Teacher Bound For Torture

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In TEACHER BOUND FOR TORTURE — young Susan Evans finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by two of her most vicious and unruly students, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength she never realized she had — even when she is forced to involve an innocent female student.

Susan and Jenny suffer through an unspeakably horrible experience, but they come through with their sensibilities intact, knowing they are stronger women.


Susan Evans let her head fall back, her long blonde hair sweeping over her full, naked ass. How the rusty chain links chafed her wrists, rubbing back and forth against her flesh until the sobbing woman thought the iron would cut through to the bone! Tears blurred her vision while her heart skipped yet another beat. How horrid! How absolutely horrible this scene was. Never would she have thought that teaching high school could lead to this!

Again Susan tried adjusting her body, the pulling ache in her shoulders making comfort an impossibility. But the chains were unrelenting. Holding her body captive, stretched downward from the basement ceiling, the links continued to press harshly into her wrists, keeping her toes at least three inches from the cement floor.

“You don’t look so all fuckin’ high and mighty now, Miss Evans!” The harsh male voice mocked her.

Susan raised her head, shaking several stray strands of hair from her face. Standing there with a hellish grin was Jack Harrison, one of her senior teens. He had been nothing but trouble, she remembered, from the first day he’d strolled into her American History class late. But never would she have believed that he was capable of this.

“Yeah, hangin’ around there all nice and naked, she sure don’t look like she’s gonna put us on report or nothin’. Too bad, some of the other guys can’t see the bitch now,” said Clint Jackson, Jack’s buddy.

“She sure don’t look like she’s havin’ a good time,” Jack commented, scratching his chin.

“Yeah. Maybe there’s somethin’ we can do to help the slut out.”

Susan shook her head, feeling sure something had popped in her shoulder. The muscles were pressing against her dampened flesh as she surveyed the two teens below her. They were sneering up at her, their handsome faces contorted with sadism and rage. Clint’s black hair hung rakishly over one eye as he reached down and began unbuckling his black leather belt.

The woman drew in a sharp breath, feeling something like a tingle of excitement rush through her body. Jack saw the move and nodded approvingly, reaching down and cupping his fingers around his cock. Susan watched unblinkingly as both teens became aroused at her naked, hanging, helpless body. She folded one leg modestly over the other, trying to hide her cunt.

But she was helpless to hide herself just as she had been helpless when Jack and Clint had forced their way into her home. They had broken in through the bedroom window, jarring her from her early sleep, tearing the covers from her. How she had trembled naked in bed, clutching the top sheet, then feeling it torn from her. Clint — or was it Jack? — had had a knife, holding it pressed against her jugular vein. Sleep quickly fled her as she heard the teens telling her how they had had it with her discipline. Now, they said, they were going to teach her a lesson of their own.

“Yeah, looks like that butt can be whipped up bad… nice, white, round ass,” Clint said, sucking in his lower lip and biting down hard.

Susan focused her rounded blue eyes on him, a pulse leaping at her throat. She watched him with mounting, terror and — could she admit it to herself — growing excitement. Clint had pulled the two-inch wide belt from his Levi’s, folded it in two. At times he snapped the halves together, creating a sound that reminded Susan of a gunshot.

Tilting her head back, the woman looked up at the long links of rusty chain that rose to the wooden beams overhead. The teens had brought everything. Having pulled her naked from her bed, they had shaved her through the house, laughing at her threats, then her pleas. She had nearly fallen down the steep wooden basement stairs twice as they hit her, slapping her ass, her thighs. They told her that all she needed was a good hard fuck.

Susan ignored most of their threats, feeling that perhaps this would be some kind of high school prank that would end in a moment. It was only when Jack had slipped the chain around her wrists and hauled her off the cold cellar floor that Susan had realized how serious her situation was.

“Gonna beat ass. That’s our way of makin’ sure people toe the line,” Clint said, rubbing the cool black leather against her thighs.

Susan shuddered at the smooth touch. She kept her legs folded one over the other, hiding her pussy from their excited eyes. Oh, oh, oh! These were her students, teens who she was supposed to teach!

“Yeah, we don’t run around behind peoples backs and report ’em just ’cause they’re doin’ somethin’ that’s fun.”

“Too bad, teach. Now your ass is gonna pay for your mouth bein’ so stupid,” Jack laughed.

Susan could hear her pulse roaring in her ears. Her fingers curled, the nails creasing her sweaty-damp palms. Looking around, the woman saw the once-familiar items in her basement — the washer/dryer combination, the water heater, the wash basin. They all loomed like demons as she hung from the rafters. Then she felt Clint’s hands rubbing up against her right asscheek.

“Man, that’s a nice ass. She always wore those fuckin’ dresses where you couldn’t see a Goddamned thing. Not like Allison with her damned tits hangin’ out all over the place.”

“She’s got good tits too, man. Can suck on them nips all night long — after we get through primin’ ‘er up with the belt,” Jack added.

Susan did all she could to be still and calm.

What could they do to her? They were only scaring her, frightening her so she would relent and tell them how sorry she was for having reported them to the principal.

“Jack, Clint. Please, let me down. If you do, I won’t tell anyone about this. I promise,” Susan began, trying to keep her shaky voice even and calm.

“Yeah, sure.”

“I promise,” she said again, trying to sound sincere. “I know I upset you by reporting you to the authorities about that… that incident. But I’ll do everything I can to change that. Just let me down.”

Susan let out a low, even sigh. A tremor rippled through her cunt, tickling and tingling her cunt. She felt the muscles tense, blood slowly filling her cunt labes. A slight draft ruffled through the whisper-soft hairs protecting her cunt.

“Too late for that,” Clint muttered.

Once again the blond athlete crossed her vision. There was cruelty in his face now cruelty mixed with incredible lust. Jack wore the same expression, the teen also having slipped off his belt. He held the buckled end loosely in one hand, then tightened his grip until Susan could see his knuckles whitening. Susan’s arms tensed, her wrists rattling against the restraining chains. Her tits rolled against one another.

“Oh man, man, teach, that’s the way, that’s the way I want you to act,” Clint said, enjoying the woman’s mounting terror.

“No, no, let me go! Clint, Jack! You don’t know what you’re doing. If you think you’re in trouble, you don’t know the meaning of the word.”

It was the wrong thing to say and Susan realized it the moment those unfortunate words left her lips. Clint’s face darkened, his lips curling down in a frown. Susan closed her eyes, thinking of kicking them with her unbound feet. But that surely would only enrage him further. She had to play their game until they released her.

It was the first blow and Susan doubled up, her knees jerking up to the rounded bottoms of her tits. How the pain bruised through her belly, rattling her brain! Clint had swung his doubled fist into her stomach, the knuckles turning her flesh black and blue. If she had had any doubts as to the seriousness of this event, Clint’s killing blow had ended it. Her arm muscles knotted as she tried climbing up the chain. Bright blue and yellow explosions popped in front of her eyes as the woman struggled to breathe.


Susan gagged with pain, her eyes dulling. A flash of hatred made her nostrils flare.

“Yeah, man, she’s gonna be right fine by the time we get done workin’ over her body. I wanna fuck her ass first,” Clint said, rubbing his cock through his Levi’s.

“That’s okay. She’s got a nice, hot pussy, I’ll bet. Gonna sink my cock into her cunt and feel them lips curling up around my ol’ prick!”

“Clint! Jack! You don’t know what you’re saying, what you’re doing!” the woman said, her voice pleading with them now. “I’m your teacher!”

Clint threw his head back and laughed cruelly, the belt unraveling in his hand.

“You were my teacher, baby. Now you’re nothing more ‘n’ some slut hanging around in the basement, just waitin’ for a hot fuck from a couple of studs.”

“Stop this!”

There was another blow, this one a little higher than the first. Clint’s knuckles sank into her belly once more, this time nearly breaking her lower two ribs. Again Susan’s knees jerked up, her body swaying gently from the force of the blow. The teacher let out another pained howl, her fingers twisting around the clanking chains above her. Tears burned her eyes.

“And we’re gonna record this for history too, baby. Everybody’s gonna get a chance to see how teach relaxes,” Clint said, nodding to Jack.

“Brought this along. My old lady gave it to me for Christmas,” he said, fishing around in the blue nylon tote bag they had carried in through the bedroom window.

Jack pulled out a Polaroid camera, opening it up, then adjusting the flash. Tucking the belt in his trousers, he stepped back, holding the lens to his right eye and pressing the small top red button. There was a blinding flash, one that made Susan blink and turn her head away. A whirring sound let her know the photo was being processed.

“Gonna take more of ’em, just to make sure you don’t say nothin’ after we’re through.”

“Open your damned mouth and these things’ll go around campus like hell!”

Susan swallowed hard. “Uhhhhhh!”

“You gonna keep on reportin’ us every time we goof off in class?”

“No, no, I swear, no!”

But the teens didn’t believe her. Clint was rocking back and forth, cracking his knuckles, then doubling up the belt one more time and snapping it. He liked the way she shivered in the chains everytime the leather cracked together.

“Don’t believe her,” Jack muttered.

“I ain’t stupid. She ain’t gonna give us a break till we show the bitch what we can do.”

Susan shook her head. No, no, that wasn’t true! She wasn’t the kind of monster they thought she was. Everything she had done was simply to educate them for their adult years.


Susan watched in terror as the big blond stud approached her again with the belt. He tapped the buckle lightly against his palm, gripping it hard once more. Sweat poured out from under her arms, itching where it trickled against her sides. Her nipples were starting to elongate — half-inch red nubs itching to be touched, to be squeezed by the teens! Susan shook her head. How could she be thinking such terrible thoughts?

“Please what, fuck you?”

Without cocking his arm much, Clint lashed the end of the doubled belt across her belly. Susan let out another whooshing sound, her nostrils burning with the air she sucked in to feed her dangling body.

“Uhhhh… ohhh, you little bastards! I — how can you do something like this to me?” Susan wailed. “I’m your teacher! You’re not supposed to do things like this. Oh, let me down before you get into more trouble!”

“Don’t tell me what the fuck to do and not to do! You’ve been tryin’ that for the past month and look where you wound up.” Clint shot back.

He turned a darker shade of red, cocking his arm back and letting the belt shoot forward. The tip slashed across Susan’s right nipple, making her tit fly up and nearly touch her chin.


The slicing pain of the blow was only the first agony for the history teacher. After her scream, after the involuntary spasm that drew her legs up toward her belly, the pain seemed to go on and on. Susan shook the hair from her eyes, blinking away the stinging tears. It was the combination of pain and heat that seared her brain so! And then when her body jerked, how the rusty chains bit into her wrist flesh. There were times when Susan thought the iron would surely sever her arms from her body.

“Ohhhh… uhhhhhh!”

“I think she likes it… I mean, she’s really gonna dig gettin’ roughed up,” Jack said, studying her face carefully.

“I know there’s types like that. They dig gettin’ messed up then fucked! Says it makes cumin’ all that much better. Gonna check it out on teach, then.”

Susan ground her teeth, hating both teens bitterly. She couldn’t rise above the feelings rushing through her now. All the compassion she was supposed to have as a teacher evaporated now under pure, raw pain and hatred and agony!

“What do you think now, teach? What do you think about us now?” Clint taunted, rubbing the belt against her chin.

Susan fought down the words about to bubble to her lips. No, she wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of hearing her tirade. Instead she turned her head, concentrating on the wash basin to the right.

Susan sagged in her chains. For the first time that evening, the woman felt her toes brush up against the concrete floor. Had she stretched that much?


Clint slashed the belt across Susan’s face, the black leather leaving a long red mark on her left cheek. The blow snapped her head to one side, pulling the neck muscles painfully. The woman let out another cry, her hair tangling around her throat and sticking to the corners of her mouth. Susan drew her knees up once more, her knotted muscles pulsing and aching.


“Fuckin’ bitch-pig. You want it bad, man. Saw you lookin’ at my cock all the time while you was up there blabbin’ about the Civil War and shit.”

“No, not true. You’re lying!” Susan screamed.

“Sure, baby. Everybody talks about the way you eye a guy’s crotch. Guys around school figured you wanted to get fucked by somebody, but were afraid to ask. Now you’re gonna get all the cockmeat you can handle maybe even more.”

“No, no!”

Susan shook, the thought from her mind, concentrating now on the slashing pain across her right, cheek. Another blow, this one hammering against her nose, took her breath away. A third slashed against her right tit, making her feel as if the teen were going to flay the flesh from her inch by throbbing inch.

“Stop this! Oh please, please,” Susan begged, her words melting into defeated sobs.

“Yeah, right.”

Susan writhed from the pain of the belting blows. She felt the warm sticky sweetness of her perspiration rolling down her tits. Her navel filled with the sweat, then overflowed. For a moment the frantic woman could feel the perspiration oozing maddeningly slowly through her itching cuntal forest. She moved her legs until they were folded together once more. Only this time she began undulating her thighs against one another, loving the smooth and yet itchy rub of one cunt labe against the other.


Clint stared hotly at her, licking his lips. The twisting, hanging body in front of him aroused more lewdness in both him and Jack. He moved closer to Susan and the woman moved her right foot around experimentally. She thought if he walked a little bit closer to her she could kick his crotch. That would show those bastards!


Clint moved fast, cupping his right hand around her cunt, then pulling at her cunt hairs, yanking them out of her pussy flesh one at a time.

“No, no! Yaghghghhhh! Stop!”

Susan snapped her head back, screaming at the top of her lungs. The agony was almost driving her insane. She both felt and heard the hairs ripping from her flesh. And still Clint was telling her that her ordeal had only begun. God have mercy!


Susan brought her knees up, trying to draw them protectively together. Clint knocked them apart, drilling one finger into her pussy, then twisting it around and around like some horrid drill.

“Ohhh yeah, she’s all hot and wet down there… just like a woman should be,” Clint sighed.

“Looks like the bitch’s gonna be a snapper… you know, holdin’ us in while she pumps herself dry,” Jack added.

“She’ll be cummin’ her brains out all Goddamned night!”

“Please, don’t do any more to me. I promise I’ll do anything to stop this… you’ve got a picture.”

Susan couldn’t seem to form words any more. All her fine education, her perfect speech failed her now. A hand flew at her face, slapping her again and again. The woman groaned, jerking her head back in a vain attempt to escape those clawing, slapping fingers.

“You done nothin’ but be a super fuckin’ pain in the rear. And now you’re gonna pay, and pay first-class, baby.”

The belt lashed across her face, her lips, the tops of her tits. Susan struggled against the lashing blows, her body stinging under the constant attack of the leather belt. The edges of the iron links scraped skin from her wrists. Susan felt her fingers going cold and numb from the tension and pain. The woman screamed, dragging out curses she couldn’t remember having ever heard. The shrill power of her desperate cries rang off the basement walls.


It was almost like doing battle with someone, she thought. But when she tried to fight back, Susan only brought pain to herself. Calming herself again, the woman peered down at her tormentors.

This rime the belt curled around her thighs, the beveled end biting the white flesh inches to tie left of her pussy. The proximity of the leather to her pussy sent sparks of delight sputtering through her cunt. Susan cried out in anguish, screwing up her eyes in wonder at the feelings coursing through her. Never, never had she thought so much pain could produce a resulting pleasure. But hanging here naked, her body sporting many red stripes from the leather belt, Susan had to admit to herself that she was feeling a tight, itchy pulse racing through her crotch.

Clint kept lashing and beating at her, grabbing more of her cunt. Jack had moved behind her, bringing the doubled leather belt down hard against her ass. The woman screamed, snapping her head from left to right as she tightened her asscheeks reflexively against the stinging blows.

Clint growled, his words lost in the rage of his sexual fury. In a moment Susan felt him reaching up at her, pinching her nipples. Desperately she bit at him, swearing like a sailor. It was then that Jack brought the belt down hard between her ass cheeks, the hard leather stinging her painfully.


Susan felt her spine straighten and tingle while her bones cracked with the painful blow. She was bouncing up and down against the chains, a puppet gone mad with sensation! The iron chains hurt her terribly now!

The pain in her crotch from all that hair tearing was making her pussy flesh pucker up into goosepimples. Susan couldn’t tell which was worse — the gruesome excitement Clint aroused in her with his beating and swearing, or her own flashes of heat under the pain in her cuntflesh.


Jack was on his knees now, spreading her asscheeks apart. She could feel the thumbs creasing her flesh, the jagged nails so sharp against the sensitive skin. He was nuzzling her ass, pressing his nose into her asshole. Susan’s eyes widened, her mouth forming a broad O. It was shamefully pleasant to feel a man’s face up there against her ass! Never would Susan have thought of something like that. But her student was back there, licking up her asscrack, groaning into her asshole while pinching her ass black and blue.


“She hot back there, man? Man, she’s runnin’ with juice outta her fuckin’ cunt.”

“Good tastin’ back here. It’s gonna be good for you fuckin’ her ass. I just wanted to stick my tongue up her shitter and get the bitch ready.”

“Animals! You’re nothing but animals!”

Again the teens laughed. She could feel the juices running like lava from her pussy. And now the struggle between her and the teens was changing. Clint still beat her tits and belly with his belt. But now the grabbing, twisting fingers in her warm cuntal thicket moved more slowly. He was caressing her, sliding his fingers over the slick, hot cuntmeat, making her pussy all that warmer, all that wetter!

Susan rolled her eyes up to the ceiling, curling her fingers, trying to bring more warmth to them. She could feel some blood oozing back to the digits when she twisted her wrists around. And all the time Jack was back there, rubbing his moustache against the inner curves of her ass, stiffening his tongue and licking down and deep into her asshole!

Clint pulled back. His blue eyes were half closed. A line of spit trickled from his lower lip. Grinding his teeth together, he stared at Susan while unbuttoning his Levi’s. She watched in heat as the faded blue material halved, then slid down his thickly muscled thighs.

