Johnny’s Wild Mother

The tremendous impact of a parent’s attitudes and behavior upon a growing child has been emphasized repeatedly by psychologists. Indeed, a parent’s influence often carries over into a child’s later years, leaving an indelible mark upon his personality.

This influence can be for the good, as when a child grows into a mature and happy adult, or for the bad, as when the child grows into a confused outsider.

This is the story of an impressionable teenaged boy whose relationship with his mother threatens to leave indelible marks on his personality if the potentially dangerous situation in which he finds himself is not changed. His mother refuses to let go, and the boy, feeling everything his mother does must be right, allows her to lead him down a forbidden path. But who is to say they are wrong?

JOHNNY’S WILD MOTHER — a shocking story, certainly, but one which should be told.

Lisa squirmed, trying to be unnoticed.

Her panties felt tight, much too tight.

It was not the place to start feeling hot, but she had no control over it when it happened. Fortunately, she never felt this way all the time, but it was happening more often. She didn’t really have much of a problem when aroused; usually she managed to give relief to herself by some means. It would be easier if she would allow herself to be picked up in a singles bar.

But Lisa hated those encounters with a passion fucking some stranger was not very satisfying. All they wanted was a hot, wet place to put their cock, and Lisa wanted a relationship as well. Those slam-bang fucks made her feel dirty and sluttish.

There were lots of men available, but none of them wanted anything to do with a woman who had a son. They would be happy to date her on a permanent basis, spend the night with her two or three times a week, but Lisa didn’t want that sort of relationship, either.

And then there was one other thing. Lisa wasn’t satisfied with routine sex. She wanted it wild, uninhibited, and not always in her bedroom in the dark.

She paused near a small jewelry store in the mall, peering at the window display, the cheeks of her ass bunching by their own volition. It felt as if not only had her cunt become swollen, but her ass as well.

When she began strolling again, Lisa found herself eyeing the few men shopping during this mid-week day. Her eyes moved over their bodies, seeing their naked, delicious cocks swaying in movement, hot, full balls exposed. She looked secretly at their asses, trying to imagine how they would feel cupped in her hands.

Lisa would not have had any difficulty picking up a man. Tall and slender, almost in a fashion-model way, she had tits that strained outward, standing high on her chest. Her brunette hair gleamed from many brushings, and her blue eyes held a sparkle. She was a very lovely, very attractive female.

Her pleated white skirt swirled about her exquisite thighs as she walked, her pale pink blouse an attractive compliment. The pink high heels emphasized the length of her legs, and her rounded ass looked mouth-watering.

She tried to tell herself no decent girl, no decent woman, no decent mother, would have such thoughts — but the wild, wicked thoughts and images were always there. She had never thought of herself as a voyeur, but her mind was like a window through which she watched strangers fucking and doing exciting things to each other.

She stopped to look at a display of spring fashions, frowning at the colors, wondering what sort of crazy designer came up with such bland colors.

A sudden lurch of spreading, tingling heat swept through her crotch, and her clit began to throb in a gentle, aching way. It was quite swollen now. She could feel the tip of her clit pressing at her panties. Her cunt was very moist now, and she could feel her inner thighs becoming slippery. When Lisa was aroused, her pussy became very, very wet.

The heat between her thighs was becoming intense. She started looking frantically for a restroom. It had never been this bad before. Usually she could wait until she got home, but not now.

She walked swiftly, searching, almost ready to burst in tears because of her torment.

She found the restrooms at the far end of the mall, and she rushed into the women’s room. Two sinks were along one wall, with two closed stalls opposite. She rushed into a stall, closing and locking the door.

Almost feverishly, she yanked her white skirt to her waist, pushing her bikini panties to her knees and sitting down on the toilet. Her hand moved through the softness of her thick pussy hair as she leaned back. Her finger touched her cunt, finding it swollen and hot.

She was slowly rubbing her clit when she realized she was not alone in the restroom.

Cupping her hands over her cunt, she opened her eyes. Then she heard the soft sounds coming from the stall next to hers. Her first instinct was to pull her panties up and flee, but realizing that would be foolish, she began to rub at her aunt again. She could not be seen.

“Oooooh, Mom!”

Lisa jerked.

“Shhhh! Let Mommy make it better, honey.”

Lisa strained to hear, wondering what this was all about. She looked around, and noticed a small hole cut into the wall between the stalls. Feeling like a sneak, she leaned over and pressed her eye to the hole.

She saw a woman’s face, a quite pretty woman about her own age. But that wasn’t all she saw. She saw a hard cock jutting toward that face. She could not see anything of the man, only his cock and balls. But that was enough to tell Lisa it was not a man but a boy about Johnny’s age.

Her response at seeing this was a surprise to Lisa. Her desire increased a hundred fold as she pushed her palm tightly against the hairy, soft lips of her pussy.

“Do it now, Mom,” the boy said, pushing his cock to the woman’s lips.

“You want it fast, don’t you, darling?”

