Hot Wet Wife

It often comes a complete surprise to find that people are not always exactly what they seem to be.

The quiet librarian who secretly waits for the moment when she can loosen her passions on an unsuspecting patron. The nurse who is ready to take on any of her patients, male or female, who think they can handle her. The teacher who, given half the chance, will not hesitate to relent his perverse desires on at unsuspecting girl in one of his classes.

Merril Harris is one of these outwardly normal people. In fact, if anything, she seems most shy, more reserved than most. But deep within herself she is becoming the helpless captive of a reckless passion which, now that she has at first acknowledged it, must be fed a constant diet of perverse excitement. In HOT WET WIFE, the story of the weekend in which she completely lets go, she allows depravity to spill into her life, ruling her completely, and taking her into a world which she had never dreamed existed.

HOT WET WIFE — a novel that explores a hidden segment of our society, a powerful lesson for those who refuse to believe some of the darkest problems that face is all.


The warm rays of the summer sun beat down relentlessly on Alecia Allen’s naked boy as she lay quietly on her stomach next to her swimming pool. Her body was deeply tanned all over; she seldom wore a swim suit under any circumstances and never wore one at all in her own back yard.

The yard was enclosed on three sides by a high wall, while the two-story, Spanish-style house she shared with her husband Larry formed the fourth boundary. Thus she could be certain that no one would see her while she sunbathed, though had she been in the middle of a crowded beach it would have made no difference to her. In fact, she might have liked the latter circumstances better than the present one, since she liked nothing better than to feel men’s hungry eyes feasting on her nakedness, whatever the circumstances might be.

Today she was, to put it mildly, horny. She could feel the hard concrete beneath her towel pressing forcefully against her crotch and tits, and she rubbed against it, letting the hard resistance excite her. Deep inside her cunt, she could feel a throbbing, tingling presence, and she knew that if she were to dip one of her fingers into her simmering honeypot she would find her pussy to be warm and moist.

The temptation was strong to do just that, but she held back. She would have gladly plunged her fingers deep into her cunt right now had it not been for the fact that she was expecting a visitor any moment who would provide a much more enjoyable outlet for her pent-up excitement.

Jim was an airline pilot, an acquaintance loft over from the days, not so long ago, when Alecia had been a stewardess. They had met then, and on the relatively rare occasions when he had a layover within driving distance of Mocha’s house they never failed to get together. Alecia thought about the eight inches of pure delight that would be deep inside her hungry pussy five minute after Jim arrived.

Where was he? Even though she knew Larry wasn’t due home for another three hours, Alecia was anxious to have as much time with Jim as possible. They could never get enough of each other’s bodies, and every minute he was delayed was another minute they couldn’t spend together.

Just then she heard the sound of a car pulling up in the drive way outside. She smiled and pulled herself into a sitting position.

Suddenly Jim appeared as the door leading to the garage. For a moment he stood framed in the doorway, a smile on his rugged features he took in the sight, always welcome, of Alecia’s naked body.

“Welcome, thou heavily hung master of the airways,” Alecia offered, beckoning the rugged looking man to come forward.

Jim smiled. “Thank you, dear lady of the lusty loins.”

They both broke into laughter as he kissed her lightly; neither could remember when they started carrying on like this, but the fact remained that their first greetings were always exchanged this way.

“Pour yourself a drink and have a seat,” Alecia said, indicating a pitcher of red, cold liquid sitting on a glass patio table.

Jim smiled as he poured; the bloody mary was all part of the ritual. He took a long, deep pull. He turned once again to Alecia.

“Think I’ll take a dip. I stinketh.”

“I’ll just watch,” Alecia smiled. She was a little frustrated; nothing would have pleased her more than to get right down to some serious fucking, but she knew better than to complain. Taking a sip from her own drink, she leaned back and relaxed.

Jim quickly pulled off his shirt and trousers. Beneath his briefs, his cock was already beginning to stir; the sight of Alecia’s body was always enough to accomplish that without any further stimulation. Finally he was naked, and a moment later he dove into the cool water of the pool.

Alecia could feel the juices beginning to flow again at the sight of Jim’s cock. Even half erect it was monstrous, dangling between his legs like some sleeping cobra as he disappeared into the pool.

She hoped he didn’t intend to swim long.

As soon as he had swum the length of the pool underwater, Jim knew that he had enough swimming for the time being. The water had refreshed him.

He was ready for her.

He sat down next to Alecia. They looked at each other curiously; it had been almost a year since they had last seen each other, and yet both felt as comfortable as if they had only parted yesterday.

Alecia’s eyes traveled slowly, provocatively over her companion’s body, coming to rest finally on his cock which was as small as it would ever be as a result of the shock of the cold water.

It still wasn’t very small.

Alecia reached out and touched it lightly, running her fingers along the shriveled shaft.

“Mmmmmmmm…” she purred as his prick began to stir, the rushing blood tilling out the wrinkles and pulling the skin tight and smooth. As his cock grew larger, she stroked it harder, letting her fingers curl around the thick shaft.

Jim shifted his weight on the warm concrete beneath him. The sight of Alecia’s hand on his cock was all he needed; well, not quite all. What he really wanted to see more than anything was the sight of her full, sensuous lips closing around his meat. There were few, women who could fit his cock into his mouth, and of those that could, Alecia was by far the best.

Gently urging her on, Jim placed his hand firmly on her soft blonde hair, pushing her head closer to his straining cock.

Slowly she bent forward, her eyes never leaving the smooth, tight skin of his prick. When she was within an inch of the head of his massive tool, she stopped and began to blow lightly on it.

“Come on, baby, suck it…” Jim urged softly, pulling her hair back so that he could get an uninterrupted view.

But she just blew on his cock, teasing him, making him want it even more.

“What are you trying to do?” he whispered through clenched teeth after another fifteen seconds had passed.

Suddenly her rich, moist tongue darted out and licked the head of his cock. At the same time she began to play with his balls.

“That’s better,” he whispered.

Slowly now, she proceeded to lick every inch of his cock, sliding her expert tongue up and down the shaft with a pulsing tenderness that was calculated to drive Jim insane with lust.

It did.

He began to rotate his hips; shoving his cock up into the air and watching it slide up along the outside of Alecia’s beautiful, oiled face. Then finally, when his cock was completely covered with her saliva, she lifted her head up until it was poised once again an inch above the tip of his cock.

The time had come.

She opened her mouth as wide as possible and drove her throat down on his massive prick. She didn’t stop until she felt her lips firmly grinding against the thick, wiry ham at the base of his shaft, causing Jim to gasp.

He had seen her do this before, but it never failed to amaze him to see her take his entire cock into her hungry, clinging throat in a single stroke.

It was incredible.

But she didn’t stop there. She began to move her head up and down, plunging him again and again deep inside her body. She could feel the muscles of her throat stretching, expanding to take him all the way inside, at the same time clinging lightly to him in a way that she was certain would drive him crazy.

“Yesssss… baby… yesssssss… suck it… suck my cock…” Jim breathed, marveling at her skill as she increased the tempo, driving her face up and down his slick pole. He was thrusting into her now, driving his cock even farther into her willing throat.

Alecia loved what she was doing. She could feel even contour, every tiny ridge of his cock as her tongue licked and curled around his shaft, tasting his meat, flicking across the sensitive ridge just below the head. His excitement grew stronger with each passing second.

Then suddenly his cock began to tremble and shudder, pulsing wildly in her mouth. In another moment he would come, sending great wads of sticky jam deep into her throat.

She released his cock, pulling her mouth off of it at the last possible moment.

“Aaaagghhhhhh!” he groaned in frustration as he saw his cock emerge from her mouth, glistening in the bright sunlight.

“Not yet, baby, not yet,” Alecia murmured.

Jim forced himself to relax. One thing about Alecia; you had to play the game by her rules. But it was worth it.

“Now,” she said, getting to her knees in front of him. She was breathing heavily from her exertions, causing her full, firm tits to heave up and down delightfully. Her thighs were parted, the muscles taut and straining, while the lips of her pussy were moistly parted, revealing a trace of the rich pink wetness within.

“Now what?” Jim asked with mock innocence. He knew what she wanted, and he also knew that she was practically creaming all over herself from her excitement.

Alecia carefully placed her right hand firmly over her tawny snatch. Then her green eyes still probing into Jim’s, she began to rotate her crotch, grinding softly against her hand, but still not inserting any of her fingers inside her [missing text].

Jim began to smile.

“Do it, baby, do it,” he urged, knowing what she had in mind and wanting to see her do it.

She spread wide the dewy lips of her pussy, revealing for the first time the rich, wet entrance to her cunt. Then, without waiting another second, she plunged her middle finger deep into the steaming chamber that was so hungry to be filled.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…” she groaned. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to have something, anything, inside her starved cunt.

She began to rotate the finger inside her, twisting it so that it reached all of the sensitive walls. Then she pulled the finger out. It glistened in the sunlight, wet with her honey. Jim looked at it hungrily and started to reach for it, but she held him off. Instead, she took the finger and placed it against her lips, wiping some of the wetness onto them so that they, too, glistened. Then she plunged the finger into her mouth, sucking it, draining every drop of hot cream from it.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” she purred, savoring the taste. Jim couldn’t stand it any more. He covered both her tits with his hands.

They practically jumped in his grasp as she pushed forward. The nipples were hard and slippery, while the flesh mounds were soft. Her body, covered with suntan oil, was slick and brown.

Slowly but firmly, he pushed her back until she was once again stretched out on her towel. His hands still covered her tits.

“Eat me… eat my cunt… eat it…” she whispered, licking the last traces other own honey from her lips as she spoke.

Jim, on his knees between her parted thighs, began to slide his hands down across her smooth, slick stomach. As he made contact with her soft, downy tangle, he slowed down, playing with her furry hair.

Then finally he had reached his goal; his hands were on either side of her moist, dripping pussy. He guided her willing legs up until both of them were stretched over his shoulder, displaying her cunt.

He bent forward, parting her cuntlips, revealing the depths of her pulsing cunt to his eager eyes. When his lips were just a few inches short of his goal, however, he stopped. Then he began to blow on her cunt, fanning the hot channel, driving her crazy.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh… please… please eat me… eat my cunt…” she pleaded, beginning to writhe and twist as she sought to bring her cunt in contact with his lips.

But he wasn’t ready for that.

He had decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. As he blew on her hungry muff, he could see her love juice pour out of her in streams of passion.

Then, when it seemed like she was likely to burst from her frustration, he suddenly plunged his tongue deep into her simmering hole.

She gasped, writhing even more wildly. She spread her thighs even wider and grabbed his head with her hands, forcing it deeper and deeper into her juicy hole.

Jim was in heaven.

He could taste her honey as it streamed out onto his face, hot and musky and reminding him that he was with the most fantastic woman he had ever known. In and out he plunged his tongue, fucking her with his moist probe.

Writhing wildly, Alecia fondled her swelling, throbbing clit.

She began to rub it, lightly flicking her finger back and forth across the sensitive organ. Almost immediately she felt what seemed like a hot, glowing coal deep inside her. She rubbed her clit harder.

Jim’s tongue continued to slide in and out of her cunt, licking deeper and deeper inside her. He could sense that she was driving toward her on release, and he know that the combination of his tongue and her finger would be enough to give it to her.

But he wasn’t going to let it happen.

Just as she was about to explode, he pulled away and grabbed her hand.

“Aaaamghhh!” she cried. She had been on the brink of coming.

“Now,” he whispered, looking down at her heaving body, relishing those last few moments.

“Fuck me… ohhhh, please… fuck me…” she coed, rating his cock more than she wanted anything clue in the world.

Jim took his cock in his hand, placing the throbbing head at the drenched entrance to her cunt. Then, in a single driving motion, he drove it deep into the hot, yielding folds of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm…” she moaned, spreading her creamy thighs wide to accept his meat, feeling it fill her like no other cock could.

He put his weight on his elbows, keeping his body raised above hers a he begun to pump, watching her as she writhed and wriggled, making his cock shudder with excitement.

Harder and harder he plunged his cock into her cunt, while she responded by shoving back with equal force, grinding and smashing against his raging tool.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” she whispered, the words coming in ragged gasps.

Both knew dimly that it wouldn’t be long now; too much had gone before for this to be anything other than a short, hard fuck. Their bodies were in complete harmony, almost unified as they crashed against each other.

Alecia could feel the burning coal growing larger and hotter inside her cunt as she fought to release it. Nothing could stop her now.


Jim fought to control himself just a little longer. He could tell that Alecia was on the verge of exploding, and he wanted to shoot his own cum into her at the precise moment her cunt was racked by the spasm of delight he knew was almost there.

“Ohhhhhh…” she whispered, writhing and grinding harder than ever. “I’m gonna come… gonna come… come, come, COME!”

It happened. In a single, blinding flash her cunt seemed to explode, shattering into a thousand pieces, then dissolving as she melted into a pool of warm, sticky delight.

As Jim felt her cunt contract, he let go, and within half a second he felt his own cum bubbling up within his meat, hot and pulsing as it traveled the length of his cock and spurted out into the wet, sticky depths of her pussy.

Again and again they smashed into each other, each forcing the last drops of fulfillment out of the other’s body.

Finally the raging torrent ended.

Exhausted, Jim pulled his shrinking cock out of her cunt and rolled over until he was lying at his back next to her. For a long time neither of them spoke, each basking in the aftermath of the most satisfying fuck either had experienced in a long time.

It was Alecia who broke the silence. “How long do you have?”

“Well,” Jim said, “believe it or not I’m here for the weekend.”

“Oh, no! I can’t believe it!”

“Can’t believe what?” he queried.

“I’m going away this weekend with Larry.”

“Can’t you get out of it?”

She shook her head sadly. “It’s not so much just Larry I have to worry about.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s a long story.”

“So tell me along story.”

Five minutes later he understood why Alecia couldn’t cancel out on the weekend ahead of her; there were other people involved. People who were counting on Alecia.

The “other people” were Merril and Dick Harris, a couple with whom Larry and Alecia spent a lot of time. The two couples had, several months in advance, made reservations for the coming weekend at the Feslon Institute.

“What the hell’s the Feslon Institute?”

“I don’t know that much about it, except that it has something to do with sexual therapy.”

“Sexual therapy? For you?” Jim asked incredulously. Then he started to laugh.

“It’s not for me; it’s for Merril. She’s really uptight.”

“So why are you going?”

“Larry and I promised Dick we’d go. That was the only way he could get Merril to agree to it.”

There was a long silence. Then suddenly Alecia brightened. “I’ve got an idea!”


“Why don’t you come, too?”

“Are you crazy?”

“No, listen,” Alecia said excitedly. “Larry doesn’t know you, so if you showed up at the Institute he’d just think you’re another guest.”

“Do single people go there?” Jim asked. He was beginning to get interested in the idea after all. Why not?

“I think so. I’m almost certain.”

“What do they do them?”

“I’m not certain. But if we don’t like it, I’m sum we can get away for a while.”

“I don’t know…” Jim still hesitated. “Oh, come on, Jim. There’s no harm in trying, is them?”

“I guess not.”

“That’s a good boy.”

“Now shut up.”


“Became I want to fuck you again.”


