrieked in pain as the paddle landed with a loud “thunk” on her firm ass again. The heat boiling up from her pussy filled her entire body, thrilling the girl, who secretly hoped that her father wouldn’t stop beating her!

“That’s great, Dad!” Steve yelled. “Hit her again!”

“Yeah, Dad! The stupid cunt has it coming!” Ted agreed.

Both of the teens were stroking her growing hard-ons now, their eyes riveted to the sexy sight of their sexy sister sprawled helplessly on the ground while their father beat her ass with the paddle. She was no longer struggling to get away and Ted and Steve held her down easily with only one hand while they used their free hands to jerk themselves off!

“Damned right I’ll hit her again! This whore has to learn her lesson!” Mark yelled as he brought the large paddle down onto her ass again.

“Yeeeooowww!” she cried. She felt the heat from her reddened ass spreading into her by and spreading like wild-fire through her loins.

Her father’s blows landed with a relentless rhythm that jarred her entire body every single time. She moaned with a mingled sense of pain and pleasure, losing count of the number of blows that rained down on her helpless ass.

Mark continued to beat his daughter’s ass until the girl felt nothing but a rosy warm glow in her ass, and a hot, exciting juiciness in her pussy! Her ass was on fire, igniting her cunt into a raw, pulsing hunger. She didn’t know why she should be so turned on by the spanking but she was. Her pussy drooled out steady streams of her thick fuck juices until they ran down her legs.

And, suddenly, all Tiffany could think of was cock. A big, hard cock sticking up her hungry pussy. She needed to be fucked!

She felt her father’s tongue licking her thighs, lapping up all of her juices. The hot pleasure she felt from his rough, pink, darting tongue made her come. The yard twisted crazily around her as she came and she felt dizzy and weak with the impact of her orgasm.

“Yeah, I think that about does it, boys,” Mark said, stroking her ass, which was reddened from the blows it had taken. “I think she’s ready.”

“Ready for what, Dad?” Ted asked eagerly.

“I told you it would be my turn next. I’m gonna fuck her up the ass!” Mark said.

“No!” Tiffany screamed. “You can’t do that! Your cock’s too huge! It’ll tear me up!”

Even though just a moment before she had been super turned on, and even though she had already been fucked in the ass by Ted, the thought of Mark’s ten inches of cockmeat tearing up her asshole filled the girl with stark raving terror.

“Shut up, cunt!” Mark roared, slapping her bruised asscheeks brutally. “I’m gonna show you what it’s like having a man fucking up your ass. Admit it! You’re turned on by the idea!”

The horny teenager didn’t even trust herself to answer. The feel of her father’s hand stroking her naked ass did turn her on. The lewd words he spat out at her turned her on. And, the sight of three hard-ons just waiting to fuck into her turned her on. But she was still terrified by the idea of her father forcing his huge battering ram of a cock up her tiny asshole!

“Please don’t, Daddy,” she murmured weakly, her voice quivering. “Don’t do it! You’ll tear me apart. I promise not to ever act like a cock-tease again!”

“Too late for that kind of a promise, my dear,” her father said scornfully. “Fucking you in your ass is just the thing to teach you a good lesson. Besides, punishment is supposed to hurt, you stupid bitch!”

“Go on, Dad, ass-fucking the whore! We want to see you do it!” Ted urged, stroking his growing hard-on.

“Yeah, Dad,” Steve agreed. “Fuck her up the ass! Fuck her good and hard!”

Mark laughed. “Don’t worry about that! When I finish fucking this slut in the ass with my big prick her ass will know it’s been good and fucked!”

Tiffany yelped as her father suddenly rammed his middle finger into her ass crack, stopping just short of fucking his finger into her asshole. She tensed up, trying to make her asshole so tight he wouldn’t be able to even get his finger into it, let alone his huge ten-incher!

“Mmm. This asshole’s really good and tight. How’d you ever get your cock in there, Ted?” Mark asked, frowning.