Lisa saw the woman’s hand cup the boy’s balls, watched her rub her lips over the smoothly swollen head of his cock. Lisa’s breathing was getting hot and heavy, her hand rubbing at her cunt as she watched with blazing eyes.

Lisa gasped as she saw the woman take the boy’s cock into her mouth, sucking it slowly. The woman’s ovaling lips slid to the base of the boy’s cock.

Running her tongue over her lips, Lisa eased her middle finger into her cunt. She felt as if her pussy was boiling between her thighs. Her cunt was so very wet now.

“Oooooh, Mom! That’s so good!”

The woman moaned as she sucked back and forth on his cock.

Lisa watched. She could hear soft, wet, sucking sounds. Her cunt clamped around her buried finger, and instead of thrusting in and out, she held it deep inside, the heel of her hand smashing against her clit.

The boy was pumping his hips now, his hand resting on his mother’s shoulder. The woman didn’t seem to mind it as the boy fucked into her sucking mouth. She seemed to enjoy it.

Lisa, fascinated, pressed her forehead against the dividing wall.

The woman twisted and squeezed the boy’s balls slowly and tenderly, her lips gripping his sliding cock hungrily. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed, her expression passionate.

The boy began to pump faster, gasping loudly.

The woman darted her face back and forth. He’s going to come in her mouth Lisa thought. He’s going to squirt it in her mouth!

“Mom! Ohhhh, now, Mom!” the boy grunted.

Lisa saw him stiffen up, his hips thrust forward. His cock was buried to the base inside the woman’s mouth.

Lisa saw the woman clutch his balls in her hand, then her throat worked as the boy cried out softly. Little gulping sounds came to Lisa, and she felt her cunt contracting about her finger, the spasms shaking her. She came hard, very hard, as she watched the boy come into the woman’s mouth.

The woman gulped his come juice down quickly, moaning deeply, as if she, too, was coming.

“Better, darling?” the woman mewled.

“Ahhhhhhh, yes, Mom!” the boy sighed, pulling his pants up.

The woman kissed the head of his cock before he stuffed it into his pants. “You get a hard-on in the strangest places, darling. One of these days, we won’t be able to do this right away for you.”

“You’ll find a way, Mom,” the boy answered.

Lisa drew back from the partition, leaning against the toilet tank, her hand cupping her cunt. The excitement of what she had witnessed continued to nimble through her. She had come, but her cunt was demanding mote.

When she heard the door to the restroom open and close, she spread her knees wide apart and began to ram her finger in and out of her cunt swiftly, squirming on the toilet seat. She panted and groaned, making juicy sounds as she fingerfucked herself in a frenzy, the scene still burning in her mind.

She came again, stronger and harder, yet she still wanted more. She had never been so aroused, so outrageously hot and wet. She knew, though, that the more she fingerfucked herself, it would only become worse, not better.

Feeling frustrated, she yanked her panties up, snapping the elastic around her hips. After washing her hands, she left the restroom.

She drove straight home, hardly knowing what she was doing.

Rushing into the house, she began undressing immediately. She left her clothing in a trail over the floor. She filled the tub with hot water, sprinkling in oils and perfumes. She bathed, trying not to think of what was in her mind. Suddenly, she sat upright, eyes wide.

“He called her Mom!” she gasped. It was finally dawning on her that it had been the boy’s mother who had sucked his cock off. “My God, she was his mother!”

Immediately she saw her son in her mind. She saw Johnny without his clothes on, naked, his cock jutting up with hardness. Shaken by such an image, Lisa got out of the tub and dried herself. She pulled on panties and was starting to dress when she heard her son come into the house. With a frantic glance at her bedside clock, she saw it was his usual time to come home from school.

She heard Johnny call out for her. She grabbed at something to cover herself when she heard his coming toward her room. She was standing near the bed holding her blouse over her tits when her son entered.

Johnny stopped, his eyes widening.

Lisa froze, unable to move. She had never been undressed before her son, even in her skimpy panties. She saw his eyes move over her body, seeing her long, slender thighs, her bikini panties. She could not help but notice the sudden bulge in his pants.

“Johnny, I’m not dressed!” she squealed.

Johnny grinned. “I see, Mom.”

“Please… be nice,” she whispered. “Let me finish dressing.”

“GO ahead,” Johnny said, grinning. “I won’t stop you. I’ll just stand here and watch.”

“Johnny! Please, get out of here?” Reluctantly, he started to turn. Lisa saw his cock bulging in his pants, and once more the image of the boy being sucked off by his mother came into her mind.

“Wait… I’m sorry I spoke in that tone,” she said softly.

She saw her son tremble.


“I’m sorry, too, Mom,” Johnny said in a thick voice, avoiding looking at her. “I shouldn’t have come in here. I didn’t know you were… naked.”

“I know you didn’t, honey,” Lisa said. “It’s… it’s all right.”