Merril Harris was nervous as she waited for Dick to come home. The closer it got to the weekend, the more she wanted to back out of it. Though she didn’t know what would be expected of her once they got to the Institute, she wasn’t certain she even wanted to know.

The whole thing made her ill.

Why did everybody have to be so concerned about sex, anyway? Sometimes she wished she’d been born ugly; then none of this would be a problem. Instead, she had been given a body that, no matter how much she ate, still somehow stayed lithe and slim, and a face that looked like it belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine.


Men were all the same. She should have never gotten married. Then she would have been able to do exactly what she wanted to do.

The only problem with that was that she loved Dick. If she didn’t, she knew she could never have lasted this long. He was good to her patient and understanding, willing, for the in oat pert, to accept her hang-ups.

Still, somehow, she had to get out of this weekend. Then was no way she could go through with it.

Just then Dick’s car pulled up in the driveway outside. She knew she was going to have to say something to him tonight; it was Thursday, and they were planning to leave tomorrow afternoon.

“Hi, honey,” he called out from the hallway. Then he put his arm around her and kissed her lightly on the cheek, gentle as always.

Two hours later she knew it was time to say something. Dinner was behind them and they were both in the bedroom watching television. He had been exceptionally nice to her all night, which only served to make her feel more guilty.

And more resentful as well.

Sometimes she wished he would be nasty to her. Then, at least, she wouldn’t have such a problem feeling guilty all the time.

“Dick?” she asked at last, unable to wait any longer.

“Hmmmmmmm?” he responded, looking up from the magazine he had been leafing through.

“I need to talk to you about something,” she said, coming over and sitting down next to him on the bed.

“What?” he asked, red warning signals beginning to flash inside his head. “If it was about this weekend…”

“It’s about this weekend…” she began, confirming his concern.

“What about it?”

“I don’t want to go.”

Dick wasn’t surprised, but he couldn’t believe it. What was the matter with her? Goddammit, he’d had just about enough of this.

“It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?” he eked, his voice deceptively calm. Inside he was seething.

“Oh, honey, please. I just don’t think I can go through with it.”

Dick didn’t say anything. He was afraid that if he did it would come out as a shout.

“Honey?” she asked, not sure what his silence meant. She put her hand on his arm.

He jerked his arm any.

“Honey, please…” she pleaded.

“Honey, please, my as!” he exploded. “Just how the hell much of your shit do you expect me to put up with?”

Merril was appalled. Dick never talked like this. “I-I don’t have to put up with this,” she stammered.

“Good. Then get your ass out, ’cause I don’t have to put up with any of your shit either.”

“Dick!” She couldn’t believe any of this was happening.

“Dick what?” he returned belligerently. Dammit, she deserved everything she was getting.

“All right, I’ll go.”

“You’re Goddamn right you’ll go.”

“Bastard!” she screamed. Then she slapped him. Hard. Across the face.

Merril was immediately remorseful for what she had done; neither of them had ever even come close to doing such a thing to each other. They were civilized people.

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s not enough,” Dick spat out, moving menacingly toward her.

“What do you mean.” He slapped her.


“Shut up, bitch.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her back onto the bed.

As she fell back, one of the buttons on her blouse popped off, revealing her breast for a split second.

“You listen to me,” he growled, grabbing her shirt and ripping it down the front, exposing her tit.

She started to rise up off the bed, but he slapped her again, a stinging blow across the face. Both her cheeks wore scarlet now as she lay helplessly beneath him.

With a single, surging motion, he grabbed her slacks and pulled them down over her hips until she was naked except for her panties. Instead of pulling them off as well, he ripped them off, tearing the material to minds and leaving Merril naked, gasping on the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? I’m getting ready to fuck you, little Miss Tight-and-dry-cunt!”

“I’m not putting up with this,” she said, starting to get up. But when he rammed his arm as if to hit her, she lay back down.

He was naked now as well, and the sight of his huge swollen cock should have been enough to terrify Merril.

But it didn’t.

She didn’t understand it, but suddenly the sight of his cock didn’t make a knot form deep in the pit of her stomach.

What was happening? This was insane; she was madder at Dick than she had ever been in their married life, so why did she suddenly, unaccountably want to be fucked by him? It was crazy.

Roughly he grabbed her legs and spread them wide apart, revealing her bare cunt and giving him his first surprise of the night.

Her cunt was wet.

Dripping wet, in fact. The lips were moist and glistening in the soft light of the room.

“Go ahead,” she whispered, her voice hoarse. He plunged his cock into her. “Aaaaggghhh!” she groaned as his cock drove straight to the depths of her cunt.

“Does it hurt?” he grated between clenched teeth.

She nodded.

He drove himself harder.

She grabbed him with her hands, her fingers digging into the back of his shoulders.

Yes, it hurt. But it felt good too. Better than it ever had, in fad. She didn’t know why, but she wanted him to take her.

“Fuck me…” she barely breathed. It was a word she never used.

The sound of it turned her on.

Dick plunged his cock into her even harder, trying to drive it all the way through her. He could feel the muscles deep inside her clinging to his meat, but they only made him want to fuck her even more.

All these years.

Suddenly, tentatively, she pushed back against him, thrusting her crotch against his shaft. It was something she never did.

Dick suddenly felt like he was getting a response from her for the first time in his life.

“Ooooohhhhh… please… I want it, honey I want your cock.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

She could feel his cock inside her, filling her up, but not hurting her like it usually did. It felt good. She wanted more. Much more.

She began to thrust back harder at him, spreading her long, soft thighs to bring him deeper inside her, striving with all the passion she had suddenly discovered to make his cock a part of her.

Neither wanted to blow it now.

“Fuck me you bastard… fuck me hard… hard!” she urged, driving her cunt wildly against his prick, feeling it fill her up and loving it.

Dick was absolutely in heaven. He could see his cock disappear between her widespread, writhing legs, plunging deep into her wet cunt and then once again with the sticky essence of her cunt.

He began to kiss her breasts, feeling the nipples grow hard in his mouth, letting his tongue run lightly over them, then sucking them so hard he knew it had to be hurting her more.

He gave her what she asked for, smashing into her like a piston, driving his cock deeper and deeper into the yielding folds of her cunt. This was incredible; her cunt seemed like it was suddenly alive, grabbing and puffing at his meat, making him feel like he could finally give her something.

She was fucking him back!

He couldn’t believe it.

Harder and harder he drove his cock into her, grinding and jabbing with even once of strength, marveling at her strength as she shoved back at him. He wanted her more than ever now, and he knew he wasn’t going to stop until they were both satisfied.

Her hands were on her tits, feeling them, massaging them, tweaking the sensitive nipples in her excitement. Her breath was coming in short gasps, and her eyes were closed so she could concentrate completely on the sensations that were taking over her body.

Deep inside her cunt, she could feel a strange sensation. She didn’t know what it was, but it made her feel like her cunt was slowly filling up, getting ready to spill over… what? She didn’t know. But it felt good.

With each thrust Dick could feel himself coming closer and closer to the final release. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his cock buried to the hilt in her moist, wriggling cunt.

Her willing cunt.

Then suddenly it happened.

His cock began to shake and shudder, the hot cum bubbling up from deep within him. He tried to hold on a bit longer but it was no use.

He exploded inside her, his cock swelling in the last split second before he sent his hot cum spurting into her body.

“Aaaaaggggghhhhh,” she groaned as she felt his cock burst inside her.

She had been so close!

So close!

Again and again his meat spurted his seed into her, making her cunt into a sticky mess of flesh and cum.

He loved it.

Merril was frustrated. She had been so close to coming herself.

Still, now that it was over, she felt good about it. Even though she hadn’t climaxed, it had been a breakthrough. At least she had enjoyed it.

Dick pulled himself off of her and stood up at the end of the bed, looking down on her naked, prostrate body. His face reflected his confusion.

“Wow…” she whispered.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Neither do I.”

There was a long silence, and then he spoke once again.

“We’re going tomorrow. No arguments.” She nodded.

He turned and walked from the room.


Mavis Feschild, Doctor of Psychology and co-founder of the Feslon Institute, drove her Porsche 911 along the winding road leading to the chalet that she and her husband had convened into the Institute several years earlier. Lon wouldn’t be with her this weekend; he was giving a lecture in Chicago.

But it didn’t matter.

She could handle things by herself without any trouble at all. Besides, the staff would still be there to take care of the little things; all Mavis would have to do would be to take care of the guests.

As she got out of her car, she could feel the cool breeze coming in from the ocean, and for a few moments she paused and looked at the water far below. The chalet was on a high bluff overlooking the ocean. Even though the feeling here was one of pure isolation, the fact remained that the winding road she had just traveled connected with the coast highway less than a mile away.

It was the best of both worlds; apparent solitude, but still close enough to ton so that any needs that couldn’t be supplied here could be taken care of easily enough.

Inside, after greeting the maids and seeing that everything was in readiness for the seven guests who would arrive later that afternoon, Mavis disappeared into the large bedroom she usually used as her base for operations. It was a pleasant room with a large window looking out on the ocean.

Alter a quick shower and change of clothes, she sat down in front of her darner with the intention of putting on just the right touch of makeup.

But she never got past her eye-liner.

Something was intruding; she was horny.

Lon had been gone for over a week, and while there would be plenty of opportunities during the course of the weekend, it would still be nice to take the edge off her excitement right now.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

Not bad for thirty-eight. If anything, she looked better than she had five years ago. The face that looked back at her with deep brown eyes was interesting and beautiful.

But it wasn’t her face that she was looking at now; it was her body. She had a fine one, and she knew it.

Alter coming out of the shower, she had put on a long, thin caftan which clung to every contour of her body. She could see her nipples through the material, and the sight of them made her desire to touch herself grow even stronger.

She began to unbutton the caftan, revealing the soft, gentle flesh beneath. When she had finished with the last button, she took her hands and pushed the material from her shoulders.

It dropped to her waist, revealing her tits for the first time. They were full and soft, with large brown nipples that even now were taut and hard.

She stood up, and the caftan dropped to the floor.

The rest of her body was as nice as her tits. Her hips were full and smooth, swelling gently out from a narrow waist, while her furry snatch formed a perfect brown triangle between her well-formed thighs.

Yes, for thirty-eight she would do just fine.

Anticipation rising within her, she crossed the room until she was standing in front of the picture window overlooking the ocean. Taking a satin pillow from the floor nearby she sat down on the window ledge, spreading her legs so that the warm afternoon sun streamed in on her tingling cunt.

This wasn’t the first time she had sat on this ledge with the intention of fulfilling herself.

Slowly, her smooth, supple fingers ran lightly over her breasts, touching the hard nipples lightly, rubbing more firmly against the smooth, fleshy mounds themselves.

Then, still moving slowly, she let her hands begin the long trip down to her crotch. It was always nice to do this after a bath; her skin felt so fine and velvety then.

When her fingers reached her match, she paused, teasing herself for a few moments, playing with the fine, dark hair of her pussy.

But her cunt was calling out for attention now, and she knew that she couldn’t stand to wait much longer for fulfillment.

Slowly then, savoring every sweet inch, her fingers continued to move down.

Finally she reached her goal.

She could feel the wetness between her legs, suddenly her middle finger slipped into her pussy.

Still not wanting to rush things, but reacting nevertheless to the urging of her body, Mavis began to rotate her finger, plunging it in and out of her cunt with growing fervor.

“Mmmmmmmm…” she groaned, rotating her hips now, her finger sought to satisfy her lust.

When he had called the Institute on Thursday night from his hotel room, Jim had been unable to get through to anyone other than a clerk who insisted on telling him that there were no openings for the upcoming weekend. When he had asked to speak to the supervisor, the clerk had replied rather huffily that Dr. Feschild would not be arriving until the next afternoon.

At that point Jim had almost given up on the whole idea, but by noon on Friday he had decided to give it one last try. After all, he reasoned, he had nothing to lose by making the two-hour drive up the coast to the Institute.

The drive was a pleasant and fast one.

The chalet looked pleasant and cheerful; a delightful place to spend a weekend.

Inside, he found himself confronted by the same clerk whom he had spoken to the previous night on the telephone. After overcoming a certain predictable amount of resistance, he managed to get the information he was interested in.

Dr. Feschild was upstairs, in the third room on the right. Saying a polite goodbye to the clerk with a ten-dollar bill, Jim made his way up the stairs.

On the second floor he found himself in a well-lighted corridor with soft carpeting that effectively muffled the mound of his footsteps.

He had no idea what Dr. Feschild would be like, but he had more or less braced himself for a grizzled old fart who would speak with a heavy German accent. He reached the door to the third room on the right. He stopped cold. The door was ajar, and he caught sight of something in the room beyond which caused him to freeze and look more closely.

He could see a woman.

She was sitting on a sill before a large picture window that overlooked the ocean. Her eyes were facing out on the scene through the glum.

She was completely naked.

And she was masturbating.

Jim could feel his cock getting hard immediately. At first he waited, expecting Dr. Feschild to appear in the room with the woman, but after a few moments he came to realize that the woman was alone.

So she was Dr. Feschild. Not bad, he admitted to himself. In fact, better than not bad. She was excellent.

As he watched her finger plunge in and out of her cunt with growing force, glistening in the sunlight each time it reappeared from the depths of her pussy, he found that his cock was growing steadily toward a massive hard-on.

Damn! How should he handle this? One thing was certain; he had to act fast. At the rate she was going, she would climax within a minute or two, which would leave him not only out in the hall, but out in the cold as well.

Quickly Jim looked up and down the hall. He was definitely alone, he decided. No one else anywhere on the floor.

Except, of course, the lady in the bedroom.

After hesitating for just a split second, he came to a decision. What did he have to lose? He knew she would be hard put to resist his cock once she saw it. Any woman would be.

And he intended to make certain that she saw it.

It took him fifteen seconds to undress completely, piling his clothes in a small bundle next to the door. His cock was half erect, dangling free like a huge piece of meat.

She was practically lying down now, with her legs spread wide and her finger plunging in and out of her pussy. Her tits were heaving up and don, and her eyes were closed.

Quietly he entered the room.

Mavis was oblivious to his entrance. In fact, she was absolutely oblivious to everything except the pulsing, throbbing presence within her pussy.

She could feel it growing stronger within her, and she knew that within another minute or so she would be rewarded by the wrenching spasm of orgasm that she was now working so hard to achieve.

Then suddenly she became aware of another presence within the room. She opened her eyes.

What she saw would have made another woman gasp, or scream, or perhaps even faint.

Mavis Feschild did none of these things.

There was a man standing across the room from her. The man was as naked as she was and, evidently, he was a sexually aroused as she was.

“Do yow always make an entrance like that?” she asked quietly, her eyes taking in the sight of his huge prick standing out in front of his body like a telephone pole.

“Do you always leave the door open when you masturbate?” he replied, smiling slightly. He was impressed with her spirit. She hadn’t even bothered to take her finger out of her cunt, and even now she was still moving it tantalizingly inside her box.

Jim responded to this last bit of observation by taking his cock in his hand and pulling on the foreskin, milking his meat while the woman looked on.

He started to speak but the woman, after watching his cock for another instant, put a finger to her lips and cautioned him to silence.

He complied.

Then, without another word, she turned and faced the window, never taking her finger from her cunt, and dropping to her knees on the floor. For a moment Jim was perplexed, but as she made herself comfortable facing out the window, her delicious white ass waving in front of him, he understood what was happening.

