Hot To Trot Wife

Suburban wives have an image; they are all supposed to be sweet, concerned mothers who drive their children to school, watch soap opera, go to PTA meetings and cook for their husbands. But is this image real? The answer, like most serious answers, is a complex one. Many wives in fact do lead domestic, tranquil lives. But others don’t.

Sheryl Demon falls into the latter group. She was bored; in fact, she can’t remember not being bored, so long had it been since she’s experienced a good time. Her husband, Gerald, is a man who obviously doesn’t know how to make a beautiful woman happy. Still, for three years Sheryl puts up with it.

But everything changes when one day Sheryl sees her neighbor Michelle Reiner, engaging in a wild bout of lovemaking with a strange man. It is obvious that Michelle isn’t bored. Suddenly Sheryl realizes what she’s missing, and from that moment on she makes certain that she’s never bored again. And who can say she I, wrong?

HOT TO TROT WIFE — the shocking story of a bored wife looking for something more out of life.


I was bored. And hot. And horny. Even my third gin and tonic of the afternoon didn’t help matters very much, but the pool still looked inviting to me. Lazily I got up and immersed myself in the cool water.

Now I wasn’t hot; just bored and horny. The cold water was making my nipples go crazy. I could feel them getting hard as rocks almost as soon as I got into the water, and my cunt was wet and tingly.

The wetness didn’t come from the water.

Under water my hand started to creep across my stomach toward my crotch as if it had a mind of its own.

I climbed out of the water.

Boredom wasn’t anything new to me. Neither was horniness, for that matter; not since I’d gotten married to Gerald. Still, I’d never cheated on him.

Until now.

Tomorrow, unless I chickened out, I was going to get laid. It was all arranged; I had met Robert in Chicago at a convention Gerald had taken me to. Nothing had happened there, but both Robert and I had been aware of the attraction between us. I didn’t think much about it, though, because I never expected to see him again after we left.

Robert didn’t see it that way, however. He called me and said he was going to be in ton for a while, then suggested we get together for lunch sometime.

Without Gerald.

I had hesitated, but finally accepted. Why not? I hadn’t cheated on Gerald and what had it gotten me besides a boring sex life?

Thinking about Robert got me even more turned on. My cunt was practically dripping honey onto the insides of my legs. Jesus!

Then I heard the sound.

At first I couldn’t tell what it was; sort of a low moaning sound coming from beyond the hedge that separated our yard from the house behind us. Finally I identified the sound, or rather the sounds, for there was more than one.

First of all, someone was in Michelle Reiner’s back yard. Michelle? Probably, though I couldn’t be certain. But there was another sound as well; a kind of noisy slurping that I couldn’t identify.

I tried to ignore it.

After about three minutes I gave up. I was definitely curious and after all, what harm was there in walking back to the hedge and trying to find out what was going on?

I did it.

The hedge was thick and there was a fence beyond it, but after rooting around for a little while I found a spot where one of the wooden panels was missing. Quietly I put my eye to the open space.

I almost gasped out loud.

Michelle was sucking somebody off. I’d never seen the man before, but then I hardly even bothered looking at his face; his cock was much more interesting.

It was huge!

Michelle was on her knees in front of him with both hands guiding his monstrous meat into her mouth. I could see everything.

His cock was at least nine inches long and so big around that it seemed almost impossible that anyone would be able to fit it into their mouth. And yet Michelle was doing it.

She was wearing a tiny bikini that seemed to be on the verge of falling off. In fact, one of her tits was already halfway out of her top; I could see her nipple completely.


The man was groaning as he watched his prick plunge in and out of her mouth. I couldn’t blame him for being excited; I was practically creaming all over myself and I wasn’t even involved.

Michelle was beautiful. Her face had always intrigued me, but this was the first time I had ever seen her in a bikini and the result was that her body intrigued me even more.

She was a knockout.

Her tits mere big and firm, crawling all the way out of her top as if they were just dying to be fucked and sucked. She had a flat, smooth stomach that led down to a narrow waist.

Beyond that, her legs and ass were tremendous. Long and slim from her thighs to her calves, and full, rounded hips.

Still, his cock was even more exciting. Every time it came flying out of her mouth I could see it, long and thick and glistening in the sunlight.

“Come on, baby, you can do it. Suck my cock like a good girl; that’s it, oh yeah, that’s it!”

He was thrusting into her willing mouth, jamming his cock so far down her throat that it completely disappeared.

Suddenly Michelle pulled her mouth all the way off his cock and stood up. She stared at him, her breasts heaving up and down beneath her bikini, then she opened her mouth to speak.

“God, let’s fuck. I can’t stand it.”

The man nodded.

She reached behind her back and released the clasp that held her top in place. Her tits jumped free.

They were fantastic.

No matter how good they might have looked when they were half hidden by her top, they looked even better now.

Then she took off her bottoms.

My eyes went straight to her cunt. Her triangle of hair was brown and furry, contrasting sharply with the milky-white skin that had been covered by her bikini.

I slipped a finger inside my own bikini and found that my cunt was absolutely drenched with my own hat cream. This was too much to watch…

Michelle stared at the man, feeling his eyes as they devoured her body, then she lay down on the grass next to the pool.

“Come on, baby, fuck me. Fuck my hot little cunt right now!”

She reached down and spread her pussy lips apart. The inside of her twat was pink and creamy.

The man grabbed his cock in his hand and bent down, getting to his knees and guiding his meat toward her slit.

“Come on, baby, I can’t wait forever. Get that old cock of yours in here quick. Now!”

He slammed into her with a single thrust. His cock disappeared into her wet cunt as if she had been made for him.

“Ohhhhhhh yeah… that’s it…”

Almost before he was all the way into her Michelle began to writhe and twist, shoving her crotch up to meet his thrusts, flying desperately to get his cock as far into her as it could possibly go.

She was incredible.

Her body seemed to be made of elastic as she squirmed and wriggled on the end of his cock. Again and again his prick slashed into her, pummeling her own with enough force to wipe most women out.

Michelle wasn’t even slowed down by it. In fact, judging from the way she was behaving, if it had been humanly possible she would have wanted him to fuck her oven harder.

I watched his cock. It was amazing to be able to see each thrust like this. Her cunt was so wet and full of cream that his cock was beginning to look like it had been dipped in hot wax.

“Come on, baby, make me come… make me come… MAKE ME COME!”

It wasn’t a request; it was a demand.

He did it.

Harder and harder, using every muscle that I could see in his body, he slashed into her dripping cunt. She seemed to be devouring his cock with her cunt, squeezing and grabbing it with her pussy lips as he continued to buck into her.

Finally it happened.

She began to pant and groan, closing her eyes and using her legs to draw him even deeper into her melting pussy.

“Ohhhhh yes… ohhh shit… you’re gonna do it… you’re gonna make it happen to me… ohhhh shit… FUCK… I’M COMING!”

I could see her pussy suddenly contract wildly, and a moment later her entire body arched like a cat.

She was definitely xx…

Again and again her pussy contracted and her entire body stiffened.

Then the man suddenly lurched backwards, puffing his cock all the way out of her cunt. A moment later he was on top of her, his throbbing cock in his hand.

“Ohhhh yeah, baby, come on me… come all over me now… NOW!”

The words were hardly out of her mouth when his face became contorted with excitement. A moment later his cock exploded in his hand.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; his cock had more cum in it than I had ever imagined, much less seen.

He covered her with it.

Again and again his hot, sticky jism spurted out of his cock, landing all over her body just like she had wanted it.

When he was finally finished she was covered with his cum; literally covered. It glistened on her face, her neck, her stomach — everywhere.

With a groan he sank to the pound next to her. Then they both looked at each other and smiled. It was obvious that they were both happy with what had just happened to them.

Later, in my bedroom, I sat on the low stool in front of my dresser. My cunt was still dripping wet and alive with excitement. I knew that there was no way I was going to leave this room until my pussy was satisfied.

I took off my top.

My tits were white and milky, each capped with a full, sensitive nipple. Looking at them reminded me of Michelle’s tits; hers were a little bit larger, but mine were perfect in shape, each a soft creamy teardrop swelling from my cheat.

Then I stood up and took off my bottoms, revealing my cunt. There were traces of hot cream all around my slit, but they were nothing compared to what was inside me.

I spread my legs. Inside, beyond the pink lips that stared back at me, I could feel hot cream boiling and foaming. My entire cunt felt like it was on the verge of melting.

I wanted to jam three fingers deep into my pussy and relieve the incredible pressure that was building up inside me, but there was really no point in rushing things.

Instead, I let both my hands crawl up to my tits. The nipples were so sensitive that when I touched them it was impossible for me not to goon out but they jumped in my hands, warm and soft and alive.

Still, my cunt was crying out for attention in a way that would not be denied. I had to take care of it soon or I was going to go crazy.

Slowly my right hand crept down across my stomach toward my crotch. Finally I could feel my soft, downy cunt hairs beneath my fingertips.

Then I was there.

I could feel the wetness that was coming out of my steaming cunt. It felt as if there were afire inside me, turning my cunt into a warm pool of melted butter.

My right forefinger slipped inside. I could feel hot honey clinging to it as I pushed deeper and deeper into my pulsing cunt.

A moment later I added another finger.

And another.

Now my pussy felt tight and slippery. My fingers were all applying pro sure in different directions, spreading out within my cunt and driving me dour and closer to the release that I knew wasn’t very far away.

“Come on, cunt…” I whispered, urging my pussy to do what I wanted it to.

Then I felt it.

At first it was nothing more than a tiny spot of extra heat deep inside my cunt. It felt like a glowing ember, a tiny coal that was growing stronger with each passing second.

“Come on… God… ohhhhh!”

I began to rotate my crotch, driving it down against my finger, grinding against my entire hand with enough force to drive me completely crazy.

It was fantastic.

I felt as if my entire body were more tuned in right now than it had ever been. In my mind I kept thinking about the sight of Michelle’s cunt being fucked again and again by that magnificent cock.

The coal was bigger now, and hotter. It was making my cunt get so hot that everything inside me was boiling over.

Then it happened.

My entire cunt spilled over, hot cream shooting out of my slot like it had been fired from a cannon. Sticky rivers of cum ran down the inside of my thighs and I could feel my entire crotch beginning to pulsate in the vivid after glow of my climax.

Finally I took my finger out of my cunt. They were dripping with cum. I could hardly restrain myself from plunging them into my mouth and licking them until they were dry.

Things were looking up.


When Gerald got home two hours later I was lying in bed asleep. The sound of the garage door opening awakened me, but I decided against getting up immediately. It was so nice just lying there…

That was a mistake.

Gerald, for one of the few times in the last two yearn, was horny. I could tell it the minute he walked into the bedroom and stared at my naked tits above the sheets.

“Well, well, well,” he announced, trying to keep his eyes averted from my nipples but not doing a very good job of it.

“Well, well, well what?”

“There’s a lady of leisure in my bed.”

“No shit.”

I stared at him for a moment, then started to get out of the bed. I’d better hurry, I thought to myself, or it’ll be too late.

It was already too late.

“Hey, where’re you going?” he said, beginning to unbutton his shirt.

“I’ve got to cook dinner.”

“That can wait.”

He looked at me with his eyes practically drooling. I knew I was in trouble. He had his shirt all the way off now, revealing his hairy chest and slightly expanding waistline.

“This is a switch. What happened, did your secretary turn out to be a cock teaser?”

I regretted saying it almost immediately. The last thing I needed to do right now was get him mad, and this remark had done just that.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“Fuck you, Sheryl.”

“All right. Come on.”

I lay back on the bed and spread my legs resignedly. I wasn’t the least bit turned on, but I knew I might as well give up and get it over with. After all, it wasn’t very often that he decided he really wanted to fuck, but once he did there was no turning back.

He stared at me. I could tell he was getting madder each second, but somehow I didn’t really care. In fact, when I stopped to think about it I realized that I wanted him to be mad at me.

It all had something to do with what I was planning to do tomorrow. Maybe I was feeling guilty about fucking Robert and I wanted to somehow get angry at Gerald so I wouldn’t feel so bad. Maybe it was something else.

His cock was fully hard before he even got his undershorts off. Then he climbed on top of me, his heavy body pressing me down on the bed while his hand tried to guide his cock into my pussy.

“Jesus, you’re dry as a bone.”

“Sorry. I didn’t plan for you to be horny. It’s not exactly normal, you know.”

He shoved a finger into my cunt. It hurt a little, but I didn’t let him know how it felt. I just wanted to get all this over with.

“Why don’t you get me wet?”

He didn’t say anything. We were both aware that it was as much a taunt on my part as a question; he never had really liked eating my cunt. He said it made him feel like an animal.

That was Gerald for you.

Every time I looked at him I got frustrated; he was really a good looking man if he could just figure out what to do with it. But he didn’t even want to fly.

“Come on, Gerald, eat my cunt. Just a little. Make it nice and wet.”

He looked up at me, resentment clearly written on his face. He knew I was mocking him, and yet he was still hesitant to do what I asked of him.

Finally he buried his face in my cunt.

“Oh Gerald, that’s nice… real nice.” The tone of my voice was still sarcastic. I knew it was foolish and pointless to be acting this way, but right now Gerald really turned me off.

He was such a jerk; I couldn’t figure out why I ever married him.