“My… God!”

As she hung there, the woman stared at Clint’s thick, eight-inch cunt-splitter and felt her pussy tightening. She had been fucked several times before, but never, never had Susan taken on something this big! Her eyes widened even more as they surveyed the broad, satiny purple cock head, the tightened balls, the cockbush that spread around his crotch half-hiding his nuts. Clint grinned at her, seeing her obvious surprise.

“Ain’t seen nothin’ like that, eh, baby? Lots of girls here at the school’ve taken a taste of this mother,” Clint said, emphasizing his point by grabbing his cock in one hand and squeezing it.

Susan let out another soft cry as she saw a drop of pre-cum ooze from the broad piss slit. He was going to fuck her ass with that prick? She shuddered, closing her eyes and mewling in terror. He would surely tear something deep in her bowels with his cock. And yet, because of her fear, the woman felt her nipples puckering into stiffer points.


Clint stepped out of his Levi’s, kicking them to one side.

“Wanna do it now, man. Gonna cum all over myself if I don’t stick my cock into her asshole right now,” Clint said.

“Yeah, okay. Got it all slicked down for you with my spit. Christ, she’s winkin’ her ass up against my nose all the time now. It’s like some Goddamned second cunt or somethin’ back here. You’ve got yourself one hot, wet one to fuck, buddy.”

“Good and hot and wet. Sounds like a pussy. Only this one’s gonna be fuckin’ tight. That’s the way I dig it too — them buns flattening up against my crotch while I stick my cock into her asshole.”

“Oh don’t… this is vile! Terrible! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

Susan nearly sobbed with the pain. All this abuse, all this torment and threatening would be far less horrible if they would only take her down from the ceiling. But the teens realized this and left her hanging.

Clint picked up his belt from the floor, winding the leather carefully around his whitened knuckles. Carefully stepping toward her, he remained to one side of the hanging woman. He reached up, prodding each tit with the leather. Susan’s teeth chattered. It was the horrid anticipation of some new pain, some new blow that would shatter her overloaded brain and make her shudder in her bonds.


Clint moved around in front of her, trailing the belt along the rich under swell of her tits. Susan bit down hard on her lower lip. Jack was no longer behind her, soothing her fears with that constant ass-licking. She was alone, atone hanging there while she watched Clint’s cock grow even bigger, even thicker. In a moment it was standing straight out like a terrible spear, a spear that would soon tear through her body and leave her defeated and bleeding.

“Oh please…”

Her voice was a high-pitched whimper, a kind of mewling as she watched Clint slowly grin hellishly at her. Then suddenly, with a quick, savage move, he slashed the belt across both her nipples. Susan squealed sharply, her cries ringing off the gray cinderblock basement walls. Then, steeling herself as best she could, the teacher set her jaw. Another blow, and then another dry, smacking blow that sent slivers of pain stabbing in her brain over and over. Clint smiled grimly at her.

Susan cried out again, the flat muscles of her belly quivering. She screamed wildly once more, drawing her legs up when Clint slashed an X across her lower belly with the broad black leather belt.

“No, no!”

Susan felt the belt striking just under her left kneecap now. He was going crazy, hitting her everywhere at once! Her legs kicked out, drew back, then kicked out again, making her body swing. Her feet were out behind her now and Jack lashed his belt over and over against her naked soles, sending shots of incredible agony up her kicking legs. Her long blonde hair dangled back to her ass as she wailed, her mouth torn open with more screams.

The arches of her feet were his prime targets now. Jack slowed his strokes, trying to apply them just when Susan didn’t expect them. The sensitive skin of her feet burned wildly as Susan thought that belt surely must be crushing the small bones inside. She jerked her heads from, left to right, pulling and yanking at the overhead chains. Susan let the iron links slice into her flesh, her sobs and cries half-choking her into silence.


She managed to straighten her legs when the beating stopped for a moment. Jack flogged at the backs of her knees, the leather creasing the soft white flesh of her calves. Susan cried out again. Jack then directed the belt against her heated ass, a blazing agony radiating from her asshole to her cunt.

“Uhhh… nooooooooo!”

Juice ran down from her cunt, striping her thighs and legs. Jack took over from Clint now, lashing her body, concentrating his belting on her ass. Susan clenched her ass cheeks until they ached, trying to protect her sensitive asshole.

There were times when the teacher thought the belt was skinning her alive. She thought of all those stories of women being found hideously murdered in their homes, all of them showing signs of grotesque sexual abuse. “Nooooo!”

With complete despair the woman let herself dangle, her head back. Susan felt her asscheeks relax, opening to the man behind her. That was what Jack had been waiting for.


Susan thought a tongue from hell had stung her asshole. With a slashing overhead stroke, the teen ripped the end of the belt down the valley of her ass crack, the beveled end biting into her asslips. It pulled the tender ring out of shape. Susan yelped and screamed, feeling as if he had ripped-out her ass guts.


Susan thought her throat was going to be raw from the screaming. Shaking her head, the blonde woman screamed and screamed as that hideous belt stung and bit at her wrinkled, gray/pink asshole.

“Man, you’re gonna tip ‘er apart if you keep beatin’ the shit outta her ass like that,” Clint warned.

“Okay, you want her asshole so much. You go and take it. She’s hot and ready and ripe for an ass-fuckin’ right now,” Jack said, pulling back.

Clint moved around, jamming one finger up against her asshole. Susan winced, grinding her teeth together as her clit began sputtering so deliciously. The abused ring of the rubbery ass muscle felt as if it were being driven up into her belly. The woman clawed upward, her fingers tightening around the iron links holding her wrists prisoner. Again she thought she could feel something popping in her shoulders. And yet a strange, lusty fire began around the rim of her asshole as he moved that awful index finger in and out of her asshole. Susan’s hips shot back, offering more of her plump ass to him.

“She wants it… wants it real bad,” Clint said, taking note of the involuntary movements.

“She wants it all real bad. Gonna plug up that pussy with my cock rod after you get through jammin’ the bitch in the ass.”

Clint yanked his finger out of her asshole. Susan grimaced. A twisted, hot feeling in and around her asshole seemed to inflame her cunt even more. Susan groaned, loving the slick rub of her pussylips against one another. If only someone would touch her there again! If only Jack would stick his cock into her pussy and fuck her!

“Go in, man! Go in and make that fuckin’ bitch scream!” Jack encouraged.

There was a dragging sound behind her and Susan rolled her head around, seeing Clint pulling a chair around behind her. The feelings in her fuck-zones were growing hotter, more intense. She wanted to dangle closer to whatever the teen would force into her. Swallowing a lump of fear and excitement, the woman remembered that fat cock dangling in front of her. How she wanted it now!

“My God!”

Both teens were naked now. Clint was puffing behind her, getting up on the chair while Jack moved to the side, sliding his fingers up and down his cock. Susan licked her dry lips, her heart beating so hard she thought it would surely tear right through her ribcage! The muscles knotted painfully in her arms as more perspiration dotted her wrinkled forehead. She waited, the flutter in her cunt was increasing, becoming a furnace of slippery heat.

She thought of hanging there helplessly while Jack shoved that uncut cock into her cunt. A fresh flood of cuntjuice oozed from between her labes. Again the woman tried twisting her head around to see, what on earth Clint was doing. Why was it taking him so much time?

And then she felt him grabbing the wide horns of her hipbones, steadying himself by pressing his knees against the backs of her legs. Susan felt her body sway forward a little, the increased movements adding to the pulling tension aching through her wrists and arms. Susan gasped. Clint was fingering her pussy now, his digits rubbing up and down the outsides of her cuntlips.

Susan let out another cry, this time drawing her knees together in a vain attempt to keep the teen’s hands there between her legs. How the heat concentrated in that wet, furry bundle between her thighs! And when he touched her clit, slipping two fingers into her cunthole at the same time, the woman went wild! She arched her spine, kicking her legs out as if someone bad touched her with a live electric wire.

Fucking with her students! The woman no longer cared who was in front or behind her. They had driven propriety and morality right out of her with all the teasing torture. All Susan could think of now was cockmeat — inches of it just out of her reach. Rutting shamelessly, the teacher only wanted to be fucked long and hard.


Susan arched her back slightly, looking for his prick. Clint grunted out some obscene curse, making his buddy laugh. Then she felt his fingers tightening around her jutting hipbones. He was leaning into her body, his chest pressing against her back. Hot and wet, his cock was sliding cross ways over her asscheek, then slipping into her asscrack! Her eyes widened, her mouth let out a sigh of surprise and excitement. From the way he was holding onto her, Susan knew he was doing it — going to fuck her asshole!

“Man, she’s goin’ for it. Christ! She’s gonna cum right now if you don’t hurry up,” Jack warned.

“Wanna drag this out. Christ, ain’t fucked an ass like this… a nice full one, in a long time. That Mary Ann Simmons was the last one. All she kept moanin’ about was how much it hurt. This one — shit! She can’t wait till I stick my cock up her asshole!”

Then with a sudden piercing pain, the head of his fat prick found her. Susan yelled, feeling the blunt cock head pressing hard against her whipped virgin asshole. The pain made her legs jerk out, her belly tighten while her arms knotted up once again. Her body shook and jiggled against the rattling chains as that fat cockhead continued working its way up into her asshole.


“Take it, teach. Come on, take it, slut, bitch! You wanted it so bad in school. Now you’re gonna get it,” Clint growled, holding on tight and sliding his cock into Susan’s tight hot ass.


Jack quickly tired of her yelling. He stepped up to her and struck her hard across the cheek with the back of one hand.

Clint held off for a moment, listening to the history teacher sobbing her dismay and pain. Then he jabbed forward once more.

“Ahghghghghghhghhhh!” Susan screamed louder, her body stiffening and jerking forward away from the terrible hot, stabbing [missing text].

The whole ring of her tightened shitter felt as if it were being torn away. Susan begged him to stop, or at least to go more slowly. Clint only laughed at her pleas.

The more she cried, the more they laughed and hooted at her. In the end Clint won out, gripping her so tightly around the hips that his fingernails left long, red marks wherever they were anchored.

Again the pressure eased around her asshole. Was he repositioning himself? Susan didn’t know. She could hear the legs of the chair scraping against the cellar floor behind her. Looking to her left, Susan watched as Jack leaned against a concrete pillar, his fingers moving up and down his thick, eight-inch prick. He was swirling his fingers slowly around his dark red cock head now and Susan licked her lips. For one mad instant she thought about opening her mouth and taking that thing into her throat. She had done that once.


Susan relaxed some more, her eyes glazing over as they studied Jack’s cock rod. She felt herself pushing outward from her guts as if she were shitting. Then one of Clint’s hands left her hips. She felt him bracing his cockshaft with those fingers, holding it stiff against the rubbery, beaten circle of her ass.

“Hot man, real hot! Christ, she’s gonna fry up my prick by the time I stick it into her,” Clint said, bending his knees a little while squeezing his cockhead up against her ass chute once again.

“No, no, don’t! Oh God, you’ll tear something back there. I know it!”

Then, like a huge hard rock, Clint’s cock jammed against her relaxed asshole. Susan’s eyes rounded in wild surprise as her chest rose mightily. Her nostrils flared while the cords stood out in her neck. She was the picture of horrified surprise. It was happening. It was really happening! He was fucking her ass. She could feel half his cockhead already shoved into her. The frantic woman moved her ass around, jerking her thighs forward as if she could actually escape this brutal attack.

“Stay still, damnit! You move around and I’ll have my buddy work you over while I ass fuck you. You want that to happen?”

“No, no!” Susan sobbed.

“Then take it.”


She let her head fall forward in defeat, the long blonde hair curtaining her face. She took great, puffing breaths, trying to do all she could to ease that increasing pain knifing through her body. Susan also felt her cunt grow strangely hot, almost crying out to feel that fat cockhead. Oh, to feel his prick rubbing up against her clit, tingling into her cunt while his fat balls nestled up against her crotch. But the fantasy was broken by yet another painful shove. Susan let out a sobbing gasp, her fingers tightening around the rattling overhead chain.


Her protest echoed off the cold, damp cinderblock walls once again. How strangely delicious the obscene slickness of his cockskin against her ravaged ass felt. Consciously the woman did all she could to ease the tension of her asshole against his prick. If only she could relax, relax completely. Maybe that would make things that much easier, that much more delightful.


Clint let go of her hip, arching his back now and looking down as his cock slipped between her ass cheeks. It was only part of the way in now, the center bent slightly by the gripping pressure still plaguing the teacher’s asshole. Susan moved her ass as sensuously as she could. The slow invasion of that prick in her ass hurt her terribly. If she could somehow convince the teen to fuck her, in the cunt instead of the ass she would be so much happier.


Another inch of cock shoved into her! Susan saw bright exploding lights in front of her. The pain of his gradual fuck was killing her. Everytime Clint shoved another thick inch into her asshole the woman thought he was surely going to tear something deep inside her. She jerked and sobbed on those chains, begging him to stop, and yet secretly wanting this fuck to go on and on.


“How does it feel, man?” Jack asked, rubbing his balls with the flat of his hand.

“Uhhh… good and… uh… hot and tight,” Clint said with some effort. “Christ, she’s a hot little fuck. I always… uhhhh always thought she was going to be good but man, never thought this number’d be the little mink… fuck!”

Clint closed his eyes, his body shivering as Susan’s sphincter cinched down on his invading cock. He reached down and cupped both ass cheeks, squeezing them so hard the woman yelped in pain. Again Susan did all she could to relax.

“Better,” Clint said.

The woman bit her lip. All of a sudden she felt his cock slide halfway in. It had happened so quickly — the relaxing of her shitter and the resulting deep, long fuck. Her arms and legs spasmed, her belly tightening while she felt her fucked for the first time in months, and fucked in the ass!

The fire in her pussy became greater, singeing the rounded tip of her hard little clit. Susan kicked out her legs again, drawing them together and rubbing her thighs against one another. If only she could have something inside her cunt now! Yes, something long and thick and hard fucking through her while that awful teen behind her finished his assfucking.

“Uhhhhh… oooooohhhhh!”

Clint shoved in a little more, moving his hands up until they covered her tits. Susan loved that, loved the touch of his fingers pressing into her tit mounds. She felt him pinching her nipples, the sharp pain adding to the lewd fires burning her cunt and asshole.

“Oh man, man, fuck it out, baby, come on, fuck that ass back against me while I drive my cock right up the old asshole!”


Susan thought she would surely come apart from all the lusty sensations racing through her. Looking through heavy-lidded eyes, she saw Jack rubbing up his cock again, staring at her while his buddy fucked her in the ass hard.

“Ohhh, what are you doing now? What… oh God, no, don’t!”

He was pulling out. She could feel the obscene suction tearing at her asshole! While pinching her nipples, rolling the nubs around like peas between his fingers, Clint pulled his cock out. The woman thought her bowels were turning inside out. She cried out again, snapping her thighs back, rubbing the rounded tops of her ass against his flat belly. No, no, he couldn’t be pulling out — not now, not when her cunt and asshole were both on fire!


Susan bit her lip. She couldn’t even cry out now, couldn’t sob out her dismay. She couldn’t think of anything to say, not with that hard, thick bar of cockmeat being slowly drawn from her asshole. Again she shoved her ass against him, looking for some relief from the obscene sucking in her ass-chute.

“Okay, baby, you want my prick so bad — take it, all of it!”


Clint tightened his grip again, his feet nearly slipping off the low-slung chair behind her. There was a moment’s pause then Susan felt his prick pushing back into her, squeezing hard into her asshole. She let out another cry of frustrated delight, feeling her cunt going into spasms of need.

The folding, slippery ring of his foreskin massaged the sensitive nerves in her ass. It was almost like having an obscene mouth around her asshole and Susan remembered how Jack’s tongue had felt tickling into her bowels while his fingers held her as cheeks spread apart. The round, firm mounds of her butt flexed against, Clint’s belly, seeking more of the lascivious fullness that threatened to split her ass wide open.

“Want more, baby? You want mote of my cock up your fuckin’ ass, teach?”

Susan couldn’t answer that question. As much as she wanted to, something deep inside her refused to speak up to her students. It was just too awful to admit what was so apparent from her actions.

“No, no,” she sobbed, her head hanging down once more in shame.

“Yeah, she don’t want it,” Jack scorned, moving up to her and taking her by the chin.

He pushed her head back, looking her straight in the eye. Susan shuddered.

“You want my cock so bad in your cunt you could cry, right, baby? And you won’t get it for a while. Back there my buddy’s takin’ care of your ass. Gotta wait. Sorry.”

Susan growled, shaking her head away from that chucking hand. How she hated them both, hated them for having turned her into this rutting animal.

“Shove it to ‘er, man. Get that cock all the way in till she’s spittin’ cum.”

Clint grunted, shoving it down past where it had last fucked. Susan shivered, imagining that thick bar of cock going in until she indeed could taste his cm shooting into her body. The woman dangled there like some dead animal, her body trembling as that tree trunk of a prick impaled her.

“Uhhhhh… oh God, no, no, finish it. Oh God, can’t take it any more! Stop it, stop it!”

Clint started forward again after having pulled nearly all the way out. Susan pressed her ass back against him, curling her spine. It was mad, all mad. The strange fullness inside her belly was starting to excite her up to climax. Susan wrinkled her forehead, her feet kicking out from under her as she bounced up and down on the clanking, restraining chains.


“Come on, baby, come on and say fuck me. I wanna hear that. Wanna hear how much you wanna get my cock up your asshole,” Clint murmured, biting her ear.

“No, no, never!”

