The Naughtiest Daughter

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage, a growing-up period. It is a time when each young member of society feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled remembrance of the time he snuck out back for a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race in his father’s car. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Lisa Stanton’s story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way. She breaks society’s moral code and, more important, her peers code. She learns to flaunt her body and given in to the passions she feels running so deep and hot in her blood. Indeed, Lisa makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that she is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh.

THE NAUGHTIEST DAUGHTER — the story of a girl’s struggle to find herself, and the shattering experiences that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.


“Awwww, c’mon, Mark, show me your cock!” Lisa demanded. The horny teenage girl squealed with frustration and made another attempt to pull down her boyfriend’s athletic shorts. “I’m so hot, don’t make me wait any more! I really want to see that big cock of yours! Just let me suck it, Mark. I thought all guys dug blow jobs!”

Lisa whimpered hungrily and leaned away from her perch on the edge of the bed, thrusting her hands under the hem of Mark’s shorts. But Mark only pursed his lips and stepped away from her, his worried expression showing his reluctance to pierce the willing teenager’s dripping virgin cunt.

Lisa glowered at him angrily. Mark was eighteen, with one of the best bodies in the high school, and she could tell by the throbbing stiffness in his shorts that his cock would be wonderfully long and thick when she got hold of it. But he was such a prude.

Lisa knew she was ready for a good hard fucking. She had been jerking off with a vibrator for years. She had never met another girl as ready for a man’s big hard cock as she was. But Mark didn’t seem to want to be the first boy to bury his pulsing cock in the clinging depths of her cunt hole. It was a real drag, Lisa thought peevishly. Here she’d gone to all the trouble of setting up an evening in her bedroom when her parents wouldn’t be home for hours, and now Mark didn’t even want to show her his hot hard cock. How much longer did he expect her to wait?

“Come on, Mark, you know you want me to suck you off!” Lisa insisted shamelessly. “Look how stiff your cock is! Jesus, your cum’s dripping down your leg! Let me suck your cock, honey! All eat it real good and drink down every drop when you spurt!”

“I don’t know about this, Lisa,” Mark stalled. “I mean, I don’t want to get VD.”

“You can’t get VD from a virgin, stupid!”

“Yeah, but well, I don’t want to get caught by your parents!” Mark exclaimed. “They could walk in here and see you sucking me off! I’d get in a lot of trouble!”

“Oh, Mark, who give a shit?” Lisa replied. “They won’t be home for hours, and besides, who cares if they catch us? Awwww, honey, my cunt’s so wet it’s huffing me! Just let me feel your big cock, Mark! I want to suck it so bad and drink down your cum!”

Groaning hotly, Lisa placed her palm over the boy’s throbbing stiff rod. Mark looked worried. He made a vague effort to step away from her. But it was obvious the touch of her fingers on his hard meat excited him. His blue-veined cock grew another inch, until Lisa could actually see the bulbous, cum-dripping head poking out under the hem of his shorts.

That was more than Lisa could stand. The sight of her boyfriend’s pulsing cock, the thick white jism burbling out of its bloated knob, made her tight little cunt as hot as a furnace. Whimpering, she leaned forward and firmly gripped the waist of his shorts in both hands. Then she pulled them down to his ankles, shamelessly revealing every inch of his lean teenage body.

“No, Lisa,” Mark murmured. “I mean it, you better not go any farther. We’re gonna get in trouble!”

“Oh, Mark, oh, my God, look at your cock!” Lisa gasped.

A smile spread across the teenage face, and her throat ached with the need for her boyfriend’s hot meat pulsing between her legs. Mark had the most beautiful cock she’d ever imagined. It was at least eight inches long and very thick, standing out of the curly bed of his cock-hair with the stiffness of a steel rod. She could see the blue veins running up its hard pink surface, and the swollen bulb of its purple cockhead. Half the length of his burning stick was covered with the thick jism that burbled hotly from his cock’s slit.

“Oh, Jesus,” Lisa sighed. Licking her lips, the horny teenager wrapped her fingers tightly around the meaty thickness of Mark’s cock, squeezing his burning cock flesh against her palms. “Your cock is so wonderful, honey. Look how heavy your balls are! I can hardly wait to see you cum. I’ll bet you’ll shoot off in buckets!”

“No, Lisa,” Mark gasped. He winced with the pressure of her hands around his throbbing cock and leaned away from her. “Don’t do this. You’ll just get us in a lot of trouble.”

But Mark’s please no longer carried much conviction. Lisa knew how much the squeezing touch of her hands on his cock had excited him. She could feel the furious throbbing of his burning meat against her hands, the way his hot cream dripped all over her fingers. Giggling, she pushed her hands down the swollen stalk until four inches of his cock protruded body from the grip of her fists. Then she frantically began to lick hungry circles around his purplish cockhead, hungrily drinking up the thick, delicious juices that burbled up his cock from his tightened nuts.

“Oh, God!” Mark gasped. He bit his lip hard and closed his eyes, obviously giving himself up to his horny girlfriend’s sucking. “No, Lisa… unghhh… you better… better stop… nooooo…”

“It tastes good, Mark,” Lisa burbled. “Your cock’s oozing so much cream, and I love the way it tastes. I want to suck your cock now! I want to suck your cock!”

Lisa continued to lick up her boyfriend’s hotly dripping cum a moment longer, devoting the attention of her wet mouth’s sucking to the shiny skinned crown of his cock. Then she opened her mouth wide and immediately began to suck his enormous rod as hard as she could. Her lips tightened in a wet circle around the blue-veined flesh of his cock. Her cheeks caved in as she increased the suction in her throat as much as possible. Mark lifted his hips, thrusting another inch of his huge cock into her mouth. Lisa hungrily sucked the fat knob of her boyfriend’s stiff cock. Her lips and tongue laved constantly around the mushroom-shaped head. Her hands squeezed the base of his organ and stroked the loose flesh up and down, jerking him off into her mouth.

“No, Lisa. Oh, Christ, oh, shit!” Mark gasped. “That’s too good… I’m gonna shoot off… don’t suck it so hard or I’ll cum! Oh, God oh, God!”

Lisa was much too busy with the pleasures of cock sucking to make any response. Already she loved the taste of her boyfriend’s thick rod in her mouth, and her stomach ached for the molten load of his gushing cream. Wantonly she sucked his cock harder and harder, making the rock-hard shaft pulse between her lips with the intensity of the blow job.

“No, Lisa, no,” Mark groaned. “I’m gonna pop my rocks… oh, slit, stop sucking so hard… I’m gonna cum… oh, shit… so fucking good…”

“Go ahead and cum, Mark,” Lisa whispered hotly. She removed the juice-soaked knob of his cock from her lips, whispering the words wetly around its shiny crown. “Cum all over me if you want to, all over my face. I want to drink your jism, lover. Your cock is so big and good!”

Mark could say nothing in reply. He stood before her with his cock throbbing against her cheek, his meat growing longer and harder by the second as the heat surged into its already engorged length. Lisa giggled and again returned her hungrily sucking mouth to his cock. This time she sucked his cock as expertly as she knew how. Her head bobbed up and down over his cock as she fucked herself in the mouth with his swollen rod, waiting eagerly for the drenching spasms of his shooting cum.

“I’m cumming, Lisa,” Mark sighed. “Your sucking so good… oh, fuck… I can feel it in my balls… I’m cumming now… awwnngh, shit, I’m cumming!”

For a moment Mark’s cock bloated to absolute stiffness between Lisa’s pursed lips, and she saw his balls tighten. Then his nuts frantically began to unload their wad deep down Lisa’s clinging throat. The thick white jism squirted explosively from his raw-skinned cockhead, gushing in a torrent of cum into the horny girl’s sucking mouth. Lisa removed his aching cock and watched for a second as his cock shot off, the hot white cream spurting out of the shit in his bulbous knob. Then she took the twitching tube of his meat between her lips again and eagerly swallowed all of his spasming cum, sighing as she felt her throat coated with the fluid of her boyfriend’s delicious jism.

“Oh, Lisa, Jesus was that good!” Mark sighed. “Can you ever suck cock! I never had my cock sucked that hard in my life! Now give me a chance to get dressed. I don’t want your parents to…”

“Oh, no way, sweetheart,” Lisa interrupted. She kept her hands on his slightly wilting cock and looked up at him with wide-eyed expectation. “It’s time for you to fuck me now!”

“What!” Mark exclaimed. “But, Lisa… Christ, it hurts a guy to get it up two times in a row! My prick’ll hurt all day tomorrow! Besides, your parents will catch us. I’ll fuck you some other time.”

“Awwww, Mark, fuck me now!” Lisa squealed. She looked up at him with shameless expectation and squeezed his cock hard trying to make it rock stiff again. “Sucking your big cock really made me hot! Make it stiff again, Mark, please! I want you to fuck me hard!”

“No, Lisa, no…”

But Lisa was much too hot to take no for an answer. Before Mark had a chance to pull away she returned her mouth to the softening length of his huge cock, sucking the cream-coated head eagerly between her cum-smeared lips. This time she sucked his cock with frantic intensity, caving in her cheeks and deep-throating his pulsing rod with jerking thrusts of her head. Mark, gasped and thrust his cock between her lips. Within the space of a minute his meat had again stiffened to its full turgid size. His hairy balls were tight and swollen with a second load of cum.

“No, Lisa, we can’t do this,” Mark repeated nervously. “Your parents are gonna catch us. You better stop!”

Lisa ignored her boyfriend’s words. Instead she rose from the bed and quickly began to remove her skimpy clothes, pulling off her tight cut-offs and clinging T-shirt. Her body was well endowed for an eighteen-year-old, with big firm tits, long slender legs, and the supple hips of a dancer. She could tell by the burning stiffness of Mark’s cock how much her luscious nakedness turned him on, and she knew it wouldn’t be any real trouble to get him to fuck her once she showed him her cunt.

“No, Lisa, you better stop,” Mark muttered. He widened his eyes and stared at her mouthwatering tits. “If your folks catch us like this… shit; they’ll have me sent to Juvenile Hall. I mean it, you better knock it off.”

“Fuck me, Mark,” Lisa purred shamelessly. The horny teenager lay back on the bed and wriggled her round asscheeks sensuously on the mattress. Then she spread her long legs wide apart, wantonly revealing the virgin mound of her hot wet cunt. “Put your cock in me, lover. Put your big cock in my little cunt and fuck me hard! I’m so hot! Fuck me, honey, fuck my cunt! Now! Now!”

“I don’t know, Lisa. We better!”

“Fuck my CUNT!” Lisa squealed. The burning heat of her horniness suddenly seemed to overwhelm her. Her fat pink nipples were as stiff as little rocks, and her virgin pussy was drenched with the hot flow of her cunt juices. She needed a good fucking immediately…

Shamelessly the naked girl put her hand between her moist white thighs. Then she hotly began to finger fuck her clasping pink hole before her boyfriend’s eyes, hungrily humping her cunt mound as Mark stared at her.

“Fuck me, Mark, oh, God, I can’t stand it! I need your cock in my cunt! I’m so hot! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK MEEEE…”

The bitch-in-heat fury of Lisa’s actions was more than Mark could resist. The raw-skinned length of his cock grew even stiffer, pulsing and twitching furiously. Panting, he stepped to the bed and knelt on the mattress between Lisa’s widely spread thighs. Then he slowly lowered himself, aiming his throbbing shaft at the hair-fringed shit of her pink cunt.

“Fuck me!” Lisa squealed. Whimpering, she dug her fingers into Mark’s lean asscheeks and tried to pull his pulsing cock into her clasping tunnel. “Unngh! Oh, God, Mark, I’m so hot! Put your cock in my cunt! Oh, God, oh, please, fuck me hard! Fuck me, Mark! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!”

“Oh, Jesus!”

The swollen purplish knob of Mark’s stiffened cock parted the virgin lips of Lisa’s cunt. Immediately a violent shudder ran up the young girl’s spine, and she stiffened on the bed, waiting for the full length of the boy’s rock-hard cock. Mark no longer seemed capable of controlling himself. Lisa’s cunt was tight and hot. It felt like he was sinking his cock into a clinging tunnel of butter. Moaning, he slowly began to thrust into her, sliding inch after inch of his throbbing cock into the clasping grip of her sweet little cunt.

“Unghhh! Oh, Mark… your cock’s in my cunt! I can feel it… it’s so big… oh, shit… fuck me now… all the way in… fuck me!” Hotly, Lisa began to bounce her jiggling asscheeks off the bed, hungrily thrusting her gurgling pussy mound into her boyfriend’s cock. “Fuck me, Mark! Unghhh, unngh, fuck my cunt! Awwwwww, God… awwwwnngghhh…”

Mark settled himself betwen Lisa’s bucking thighs, greasily pushing the length of his purple knobbed cock into the virgin depths of her wide open cunt. Then it was all the way inside her cunt, every inch of his hotly twitching cock resting in the juice-lined sheath of her pussy. For a moment the hot boy paused to catch his breath. Then Lisa began to fuck furiously beneath him and he quickly began to thrust his blue-veined cock in and out of her hair-fringed cunt, giving her the first fucking of her young life.

“Awwww, Mark, awww, God!” Lisa shrieked. A wanton smile curled her lips, as if she were experiencing the hottest sensations known. Her legs lifted and folded around Mark’s heaving back, pulling his wonderfully throbbing cock deeper into her slurping hole. “Fuck me harder! Unghh, unngh, that’s so good! Harder, Mark, fuck me as hard as you can! Unghhh! Unnhhhhh…”

The tempo of Mark’s fucking increased feverishly until the rickety single bed began to shake. Then Lisa felt his rock-hard cock slamming violently in and out of her cunt, and she knew her boyfriend was fucking her as hard as he could. All at once she was hotter than ever before in her life. Her cunt was churning deeply with the pungent gushing of her juices, and her clit was twitching. She threw her arms wound his shoulders and ground her jiggling tits into his chest, fucking her eager cunt onto his big cock again and again.

“I’m gonna cum, Lisa,” Mark moaned.

“Oh, no, Mark, not yet!” Lisa squealed. She bounced her ass of the mattress and fucked her dripping cunt wildly up at him, fucking him as hard as she could. “I wanna cum first! Keep fucking me! Keep doing it! Yes! Don’t cum! Unnghhh… unnghh… unnghhh…”

But the sucking tightness of the teenage girl’s virgin cunt was more than the boy could resist. For a moment his cock pulsed to absolute stiffness inside her cunt and his heavily dangling balls tightened. Then the second load of his cum began to shoot wildly, deep inside Lisa’s cunt. The thick white jism spurted hotly out of his bloated cockhead into his girlfriend’s steaming cunt.

Lisa gasped with the unfamiliar sensation and lay motionless on the bed, feeling Mark fuck her cunt full of his boiling cum. For several seconds Mark continued to fuck his spurting cock painfully in and out of the clinging lips of her cunt, wincing as the last droplets of his jism shot out of the twitching slit of his purplish cockhead. Then with a heavy sigh he rolled away from her sweaty body, pulling his softening cock out of her pink juicy gash.

Then it was over. Lisa sighed and stared wistfully at the ceiling, feeling the hot sexual desire begin to ease up. Mark wasn’t going to be able to fuck her again. He’d already cum twice, and that was enough for any boy. If she wanted to cum again, she’d have to do it by finger fucking herself after Mark left.


