College Girls

Marla held her roommates pink panties in her trembling hands, turning them inside out to reveal the stained crotch. She fixated her eyes on a brown streak which ran from the crotch up 2 inches towards the back. Just minutes ago, she had watched Kim, her roommate, pull the panties off of her body as she got undressed to shower. She had admired her lovely curves, particularly the roundness of her ass. She could now hear Kim singing in the shower, her off key voice barely audible over the water. As her heart thumped loudly, Marla brought the panties up towards her nose, preparing herself for the pungent odor. She held the stain an inch from her nose and inhaled deeply, her head spinning. Instead of being overwhelmed by a noxious smell, as she expected, she instead was treated to the tantalizing feminine scent that emanated from Kim’s body.

She’d smelled it before, when they were standing next to each other. Gradually, however, the odor of the stain mixed with this scent, forming an odd, arousing combination that left Marla wet between the legs. She pushed a finger inside her damp pussy and inhaled again, feeling the room spin around her. Just then, she heard Kim turn off the shower and was snapped back to consciousness. She dropped the panties on the floor, just where Kim had left them, and rushed back into bed, pretending to be asleep. She gently fingered herself to an intense orgasm as Kim toweled off, completely unaware.

That afternoon, Marla sat in the campus coffee shop, trying to study for her upcoming Biology exam. She was distracted however, unable to forget the incident of that morning. “What did it all mean?” she asked herself. She was beginning to accept the fact that she was bisexual, and in fact enjoyed it. She was so excited to be starting her second year at college and sharing a dorm room with Kim, who she was always attracted to. Kim had no idea of this, but Marla didn’t mind. It was even more exciting to have to catch secret glances at Kim’s naked body or to strip naked and flaunt her body in front of Kim. But what happened this morning was too bizarre. She’d only meant to hold Kim’s panties in her hands in an effort to feel closer to her. But when she saw the shit stain, it led to an intense arousal, and she didn’t understand why. She felt abnormal and crazy, although she could not deny the overwhelming turn-on of seeing the obscene stain on the delicate pink panties. She scolded herself for thinking such depraved thoughts, and swore she wouldn’t let them enter her mind again. She immersed herself in her Biology textbook, and didn’t think about anything else for the next 2 hours.

Marla was finally distracted from her reading by a rumble deep within her stomach. Coffee always had this effect on her, and she felt the pressing need to have a bowel movement. She quickly packed her books up and headed downstairs to the ladies room. She noticed Nancy, a senior who she had talked to once or twice, entering ahead of her. Nancy was one of the more popular girls on campus, mostly because of her flawless face, long blonde hair and large chest. Marla didn’t find herself attracted to her. Instead, she was intimidated by her beauty, and felt somewhat inferior in comparison. She entered the ladies room just a few seconds after her, and heard Nancy peeing loudly in one of the two stalls. Marla entered the other stall and closed the door behind her. They were the only ones in the ladies’ room, and it was uncomfortably quiet once Nancy finished peeing. Marla placed her bag on the floor and sat on the cold toilet seat. Although she felt an overwhelming urge to shit, she couldn’t bring herself to do it with Nancy sitting so close.

She was hoping Nancy would be leaving, since she had finished peeing. But she showed no signs of it. It was awkwardly silent for 10 seconds or so. Just then, she heard a loud fart come from Nancy’s stall, followed by a grunt. Marla’s face reddened, and she felt like she should leave. But she didn’t. She listened as Nancy quietly groaned, obviously pushing out a large shit. Marla smelled a faint odor rising from over the wall of the stall, and almost without thinking began to slowly finger her clit. She heard Nancy pushing again, and a load plop of the shit landing in the water. Nancy sighed in relief, and Marla wanted to share the feeling. She began pushing out a load of her own, feeling her asshole open up. She was fingering herself rapidly now, and was afraid Nancy would be able to hear the slopping sounds of her wet pussy. She didn’t need to worry, however, as she let out a loud fart of her own which echoed throughout the small room. She was mortified, yet so aroused at the same time. Nancy answered with a fart of her own, and Marla felt herself approaching orgasm as the long soft shit escaped from her anus. She wanted to scream in ecstasy, but knew she had to be silent. As she came, she heard Nancy wiping her asshole clean. Marla let a hot stream of pee run out of her body as Nancy left the stall and washed her hands. She felt completely drained by the intense orgasm as she peeked through the door of the stall to see Nancy fixing her hair in the mirror.

Embarrassed and ashamed, Marla sat quietly on the toilet until Nancy finally left.

