It’s always nice to have a maid around the house

Well, today’s was the day. I fucked the maid. It’d been
coming for quite a while now. They say you should never
sleep with the help, but this was inevitable. She wanted
it. I wanted it. She got it.

It all started about four months ago. I’d taken on a
large number of projects – two free-lance articles for an
‘in air’ magazine; a tech writing piece for a local
software company; a made for TV screen play; and three
movie scripts. I was busier than the proverbial bee. My
housekeeping – not that it was ever good – was falling by
the wayside and my live in girl friend, who didn’t do any
house cleaning period, suggested I look into a maid

You know, they come in periodically and make a lot of
noise then leave and miraculously your house is like new.
I’d put off looking for one until the ‘live in’ said
she’d move out if I didn’t so I put it off a little
longer. Once she moved out, I looked in earnest. Earnest
as in with vigor not as in the town of Earnest. I don’t
even think they have maids there.

Anyway, I happened to pick up the local university’s
student paper one day as I was walking to the Creative
Writing class I teach and my eye passed over this ad for
“Student House Maids.” Well, actually it was both eyes,
but you know how the saying goes.

“Help students working their way through college.” The ad
read. I chuckled inside. I knew that those “Student House
Painters” and those “Student Movers” that you see
advertised everywhere are usually a scam. Oh, they get
the job done, but the closest any of those guys ever got
to college was when they painted it or helped some geek
move his furniture into it.

I made my way down to the college newspaper office and
dropped in to chat with the publisher, who was an old
friend. She was sitting behind a desk pilled high with
years of detritus. She probably had the cure for cancer
somewhere in there, but no one would find it until she
passed away. She smoked those little brown cigars and had
her window open in deference to the university’s no
smoking policy. She hacked her greeting and indicated the
one chair that didn’t have a facsimile of the leaning
tower of Pisa on it.

We chatted for a while and she asked about my ‘live in’
and she smiled when I told her she’d moved out. She
smiled because now she would make a play for her. I
flinched at one point as I sat there because I saw one of
those piles of papers move. It could have been gravity,
but I swear something was alive under there. Probably one
of those ‘Student Movers.’

I brought up the subject of maids and we talked about the
possibility of a scam so she called in her advertising
manager, who was a post grad student. The post grad took
the paper from my hands and circled all the ads that she
new had been purchased by individuals.

I thanked her and she pushed her glasses up further and
smiled at me. She had a constant blink, which made her
look like a myopic guppy since she also left her mouth
open slackly at all times. I thanked her again and she
frowned and left us. The publisher chortled. We shot the
breeze some more and then I thanked her and left for

I called a few of the numbers that evening, but two were
no longer working; one was a dormitory hall phone and it
was impossible to find out who had put up the ad; there
were a couple of no answers; and when someone finally did
answer she told me she was solidly booked up.

I was about to give up, but decided on trying one more
before shooting myself in the head. The phone rang twice
and someone picked it up.

“Mushi, mushi,” a voice said.

It took me a moment to switch gears. I’d reached a
Japanese household. I almost asked if they spoke English
and realized I would be insulting the other person so I
just launched into my inquiries. The woman told me that
the girl who put in the ad was not at home at the moment,
but if I left my number she would return my call.

I asked if she had any idea if she was open to new
customers and the woman said she didn’t know. I thanked
her and went in search of my gun. He-he, actually I just
fixed myself a drink and sat amidst the filth.

I was sitting in front of this machine and slowly pecking
away at one of the airline pieces, trying to describe the
Greek Isles from memory when the phone rang. I looked at
the clock and saw that it was nearly eight. I walked over
and checked the caller ID box, but didn’t recognize the
number, although it did seem familiar. I realized then
that it was the number I had called where the Japanese
woman had answered.

“Hello!” I said jovially.

“Hello,” a young girl’s voice replied, “is this Mister
Rawson, please.”

“Yes, this is Mister Lawson,” I told her.

“You call about clean house, yes?” She inquired.

I was starting to feel like I was taking part in the
Mikado. I realized that you didn’t have to speak English
to clean a house so I let the communication barrier
slide. I made an appointment for her to come by the
following day. She told me she had no classes in the
afternoon and would come by at one. We said our good byes
and I hung up. I thought no more of it.

I had actually forgotten the appointment and was busy
working when I heard a loud knock at the front door. I
frowned at the interruption and I stormed through the
living room and swung open the door to confront whichever
roaming ‘pain in the ass’ had deigned to disturb me.

I was prepared for a leaflet bearing Jehovah Witness, or
a couple of young men with white shirts and name tags,
but I was confronted by a young dark haired beauty, who
took my breath away. I stood mouth agape, waiting for my
brain to re-engage and she simply stared back at me with
a look of consternation. She must have thought I was a
lunatic. I finally swallowed and managed to eke out:

“Hello! Are you the maid?”

God, I felt like an idiot. She nodded her head quickly a
couple of times and looked at me questioningly. I suppose
she was wondering if we were going to conduct the
interview on the front stoop with her staring at my belly
button and me staring down at the top of her head.

My brain finally started functioning again and I invited
her in. I saw her look around and then saw her breath a
sigh of relief. I imagine she had pictured the horrors of
a bachelor pad with clothes, newspapers, old pizza boxes,
and smelly socks hanging from the chandelier, but the
house was neat. It only needed a good dusting and
vacuuming, plus the dishes had to be done, and the
bathroom needed a good scrubbing, and the tile floors
hadn’t been washed in a while, and the windows were
filthy, and could she regrouted the chimney while she was
at it?