He shoved his tongue into my cunt, slavering all over me so my slit would get wet and juicy. For a moment I thought he might really get into what he was doing, but I was wrong.

As soon as I was wet he lifted his face up and got ready to enter me with his prick.

“Jesus, Gerald, a Goddamn puppy dog could do better than that.”

Suddenly he got very angry. I could see the veins standing out on his neck as he grabbed his cock and guided it toward my cunt.

Still, he didn’t say anything.

“What’s the matter, Gerald?”

“Fuck you.”

“Looks like that’s what you’re gonna do, whether I like it or not.”

“You’re Goddam fucking right.”

He jammed his cock into my pussy. I tried not to react, but I couldn’t help it. My mind flashed on the sight of Michelle getting fucked earlier in the afternoon and I couldn’t help but begin to respond a little.

I shoved up against his cock.

“Jesus, you it a fucking bitch, Sheryl.”

“Just fuck me and shut up.”

He fucked me. There wasn’t anything nice or pretty about it. I laid back and concentrated on the sensations he was giving me, offering little in return except the use of my body.

That was enough for him.

His face red, his eyes bugging out of their sockets, he bashed his cock into my slit. I could feel him shuddering and throbbing in his excitement, and I knew it wouldn’t take very long for him to come.

“Hurry up, Gerald. I’m going to sleep.”

That was the stupidest thing I’d said yet, and he made me regret it almost immediately by slapping me firmly across the face. I didn’t argue; I deserved it.

Then he came.

I think slapping me must have been what it was that set him off, but I’m not sure about it. At any rate his entire body suddenly got as stiff as his cock already was. Then he groaned and a moment later his prick tented to jump inside me.


He kept banging into me until he was finished. I could feel his cum splattering all inside my pussy. Then he collapsed on top of me.

For a long time I just lay there, waiting for him to roll off me. When it didn’t happen I tried to wriggle out from under him; it was then that I realized he had already fallen asleep.

“You fucking asshole,” I whispered under my breath.

By the next afternoon I knew, at least in the back of my mind, that I had been completely unfair with Gerald. But somehow it didn’t really matter; even if he hadn’t done anything yesterday to justify my obnoxious behavior he still deserved it on general principles for being such a jerk for so many years.

Today I didn’t want to think about him.

I wanted to think about Robert.

Although Robert and Gerald were in the same business — contracting — there couldn’t be two people who were more different.

The thing I liked best about Robert, and the thing that made him the most different from Gerald, was the simple fact that he didn’t take himself seriously. He was always ready with a joke, and I had the distinct impression, although I didn’t really know him that well, that he would never be capable of going into the kind of depressions that were almost commonplace with Gerald.

Waiting for him in the restaurant I was a little bit nervous. I wondered if I looked as enticing as I wanted to; probably, I nodded. After all, I was a very good-looking woman, and I had done my best to enhance my looks by wearing my best-looking clothes.

“Waitin’ for somebody, lady?”


“Mind if’n I join ya?”

Suddenly I wasn’t nervous any more. He was wearing, of all things, a cowboy hat that looked ridiculous with his business suit.

I knew it was going to be alright.

The hotel room was plush; I didn’t ask how much he’d spent on it. It didn’t matter, though; he could afford it.

Besides, this was a special day.

I was a little bit drunk; just enough to make me feel completely comfortable and ready for what was about to happen.

“Robert,” I whispered, looking straight into his eyes.

“What?” he replied, for once not joking.

“Let’s make love.”

He didn’t say anything, but instead reached out and began to unfasten the buttons that ran down the front of my blouse.

I watched.

There were mirrors on the walls and ceilings, so I could choose the way I wanted to watch what was happening. I decided to look at the one on the wall, primarily because it gave me a great view of his face.

I wanted to watch his reaction.

When my tits were finally bare I could feel the cool air blowing on them, making the nipples hard. His eyes told me everything I wanted to know. He was happy with what he saw.

I stood up and let my blouse tumble to the floor. His hands were all over my chest, squeezing my tits and tweaking my nipples. My heart was pounding like it was my first time all over again. “Lie down,” he whispered.

I did as he told me.

He unfastened the clasp that held my skirt in place, then pulled it down over my hips. When he saw what was beneath it he let out an excited gasp.

“Nice, baby, real nice. I never did like pantyhose anyway.”

“Neither did I.”

I was wearing a black garter belt and regular nylons. I don’t know why, but having those bare spots on my thighs always makes me feel assay as a movie star.

Naturally Gerald didn’t like it. Fuck Gerald.

“Come on, baby, finish what you started,” I urged, noticing that he wasn’t doing anything eke. His eyes were riveted on the parts of my body that were exposed.

“The rest of it’s even better, I’ll bet.”

“Why don’t you find out?”

“I think I will.”

He unfastened the nylons and pulled them off, then released the garter belt. The only thing left was my panties.

He pulled them off.

“Like it?”

“You’re beautiful, baby.”

I could tell that he meant it. Just the way his eyes were roaming all over my naked body was enough to let me know that he was totally satisfied with what he had seen so far.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was also the fact that his hands were all over me in a way that made me realize once again how miserable Gerald was as a lover.

“God, Robert, eat me. Eat my cunt.” Almost before the words were out of my mouth he had his face buried in my cunt. I couldn’t help but think about the fact that Gerald had put his mouth on my cunt last night, but what was happening now and what had happened then were so different that they had nothing in common.

This was fantastic.

“Oh yeah… Robert… ah yeah, that’s… nice.”

It was as if he knew everything that was going through my mind, because he did exactly the things that I wanted him to do.

My cunt started to melt.

I could feel the sizzling cream pouring out of my hot slot. His face must be covered with it.

“Is it good?” I groaned, wanting to hear him tell me how sweet my cunt was.


Then he grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and spread them apart, making my cunt lips open even wider at the same time.

“Harder, Robert… eat my cunt… suck my honey!”

I began to writhe and twist, shoving my cunt down on his face with all my strength, feeling a new excitement pour through my crotch as I realized how good getting eaten out could be.

Grabbing his head I pushed it farther and farther up between my legs, trying to shove his fantastic tongue all the way into my cunt. He was working on my clit now, flicking and sucking the sensitive button with his tongue and lips while I wriggled on top of the bed like a speared animal.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any more.

“Come here,” I moaned, pulling his head up toward my face. I kissed him deeply, letting my tongue do everything it wanted to inside, his mouth.

Then I undressed him.

His body was smooth and hard. When I got to his undershorts I paused, playing with the elastic, teasing him until he could stand it no longer.

“Come on, Sheryl.”

I pulled his shorts down.

His cock was every bit as big and hard as I had hoped it would be. I could see his veins standing out from the taut, shiny skin.

I put him in my mouth.

He began to shove and thrust almost as soon as my lips closed around him. His cock filled up my throat, but it felt good. Much better than any other cock ever had.

“That’s it, baby, that’s good. Keep sucking it, Sheryl, keep on sucking my cock.”

I did just that.

In and out, up and down I moved, swirling my tongue around him while I flicked my fingers across his balls.

“God, Sheryl, let’s fuck.” I agreed.

He entered me from on top, sliding his cock through my moist, yielding cunt lips and into my pussy. As his meat forced my cunt open I thought I could feel every tiny inch of akin inside me: “Yessss… ohhhhh God it’s so good…”

“I know.”

Everything was perfect. We slammed and banged into each other so perfectly that it seemed like we had been together a hundred times before.

And yet this was our first.

I wrapped my legs around his waist almost immediately, drawing his cock all the way into my cunt, making the most of every inch he had to offer.

“Fuck me hard, Robert, fuck me till I drop. We can go easy the next time.”

He redoubled his efforts. I could feel his cockhead pummeling the deepest walls inside my pussy.

“Ohhhh yeah, Robert, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop! I could go on fucking like this forever!”

That was exactly the way I felt.

His cock kept sliding in and out of my staining, thrashing pussy. Each thrust seemed like a new adventure, complete with different sensations that were practically driving me crazy.

I loved it.

Everything that I had been missing in my marriage was suddenly available to me. In a flash I realized that it wasn’t just Robert that was making it so good; it was me as well.

I had the power to fuck anybody…

“Come on, baby, finish me off! I can’t stand it much longer!”

My cunt began to churn and foam. I could feel something beginning to rise up deep inside me, shooting toward my cunt with a velocity that practically took my breath away.


I came in torrents all over his cock. My pussy went wild, quivering and pulsing in crazy spasms that practically caused me to faint.

A moment later his cock exploded inside me. I could feel it expand, then suddenly contract as he shot a huge load of jism into my straining pussy.

We were great together.


Gerald didn’t say two words to me that night, but I didn’t really mind. I was feeling a little bit guilty about Robert; not enough to make me want to stop seeing him, but enough to make me uncomfortable around Gerald.

Seeing Robert was going to be frustrating. He only came through our area about once a month, and then he was only here for a day. Still, the arrangement didn’t bother me too much; half the fun would be in the anticipation of the few opportunities we would have.

I was sitting in the living room watching television when the phone rang, interrupting my thoughts about Robert. Gerald didn’t move, so I got up to answer it.


“Sheryl? This is Michelle Reiner.”

“Oh. Hi, Michelle.”

This was a surprise. She had never called me before that I could remember. It seemed strangely coincidental for her to make her first call to me now, the day after I had watched her get laid in her own back yard.

By the time we hung up I was still confused. She had invited me over for “coffee and a swim” tomorrow afternoon. I accepted.

She seduced me.

I knew something strange was going an when she suggested, after we’d had two Bloody Marys each, that we sunbathe nude. At first I hesitated, but she made me feel so silly that I couldn’t help but give in.

I tried not to stare at her body, but it was difficult. She was really beautiful, and her tits were almost impossible not to stare at.

She wasn’t nearly so nervous about staring at me. I could feel her eyes running all over my body, and I could tell that she was getting excited about what she saw.

Well, I was excited too.

I’d never made it with another woman; never even thought about it, really. But the other day, watching Michelle getting fucked, I had been vaguely aware of the fact that it was her body as much as the man’s that was turning me on.

She spread her legs.

She was lying on a chaise lounge that was facing directly toward me. When she casually spread her lop it had the effect of parting her pussy lips and letting me see the pearly dewdrops that were hovering just beyond the entrance to her hair fringed slit.

I took a long pull off my third drink, then spread my legs too.

“It’s really hot, isn’t it?” she said.


Her body was glistening from the suntan oil she had rubbed all over herself. I hadn’t brought any, so my body was dry. I could feel the sun beating down on me.

“You’re gonna get burned. You better put some suntan oil on.”

“I didn’t bring any.”

“Well, here.” She offered me hers, then suddenly pawed as if she were having an idea.

“Why don’t you let me put it on you?”

I nodded.

By now we both knew what was going on. As soon as her hands touched me I could feel an electrical tension spring up between us, a sexual awareness of each other that couldn’t be denied.

She started with my back, rubbing it into the smooth, tanned skin, moving slowly down toward my ass. Almost involuntarily I lifted my ass up into the air a little as she got near it, and I could sense her own excitement rising as she finally touched the white flesh of my hips.

“Mmmmmmmm… that’s nice…”

She lingered for a long time on my [missing text]. Once or twice I thought she was going to forget about pretense completely and slip her finger into my cunt.

But she didn’t.

Finally she moved on to my legs.

Then I turned over.

She was breathing move heavily titan the light exercise she was getting warranted. I could see her tits rising and falling with each breath and her face was flushed.

She went to work on my front.

First she rubbed the buttery oil into my shoulders, but then she moved down to my tits. Both of us were creaming all over ourselves now.

She slid her hands all over my soft tits, rubbing them and squeezing them. By now there was little or no pretense about what she was doing. Her fingers were exploring my nipples, flicking them and driving me inane with wet, sticky desire.

I reached up and grabbed her tits. My breath was coming in short gasps. My oat was streaming hot juice.

I wanted to make it with her now.

Suddenly she pulled beck aid flood over me. I could tell that she wanted to say something, but she was trying to figure out how to phrase it.

Finally she spoke.

“Did you enjoy what you saw the other day?”


“Me and Steve. Fucking.”

I looked at her closely. She was smiling, so evidently she wasn’t angry.

“It was pretty exciting.”

“I guess so.”

“How did you know?”

“I could see you through the fence.”

Then we both laughed. A moment later we were lying on the soft grass in the same spot where she and Steve had been lying two days earlier. Her hands were all over my tits, and mine were on her ass, pulling her close so we could grind our crotches together.

Then we kissed.

I could feel her hungry tongue shooting into my mouth, and I made no move to stop it. She was as turned on as I was, and neither one of us was going to stop until we both were satisfied.

“Jesus…” I groaned, feeling my cunt begin to churn and foam before she even touched it. “How did you know?”

“What?” she murmured, kissing my hair with her full, sensuous lips.

“That I’d want to… to do this.” She laughed.

“I didn’t. I just guessed.”

Then she began to slide down across my chest until her lips were firmly locked over my right nipple.

She bit it.

“Ohhhhhh!” I groaned, half in pain and half in delight.

I loved it.

She rubbed and squeezed both my tits while she sucked on them. I could feel strange surges of excitement just beneath my nipples.

“God… my cunt…”

Suddenly she lunged up from where she was and twisted so that her cunt was banging in the air just a few inches above my face.

I reached up and pulled her down, holding onto her ass while I buried my face in her juicy cunt.

It was incredible.