Johnny turned to face her again, making an effort to keep his eyes on her face. There was nothing he could do about his hard-on, and it strained inside his pants, outlined fully.

“I’ll wait in the living room, Mom,” Johnny said, his voice sounding husky.

“No, it’s okay,” Lisa said, surprising herself. “You can stay.”

She tried to put her blouse on without exposing her tits, but it was impossible. She kept her gaze on his face, fighting not to look down at his cock.

Johnny saw first one tit, then the other. The sight made his cock bulge all the more. He groaned, unable to keep from staring at her tit.

Holding her blouse around her tits, Lisa stood there. Johnny could not avert his eyes. He looked at his mother. Her panties were swelling out at the crotch with a shadowy triangle. Lisa found she could not take her eyes off her son’s cock.

“Is it… uncomfortable, Johnny?”

“You mean in here, with you?” Johnny asked, his gaze fixed upon the tight crotch of her panties.

Lisa pointed at his crotch. Her blouse was open, one tit showing. Johnny stared at her tit — it was firm and round, with a light-brown nipple that looked rigid, tilted upward.

“That… is that uncomfortable?” Lisa said.

Her cunt was throbbing, her panties drenched with her juices.

“It’s very uncomfortable,” Johnny whispered.

Lisa took a step toward him, her eyes never moving from his crotch. She could see the full hardness of his cock pressing at his pants. She was surprised that his prick looked so big.

Her hand was moving toward it when she realized what she was doing. With a little gasp, she pulled her hand back. Her fingers spread around the front of her panties. A low sob came from her as the tip of one finger touched the distended tip of her clit.

“Oh, my God! Oh, Johnny!”

Her hand darted out again. This time she closed her fingers around his bulging cock, squeezing it.

Johnny gasped when his mother squeezed. “Johnny…” Lisa whispered, squeezing his cock, feeling the beautiful hardness of it. “Oh, baby! My God… it’s so… Johnny, Johnny!”

She felt her son shaking. Without so much of a thought of stopping, she rubbed his cock, curling her fingers down and around to feel his balls.

Johnny began moaning, twisting his hips, pushing them forward to press his cock into his mother’s hand.

Lisa lost control.

With a little cry, she began to feverishly open her son’s pants. She jerked his belt open and tugged the zipper down swiftly. With both hands, she pushed his pants to his knees, then stared at the wet spot on his shorts. Panting, she jerked his shorts down, a soft cry of delight bubbling from her throat as her son’s cock lurched upright, angled toward the ceiling.

She gazed at the swollen head, seeing precome dripping from the small pisshole. She was surprised to see how big and full his young balls appeared. The scant hair at the base was hardly visible.

“Beautiful!” she sighed.

Johnny shuffled his feet, panting hard, his cock jerking about.

With the image of the woman sucking her son burning in her mind, Lisa went to her knees before her son. She was feverish with desire, thinking only that she had to get her son’s throbbing hard cock into her own mouth. Her cunt was on fire, throbbing wetly, forcing her to do this. She gripped her son’s shaking hips, staring at his cock with her face inches away.

“Ohhhh, Johnny!” she moaned.

She engulfed her son’s cock with her hot, wet mouth.

The taste of his fiery cock made Lisa tremble, her ass bunching, her cunt twitching inside the confines of her bikini panties. She felt his cock jerk inside her mouth.

Digging her fingers into her son’s trembling hips, Lisa began to suck his cock. She sucked hungrily, sliding her tight lips up and down his cock with quick bobs of her head. She moaned, twisting her ass.

Smashing her lips to the base of his cock, she felt his hot balls on her chili. The head of his cock was at her throat. With her eyes closed, Lisa sucked again, drawing her mouth to the very head of his prick. Holding the swollen head tightly in her mouth, she ran her tongue over it, tasting the juices. She pressed the tip of her tongue against his pisshole, licking up the juices hungrily.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” Johnny whimpered. “Oh, yes, Mom!”

Johnny stood stiffly, pushing his hips forward, watching his mother sucking on his cock.

With a throaty moan, Lisa gripped his hips, sucking hard. She rammed her mouth back and forth. The searing heat of her son’s cock between her lips and, on her tongue sent a wild, throbbing rapture through her body. Her cunt seemed to swell, expand inside her panties. The sensation felt wonderful, delicious.

“Mmmmmm!” she whimpered, sucking fast and hard.

Her hands slid around his hips, cupping his naked, flexing ass. She pulled him forward each time she darted her face forward. She began to squeeze his asscheeks, twisting her mouth about his cock as she sucked.

Lisa moaned and whimpered as her passion flared. She was squirming her ass, thrusting her hips as if she were fucking.

Johnny began to squirm, his breath hot, panting. He stared at his mother, then he moved his hands behind his ass, placing them over her hands.

Lisa, feeling his cock throb with more power, sucked fast, bobbing back and forth. She made wet sounds with her mouth.

Johnny did not cry out a warning.