A few weeks went by. Marla had deeply immersed herself in studying for midterms, and didn’t think about either experience at all. She knew she was blocking them out, but she couldn’t let it become a distraction and affect her grades. That Friday, she took her final midterm and felt herself begin to relax, much like the rest of the campus. There were many parties that night, including a few in her dorm. She and Kim planned on going to 3 or 4, and Marla knew she had a long night of drinking ahead of her. She was looking forward to the chance to unwind. She was worried a bit about Kim, however. Kim had a tendency to overdo it at times when it came to drinking, and Marla usually wound up having to take care of her. She had a feeling the same thing would happen that night, and before long she was proved right. At about midnight, Kim stumbled up to her in the hallway outside the 3rd party they had been to that night. She was clearly loaded. “Marla, I don’t feel so good…”

Marla put her arm around Kim’s waist and led her down the hall to their dorm room. She sat her on her bed, and hoped Kim would pass out. But after just a few minutes, Kim ran to their bathroom and closed the door behind her. Marla, pleasantly buzzed, lied in bed and put on the TV.

She expected to hear Kim retching and vomiting, but it was unusually quiet. She began to grow concerned, and walked over to the bathroom and gently knocked on the door. She heard Kim grunt, and Marla opened the door. Kim was sitting on the toilet, her arms wrapped around her knees. She was in obvious discomfort. “I thought you’d be puking”, Marla said, laughing.

“No, I’ve got the shits”, Kim answered with a moan. Marla felt a rush of adrenaline through her body, and she immediately sobered up. She looked Kim in the eye as a blast of watery shit shot out of her ass, followed by a rumbling fart. Kim moaned loudly. “Oh God, I’m sorry. That’s so disgusting”, Kim said. “I know it stinks in here Marla but please don’t leave me”. She held her hand out to Marla, and Marla nervously walked towards her, grasping her hand. She squatted down next to Kim and began stroking her back. The smell was overpowering, and Marla felt the wetness of her pussy seeping into her panties. Kim farted every few minutes, but for the most part had purged all the shit from her body. Marla was just inches from Kim’s ass, and with every fart she felt herself get wetter.

After 10 minutes or so, Kim tried to stand up. “OK, I’m done…” she slurred drunkenly, feebly trying to pull up her panties and jeans. Marla stood up and looked into the toilet to see an absolute mess. Kim stumbled, and Marla held her up by her hips. “Don’t pull your pants up yet”, she said to Kim, “you have to wipe first”.

“But I can’t”, Kim whined, on the verge of tears. “Help me please, Marla”. Marla could feel her pussy throbbing, and the crotch of her panties were soaking wet. She rolled some toilet paper into her hand, and Kim slowly turned around. Marla squatted behind her as Kim bent at the waist, her ass cheeks spreading open. Marla fought the temptation to lick her ass clean with her tongue, and instead just stared at Kim’s dirty asshole. She rubbed the hole with the toilet paper 2 or 3 times, then pulled it away to see it covered in shit. She dropped the paper into the toilet, then pulled some more of the roll and did it again. After a few minutes, she had thoroughly cleaned Kim’s ass. She felt as if she was on the brink of orgasm, although she hadn’t even touched her pussy. Kim pulled her panties and jeans up, kissed Marla on the cheek and stumbled to her bed. Marla sat on the floor of the bathroom, surrounded by the stink of Kim’s shit. She kicked the door close, not wanting any of the aroma to leave the room. She knew Kim would be passed out by now, and she quickly pulled off her jeans and panties and began fingering her cunt. She moved closer to the toilet, wanting to be nearer to Kim’s shit. She tore of her shirt and bra and began playing with her tits as she rapidly fingered her soaking wet pussy. She peeked into the toilet again, and saw Kim’s mess. Amongst the foul brown liquid and stained paper were 2 or 3 solid logs of varying lengths.

Marla was in a haze now, almost insane with passion. She reached into the toilet with one hand while finger fucking her cunt with the other. She pulled out one of Kim’s logs and held it in her hand as her first orgasm overtook her. She never stopped fingering her pussy, as she brought the shit up to her nose, inhaling the aroma deeply. She mashed the shit against her tits, smearing it all over herself. She was hit by a 2nd orgasm, twice as strong as the first, as she covered her tits with Kim’s shit. She reached into the toilet and pulled out another one of Kim’s shits, this one slightly longer. It was still warm from Kim’s body, and she studied it closely while fingering her soaking wet cunt. She rubbed the tip of the shit on her clit, then pushed it all the way inside her cunt, moving it deep in and out of herself. Her pussy juices coated the turd, leaving it a wet mess in Marla’s hand and cunt. As her 3rd orgasm arrived, she felt her muscles relax and slowly, a log of her own began to emerge from her anus. She had no patience for it, so she poked a finger up her ass and pulled a chunk of it out. She quickly smeared it all over her face, taking in the disgusting smell and tasting some of it on her lips. She heard herself scream loudly as she came for the 4th time, then she passed out into a deep sleep.

She woke late the next morning, surrounded by filth. She kept her eyes closed tightly, unprepared for what she’d see. She could feel dry shit caked on her face and tits, and one of Kim’s logs was still deep inside of her cunt. The smell seemed to grow stronger overnight. She felt sickened, but at the same time she knew she had experienced a level of passion and sexuality others would never reach. She slowly opened her eyes, and rolled over onto her back, propping her head against the toilet. Just then, she noticed Kim standing in the doorway of the bathroom, staring down at her, her mouth wide open in shock. Neither of them would ever forget what happened next…