Small Town Teens – Lisa

I may be old now, but when I was younger, crazier,
and less married I had one hell of a time. Me and the
crew that I ran with were some wild-ass small town
thugs. Most of us were into drugs, everybody was
drinking, and you better bet your ass that we were
straight fucking the shit out of those small town
I wanted to share a few of these crazy stories with
everybody just to relive the old glory days one more
time. These are all true stories (some of the
witnesses are still alive) but I’ve changed some of
the names here and there. If you like this shit post a
reply because I’ll only keep writing them if people
like them.
Oh, and if you’re under eighteen or shouldn’t be
reading this kind of shit for some reason then go
away. The rest of you… enjoy.

When I wrote my “Missy & Lisa” saga, I promised that
I would write some more about Lisa. There’s so much I
could write about that girl, I just don’t know where
to start. Fuck it, let’s start at the beginning.
I met her my senior year of high school, fourth
period, Honors Chemistry. I always did well in
chemistry- must have been my fondness for chemicals.
First day, we’re all just sitting around bullshitting,
when Lisa walks in the door.
Damn, this girl was so fucking fine I think my eyes
popped smooth out of my head and rolled around on the
floor. She was a tiny thing- maybe five foot or five
one- with long dark curly hair, dark eyes, and that
darker olive skin. For such as small chick she had
hella nice curves, tits that were just a little more
than a handful, a nice hard little ass, the whole
works. She’s got that kind of scared
deer-in-the-headlights look that makes me so fucking
horny I just know I’ve gotta get some of this.
She comes walking in and, lo and behold, sits down
right next to me! Being a friendly outgoing sort, I
introduce myself and get some vitals. Lisa had
transferred to our school for her senior year. She
didn’t really know anybody. She’s kind of nervous. I’m
totally playing it cool because this little slut is
ripe and ready and it’s such a sure thing all I’ve
gotta do is not do anything stupid- don’t want to
scare the prey when she’s so close to the trap, you
So I take my time. I’ve got a few other fish frying,
so I’m getting my dick wet nice and regular- why
should I hurry? A few days go by, then a week, then
another week. All this time I’m chatting her up in
class, she’s giving me some play, I just can’t close
the deal. I ask her out- she’s gotta work. I ask her
out again- she’s gotta babysit her little sister.
After three weeks of this shit it’s just driving me
nuts- I gotta get me some of this bitch!
Finally, on a Friday, I come strolling up to class
and Lisa’s waiting outside. She wants to cut school
and go to lunch. (Fourth period was our lunch hour and
we weren’t supposed to leave the school, but that
never stopped us.) This sounds like a plan to me, so
we go sliding out the side door. Like Clint Eastwood
going over the Alcatraz wall we escape the prison and
head for sweet freedom, smoking the tires on the
Mustang the whole fucking way.
Speaking of smoking, as soon as we’re in the ride,
I’m firing up a spliff. Now, I’m hoping the bitch
isn’t going to give me any of that Nancy Reagan “just
say no” bullshit and sure enough, she takes the bone
and tokes that motherfucker right up. Nothing like a
big blast of the green bud to get you right and pretty
quick we’re both high as hell. We slide through a
McD’s and get our grub on, then we’re just rolling,
shooting the shit, and she’s totally into me so I’m
starting to think, you know? It’s early September,
hot, sunny, way too nice a day to go back to school.
Then Lisa pops up and says her parents are at work, so
we ought to hit her place.
Sounds good to me, so she shows me the way to a big
brick house in a pretty nice neighborhood. We park the
Stang and she leads me inside. She shows me around the
place and I raid the fridge, grabbing a cold Bud. Beer
in hand I’m feeling hella better now, so she takes me
out the back and shows me the pool. She asks me if I
want to go for a swim.
I’ve got on shorts and a T-shirt and my hair is
pulled back in a tail, so sure, I’m game for a dip. I
toss off the shirt and my shoes and jump right on in.
That water is cool and feels so fucking good on a hot
day. I pop out of the water and look up at her,
wearing her little jean shorts and t-shirt and ask if
she’s going to get in. She tells me that she wants to
go put on her swim suit. She zips back in the house
and I swim a few laps, killing time until…
Holy fucking shit! She comes out in this super tiny
bikini that’s showing off all of her goodies to full
effect! I mean, this shit is a couple of little
triangles of baby blue material held together with a
little bit of pink string. I’m staring so hard my
eyeballs are sweating and she knows it as she walks
slowly around the edge of the pool to the shallow end,
where the steps are. She steps, oh so fucking slowly,
one step at a time, teasing me like a straight out
whore, slowly down into the water.
