Mother offers 18-year-old son her last remaining hole

The next three weeks were a whirlwind of sex.

That night (after my crazy threesome with my Mom and my new older girlfriend), after a good nap to recover, I made it to the newscast half an hour early.

Security wouldn’t believe me so I had to text Miranda who came and pulled me inside, her tongue greeting me.

She entwined her fingers with mine and led me into the studio where I was promptly introduced to her ex, Mark.

“Mark, this is my new boyfriend, Curtis,” she said, her arm hooked in mine.

Mark looked at me with such disdain I was suddenly rather nervous. Ignoring me completely as a threat he turned to Miranda. “Isn’t he a bit young for you?”

“Isn’t Brittany a little dumb for you?” she countered, sharply.

“Whatever,” he said, walking away.

Her smile was big as she pulled me into her dressing room for a quick blow-job. As soon as the door was closed my fantasy jerk-off woman all these years was on her knees devouring my cock. Once she had swallowed my seed, she stood back up and kissed me sweetly, her tongue darting between my lips, the last remnants of my cum given back to me.

I watched the show live, which was surprisingly boring and frantic, and once done I was face to face with Mark.

“How old are you, kid?” he asked, sizing me up.


“You know she is just using you, right?”

I shrugged. “Well, if that is true there could be worse things to be used for.”

He laughed awkwardly before threatening me. “I don’t want to see you around here.”

Miranda showed up just as Mark poked me in the chest with his finger. Miranda joked, “Mark, you had your chance with me. Leave my boy alone.”

He sarcastically agreed, “Boy is the right word.”

Miranda shot back. “Be careful about your word choice, tiny. Curtis is a real man and unlike someone I won’t mention can get it up more than once. On that note, Curtis let’s see how many times you can get it up in one day. So far it is four if I recall.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me along as I blushed like an embarrassed schoolboy. Once in her room she closed the door and tore of my clothes. “Curtis, I am so fucking horny. I want you in me now.”

Like a kid in a candy shop I grabbed at everything. I squeezed her ass, I cupped her breasts and I slid a finger inside my dream woman’s wet pussy. Each action had her moaning like a porn star and gasping like she was down to her breath.

Once on her couch, I dove between her legs and sampled her heavenly taste. On contact her moans increased and continued as I eagerly lapped her pussy. I don’t know if I was that good or she was just that horny, maybe both, but she came hard only a couple of minutes in. As soon as she was done, she straddled my rock hard cock and bounced up and down on it. She easily devoured all eight inches with ease and I just watched, in complete awe, as my most common stroke fantasy, other than my Mother, rode me. She purred, “Do you like this, Curtis?”

“Fuck yes,” I moaned.

“I love your quick recovery time, stud,” she moaned.

Acting studly, my confidence brimming, I replied, “I can go all night.”

She smiled, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep. I have just hit my sexual prime and I crave cock constantly.”

My balls bubbling from the reality that Miranda Collington was my girlfriend and was riding my cock with reckless abandon, I grunted, “I’m not going to last much longer.”

I expected her to get off me, but instead bounced faster as she begged, “Fill my cunt with your cum, baby. I want to feel your cum explode inside me. Come baby, come for Miranda.”

I needed no further encouragement as I shot my load deep inside her. She didn’t miss a beat as she continued riding my cock, milking every last drop of my cum. Finally getting off me, she moved beside me and kissed me passionately. One would think I would be spent after five loads today, two in my Mom and three more in Miranda, but my cock never lowered.

We chatted for a few minutes, where I learned the wedding was actually in Las Vegas and that she wanted me to come for a four-day trip. I couldn’t believe my past twenty-four hours. I had fucked my beautiful Mom and I had begun fucking a local celebrity. Life could not get better than this…could it?

One more lengthy fuck and I headed home exhausted with my cock raw. I don’t think I even stroked myself six times in one day. I crashed in my bed, still dressed and fell into a deep sleep.


I was awakened the next morning by my mother’s lips wrapped around my cock. It is easily the best way in the world to be waked up…a blow-job from your mother. Even though I shot six loads the day before, it didn’t take long to get me stirring. Once awake, Mom straddled me and allowed her hot lava to engulf my just wakened cock and said, “I hope Miranda didn’t wear you out, I need some quality time with my son.”

“She is a minx,” I moaned as Mom bounced up and down on my cock, but added, “But I will always have time for you, Mom.”

“You say the sweetest things,” she purred, squeezing her breasts together and leaning forward. I took her stiff nipple in my mouth and bit gently.

She let out a soft moan and teased, “Don’t leave any incriminating evidence.”

I bit harder and teased back, “Is my Mommy-slut telling me what to do?”

She moaned, “Yes, I am. Now fuck me, big boy.”

Never one to refuse such a request, I began bucking my ass up, my cock pistoning inside her like a well-oiled machine. Her luscious breasts bounced in my face and her moans of pleasure increased proportionately. “Oh god baby, fuck Mommy. Your cock feels so good in Mommy.”

Her constant reference to being my Mommy only made it hotter, a constant reminder of the taboo act we both were participating in so eagerly.

“You love my cock don’t you, Mommy?” I asked.

“I fucking love it son. I can’t get enough of your big stiff cock,” she moaned, as I continued to fuck her.

Getting tired from this position, I ordered, “On all fours Mommy. I am going to fuck you like a dog, like you’re my pet…my pet Mommy.”

“Oh God, Curtis. That is so fucking hot,” my sexy Mother replied, obeying my order and getting on all fours.

Getting behind her beautifully tight ass, I put my hands on her hips and allowed my cock to roam and tease, rubbing against her lips, but not in her. Mom who has never been overly patient, demanded, “Shove your cock in me, Curtis, now!”

I spanked her ass gently, before sliding my cock inside the burning warmth of my mother. “Sooooo demanding, Mom.”

“Aaaah, fuck, yes,” she moaned the instant I filled her. “I can’t believe how good you feel in me, son.”

