Just Good Friends

Glenda and I had been friends since grade school. While it was true
that most of our meetings had been in school, we had been to each other’s
houses many times. Glenda was one of these girls who did not attract much
attention. She was pretty but not really beautiful. It was really hard to
even tell anything about her figure because she wore longish skirts and
loose fitting tops. While I considered her to be a “good friend”, I never
even thought about dating her.

It wasn’t out of the ordinary when she stopped me in the hallway on
Friday afternoon and asked me to come over Saturday afternoon to help her
with her Calculus. Her dad had the same love of automobiles that I had and
I always looked forward to talking to him about cars. I also enjoyed
tutoring people in math. I agreed and told Glenda that I would be there
around three in the afternoon.

I drove out to her house on Pine Street, parked in the driveway and
walked up to the front door. I rang the doorbell a couple of times and
waited for an answer. Glenda opened the door after a couple of minutes.
“Hi Chuck,” she said “come on in.” I noticed something different about her
right off. She was wearing perfume. She never wore perfume.

There were other things, too. She had forsaken her usual frumpy dress
style. She was wearing a pink blouse with a plunging neckline. For the
first time I noticed that Glenda had cleavage. She also had on a short
skirt which revealed a nice set of legs. I was pleasantly surprised by her

She grabbed my arm, giving me a nice feel of her firm and well formed
breast. She moved me toward the couch in the living room and asked me to
have a seat. “Do you want something to drink before we start?” she asked.

“Yes, Glenda, it’s pretty hot out there. I sure could use something
to cool off.” I watched her walk out of the room. She had a nice ass I
noticed. “Where are your folks,” I asked when she returned.

“They’re away for the weekend, Chuck. I have the whole place to myself
until Sunday night.” She said this with a mischievous little smile. She
sat down next to me on the couch and handed me the glass. I took the first
sip and noticed that she had given me a large glass of wine.

“This is great wine, Glenda.” I was pretty hot and I drank the wine a
little faster than I should have.

“Would you like another?” she asked. “I have plenty in the frig.”
She took my glass and walked out the room giving me another great shot of
her ass. The wine was starting to take effect and I was starting to really

Glenda came back with another full glass. She handed me the glass of
wine and this time I took it a little easier, sipping the wine slowly.
However, the effects of the alcohol continued and I began to get higher and
higher. We opened our calculus books and I began to answer the questions
which Glenda asked.

I didn’t notice it at first, but Glenda’s close proximity was
beginning to get to me as the wine and her perfume mixed in an intoxicating
combination. She also lightly brushed my leg and arm with her soft hand.
I was really getting turned on by her and my mind was less and less on

As the afternoon wore on, the wine kept flowing, Glenda kept rubbing
up against me and even kissed me lightly a couple of times when we
mentioned some silly stories about teachers we didn’t like.

“Chuck, would you like to listen to a little music” she asked after
what seemed like the fifth glass of wine.

“Sure, Glenda” I said. I was feeling pretty tipsy and I would have
probably agreed to anything. She turned on the radio and tuned in a local
“soft rock” station that I liked. They were playing an old “Supremes”

“Chuck, let’s dance.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the
middle of her living room. She turned around, put her arms around my neck
and put her head on my shoulder. She moved her soft lips up to my ear and
nibbled it gently. This was great.

We danced through two other slow songs and I was really starting to
get aroused. Glenda seemed to be enjoying herself too, squeezing me and
pushing her tits into my chest.

“Chuck, have you ever seen my house.”

“No, I don’t think so.” It was true. For all the times I had visited
her, I hadn’t been past the living room.

“Come on” she said, and grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the
staircase. She towed me upstairs and showed me her sister’s room, her room
and finally her parent’s room, in the middle of which sat a king size bed.
She walked over to the bed, kicked off her shoes and climbed in. “Chuck,
come on over and sit by me.”

