Red Wine Vignette – A Nice Merlot (lesbians)

Jackie sat naked on the edge of her bed, knees splayed wide. I knelt
before her on the floor, enjoying my first view of a woman up close more
than I would have imagined. But now came the harder part. She had done
this for me with great gusto and pleasure. I still felt the tingles of
pleasure throughout my body. Could I return the favor. Would I be any
good at it.

We’d drunk far too much wine I think. And yet, if we’d been more
careful, we would never, well, I would never, have gotten to this point.
It was a very tasty Merlot, from somewhere in California, with woody
undertones and bright fruity sparks. I had brought over one bottle with
me; Jackie already had two bottles of the same wine in her wine rack. We
were on bottle number three.

The had wine made us giddy — it always makes me horny. When it
started to feel warm in her apartment, we’d taken off our tops instead
of opening a window. When it felt silly to be walking around in our
bras, we took them off too. I was somehow entranced at the sight of her
large breasts swaying gently in front of her while we talked and
giggled. My own, smaller breasts couldn’t compete. But when I noticed
her looking at them surreptitiously and admiringly, I felt my nipples
harden in delight.

When she kissed me, I don’t think I was surprised. At some point I’d
begun to expect it. When I realized that I was hoping she would kiss me,
then I knew that this was going to be a night different from others. I’d
sometimes thought about being with another woman, but never really
wanted to do anything about it. The wine changed that.

Her first kiss was gentle, exploratory. She leaned forward, her
chest inches away from mine, and tenderly brushed my lips with hers. We
both had lipstick on; when she pulled back I remember seeing some of
mine on her lips and thinking there would be some of hers on mine. She
looked at me carefully, trying to gauge my reaction. When I smiled, she
leaned forward again. This kiss wasn’t so gentle. It was passionate and
soft and loving and wet and exciting and naughty and I felt my pussy
warming between my legs.

Unable to resist my curiosity, I reached out to touch her breasts. I
wanted to feel their weight, to see how she reacted when I ran my
fingers over her nipples, to cup them, to marvel in their smoothness. I
wasn’t disappointed. Her hands reached up to cup my own breasts and
Jackie broke our kiss for long enough to say, “I love your tits, Mer.” I
blushed and she saved me from having to say anything by pushing her
tongue inside my mouth.

Later, she’d slowly undressed me. I remember, just after she undid
the button on my jeans and unzipped them, she slid her fingers down
their front and slowly inside of me, smiling as she did so. She moaned
in pleasure when she felt my slippery heat, my swollen clitoris. I
helped her slide my jeans off while she sucked on my nipples. I think I
was half delirious with the pleasure she was causing me.

She couldn’t wait to go down on me, lying between my legs as I
propped my head up on the pillows to watch. When she bent her tongue
down to my red pubic hair, her blonde curly hair hung from the sides of
her head and they touched my thighs first, sending shivers of pleasure
through me. Then her mouth was on me and all I could see was her hair
and her fingers with bright red nails, laying relaxed, on my hips.

Her tongue was like an enchantment. It transported me places I’d
never been before. When my body reacted, at first, like it always had to
the men or boys in my past, or even to my own fingers, I was happy. When
she pushed it beyond that, into a new realm, I almost thought I was
dreaming. I came again and again.

She gave me time to recover when I made her stop licking me. “Thank
you, Meredith,” she said. “I’ve wanted to do that for you for a long,
long time.”

“You’re thanking me,” I said with a small giggle. “I think you’ve
got that backwards.” I smiled and drew my finger down the side of her
smiling face. “I want to thank you. Just like you just did me.”

“You don’t have to…”

I pushed my finger onto her mouth. “Shhh,” I said. “I want to.”

I ran my fingers all over her and inside of her. I licked and
suckled her breasts, but there was something holding me back from the
denouement. She sensed it and suggested we shift positon. “Slide down on
to the floor,” she whispered.

Then I looked up from my kneeling position, at her gorgeous body as
she leaned back on her hands. Her magnificent breasts framed her face
for me from that position, her belly, a little bigger than it should be,
was a gentle rolling landscape. When I lower my eyes further, I see her
pussy, buried in the dark blonde curls. Her labia are bright red and her
clit engorged and sticking up from her mound like a tiny bead on yellow
wool. The folds of her cunt were open to me, I could see her wetness. I
inhaled deeply her wondrous fragrance.

I just could not make myself bend forward to taste.

Jackie just smiled and reached to the side board for the third wine
bottle, only half consumed. Looking deeply into my eyes, she held it in
front of herself and began to pour it slowly into the valley of her
breasts. I watched for a moment, giggling, at the red liquid making its
unhurried way down her belly. As it reached her pussy, I bent to drink.