She felt the boiling gush of come juice on her tongue. With a husky squeal, Lisa began to gulp at his spewing cock. His come juice burned into her throat, and she swallowed eagerly. He came hard, filling her mouth before she could swallow. As he came, Lisa let out a strained cry, and her cunt convulsed with the most beautiful orgasm of all.

She came hotly as her son spurted in and over into her mouth and down her throat. Even when he finished gushing, she clung to his cock with her mouth, moaning over and over, gripping his ass tightly.

Finally, she pulled back, sitting on her heels. Her face was flushed.

“My God! What did I do?” she gasped.

“You sucked my cock off, Mom,” Johnny said, giggling in a bashful manner.

Lisa looked up at him now. “I sucked your… Johnny, you must think I’m terrible!”

“Mom, I think you’re wonderful!”

“How can you, after that?” she asked softly. “Let me dress, now, Johnny.”

Lisa was surprised that her son was not bashful about what had happened. She was equally surprised at what he had said to her.

But she was surprised most of all by her own actions.

Not that she had sucked a cock off — she had sucked off her husband many times. But this was Johnny, her son! Never before had she thought of Johnny as a sexual being.

She searched herself to find some measure of disgust. She found only desire, desire to do it again. She kept tasting Johnny’s cock in her mouth, kept, seeing it so hard before her face, remembering how sweet her own orgasm had been.

There was little conversation between them until dinner.

As they ate, he told her of his day as if nothing else had happened.

Lisa listened to him, commenting now and then. But her mind was on what they had done in her bedroom.

“Johnny, what was it you said to me earlier?”

“When, Mom?”

“You know. In my bedroom, right after…” She lowered her eyes bashfully.

Johnny giggled. “Oh, you mean about sucking my cock?”

She nodded, feeling her face burn. “What about it, Mom?”

“Johnny, I… do you want to talk about it?” she asked softly.

“What’s to talk about, Mom?”

“You don’t think I’m horrible?”

“I told you, Mom, I think you’re wonderful.”

Lisa looked at him. “Johnny, tell me again what I did.”

Johnny grinned wickedly. “You wanna talk dirty, Mom?”

Lisa began to tremble. “I like… I like hearing you say that. It makes me… tingle.”

“Where does it tingle, Mom?” he asked, his eyes turning hot. “Down there? If you want me to talk dirty, I’ll say it this way: does it make your pussy tingle, Mom?”

Lisa breathed in hotly. She nodded, her eyes moist and hot as she stared at his face. “Yes, it does.”

“Mom, I don’t know what got into you,” Johnny said, “but I like it. I like it very much.”

“You do?”

He nodded. “All the guys I know think you’re the most beautiful mom in the world. I know what they wanna do with you. I punched one in the nose because he said he wished he could fuck you.”

“Fuck me?” she gasped.

“Yeah. I can’t let those guys say that about you. You’re my mom.”

Lisa had no idea that her son’s friends thought of her that way. They were all so very young. What did they know about fucking?

“Johnny, I don’t want you fighting,” she admonished. “What they say about me doesn’t matter. I don’t want you fighting.”

“If you say so, Mom. But what if I said I… you know, wished I could do it, too?”

“You mean, fuck me?” Lisa’s words were barely a whisper.

“You like to talk dirty, Mom?”

“Answer me, Johnny.” Johnny lowered his eyes to his mother’s tits.

Lisa lifted her shoulders, pushing her tits outward.

“Yes, Mom,” he said, his voice lowering thickly.

“Oh, Johnny!” Lisa exclaimed, her fingers clenching. “Oh, baby.”

“Does that mean we will? Mom, do you mean you’ll let me?”

Lisa was breathing fast, feeling her tits swell, her cunt throb. Slowly, she jerked her head up and down. “Yes, Johnny.”

“When?” he asked.

Lisa stood up, stretching her hand toward him. “Now?”

As her son stood up from the table, she saw his cock pushing at his pants, as hard nit had been earlier. With a throaty groan, she brushed her hand over it, then took his hand in hers.

They walked to her bedroom, then stood facing each other for a long moment, both of them shaking.

“Johnny!” Lisa sobbed.

She fell across her bed on her back. Feverish with desire, Lisa yanked her dress to her waist, her legs parting.

“Your panties, Mom!” Johnny moaned, staring between his mother’s long legs at the crotchband of her panties.

“Hurry!” Lisa panted, hooking a finger into the crotch of her panties and yanking it aside, her cunt pulsating wetly. “Do it now, Johnny! Ohh, my God, baby! Fuck me now! Fuck mother right now!”

Staring at his mother’s cunt, Johnny jerked at his pants, scooting them to his knees, his cock lurching upward with hardness.

They stared at each other, Johnny at his mother’s cunt, seeing the wet pink slit framed by silky dark hair, and Lisa at his young balls and jerking cock.

She thrust her ass off the edge of the bed. “Hurry! Fuck mother, Johnny! Please, oh please hurry and fuck me!”