In the second or so before I pulled her down I could see her slit dangling above me, lips open, honey waiting to be gobbled down, fiery red clit protruding almost beyond her cuntlips.

Then I couldn’t see anything.

Her cunt was a melting mass of hot cream. I couldn’t believe how good it looked.

My tongue gobbled it don.

Then I shot my tongue as far into her naked slit as I could, while she ground down on me from above.

“Ohhhhh God… Jesus your tongue… ohhhh fuck… fuck…”

She lunged up and down, smashing my face again and again until I could hardly breathe. But it didn’t matter; nothing mattered to me except getting my tongue as deep into her cunt as I possibly could.

“Ohhhhhh… I’m gonna come, baby, I’m gonna come…”

I braced myself. I could hardly even imagine how good it was going to taste when she finally exploded all over me, but I was more than ready for it.

“Ohhhh shit… fuck, I’m gonna come… fuck… FUCK!”

Then it happened.

I could feel her entire cunt begin to quake and shudder, and then a moment later her lips slammed together with a force that almost squeezed my tongue to death. A moment later my entire mouth was filled with the hottest, juiciest cream I had ever tasted in my life.

It was fantastic!

Again and again she spurted into my eager mouth, and each time it happened I gobbled down everything she had to give me. Nothing had ever tasted so good in my life, and even though I was drowning in her cum I still wanted more.

She gave it to me.

For what seemed like ages she kept exploding, shooting cream into my hungry mouth, moaning and groaning as if she were about to die.

Then at last she stopped.

Both of us lay gasping on the grass, our bodies heaving up and down as we desperately tried to catch our breath. Finally I opened my eyes and looked at Michelle.

She was smiling at me.

“What’s that?” I asked. We were inside the house now. I was on the couch in the living room enjoying another drink. Michelle had just walked into the room with some kind of device strapped to the back of her hand.

We were both still naked.

“You just relax. I’ll let you know what it is.”

“Baby, I’m relaxed. You can count on that.” I took another long pull from my drink, then casually let one of my fingers brush against my right tit.

It felt fantastic.

I don’t know when I’d ever felt this totally turned on before in my life. Anything that touched me seemed to somehow raise the level of my excitement, even if it was only something as silly as the material that covered the couch I was sitting on.

She sat down next to me. I still didn’t know what the thing on the back of her hand was, but while I was looking at it I went ahead and played with my own tit.

Why not?

“Let me do that,” she whispered.

I didn’t argue. The thing on the back of her hand seemed to be strapped to her fingers. It was pert rubber, part metal.

She touched a switch on the back of it.

Suddenly it began to hum and purr. I still wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but any doubts I had were put to rest as soon as she touched me with her hand.

It was a vibrator.

Not just any vibrator. Believe me, this thing was special. It made her whole hand feel like it was full of electricity. As soon as she touched me on my shoulder I practically creamed all over myself.

Then she moved toward my tit.

Her fingers and palm were slick with oil, so they moved across my body so smoothly that it seemed as if she didn’t even have to guide them. It was almost like they were drawn to my tit by a magnet.

I was on fire.

Every tiny spot on my body seemed to be totally alive. I could hardly wait for her hand to reach my tit; just thinking about what it would feel like made me feel as if my whole body were about to melt.

“Like it?”

“Jesus, Michelle, it’s…”

“Shhhhh. Just relax. And enjoy.”

I tried to relax, but that was totally impossible. Nothing could stop me from creaming all over the couch while this was going on? I was insane with excitement.

But at least I managed to hold still. For the moment.

When her hand finally reached my tit, however, there was nothing I could do to stop myself from squirming and wriggling like a wild person.

“Ohhhhhh! God, I can’t… ohhhhhh shit…”

It was incredible.

My tit felt like it was going to separate from my body. Every nerve ending in my nipple was going crazy, and she was only making it more intense by rubbing her fingers back and forth on the sensitive organ.

“Not bad, uh?”

“God, Michelle…”

It was all I could manage to say.

When I just about fainted from excitement she gave me a moment’s break by sliding her hand across my chest toward my other tit. Then she was all over it.

As I writhed and wiggled on the couch I looked down and saw the tit she had just left. It was incredible; the nipple was mine erect than I had ever seen it before, and just the thought of touching it drove me insane.

By the time she finished with my other tit, it was the same way.

Now I was ready for anything.

Slowly, not saying anything at all, she began to slide tier hand down across my quivering stomach toward my crotch.

I braced myself.

Down, down she went. Both of us had our eyes on her hand, and I think we both could hardly wait until she finally reached my snatch.

“Hold on, baby, hold on,” she whispered, her voice ragged with excitement.

“This is… incredible… just fucking incredible…”

“I know.”

Suddenly she was in my hair. I could feel her finger working through the velvety forest, and I could see them spreading apart the hairs as she continued toward my pulsing cunt. Finally she was there.

“Come on, Michelle, hurry. I’m dying…”

But she didn’t hurry. Instead, she paused with her fingers hovering on my cunt lips.


“I can’t!” I wailed. “Come on, Michelle, don’t tease me. Not now!”

But she did. While I lay there in absolute agony she let her electric fingers flit all around the entrance to my cunt without going inside. She touched the smooth skin of my thighs and toyed with my ass cheeks. Once or twice she let her fingers become entwined in my hair.

But she wouldn’t thrust them inside me.

Finally, when I couldn’t stand it any longer, I reached down and grabbed her hand, vibrator and all, and shoved it toward the center of my cunt.

She gave in.

Without hesitating at all she mashed two fingers inside my dripping pussy. As soon as she did I just let my body go wild.

My cunt was on fire.

It seemed as if both her fingers were shooting bolts of electricity into my cunt, causing my entire slit to become a foaming, churning mass of excitement.

Her face was just a few inches away from my pussy, and I could see through the haze that had enveloped my senses that she was staring into my quaking cunt.

It must have looked juicy.

Her fingers were flying in and out of me, reaming and plunging through my pussy with enough force to make me want to release everything inside me so that she could give me the best climax of my life.

My cunt began to boil, hot cum shooting up from deep inside me toward her hand. I knew it wouldn’t be very long until I exploded, but I wanted to hold onto these sensations just a little bit longer.

Just another few seconds…

It was no use. My body wasn’t going to be denied; I was too far gone to hold back any longer.

“Ohhhhhhh Michelle… I’m gonna come… I can’t hold it, I’m gonna come…”

She worked even harder, still keeping her face just a few inches from my cunt.

I began to storm and surge, my cunt frothing within me as the cum fought to be free of my body. Michelle could feel it as well, and at the very last possible second she pulled her fingers from my cunt.

If I hadn’t seen what happened next I wouldn’t have believed it.


I looked down at her face as the full force of my organ shot through my empty cyst. I was vaguely disappointed that she had taken her hand away, but what happened next made me forget those feelings.

My cunt shot cum onto her face.

It was incredible.

Her face was at least three inches away from my slit, and as I felt the first huge contraction race through my body I saw it happen. Hot, sizzling cum squirted out of my cunt, went flying through the air, and landed on her upturned face.

She gobbled it don.

Another surge produced the same results. Then she slammed her face into my cunt and began to lick and suck while I continued to come ail over her face.

She was fantastic.

This whole thing was fantastic. I had never felt so totally fulfilled in my life. For at least three minutes she kept her tongue inside me, making certain that she didn’t miss any of the precious fluid that my body was releasing from deep inside me.

Then finally she pulled her head up. I could see traces of cum lingering on her lips and teeth as she smiled at me.

“Not bad, oh?”

“Are you kidding.”

We were both grinning like schoolgirls. I could toll that she had enjoyed herself as much as I had.

Well, maybe not that much. I don’t ace how anybody could have enjoyed it like I did.



I was stroking her tits softly now, half listening to what she was saying.

“You know we could really have some fun if you want to.”

“We just did have fun, didn’t we?”

We both laughed. I bent over and kissed her nipple, feeling it grow hard in my mouth. She shoved it deep into my sucking mouth, then took it away.

“We could have more fun.”

“I doubt it.”

“Do you want to try?”

Finally I began to catch on to her train of thought. She was feeling me out to see if I wanted to go any further than this.

“Just you and me?”

“Whatever you want. There are other people around — people you might be surprised about.”

“Michelle,” I said with feeling. “You’re looking at somebody who’s been bored shitless for the last three years.”

“I know.”

“I’m ready for anything.”

“Do you really mean that?” she asked.

“Try me.”

“I think I will. You might find out that things don’t have to be boring at all around here.”

“It’s already beginning to look a lot better,” I said.


I didn’t know whether she was agreeing with me or just reacting to the way my fingers were fluttering all over her tits.

“I’ve got an idea,” she suddenly said. “What?”

“What are you doing Friday?”

“During the day?” I asked.


She began to smile, and I could tell that her mind was coming up with something that both of us would like.

“Good. Why don’t you plan on spending the afternoon here?”

“All right.”

“Good. We’ll have a party,” she smiled.

“I’m sure.”

We both giggled. I knew it was going to be fun.


I was on cloud nine until I walked through the back door of our house and saw the surprise that was waiting for me.

Or rather the surprises. There were two of them. One was Ellen, Gerald’s wife from his first marriage. She was sitting on the couch, hands folded stonily in her lap, everything about her prim and proper.

She was a drag.

Next to her on the couch was a young girl. At least she was young in years; judging from the way her tits were protruding beneath her tight blouse there was no way she was really innocent.

That must be Melissa.

Gerald had told me about his former marriage, but I’d never asked him very much about it. I wasn’t interested. All I knew was that he and Ellen had gotten married right out of high school, had a baby the next year named Melissa, and gotten divorced soon afterwards. Ellen and Melissa lived somewhere on the other side of town. Beyond that, I didn’t know anything about them.

Gerald stood up and came charging over towards me the minute I came in.

“Where the hell were you?”

“Swimming,” I said, looking down at my bikini as if he had to be a complete moron not to figure that out for himself. “At Michelle Reiner’s house.”

With an effort he managed to control himself. Then he turned and introduced me too Ellen, then Melissa. I could feel their eyes on my half-naked body; Ellen in disapproval, Melissa some degree of interest.

Then Gerald dropped the bombshell.

“Melissa’s coming to live with us.”

Two days later I found out why Ellen had wanted to get rid of Melissa. The young girl was probably the hottest number in high school. At least what I found her doing would seem to indicate that.

I had gone into the city to do some shopping, but when I got there I found out that I’d left all my charge cards in a purse other than the one I had with me.

So much for shopping.

On the way home I was angry at myself, but after a while I forgot about it and began to think about Melissa. She was a strange girl. Gerald said she was eighteen. She had sun bleached hair and a tan that just wouldn’t quit. Her tits were firm, almost impudent in the way they called attention to themselves without being overly large.

When I pulled into the driveway I noticed that there was a car parked on the street. At least it might pass for a car; at one time it had been a normal automobile, but now it was so encrusted with chrome, racing stripes, and everything else imaginable that it was hard to tell what it was.

On impulse I went into the house quietly. I didn’t know what I was going to find, but whatever it. I didn’t want to let them know I was in the house until I was good and ready.

They were downstairs.

I could hear giggles and guffaws coming up from the family room, and when I checked the liquor cabinet in the kitchen I found that an entire bottle of Scotch was missing.

This was going to be interesting.

I wasn’t angry; I don’t know why, but it just didn’t occur to me to get mad. I guess I didn’t feel like Melissa was my child.

Quietly I tiptoed down the stairs, not sure what I was going to see when I turned the corner and looked into the room where they were.

She was getting fucked.

There were two young men with her, one of them had a beard and seemed to be a lot older than the other.

Melissa was naked.

She was lying on her back on the floor, her legs spread wide while the younger boy rubbed her tits with both his hands.

“Ooooh… that’s nice, Mark, that’s real nice. But what about my cunt? My poor little cunt…”

She was obviously drunk. The bottle of Scotch was on a table nearby, and I could see that it was almost empty.

But I wasn’t going to waste time looking at the Scotch; Melissa’s naked body was much more interesting.

She was beautiful.

Her cunt hair was every bit as blonde as the hair on her head, and her body was just absolutely ripe and bunting.

“Come on, Jack, what’re you waitin’ for? My cunt, baby, my cunt!”

Jack, the bearded one, dropped to his knees next to her and bent down until his face was just a few inches away from her naked, writhing cunt. I could see the wet lips just beyond her silky hair, and I knew that she was ready for whatever he was going to do to her.

I watched.

My own cunt was beginning to tingle, and although I was ashamed to admit it I realized that I was getting turned on by what I was seeing.

So what?

Why shouldn’t I get turned on?

He buried his face in her muff, shoving his long, wet tongue deep into her pussy.

“Yeah, Jack baby, that’s how to do it. Suck my cunt, baby, suck my hot little cunt. Get all the juice out of me, baby, get it all.”

She lifted her entire crotch up into the air as she slammed it against his face. He didn’t have a shirt on, and I could see the muscles ripple in his back as he spread her ass cheeks with his hands, making her cunt open even wider for him.

I’d never seen a cunt move like hers was moving now. She seemed to be able to make her entire crotch fly around in three different ways at once.

She was obviously loving it.

“Come on, Mark, talk dirty to me. Tell me what a fucking cunt I am.”

Mark, who was still working on her tits, smiled. In that moment I realized that, while he may have been slim and small, he wasn’t young. Nor was he the least bit shy.

