Vin watched his wife fuck a donkey on stage

One evening Vin was sitting with Beatrice and Lady Kathy at their usual
Vin was dressed in his riverboat gamblers suit, his women were dressed
in their dance hall costumes.
They were enjoying themselves, watching tourists make fools of themselves.
A Japanese tourist walked slowly by, admiring Lady Kathy’s breasts.
Vin watched him double back, digging in his pocket, offering his wife a
whorehouse token, good for one fuck.

Lady Kathy reached for the token, then drew her hand back suddenly, as
if the token was hot.
She turned to her husband, a pathetically hopeful smile on her face, as
though she were a girl,
asking for candy she knew she could not have.
Vin responded to her pathetic smile, feeling his intense love for her,
aware of his sudden erection.
Vin took a deep breath, slowly nodding his head.
For and instant Kathy looked startled, hesitating imperceptibly, then
turned quickly, taking the token.
Vin sat there smiling, his penis oozing, watching his pink flushed wife,
lead the happy tourist away.
Beatrice reached over, stroking the noticeable lump at the front of
Vin’s trousers.
Her eyes were sparkling as she shared Vin’s sexual excitement.
Vin leaned over kissing his mistress on the lips, leaning back.

Lady Kathy returning, pink flushed, glowing, triumphantly, tossing her
whorehouse token onto Vin’s table.
She sat beside her husband’s mistress, smiling hugely at her.
Beatrice began squirming as though she had ants in her pants.
She stood abruptly, hiking her dress obscenely, sliding her panties off,
throwing them under the table.

She left her beautiful dress hiked up as she sat down, legs spread
widely, her vagina smiling at the world.
It took about thirty seconds for a tourist to arrive, eyes wide, holding
his whorehouse token.
Beatrice smiled back, standing slowly, holding her dress up, allowing
the wide-eyed tourist to oogle her genitalia.
While he was reaching with trembling fingers to touch her dark mound,
she plucking the token from his fingers,
tossing it on the table in front of Vin, leading Smiling Tourist away.

Vin sat there, looking at the two whorehouse tokens, realizing he was
now a pimp.
He could call a halt, claim he was drunk, claim it was a one time event,
not to be repeated.
He could not.

The event set the tone for the next couple of years.
Five days a a week, Vin would dress as an 1880’s style pimp.
Slowly at first, but in time other men joined him pimping their wives,
sending them upstairs with smiling terrorists.
Mostly though, it was just their wives, asking Vin to pimp them.

One day Vin was sitting there looking at his tokens.
The tokens excited him in away he had not felt since, the first Fleet
Week when he had discovered his girlfriend Kathy, on her back in front
of him, fucking a mile long line of Marines.
A hundred had already fucked her, her pubic hair sticking to her body,
slick with semen,.
Vin felt his dick might explode staring at, the continuous ten foot
river, of semen flowing from her.
Vin remembered her staring at him, holding his gaze so he could not look
away, as man after man fucked her,
as an army fucked her, each of them coming inside her, filling her with
their spunk, keeping her river flowing.
Vin had been powerless, unable to look away.

Vin’s erotic memories faded as he realized half a dozen tourists, had
gathered, smiling at his wife.
His loving wife gave them a smile that made their elections quiver.
Kathy turned her head, for an instant, making eye contact with Vin,
smiling wickedly.
Vin watched his wife, raise up slightly, squatting about her chair,
hiking her dance hall dress above her hips,
exposing her freshly fucked cunt for the astonished tourists.
They stepped forward immediately, attempting to hand her their tokens,
she shook her head,
pointing at Vin with her chin. making, and holding, eye contact with
him, waiting.
Vin was the first to look away, he collected seven whorehouse tokens
with trembling fingers.
She smiled at him knowingly, standing, holding her dress up exposing
herself obscenely, leaning back
against the table, her feet widely spaced.
She held that pose until the group leader stepped forward, fondling her
A pool of silence began spreading around them, as people turned,
watching a live sex show.
As First Tourist was fingering her, she reached down with both hands,
stroking the trousers
of his closest friends, caressing their erections.
Vin was a amazed, his wife definitely knew how to act like a real whore.
There were hesitant, almost fearful, looking to Vin for encouragement,
he smiled nodding, making
a hand motions for them to continue their lewd behavior.
They smiled hugely, giving brief short bows, they had heard of European
They knew European barbarians pimped their own wives.
This gigantic blonde slut was obviously not Vin’s wife, but they
fantasized nonetheless.
They reached into Kathy dress, pulling her large European breasts free,
exposing them for their pleasure.
After each of them had taken a turn fondling her, sticking fingers in
her twat, she turned, facing the table,
leaning forward, her breasts hanging freely, exposing the row of tiny
buttons at the back of her dress.
She looked over, maintaining eye contact with Vin as the tourists, with
clumsy fingers, began undressing her,
preparing to fuck her as he watched.
The room had grown deathly quiet, the piano had fallen silent.
She was the owner’s wife, so she could.
People gathered, in a circle surrounding them, open mouthed.
Only the Japanese tourists were nonplussed.
Kathy was soon more than naked, dressed in fishnet stockings, garter
belt, with both breasts hanging
over the top of her red and black whorehouse brazier.
She stood facing them letting them enjoy the beautiful body they were
about to fuck, the body they had paid for.
Vin had taken their money, Kathy had to fuck them.
There were rooms upstairs were for sex..
No one had ever gotten naked before, letting customers fondled them
publicly, certainly no one had ever done
what the owner’s wife was preparing to do.
Locals and tourists alike, pressed close around the table, as an
electric tension filled the room.