Once she’s in the pool she goes under, just for a
second, to get her hair wet. She comes back up and
flips her hair back out of her face. I’m busy watching
those titties shake. I can’t fucking resist, she’s
pulling me in like a mosquito to one of those bug
zapper lights. I swim over to her and she’s watching
me the whole way, a little smirk on her face. We just
looked at each other for a long moment before she asks
me if I’ve never seen a girl in a bikini before.
I bust out some shit about never seeing a girl look
so good in a bikini before. She knows it’s a line, but
that’s okay.
Then she fucking floors me with her next question. Am
I horny? Well, what do you think, bitch? I’m starting
to think that this cunt is just as hot and ready as I
Her next question seals the deal. She asks if I’m
hard. I offer to let her find out for herself and,
sure enough, she reached right over and grabs my
crotch! Now, between the cool water and my soaking wet
shorts I’m not sporting full blown wood, but I’ve got
a good start, and when she grabs my shaft and squeezes
it, my cock starts swelling up like Joe Theismann’s
It’s all fucking over now as I grab Lisa and pull her
to me. In a New York minute I’m sucking on her face
like I’m trying to deflate her head. Her hands are
pulling my crotch against hers, she’s squeezing my ass
for all she’s worth, and I’m returning the favor. God
damn, this bitch’s tight little body feels so good
against me as she grinds her bikini covered cunt
against my bulge, her bikini covered titties against
my chest, her tongue against my tonsils. Oh, yeah,
this beats the hell out of chemistry class!
We’re thrashing around in the water like a cow
getting attacked by pirhanas. If I’m going to take
this shit to the next level, I gotta get back on dry
land. I half pull and half carry this horny little
slut over to the steps and, finally ripping my face
away from her, I tell her we ought to take this party
indoors. She’s right on with that so we get out of the
pool and she hands me a towel. I’m drying her off and
she’s drying me off and I figure that this is as good
a time as any to get rid of the bikini, so I untie
the little strings and she shrugs off the tiny bits of
spandex to show me her luscious body.
Jesus, Mary and Uncle Joe this girl had the kind of
teenage body that makes guys have car wrecks! She’s
got a serious tan with just some white tan line
trangles over her tits and her coochie. Speaking of
tits, the pope would have given his big pointy hat to
get his hands on these firm cones, standing up proud
and perky, capped with a set of pointy pink nipples
which were sticking straight out. I towel dried her oh
so gently, giving her the same kind of care I give the
Once I was done with the upstairs, you know I had to
kneel down to get at that little cookie. I dried her
legs, getting her to spread them apart enough to get a
good look at my prize. Damn! Nestled in a little white
patch between her tanned thighs, her beav was just
fucking beautiful. A dark triangle of pubes on top,
shaved down below, thick outer lips spreading open
just enough to let her hot pink inner lips peek out.
You know I can’t resist the taste of fresh meat, so I
had to give her slot a big lick.
Lord have mercy when I did that Lisa starts shaking
and twitching like a crack addict with Parkinsons’.
She’s got two big handfuls of my hair and is holding
my face against her snatch with all her might. She’s
up one her tiptoes and I’m on my knees, so she’s
pretty much shoving her cunt down on my face at the
same time as she’s shoving my face up her cunt. For my
part, I’m eating pussy like my life depends on it- and
the way this whore is trying to suffocate me with her
nookie I’m thinking it might!
Just when I’m about to pass out from being overcome
by pussy, I manage to push her backwards into one of
the patio chairs. I don’t miss a lick, though, and the
whole time I’m lapping like I’m trying to find out how
many licks it takes to get to the middle. Lisa’s
moaning and groaning and pumping her hips, getting
tongue fucked while pounding her hard little clit
against my face. My face must have been treating her
little nubbin right because pretty quick her breath is
hissing between her teeth and she’s playing with her
nipples with both hands. God damn I love eating that
sweet teenage box!
All of a sudden, she’s squealing like a pig getting a
buckshot enema and she starts going a mile a minute,
thrashing her ass all over the chair. It’s all I can
do to hold onto the pussy as she slams my face into
her crotch with both hands, giving that tender pink
taco the punishment that it desperately needs.
Finally, she lets go of my hair and I pull my face,
slippery and soaked with Lisa lube, from her sloppy
beav. Her clam is a swollen, red, drooling mess, the
lips hanging open, truly ready for a good hard
But wait! My partner is still trapped inside those
cold, wet shorts. Not to worry, as soon as I stand up
her hands are on the top button of my shorts, prying
that shit open like a starving Ethiopian opening a
refrigerator.She gets my fly open and pulls my shorts
and boxers down my legs so I can step out of them and
kick them to the side in a wet pile. When the shorts
come down, my soldier comes leaping out, complete with
his scarlet uniform and purple helmet, ready for
combat. I stroke him a couple of times, bringing him
to full attention, then step a little closer, you
know, to give Lisa a better look.