“Shut up, you fucking bitch.”

“Ah, Mark…”

“Shut up, Goddammit.” Then he slapped her. At first I got a little nervous, but then I relaxed as soon as I realized that he was only giving her exactly what she wanted.

“Listen, cunt, you ought to be fucking ashamed of yourself. You’re just a fucking slave to that hot little twat of yours.”

“Ohhhhh yes… God, somebody give me a cock… a big, juicy cock!”

Mark obliged.

He knelt over her face and pulled out his prick. It was everything she had asked for; long and juicy and hard.

“Suck it, you fucking bitch.”


She reached up and grabbed it with her hands, trying to pull it down to her face. But Mark held it just out of reach of her lips while below Jack kept eating her pussy as if there were nothing else in the entire world.

For him, I’m sure there wasn’t.

“Ohhhhh Mark, let me suck it.”

“Say please, baby.”

“Please! PLEASE!”

He jammed it into her mouth. She took it with an expertise that got rid of any doubts I might have still had about her experience.

She knew what she was doing.

Mark began to thrust his prick in and out of her willing mouth, jabbing his meat deeper and deeper into her sucking throat.

“That’s it, bitch. Keep sucking, you little slut, keep sucking that big cock.”

Below, Jack lifted his head from her cunt and looked at what was happening with her mouth. Then he smiled and whipped out his own cock, a monster at least nine inches long.

A moment later he was kneeling beside Melissa’s face, his cock in his hand, the bulbous head of his prick almost touching her face while Mark plunged his own dick in and out of Melissa’s mouth.

It was incredible.

My attention was divided between the sight of what she was doing to their cocks and what her cunt was doing by itself.

It seemed to be alive.

While she sucked Mark she kept lifting her cunt off the floor, thighs straining taut, legs working to shove it higher and higher toward some imaginary cock in the air above her.

Her cuntlips were amazing.

Every time she lifted her crotch into the air her cuntlips spread wide, revealing the pinkest, juiciest cunt I had ever seen.

It was melting.

I could see sticky rivulets of hot cream running down the insides of her legs and onto the carpet, and I knew that she was absolutely dying to have a cock rammed up her slit.

But that wasn’t all she wanted.

“All right, baby, I’m ready for some hard fucking now.”

Mark pulled his cock out of her mouth. It was slick and glistening with her juices.

Without saying anything else Mark stretched out on the carpet. His cock stood up from the rest of his body like a telephone pole.

Melissa got up, her eyes glazed with passion, her young tits heaving up and down as she positioned herself on top of Mark’s cock. With her hands she guided his shalt to her wet pussy, and then suddenly she drove herself down on it.

“UUUUUHHHHH!” she groaned as he pierced her pussy, slamming deep inside her.

“That’s good, slut, real good.”

She smiled as she heard him call her a slut; it was more than evident that she enjoyed being told how loose she was.

She began to slam up and down on his prick, sliding his wet, throbbing shaft in and out of her pussy with a speed that made everything a blur.

Then she slowed down.

Now she began to rotate her cunt on Mark’s cock, forcing it to ream out the inside of her cunt.

I suddenly realized I was fingering myself and looking hungrily at Jack, who was standing slightly to the side and watching his friend fuck Melissa.

Should I?


It might be disastrous.

Still, the idea had a certain appeal to it. Fortunately, however, Jack did something a moment later that took the question out of my hands.

From somewhere he produced a jar of something that looked like massage oil. What was he going to do?

A moment later I had my answer.

First he put the slippery liquid all over his cock. Then he moved over behind Melissa and Mark. After a moment of watching them fuck, he reached out with an oil-covered hand and grabbed her ass, squeezing the white cheeks and running a finger along the inside of her crack.

“Oooooohhhhh yeah, Jack baby, that’s nice, real nice.”

She leaned forward until her back was parallel to the floor, her tits brushing on Mark’s chest, her ass waving in the air just in front of Jack’s glistening cock.


Jack held his cock in his hand while Mark kept fucking Melissa. Then he moved forward.

I leaned forward, plunging my finger in and out of my steaming cunt. I couldn’t believe what they were doing, and I wanted to get the best possible view of what happened next.

First Jack slipped two wet, oily fingers into her asshole, running around the outside first and then finally slamming them inside her dark hole.

Then he pulled them out.

A moment later he guided his cock to her tight whole and placed his cockhead firmly against her sphincter.

Mark kept fucking her.

Their two cocks were only a few inches apart now; Jack’s balls were brushing against Mark’s plunging rod.

Then Jack shoved forward.


Melissa loved it.

She stopped thrashing her cunt around and held still. Jack’s cock was a quarter of the way into her.

Then it was halfway in.

Finally his entire prick was buried in her tight asshole, just an inch or two away from where Mark’s cock was slamming into her cunt.

I couldn’t believe it.

Just the thought of what it must feel like to have two cocks at the same time practically made me pass out.

Then they both fucked her.

Melissa held still for the most part, evidently concentrating on experiencing the dual sensations to the fullest.

“Ohhhhh shit, man, its so good… so fucking good… my ass, baby, my ass…”

In and out they both plunged. I could ten that all three of them were so excited that they had totally lost track of where they were or anything else except the reality of Melissa’s body and their two cocks inside her.

“Oh shit, baby, you’re gonna make me come… you’re gonna make my little cunt explode…”

They kept plugging away.

“Ohhhhh shit, you’re gonna do it… Goddamn your fucking cocks… ohhh shit… OOOHHHHHH FUCK, I’M COMING!”

Every muscle in her body stiffened. For a long, frozen moment all three of them stopped moving.

Then she collapsed.

But they weren’t finished, and they obviously had no intention of pulling out now that she had come.

They renewed their efforts, both of them banging into her with a reckless abandon that seemed like it was going to destroy her.

It didn’t.

She was equal to anything they could give her. While they kept plunging into her she simply lay then, her hands on the carpet on either side of Mark’s shoulders, her tits banging down beneath the rest of her body.

At the last second before his cock exploded Jack pulled it out of her as. Grabbing his dong in his hands he came all over her back and ass, shooting his hot jism onto her in huge wads that splattered like hot wax, covering almost her entire back with cum.

A moment later Mark came as well, but he didn’t take his cock out of her cunt. I could see the base of his prick suddenly swell up, and then a second later huge, sticky rivulets of jism began to run out of her cunt and down his cock.

Eventually all three of them collapsed onto the floor. I barely had time to get my wits about me and step back around the corner so that they didn’t see me.

What should I do?

I couldn’t even think about it right now. The only thing I could think about was the fact that my cunt was absolutely on fire from what I had just seen.

Right now I had to get relief for my starving cunt.


I got into the car and drove back into the city as fast as I could. I felt like a bitch in heat; I was ready to fuck anything that moved.

The whole time I was driving I kept thinking about the incredible sight of two cocks going in and out of Melissa, one in her cunt and one in her asshole. I had never even thought about anything like that before, and I knew that sometime I was going to have to experience it for myself.

Not necessarily today, though.

Today I would take whatever I could get. But whore should I go? The truth was that since I had never done anything quite like this I really didn’t know where to go.

It didn’t really matter. All I wanted was a willing cock, and I was sure there were plenty of them around.

It was easy. A little outrageous, perhaps, but easy. And effective.

I parked the car and flagged down a cab. Inside, I told the diner to take me to the Holiday Inn.

He was a middle-aged man; nothing special to look at, but I could tell that he had a good eye for women. I could see him looking at me in the rearview mirror, and I knew what that look meant.

He was wishing he could sink his cock into my hot pussy. Or maybe my mouth. It didn’t matter; the point was that I knew I had a live one on my hand, which was just what I wanted.

I began to unbutton my blouse.

By the then I had three button unfastened I could tell that he was so turned on that ho could hardly tear his eyes away from the rearview mirror to drive.

I smiled.

Then I pulled my right tit out into the open. I could feel the cool air on my nipple, and I knew he could hardly contain himself.

“Jesus, lady.”

“Keep your eyes on the road,” I said matter of factly. Then I added, “At least some of the time.”

His brow was sweating. He did manage to keep his eye on the traffic part of the time, but most of the time his gaze was riveted on my naked tit.

I played with myself, running my fingers over the top of my tender nipple, feeling it grow hard and taut in my hand.

There was a picture with his name under it on the dashboard: Frank Lorenzo. As we were getting near the Holiday Inn I spoke to him again.

“Frank, I’m going to need help getting my bags to the room. You’ll wait for me while I register, won’t you?”

“What bags? You ain’t got no bags.”

“Are you going to let a little detail like that upset you?” I cooed, practically thrusting my tit into his shoulder blade.

“No. I guess not.”

He had finally caught on to what I was doing and to what was in it for him.


Ten minutes later we were alone in a cool room with a large bed just begging to be crawled into. Frank looked uncomfortable.

“Frank, my name is…”

“I don’t wanna know your name, lady.”

“All right.”

I could tell he was practically going crazy with a combination of excitement, anticipation, and guilt. The guilt was coming in last.

“Don’t you want to help me undress, Frank?”


Clumsily he began to unbutton my blouse. When he had the buttons completely unfastened he hesitated, then suddenly slipped a hand inside the material and cupped my breast.

“You like it, Frank?”


He liked it.

I stepped away from him and let my blouse drop to the floor. He stared at my white tits and naked stomach.

I loved it.

This entire thing was making me feel delightfully wicked. I’d never done anything even remotely approaching this before in my life.

It took about another thirty seconds to get me completely naked; then I just stood in front of him and let him look.

Suddenly I knew what it felt like to be a stripper. I could feel Frank’s excitement as he stared at me, and I could almost imagine what was going through his mind. He probably couldn’t believe his good fortune? I imagine he had a fat wife and three or four kids at home. He probably hadn’t had a good fuck since the first kid was born.

I would change that today.

Slowly I stepped forward and kissed him, curling my arms around his neck in an embrace that brought our crotches grinding together with enough force to almost take my breath away.

He was hard.

While my tongue shot into his eager, hungry mouth I reached down with my hand and began to rub his cock through his trousers. It was then that I had my first surprise.

His cock was enormous.

“Goodness, Frank.”


“Nothing, baby, let’s just go ahead and get your pants off so we can see what you’ve got hidden beneath there.”

What he had was absolutely the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. If it had felt large through the material of his trousers, it looked even larger now.

When I’d finished undressing him I stepped back and looked admiringly at his cock.

“Wow, Frank, that’s a cock women would pay money for. You’re in the wrong business.”

Frank looked embarrassed, but I could tell that he was proud. He had every right to be proud.

I dropped to my knees and began to run my fingers all over his huge prick. Using both hands I could just barely encircle it, and even then I had to squeeze as hard as I could.

My cunt was in for a real treat.

“Do you get sucked off very much, Frank?” I asked, licking my lips in anticipation of what it would be like to get his cock in my throat.

“Nope. Too big.”

“Do you like it.”


He was relaxing a little bit now. I guess he decided that I wasn’t putting him on about how much he turned me on.

With a cock like that, he’d turn anybody on. So what if he was spreading a little bit around the waist? So what if he was a little bald on top? He had it where it counted, and that was all that mattered.

First I sucked him off.

I figured, and rightly so, that he had been so long without sex that his cock would probably explode within thirty seconds if I tried to fuck him without letting him get his rocks off some other way first.

Besides, sucking him was a challenge.

I started out by running my lips all over the outside of his cock, licking it so that it got nice and wet.

Then I put one of his balls in my mouth. I could feel the skin of his wrinkled scrotum draw up tightly in my mouth, but I just kept sucking on his sensitive egg, being careful not to hurt him while I did it.

“Come on, baby, let’s go,” he moaned.

“What’s the matter, you’re meter still running? There’s no rush.”

Nevertheless I went ahead and sucked him without any further delay.

As I paused over the tip of his bulging cockhead I wondered for the first time if I would be able to do it. He was so huge.

But then my confidence returned and I felt certain I would be able to do it.

I opened my mouth.

It felt like something as big as a man’s forearm was being forced down my throat, but I didn’t hesitate. After the first few inches it felt fantastic.

“Mmmmmmm…” I purred when I had half of him inside me. I could feel the blood rushing through his shaft, and every second or so I could feel his entire cock pulse.

He wanted it badly.

Resuming my downward movements I pushed for what seemed like an eternity. His cock just kept sliding into me, going deeper and deeper into my throat until it felt like his cockhead was imbedded somewhere in my stomach.

Finally I had taken him all the way in. I could feel my lips pressing against the short, wiry hairs at the base of his cock.

“Nice, baby, real nice. Nobody ever did it that smooth.”

I would have smiled if my mouth hadn’t been stuffed full of cock. It made me feel good to know that I was better at what I was doing than other women.

He started thrusting into my mouth, jamming his cock in and out of me just like he was fucking me. I tried to move my head once, but he had such a firm grip on me that it was impossible.

I did it his way.

“That’s nice, baby, real fucking nice. I can see it goin’ in.”

I used my hands to guide his cock, sliding them all over his shaft as he continued to pump into me.

Then I reached down and played with his balls. He really got off on that; I could feel his whole body squirming above me.

“Easy, babe, easy. You don’t want me to come now, do you?”

I nodded.

“Well, shit. Whatever the lady wants.” Almost immediately after that I felt a tremor deep inside his prick. At first it wasn’t very strong, but as each second passed it grew more powerful until finally his entire cock was pulsing and throbbing inside me.