He began to walk forward.

As soon as she turned away from the man, Mavis looked out the window to the surf far below. She wondered how long it would take the man to recognize the invitation she was extending to him; not long, she’d wager.

And she was right.

After no more than a few seconds she could hear him moving toward her. In her mind she could picture him coming in her direction, his massive prick stretching out before him like a lance.

She hoped he would spear her with it.

But he didn’t. At least not right away.

Instead, he dropped to his knees and, taking her soft ass-cheeks firmly, he spread them apart and began to kiss her.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” she moaned when his hot tongue snaked out and began to dance around her asshole, running lightly up and down the pathway from her sphincter to her cunt, where her finger was still busily exploring.

After a few moments he began to concentrate primarily on her cunt, licking and tonguing around the perimeter of her honey-filled chamber. After a few seconds of this, she withdrew her sticky finger and plunged it deep into his mouth.

“Suck it… suck my honey…” she whispered, still facing the window, but concentrating totally on the sensations he was giving to her.

She loved it.

Jim luxuriated for a moment in the taste of her love juice, but soon he turned his attention to what really excited him.

Her cunt.

The lips were wet and dripping already, parted to reveal the rich, moist pinkness within. Using two fingers to spread them even wider, he curled his tongue and plunged it into the simmering vat in front of him.

“Ohhhhhhh… yesssss… yesssss…” she groaned, squirming with delight.

He was good.

In and out his tongue flew, driving deep into her steamy pussy, feeling the ridges of flesh deep inside her, then flicking lightly across her clit.

“Now…” she whispered when she could stand it no longer. “Your cock… I want to feel your cock inside my cunt… my cunt… now…”

He didn’t respond immediately, wanting to make her appreciate the moment when he did impale, but after another ten seconds of tonguing her magnificent, quivering pussy, he knew that he could wait no longer.

Taking his prick in his hand, he placed the head at the entrance to her pussy. For a moment he a looked at it; there seemed to be no way that his massive meat could possibly fit into her delicate cunt.

But he knew it would. And she would love it. He pushed forward.

“Aaaaaagggggghhhh!” she screamed. It felt like he had rammed his forearm up her cunt.

But she loved it.

“Harder…” she urged after a moment.

He began to pump, spreading the soft flesh of her ass so that he could see his massive trunk disappearing in and out of her shaking, quivering cunt.

She began to thrust back at him, reveling in the prick inside her pussy.

“Fuck me hard… hard… hard…” she whispered, urging him to be rough with her. It was what she wanted; to feel her body consumed by desire.

To Jim, this woman’s cunt seemed alive. Each time he pushed forward, he could feel the muscles inside her contract, clinging to his shaft, holding it in long as possible.

She was remarkable.

He began to smash harder now, plugging her with everything he could muster. He wanted, in a strange way, to overcome her. To make her cry out, to beg for mercy from his monster cock.

Instead, she only pleaded for more.

“Harder…” she urged, smashing back against his meat with a power that was equal to his own, riding up and down his rod as if there was nothing else in the world but his cock and her cunt.

Deep inside her pussy Mavis could feel her cunt beginning to shudder, as if something were foaming and bubbling in her clit.

“Fuck me… ohhhhhh… fuck me…” she gasped, redoubling her efforts to capture the elusive orgasm that flitted within her like a butterfly.

Jim’s eyes never left the sight of his prick smashing in and out of her writhing, squirming cunt. It was fantastic.

His cock was soaked with her love juice now, sticky and glistening each time it emerged into the light.

Deep within his root he began to shudder, pulsing and trembling as the hot cum battled to be free of him. He fought to keep it down, but, he knew it was no use.

His cock exploded, sending out hot cum shooting deep into her battered pussy.

She felt the muscles in his meat contract, then expand with a force that finally did what nothing else had done; released the pent-up juice within her.

Within five seconds of the moment he first exploded, she too felt the power of her own release as wave after wave of her own liquid shot out of her cunt, mixing with his cum to form a dripping, squishy mess.

For a long time they continued to smash into each other, moaning and gasping at the power of the release that shattered each of them.

Finally it was over.

Finally Jim allowed his flaccid, cum-covered cock to slip from the clinging folds of her pussy. With a sigh he rolled to the side and rested, bin back against the low ledge. After a few more moments of gazing out at the sea below them, Mavis turned and slid down beside him. She looked content.

“That was quite an introduction,” she said. “Indeed,” he replied.

“I take it you have a reason for coming here?”

“Hew being your room or the chalet?”

“Either or. Both and. Whatever.”

“Well, it’s a long stow. I don’t know exactly where to start.”

“Just start.”


On Friday morning Alecia awakened to find the sun streaming in through the bedroom window.

For a long moment she lay still, luxuriating in the coolness of the sheets between which her naked body was situated. Larry must have gotten up very quietly, she thought to herself. Usually she heard him he padded about the room getting dressed.

Then she ruled over.

“Larry!” She burst out in surprise. He was still asleep next to her.

“Mmmmmmm!” he responded, not opening his eyes.

“You’re late!”

“No’m not.”

“Yes, you are. It’s nine-thirty.”

“Not goin’ in. Go back to sheep.”

Before Alecia could answer him, he had flown the covers over his head and was breathing deeply and steadily.

Well, Alecia thought. This was a change. Larry the workaholic taking a day off. He must have decided it wasn’t worth it to drive in to the city for just half a day’s work.

At any rate, he could afford to do what he wanted to. As the senior partner in a major law firm, there was no one telling him when to work and when not to work.

She went back to sleep, just as she did every morning. Ten or ten-thirty was a much more fashionable hour to get up. Maybe even eleven. But it was getting a bit warm, so she pulled the sheets down, exposing her body to the warmth of the room, just as sleep once again overcame her.

For another half hour they both slept, but then Larry awakened. He yawned, stretched and smiled.

He was about to swing out of bed when he caught sight of Alecia lying naked on top of the sheets next to him.

He paused.

Damn, she was beautiful!

Even after five years of marriage he never got tired of looking at her. One thing that was especially nice about her was that she looked good in the morning. Her face looked relaxed, and as he watched her smooth, firm breasts rising and falling gently with each breath she took, he found himself beginning to get excited.

His gaze traveled down her smooth brown body, taking in its curves and softness, stopping finally at her crotch. In all the years he had known her, he had never really gotten used to her snatch.

The hair of her pussy was blonde, as light as that on her head, and it was as soft as satin to touch. Now, with her legs spread carelessly apart in sleep, he could see the rich, pink lips of her cunt. Even in her sleep there was a trace of sticky moisture gathered at the entrance.

He no longer wanted to get up so quickly.

Instead, he put his arms around her sleeping form, rubbing his swollen cock against the side of her leg as he kissed her cheek gently.

How long had it been since he’d taken the time to make love with Alecia? Too long, that was for certain. He suspected that she had other lovers; was almost certain of it in fact.

But it didn’t bother him.

Long ago he had decided that the only way to keep a woman with the looks and cravings that Alecia had was to give her enough freedom to let her do what she wanted to.

So far, it had worked out admirably.

And besides, that sort of arrangement also gave him his own freedom, which he too exercised a much as possible. In the end, he always came back to Alecia, but it was stimulating to sample other wares swell.

But not this morning.

This morning it was Alecia that he with and Alecia whom he wanted.

Slowly her eyes opened.

Alecia had been dreaming about Jim, something vague and nonsensical which involved making love with him in the cockpit of an airliner while closed-circuit television cameras broadcast the sight of his cock descending into the warm depths of her sweet cunt, then reappearing once again covered with the honey from her willing quim.

As consciousness returned, she became aware that Larry had his arms around her and that something hard was pressing against her hip.

“Mmmmmmm…” she purred, when she realized where his cock was. What had gotten into him? This was definitely out of character.

Still pretending to be half asleep, she let her hand snake down across his flat, hairy stomach until it finally came to rest on his smooth, hard prick.

Not as big as Jim’s, she thought, but definitely one of the nicer cocks she had ever seen.

She began to slowly move her hand over the smooth, hard skin in her grasp, opening her eyes and responding to the kisses that her husband was spreading all over her face.

“Nice way to start the day,” she murmured, turning so that his cock was rubbing against her stomach, still half covered by her hand.

“I thought so,” he whispered back, letting his lips travel down the velvety smooth texture of her neck, stopping when one of her tight, straining nipples was firmly implanted in his mouth.

“Mmmmmm…” she responded, shoving her tit against his smacking mouth, feeling his tongue as it worked lightly, expertly over her sensitive bud.

Her cunt was beginning to tingle.

Then, with a single motion, Larry rolled over until he was straddling her, towering above her naked, prostrate body.

She leaned back against the pillow, enjoying the growing sensation of submissiveness that we descending on her. It had bees a long time since anything like this had happened with Larry, and it boded well for the weekend ahead of them.

She spread her legs, opening the depths of her ever hungry pussy for his cock, hoping he would slam it into her without making her wait any longer.

But he didn’t. He had something else in mind.

As he looked down on her splendid body beneath him, another thought a beginning to take shape in his mind. He knew it had been a long time since he had last had sex, and he knew that he had a tremendous store of cum inside him just waiting to come shooting out of his cock.

Why waste all of that inside her?

Why not, instead, enjoy the sight of his hot, sticky essence shooting out on to the beautiful, suntanned body beneath him.

The idea appealed to him.

Raising a finger to his lips, he began to move forward until he was straddling her perfect tits.

There, that was better.

Then he took her hands and placed them on his prick. She looked surprised at first, but then seemed to understand. Alecia always understood. She began to jerk him off.

With both of her hands around his cock, Alecia knew what was going to happen. In a way she was disappointed, but she wasn’t really bothered that much by the entire affair. After all, her cunt was pretty tender after what she and Jim had done yesterday afternoon, and she further suspected that the coming weekend was going to tax her resources even more.

It was better this way.

Besides, the thought of his hot cum splattering against her skin was a turn-on. It was something that she always liked.

Above her, Larry had leaned forward, supporting himself on his hands.

She increased the tempo, slamming her hands up and down his thick meat, puffing the skin nil the way over the top, then stretching it back down with each stroke.

Larry couldn’t stand it.

He began to pump and thrust, driving his cock through her supple fingers, watching below her tits bounced and jiggled each time her arms flew up and down his shaft.

“Aaaaaahhhhh…” he groaned as he felt the hot cum beginning to bubble up inside him. It wouldn’t be long now.

“Come on me, Larry, come on my tits…” Alecia gasped, knowing it was what he wanted to hear, but knowing also that it was the truth.

She could hardly wait for it to happen. Harder now, she pulled up and down on his meat. The muscles in his leg and ass were tensing violently with each thrust.

He could feel it growing, building inside himself, fighting to shoot out of his prick. Yet he never once took his eyes off her body beneath him.

“Come… come on me… ohhhh, please…” she begged, dying for it now, unable to stand the pressure much longer.

She wanted to feel it.

Wanted to see it.

Then, just when she thought she couldn’t stand it any longer, it happened.

“Aaagggghhhhhhh!” he groaned, feeling his cock suddenly expand, then explode in the next second.

The first spurt was gigantic, flying out of his prick, landing with a resounding smack in the valley between her fleshy tits.

But that was only the beginning.

For the next thirty seconds he continued to pour his seed onto her, hot cum practically covering her tits and neck by the time he was at last finished.

But still she kept puffing on his cock.

She wanted more, more. She wanted to drown in his cum, wanted it to cover her. Already she felt as if she were half inundated in the stuff, and reluctantly she realized that he was finished.

She let go of his cock.

But she wasn’t finished. Far from it, in fact. Slowly, as he watched with glassy eyes from above, she began to rub the hot cum into her body, sliding her hands all over her sticky tits and neck, pawing occasionally to lick the excess seed from her fingers.

Larry could almost feel himself getting hard again at the sight of what she was doing.

She was fantastic!

There was no other woman quite like her. At least none that he had never met.

But then he hadn’t yet met Mavis Feschild.

During the long drive up the coast highway, Merril was quiet. There was much to think about.

In front of her, sleeping part of the time, taking the rest of the time, was Alecia. Merril’s feelings toward Alecia were mixed.

In one sense, she liked her. She was an open, friendly person who was easy enough to get along with. But there was something else about her, a catlike quality, that made Merril feel uneasy.

It was this last aspect of Alecia that seemed to have the strongest effect on men. Always at parties, Merril had noticed, the other woman was surrounded by a bevy of excited males. Even though she would never admit it, Merril envied Alecia whatever it was that caused this to happen.

It wasn’t looks; at least not entirely.

It was more an attitude.

Still, it was to Merril’s credit that even though she was frustrated and envious about all this, she had never allowed resentment to gain a foothold in her attitude toward Alecia.

Part of this, she realized, was for political reasons. Larry was a senior partner in the firm, while Dick was farther down in the pecking order. Thus it would do no good to feed shy antagonism between herself and Alecia as far as Dick’s career was concerned.

But there was more to it than just that.

Alecia, Merril had to admit, excited her.

When she saw her move, talk, or do anything physical at all, she found herself wondering what Alecia would look like beneath her clothes.

Merril, even now, was half trying to sneak a look over Alecia’s shoulder at her half-exposed tits. She could see almost to the nipples.

It would be perfectly in keeping with Alecia’s personality for her to make certain that she had an all-over tan with no strap marks or anything else to break up the continuity of her smooth, dark skin.

The thought excited Merril even more. And this weekend, she realized, it was likely that she would get the opportunity to see what Alecia’s body looked like.

Well, at least that was one thing she could look forward to. She wasn’t as optimistic about the other aspects of the weekend.

She had tried to get Dick to explain exactly what she could expect, but he had been vague, either because he really didn’t know himself exactly what to expect, or and Merril suspected this was probably the case he knew but didn’t want to tell her.

It didn’t matter.

At least that was what she kept telling herself. She was ready for whatever was going to happen. Last night had changed her attitude in a way that she didn’t fully understand, but which was nevertheless significant.

Why did Dick’s animosity turn her on? She should have been hurt, angry, but instead she was aroused and angry. At the same time.

It made little sense to her.

But she had almost had an orgasm… she was certain of it! Think of it; after all these years of trying (and finally giving up) it had taken a near rape to open the doorways within herself.

Even now, as the image of Dick’s erect cock sprang into her consciousness, she found that the tenseness which had always accompanied such an image wasn’t there.

Instead, she was excited by it. Aroused, even practically carried away by it.

But that wasn’t enough.

She suddenly realized that the cock she was envisioning wasn’t Dick’s at all; it was someone else’s. She didn’t know whose it was, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Merril smiled.

She had a feeling that she was going to surprise a lot of people this weekend. And Dick would appreciate it; maybe not at first, but in the end he would.

She was becoming, at last, the woman he had always wanted her to be.

Or so she thought.


“All right,” Mavis Feschild began, surveying the eight people lounging in front of the fire in one of the larger rooms of the chalet. “This is our first session together. Well spend some time getting acquainted with one another. Nothing heavy, just a little talk to let each of you start emerging as a distinct individual in the mind of the others. That way we won’t seem like strangers for long.”