Johnny moved between his mother’s spread thighs. He pushed the head of his cock to her cunt.

Lisa gasped, her pussy quivering. She dug her fingers into the mattress, her eyes looking inflamed.

Overcome with excitement, Johnny lunged into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, God!” Lisa cried.

The penetration of her cunt by her son’s cock stretched her pussy wide, filling her completely. The suddenness of his fuck-thrust took her breath away. She felt his balls pressing upon the crack of her ass, his cock jerking inside the tightness of her cunt.

“Ohhhh, God, baby! Ohhh, beautiful, Johnny!”

Johnny’s face was contorted with ecstasy. The wet heat gripping his cock was amazing. He touched his mother’s pantied hips.

“Hold me, Johnny!” Lisa sobbed. “Hold onto me! Hold onto me and fuck me!”

He palmed his mother’s hips, the feel of her nylon panties in his hands exciting him. He felt her cunt squeeze his cock.

“Push, baby!” Lisa whimpered, wiggling her ass.

Holding her hips, Johnny began to pump. “Oh, yes, yes!” Lisa cried out, the fuckfriction starting to drive her wild.

She squirmed her hips sideways and thrust upward to meet the lunge of her son’s cock. His balls made a soft slapping sound against her now-grinding ass.

“Fuck me! Your cock is so hard, Johnny! Your cock goes so deep inside my pussy!”

“Ahhhhhhh, Mom!” he moaned. “You’re helping me!”

“Yes! Ooooh, baby, as fast as you can! Fuck me as fast as you can!”

Johnny rammed frantically, panting, digging into her thrusting hips.

Lisa squealed, moaned, then cried out. She began beating at the mattress with her fists, churning her ass in a frenzy as his cock pounded in and out of her cunt. Her clit, tightly swollen, rubbed at the throbbing shaft of her son’s cock, making her shiver and shake with ecstasy. Each of his fuck-thrusts made her tits jiggle inside her blouse, made her breath come out in soft explosions. The friction along the damping lips of her cunt tingled through her, making her toes curl.

Straining upward, she gyrated her ass wantonly, unable to be still. She felt so lewd, so gloriously lewd. She stared up at him as he fucked her, watching his expression.

Johnny was gazing down at her hips, watching his cock disappear into her pussy. Her panties concealed one side of her cunt, but the other side was exposed, and he stared at it, seeing soft hair and pink, wet flesh?

“Your pussy, Mom!”

“Yes, my pussy!” she gasped. “What about my pussy?”

“It’s — ohhhh, Mom, I love your pussy!”

“Ahhh, baby! You love mother’s cunt?”

“Yes! Ohhh, yes, Mom! I love your cunt!”

“And I love your cock, Johnny!” Lisa sobbed, whipping her ass up and down. “Your cock is so hard, so very hard! Oooooh, fuck me, baby, fuck me!”

He fucked harder and faster into her. The wet, slapping sounds became louder as they strained.

Lisa drew her hands up her stomach, bringing her dress-skirt past the waistband of her panties. As she flung her ass up and down, she cupped her tits, her head turning from side to side as squeals bubbled from her throat. She could feel his cock fucking deep into her cunt, deeper than she had imagined.

“Fuck me, fuck me! Oooohhhh, Johnny, baby… fuck me hard! Fuck mother!”

“Your cunt is hot, Mom!”

“I know my cunt is hot? My cunt is hot and wet, and it needs to be fucked!”

Johnny began sliding his hands along her straining thighs, over her pantied hips, her stomach. He moved his hand to the front of her panties, while fucking furiously. He felt the soft hairs of his mother’s cunt.

Lisa said she wanted to feel her feverish pussy-flesh. She was so hot, so very hot. She squeezed her tits, her nipples feeling as if they would burst. She bit into her bottom lip, grinding her hips frantically as he fucked into her cunt.

“You’ll make me come!” she gasped. “Johnny, you’re about to make mother come!”

Johnny was panting, ramming his cock hard and deep, his hand inside her panties, feeling the soft hair.

“Ohhhhh, God! Oh, my God!” Lisa cried. Her hips whipped in a wild motion, then she rammed her cunt onto his cock as tight as she could, pressing hard against him.


Her orgasm exploded, making her cunt clasp his cock hard. Then the contractions began squeezing his cock, pulling at his prick.

“Johnny! I’m coming! Oh, baby, mother is coming!”

Johnny strained, gritting his teeth.

Lisa sobbed with ecstasy.

Johnny didn’t seem to know what to do. He stood stiffly, his cock buried all the way inside his mother’s convulsing cunt. The hot tightness of her pussy gripped him, making him tremble, his balls feeling very tight.

Lisa’s orgasm weakened, and she wiggled her ass. “Oooooh, Johnny, that was heaven!”

“I felt it, Mom!” be groaned. “I felt you come!”

Heat was still flaring inside her body. She felt his cock lurching between the clasping lips of her cunt.