He glanced at his son for an answer, but Ted hadn’t even heard the question. The teen was staring at Tiffany’s ass with lust-glazed eyes, his hand slowly jerking his prick up and down. His mouth was drooling at the corners, and he moaned softly, over and over.

Steve and his father exchanged an amused glance, understanding only too well what had the teen so turned on. If it weren’t for their considerable fucking experience, they would have already shot their wads all over the ground!

“Yeah, really tight,” Mark repeated. “Needs some lubrication.”

Mark took his finger from her ass and plunged it all the way up her trembling pussyhole. Tiffany felt her father’s finger fucking into her cunt and she came. She couldn’t help herself. The feel of her father’s big finger fucking in and out of her ravaged pussy was just too exciting for her to ignore. He touched on all the raw nerve-endings and stroked his finger over them. She could not help but respond.

Her tight pussy was pouring out more fuck-juice than she thought she had in her!

“Keep her down, guys,” Mark said, but he knew that the girl would no longer try to get away, not now anyway.

She loves this finger-fucking I’m giving her pussy! The guys’ll probably have to hold her down good and tight, though, once I start fucking her asshole! Mark knew that the beautiful sexy blonde was right. He knew that his huge, ten-inch prick would tear her asshole all up! He grinned, enjoying the thrill of feeling her tight ass muscles clenching around his cock. Yeah, he thought, we’ll have to hold her down for her ass-fucking punishment. But right now nothing could make her try to get away! She’s enjoying the feel of my finger up her horny cunt too much!

Ted and Steve half-heartedly held Tiffany in place with one hand. They wanted to have both of their hands free to jerk their cocks off!

“Now that my finger’s all wet from her cuntjuices, I’ll smear them all round her asshole so it’ll take my cock easier,” Mark murmured.

“Ohhhhh, God, nooooo,” Tiffany protested weakly as she felt her father’s finger spreading her fuck oils over the tightly held hole of her ass.

She wanted to relax and let him fuck easily into her ass but pride wouldn’t let her. He had already humiliated her beyond belief, and she refused to respond to this brutal ass-fuck, no matter how much her body might want to betray her.

“Yeah, now it’s time to get my big cock ready to stick up her ass,” Mark said, knowing that his lewd words were turning on his daughter. “Better dip it into her juicy cunt fur.

He thrust forward suddenly. Tiffany gasped loudly when she felt the bloated purplish head of her father’s big cock bouncing off her swollen, moist cuntlips. She moaned softly as he stroked back and forth along her flowing pussy. He didn’t try to stuff his prick into her pussy. Instead, he rocked back and forth in the bed of her pinkish cuntlips. Her juices flowed even more than before, completely soaking his cock.

“Ohhhh, stop, Daddy, please stop! You’re driving me crazy!” she cried, ashamed to admit that he was actually turning her on.

But Mark only laughed and suddenly the girl felt his huge ten-inch cock hit squarely in the center of her asshole. Tiffany tensed up all over, moaning over and over again. In spite of her fear and humiliation, or maybe because of it, she was close to another orgasm. Her reddened, bruised ass throbbed with heat and excitement, and her intense fuck lust refused to die.

She tried to recall the anger that had burned through her before. She remembered the humiliation she had felt because her father and brothers were just using her. But then, she quickly realized that they were using her no more than she had tried to use them. Maybe they’re right, she thought finally. Maybe I’m getting just what I deserve for being such a stupid prick-tease.

“Uhhhhhh, don’t, Daddy! It hurts when you do that!” she groaned.

“Relax pussy!” Mark growled. “Just relax and I’ll really fuck the holy slit out of your ass!”

Tiffany tensed up even more. But she couldn’t hold her asshole in that tense, puckered position for long. And, as soon as her asshole began to relax, she felt the insistent shoving of her father’s prick. He didn’t drive all the way up her ass with the first thrust. He shoved the broad arrowhead-shaped knob of his huge prick into the tiny opening, then rested, watching his daughter’s reactions closely.