She paused to see what effect her words were having on the group. As far as she could tell, no one was particularly uptight, which was good for starters at least. But she knew that the first night was always the toughest. People were always still too close to what they had left behind; mortgages, car payments, kids, babysitters, things that inevitably needed to be broken down in order for the therapy to work.

“Why don’t we begin by introducing ourselves to each other. First names only; I’ll explain why later. And then tell us one thing about yourself. It can be a fact, like, ‘I’m a zookeeper’, or an attitude like ‘I’m horny’, or anything. There aren’t any restrictions, but it’s best to be truthful, since the one thing you say will be the way the others remember you and associate your name with your face. Okay? I’ll start. I’m Mavis, and I like to drive fast cars. Now, who’s next?”

There was a slight pause, then Jim spoke up.

“I’m Jim, and I like to fly fast airplanes.”

“I’m Dick, and I like to play golf.”

“I’m Alecia, and I like to fuck.”

It was this last that really broke the ice. Everyone laughed. From now on it would be easier for the remainder of the group.

Merril hesitated, then decided to go ahead and speak up as well.

“I’m Merril, and I’ve never had an orgasm. But,” she added with what she hoped was a confident smile, “I think that situation is about to end.”

“I’m Larry, and I’ve always wanted to make love underwater.”

There was a pause. Only three of them remained; one, a young girl of about twenty dressed in dirty jeans and an expensive blouse, finally spoke.

“I’m Sybil, and I’m a vegetarian.”

Two people remained, a young couple. The husband was big and burly; Merril thought he looked like a truck driver, while the wife was young and attractive, though a little on the heavyset side. A real butterball, Merril decided. When she spoke, her voice was soft, with a Southern drawl.

“I’m Sue Ellen, and I don’t know what I’m doing here.”

“I’m Jason,” her husband said, ignoring any tension his wife’s comment might have caused. His voice was strange; it was much too cultured to fit the image of a redneck trucker that Merril had first categorized him as. “And I’m a slave to my erections.”

Everyone laughed.

“All right, that was good,” Mavis announced, smiling as she realized that tilts wasn’t likely to be a difficult group.

“Now, just a few more things. I don’t know exactly what you’re expecting, but let me lay out the house rules and tell you a few things we try to accomplish here.”

“First of all, no one has to do anything he or she doesn’t want to do. If you want to spend the whole weekend reading a book, that’s fine. But chances are, you wouldn’t be here if that was all you were interested in.”

“Secondly, it’s important that you leave behind whatever kinds of things were bothering you at home before you came here today. The idea is that this is an opportunity for you to get away from all of that and just be yourself, and hopefully, improve yourself.”

“Going along with this last is something which is most difficult, but which I hope you’ll try to do. Leave behind your relationship with whoever you came here with; try to forget that someone here is your husband or your wife. If it turns out that you want to spend your time with that person, that’s fine. But if you don’t, well that’s fine too. So don’t be hurt if your spouse is with someone else; the idea of a weekend like this is that everything is out in the open. There’s no secrecy or mistrust, and when it’s all over the chances are excellent that your relationship will be better for whatever freedom’s you exercise here. Okay?”

She looked around at the faces staring back at her. There was a small amount of uneasiness with a few of them, but nothing that would be insurmountable.

“Good. Now, there’s hot buttered rum in the kitchen. I won’t call all of us together again until tomorrow morning. One more thing; we ask that for the first night you limit yourself, if you decide to get into sexual situations, to one-on-one encounters. Tomorrow you can branch out if you want to. But remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like doing.”

Two hot buttered rums later Merril was ready to make her move. She knew that what she was going to do would surprise a few people, but she didn’t really care.

Hadn’t Mavis said they could do anything they wanted to?

Well, she was going to take advantage of that offer.

As she looked around the room, she saw that people were slowly breaking off into pain. Dick, she was not surprised to find, was talking earnestly to Alecia. She had always suspected that his big fantasy involved making it with the blonde sexpot. In fact, even as she watched them, the two of them got up and wandered out of the room sipping contentedly on their drinks.

Elsewhere, Jason was engaged in a conversation with Mavis, while Jim was talking to Sybil, the vegetarian.

All of which left Sue Ellen, which was exactly the way that Merril wanted it. Taking a long pull off her drink, Merril stood up and began walking toward the woman with the engaging Southern accent.

This was going to be interesting.

As they walked into one of the bedrooms, Dick closed the door behind Alecia. He could already feel his cock getting hard at the prospect of what lay ahead of him.

He’s going to ball Alecia.

How many times had he fantasized about doing just that? Too many to count, that was for certain. She was absolutely the most sensuous woman he had ever imagined, much lea actually seen.

And now he was going to get his dunce. She sat on the bed and looked up at him. “How do you think Merril’s going to take this?” she asked, a smile on her face. Obviously, the question wasn’t bothering her a great deal.

“Frankly, madam,” Dick answered, raising his mug in a ceremonial toast, “I don’t give a damn.”

They both laughed.

There was a tension in the room, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable one. Rather it was a feeling of nothing more or lee than sexual anticipation.

Dick liked it.

“Never guess what this place was deigned for, would you?” he said ironically, taking in the minors that hung over the huge bed and on most of the walls.

“Never,” she agreed solemnly.

Then, as he watched her, he took another drink from her glass and set it on the floor. He leaned against a nearby desk, sensing that she was about to do something interesting.

“Is there any record player or anything in here?” she asked, a mischievous smile playing on her features.

He looked around, then nodded.

“Over there,” he said, indicating a corner of the room.

She got up and moved with catlike grace until she was standing in front of the console. There were a number of albums to choose from, and after a few moments Dick heard the sound of heavy, earthy jazz coping from a number of speakers situated throughout the room.

“Know what I want to do?” Alecia asked mysteriously, still smiling as if she knew that what she wanted to do would be a big hit with Dick.


“I’ve always wanted to dance for a man.” She pawed, then added, “Naked.”

Dick’s cock jumped in his pants.

“Go ahead,” he urged, his voice suddenly husky.

“I intend to,” she said.

The music was growing stronger now, but Alecia wasn’t yet ready to dance. Instead, she moved around the room lighting various candles which had been placed strategically throughout the large cubicle.

Then she turned out the lights.

“Wow…” Dick murmured. The effect was tremendous, exotic. And erotic.

After taking another long pull from her drink, Alecia began to move slowly around the room, half-dancing at first, but becoming more fluid in her motions at her assurance grew.

She could feel Dick’s eyes boring into her, trying to see through the thin, blouse that she wore. The thought that he wanted her, that he probably already had an erection, sent chills through her body.

She began to move closer to him, keeping her eyes locked on his, feeling his excitement grow.

“Take it off, baby, take it off…” he urged, impatient to see what he had waited so long to look at.

She responded by unbuttoning the top button on her blouse, moving closer to him a she did so.

Then slowly, one by one, she unfastened the rest of them until the blouse was completely unbuttoned to the waist, hanging loosely over her swelling tits.

Turning around, she took it off, teasing him by not letting him see anything other than her back at first.

Dick was going crazy.

“Let me see those sweet tits, baby, let me see ’em.”

Suddenly she turned around.

Dick gasped at what he saw.

They were even better than he had imagined, and he had imagined that they would be the best he had ever seen. Each of them jutted forward like a proud mountain, capped with a straining rosebud that practically begged to be licked and sucked.

Tic could hardly contain himself.

But there was mow to see. Much more, in fact. Now that she had started stripping, she wasn’t going to waste any more time.

Quickly, with smooth, supple move, she released the clasp that held her long skirt in place.

It fell to the floor.

She was naked now except for her panties. Dick was flabbergasted at how fantastic she looked; no woman could look that good! Her long blonde hair hung halfway down her back like a shaggy mane, sometimes flipping over her shoulders to her tits in a way that made him want her even mow, if that was possible.

As she danced, her tits moved up and down, almost seeming to have a life of their own as she moved and moved, undulating with the music as if it were a part of her.

A sheen of sweat was beginning to form on her body, making her glisten in the candlelight in a way that only aroused Dick to the highest possible point.

Now she began to play with her panties, teasing hint, as she slipped first one, then two fingers beneath the elastic waistband, rubbing them in her snatch, then withdrawing them.

“Come on, baby, let me see it,” he urged, his voice a hoarse whisper.

“See what?” she teased him.

“Your sweet cunt, baby, your sweet honeypot…”

She responded by taking the waistband in both hands and pulling upward, making the sheer material pull up against her dripping pussy, separating her cuntlips so that theft outline was visible through the wet, opaque fabric.

Then, just as Dick thought he was going to lose control and rape her, she pulled the panties don, revealing in a single motion the golden fur and pink flesh of her cunt.

Dick groaned.

He was squatting on the floor now, his back against a mirror that covered the wall behind him. He felt as if he was going to come in his pants before he even had a chance to get his cock anywhere near her dripping pussy.

That would never do.

Alecia, a few feet in front of him, could see her naked body reflected in the mirror. The sight turned her on as much as anything else night have; she knew she was beautiful, and this only served to confirm it even more.

But then an idea hit her.

She began to move forward, still dancing, gyrating her pelvis in rhythm to the slow beat of the music.

From where he squatted, Dick had a perfect of her thigh muscles as they worked and strained. But even better than that, he had a perfect view of the inside of her crotch, the cuntlips pink and parted in anticipation of… what?

He wasn’t certain what she wanted.

But she was.

Slowly she moved forward until her crotch we just a few inches above his upturned face. There, still writhing and thrusting in time with the mimic, she began to lower her crotch toward his mouth, watching herself in the mirror she saw her tits bouncing and her crotch opening she went lower and lower.

Dick couldn’t believe it.

No cunt had ever looked inviting hers did. He could see the wetness glistening around the lips, the hair wet and slick from her own juices that poured out of her.

“Eat me… taste my honey… taste my cunt…” she whispered. Finally she banged her cunt down on his face.

Dick closed his eyes and sent his tongue shooting into her, driving it deep into the wet, yielding folds that were being presented to him.

“Mmmmmmmm…” she purred, watching his head bob up and down between her leg in the mirror, loving every second that her cunt searched after his tongue. With a frenzy that we growing to epic proportions within her, she readied out and grabbed his head and pulled it toward her, driving his tongue deeper and deeper into her starving pussy.

Finally, when she could stand it no longer, she collapsed in a heap onto the thickly-carpeted floor.

“Fuck me…” she groaned, rising up above him once again and fumbling feverishly with his trousers.

A moment later his cock was free, springing to attention as she ripped down his trousers and underpants.

Without wasting another moment, she practically leaped up in the air, coming down without the slightest hesitation squarely on the head of his cock, driving it deep inside her sticky pussy.

“Aaaiaagggggghhhhh…” she practically screamed as he impaled her, driving in a single motion to the depths of her cunt.

Now she began to bounce up and down, wanting to take him completely inside her, to feel his hard prick banging against the deepest walls of her vagina.

From below, Dick couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to him. Above him, he could see Alecia flying up and down his jabbing, probing shaft, plunging deeper and deeper into her hot, steamy pussy with each thrust.

Her hair was flying all over, sometimes reaching almost down to his stomach, other times flying out behind her like a streaming horse’s mane.

“Oooooohhhh… ohhhhh… yessss…” she moaned, feeling his cock take possession of her entire being. Harder and harder she plunged completely lost in the moment of his cock in her cunt, driving her harder and harder toward the final release she knew was forth coming.

As Dick felt the hot cum bubbling up inside his prick, he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. So he responded by driving upward and harder, meeting her thrusts of passion wit ones of his own that made her gasp for breath, her tits flying out of control.

“Aaagggghhhhh… I’m gonna come… Goddamit… make me come… come… COME! YESSSSSS!” she screamed as her gut seemed to dissolve, melting in a single rush of spurting love juice that threatened to split her cunt into a thousand tiny fragments.

As he felt her cunt contract spasmodically, Dick’s cock foamed over, hot cum shooting out of him with a force that he knew she could feel deep inside her squirming cunt.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh…” he moaned, feeling his seed pour from him in a powerful series of spurts that left both of them gasping for breath as if they had just run a mile.

Finally it was over.

She collapsed to the floor next to him.

Dick smiled, content for the moment. It had been a good start, worthy of even his greatest expectations for the weekend. He had gotten essentially what he wanted out of the whole affair already.

The rest would be icing on the cake.

But still, what about Merril?

He realized that, even though he was pushing thoughts of her to the back of his mind, she still descended on him from time to time in his consciousness.

What was the matter with him?

As much as he hated to admit it, he was having at least a small problem dealing with the idea of Merril making it with someone else.

He didn’t even know who she had hooked up with, and he realized that in a way he didn’t want to know.

But still, her presence hovered above him, even now in the aftermath of the most satisfying fuck he had ever experienced.

Get rid of it, he told himself.

But it was easier to say than to actually make it a reality. After all, he was still human and, like it or not, he loved Merril.


As Dick and Alecia were basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Merril was leading Sue Ellen into a suite of rooms on the second floor of the chalet. They had talked for a while in the living room, and when Merril had suggested that they retire upstairs, Sue Ellen had gone along with the idea readily enough.

Both were feeling relaxed and comfortable; Merril primarily as a result of the alcohol she had consumed, and Sue Ellen because she had relatively few inhibitions to begin with.

“Wow! Would you look at this?” Merril clamored when she stuck her head into the bathroom. It was enormous, with a tub big enough for at least four people that was sunken beneath the level of the floor. On the walls and ceiling surrounding it were an assortment of mirrors.

“Not bad,” Sue Ellen drawled, sipping from her wine glass as she surveyed the layout. “Want to take a bath together?”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Merril admitted. “I know,” Sue Ellen smiled in return. “You’ve never been with another woman, have you?”


“Well, we can just take a little old bath and see what happens,” the winked, beginning to run some hot water into the three-foot deep basin. “Here. Unbutton me,” she continued, turning around and presenting her back to Merril.

The latter woman took a last stiff pull from her drink, set it down on a counter, and moved forward. She still wasn’t certain why she had chosen to be with Sue Ellen; perhaps it was because the idea of being with a woman wasn’t as threatening as being with a man right now.

Besides, she had to admit that Sue Ellen intrigued her. There was an odd, very personal kind of sensuousness about her that came through in everything she did.

She would be a good teacher.

After am fastening Sue Ellen’s buttons, the dress she was wearing slipped quietly to the floor. Now she had nothing on but her bra and panties. As Merril unfastened the bra, she could feel the other woman’s tits spring free in front, as if the bra had been holding them to her chest.

Then, with Sue Ellen still facing the other way, Merril helped her out of her panties.

Not bad, Merril decided. Although Sue Ellen was a little heavy, her skin was tight and her muscles beneath were firm.

Not bad at all.

Then Sue Ellen turned around and Merril revised her opinion considerably.

Sue Ellen’s tits were enormous! They hung down in front of her soft melons each cupped with a huge, soft nipple. The latter were not erect yet, leaving it to Merril’s imagination to figure out what they would look like when she was excited.

Sue Ellen could tell that Merril liked what she was easing, and the realization brought the first tingles of anticipation deep into her furry cunt.

She reached out and began to undress Merril. This was accomplished easily enough, since she was wearing only a long dress with no bra beneath it.

“Nice…” Sue Ellen breathed, taking in Merril’s long slim body in a sweeping glance.

For a long moment the two of them looked at each other, a study in contrasts, one a short, nicely-rounded woman and the other tall and slim with the figure of a model.