“Your turn, honey,” she sighed, pumping her ass again. “It’s your turn to come.”

Johnny, so excited he couldn’t speak now, began to fuck once more into his mother’s grinding cunt.

Tremors of renewed ecstasy flowed through Lisa.

“Ram it, Johnny!” she gasped. “Ram that hard cock in mother’s cunt!”

Johnny began to pant and gasp, his body shuddering.

“Oh, I’m going to come again!” Lisa squealed, smashing her cunt hard against him, grinding her ass in jerking motions. “You’ll make mother come again?”

Johnny, lifting his head up, closed his eyes as he fucked hard into his mother’s cunt. “Squirt it out, baby!” Lisa screamed. “Squirt that hot juice in mother’s cunt!”

Johnny let out a strangled cry, then his cock began to squirt rapidly.

Lisa squealed as she felt her son’s cock gush into her, filling her cunt with the scalding liquid of his young balls. Her clit throbbed as she began coming with him. Her cunt closed tightly in spasms around the base of his cock, rippling along the shaft.

It seemed that they came for a long time, and her cunt was filled to capacity.

As he stopped coming, Johnny seemed confused, not knowing what he should do next. His head slumped to her tits, and Lisa felt his cock softening inside her cunt. Her orgasm faded away, leaving her feeling weak. Her legs relaxed, splayed outward as he lay between them.

Lisa wrapped her arms around his shaking body, feeling his cock drooping along the crack of her ass, wet and slippery. She cuddled his head to her tits, stroking his back.

“Johnny you’ve never done this before, have you?”

Johnny shook his head, feeling his mother’s soft tits against his cheek.

“I didn’t think so,” she said, caressing him. She moved her hand past the small of his back, stroking his naked ass. She lifted his head, turning to look at his face. “Hey, guy, you’re not turning shy now, are you?”

Johnny grinned. “I guess I better not, huh, Mom?”

“Not unless you want me to feel bad,” Lisa answered.

“Mom, what do wt do now?”

“I-I don’t understand, honey.”

“I sure don’t wanna go back to jacking off, not after this.”

Lisa burst into laughter. “Jacking off? You mean you’ve been jacking off? I didn’t know that.”

“Aw, Mom!” He started blushing. “All the guys jack off.”

Lisa hugged him to her tits again. “Not my son. My son never has to jack off, never again. And I won’t have to play with my cunt by myself, right?”

“Mom! You been doing that?” Lisa grinned, her eyes bright. She nodded. “I’ll play with your cunt, Mom.” Lisa hugged him very tightly.

“And mother will play with your cock.”

Lisa undressed, watching her son’s eyes glow with delight.

It was still much too early for bed, but they had no plans on going to sleep right now.

Johnny was stretched out on her bed, already naked. He lay on his side, watching her, his cock straining with hardness.

Dropping her blouse, Lisa found she was not in the least bit shy to undress before her son. She stood facing him, watching his gaze move over her firm tits. She lowered her skirt, then stood for a moment or so in her tight bikini panties. When she began pushing her panties down, Johnny started panting with anticipations.

“You’ve seen a cunt before, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Mom, you’re the first girl for me.”

She grinned impishly at him. She pushed her panties off.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

“You’re beautiful, Mom!”

Lisa caressed her tits, moving her hands down her stomach, running her fingers through the soft hair of her cunt. She spread the thick hair and let her son gaze upon the pink silt of her pussy, her clit pushing from the moist folds. Spreading her feet apart, she parted her cuntlips for him.

“And my cunt?”

“Beautiful, too.”

Lisa giggled girlishly. She felt in a teasing mood. She felt so good, so excited, she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t feel tormented with irrational desire. She was hot; very hot, but now there would be no torment, no suffering, no more unsatisfying fingerfucking. The anticipation felt delicious.

“Want to fuck mother again?” she teased, twisting her hips as she pulled at her cunt. “Want to fuck this cunt again, Johnny? Mother has a very nice, very wet, very hot cunt for you, baby. Want to put your lovely hard cock inside mother’s cunt and fuck the piss out of it?”

Johnny giggled. “You like to talk dirty, huh, Mom?”

“I love it,” she mewled. “It makes me hot. Talk dirty with me.”

“You sure have a hot cunt, Mom,” he said, giggling softly. “I wanna stick my cock in your cunt, Mom. I wanna fuck your hot cunt with my hard cock!”

“Ohhhh, yes, baby! Oh, yes, fuck my cunt with your cock! Fuck mother’s hat, hot cunt!”

Johnny closed his fist around his cock, pumping it, as he stared at his mother.

Lisa watched him as she rubbed her finger along the edges of her inflamed clit.

“Honey, would you like it if mother sucked that delicious hard-on again?”

“Oh, yes, Mom!”

“Mmmmm, I’m glad you like it,” she replied. “Because, baby, mother loves to suck a hard, hot cock!”