And as far as Lisa was concerned, Mark was about to leave for good. The naked teenage girl’s eyes narrowed angrily, and she glanced with a furious womanly bitterness at her dozing boyfriend. He just wasn’t horny enough for her, she thought. Worrying about her parents, only cumming twice, not satisfying her… what kind of man was that? Not the kind for her.

Lisa knew that she was unusually horny. She’d been jacking off several times a day ever since she could remember, and almost all her dreams were filled with the images of men’s big cocks, swollen with blood and dripping their cum juices all over her body. She needed a good hard cock for real now, and it was obvious that Mark wasn’t the boy who could give it to her. She needed someone else.

Like an older man. A wanton blush colored Lisa’s plump cheeks, and she felt her hair-fringed pussy getting hotter than hell. As Mark lay beside her, she thrust her hand between her thighs, lazily finger fucking her moist cunt slit as she dreamed of the man who could satisfy her.

Yes, an older man. Maybe thirty or forty or fifty, someone with some miles under his belt, someone who knew how to really give a teenage girl the fucking of her young life. Lisa smiled. She knew just where to start. Bill Peters, the owner of the small gift shop where she worked after school. He was forty-five or so, old enough to be her father. But if he could still get a hard-on, that was plenty young enough as far as she was concerned.

“I must say, Lisa, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on our inventory with you running around in clothes like that.”

Lisa smiled and kept her eyes fastened on the stack of boxes in the corner of the stockroom, turning her head so that Bill Peters wouldn’t see her giggle. It was now five p.m. the next afternoon, and if she had doubted it before, it was now obvious that her plan to seduce her handsome middle aged employer was proceeding quite nicely. Peters had been staring at her all day, ogling her lushly revealed body in her tank-top and skin-tight Levi’s. But this was the first time he had made such a remark. It was no wonder. There, were no customers left in the gift shop, and closing time was in another fifteen minutes.

“A t-shirt like that and such tight pants!” Peters continued easily. “Honestly, Lisa, it’s a wonder our customers were able to concentrate. Do they really let you go to school like that?”

“Times have changed, Mr. Peters,” Lisa replied. She carefully placed a box on the stack and turned to face him. “Everyone’s liberated today, didn’t you know? I could go to school dressed any way I like.”

Bill grinned wolfishly back at her and paused, brazenly admiring the mouth-watering swell of her heavy tits as they jiggled firmly beneath the sheer white fabric. He was a very handsome man for forty-five, with a tall, strong frame and the square jawed good looks of a movie star. Shamelessly Lisa lowered her eyes and glanced at the bulge in his pants. The shaft of his cock was big and rock hard.

Lisa could literally see it throbbing in his pants. She smiled to herself, knowing that it wouldn’t be much longer before she had his cock out and was sucking it hard.

“Not just any way, Lisa,” Peters murmured huskily. “I mean, perhaps the girls don’t have to wear the frilly blouses and long skirts they did in my day. But I don’t think the administrators of Central High School would be very happy if you showed up for your classes naked.”

“No,” Lisa said, laughing deliberately as she stepped closer to him. “I’ll wait till I get here for that.”

“Oh, I don’t think my customers would like that, Lisa,” Peters said teasingly. “In case you’re not aware of it, this is one of the more prosperous stores downtown. Some of my customers are rather elderly. I don’t think they’d appreciate being waited on by a naked check-out girl, do you?”

Lisa paused before answering. She knew that the door of the stockroom was closed behind them, and that no one could walk in on them if they began fucking wildly on the stack of boxes in the center of the room. But she didn’t want to take any chances. For several seconds she waited, listening for the sound of customers in the main part of the store. When she heard none, her smile became open and expectant, and she stepped so close to Peters that he could feel her breath on his cheek.

“Well, maybe they wouldn’t like it, Mr. Peters,” she said huskily. “But I’ll bet you wouldn’t mind, would you?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Lisa,” Peters rasped. He licked his lips and again glanced at her gorgeously curved tits, the stiff nipples protruding noticeably through the cotton top. “I mean, I’ve never seen you naked, have I? I’d need a demonstration.”

“Do you want to see me naked, Mr. Peters?”

“Oh, I don’t… I don’t think I’d mind… doubt I’d mind very much.”

Lisa couldn’t wait any longer for her boss to complete his nervously stammered sentence. The lips of her lust-swollen cunt felt as if they’d burn through her body, and her heavy tits ached for the older man’s sucking. She needed his dick immediately. Smiling salaciously, the horny teenager stepped back and undid the clasp of her tight blue jeans. Then in a few practiced movements she flung her clothes away from her, revealing the smooth tanned flesh of her naked body.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” Peters muttered.

“How do you like me now, Mr. Peters?” Lisa purred hotly. She cupped her rounded tits in her hands and hefted them, displaying their firmness. “Do you think your customers would like my body? I know you do, Mr. Peters! I can see that big boner in your pants!”

Peters was apparently so crazed with excitement that his helplessly babbling lips seemed unable to utter a single clear word. But the meaty length of his prick did all the talking for him. The shaft of the older man’s cock was pulsing violently in his slacks, obviously much thicker and just as long as Mark’s had been.

Lisa stared at his big tool, licking her lips as she admired the shape of the spongy head. Then she knelt on the floor before him and quickly pulled down his zipper, groping in the opening for the hot length of his rod.

“Oh, Lisa, oh, Jesus… you better get up and make sure that door’s locked!”

“I don’t give a shit, Mr. Peters. I just want to see your big cock!” Lisa squealed hornily. Giggling, she clasped her fingers around the blue-veined trunk of his organ and pulled it out. “Oh, Jesus, your dick is huge!” she gasped. Lisa held the steel like meat of his tool tightly in both hands, milking it up and down, staring hungrily as thick droplets of cum cream drooled out of his cock’s shiny reddish head. “Oh, fuck, you’re cumming all over the place! Let me suck it, please!”

“The door,” Peters babbled. “Check it… oh, Christ… the door!”

But Bill Peters’ nervous babbling was lost to both of them. Lisa grabbed his pants and pulled them swiftly down, leaving the older man naked from the waist to the knees. Then she opened her mouth wide and lowered her head over the jism-glistened head of his twitching prick. His gushing cum juices tasted good in her mouth, and she swirled her tongue hungrily around his cock’s bloated knob, eagerly drinking up the constant flow of his cum.

Peters gasped and thrust his throbbing cock into her mouth, encouraging her to suck his dick that much harder. Immediately, Lisa began to suck and lick and kiss his pulsing rod as hard as she could, working on his swollen prick so feverishly that her cheeks caved in and her whole face flushed red with the effort of the sucking.

“Unngghhh!” Peters gasped. “Harder! Oh fuck, is that good… suck my dick harder! Jerk it off! Jerk it! Unngghh! Ungghh, Jesus Christ!”

Lisa sucked Peters burningly stiff organ with all the loving force she could muster. The thickness of his raw-skinned dick pushed her lips apart to the bursting point, making her look as if she were trying to swallow a cucumber whole. The mushroom shaped head of his tool throbbed against the back of her mouth, and it felt so huge that Lisa thought she might gag. But still the horny teenage girl continued to suck and suck.

Her hand tightened around the twitching shaft of his enormous fuckmeat, jerking his rod off into her mouth. At the same time she began to wantonly he eye her head frantically back and forth before him, shamelessly fucking her eager mouth with the swollen hardness of his cock.

“That’s enough!” Peters said loudly. “Stop sucking it! I want to fuck you now! Stop sucking! Now!”

Lisa ignored her boss demand easily. She continued to work her mouth on the throbbing length of his hard-on, toying with his balls with her fingers and licking delicious circles around the hugely engorged knob. She didn’t care about being fucked anymore. She just wanted to suck his cock forever, drinking down every drop of his sweet cum cream when he unloaded his nuts deep down in her throat.

“I said stop sucking!” Peters bellowed.

Suddenly Lisa felt Peters’ two strong hands digging into her scalp, and she shrieked as she felt her brown hair being pulled out by its roots. Savagely, Peters pulled her sucking mouth away from his twitching prick and pushed her away from him. Lisa stood her distance and stared at him. Peters looked like a wild-man. His expression was sex crazed, hungrily drinking in her naked tanned body with wide feverish eyes. His dick was so big and stiff that it looked as if his thick cum would squirt out all over the floor.

“Get on those boxes and spread your legs!” Peters ordered. He gestured toward the flat stack of cardboard boxes in the center of the room. At the same time he furiously pulled off his pants, kicking them over his shoes and leaving himself naked from the waist down. “I’m going to fuck you! Get on those boxes!”

Lisa didn’t hesitate at all. Instead, she squealed delightedly and practically ran to the boxes, her whole body trembling with her dog-in-heat need for a violent fucking. Her cunt was wet to the point of overflowing, dripping her sweet pussy juices all over her thighs.

“Fuck me, Mr. Peters!” Lisa squealed. She sat on the boxes and lay back, wriggling her shoulder blades into the firm cardboard and spreading her long lush legs as wide apart as she could. “I’m so horny! Fuck me now! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!”

Peters moved toward her, his eyes eating up the silky-haired slit of her hot cunt. His cock stood out before him like an iron pipe, dripping thick cum cream all over his thighs and the floor. With a heavy groan he leaned over the boxes, the swollen shaft of his throbbing meat twitching between her thighs. Then he savagely rammed his big prick into her cunt, burying every inch of his huge stick into the wet slit of her clasping fuck-hole.

“Unngghh!” Lisa gasped. Pinpoints of light danced before her eyes, and for a moment she thought she would black out from the pulsing hugeness of Peters cock deep inside her pussy. Then she began to pump her little asscheeks off the boxes, humping her pouting cunt into the satisfying shaft of his cock. “Fuck me now, fuck me hard!” she squealed. “Oh, God, Mr. Peters, your dick is so big! Fuck me with it! I’m so hot! Fuck me hard!”

Peters sighed and lifted his hands, digging his fingers lewdly into the jiggling globes of Lisa’s stiff-nippled young tits. Frantically as he began to heave his powerful hips back and forth, fucking her dripping pink cunt hole with long torrid strokes of his cum-soaked meat.

“Unnghhh! I’m gonna cum, Mr. Peters! Fuck me harder, I’m gonna cum!” Lisa gasped. Already, she could feel the incredible spasms of shooting-off welling up inside her loins, making her nipples tingle and the walls of her pussy tighten need fully around the throbbing length of Peters’ enormous tool. “Fuck my hole! Awwnngh! God, I’m so horny! Harder, harder, fuck me HARD! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!”

Peters didn’t have to be asked twice. His expression was even more obsessed than before, his eyes I wild and feverish with his, lust for the young teenage brunette humping hotly beneath him. Lisa could see the sweat dripping from his thick hair and forehead, the way his expression was contorted in a mask of burning desire for her body. Suddenly Peters fell heavily forward, sinking another thick inch of his throbbing cock into the enveloping folds of her body. Then he hungrily began to suck at the jiggling globes of her jugs, pulling her stiff nipples deep into his mouth with his teeth.

“Awwnnghhh!” Lisa screamed. She pushed her hands into Peters’ hair and pulled his head into her shuddering tit, at the same time bouncing her ass off the boxes for all she was worth. “That’s good… awwww, yes, suck my tit! Harder! I’m gonna cum now… oh, slit, I can feel it! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee…”

“I’m gonna cum, too,” Peters groaned. “Oh, God… shit… I’m popping my rocks now… awww, yes… right up your cunt!”

For a second the shaft of Peters dick hardened even more inside Lisa’s hair-fringed cunt, pulsing violently in the deepest recesses of her hole. Then the thick cream of his jism began to burn explosively out of his purpled-knobbed tool.

Lisa knew she was cumming the second she felt his cream squirting inside her. A deep gasp came from her, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as if she’d been shot. Almost hysterically she pumped her plump little asscheeks off the boxes, hammering her fleecy-haired pussy mound up onto Peters spurting cock as her whole body ached with the drenching spasms of her first real cock-induced cum.

“Unnghh! Mr. Peters!” Lisa gasped. “Fuck me now, awnngh, God, I’m coming! Unghh! Fuck me… fuck me… UNNGHH! FUCK MY CUNT, MR. PETERS! HARDER! I’M CUMMING! AWW, YES! CUUUMMMIIINNNG…”

The wet spasms of cum poured through Lisa’s cunt with the strongest intensity she’d ever known, making her pussy overflow with the pungent tide of her juices. Her ass flipped wildly back and forth over the boxes.

Peters grimaced obscenely and continued to work his squirting cock in and out of the clinging folds of her cunt hole, sighing as the last thick spurts of his jism oozed out of his raw purple dick head.

“Oh, Mr. Peters,” Lisa whimpered. She threw her arms around his shoulders and ground her hips on the boxes, continuing to pump her pussy onto his tool. “That was so good… your fucking was so good… I came so hard… keep on fucking me, Mr. Peters… I don’t ever want to stop… keep on fucking me… let’s do it again…”

Peters hesitated only a second, as if wondering whether a second cum might be healthy for a man his age. Then he resolutely began to hammer his raging cock in and out of the fur-lined lips of her pouting hole. Within a few seconds his huge prick was as big and stiff as ever, throbbing with a second load of cream, and Lisa knew that he was going to fuck her again even harder than before.

“Oh, God!” Lisa squalled. She wrapped her slender thighs around the older man’s waist, eagerly humping her cunt up to meet every stroke of their second fucking. Her cheeks were flushed pink with excitement, and her stiff nipples dug into his brawny chest. This was it, she thought giddily. This was just what she needed, just what Mark had failed to give her the night before. Mr. Peters was old enough to really know what he was doing. She loved the way his heavy body felt over her own, the taste of his cum-smeared cock in her mouth, the way his bloated organ felt when he rammed it deep inside her pussy-slit. As far as Lisa was concerned, she could keep on fucking the older man for the rest of her life.

“Come on, Lisa, let it alone for a while!” Bill Peters pleaded. Wincing, he looked at the horny teenage girl sucking his prick. “I swear, you’re gonna kill me if you keep it up like this. My nuts have only got so much cum in them. Give it a rest!”


Lisa only giggled and continued to slurp and suck hotly at the swollen shaft of Peters’ big cock. It was now several days later, and Lisa had to admit that there was some sense to her boss pleas.

She had demanded to be fucked four times daily since their first encounter.

Always in the storeroom. Lisa raised her head and looked around her, studying the shadowed boxes, the dim sixty-watt bulb in the ceiling and the faded plaster walls. Then she returned her attention to the bloated stick of Peters’ cock. His dick looked like it had been in a war. The skin of the head and shaft was rubbed raw from the constant friction of her mouth and pouting pussy, and his balls were all shriveled up beneath his throbbing tool, obviously milked dry of cum. Peters was right, Lisa had to admit. She was practically ruining him with her constant need for fucking.

But she couldn’t help it. Lisa whimpered hungrily and took another few inches of Peters’ swelling rod into the grip of her lips, groaning throatily as she felt the spongy cum-smeared head rest against, the back of her throat.

“Please, Lisa, I’m begging you,” Peters persisted. “Don’t make it stiff again. I need a rest. We can fuck some other time.”

Lisa only responded by sucking her boss big cock that much harder. Frantically she bobbed her head up and down over the bulbous tip of his pole, as if driven forward the knowledge that he would fuck her if she didn’t make his meat rock hard.