Sue Ellen turned and climbed into the steaming water of the tub. Merril followed her.

“Now,” Sue Ellen whispered, “you just relax and let me gin you a bath. You’ll like it, I promise.”

She was right.

Starting with Merril’s toes, she worked her way up her entire body, bathing it in a fragrant soap that had been supplied for them.

As she reached Merril’s cunt, the slim woman could feel herself beginning to tense up. But as soon as the Southern woman’s fingers began to rub the soap sensuously into her tingling snatch, she relaxed, letting her love juice flow naturally in response to the stimulation.

But Sue Ellen didn’t linger there for long; just long enough to achieve her primary goal, which was to get Merril primed and ready for what would come later.

Finally the bath was finished.

Sue Ellen handed the soap to Merril, who began immediately to repeat the process with her teacher, but instead of starting with her feet, she started with her shoulders.

And then her tits.

They were amazing; soft and fleshy. As she massaged them, they moved all over Sue Ellen’s chest, slipping and sliding.

“Mmmmmmm… that’s nice…” Sue Ellen breathed, felling her nipples harden in Merril’s hands.

But Merril, too, was intent on keeping things going. So instead of lingering on Sue Ellen’s tits as she would have liked to, she let her soapy fingers slide down across the other woman’s soft stomach, finding their way finally to her clit, which she washed thoroughly as the rest of her body.

As soon as Merril was finished, Sue Ellen dipped under the water, then climbed out and begun to buff herself dry with a towel.

For a long moment Merril watched, transfixed by the sight of Sue Ellen’s tit, bouncing and jiggling with each stroke of the towel.

Finally, when they both were dry, they went into the bedroom. Next to the bed there was a chalice filled with what Sue Ellen recognized a massage oil. Taking it in her hands, she held it out to Merril, saying, “I’d love to get my body all slick and slimy, don’t you?”

Merril didn’t know what to say; she had never thought about it.

But she complied with Sue Ellen’s wishes, taking a double handful of the warm oil and rubbing it into every inch of Sue Ellen’s skin, taking special care to see to it that Sue Ellen’s big tits and soft, rounded ass got more than their share of the shiny stuff.

When she was finished, she suddenly understood why Sue Ellen liked to have this done to her, it looked, Merril thought, as if the woman’s entire body were covered with cunt juice. Not a bad idea, Merril smiled.

“Why are you smiling?”

“I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

“About how nice it’s gonna be to bury my face in your…”

“My what?” Sue Ellen prodded.

“Your cunt.” There. She had said it. And now that she had finally said it, Merril suddenly realized that she wanted to say it again.

“I want to eat your cunt,” she said in a low voice, strangely exhilarated to hear such words coming from her own mouth.

She began to move forward.

Sue Ellen, sitting in the dim light on the side of the bed, spread her legs wide, giving Merril a perfect view of her cunt. Merril dropped to her knees in front of Sue Ellen, then reached up with her hands and began to massage Sue Ellen’s huge tits, fibbing them up and down just as she had a few moments ago in the bathroom, feeling them squish and slide in her grasp, the taut nipples pushing against her palm.

“Mmmmmmm…” purred Sue Ellen, beginning to move her body in response to what was happening to her. She was starting to twist and writhe now, her soft body undulating provocatively in Merril’s grasp.

Slowly, with infinite patience and tenderness, Merril allowed her hands to slide down until finally they were both on the insides of Sue Ellen’s soft, creamy thighs. These she parted even wider, placing the other woman’s legs over her shoulder.

Then she leaned forward.

When her lips were just half an inch away from Sue Ellen’s hungry cunt, she stopped, blowing on the parted lips, fanning the heat that she could sense coming from Sue Ellen’s cunt.

“Oooohhhhh… lick me… your tongue…” Merril responded by letting her wet tongue snake out lapping up one or two drop of Sue Ellen’s hot cream.

She tasted the honey.

She liked it.

Now she began in earnest, burying her face in the sweet muff, losing herself in its incredible softness.

“Yesssss…” Sue Ellen moaned, rotating her cunt against Merril’s face. Even though Merril had never done such a thing before, she knew what she was doing well enough to keep Sue Ellen from having any complaints.

Harder now, she drove her tongue in and out of the other woman’s pussy.

“My clit… lick my clit… lick it now…” Sue Ellen urged, her fingers spreading the flesh and exposing her angry, swollen button. It was on fire, and she knew that she had to have something done to it.

Merril was last in a sea of wetness and flesh, licking and driving her tongue into the simmering I folds of honey-covered cunt flesh. Dimly she heard Sue Ellen’s request, and she responded by letting her tongue occasionally dart out of the deep clinging cavern and run across Sue Ellen’s clit.

Deep inside her hungry cunt, Sue Ellen was aware of a barrage of sensations sweeping through her. She knew that she was building toward a climax.

“Harder,” she urged, guiding Merril’s face with her hands.

As she continued to eat Sue Ellen’s cunt, Merril let her hands slide up across the other woman’s oil-slickened body until once again she had her fingers all over those magnificent tits.

It was this that sent Sue Ellen over the top.

“Yesssss… yesssss… ohhhhhh OHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSS!”

Suddenly Merril’s face was inundated in a shooting spasm of hot love cream. She licked it and sucked it, swallowing it hungrily, feeding her own frustration on Sue Ellen’s orgasm.

Finally it was over.

Merril kept her face buried in the soft folds of Sue Ellen’s cunt. Her lips seemed to fit perfectly against the cunt lips of the other woman.

But this wasn’t the end.

It was only the beginning.

As Dr. Feschild finished explaining what was expected of all of them, Jim found himself wondering just who he would really like to get hooked up with for the next few hours. The obvious choice, Alecia, already appeared to be taken, and he was certain about Mavis, no matter how much she had enjoyed their afternoon fling, would be interested in finding out about some of the other guests.

Then his eyes lighted on Sybil, the vegetarian. She was obviously a rich bitch; there was no question about that. The combination of blue jeans and expensive accouterments, coupled with a certain apparent snobbishness, made that more or less certain.

She was also very nice looking, and right now that counted more than anything else.

As he began to talk to her, he realized that mast of his initial assumptions had been correct. But what he hadn’t reckoned on was the virtually wanton aggressiveness with which she pursued him from the moment he started talking to her.

It took her all of three minutes to suggest they retire to one of the bedrooms.

There, she wasted no time in stripping off all her clothes and climbing into the bed, where she sat crosslegged in a lotus position waiting for him to join her.

“There’s a certain subtleness about you that I like,” Jim offered, holding his glass up to her as if to toast her.

“All I care about,” she countered, “is whether you have a big, hard meat to stick right in here.” She indicated her cunt. Her pussylips were spread wide apart, revealing the interior in all of its pink glory.

“Is that a fact?” Jim responded, a bit irritated with her. Didn’t she have any sensitivity at all? Probably not, he decided. It had all been bred out of her.

Nevertheless, he didn’t have to like her to want to fuck her. In fact in the present situation he found his anger feeding his passion. He determined to be as rough with her she pleased and teach her a lesson.

“Come on, take off your clothes,” she taunted, “or an you afraid you won’t have enough between your legs to satisfy me?”

“I don’t know,” Jim responded, secretly delighting in what was happening. He decided, for the moment at least, to pretend he wasn’t sure of himself. “Maybe I’m not the right person for you.”

“Christ,” she groaned, “I hooked up with a wimp.”

“Sorry,” he stammered, “I didn’t know what you wanted.”

He looked at her body, and had to admit that it was a fine one. Beneath her sultry face, she had large, tits, with a slim waist and long, soft legs. Her skin was pale, almost ivory, contrasting sharply with the jet-black hair of her head and cunt.

“Well, shit,” she said, “get yourself undressed before I freeze to death.”

“All right,” he agreed. But as he undressed, he turned his back to her, presumably out of modesty but in reality to shield his cock from her view until he was ready for her to see it.

“Oh come on,” she complained, “I promise not to bite your little baby cock. For Christ’s sake, this is ridiculous.”

“I agree,” he said suddenly, swinging around in a fluid motion so that she could finally see his huge cock, flopping between his legs like a horse’s tool.

“My God!” she gasped. She had never seen anything like it in her life. Not even in her dreams, of which there had been plenty, had she imagined a man to have a cock like that.

“Now,” he said, moving toward her forcefully. He suddenly knew that he wanted to take her without giving her any say in the matter at all. He was going to make her do it his way, and what she wanted didn’t make any difference at all.

He was going to fuck her till he dropped.

“Listen to me,” he said, his voice sounding harsh. “I don’t like your smart-ass attitudes one bit. It stinks. Do you hear me?”

She nodded, never taking her eyes off his cock. It was incredible. And even as she watched, it was beginning to get hard…

“Who the hell do you think you an, anyway?” he continued, felling his cock and range grow greater at the same time. “What if I really did have a small cock, what do you think would have happened to me then? And what about your cunt? It looks pretty average to me.”

He stopped. He could tell that he had her off balance, and he was trying to figure out what would be the best way to press his advantage.

“Open up your legs and let me see your fantastic cunt,” he said sarcastically. In fact, it was pretty fantastic, but he wasn’t about to let her know that.

Silently she spread her legs.

He moved forward, leaning on the bed at her side. His cock was fully erect now, and he could tell that she was practically terrified by the size of his tool and the violence of his disposition.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, hoping he wouldn’t be too rough with her.

“Sorry — shit!” he answered venomously.

He rammed two fingers up her cunt.

“Ooowwwwwww,” she complained, squirming on the end of his fingers like an impaled animal.

“Shut up, bitch! You’ve got a dry cunt. What’s the matter? That’s like a man not being able to get it up. What if I just ram my cock up in there right now; how do you think that would feel?”

Her eyes told him what she thought; it would be terrible.

“Suck it!” he commanded, indicating his cock. “And you better get it nice and wet, ’cause that’s the only lubrication we’re gonna have.”

“But…” Then she knew it would do no good to tell him that she didn’t think she could fit his monster into her mouth.

She knew she had to.

“Now suck it!” he commanded, holding his cock in front of her full, pouting lips.

He hated to admit it, but it felt good to treat a woman like this. Especially this woman. She deserved it, and even though none of this was really his style, he found himself enjoying the hell out of it.

Her lips were practically trembling as she opened them, tentatively letting her tongue come out and explore the vast expanse of smooth, purple skin at the head of his cock.

“Suck it! I didn’t say anything about licking it. And,” he added, more softly, more menacingly, “don’t even think about biting it.”

She opened her mouth and plunged it down on his tool, forcing it deep into her throat, feeling it expand to take in the incredible girth of his prick. Then the one thing she didn’t want to happen happened.

She gagged.

“Jesus!” he complained loudly, “I could get a better blow job from a sixth-grader.”

With that he jerked his cock from her frantic mouth.

“Now roll over,” he commanded.

“Oh, no,” she groaned, suddenly fearing that he was going to fuck her in the as.

It would kill her!

“Don’t worry,” he said, reading her mind, “it’s not that.”

All he was going to do was fuck her from the mar, because he knew that was the way to get maximum penetration into her pussy.

“Now open up,” he said, taking her hands and making her use them to pull apart her fleshy ass cheeks.

“Don’t hurt me!” she pleaded.

“Shut up.”

Then he took his cock in his hands and placed it at the entrance of her cunt. Then, reaching beneath her and grabbing one pendulous tit with each hand, he rammed his cock home.

“Aaaaggghhhh!” she screamed.

“Shut up.”

He could feel the muscles inside her cunt straining to open enough to let him all the way in. As it was, he was easily three quarters of the way in. Another thrust would do it nicely.

He pushed.

“Aagggghhhh!” she screamed again, and again. Then he just stayed where he was, luxuriating in the tight fit of her pussy around his cock.

Sybil was in a daze. It felt like he had rammed his leg up her cunt. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

But there was something else as well.

She had taken all he could give her.

The worst was over.

And she was beginning to enjoy it.

Slowly he pulled his cock out until it was almost free of the clinging grasp of her cunt.

Then he rammed it home again.

This time she didn’t cry out. She didn’t do anything except thrust back against his prick to let him know that she could take whatever he could give her. In fact, the truth of the matter was that she was beginning to actually like it.

What a cock!

He began to fuck her in earnest now, smashing his cock into her tight cunt while he plays with her tits, feeling them bounce and wiggle beneath her. There was something immensely satisfying in all this, something almost primal in it all.

… that was it.

He actually had to fight back an impulse to grab her hair and pull her head back while he banged her cunt.

But she we responding in earnest now, rotating her hips, smashing her dripping cunt back against his tree trunk.

They forgot about their hostility a their passion consumed them. There was no time or inclination now to do anything other than focus on the sensations that were overcoming each of them.

It was fantastic.

“Fuck me… fuck me hard, you bastard… fuck my cunt!”

He responded by slamming into her with every ounce of energy he possessed, mashing her ass-cheeks with each thrust, crashing through the deepest walls of her cunt.

It wouldn’t last long now.

Any second…

Suddenly he felt it, a hot rush coming from deep inside his loins. He grabbed her asscheeks, bracing himself for the explosion.

It happened.

“Aaagghhhhh!” she gasped as his cock seemed to take off inside her, shooting her cunt full of his hot, driving cum.

Again and again he poured his load into her, making her cunt into a dripping, melting pot of cum.

But she didn’t come.

Which was as it should be, as far as he was concerned. And she didn’t mind either, feeling that it was enough that she had survived this encounter.

Finally he was spent, and he pulled his shrinking cock out of her cunt, watching the cum rim out of her lips in little rivulets of hot jism.

She collapsed on the bed.

He smiled.


“Now you just sit back and relax, and let me take care of you. All right?” Sue Ellen purred, aware that Merril was having to fight down a predictable attack of nervousness.

“Sue Ellen?”


“Them’s something I ought to tell you.”

“No, there isn’t honey. Not unless you want to.”

“All right, then. I want to.”

“Go ahead.”

Merril took a deep breath. They were both reclining on the bed. Sue Ellen was on her side and a little bit above her, big tits hanging down practically in Merril’s face.

“Well, I’ve never had an orgasm.”

Sue Ellen smiled. “Is that all? Shit, honey, that’s no problem. You just sit back and let me take care of you. I guarantee you’ll come just fine by the time I’m finished with you. Just fine.”

Merril smiled and leaned back on the bed. It felt good to tell Sue Ellen that, even if it was a bit embarrassing. All right, she would relax, just like Sue Ellen said.

There was nothing to lose.

Sue Ellen began by gently massaging the warm oil into every inch of Merril’s body. Merril closed her eyes, trying to relax every muscle of her body, and surprising herself by succeeding to a large degree.

As Sue Ellen’s fingers worked the oil into her tits, Merril could feel her nipples getting hard.

She opened her eyes.

Sue Ellen seemed to be totally absorbed in the sight of her hands squeezing and rubbing the slippery liquid into Merril’s soft, squishy tits.

But Merril was taken with something else.

As her hands and arms moved. Sue Ellen’s huge tits bounced and swayed just a few inches above Merril’s mouth. Just the sight of them dangling there was enough to cause Merril’s cunt to tingle, and she began to think about what it would be like to have those luscious tits inside her mouth.

Or at least the nipples; that was about all that would fit.