I offered her a chair and felt like an idiot when I had
to ask her to repeat what she’d said. It’s not that I
didn’t understand her, it’s just that I was too busy
looking her over. Now this is what every maid should look

She was in her early twenties, I think. She was Japanese.
Her long lustrous black hair was full and hung down to
her waist. She had those doe brown eyes and a full pouty
mouth. She was narrow-waisted and had something a lot of
Japanese women don’t have – an ass. It was nice and
round. She also had a very large bust for a Japanese

During my travels in Japan, I had noticed that the rule
was a small bust, but she was sporting something in the
range of a 38D or even E. I couldn’t tell because of the
loose white men’s shirt she wore over a pair of stirrup
pants. She had to be about five feet four or five inches
tall. I was impressed.

“How often you need me come?” She asked in her broken

I need you to cum as often as possible my mind said, but
it came out of my mouth as, “I guess about once a week.”

She nodded and pulled out a palm pilot. She poked and
clicked for a second and then she looked up and said, “I
come Wednesdays two o’clock?”

“Okay!” I answered. Somewhere in the back of my mind,
someone was yelling ‘ask her about prices’; ‘ask her what
she’s going to do’. But, my libido was in charge and it
would agree to anything.

She smiled that brilliant white-toothed smile and stuck
out her hand for me to shake. I took her soft hand in
mine and shook it slowly. I didn’t want to let go. She
smiled and tugged gently. I let go. I lead her to the
door and held it open for her. She walked down the stairs
and started to walk away.

“Wait,” I yelled, “what’s your name?”

“Kumiko,” she told me from a safe distance. She turned
and disappeared around the corner of the house.

I finally breathed. I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t taken
a breath in twenty minutes. It wasn’t until about an hour
later that I realize what a fool I’d been. I’m glad it
wasn’t my job to interview Supreme Court judges. I was
peeved with myself and told myself that I wouldn’t be a
blithering idiot the next time she came. I spent the rest
of the evening straightening out the house. Tomorrow was

I was freshly showered and nattily attired when she
knocked at exactly two the next day. She came in carrying
a bucket filled with cleaning supplies and a change of
clothes draped over her arm. She smiled and half bowed
and I smiled and half bowed back. She was wearing a plaid
skirt with a white blouse tucked into it. You can imagine
the thoughts that that outfit fueled. The pleated skirt
hid the shape of her ass, but the blouse did wonders for
her bust.

I offered her something to drink, but she said she needed
to get to work. From the way she said it, I understood
what she meant was, ‘get the hell out of my way and stop
fawning.’ I got out of the way and decided I should
probably stop fawning. I told her I’d be working and she
went into the bathroom and changed her clothes. She came
out and my heart started beating faster. She had put on a
pair of cut off blue jeans and a tee shirt, which she had
gathered at the waist and knotted. Her hair was pulled
back severely and tied into a long ponytail.

It was erection time. I’m not sure, but I think we both
heard it as it rose up and slammed against the bottom of
my desk. She asked about a vacuum cleaner and I was about
to rise to show her where it was when I realized that if
I did she’d probably react like they do in those old
Godzilla movies. I pictured her holding a hand to her
forehead and her lips moving out of sync with the words
coming out.

“Oh my, God! What a monster!” Would be heard and her lips
would move for a few seconds longer.

Not wanting to be the subject of B movie angst, I merely
told her it was in the hall closet. She walked away and I
reached down to rearrange myself.

I never realized how often I had to get up and look for
something when I was working. I mean, who can work
without a sharp pencil, especially using MS word. And a
French/English dictionary. Who can write about the Greek
Isles without one. I seemed to get thirsty quite often
also. I should probably see if I’m diabetic! In all of my
ups and downs I got to see Kumiko a lot.

She was working quite hard too and I was impressed. She
had a sheen of sweat built up and soft tendrils of her
hair had worked loose and were stuck to the sides of her
forehead and cheeks. It took all of my will power not to
reach out and move them aside. She would smile every time
I went passed and her cheeks must have really gotten

Speaking of cheeks, well, the cut offs she was wearing
must have been too loose because she kept on having to
tug them up and every time she did those marvelous globes
would appear. Did I mention that those shorts were very,
very short. Oh! Well they were. She almost gave me a hear
attack when I went to the bathroom to see how she was
doing and to offer her something cold to drink. She was
bent over and reaching into the tub as she scrubbed away.

The shorts were pulled up and the bottom curves of her
ass were sticking out, but the more provocative part was
that I could make out wisps of pubic hair poking out
around that narrow inch wide strip of material, which was
the only thing separating me from getting a view of

Godzilla reared his ugly head again and my own pants
became quite constraining. She readily accepted the offer
of a cold drink and she sat on the edge of the tub and
took a break. I leaned against the doorway and peppered
her with questions.

She was from northern Japan. She was born and raised near
Sapporo. Her father was a low level bureaucrat. She had
won a scholarship to the local university and she’d been
here about a year. She had just started her sophomore
year. She was nineteen. My heart stopped. Luckily it
started back up on its own and didn’t required anyone to
jump up and down on my chest. She was living with an
Asian-American family in Chinatown. She had a room to
herself and shared the rest of the house. She wrinkled
her nose and I could tell she wasn’t happy there. I
pressed a little and she just shrugged and passed over

Her schoolwork was going fine. It had been rough at first
because her English skills hadn’t been that good, but
she’d taken night classes and it had improved. Her grades
were moving up. She was studying international business.
I’m amazed that I was able to keep up my end of the
conversation, because a few moments after I started
asking questions I realized that she wasn’t wearing a
bra. Her shirt had been dampened by sweat and it had
adhered somewhat to her body.