“Lisa… Lisa, please…”

But now Peters pleas didn’t make any difference. Lisa removed his throbbing cock from her mouth and smiled at it with satisfaction. Her frenzied sucking had quickly succeeded in making it as stiff as a piece of pipe. The twitching rod stood clit of his curly prick-hair with throbbing hugeness, pulsing and swelling with its meaty load.

“Fuck me now, Mr. Peters,” Lisa purred wantonly. She paused a second longer to stroke the blue-veined tube of his meat, making sure that it was as hard as it could get. Then she turned from him and knelt naked on the floor next to his chair, positioning herself perfectly in the dog-fucking position. “My cunt is hot again, lover. Stick your big cock in me and fuck my pussy hard! Fuck me, Mr. Peters! Fuck me!”

Peters sighed and looked at Lisa’s wiggling asscheeks in exasperation. It was no use. His cock was pulsing, and he knew that if he didn’t unload now he’d have a bad case of blue-balls in the morning.

Mumbling, the naked older man climbed off his perch on the chair and knelt behind Lisa’s nakedly splayed legs. Then he gripped her hips and thrust toward her, prepared to bury the purple knob of his twitching cock into the clinging pink lips of her cunt.

“Bill, wait!” Lisa cried suddenly.

“What do you want now?”

A sudden obscene thought coursed through Lisa’s mind, and she felt herself blushing with the incredible lewdness of her desires. It was disgusting, she knew… but she’d always wanted to give it a try. Giggling, Lisa reached behind her and spread the plump cheek of her ass wide apart, shamelessly revealing the puckered pink ring of her asshole.

“Oh, Jesus,” Bill muttered.

“Stick it in my asshole this time, Mr. Peters!” Lisa whimpered hotly. She wriggled her ass before him and deliberately made the little ring of her asshole contract in and out. “My asshole needs fucking, too! Fuck my asshole!”

Peters, to Lisa’s surprise, hesitated only a second. Then a broad grin spread across his leathered face, and it was obvious from his eager expression that asshole fucking had struck a chord somewhere in his mind.

Grinning, he positioned the now rock-stiff head of his dick so that it angled downward into the virgin tunnel of her ass. Then with a quick thrust he humped his hips into her, violently burying the first several inches of his thick, cream-dripping rod into the rubbery grip of her asshole.

“UNNGHHH!” Lisa squealed. Violent spasms of pain racked through her asshole, making her naked teenage-year-old body shake convulsively on the floor. “Oh, shit, not so hard, Bill! You’re really hurting me! Not so… Stop it! Awnnghh, awnnghh! STOP IT! YOU’RE FUCKING KILLING ME!” Lisa bellowed. Her cheeks flushed with agony, and for the first time she made a girlish attempt to free herself from the cruel strokes of his pounding meat. “Take it out of me! Ungh, unghh! Stop! OH, SHIT, IT HURTS! STOP IT, BILL! STOP IT!”

“Ahhhhhh, yes,” Peters moaned. “That’s so tight… right up your little asshole… so fucking tight… ahhhh, yes… so fucking good… ahhhhhhh…”

With a heavy downward thrust, Peters shoved his body hard against the goose-bumped cheeks of Lisa’s ass, cruelly burying the last inches of his bloated dick into the puckered ring of her asshole. Lisa gasped and fell flat on the floor, too overwhelmed by the presence of his enormous throbbing meat to be conscious of any real pain. Slowly, grimacing with the effort, Peters pulled his burning prick out of her clasping asshole until only the head was in. Then he began to pump his hips rhythmically, fucking her virgin asshole with long steady strokes of his raw-skinned dick.

“Unnghhh!” Lisa grunted. “Not so hard, Mr. Peters… unghhh, God, not so hard! You’re hurting me! Awnnghhh, awnnghh, awnnhhh…”

“You’ll like it in a second, Lisa,” Peters whispered giddily. He squeezed her big stiff nipple jugs and pounded his pulsing rod harder and harder into her ravaged asshole. “Girls… unh… girls really like getting fucked in the ass. Especially horny little girls like you. Unh… you’re really going to like it, Lisa… awwwww, shit is that tight… you’re really going to like it a lot!”

A feverish shudder ran through Peters’ brawny body, and Lisa felt his fingers tighten into the creamy white flesh of her pendulous tits. Frantically the older man speeded up the rhythm of his asshole-fucking, spearing his cum-laden meat furiously into the wide-stretched ring of her tight little hole.

Then it was as if a prophecy were being fulfilled.

Lisa realized how much she was really enjoying it.

Her pussy tingled with the pungent flow of her juices, and her red nipples hardened against Peters’ palms. It felt good, she realized dazedly. Her hot asshole was literally burning up around the blue veined shaft of his pulsing dick, aching for more of his throbbing tool. She liked being fucked up the ass. She actually loved it.

“Unnghhh,” Lisa whimpered girlishly, torn between pleasure and pain. “Oh, Mr. Peters… your dick is so big… unhhhhhhh…”

For only a second longer Lisa hesitated as she lay prone on the floor, biting her lip as the sensations of depraved lust coursed through her loins. Then she shamelessly began to pump her jiggling hips off the floor, hornily driving her clasping asshole back at the stabbing implement of Peters’ rock-hard cock.

“I’m gonna blow my wad, Lisa,” Peters gasped. “Your asshole… it’s so tight… I’m gonna pop my rocks any second… right up your hole!”

“Fuck me, Mr. Peters!” Lisa whimpered. Harder and harder she pumped her little asscheeks onto his cock, her pretty face contorted with raw desire as his throbbing cock pounded into the very root of her body. “Awwwww, God, it feels so good! Fuck my asshole! Harder, lover, harder, fuck my asshole! Unnghh! Mr. Peters… AWW, SHIT, I’M HOT NOW, I’M GONNA CUM! FUCK MY ASSHOLE! HARDER! FUCK MY ASSHOLE AS HARD AS YOU CAN!”

“Oh, Jesus, Lisa,” Peters groaned. Torridly he pumped his viciously throbbing rod into her ass, fucking her tender young asshole again and again. “I can feel it now… my balls are so fucking tight… I’m gonna cum… oh, fuck… there it is… I’m cumming!”

Peters’ hands tightened cruelly around the spongy white globes of Lisa’s tits, squeezing her big jugs for all he was worth. Then the hot torrent of his gushing jism began to stream and squirt uncontrollably from his purple dick head. The thick cum filled Lisa’s ravaged asshole completely, burbling out of the teenage-year-old girl’s puckered ring and running obscenely all over her shuddering ass.

Peters groaned loudly and continued to pump his squatting meat in and out of the clinging walls of her asshole, milking the last droplets of cum from the throbbing orbs of his balls.


The sweet spasms of cumming burst through Lisa’s lush nakedness with an almost volcanic intensity, making her whole body shake convulsively on the floor. Her asshole contracted violently around the blue-veined flesh of Peters’ tool, need fully drawing it deeper into her hole. Then a depraved smile spread across her face, and she nestled her cheek comfortably on the floor.

“Fuck me again,” Lisa babbled hornily.

“No, Lisa, I’m serious now,” Peters replied worriedly. Wincing, he withdrew his softening cock from her puckered asshole and stood up. “I’ve got to get home right away. My wife will suspect something if I’m late.”

“Fuck me again,” Lisa repeated. “Please, Mr. Peters, my asshole feels so hot. Put your big cock back up my ass and fuck me really hard!”

“Sorry, honey,” Peters said. “But I’ve got my obligations. You’ll have to wait for tomorrow.”

Shaking his head, Bill Peters walked across the storeroom and bent to retrieve his clothes. Lisa watched him for a moment through dreamily lidded eyes. Then she found the hair-fringed mound of her juice-dripping cunt, and shamelessly began to finger fuck her burning pussy as she thought of all the fucking and sucking pleasures her body demanded.

Bill Peters wasn’t good enough for her any more. Lisa’s horny mind quickly wandered to other men, and she giggled as her finger pumped faster and faster through the gurgling slit of her hot fuck-hole. He was the best fuck she’d ever, hard, and she knew she would always be available to suck that fat cock of his any time he wanted her to. She didn’t want to give up on the conquests she’d already made. She needed other men now. She needed a whole line of them, a whole closet full of horny studs to give her four, five, even six raging fucking a day if she really needed it. Lisa knew she was unusually horny for a teenage girl, but she didn’t care. Sex was the best pleasure she’d ever discovered in her whole life.

And she knew just where to get it next. A sudden picture of her next-door neighbor flooded Lisa’s mind, and she eagerly jerked off her burning pussy that much harder. Ted Mitchell was thirty-five and handsome, the perfect candidate to join her growing stable of older studs. She’d seen the bulge of his dick in his pants many times, and she was pretty sure it was a nice big one. And from the way she’d seen him watching her in her swimsuit — Lisa thought eagerly, thrusting her fingers wildly between the pouting lips of her cunt — he’d be no trouble to seduce at all.


“Yes, Lisa, what can I do for…”

Ted Mitchell’s hand slowly fell from the open front door of his spacious ranch-style suburban home. His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened. He stared at the mouth-watering curves of Lisa’s partially revealed body.

Lisa smiled coyly. It was Saturday afternoon, and there was nothing really unusual about knocking, on her next-door neighbor’s door dressed only in a skimpy halter top and stretch shorts. But a teenager girl as well endowed as her did tend to cause a reaction in most men. Including Ted Mitchell, Lisa thought, glancing at the swelling lump of his big cock in his slacks.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you, Mr. Mitchell,” Lisa said brightly. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled, fully aware of the way her big full tits jiggled in her sheer halter top. “It’s just that I saw you mowing your lawn earlier and I figured you might be free. Do you mind if I come in?”

“Huh? What?” Mitchell muttered. He raised his eyes from her jugs and focused on her face, squinting against the bright sunlight of the balmy, cloudless afternoon. “Free for what?”

“Oh, I just wanted to talk,” Lisa said cheerily. “My folks are gone for the day, you know, and there’s not that much to do.”

Mitchell continued to squint strangely at Lisa for a few seconds, as if trying to comprehend his good fortune at being visited by the stacked brunette teenager. Lisa smiled and expanded her chest, making her rounded tits burst forth against the pink fabric of her halter.

“Oh, sure!” Mitchell said suddenly. Staring at her tits, he stepped away from the door and motioned for her to enter. “Sure thing, Lisa! Come on in!”

The living room of the Mitchell residence was pleasantly furnished in Colonist style, with antique silver decorating the ledge above the fireplace. Subdued sunlight through the drapes cast shadows across the carpet.

Lisa studied the room, smiled, and took the seat on the plush couch way from the windows. Her cunt was already moistening with her horniness, and she wouldn’t atop glancing at the stiffening bulge of Ted Mitchell’s dick. As far as she was concerned, the living room would be excellent place to spend the afternoon fucking.

“Well, Lisa, here we are,” Ted said. He wrung his hands. “Sorry for my behavior, but I watt expecting you. Neighbors should visit mere often, though. Is there… uh… anything in particular you wanted to talk about?”

“Would you like to suck my cunt?”

Mitchell gasped and stepped backward, dearly in a state of shock. Lisa blushed and lowered her head. She had not really intended to bring up the subject of sex so quickly. But she was so horny, and her pussy hut so much, and her cunt lips almost seemed to ache for the delicious touch of Ted’s mouth and rock-hard cock. More and more those days it seemed that Lisa was unable to resist the suggestion of fucking as soon as she was alone in a room with an older man. And Ted Mitchell made her hotter than any older man she’d yet met.

“What?” Mitchell exclaimed.

“I’d really like you to a lot, Mr. Mitchell,” Lisa continued quickly. She was still blushing from speaking so boldly, but now that the words were out she knew she had to follow through on them. “None of the boys at school really know how to eat me out, and I get horny thinking about it. I get really turned on by you sometimes, Mr. Mitchell. Wouldn’t you like to suck my pussy? Please? I’ll let you fuck me nice and hard, too!”

“Lisa… holy Christ… oh, my God!” Mitchell stammered. “I… I… what are you saying? I can’t do that! I mean… you’re only a teenage, and I’m married… and… I’d get arrested! You’re too young… oh, my God, I can’t believe this is happening!”

Lisa giggled and looked at Mitchell’s pants. The shaft of his prick was obviously completely hard now, pulsing and twitching along his slender thigh. As Lisa studied his throbbing meat, her lips curled into a smile, and she felt her boldness and horniness increasing at the same time. Mitchell’s words didn’t make any difference now. His stiff dick told her he really wanted to fuck, and that was the only important thing.

“I don’t know what to say, Lisa,” Mitchell continued worriedly. “Maybe you’d better…”

“Suck my cunt, Mr. Mitchell,” Lisa interrupted shamelessly. Without looking away from his twitching hard cock, she unclasped her stretch shorts and wriggled them down, her tong tanned thighs, leaving herself naked from the waist down. Her silky brown cunt hair glistened in the dappled sunlight, and the lips of her tight hole were pink and wet with her desire. Lisa smiled and spread her legs wide apart, nakedly revealing the hair-fringed mound of her teenage cunt slit.

“Oh my God!” Mitchell gasped.

“I know you want to suck my pussy, Ted,” Lisa purred. She dropped her hand between her thighs and hotly began to finger fuck her juicy fuck-hole, thrusting her fingers in and out of the spouting lips of her wet cunt. “I can see that big dick of yours pounding away in your pants. Come on, Mr. Mitchell, eat my pussy out real good! Then we can spend the rest of the day fucking!”

For almost ten seconds Mitchell stared wildly at Lisa’s luscious teenage body. Then something seemed to snap inside him. Quickly he walked across the room, almost diving down to kneel before the couch with his head positioned between Lisa’s spread thighs. Lisa giggled at the older man’s sudden eagerness and thrust her hands into the pungent dampness of her pussy. Then his mouth touched, her cunt, and all the breath seemed to leave Lisa’s quivering young body as she felt the first touch of his tongue against the spouting lips of her wet cunt.

“Unghhh! Mr. Mitchell, oh, God, unnghh!” Lisa squealed. “That feels so good! Suck my cunt now, awwwww, yes, suck it nice and hard! My pussy feels so hot! Make me cum, Ted! Eat me out real good and then fuck me hard!”

Mitchell obviously was too hot to need any further encouragement. His white face was covered with sweat. As he knelt before her, Lisa could see the stiff outline of his meaty prick throbbing in his pants. Groaning, Mitchell reached under Lisa’s thighs and firmly held the succulent orbs of her asscheeks in his palms. Then he began to tongue and suck and lick the clasping lips of her damp fuck-hole. His tongue slipped into the pouting folds of her pussy, hungrily licking up the sweet flow of her hot juices that gushed from deep inside her cunt. At the same time his fingers toyed expertly with the stiffened bud of her clit, jerking it off even as he hungrily sucked her.

“Awwnnghhh!” Lisa squealed. “Awwwww, shit! Harder, harder, make me cum! Oh fuck! Suck my cunt! Awwnnghhhh!” Lisa’s pretty teenage face contorted obscenely with her raging lust, and she felt her burning cunt becoming as wet as a swamp. Hotly she began to buck and hump her asscheeks in Mitchell’s hands, feverishly fucking her dripping pussy all over his face. “Suck it! It feels so good! Suck my cunt, Mr. Mitchell, suck my cunt hole, make me cum! Unghh, nhuunnghh, oh, shit, oh, shit, awwnnghhhhh!”