Then Sue Ellen began to work her way farther down, causing Merril to once again close her eyes and concentrate on the sensations.

Her hands were on her stomach now, rubbing and pushing, kneading the flesh and working ever closer to the throbbing center of Merril’s sexual excitement. Already Merril could feel honey beginning to drip out of her cunt, wetting the inside of her thighs.

She wanted to tell Sue Ellen to hurry, but she knew better. Sue Ellen was the teacher; that much had been made clear earlier on.

So Merril waited.

Much to her surprise, Sue Ellen bypassed her cunt, instead she worked her way down Merril’s legs, covering them with the oil, rubbing it into the slim calves and ankles, making Merril practically go crazy with the desire that was mounting within her.

“Ohhhhhhh… please… my cunt… it’s on fire…” she moaned, practically begging Sue Ellen to take care of her.

“Patience, darling, patience,” Sue Ellen cooed knowing that the longer she made Merril wait, the better it would be when she finally descended on her warm pussy.

Not that she wasn’t hi a hurry herself; the sight of such a slim perfectly-composed body beneath her was enough in itself to drive Sue Ellen mad with desire, but that didn’t matter so much right now.

Nothing mattered except making Merril come. Sue Ellen prided herself on her abilities, and Merril was a real challenge.

Of course, she reminded herself. She did have some help waiting for her in her pocketbook. But we now the right time to call on it?


“Now you just wait right here for a minute and I’ll be right beck, you hear?”

Merril opened her eyes.

What the hell was this? Merril saw Sue Ellen padding lightly across the carpeted floor toward her pocketbook.

Oh well.

Might as well relax. Or at least try to relax. Her cunt we too excited for her to have much success at it.

She closed her eyes.

The next thing skews aware of we a low hum, not readily identifiable, but coming from down at end of the bed where Sue Ellen was seated with her back to Merril.

“What’s that?”

“You just keep your eyes closed for now, honey. I’ll take care of you, just relax.”

Merril shut her eyes.

She could sense Sue Ellen moving toward her, and tin low hum we coming with her. Then Sue Ellen touched her neck with a warm, oil-covered hand, rubbing gently at the same time that the humming sound came closer.

Then it touched her.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” Merril groaned, suddenly aware of a warm, pulsing sensation that was covering one of her tits, practically sending her nipples into orbit. “Wow!”

“Now just relax.”

It was a vibrator that fit on the back of Sue Ellen’s hand, sending its pulsing excitement through the other woman’s hand and into Merril’s body.


Merril had heard about such things, but she had never even considered using one on herself. That sort of thing was, to say the least, undignified.

But she was rapidly changing her mind.

This was fantastic.

“My cunt… ohhhhhh my cunt…” Suddenly she wanted to feel that pulsing, flittering sensation that was on her tits now go down to her pay.

She wanted to come, and she thought for sure that this was the way to do it.

And she was right.

Slowly, sliding acme Merril’s oil-covered body, Sue Ellen guided her hand down, taking her time but moving directly to the point on Merril’s body that both of them were mast concerned with. Her sweet, trembling cunt.

As she looked down, Sue Ellen could see beads of moisture already collecting at the entrance.

She smiled.

This was going to be interesting.

Gently she guided her vibrating hand across Merril’s soft cunt hairs until finally she was at the entrance to her love hole.

“Oooooohhhhh,” Merril groaned, feeling the vibrations shoot through her body with a wildness that threatened to carry her away.

“Inside… inside my cunt…”

Sue Ellen smiled once again.

She inserted one finger.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh…” Merril moaned, feeling her cunt begin to dissolve at the pulsing, driving presence within it. Her legs, practically of their own accord, began to thrash and kick, climbing up into the air as Sue Ellen began to move her finger in and out, all the while letting the vibrator attached to the back of her hand send its impulses shooting into and through Merril’s cunt.

“Ooooohhhh… make me come… ohhhhh, please make me come…” she pleaded, sensing that it was going to happen but not knowing what to expect.

“Just relax, baby, and let it happen. Let it happen…” Sue Ellen urged, knowing that if Merril could only stop trying so hard with her mind, her body would take over from there.

Merril collapsed back onto the bed, trying to force herself to relax.

It worked.

Deep inside her cunt she became aware of a new presence that began to build and grow. It was a little like a fiery coal, getting hotter and hotter, heating her juices with growing intensity, making them whirl and spin, coming ever closer to the surface, fighting to be free.

“Oooohhhh… it’s happening… it’s happening… I’m gonna come… come COME!” With a sudden rush her cunt overflowed, juices spilling out of her and onto Sue Ellen’s hand like there was nothing else in the world.

Again and again the muscles of her cunt slammed open and shut as wrenching spasms of delight shot through her.

“Oooooohhhhh… yesssss,” she whispered as the waves of orgasm began to diminish, still strong but relenting, returning her at last to a state in which she could be at least semi-conscious of something other than her flaming, dripping pussy.

And then finally it we over.

She opened her eyes.

Sue Ellen was smiling down at her, her tits heaving in excitement at what she had just witnessed.

“Nice?” she queried.

“More than nice. Fantastic!” Merril exulted.

Her cunt felt like a pool of melted wax, simmering slowly as the muscles continued to contract rhythmically. She hadn’t known exactly what to expect, but she had never had any idea it would be this.

And she was certain that she could achieve it again, now that she knew what it was and what it felt like.

Mavis thought that Jason was intriguing. She had initially taken him to be great deal different than he actually was in spite of the fact that he had the appearance of a construction worker, his speech was altogether different.

But the fact remained that his body, or what she could see of it beneath the clothes that he wore, was something to be marveled at. He was tall, and broad through the shoulders like a bear.

In fact, now that she thought about it, a bear was what he reminded her of more than anything else.

It made her feel like an animal to be turned on by him. The thought made her cream in anticipation.

“Are you allowed to fraternize with the guests?” he asked, smiling at her from above.

“Only when I feel like it.”

“Well. Do you feel like it right now?”

“Subtle, aren’t you?”

“Only when I can’t think of any other way to be.”

“All right,” she answered. Then she looked around the room; they were the only ones left. The fire was still going, so without saying anything else she walked across the expanse of carpet and stood in front of the crackling blaze.

Jason followed her.

A few feet away from her, he stopped, sensing that she was about to do something.

He was right.

Keeping her eyes directly on him, she proceeded to strip until she was naked. There was nothing of the exhibitionist in the way she did it, and yet it wasn’t clinical either.

His cock began to grow stiff.

She was an exceptional woman, that much was obvious at first glance.

Her body we slim, but her tits full and soft, just begging to be licked and squeezed.

Excitement rising within him to almost a fever pitch, Jason began to practically rip off his clothes. Just the thought of burying his cock to the hilt in that sweet muff exposed before him was enough to send him through the roof.

A moment later he was naked, his thick hairy body con tinting sharply with her thin, smooth one.

“Wait,” she cautioned as he started to move toward him.


“Let’s talk first.”

“About what? The weather?”

“No, about what we’re going to do to each other.”

“I don’t understand,” he growled, suddenly wondering if he had made a mistake by choosing the psychologist for a bed partner. What was she going to do, analyze him?

“I’ll start,” she said, sitting down on the carpet and spreading her legs carelessly.

“Go ahead,” he answered, resigning himself reluctantly to his fate.

“All right,” she said, moving her hand provocatively along the creamy expanse of her inner thigh. “Fiat of all, my cunt’s already starting to cream just at the thought of having your big cock slam into it. I can practically feel it inside me right now, ramming all the way to the back of my cunt. It’s fantastic.”

Jason just looked in amazement, feeling his excitement grow. By the time she finished talking, her hands were all over her cunt, spreading the lips so he could see inside her, watching as tiny streams of hot honey made their way out of her cunt and onto her finger.

When one finger was completely covered with the liquid, she held it up in front of her face, sniffed it, then carefully licked every drop from it.

“Your turn,” she said, smiling like a vixen.

“I bet you’ve got just about the sweetest pussy around,” he began, catching the spirit of what she wanted from him and realizing that it was indeed a turn-on to talk like this. “And your tits make me just want to bury my face in the middle of them and never come up for air. I bet they’re soft, fleshy, just about the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

Then neither of them spoke.

His cock was absolutely rigid. He couldn’t wait any longer; her cunt was just too much to just look at and not do anything to.

He moved forward.

She leaned back, spreading her legs in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Like a bull he charged her, groaning in excitement as he drove his cock easily into her lubricated pussy.

“Yesssss…” she groaned as he fucked her, “fuck me hard… fuck me like a bull!”

He did just that.

There was nothing subtle in the way they fucked, and it was all over in less than a minute. Both of them were too steamed up by the time it started for it to last longer than that.

She wrapped her legs tightly around his back, puffing her partner forward and into her, wanting to feel his hot meat as it slammed deep inside her.

He never let up for an instant, pumping and driving frenetically into the soft cunt that practically gobbled his prick in its excitement.

With each successive thrust into her wet, clinging pussy, he could feel himself coming closer to the release that was never far away.

He wanted to drive a hole through her, so strong was the passion that ruled him. He felt like her cunt was alive, wriggling and squirming on the end of his shaft, as she sought to take him deeper and deeper into her steaming muff.

“Harder… harder… fuck me hard,” she groaned, wanting to be devoured, consumed, eaten totally by the smashing presence in her cunt.

Her legs were straining visibly now, the muscles in her thighs taut as she jerked and pulled against his torso. She knew it wouldn’t last long, but it didn’t matter to her.

She was, for the moment, a total animal. Nothing mattered except the fire within her loins, and she was determined that he was going to drive that same fire from her, exorcising it through the orgasm that hovered between them like a shadow waiting to be freed.

“Goddamnit kill, me! Fuck me to death… fuck me wild!” she screamed, grabbing at his back, scratching it in the process but not caring, wanting nothing but to feel his cock explode inside her pussy.

Finally it happened.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh…” he groaned, feeling the rush of hot cum as it shot up through his shaft, making it suddenly expand, then shoot its load of hot, sticky jam deep into her pulsing cunt.

“Fuck!” she screamed, as suddenly her cunt seemed to dissolve, shattering into a thousand pieces as wave after wave of release shot through her body.

Again and again she came, feeling at the same time his juicy jam as it shot deep inside her, making her cunt even more sticky, slimy, warm.

She loved it.

Nothing was better than this.

Nothing in the world.

She realized that if she had her way, and her body could sustain it, she would do nothing but fuck all day every day for the rest of her life.

Finally, exhausted, she allowed his cock to slip from her pussy.

This was heaven.


The next day, after the staff had prepared a breakfast of bacon and eggs which Mavis made certain everyone ate, she called the group together and spoke to them.

“Now that we know each other a little better,” she said, grinning, a ripple of laughter ran through the group, “we’re ready for the next part of the weekend. I want everybody to go downstairs and get in the pool together. And, by the way, swimsuits are out.”

Dick was the only one uncomfortable, and that was because he hadn’t seen Merril at all since he left the room the previous night with Alecia. He wondered how she had spent the night and, more importantly, with whom she had spent it. He was angry with himself for feeling this way; he realized that jealousy, under the circumstances, was silly. But he couldn’t help himself.

Mavis arrived a few moments later and, after stripping casually, joined the rest of them in the pool. Once there, she began by asking everyone to relax and try to forget about everything that was in their mind. She spoke in soothing tones, almost like someone teaching a class in meditation, until she felt that what she was saying had achieved the desired effect.

She looked around the pool.

Everyone was stretched out on their back, half floating with their eyes closed, listening to her as she spoke.

“All right,” she said. “Does everybody feel relaxed?”

There was a general murmur of agreement.

“Good. Now, if anybody feels upset or threatened by any of what I’m about to say, remember you don’t have to have anything to do with it if you don’t want to. But,” she added with a smile, “after last night I think that’s not likely to happen.”

“First of all, I want each of you to think of a fantasy. It might be one that you’ve had in the pest, or it might be one that’s suggested to you by what’s happened to you here in the last twenty-four hours. Okay? Then, if you want to and if it’s reasonable, we’ll see if we can make it happen.”

She stopped.

She could tell from the smiles on several faces that the idea was a pleasant one. Indeed, how could it be anything other than pleasant?

“All right, who wants to go first?” Jim spoke up immediately.

“I’ve got one I’ve had since I was fifteen.”

“Okay. Go ahead.”

“Well, it’s nothing particularly special to most people, but to me it’s been a physical impossibility. I want to fuck a woman’s asshole.”

“I can see where that might be a problem for you,” Mavis responded, thinking about the giant cock that had just barely been able to fit inside her cunt the previous afternoon.

Everyone laughed.

“Any volunteers?” Jim asked, knowing that it was unlikely that anyone would be willing to help him out. It was always this way.

No one moved.

Finally, it was Mavis herself who answered. “I’ll do it.”

Everyone looked at her as if she were crazy. She wished that Jim hadn’t been the first to speak, but since he had, she realized that it was important that he gets positive response to his fantasy, or the whole thing might fall apart.

She stood up, water dripping from her naked body. Jim gulped. He hadn’t expected anybody to take him up on his fantasy; least of all her.

But, on the other hand, he couldn’t think of anyone he would rather ram his cock into than Mavis. In fact, right now she looked even better than Alecia, and that, he realized, was saying a lot.

He stood up.

“The rest of you can do whatever you want for the time being,” Mavis said. “If you want to watch, that’s fine.”

Then she smiled and began walking across the room toward a large divan, drying herself as she went. Shows beginning to wonder if this was such a brilliant idea after all.

Merril, still in the pool, got up to follow thorn across the room. She wasn’t certain why, but she definitely wanted to we what was about to happen. She had seen Jim’s cock, and she couldn’t believe it was going to fit in Mavis?

But she was wrong.

As Jim stood over Merril, who was sitting on the divan, he could feel his cock getting rigid. Just the thought of jamming it into her tight asshole was sough to cause the blood to rush into his tool, engorging and enlarging it so that it jutted out in front of his body like a piece of timber.

Seeing this, Mavis looked up and smiled. The more she thought about it, the more she was intrigued by the prospect of feeling that monster inside her us, reaming her so powerfully that she would be totally unconscious of everything but the sensation of his presence within her.

But she needed moms help.

At the end of the divan, inside a drawer, was what she was looking for.

Massage oil.

But she wasn’t going to use it as massage oil.

Well, not exactly, anyway.

Jim was towering over her now, his cock fully erect, waiting impatiently for her to do something.

“Come hem,” she whispered, staring at his cock and wanting to put hr hands on it, to feel its strength just before it banged into her ass.

But first the oil.

Taking a great handful of the slick liquid, she began to rub it into every inch of his cock, moistening and preparing the skin for its entry into her body.

Finally she was finished.

Merril, who was watching from a few feet away, gasped. She couldn’t believe how big his cock was. All her old fears came back at the thought of seeing him assault Mavis with that monster, but still she watched.

This was going to be incredible.

Now, handing the oil to Jim, Mavis turned on the divan, presenting her delicious ass to him, waving it in front of his face.

“My asshole. Make it slippery…” she whispered, knowing that only this way did she have a chance of making it.

He began to rub it into the flesh surrounding her dark brown hole, kneading and squeezing, coming ever closer to her asshole but not yet ready to touch it.

Then suddenly, without warning, he jammed his oil-covered finger into hers.