“Yeah, Dad! Do it! Fuck her ass!” Ted and Steve chanted as they held their sister down.

She was struggling more, now that she felt her father’s big prick up her ass. It hurt like hell and her feeling of humiliation returned.

Even though she was still turned on, too, she struggled, trying to fight her father off of her. But Steve and Ted held her down easily now, their hands no longer jerking themselves off. They realized that if they continued to rub their cocks, they would come soon, and they didn’t want that to happen until they could fuck Tiffany again!

Panting, moaning with pain and fear and excitement, the girl felt the huge cock enter her asshole a little more. Inch by inch, Mark shoved his prick into her tightest hole until, finally, he was buried balls-deep in her ass chute.

“Aieeeee!” Tiffany screamed, her body consumed with a red-hot pain as her father’s entire ten-inch cock rested inside her tight, little ravaged asshole. She could feel her ass tissues tearing and ripping, and the sensation turned her on in spite of the pain that overwhelmed her.

Tiffany was sure that her father was going to rip her apart with his huge prick. The tender walls of her asshole were stretched to the breaking point around the monstrously huge cock, and she wondered how she would ever survive this ass-rape!


“She loves it, Dad!” Ted cried. “Look at her face!”

“Sure she loves it,” Steve said, laughing hoarsely. “All cock-teasers love cock! You just have to force them to admit it sometimes!”

“Oh, God, yesss, Daddy,” Tiffany moaned, unable to keep quiet any longer. “Fuck me good! Give it all to me! Rip my ass up with that huge prick of yours! Fuck my ass haaaard!”

The three males laughed delightedly as Mark sank his prick another inch into her asshole. The thick juices from her pussy were all gone now. He had used them all up his lubrication for the first cock-thrust. As he pulled his huge, hard prick out from her tight, hot asshole, it felt to the girl as though he were going to pull her guts out along with his prick!

“Aieeeeeeee!” she screamed as she came.

Her orgasm smashed through her with tremendous force. Her father’s cock was filling up her asshole so totally it thrilled the girl beyond belief. She didn’t want him to rape her asshole. But, she needed his cock inside her, pulsing hot and so hard that she could feel it throbbing lewdly inside her.

When Mark fucked back into her asshole, Tiffany felt his hairy, muscular thighs rubbing against her well-paddled ass. The erotic sensation brought her off again. She couldn’t hold back the rising tide of emotions building up inside her. It seemed as though every single thing her father did turned her on even more.

“Ahhhhhhhh, Daddy,” she moaned, beside herself with fuck lust.

The feel of his cock so lewdly bucking against her clenching ass walls made her gasp with excitement and pleasure. The heat from his prick ignited a flame of lust inside her that wouldn’t die down. And the incredibly sexy feel of his thighs and crotch grinding hard against her sensitive ass was all it took to make her come again.

“Fuck,” cried her father. “She’s clamping down on my prick so hard I can barely stand it. Feels like her fuckin’ asshole’s trying to cut my prick right off!”

“Yeah, that’s how it was for me too, Dad,” Ted said, proud that he had gotten to fuck his sister’s asshole first, before his father. “It’s the tightest hole!”

“Damn! You guys are lucky! I loved fucking her pussy but now, hearing you guys talk about her ass, I can’t wait to fuck it!” Steve panted, licking his lips excitedly as he continued to hold the girl down.

They could all tell that it really wasn’t necessary to hold Tiffany down anymore. She was too lost in her own depraved world of lust to try to get away. But, she was thrashing and writhing wildly and wriggling her ass obscenely as her father ass-fucked her. And, the two teens turned on to the thrill of holding her in their hands as she squirmed and twisted. Mark’s hands gripped the meaty half moons of her ass and pulled them wider apart. Tiffany felt that peculiar, exciting mingling of pain and pleasure again. Her tight ass walls were stretched out around her father’s cock now and he plowed powerfully all the way up into her guts, then began grinding his prick in a circle inside her.