I could make out the large round discs of her aureole and
the distended nubbins poking out the material were
unmistakable. She rose up as she finished her drink and
she stretched her arms up to loosen her back and those
magnificent globes tried vainly to burst through the

I was in lust. On occasions like this, I would have
headed for the bathroom, but since she was in there, it
might have been a little awkward for me to whip out my
cock and start stroking. I went into my bedroom instead
and closed the door behind me. I lie on the bed and
pulled out my rampaging cock. In a matter of moments, I
had copious amounts of reproductive fluids trying to
impregnate my shirt.

I changed shirts and went back to staring at the computer
screen. She worked for four hours and then she magically
appeared before me, wearing her school clothes once
again. She said she hoped it was okay that she had used
the shower and the audible thump was heard once again. I
asked how much I owed her and was pleasantly surprised
that I wouldn’t have to mortgage the house.

I wrote the check out to Kumiko Misawa and then showed
her to the door. I know she saw the bulge in my pants
because she blushed brightly when I stood up to show her
out. We both stammered our good byes and she went walking
away once again. I went back to my desk and sat there
wondering if I could survive until next Wednesday.

The old lady at the registrar’s desk had a hard time
understanding why a visiting instructor needed to see a
student’s file, but she finally relented as I poured on
the charm. I had told her that I’d been asked to help her
with her English lessons and that I wanted to see what I
was getting myself into.

Her transcripts indicated that she was slowly climbing
from a ‘B’ average to an ‘A’. I memorized the address in
the file and then thanked the old bitty and walked away.
I turned the corner and quickly scribbled the address
down before forgetting it.

I was sitting on a small wall surrounded by students and
studying the address in my hand. I couldn’t decide if I
actually wanted to do this or not. I felt like a stalker.
I had thought of going to Chinatown and seeing if I could
catch sight of my latest addiction.

“Hello, Mister Rawson,” a familiar voice said and I
looked up to see Kumiko standing before me.

I quickly shoved the slip of paper into my pocket and
tried not to look guilty.

“Hello, Kumiko,” I said with a lump in my throat, “how
are you?”

“I am good,” she answered and that little voice said,
‘I’m sure you are.’

“Which class are you heading to now?” I asked her, trying
to make innocent conversation.

“No class,” she answered innocently. “I am done for
today, now I must go study. You have class today?”

“What? Oh, no. I was just visiting a friend. I was
sitting here trying to decide where to eat lunch. Would
you care to join me?”

I could tell she was taken aback by the offer. So much so
that she couldn’t find an answer. I reached out for her
book bag and she followed me as I led her to a local
pizza shop. The shop was awash with students, but we were
able to find an empty table in a corner. I asked her what
she wanted and she only shrugged. I ordered for us and
then sat back and tried to make idle conversation over
the din. I asked her how she felt about living in the
U.S. of A. and if she liked Seattle.

I was surprised to find out that in the year she had
lived here she hadn’t had the chance to see any of the
sights. I told her that that was a shame and that she
would have to let me take her around on some weekend. She
smiled and agreed weakly, but I felt it was only to be
polite. She asked about my class and she seemed genuinely
interested. I found out then that her English tutor had
quit and gone on to a different college. She asked if I
could recommend someone and a light went on over my head.

I asked if she would be willing to trade cleaning
services for tutoring and I saw her hesitate. She told me
she needed the money and could not afford that kind of
deal. I sighed and made a big production out of relenting
and then said that I would be willing to do it for free.
She studied my face and I could see she was wondering why
I was offering. Luckily the pizza arrived before she
could come to the right conclusion that I was hot for her
body. She ate lustily, tearing into the succulent pie.
She smiled with streaks of sauce extending her painted
lips and told me that it was delicious.

I made a comment about it seeming to be the first time
she’d had pizza and was shocked when she said it was. We
sat around nursing our Cokes until it became awkward and
she said she had to go study. I paid the bill and walked
her back to campus.

“When do you want me to come for lessons,” she asked me
as we parted.

I was surprised that she had acquiesced and shrugged. I
told her to decide when was best for her and to let me
know. I asked if she had my number still and she said
yes. I told her I was free most evenings except for
Tuesdays and Thursdays when I gave my class. She smiled a
farewell and I watched those hips sway away from me. I
noticed quite a few young guys turn to watch her as she
passed. That long black hair swayed back and forth like a

I couldn’t wait to twine it between my fingers. I didn’t
hear from her the rest of that week and over the weekend.
I was coming out of my evening class on Tuesday when I
found her standing outside the classroom. She smiled and
I smiled back over the heads of a group of students who
were gathered around me asking a bunch of inane
questions. Everyone wanted to write a blockbuster script
and they all thought I had the magic wand to allow them
to do so. I made my way through the clutch and took her
by the elbow.

“Quick!” I said so only she could hear. “Save me!”

She smiled and we walked quickly away.

“You are very popular teacher,” she said.

I merely shrugged. I hadn’t asked why she had been
waiting and suddenly wondered if it was I she had come to
see in the first place. She didn’t say anything and so I
figured it was. We were halfway to my car before she

“I wanted to ask if we could do the English studying
tomorrow after I do the cleaning?”

I glanced down at her inquiring face.

“Sure! That sounds like a good idea. You only want to do
this once a week?”

She was taken aback by the question and she glanced down
at the ground.

“I do not wish to impose upon you,” she said.

“Oh, please. Impose, impose,” I told her with a laugh,
but she didn’t quite understand why I was saying that. I
suppose flirting doesn’t translate that well either.

She arrived at two the next day with her bucket and
change of clothing. She was wearing tight black chinos, a
pale blue blouse and a silk bomber jacket. Her long hair
was done up into two long braids, which flowed over the
shelf of her chest. Didn’t this girl know what she was
doing to the male population. The number of heart attacks
in the Seattle area must have doubled since her arrival.

