Sherri’s sex story

The snow gave way to a world that was waking after the long slumber of
winter. The air was warmer, the grass greener and more people were
outdoors. Yet in this world of new beginnings and light, I had
something heavy in my heart. I wasn’t quite sure what it was but I
felt restless somehow. Although I loved my husband more than anything
else in the world, I wanted something more, I wanted to explore ­ I
didn’t know what. Bobby and I had fallen into the same old habit ­ he
was away a lot and worked all the time. I taught high school English
and also worked on my Masterąs degree. I wanted to have fun and do
something thrilling. I hadn’t been out with my girlfriends in months,
and I even tended to stay home on the weekends when Bobby was working.
I was bored and funky.

I felt like that the day I met Sherri. I had just come home from
school on a very warm Saturday. I had an mid-morning class so it was
only 2:00 PM when I got home. I slowly trudged up the stairs to the
bedroom and stripped off my clothes. I then jumped into the shower to
wash off my makeup and clean up. Just as I was getting out, I heard
the doorbell ring. Soaking wet, I slipped into a terry cloth robe and
ran to the door. Forgetting my usual cautions, I swung open the door,
and there she stood, one of the most beautiful women I had ever

She stood there in white short shorts that showed off her long, tan
legs. A tight tank top showed every curve of her slender torso and
firm breasts. I stood there and stared for what felt like an
eternity. Finally, she spoke in a quite, husky voice. “Hi, my name
is Sherri. I just moved in to an apartment in the house across the
street. I love your house and when I saw you drive in, I wanted to
introduce myself.” I felt awkward in my robe with my dripping hair,
but I told her my name was Bea and invited her in. I offered her a
drink and went to fridge and grabbed a bottled water and then ran to
the bathroom to finish combing my hair.

I came out and sat at the other end of the couch. We began talking
about where she was from and how long she had lived in town. I felt
this strange feeling in me, her face and eyes just drew me into them.
I was extremely attracted to this woman. I tried to dismiss these
thoughts as a product of my mood, but found I couldn’t. We talked for
almost an hour about ourselves.

When she told me she had to get home, I stood from the couch. While I
had been sitting, my robe tie loosened. I didn’t realize it until I
followed her gaze and looked down. I blushed furiously and covered
myself with a slight giggle. But when I looked at her, she was
searching my eyes for something. Her own nipples had grown hard under
her tank top.

“Well, it was very nice meeting you, Bea,” She said breathlessly.
“Iąve been wanting to go out dancing and see the sights of Rochester.
Would you like to go clubbing or something soon?”

I thought for a minute, and asked her if she would like to go tonight.
“Iąd love to,” she exclaimed. “Only this time, don’t get so
embarrassed when you become uncovered. You really do have nice
breasts.” I stood there stunned as she walked toward the door. “How
about 9:00 PM,” she asked. At that point, anything was fine to me. I
knew that I wanted this woman in a way I had never known. She closed
the door softly, and I went to start getting ready. I felt
anticipation growing between my legs…

I was so anxious as I began doing my hair. Curl after curl, I
anticipated the night to come not knowing what to expect. What could
Sherri have meant when she talked about me not covering myself later.
I knew my imagination had gone wild, and that she probably only meant
to help me get over my embarrassment. But I couldn’t stop the
fantasies that were running through my head. I put on my makeup a
little heavier than usual and it looked really good. I hardly noticed
that I had lost five pounds until I slipped into a skirt from six
years before. It was a tight little black and white mini that showed
too much when I bent over. The air was still warm outside, and so I
put on a pink tank top that showed my midriff. Every curve showed to
perfection and I admired my reflection for an instant before the
doorbell rang. I slipped into some heels and ran to the door. There
Sherri stood, wearing a short peach skirt, and a form fitting body
suit. Her breasts were bare underneath her top and her nipples
protruded through the cotton. Our compliments became a little
excessive before we realized it and we laughed off the awkward moment.

Sherri offered to drive and we slipped into her red ’95 Miata
convertible, top down of course. Her skirt had come up a little and
revealed a small patch of brown hair between her thighs. I felt a
distinct wetness creep between my thighs. I was glad I hadnąt worn
panties either. After a long while, I stopped staring at her and
enjoyed the ride. We were almost to a bar someone had recommended to
her. She knew I had been looking at her and admiring her. By now, I
was dripping wet, and slightly embarrassed by that fact. But I had
never felt so attracted to a woman before.