“Yeeeoowwww!” Tiffany screamed, coming again. Her pussy released a fresh flood of cuntjuices, which bathed her father’s prick, soothing the torn, ravaged ass-flesh.

“Wow! Look at that cunt come!” Steve hollered excitedly, his hard-on jerking and twitching.

Mark thrust his big, ten-inch cock in and out of her asshole with slow, deliberate strokes. Then he reached around her body and began playing with her clit with his fingers and she came. And came. And came.

She thrashed about wildly as she came, her ass cheeks moving in obscene circles in the air. She moaned and cried out her passion and pleasure, loving the feel of her father’s gigantic prick impaling her up the ass.

Mark grinned and began to ass-fuck his daughter with strong thrusts. He ran his fingers into her cunt, flicking back and forth across her twitching clit.

The blonde teenager was so turned on she couldn’t think straight. All that mattered to her was the exciting, forbidden sensations she was feeling from her father fucking her ass while he fingered her pussy.

“Aaaarrggggh,” Mark grunted, fucking into his daughter’s tight, gripping asshole so hard that he lifted her up onto her toes, using only his prick.

“Jeeeesus! That’s hot!” Steve muttered. “Look at the way Dad’s using his prick.

“Wow!” Ted said, shaking his head. “Never saw anything like it!”

But Mark didn’t even hear his sons’ words of praise for his skillful fucking technique. His blood was pounding loudly in his ears, cutting off all other sounds. He groaned with pleasure as he fucked his big prick in and out of his daughter’s demanding asshole.

He couldn’t believe the way Tiffany was using her ass muscles in his prick. She sure learned fast! She was tensing, then relaxing her strong ass muscles, holding his cock in place each time it fucked into her, then releasing it once again as the man moaned and groaned with pleasure.

He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her entirely off the ground. He leaned back and shoved his prick upward into her asshole. Her legs shot up in front of her driving her ass back into his groin even more. She could feel her father’s cock penetrate her asshole even deeper than before, and she screamed with excitement.

“Yessssss, Daddy! Yesssss! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck my ass haaaaard!” she yelled, tossing her head violently from side to side, her long, blonde hair whipping about her beautiful face.

Again, Mark fucked into her ass as he lifted her entirely off the ground. This time Tiffany helped him by flinging her arms up into the air, which caused her ass to grind down lewdly into his crotch. An extra half inch of his cock up her ass was her reward.

Mark flung her from side to side, lifted and dropped her, all without pulling his prick all the way out of her asshole. And, again, the girl came, feeling her cunt walls tightening around her father’s cock.

God, she thought, I wish I could keep that incredible cock inside my ass forever! I’d do anything to keep him from pulling it out. Her muscles tightened up even more as she crushed down on his prick.

She felt her father’s cock throbbing more violently and she knew he would come any minute now. She felt a mixture of excitement and disappointment. Excitement because soon she would be feeling the rush of her daddy’s cum up her asshole, and disappointment because that meant that their torrid fuck session was about to end.

“Christ!” Mark groaned as he felt his balls tightening up painfully. His nuts were tumbling and churning now, and he realized it was only seconds before his orgasm would rip through his cock.

“No!” Tiffany cried, surprised by her own words. “Don’t come, Daddy! Fuck my ass some more! I want more! Don’t to this to meeeee! Don’t come!”

“Shut up, you lousy cunt! Take my cum! All of it! And love it!” Mark grunted as he came. He closed his eyes tightly and the veins on the side of his neck stood out, pulsing visibly with the wild exertion of his powerful orgasm.

Tiffany moaned, coming again as she felt her father’s hot cum rising up into her whole. The gushers of jism spurting into her raped whole made the girl feel weak with ecstasy. She felt the constant spurting of his precious load of cum, and she came again. Before she was ready for their fuck session to end, her father’s cock went limp.

“Noooooo, no, no,” she cried in frustration even though her father had made her come so many times that the girl had long ago lost count.