Susan inhaled sharply, her moans shuddering deep in her chest. He was all the way in her now, she guessed. The woman could feel the bristly, hairy fur around his cock and balls tickling her ass. Clint held her there for a moment, resting his chin against the nape of her neck. She felt his puffing, panting breaths against her moist, hot skin. How she liked this!

His knees were trembling against the backs of her legs while his hands smoothed over her belly and tits. And most importantly, his cock was jerking around inside her bowels without him even moving! Yes, she could feel that hot, long, thick prick twitching and jerking about.


Susan thought the strange suction going on in her asshole would drive her over the brink into madness. Was it possible to be fucked crazy? Susan could well believe she would go at least half-mad when her climax finally shot through her like lightning.

“Oh no, no, don’t… oh God!”

He was fucking her harder now, his belly slapping wetly against her ass. Her body was swaying dangerously back and forth, the chair threatening to overturn more than once and take Clint with it.

“Fuck, baby, fuck, fuck, fuck all the way, get that ass movin’.”

The tempo of that ass-ripping cock was increasing, knocking more wind from the helpless, bound schoolteacher. Susan squeezed her asshole tightly around Clint’s cock, trying to grab more sensation, more delight. He reached around once more, his fingers digging juices spurting from her fuzzy little cunt hole. The stud began strumming her cunt, pushing the tiny organ down, then letting it slip back up between his fingers. When the woman screamed with unspeakable delight, Clint stabbed two fingers into her cunt hole. He twisted them around and around, making sure his knuckles brushed up against her clit. And then he began fucking her harder, faster, more violently, his knees knocking constantly against the backs of her legs.


Sexual heat burned her clit white Clint rounded the final turn of his fucking. Susan felt her mind going black. Nothing was real, nothing existed except her, Clint, and the continual hot fucking of her asshole and the strumming of her clit.

“No stop… uhhhh… no stop, no, no stop!” Susan cried.

All she could do was beg for more — more fucking, more cock, more fingering of her pussy. Even the terrible pulling and tearing of the chain around her wrist seemed nothing compared to the hot fire burning through her body. Her blood scorched through her veins while Clint grunted and wheezed behind her.

“Man, that’s it! Fuck that little bitch till she blows up,” Jack growled.

“Christ it’s better ‘n fuckin’ pussy, man. She’s gonna pop on me right. Christ, her pussy’s clampin’ down on my fingers. She’d snap a guy’s cock right off if she had one in ‘er right now.”

Susan panted. She knew she was being fucked, really fucked hard and fast. The way her cunt was reacting, the woman didn’t care any longer where that cock was. She felt as if she were turning into a cunt-soft, wet, clasping, wanting to be filled with cock. How that stiff, thick bar of shoving cock meat in her ass seemed to slow, then speed up as if it had a will of its own. Throwing her head around, the woman wanted it all to happen at once.

She could hear Clint’s desperate panting, could hear the little moans under his breath. She knew he was close to shooting his wad deep in her ass. Susan closed her eyes, thinking how they must look — she hung from the ceiling, her body stretched and lithe while this stud was standing on a chair behind her, splitting her ass wide open with that eight-inch prick. Susan cried out, hunching her ass back and forth to increase the friction burning up her asshole.

“That’s it, bitch, come on! Fuck it out, fuck it out till you blow your brains out!”

Clint let out a lusty grunt, ramming his prick deep into her ass then holding it there. Susan thought she could feel her asshole lining tearing from the blow. His prick had hit her like a freight train. Then Clint began shouting and she felt hot jizz explode deep in her ass. His fingers roamed freely over her cunt, jamming deep in her pussy, fucking her while his cock dumped wad after wad of spunk into her asshole!

“Uhhhhh… you Goddamned slut, take it! Suck up my jizz with your ass!”


“Man, do it, do it, fuck ‘er good, dump that spunk in her shitter!” Jack said, jacking his own prick while staring at the fucking couple with glazed eyes.

“Uhhhh… yaghghghhghh!”

Susan felt her cunt snap down on nothing. She snapped back, wailing while more and more of the teen’s jizz slicked down her asschute. She convulsed, her dangling body pounding against Clint’s chest. The teen held her tightly, his hands fucking her like a cock. She could feel those lightning-like jolts of heat coming from his cock deep in her ass. Clint pulled out his prick a little, then slipped it back in, rubbing his groin up and down against her pillowing asscheeks. He bit down on the nape of her neck, nearly breaking the flesh.

And then it was over. She felt her cunt come up close to climax then fade away as Clint began withdrawing his prick from her asshole.

“No!” Susan cried out again.

The pulling out was disrupting the smashing rhythm of her mini-orgasm. It was sending too many signals up her spine. Her brain just couldn’t, handle all the sensations racing through her body.

“The bitch wants more. We’ll have to give ‘er more later. Gonna rest now,” Clint said, yanking his prick all the way out.

Susan sobbed, her arms straightening slowly. She felt so lonely, so left our with no prick in her ass. But the evening had only begun.


“You know Jenny Mape?”

Jack was still stroking his cock meat. Clint had unfastened the chains that had held Susan prisoner for so long. Now on the floor, the sobbing woman brushed her full blonde hair from her eyes, staring wildly at the two teens before her.


Susan’s mind was still not functioning properly. The beating, the fucking, everything that had happened to her this evening had sadly disrupted her normally orderly mind.

“Mape,” Jack finished. “She’s a little redhead with big tits. Always runnin’ around with all the answers. She’s got a Goddamned good set of tits and legs, though. Always wanted to fuck that little bitch.”

“Me too. Thought about drivin’ my cock right into her mouth. That pretty little ruby rosebud mouth,” Clint said, rubbing his cock with one hand. “Yeah, it’s gonna stretch real nice around my cock after I get through fuckin’ her mouth with it.”


Susan shook her head, unable to fully understand what they were saying or implying.

“We want you to get that little bitch over her somehow in a couple of days. I don’t care how you do it,” Jack said, sneering at her. “But you’re gonna have her here. Then we’ll have a nice party — just the four of us.”

“No. Doing things… things with me is one thing,” Susan said haltingly. “But not with her. I can’t have you take her into something like… like this!”

Jack smirked at her.

“You don’t understand, do you? You ain’t got much of a choice. We got you here and we’re gonna make sure you do what we say.”

“No, not that. Never!”

“Never, bitch?”

Jack slapped her hard, the blow knocking Susan back. Her body snapped against the floor, Jack’s fingers burning into her cheek. Let them do what they would to her. Never, never would she let herself sink to the level of bringing one of her students here so Jack and Clint could rape her! Never!

Another blow, this one stunning the blonde. Susan rolled to her right side, one hand raised above her head.

“You fucked her in the ass. Now I’m gonna fuck her in the pussy — but the hard way.”

Susan half-heard his words. Then suddenly she felt the two teens pulling her up under her arms. Shaking off the forced stupor, Susan began kicking and biting, writhing in their grip. God only knows where all this was going to lead her. They were going to use her as a kind, of pimp. No, no, she would never go that way.

“Nooo, lemme go!”

They dragged her across the floor, knocking her head against a supporting concrete pillar. She felt her knees scraping over the uneven floor as they finally pulled her to the water heater. Clint and Jack let go, leaving her sprawled in front of the tall warm cylinder. She stretched out one hand, curling her fingers around the warm iron support stand. It some [missing text].

“Get the rope,” Jack said.

Clint moved around, pulling out some half-inch clothesline from a small box. Susan felt them pulling her hands back, feeling the rope wrapped in a figure-eight fashion around the chafed areas of her wrists.

“Can never tell about his one. She’s gonna try to bolt if we let ’em?”

“Man, she’s still hot.” Jack said, running one hand down around her ass to touch her asshole. “Damn!”

“What you gonna do?”

Jack grinned, pulling out a pack of crushed cigarettes and tapping one out. He fished out some matches, then struck one, lighting the tobacco. Susan coughed, the acrid smell of the blue smoke choking her. What were they doing back there?

“You gonna change your mind about Jenny? Gonna cooperate and get the little bitch over here when we say?”

“No! I told you I wouldn’t and I meant it,” Susan reported.

“Then we’re gonna have to convince you, I guess.”

Jack inhaled sharply, the tip of his cigarette glowing bright red as be bent forward over her. Susan coughed again, her heart starting to pound furiously. She instinctively knew what he was going to do. Tensing, she could feel the heat of that cigarette burning into her back.

“You got real nice skin. Too bad you don’t wanna take care of it.”

Jack pulled the cigarette from his mouth, flicking off the bot ash next to her, then puffed some mote. The blue smoke began gathering around Susan’s bead, choking her. How she loathed cigarette smoke! And now she couldn’t get away from it.

Jack brought the burning cigarette down to her ass, dropping it so close she could feel the burning embers against her flesh. Susan trembled, her flesh dampening with sweat. Her nipples began to stiffen once more as Jack moved the cigarette to her left thigh, letting it fall down until the blackened red ash touched her bulging tendon.


Susan closed her eyes, certain he was going to burn her to death. Jack drew the ash down, down along her thigh, then back up the other one until he was moving it close to her cunt. The woman cried out, her eyes rounding, opening, staring wildly ahead of her.


Jack pushed the cigarette up to her cuntal hairs. He watched with some delight as the blonde curls blackened under the intense heat curling down to her goose-fleshed cuntmeat.

Susan trembled, her ass cheeks flexing while her knees dragged against the concrete floor. Jack moved the cigarette up a little more, this time the glowing ember nearly touching her pussy. Susan whimpered, her nostrils burning with the oxygen she sucked in.


The young man moved the cigarette away for an instant, then brought it back, touching her right nipple with the glowing tip.


The pain was tremendous and immediate. Susan wrenched her head around, snapping her body forward. The resulting movement drove her hard against the water heater and Susan thought she would surely faint from the pain. Her howls filled the room as the woman desperately tried jerking her tits away from the hurting, burning thing.

“That’s only a sample.”

The cigarette was drawn away. Susan slumped down against the floor, her ass high in the air. She would have surely slipped into a stupor of pain if it hadn’t been for the terror knifing through her heart. The cigarette was back at her pussy. He was burning her cuntal hairs, then moving the burning tip around until it was centered right above her winking cunthole.

“Oh, don’t do this to me! You’re going to hurt me,” Susan waited, waggling her ass from side to side.

More beads of cold perspiration trickled down from her forehead as she felt the heat increasing. The woman tensed her body, breathing in long, heavy breaths. Jack laughed a short, cruel snort, then dropped the cigarette against the muscle just below her clit.


Susan thought the world had exploded around her. She screamed like a wild woman, hearing the cigarette hiss out from her flowing juices. Again the teacher bucked forward, slamming her head against the water heater. Sweat had made her naked ass glisten. The young woman screamed and screamed, that burning agony in her cunt seeming to go on forever.

“Man, you think she came with that?” Clint asked.

“Naw. But she’s close, real close,” Jack observed, swatting Susan on the ass with his right hand.

Finally Susan’s cries died to moans and sobs of fear. She had never felt pain like that in her life. Never! And now they had her crouched down here in front of the water heater, her hands roped together.

“Lemme warm ‘er up again, then fuck her. Looks like she needs somethin’ back up her cunt or she’s gonna go clean outta her mind.”

Susan the hiss of leather being scraped along the fabric of his trousers. Jack had pushed the belt back into his Levi’s earlier and now he was taking it out again, doubling it, getting ready to beat her with it. Susan cried, chewing down on her lower lip until she tasted blood.


The leather hissed in the air, slicing through the darkening shadows. In a second it came down, the doubled edge slapping hard against her naked flesh. Susan wailed, her asscheeks jiggling from the force of that hard blow. It jarred her head, forcing her to buck forward and strike her forehead yet again against the water heater.

“This one’s for all the Goddamned homework you give and expect us to do.”

The belt came down with a resounding thwack right between her full ass cheeks. The woman cried out, tears spurting to her eyes while her lips twisted open to cunt a pained howl. Jack kept on bring the doubled belt down, more and more careful from now on to make the leather kiss the flesh close to her pussy.


Susan couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure her pussy was drawing from his beating.

Every time that awful belt sliced into her flesh, the woman felt sparks of hot delight showering into her cunt, making her clit feel so hot, so achingly good!

“And this one’s for bein’ such a Goddamned Clint about letin’ us have some fun around the school. Christ, you’re nothin’ but a bitch on that!”

Susan tightened her ass. Gooseflesh erupted again, puckering her white, whip-striped flesh. Susan could feel her cunt snapping and her clit tingling. She was waiting anxiously for the next blow.


It came with a vengeance, slicing into her flesh and grooving a long red mark across her ass. Susan let out another sharp cry. Swirls of light exploded again and again behind her eyes while her cunt dampened with more juice.

Susan discovered that by opening her legs then closing them, she could start jerking herself off while Jack was beating her. Up and down, up and down the woman started moving her ass, feeling that sexy rub of her cunt lips against one another. Relaxing her hips, the woman let the next blow ripple over her ass.


The blow made her snap her head back, the leather slapping against both ass cheeks. Her spine was straight, her head tilted back at a sharp angle. It was as if the belt were a hammer, pounding her into the cellar floor. She couldn’t stand it with one part of her mind and she couldn’t get enough of it with the other.

“Now gonna go in. Yeah, she’s all wet down there, just like you said before,” Jack said, feeling her up and down with one hand.

Her body was striped with red from the heavy belting she had received. And now they were going to humiliate her further by this fuck. Susan hung her head down, shaking it from side to side as Jack hunkered like an animal behind her, holding her thighs as Clint had.

“No ass-fuck… no!” Susan groaned, tensing her thigh muscles.

“Not into that, baby, especially when I got pussy as good as yours right here.”

Susan felt the blind stabs of his fat cock against her cuntlips. She ground her teeth together, not believing the hot tension she felt exploding around her clit. He was going to fuck her and how she wanted it. Teasing her now, Jack finally centered his prickhead over her cunthole, rubbing the tip against her clit. Susan let out muffled grunting sounds, wagging her ass high hi the air as if she were a dog. Jack stretched his hands forward, cupping her tits, squeezing them so hard she let out another cry. Then, with a greasy, slippery slide, the head of his cock popped past the tense, eager ring of her cuntal mouth.

“Yaghhhhh… ohhhh nooooo!”

It was like gorging on a cockmeat feast! Susan felt herself melting with sensuality. Good, so very, very good. All that mattered now was that his cock was inside her, ramming down farther.

Jack pulled back a little, tugging at her cunt lips. Then he shifted gears and started squeezing his cock meat back into her cunt hole. Helping, Susan contracted her cunt muscles, milking lightly at him without moving her hips. She heard Jack moan appreciatively.

“Man she’s hotter ‘n I thought she’d be,” Jack groaned. “This one’s gonna try up my cock. Christ, she’s juicin’ like crazy!”

“Oh, oh ohhhhh…”

“C’mon, baby. I wanna hear you beg for it. Come on, I wanna get high and hear you beg for my cock. You want it had and you know it,” Jack taunted.

He rubbed his fingers over her nipples until Susan thought she would pass out from the high sensations racing through her body. But no, she couldn’t sink that low, tellin’ her students that, she wanted that cock.

“No, no!”

“Oh yeah, you wanna say it, wanna say it real bad.”

Jack leaned forward, pressing his cock hard against her clit while rolling both nipples around between his fingers. Susan bounced and pranced her ass around and around in the air, sobbing out her frustration and her delight while rubbing her forehead against the white porcelain surface of the water heater.

“Can’t… oh, don’t you see? Oh God, God,” Susan moaned.

“Fuck it out, baby, fuck.”

The rising heat in her cunt was taking over everything in her mind. What Jack was telling her sank in deeper, took over all her thoughts. She opened her mouth and could only say what she was instructed to.

“Fuck… oh yes, fuck me! Oh, it’s so good, so very good having you fuck me,” Susan admitted.

“C’mon, Clint, get a good picture of this… me fuckin’ the teach doggie-style and her roped up and all. This is gonna make ’em feel real nice about their teacher at the PTA,” Jack leered.

There was another blinding shot, followed by that familiar whirring sound of the developing film easing from the camera. Susan didn’t care about that any longer, however. AR that counted now was Jack’s cock. He was pulling his prick outward now until the ridge around the knob tugged at her outer cunt muscles. Then back in, his belly slapping against her ass, his cock drilling into her with a loud squishing sound. In and out, in and out, faster and faster until Susan felt the mass of sexual tension swelling like a balloon in her belly. She let out a whooshing sound, wagging her ass, then shoving it back against Jack’s flat, muscled belly.

“Man, can’t get enough of my prick, eh? It’s real hot and hard. She likes it that way.”

Susan felt him digging his fingernails into her whipped ass. He spread the cheeks wide apart, moving one finger down to her cum smeared asshole. When he wiped away some of his buddy’s jizz, Jack slipped his right forefinger all the way into her ass. Susan let out a sharp cry, nearly jerking her cunt off his prick.


“You didn’t mind my ol’ buddy over there fuckin’ your ass before. Just a finger now.”

Jack moved his finger around like a screw, his nail scraping her cum-slicked asshole lining. Mound and around he moved it, each downward thrust shoving her forward, knocking the wind from her lungs.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

Susan’s mind whirled around like a merry-go-round now as she tossed her hips around in wild abandon. Her tits ached from the squeezing tension while her nipples were nearly torn off by Jack’s frantic fingering. The woman felt the simmering heat in her pussy climb toward her brain. It rose steadily like the red mercury in an overheated thermometer. As it drove up toward her head, she started holding her breath. She could feel the cum starting to make all her muscles tense like springs being over wound, ready to cut loose with incredible energy!

“Man, oh man, gonna fuck it out… gonna cum my brains out with this broad!” Jack panted, slapping her ass.

A wild, angry fire started at the mouth of her cunthole. A gathering rush of wild excitement began at the same time, burning through her, making her body shiver and shudder with a lust she had never known.