We arrived at the bar and walked in. The room was crowded and dim.
Smoke curled towards the ceiling and was sucked away by the
ventilation. It was cool enough to send shivers up my spine, and
blood to my nipples. I realized it was going to be an interesting
night when I noticed…most of the couples were women…

I looked around apprehensively. I had never been in a bar like this
before. Sherri just looked at me and smiled. She led me to two open
bar stools and we ordered drinks. We stayed on those seats for over
two hours, laughing and talking. Then she asked if I wanted to go out
on the dance floor. It was a fast song, and so I agreed. The more we
danced, the more fun we had. We sat back down, hot and sweaty. She
inquired if I had ever had a bi-sexual experience. I truthfully told
her no, but added that it has always been a fantasy of mine. She told
me she could make my fantasies come true.

A slow song came over the speakers, and she took my hand and led me to
the dance floor. She put one arm around my neck and the other around
my waist. I mimicked her. I could feel my pulse racing, while
wetness filled my pussy. She held me close to her as she moved her
hips against mine. Then it happened. She leaned over and gently
kissed me. I gasped at the softness of her lips. I locked my fingers
into her soft hair and kissed her back. I couldn’t get over the way
her lips felt against mine. Her lower hand was caressing my ass. She
asked me if I wanted to leave and go back to her place. I quickly
agreed and was positive that the wetness was about to run down my
legs. We hurried to the car and got in…

We reached her apartment shortly. My senses were heightened by my
nervous anticipation. Her beautiful body pressed gently against mine
as she tenderly kissed my lips. So slowly, so softly. She looked into
my eyes. I could no longer stand it, I pulled her mouth to mine and
kissed her firmly. Her tongue searched for mine in a desperate effort
to become one with me. I held her hair twisted between my shaking
fingers. She moved to my side and began caressing my nipples and
breasts with her long fingernails. She continued to kiss me and our
tongues swirled with a fiery passion. We lay back on the bed. She
pulled her head away and looked into my eyes for a seeming eternity
before she traced my nipple with her tongue, leaving a damp ring
around the dark area. Her other hand began stroking my stomach. My
body tensed at her touch. Extreme pleasure shivers controlled my
body. Hesitantly, I reached for her breast when she suddenly took my
hand and put it there for me.

“Squeeze my nipples,” she said in between her teasing licks. I
obediently began to squeeze and pinch gently, then firmly then gently.
Quickly her nipples became taut in my fingers. Her fingers began
exploring lower and lower. I felt her pull delicately at my hairs. I
couldn’t breathe I was so excited. She knew exactly what to do. I
squeezed her breasts with my hands, firmly and longingly. Her tongue
began taking the same path as her fingers. Down, down my stomach…
she left a damp streak of pleasure. Her tongue soon reached where her
fingers were still playing with my wetted matte of pubic hair. I
could no longer reach her breasts so I began to play with my own.

As I softly caressed my orbs, Sherri took the plunge. Moving slowly
down one thigh, Sherri used her tongue, moving ever towards my center
of passion. The bedspread beneath us began soaking up the results of
our intense embrace. I reached…reached between Sherriąs legs and
felt a warm tingle between mine. I worked my way slowly past her lips
until reaching her small, hooded bud. I gently pushed and squeezed her
awakening clit between my thumb and fore finger. Suddenly, Sherri
became a thrashing figure as she moaned in a low, ecstatic tone. Waves
of pleasure washed over her. I watched Sherri, breathless as I
continued to press her button of pleasure. This was unlike anything
I’d ever experienced before. The waves just wouldn’t stop and I
thought she would be jolted by the electricity forever.

I felt my own heat mount as Sherri finally lay spent on the bed in
front of me. She pursed her luscious lips and then looked deep into my
pure azure eyes. “I hardly know you,” Sherri said sheepishly, “yet
here I am lying naked next to you.” A cool breeze whooshed through
the open window of the room. Outside the sun was blazing gloriously
but the blaze below was unrelenting. “Well,” I giggled, ł I hope we
have a long chance to get to know each other even more.˛ Sherri
looked back longingly and then smiled and said, “Like what are you
doing in the next few days, weeks and years.” I flashed a bright
smile and beamed it her way. “Only you.˛ I said with delighted glee.