Please don’t piss in my mouth

I couldn’t believe it was all in me. Not that he was gigantic or anything, it was just the idea of the fat cock being pushed all the way up there. My eyes were no longer tearing now, I just stayed in that one position, my ass stuck way up in the air, letting him have my ass, as I drooled onto the bed sheet.

It felt like I was emptying my bowels only they never emptied, it was like a perpetual shit!. My anal ring stretched painfully, expecting whatever was causing the discomfort to pass and allow it to close, but it wasn’t allowed to close.

I looked back over my shoulder, Mark kneeling behind me, waiting, having stretched me mercilessly, he waited. He was hard as a rock, you know, the way they get when the mind fuck is as strong as the physical. He was totally taken with my submissiveness. Far more then he expected to be just hours before at the restaurant.

I was sitting at the bar, waiting for Kelly, a girl I work with, when I started a conversation. It was an easy give and take thing, no one coming on too strong or anything. When from out of nowhere my little nasty streak popped into my brain. My little cunt was drooling and I wasn’t even aware of being horny yet!

I got up from the bar stool and started for the ladies room, stopped, walked back next to his stool and looked at him, locking eyes, testing, searching, wondering if something lewd could come of our meeting.

I stood up on my tip toes, putting my lips right next to his ear. “I’ll be right back”, I whispered with a grin, “I have to pee”. I lingered on the last word, slowly changing the word to “pissss” as I whispered, keeping my mouth close to his ear.

His eyes opened with the pleasant surprise of unexpected flirtation. He turned bar stool, facing away from the bar and towards me, and I took the occasion to rub my cunt against his knee lightly, but persistently, grinning as I did. Then, turned and walked to the ladies room.

Closing the door, I was shaking a mile a minute. I felt so fuckin’ hot! I closed the door and pulled up my skirt and slip, yanked down my panty hose and panties and sat down. Leaning forward, I saw just how slimy wet the crotch of my panties were, the dark oily film sitting on top of the fabric, inviting my finger to rub circles in it and bring it to my mouth. Mmmmmmm.

I pissed. Wet and loud, enjoying the sound of my flow hitting the water. Loving the hot dribbles on the lips of my little cunt. As the flow stopped, I pushed my hand down, rubbing my fingers in the residue, pleasantly surprised by the thick, almost rubbery build up of lube between my lips. I pushed three fingers in deeply, coating them bringing them back to my mouth, sniffing, kissing my fingers lengthwise, coating my lips with my own dewey lipstick. I rubbed my fingers all around the area of my lips. My smell was really strong, ripe, the way I like it. Like when you put your head under the covers after a good fuck.

I walked back to the bar, reaching up on tip toes to give Mark an unexpected peck. Then keeping my mouth close to his, waited until my aroma registered with him. Enjoying watching his eyes open.

Finally he pulled it out, followed by a long slimy river of hot smelly come that dribbled down the insides of my legs. “Turn around!” he ordered, half whispering. I turned, resting on my knees, feeling the hot wet leavings from my asshole on the back of my heels. The smell of my own rectum assailed me before I got a good look at his now half hard cock. He wanted me to suck it. I’m not sure if it was the act or the thought of it that really had him going, but he wanted it and was trying to guess how far I would let him go with the fantasy.

I locked my eyes on his, nodding my head yes, coaching him slightly, silently acquiescing to his nasty unspoken desires. Looking down at me, moving the very tip to my mouth, he stared, almost hypnotized as my little tongue came out between my lips to meet the nasty cock that had just come in my ass.

I rubbed my tongue against his slimy hole, tasty the tangy mixture of his come, and the slight metallic taste of my rectum. His meat throbbed slightly, staring down at me, he pulled his foreskin back, actually he didn’t pull it back, he held it in place while pushing his groin at my face.

As his skin was pulled of the crown of that fat prick, my head snapped away as an instant reaction to the fresh strong aroma that was released by the newly uncovered area. Moving his cock to point downward slightly I saw that behind the crown of his thick cock was thick build up of my own brown excrement, thick and hard, like it had been packed on there in little clumps a little at a time.

As he saw this, it weakened his resolve, and he started to move away, embarrassed that it was there, embarrassed that I might not know that he didn’t know it was there.

I moved very slowly and deliberately, keeping my face tilted up slightly, holding his eyes with my own, my little embarrassed grin on my lips, I first stopped him from moving any further by reaching my hands behind his legs and holding him there at arms length. Then grinning wickedly, I slowly pulled him ever so slightly so the spermy tip of his cock was once again against my lips.

