Japan’s Girls Gymnastics Team

Working as an interpreter at the Olympic training center in Japan had been
fun, but my stint there was coming to an end, and I was looking forward to
returning to the States. However, a few days before I was to leave, a rather
incredible occurance happened.
The girls gymnastics coach, Ms Hattori, called me into her office. She was a
very serious woman, and got right to the point.
“I am conducting an experiment, privately, on the effects of sexual
intercourse on the performance of female gymnasts.” Hey, I thought, I hadn’t
gone near any of the girls, not in that way.
I knew the girls, helped them with their english, joked with them, but that
was all. They were all very sweet and I felt like a big brother to them.
She continued. “I believe intercourse will improve the flexibility of my
girls, and wish to prove my theory. ”
“You want me to..? ”
“Yes. I will pay you 100,000 Yen to have relations with three of my girls.
If your penis is acceptible, not too large, we can conduct the
experiment this afternoon, if it will not interfere with your other duties.”
She took my stunned silence to be reluctance.
“Yes, they are rather young, but I assure you no one will find out. Your
position at the training center will be secure. ”
I croaked out, “I accept.” She handed me a nudie magazine with photos of
smiling, innocent Asian girls.
“Please let me know when you are errect.” When I was she instructed me to
pull my boner out and lay a ruler against it.
“Six inches… a bit large, but I believe you will do.” We walked to
a nearby training room and were shortly joined by three teenage girls, Kaori,
Yukiko, and Misa, who I had seen and spoken with frequently at the training
“Hi girls,” I said. They all nodded and smiled shyly. You’ve seen Asian
gymnasts before – cute, tiny little girls with firm, tight, toned bodies. They
were wearing white sweatshirts with red and blue ‘Team Japan ‘ logos, blue
workout tights and white aerobic shoes. They all lined up obidiently and
awaited Ms. Hattori’s instructions.
She clapped her hands twice. “Remove all your clothes, girls. ” She turned to
“You may take your clothes off, or just take your penis out of your pants,
whichever you wish. I will be back in one minute. ” I decided to strip down
completely to make the girl less self-consious about their own nudity.
Waiting for Ms Hattori to return, we stood there awkwardly. The three girls
were naked except for the ankle socks they had left on, their hands folded
modestly over their private parts, and I had a gigantic throbbing errection,
which the girl’s eyes kept nervously darting to. I started feeling bad. Like I
said, the girls looked up to me as a big brother. They had asked my advice
about things and I would sit and talk with them, and they really trusted and
liked me. And now, because of a crazy idea their coach had, I would be poking
my penis in them.
“I hope you girls are OK with this,” I said ,”I mean if you really don’t
want to……. ”
“We are used to dificult things in training, Gordie, ” Yukiko said shyly ,”If
it helps us in gymnastics, we do not mind.”
“You are such a nice man, if you enjoy it, it will be worth it anyway.” Misa
said with a bashful smile.
“Have any of you girls ever done this before, I mean, had sex?”. Wide eyed
and nervous, they all shook their heads no.
Ms Hattori strode back into the room clutching a clipboard. She snapped her
fingers at the girls.
“Kaori- up on the table, ” She said, pointing to a low padded massage table.
Kaori, with two short pony tails tied with ribbons, trotted to the table.
“Sit on the edge and lay back. Hold your legs in the air. ” Ordered her
coach. She handed me a jar of Vaseline and I put a thin coat on the head of my
dick. I stood in front of Kaori, spreading my feet apart to bring me down to
her level. I knew she would be an extremely tight fit, so I put my hands on the
inside of her thighs and pushed her legs apart as far as I could. It surprised
me when her legs easily spread almost straight out to the sides, which I
realised was due to her gymnastic training. I started pushing myself into her
and she was as tight as I expected, but to my surprise, instead of getting just
an inch or two into her, as I leaned into her practically my entire dick sank
into her. Because of her extreme flexibility, this petite, inexperienced girl
could take my entire errection.
Ms. Hattori, watching closely, spoke. “Good. Continue for….. ” She glanced
at her watch, “Two minutes “.