“Right back at you, Mom.”

My first load of the morning usual came really quickly and this time was no different. Only a few minutes into my hardcore fucking of my Mom, I felt my balls boiling and I warned, “I’m going to come soon, Mom.”

In lightning speed, my Mom turned around and devoured my cock with her perfect cocksucking lips. She furiously bobbed back and forth like the eager slut she was and I rewarded her with a very full load of my cum. Swallowing every drop, she continued bobbing up and down on my cock until I asked her to stop, the sensation now making me have to pee.

When I returned from the washroom, my sexy Mother was lying in my bed waiting for me. She said, strangely like a rather insecure teenager, “Don’t you forget about your Mother’s needs now that you will be spending so much time with your boyhood fantasy girl.”

I corrected her. “Oh Mom, you were my first and still are my most constant boyhood fantasy girl.”

She slapped me playfully. “I bet you say that to all the older women you fuck.”

I leaned and kissed her tenderly, with the passion of a man in love, gentle, intimate and yet still with the lust that accompanied my feelings for her. Breaking the kiss, I said, “Mom, I love you.”

“I love you too, son,” she answered.

I stood up, suddenly hungry for breakfast, and said, “Did you know the wedding is in Vegas?”

“I do now,” she quipped.

“I’m not even old enough to get into the bars and casinos,” I pointed out.

My Mother, always the witty one, quipped back, “But you will be old enough to get into Miranda.”

“Touché,” I replied, still bathing in my good fortune.

Mom got up, and said, “Go shower, I will make my big boy some breakfast.”

“You really are the best mother in the world,” I complimented.

Walking to me and firmly grabbing my semi-erect cock, “And don’t you forget it.” She gave one last tug and disappeared.


I put on hold my attempt to find out more about Ellie’s past relationship with my mother, as I focused on Miranda and the upcoming wedding, which had become a full-time job. Miranda paraded me around at work, flaunting me in front of her ex every chance she got and played with my trombone over and over again.

A few days later, I had just finished fucking Miranda in her dressing room, which had become a daily routine, when she said, “I am going to buy our airline tickets tomorrow. You are still good with coming?”

I replied with sexual innuendo, “I love coming with you.”

“Oh you dirty boy,” she teased.

Throwing an idea out there, I asked, “What do you think of having Mom and Ellie join us?”

She asked, pouting like a school girl, “What, I am not enough for you?”

“On the contrary, Mom clearly misses being with Ellie and needs to be pushed past the point of no return and well…what happens in Vegas….”

Her devious smile crossing her radiant just-fucked face, she asked, “You want to play lesbian matchmaker with your married Mom?”

“Well, that is an interesting way to put it,” I reflected with a grin.

“You know that Ellie used to Domme your Mom right?”

“Mom hasn’t said much more than that if she ever gave into Ellie again it would be impossible to ever break free again.”

“Tell you what, I love the idea. But how are we going to get Ellie to go along?”

“I already thought of that. You invite her as your ‘plus one’ and she will be pleasantly surprised when Mom and I are on the plane.”

“Hmmm and I assume you have a plan while we are up in the air?” she guessed, her hand slowly stroking my already growing cock.

“In my head I have a million different variants,” I admitted.

“Do you want to fuck Ellie?” Miranda asked.

“Well…” I began, knowing answering such a question was dangerous.

“It’s ok, baby,” Miranda said, “I would love to see you fuck her. I would also love to play with her as well.”

“It will be a pleasant surprise for Mom,” I said, as I tapped my cock on Miranda’s sweet lips.

“I will make arrangements tomorrow,” she promised before taking my cock back in her mouth.


The next day and few days since I had last fucked my mother, she came up to me in the kitchen as I was getting ready to go meet up with Miranda. Her hand went onto my cock while Dad was in the other room watching the news, and she pouted, “Have you forgot about Mommy?”

My stiff cock gave its own answer as I moaned softly, “God no, Mom. I am always ready to assist you in any way possible.”

She unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. She stroked it quickly. “Fuck, I want your cock in me.” Surprising me, she lifted up her sundress, bent over the counter and whispered, “Fuck me, Curtis.”

“But Dad is in the next room,” I protested.

“Do as your mother asks,” she ordered.

Mom had blown me in the bathroom quickly while Dad was downstairs, she had rubbed my cock with her foot during supper a couple of times as well, but we had never fucked while Dad was home.

“You sure?” I asked, still unsure, even as her tight ass bent over had me raring to go.

“Yes, fuck Mommy, Curtis, now!” she begged, with a whisper.

Obeying my Mother like a good son should always do, I went behind her and easily penetrated her already very wet pussy.

I did slow strokes, still pretty scared of getting caught by Dad fucking Mom. Mom’s moans were quiet and controlled, unlike when we were alone and she was an animated slut.

I continued to fuck my mother for three minutes or so when the phone rang. My Dad never answered the phone and it was in the kitchen anyway.

Mom cursed under her breath, “For fuck sakes,” and went to the phone reluctantly allowing me to slip out of her. Answering the phone, she rolled her eyes. “Hi Mom.”

Knowing that this would be a long conversation, I put my cock back in my pants, and winked at Mom, whose red cheeks would have been excellent CSI evidence of our crime. She said, “Mom, give me a second. Curtis is just leaving.”

Mom put the phone down and came over to me. She whispered in my ear, her hand firmly on my still stiff cock, “Don’t forgot about Mommy while you are out gallivanting with Miranda.”

“Of course, not Mom. You will always be my first choice.”

She kissed me on the lips, shoving her tongue in my mouth, before saying, “And don’t you ever forget it.”

I quipped, “How could I Mom, you are my MILF slut.”

She smiled and mocked authority, “Don’t you use such language with me, unless you are in me. Fuck, I wish your Dad was gone. I guess I will have to fuck him tonight.”

“Oh, the sacrifices,” I mocked.

“Don’t get me started,” she sighed, before asking, “Have you fucked Miranda in the ass yet?”