He had pushed his foreskin up, covering up the repulsive surprise we had found there. I moved my hands form his legs to his hands, taking them and putting them by his sides. Holding his hands there with my own, as I took just the very tip of his cock into my mouth, moving my tongue in rapid circles and moaning slightly, keeping my eyes wide and on his.

He just stared. Fascinated and excited. Watching almost unbelieving as I sucked on his nasty flesh.

I pushed my head further, forcing my mouth open as wide as I could, then closing my lips on his foreskin, putting as much pressure on him as I could without biting. I took my hands from his and brought them both up to his cock, wrapping both small hands around him, keeping my eyes on his, as I slowly pulled his foreskin back, pushing my mouth forward at the same time, looking at him watching.

As the skin moved off, the smell was unbelievable. It was hard to breath, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I wanted to. Really wanted to. The thought of it, the thought of doing something so nasty, just drove me. It was like a high. I put one hand between my legs to rub my clit as I pushed my mouth as far forward as I could, getting an instant shock at the surface of my tongue met the uncovered coating of my own shit. I gagged automatically, and squeezed my hand tight, preventing Mark from pulling back, his natural reaction to seeing my mouth reacting to the filth he was putting in it.

“Mmmmmmmm” I moaned, looking up at him.

I started fuckin’ him with my mouth, fingering my slit, bringing the wet lube back to my clit, rubbing it in little circles while my mouth and nose where just battered with the nasty flavors and smells. I couldn’t quite bring myself to swallow the nasty broth the was building in my mouth, which had the effect of turning this into a very sloppy mess. Mark kept staring, mesmerized by the brown gooey mess that was forming around the has cock as I fucked my mouth back and forth.

Every so often, as he inhaled the smells coming up to his nose from my nasty ministrations, he would throb. The nasty covering was starting to thin out. I was jacking his foreskin back and forth, loving the set smacking sounds and the way the friction and movement made the smell stronger. I was really getting into it now. Sucking…. Hmmmmm Suck Suck Suck….. Ahhhhh… So fuckin’ wet. So nasty….. I started sucking him while keeping my mouth open half the time, getting my hand and his balls and pubes really messy. Mmmmmm Suck… Suck Suck. I had no trouble swallowing now. I was doing it loudly and constantly. Suck…. Swallow. Ahhh. Jerking him back and forth. Sucking. Rocking my little cunt back and forth on four fingers now. Hmmmm. So fuckin’ good. Mark was swelling slightly. Hard! Fuck…his cock was so hard. I squeezed him as hard as I could, my hand wet and slippery with my smelly spit. I pulled my head back just out of reach of the tip of his cock…. He never stopped staring. I loved him seeing my mouth, opened, coated with the nastiness of what I just did. Look at me I thought, as I jerked on that fat cock… Watch me. Smack! His first dollop of acrid sperm landed on my tongue like warm nasty pudding. Smack – Smack Smack! the other shots came in succession, ropy and slimy, some hanging out of my mouth, drooling down my chin.

“Fuck” he said.

I smiled, then made exaggerated motions with my tongue as I snaked it out as far as I could to lick all around my nasty lips. They really were soiled, as was my cheeks and chin. Just a brown tinge, overwhelming in odor. I couldn’t stop inhaling deeply, savoring it.

I put my head forward, taking his now rubbery little stub back in my mouth, sucking the last of the cold sperm out of it. Holding his balls, massaging them between my finger tips and my thumb.

“Your not going to piss on me are you?” I asked up at him, mockingly, in my little sub voice, still licking at him. “Please don’t piss on me Mark. Please don’t piss in my mouth. Please!”

“That would be so nasty!” I whispered, constantly taking licks at his now soft cock, pushing as much of my tongue out as I could, laving him, licking the last of the soiled juices from his crotch.

“You’re gonna aren’t you!” I whispered urgently. “Oh no….. I know it. You’re gonna piss on me. Ohh… please don’t”.

And then I glued my mouth to him, holding all of his flaccid cock in my mouth. Waiting. Closing my eyes for the first time. I could feel him. His muscles trying to do what his mind wanted but wasn’t sure how to control. I took my mouth away for just a second, looking up at him.” Just let it out Mark” I pursed my lips out to him, in the widest open mouth oval I could form. Wagging my tongue at him nastily.

As much as I wanted it, I still pulled away slightly when the flow started. It’s always a surprise. The heat, the bitterness, the smell, the metal like taste on the back of the tongue. I pushed my mouth forward, taking in all of his cock, letting him fill my mouth like a fountain, then letting it just flow out down my chin as naturally as you please, soaking my tits, running down my legs, pooling under me. Ahhhhhh. So nice!