Mitchell’s fingers dug viciously into the milkwhite globes of Lisa’s plump ass, doing his best to hold her in position. Then he buried his head into the curly bed of her pussy hair and began to eat out her dripping hole as well as he possibly could. His long tongue laved furiously through the pink gash of her slit, making the horny young girl bounce and hump against him as if she were having convulsions.

“Unnghhhh! Oh, God… God… UNNNGHHH!” Lisa gasped. “SUCK MY cunt HARDER! I’M CUMMING! OH, SHIT, SO GOOD, I’M CUMMING!”

Lisa’s frenzied, horny screams were loud enough to wake up any sleeping child in the neighborhood. But she was much too hot now to care. Her whole body trembled with the skillful intensity of Mitchell’s pussy-sucking, and she could feel the aching spasms of cumming shooting deep inside the darkest recesses af her sweet hole. Panting and grunting furiously, she clawed her fingernails down Mitchell’s back and lifted her fleecy-haired cunt mound totally into his face, wanting as much of his mouth eating up her pussy as possible for her earth-shaking orgasm.


Lisa came so hard she thought she would black out. For a full ten seconds the delicious spasms of cumming poured through her cunt. Her asscheeks trembled violently in. Mitchell’s clutching hands, and her clasping cuntlips spewed pungent juices all over his face, practically drowning him in the torrid flow of her thick cream. Lisa shuddered and gasped and whimpered, shaking her head as pinpoints of burning color flooded through her mind’s eye. Then she slowly relaxed in Mitchell’s firm grip.

“Did you like that?” Mitchell muttered. The older man smiled a little smugly and leaned away from her smoldering cunt slit, obviously satisfied with his own performance. “I’ll bet that was better than anything you got from those boys at school, huh?”

“I want you to fuck me now,” Lisa whispered dazedly. She opened her eyes and stared at Mitchell imploringly, her naked, spread-eagled body quivering on the couch. “Please, don’t wait. My pussy needs it, it’s so hot! Give me your cock and fuck me hard!”

Grinning, Mitchell stood up and pulled down his pants. His rock-hard dick twitched eagerly, completely swollen and bloated. It was one of the most beautiful cocks Lisa had yet seen. Mitchell’s rod was not as thick as Peters’ had been, but it was very long, and just imagining that slender shaft thrusting deep into her aching fuck-hole made Lisa’s insatiable body pant for another fucking.

“So soon?” Mitchell said wickedly. He held his throbbing meat tightly in his hand and pointed it forward, the spongy, dark-red head pulsing before Lisa’s eyes. The shaft of his cock was laced with large blue veins, and his enormous nuts were swollen hugely along the underside of his twitching stick. “I’d think you’d at least need a minute to [missing text].”

“Fuck me now,” Lisa burbled. She held her knees apart with her hands and lifted her legs as much as she could, putting her clinging wet pussy in the perfect position for the invasion of Mitchell’s thrusting meat. “I need your cock inside me. Put your big dick in my pussy and fuck me hard! Now! Please, now!”

Mitchell chuckled and leaned over the couch, planting his hands for support into the cushions next to Lisa’s shoulders. His jism-seeping dick-head nestled into the pouting folds of the horny girl’s cunt, making Lisa tremble all over with her frantic desire. With his smooth thrust of his hips, Mitchell pushed every inch of his steel-hard rod into her pussy, sliding his dick into what felt like a tub of warm butter. Then he quickly began to pump his hips back and forth, fucking her hungry hole with long driving strokes of his rock-hard prick.

“Harder!” Lisa pained. She wrapped her slender tanned thighs around his heaving back and pulled his body to her, grunting as another inch of his pulsing prick burrowed into the clinging lips of her wet cunt. “Unnghh! Unnghh! Harder! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt! Awwnnghh, God, awnnghh, yes, fuck me! Fuck meeeeee harrrrd!”

The tempo of Mitchell’s fucking quickly increased, his throbbing pink meat driving deeper and deeper into Lisa’s gurgling fuck-hole in a frenzy of lust. Lisa squealed and kept her thighs tightly wrapped around him, pumping her pussy into his tool again and again. Wave after wave of heat gushed through her cunt, and she knew that her body was shortly going to explode in another drenching cum. And it was so good, she thought hungrily. She couldn’t wait until she came and Mitchell stopped fucking her. Then she would ram that nice prick of his into her mouth and suck it really hard!

His cum cream had tasted so good. There was so much of it when his meat spurted, as if Mrs. Mitchell hadn’t taken care of her husband’s sexual needs for a month. Lisa remembered the way his sweet jism had filled her throat, the way it had felt when his big dick kept pumping warm cum juice all over her face.


The late afternoon sunlight was hot and bright, blazing down on the middle-class suburban neighborhood. Lisa lay flat on her back next to the swimming pool, lazily recalling the first time she had sucked Ted Mitchell’s stiff cock a few days before. She knew that thinking about it was making her horny. Just lying out here on the family patio, feeling the sunlight tan her body, naked accept for her skimpy blue bikini, and thinking about the taste of that nice big dick of his… it didn’t take much to make her horny any more.

She was horny all the time now. Lisa flushed slightly and turned her head on the terry cloth beach towel, gazing at the gently rippling water of the pool. She had thought that having two experienced older studs would be enough to satisfy her. Between Peters and Mitchell she was being fucked several times daily now, and that was ordinarily enough to satisfy any girl.

But she needed more. The more she got the more she wanted. It had reached the point where just thinking about a man’s cock made her nipples stiff and her cunt flood with juice. For the first time Lisa had to wonder if she were a nymphomaniac. It was true that teenage girls were unusually horny, but not this much. Lisa knew, that there wasn’t another girl in school who could have ever kept up with her.

Especially with Ted. Lisa felt a shudder of lust course into her pussy, and she wriggled her asscheeks nervously on the towel. It was too bad he was with his wife today, she thought unhappily. She’d love to spend the whole afternoon with him, sucking and kissing that hard long dick. Ted always came so hard. Sometimes when Peters came it was just a kind of dribbling, but not with Ted. When Ted Mitchell came she had to swallow as hard as she could just to get all of his cum.

A horny smile spread Lisa’s pink lips, and she felt her whole body warming with the heat of her desires. Suddenly she knew she had to beat off. Her pussy was already overflowing with dampness, and her clit was so hard it hurt.

Lisa lifted her head and glanced around the yard. She knew it wasn’t a good idea to finger fuck herself right out in the open like this. Ordinarily, if she’d been able to control herself, she would have gone upstairs to her bedroom.

But it didn’t really make too much difference today. Her brother and mother were out on some errands. And her father was too busy with his papers in the study to disturb her. Lisa took another look around the patio to be sure. Then she quickly undid the knots of her bikini bottom and pushed it aside, exposing the curly-haired mound of her teenage pussy. Her cunt was already overflowing with cream, and she knew it wouldn’t take much masturbation before she came real hard. Lisa spread her legs far apart and shut her eyes. Then she feverishly began to finger fuck her burning little fuck-hole, daydreaming about the next time she would suck off Ted Mitchell’s stiff dick.

“Excuse me, Lisa, have you seen… oh, good God!”

Lisa shrieked and made a frantic effort to pull up her bikini bottom. But it was already too late. Her father had walked out of the door leading onto the patio, and was now staring blankly at the spectacle of his teenage daughter finger fucking her cunt in the back yard. Lisa’s plump cheeks flushed brightly with hot shame. She knew she was really in trouble now.

“Daddy! Oh, Jesus, Daddy, you really surprised me!”

For several long painful seconds Frank Stanton continued to stare blankly at his daughter. He was a big burly man of fifty-two, the powerful build and square jaw of the drill instructor he had once been. But his expression was one of total confusion, and for a moment Lisa thought he might actually faint with shock. Then his mouth tightened and he moved resolutely toward his teenage girl.

“Just what the hell do you think you were doing?” Frank croaked hoarsely.

“I’m sorry Daddy! Oh, God, I really am!” Lisa whimpered. She tied the bikini bottom awkwardly around her hips and sat up on the towel. “I didn’t know anybody would be watching me!”

“I said, what were you doing?” Frank bellowed. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” Lisa pleaded. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry!”

“You were masturbating, weren’t you?” He stood directly over her, pointing an accusing finger. “You were beating yourself off!” he roared. “What are you, some kind of slut?”

“Please don’t do anything to me, Daddy!” Lisa squealed. “I won’t do it again. I didn’t know… oh, God, I’m sorry!”

But Frank continued to stand over her, shaking with rage. A hot blush coursed into Lisa’s cheeks. She blinked her eyes quickly to keep from crying. All her life she had been afraid of her father he was such a huge powerful man, and he was always so stem with her. Sometimes Lisa suspected that the reason she liked fucking older men so much was that it was a way of making herself equal to her father.

“I want you to get up to your room this instant and lock the door,” Frank said harshly, his voice quavering. “If you’re going to behave like that, I don’t want you to show yourself on my patio. Why, I have a mind to give you a good spanking!” Lisa’s shameful flush grew hotter, and she glanced around her. Then she saw something in the crotch of her dad’s pants, and in the space of a second her mood changed to one of raw burning lust.

Her father had a big hard-on. Lisa could see the meat of his stiffened prick clearly through his Bermuda shorts, throbbing stiff and long on the inside of his thigh. Lisa blinked her eyes and stared harder at his huge cock, unable to believe her eyes. But it was true! Her father had actually gotten turned on watching his teenage daughter fucking her own finger. Deep down inside he probably wanted to fuck her, too!

“I said get up to your room!” Frank bellowed. “Don’t you hear me? Don’t you mind your father any more? Move it! Now! Or do you want that spanking after all?”

A slow smile spread across Lisa’s angelic face, and she almost felt like laughing. A month ago the idea of sucking her own dad’s big dick would have been too horrible to even consider. But now it made her pussy wetter than anything. It was what she’d always really wanted, Lisa thought giddily, deep down inside. All those other older men were only substitutes for the one older man she needed most. Her father obviously had an extremely big prick, and it was even more obviously extremely stiff; why not give him what they both needed by taking it into her mouth and drinking all her dad’s cum?

“Get up to your room! Get up…”

“What’s that in your pants, Daddy?” Lisa whispered softly.

Frank shuddered and stared down at the throbbing shaft of his cock, for the first time aware of the size of his obvious hard on. Lisa giggled and knelt before him. Expertly she undid his belt buckle and slid his shorts down to his ankles, revealing the rock-hard length of his pulsing dick.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” Frank gasped.

“You’ve got a really big cock, Daddy,” Lisa mewled hotly. She held the pink flesh of his pulsing rod and squeezed it hard with both hands, staring intently at the cream-smeared purple knob of his fat prick-head. Then she began to beat his meat, milking the thick jism from his balls. “And it’s so stiff, too! I can feel your dick throbbing. Why don’t you let me suck it, Daddy? Then you won’t be so mad about my jacking off!”

“Lisa… oh, my God!” Frank exclaimed. The brawny middle-aged man shook his head quickly back and forth and tried to step away.

“No… oh, Christ… no!”

But Lisa was much too horny for the pulsing flesh of her dad’s big cock to restrain herself. Whimpering eagerly, she dug both her hands into the hairy halves of his asscheeks and pulled his hips toward her face. Then she opened her mouth wide and lowered her head over the bloated rod of his dick, immediately beginning to suck his burning meat as hard as she could.

“Unghh!” Frank moaned. His fingers twirled in Lisa’s silky brown hair, as if torn between restraint and his mounting ever-increasing, hot lust. “No… unnghh… don’t do this… no!”

“Go ahead, Daddy,” Lisa purred as she removed the throbbing head of his dick from her mouth, whispering the shamelessly horny words around the shiny purple flesh of his cockhead. “Go ahead and fuck my mouth! I want you to, Daddy, I really want to suck your dick bad! Let me suck it, Daddy! Let me, please!”

Frantically Lisa began to suck her dad’s hard tool with all the wanton energy she could muster.

Her pink lips clasped hungrily around the blue-veined flesh of his cock, pulling more and more of his aching prick down the clinging tunnel of her throat. Her cheeks caved in from sucking in so hard.

“Unnghhh… oh, no, Lisa… oh, no… unghhh…”

For a few seconds longer Frank stood motionless before his shamelessly cocksucking daughter, torn between his ethics and his forbidden incestuous desires. Then he closed his eyes and torridly began to rock his hips back and forth, tenderly fucking his daughter’s mouth with the brick-hard shaft of his huge cock.

“Go ahead, Daddy, go ahead!” Lisa gurgled. “Fuck my mouth! I want you to! Aww, Daddy, your cock is so big! I love to suck you so much!”

“Harder!” Frank gasped. “Oh, shit… that’s so good… your mother was never like this. Suck my cock! Oh, God, suck it! Harder! Unnghhh unghhh… awwwww…”

Lisa’s head bobbed rhythmically over the gleaming length of her dad’s throbbing prick, hotly pumping more and more of his warmly dribbling sex-meat down her throat. Then she felt his massive hard-on twitching wildly between her lips, and she knew he was about to blow his wad into her mouth. Quickly Lisa pulled his spasming dick out of her throat. Then she wrapped her hands around it and frantically began to jerk him off, staring intently at the dilating slit of his cum-hole.

She loved the taste of a man’s cum, and wanted nothing more than to drink down his spurting jism. But this first time with her dad would be different. She wanted to feel his thick white fluid on her naked skin, his turn juice pumping warmly all over her face.

“I’m cumming,” Frank sighed. He arched his back and thrust his cock toward her face. “So good… oh, fuck… ahhhh, shit… popping my rocks now… cu-uu-uummmiinng!”

Lisa’s stroking hands quickened along the raw length of his tool, jacking him off as fast as possible. Then his cum slit seemed to open up before her eyes, and the huge load of squirting jism began to spurt convulsively all over her face. The hot white juice, poured uncontrollably from his throbbing cock, gushing violently out of his rock-hard meat.

Lisa hungrily licked the cum from her lips and continued tp fervently beat his dick off, feeling the last burning drops of his sticky jism spurt all over her mouth and nose and hair.

“Oh, God,” Frank burbled. “I don’t… I can’t believe I’ve done this… oh, my… oh, my God.”

“Let’s fuck now, Daddy!” Lisa squealed hornily. Panting, she tore off her bikini bottom and stretched out on the towel, spreading her legs as wide apart as she could. Her face was still covered with her father’s thick cum cream, but she didn’t care. She’d never been this horny in her life. “Come on, Daddy, my pussy’s so wet! Stick your cock in me and fuck me hard! Fuck me, Daddy! Awwww, shit, my cunt is so hot! Fuck me!”

Frank shook his head and stared confusedly at the obscene spectacle of his naked teenage-year-old daughter, watching as she arched her back and madly began to pump her fingers in and out of the clasping lips of her moist little fuck-hole. Then the hardness came back into his cum-drained rod, and he quickly knelt on the towel before her, his stiffening prick twitching before the hair-fringed entrance of her pouting cunt.