She went into the bathroom and changed into something a
little more sedate than on the previous occasion. I
almost asked what had happened to the cut offs, but bit
my tongue instead. This time she wore dark blue sweat
pants and a black tee shirt. I sat at my computer and let
her get on with her work. I didn’t find as many excuses
to wander around the house this time.

I guess I was already becoming jaded. Although, the lump
in my pants gave evidence to the contrary. It only took
her a couple of hours this time since she’d done all the
catch up cleaning the week before. I saw her go into the
bathroom and heard the shower come on. I went on line and
looked for sites that sold those little miniature
‘peeping tom’ cameras. My fingers were poised over the
keypad and I sighed as I chickened out and closed down
the window. I was a wimp. I would have to find some other
way to see her naked. I smiled as I thought of how nice
the ‘other ways’ could be.

She came out a little while later and she smiled as she
pulled out a writing tablet and sat across the desk from
me. I had her tell me what the other tutor had been
teaching her and she reached into her bag and brought and
old English primer. I grimaced. I went to my bookshelf
and took down an anthology of essays by a number of
contemporary American writers. I told her we would use it
in her studies. She frowned and looked through the book.
She said there were no lessons in it. I told her that we
would go about this a different way.

I had her start reading the first story and told her that
when she didn’t understand a word, or a sentence
construction, or anything else to stop and we would
discuss it. We hacked away at the English language for a
couple of hours and her note pad quickly filled with
scribbling. I could see her rocking her neck back and
forth a couple of times and I realized it was stiff and
that she was probably getting tired. I made a comment
about her neck being stiff and she nodded yes.

I had been sitting on the windowsill and looking outside
as she struggled through a lengthy essay on racism. I
stood and walked over to stand behind her. She jerked
slightly as my hands settled on her shoulders. I realized
I should have asked first, but I figured in for a penny,
in for a pound. I started working the corded muscles
along her shoulders and neck.

I felt her loosen up under my fingers and she would let
out little moans of pleasure every now and then. I went
at it for a good ten minutes and decided she’d had
enough. She was very enthusiastic in her thanks. I
shrugged it off and told her it was nothing. She said
that a Japanese man would never had done that. I
apologized for being forward and she said it was quite
all right that she had enjoyed it immensely. She looked
at her watch then and said she had to leave because the
last bus would be coming by soon.

I frowned because the nearest bus line was about ten
blocks away. I asked if she’d been riding the bus every
time she came over and she said yes. I told her I
couldn’t have her walking all that way every time and a
look of loss came into her eyes. I think she thought that
she was being fired. I said that I would give her a ride
and she insisted that it wasn’t necessary, but I finally
won out.

I asked her to stay for a late supper and she grudgingly
accepted. I made some smoked turkey sandwiches and
offered her a beer. She smiled sheepishly as she
accepted. I think it may have been her first beer. We ate
and chatted. She told me that she wouldn’t have gotten
anything to eat otherwise because the family she was
staying with was very strict about when meals were to be

I said I was glad she had stayed then. I drove her to her
home and we made arrangements to get together on Friday
for another tutoring class. I had her take the book with
her and told her to finish the essay we had begun. I
watched as she practically skipped up the steps to the
front door and then as she turned and waved good-bye.

Friday didn’t come soon enough. She arrived at the door
wearing a burgundy leather skirt and a red blouse. She
wore more make-up than she normally did, but I wasn’t
complaining. She looked good enough to eat. I led her
into the living room and ensconced her on the sofa. She
pulled out her note pad and we started in on the lesson.
She had a lot of questions about what she had read and
some of them were philosophical as well as grammatical.

She was feeling a lot more comfortable around me and I
could tell by the way she held herself and how she opened
up verbally. I offered her a beer after a while, but she
crinkled her nose and said she hadn’t really liked the
last one. I went into the fridge and found and open
bottle of fruit wine and brought out two glasses. She
sipped it and her eyes sparkled a the taste.

We talked some more about her ambitions and her goals.
Before we knew it we’d been conversing for a couple of
hours. She said we should get back to the lesson and I
told her that we had been studying; that conversation was
the best thing for her. She thought about that and she
finally nodded.

I invited her to dinner again and she readily accepted,
but she insisted on helping with the cooking. I took out
items to stir-fry and she busied herself chopping them
up. The kitchen was big enough for two, but I made it a
point to be close to her. The wine had gone to her head
and she giggled as I poached slices of vegetables from
the cutting board. I turned on the radio to an oldies
station and soon we were both swaying to music from the
sixties and seventies.

At one point I move up next to her and bumped her hips
with mine. She giggled and the next time she returned the
bump. The song ended and she broke into laughter. I
refreshed her wine and she took a big sip. I had put
aside my nefarious intentions and was only having a good
time. I peered over her shoulder at one point to see how
she was doing and she turned to look at me.

Our lips were only a few inches apart and I was surprised
when she leaned into me and gave me a small peck. She
gasped at her forwardness and she quickly started
apologizing for her actions. It took a minute to calm her
down and we almost lost supper. She was extremely
embarrassed and I spent a lot of time telling her not to
be. I said it was the wine and she nodded. My cock
yearned for more, but I told it, it would have to wait.

Our friendship blossomed after that. She was religious in
coming to my house on Wednesdays and Fridays. I took her
out one night and we went to a nice restaurant. She wore
a long black clingy dress that plunged down the front and
her hair was piled into a shiny puddle on top of her head
with long tendrils hanging loose on both sides of her
face. She wore dark red lipstick that emphasized the
lushness of her mouth and her eye make up was flawless.
She turned a number of heads. I saw a few people that I
knew and they all insisted on being introduced.