Susan exploded, her body and mind blasting into a million brightly colored pieces. The hard, heavy jolt of her cum blasted through her again and again. Somewhere behind her she could hear Jack shouting like a maniac. His cock had stopped chugging through her pussy, his balls no longer slapping wetly against her ass. He was yelling his head off, shouting something about his jizz. Then she left his cum splattering against her cuntal wall and Susan yelped and cried, her cunt clenching down at his prick knob.

“Oh, ohhhhhhh…”

Susan milked at the bucking cock rod, bouncing up and down against the floor. She gasped for the breath that never came.

“Man… fuck, she’s gobblin’ up my cock… and shit, it’s fan-fuckin’-tastic!”

“Go for it! Gonna take another shot,” Clint said.

Susan snapped her head back, the furious blasts of her orgasm knocking all the will from her. Her cum went on and on and on. It was incredible. Never had she experienced anything like this in her life. And still the roaring climax cut through her like the blade of a rusty saw. Jack finally withdrew, his fat cockhead slipping from her pussy hole with a shivery pop.


The last thing she knew was that she was fucked by the biggest cock ever, and that she had to get one of her students to her house in a few days or face the kind of exposure that would surely end her teaching days forever!


The next two days were ones of trial for Susan. Both Jack and Clint attended her class religiously, taking notes, even pretending to study during the latter part of the class.

Susan stood there, tapping her pencil nervously against her green desk pad. She felt as if they would stand up suddenly and point an accusing finger at her. She could just imagine how they would tell their stories — the amused stares on the faces of her other students, the shocked looks of her honor girls when they viewed those pictures of her roped and raped.

But nothing happened. Neither teen ever came up to her in class but more then once, however, Jack stared first at Jenny Mape, then at Susan. The message was clear. Neither Jack nor Clint had forgotten what they wanted from her.

On the third day Jack strolled up to her desk shortly after the bell had rung. The other students had all scrambled from behind their desks, rushing through the narrow doorway to the tiled corridor. Clint stood by the door while his buddy leaned against her desk. Susan trembled.

“You talk to Jenny?”

In fact she had, as much as she hated dragging the girl into this. Telling the pretty redhead that she had some early editions of several colonial historians in her house, Susan had managed to get the girl to agree to visit her. She felt awful but the thought of facing outraged school officials and parents had made her tremble at the alternative.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I spoke with her earlier. But please, don’t make me do this,” she whispered, looking nervously about.

“Clint and me was talkin’. We wanna be over there tomorrow night. We got lots planned for you and that little cunt. She ain’t gonna be lookin’ down her nose at us any more — not after we get through with her.”

“Jenny isn’t that type. Oh, you don’t understand. She’s just highly intelligent and acts…”

“Don’t gimme that crap. She’s a little Miss Shit-don’t-stink. And we’re gonna show her it does. Now just make sure the cunt’s at your place by seven, okay, teach?”

To emphasize his point Jack gripped Susan by the hair, pulling the tightly wound bun back until she nearly screamed in pain.

“Yes, yes!”

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Susan watched her two students disappear through the door. How innocent they would look sitting there among the other students. If only the others would realize just what animals they were!

The day dragged by, becoming night, leaving Susan restless. She tossed and turned that evening, dreaming of the two teens and how they had fucked her so cruelty days before. Even in her sleep she could feel them pressing against her, beating her, fucking her.

The next day neither teen was in class. Susan trembled, wondering if they had had second thoughts about fucking her and the girl. But she doubted it.

School was madness for Susan. When three thirty roll around, she waved cheerily at Jenny, inviting her over.

“Oh, I’ll be there, Miss Evans. I promise.”

Susan drove home quickly, feeling oddly excited. It was as if she were getting ready for her first date. And yet she was getting ready to admit her sadistic students, offering up another pupil as a kind of sacrifice. The hours ticked by slowly. At six forty-five Jenny arrived, all bright-eyed and excited.

“We’ll have some soft drinks. Then we’ll get talking about that special project I told you of,” Susan said, closing the door behind the perky redhead.

Susan eyed the clock nervously, glancing out the front window as she opened the refrigerator door. They moved to the living room, Jenny perched anxiously on the edge of the couch looking around with wide, interested eyes. Susan smiled wanly. She remembered the first time she had visited one of her teachers. It was like being admitted into some secret world.

“Here you are, Jenny.”

“Oh, this is so exciting, Miss Evans. I mean, it’s not every day a student gets some insight into what our teachers are doing!”

“That’s true, Jenny.”

They talked for a bit longer. Then Susan heard a car pulling up in front of her house. It was just a little past seven. Her heart skipped a beat. She looked at Jenny, then looked away.

“Is something wrong, Miss Evans?”

“No, nothing at all, Jenny. It’s just that I haven’t told you everything about me bringing you here,” Susan began confessing until three sharp raps at the door cut her off.

“Who’s that?” Jenny asked.

Susan refused to answer, putting down her tall glass and rising from the chair. Moving to the door, she saw two broad silhouettes through the lace curtains. Hesitating only for a moment, she gripped the brass knob and turned it, opening the door.

“She here?” Jack whispered to Susan, looking over her shoulder.

“Yes. But please, don’t go through with this. Just go and come back. I’ll send Jenny home, then you can come back and do what you want with me.”

Jack leered. “Greedy, ain’t cha? Get a little touch of cockmeat and you want it all to yourself. That’s flattering. But we’re here to give you both some fun.”

“Miss Evans? Something wrong?”

“No, nothing.”

“Get outta the way. It’s about time I come in and introduce myself to the little slut.”

Jack pushed Susan to one side, striding into the house with Clint following. Susan closed the door, one hand to her throat. There was a moment’s pause. Then she heard Jenny cry out in horrified surprise.

“What… what are you doing here?”

Susan rushed into the room, stepping under the doorway. Jenny was still on the edge of the couch but her former light-hearted speech was gone. In its place was a horrified stare as she looked from Jack to Clint to Susan.

“Gonna fuck your brains out,” Jack said simply, dropping one hand to his groin.

“What?” Jenny stared with horror at her teacher.

Susan could only lower her eyes.

“We’re gonna fuck you till you can’t walk. Then we’re gonna fuck you again. It’s gonna be lots of fun. But we ain’t gonna do it here. We’re gonna take you both somewhere where we can really enjoy ourselves.”

“Miss Evans… what’s going on?” Jenny cried out, close to tears.

“I’m sorry, Jenny, they made me do it,” Susan confessed.

“Made? That’s a laugh. We been fuckin’ her for a while and man, she can’t get enough cockmeat in her. Got a feelin’ you’re gonna be the same way — once you get down from that pedestal you been on all your fuckin’ life.”

“Oh no, no, this can’t be happening! It just can’t!” Jenny said, clutching the back of the sofa nervously. She stared wildly up at Susan once more, then drew back into the soft pillows. She still shook her head from side to side, her pretty face clearly revealing the disgust and revulsion she felt.

“Maybe we oughtta make ‘er suck cock. That calms ’em down real fast, suckin’ cock.”

“No, no, stop it!” Jenny clapped her hands over her ears, kicking both legs out in front of her when Jack moved to her. “Leave me alone! Don’t touch me!”


“Don’t hurt her, for God’s sake!” Susan wailed. “Uhhhhhh!”

Clint pushed out one foot as Susan tried running for her student. Susan tripped, falling flat on her face. Her forehead grazed against the coffee table, the blow temporarily stunning her. She lay on the floor, half-hearing Jenny’s wild cries as Jack pulled her from the couch and spun her around until she was standing against the fireplace. Turning, Susan saw through her curtaining blonde hair the red, frightened face of Jenny Mape.

“Now you’re gonna get fucked real good. You ever been fucked, baby?”

“No, no, oh God, you’re disgusting!” the girl shrieked.

Jenny clenched her fists, pounding them wildly against Jack. The big stud only laughed, pushing her hands down, then drawing back his right fist.

“Don’t!” Susan screamed.

It was too late. She watched in horror as Jack crashed his fist into Jenny’s face. The girl’s screams quickly turned to a cry of agony. Another blow across the back of the head brought Jenny to the floor. She slumped onto the carpeting, her hands stretching protectively in front of her. Jack kneed her chin, knocking her head against the front edge of the fireplace.

“Uhhh, no, no.”

With that Jenny slumped unconscious to the floor.

“Rope ’em up. Then we’ll take ’em down to the garage,” Jack said.

“Garage?” Susan whimpered.

“Just a place we fixed up. My old man rented it before he kicked over. My mom let us keep it, figurin’ we were fixin’ up our cars and all that shit. She don’t know half of it!”


“Get some more line. She’s got plenty down in the basement,” Jack said.

Susan continued to writhe on the floor, looking now and then at Jenny. The girl had begun to stir, moving her fingers against the carpeting. Jack noticed this and moved over to her. Reaching down, he grabbed a fistful of her curly red hair, jerking her head up from the floor. Jenny grimaced, snapping into consciousness quickly from the pain. Jack lowered his face to hers, nearly spitting into it as he spoke.

“Take it, baby, take it all ’cause we ain’t gonna be lettin’ you go till we knock some of that high-and-mighty crap outta you.”

“Owwwww… lemme go, lemme… uhhhhhh!”

Jack twisted his fingers around more, tearing strands of hair from her scalp. Jenny shouted, her body jerking up while her fingers curled and clawed at the offending hand. Jack let her fight for a moment, then drew one hand back arid slapped the girl hard across the jaw. The blow knocked Jenny back against the fireplace.

Taking advantage of her temporarily stunned condition, he jerked her skirt up to her waist, curling his fingers around her pink cotton panties and pulling, them down to her knees. Jenny weakly put her hands down to protest but Jack was far too strong and determined. He pushed her away from the wall, shoving her skirt up a little more while knocking her legs apart. In a second he had buried his face in her red cuntal thicket, growling like a dog that had just found a delicious bone.

Jenny’s face slackened, her eyes rounding as her month opened. Jack was eating out the girl’s cunt, burrowing his tongue into her virgin pussy, ticking deep into her cunt. Jenny screamed, scooting her naked ass over the fireplace bricks while flailing her fists against the stud.

“No, no, filthy… filthy, dirty thing! Stop it, stop!”

Her cries only excited Jack more. He licked down deep, scouring her slick, virgin cunt walls. At times he nibbled at the small cunt lips, his square front teeth producing sensations the teen had never dreamed of.

“No, no, oh God!”

Clint returned from the basement with plenty of line in one hand. He stopped at the doorway, grinning at Jack.

“Couldn’t wait, eh?”


Jenny screamed again. Jack had torn out several cunthairs with his teeth. The girl rolled her head from left to right, strands of her red hair clinging to her dampened cheeks. Susan could see Jenny still couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Again she looked pleadingly at her teacher, searching for an answer.

“Rope ’em up and let’s take ’em away through the back. Looks like nobody’s home at the house next door. We’re just gonna make sure you don’t get any ideas.”

Jack fished out what appeared to be a red latex ball from his leather jacket pocket. Susan stared at it, wrinkling her forehead in curiosity.

“Open up.”


“I said, open up! Gonna make sure you and the bitch over there don’t talk or scream or nothin’ when we haul you outta here.”

Swearing under his breath, Jack reached down, pressing the fingers of both hands on either side of her jaw. Susan screamed with pain, her head feeling as if it were going to split apart. The woman felt something slipping between her teeth. That ball, that horrid ball! Jack jammed the thing into her mouth and when she tried pushing it out with her tongue, he slapped her across the face.

“Keep ‘er there.”

Taking a small piece of line Clint had brought from the cellar, Jack wrapped it around her head, affixing the ball in her mouth. Jenny was less fortunate. She had begun fighting Clint wildly, one of her legs kicking out. Slapping her twice, the stud finally tried to put a rubber ball in her mouth.

“Just jam somethin’ in the bitch’s mouth. We’ll knock ‘er around before she leaves so she won’t cause too much trouble.”

Fishing out a dirty handkerchief from his back pocket, Clint tried pushing it into the girl’s mouth. Jenny screamed more loudly, growing wild at the prospect of being gagged. Clint swore, grabbed her by the hair and twisted her head around. He jerked her face forward, knocking it against his knees. Again and again he pounded the teen’s nose and chin against his knee until Susan thought he would permanently disfigure Jenny.


“Now lick them boots, bitch! Lick ’em!” Clint growled.

He still held her by the hair, pushing her head down, rubbing her lips against the tops of his black boots.

Jenny gagged, her hands braced to either side at her body. She tried moving away but Clint only kicked her against the skull, threatening to smash her head it she did anything crazy like try to escape.


In the end he won, forcing her lips against the tops of his boots. Susan turned away, sickened by the sight. Jenny was gagging, coughing and sobbing, being forced to lick up and down around the tops of Clint’s boots. Jack laughed, taking another segment of line and twisting it around Susan’s wrists.

“She’s learnin’ fast,” Jack commented wryly, cinching the rope more tightly around the woman’s hands.

Susan grunted, the rough hemp slicing into her flesh. It was no worse, thank God, than the other night when they had strung her up from the rafters and beaten her.

“Come on, slut! Slick down them boots get that tongue workin’ in the gutters.”

Jenny coughed, turning her head and spitting out the vile mixture of spit and dirt. Clint ripped more strands from her scalp, drawing out more cries of pain and agony from the teen. He dragged her lips down the gutters, then turned his boot up so she would be forced to tongue his heels and soles.


Jenny had had enough. They had defeated her. Jack and Clint saw this and smiled, getting up and moving td the girl.

“The handkerchief oughtta be good enough for this one till we get ’em back to our place,” Jack said, taking the teen by the shoulders and pushing her back.

Jenny had closed her eyes, tears oozing from under her long red lashes. Her cheeks were reddened by his blows. He brushed the foul smelling handkerchief against her dirt-smeared lips.

“Now open up and take it. We’re gonna make sure you don’t scream or nothin’.”

Jenny opened her eyes, staring with raw hatred at her tormentors. Bur there was nothing, she could do. Her teacher had betrayed her and there would be no hope in escaping from these animals just yet. Obediently, Jenny did as she was told.

Jack grinned, balling up the handkerchief and shoving it past her front teeth. The girl gagged and swallowed, once more closing her eyes in shame and defeat.

“Get the tape.”

Clint taped the rag in the girl’s mouth while Jack cinched her wrists behind her in a double slipknot. No one said another word as the two teens hauled the bound women up to a standing position and forced them to march into the kitchen.


Jack and Clint had lost no time in getting the women to the garage. The teens had turned the building into a kind of bondage playroom and, when Susan first stumbled in, she drew in a sharp breath, taking in the various odd devices. She felt her flesh crawling with horror. Jenny was completely at sea, staring wide-eyed at Susan, then at this horrid building.

“She’s gonna have to have some training to make her a little more friendly,” Clint suggested, removing Jenny’s gag.

A lock of terror shadowed Jenny’s face, she began backing away. Jack grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her forward. Clint unbound Susan’s wrists, reaching around and pulling the gag from her mouth.


Susan moved her tongue against the insides of her cheeks, trying to wash away the terrible taste of the latex ball. She felt him unbuttoning her dress.

“No, not here… not in front of her,” Susan whispered.

“Gettin’ too fuckin’ modest now you got one of the kids here? Well, too bad.”

There were tearing sounds and Susan screamed as Clint tore her dress in two. She bent slightly at the waist, her tits jiggling in the confines of her tight-fitting bra.

Susan watched Jenny being spun around, her blouse and skirt also being ripped from her body. The screeching redhead tried kicking at Jack and but the dark-haired stud only laughed at her wild attempts, slapping her twice before hooking one hand around her bra and snapping it from her body.

“Noooo!” Jenny cried, her eyes wide, her upper arms hugging inward to hide her tits.

Jack slapped her arms apart, knocking them to either side of her body. Jenny staggered back, fighting off the young man, unable to protect herself. Susan felt Clint pulling her panties down at the same time that Jack finished stripping the sobbing teen. She saw Jenny’s full, plump ass jiggling as her body pitched backward. The bright golden-red cunt hairs surrounding Jenny’s pussy glistened in the over head light as she again tried to protect her cunt and nipples from public view.

“Man, she’s nice… just about like I thought she’d be,” Jack said, glancing over at the howling girl.

“Yeah, and when we get through with her, fuckin’ her good ‘n proper; she’s gonna be screamin’ for more cockmeat — just like teach over there,” Clint observed.

“Stop it!” Susan cried, clapping her hands over her cars.

“Too bad. We must’ve said something to offend the bitch,” Jack said mockingly.

“Let’s get this one hung up on the pyramids. That’ll cool the slut down.”

“And we’re gonna make sure you don’t run around and do something stupid,” Jack said to Susan, backing her up.

The woman shuffled backward. Again she looked around her, staring at the whips, riding crops, and other devices hanging from the wooden walls. Finally she felt her naked ass pressing against the wall behind her. Jack grinned at her, raising one hand up to her face. Susan flinched,, certain he was going to strike her.

But instead be hooked on a metal collar device which screwed into the rotting wood to one side of her throat. He tightened it across her windpipe until she could hardly breathe or swallow. She couldn’t take a single step forward or to either side and Susan stared at Jenny, who was struggling with Clint near-by.

The teen was fingering her pussy, sliding his hands all around her cunt and grinning while the hapless girl jerked in his arms. Her tits slapped against one another while her thighs jiggled and shivered. With a cruel laugh Clint reached around and grabbed her ass hard, squeezing until Jenny yelped, her legs kicking out in front of her.


“Get ‘er up,” Jack said.

Susan watched in shocked fascination as the teens began Jenny’s ordeal. Clint shoved her forward, still holding tightly onto one of her hands. Jenny kept her head lowered, shamed beyond belief at having been stripped naked in front of all these people. She cast a baleful look at Susan before being told to stand directly under what appeared to be an overhead pulley device.