“Jesus, baby…”

At the last possible second I pulled my head off his prick and watched it explode.

It was beautiful.

A split second after I pulled away from him his cock erupted. The entire shaft jumped in my hands, and a moment later a huge glob of creamy jism came flying out of the slit at the end of his cock.


The cum landed on my tits.

After that it was chaos. I milked his prick for every drop of cum inside him, licking and gobbling down as much as I could, letting the rest of it splatter against my body. It seemed as if he would never stop coming; be must have had a pint of juice stored up inside him.

Finally it was over.

I could feel his cum running down the front of my body. It was on my face, my neck, my tits my stomach, everywhere.

I smiled at him.

“Not bad for starters, eh, Frank?”

“Starters? Shit lady, I got work to do.” I couldn’t believe him.

“You mean you’d rather work than do this?”

“It ain’t that I’d rather work; it’s just that if I ain’t back on the road in about five minutes I’m gonna be in big trouble.”

He started getting dressed.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. What was the matter with him, anyway? If it hadn’t been for his big cock I would have let him go on his way if that was what he wanted.

But I wanted his cock.

I wanted it so bad I would do anything to get it inside my pussy. I was so hot five minutes was more than enough time to make me come.

“Frank? You’re sure about that?”

He looked at me. I was lying on the bed now, my legs parted casually, my wet cunt fully visible to him.

He wavered.

“Come on, baby, it’s not that I don’t want to…”

“So you’re gonna leave me high and dry?”

He stared at me, and while his eyes were still on me I reached down and casually dipped a finger between my legs, sliding it into my cunt for a fleeting second before puling it back out so that it could glisten in the dim light of the room.



I slipped the finger inside my mouth and licked it carefully, making certain to be as suggestive as possible about it while I took care to get every drop of cream from it.

“Come on, Frank.”

I knew I had him when his cock began to twitch between his legs.


“It won’t take long, Frank. Christ, all I want to feel in the world is your great big cock inside my tight little pussy. Don’t you want that too, Frank?”

I was holding my pussy lips back now, making certain that he could see deep into my slot. I was so hot by now that nothing mattered except getting his cock where I wanted it.

I’d do anything to make that happen.

Absolutely anything.

Finally he stopped getting dressed.

“Come on, Frank, don’t waste time standing there. Let’s fuck, baby, let’s get it on.”

He gave in.

Five seconds later he was lunging toward me, his big cock in his hand. It was completely hard now; everything was as if he hadn’t come in the first place.

That was just the way I wanted it.

I lay on my back, my legs spread wide, my pussy hot and slippery as I waited for him to slam his cock into me.

I didn’t have to wait long.

“Ohmigod!” I groaned as he slashed forward, thrusting his cock in to the hilt on the first shove. My cunt had never felt so full in my life; not even the first time.

It didn’t take long.

He bashed into me like a wild animal. I’d never really felt assaulted before, but that’s the only word I can think of to describe what he did to me in the next two minutes, I loved it.

Again and again he banged into me, and each thrust was as good as the first one. I pushed back, grinding my steaming pussy against his crotch, crashing into him with every ounce of strength that I possessed.

“Oh yeah, baby, do it to me. Fuck me hard, Frank baby, fuck my cunt ’til it falls apart!” That was just about what he did.

My cunt began to rage and shudder almost as soon as he first got made me. It seemed as if I had been waiting all my life for this moment.

“Come on, baby, make me came… make my cunt explode!”

Then it happened.

I felt like my entire body was going to fail apart. Seething, churning waves of cum began to rise up inside me, shooting toward my slit, trying desperately to be free of my body.


I came in a torrent. Wave after wave of hot sizzling cum came flying out of my cunt and onto his monstrous cock. I felt like a tornado had been turned loose inside my pussy.

It went on forever.

After a while his cock shot his load into me, but I hardly noticed it. I was so carried away by my own sensations that nothing could get through to me.


I didn’t stay in heaven for long. When I left the motel I knew that I was going to have to do something about Melissa. Even though I’d been a bit turned on by watching her getting laid by Mark and Jack, there was no way I could just let something like that go by without doing something.

I thought about talking to her myself, but discarded the idea when I realized that she probably didn’t care one way or the other about me.

What about Gerald?

I doubted that it would do much good to tell him, but since Melissa was his daughter I felt obligated to go ahead and let him know about it. Then he could worry about it and I could think about other things.

Rather than wait for him to come home I decided to stop by his office. When I got there, however, the door was locked and no one was around.

I looked at my watch. It read four minutes ’til three. Why wasn’t anybody there?

Using a key I had, I let myself in and found that both Gerald’s office and his secretary’s office were deserted. On his appointment pad there was a scribbled note that didn’t make much sense to me.

“‘E’ at 2:00 PM.”

Who, or what, was “E”?

Gerald got home on time. I started to ask him straight out about where he had been, but at the last second I decided to go about it a different way.

“How was work?”


“Were you busy today?”

“All day long.”

I didn’t pursue the conversation. I’d found out what I wanted to know; he was lying to me. What had he really been doing this afternoon?

Getting laid?

I couldn’t think of any other reason that he would close down the office and then try to make me think he’d been working all day.

This was intriguing.

Later I tried to get him to fuck me, just to see if he was worn out from whatever he’d been doing that afternoon.

The results were ambiguous.

He was taking a shower. I stood outside the bathroom and took off all my clothes, then climbed in with him.


“What’s the matter? There’s room for both of us, isn’t there, honey?”

I had my hands all over his upper body now. His cock was limp, and didn’t show any signs of coming to life.

“What’s the matter with you?” he asked, his voice tinged with irritation.

“Nothing’s the matter with me. What about you?” I asked, looking meaningfully at his flaccid cock.

“I’m just tired.”

“I bet you are,” I cooed, letting my fingers run all over his cock and balls. There was still no response.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just what I said. I bet you’re tired.”

We looked at each other for a moment, and I think that he suddenly realized that I was on to something, because all at once he began to get a lot more friendly.

He put both his hands on my tits.

Then he squeezed my ass.

I felt like I’d found out what I wanted to know, add would have been happy to get out of the shower and leave Gerald alone.

But he wouldn’t have it that way.

His cock was beginning to get hard now, and I think he wanted to make it with me to allay any doubts or suspicions I might have. He was too late for that, obviously, but I couldn’t do anything about it now. After all, I’d been the one to start this whole thing.

I might as well finish it.

Without a lot of enthusiasm I rubbed up against his body, feeling his half-erect cock into my stomach. In spite of everything I’d been through I felt the beginnings of excitement stirring deep inside my cunt. It was almost as if all the sex been having had just put me in a state of continual arousal rather than making me feel worn out.

Suddenly I wanted to get fucked again.

“Well, well, well. It’s nice to see you coming to me.”

He kissed me. I closed my eyes and pretended I was with Robert. The hot water beating down on our bodies from above felt, and as long as I forgot I was making it with Gerald I found that the whole experience was kind of pleasant.

I took his cock in my hands. It was completely lard now. I could me the veins standing out from his tightly drawn skin, and his cockhead was wide and smooth.

I wanted it inside me. “Come on, Gerald, fuck me.”


“Why not?”

Making it in the shower wasn’t exactly Gerald’s style; we both knew that. He was more the kind of person who would like to do it under the coven with the lights out.

In other words, imagination wasn’t his strong point.

Again I tried to think of Robert. My cunt was wet and ready; all I had to do was get his prick inside me and I would be home free.

“Come on, Gerald…”

He didn’t know what to do. The only way he knew how to fuck was good old man-on-top-get-it-over-with-quick.


Finally I practically leaped up into the air and landed on his cock, my legs wrapped around his back and my arms around his shoulders.

He almost fell down, but his cock slipped easily into my cunt.


“Just fuck me, Gerald. Fuck my cunt!”

I was getting angry now, and I was tempted to climb off his cock and forget about the whole thing.

But then he started thrusting into me.

I’d never made love with someone who was standing up before, and all of a sudden I realized that I’d been missing something special.

The penetration was incredible.

Each time I went down his cock it felt like he was piercing me to the deepest corners of my pussy. All my weight was forcing his cock there, and it felt incredibly good.

“Hey, I think we’re on to something, aren’t we?”

“What do you mean?”

“Never mind,” I gasped in exasperation. “Just fuck me.”

I glanced up and down his shaft as fast could fling my body. My thighs were working hard, driving my pussy over the length of his prick, while my arms helped me rub my tits all over his chest.

It wasn’t bad at all…

“Come on, baby, harder. Give me a workout, Gerald, give my cunt a real workout.”

Then suddenly I felt his cock begin to shudder inside me.

“NO!” I shouted. I didn’t want him to come. Not yet.

He came anyway.

I could feel his cock suddenly swell up inside me, and a moment later my own cunt juice was joined by his spurting jism. It shot deep into my cunt, filling me with messy, sticky goo.

Then it was over.

Gerald had managed to fuck things up again. As usual. Suddenly I decided not to tell him about Melissa. It was an irrational decision, and at the time I didn’t have the faintest idea why my frustration over his inability to satisfy me should make me not want to tell him about his daughter.

Later it made more sense.

The next morning was Thursday. I was alone in the house and all I could think about was how much I wished it were Friday. I wondered what kind of “party” Michelle was planning for tomorrow afternoon.

It would probably be interesting.

The only bad thing was that whatever she had planned for tomorrow wasn’t doing me a bit of good today.

I wanted some action.

My experience with Gerald in the shower the previous night had left me very horny, with no outlet. Somehow I’d managed to go to sleep, but it hadn’t been easy. My cunt was positively throbbing with frustration. I wanted to get fucked in the worst possible way.

But there were other things on my mind as well. Such as the whole matter of Gerald’s little afternoon rendezvous with ‘F’. I was going to have to find out more about that as soon as possible.

Right after I took care of my cunt.

I thought about going into the city again, but it was such a hassle that I decided against it.

Finally I came up with an idea.

It wasn’t particularly original, I’ll admit, but it had a good chance of working. And anyway, it might be fun.

Finally I went into the kitchen and got a dishtowel. After wetting it thoroughly I stuffed it down the sink with a broom handle until it was out of sight somewhere in the pipes. Then I tried to run water in the basin.

It was stopped up beautifully.

After that it was simple. I called the first plumber I could find in the phone book and sat down to wait. I could feel the tension rising within me; I felt like a cat about to pounce on her prey.

My prey turned out to be very young. He couldn’t have been more than eighteen, and I could tell from the moment he walked in that he was not used to being around beautiful women.


That would make things even more interesting for us both. I could see him trying not to stare at the way my tits were swelling up beneath my blouse, but he wasn’t succeeding. His eyes were drawn to my nipples as if they were magnets.

Leaving him in the kitchen, I went into the bedroom and took off all my clothes. Looking at myself in the mirror I decided that my body was better right now than it had ever been in my life.

The plumber was going to be in for a surprise. His name was Larry. I waited for him to finish.

Finally I heard sounds out in the hallway. He was calling out to me, trying to find out where I was.

“I’m back here,” I called to him, opening the door to the bedroom just a crack. “Came on back.”

I could sense some hesitation on his part, but as I stood behind the door I heard him coming down the hell toward me.

Then he was in the bedroom.

As soon as he was inside I closed the door behind me and stood in front of it. He heard me and turned around.

“Holy shit…”

“Larry, I don’t want you to…”

“I better get goin’, ma’am. I’ve got other places to go to.”


I took his hand and placed it firmly on my right tit. Then I just waited. I could see his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, and his fingers trembled on my tits.

But he held on to it.

“Larry, you don’t really want to go just yet, do you?”


“Couldn’t you just say that this job took a little longer than you’d anticipated?”

“I… ah…”

My hands were running all over the outside of his body now, lightly reminding him of same of the things that would be in store for him if he stayed. He really wasn’t very good-looking, but I couldn’t care less about that right now.

If he had a cock, that was enough for me.

His face was beet red now, and I could tell from the way he kept swallowing that he was on the verge of creaming in his pants.

Suddenly I realized something.

“You’ve never been with a woman, have you?”

He shook his head.

I almost laughed out loud. In a vague way I was disappointed, but in another I was excited. I would be his first woman…

Quickly I undressed him as he looked apprehensively around the room.

“What if your husband comes home?”

“He won’t.”

“I don’t know…”

It didn’t matter. He was like putty in my hands now. I could feel whatever concerns he might have evaporating as he quickly became as naked as I was.

His cock was nice.

It wasn’t as large as Frank’s had been, but then I didn’t expect any man’s cock to be quite like that.

Still, it was nice.

I ran my fingers all over it while he looked down. His Adam’s app’s kept bobbing up and down like any as he clumsily reached out and played with my tits.

“That’s nice Larry, real nice. You just take care of my titties like that, all right?”

He nodded.

Then we were on the bed, lying next to each other. His body wasn’t bad; at least he was slim and hard.

“Put your fingers in my cunt, Larry. That’s it.” He slipped it into me. I could feel his heart pounding as he began to explore my pulsing slit.

I began to writhe and twist on the end of his finger. He was clumsy at first, but as he became accustomed to my responses he got better, and I encouraged him all along the way.

“Ohhhhhhh, Larry, that’s nice… keep doing it that way… ohhh yeah… you like my pussy, Larry?”

