How was the dildo?

Judy stopped talking and sat there with a speculative look in her eye. We were drinking tea in her kitchen. It made me nervous when she looked at me like that. “You seemed to… react to that,” she finally said. She sees things. She’d been telling me about her love life, getting quite detailed, and […]

My journal 1.

Here I am sitting at this damned terminal… No news in the world worth looking at; more wrecks, crashes and murders. No e-mail worth responding to. I need a job, I shouldn’t postpone it but I will. Another day, that’s all I need, I’ll get my shit togather and go build a few houses, pay […]

Blacks of Night

Fourth Street was nearly deserted this late at night. I walked quickly, my hands in my pockets. I was alert; I had heard tales of robberies in this area late at night. Not that I was carrying much money — it was just before payday, and I was down to my last two bucks, which […]

Writing A Sex Story

“Honey! Can you come here for a minute? I got a question I want to ask you?” Ben asks, while sitting at his computer. He’s written a bunch of sex stories but, he’s run out of ideas. “Yes, how can I help you.” Judy responds, standing over his shoulder, looking at a blank page on […]

Hot Nights With Granny

My Grandpa had passed away after being admitted to the hospital for the past week. Frankly, we had made peace with the fact that he wouldn’t make it out of the hospital alive, given that he was over 70 years old and that it was his third heart attack. The entire week, granny sat right […]

Lesbian Lesson

Lauren stared at Tracey’s ring as she listened to her explanation. She was almost in disbelief as Tracey reiterated how she secured her man. “It was really quite simple. I sucked his dick everyday whenever he wanted it for a month. Swallowed every load with a smile. On exactly the thirtieth day he took out […]

Lady fontaine

I slipped into the tanning salon. The attendant led me into a booth. “Hi!” a familiar voice greeted me. I glanced over my shoulder. In the booth next to me was Debbie. I’d met her at the workout center. We’d exercised together several times. I smiled. She was a really nice person. Her body was […]

Nudie Nursey 1.

I guess I have a sense of adventure. Most girls find a girlfriend to do things with. But I prefer to go to go to the movies by myself, or to the beach, or shopping. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re by yourself. And guys are more likely to approach you when you’re […]

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