“Okay, bitch, now you’re gonna get a taste of real discipline — not that shit ol’ teach over there hands our in class,” Jack growled.


“Susan over there… your Miss Evans… is gonna have fun watchin’ you. It’s gonna be a real education for her — teacher gettin’ an education. I like it,” Clint said, reaching up and turning a small winch.

The pulleys groaned, a rope with a broad, lined cuff descended until it was about four feet from the floor. Jack took Jenny’s right hand and stretched it up and out, attaching the cuff to her wrist. The girl shuddered, looking up at the pulley with frightened eyes.

“Nothin’ to worry about, baby. Nothin’ to worry about,” Jack assured her.

Weeping, the teen trembled as Clint moved to the winch and began turning it. The groans filled the room and Jenny gasped, her arms rising higher and higher until the muscles and tendons were strained. She cried out, begging them to stop. Still Clint turned the winch. Her head snapped back, her wails bouncing off the walls. Her fingers curled around the rope as if her nails could somehow cut through the hemp and stop this terrible pressure.


“Stop it… oh God, you’re hurting her… you’re really hurting her!” Susan wailed. Jack and Clint only laughed, Clint still turning the winch, Susan gasped, seeing the girl’s feet start to leave the floor. Jenny’s face paled, then turned beet red her cheeks puffing out with agony. She cried out again, tears streaming down her flushed face.


Susan watched the strapped girl rise higher and higher until she was nearly eighteen inches from the floor. Susan now understood why the wristband was so broad. Rope alone surely would have cut through the skin.

“Oh God,” Susan gasped, watching as Jenny swung out from her bonds.

“No, oh, oh, oh!” the girl gasped.

“Christ, but I like hearin’ her shout now,” Clint said.

“Come on. Let’s finish this up and have a beer while she thinks about what’s gain on with her,” Jack said, pulling out several lengths of rope from a scratched, dented gray metal box.

“No, no!”

Protesting all the way, Jenny struggled vainly against the two teens. But the more she moved her body, the more pulling agony she was causing to herself. In the end she surrendered, sagging in defeat. Susan turned her head from the scene blinking away tears of guilt while her student suffered horribly at the hands of those sadists.

Clint did most of the work. First he attached an anklet around Jenny’s right ankle, then another around her left, wrist. The girl moaned. Jack helped in lifting and bending back their victim’s leg, fastening the two hands together with a single strand of rope. Now the weeping girl hung from one wrist, her other wrist and its opposite ankle joined just below her lower back. Her left foot hung down without support, dangling and jerking. Jenny’s face reflected her pain and Susan cried out in sympathy.

“Oh, this is terrible! How can you do something like this?”

Jack said nothing, moving around behind the gray metal box and producing an old pyramid of wood approximately eighteen inches in height. Its broad base tapered to a rounded point of about two inches in diameter.

“Don’t like seein’ somebody hangin’ up like that,” Jack said, kicking the pyramid under Jenny’s dangling foot. “This way you’ll have something to take the weight off… if you want. But it’s gonna be pretty fuckin’ painful after a while standin’ on that thing. Just a friendly warnin’.”


Jenny’s leg moved around, her foot searching wildly for the to rest weight on the pyramid might well be more painful than to hang by the wrist without support. She wondered if Jack’s warning was sinking into Jenny’s confused brain or not. The woman knew the choice would be a cruelly tantalizing alternative through the night, or however long the teens decided to leave the girl dangling from the ceiling.

Jack stepped back, surveying his work approvingly. He laughed.

“I’m gonna get the fuck out of here now, babe. You’ve got sometime to think about what the hell’s gonna happen to you once we take you down. This is just the start, baby, just the start.”

Both teens lumbered out the garage, slamming the side door behind them so hard that the painted-over windows rattled in their frames. In a moment the only sounds in the room were Jenny’s heavy breathing punctuated by her moans. At times she tried jerking her bound arm, attempting to break the rope holding her to the overhead device. But it was impossible.

Then she moved her foot around to the pyramid, sighing with relief as she rook much of the weight from her wrist and shoulder off. But then the pressure of that rounded tip against her arch grew incredibly painful. With another gasp the teen kicked herself free, bouncing with increasing agony from the overhead pulley.

“Oh God, Jenny, I’m so sorry. They made me do it. I didn’t have any choice!” Susan cried, feeling she had to say something to her tortured student: “Oh God, Miss Evans, it hurts so much! Oh, oh, I don’t think I can take it!”

“You have to, Jenny. There’s no alternative. You have to. No matter what they do to you, just think about surviving. This can’t last all night,” Susan said encouragingly, not believing her own words.

“Oh, oh!”

Jenny twisted around on the rope, not saying much more to her teacher. There were times when her heart-rending cries made Susan tremble in her bonds. Finally the woman couldn’t take it any more.

“Scream if it helps, Jenny. It’s sure to make you feel better.”

“Oh, ohhhhh… aghghghhh!”

Susan tore at her chains. Jack had been shrewd in his punishment. Even though she herself was suffering no pain she watched helplessly while this innocent girl twisted and writhed in agony. Susan swallowed that lump of guilt.

“Oh, Jenny, does it hurt very much?” she finally asked after Jenny sank once more to the pyramid.

“Oh yes, yes! My shoulder’s on fire and my arm hurts, Miss Evans. I think I could stand it for a few more minutes. But if they leave me like this all night… oh God, I’m going to lose my arm. I know it. I can’t take this any more!”

Jenny’s cries were becoming more desperate, driving Susan half mad with horror. At times they tried to talk but what was there to say?

The woman stood there feeling more and more miserable, the metal collar cutting into her throat, reminding her of her bondage. She began, to twist and writhe as Jenny’s cries became more and more frenzied. In the end Susan herself started to scream, her shouts joining Jenny’s. In a moment Clint came in, a beer can in one hand. Jack stepped in right behind him, slamming the side door shut.

“Jesus Christ! You’re gonna wake up the dead with all this screetchin’,” Clint said, looking up at the hapless Jenny.

“Take her down. It’s unfair to leave her like this. For God’s sake, take her down!” Susan cried as she looked with tear-blurred eyes at the student.

“You wanna take her place? You wanna hang up there instead of her?”

Susan swallowed again. She remembered having hung from the rafters — that feeling of helplessness, of complete vulnerability. They could whip her again, peeling the flesh off her bones as they nearly had the other night. She had seen Jenny’s look of surprised horror when the teens had stripped her. All those whip-stripes still marred her assflesh and back. Could she endure something like that again?

“I… yes, she can’t take something like this much longer. I can,” Susan said.

“Noble,” Jack commented.

“Yeah, but that ain’t the plan. Let’s put a box under the little bitch while we work with this one,” Clint said, nodding at Jenny.

The redhead teen sighed with some relief when Jack pushed a small overturned wooden box in place of the pyramid. At least she was able to stand on her tip-toes and bring considerable relief to her arm. Jack then moved up to Susan, removing the collar that had held her pinned to the wall.

“Over here.”

The woman shuffled past Jenny, marveling at the way the teens had trussed her. Jack stopped her by a workbench. Clint was moving that gray metal box up to them.

“Think you can fuck her in the ass while she hangs up like that?”

Jenny overheard the suggestion and began wailing like a mad woman. “No, no, don’t touch me like that! I’m not like Miss Evans! Don’t touch me!” Susan reddened.

“Some pupil, eh Miss Evans?” Jack chuckled.

Clint moved to the screaming girl, patting her ass, then moving around behind her and holding her ass cheeks apart. Jenny threw back her head and kept on shouting at him, begging him to leave her alone while she dangled there helplessly. Clint shoved his face in her ass, licking, tunneling with his tongue, laughing as the teen reddened and gasped at the feel of his mouth on her asshole.

“Don’t worry about her. You’re gonna have enough problems of your own,” Jack advised.

“What?” Susan gasped.

“Get on the table.”

Susan did as she was told, swinging her long, naked legs onto the splintery surface.

She rubbed her heels over the top, watching as Jack bent down and pulled out a weird assortment of objects. They were all about three inches long or in diameter and had screws on them. She wrinkled her forehead, glancing at the still-shouting Jenny, then moving her eyes back to Jack. He had picked up one clamp-like object and was opening it.

“What… what are they?” Susan asked, her mind reeling at the possibilities those horrid things suggested.

“Things to make you feel good,” Jack said, climbing half onto the table.

He pushed her back until her head struck the table. Susan lay there like a victim undergoing some hideous operation. He was tugging her thighs wide apart, smoothing his fingers over her flesh, watching her face reflect the uncertainty and horror at what was going on. Looking over her jutting, hard-nippled tits Susan watched as her student took one earring-like object and brought it down to her pussy. She shivered, jerking her ass off the table while curling her toes until they cramped. The metal was cold against her pussy lips and she was about to protest but then thought better of it.


“That’s it, baby, that’s it, just take it easy. It ain’t gonna be hard for you to take it. You’ve been through a lot more.”

He was screwing one of those things onto her cuntlips, letting it fall to one side. He had her cunt labe trapped in a screw and was pulling it to one side.


It was such a weird feeling being opened that way. She shifted her ass against the wooden table top, feeling the splinters knifing into her white, goose-fleshed skin. That prickling sensation added to her own delight. She groaned, rubbing the backs of her legs against the wood behind her, Jenny was still creaming and Susan could hear the wet, smacking sounds of Clint’s mouth against the girl’s asshole.


“That’s good, real good.”

Jack smiled as the woman gritted her teeth in pain and odd delight. That pulling sensation was doing strange things to her. Susan feared the screw might tear into her flesh. But at the same time the feeling of pressure and pulling against her cunt was sending streams of pleasure into her brain. How odd the two opposite feelings, pleasure and pain, were vying for attention.

“Now for the next one.”

Jack attached another ring to her other cunt lip, letting it fall gently to the other thigh.

Susan groaned, arching her spine slightly from the table top. She was spread wide open, feeling the cool air blowing gently against her warm cuntal mouth. How horrible! And there was more to come!


“You just can’t get enough of this crap, can you? The more I throw out, the more you want. Too bad your prize pupil over there can’t feel the same way,” Jack said, nodding in Jenny’s direction.

Again Susan glanced at the hanging redhead. Clint was going crazy around her ass, his hands pinching her black-and-blue while his tongue still tunneled into her asshole. There were times when he fucked her with his fingers, driving them in until Jenny shouted something about still being a virgin. Clint only laughed and threatened to pop her cherry with a knife.


Next Jack attached heavy iron rings to her nipples. They must have been at least three inches in diameter, the screws old and rusted. Jack kept tightening them, the small round pads pressing against those brown rubbery nubs until Susan protested. She drew her hands forward, trying to knock the painful things from her tits. She was rewarded for this move by a resounding slap across the face. The woman cried out, her hands dropping to her sides once again.


Jack finished screwing on the rings, squeezing their tits and laughing as Susan grimaced in pain. The woman clenched her teeth once more, refusing to scream. She had told Jenny they were to think only of survival. She would scream only if she had to.

Next Jack took some cord from that gray metal box and bound her wrists to the legs of the table, threading the rope around itself to form two double figure-eight knots. The cord was thin and it cut into her flesh. The tension and pain let her know that the more she struggled, the more it would hurt her.

Jack moved around to the foot of the table now, taking another length of quarter-inch white cord and binding her ankles to her thighs. She felt her cuntlips moving farther apart from this move. If he wanted an easy fuck, the teen couldn’t have planned it better. Susan adjusted her position a bit more, feeling the pressure of her body weight increasing against her shoulders. Jack attached a loop to one knee, running the cord under the table then sliding the rope around her other knee. In this grotesque fashion he was preventing her from clamping her knees together.

“Now,” he said, grinning at her. “We’re gonna have some fun… you know, the kind you like. Good, hot fuckin’.”

Susan was bound hand and foot, her thighs spread so she couldn’t close them. She twisted her head around, watching a Jenny swayed from the ceiling. Clint was finger-fucking her now with both hands, pulling her cunt lips open much in the same way, hers were spread. Jenny was sobbing out something about the pain. If she were a virgin as she claimed, this was a terrible way to lose her cherry. Clint had his fingers buried up to his knuckles all the time and was still tonguing her asshole.


Susan turned from Jenny, watching Jack undress again. His fat cock was long and thick again, the tip purple and slick with hiss precum. He was ready to fuck her and much to her shame, Susan realized she was ready to be fucked. How she wanted to feel him crawling on top of her!

Throwing the belt down, Jack slid on top of her, his cock dry-fucking her. Susan groaned, feeling the full hot thick length sliding over her greasy cunt mouth. At times the arrow-shaped prick head nudged up against her clit. How much she wanted to have his cock squeeze into her again. If only he would fuck her now! Yes, she could well imagine how her itchy cuntal walls were going to cinch up tight against the hot sides while his balls nestled themselves between her splayed thighs.


“Want more?”

“No, no, no more!” she screamed, lying right through her teeth.


He brought the flat of his left hand hard against her right cheek, then back-handed her. Susan felt the heat of his wild blows but there wasn’t pain. She felt that odd kind of heat again. The thought that these were her students, her pupils doing this to her while they were raping her prize student near-by sent more thrills of unholy delight soaring through Susan’s bound body.

“Fuckin’ A, baby! The more I give, the more you want… Just like I told Clint.”

This time she had have no way to protect herself. Jack doubled the belt then brought the leather down between her thighs.


“Yeah! This is a lotta fun,” Jack laughed.

“No, no!”

Susan jerked her knees together but there was no way she could protect her cunt. One more time the doubled leather belt sliced into her thighs, dangerously close to her pussy. Susan cried out, jerking her ass up off the bench as best she could.

“Don’t you like it, baby? You don’t like gettin’ warmed up this way before fuckin’?”

“No, no!” Susan spat out, her body growing slick with nervous perspiration.

She turned her head around just in time to see a pink froth oozing from Jenny’s cunt hole. Clint had popped her cherry with his fingers, raping the girl, tearing her innocence from her in this foul way. The tormented teen only groaned, her body slick with sweat as it dangled obscenely from the ceiling.


Fires of hell raged through Susan as the belt came down on her belly and thighs.

“Come on, baby, ask me to stop. Maybe I will.”

“No, no, don’t… don’t touch me!” Susan screamed, her voice shrilling. “I don’t want you touching me!”

“You had enough?”

“Oh God!”

Jenny let out another howl, this one reflecting more pain than the last. Susan’s heart went out to the girl but she had problems of her own. Jack slapped her again, reaching down and mouthing her tits with his lips.

“So, baby, you wanna be fucked like an animal. That’s the way it’s gonna be, then.”

Susan squirmed her body, feeling it straining against the ropes. Jack crawled on top a little farther, pressing his lips against hers, then driving his tongue into her mouth. She felt the hot, slippery thing slink past her front teeth and scour the insides of her cheeks. Again and again Susan tried screaming out her disgust, her rage. But something in her kept that quiet.


His tongue shot around her mouth, attacking every pink ridge and hollow inside. He gripped her long flowing blonde hair with one hand, tearing at it while he slipped the other hand beneath and squeezed her whipped ass. The pressure of his fingers against her asscheeks inflamed the lust the woman felt building in her crotch.

“No, oh God! No, don’t do that… yaghhghghhhhh!”

Jenny was crying out again, her screams following the dry smacking of a leather belt against her body. The air was marked now with the staccato sounds of the belt smacking against her body. Susan cried out as Jenny’s voice broke.

“Stop this, for God’s sake. You’re going to kill her!”

“She loves it — just the way her teacher does,” Jack shot back.

“No, no, that’s not true!”

“Lyin’ slut.”

Jack went back to her mouth, kissing Susan long and hard. He loved holding her like this, degrading her with his body, kissing and tonguing her mouth while dry-fucking her with his cock. And all, the time those dreadful screws held her cunt open and pinched her nipples cruelly.


What was more exciting was that the pressure of those screws on her cuntlips and tit tips now made her ache with lust. She wanted a cock, a big cock inside her. She knew a prick as big as the one sported by Jack would stretch her cunt to its elastic limits.

“Oh no, stop it… please…”

“Gettin’ too warm for you, baby? Gettin’ too much for you to take?”

He slapped her again. Susan felt the massive, shocking thrills surge through her as Jack slid his cock up and down. She felt the tip gouging against her belly button. Susan grunted in frustration, closing her eyes while gritting her teeth. Fucked, fucked, she had to get fucked!

“You’re fantastic, slut. That’s a big surprise. Most of the teachers think are all kinda dried up inside. But you’re still pumpin’ in and out.”

His mouth was all over her face now, wetting her lips, her cheeks, her eyelids, her throat. Susan knew her body reveled in that touch. But at the same time she felt disgust at herself for having led one of her students into this kind of madness. And the baleful cries from Jenny let her know she had been something of a pimp in luring the innocent teen to this garage of horror.

Susan’s large tits heaved up and down as Jack began pulling on her pinched nipples. She bit at him once, only to have him slap her. Jack reveled in hurting her, she could see it in his brown eyes. The more she writhed against her bonds, the more he loved it.

“Gonna try somethin’ here, baby. I know you want my cock up your cunt. That’s gonna be part of the fun — me knowin’ how bad you wanna get fucked, and me holdin’ back on you.”

“Uh… no, no, don’t… don’t think that! I don’t want you.”

But Susan knew Jack could see the lie in her eyes. She flushed, turning her head away as he began sliding up her body. She felt his knees spreading across her and then in a moment she turned around to find him sitting on her chest, working his fingers around and around his fat cock. Susan nearly had to look cross-eyed at the thick thing jerking and twitching like a live animal before her. Susan felt the itchy hot ache pulse through her cunt more strongly, more maddeningly than before!