He nodded. I don’t think he was capable of speech at that point.

I put his cock in my mouth. He got so excited when he saw me doing it that he almost forgot about my cunt. I had to take my free hand and guide his fingers back into me just to let him know he wasn’t supposed to stop.

Then he started thrusting into my mouth. It felt good to have a cock in my throat again; I was becoming a real artist at giving blow jobs now. A few drops of cum trickled out of his slit and I gobbled them down.

I stopped.

His cock was wet and ready now, and so was my pussy. I was so charged up that I knew it would only take a few minutes for me to achieve the orgasm that eluded me last night.

I was ready for him.

“Come on, Larry, fuck me. Don’t you want to fuck my cunt.”

It was a silly question, but I enjoyed the response that my suggestions were getting from him. Each time I said “fuck” or “cunt” he looked like I had slapped him in the face.

But it was clear he loved it.

I lay on my back and spread my legs. With my hands I pulled apart my cunt lips so that he could see the rich, pink wetness that was waiting for him inside my snug pussy.

“Come on, Larry, don’t wait. Give it to me now.”

He did just that.

Like a wild young bull he charged into me. I could feel every muscle in his body getting incredibly tense as he shoved his cock into me.

“Beats jerking off, doesn’t it, Larry?”

He didn’t say anything. Words were totally out of the question for him now; he had become an animal, totally enslaved by the surging lust that was controlling his body.

As soon as his prick penetrated my cunt I forgot everything except the wonderful sensation of having a hard, throbbing cock inside my hungry pussy once again.

I couldn’t get enough of it.

He plunged in and out with a reckless abandon that left us both gasping for breath after just a few moments.

“That’s it, baby, bang the shit out of… ohhhhh yeah, use that big cock of yours!”

I could feel the hot, bubbling sensation deep inside my cunt that I knew so well.

It wouldn’t take long now.

I spread my legs as wide as possible, making it possible for him to get his big cock even deeper into my dripping cunt.

“Yeah, Larry, that’s a boy… harder now… ohhhh shit, Larry, you’re gonna make me come, you’re gonna make it happen…”

Wild, surging masses of cum began to rush up toward my slit. I knew it would only be a matter of a few seconds.


I felt like a volcano. My pussy positively dissolved, then sent hot, molten love juice flying all over his prick.

“God it’s FANTASTIC!” I screamed.

I was being totally carried away on the crest of my excitement. Again and again my body was racked with churning spasms of release. It seemed like they would just go on forever.

Then he suddenly pulled his meat out of my cunt. A second later he exploded, pouring huge gobs of come onto my stomach. I just sat back and enjoyed it, letting his steaming cum splatter all over me. By the time he was finished I would have taken a bath in the stuff.

It wasn’t a bad way to start the day.


“Melissa, did you enjoy getting fucked by Jack and Mark yesterday?”

She didn’t bat an eye. For a long time she just stared at me, trying to determine what my attitude was. We were sitting in the living room, really talking to each other for the first time since she had come to live with us.

“Yes. Did you enjoy watching it?”

I had to smile. She definitely had spirit; I couldn’t argue with that.

“Yes,” I admitted.

For another long moment we stared, at each other in silence. I couldn’t decide how I should view all of this. Part of me felt like a mother to her, which made me want to discipline her and keep her from doing that sort of thing again.

But that would be a joke.

I kept remembering that I had stood there and watched her get fucked, and I had enjoyed it. Later I went out and got fucked myself, so if I came on strong now with the motherhood routine I’d be nothing but a hypocrite.

Besides, I wasn’t her mother.

First of all, I wasn’t anywhere near old enough to be her mother. I was closer, in fact, to her age than I was to Ellen’s.

What the hell…

“What do you think your father would say?” I asked, still smiling slightly.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I don’t understand?”

“Well,” she began, a haunting smile touching her lips and eyes, “you see, he doesn’t have much choice about what I do. Not after what he did to me.”

“What was that?”

“He fucked me.”


We were both grinning like idiots. So old Gerald had fucked his own daughter! That was rich…

“Tell me about it.”

She looked at me for a moment, trying to decide, I guess, how much she could tell me. In a strange way I was feeling close to her right now, and I think she was able to feel it because once she started telling me the story she got so caught up in it that she didn’t stop.

“Well, it was like this. You remember last summer when he came to visit me and my mother at the beach house? That was when it happened.”

“I guess he just couldn’t handle the sight of me running around in a bikini all the time. I could feel his eyes all over me most of the time, and at first it bothered me but after a while I stopped worrying about it. I just couldn’t an any harm in it and besides, it was kind of exciting in a way.”

“Then one morning I came back from the beach early. Mother was still sunbathing, but Daddy had gone fishing earlier and was back inside the house having breakfast. I don’t know why I did it, but just to tease him a little I sat down on his lap and sort of cuddled with him.”

“His cock got hard immediately. I could feel it through my bikini bottoms. He had his arm around me and his fingers were sort of exploring my chest. I could tell he was dying to touch my tits, but he was afraid to.

“All this time we were talking about something, but I don’t even remember what it was. Both of us knew that what was really going on between us didn’t have anything to do with what we were saying.”

“I sort of shoved down on his cock. I could feel it real good, and after a while my cunt started getting real wet. It wasn’t my first time, so I knew what was happening and what to do. If, of course, I wanted to do it with him.”

“I decided that I did.”

“Well, I don’t know exactly how it happened, but either he pulled my top down or I pulled it down for him. He just stared at my tits for a second; I had a really deep tan except on my tits, and I think that turned him on even more.”

“Then he kissed them. I could feel my whole body going crazy when he started sucking on my nipples. It was so insane just to think about making it with my own father, but I knew that was what I wanted.”

“He carried me to the bedroom, then laid me on the bed. I just stayed there, looking up at him, my tits naked and wet where he had been sucking them.”

“He got undressed while I just watched. He looked scared. I guess he was petrified that Mother might come in on us. But he was also so heated up by this time that nothing was going to stop him from fucking me.”

“I don’t think either of us said anything. When he got his clothes off I just stared at his cock. It was a lot bigger than any cock I’d ever seen before. Then he leaned over and pulled down my bottoms so I was completely naked.”

“His eyes practically ate up my cunt before he even touched me. I spread my legs a little so he could see it better, and then suddenly he was on top of me.”

“His cock shot right inside my cunt. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have a real man’s cock inside me. Especially my own father’s. My whole pussy felt like it was having to stretch twice as much as it ever had before. But I didn’t mind; in fact, the snugness of it all made the whole thing even better. I bet I had the tightest little pussy he’d ever been in.”

“It didn’t last long. Once he was inside me both of us went crazy. I shoved my cunt up to meet each of his thrusts, and then I started rotating my hips so I could feel his cock swishing around inside my pussy, reaming me out like mad.”

“I could feel myself getting ready to come, so I just doubled everything that I was doing. But he came first, and when he did he pulled his cock out of me. I guess he was concerned about getting me pregnant.”

“I almost screamed out loud in frustration when I found out all of a sudden that my cunt was empty. Then a moment later he shot his wad all over me. I just stayed where I was and let him finish. By the time he was empty my tits and stomach were just swimming in his cum. He stared at me for a few seconds, then turned and walked out of the room.”

She stopped talking.

I didn’t say anything. Both of us were breathing heavily. I had been fighting an urge through most of her story to reach down and finger myself; as it was, my cunt was so wet I was sure there must be a stain in the couch beneath me.

“That’s quite a story.”

“It’s true.”

“Oh, I believe it. It sounds like something Gerald would do.”

Melissa shifted her weight. I could see that she had been rubbing her crotch on the couch beneath her.

Suddenly I knew what was going to happen.

“Why don’t we go upstairs?” I whispered, my own voice as husky as hers had grown during the last port of her story.

She nodded.

We went into the bedroom that Gerald and I shared. I closed the door behind us and turned to face Melissa.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?”


Somehow I was glad to hear that.

I reached out for her and our bodies sort of flowed together. I could feel her firm tits pressing against my bigger, softer ones. It felt good; I knew we were going to be great together.

Silently I undressed her. When I was finished she stood in front of me, her body completely naked, her tits standing out as impudently as they had the first time I had seen her this way.

“You’re beautiful, Melissa.”

She smiled.

Then she reached out and began to take off my clothes. I stayed perfectly still as she unbuttoned my blouse, then pulled it down off my shoulders. I could feel the cool air in the room on my nipples, and they got taut and hard almost immediately.

A few moments later I was as naked as she was. We just stared at each other, savoring the sight of one another’s bodies.

Then we made love.

Falling into bed I reached out and pulled her down with me. Our lips met and almost immediately both our tongues shot out, darting all over the insides of our mouths.

I loved it.

With my fingertips I explored her body, feeling the smoothness of her back, running all along her soft, rounded ass, then coming around in front and tripping lightly over her tits.

It was fantastic.

At the same time she slipped two of her fingers into my pussy, jamming them as far up into me as she possibly could.

“Yeah… mm… that’s…”

I started twisting and writhing on the end of her fingertips, and at the same time I readied down and began to caress her cunt.

She went wild.

I could hardly believe how limber and agile she was as she responded to my probing, prodding fingers. Her cunt was tight and snug, and her entire body seemed to be made of elastic as she rolled, twisted, and writhed.

“Jesus, Melissa, you’re incredible…”

“Eat me, Sheryl, eat my cunt. I’m on fire… oh. I… I can’t stand it…”

I began to swim down across her tits toward her stomach, then finally in the direction of her waiting pussy. Her cunt hair was soft and silky, blonde as honey and just as fragrant.

Finally I got to her cunt.

I held back just a little, looking at the pink, wet slit. Even as I watched it the lips began to quiver and tremble and a spurt of cream came trickling out from within her.

I gobbled it down.

Then I buried my face in her young cunt, shooting my tongue as far into her as it could possibly go.

“Ohhhhh God that feels good! Oh yeah, that’s beautiful…”

I plunged my tongue in and out of her, fucking her with my wet probe, then flicking across her swelling, sensitive clit.

“God… ohhhh… shit, you’re driving me crazy…”

I could hardly keep my face on her cunt, she was writhing so much. Her entire crotch was spinning and twisting at least six inches off the bed. I could feel the muscles in her thighs straining tightly as she shoved her crotch harder and harder against my eager, sucking mouth.

I reached up and grabbed her tits, cupping a palm over each of them, feeling them jump in my gasp as if each of them were alive.

“Ohhhhhhh… you’re gonna make me come, Sheryl, you’re gonna make me come!”

I hoped so.

I could hardly wait to feel her cunt begin to shudder and then send her hot cream all over my face.

But it didn’t happen just yet.

Suddenly she practically leapt off the bed and twisted so that she was on all fours in front of me, her ass waving in the air just in front of my face.

“Don’t stop! God; please don’t stop now!”

I didn’t.

Immediately I plunged my face back toward her dripping slit. My tongue shot into her, and this time it went even deeper than it had before.


She ground her lips back against me. My tongue shot in and out of her, twisting and laying so wildly that I thought both of us were going to fall off the bed.

But we didn’t.

A moment later she reached down with her own hand and began to finger her clit while I ate her cunt. I caught her lips in my own lips and pulled on them, then I let my tongue slip out of her cunt and climb up to her asshole. “Oooooohhhhh!”

She loved it.

I didn’t stick my tongue all the way into her asshole, but I played all round it again and again, and then I jabbed it into her pussy.

At the same time she kept fingering herself, flicking her clit. Her ass was moving in big circles, swirling and twisting on my face and her finger with a force that was bound to send her over the top any minute.

It did.

The first thing I noticed was that her cunt was beginning to pulse. It was a tiny tremor at first, but as the moments passed the tiny tremors became huge, wrenching shudders.

“Ohhhhh shit… God, I’m gonna come… oh fuck… oh fuck…”

Then it happened.

Her back arched like a cat’s. Every muscle in her body convulsed.


Hot sizzling cum came shooting out of her slit. I gobbled down everything I could, but a lot of it came put my tongue and ended up on my chin and face.

I didn’t care.

It was the sweetest, most exciting juice I had ever tasted. I kept after it until finally she collapsed, exhausted, on the bed.


For a long time we lay still. I didn’t move my face from where it was buried in the yielding tissues of her cunt. Occasionally another spurt of hot cream would come sliding down into my mouth, and each time it happened I swallowed it.

Finally she stirred.

I pulled my face away and we both smiled at each other. My face was glistening with her cum, and I could feel lingering traces of it on my lips and tongue.

“That was nice,” she said in a low voice.


“Now it’s my turn to tao care of you.”

“If you insist,” I said.

We both giggled at that. I felt totally relaxed and ready for whatever she had in mind. It struck me as slightly strange that I should be doing all these things with a girl, but it was hard to think of Melissa as a girl.

She was a woman in every way that counted.

She got on her knees above me and began to run her hands all over my body. My nipples became completely rigid the moment she touched me, and my cunt came alive once again.

“You’ve got a beautiful body,” she whispered, her voice low and sexy. Her fingers brushing lightly across my nipples, playing with them in a way that made me feel like my whole body was as taut and finely tuned as a violin string.

Then she began to move her hands outward in circles, letting her palms brush against my skin, working slowly down toward my cunt.

Finally she touched my cunt hair.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” I purred, thrusting my cunt in the direction of the pressure from her hand.