“No,” I admitted, even though the thought had crossed my mind when she was bent over and I was fucking her in her favorite position, the submissive doggy style.

“Have you fucked anybody in the ass, son?” she asked, rubbing my cock firmly in my jeans.

“Noooooooo,” I moaned.

“Well, tomorrow your Dad is heading out of town and I am going to be your first. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mom,” I agreed, very enthusiastically.

“Good, so tomorrow you are mine, all day, understood?” she asked with one final squeeze.

“Yes, Mommy,” I replied.

I watched her saunter, purposely using her sexy wiggle. She went to the phone and began talking to her Mother, seconds after promising her son her ass. My life was fucking amazing.


I headed out and to see Miranda again.

When I arrived at the studio Mark confronted me in the parking lot. He had clearly been waiting for me. “I thought I warned you to stay away from Miranda.”

I replied, “Are you not getting married to someone else? I think such a commitment prevents you from any such authority.”

“Don’t get smart with me,” Mark threatened.

“Or what?” I asked.

“Don’t mess with me.”

I walked past him and countered, smugly. “I am not here to mess with you. I am here to mess with Miranda, over and over again.”

“You fucking punk,” he began, as I walked into the studio.

Confused at the guy’s threats, I shrugged them off and went to shoot my usual pre-load show in Miranda’s perfect cocksucking lips. As soon as I entered her room, she smiled and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

I eventually told her about my encounter and Miranda cursed, “Fuck. He just won’t grow up. Fucking men they don’t know what they got till they lose it.”

I asked, although I was scared of the answer, “You don’t want to get back with him do you?”

“I’d rather remain celibate and you know how much I love sex,” she replied, before her anger shifted into mischief. “Oh, but two can play at that game.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked curious.

“You will see. But I will have to wait to swallow your cum until right before show time.”

I shrugged, “Whatever suits your fancy.”

We talked about the Vegas trio for a while and Ellie was in and she planned to talk to my Mom tomorrow. Miranda smiled, “Your devious plan to get your Mom to be a dyke to a Mistress while you watch is almost all in place.”

“Don’t forget, the plan also includes fucking Ellie too,” I added.

“Don’t you be getting me jealous. I already have to share you with your Mom,” Miranda teased, falling to her knees.

She took my cock in her mouth and after a couple of deep bobs asked, “Was your car recently parked in your Mom’s garage?”

I laughed at the horrendous visual. “Yes, we fucked for a few minutes in the kitchen while Dad was in the living room. But the phone rang.”

“Oh you poor boy. You didn’t get to come in your Mom,” she mocked, before asking, “Will I do?”

I grabbed her head and lead her mouth back to my raging hard-on. “Yes, baby, you will more than do.”

Ten minutes later, which is as long as I usually lasted in the sauna of lust that was Miranda’s mouth I began shooting my cum in her mouth.

Unlike her usual swallow every drop routine, she moved back and caught my cum like a basket. Once done, she stood up and left the room.

Curious as hell, I pulled my pants up and followed my devious girlfriend, who went directly to Mark, seated at the anchor’s table and leaned forward her mouth open, apparently showing her mouthful of my cum to her ex.

He went red as Miranda clearly swallowed it all. I was just in earshot enough for her to say, “Remember when that was your pre-show routine?”

“What the fuck, Miranda?” Mark questioned.

Miranda, now mad, threatened, “Leave my boyfriend alone.”

“Boy is right,” he quipped back confidently.

Miranda laughed, a laugh dripping with scorn, “Don’t you dare judge, Mr.-Can’t-get-it up-for-round-two-without-a-nap.”

Others in the room couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh as Miranda turned and walked away, leaving a red faced Mark utterly speechless, probably for the first time in his egotistical life.

Miranda walked right to me and shoved her tongue down my throat for all to see. I could taste myself on her tongue, but was thrilled to finally have the public affection she had not given me until this second.

Mark glared at me and I smugly winked back at him.

Miranda and I fucked after the show for a lengthy hot marathon session where I deposited two more loads in her, one in her pussy and another in her mouth.

As I was getting ready to head home for the night, I mentioned, “I am going to stay and hang out with Mom tomorrow, sexy.”

“You are, are you? You are such a mother-fucker,” she teased.

I retorted, “Jealous?”

She shrugged, “Maybe.” As she kissed me goodbye she threw me for a loop as she finished with, “Of course, the question is, am I jealous of your Mom for getting to fuck you or jealous of you for getting to fuck your Mom?”


The next day, Dad left for an overnight meeting somewhere and I replaced him in my Mother’s bed. I had just deposited a load in my Mom’s cunt to start the morning when she informed me, “Hey baby, I am coming to Vegas with you.”

Acting surprised, I said, “Really? How did that transpire?”

“Didn’t Miranda tell you?”

“No, but we don’t do a lot of talking when we are together,” I joked.

“You are such a male slut,” Mom joked.

I corrected, “When a girl fucks more than one guy she is a slut. When a man is scoring with two women he is a stud. Unfair I know, but those are the rules of society. I don’t make them, I just follow them.”

Slapping me playfully, she questioned, “Are you calling me a slut?”

As my finger traced her firm breasts, I answered, “You are my slut, Mom.”

“Well then,” she began straddling my still semi-erect cock, “if I am going to be labelled a slut, I better make it worthwhile.”

“Slut away, Mom,” I replied, watching her engulf my cock and begin riding me.

Another deposit inside my Mom, her eager pussy this time, and I already had visions of going for the triple play in one day: mouth, pussy and ass. Like the cycle in baseball the last one is always the hardest to complete.

As we lay there in the morning, both of us in after-sex glow, Mom said, “We are going to go out for supper tonight as mother and son and then come back here for a very, very, special night.”

“I can’t wait,” I replied.

School was a bitch as the thought of a date with Mom and the promised ass fuck was all I could think about. I was a walking erection with a mind of goo all day. I returned home and there was a note on the kitchen table.