“Come on, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me now!” Lisa gasped. She raised her arms and grabbed her dad’s hairy shoulders, trying desperately to pull him on top of her. Her cunt slit was burning up with incestuous desire, and her nipples were stiffly rigid beneath her bikini top. Fucking and sucking her beautiful daddy right on the patio by the swimming pool! It was what she had always wanted. “Fuck me! Unghh! Oh, God, oh, shit I’m so hot! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my pussy! Fuck me, fuck meeeeee!”

With a heavy sigh Frank fell forward, covering his daughter’s trembling teenage nakedness with the overpowering bulk of his body. His cum soaked cockhead twitched against the hot pink lips of her pussy, seeking entrance into her dripping hole. Then he found the position they both needed. With one smooth thrust of his hips Frank humped his throbbing dick forward, burying every inch of his rock-hard tool into the clinging folds of her hot pussy hole.

“Awwww! Oh, Daddy! Awww, awwwww!” Lisa shrieked. Furiously her asscheeks pumped off the beach towel, madly driving her juicing cunt onto the stabbing impalement of her dad’s huge cock. “Fuck me! I’m gonna cum, I can feel it! Unnghhh, unngh, hump me Daddy, fuck my cunt! Harder! Awwww, awwwww, unghhh…”

Frank viciously tore away Lisa’s bikini top, exposing the lusciously large mounds of her stiff nipple tits. His head lowered to her tits, his mouth finding the fat pink circle of nipple. He hungrily began to suck her tit. Then he quickly began to pump his powerful hips in and out between her spread thighs, eagerly fucking his daughter’s cunt with the blue-veined shaft of his cock. “Harder, Daddy, fuck me harder! Fuck me with your cock and make me cum!” Lisa panted. Convulsively she bucked her legs up and clamped her thighs around his back to fully meeting the drive in tempo of the older man’s brutal fucking.

“Harder! Awwnnngbhh, shit, Daddy, I can’t stand it, I’m gonna cum! Unnghhh! FUCK ME, DADDY, FUCK ME HARDER! I’M GONNA CUM. MAKE ME CUM NOW! FUCK MEEEEE!”


The enormous shaft of Frank’s tool was pulsing and throbbing viciously in the wet hole of his daughter’s clinging cunt slit. He chewed hungrily on her nipple, sucking the stiff tip deep into his throat. Then he began to fuck her for all he was worth. Feverishly he pounded his cock into her cunt, reaming out her pussy so savagely that Lisa felt her inner thighs chafing from the constant friction. Lisa whimpered and furiously humped her cunt back at him as hard as she could. It was so good, she thought wildly. Her father’s dick was so thick and long, and it seemed to penetrate all the way into her body. Her cunt felt so incredibly good.

Then Lisa knew she was about to cum harder than ever before in her life. The muscles of her loins tightened hotly, and her fat pink nipples seemed to swell in her dad’s sucking mouth. Clawing her fingernails up his back, she bucked her ass and shamelessly humped her pussy into him again and again and again…


The ravaging spasms of cumming poured wetly through Lisa’s cunt, making her writhe and shake hotly on the towel like a bitch in heat. Frank sighed and fell onto her. The shaft of his meat twitched deep inside her pussy hole, and his balls tightened painfully. Then the second load of his cum gushed spasmodically out of his purple-fleshed cockhead, spurting deep into Lisa’s womb. Lisa gasped and continued to buck her ass rhythmically off the towel, contracting her cunt muscles to milk the last burning drops of her dad’s sweet jism out of his big nuts.

“Oh, Daddy,” Lisa mewled. Whimpering, she threw her arms around his neck and showered his face with kisses of gratitude for the incredible fucking he had just given her. “That was so good… I love you, Daddy, I love your cock so much… let’s keep on doing it… let’s just keep on fucking forever!”

“All right, Lisa,” Frank replied. He pulled his softening cock out of her still-clasping fuck-hole and stood up, reaching for his Bermuda shorts. His expression was pleasant and strangely calm, as if he had realized his secret incestuous desires for the first time. “But we can’t do it out here again. Somebody might catch us. Let’s go into my bedroom, instead.”

“You don’t feel bad about this, do you, Daddy?” Lisa asked worriedly. “Not guilty or anything. I swear, I don’t feel bad at all.”

“I don’t feel guilty,” Frank replied. He lowered his eyes and grinned, staring wickedly at the lithely developed curves of his teenage daughter’s naked body. “To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. Now let’s go upstairs so I can live that pussy of yours a nice long sucking!”

A sweet smile spread across Lisa’s face. Suddenly she felt to happy for words. Her father’s cock was what she had wanted deep inside all the time, and now that she finally had it she didn’t feel ashamed at all. Giggling, Lisa reached up and grabbed her dad’s hand. Then the naked father and daughter walked quickly into their two-story suburban house, both of them fully aware of the best way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

“Do you like that, Daddy?” Lisa whispered. She smiled and looked over her shoulder at her father’s sweating face. “Does that feel good? If you want we can just keep on fucking this way and do it up the ass same other time.”

“No, no, that’s just fine,” Frank rasped. He dug his hands into his daughter’s lithe hips and winced, rhythmically pumping his throbbing hard dick in and out of the pouting pink lips of her hair fringed pussy. “Let’s… unh… just keep on doing it a minute longer. Then my dick will be nice and wet and it won’t hurt your asshole at all.”

An adoring blush flooded across Lisa’s plump cheeks, and she almost felt like laughing. But instead she concentrated harder on the satisfying rhythm of their fucking, easily driving her tight pussy down over her father’s throbbing meat again and again.

“You still like fucking me, don’t you, Daddy?” Lisa purred.

“Unh… ‘course I do,” Frank grunted. He laughed and squeezed the firm globes of her big tits. “You think I’d skip work to fuck you if I didn’t?”

Lisa’s smile broadened with loving delight, and she unconsciously pumped her aching pussy hole onto her dad’s stiff tool a little faster. There was really no doubt that her dad loved her body as much as she loved his. Only a few days had passed since their first frenzied encounter by the pool, and they had been fucking almost constantly ever since. Now they were both meeting all the time in secret, this time at one-thirty on a Wednesday afternoon. Frank had written an excuse to Lisa’s principal. It was the only way they could fuck their brains out in Frank’s bedroom without any chance of being caught by Lisa’s mother or brother.

“I’m ready now, Lisa,” Frank muttered. “Lisa your cunt is so hot… my cock is soaked with your juices. Just get the Vaseline and we’ll be ready to fuck your sweet little asshole.”

Lisa giggled and pursed her lips sexily. Both her cunt and asshole were hot and wet and she knew that she was about to experience the best fucking of her life. Fucking up the ass was her dad’s idea. He had proposed it to her when they had last fucked early that morning, and Lisa had immediately agreed to having her asshole reamed out. But Frank, unlike Peters, wanted to be sure not to hurt her, and Lisa knew it was just another reason she loved fucking her wonderful daddy so much.

“Hurry, Lisa,” Frank gasped. “Your pussy’s so tight, I don’t think I can’t wait much longer. Hurry!”

“All right, Daddy.”

Almost reluctantly, Lisa sat up and pulled her clinging pussylips away from the throbbing pipe of her dad’s thick sex-meat. Then she stood up and walked as quickly as she could to the nightstand. She opened the jar of Vaseline and smeared the thick jelly around her puckered asshole, lifting her leg to thrust her coated finger deeply into her tight hole.

“Is that enough, Daddy?”

“That’s enough,” Frank said. Panting, he stretched out on his back on the king-sized bed and held his pulsing dick firmly in his fist. “Now hurry up and get on top of me. That way you can control the action yourself.”

Whimpering hornily, Lisa returned to the bed and climbed onto it. She turned with her back facing her father and squatted over the iron-stiff length of his blue-veined prick. Then she spread her jiggling asscheeks apart with her hands and slowly lowered herself, gasping as she felt the flesh of his spongy cockhead nestle against the tender little ring of her asshole.

“Ungh… oh, Daddy… your prick is so huge… it’s going to be really big up my ass… oh, God, unghhh…”

“Sit on it now,” Frank muttered. He dug his hands into Lisa’s hips and arched his back, thrusting his twitching rod toward her asshole. “Go ahead and sit on my cock hard. It won’t hurt you much, and it’ll feel really good. Go ahead, fuck yourself! Fuck yourself up the ass!”

“Oh, Daddy…”

Lisa bit her lip and paused to control herself. Then she slowly lowered her hips, fitting the fat knob of her father’s throbbing dick into the rubbery grip of her teenage asshole. The head of his burning rod pushed into her puckered ring, followed by a little bit of the shaft. Lisa grunted and wriggled her ass on top of him. Then she slowly settled herself on top of him, groaning convulsively as inch after inch of his meaty thick dick bored wetly into the Vaseline-coated sheath of her rubbery asshole.

“Unghh!” Frank grunted. “Oh, fuck, is that tight… your ass is so tight… feels like you’re sucking… anh… sucking the cum right out of my balls… oh, fuck… unhhh… unnghh…”

“Awww, Daddy!” Lisa whimpered. Her expression contorted with her depraved horniness, and wave after wave of hot pleasure flooded through her tender little hole. “That’s so good! Your big dick is so huge inside me! It’s going… ungh… up my ass going all the way up me, Daddy, I can feel it! All the way unhhh… up my ass!”

The very base of Frank’s rock-hard meat entered Lisa’s ravaged asshole, stretching the tight little hole to the bursting point. Lisa paused and panted giddily, feeling the wet heat of lust penetrating to the very roots of her tightly gripping hole. Then she wantonly began to bounce her shapely asscheeks eagerly astride her father’s hips. Frantically she began to fuck her tender asshole with the long glistening shaft of his cum-swollen meat.

“Oh, shit,” Frank muttered. His face contorted with agonized desire, and his hands tightened around her hips. “Harder, Lisa, harder!”

Panting, the older man began to rock his ass on the mattress, driving his twitching fuckpole deeper and deeper into the forbidden warmth of his daughter’s asshole.

“Oh, fuck, is your asshole tight! I never, unnghh, God… harder! Fuck yourself! Go ahead, fuck yourself hard!”


Lisa was now completely immersed in the burning intensity of her ass-fucking desire. The lips of her puckered ring convulsed rhythmically around the turgid base of her dad’s big cock, sucking more and more of his deliciously stiff meat up her asshole. Panting and squealing, she intensified the rhythm of their fucking, driving her shuddering asscheeks down onto his cock again and again.

Her asshole was completely coated with the Vaseline and her dad’s own drippings, and his throbbing prick slid easily into her hole, boring deeper and deeper with every stroke. It was the most satisfying fucking Lisa had ever experienced in her life.

“I’m gonna cum, Lisa!” Frank gasped. He ran his hands caressingly up the creamy curves of Lisa’s teenage nakedness, squeezing her heavy tits as his pulsing tool basked in the rubbery warmth of her puckered ring. “I can feel… unh… I can feel my cock throbbing inside your ass! It’s too much… I’m gonna pop my rocks now… any second!”

“Feel my cunt, Daddy!” Lisa panted. She arched her back hard, lifting her curly-haired pussy mound so he could stroke it with his fingers. “Unnhh, Daddy, my cunt so hot it’s hurting me! Beat me off, Daddy, jerk off my pussy while you fuck me up the ass! Make me cum now! Unghhh, Daddy, I want to cum so much!”

It seemed to take Frank a moment to take in the depraved meaning of his daughter’s shameless request. Then his hands moved down her belly to the furry hillock of her pussy, and Lisa shuddered all over as she felt her dad’s fingers penetrate the pouting slit of her gurling cunt. Eagerly Frank fingered the pink gash, thrusting his index finger deep into the soaking wetness of her pussy hole. At the same time he managed to shove another inch of his cock into the burning tunnel of her asshole, until Lisa was sure she could feel his huge dick beating all the way up to her heart.

“I’m cumming now, Daddy!” Lisa moaned.

Her cheeks flushed pink with horniness, and her nipples swelled rigid on her wildly bouncing tits. Frantically she began to shove her ass down onto him, fucking her asshole with his swollen sex-meat as hard as she could. “Unnghh, Daddy, fuck me now, fuck my asshole, I’m cumming! UNNNGH! HARDER, DADDY! FUCK MY ASSHOLE! I CAN FEEL IT, I’M CUMMING! AWWWNNNGHHHH, GOD! FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEE, AWWWNNN, I’M CUUUMMMIHNNNG…”

The frantic spasms of cumming shot explosively through Lisa’s loins, making the powerful muscles of her asshole contracted tightly around the blue veined flesh of Frank’s hotly pulsing dick. For a second the shaft of his prick grew to absolute hardness inside her asshole, and his nuts began to throb.

Then the gushing load of his cum began to shoot in an uncontrollable stream from the juice-soaked knob of his fat cockhead. Frank gasped loudly and pumped his spurting rod into Lisa’s tender asshole as hard as he could, milking the burning stream of his jism out of his bloated balls. It was the hardest cum he’d ever experienced.

“Oh, Daddy,” Lisa sighed. She turned her head and showered hungry kisses across her father’s leathery cheek, whimpering as she felt her whole body ache with the delicious tingling of cumming. “That was so good! I came so hard, Daddy! I love your big cock so much! Let me suck it now, Daddy! I want to make it all stiff again, so we can fuck some more.”

Frank smiled at his daughter and nodded. Giggling, Lisa slid her sweat-slickened asscheeks up his body, feeling the softening length of his cock pull reluctantly from the rubbery lips of her asshole. Then she turned and knelt beside him on the bed, staring down at the swollen tube of his dick.

Frank’s cock was hard and damp, covered from head to root with the smeared Vaseline and his own cum. Lisa knew her father’s dick had just been up her asshole, but she was much too horny to care. Leaning forward, she took the swollen cock between her lips and wrapped her hand around the base to hold it in position. Then she eagerly began to suck his raw-skinned tool deep into her hot mouth.

“That’s good, Lisa, that’s good,” Frank muttered. Shuddering, he dug his fingers into her long brown hair and pulled her head closer into his loins. “Suck it hard now. It’ll get stiff again in a second if you just keep sucking my dick hard! Ohhh! Oh, shit! Suck my dick, Lisa! Harder, harder! Suck my dick as hard as you can.”

The shaft of Frank’s huge pole grew and grew between Lisa’s tightly sucking lips, until his sex-meat was again as hard as a rock. Lisa feverishly began to bob her head up and down over the bulbous crown of his twitching prick, wantonly fucking herself deep down the throat with the reddened shaft of her dad’s hotly throbbing cock.

Both of them were much too horny to notice that the door of the bedroom had been opened ever so slightly, and that for the past fifteen minutes father and daughter had been observed by Carl Stanton, Lisa’s nineteen year old brother.


“Hey, Lisa! Open the door for a second, huh? I want to talk to you.”

Lisa widened her eyes with fright and quickly removed her pumping fingers from her gurgling pussy, staring from her seat on the toilet to the closed door of the bathroom it was almost midnight, and she had thought that she was all alone in the house. Frank and her mother, Betty, had gone out to a movie, and she had thought that Carl was out messing around with his friends.

“Is that you, Carl?” Lisa said nervously, a little ashamed at being caught in the act of finger-fucking herself. “What do you want? I thought you were out with Buddy and Jim.”

“Yeah, we got home early,” Carl replied. “Come on, Goddamn it, open the door! I want to talk to you about something!”