She flitted away, her fingers teasing me like butterflies.

“You’re driving me crazy.”

At last she reached down with both hands and pulled my pussy lips apart, leaving the sensitive inner tissues open to the air. I could feel a cool breeze on my naked slit, but suddenly it was replaced by warm air as she started to blow on me from a few inches away.

“Melissa…” I groaned, twisting and thrusting my cunt closer and closer to her face. But she only pulled her lips away, keeping them just out of reach for what seemed to be an eternity.

Then she dove down and flicked her tongue lightly across my bulging, sensitive clit.


But suddenly she pulled away.

For another eternity she blew on me, tantalizing me in a way that threatened to drive me insane.

“If you don’t…”

She darted down again, and once again her tongue shot out and flicked across my clit. I shoved hard up against her, but before I could get her tongue all the way into me she pulled away.

I was going crazy.

This went on for at least five minutes. By the time she finally gave in and buried her face in my muff I was so wet that I thought she might have a real chance of droning in my hot cream.

“That’s it!” I practically screamed when she finally drove her tongue all the way inside me. I had never felt so much cum flooding inside me in my life. She had put me through an exquisite torture, and now the relief was unbearable.

I shoved up against her darting, flicking tongue, desperately trying to get her entire jaw inside my hungry cunt. I could feel a storm gathering inside my pussy, and I knew it wouldn’t take much to send a torrent of hot, foaming cum shooting from my pussy onto her face.

“You’re gonna do it, baby, you’re gonna make me come,” I whispered, grinding and shoving against her face with all the strength in my body.

She pulled her face away.


I grabbed frantically for her face, but before I could reach her she was out of reach.

“Be patient.”

“Shit. I’m going nuts.”

She smiled. “I’ll be back in a minute. You just stay where you are.”


She was gone.

I lay where I was, hot and dripping, ready to fuck just about anything that moved. I couldn’t believe she was doing this to me; I’d never been so frustrated in my life.

Then she returned.

She was carrying something behind her back, but I couldn’t see what it was.

Before I could ask her about it she was back on top of me, but this time she kissed me on the mouth instead of going for my cunt. At the same time she ground her crotch against mine, twisting and shoving so that I couldn’t help but respond to the pressure on my own clit.

Then once again she put her mouth on my slit.

This time, however, she concentrated entirely on my clit. Her tongue flicked across it. Her lips pursed over it. Her teeth nibbled at it.

“Ohhhhh God, Melissa… you’re gonna make me go fucking crazy…”


She suddenly let her tongue wander away from my clit, and a moment later she had made her way down to my asshole.

Her tongue began to probe into my ass.

At first the muscles of my sphincter were tight, unyielding, but as I tried to relax she was finally able to slip her tongue into me.

It felt wonderful.

At the same time she let her fingers play with my cunt, running all over the outside of my crotch, occasionally darting inside.

“Close your eyes,” she whispered.


“Close your eyes. Just for a minute.”

I did as she asked me, though I didn’t have the faintest idea what she had in mind. In the darkness that enveloped me I just concentrated on the dual sensations that were being given to me by her fingers and her tongue.

Then her tongue slipped out of me.

At the same moment her fingers started doing double duty in my cunt. She plunged them deep into my simmering chamber, then pulled them out, then drove them in again.

Suddenly her other hand was at my asshole, pulling the wet hole open. I didn’t know what she was doing at first, but then I began to catch on.

She was putting something into me. It was made of cloth; maybe a silk handkerchief. And there were knots in it.


“Shhhhhh. Just relax. You’ll love it, believe me.”

I was skeptical, but I was also so hot and excited that she could have shoved a broomstick up my ass and I would have loved it.

One by one the knots of silk passed through my tight sphincter. I don’t know how many there were in all; maybe ten, maybe more.

Finally she was finished.

Once again she put her lips on my cunt. I picked up where I had been earlier almost immediately; my cunt felt like it was on the verge of exploding within just a few seconds.

“Come on, Melissa, don’t stop this time. I’m gonna come all over your face in just a minute.”


Evidently the idea appealed to her.

As she ate my cunt I all but forgot about the knotted silk scarf that was in my asshole. All I could think about was the way my cunt was churning and boiling, threatening to foam over any minute.

“Come on, baby, Jesus it’s good… ohhhhhh God I can feel it coming.”

Stealthily she reached toward my asshole with her right hand. I hardly noticed it. I was completely caught up in the steaming, churning mess within my cunt.

It was coming.

“Oh shit, Melissa… shit… I… oh fuck… GAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

A million things happened at once.

First I felt a rolling, swirling wave of release begin to fly toward the entrance of my cunt. I knew that I was on the very verge of spilling over.

Then she pulled the scarf out of my ass. I went crazy.


My entire body absolutely dissolved. Each knot passing through my tight sphincter practically drove me beyond the realms of control. Again and again I convulsed, my back arching, my every muscle contracting insanely.

It went on forever.

Long after the silk scarf had been completely pulled out of my ass I still kept writhing and twisting as if I had been completely wiped out.

It was fantastic.

Every other climax I had experienced paled before the throbbing, surging release I was feeling now.

At last it was finished.

My cunt kept contacting rhythmically in the afterglow, but I was so far out of it that I didn’t know what was happening.

Then suddenly the door opened.

I stared at something that should have made my heart leap to my throat, but it didn’t. Instead I simply sat there, cum running down my legs, looking at something I could hardly believe was happening.

Ellen and Gerald were standing in the doorway. “Ohmigod!” Ellen screamed when she was able to figure out what was going on.

“Jesus!” Gerald echoed.

He started forward, but I sat up in bed like a flash and prepared to defend myself.

He stopped.

“You fucking slut.”

“What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing to Melissa?”

I looked at Melissa, and was glad to see that she was sitting up straight, staring right at the two of them with defiance in her eyes.


Then suddenly everything fell into place.

“E” was Ellen.

But what…?

“I ought to beat the shit out of you,” Gerald growled. Ellen just stood in the background and looked pained.

“Why?” I asked.

“What do you mean why?”

“You know what I mean, you stupid fucking bitch.”

“At least I’m not a hypocrite.”

Suddenly his expression changed. I could tell that he realized that I knew about what he had done to Melissa.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Ellen and I are taking Melissa away from you.”

“You mean you two have worked out a reconciliation?” I said, a sneer in my voice that I didn’t try to conceal.

“That’s right.”

Suddenly Melissa spoke up. “I’m not going.”

“You’ll do what I tell you to do,” Gerald said. “Fuck you!” Melissa spat.

“Get up off that bed,” her father ordered. She didn’t move.

My mind suddenly went into high gear. I don’t know why, but I wanted to do something that would be absolutely deliciously nasty to both of them, and it didn’t take me long to figure out what to do.

“Wait a minute,” I maid, trying to keep my voice calm and cold. “Let’s be civilized about this.”

“I am,” said Ellen, talking for the first time since she’d come in the room.

“Good. Ellen, there’s something I want to show you downstairs. Could, you’ll want to see it too.”

“This is a bunch of bullshit,” Gerald growled.

“Honey, don’t be like that. This is a sad situation, but we can’t do anything to change it right now.”

He didn’t say anything.

For the first time I felt a slight bit of compassion for Ellen, but not much. She was still an uptight, condescending bitch who deserved whatever she got.

I led them downstairs. My mind was still going ninety miles an hour. I knew that if I really wanted to pull off what I had in mind I was going to have to work fast.

Very fast.

There was a storeroom beneath the stairway. It wasn’t very big; mostly there were just winter blankets and coats in it, but there was also a chest where we kept all our valuable papers and everything like that.

I stopped in front of door.

Opening it, I turned on the light. There was not enough room for three people to get inside.

“You two go ahead; there’s something in here you ought to see, Ellen.”

Gerald hesitated. I could tell that he didn’t have the faintest idea what I was up to, but he definitely didn’t trust me.

Ellen took the lead, however, and went on in. She gazed around distastefully at the mess. Gerald stood in the doorway for a moment, then turned and spoke to me.

“What the hell is this all about?”

I didn’t say anything. I knew that the moment was at hand. If I really wanted to pull off the insane scheme I had concocted in the last few minutes now was the time that I had to act quickly.

I made my decision.

“Gerald,” I began, talking in a soothing voice. Then, as soon as he relaxed just a tiny bit, I reached out and shoved him as hard as I could into the storeroom. It took him completely by surprise and he fell into Ellen.

They both went sprawling.

As quick as lightning I pulled the door shut and locked it. Melissa was standing next to me, and as soon as she saw what I had done her eyes got incredibly wide.

“What are you gonna do?”

I didn’t say anything. Gerald was yelling and beating on the door. Would it hold?

He crashed into it.

Nothing happened.

He crashed into it again, and once again it held. I breathed a sigh of relief. He might be able to force his way out, but it would take a few hours. I hoped I wouldn’t need that much time.

Thirty seconds later I was on the telephone. “Michelle? This is Sheryl.”

“Oh. Hi. What’s the matter? You sound upset.”

“Just listen. Is our little get-together still on?”

“Tomorrow? Sure.”

“An right. Listen. I haven’t got time to talk, but this is sort of an emergency. Call the people who’re coming tomorrow and see if they can make it today. This afternoon. As soon as possible. Tell them they’re gonna have a chance for the best time of their lives. And make sure there are at least two men.”

“Sheryl, what’s…”

“Just do it, Michelle. You won’t regret it, believe me.”

I hung up the phone.

I felt positively exhilarated. Every nerve ending in my body was totally alert. This was by far the wildest thing I had ever done in my life.

Would it work?

I really didn’t have any way of knowing. The most important thing was getting the cooperation of Michelle and her friends. Especially the men.

Beyond that, it was up in the air.

The one thing that I had going for me that was sort of a trump card, however was the knowledge that Gerald had fucked Melissa last summer at the beach house.

He was going to pay for that.

I was certain that Ellen didn’t know about it. If she found out, poor old Gerald was going to be left out in the cold without either her or me.

He would have to cooperate just to kep Ellen from finding out.

At least I hoped so.


Michelle came through in the clutch. I could have kissed her when she showed up a half-hour after I called with two big, brawny studs in tow.

“You’re beautiful!” I gushed to all three of them. Michelle, her face reflecting how puzzled she was about all this, introduced me to them.

“This is Sam,” she said, indicating the one on the left. He was tall and dark with a mustache. There wasn’t anything mean or sinister about him, but he definitely looked powerful.

“And this is Jeffrey.”

Jeffrey was also tall, but there the resemblance between the two of them stopped. He was blond and deeply tanned, with a face that was more mischievous than anything else.

I liked them both.

But more important than liking them was the fact that they would work perfectly as an intimidation factor for Gerald; there was no way he would argue with these two brutes.

I loved it.

“Sheryl, don’t you think you ought to tell us what’s going on?”

We all stood in the hallway outside the storeroom. Gerald had stopped banging on the door a half-hour earlier when I had promised him that I would let them both out within an hour.

Now I opened the door.

Gerald came flying out like he had been shot from a cannon, evidently intent on wreaking some sort of havoc on me. But as soon as he laid eyes on Sam and Jeffrey he pulled up short.

I had been right.

Ellen followed him out, looking bewildered. Nevertheless, every hair was in place and her makeup was perfect. She had amazing priorities.

They deserved each other.

For the first time I really took a good look at Ellen, and I was surprised to find that beneath her ice-cold appearance there was really a very good-looking woman. And she had nice tits.

Very nice tits.

Practically licking my lips in anticipation I led them into the family room. There was a thick shag carpet on the floor there; I had a feeling it would come in handy.

“All right, Gerald. You and your ant little frozen cunt can walk out of here into the sunset in an hour if you do what I tell you. But you won’t be taking Melissa with you. Is that clear?”

“Fuck you. There’s no way you can keep her,” Gerald said.

“We’ll see about that. Now both of you take off your clothes.”

Neither of them moved. Ellen looked like she might faint.

I gave a slight cue to Sam and he took a step forward. Gerald started getting undressed.

Ellen still didn’t move.

“Listen, Ellen, you’ll be a lot happier without Melissa anyway, won’t you? So do what I tell you.”

A minute later they were both naked. I was amazed at the difference in Ellen. Without the protection of her clothes she looked like a different woman.

This was going to be interesting.

“All right,” I said, nodding to Michelle and the two men. They undressed. I couldn’t help but notice that while Sam had a big cock, Jeffrey was absolutely amazing. I’ve seen horses that would be proud of his tool.

In the background Melissa had taken out the Polaroid camera Gerald had given me for Christmas, but no one noticed her.

“All right, Gerald, it’s very simple. You fuck Michelle. Then you can both leave.”

He looked confused.

“If you don’t fuck Michelle, then Ellen gets to fuck Sam and Jeffrey both. At once.”

Ellen really did almost faint that time. Gerald had to catch her.

“Why should I do this?” Gerald demanded. “I think you know. Melissa knows.” He turned white. There was no doubt now that he knew I was aware of what he’d done to Melissa.

Michelle moved forward and put her hands on his cock. Her hands went all over him, and she pressed her tit against his chest.

Nothing happened.

I could see Gerald’s Adam’s apple bobbing up and don.

Michelle knelt down. She put his limp cock in her mouth and licked it, then just sucked it as hard as she could while she played with his balls.

Still nothing happened.

While this was going on I looked at Ellen, but she was not even looking at Gerald. Her eyes were on Sam and Jeffrey.