Johnny laughed a bit nervously, watching her finger rubbing at her clit. He could see the juice glistening on her pussy. He ran his lips aver his tongue. “Mom, could I… is it okay if I kiss your cunt?”

“I would love that!” Lisa purred. “Johnny, you, sure can kiss my cunt! Ooooh, what a wonderful idea!”

“I don’t know how,” he whined. “Mom, you have tell me how to do it.”

“It’s easy, baby, so very easy,” Lisa whispered, moving toward him. “Just put your face between mother’s legs and kiss. Use your tongue, lick it, up and down and sideways and stick it in me.”

“Your pussy is so wet, Mom,” he said, licking his lips again.

“Will that bother you?”

Johnny shook his head, clutching his cock, the head of his prick bloating his pisshole seeping pre-come.

“Lay on your back, Johnny. You’ll know what to do. Don’t worry.”

Johnny rolled onto his back, his cock straining up in the air. Lisa leaned over her son, brushing her lips over the hot smoothness of his cock. She flicked his pisshole with her tongue. She felt his hand move up her thigh, then cup her cunt. She twisted her ass as she engulfed his cock. Lisa sucked on his prick, sliding her mouth up and down on it for a few moments.

Johnny whispered, pushing his hips upward as he felt his mother’s fiery cunt.

“Let’s do it, honey,” she mewled, lifting off his cock.

Swinging one long leg over his head, Lisa knelt with her knees spread on each side of her son’s face. She stared at his cock, watching it jerk, while Johnny gazed eagerly into her cunt.

Lisa leaned over, holding her body up with one hand, closing her other hand on his balls. She took his cock into her mouth once more. As she began to suck, she lowered her hairy cunt to his face, her naked ass writhing slowly.

Johnny caressed her thighs, curling his hands over his mother’s satiny ass. When her cunt brushed against his mouth, the soft hairs tickled his lips. With a moan, he lifted his head and pressed his open mouth to his mother’s cunt.

Lisa gasped. “Lick it! Lick mother’s cunt, Johnny! Ooooo, baby! Suck mother’s pussy! Tongue mother in the cunt, Johnny!”

Johnny rammed his tongue into the steamy wetness, clutching her ass.

Lisa squealed, then sucked his cock again. She squirmed her ass, rubbing her pussy into his face. The sensation of her son licking and sucking at her cunt sent wild, delicious tremors through her.

She pressed her pussy into his face, and Johnny responded by darting his tongue in and out. Wiggling her ass, Lisa began to suck harder on his prick, licking up and down the shaft, probing his hot balls with the tip of her tongue. Sliding one hand under his ass, she clung to it, feeling his asscheeks bunch as he pumped up and down gently, fucking her mouth. Johnny’s tongue made exciting wet sounds as he lapped at her hairy cunt-slit.

Johnny pulled at his mother’s ass, sucking at her cunt, tasting her hot juices, staring at her crinkling asshole. He was so excited, he began touching her puckering ass-ring. The contact of his finger on her asshole and his tongue darting all around her pussy sent Lisa into a sucking frenzy. She gobbled her son’s cock wickedly. She began to pump her ass, smashing her cunt at his mouth.

Johnny groaned and, using his thumbs, he parted her cunt as wide as he could, thrusting his tongue deep inside. The harder his mother sucked at his cock, the more excited he became. His tongue swirled over her swollen clit, along the slit of her cunt, then he went on to lick at bet steaming, tight asshole.

With a cry of pleasure, Lisa lifted her head. “Ohhhh, baby, what are you doing to mother? Oooooh, that feels good Johnny I hope you know that’s mother’s asshole you’re licking!”

Johnny moaned a muffled reply, swirling his tongue around and around her asshole.

Lisa, almost sobbing with this sweet ecstasy, pressed her ass into his face. She began to suck on his cock again, with a greater frenzy. Johnny licked at his mother’s cunt and asshole hotly starting to moan as his balls tightened, his cock jerking in her mouth. Lisa’s tongue became coated with his dripping juices, and she swallowed hungrily moving her tongue over his pisshole.

With low moans, Lisa took her mouth off his cock, pressing it to his hot balls, kissing and licking eagerly.

“Ohhhhhh, suck my cunt, Johnny!” she moaned as she lapped wildly at his balls. “Suck mother’s cunt… suck mother’s asshole! Ooooh, baby, suck me, suck me! I want to come, Johnny! I want to come with my cunt on your mouth!”

Johnny took a long, slow lick along her cunt and asshole, then down again, pushing his tongue as hard as he could at the tint.

Lisa, moaning with almost unbearable ecstasy, squirmed at his face. His cock was jerking, becoming larger and longer in her mouth. She squeezed his balls, making her son moan against her fiery ass.

Then Johnny pushed his tongue into her asshole.

“Uhhhhhh!” Lisa grunted, her eyes bulging. His tongue seemed to go so deep into her asshole, and the sensations startled her. Her cunt reacted to his tongue up her ass with a muffled cry, Lisa began to come. Straining her ass against Johnny’s face, keeping his tongue inside her asshole, she sucked with a wild hunger on his cock.