“Well, can’t you wait until I’m out of the bathroom?” Lisa said, her voice rising with annoyance. “I mean, Jesus, Carl…”

“No, it can’t wait,” Carl said impatiently. “Open the door, will you?”

Lisa shook her head with frustration and looked around the bathroom for something to cover her naked body. Spotting a towel, she rose from the toilet seat and wrapped it tightly around her bare flesh, knotting the terrycloth under her arm. Then she went to open the door. As she turned the lock her cheeks were flushed, and she knew that she just wanted to get rid of her brother so she could go back to jacking off. She had been just about to cum when he had knocked, beating her pussy off to thoughts of her dad’s long stiff dick. For some reason there was always something about finger-fucking her cunt on the toilet that really turned her on.

“Okay, Carl,” Lisa said. She pushed the door open and stood staring impatiently at her older brother, holding the towel tight around her straining tits. “Now will you please tell me what’s so important? I was on the toilet, for God’s sake.”

Carl smirked and pushed rudely past Lisa, entering the bathroom. He was an unusually tall and broad-shouldered eighteen-year-old, with a square-jawed, masculine face that was both handsome and cruel-looking. For years Lisa had wanted to fuck her older brother very badly, but now that she had her father she no longer thought she was interested. As far as she was concerned, it was older men for her from now on.

“Carl! I didn’t ask you to come in here!” Lisa exclaimed. “I mean, for God’s sake. Don’t you have any manners?”

“Shit, you’re the one to talk about manners, hogging the bathroom like that. I’ve been waiting for you to come out for fifteen minutes. Hey, what were you doing in here anyhow? I didn’t hear the shower going.”

Carl leaned against the sink and turned his head, eyeing his younger sister suspiciously. Lisa’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment and she quickly turned her head, ashamed that her brother might know that she’d been jacking off.

“That’s none of your business,” she said quickly. “Now would you please tell me what you want to talk about? I was on the toilet…”

“You were beating off, weren’t you?” Carl interrupted. His lips spread into a broad grin, his expression savage and contemptuous. “You were sitting on the can and jacking yourself off!”

“Carl! What a thing to say!” Lisa exclaimed, at the same time bowing her head to conceal her lie. “Of course I wasn’t doing that. Just who do you think you are, anyhow?”

“Don’t try to lie to me,” Carl muttered harshly. “What a cunt! I mean, shit, I heard you out there! You were thumping away so loud I heard you as soon as I came in the door? I just wanted to ask you about it to see what you’d say!”

“Carl!” Lisa gasped. Her face flushed crimson with shame, and she felt herself trembling all over. “What a thing… okay, Carl, you can just get out of here right now. If you’re going to talk to me like that, then you can just get out!”

“Ahhh, bullshit. Besides, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.” Carl grinned and picked his fingernails. “Now tell me the truth, Lisa. How long you been fucking old Daddy?”

Lisa simply, stared at her brother in wide-open shock, too overwhelmed by the question to say anything.

“Don’t try to lie to me about this one, Sis,” Carl continued, grinning easily. “I saw you in there with him, letting him fuck you up the ass! Jesus, was that great. The two of you moaning and grunting like two dogs! I just wish I’d had a camera so I had some pictures to show my friends.”

“You get out of here, Carl,” Lisa whispered, her whole body trembling with fear and rage. “You have no right… you just get out of here! I don’t want to see you ever again!”

“Hey, lay it on me, huh, Sis?” Carl continued. He leaned away from the sink and stood sneering before her, his hands resting on his hips. “You really like sucking Dad’s big dick, don’t you? Shit, you should have seen yourself slurping away on it! You really like sucking on a nice big cock, huh, Sis?”

“I mean it, Carl. Get out of here! Get out…”

“Well, tell you what, little sister,” Carl murmured. His grin spread across his face, becoming savage and lustful. Chuckling, he dropped his hands and unzipped his skin-tight blue jeans. “I’ve got a present for you. I’ll let you suck my dick. How’d you like that? Believe me, you’ll love it a lot better than Dad’s here. Take a look!”

Lisa opened her mouth, prepared to start screaming at the top of her lungs. Then Carl withdrew his hand from his jeans, holding the throbbing stiff shaft of his hot dick. Lisa’s mouth clamped shut in shock, and she suddenly felt so weak she thought she would faint.

Carl had the biggest cock Lisa had ever seen. A lewd tremor tan through Lisa’s body, and she suddenly felt her hair-fringed pussy slit drenched with the flow of her juices. Not only was her brother’s tool huge, it was also unbelievably stiff. As he held it in his fist she could clearly see its bloated length throbbing rhythmically, as if gushing stream of his cum cream would squirt at any second all over the floor. He really wanted to fuck her, Lisa realized dizzily. He wanted to fuck her so badly that his prick was as hard as a rock.

“Come on, Sis, give me a blow job,” Carl murmured huskily. He groaned with desire and stroked his turgid meat up and down, making several droplets of thick jism ooze out of his knob’s slit. “I really want it bad, and I know you want it too. Come on, Lisa. Suck my cock and drink my cum, just like you do for old Daddy!”

Lisa hesitated only a moment. Then a shamelessly hot smile spread across her face, and she knew that she wasn’t going to have to cum by jerking off after all. Carl was right. She did want to suck his hard cock very much. She wanted to feel that fat head throbbing between her lips, wanted to taste the gushing flow of his cream when he popped his wad down her throat. There was nothing wrong with fucking her brother. If she could do it with her dad she might as well spread her legs for Carl as well.

Giggling wantonly, Lisa moved close to her brother and knelt on the bathroom floor before him. For a few seconds she simply stared at the throbbing rod of his sex-meat. Then she wrapped her hand around the pink flesh of his hard-on and hungrily moved her head forward, opening her mouth to take the first four inches of his big dick down her throat.

“Unnghh,” Carl grunted. He winced, staring down at the obscene spectacle of his little sister’s lips clinging wetly to the steel-like stiffness of his cock. “Suck it now,” he murmured. “That’s right, Lisa, suck my cock! Harder now, baby! Go ahead and work out on my big hard stick!”

Lisa didn’t have to be asked twice. Her pussylips were gurgling wetly with her intense horniness, and it was everything she could do to restrain herself from finger-fucking at the same time as she sucked off her brother.

Breathing through flared nostrils, Lisa tightened her lips around Carl’s big tool and frantically began to suck his burning prick as hard as she could. Her, wet tongue laved eagerly around the swollen knob of his meat, hungrily drinking up the sweet juices that oozed continually from his bloated balls. It was the best-tasting dick Lisa had ever had in her mouth, and as she sucked on it she grew hotter and hotter. Lisa took another inch of his stiff rod down her throat and began to suck on it like it was candy, clasping her moist lips around the blue-veined stiffness of his enormous prick.

“Unh, God, is that ever fucking good!” Carl moaned. His expression contorted with desire, and he gritted his teeth as he watched his horny sister sucking on his swollen pole. Slowly he began to rock his hips, fucking Lisa’s mouth with gentle strokes of his aching dick. “Harder now, suck it harder! Ahhhh, is that good! I’m gonna blow my wad any second!”

“I didn’t know, Carl,” Lisa burbled hotly as she removed his spit-coated cock from her mouth and stared at it admiringly, holding his rod with both hands as she hornily stroked the loose flesh up and down. “I didn’t know what a beautiful big dick you had. You should have told me earlier. Oh, God, your cock tastes so good! I could suck your prick forever!”

“Suck it, then!” Carl grunted harshly. He grabbed Lisa’s long brawn hair and pulled her head back onto the rubbery stalk of his throbbing cock, forcing the slippery cum-smeared knob of his tool into her mouth. “Suck it hard! Come on, little sister, keep on sucking your big brother’s nice stiff meat! Suck it good and you can drink down my cum! Go ahead, Lisa, suck my dick!”

Again Lisa’s lips clasped adoringly around her brother’s shaft, her tongue resuming its furious swirling motions around the spongy crown of his twitching prick. This time she delivered the most torrid blow job of her entire life. Her head began to jerk back and forth over his rock-hard cock, hotly fucking herself in the mouth with his meat. She could feel his dick pulsing more and more wildly, and she knew he was going to cum at any second.

“Oh, shit is that good! I can’t stand it now… oh, Christ, I fucking can’t stand it!” Carl gasped. His fingers tightened in Lisa’s hair, and his whale body slumped as his cum began to explode. “I’m gonna cum now… oh, fuck, my balls feel like lead… I’m gonna blow my wad… suck it up, Lisa. Drink my cum… there… ahhhh, yes… I’m cumming now… I’m cumiiiinnng…”

The pole of Carl’s cock twitched wildly inside Lisa’s gripping mouth, the dark-red dick head swelling against her tongue. Then the first shot of his jism squirted explosively from his cum-slit, the warm cum pumping rhythmically out of his aching nuts.

Lisa feverishly sucked her brother’s spurting meat with all the strength she had in her, desperately trying to drink down all of his jism. But it was impossible. There was so much of his cum that it filled her mouth and throat completely, burning in a hot stream down her chin.

“Oh, fuck was that good,” Carl groaned. He removed his cock from her mouth and stared dazedly at the pulsing length of his stiff tool. “You can really give head, Lisa. I never came that hard before!”

“Do you want to fuck me now, Carl?” Lisa whispered hornily. She rose from the floor and stood before him, shamelessly eyeing the big swollen length of his rod. “Mom and Dad won’t be home for a couple of hours. We can go in the bedroom and fuck as long as we want. Please, Carl, sucking you off really got me horny. I can’t wait to feel your big dick up my pussy!”

Carl pursed his lips and stared at Lisa as if undecided whether or not to give in to his sister’s insatiable wishes. Lisa giggled and loosened the towel under her arm. Then she simply let it drop to the bathroom floor, revealing every inch of her mouth-watering teenage nakedness.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” Carl gasped.

“Do you want to fuck me now, big brother?” Lisa whispered kittenishly. She cupped her big tits in her hands and clasped her thighs together. “Look at my body, Carl. Don’t you want to fuck my cunt? I’m so horny. You don’t want your little sister to have to jerk off, do you?”

Carl stared wildly at the rubbery stiffness of his sister’s fat nipples. At the same time the shaft of his big cock began to swell until his huge sex-meat was bobbing before him with the stiffness of an arrow.

Lisa looked at her brother’s rock-hard prick and giggled. She knew that the sight of her naked body had turned him on, and she knew that she was about to have one of the best nights of fucking of her entire life. She grabbed her brother’s aching cock and pulled him through the bathroom door, walking down the hall to her bedroom as fast as she could.

Lisa’s bedroom was not at all in keeping with her personality. Most of its decorations had been finished by her mother, and its overall tone suggested the innocent purity of a little girl. The drapes, linen and bedspread were frilly and lacy. Dolls adorned the bureau, and there were two teddy bears sharing space with the pillows at the head of the bed.

But the bedroom’s little girl appearance was not going to prevent Lisa from enjoying a night of hot fucking with her brother. Releasing her hold on her brother’s throbbing prick, Lisa climbed on the bed as fast as she could. Then she shamelessly knelt in the dog-fucking position, lifting her gorgeously ripened asscheeks to the searing gaze of her older brother.

“Oh, holy fuck,” Carl muttered.

“Fuck me, Carl!” Lisa squealed. She spread her knees span on the bed and arched her asscheeks higher, revealing the-hair-fringed hole of her sopping cunt. “Please, Carl, I need your big cock inside me. Oh, God, I’m so hot! Pump your prick in my cunt, big brother. Then really fuck me hard!”

Carl stood motionless for several seconds, entranced by the sight of his young sister’s voluptuous body and the curly-haired portal of her exquisitely tight cunt. Then he moved swiftly to stand behind her, his hot swollen cock twitching in the gap between her widely spread thighs. Leaning forward, Carl wrapped his hands around Lisa’s swaying tits and squeezed, them tightly. Then he thrust his lean hips forward, sliding the fat knob of his sex-meat into the clinging tightness of her juicy little fuck hole.

“Unnnghh!” Lisa squealed. Immediately she began to hump her asscheeks back into him, fucking her cunt onto his rock-hard dick. “Put your cock all the way in my cunt. Awww, Jesus, that feels so good! Fuck me, Carl, fuck my cunt hole! Awwwww, Jesus, that feels so good! Fuck me, Carl, fuck my cunt hole! Awwwww, God! Fuck me! Fuck me fuck me fuck meeee.”

Slowly but surely, inch after inch of his cock disappeared between her legs, thrusting deeply into Lisa’s wide-open hole. The Carl’s big aching tool was buried completely in the wet gripping walls of his sister’s hair-fringed pussy.

“Oh, fuck, is your cunt tight,” Carl groaned. For a moment the eighteen-year-old boy paused behind his sister, wincing as he felt her cunt muscles cling deliciously to the purple flesh, of his pulsing cock. Then, still wearing his shoes and t-shirt, his Levi’s pulled down to his knees, the youth frantically began to pump his swollen cock in and out of Lisa’s pouting slit.

“Unnghh!” Lisa gasped. She bent forward and rested her cheek on her folded arms, lifting her ass completely for the delicious thrusts of her brother’s savage fucking. “Fuck me harder! Harder, Carl, fuck me as hard as you can! Nhhuunnghhh, God, your cock is so big! Make me cum! Fuck meeee!”

Carl fucked faster, slamming his throbbing meat furiously into the pink gash of his sister’s dripping cunt hole. Lisa whimpered hornily and fucked back into him. Her body was burning hot with the force of her lust, and her mind reeled with the incredible size and stiffness of her brother’s beautiful tool. He was really humping her hard, Lisa realized dazedly, fucking her cunt with the frenzied intensity that only a youth his age could muster. In a way fucking her brother was almost as good as fucking with her father.

“Oh, God, is that good,” Carl sighed. He leaned forward, clasping his hands more tightly onto the creamy white fullness of Lisa’s jiggling tits. “Your body… oh, fuck, your body’s so great, and your pussy’s so tight… I can feel it… sucking around my dick… you’ve got the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked, Sis… feels like you’re sucking the cum… right out of my nuts!”

“Harder!” Lisa pleaded shamelessly. Grunting and whimpering, she pumped her loins into her brother’s twitching rod as hotly as possible, making the bed shake beneath them with the mounting fury of their incestuous lust. “Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt hard, make me cum! Awwwww, Carl, fuck me, fuck me… unhh unh unh nh unh unh unh!”

Then the two humping bodies slid into a rhythmic, driving tempo, pistoning into each other as fast and hard as possible, fucking again and again and again. Lisa felt her gushing pussy slit burning up torridly around the fleshy hardness of her brother’s cock, sucking his pulsing tool deeper and deeper into her cunt.

A painful groan escaped her throat, and she felt her muscles tighten like steel bands. Then all the lust in her loins seemed to explode at once, and she realized with a raging shock that she was already cumming.

The drenching spasms of orgasms shot violently through Lisa’s sweating teenage body, making her nipples stiffen rigidly and the pouting lips of her cunt contract tightly on the throbbing flesh of Carl’s meat. At the same time Carl gasped and fell into her, shoving every inch of his prick into the hairy bush of her pussy hole.

“I’m cumming, too,” Carl sighed. “I can feel it… in my balls… oh, fuck… Ah, fuck… ahhhhh…”

Grunting, Carl bit his lip and raised his head as the hot cum left his aching balls and raced up the rock-hard shaft of his tool, spouting deliciously from his knob’s open slit. The hot cream continued to pump out of his throbbing cockhead, filling Lisa’s cunt.