Sorry, but I had a last minute call for a house to show. I will have to meet you at the restaurant at six. I booked us a table at Rizzo’s.


Wow, Rizzos was the classiest restaurant in the city and therefore meant suit and tie. I went to my room and my suit was already laid out on the bed. I went and had a nice shower and got ready, making sure to look my best for my date with Mom. At the last minute, I decided to go commando; never know when I may have to release the beast in a flash. I finished getting ready and sped to Rizzo’s. I arrived ten minutes early and was led to my table.

I waited a bundle of excitement at what Mom had promised me. Mom, being Mom, arrived fifteen minutes late, which was fifteen minutes early for her, but all was forgiven the Moment I saw her. Her hair was down, which I loved, but it was the gold cocktail dress, that stopped just below the knee, and the mocha colored stockings, my favorite shade of nylon, that had my cock on full alert and begging to be released.

Mom hugged me, tight enough that she could feel my attention and asked, “Is that for me?”

“All eight inches of it,” I flirted back.

“I can’t wait,” she responded, giving my cock a subtle squeeze before I moved around and pulled out her chair like a gentleman. “Oh, how sweet! But you don’t have to impress me baby; you are definitely getting laid tonight.”

I replied, “It’s the small things Mom, they are always the first to go when a relationship begins to falter.”

My Mom, suddenly in reflection mode, agreed, “No truer words have ever been spoken.”

I returned to my chair just as our waiter arrived. He took our drink orders after taking more than a subtle glance at my Mom’s generous cleavage.

Once he was gone, I pointed out, “Mom, he was staring right down your dress.”

“Was he?” she asked, oblivious to the distraction her beauty still caused many, many men.

“Indeed he was. Of course, who could blame him? You are easily the sexiest person here.”

“You and flattery, I told you, you are definitely getting laid tonight. Actually, I am hoping to go for the Trifecta all in one evening.”

“Trifecta?” I questioned.

“Yes, where you shoot a load of your white stuff in each of my three special places,” my mother informed me, her stocking-clad foot now on my crotch.

“Oh fuck Mom, my first load may end up in my pants if you keep teasing me,” I admitted, my balls already begging to be shot.

Her foot stayed there, not moving, as the waiter brought our starter salads. My hand rubbed gently the top of my Mom’s foot, the silk nylon the greatest feeling in the world.

As we ate our salads, Mom asked, “Ever had a foot job, baby?”

“No,” I answered, after a brief realization that I never had. Pam, my ex, had rubbed her stocking feet all over my body in a sensual foot massage of sorts, but her foot only rubbed my cock.

“Well, then obviously you have never had a stocking-clad foot job,” my Mom deduced.

“Apparently,” I agreed, “are you offering?”

As her foot tapped on my cock, she shrugged with a devilish smile, “Well, we already have a Trifecta to complete, but maybe we can fit that in. Seeing your cock squirt it’s cum all over my stockings would be pretty hot, don’t you think?”

“Shit Mom, I am not going to make it much longer,” I admitted, thinking I might come like I did when I started my self-exploration when I was younger, just by touch.

She smiled, “Don’t you dare waste that precious cum.”

The waiter returned with our meals and Mom thankfully relented, moving her foot away. We ate our dinners and discussed non-sexual things like school, Mom’s job, and plans for a summer trip to see the grandparents. If anyone was listening there would be no evidence of our sexual relationship, the taboo sin we were planning to commit very soon.

Once dinner was done, my beautiful mother suggested, “I say we skip dessert and we find a place where I can get some dessert directly from the source.”

“Cheque,” I quipped, knowing my hard cock, which had never shrunk throughout dinner, was not going to make it much longer before it begged for attention.

We paid the bill and once we were outside, night time just beginning to set in, Mom asked, “Where did you park?”

“In the underground parking.”

“Perfect” she smiled, grabbing my hand, our fingers entwined as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend and not mother and son. “Lead the way, baby.” Just the way she said baby with such syrupy sexiness had my cock twitching.

As we walked down the secluded stairs, Mom pulled on my hand. I stopped and looked at her. She pushed me against the wall, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, fell to her knees and devoured me whole.

I couldn’t believe she would be so risky blowing me in a stairwell, but logically we would hear the door open and probably be able to cover up in time.

Her warm mouth, her nasty teasing the past hour and the crazy setting all had me on the brink in record time. My balls were boiling when a door above us opened. I told Mom, “Someone’s coming.”

She quit and said, “Well, then you better come soon,” and devoured my cock again, oblivious to the reality that we were about to get caught.

I closed my eyes, even as I heard steps above me, and allowed the oral sensation to take over. Within seconds, I shot a load of my sweet cum down my Mom’s throat as the steps got incredibly close.

They were almost upon us when Mom stood up and shoved her tongue in my mouth, swirling the last remnants of my cum back into my mouth. My cock was still out but hidden by Mom’s body crushed against mine, hiding my cock seconds before a middle age couple dressed for the opera or some other fancy shindig walked past us. The woman’s facial expression displayed clearly her disgust at such inappropriate displays of affection, while the man watched with a regretful look at a time long past for him.

As soon as they were gone, Mom dropped back down to the floor and cleaned my cock, looking to retrieve any last minute escapees.

Five minutes later, we were in my car when she asked, “Can we stop at the Love Boutique? I need some lube if you are going to drill my ass tonight.”

I gasped at my Mom’s shocking blunt language, but of course pulled into the store a couple of minutes later. Once parked, I planned to stay in the car, but Mom asked, “Don’t you want to come into the sex shop with me? Maybe pick out a costume for your mother to wear before you sodomize her?”

Such nasty talk had my cock revving to go again and my imagination spinning in overdrive. I quickly unfastened my seat belt and followed Mom in, leading with my cock.

As I entered the store, I realized I had never been in a sex shop. I had considered it a few times, but never had the guts to go in. Yet here I was with my mother shopping for lube to fuck her ass. I really had the best life in the world.