She wasn’t ready for the exciting ass-fucking to end. She burned inside from her father’s huge cock. And the hot rush of his cum hadn’t squelched her desires. It just made her want more! She wanted more and more. She wanted lots of cock! She wanted lots of fucking! But now her father’s cock was soft. The blonde wailed with disappointment and frustration.

“Jeeesus, that was wild!” Mark exclaimed, stumbling back from her ass. His cum had overflowed her asshole and it now dribbled obscenely down her inner thighs. He looked down at his cock, soft now and exhausted looking. “She’s got a hell of an ass for fucking, I can tell you!”

He looked at the streams of jism leaking from her tiny asshole, and he wished his cock was still hard so he could fuck her some more, the way she begged him to do. But he knew that just wasn’t possible, not after a savage, wild fucking like he had just given her.

“She’s all yours, guys,” he mumbled. “Do whatever you want with her.”

Tiffany looked up at her brothers, excitement and hope lighting up her face. How she hoped that they would fuck her again!

“I get her next,” said Ted, hurrying around behind her.

“Like hell you do! You just had your turn before Dad. I got a raging hard-on watching you two fuck her. So I get her now,” Steve demanded.

“Shit, Steve! You’re always trying to push me around just because you’re older than I am. Big fucking deal! I want to fuck her now and I’m going to!” Ted shouted, giving his big brother a threatening shove.

Tiffany brushed back a stray strand of her silken, blonde hair. She could hardly believe that her brothers were fighting over who was going to get to fuck her next! She was super turned on by the knowledge that they were both so hot and hard they could hardly wait to fuck her!

And she knew it was her fault that they were arguing now. Her cock-teasing ways had gotten them so horny that they no longer thought of her as a person but as an object, a cunt to stick their pricks into. They wanted to fuck her and that was all there was to it. She felt a stab of guilt, knowing that she was the one responsible for the friction between her two beloved brothers now.

“Don’t… please don’t argue over me… Ted… Steve…” she pleaded in a weak voice. “I… I know it’s all my fault… I was wrong… the way I acted… being such a cock-teaser… I’m so sorry.” She moaned, tears trickling from her eyes.

Mark and his sons looked at Tiffany in amazement. They had never seen the girl act so humble or go ashamed of her own actions.

“What it is, Tiffany? What are you trying to say?” Mark asked.

“It’s all my fault,” she sniffed. “And I want to make it up to you. So, please don’t argue like that.”

She had their full attention now! “Make it up to us?” Steve echoed. “How?”

“Yeah,” Ted muttered, his cock jerking crazily as he turned on even more. “What are you going to do?”

“I… I fought you before, but I want to cooperate with you now, she murmured, a flush of excitement sweeping over her, making her firm flesh attractively rosy.

Tiffany turned over onto her back and spread her legs wantonly. Her blonde-rimmed cunt gleamed invitingly. She reached between her legs and fingered her swollen cuntlips until they were a bright red. Then she pulled them apart, revealing her puckering cunthole.

She smiled up at her big brother. “C’mon, Steve. Ted won’t mind,” she murmured, flashing her brother a warm smile that held a world of promise in it. “You start. Fuck me!”


Ted laughed huskily and slapped his brother on the back. “Tiff’s right, Steve. I don’t mind! I’ll fuck her after you finish. Go to it, Bro. Fuck her cunt and fuck it good!”

Steve shot his brother a grateful look and licked his lips excitedly as he stared down at his sexy sister, now writhing on the ground in a frenzy of fuck-lust. He could hardly believe the change that had come over her!

“Ohhh, hurry, Steve,” she groaned.

“Hurry and get that big cock of yours into my pussy! I need to feel it fucking my cunt! Hurry, please!”

Mark laughed and pushed his son toward Tiffany: “You heard her, Son. Fuck the cunt!”