“Aaaaahhhhh,” she moaned. It felt good.

She liked it.

Spreading her hole as wide as possible, he inserted another finger, spreading the oil within her until he was sure she was as lubricated as possible.

Then he took his fingers out.

Mavis closed her eyes as he moved forward. This was going to take every once of control she possessed, but for the first time she was beginning to believe that she could do it.

She forced herself to relax. Especially the muscles in her us.

Behind her, Jim was practically insane with desire as he looked at her asshole. It was like a dream come true.

If he could get it in.

He wasn’t certain that this was possible, but he was certainly going to try.

Taking his meat in one hand, he placed it at the entrance to her dark hole.

“Come on…” she urged, dying from anticipation of what we about to happen. Suddenly she was ready for it; wanted it in fact. If she could take his cock in her ass, she knew she could take care of any man.

Slowly he pushed forward.

Mavis felt her muscles spreading to let him enter.

He stopped.

He couldn’t believe the sight that met his eyes as he looked down on her. Half his cock had disappeared inside her, where it felt like a thousand rubber bands were squeezing him, wrapping around his cock with a force that practically made his gasp.

He loved it.

“More… more…” she whispered, sweat dripping from her body. She wanted all of him inside her ass. She could feel his presence dominating her, controlling her body, overpowering every other sensation left.

“All right, baby, all right…” he answered, shoving slowly forward once again.

“Aaaahhhhhh…” she moaned, fighting to take him in, working to do what she knew no other woman in the room could do.

Finally he was all the way in.

Jim couldn’t believe it; his cock had completely disappeared inside her ass.

“You did it…” he whispered.


It felt good to her. Incredibly good, in fact, now that the pain we gone.

She loved it.

He began to slide in and out, half an inch at a time, feeling bin cock being completely encircled by the tightness of her hole.

“Harder… harder…” she panted, wanting to take everything he had, wanting to prove to herself and everyone else that there was nothing he could give her that she couldn’t take.

He responded by spreading her ass-cheeks wide apart and fucking her harder, jamming her with a force that he was certain would reduce her to a quivering mass of deflated flesh. But it didn’t.

In fact, she responded by shoving back against his cock with a force equal to his own, squirming and writhing a she sought to make his meat explore every inch of her ass.

“Aaaahhh…” he groaned, feeling the rush of cum within his shaft.

“Harder… harder!” she commanded, sensing that he was about to come and wanting to experience it deep insider he stole.

Finally he couldn’t contain himself any longer. His cock burst wildly inside her ass, shooting its load deep into her straining orifice.

“Yessss…” she groaned, loving every second of it.

She had won.

She had done it!

Jim, still feeling his meat pour its load into her, was ecstatic. He had finally found a woman who could do the one thing he had always wanted.

Across the room, still in the pool, Alecia looked on sullenly. Jim had tried, on more than one occasion, to fuck her in the ass.

But she hadn’t been able to take it.

Now Mavis had done what she couldn’t do.

For Alecia, who considered herself to be more capable than any other woman, it was a severe blow.

And to make things worse, Jim had practically ignored her since the whole weekend started. Last night he had made off with Sybil, and today he was with Mavis.

Suddenly she wondered if he had gotten it on with Mavis yesterday afternoon before the rest of them arrived.

Yes, that would explain a lot of things.



As Larry sat in the pool, his eyes remained fixed on the sight of Sue Ellen’s huge tits. Just looking at them had given him an enormous erection beneath the water, and it had also reminded him of something he’d wanted to do ever since he could remember, but which he had never found the proper partner for.

Sue Ellen was obviously the right partner.

He was certain of it.

The reason he was certain of it was twofold. First, it was obvious that she was better equipped to do what he wanted done than any other woman he had ever known. But beyond that, there was something in the way she carried herself, an awareness of her tits that made him think that she would be perfect.

He looked around him; they were the only people left in the pool.

He moved over until he was next to her. She didn’t say anything, but he could tell by her smile that she was glad to see him.

Turning his back to the wall of the pool, he stretched out next to her so that they were both facing in the same direction. Trying to think of something to say was difficult, so he decided to remain silent for the moment at least.

She didn’t say anything either, but instead leaned back and half floated on the surface of the water, supporting her weight with her arms. Larry practically gasped.

Her tits were so huge they practically slid into her armpits when she was like this. It was incredible, and yet they were still well formed.

He had to do something with them.

But not just anything would do; he had something very specific in mind. The only question was, would it appeal to her as much as it appealed to him?

He hoped so.

“Mmmmmmm…” she murmured, reacting to the sensuous flow of warm water across her body. She could tell that Larry was looking at her, his eyes practically devouring her body.

The realization delighted her.

Their arms practically touching now, and he moved a little bit closer so that their shoulders rubbed against each other.

She responded by pushing back against him. Realizing that the initial contact had been made, Larry reached beneath the water and took her hand, guiding it back until her fingers came into contact with his hard cock beneath the water.

“Oh my,” she giggled. “What have we here?”

“All the better to, ah, whatever you with, my dear?” Larry replied.

They both laughed.

She turned sideways in the water, grasping his cock with both her hands and beginning to pull up and down on it beneath the water.

“Mmmmmmmm…” It was his turn to groan as her expert fingers encircled his shaft. He could feel it getting even harder than it already was, and he knew that what was about to happen would send hot cum shooting out of his cock like water from a fountain.

He thrust his hips out, giving her more resistance. Her tits were incredible; now that she was on her side they seemed even larger than they had when she was on her back.

He shoved closer to her, feeling her soft tit-mounds with his hands, kneading and squeezing the ripe melons as the soft nipples grew hard with excitement.

Finally, when he couldn’t stand it any longer, he lifted her from the water, both of them ultimately ending up on the carpet away from the pool.

“Ooooohhhh… yesss…” she cooed as his hands continued to work up and down the entire length of her chest.

“Fantastic…” he breathed, unable to take his eyes off her lush melons. He wanted them, wanting to do everything to them.

And he was going to get his chance.

Sensing that he was overcome with her tits, Sue Ellen decided to take care of him in a way that she realized only a few women could.

First she took his head and buried it in the soft valley between her tits. There, working up and down and from sides to side, he licked and sucked with every ounce of passion in his body, baking in the soft warmth of her tits.

Then she took his cock in her hands and put it between her tits, fitting it snugly into the soft valley. With both hands applying pressure from the outside, she pushed her tits together, forming a soft, warm pocket that completely enclosed his cock.

“Yeas…” Larry moaned, going crazy with excitement.

This was it!


She must have read his mind, he thought. How eke could she have known exactly what to do.

“Go on… fuck me… fuck my tits…” she whispered, enjoying the sensation of his pulsing meat on her cleavage.

Without taking his eyes off the sight of his cock disappearing between her tits, Larry began to thrust in and out, luxuriating in the softness of the warm pocket he was thrusting into.

Each time his meat emerged, red and hard, it contrasted excitingly with the soft, billowy whiteness of her tits. He felt like he could let this go on forever.

Nothing could compare with it.

In and out, in and out he plunged, losing track of everything but the new sensation that he was experiencing.

Harder now, increasing the tempo at her silent urging, he flung his cock into the opening she had provided for him.

It was perfect!

For her part, Sue Ellen was enjoying herself almost as much as Larry. Although he wasn’t the first man she had ever done this for, he seemed to get off on it more than anybody she had ever seen.

It excited her so much she could feel her cunt beginning to cream far below.


She was lying on her back now, both hands supporting her tits, while Larry was on all fours above her, smashing his cock in and out of her white tits.

“Come… come all over me… let me feel it…” she groaned, suddenly longing for the sensation of his hot cum jetting out onto her soft skin, covering her in its stickiness and warmth.

“Hurry… now… ohhh, please, now…” she pleaded, almost in a frenzy to feel his jism.

When it happened, everything seemed to spin and go crazy for Larry. Her felt the hot, shooting cum within him, and then his cock seemed to dissolve, melting and sending its hot load onto her chest at the same time.

“Yesss…” she groaned contentedly the lint heavy wad splattered on her throat.

It we quickly followed by another.

And another.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of explosions, he was finished, his cock drained of all that he had to offer.

She let go of her tits.

As they slid across her chest with the force of gravity, she reached up with her hands and began to scoop his cum with her fingers.

Then she licked each of them, devouring his cum with a relish that practically gave Larry another hard-on right then and there.

Finally, when the last drops were gone, she smiled up at him, her lips and teeth still half covered with his seed.

He grinned foolishly and fell back into the pool.

Sybil was somewhat reserved during the morning festivities, still feeling somewhat chagrined over what had happened to her the previous night.

Jim had been rough with her, but she deserved it. She had been obnoxious enough to make whatever he did to her seem justified. Still, it didn’t make her particularly happy to think about it.

And her cunt was ridiculously sore from his massive cock pummeling it until he finally exploded inside her.

All, she thought, there’s the problem.

She didn’t like for people to come inside her. It didn’t have anything to do with sorry about becoming pregnant; she was too careful for that to be a problem. It was just that she liked to feel men come on her stomach. She liked the sensation and she liked the sight of a cock-hole opening up and pouring out everything it had onto her.

What was it Mavis had said, “Everyone think up a fantasy.”

All right, then, her fantasy was obvious. She wanted more than one man to come on her body at the same time. Just the thought of lying down, with men above her shooting their loads onto her was enough to bring her off.

An hour later her fantasy was being realized.

Jim, Larry, and Jason had gathered over her naked body in one of the bedrooms. She was stretched out on the floor, spread eagled, with one finger darting into the entrance of her cunt.

“Come on,” she whispered in a husky voice, “come on me.”

She began to finger herself, spreading her legs wide to accommodate her probing finger wriggling with growing excitement as she saw that her actions were causing the men’s cock to grow hard.

Then slowly they began to jerk themselves off, never taking their eyes off her body.

She loved it.

Her finger in her cunt probed and thrusted while she concentrated on the sight of three massive, swollen cocks a few inches above her body.

Then she had another idea.

A bit reluctantly she took her hand any from her cunt and reached up, taking Jim’s cock in her fingers. With her other hand she did the same with Larry’s cock, while at the same time she gestured for Jason to bend over her from above and put his cock in her mouth.

A moment later she was in control of three cocks at the same time.

It was fantastic.

Wildly, but expertly, she pulled up and down on the two cocks in her hands, while with her mouth she formed a perfect receptacle for Jason to thrust into, opening her lips and letting him pummel away at the soft chamber within.

“Mmmmmmm…” she groaned, loving what was happening, and loving what was about to happen even more. She didn’t know if she could make them come all at once, but she could definitely try.

Jim’s cock began to shudder in her right hand, so she held back, easing up on it while working harder on Larry’s in her left. At the same time she began to thrust her head up to meet the jabs of Jason as he sent his cock in and out of her mouth.

Finally, almost as if she were an orchestra conductor controlling a symphony, it happened.

Larry’s cock began to throb and pulse, shuddering deep within its rigid shape. Immediately she began to jerk hard on Jim’s cock once again, with the result that they both came together, shooting their jism out onto her prostrate body, covering her with cum as their cocks continued to pour their seen onto her.

The sight of this was too much for Jason, and almost immediately his cock exploded, some of the cum going into her mouth, but most of it shooting out onto her cheeks and neck, running down her body where it joined the others’ jism in a sticky sea of sperm.

Finally it was over.

Sybil smiled, loving the smell and feel of cum all over her body. It was every bit as satisfying a she had hoped it would be.

With her hands she spread it all over herself, sizing the sticky substances together into one slippery mass of juice.

It was the best moment of her life.


By Saturday evening Dick was ready to go home. He thought he was the only one who might even remotely be feeling this way, but he decided to check with Larry just in case he was wrong.

He was.

“Yeah, I’ve about had it. Funny thing, though — well, the whole thing sort of makes me want to get it on with Alecia more than anything else. Know what I mean?”

Dick nodded. It was precisely the same way that he was feeling.


“Well, what?”

“Let’s get the hell out of here.”


Dick nodded. “What about the girls?”

“What about ’em?”

“Well, shit. We can’t just leave ’em here?”

“So we’ll take ’em with us, that’s all?” Larry laughed.

“I kind doubt Alecia’s ready to leave yet.”

“So what? Let’s just grab the two of them and split. The hell with what they want.” For a long moment Larry was silent, thinking about what Dick had said. Why not? “All right.”

At the same time that Dick and Larry were talking, Alecia had finally succeeded in getting alone with lint in one of the bedrooms. She had been waiting for this all weekend; and she wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity now that it was here.

“Lie down,” she said, not giving him a chance to control anything. She had been thinking about nothing but his big cock for the last six hours, and now she could see that it was beginning to get hard again as he lay on his back in front of her.

No one was more surprised than Jim. He had thought he was completely worn out, but obviously he wasn’t.

Or at least his cock wasn’t.

He knew that Alecia was probably the only woman in the world who had a chance of making him hard right now, and she was doing it without a great deal of difficulty.

She stood at the end of the bed, naked, her long blonde hair hanging provocatively over his breasts while she looked down on his cock. Her snatch glistened from the stream of cunt juice that had been flowing from her cunt most of the day.

Just then the door opened and Merril entered.

Alecia wheeled quickly, feeling a quick flash of irritation rise within her.

“Go on,” Merril said with a strange smile on her face, “I won’t get in the way.”

Alecia shrugged.

Nothing was going to stop her now.

She wanted Jim’s big cock in her cunt right now and she was going to have it that way no matter who came into the room.

She climbed onto the bed, moving forward until she was astride Jim’s legs, his half erect cock below and a few inches in front of her. Putting her hands on the bed for support, she leaned forward until her lips were almost touching his tool.

Jim watched, feeling a familiar rush of excitement at the sight of Alecia’s wide, sensuous mouth coming closer and closer to his cock.

Her tongue darted out, wrapping around the head of his cock and licking it.

“Mmmmmmmm…” he moaned.

In the background Merril began to undress. She didn’t know for sure what she was going to do, but sit knew that she wanted to get in on this bit of lovemaking. She wasn’t certain which excited her more; Alecia’s naked body or Jim’s increasingly rigid cock.

From the bed Jim noticed what Merril was doing and smiled. He had been watching the slim, dark-haired woman for much of the day, and he had intended to get together with her at some point; the idea of her joining him and Alecia on the bed right now seemed an excellent one.

Alecia, her tongue sliding up and down Jim’s cock, had completely forgotten about Merril. The only thing she was conscious of was the smooth, hard skin over which her tongue was running, licking and sucking as he cock grew harder and harder. Her sweet, tawny cunt was beginning to tingle in anticipation of the moment when she would plunge his monster deep inside her pussy.

Behind her Merril moved slowly toward the bed, her naked body pale in the dim candlelight that lit the room. When she reached the edge of the bed, she was content for the time being to watch what was happening while a single finger played lightly with her clit, feeling it swell. She had been the only person, as far as she could tell, who hadn’t taken part in any of the sex today. It wasn’t because she still had things bothering her. In fact, the complete apposite was true; she was totally at ease with herself sexually for the first time in her life.

She just hadn’t found the perfect match for her in her present state of mind and until she did, she was content to watch the others and learn.