She’s got the same idea, and she leans forward to get
up close and personal with my best friend. Not shy,
she reaches out and wraps one warm right hand around
my cock, stroking it slowly. She must like him,
because she leans down and gives him a big kiss. You
know I’m in heaven as she runs her tongue over the
head, then down the shaft. Pretty quick she’s licking
it all the way up and all the way down and Holy Sweet
Mother of Micki Lynn it feels fucking awesome,
especially when she teases the little spot right where
the head hits the shaft.
Now it’s my turn to knot my fingers up in her hair as
she slurps my whole pole into her mouth. You know, I’m
thinking she might have done this before as she mouths
my manhood, sucking my cock like a bix fat meaty Pixy
Stix. She’s really bobbing the knob and it feels like
a little bit of heaven as her face slides up and down
my shaft. I’m pumping her head back and forth,
skullfucking her. She’s gurgling and burbling,
slobbering on my loaf like a retard eating a Popsicle
and between the porno soundtrack and the sight of this
tender teen tramp worshipping my organ, it’s all I can
do to keep thinking about baseball and not bust a nut
right then and there.
After five minutes- or maybe it was five hours- of
sloppy wet blowjob action, I am fully ready to tear
this little whore apart. I pull on her head and she oh
so slowly sucks her way to the very tip of my cock,
finally letting it loose with a little pop. Now my
meat missile is saving around, red and shiny, coated
with slippery spit and it’s looking like it’s ready to
detonate, all swollen and veiny and everything. Lisa
wipes the mess off of her mouth with the back of her
hand and tells me to follow her with a sexy grin.
Taking me by the hard-on, she leads me into the house.
I follow her into her bedroom. As long as she had a
death grip on my best friend, I was more than happy to
let her lead the way. She strips the navy blue
bedspread off and gets up on the bed, on her back on
the white sheets, her legs spread wide. Her pussy is
gaping open and it’s plenty obvious that she’s needing
a dick just as bad as my dick is needing her. No words
are necessary and I rest my knees on the edge of the
bed and, taking my rock hard member in my hand, I aim
my lance at the target.
Lisa’s holding onto her knees, keeping her legs
pulled up and her pussy splayed wide open. I want to
tease this kitty just a bit, so I slide the swollen
head of my cock slowly up and down her cock slot,
getting the head all wet with her lube. I gently
circle the tip of my dick around and around her little
love bud, toying with that clitty, making it all red
and hard and she’s sucking air for all she’s worth
now. The juice is trickling out of her and I’m
figuring that she’s about ready for her prize so I
wedge my dick head right up into her opening and wait
for just a second, just enough to build the suspense.
She looks up at me with the sweetest, most innocent
expression on her face- I mean, innocent in a spread
open on the bed like a cheap back alley whore sort of
way- and she tells me to fuck her brains out. Well,
personally I think somebody beat me to it but I’m more
than happy to give my raging slab a big push and just
like that, sliding on her greasy cunt secretions, my
prick is buried to the hilt in her twat. As my thick
cock fills her tiny puss she lets out this low groan
which ends in a gasp when the tip of my dick hits
I’ve got to hold up for just a second and enjoy the
sensation of being buried balls deep in Lisa’s love
canal. She looks up at me and smiles and, as she does,
she uses the walls of her cunt to squeeze my cock.
Fuck that shit feels good as her insides grip my dick
like a boa constrictor squeezes a rat. Then she starts
this squeeze-release-squeeze thing that feels like her
cunt is sucking my dick! Oh Lord I’m reciting baseball
stats in my head trying to keep my load in my nuts
long enough to enjoy fucking this little tramp.
I straighten up so I can get Lisa’s legs up over my
shoulders, then bend her back so her cunt is pointing
straight up and my dick is going straight down. I’m in
so deep I’m banging into her spleen. I can’t wait one
more second so I just start to pound it like I’m
trying to drive her ass through the bed. As soon as I
get the good deep stroke going, my need to blow my wad
lets up a little, so I can really get my move in her
I’m pounding, Lisa’s ass is bouncing, the bed is
squeaking, and the air is thick with sweat and sex.
She’s gasping my name- or maybe she’s telling me it
hurts… whatever- and I’m letting the bitch have it
with everything I’ve got, drilling deep into that
honeypot and then pulling almost all the way back out,
only to stab her clam again even harder, sticking it
to that little biscuit like I’m trying to bayonet the
bitch with my dick or some shit.