Mark and Ted sat cross-legged on the ground, no longer needing to worry about holding the girl down while Steve fucked her. They began to finger their cocks while they grew more and more excited, anxiously waiting for the hot fucking action to start.

Steve walked between Tiffany’s legs, his prick sticking straight out in front of him. Tiffany reached out and grabbed it, pulling it straight toward her.

“Wow! You really are hot, aren’t you?” Steve asked, his cock jerking lewdly in her hands.

“Ohhh, yesss, Steve! I’ve learned my lesson now. And I want you to fuck me however you want. But just fuck me! I need it so baaaaad!”

Steve knelt between her legs as Tiffany guided his big, bursting cock toward her wet pussyhole. As he moved toward her she pulled his prick forward and, at the same time, scooted her hips forward, impaling herself skillfully on the teen’s big ten-incher, so like his dad’s.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yesssss,” the horny blonde screamed with pleasure and excitement.

She felt her brother’s prick bucking and jerking hard against her tender cunt walls, and she writhed and moaned, realizing how lucky she was to have three hard cocks at her service!

“Fuck meeeeee!” she yelled over and over. Steve grinned and rested his hands on either side of her body as he began to stroke back and forth. He felt her hot, wet cunt grab his cock and squeeze it hard before letting go again, and he groaned with a hot, rising fuck lust for his sexy sister.

“Ohhhhh, Tiff, what a great, tight cunt you’ve got! Squeeze my prick, honey! Squeeze that fucker!” he yelled.

“Yeah! Fuck her hard, Son,” Mark said proudly, his cock already rising to a new stiffness in his hands as he continued to watch the exciting fuck action along with Ted.

Tiffany raised her head and moaned continually as she watched her brother’s long, reddish cockshaft vanishing between her blonde furred cuntlips. She had never seen anything so exciting in her life! She could see every single one of his ten inches of cock fucking into her smoothly.

Steve was thrilled by the same sight, his eyes fixed on his sister’s cunt as he stroked into her over and over. The lewd, squishing sounds as he pulled out turned him on even more. And the sight of her excited fuck-juices puddling on the lawn under her crotch let the teen know just how aroused the horny teen really was. It was all so exciting to Steve that he realized he would have to use every ounce of his self-control to keep from coming too soon.

He began to fuck her expertly with slow, deliberate strokes, which made the girl moan as her entire body twitched and writhed obscenely beneath his prick.

Steve lowered his face to his sister’s tits, his lips closing over the rigid, stiff nipple of one of her gigantic tits.

“Ahhhhhhh, Steve, suck my tits!” the girl moaned and she came.

Steve could feel Tiffany’s pussy spasming in orgasm around his cock, and he thrilled to the exciting sensation, having to hold himself back so he wouldn’t blow his wad too soon.

As he continued to fuck his big ten-inch prick into her convulsing pussy, he used his tongue to lick across both of the stiff, sensitive nips, and down into the deep valley between the two mountainous tits. Tiffany was moaning constantly now, and Steve was excited by the knowledge that it was his cock that had the girl so turned on.

“Ahhhhh, Steve, your cock’s soooo big and hard! It feels great! Fuck me, Steve, fuck meeee!” she moaned, arching her back enough to give the teen a fully exposed pussyhole to drive his bursting prick into.

The girl reached out and raked her brother’s broad muscular back with her sharp fingernails. She left bloody tracks on Steve’s hard, masculine flesh but neither of the young lovers noticed. They were both too lost in their own private world of fuck-lust.

“Wow, Dad,” Ted panted, his cock growing stiffer and bigger in his hands. “Look at them go! That could’ve been me! Maybe I shouldn’t have let Steve go first.”

Mark laughed. “Don’t worry, Son. You’ll get your chance. The way this slut is acting, I’d say we’re all gonna get a lot more turns before she’s finished with us!”

Tiffany was happier at that moment than ever before in her life. The feel of Steve’s big cock pressing hotly against her trembling pussy walls turned her on beyond belief. And the way he was working his hot, hard tongue over and between her gigantic tits just thrilled her all the more.