Once in the store, I was like a kid on Christmas morning, so many sweet things that I didn’t even know where to start. Mom went to the toys section and I followed. She grabbed some lube and tossed it to me, before looking at some other toys. I couldn’t believe the variety. I was looking at the double-ended dildo in confused awe when Mom, holding a strap-on, said, “Would you like to see Miranda and me scissor fuck ourselves with that?”

“I have no idea what that means, but yes.”

“And which strap-on should I buy for the next time your girlfriend and I play?” Mom asked while showing me two separate dildo cocks.

I shrugged, “Well, Miranda likes them big.”

“Good call,” my Mom concurred, returning both and grabbing a huge ten inch cock. “This will have her whimpering like the slut she is.”

“Mom, that is my girlfriend you are talking about.”

“Um, must I remind you she was my personal plaything first?” Mom smiled, tapping me on the head with the big cock.

“Fair enough,” I agreed, already imagining my Mom and my girlfriend in a variety of dirty situations.

“Now let’s go check out some costumes,” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me to a corner of wall-to-wall costumes.

“Wow,” I said, overwhelmed by the many kinky fantasies I envisioned role playing with my mother. “I don’t even know where to start.”

“Well, real role play is about creating real situations and becoming the costume,” my sexy mother pointed out.

“Ok,” I said, unsure what she meant.

“So, let’s see,” she paused, pursuing the many different options. “Ah-ha,” she said, reaching up a bit and grabbing a cat woman costume. “Find the Batman costume, stud.”

I found it pretty easily, my mind already role playing ideas of Batman disciplining Catwoman. Mom put on the mask, and sauntered over to me seductively, parodying the old Adam West cartoon over the top action scenes, I used to watch on reruns, “So Batman, do you think you could BING BAM BOOM me into submission?”

The innuendo had me weak at the knees as I tried to come up with a witty comeback.

When I couldn’t, she purred, actually purred, “What is it Batman, does the cat have your tongue?”

She rubbed my stuff cock through my pants and teased, “Oh does Batman want to come out and play?”

I moaned, unable to come up with a complete thought.

She took the mask off and reached for another outfit. She grabbed a red outfit and disappeared into a change room. I looked at other outfits: princesses, nurse, Superwoman, Lady Gaga…every one creating a new fantasy for me.

Mom came out in the skimpiest red outfit ever, her mocha coloured thigh high stocking tops completely visible. She walked over to me and teased, “Well, hello there Mr. Wolf, do you want to go back to my grandmother’s house and eat me?”

My mouth dropped open, my Mom’s sexual implication so fucking naughty.

Her hand slid down my chest, her finger like lightning and thunder to my cock. “Imagine helpless l’il ole me with a basket full of toys and no one to use them on me?”

“Aaaah, fuck Mom,” I moaned.

“Does baby want to fuck Little Red Mommy Hood?” she asked, her hand again on my crotch.

“Oh god, yes,” I grunted, like a babbling fool.

Mom looked around and quickly pulled me into the dressing room. She pulled out my cock, pushed me onto the sitting ledge of the small room and sat on my cock, engulfing it completely. Her wet warmth coated my cock and she bounced up and down eagerly, taking every inch of my cock with each downward bounce. My Mom was clearly really horny as I could feel her excess juice leaking onto my legs as our bodies collided. Her moans, although controlled because of our location, were becoming louder the longer she fucked me. I could tell she wanted to scream, to talk dirty, and the restrictive location was holding her back from the pure pleasure she usually received when we fucked.

I whispered, trying to push her past the point of resistance, “Come for me Mommy, come like the son-fucker you are.”

“Aaah, fuck Curtis,” she whispered back, “keep talking dirty to me. Treat me like your fucking personal sex-slut.”

I wanted to bend her over and take control, but the room didn’t allow it, so I continued the sexual verbal assault of my perfect, beautiful, slut Mom. “Keep bouncing slut. Who owns that wet cunt of yours?”

“You do,” she moaned, loader than she meant to.

“I do what?” I asked, slapping her ass.

“Aaah, fuck, you own my cunt, baby.”

“And I can use it whenever I want, right Mommy?”

“Oh fuck, yes, Curtis, I am always at your disposal,” she moaned.

“My personal live at home Mommy cum bucket.”

“Oh my fucking God, Curtis, yes, baby, more, I’m so close,” she moaned, getting turned-on by the humiliation and taboo sin of fucking her son.

“Come for me now, my Mommy-slut, come like the dirty, incestuous, son-fucking whore you are,” I demanded, my own orgasm incredibly close from my Mom’s furiously ride.

She began to scream and I covered her mouth as her orgasm quaked through her, almost simultaneously my cum exploded inside her. She didn’t slow down, my cum filling her cunt as her juice leaked out. A minute later, she got off me, and said, “Shit, I should have worn panties, I am leaking like crazy.”

I laughed, as I saw her juice and my cum slithering down her leg.

“Get out of here, before we get caught you dirty boy, you,” she teased.

I returned to the outfit area where an older woman, a sales-lady for the store, glared at me, obviously knowing what we had done, although I assumed she had no idea of the fact that incest had just occurred in her store. I avoided eye contact and looked around for another outfit.

Mom returned a Moment later, the outfit in hand and said to the older woman, ignoring her accusing eyes, “I think we will get this one, the Catwoman and Batman and one more.”

“Which one?” I asked, curiously.

“That is for me to know and you to find out very, very soon,” she teased. “Go to the car so I can pay for all this.”

I obeyed and waited in the car, bubbling with anticipation to complete the promised Trifecta.

Mom returned and I drove us home. Mom said, “I can’t stop leaking.”

I shrugged, “I can’t believe we fucked in a stall of a sex shop.”

“I can’t believe all those things you called me,” she countered, seemingly offended.

I quickly apologized, “Sorry Mom, I….”