I neglected to tell them she was a student and only used
her name. A couple of the men winked at me when their
wives or Kumiko weren’t looking. She bore herself
elegantly the entire evening. I took her to the shore and
we watched the moon parade across the night sky and
listened to the raucous gulls screeching out their
plight. I took her home and was surprised when she melted
into my arms as I kissed her good night. I walked away
with a pronounced bulge in my pants and the waxy taste of
lipstick on my mouth. I looked back, but she had already
gone into the house.

I day dreamed about her over the weekend and couldn’t
wait until Wednesday. I was surprised on Tuesday when I
once again found her standing outside my classroom. She
took my arm without prompting and walked out with me. I
asked what had prompted her visit and she gave me a
strange look and shrugged. She asked if we could go
somewhere for coffee. She had succumbed to the ways of
Seattle. We headed for a nearby Starbucks. We got our
drinks and ensconced ourselves at one of the small
wrought iron tables along the sidewalk. I could tell she
wanted to say something, but that she didn’t know how to
go about it.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. I had a feeling she wanted
to talk about the dinner and the kiss afterwards. Perhaps
I had been wrong in embracing her.

“I think we must stop seeing each other,” she finally

I was stunned. It wasn’t what I had expected.

“What do you mean?” I asked her. I was hoping she simply
meant that we shouldn’t go out on any more dates, but it
was worse than that.

“I do not think I should see you again,” she said.

“You mean you’re not going to come back and clean or take
any more lessons?” I asked in wonder.

“Yes, no more cleaning. No more lessons,” she said. The
way she said ‘lesson’ indicated she knew what I had been
up to. My seduction was laid out between us.

“Why?” I asked and was surprised at the loss in my voice.

She looked at me and she shook her head. Her lips were
tightly pressed and I saw a tear from in the corner of
her right eye. She couldn’t answer the question without
breaking down. I realized then that she had been forming
an emotional attachment. She stood up before I could say
anything and she quickly walked away. I watched her
retreating back and sighed.

“Whoa! Bummer, dude. She was hot.”

I turned to see one of the baristas that had come out to
clean up the tables. He had caught part of the
conversation. I felt like smacking him in the face and I
guess it showed because he quickly made himself scarce. I
left my undrunk cup of java and wandered over to my car.
I was depressed. I hadn’t even had a chance to plead my
case. I took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. I
told myself I was a fool. She was only nineteen and I was
closer to forty than thirty. I went home and moped
around. I fended off a call from my agent who wanted to
complain about one of the scripts being late and I sat at
my computer and pecked away.

Wednesday came and went and there was no Kumiko. I
thought about dusting and vacuuming, but quickly put the
thought aside. I looked for her on campus on Thursday,
but didn’t see her.

Friday passed and she didn’t come then either. The
weekend turned into one long sleepless work fest as I
tried to catch up on my work. It was lame at best, but
still good enough to get paid for. I moped around on
Monday and searched for her face among the crowd of
students on Tuesday. I thought I saw her a hundred times,
but it was always another oriental girl. I never realized
how many we had on campus. It was as though they were
mocking me. M

y neck grew stiff from whipping side to side. My class
was dull and none of the students stayed after to pester
me with questions. I shuffled along to my car and told
myself to stop being an idiot. I went home and called a
friend and asked if she wanted to go out for some late
night drinks. She reminded me that she was married and I
apologized and hung up. Sheesh! Talk about a bummer. Now
I was really depressed.

I was working on my third beer and watching the Mariners
beat the crap out of Oakland on Wednesday when I heard a
gentle tapping at my door. I looked at the clock and saw
that it was after nine. I couldn’t imagine who it could
be. I opened the door and found a teary eyed Kumiko
standing there looking up at me. I just stood there for
the longest time and stared back.

She made the first move and came up the last steps and I
backed out of the way. I closed the door and turned to
find her jumping into my arms. Her full lips smashed
against mine and I felt the heat as her body molded
against mine. Our mouths settled into a comfortable
position and we held the embrace for a long, long time.
It went from passionate to sensual as her tongue pressed
against my teeth. I opened my mouth and let her slide it
in. I brushed my tongue against hers and felt the tingle
that it brings. She moaned loudly.

My arms pulled her into me even more tightly and my right
hand wandered up and down her back and cupped a rounded
butt cheek. She was adamant about her tongue sucking and
I thought I was going to lose all feeling in that organ.
I also wondered if she was ever going to let me breath
again. She pulled away suddenly and looked up at me with
tear-reddened eyes.

“I miss you,” she said.

“You mean, ‘I missed you’,” I said correcting her.

That’s me, always the consummate teacher. She didn’t miss
me with her fist though as she jabbed me in the stomach.
I clutched my gut and smiled. She went from sullen pout
to childish grin. I pulled her back into my arms and
hugged her tightly. My head rested on top of hers and I
could smell the jasmine rising up from her hair. We
stayed like that for a long, long time.

I let her go finally and reached for her hand. I tugged
her along and we headed for the bedroom. She hesitated
slightly as we reached the doorway, but then I saw a
determination cross her eyes and she boldly stepped into
the room. She reached for the belt hanging loosely at the
waist, but I stopped her. She frowned at me and then
surrendered herself to another kiss. I moved us towards
the bed and we fell onto it. We kissed and hugged and our
hands roamed over our clothed bodies.

She gasped as she felt the belt slide from around her
waist. I unbuttoned the pants and un-bloused her shirt.
She wore a man’s shirt again and I unbuttoned it from the
bottom. I pushed the blouse off of her shoulders and
revealed a lacy lime green bustier. I kissed her neck and
shoulders and she moaned her pleasure.

I heard a light thump as one of her shoes fell to the
floor and it was followed by a second. I looked down and
helped her push her jeans down over her curvaceous ass.
They bunched at her knees and I got up on my knees to
pull them off by the cuffs. They slid off with an audible
hiss. Young girls and their tight pants!

