Sister in Law’s SexToys

Early last year, my father-in-law passed away. About a month prior, my
sister-in-law Marie had moved from another state to help my wife care for
him in his final days. Marie wasn’t sure how long she would be staying, or
if she and her husband would move down permanently, so she brought a huge
amount of her personal items with her.

Marie and I have never been close; she has been married several years, but
had quite the “reputation” for being up for a good time with the guys from
her single days. According to my wife, Marie is a nymphomaniac. Fast forward
to a few months after my father-in-law’s passing. Marie had decided to move
back to her home state (her husband had never come down, and she’d been here
alone for months), and had been gone for about a week.

Marie had left a lot of her personal stuff at her dad’s house, and
apparently had forgotten a few things. I was at work, and I got a call from
my wife, saying that Marie needed some items shipped to her ASAP, and my
wife didn’t have time to get them for her. I asked what she wanted, and was
surprised to hear that she wanted me to go over to Marie’s bedroom, get her
bras out of her dresser, and then ship them to her via UPS!

I get over to the bedroom, and threw her bras into a bag. I was surprised to
find several toys hidden under her bras, in the drawer. I wasn’t too shocked
to find them, only surprised that she had forgotten they were there, and
here I was looking at them.

When I called her to get her address, I almost didn’t say anything; finally
I told her that I saw all her toys, and asked if they “did the job for her?”
She was a little embarrassed, of course, but then just admitted, “Hell yeah,
I love them”, and proceeded to tell me what she liked about each one, and
which was her favorite. She said that no matter where she goes, she always
takes a small toy with her.

She told me that she had forgotten to take any home though, and asked me to
go back and get her favorite one, and ship it to her also. By this time, I
was over the top horny, and so was she. I went back, and got her favorite
toy (a 4″ long smooth, curved white vibrator). I called her back, and told
her that I had the toy in my pocket, and was so horny I might have to figure
out a way to put it to use before I sent it to her. So told me to go ahead –
she’d used toys on her boyfriends and husbands many times, and a vibrator
under the tip of their cock got them off every time.

I took her advice, and gave it a try. WOW! A few days later, I called her
after I shipped it, and told her that I cleaned it off, and put in fresh
batteries for her. I had never had any thoughts or fantasies about Marie
previously, but she had me going. I told her that I had been masturbating at
least twice a day, fantasizing about watching her use her toys. I forgot to
mention, that even though Marie is in her mid-40’s, she is not an ounce
overweight, and has a killer body. Small breasts, but nipples you could hang
a wet beach towel from!

We had several hot conversations; each of us talking about how erotic it
would be to watch the other cum (and keep it a secret from our spouses of
course) but never any phone sex. Very graphic conversations; she told me
exactly how she uses her toys to cum several times a day, even while driving
her car, how she keeps herself closely trimmed with only a very small
“landing strip”, and how she was disappointed that I had cleaned her toy
before sending it to her – she was hoping some of my dried cum would be on
it. Things were hot over the phone for a few weeks, and then naturally kind
of died down.

Fast forward another 6 months. Marie came to visit a few weeks ago, and
stayed in our spare room (she had sold her dad’s house); her husband stayed
home again. We’d had several conversations over the past several months, but
sex had never come up; just the usual kids & family stuff.

My wife had headed off to work (I have a home office), so it was just me and
Marie, sipping coffee in the dining room, and reading the paper. As I
mentioned, we hadn’t really discussed sex for months, so I decided, “What
the hell?”, and asked her if she had brought a traveling toy with her. She
told me that she had a Rabbit with her, because she needed something almost

I told her, “Damn, you’re a trouble-maker. Are you trying to get me started
on another few weeks of jacking off and fantasizing about you?” We both
laughed, and I told her that it was a good thing that she wasn’t here months
back when I found her toys; because of our conversations, I would have been
over at my father-in-laws probably trying something more than just watching
her with a toy. She told me that it wouldn’t have been hard to get her –
during that period there were many days when she needed a real dick.

By now, her nipples were showing plainly through her thin robe that they
were rock hard. I was sporting blue steel. I said, “I’ve been waiting a long
time for this, why don’t you go get that toy?” She said, “We’ve both been
waiting a long time”, and headed off to her room. When she returned, her
robe was untied, and draped open just enough for me to see her sexy little
landing strip below that perfectly flat tummy. Off came my pajama pants.

We scooted two chairs to face each other, about 3 feet apart. She fired up
her little rabbit, while I slowly stroked. I asked her to take that robe
off, she told me to take off my shirt. We had the most erotic conversation
for 15 minutes or so, talking about how much fun we could have had for those
few months she was alone at her dad’s. Her nipples were rock hard, and
pointing straight up at the ceiling; she was soaking wet, and her hips were
rocking. I could smell her.

We were close to cumming, and I told her I wanted to blast it all over her –
she wanted it too. I scooted my chair close, and leaned forward. The head of
my cock was literally 4 inches from her kitty, as she was working it over
with the rabbit. I used the head of my dick to push the rabbit aside, and
started rubbing her clit with it. I suppose it was inevitable, but I slid
right in, and for the last 30 seconds, we pounded the hell out of each
other. I put every drop into her.

We spent the next few days as “Fuck Buddies” whenever my wife left the
house; we screwed at least 10 times in three days. We’ve talked on the phone
since then; both marriages are doing fine, but we can’t wait for another
visit! And yeah – I shipped her a large box of batteries as a joke!