“Oh yeah, nice tits, big tits.”

Jack was leaning forward, his hairy ass rising from her chest. Using both hands he pressed her tits inward while fucking his prick back and forth between them. Susan groaned, feeling the oiled cock sliding against her tits, rubbing up against those horrid clamps.

“Uhhhhhh… oh no! No! No!”

Jack closed his eyes, riding her tits, sliding his cock up and down, up and down until Susan thought her nipples would catch on fire from the friction. It was a whole new sensation, one that brought gasps of delight from her lips. Again she heard Jenny cry out, the sound of leather smacking against sweaty flesh swinging out in the room.

But something new was happening to Susan now. She no longer felt sympathy with the struggling teen. There was something like impatience coursing through her mind. Enjoy it, silly. Susan wanted to tell the girl, although some sense of propriety kept her from shouting out her advice.

“Oh yeah, yeah, nice nips! Man, could go on fuckin’ like this all night, then blow my wad right into your fuckin’ face. Yeah, I’d be watchin’ you blinkin’ my jizz off your eyes while I kept shooting. Man, and my balls are achin’.. really achin’ to cut loose!”

Susan watched as Jack squeezed his purple cockhead. A drop of juice oozed from the piss slot, dribbling down in a string to her right tit. Susan closed her eyes, shuddering as she thought of the two of them fucking.

“Want it, bitch? Want to get my cock in your good hot pussy now?”

“Oh… oh yes, yes!”

Susan could no longer deny what was obvious. She wanted to get fucked and now!

“You’re hot enough. You ain’t gonna try nothin’ like goin’ away. No way,” Jack said, untying the ropes that held her arms, then loosening the ones that kept her thighs from clenching together.

“Wonder if your mouth can suck as well as your body can take all this crap, I think I’m gonna mouth-fuck you, baby. Ever give head?”

“No!” Susan gasped. “Come on, baby.”

“No, I’ll bite, I’ll bite, it off!”

Jack only laughed, threatening to knock her teeth out one by one if she ever said that again. He climbed onto her a little more laughing as her face became wet and streaked with perspiration. Susan saw that hungry, wolf-like stare in Jack’s eyes and a moment she felt his knees pressing into her upper arm muscles. One hand moved forward, the fingers twisting in her silky blonde hair. He pulled the strands back, forcing her to open her mouth.

Leaning forward, Jack brushed her lower lip with his cockhead. Susan swallowed hard. She could smell him, smell the arousal of his crotch, and it made her cuntal walls buckle. Jack moved forward a little more, his balls touching her chin. Susan couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Sucking cock, sucking the cock of one of her own students! She moved her ass cheeks around a little more, again feeling those horrid little splinters against her assflesh.

Jack prodded her lips with the prick head, laughing as she refused to open her mouth. Once or twice Susan tried moving her head away from his cock. But Jack only jerked her hair, forcing her to return to an upright position.

“C’mon, teach. Come and open that fuckin’ mouth, baby. I wanna feel your tongue movin’ around on my cock. You yap so much in class well, this is one’ fuckin’ way you’re gonna get some peace.”


Jack stared down at his cock, which jerked with anticipation. The blue veins pressed hard against the stretched cock skin while more juice oozed from the piss slit.

“Oh yeah, yeah…”

Jack drew the prick head back and forth around her lips, coating them with pre-cum. Susan felt the slime over her mouth and she swallowed again, her tongue licking at the bleachy-tasting fluid. It tasted good, very good! She was about to open her mouth and swallow when the big stud slapped her twice, demanding she suck his prick.

Susan’s eyes crossed now as she tried focusing in on the massive cock dangling in front of her. Slowly, tentatively the woman opened her mouth. Jack smiled in triumph, tensing his thighs while working his prick into her mouth. Susan gagged at first, his prick was stretching her mouth wide, oh so wide! She felt his cock sliding over her tongue, forcing her cheeks to puff out.

“Move that tongue around, baby. Just don’t sit there!”


His cock was halfway in her now, his balls dragging along her face. Susan swallowed again and again, tasting the clean, strange flavor of his jizz.

“Yeah, yeah, feel it. Get your hands up here and feel what’s rapin’ your fuckin’ mouth.”

He was enjoying this fully, sliding his prick back and forth, his balls pillowing out against her chin. And, as he talked, Jack stretched one of his hands back. In a moment Susan felt him grabbing at her clit, twisting it between his thumb and forefinger. He twisted harder, hearing the girl sigh with pain. It filled him with a good deal of lust knowing how much agony and pleasure he was causing the young woman.

Susan writhed more frenziedly when he pulled at her clit. Jack calmed her by fucking her face a little more, banging his prickhead against the back of her throat.

“Gonna shove it all the way down until your fuckin’ belly’s swellin’.”

Susan found herself holding his cock tightly in her fist. Feeling it, sliding her fingers around that mouth-fucking cock, was exciting as hell! He moved his cock back and forth in regular fucking movements now, watching as a froth of saliva and jizz began building up along the corners of her stretched lips. And all the while Jack was still fooling with her clit, twisting it, making her cry out against that prick.


Jack released her hair and her clit, moving his hands down to her face. Susan had begun sucking hard now, her lips pursing tightly around the mushroom-shaped cock head, then flattening out as the young stud drove his prick in all the way. Susan nearly sneezed when she felt the wiry cock hairs bristling into her nostrils. Her nose was flattened while the young woman struggled for air.


“Oh yeah, yeah, that’s the way! Move that tongue around and make me cum!”

No, no, she didn’t want to have him unloading his spunk in her mouth while her cunt went unattended. Clint was busy with Jenny, working her over in the corner. Susan knew she would be left high and dry if Jack abandoned her now.

“No, no, noooo!”

Susan readied up, caressing Jack’s balls, feeling their leathery beat through her slender fingers. The more she sucked his fat cock, the more she wanted to suck. And then Susan felt him easing his knees off her cramped arms and he smoothed his thumbs over her cheeks.

The weight and bulk of that heavy cock clogging her mouth sent shockwave after shockwave through her. Susan realized she was feeling miniature climaxes such as she had enjoyed in the past. They were preludes, overtures to a far bigger one to some, she knew.


“This is gonna be good. Man, gonna fuck you so hard you won’t piss for a week!”



The latest cry was too loud and pained to be ignored. Susan looked around. Clint had unfastened Jenny from the ceiling while still keeping the cuffs tied to one another. He had lain Jenny across what appeared to be a sawhorse. How grotesque she looked, one wrist tied still to the opposite ankle. Clint obviously had his cock buried in her cuntal muff and now he was working his thighs back and forth. Jenny was screaming like a wild woman, her back threatening to break over the narrow brace of the sawhorse.

The sight of her prize pupil being fucked like that excited Susan more and more. She wanted Clint to fuck Jenny, to fuck her brains out until the little bitch cried for more. Jack was right. Susan could also hear something in Jenny’s screams. The girl was enjoying this, enjoying the pain, the humiliation!


Jack slid his cock back into her mouth once again. Susan sucked more and more furiously. She increased the pressure of her lips, sliding her tongue from side to side against the sensitive underside of his fat cock. More jizz oozed from his piss slit and she could taste the flat flavor.

“Oh yeah, yeah, that’s the way. Turn onto it! Man whip that tongue around… ohhh fuckin’ Jesus, yeahhhh! Christ, gonna fuck you good!”

Jack crammed his cock all the way down into her mouth once again, banging his hairy crotch against her face until Susan choked. The woman’s long, slender fingers squeezed and pumped at his balls all the more as he facefucked her into oblivion.

“Uhhhhh… oooohhhhh!”

Jack thought of strangling her with his cock. The thought of cock-choking, a woman made him shiver with excitement. Slowly he drew his prick out, watching as Susan’s lips puckered along the slick, throbbing pink cock skin.

Susan found it difficult to believe she was acting this way. Again and again she asked herself why she was responding to this man. All she knew was the fire in her cunt was growing. The more he abused her, the more excited she became. And now, flat on the table, her body twisted and tormented, her mouth fucked wide open by his cock, Susan still wanted more.


The clamps holding her cuntlips open made her pussy itch with a lust for that massive cock. Her feet stretched behind Jack, the soles rubbing up against the backs of his legs. Jack was bent forward again, his palms gripping the edge of the table as he dug his knees into the wood on either side of her head. He kept thrusting his prick in and out, in and out of her mouth, his head rolling while he closed his eyes in ecstasy.

“Man, oh man, gonna dump it… gonna dump it right in your mouth.”


Susan protested vehemently. He couldn’t cum in her mouth! She wouldn’t let it. She had to have his cock in her pussy! Susan twisted her body around and around, one hand restraining his cock. She could feel the thick cum-tube vibrating through the hot skin. No, no, she couldn’t let him climax now!

“Greedy bitch. I know what you’re up to. You want it down there. Oh yeah…”

Jack suddenly sat up, yanking the full length of his fucking cock from her mouth. Sliding backward, he let his cock leave a trail of lube down her throat and between her tits. Jack could see how swollen and pinched her nipples had become and he used his cock head to draw wet circles around them. Susan groaned, shifting her thighs from side to side. She wondered again how her mind had accepted this monster for a lover. Her teeth clenched with self-loathing. But then those needles of lustful pleasure shot through her again, knocking away all thoughts of morality.

Susan moaned again as Jack reached behind and once again tweaked her clit.

“Nooooo!” Jenny sobbed out her frustration and horror, her cunt cruelly raped by Clint.

Susan could hear from the heavy, uneven panting that the stud was about to cum. Jenny was screaming for him to stop but the teen was still fucking her, his body driving hers hard and painfully against the narrow edge of the sawhorse.

“Ahhhhhh!” Susan gasped as Jack leaned down and sucked her tight nipple.

He took in her tit tip, screw and all. She let out another, shriek, feeling his teeth biting on the swollen nipple. He bit down so hard Susan screamed yet again, but this time the cry was not one of pain. The girl jerked with a pleasure she felt consuming her every thought in her mind. The sheer thrill of his teeth chewing on her nipple sent another pre-orgasmic thrill shooting through her.

Rising waves of unresistable delight took complete possession of her. She found herself enjoying another mini-orgasm. The hot, slippery fluid that had slicked down her cunt lips still oozed from her pussy hole, wetting down her pussy hairs until they were slicked with the stuff.


His teeth chewed harder on her tit tips, drawing more screams and groans from the woman. She beat the table with her clenched fists, snapping her head from left to right.


“Oh yeah, fuck it out, fuck it out!”

Jack was getting ready to fuck the woman. Susan grunted through her teeth, her ass cheeks slamming against the table top. Never in her life had she wanted to be filled with a man’s cock as much as she did now. Jack spread her apart, his knees pressing against her knees, his hands holding her shoulders down to the table.

“Yessss… oh God! Fuck me with it! Fuck me, fuck me!”

“You got it, slut!”

With one mighty thrust Jack sank his aching cock in to the hilt. Susan’s jaw slackened, her eyes glazing over with satisfied desire. Once his cock had slipped past her pulled-apart inner cuntlips, the cock had to force its way in. Susan hadn’t been fucked in some time and all the excitement that had been gradually building in her had made her tight. Jack grunted, his eyes opening in surprise. Tensing his thigh and ass muscles, the stud shoved forward again, the force of his fuck-thrust lifting Susan’s ass from the table.

“Man, oh man! It’s like fuckin’ some Goddamned virgin!”

Sweat beaded on his forehead, dropping down onto her face. Susan jerked, feeling her cunt tighten up once more around his prick.

“Oh baby, that’s it, work it out, work that fuckin’ pussy around. Oh yeah, you know how to fuck a guy… you beep warnin’ to do this for some lime.”

“Oh yes, yes…”

Susan fucked back with the fury of the damned, her feet flattening out against the table top while her fingers curled and clawed Jack’s back. Behind her she could again hear Jenny’s sorrowful cries. Clint was fucking her half to death, the sounds of his belly slapping wetly against hers filling the room. When Jenny started screaming too, Clint backhanded her several times.

Susan’s cunt was so tight around the throbbing cock that Jack thought the circulation in his cock would be cut off. He knew that the woman, although hardly a virgin, hadn’t been used much. That was good… really good. She had been broken in just enough not to complain when he shoved his prick into her up to his balls. There was a wild expression of pain on her face as his cock widened her pussy.


Susan gasped, once more thinking how her body was being torn in two by that massive cock. He began fucking her regularly now, drawing his cock back, then sliding it back in on the thick film of her cunt juice.

He shoved down hard, raising his thighs slightly from the bench so his prick continually rubbed against her clit. As his cock stabbed into her bubbling pussy, he shoved his tongue back into her mouth. The woman bubbled and gurgled with the mixture of pain and lust. Her sounds gurgled into his mouth, making their wild fucking all that much more exciting. Her hands gripped his shoulders, her long nails digging into his flesh as she strained and squirmed, working her tight, furry cunt around his hard-on.

“Fuck… man, gonna pop off in her pussy pretty fuckin’ soon!”

“No, no!”

The thickness of his fucking cock let the woman feel everything against her cunt walls at once as he kept on fucking her. Jack would pull all the way back, bracing his knees against the table while letting only the bulbous head tug against her cunt lips. Then he threw all his weight into a forward lurch and again buried his cock in her. He kept on stabbing his greasy hunk of prickmeat in again and again, setting a beat the woman soon picked up.

“Ohhhh God!”

“Gonna do it… gonna do it,” Jack panted, shaking the sweat from his forehead.

“Oh noooo…”

Susan struggled to climb the long pole again and again, straining every muscle to meeting the pounding of his cock. Her thighs jerked up to his driving thrusts and she could feel her pussy lips tightening around that fat prick until she thought she could hear her bones cracking from the wild fuck. She wanted more cock, more sensation, more of the pain and humiliation.

“Oh no… gonna cum, cum!” Susan cried closing her eyes and feeling the explosion of lusty fire burning into her dir. It was going to be the most wild hardest cum of her life!

“Good, baby, that’s the way.”


Susan thought the world had exploded and gone to hell all around her. She shouted and sobbed, shoving her tightened cunt against Jack’s groin. She slammed his body violently, making the stud grunt. Susan cried out his name, clawing her fingernails along his broad back, flailing the backs of her legs against the table. She dragged her hard nipples over his chest, feeling her pussy cinch down yet again on his pumping cock rod.

“Oh, oh… aghghghg!”

Jack continued to fuck her like a wild man, writhing his hips around, stirring his cock inside her like a giant spoon. He stopped for a moment, keeping his prick rod all the way in her pussy. Susan rolled her eyes back into her head, staring wildly at the ceiling while her knees trembled mightily. Still the awesome spasms of her climax were raging through her body and she hunched up, making short, guttural sounds.

“Uh… huhhhhrrrr! Hughhhhrrr!”

The fiery climactic spasms fired into her clit. Susan was bouncing against Jack, then against while the big stud began his final fuck-thrust. “Man, fuck it out! Fuck!”

Jack fucked into her hard, each fuck-thrust making Susan’s body slam hard against the table. That was good, very good. The frantic teacher needed that violence, needed to feel his body hammering into hers as she continued exploding again and again in climax. When Jack grabbed onto her hair once more and yanked hard, Susan shrieked in ecstasy. When he slapped her with the back of his right hand, his knuckles bruising her chin as he began firing his white-hot load of jizz into her cunt, the woman felt herself propelled into heaven.

Still heaving and gasping, Susan watched whirling stars explode in front of her. They burst in the darkest part of her brain while convulsions racked her body. Susan wished this could go on for an eternity and for a while she thought it surely would. The massive fuck jolts took her will and strength away as her cunt clenched again and again at the shooting prick. Then the spasms began to die away and Susan slowly dropped her hands from Jack’s back, turning her head away from his face and gasping for air. She was returning to reality now. The delight in having the hardest, best fuck in her life was giving way to the fact that it was her sadistic student, Jack, who had given it to her.

Jenny! Susan remembered the girl with a shock of guilt. Turning her head, she saw over Jack’s arm the redhead draped backward aver the sawhorse. The girl’s hair fanned down, touching the floor while her legs were spread apart in some grotesque fashion. Clint was still wedged between her thighs, driving his hips forward. Only an occasional moan escaped her lips. Jenny had been fucked, and fucked cruelly by the stud. Her wrist and opposing ankle were still cuffed together, and Susan groaned at the though. Then she shivered when she felt Jack slowly pulling his cock from her arm.


“You like that, bitch? You like me fuckin’ you half outta your fuckin’ mind? Christ, you dig everything I do to you.”

“Don’t know about this one, though, Jack. She just lies here. Nothin’,” Clint said.

Clint pulled out of Jenny’s cunt, pinching her nipples for a response. Jenny let out a low groan, her body shivering at the touch.

“You just don’t have the knack yet, buddy,” Jack said, grinning.

“Maybe so. I guess teach over there’s gonna have to have a little talk with the honor student over here.”

The two teens laughed as they dressed. They uncuffed the hapless Jenny. The girl slumped to the floor, covering her face with one hand. She was crying freely now, her body heaving with the sobs. Susan began to rise from the table to comfort her, but Jack restrained her with one raised hand.

“So, you got your cherry popped, eh, bitch?” he said flatly, reaching down and gripping a handful of Jenny’s red hair.

Jenny drew in a sharp breath at the savage yank, her face revealing itself to be wrinkled with pain and humiliation. She obviously was straining to be silent, stifling her screams while Jack twisted her hair.

“My buddy over there says you didn’t perform too good. Bet that’s because it hurt gettin’ that ol’ cherry taken care of. But now you don’t have one.”

Jenny sobbed at the words, then regained control, looking hatefully up at him.

“So now we all can play fun games. You, me, Clint over there, and teach. She digs this, man, she really digs it,” Jack said, glancing over one shoulder at the cringing Susan.