The afternoon was bright and clear and very warm. Outside, through the glass of the bedroom window, the houses of the neighborhood seemed to glow in the heat, as if rooftops and gardens and lawns had all waited silently for the first sunny day in weeks. Children played happily on the sidewalks, birds chirped in the trees. It was like a painting, she thought, like a painting of a perfect spring day come to life. It was the kind of day when everyone smiled, when everyone seemed to be happy.

But not her Betty Stanton, Lisa’s forty-one year-old mother, took a gulp of her Scotch and water and pursed her lips as the liquor burned down her throat. No, she wasn’t happy, she thought bitterly. She was beautiful. Her body was slender, with big tits, her face almost unlined, her hair as thick and raven-black as it had ever been. Men still desired her, still got horny looking at her, and Betty knew that that in itself would have made the majority of women positively ecstatic. But she wasn’t happy. She wasn’t happy at all.

How could she be, when her whole family was fucking each other? Betty replaced the glass on the table and rose unsteadily from her chair next to the bedroom window, pulling her sheer black negligee around the curves of her naked body. There just wasn’t any way of ignoring it any more, she reminded herself. Maybe if she hadn’t been in the house at certain moments, maybe if she’d had the radio on, or her head under the hair dryer… maybe then she would have been able to keep on pretending.

But she couldn’t. They were all fucking each other, and they had been for at least the past two weeks. Betty gulped hard and turned back to the chair, reaching helplessly for the glass of Scotch. It was so obvious. She could hear them humping away at all hours of the day and night. Carl moving stealthily to Lisa’s bedroom, her own husband crawling our of their bed late at night to pack his stiff dick into the enveloping folds of his daughter’s cunt.

Incest! It was incredible. Betty took a deep swig of the alcohol, doing her best to ignore her growing drunkenness. She had been drinking a lot lately. For the past two weeks, as a matter of fact, ever since the realization of what her husband and children were doing started to creep in on her. Betty giggled hopelessly and returned to her seat, staring unseeingly out the window. It was natural, under the circumstances. Natural for a woman like her to try to drink her problems away. What mother wouldn’t in a situation like this?

Her own daughter. That was what was so incredible, about it, Betty thought, what made the whole idea of incest so hard to comprehend. Her son, Carl, and her husband, Frank, were both men, and hard experience had taught her that a horny man was capable of anything. But Lisa. Ever since Lisa had been a little girl, Betty had thought of her as being pure and virginal and sweet, everything a daughter was supposed to be. The knowledge that her own little girl, her teenager Lisa, was willingly fucking her brother and father, humping her young cunt into them as eagerly as a gutter slut in a state of heat… it was almost more than she could bear.

And she knew how much it turned her on. Betty groaned and looked down at herself, shamefully confronting the reality of her big stiff nipples protruding through the negligee. Drinking wasn’t all she’d been doing for the past two weeks, she admitted. She’d also been jacking off. Beating off all day and night, pumping her hot fingers through her gurgling pussy hole until the curly-haired lips were rubbed raw from so much masturbation. That was why she was running around in a sheer negligee in the middle of the afternoon. It had gotten to the point where it was too much trouble to take off her clothing to stroke her burning hole.

Deep down inside Betty had always been aware of her attraction to her son, Carl. She had wanted to fuck her darling boy ever since he’d reached puberty, and she couldn’t count the times she’d tossed and turned restlessly to thoughts of her son’s big young prick. But before her incestuous desires had been much easier to suppress. Now that Lisa had him, now that she could hear her only son and daughter humping away at all hours, her horny needs were veering dangerously close to becoming a reality.

That was why she had to fuck young Johnny. Betty glanced at the clock and smiled nervously bowing that her teenage-year-old suitor would be walking through the bedroom door at any moment. Johnny was the neighborhood paperboy, and Betty had been fucking him twice daily for the past week.

A month earlier, if someone had suggested that she would have seduced a mere teenage-year-old boy, Betty would have been utterly shocked. Now she could only grin weakly at what had already occurred, embarrassed and aroused by her own sexual weakness.

Johnny was one of the most handsome teenagers she had ever seen. For months Betty had been staring at the bulge in his crotch every time he delivered the paper. When she had finally put her hand on his big stiff prick a week ago she had known instant that she would be unable to resist the pleasure of fucking him any longer. How could she when she was so horny? If she hadn’t had Johnny to ml her dripping pussy with the smooth thickness of his throbbing dick Betty knew she would hive been jacking off ten times a day.

And he was coming! The front door opened and closed followed by the sound of quick footsteps running up the stairs. A hot flush of desire coursed through Betty’s cunt mound, and she had to restrain herself from finger-fucking on the spot. Instead, she sat up in her chair and smoothed the negligee over her naked body, feeling the stiff nipples of her big pendulous tits pushing through the black fabric.

Johnny burst through the bedroom door a second later. He was a tall slender youth, with an innocent face and longish blond hair. He was wearing a wind-breaker and a tight pair of Levi’s. Betty unconsciously found herself staring at the lump of his cock. Johnny’s dick was obviously quite stiff. He was as horny as she was.

“Hi ya, Mrs. Stanton,” Johnny said in his slightly high-pitched voice. “Sorry I’m late. I had to help my mom with some chores and she wouldn’t let me [missing text].”

“Never mind that, Johnny,” Betty said evenly. “You know I don’t care about that. Just come over here and pull down your pants so I can suck your dick. I’m very horny today.”

“Awww, Mrs. Stanton, what the hell’s the rush?” Johnny replied, smiling as he teased her. “You’re very horny every day.”

“Please don’t be fresh with me, Johnny,” Betty said firmly. “Just come over here and pull your pants down. I’ve been drinking, and you know how hot that always makes me.”

“Awwww, Mrs. Stanton, you’re always drinking. Jesus Christ!”

But Betty didn’t bother to reply. Instead she leaned forward in her chair and kept her eyes hornily on the stiff meat of Johnny’s big tool, waiting anxiously as he approached her. Standing in front of the chair, Johnny undid his belt buckle and pulled his pants and underwear swiftly down to his ankles.

“Okay, Mrs. Stanton,” Johnny said. He giggled boyishly and lifted his hips, aiming the long swollen length of his dick toward her mouth. “Here it is. You can suck it as much as you want.”

“I’m going to do that, Johnny,” Betty whispered. She leaned further forward and wrapped her hand tightly around the blue-veined hardness of Johnny’s throbbing prick, squeezing his spongy dick flesh in her fingers. Then she feverishly began to swirl her tongue around the bloated head of his rod, lapping up the thick juices that oozed from his cum-slit. “I hope you have a lot of cum in your balls today. I’ve been waiting to suck you off all day.”

“Then suck it, Mrs. Stanton,” Johnny muttered anxiously. “Unhh! Your tongue feels really good! Please, start sucking now! My cock really hurts!” Betty continued to lick and kiss the mushroom shaped knob of her young lover’s big dick, sighing as she felt his salty cum filling her mouth. Then she opened her mouth wide and thrust her head forward, taking the first three inches of his pulsing sex-meat between her lips. Her lips closed tightly around the pink hardness of his tool, and her checks caved in as she sucked hotly on the cum glistening length of his rhythmically throbbing dick. Then she began to bob her head back and forth, eagerly sucking Johnny’s turgid pole as hard as she knew how.

“Unhh! That’s good, Mrs. Stanton! Suck my cock harder!” Johnny gasped. He groaned and began to rock his hips, pumping the meat of his rock-hard cock deeper into the buttery warmth of the older woman’s mouth.

“Play with my titties, Johnny,” Betty demanded shamelessly. Removing her mouth from the shiny knob of his dick-head, she pulled her negligee apart to reveal her huge swaying tits. “My nipples are so hard, it’s painful. Go ahead, Johnny, squeeze my tits hard! Then I’ll suck you off even better!”

Johnny didn’t need any persuasion. As soon as the words had left Betty’s mouth, his hands had moved to the rounded orbs of her huge tits, eagerly digging into the creamy flesh. A luscious warmth flooded Betty’s body, and she felt her cunt overflowing with hot juice. Whimpering, she clasped tier lips tight around the twitching meat of Johnny’s hard-on and began to suck his massive tool even harder.

“Unh, that’s good,” Johnny gasped. He squeezed and kneaded and milked her jiggling jugs, titillating the rigid red nipples with the tips of his thumbs. “Play with my nuts. Awww shit, Mrs. Stanton, my balls are so full of cum! Play with my nuts and jack rue off! Oh shit, please, I wanna pop my rocks so bad!”

Betty eagerly dropped her hand along the rock hard under shaft of Johnny’s blood-engorged prick. Her fingers found the swollen sac of his balls and kneaded them gently. At the same time she began to stroke the loose flesh up and down with her hand, shamelessly jerking the young boy’s pulsing cock off right into her mouth.

“I’m cumming now!” Johnny cried. “Unhhh God, your sucking’s so good… I can feel it… feel it in my dick and balls… awwww shit… I’m cumming, suck my cock harder… cumming… fuck… fuck… ahhhhhh.”

The shaft of Johnny’s blood-swollen tool began to twitch wildly in Betty’s sucking mouth, and she felt his bloated balls grow bigger in her fingers. Then the warm stream of his cum began to squirt spasmodically from his, aching dick-head. The hot jism burst explosively from his cum slit, gushing deep down Betty’s throat. Betty skillfully tightened her grip around his spurting cock and sucked his cumming meat as intensely as possible, hornily drinking down the thick fluid that spouted up from the orbs of his emptying nuts.

“Ahhhhh yes,” Johnny sighed. “Unhhh good… cum so hard… so fucking…”

“Did you like that, Johnny?” Betty asked. She ran her tongue wantonly around her full lips to drink up the splattering of his cum cream, smiling giddily. “You enjoy it when I suck your cock, don’t you? You always seem to cum so hard in my mouth.”

“I sure do!” Johnny exclaimed. “You give the best blow job I’ve ever had!”

Johnny immediately knelt on the floor and grasped Betty’s plumply rounded asscheeks. Her hairy pussy mound was wide open before him, and as he smelled her cunt juices his dick again began to swell with blood; both of them knew how much sucking her hole turned him on. Panting. Johnny dropped is head into the juncture of Betty’s wildly spread thighs and eagerly began to tongue and lick the flowering lips of her pussy.

“Nnhhuuuhhh, Johnny… oh yes, oh yessss… unhhhggghhh!” Pulling Johnny’s head deeper into her dripping gash, she lifted her ass off the chair and furiously began to pump her pussy into him, wetly humping her fuck hole all over his mouth. “Suck it! Suck my cunt! Suck it, suck it, make me cum!”

Johnny sunk his face deeply into the older woman’s pussy. His tongue slurped wetly through the clasping folds of her cunt hole, licking up the warm juices that gushed uncontrollably from the depths of her pussy.

“I’m cumming now!” Betty screamed. “Unnggghhh! Oh Johnny, suck me, suck me, I’m cumming! HARDER, JOHNNY, SUCK MY HOLE, I’M CUMMING! OH THERE. OH YES… UNNGOHHHH!”

For a full ten seconds Betty’s lushly naked body flipped and humped jerkily in the chair, her pulsing pussy pumping fast and hard into Johnny’s face as the spasms drained her body. Then the last force of her cum subsided within her, and she collapsed into the chair.

“Fuck me now, Johnny,” she said. Staring at his throbbing tool, Betty spread her legs as wide apart as she could and lifted them over the armrests, putting her cunt slit in position for the invasion of his rock-hard cock. “Go ahead, Johnny, put your big cock in my pussy and work your rocks off in my hole! You can fuck me now. I know you want to. Go ahead and stick your dick in my cunt. Then you can fuck me hard!”

A broad grin spread across Johnny’s face, and his big prick bounded stiffer and stiffer in mid-air. Rising from his kneeling position, he leaned over Betty’s naked body and fit the bulbous knob of his cock into the flowering folds of her ripe cunt. Then he humped his lean asscheeks forward, easily sliding the length of his blue-veined meat completely up her pussy.

“Awwwww, Johnny, that feels so good!” Betty moaned. Her eyes fluttered shut, and she savored the sensations of having a man’s big cock up her cunt hole. Whimpering, Betty pumped her asscheeks off the chair, pumping her pussy rhythmically into the stabbing length of her young lover’s cock. “Fuck me, Johnny, fuck me now, fast and hard! Fuck me! That’s right, that’s right! Fuck meeee!”

Betty’s juice-soaked fuck tunnel clung wetly to Johnny’s cock, milking the cum from his swollen shaft. Johnny eagerly began to pump his aching tool in and out of the hairy lips of her cunt, his hairless asscheeks contracting rhythmically as he fucked her as hard as he could.

The tempo of Johnny’s feverish fucking gradually increased, until the chair began to shake obscenely with the intensity of his humping. Betty wrapped her arms around his shoulders and clung need fully to him, bucking her pussy into his long stiff tool again and again. She knew she was thinking about Carl now. Johnny was such an attractive boy, and it made her ashamed to admit it, but she could never help thinking about her darling son. He was the only one she really wanted to fuck, Betty realized hotly. She wanted her son’s big dick up her cunt as badly as she’d ever wanted anything in her life.


“Excuse me, Carl. Do you mind if I talk to you for a minute? If I’m not interrupting your school work?”

Carl dropped his textbook and turned lazily as he lay on his bed, looking up at his mother, as she stood in the open door of his room. A trembling shudder ran through Betty’s cunt, and she had to force herself not to stare at the lump of her son’s cock. Three days had passed since Johnny had last filled her pussy with the satisfying shaft of his dick, and tonight she was burning up with incestuous desire. Betty knew she could wait no longer to satisfy her wanton craving for her darling son.

“Well, I got a test tomorrow, but it’s a dull book anyhow,” Carl replied. He shoved the book off the bed and folded his hands behind his head, resting easily on the mattress. “What’d you want to talk to me about.”

Words failed Betty, and she suddenly realized she had no clear plan for seducing her bay. How could she ask her own son to fuck her? Betty gulped and found herself staring at her son’s lean, hard body, dressed only in a skimpy pair of athletic shorts. Her eyes focused on the bulge of his cock, studying the way his thick meat stretched the cotton fabric to the bursting point.

“Mom? Is something wrong?”

“Carl…” Betty shut the door behind her and bowed her head. Then something seemed to snap inside her, and the words burbled automatically from her lips. “Carl, tell me the truth: how long have you been having sex with your sister?”

Immediately Carl’s face flushed as red as a beet, and he looked incapable of saying a word. Betty took the opportunity to cross the room and sit on the edge of her son’s bed. She leaned forward, staring into his eyes and resting her hand maternally on his upper thigh.

“Tell me the truth, Carl. Don’t lie to your mother, not now.”

“How’d you find out?” Carl stammered weakly.

“Don’t be evasive, darling,” Betty answered. “It was pretty obvious. I could hear the two of you copulating from one end of the house to the other. Now just answer my question.”

“About two weeks,” Carl gulped.

“That’s what I thought.”

“Look, Mom… I can explain,” Carl said huskily. The flush was still apparent in his cheeks, and his eyes were very wide; it was obvious that he was deeply ashamed. “I mean… well, I can’t explain, but I promise, I’ll never do it again. Lisa… it just happened. I know it’s incest.”