I looked down at her from my vantage point. The lacy
panties matched the bustier and were cut high on her
thighs. I resisted the urge to turn her over so that I
could see if they were a thong. I pulled on one of the
shirtsleeves and she rolled slightly and pulled her arm
out. I pulled on the other sleeve and the shirt slid out
from under her and joined the rest of her clothing on the
floor. She lie there and looked up at me.

Her hair spread out behind her and framed her face. The
heavy globes of her breasts bulged out the top of the
bustier like twin ice cream cones. I pulled off my sports
tee and unbuttoned my pants. She watched me and didn’t
move a muscle. I slid off the bed and pushed my pants
down and then kicked them away. I climbed back onto the
bed and snuggled up next to her. She rolled into me and
our faces were only inches apart. Her eyes moved from
side to side as she looked into mine. I draped an arm
around her waist and I felt her muscles tighten. She was
apprehensive about this, but apparently willing to go
further. I began to wonder if she was a virgin.

Actually, I began to worry that she was. I didn’t know if
I could go through with this if she was. She brought her
arm around me and smiled. She moved into me and we melded
together once again. Her lips sought out mine and once
again we began making out. I ran my fingers through her
incredible long hair and relished the silky feeling. My
lips moved from her mouth and I peppered her entire face
with quick little kisses. She arched her neck up as I
moved down passed her jaw and started kissing her neck.
She moaned as I worked around and nibbled on one of her

I almost jumped as I felt a hand go between us and as it
brushed against my hardened cock. She pulled back and
looked into my eyes again. She looked to see if she’d
done something wrong. I smiled and went back to kissing
every inch of her body. I moved my mouth down the soft
contour of her neck and out to her shoulder. Her hand was
busy rubbing against my jockey’s clad penis and it felt
pretty good. My mouth moved down onto her chest and I
kissed the bulging globe of a breast as I brought my
fingers to bear on the million little hooks that held the
bustier together.

I started from the top and worked my way down. Her large
breasts forced the bustier open wider and wider as I
slowly freed them from their enclosure. I reached the
last hook and looked up at her. Her eyes were wide and
she looked like she was holding her breath. I released
the hook and the bustier fell open. She let out a sigh.

Her breasts were large and fleshy and bulged out to the
sides. She had a spray of freckles at the top of her
cleavage and a small number of moles like a star chart
adorned the underside of her right breast. The aureole
were immense and a cinnamon color. The nipples weren’t
engorged yet, but they were very fat and a darker brown.
I leaned forward and sucked one into my mouth. I felt her
body jerk and heard her whisper something in Japanese.

The little nubbin quickly became turgid under my assault
and she placed her hands on top of my head and held them
loosely there. I moved over to the other breast and left
a trail of saliva to mark my path. She sucked in a breath
again as I sucked in the other nipple. It was already
swollen up and I gently nibbled on it.

She was moaning quietly as I nursed on her breasts. I
licked and kissed all around the large fleshy globes. I
loved her taste. The slightly salty tang in the crease at
the bottom of each breast. I moved back up to her mouth
and she kissed me hard and passionately. She had
apparently enjoyed it very much. My right hand gently
kneaded her left breast and nipple as we kissed and she
moaned into my mouth.

My right hand released its prize and it slowly moved down
her left side, passed the narrow band that was her
panties, and along the long silky smooth outside of her
thigh. She sucked in a breath as my hand moved to the
inside of her leg and slowly moved up to her crotch. I
could feel her abs bunch under me as she anticipated my
touching her, but my hand suddenly veered away and moved
back up to fondle her breast once again.

I felt her body deflate under me and I chuckled into her
mouth. I pulled away and she gave me a little pout. I
brought my lips down to her breasts again and repeated my
assault on her nipples. This time, I continued on down to
her stomach and kissed every inch along the way. I delved
into her shallow belly button and she giggled slightly.
My mouth moved down and I kissed my way to where her
panties met her stomach.

I knelt up again and put the fingers of both hands under
the waistband. She had that lusty bedroom eyes look as I
tugged on the tight garment. She raised her butt off the
bed and I pulled a little harder. The panties rolled down
onto themselves and I watched as her dark pubic hair
appeared. She had trimmed it somewhat, but it was still a
very dark and dense patch. I worked the panties down her
thighs with some difficulty and then they came loose as I
passed her knees and I whipped them off and dropped them
onto the floor.

She was totally naked now as I stared down at her
delicious body. She suddenly felt self conscious as I
looked down on her and she placed a hand on top of her
pudendum and an arm across her large breasts. I smiled
and reached down to pull them away. She fought me for a
second and then relented.

She turned her face into the pillow as she let me study
her body. I reached out with my right hand and rubbed the
ends of my fingers along the inside of her calf. I saw
the muscles ripple in reflex and I leant down and
replaced my hand with my lips. I moved up slowly and bent
her knee as I kissed the back of it.

She trembled as I hit one of her erogenous zones and I
continued to lightly tease the inside of her left knee. I
moved to her right leg and repeated the act. Her legs
were slightly spread now and I looked at her cunt. The
outer labia were dark and had puffed out to reveal a
coral colored interior. Juices glistened along the slit.
I worked my way up the inside of her left thigh and then
quickly passed by her cunt to work my way down her right
thigh. She groaned at my teasing.

My hands caressed the outside of her thighs and then I
slid them under her ass cheeks and squeezed lightly. I
moved forward and gently blew on her cunt. She moaned
loudly. I stuck out my tongue and moved it lightly from
the bottom of the slit to the top. She arched her back
and tried to push her cunt into my face. I pulled back
and she struggled in vain. I waited for her to relax and
then I did it again. She said something in Japanese again
and arched her back once more. I felt her ass cheeks flex
in my hands and I squeezed.