“Ohhhhh, Miss Evans! How could you have done this to me?” Jenny sobbed.

The accusing words stung Susan to the heart once more. It was useless to try to explain things to the girl.

Susan watched helplessly as Clint rook more rope and bound the redhead’s arms behind her. Jenny sat cross-legged on the floor, teats streaming down onto her flushed cheeks. She had hoped that her ordeal was over but obviously it was only starting. Clint brought out what appeared to be a metal dog collar, attached to which was a long strip of buckled leather. Slipping the collar around Jenny’s neck, he adjusted it until Susan could hear the girl gagging.

“That’ll keep you from screamin’ down the walls,” Jack observed.

Clint next took the broad leather strap and brought it up to the girl’s cheeks. Reaching behind, he pulled out a dirty kerchief then stuffed it in the teen’s mouth.

Jenny’s eyes widened with horrified surprise. Jerking her legs out, she fell back instinctively from that quick move. Clint caught her, tightening the leather until it was pressing hard against her cheeks. Jenny tried to scream but the filthy handkerchief held in place by the gag did its job. Susan watched as the girl’s face turned white with pale horror.

“Okay, get old Johnny out here,” Jack said. “Johnny’s a friend you’re gonna like a lot. He takes our place for a lotta girls till we can get around to ’em.”

Clint rolled out what appeared to be a long pole mounted on a circular stand. Instantly Susan saw the large twelve-inch long pink latex dildo standing straight. She gasped, drawing one hand over her mouth. Jenny screamed through the gag, her cheeks reddening with the effort. Clint and Jack were on her in a second, each one taking her under the armpit and lifting her easily until she was suspended over the awful cock. Jenny tried kicking and fighting, the strain apparent in her eyes, but nothing could get her out of this horror. Then suddenly she went limp.

“Okay, time to lower the slut.”

In the dim garage light Susan watched from her position on the work bench as Clint and Jack dropped Jenny over the mounted dildo. The girl stiffened the moment that thing touched her pussy.

“Easy, Jack, we don’t wanna damage the goods. She’s just been fucked by me.”

“She loves it already, right, baby? You like a little hard fuckin’. And this is gonna get you ready for more.”

With a groan, Jenny descended the greased pole.


Jenny let out another cry, her legs kicking out. Susan could see the head of the dildo disappear under the bushy blonde-red hair of the teen’s cunt. Jenny had stiffened, her head snapping back while she made great puffing sounds around her gag. Her shoulders shuddered while the muscles in her thighs, legs and arms bulged with the pain and tension. The two teens still held onto her tightly, determined to skewer her body with that huge dude.

Susan thought of scrambling from the table and making a break for it. Surely she could run to the street, shout for help, and someone would come rushing out to protect her. But then the teens would surely talk, would expose both her and Jenny as nymphos. There would be little either woman could say to defend herself and in the end they would win while she and her prize pupil would go down as whores. Groaning inwardly at her situation, Susan watched helplessly as Jenny took the pole.


“Okay, baby, you’re about all the way down. You can stop yourself from goin’ down any farther by just pushing up with your toes. Careful, now, or you’re gonna tip the thing over, and that’s gonna hurt you up there real bad, understand?” Jack said.

Both teens backed away. Jenny explored her situation, looking down, then curling her toes and pushing up as far as she could until her arches ached from the pressure. Push as hard as she could, the redhead teen couldn’t slide herself off the dildo.

“That’s right,” Clint said. “That thing’s shoved up so far you wouldn’t be able to jump off so just relax and enjoy. You can be fuckin’ yourself all night with that thing, if you want.”


Jenny’s eyes reflected the panic she felt coursing through her veins. She continued standing on tip-toe, looking down at her feet. Twice she tried getting off that thing and twice she failed. In the end she wound up standing, her calves aching. It was an infuriating, shameful way to stand and she blushed furiously, wishing she could hurry up and die.

“Oh God, this is terrible what you’ve done to her,” Susan groaned.

“Thought it was pretty good. Now she’s gonna have a good time even when we’re not around.”

“Pretty lucky gal, I’d say,” Clint offered, winking at his buddy.

“Sure wish I was a gal with somethin’ that nice to sit on,” Jack offered.

“She ain’t had one bigger than that, but bet she sure’s gonna want one after she gets used to squirmin’ round on that mother.”

Jenny flushed scarlet, staring with hatred at her two tormentors.

“She probably ain’t gonna want to leave this place by the time when get through with ’em. Ain’t gonna leave somethin’ this good behind,” Clint suggested.

“You try jumpin’ up and down on it, Jenny. It’s gonna feel good — damned good!” Jack bellowed with laughter.

Jenny only blushed more furiously, turning her head away from them.

“She’s kinda shy about this sorta thing,” Jack suggested. “Ain’t been around long enough like ol’ teach over there. Now there’s a woman who could teach you about fuckin’. Man! She’s good and tight, yet she fucks like there were no tomorrow.”


They left Jenny standing on that awful thing, the girl staring wildly at them as they moved to Susan. The woman reached back defensively, feeling a tingle rush up and down her spine. Site drew back as Clint grabbed her by the wrist, hauling her forward.

“She don’t look like she wants to play anymore, Jack.”

“Oat cum runnin’ outta her pussy. Looks like she’s been foolin’ around. Gotta make the bitch pay for that. That ain’t no way for a teacher, to act in front of her students. She’s gotta set an example,” Jack said grandly, grabbing Susan’s other wrist.


They pulled her roughly from the table, marching her past the dildo-fucked Jenny to the far end of the garage. While Clint held onto her Jack pulled out a four-foot two-by-four and hauled it over. Clint ordered the woman to bend down, putting her hands on her feet.

“Get some rope — short pieces for this job.”

More rope! More bondage! Would it never end? Susan looked up through her curtaining hair. Jenny was struggling on the long dildo, her calves and thighs straining each time she tried climbing over the plastic cock. When she slipped and fell, it fucked her cruelly, bringing out a baleful cry from behind that awful gag.

Clint came back with two twenty-inch pieces of half-inch fine.

“That’ll do. Keep your Goddamned wrists on the tops of your feet!” Jack barked.

Jack dragged the heavy board over to them, placing it on the tops of her feet after forcing the blonde to spread her legs. Looping the rope around her right wrist, he then slipped it around her ankle, finishing the job by wrapping it around the two-by-four. Fixing the rope in a slipknot, he moved to the other wrist and ankle, attaching them to the board in the same manner.

“Okay, now try walkin’.”

Walking? Was he serious? An impatient slap on the told Susan he was. With difficulty the woman shoved one foot forward, nearly losing her balance and tumbling forward.


“Now the other one.”

Slowly Susan began to master walking in this contraption. She waddled forward, her tits hanging down like a hard tipped udders. She could hardly see through her hair that hung over her face. She moved past Jenny and she saw the girl’s straining ankles and heard her awful moans.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck yourself good on that thing. Yeah, feels real good, don’t it?”


They forced Susan to walk the full length of the garage, waddling in that obscene position. Her fingers scraped against the uneven concrete floor while her tits swayed horribly. Several times Jack slapped her ass, laughing as she squealed. When she had completed the circuit, Jack stopped her, putting both hands on her ass. Clint reached under her, squeezing her tits. Susan let out another cry of pain. Behind her Jenny was screaming, having nearly impaled herself on the long dildo.

“Easy, baby, you don’t want that thing comin’ outta your mouth,” Jack laughed.

“Please, let us go! You’ve done enough. You’ve made your point,” Susan begged.

Jack shrugged. “Ain’t no point to make cept fuckin’. Plenty of points to make that.”

“Let’s show the fuckin’ slut the whole works. Drag her to the drain.”

Clint kicked one booted foot against her ass, knocking Susan forward. Huffing and grunting she walked as fast as she could, the board scraping against the floor several times. They were heading her in a direction away from Jenny to a dark corner of the garage.


Susan could hardly see in front of her until someone reached out and snapped on a yellowish overhead bulb. The shadows cutting across her made Susan more nervous than ever. Someone was holding her by the ass, then pushing her forward while bracing their feet against the backs of her heels. She was falling down, unable to stop herself! Susan let out a cry of despair as she crashed and rolled over, finally landing on her back. Because of the bonds she lay feet up, her arms stretched forward.

Jack and Clint were unzipping their Levi’s. Were they going to fuck her like this? She wondered. So soon after that last traumatic fuck?

“Ol’ toilet face. That’s what we’re gonna call you from now on.”

Susan looked up between her roped legs, watching as Jack pulled his cock out and rolled the bulbous head between his fingers. He seemed to be toying with her, pretending he didn’t intend to fuck her. She swallowed down a lump of fear and excitement. An uneasy feeling made her stomach grow queasy. He bent his knees slightly now, working his cock a little from his halved Levi’s. And then the first few yellow drops of piss spurted from his cockhead, spattering on her belly.

“Ugh!” Susan cried.

He was pissing on her! Susan groaned, swiveling her ass around, nearly losing her balance and letting her legs topple down against the floor. Clint kicked her thighs back up, making sure she was in that awkward spread-eagled position on her back. Jack shook his long limp cock, aiming again at her flat belly.

“Uhhhh! No, don’t do that! Oh God. Stop it! Don’t piss on me!”

The plea sounded strange coming from her lips. But Susan could only admit to what was happening to her. Jack smirked down at her as she writhed beside the floor drain. Then he was pissing on her belly, his thickly muscled legs straddling her thighs.


More urine came from his cockhead. It spurted out first in short jet-like squirts. Then Jack worked his fingers around his cock head again, relaxing a bit, and letting the yellow fluid flow more slowly from his bladder.

Susan sucked in her breath, feeling the sour bile rising in her throat as the hot stream spattered over her belly. The woman thought she would surely retch and for a moment she even envied Jenny, who still struggled with the giant dildo.

“Oh God!”

The urine splashed over her navel, sprinkled onto her jiggling tits, then oozed down like a filthy oil around her sides. It collected in a swarmy warm pool beneath her ass before making its way to a small drain to her right. Susan gagged again, convulsing instinctively with revulsion.

“Oh God, please, don’t do this. Oh, let me go, let me go!”

Jack remained quiet, guiding the stream of his piss as if he were a fireman putting out a blaze with a hose. He directed the stream up to her tits, sprinkling her nipples with the urine, then moving the piss down to her belly. She shivered again, her eyelids closing as she groaned with shame. Susan bit her lips to keep from crying with the rage and disgust he felt.

“That’s real good, bitch, ol’ toilet face over here’s gettin’ turned on by my piss. Bet she wouldn’t mind takin’ a faceful of shit to boot!”

“Hey, man, don’t make me sick! I don’t give a fuck what she wants. We’re out here to get off on them,” Clint said, casting a backward look at Jenny, who was standing flatfooted on the dildo.

Jack had dumped his piss load onto the frightened, shamed teacher, Susan breathed a sigh of relief, seeing the stream dwindle to a small, twisting yellow rivers. Finally it was over.

“Don’t move around. Clint’s got somethin’ for you now,” Jack said.

Susan looked up with frightened, knowing eyes. Both of them were going to piss on her! Jack moved back, flipping his cock back into his pants. Clint moved into pissing position, pulling out his cock and quickly getting squeezing some drops of piss up from his bladder.

Susan gulped.

He spread his legs, pressing the heels of his boots against her sides.

“Open your mouth, baby, or I’ll stick my fuckin’ foot in and open it for you.”

Susan didn’t dare disobey him. Closing her eyes, the woman took deep, puffing breaths, her tits slapping together while her chest heaved up and down. How sore her nipples were! Then, strangely enough, Susan began to feel her clit twinge once more. Susan was starting to feel aroused as Clint moved in around and started pissing on her!

The urine started. He smiled cruelly, directing the intensity of the stream around her chin.

Susan swallowed hard, thinking she would surely vomit at the touch of the piss. But, somehow the woman managed to keep the bile down as the piss splattered against her face. The hot, stinging droplets dotted her forehead and cheeks.

“Man, it’s somethin’ else pissin’ on this broad. She don’t scream or nothin’. Just sits there and takes it like it was all natural-like,” Clint observed dryly, moving the stream down to her thighs, then back up again to her chin.

Susan shuddered.

“She’s a natural toilet. Wonder if the prim little shit over there’s the same way.”

“Uh, uh,” Susan grunted, a pulse leaping in her throat.

The stink was spreading. The terrible oily heat cascaded over her, sucking her down like scalding oil. She wanted to move back, to slide away from these men, but the ropes and boards made that impossible. She took in everything, unable to even cover her face.

“Ohhhh, no, ughhhh!”

Clint was moving the piss around her mouth flow. Susan choked, turning her head and coughing. Clint moved forward a little more, directing the yellow stream up to her nose and eyes. She could feel the vile hot liquid oozing into her hair. In a moment Susan knew she was being covered with piss, her body bathed in it.

And still there was no indication Clint was nearing his end.

“Now, get back over here and open your mouth… now!”

Susan had managed to scoot away from the two teens somewhat. Now Jack was booting her back to her original position near the drain. When she refused to open her mouth, Clint kicked her with his right heel, threatening to press it against her skull and crush her head if she didn’t obey. Defeated again, Susan choked, swallowed, then choked some more. There was little else she could do other than open her mouth, as he had ordered.

“Yeah, that’s right. Have a real nice drink, baby. Bet you’re thirsty,” he said, starting up the heavy yellow twisting stream again.

Susan gagged. It was awful, drinking in the piss that sprayed from his cockhead! She coughed, nearly vomiting as the hot yellow piss frothed and swirled around in her mouth. She could feel it sudsing over her tonsils, splashing over her lips, coating her teeth with slimy film. Twice the woman turned her face away, spitting out the vile fluid. But Clint always booted her back, forcing her to open her mouth and take more and more of his piss!

“Noooo! Ugh! Uh! Uh!”

“Oh, ohhhhhhhh!”

Jenny cried out from her over-long dildo, rising up once more on her tip toes while watching her teacher being pissed on. The sound of Clint’s piss gurgling down the drain filled the room. The redhead teen struggled with the bonds holding her hands behind her back, the gag pressing her lips white. She watched in disbelief as her teacher was kicked and booted while both teens pissed on her. Jenny shivered, wondering if the same kind of humiliation was in store for her.

“Oh no, don’t!” Susan pleaded.

Clint bent his knees a little farther, making sure the last of his piss would shoot right down into her throat. Susan coughed again, her throat and chest hurting from the tension that gripped her. The most unsettling fact of all was that Susan could feel her clit starting to tingle badly. She was having a micro orgasm!

Susan herself found it difficult to understand. But just as Clint was shaking the last few drops from his cockhead, she could feel her cuntal walls slapping together. Groaning, the woman pranced her ass against the floor, staring squint-eyed up at the stud. If only he would fuck her! If only he would complete the picture of utter depravity and throw himself onto her piss-slicked body and fuck her until she yowled with delight.


Susan threw her head back, her hips shuddering with the power of her orgasm. Her hair danced along her shoulders while her eyes rolled back.

“She’s cummin’!” Jack observed.

“Let me help.”

Clint moved forward, raising one foot and pressing the pointed toe of his boot against her cunt. Through a mist Susan saw Clint’s soft prick dangling from between his opened Levi’s. Oh, if only he could get it hard and fuck her!

“Ohhhhh, fuck!” she moaned.

“Man, she wants you to fuck her,” Jack said, throwing back his head and laughing.

“Not when she’s a fuckin’ toilet. I ain’t gonna mess myself up in some fuckin’ pee hole.”

Susan let out another cry, closing her eyes and giving in to the raw power of her cum. It shook her like an earthquake, knocking the reality of what had just happened from her mind for a few seconds. For those blessed moments Susan swirled around on golden clouds, unconcerned by what was going to happen next.


“What are you doing to us now?”

Susan asked the question boldly, feeling the water dripping coldly from her freshly washed hair. Clint had unfastened the board from between her legs, pulling her along to a small white shower stall located on the other side of the garage. Shoving her in, the teens had turned on the cold water, laughing while the woman screamed and clawed at the icy stream.

Susan felt her breath catching all the while in that small metal stall. She could hear Jenny’s muffled cries as the icy fluid washed the piss from her flesh. Now Susan stood dripping, shivering and naked in front of her tormentors, while Jenny was still impaled on that long dildo.

“Final round. That seems real nice, don’t it? Gonna let the two of you go. Figure you had enough and it’s gettin’ kind late. We don’t wanna keep Jenny up. Her old man’s gonna wonder why the fuck you got her in the house that long. Maybe he’s worried about his little girl suckin’ some pussy on the side, eh?”

Jenny flushed beet red, staring wide-eyed at the two teens.

“Your old man fuckin’ you, baby? You know, been readin’ about how many guys fuck their daughters. That happenin’ to you? You your old man’s little princess?”

“She was cherry, man,” Clint said with some disappointment in his voice.

“Yeah? So what? Maybe he’s makin’ her give head, or he’s ass-fuckin’ the chick while keepin’ her cherry for some dude.”

Jenny flushed a deeper red, her body working up against the rod in anger.

“Hey, come on! We ain’t got a picture of the little miss, yet. Come on, Jenny smile through that gag so we can have a nice shot for your old man. He’s probably gonna beat off all the time he looks at this,” Jack sneered.

Clint took out a Polaroid and snapped three shots of the girl standing there with the dildo up her cunt. When the developed pictures cleared, Clint fanned them out for the girl to view.

“Ohhhhffff!” Jenny cried, turning her face away, hot tears rolling her cheeks once more.

“Man, bet your old man’d flip out if he saw somethin’ like this,” Clint said, turning the pictures around and looking at them once more. “I’d go nuts if it was my daughter. And betcha the kids at school would love to see shots like this. Good little Jenny freakin’ out on some dildo, bouncin’ up and down and gettin her pussy fucked out real nice and hot. You cap almost see you juicin’.”