The bartender arrived with a small set of steps, used for reaching
bottles on the top shelf.
Vin placed the stairs at the edge of Kathy’s table, offering her his
hand, a gentlemen helping a
noble lady into her carriage.
To the sound of soft applause, head held high, Lady Kathy ascended her
stairs, regal as a queen.
She stood on the table, holding her cunt open with fingers from both
hands, turning slowly in a full circle,
letting everyone delight in her, in her lovely body, her pink cunt, in
her audacity, in her sexual energy.
She stopped, facing Vin, holding her pose, until he nodded for her to
She was more than beautiful, more than sexy, she had a contract to
perform an act of public prostitution.
Everyone had the play book of this opera, the tourists were going to
gang fuck Kathy on the tabletop,
while Vin, watched his wife do it.
Kathy slowly lowered herself onto her back, spreading her long lovely
legs, her outer lips separated,
revealing the pink of her inner womanhood.
Vin was close enough to see, a small amount of semen leak out, dripping
on the table.

Kathy smiled at Vin, extending her arm, inviting him to hold her hand.
The crowd began to applaud, giving their approval, displaying desire to
see the show.
Vin felt the attention of the crowd focused on him, he hesitated letting
the tension build.
There is no going back now. Vin thought to himself.
Vin nodding to First Tourist , who stepped forward, fucking the blond
slut he had paid for.
His wife was staring into his eyes, he felt her tremble as she was
penetrated, her trembling
was replaced with regular movement, as she began her signature rocking
hip motion, matching her customer
stroke for stroke, giving him his money’s worth.
She continued staring into Vin’s eyes as First Tourist finished, next in
line taking his place.
Vin leaned over, kissing his wife, feeling her quiver as they gang
fucked her.
She stared up, unblinking, sharing memories of their first Fleet Week,
knowing her husband
was remembering her, on her back, legs held wide, taking on all comers,
just as she was now.
There was wild applause, as Vin abruptly dropped Kathy’s hand, walking
rapidly to stand at the end of her line.
Several friends of the family, tokens in hand, took places behind him.

Beatrice returned, smiling at Vin, attempting to get him to abandon
Kathy’s line.
She held her skirt up doing a slow pirouette, displaying she too, had a
freshly fucked cunt.
Vin shook his head, smiling politely.
Instead he nodded to the bartender who was standing there holding a
second set of steps.
The crowd enthusiastically pushed a second table into place, and began
forming a line, before
Beatrice had time to climb onto her table.
Moments later two women were fucking publicly, as the patrons of Vin’s
establishment watched, and waited.

The crowd grew magically as people rushed in from the street, soon there
was a mob of naked men,
waiting their turn.
The president of the Aphrodite club arrived, got naked, spreading her
legs on an adjacent table.
Vin watched as, one by one, wives of men he had known for years, got
naked, found a table,
spreading their legs.
Vin sat in a chair, between his two tables, collecting tokens.
He and the other men would periodically go find a sexy woman on a
tabletop, paying her husband
for the right to fuck his wife.
Vin sat in his chair, all night long, watching a line of strangers fuck
his wife, and mistress.
Vin collected ninety seven whorehouse tokens

Beatrice’s husband threw a conniption fit.
Beatrice moved into Vin and Kathy’s spare bedroom.

The two women realized some essential truths.
No matter how POSH the Aphrodite club was, it was a bordello. Elegant
and discreet but a bordello nonetheless.
The elegant ladies with manicured nails, smelling of lavender and talcum
powder, sitting at their small tables
with Cinzano umbrellas, were whores, whores in a line up, competing for
They realized these elegant ladies thought true whores, did truly
disgusting things like fucking donkeys on stage.
Whores who would do a line of men with half a liter of donkey whiz
drained out of them.
They realized their husbands would lie through their teeth, agreeing
that fucking donkeys on stage
was truly disgusting.
They realized they were true whores, and knew what men truly wanted.

The following night, Vin was standing alone at the bar drinking his
beer, Beatrice and Lady Kathy
were off “tending to business.”

The piano looked like, and sounded like, a slightly out of tune circa
1880, tin whorehouse piano.
It was actually a modern electronic theater organ.
There was a drum roll, followed by raucous cancan music, the house
lights dimmed.
There was a seldom used small stage at the far end of the room.
Vin, and everyone else, turned to watch. The stage lights came up, the
stage curtains
parted, revealing a naked Lady Kathy smiling at them.
There was applause, which turned to shouting, stomping, and whistling,
as Beatrice let the donkey on stage.

As his friends and employees stared in amazement, Vin watched his wife
fuck a donkey on stage.
Beatrice went next.
Spot lights slowly came up, revealing two foam topped bar tables
surrounded by velvet ropes.
The lights came to full intensity illuminating the two tables, as though
they were in full sunlight.
Both women had donkey juice, leaking to both knees, as the lay on their
backs on adjoining tables,
holding hands.
Vin went first.
“I love you.” His wife told him, as donkey semen leaked out of her,
coating his testicles.
“I love you too.” He replied.
God help me, I am in love with the world’s biggest slut, and she is in
love with a sick bastard,
who loves watching other men gang fuck her.