She slapped my knee. “Oh Curtis, you still are as gullible as you were when you were young. When I am revved up like that I want to be treated like a slut, it gets me off like nothing else. I can’t explain it, but it is true. When you called me a live-in Mommy cum bucket it brought me over the top. And now I am leaking like a sieve.”

We pulled into the driveway and Mom smiled. “Think you can get it up one more time, son?”

“Oh Mom, I can go and go and go. I am the Energizer fuck-bunny,” I quipped.

“Let’s go and see if you can back those words up, stud.” She smiled, getting out of the car.

Once in the house, she took her bag of goodies with her and said, “I am going to shower and get into costume. Why don’t you go shower too, and pour me some wine?”

I did as suggested, taking a long hot shower, my cock never completely shrinking, the curiosity of what Mom had bought for tonight and the thought of fucking Mom’s ass constantly spinning in my head.

In my room, I got dressed again and noticed Miranda had texted me. I clicked on the text.

Miranda: Have u banged Mommy’s ass yet? Here is something for you to think about for our time together tomorrow. When I let you bang mine.

I gasped. It was a picture of Miranda bent over holding her cheeks open and her enticing rosebud staring at me begging to be fucked.

My cock was again in missile mode and I adjusted myself before heading to the kitchen to pour us some wine and put together a plate of appetizers.

I had finished almost a full glass of wine when my Mom called out from the stairs, “Are there any Jedis down there?”

Being the ultimate Star Wars geek, I was instantly curious and was not disappointed when I turned the corner to find Mom dressed exactly like Princess Leia, hair and all. In her hand was one of my collectible lightsabers. She seductively came down the stairs and quipped, “Well you won’t have to be using your hands solo tonight, Jedi.”

She put the tip of my lightsaber in my mouth. “Any guess where I found this light saber?”

I could smell my Mom’s heavenly scent. She teased, “Of course, I would like a very different lightsaber in me, Jedi.”

“Oh, I think the force is with me, Princess,” I quipped, confidently moving in and kissing my beautiful mother. Being aggressive, I pushed her against the wall and she whimpered. I demanded, “It is time to reward your Jedi.”

I pushed her to her knees, on the stairs, and she quickly unbuckled my pants and took my lightsaber in her hands. She quipped, “You sure were concealing a deadly weapon, my Jedi.”

“I think I have found the perfect place to hide it for safe keeping,” I shot back, shoving my cock in her mouth. Unlike our last couple of times, I was much more aggressive, grabbing her sexy Princess Leia hair and pumping my cock in her sweet cocksucking lips. A couple of minutes of this and I ordered, “Go get on your bed, my slut.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, unable to conceal her true submissive nature once she had a taste of my dominance.

I watched her stand up and turn around while I went and got the wine. I returned and she was on the bed as instructed. I handed her a glass of wine and I joined her on the bed. I asked, “Does Dad dominate you like you crave to be?”

“No,” she admitted, before adding, “I have hidden that naughty dirty part of me for years.”

“Why?” I asked, my hand moving to her white stocking-clad legs.

“I am an adult now with responsibilities and I had to let go of my past,” she weakly rationalized.

“But you have always, subconsciously, craved submission. Wanted Dad to just take over and use you like a slut?”

Mom nodded, and gulped her wine.

Surprising her with my conversation shift, I asked, “So Mom, what really happened between you and Ellie?”

In a heartbeat, her facial expression transformed from confident and sexy to shy and nervous. “Curtis, that was a long time ago.”

“I know,” I pushed, my voice soft and tender, like a therapist trying to draw out their patient’s past. “But clearly you are not completely over it.”

“I am too,” she said, attempting to be strong, “I have resisted the temptation for years.”

“Sorry,” I said, trying a different route. “I meant you still have lingering feelings for Ellie.”

“Only being friends and not being drawn back into her web of seduction has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I probably would have succumbed on Halloween if you wouldn’t have shown up and saved me,” she explained, her hand falling onto my leg.

“But why is she trying to get you back now after all these years?”

“Well, you are old enough to not need a mother figure I assume,” she pondered.

“I have never needed a mother figure more than I do now,” I quipped back.

She laughed at my naughty implications. “Plus, she knows my relationship with your father has not been great. I even have wondered if she was not attempting to conspire with your father. Ellie’s comment to you when she thought you were your father only enhances those suspicions.”

“But you still love Dad?” I asked, this conversation getting much heavier than I had originally planned.

“I love him as a provider and as a person, but I no longer love love him, if that makes any sense,” she explained, her facial expression showing her frustration with her married life.

“So if that is the case why not go back to Ellie?” I questioned, getting the conversation I wanted to have back on track.

Her hand just made small figure eights on my hand as she considered my question, a nervous habit of hers. “Well, I don’t think you understand how domineering and demanding Ellie is.”

“Give me an example,” I asked, trying to figure out my Mother’s insecurity, when she was otherwise a very confident woman. My hand was now at her slightly wet and uncovered pussy, distracting her slightly.

She was silent for a while as she seemed to be reminiscing her past with Ellie. “Well, as I mentioned. With Ellie it was clear that she was the Domme and I the sub. For example,” she began, but stopped, struggling to put the experience into words. She explained, “You got to understand I was and probably still am in love with Ellie. But while she was comfortable with her sexuality, I was too weak to ever tell my parents of my sexual preference at the time. Being bi or a lesbian back then was a lot more socially condemned than now, when it is apparently in fashion.”

“So you loved Ellie,” I asked, trying to open Mom up completely.

“Unconditionally,” she whispered, a tear forming in her eye.


“But I also wanted a normal life. And I couldn’t see how I could have that and be in a lesbian relationship. I wanted kids, Ellie didn’t. We were completely polar opposites in every imaginable way which made us great friends, amazing lovers, but a horrible couple.”

” And then you met Dad….”