As I said, I was tipsy enough to agree to anything and this sounded
like a pretty good idea. I walked (somewhat unsteadily) over to join
Glenda. I kicked off my shoes and sat down next to her. She smiled and
reached over to hold my hand, softly running her long nails over the back
of my hand arousing me even further.

“Chuck, you know I’ve always liked you, always had feelings for you.”
She kissed me on the cheek and then, tickling me under the chin with her
index finger, turned my face toward her and kissed me full on the lips.
She pulled back a little and then, still holding onto my chin, kissed me
full again. This kiss was harder and her sensuous tongue darted into my
partially opened mouth. She reached up with her other hand and began
running her fingers through my hair and tickling the back of my neck.

This was great. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her toward
me, answering her kisses with my own lips and tongue. I drank in her
kisses, stroking her breasts and her ass. The intensity of our encounter
continued, the only sound being the constantly increasing pitch of our

I slid off the bed and drew Glenda to her feet. She put her hands on
my chest and I reached over to pull the hem of her blouse from her skirt.
I pulled the blouse upward and she raised her arms so that I could slide it
off of her. Underneath, she was wearing a white frilly bra. I reached
back and undid her skirt, allowing it to fall around her ankles, exposing
her silk panties. She kicked them aside and pressed herself against me,
placing her lips upon mine for a full sensuous kiss.

Glenda pulled back, and began to slowly undo the buttons on the front
of my shirt, sliding her long nails down my chest and stomach as she did
so. She pulled off my shirt and threw it on the chair behind me. She slid
her hands down my stomach and began to slowly unbuckle my belt. She
unclasped my pants and pulled them down, running her hand across my
hardening dick as she did so. As my pants fell to the floor at my feet, I
stepped out of them and kicked them behind me.

I reached over and picked up Glenda in my arms and placed her on her
mom’s bed. That was a turn on, getting ready to screw Glenda in her
mother’s bed. I leaned over to kiss her and reached behind her back to undo
her bra. I slowly pulled off her bra bringing her beautiful breasts into
plain sight. I leaned down and alternately kissed the erect right and left
nipples. She moaned as I did this.

I put my fingers into the top of her panties and slowly slid them down
her legs, kissing my way down her silky thighs as I did so. My lips
followed her panties down until I got to her feet. I pulled her panties
off and then noticed her toes. They were painted red and I began kissing
the tips of each in turn. Her moans turned to giggles of delight as I went
across each foot several times.

I moved back up, kissing my way along her thighs, across her pussy
and, much to her delight again, inserted my tongue into her navel, driving
her to almost hysterical ecstasy.

I climbed into bed beside Glenda, giving her a full french kiss. She
climbed on top of me and leaned down to give me a long passionate french
kiss. She moved her soft hands down my chest and stomach, following
closely with her tongue and lips. This drove me to full erection. Glenda
reached my briefs, inserted her fingers and pulled them down to my knees.

She began to lick my fully extended member, circling it with her long,
sexy tongue. She them swallowed it whole, driving me almost out of my mind.
She released me and continued her progress toward my feet, After discarding
my underwear, she administered the same toe treatment I had administered to
her. The tickling drove me to an even higher plane of orgasmic thrill.

Glenda, moved back up my body, massaging me with her erect nipples and
placing her left nipple into my mouth. I began to suck her nipple as she
inserted my dick into her pussy. The fervor of our moaning increased and
we administered pleasure to each other. Glenda began to move her hips in
faster and faster circles, driving me out of my mind. She added an up and
down pumping motion to her circles and drove me into orbit.

Glenda and I hit our orgasm at the same time, both screaming with
intense passion. Glenda slid off of me, draping her leg over my dick,
rubbing the side of her knee over my softened dick. She said, “Chuck, I’ve
been thinking about this moment for years. I’ve wanted you from the first
day I met you. Why didn’t we do this before?”

I heard a car door slam in the driveway. We looked out the window.
Glenda’s parents were home early, walking up to the front door right below
us. We both made a mad scramble for our clothes.