Her big tits quivered under his sucking lips and licking tongue until she was about ready to come again. Using both of her hands, she gripped her big brother’s upper arms hard, pulling him even closer to her, demanding more and more from the teen.

“Fuck me, Steve! I want it all! Give me all your cock! Rip me apart with that big monster of yours!” she panted.

“She sure sounds different now than she did before, Dad,” Ted laughed huskily, watching the horny girl spreading her legs even wider for Steve.

“Yeah,” Mark agreed. “Look at the way she’s getting off on that hard fucking he’s giving her. Did the same thing with me when I fucked her ass hard. That cunt doesn’t know what gentle, loving fucking.”

“That’s okay with me, Dad!” Ted said, laughing again. “I’m looking, forward to fucking her as hard as I can!”

“You’ll be next after Steve, Ted. Then I’ll be ready to go again,” he murmured, glancing down at his cock, which was already rock-hard and twitching with desire.

“What happens if we make her too sore from all this fucking?” Ted asked worriedly.

Mark chuckled. “Why, then we’d have to call her sister out here to eat her pussy out for her. That would be nice and soothing.”

“Yeah, and we could all watch!” Ted said, groaning with excitement at the idea of watching Alice eating Tiffany’s pussy out.

“You got it, Son!” Mark laughed.

“Mmmmm, such a sweet, hot, tight cunt!” Steve groaned, digging his prick even deeper into the girl’s hungry cunt.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me good! Fuck meeee!” Tiffany bellowed, her entire body going rigid with the force of the climax smashing into her body.

The horny blonde felt as if she were going right out of her mind with the raging lust that filled her entire body, every fiber and nerve of her being. Each thrust of her big brother’s hot, hard cock made her feel just that much more turned on. She could feel all ten inches of the massive prick reaming out her pussy, and she thrilled to the sensation, moaning over and over as her brother continued to fuck her skillfully.

“Ohhh, baby, you’re such a hot fuck!” Steve groaned.

His strong hands reached down under the girl’s trembling ass cheeks and lifted her ass off the ground. She whined and ground her pussy down hard into his crotch. Her sexy movement allowed her big brother’s prick to enter her cunt at a new and excitingly different angle. She whimpered again, beside herself with lust.

He lifted her up even more until most of Tiffany’s weight was pinned on her shoulders. He fucked her pussy as hard as he could, making the girl writhe with excitement.

“Yesssss, yesssss, Stevie!” Tiffany panted. “Fuck that big monster of a cock all the way up my pussy! Give it to me! Fuck meeeee!”

“You got it, baby!” Steve cried. “Hang on!”

He suddenly, quickly turned the girl over in midair. As she felt herself going up and over, he slid underneath her body. She landed heavily on top of him, his prick never once leaving her horny pussy. She now lay on top of him, her legs on either side of his, her toes just barely touching the ground.

“Go on, baby,” Steve ordered, “fuck yourself!”

“All riiiight!” Tiffany squealed excitedly, moving her trim ass up and down so that she could get Steve’s cock moving into her cunt again.

Feeling such a new-found freedom of movement just turned the girl on even more powerfully. Now she could rotate her ass, move and spin her hips so that she was able to cork-screw herself down hard over her brother’s prick.

She bent forward and dragged her nips across Steve’s chest as she moved up and down. She glanced up and saw Ted’s cock about to explode and she licked her lips hungrily, longing to taste his cum. Or if she couldn’t taste it, maybe she could feel it shooting inside her while Steve was still fucking her! The idea thrilled her so much that she almost came on the spot.

“Ted!” she yelled suddenly, startling everyone. “Come on over here and fuck me!”

“Hey, wait a minute!” Steve objected. “I’m not finished with you yet, you little cunt! You can’t do that!”

Tiffany laughed softly as she continued to pull her pussy up and down on her brother’s big, hard cock. “Not to worry, Brother dear,” she murmured. “I want you to stay right where you are so I can fuck my cunt on your big prick!”