“And got pregnant with you and I just quit with Ellie cold turkey. She was furious at first, but she missed our friendship as much as I did, but eventually we moved on and pretended the past never happened. But the last year or so, Ellie has suddenly been giving subtle and not so subtle sexual hints, although never enough for me to be completely sure it was anything more than witty comments, until she gave herself away at the party.”

“How so?” I probed.

“First, by her hands teasing me like she used to, slowly making me weak and vulnerable. By the way, I probably never would have ended up fucking you on Halloween night if she hadn’t had me so fucking horny.”

I quipped, “I will have to thank her. Maybe get her a thank you card, something like ‘Thank you for priming my Mom so I could fuck her’.”

Mom smiled and playfully slapped my hand before she continued, “Second, she kept making sexual innuendos which implied she wanted to make me her sub again. Third, of course, she admitted it to you when you were in costume.” She paused, before adding, her facial expression showing her confusion, “I just can’t figure out what Ellie and Ted were up to. We’re they conspiring somehow? Why else would she say that to you when she thought you were Ted?”

“Are you not worried that Ellie and Dad will talk about Halloween night and expose the truth?” I asked, realizing a potential problem.

“I wasn’t until now,” she responded, a look of panic suddenly on her face.

“We need to deal with Ellie,” I suggested.

“How so?” Mom asked cautiously.

“Well, I am still working on that. But my idea does include you submitting to her again,” I tossed out.

“Why?” she asked, a clear mixture of nervousness, excitement and curiosity.

My finger parted her very wet pussy lips. “Well, it is obvious you need it. It is obvious you crave it and I believe you regret the decision you made.”

“I don’t regret it, I got you,” Mom said, kissing me gently on the lips.

“Well, that is a very good point, a very good point indeed,” I concurred, “but be honest with me Mom. What are you scared of now?”

“Her power,” my Mom admitted.

“How so?”

“I can’t say no to her. I was completely at her every whim and some of those whims were crazy.”

“You can’t say that and not continue,” I pointed out.

“She loved to take risks, it was the only way she seemed to really get off,” Mom explained.

“Like what, Mom. You’re being rather vague.”

“Well, there were many examples. They started simple. She fingered me to orgasm in a nearly empty theater. But then she did the same thing in a very full theater, where the older woman beside me couldn’t help but notice what was happening. I was her personal live-in maid. I bathed her, I washed her hair, I made her meals, I even cleaned her cum-filled pussy the rare time she went on a date and got laid. She literally owned me. She continued to push the envelope too. Fucking me in the shared bathroom early in the morning with a strap-on, making me go down on her at a restaurant when the waiter disappeared, and even when she was President of the student union she would have me under the table between her legs the entire meeting. The bigger the threat of being caught, the bigger the thrill.”

“Well, that certainly explains your outrageous public adventures today,” I pointed out.

“I suppose so,” she reflected. “I really hadn’t thought about it, but the thought of getting caught is very exhilarating.”

“Agreed, but this just proves my point that you need Elle,” I pointed out, before asking, “so how did you break free of her hold over you?”

“Well, it was my wedding day that was the final straw. She made me eat her out minutes before I was married to your Dad and she fucked me in the honeymoon suite a couple of hours before your Dad and I consummated our marriage. It was clear that she wanted to still completely own me even if I was married, so I ended it. Even though I have been tempted for years, the craving to go back has only escalated this past year.”

“Wow,” was all I could say.

Mom added, “She joked during her first year of teaching how if I was still her lezzie-slut she would have had me under her desk during her parent-teacher interviews. I have many, many times fantasized about that suggestion becoming a reality.”

“Well, maybe you should,” I suggested.

Mom warned, “If I ever submit to her again, there will be no turning back.”

“Oh Mom you are too melodramatic.”

“No seriously. I know if I submit to her again that I won’t have the will power to quit her again. I never felt more free than when I was completely Ellie’s disposal, which makes no sense, but yet is how I felt.”

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked, before adding, “based on your soaking wet cunt I would think not.”

“Dammit Curtis, enough about making me a dyke and more about finishing our little adventure,” Mom said, her hand going to my fully swollen member. “Hmmmmm, I see making your Mommy a submissive lesbian has got you nice and stiff.”

“Everything about you makes me go nice and stiff, Mom.” I leaned in and kissed her. For the next few minutes we were not mother and son, but two passionate lovers who couldn’t get enough of each other.

Finally, Mom broke the kiss, took off my shirt and slithered down my body, splattering me with pecks of lust. She tongued my belly button, making a very useless part of my body an erogenous zone. When she got to my pants, she pulled then off and continued her exploration of my body: kissing my inner thigh, my legs, even my feet. When she moved back up to my cock, she resumed the role-play, “Is my Jedi ready to play?”

Her tongue slid up my cock and I moaned, “Oh God, yes.”

She continued the oral tease, taking each of my balls in her mouth separately, before returning to my shaft. Finally, she engulfed my cock with her mouth for a brief minute before quitting and asking, “Is it time for the Trifecta?”

I answered with actions as I flipped her on all fours and asked, “Where is the lube for my bottom slayer?”

Mom pointed to the dresser and I quickly retrieved it. Mom said, “Lube my ass first, baby and finger me. Get me ready for that big hard cock of yours.”

I obeyed her request, lathering her puckered pink back door generously, before slowly sliding a finger in.

She moaned and begged, “Now wiggle your finger around in there, son. Get Mommy’s ass nice and wide for you.”

I again obeyed, moving my finger ever which way inside her, slowly loosening her incredibly tight ass. “Slide a second finger in baby, and do the same thing.”

I again obeyed, squeezing a second finger inside ever so slowly. Once two were in, she whimpered, “Now turn your wrist back and forth slowly, baby. Get it nice and gaped for your big cock.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I replied, like a good son. Then I surprised her. While keeping my fingers in her ass, I slipped my cock inside her wet, wet cunt.

She screamed, “Oh my God, Curtis, fuck that feels so good.”