Now, if you’ve read my other shit, you know if
there’s one thing I like to do to a bitch it’s to
treat her like a bitch and that means fucking her
doggie style. Man, hitting that beaver from the
backside, watching that ass slap against me, my pubes
tickling her asshole, now that’s the shit! So I pull
my dick out, all slippery with Lisa’s cunt juices, and
wave it around like a greasy pink sword. I tell her to
roll over and she’s only too happy to assume the
position. Damn, I’m starting to like this girl!
She sets up on her hands and knees right at the edge
of the bed. Oh Lord I’m standing there, stroking my
dick slowly, just admiring the scenery. That hard
little ass is up in the air all spread open and her
puckered pink pooper is winking at me. Her twat is all
warmed up and ready, pink and swollen and, as I watch,
Lisa reaches back and holds herself open with two
fingers, showing me the flaming pink insides of her
box. She looks back over her shoulder. I know what
she’s wanting and you know I’m going to give it to
I step up to the edge of the bed and slide that cock
into her cunt with one long push. Grab those hips and
away I go, riding the slut like we’re at Churchill
Downs. Her ass is banging against my crotch and our
legs are slapping together and I’m pounding into her
just the way she likes it. She’s got a hand down
between her legs, rubbing her twat with her fingers,
playing with her clit, her fingers moving like a horny
blind guy reading Penthouse in Braille.
I knew then and you probably know now that it wasn’t
going to take much of this doggie action to take me
over the edge. I’m slamming the bitch like a broken
screen door, going so fast my cock is a scarlet blur
driving in and out of her sweet little muffin. Lisa’s
banging her beaver back against me so hard it’s like
she’s trying to break my pelvis. In no time my balls
start churning and I’m thinking that baseball isn’t
going to save me this time. So, I proceed to nail that
sex slot for all it’s worth, giving lovely little Lisa
every millimeter of man meat I can muster.
All of a sudden, my balls tighten up and let me tell
you, I can feel an oversize load of gonad gumbo
roaring straight up the pipeline. I’m pumping for all
I’m worth and maybe a little more and my ears are
ringing and my teeth are gritting and my eyes are
watering and here it comes and… The explosion of
come shakes my foundation- my toes curl and I hold her
tight against me as I empty my nut sack into her
waiting hole. It feels like bottle rockets are
shooting out of the end of my cock as I let fly with
rope after rope of steaming seed. Holy sweet fucking
Jesus there is no feeling on this stinky little planet
better than blowing a nut into a seventeen year old
Hold the phone! This little slut still isn’t done.
Lisa pulls herself off of me and my happy organ comes
slithering out of her, all covered with greasy cum and
pussy lube. She flips back over on her back and
spreads her legs wide, showing me her red abused
cookie. Taking hold of my half hard cock, she pulls me
down so she can rub my cock head on her cunt. She uses
the head of my dick to tease her little beaver,
sliding it up and down her sex groove and then
spinning circles around her angry swollen clit, just
like I had been doing earlier.
I’m just floored by this shit. I mean, I’ve been with
some straight out sluts but this is the first time
I’ve ever had one get herself off, after I was done,
using my dick on her clit to do it! In no time, she’s
bucking her hips and then she lets out a couple of
little squeaks, all the while drawing tiny circles
around her man in the boat with the head of my
oh-so-sensitive dick. She thrusts her hips up hard and
groans low in her throat and, as I watch, a big blob
of my cum oozes out of her and down her ass onto the
bed. Finally, she relaxes and lets me have my toy
Sakes alive what a fun fuck! I flop down on the bed
next to her and right away start needing a smoke. I go
looking for my Camels and realize that they’re out on
the pool deck with my T-shirt. I excuse myself and go
to grab a cig.
So I go strolling out into the hall, butt ass naked,
on my way to the pool. It’s about that time that I
come face to face with Mom! She looks at me and there
just isn’t any way to look innocent when you’re
standing there naked. I’m expecting the screams, the
shouting- maybe the cops. I’m all pumped, ready to run
like the motherfucking wind. Imagine my surprise when
Mom tells me that she threw my shorts in the dryer and
they’d be ready in a few minutes. Then she asks if I
want something to drink. Holy shit, I just got done
boning the life out of your daughter and you’re
offering me lemonade?
Turns out that Lisa’s older brother was quite the
wild one in his own right, so it took a lot to shock
the parents. In fact, I got my glass of lemonade,
bummed a smoke from Mom, and went right back for
another helping of Lisa! But that’s another story…