“Please,” I heard her whisper and I stopped my teasing.

I pressed my tongue into her vulva and it slipped in
between her outer lips. She gasped as I lapped at the
opening and the fragrant juices pooled there. My tongue
movements slowly moved higher and higher and her ass
muscles were constantly clutching and releasing now.

I finally brushed against her clitoris and I heard her
breath choke in her throat. She gasped loudly and I felt
her thighs quiver. Her abs bulged and she severely arched
her back. I think only her heels and the top of her head
still touched the bed. It was an intense orgasm. I
continued to press my tongue against the sensitive little
button and waited for her to descend from her orgasmic
peak. Her body jerked several more times before she
quietly sighed and relaxed.

I went back to licking along the groove of her cunt and
pushed my tongue into her as though it were a large
fleshy cock. I stayed away from her clit for a while as I
continued my oral ministrations. She seemed to enjoy it
and she ground her ass in a small circle. I moved my
tongue back up and I felt her tense once again. She
didn’t explode this time as I circled her love button,
but she remained tense. I sucked it into my mouth and
nibbled and licked it and she moaned loudly. I drubbed
the little guy and her body jerked in time.

I heard her breath start to quicken and then she reached
down and twined her hands in my hair as she sucked in
another raspy breath and her body went through the
motions once again. I thought she was going to rip my
hair out, but she relented after a while. I pulled away
from her groin then and looked up into her wide staring

I wiped my chin on the sheet and moved up to lie on her.
My cock was so hard it almost hurt. I kissed her and she
reached between us and pushed on the waistband to my
shorts. I rolled off and she rolled over and came up onto
her knees. Her large breasts stuck out away from her
chest and they didn’t sag as much as I had expected. She
worked at my underwear and it was my turn to lift my
butt. She stopped tugging as my engorged cock popped into
view. She reached out tentatively and slid the back of
her fingers along the underside of the shaft.

“Ookii, des yo!” She mumbled to herself.

I knew what that meant. She had just said, “That’s big!”

I imagine she had seen few cocks in her youthful
innocence and allowed her the hyperbole.

She finished tugging my shorts off and she dropped them
on top of the rest of our jumbled clothing. She turned
her attention back to my cock and she slowly and gently
placed her hand around it. I sucked in a breath and my
cock jerked in her hand. She looked up at me quickly to
see if she’d done something wrong, but the look on my
face explained it all.

She slowly moved her hand up and down and studied her
actions. She reached out with her other hand and grasped
my scrotum. I sighed at the delicate touch. She continued
to stroke up and down and fondled my balls gently. I
don’t know how versed she was in the art of fucking, but
she was doing pretty damn well. I watched as she tossed
her head and as her long lustrous hair swung over to one
side. She looked me in the eyes and slowly lowered her

I watched intensely as her mouth approached my cock. Her
mouth opened when she was still several inches from my
cock and I closed my eyes in anticipation. I opened my
eyes after a few moments when I realized she hadn’t taken
me into her mouth and found her grinning up at me. She
was paying me back. I chuckled and my cock bobbed in her
hand. She quickly swooped down and wrapped her swollen
lips around the head of my cock. I practically swooned. I
felt stars burst behind my eyes and my breathing became

She started moving her mouth up and down and her hand
followed along. It was an exquisite feeling and I didn’t
know how much I could take of it. Her long black hair
dangled down and brushed gently along the inside of my
thighs and it was extremely erotic.

She realized that I was moaning in time with the motion
of her hair and not her sucking, so she stopped sucking
and I looked up as she shook her head. Her hair cascaded
down passed her head and flowed along the contours of my
groin and waist. She slowly moved her head back and forth
and I felt the gentle caress of her silky tresses as they
caressed my lower body. I was in heaven. I’d never felt
something so arousing. She moved her head in a circle and
strands of hair wrapped around my turgid member.

She tugged slowly and the silken strands pulled up and
off of my cock in a sensory feast that caused my eyes to
flutter. I closed my eyes and arched my neck as she
continued to tease me. I suddenly felt the hot moist
cavern of her mouth engulf me again and I moaned. She
took her time as she sucked and licked and teased me

My cock throbbed and pulsed. It waved about like a
battery-operated phallus. I knew that when I came it
would be earth shattering. She plunged back down then and
took a lot of me into her mouth. She bobbed up and down
and sucked ravenously. She was like a child trying to get
the last of the yogurt out of one of those travel packs.
I felt a surge in my balls and I whispered that I was
coming. She only increased her sucking and I exploded
with the intensity of a small volcano.

My muscles reacted so strongly that they almost pulled me
into a sitting position. Explosions were happening inside
my head and I couldn’t pull my eyelids up. My legs shook
and quivered and the muscles along my spine tightened and
pulled my head back. I let out a long low wail.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I heard myself utter

My breath started coming out in short gasps as though I
were running a long distance. My body finally came back
under my control and I fell back onto the bed. My eyes
snapped open and I looked up to find a smiling Kumiko
staring down at me.

“I did good?” She asked innocently and I barked out a

I pulled her down onto me and kissed her sticky lips. I
felt the heat as her large breasts pressed into me. I
tasted myself on her tongue. Her hand reached down and
she fondled my flaccid penis. We stayed like that for a
long time; sharing small kisses. I ran my hands through
her hair. It was like another sexual organ. She smile and
closed her eyes as my hand caressed the back of her neck.
Her hand never left my cock and as we kissed and caressed
each other it slowly stirred back to life.

“Ummmmmmmm!” She mumbled into my mouth as we kissed and
she stroked me hard again.