“Carl, did you hear me ask you to apologize for having intercourse with your sister?”

Carl gasped and looked at his mother in open shock. Betty leaned closer, her flimsy bathrobe parting to reveal several inches of her jiggling cleavage. At the same time her hand moved farther up his thigh, with in inch of the swelling shaft of her son’s cock.

“I don’t mind your screwing Lisa,” Betty murmured softly. “In a way I think it’s natural for a sister and brother to want to share the pleasures of balling. I just wanted to know why you did it.”

“Jeez, Mom,” Carl stammered. “I… you know.”

“Is it the incest factor that’s appealing to you, Son?” Betty continued brazenly. “Does screwing a member of your own family make you horny? Is that it? Would you like to have sex with me, too?”

Carl gasped and stared wildly back at his mother, incapable of speech or anything else. Betty lowered her eyes and stared openly at her son’s dick, looking for the answer to her question. She found it. His long, thick cock was as stiff as apiece of pipe, standing up in a throbbing hard bulge through the fabric of his shorts.

“Look at your cock, Carl. You’ve got an incredible hard-on,” Betty said softly. She lifted her hand to the aching stiffness of his prick and squeezed it hard, making it jump in her hand. “You do want to fuck me, don’t you? Don’t lie to your mother… I can tell the truth, just by your hard dick!”

“Oh, Mom… oh, God, oh, Jesus Christ! Mom, I… I don’t know, Mom… oh, fucking Christ!”

Carl continued to babble senselessly, his huge cock swelling stiffer and stiffer in his shorts. Betty could wait no longer. Her pussy was wet under her bathrobe; she couldn’t wait to suck her boy’s big rod and gulp down his cum. Moving swiftly, the horny mother grabbed the hem of Carl’s shorts and stripped that from his body, leaving him as naked as the day he emerged from her womb.

“Oh, Mom! Jesus Christ! Jesus fucking Christ!”

“You’ve, got a beautiful prick, Carl,” Betty whispered hotly. She wrapped her fingers around the hard pink flesh of his cock and squeezed it hungrily, making the meat, of his throbbing tool throb with blood in her hand. “It’s so big and hard. I’ll bet you’re very popular with the girls at school, aren’t you? I don’t blame Lisa for fucking you.”

Betty gently began to stroke the loose flesh of her son’s raging hard-on up and down, shamelessly jerking him off with his fingers. Carl grimaced and let his head fall back into the bed. Then his hips began to grind on the mattress, pumping his burning meat into his mother.

“You’d like me to suck you off now, wouldn’t you, Son?” Betty murmured. Her hand jerked his iron-hard tool faster and harder. “Go ahead, darling. Tell me the truth. You’d like your mother to suck your big cock, wouldn’t you?”

“S-s-s-suck it,” Carl grunted. “Oh, Mom, oh fuck… yes, yes, suck my cock. Suck it, Mom! Hard, hard, suck it hard!”

Her son’s request was all the encouragement Betty needed. Brushing her thick brown hair out of her eyes, she leaned forward and pursed her lips wetly around the mushroom-shaped crown of Carl’s throbbing dick. Immediately a thick drop of cum appeared at his knob’s slit, revealing the degree of the boy’s intense excitement.

Betty giggled and smeared the jism all over his dick-head with her tongue, making it shiny and slick and damp with her own juices. Then she opened her mouth wide and dropped her head wantonly over the pulsing pole of Carl’s aching dick, taking over half of his burning prick into her mouth.

“Unnggghhh!” Carl grunted. “Suck it, Mom! Oh fuck, that feels so good! Suck it off, suck it hard!”

Betty sucked her son’s long, thick cock as hard as she possibly could. Her cheeks reddened and caved in with the effort of the blow job, her tongue laying furiously around the swollen head of her son’s throbbing teenage meat. Immediately her mouth filled with the delicious taste of his cum juices, and she knew that she was finally getting what she wanted. Betty grabbed the base of her boy’s fat pole and hornily began to beat him off, stroking his meat deeply into her hungrily sucking mouth.

“Oh, Mom!” Carl gasped. “Oh, God, that’s good… I can’t stand this… my nuts are so tight… I’m gonna blow my wad, Mom… suck my dick harder… oh shit… that’s so good… suck my cock… suck it hard…”

But Betty knew that she didn’t want Carl to shoot his cum in her mouth. There were few things she loved more than the taste of warm spurting jism, and she knew that in the months to come, eagerly gulping down his hot white cream would be a particularly special pleasure.

But right now Betty needed her son to fuck her. For a few seconds longer the uncontrollably horny mother sucked wetly away at the knob of Carl’s cock, as if unable to make her mouth let go of it. Then she rose from the bed and frantically ripped off her sheer robe, leaving her voluptuous body naked.

“Mom!” Carl murmured. He winced and stared painfully at the rock-hard shaft of his twitching rod. “Oh, shit, Mom, I was about to pop off…”

“I want you to fuck me now, Carl,” Betty whispered hotly. She climbed naked back onto the mattress and quickly straddled her boy’s lean hips, wriggling her knees into the bed to either side of him and positioning her juice-seeping pussy hole directly over the cum-smeared knob of his cock. “I know you wanted to cum in my mouth, but we can do that some other time. Right now your mother needs you to fuck her very badly!”

Carl stared in silent awe at the swinging globes of his mother’s huge tits, obviously transfixed by their white spongy firmness.

Whimpering hornily, Betty reached between her spread thighs and grabbed the throbbing pole of his massive dick. She fit the purplish head into the wetly pouting lips of her pussy and began to groan frantically with desire, feeling her beloved boy’s naked meat pulsing against her bare pink cunt slit. Then with a gasp she lowered herself on top of it, groaning loudly as inch after inch of his blue veined prick slid into the clasping tunnel of her aching pussy.

“Unnnggghh! Oh, Mom, oh, shit!” Carl grunted. Wincing, he watched with a feverishly lustful expression as the length of his dick pushed easily into his mom’s dripping wet cunt. “Your pussy… oh, fuck, Mom, it’s so tight. I can’t stand this! Your cunt… oh, God, my balls hurt! I’m gonna blow my wad, Mom, I can’t fucking help it! Unh! Oh, Christ… unh! Unh unh unh…”

“Fuck me, Carl,” Betty moaned huskily. She took the last thick inches of his throbbing tool into her fuck hole and grunted lewdly, feeling his delicious meat pulsing rhythmically deep inside her body. Then she began to grind her asscheeks quickly up and down, hungrily humping her hairy cunt onto the stiff implement of his cock.

Carl continued to stare at his mother’s lush nakedness, letting his eyes wander wildly over her enormous bouncing jugs and the curly hairs of her pussy mound. Then his hands tightened into the globes of her naked ass, and his cock seemed to harden further within the damply clasping tunnel of hit hole. A second later he was bucking his hips rhythmically off the bed, reaming out his mother’s pussy hole with long jarring strokes of his pulsing hard dick.

“Awwnnnggghhh! Carl… Carl… oh, Son, your prick… awww, yes! Awwnnnggghhh!” Betty’s expression contorted with her lust, and her nipples hardened until they felt as if they would burst with their rubbery stiffness.

“I’m cumming, Mom,” Carl murmured. “Oh shit, I just can’t help it. Your pussy’s so tight… sucking the cum right out of my balls oh, Mom, I can feel it now ahhhh, shit, that’s so good… I’m shooting off now… I’m cumming… cumming…”

But the incredible experience of fucking his mother was more than the eighteen-year-old boy could take. With a sigh Carl arched his ass off the bed, thrusting the furiously pulsing meat of his hard-on completely into the clasping grip of his mom’s tight pussy tunnel. Then the squirting load of his cum gushed out of his swollen dick-head.

It was the hardest jism explosion Betty had ever taken in her life. For almost a minute she felt her son’s warm cum pumping deep into her hole, his balls emptying themselves completely as the thick white jism gushed up into her cunt again and again.

“Oh, Mom,” Carl grunted. His head rolled back and forth on the mattress with the pleasure of cumming, his twitching pole oozing the final burning droplets of cream into his mother’s body. “That was so good. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it… God, I came so hard! Fucking you… it’s so good…”

“Keep doing it, Son!” Betty pleaded frantically. “Fuck me! Your cock’ll get stiff again! Fuck me hard!”

It took Carl a moment to respond to his mother’s wanton demands. His nuts were obviously dry now, and like most men he needed to rest a few minutes before fucking a second time. But Carl could feel his mother’s wet cunt clinging deliciously to his blood-swollen tool. And the sight of her nakedly humping body was the most intoxicating thing he had ever known. Slowly, wincing painfully, Carl again began to thrust his jism-coated dick up into the hair-fringed lips of her pussy slit.

“That’s right Carl, fuck me again, fuck your mother!” Betty whined eagerly.

Carl lifted his hands to the twin orbs of his mom’s enormous tits, milking and kneading the succulent globes with his fingers. Then he took one stiff nipple into his mouth and sucked it hard. The shaft of his dick again grew to absolute stiffness deep inside Betty’s gurgling cunt hole, throbbing wildly against the inner walls of her pussy. A minute later Carl was again fucking her as hard as he could.

“Awwww, Carl, that’s right, that’s right!” Betty lifted her swinging tits from the boy’s mouth and planted her palms firmly on his lean chest. Then she began to fuck with all the strength she had left in her, making her, pussy slurp wetly around the hard length of his cock. “Fuck me, Carl! I can feel it, I’m gonna cum! Fuck your mother! FUCK ME, CARL! FUCK MY CUNT, FUCK MY CUNT! I’M ABOUT TO CUM! FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK MEEEEE…”

Suddenly both Carl and Betty realized that they were no longer alone in the bedroom.


“Frank! Oh good Lord Jesus Christ!” Betty gasped. Her eyes widened with shock as she stared at the figure of her husband in the doorway. “Frank, you’re… you’re supposed to be working late, what are you… oh my God!”

“Well I’ll be Goddamned!” Frank exclaimed happily. Carl’s burly father laughed uproariously and walked across the room to stand next to the bed, leaving the door wide open behind him. “Well, Betty, I see you couldn’t restrain yourself any longer, could you? Mom and Sonny in bed together! If I could see a sight like this I’d come home early from work more often!”

Betty blushed furiously and opened her mouth in an effort to offer a helpless explanation, at the same time lifting her leg to disengage her gurgling pussy from the throbbing shaft of Carl’s huge prick. Then she realized that her husband was smiling at her. He wasn’t upset at all. He didn’t mind that he’d just caught her in bed with Carl, fucking their only boy. He looked as if he actually enjoyed it!

A feverish dampness poured into Betty’s sopping cunt, and she realized dimly that she was beginning to grow very, very horny. Slowly she turned her head and regarded her son. Carl was smiling at her too. His smile was broad and happy, his eyes alive with a malicious delight. He obviously wasn’t disturbed by his father’s presence in the bedroom, and his massively swollen fuck meat obviously wasn’t losing any of its stiffness deep inside her cunt.

Then the realization occurred to her, and the shameful blush of humiliation rapidly left Betty’s cheeks. There was no reason for them to be angry with her, either of them. Both Carl and Frank had been fucking her daughter Lisa almost constantly for the past several weeks.

“I didn’t mean to stop you, honey,” Frank muttered. He stepped closer to the bed and folded his hands around the swelling length of his cock in his pants, staring blatantly at the lips of his wife’s pussy as they wetly encased his teenage son’s throbbing dick. “Why, when I walked in you were grunting loud enough to wake up the neighbors. Why don’t you go ahead and finish what you were doing?”

“You want to watch me fucking, don’t you?” Betty asked huskily, licking her lips lasciviously. “You want to see me fucking another man, isn’t that right, Frank? Even our son!”

“That’s right, Betty,” Frank replied evenly. He turned slightly, winking at Carl. “Go ahead, Son. What kind of man are you, anyhow? I didn’t bring you up to lie around like that. Go ahead and give your mother’s pussy a nice, hard fucking. Horny women have to be satisfied, now don’t they?”

Carl grinned broadly at his dad, as if the two of them were sharing a secret joke. Then he returned his complete attention to his mom’s lush nakedness and the deliciously clinging folds of her gurgling hole. His hands thrust tenderly into the spongy whiteness of her breasts, milking hungrily at the milky flesh of her big tits. At the same time his ass began to hump rhythmically off the bed. Then Betty felt his long stiff tool fucking into her, reaming out her dripping pussy slit with long eager strokes of his burningly pulsing prick.

“Go ahead, Betty,” Frank said coaxingly. He unbuckled his belt buckle and pulled down his zipper. Withdrawing his hardened pole, he wrapped his hand around it and eagerly began to jerk off to the sight of his wife in bed with his son. “Go ahead and fuck him. I know you want to, so go ahead! Fuck your pussy with Carl’s nice big cock!”

“Oh, Carl,” Betty whimpered, her eyes fluttering dazedly with her burning lust. “Oh, Carl, that feels so good… do it harder, darling, you’ve got such a big cock… I’m getting horny again… oh, yes… Carl… oh oh… unnhhhhh.”

“Hello, everybody,” Lisa said, entering the room. She pulled off her blouse and smiled mischievously, exposing the full naked globes of her ample tits. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything. You don’t mind if I join in, do you?”

“Lisa!” Betty gasped.

In unison the three members of the Stanton family turned to stare in bewilderment at the pretty, horny young daughter undressing in the doorway. Then Lisa giggled, and it became obvious to all of them that she was not upset by the incredible fuck scene in her brother’s bedroom.

“Oh, Daddy, you’ve really got a big boner, don’t you?” Lisa observed huskily. Staring at the swollen knob of her dad’s big dick, she kicked off her sandals and raced to pull her jeans and panties down her long tapering thighs. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with such a stiff cock!”

“Get on the floor,” Frank said harshly. He stared with maniacal intensity at Lisa’s teenage body and fervently began to beat his meat, making his iron-hard tool throb in his fist. “Get on your hands and knees and spread your legs, so I can stick my prick in you and fuck you hard! Hurry, Goddamn it! You don’t want me to cum all over the floor, do you? Hurry!”

Kicking off her panties, Lisa turned and knelt on the carpet in the dog-fucking position. Her pussy slit was dripping wantonly. She knew she had never been so horny for a man’s pulsing cock in her life. Behind her she could hear her mother and brother fucking madly away, the frenzied rhythms of their humping shaking the bed all over the floor.

“Spread your legs,” Frank demanded. He knelt on the floor between his daughter’s thighs and grabbed her hips hard, positioning his aching cock so that the huge knob twitched toward the wet hole of her pussy. “Come on, Goddamn it, spread your legs! I’m so horny I can’t stand it!”

“I am too, Daddy!” Lisa whimpered. She spread her creamy thighs far apart and let her dad fall forward, lifting her rounded asscheeks for the invasion of her dad’s massive tool. “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me hard! Please, stick your cock in me right now and fuck my pussy! Ohhhh, Daddy, I’m so horny, fuck me, fuck me!”

It was at that moment that Lisa realized her long search for a permanent cure for the burning itch in her teenage-year-old cunt was over at last. She had two of the best studs in the world right here in her own home, and she knew that between her father and brother she would be getting all the fucking and sucking she could stand for a long, long time to come.

Lisa was a truly happy girl!

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