“But you said…” Steve started to say, confused now.

She laughed again. “I told Ted to fuck me, but I didn’t say I wanted him to fuck me in the pussy!”

A gleam suddenly lit up Steve’s eyes and he grinned back at his sister. “Oh, I get it! You want him to fuck you in the ass!”

“Yessss! Come on, Ted, fuck my asshole! I need it up there! Give me your big prick up my ass, Ted!” she begged, throwing him a pleading look as she kept riding Steve’s cock up and down.

“Go on, Ted,” Mark said, shoving his son toward Tiffany and Steve. The teen seemed paralyzed by his own fuck-lust, unable to move, unable to believe his good luck! “The whore’s begging you for your cock! Don’t let her down! Go on over there and stick your prick up her ass!”

Ted grinned and all but ran the short distance to where his sister and brother were busily fucking each other. Tiffany moaned with pleasure as she felt Ted’s nine-incher diving down between her asscheeks. When she felt his throbbing cockhead strike against her asshole, she came.

Ted thrust forward hard, ramming all nine inches of his prick up his sister’s spasming asshole. Tiffany moaned, feeling Steve’s big cock reaming out her cunt while Ted’s prick fucked in and out of her tight, juicy asshole.

Suddenly, the girl felt something hard nudging against the side of her face. Turning her head, she found herself staring right at her father’s big hard-on!

“I’m feeling left out, honey. Suck me off,” Mark murmured.

Almost before he had finished speaking, Tiffany had opened her mouth wide and, as her father thrust his cock inside her hot, wet mouth, she began to suck him hard, relishing the taste of his throbbing cockmeat.

As she continued to suck her daddy’s prick, while still riding up and down on Steve’s cock, she bent forward and spread her legs even farther apart, allowing Ted to shove his big cock even deeper up her trembling asshole.

“Hey, I can feel your cock through her insides, Ted,” Steve panted. “It’s kinda weird but it feels great.”

“Yeah… damn, she’s got the tightest ass! I love fucking this bitch! I’m gonna shoot my wad any second now.”

“Noooooo! Don’t you dare come!” Tiffany cried.

“You’re gonna make me come, you stupid cunt!” Ted said. “Your asshole’s squeezing my cock so hard!”

Tiffany tried to stop squeezing the cocks in her pussy and asshole so that they would last longer. But she couldn’t. It was as if her body had a mind all its own, and she had no control over it. Both her cunt muscles and ass muscles were clamping down hard on the big cocks fucking into them, and all four lovers were moaning and groaning now as they neared orgasm.

Tiffany had slipped her mouth off of her father’s cock to beg her brother not to come too soon, but now she had it back in her mouth clear down her throat! She was expertly deep-throating her father’s prick and she thrilled to the sensation of his big cock throbbing lewdly against the walls of her throat, which she used to squeeze his cock hard.

“That’s it, baby! Suck it hard! Suck your daddy’s prick!” Mark grunted, feeling his nuts tightening painfully. He knew he was about to shoot.

Just then Steve’s cock lurched crazily and shot out a large wad of cum into Tiffany’s cunt. At almost the same instant, Ted let out a loud cry and shot his load of hot, creamy jism up his sister’s asshole.

“Ohhhh, yessss, you bastards!”

Tiffany screamed around the thickness of her father’s cock. Her words were unintelligible because of the thick prick filling her mouth, but she didn’t care. All she cared about in the whole world at that moment was in her mouth, her asshole, and her cunt. Cock and more cock! Cum and more cum!

“Keep sucking hard, you cunt! I’m commiiiinnngg!” Mark yelled as his balls released their tremendous load of cum.

Oh God, Tiffany thought to herself, I’ve died and gone to heaven! My cunt and asshole and mouth are running over with cum and I’m coming again myself! Oh God, give me more cum… more cum… and with that final, lewd thought, the girl passed out.

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