I began pumping both her pussy and ass simultaneously with my cock and fingers. The sensation of the double pleasure was clearly driving my Mom wild, and her moans of ecstasy began increasing exponentially.

“Oh God yes, fuck Curtis, fuck, Mommy. You have Mommy soooo close,” she screamed, loud enough for the neighbors to call 911.

I sped up the double assault on my Mom’s pussy and ass eager to bring her to euphoria. The euphoria came Moments later when I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her ass clamped around my fingers as she screamed, “I’m coming, you Mother-fucker, double-fuck Mommy, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

She quivered uncontrollably with tremors of pleasure as her orgasm quaked through her entire being. Still breathing heavily, she begged, “My ass baby, fuck Mommy’s ass with your big lightsaber.”

I slid my fingers out of her ass and moved my cock to her gaping rosebud. I hesitated and Mom leaned back onto my cock. I watched in youthful amazement as my cock slowly disappeared in Mom’s ass. I couldn’t believe how tight it was, like trying to fit on a glove a size too small. Mom continued pushing back and I could no longer she my cock. Mom moaned, “Is baby ready to fuck Mommy’s ass?”

“Oh God, yes,” I moaned.

“Pound me, son. Fuck Mommy’s ass,” she moaned back, wiggling her ass.

I grabbed her hips and slowly began fucking her, getting used to the warm sensation of Mom’s tight ass. After a couple of minutes of slow fucking, Mom demanded, “Harder baby, fuck my ass harder. Make me your Mommy-ass-slut.”

I obliged, no longer worried about hurting her. I began deep hard thrusts into her ass. Her screams increased as did her nasty language. “Oh fuck son, your cock feels so fucking good in Mommy’s ass.”

I responded, “Does Mommy-slut like her baby’s cock in her whore ass?”

“Oh god, yes. Use Mommy baby,” she whimpered.

“Tell me you will obey me always,” I demanded, a devious plan spinning in my head.

“Oh god, yes baby, I’m yours baby,” she replied, clearly getting into the submission to her son.

“And I own all three of your cock holes?” I questioned, pushing the envelope.

“Oh yes, baby, they are yours to use whenever or wherever you want, Mommy-fucker.”

“So you will never disobey me?” I asked.

“Never, baby,” she whimpered, as my deep hard thrusts penetrated her ass fully.

I pulled out and ordered, “Ride my cock, Mommy. Ride your son’s cock with your ass.”

She pushed me onto my back, her smile sexy as hell, and straddled my cock. “You want to watch Mommy while you fill my ass, don’t you, you dirty boy?”

I put my arms around my head and smiled, “I could watch you all day, Mom.”

She slowly lowered her ass onto my cock, biting on her lip, taking my cock back in her ass, but from this different position I could reach new depths in her ass. Her eyes closed as the last couple of inches filled her up. Once completely inside her, she opened her eyes and wiggled her ass on my cock. “Hmmm, baby, that feels so good.”

I smiled, “I love you Mom.”

“I love yoooou too, you naughty fucker,” she moaned back, as I bucked my ass up, surprising her.

She began riding my cock, her beautiful tits bouncing as she rode me. I watched memorized, every single fantasy of mine combined into this Moment. Mom dressed as Princess Leia, riding my cock in her ass was the epitome of sexual perversion. “Hmmmm, Mom, I do have a naughty plan for you when we are in Vegas.”

“You do, do you?” she moaned, beginning to ride my cock faster.

“I do, indeed,” I teased.

“Are you going to tell Mommy?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied, “when the Moment comes.”

“Damn you, Curtis. Tell me. You know I hate surprises,” she demanded, now bouncing up and down on my cock like a nasty porn star.

“Beg, bitch, beg to be my slut,” I ordered.

“Oh yes, baby, can Mommy be your slut?” she teased, all soft and seductive, a subtle pout on her lips. She added, “Your personal live in cum bucket, your complete submissive slave.”

“Who will never disobey me?”

“Never,” she moaned, really riding my cock now.

“Ever?” I pushed.

“Fuck, Curtis. You own me. I will do anything you say. I will suck your cock right in front of your Dad if you want,” she declared.

“Wow,” I moaned, and began “I want….” But my balls were boiling, “I want….” I stammered, “Oh fuck, I want you to submit to Ellie.”

“Yes, Master,” she moaned. “I will submit to her unconditionally. I will eat her cunt in her classroom. I will crawl on all fours like a dog for her. I will become her lez-slave. Is that what you want, baby, for me to be a little lesbian slave?”

That was the final straw and my cum coated her asshole as she continued riding me. “Oh that is what you want, you dirty Mother-fucker. You want to make your Mommy a dyke, a lesbian slut who is forced to please cunt after cunt after cunt.”

“Oh yes, Mommy, yes, oh God,” I moaned, my orgasm not wanting to end.

“Aaaaaaaaah, fuck,” Mom screamed, her own orgasm shuddering through her again. I tossed her onto her back in one swift move and buried my face in her sweet nectar, lapping up her cum as it squirted out of cunt. I spent a couple of minutes cleaning Mom before she pushed me away. “Stop baby, I can’t take it anymore.”

I moved away and we cuddled both comfortable in the silence that followed such extreme ecstasy.

Mom turned and looked into my eyes and asked, “So, you really want me to get back with Ellie?”

“I think you want to, don’t you?”

“A small part of me has always wanted to, but I have always resisted the temptation. By being with Miranda and being in charge, I had got my pussy quota, but avoided the submissive trap I had once been involved in.”

“But, now?”

“I will offer myself to her if that is what you want, but I can’t even predict what she will want me to do.”

I shrugged, “Let me take care of that.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, curious.

“Every female Domme like her needs a strong male Master,” I answered cryptically.

My Mom’s eyes went big. “You are not seriously considering domming Ellie?”

“The plan is already in motion,” I smiled, standing up and pulling down my pants.

My Mom smiled, “Well, you have me incredibly intrigued, but how will you even start such a plan.”

“Well, they say what happens in Vegas….”