Two seconds was more like it . Feeling her soft tightness pressing down on
the entire length of my dick, it was about a minute before, with a groan, I
pulled out and began spattering cum on little Kaori’s stomach.
” I’m, uh, sorry Ms. Hattori ”
” Very well, ” she said, tapping her pencil impatently on her clipboard. “Can
you get erect again right away?”
“I think so…….. ”
“Good. Kaori, wash yourself at the sink. Yukiko, Misa, please help Mr.
Donneley become erect again.” The two girls looked at each other in confusion.
“We……. we don’t know how, Ms. Hattori, ” Squeaked Misa. Ms. Hattori
strode up to me silently. She knealt in front of me, took the base of my still
semi-errect penis in her hand and flipped it into her mouth. Using an enormous
amount of suction, she ran her mouth up and down my dick. There was nothing
slow or romantic about it- like I said, she was all business, and she needed me
hard right away. Ms. Hattori had been a gymnast herself in her youth and was
still slightly built and trim, and even though she was middle-aged, she did the
job. It was kind of a perverted thrill seeing this woman who looked like an
average Japanese housewife bobbing up and down with her lips streched around my
She took my dick out of her mouth and gave it a squeeze. “Yes, this will do.
Kaori- on the table.” I stood at the edge of the table as before and pushed
myself into her. Even though it was her first time, I think little Kaori was
enjoying it- she was trying to keep a straight face for Ms. Hattori, but her
deep breathing told me she was enjoying what she was feeling.
Just as we were getting into it, their coach clapped her hands twice. ”
Kaori- down. Yukiko- up. ” Yukiko, her hair braided in a single pig tail, gave
me a quick, shy smile and got up on the table. A few minutes ago I had felt
sort of bad about taking the virginity of these three innocent girls, but by
now my perverted nature had taken over.
“Maybe if she just bent over and I did it from behind, I could fit more of
myself inside her.” Ms Hattori nodded her agreement and motioned for Yukiko to
comply. I had to bend my knees quite a bit to get down to her level. With
Yukiko holding on to the edge of the table to brace herself, I pushed my penis
in her. Unbelievably tight, but she could still take all of me, just like
Kaori. These girls were so flexible, not only did their first time not hurt,
but they were actually enjoying it. Her gasps and sighs told me that. As I was
squeezing my dick in and out of Yukiko, I was looking at her tight, toned
little butt, then I looked over at Kaori and Misa who were standing next to
each other. Tiny, cute, with little tits like a thirteen year old, but with
round, firm leg muscles and flat, toned stomachs.
Again, just as we were getting a rythym going, Ms. Hattori signaled for them
to switch again. “How would you like to do it to me ?” asked Misa innocently.
She had a short, boyish haircut and a very perky nature, not to mention a very
cute face. I put her on her back on the edge of the table and stood over her so
I could see her cute little face, not to mention her cute little tits as I was
shoving my dick in her. I had two minutes left with the girls, so I tried to
time my orgasm just right. While I was pumping Misa, Ms. Hattori had her eyes
on her watch.
Just as their coach said, “Fine. That will do, ” My cum started gushing out
of Misa’s innocent little private area.
“Fine, ” Ms Hattori said, “Thank you Mr Donneley. You will receive payment
shortly. Girls- get dressed and join me in the gym .” She strode out of the
room. The girls got dressed in a corner of the room, giggling and whispering to
each other. When they were dressed and ready to leave Misa and Kaori pushed
Yukiko toward me.
Blushing, shoulders hunched, she spoke softly. “If you would like to, I mean,
if it would bring you pleasure, you may come to our room any evening so we
could do more of, you know, what we were doing here, or, if you would like, you
could teach us to do it with our mouth like Ms. Hattori was doing. We are
willing to do anything you would like. We are all rooming together in room 331
in the athletes dormatory.” Giggling excitedly, they all rushed out of the room
and toward the gym.
Ms Hattori was going to have some very flexible little gymnasts on her hands.