She would get her chance, she was certain of it. Now, however, as she looked at Alecia’s soft ass spread wide across Jim’s legs, she could hardly contain herself. Her love juice was flowing in torrents from her cunt and her finger was only making her more excited.

As soon as Jim’s cock was wet and glistening from her ministrations, Alecia knew she couldn’t wait any longer. She wanted him inside her.

“I want to fuck you…” she whispered, her face now hovering over Jim’s stomach, his cock standing up and almost touching her dangling tit.

“Go ahead,” he whispered to her, ready to lean back and enjoy this one. He still didn’t know what Merril was going to do behind Alecia, but he was beginning to have some suspicions.

They made his cock get even harder.

Slowly, enjoying every second of it, Alecia rose up, spreading wide her smooth legs and poising her cunt just above the head of his cock. Then, spreading her cunt-lips with her hands, she began to descend, writhing in delight shim prick impaled her, slowly filling her cunt until finally she could feel the firm hair of his crotch grinding against her cunt lips.

He was all the way in.

“Mmmmmmm… nice… nice…” she moaned, squirming and twisting on the end of his rod.

Behind her, Merril watched in amazement as Alecia bent forward and began to slide up and down on his huge, slimy prick.

With each trust it completely disappeared into her pink cunt, then slid out until the head was almost exposed before the process was repeated.

Jim, lying on his back, opened his mouth to accept one of Alecia’s tits as she thrust it into his face, while at the same time he began to pump his cock harder into her cunt.

This was fantastic.

Merril began to move forward.

Alecia’s ass cheeks were spread wide revealing her whole and her cock impaled cunt. When her face was just a few inches behind the action, she stopped, watching closely, feeling her excitement grow as his cock continued to smash in and out of her hungry cunt.

Then, suddenly, she knew what she was going to do.

Leaning forward, Merril let her tongue dart out and wrap itself around Jim’s cock, sucking quickly on the juice that covered it, then burying her probe in the edges of Alecia’s cunt as it descended on her in the next instant.

“Mmmmmmmm…” groaned Alecia and Jim, almost in unison as her tongue began to work on them.

Jim couldn’t believe it; it was suddenly as if Alecia’s cunt were alive, licking and sucking on his prick with each stroke.

For Alecia, it was sheer bliss. In addition to her tongue, Merril’s hands and fingers were all over Alecia’s ass, teasing her sensitive asshole and pulling on the soft mounds of flesh.

Harder now, driven by the passion that was consuming all three of them, his cock drove deeper and deeper into Alecia’s pussy.

Merril continued to bury her face in the driving, churning combination of cock and cunt, loving the sensation of sharing in the precise focus of the other couple’s lovemaking.

“Fuck me… fuck my cunt…” Alecia groaned, her face contorted with the force of the passion that was shooting through her cunt.

This was fantastic.

She could feel her cunt beginning to burn, flaming toward the release that she was sure would be here any second. Her cunt was positively on fire, and yet she knew that she would have to drive even harder to release the pressure within her.

Then suddenly it all happened; Merril, sensing that Alecia was about to come, jammed her finger deep into the other woman’s wriggling asshole.

Alecia came suddenly, hot love juice shooting out of her cunt and running down Jim’s cock, finding its way finally into Merril’s hungry, sucking mouth. Again and again she spurted her honey, half drawing Merril.

“Aaaaaagggghhhh!” she groaned as wave after wrenching wave of spasms shot through her cunt, splitting her in two with the force of the orgasm. Finally, when she couldn’t stand it any more, she shoved herself high in the air, puffing his cock free from her cunt as she collapsed forward onto his chest.

The moment his cock sprang free, Merril lurched forward and drove her mouth down on it, trying desperately to take him all the way into her mouth.

But before she could more than begin to accomplish her objective, his prick exploded, shooting his hot jism into her throat and onto her face.

She gobbled down as much as she could, tasting his seed and swallowing it.

But there was too much.

By the time he was finished, her face was a glistening mass of cum, while the soft flesh of Alecia’s ass, just a few inches below, was also liberally smeared with his hot cum.

Delighted, and feeling like a woman, Merril fell forward, letting her sticky face rest on the pillow of Alecia’s ass.

For a long time no one moved.

Then slowly, as if from far away, Merril became aware of something.

They were not alone in the room.

She opened her eyes, and was mortified to see Larry and Dick standing in the doorway looking at the heap of exhausted flesh collapsed on the bed.

“How long have you been here?” she asked, suddenly aware of the cum neared all over her face.

“Long enough,” Dick replied. He didn’t seem overly angry, but he might be biding a lot beneath the exterior appearance of calmness.

Hearing other voices, Alecia stirred.

“Hey!” she exclaimed. “What’s going on here?”

“We’re leaving.”

“Who? You and Dick?”

“And you and Merril. Come on, let’s go.”

Alecia made no move to get up, instead choosing to stare at Larry with hard eyes. What was going on?

But then she began to smile.

Merril was smiling too.

For Merril, this was perfect.

She had accomplished what she set out to do by coming here, and now there was no real reason to stay. This last experience had been enough to let her know two things.

One, she was rid of her problems. She was certain that she could handle anything that might come up after this weekend.

Two, she was ready for Dick. She had put him through enough frustrations for a long enough period of time to make anything he did right now fine with her.

She began to get dressed.

A bit more slowly, Alecia did the same.

Jim, still on the bed, closed his eyes and went promptly to sleep.


The drive home was quiet. Alecia slept most of the way in the front seat beside Larry, while in the back seat Dick and Merril just sat quietly and looked out of their respective windows.

Merril was feeling good. She was looking forward to getting home and being alone with Dick at last. The weekend had done a lot for her, and now she wanted to show him how she had changed. Not that the weekend itself had been really responsible for what was going on inside her now; Thursday night had actually been responsible for most of that.

But the weekend had brought it all out in the open. Now she knew what made her the way she was, and as a result she could deal with it. At least that was the way she perceived it now.

It was late when Larry let them off in front of their house. All the neighbors’ lights were off, and the street was quiet.

“Goodnight. See you Monday,” Dick said to Larry, who merely nodded in response. Alecia, still sleeping soundly, was not aware that they had arrived.

Inside the house, Merril experienced a few moments of anxiety as, left alone for the first time since Thursday night, she and Dick had relatively little to say to each other. She wondered if this meant that her hopes for what was going to happen in the next hours were going to be meaningless.

She needn’t have worried.

Dick went into the kitchen without saying anything, while Merril climbed the stain and went into the bedroom. She was tired, but not exhausted, and the tingling anticipation she felt was she thought about what she wanted to do with Dick more than made up for any lack of energy she might have had.

While Dick was still downstairs, she took a quick shower, letting the burning needles of hot water shoot into her skin, massaging it and making her feel incredibly sensitive to any kind of tactile stimulation. The realization of this made her smile.

As she toweled herself dry, Merril found herself looking in the mirror at the sight of her naked body. For a moment she stopped, trying to be objective about what she saw. After a long stare, she smiled again; she was definitely, objectively, a desirable woman. But more than that, she was now a woman who was await of her body and knew what it could and should do.

Outside she heard Dick moving about in the bedroom, so she quickly finished toweling herself off; slipped on a terrycloth robe, and went into the bedroom to join him. The feel of the bathrobe rubbing against her naked body we surprisingly sensuous, causing her nipples to become tight and hard almost immediately. Her whole body felt like it was bound to explode from sexual tension any moment.

“Hi,” she said quietly, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Dick was standing in front of the dresser and as she spoke, he turned around and smiled at her, causing Merril to breath a sigh of relief. So he wasn’t angry after all…

“I fixed you a drink,” he said, offering her a glass which she took gratefully.

“How do you feel?” she asked quietly, taking a long pull from the glass in her hand.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “What about you?”

“You really want to know?”

“All right. I’m incredibly turned on.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Wanna make a bet?”

He just shook his head, but she could see that he was pleased. She could tell that this was what he had wanted to hear, but he had probably never seriously expected that it would actually be the case.

On the bed she shifted her weight a little, allowing the bathrobe to part and meal the soft whiteness of her inner thigh. From where he stood, half leaning against the dresser, he could almost see all the way up her naked cunt.

But not quite.

He could feel his cock beginning to get hard.

Merril took another long pull from her drink, draining it and feeling the warm liquor spread throughout her body. She reached over and turned off the lamp beside the bed, leaving a small lamp by the dresser as the only source of light in the room. The result we a soft, warm illumination which heightened the electricity between the two of them.

Merril slowly untied the loose knot in the sash of the robe and let it spread wen down the front. She could sense Dick’s eyes boring into her, looking at her body with a heated desire that only added to her own excitement.

She wanted to rip off the garment, spread her kg, and let him take her immediately, but she didn’t. Instead she simply parted her legs slightly, revealing to him the moist focus of her excitement. Even without touching herself, she could feel the warm, wet dewdrops of her love honey beginning to collect around her pussy lips, and she knew that Dick could see that she was ready and anxious for him to come and ram his cock into her.

“Dick,” she whispered, her voice barely audible in the near silence of the room. “I want you. I want your cock. Here.”

At the last word she took her hand and laid it on her thigh, the fingers pointing to the dripping entrance to her cunt.

Dick smiled. He couldn’t help it; this was incredible. Somehow it had worked. Somehow Merril had finally come around and stopped being the pain in the ass she had always been. He didn’t know if the weekend was responsible for that, or whether what he had done to her on Thursday night had really been the turning point, but he didn’t care.

Not now, anyway.

He began to get undressed, never taking his eyes off hers. She smiled and, after a moment of watching him, let the bathrobe fall from her shoulders.

To Dick, it was as if he were looking at her for the first time. Her body was soft, smooth, and completely feminine. Everything about her made him want to touch her, kiss her, explore her.

Finally he was naked, his cock jutting forward with a severity that made his state of excitement perfectly dear.

“Come here,” she whispered.

He complied.

A moment later he was sitting next to her on the edge of the bed, his arm around her shoulder. She was looking down at his cock, staring at it, watching the smooth, purplish skin as it seemed to continue to swell, growing harder and harder with each passing second.

She reached out and touched it, letting her finger curl lightly around the head. He responded by shoving up slightly with his hips deeper into the pocket formed by her fingers.

She began to stroke it, moving her hand up and down slowly, her eyes never once leaving the sight of his massive rod.

After a few moments of this, his own hand snaked around her back and formed a cup over one of her smooth, soft breasts. The nipple seemed to be as hard as his cock as he began to massage it, rubbing and squeezing.

“Oooohhhhh…” she whispered, leaning back until they were both lying on the bed, her hand still on his cock as they pressed against each other.

She kissed him, opening her mouth wide, greedily devouring his tongue with hers, probing and searching with an urgency that left them both breathless after a few moments.

After what seemed an eternity she pulled her lips from his. She knew what she wanted to do, and she knew that now was the time to do it.

Slowly, steadily, she slid her lips down across his body, moving closer and closer to his cock until finally she was no more than a few inches away from it. Then, without hesitating in the least, she spread her lips wide and took him inside her throat, sliding all the way down on it until she could feel her nose rubbing in the thick hair at the base of his cock.

“Oooohhhh… nice… suck it… suck it baby…” he groaned, thrusting into her mouth. At the same time he reached out with his hands and began squeezing the soft flesh of her ass cheeks, kneading the flesh and spreading them apart.

She began to whimper and a moment later she rotated her body so that she straddled him, her hot cunt open and ready just a few inches above his face. He could see the rich pinkness within it, and he knew what he wanted to do to it.

As she continued to slide her mouth vigorously up and down on his cock, he pushed his head up and buried his tongue deep inside her trembling cunt, tasting her honey, swallowing it hungrily as he sought to explore every inch of her pussy.

Shy gyrated her cunt above him, shoving down on his face with a fierceness he had never before dreamed she possessed. He still had both hands on her ass, and with them he guided her up and down, side to side, as he sought to send his tongue even deeper into the simmering depths of her honeypot.

“Mmmmmm…” she groaned, her mouth still encircling his cock. She had never felt anything exciting as this. She wanted him to devour her, to gobble down every ounce of her hot, creamy, cuntjuice.

But there was something else she wanted even more.

His cock in her cunt.

Half wild with desire, she suddenly pulled her head entirely off his cock and spun around. Now she was facing him, her cunt poised just over the head of his prick, her eyes on fire with the thought of the sensation she was about to receive from him.

“Yessss…” he whispered, urging her to sit down on his cock.

After only a moment’s hesitation, she did just that.

“Aaaagghhh!” she groaned as he impaled her, shooting his cock deep, deep into the wet folds of her pussy. For a moment, after it was all the way in, she pawed.

Then she went crazy.

She began to fly up and down his shaft, driving it all the way into her pussy with each thrust. From below, Dick could see his cock disappearing into her as she bounced up and down, and the excitement on her face alone was enough to make him go crazy with delight.

But this was only the beginning.

Her tits were bouncing up and down as she frantically mashed her cunt against his cock. Without realizing what she was doing, she reached up and grabbed them, rubbing them with frenzied passion.

“Fuck me… fuck me hard…” she gasped, breathless from all that was happening inside her.

Then, in addition to blasting up and down, she began to rotate her crotch from side to side in firm, circular motions that caused his cock to press against every inch of the wet walls within her cunt.

“Yes…” he groaned, fighting to keep his cock from exploding right now. It was too soon… much too soon. He wanted this to last forever.

Above him, he watched Merril, practically in a trance, let one of her hands slide down across her smooth stomach, coming to rest finally on the thrashing, jumping entrance to her cunt.

One finger slid out from the rest.

It touched her clit.

Dick was transfixed. He could hardly imagine Merril doing what she was doing, and yet it was happening. Up and down, up and down she flew on his cock, driving it deeper and deeper into her, while at the same time she rubbed her sensitive swollen clit.

He knew neither of them could last much longer.

His cock began to shudder.

“Yes… yesss…” she groaned, feeling the tension inside his tool as it mounted, growing stronger with each passing moment.

She was ready for him.

Her cunt was sizzling, on fire with the heat that their lovemaking had created. It felt like a dam that was about to break, and she knew that his cock exploding would be the force that sent her over the top, crumbling the last walls that held her in check.

“Come… come inside me…” now she was going crazy.

Any moment now. Then it happened.

“Aaaacccckkkkkkk!” he gasped as the head of his cock seemed to fly off. Wave after wave of hot, sticky jism shot into her.

This was too much for Merril.

“YESSSSSS!” she screamed as the floodgates opened within her, spilling over and letting her own hot juices pour out, mixing with his as his cock continued to spurt its load into her.

She didn’t stop thrusting.

Neither did he.

For an eternity they continued to smash into each other, milking their bodies of every drop of cum they had to share.

Then finally it was over.

Merril, her breasts heaving up and down from her exertions, looked down and saw that Dick was smiling up at her.

She smiled back.

He started to say something, but then just shook his head, a silly grin replacing the smile. There were no words for this; it was too good for that.

She knew how he felt.

She wanted to say something, somehow letting him know that this was the way it was going to be from now on. But nothing seemed appropriate.

So instead, she silently rose up on her knees until his cock slipped out of her cunt.

Then she bent over until her face was almost touching his slimy, limp tool. Slowly, so as not to miss a drop, she licked it until it was dry. At last, her final task finished, she dropped to the bed next to him, her hand lightly holding his cock.

She had no intentions of letting go.

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