I almost laughed out loud.

Michelle kept working on Gerald for at least five minutes, but nothing happened. He was far too terrified to be able to even think about sex.

Finally I knew it was time to move on to Ellen.

“All right. Ellen, are you ready?”

“I won’t have anything to do with this.”

I didn’t believe her for a minute. I knew she’d probably never been anywhere near a cock like either one of these guys had, and I knew that she was already beginning to get wet just thinking about what it would be like to have them inside her.

I looked at Gerald.

“Ellen, do what she says,” Gerald said.

She stared at him without comprehending why he was telling her to cooperate. She opened her mouth to say something, but he cut her off.

“Go on. Do it.”

Suddenly she got, mad. I think she expected Gerald to be tremendously upset over the idea of what she was supposed to do, but he wasn’t showing it.

Of course in reality he was tremendously upset about it; he simply understood that in the long run it was better this way, since it meant that Ellen wouldn’t find out about what he had done to Melissa.

“All right. Which one of you bastards is next?” she asked. I had to admire the sudden show of spirit on her part.

“Both of them,” I said.

Her eyes got big, but she didn’t say anything. A moment later they were both in front of her, towering above her with their cocks in their hands.

Both cocks were rigid.

“Lie down,” I commanded.

She did as she was told.

Sam straddled her, his huge dong banging down so that it almost touched her face. She looked up at it with a strange combination of fear and excitement on her face.

“Suck it,” Sam whispered softly. “What?”

“You heard me.”

She swallowed hard. Then she reached up and wrapped her fingertips around his meat and pulled it toward her.

“I can’t do it.”

“Sure you can.”

Gerald was looking on with a face that looked like a death mask.

Slowly, hesitantly, she opened her mouth and tried to fit his cock inside. It wouldn’t go.

“Really — I can’t do it.”

“You’d better do it.”

She tried again, this time with more success. She managed to get his cockhead into her mouth, but that was all. I could tell that something was happening to her, though.

She was definitely getting turned on.

Below, Jeffrey was running his fingers lightly over her pussy. I could see the pink, wet lips and I knew that her cunt must be churning.

In the background, Melissa snapped pictures with the Polaroid.

Slowly, inch by inch, Sam forced his cock into her mouth. I could see her jaw muscles expand as she tried to take him in, and then finally her throat muscles as well.

She did it.

I had to admit that I was impressed. Getting a cock that big all the way down was no mean fete.

Now he started fucking her in the mouth. She held on with her hands, guiding it deep into her throat, and even adding to his pleasure a little bit by stroking his balls.

Then she spread her legs.

I almost laughed out loud when I realized what was happening. She was really getting into it; there was no doubt about it. Her cunt was dripping wet and she was thrashing about like she was absolutely desperate to have a cock in it.

Jeffrey was glad to oblige her.

He jammed his cock deep into her cunt with a single stroke. I could ace her glistening cream all over it the first time he pulled it back out.

This was definitely getting more interesting than I had anticipated.

“You like it, Ellen?” I called out, knowing that she did but wondering if she would admit to it.

“Mmmmmmmm… ahhhh…”

I looked at Michelle.

“I think she said ‘yeah’.”

“If she didn’t she’s crazy,” Melissa smiled. Sam and Jeffrey both pumped into her harder now, damming their cocks into both her mouth and her cunt while she writhed on the carpet. By now I was getting so turned on I could hardly contain myself. It was amazing to watch these two guys at wait on Ellen.

They were fantastic.

Suddenly Gerald moved forward and I noticed that his cock was rigid.

“Wait a minute!” he shouted, pointing to his cock like it belonged to someone else. “I’m ready now. You can stop, Ellen.”

Sam pulled his cock out of her mouth for just a second. She looked up at Gerald, and then without a single word took Sam’s cock and put it back in her mouth.

Michelle and I went crazy. We applauded and cheered like idiots. This was even better than we had hoped for.

After that it didn’t last much longer.

Sam pumped into her mouth a few more times and then suddenly his entire body stiffened. His cock seemed to jump in her throat, and then big wads of cum began to come streaming out of her mouth. She took as much of his jism as she could in her mouth, but more of it ended up on her face and neck than anywhere else.

Finally he pulled away.

Now she turned all her attention to Jeffrey. Her face, still covered with Sam’s cum, showed an intensity that I had rarely seen on another human being.

It was amazing.

“You like it, Ellen?” I asked again.

“Goddamn this is fantastic! Gerald, I hope you learn something from this.”

Her words came out between gasps. Her tits were heaving up and down and she seemed to be drunk on the excitement of the moment.

“Come on, Jeff, give it all to me. Fill me up, baby, fill me up! Make my cunt explode!”

Gerald looked on as if he absolutely couldn’t believe that he was looking at Ellen.

It just wasn’t like her.

Then Jeffrey began to slam into her with even more force, and a moment later his entire body stiffened.

“GAAAAHHHHH!” he cried.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it! Oh YESSSSSSS!” I think they both came almost together. She wrapped her legs around his back and kept pumping against him, pulling his shooting cock deeper and deeper into her dripping pussy.

Her face was wild. Her eyes looked like they were looking into another world.

Finally they stopped thrashing. Ellen dropped back onto the carpet and closed her eyes. She was a picture of total exhaustion.

Ten minutes later everyone was dressed. Ellen hadn’t said anything, and judging from the way she was staring into space it seemed likely that she was totally wiped out, both physically and emotionally.

Gerald just wanted to leave.

“Gerald,” I said, holding up some of the pictures that Melissa had taken. “Just in case you get any second thoughts about wanting to take Melissa with you, take a look at these.”

He and Ellen stared at them. Her eyes got incredibly wide.

“Did I do that?” she asked.

“Sure you did.”

“I don’t remember it.”

I just stared at her. It was evident that she was telling the truth. I couldn’t believe it; she’d actually managed to block the whole experience out of her mind.

And it was probably the best experience of her life.

“I doubt any judge would want to leave a fifteen-year-old girl in the hands of a woman who does that sort of thing,” I told Gerald, pointing to a particularly good shot of Ellen with cocks in both her mouth and her cunt.

“You’re incredible, Sheryl,” Gerald said. “Thank you. I try hard.”

“Come on, Ellen, let’s get out of here before some of the filth rubs off on us.”

“Yes, let’s do.”

He put his arm around her and they walked shakily out the door. I watched them go, feeling deliciously satisfied with what had happened.

I looked at Michelle, then at Melissa. They were both smiling. So were Sam and Jeffrey. We had a lot to be happy about.

“I don’t know about you people, but I’m ready for a party,” I said cheerfully.

They ail nodded their agreement.


We went to Michelle’s house for the party, which lasted all afternoon. I couldn’t believe how good I felt as we walked out of the house I had been living in with Gerald for the past three years.

I was free!

It was an incredible feeling, and I knew right from the beginning that I wasn’t going to have any regrets.

None at all.

Melissa felt that way too. I could tell that she was absolutely delighted that she was going to be with me from now on, and the truth of the matter was that I was just as excited about it as she was. We were going to have great times together.

Starting today.

When we got to Michelle’s we all had a drink and sat around talking about what had happened earlier. Everyone had been amazed at the transformation that had taken place in Ellen as soon as she took her clothes off.

After our second drink I knew that I was ready for action. I looked at Melissa and knew that she felt the same way. We had been watching other people having fun all afternoon; now it was our turn.



“Where’s the little toy you showed me the last time I was here?”

She looked at me and smiled. Then she said, “you stay here. I’ll go get it.”

A few seconds later she returned with the vibrator and massage oil that had driven me absolutely insane last time.

Now I was going to we it on Melissa.

“Sweetheart, how would you like to take off all your clothes?”

“I’d love to.”

“Then do it.”

She was naked in thirty seconds. As Michelle, Sam, and Jeffrey gathered around to watch, Melissa stretched out on the thick, soft carpet.

“You’re gonna love this, baby,” I whispered. Then I slipped the vibrator onto the back of my hand and put some oil in my palm.

I turned it on.

The hum was soft, but the sensations that the machine caused made my entire arm feel like it was alive with electricity. I couldn’t believe how alive it made me feel, and I knew it would do a lot more for Melissa.

I cupped my palm and laid it over one of her tits.

“Ohmigod!” she exclaimed.

We all laughed.

She started squirming and wriggling almost immediately. Her entire body was moving in different directions, but I held on to her tit. “Jesus, that’s incredible!”

“I know.”

I poured some more oil onto her chest and began to move my hand around, sliding and slipping all over her tits. They were so firm and hard that I felt like I could go on this way forever.

But Melissa wouldn’t let me.

“My cunt, Sheryl. Jesus Christ, get it in my cunt.”

I smiled.

Then slowly, very slowly, I began to work my way down toward her golden crotch. I wanted to hurry because I was dying to bury my fingers in her steaming cunt, but I knew it would be better for her in the end if I held back and made her anticipate the final moment when my electric fingers finally made their way into hep cunt.

“You’re driving me crazy. I swear I’m gonna die!”

“No you’re not. Just relax and enjoy it.”

My fingers were almost touching her silky cunt hair now. I could see her lips waiting for me below, moist, pink and parted.

She spread her legs even wider.

Then I lifted my hand all the way up in the air. She squirmed wildly beneath me.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she wailed.

I finally took pity on her.

With a single motion I drove two fingers deep into her dripping slit. Then I just held them there; there was no reason for me to move, since she was moving her crotch enough to accomplish anything that either of us wanted.

“God I can’t believe it… my cunt feels… ohhh God it feels like it’s gonna explode any minute… oh shit…”

“Just flow with it, baby, just flow with it.”

“I’m trying…”

I could feel her cunt begin to quiver and duke, but still held firm inside her slit. I wanted to be able to feel the exact moment whet she boiled over.

It wasn’t long in coming.

“Ohhhh… shit, this is crazy… oh shit… God my — OOOOOHHHHH!”

I could feel it happen. Her cunt suddenly shuddered, and then her muscles damped down on my fingers as if the world were wining to an end. Suddenly my entire hand was covered with her cream.

It was fantastic.

She twisted and writhed on the end of my fingers, finally begging for mercy.

I took my hand away.

She lay there, gasping for breath, her tits moving up and down with each breath she took.

Finally she opened her eyes and smiled. I knew she was satisfied.

But I wasn’t.

There was one thing I wanted, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less. Ever since I had watched Melissa that first day on the floor of the family room I had been dying to do what I had seen her do.

I wanted to have two cocks inside me at once; one in my cunt and one in my ass. Turning to Jeffrey and Sam, I opened my mouth and spoke.

“I hope you’re rested.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re both going to fuck me. Right now.”

Without saying anything else I stood up and took off my clothes. It was the first time either of them had seen me naked, and I could tell that they were pleased.

“Come here,” I said, dropping to my knees on the carpet. My tits felt incredibly sensitive, and my cunt was so wet I was sure I must be dripping down the insides of my legs.

They moved forward.

I undressed them both. At first their cocks weren’t hard, but when I reached out with my fingers and began touching them they responded quickly enough.

Then I kissed them both, running my lips first along the tight skin of Sam’s cock, then doing the same to Jeffrey.

When I was satisfied that they were both completely rigid I reached for the massage oil. First I coated their cocks with the slippery stuff, and then I took care of my own whole.

It felt great.

I rubbed it into the skin surrounding the tight sphincter, and then I slipped a finger inside. By the time I was finished my asshole was so slippery that I knew there was no way either one of those cocks wouldn’t be able to fit.

My cunt was something I didn’t need to worry about in that regard. It was already so wet that I felt like a forearm wouldn’t be too big for me to take.

“All right,” I whispered. Then I slowly turned over and got on all fours. “One of you get underneath me.”

Jeffrey obliged.

A moment later I was straddling his long, muscular body. Using both my hands I grabbed his cock and guided it to the entrance of my pussy.

“Go ahead,” I urged.

He shoved it in. It felt great. My cunt had never been more responsive and I had never been more in control.

“All right, Sam, now it’s your turn.”

He dropped to his knees behind me. I felt his hands on my ass as he reached forward and spread my fleshy cheeks apart. Then his cockhead was pressing against my oiled and slippery hole.

“GO on, baby, shove it in there.”

He pushed forward.

I closed my eyes and gave in to the incredible sensations. My pussy was already filled with Jeffrey’s cock, and somehow that only made my whole tighter than it would have been otherwise. Still, it was so slippery that his cock went in with no trouble at all.

Five seconds later I had them both all the way inside me.

“Yeah… this is the best…” I groaned, beginning to move slowly back and forth, causing their cocks to rock inside me.

“Baby, you’re incredible,” Jeff whispered from below me.

“I know.”

After that it was short, sweet and intense. It was all over in two minutes.

I didn’t move much; the two of them supplied most of the motion. They began to thrust into me in unison. I pushed back slightly, feeling as if my cunt were more full than it had ever been in my life.

I don’t know who came first.

By the time my cunt unleashed everything that had been building up inside me all day I was so far gone that I couldn’t tell what was happening with their cocks.

It didn’t matter.

We kept smashing into each other until my cunt and were totally wiped out. I could feel huge mum of sticky juice all inside me and on my ass and legs.

It was beautiful.

Finally I fell forward. Their cocks came slithering out of my cunt as I rolled over onto my back and looked up at the ceiling.

I was happy to be alive.

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