“Uhfhfhffff!” Jenny screamed with rage through her gag, her body jumping up and down on the dildo.

“Cumin’, baby? Yeah, I know how that’s like. Just relax and let it happen,” Clint mocked, sliding the pictures into his pocket and walking behind her.

Grabbing the teen by her shoulders, Clint drew her back, nearly pulling her off the dildo. Jenny screamed again, her legs kicking out, the stand nearly upending.

Susan gasped, watching as Clint slid the redhead back down on the pole. Jenny let out another scream. Clint did it again, forcing her up and down that big dildo until Susan thought surely he was injuring the girl.

When he finished Jenny slumped forward on the dildo, nearly losing her balance. It appeared to Susan as if she had cum.

“Let’s get ’em together. I ain’t seen ’em fuckin’ around with one another. I dig watchin’ broads make it with each other,” Clint suggested.

“Get her off, then. We’ll get ’em goin’ on somethin’ first, then turn ’em loose on one another,” Jack agreed, slipping one arm around Susan’s waist and hugging her close.

The woman complied, feeling there was no other choice. He spun her around, standing on her toes, crushing them with his boots while drawing her face against his. Susan cried out, feeling his tongue slicing between her lips. He kissed her passionately, his hands rubbing up and down against her ass, then spreading the ass cheeks apart. When Susan felt one finger slipping into her asshole and stabbing deep, she pulled back, letting out a growl.

“Man, would like to get my cock in there and fuck you hood and hot. But we got somethin’ better planned for you two.”

Jack led her away while Clint was busy hauling Jenny off that dildo. Susan turned once and saw the girl finally being pulled off that thing. She was still limp, her long curly red hair dangling over her face. Susan could catch a glimpse of the juices that had stained the girl’s thighs.

“Here we go, baby. This is somethin’ you’re gonna dig, somethin’ that’s made just for you.”

It was about the strangest thing Susan had ever seen. A pillory of sorts had been rigged up with holes meant for arms and legs obvious in the wood. To one side was a three-legged stool, the seat of which had been graced with a twelve-inch dildo that appeared to be made of steel. Around the base of that thing were small tiny steel spikes, all of them looking terribly razor sharp. To the right of the stool was a large wooden keg, the sort Susan knew were used in wineries. A rubber hose ran from a tiny brass spigot and a smaller spigot graced the free end.

“This is gonna get you goin’ real well, real well,” Jack said, dragging Susan over to the pillory.

From the protesting sounds made by Jenny, Susan guessed the girl was being dragged in the same direction. As Jack pulled her toward the block, she could see that a bench several inches higher than the top armholes was built into the wall. Straps of black leather were fastened to the wood.

“Now we start.”

Jack let Susan go for an instant, opening the bottom half of the pillory, then scooping her up off the floor and thrusting both her legs in.

Before she could protest, the block was locked, the smooth yellow pine wood encasing her legs. There was no way she could escape.

“Now for the top.”

Susan meekly pushed her arms into the opened holes, grimacing as Jack closed the top portion of the pillory and locked it. Immediately she felt uncomfortable. Her asscheeks were dangling from one end of the pillory with no support for them or her thighs. She felt her ass crack splitting open from the dangling weight of her own body.

“You don’t look too comfortable,” Jack said, rolling up his eyes as Clint dragged the protesting Jenny past her teacher.

The girl glanced down half-dazed from, her experience, stumbling drunkenly over her feet as Clint pushed her toward the wall.

“This is gonna help,” Jack said to Susan.

That stool! That horrible stool with the steel dildo in it! She would suffer the same fate Jenny had, fucked by that lifeless thing! Jack was moving it up to her ass, sliding it under her ass. With a cry of feat Susan jerked her ass up, managing to keep her cunt away from that cold, steel dildo for a moment. Jack only smiled, moving one hand to her thighs and shoving her down.


Susan stiffened, her head shrugging down between her narrow shoulders while her flesh puckered into goosepimples. She curled her toes as the cold head of the steel dildo pressed into her warm cunt. The squiggly pussy tissues snugged up against the strange cold invader, sending more thrills of odd pleasure rushing along her spine to her brain. The woman let out another groan, her body shaking against the pillory. Jack smiled more broadly, pleased at her reaction.

“There’s more to this, baby. You didn’t notice the wires, did you?”

“Wires?” she gasped.

“Wires. Electrical wires, hooked up to this baby,” Jack said, patting a small dark gray box to one side. “Sends out a small current. Gonna make you feel real good once this thing gets goin’.”

“Uh! Oh lemme go, lemme go!”

Clint had taken the gag off Jenny while still keeping her wrists fastened tightly behind her back. The tight dog collar was still on as well. He had raised her like a rag doll, lifting her easily from the floor and setting her down on the platform in front of Susan. The woman now realized quickly why the platform was at that height. It was the perfect height for a woman to suck another woman’s cunt! And right now Susan could smell the arousal of Jenny’s pussy.

Clint fastened the straps around Jenny’s thighs, forcing her to sit on the edge of the wooden platform, her cunt thrusting our toward Susan. The woman backed away modestly, pretending to be more concerned about the wires and what was happening below her. But the smell of Jenny’s near virgin pussy was doing things to Susan’s cunt. She felt the cunt lips tingling, tightening around that steel dildo.

“Oh, stop!”

Jack had finished the wiring, switching on the generator and checking out the lighted dials. A how humming filled the room. Jenny stopped moaning, growing a little interested about what was happening around her.

“Now for this.”

Jack moved around, picking up the rubber hose and quickly sticking it into the woman’s asshole. Susan stiffened again, her face wrinkling into a mask of pain.

“Oh, take it out! Hurts! It hurts!” the woman cried, snapping her head back.

“Good, that’s the way I dig it,” Jack said, laughing at her.

“She’s gonna be up to suckin’ this one’s pussy? Man, I think ol’ Jenny there’s gonna have to have a set of experienced lips to take care of her,” Clint said, smacking his lips with his long tongue.

“Come on, man. We wanna get a good show, and ol’ Miss Evans is gonna give it to us.”

Susan tried to shove that awful thing out of her asshole with her muscles. But she was afraid of disgracing herself, of shoving out that thing while shitting at the same time. She finally stopped, straining, resigning herself once again to Jack’s and Clint’s whims.

Jack moved around and put both hands on her shoulders, shoving her down until her ass nearly touched the steel spikes. Susan shuddered, feeling the cold steel stretching her cuntal walls, chugging through her body. It was an odd feeling, and one that the woman rather enjoyed after some time. Her cunt began warming the cold steel, her juices starting to flow.

“Now, something nice.”

Jack moved his fingers over the dial, twisting it up a notch. Susan groaned, her cunt starting to buzz as a low current of electricity began to flow into her pussy. She felt her thighs tightening while her fingers and toes curled until they cramped.


“Nice surprise, eh? And there’s more. Lots more. Just wait,” Jack said, stroking the machine then twisting the dial up another notch. Susan was certain he was right.


“Enjoy yourself, baby. And oh yeah, by the way, I forgot to tell you somethin’. This here’s some good old-fashioned beer,” Jack said, kicking the keg with one leg. “Here, have a drink!”

Bending down, the stud turned on the spigot. In a flash Susan felt a cold rush of fluid splash into her ass. It was like having an enema. She squirmed against the restraining pillory, her cunt tightening on the dildo. She had felt the first sharp sensations of the razor sharp studs at the base of the dildo.

“Eat some pussy. Go ahead,” Jack said, putting one hand behind Susan’s head and shoving it forward.

Jenny watched in horror as her teacher’s face was pushed into her pussy. The girl’s eyes widened, her mouth opening as she felt Miss Evans’ mouth fit tightly against her cunt.

“Smell good? Smell real good? It’s a real trip havin’ that cunt right up in your mouth, eh, Miss Evans? Bet it’s gonna make you feel better once you start drillin’ your tongue into her cunt!”


Jenny tried moving her body away. But the leather straps held her thighs firmly fastened to the wooden platform. Susan wanted to pull back with one part of her mind but another more hellish part kept her mouth fastened like a leech to the girl’s cunt. She liked the taste, the fresh clean flavor of Jenny’s pussy against her lips. The beer was flowing into her bowels, penetrating her body. Susan was starting to feel something like a sense of drunken euphoria as the keg began emptying into her ass. The current was flowing into her body through the dude as she slid her ass back up, then let it fall down toward the stabbing points.

Susan flicked her tongue out and made another contact with Jenny’s pussy flesh. She was already highly aroused, not to mention intoxicated by the powerful enema. She started moving up and down a little faster, getting every last bit of sensation she could. Jenny closed her eyes, her fingers digging into one another. Susan was slopping her tongue up and down, aroused by the beer, the stabbing of that dildo, and the buzzing electricity making her cuntal muscles tighten, relax, then tighten again.

How her belly was bloating up with the beer! The liquid floated into her and it was starting to become terribly unpleasant. So much was flowing in that her belly was starting to cramp.

As if he understood this, Jack leaned forward and turned off the flow of the beer. Susan grunted gratefully, feeling his fingers fanning out against the back of her head.

“Turn the thing up another notch, Clint. We wanna try up this bitch.”


The electricity made her flesh tingle, her sockets feeling as if they were super-heated by some mysterious force. Jenny was moaning, her head rolling as Susan licked her cunt long and deep. She could feel her own juices welling up, sucking down the dildo as she rode it like a pro. Susan’s stomach was flipping as the beer sloshed around in her bowels. The electricity and the alcohol deadened whatever doubts she might have had about licking off her student. Jenny’s pussy even tasted very good now — hot and sweet.

“Oh, Miss Evans! Oh no, no, that’s soooo… oh it’s so good!”

“Knew the little slut’d be turnin’ onto, it. Man, she’s goin’ nuts with that fuckin’ tongue.”

Jenny indeed was going wild with delight as Susan licked her. The girl’s cream flowed out from her hot little pussy, sucking down Susan lips as she licked down deep into the teen’s hot pussy. Jenny let out another groan, her body tensing as it jerked hard against the restraining leather straps.

Susan felt herself getting higher and higher. She felt her pain becoming another element once again, the humiliation turning into something much greater. She had also started to get the hang of moving up and down on that steel dildo. After a few punctures from she spikes, the woman learned to tense her thighs just enough to limit the bouncing movement of her ass she wouldn’t get cut too badly.

And how the current enlivened the way she moved her ass against the fucking dildo. She had begun to acquire an erotic rhythm. As the steel prick rubbed against her pussy, fresh juice frothed around it, making a gleaming puddle around the steel base of the thing. Susan groaned, feeling her cuntal walls stretching around the smooth cock head.

“Ohhhhhh!” Susan groaned into Jenny’s pussy, setting the girl off.

“Oh yes, Miss Evans, yesssss… lick into my cunt! Oh God, lick my pussy real good. Ohhhh… uhhhh… huhhrrrr! That’s so good, Miss Evans, sooooo good!”

Jenny had lost her mind, it seemed. Instead of protesting violently as she once had, now she was thrusting her cunt hard up against Susan’s mouth, riding the tongue as if it were a tiny cock. The girl snapped her head from side to side, letting out gaspy little sighs of delight as Susan’s tongue snaked deep into her pussy.


Susan was growing hotter and hotter. She ate out the girl’s pussy while she felt her own blood boiling in her veins. Her clit tweaked and sputtered as it rubbed slickly against the fucking dildo. That steel cock had become very warm and wet now. The more, excited she became, the more enthusiastically she worked her mouth over the girl’s cunt. The smell of Jenny’s pussy juices became more and more enjoyable.

Susan’s mouth made wet, sucking noises as she became super heated with fuck lust. She slid her cunt up and down over the electrified prick, discovering Jenny’s clit and concentrating her teasing flick-licking until the girl sounded as if she were coming apart.

“Oh, do it! Do it! Do it!”

The teens turned up the switch a little higher and Susan felt herself whirling around in a hurricane of lust. She no longer could tell up from down, nor did she particularly care. Jenny had thrown her head back and was starting to bounce up and down as the woman teased her sensitive clit. The girl cried out, her face reddening as Susan brought her tongue down again and tried to force it into the girl’s quivering, oozing cunthole.

“Uhhhhhhhh… oh, Miss Evans, do it, do it to me!”

Jenny’s voice was strained, revealing the incredible lust scorching through her. Susan obeyed her pupil’s demand, slurping up the juices, then covering the girl’s red muff with her mouth. She could feel the teen’s cunt quivering against her lips. Susan tightened her thighs against the rodding dildo, feeling the smooth steel caressing all the hot slick folds of her pussy. Leaning forward a bit more, the teacher mouthed Jenny’s cunt, still licking down as deeply as she could.

The redheaded teen cried out her delight once more, kicking her legs out and beating them against the front of the restraining pillory. Susan nearly sneezed, the wiry hairs of Jenny’s cunt tickling her nostrils.

“Uhhhhhhh… oh, Miss Evans… oh God, I think I’m gonna cum! Oh, it’s so good, so very good when you touch me… me like that!”

“Yeah, Miss Evans, go ahead and touch the little bitch some more,” Jack taunted, slapping the woman hard against the back of the head.

“Yeah, lick real deep down there. Jenny likes it when you stick your tongue and move it all around — kinda like a fuckin’ cock, right baby?”

Jenny didn’t hear. She couldn’t answer even if she did. She was making strange wheezing sounds, her cheeks puffing out while her eyes glazed with her arousal. The tendons in her thigh bulged out, revealing the high state of excitement the girl was in.

“Ohhhhhh, Jenny, it’s good for me too,” Susan confessed, licking down and deep.


The woman kept up her steady rising and falling on the fucking dildo. As her passion mounted, her aches and pains blended into a weird mixture of wild pleasure. She wanted to be hurt more. She wanted to feel more slaps, more whips, more belts! As if he could read her mind, Clint moved back to the machine and twisted the dial a bit more. Susan screamed into Jenny’s cunt the increased voltage hitting her like a runaway freight train.


“Ohhhh, Miss Evans!”

Susan wanted to bring the girl off. She slurped harder, her cunt riding up and down on the fat dildo. Thinking of those spikes at the bottom of the dildo, Susan knew she had to feel the slight pricks of pain to heighten the erotic effects of being bound like this.


Susan found herself beyond rationalizing or considering what was normal or otherwise. The pressure in her belly was incredible. The high state she got from the beer drove Susan closer to closer to orgasm. She moaned against Jenny’s cunt, the resulting vocal vibrations driving Jenny crazy. Her cunt let out even more juices and Susan licked them up, bouncing up and down more wildly.

Jenny groaned, opening her eyes and watching as Susan bobbed up and down on the dildo harder and harder. The woman could feel it rummaging around in her cunt and she loved that sensation. More importantly, the steel spikes bit into her jiggling ass and this time the punctures caused her only jolts of pleasure.

As she bounced up and down, her mouth pressed almost greedily against Jenny’s cunt, Susan could feel her climax rumbling in her cunt. It felt as if her thighs had been set afire and her insides were burning.

“Fuck… ohhh God, fuck me with that tongue, Miss Evans!” Jenny cried.

Susan moaned again. She could feel Jenny starting to cum. As the girl did, so did she. Her ass bounced up and down more furiously on the dildo and Susan welcomed the pain as she moaned passionately against Jenny’s cunt. The redheaded teen squealed, her hips going wild. Susan bounced up and down like a wild woman, the dildo disappearing between her splayed-open cunt lips continually. The two women squealed and squeaked, their mutual climax driving all thoughts except those of pleasure from their minds.

“Uhhhhhhh… oooohhhhh!”

Then Susan started to calm down. The electricity had been turned off. Jenny sprawled on the shelf, panting for breath. Her thighs were slicked with spit and turn juice. Susan smiled wearily, settling down on the dildo. Jack unfastened her, pulling her from the device and forcing her to lean against one wall of the garage. Clint switched off the generator and Susan looked at the black wires, pushing the blonde hair from her eyes. What a slut, what a whore she and her prize pupil had become. “Don’t forget, Miss Evans, we got these.”

Jack said, patting the pictures that peeked above his flannel shirt pocket.

“You don’t want these gettin’ into the school paper. Little Miss Prim over there’d probably throw herself out some fuckin’ window. And you’d be outta a job.”

Susan squared her shoulders, nodding grimly at the teens. She fully realized the consequences of exposure and she was willing to play their game — at least, for a while.

“Will you let us go now?” Susan asked politely, her knees still wobbly from the ordeal.

“Sure. You and the little bitch get dressed and we’ll have you back in your place like that,” Jack said, snapping his fingers in front of her face.

“Jenny, let’s get ready to go now,” Susan said softly, putting one hand on the girl’s shoulders.

Jenny opened her eyes, smiling. “Are you gonna make me do that stuff again? Are we coming back soon, Miss Evans?” the girl asked.

The teens laughed cruelly.

“Let’s go, Jenny.”

Susan gathered up their clothes, dressing the limp teen as best she could. Come back? Susan shuddered at the thoughts. But as she slipped on her dress and stared at the two handsome guys Susan wondered how on earth she was going to keep her mind on teaching and off fucking.

“Come on, baby. We ain’t got all night. And if you’re wonderin’ if you’re coming back, you can bet on it,” Jack said as Jenny walked by.

He slapped her ass hard, rubbing his fingers over her ass while Clint felt of Susan’s tits.

“Okay, in the car,” Clint ordered.

Susan cast one look behind her before they left the garage. She shook her head, but she knew in her heart that she would be paying the teens another visit. Perhaps she could pass that off in her mind as giving the teens special tutorial sessions, although American History would be the last thing on any of their minds. Time would tell, Susan decided, as she stepped into the car.

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