She threw a leg over mine and sat up straddling my
thighs. I looked at her as she sat there. She was the
picture all men envision in their sexual dreams. Long
hair falling around her shoulders in wild abandon; large
pendulous breasts with large dark aureole and fat turgid
nipples; a very slender waist and long slender legs
holding her up. She moved up and poised herself over my

I held my breath as I anticipated penetrating her body.
She held my cock and moved it back and forth along her
slit as she teased herself with it. She rubbed it hard
against her clit and her breathing started to change. She
pushed down onto my cock and it laid flat along my
stomach. She slid her cunt lips and clitoris along its
length without putting me into her. She was arousing
herself and allowing the lubricating juices to build
inside her tight young cunt.

I laid back and enjoyed the sensation, especially when
her labia flowered around my cock head. She continued
this for a minute or so and then she rose up on one leg
and aimed me at her entrance. I felt my cock head press
against her, but it did not enter. She tossed her head
back and I saw her chewing on her bottom lip as she
concentrated at the task in hand.

Suddenly I felt something give and my cock head slowly
slid into something hot, tight, and silky. She sighed as
she achieved her goal and released her swollen lower lip.
She smiled at me as she slowly pushed herself down onto
my cock. She was so tight, I could feel every crease and
ridge of her channel.

“Oooowwwnn!” She groaned as I felt my cock head hit her
cervix. I still had a couple of inches sticking out of
her. She held on to the base of my cock as she slowly
reversed her motion and I slid slowly out. She stopped
before I popped all the way out and then she pushed down
harder. I slipped a little further in this time and
wondered how she did that. She moved her hips back and
forth as though she was trying to find more room. She
slid back up slowly and then pushed back down. She had to
push and hold on to my cock because she was so tight it
only bent my cock sideways if she didn’t.

I let her go about her task and I enjoyed the feeling of
her labors. She repeated the in and out motions several
more times and I could feel her loosening a little. My
cock became totally coated with her juices and it began
to slide in a little easier each time. I watched and
could see the inner labia stretch out every time she slid
up. I felt like I was stuck in a vacuum and that I would
never get my cock out of there. She leaned forward
suddenly and placed her hands on my chest as she moved up
and down on my cock without the help of her hands.

Her arms squeezed her breasts together and made them look
even larger. I reached up and fondled the creamy orbs as
they swung back and forth above me. She slowly lowered
herself until I could take one into my mouth and I sucked
and nibbled on the nipple. She pulled her breast out of
my mouth and she leaned down to kiss me. Her hair
cascaded around our faces and blocked out all light. Her
groin was beating a steady tattoo against mine now and I
was in heaven. Our tongues twirled and she sucked it into
her mouth again.

She pulled away and sat up again. Her hips moved up and
down and back and forth. She was very good at this. Her
eyes were closed as she centered on the pleasure in her
body. Her hands were hard and heavy as they pressed into
my chest. She made short sharp sounds in her throat and I
thought she was about to cum, but she didn’t. She leaned
forward again and brought the other breast to my mouth. I
fondled both of them as I sucked on the swollen teat.

She started making louder “huhn, huhn” sounds as her
pelvis drove harder onto my cock. Suddenly, one of the
sounds stuck in her throat and she mewed loudly. Her
upper body shook as though she was being electrocuted.
Her hands moved about my chest as though she couldn’t
decide where to put them. Her thighs squeezed my legs
painfully. Her cunt throbbed around my cock and it
started clutching it in a milking motion. I could feel my
own cum start on its short journey from my balls.

“God damn!” I uttered as my back arched and my cum
sprayed the insides of her cunt.

She groaned loudly as she felt me cum inside her and she
moved her hips erratically as she tried to make some
fucking motions in the midst of her orgasm. I held on to
her waist and pushed myself up into her. She stopped
trying to bounce up and down and let our orgasms couple.
Our bodies seemed to collapse at the same time. I fell
back onto the bed and she collapsed onto me. Her legs
shot out as she straightened them along side mine.

I could feel my cock become flaccid and her tight cunt
squeezed it out of her body. I felt my sticky, slimy cock
fall onto my thigh and new it would stick there. I felt
my body cool as the sweat evaporated and Kumiko shivered
slightly. I pushed her off of me and reached down to pull
up the comforter.

Kumiko snuggled into the crook of my arm and took a
moment to rearrange her hair. I lie back and sighed in
pleasure. My mind was a blank. I thought of nothing. My
eyelids became heavy and the last thing I remember was
the soft susurration of Kumiko’s quiet snores.

I awoke at first light and it took me a moment to orient
myself. I suddenly remembered what had happened the
previous evening and I glanced over at Kumiko. Her eyes
were open and she was studying my face. We looked at each
other and studied one the other to see if either of us
felt remorse or guilt. She smiled as she realized
everything was okay and moved up to rest on my chest.
Those magnificent breast squashed against my chest and
made my cock stir. She felt it rub against her thigh and
she looked down at it and then looked back up with a
grin. She rolled onto her back and said something in

“What?” I inquired.

“I will have to teach you Japanese, Robert,” She said.

I chuckled and ask her once again what she’d said.

“I said, ‘it is your turn to do all the work’,” She
answered and grinned at me as she spread her legs open.

I climbed atop of her and she suddenly placed her hands
on my chest and stopped me. I looked down at her and
frowned a question. She looked up at me and her face took
on a serious mien.

“I love you, Robert,” she whispered, and I realized she
was waiting for me to say something.

I knew she would accept whatever I had to say. I searched
for my feelings and realized that my heart felt as though
it had doubled in size when she said she loved me. I
smiled in amazement.

“I love you too,” I said and bent down to kiss her
smiling mouth.