Johnny grunted. Suddenly hot juices gushed into his mother’s mouth.

Lisa, comingin hot waves of orgasm, her cunt smashed at his chin, gulped wetly at his spurting cock, her throat working to swallow the heavy gushes.

Johnny clung to her naked, twisting ass tightly, darting his tongue in and out of his mother’s asshole.

While Lisa gulped and swallowed his discharge, she rubbed and pulled and twisted at his balls, making wet sounds of ecstasy. Her hot thighs clamped about his head, her ass hunching up and down. Johnny’s tongue was still fucking into her asshole swiftly.

When her son stopped gushing, she worked on his softening cock with her tongue and lips. She writhed in slow undulation as he pulled his tongue out of her asshole.

Stretching her long legs outward, she rested on top of him, holding his cock in her mouth. She purred when Johnny licked along the edges of her asshole, then at the creamy crack. His tongue probed gently into her cunt, his hands caressing her shivering flesh. He sucked at the soft flesh of her inner thigh, and Lisa slowly rolled off him.

“You lied to me, baby,” she whispered.

“I lied? About what, Mom?”

“You said you didn’t know how to lick a cunt, and you licked the piss out of mine.”

“I didn’t lie, Mom,” he insisted. “I just got carried away. I love licking your cunt.”

“I’m teasing, baby,” she murmured. “You do know you had your tongue up my asshole, don’t you?”

Johnny giggled. “I know cunt from asshole, Mom.”

She laughed. “Johnny, that made me come so hard. I’ve never been licked in the ass. When you pushed your tongue up my asshole, I came so fucking hard!”

Lisa spread her legs, running her hand past her cunt and gently touching her asshole.

“You know what, I bet you could fuck me in my ass, baby. Would you like to try that?”

“You wanna do it, Mom?” he asked eagerly. “Ooooh, so eager!” she purred. She fondled his cock and balls, feeling his prick respond with a slow swelling. “But let’s try that later. When you fucked me earlier, I loved the way your cock felt in my cunt so much, I’m going to get it hard again. Then I’m going to fuck your brains out… with my cunt!”

She leaned over him, talking his balls into her mouth, sucking them, as her fist worked on his cock. Within a short time, Johnny had a hard-on once more.

Giving his cock a kiss, she turned onto her stomach, drawing her knees up and straightening her arms. She waggled her ass giggling wantonly.

Johnny watched her tits sway, saw her curvy ass. When she spread her knees, he gazed at her cunt.

“This is doggy style,” she said with a giggle. “Want to fuck mother like a doggy, Johnny? You can go real deep this way. I love to be fucked on my hands and knees.”

Johnny kneeled behind her ass. He was so fascinated by her nakedness that he felt her flesh, stroking her parted asscheeks, sliding the edge of his hand between them and over her hot whole to her cunt.

Lisa whimpered and twisted erotically for him.

He pressed his mouth to her ass, kissing and sucking at the hot, smooth flesh, licking from asscheek to asscheek. He probed at her cunt with it tongue, flicked her erect clit, then licked at her puckering asshole. He thrust his tongue into his mother’s asshole, fucking it in and out. When she began to whimper, he put his tongue into her cunt.

“Oooooh, Johnny! Are you trying to make me come before you fuck me? If you are, you’re doing a good job of it!”

“I’ll fuck you, Mom!” he groaned, lifting his head and rubbing his cock against the backs of her creamy thighs, then over her hairy cunt and satiny, ass. “I’ll fuck your cunt, Mom! I’m gonna really fuck your cunt!”

“Then you better hurry, because I’m ready to come!”

Johnny got on his knees, placing the head of his cock against the wet, fiery entrance of her cunt. Gripping her hips, he thrust his cock into her pussy quickly, watching it sink out of sight.

“Ohhh, baby!” Lisa cried, smashing her ass against him. “God, yes! That’s the way to fuck mother! Ram that big, beautiful cock up my cunt! Oooooh, fuck me, Johnny!”

Lisa twisted her ass as her son began stabbing back and forth. She lowered her head, looking between her tits, watching his balls swing back and forth as his cock darted in and out of her cunt. Each inward fuck-thrust into her pussy forced her breath out in a hot gasp of delight, making her tits sway. Her nipples strained with a tingling hardness. The fleshy slap of his body against her naked ass sent hot tremors racing up and down her spine. Her cunt was so sensitive that she could feel each throbbing ridge of her son’s cock. The head of his cock expanded, caressing the steamy tissues deep inside her pussy. With moaning cries of rapture, she churned and pumped her ass with him.

Johnny, panting hotly, watched his mother’s asshole pucker as he pounded into her cunt. The tight fit of her pussy stroked and clung to his prick.

No matter how tight he held her hips, Lisa could wiggle them energetically. It felt to her as if his cock penetrated her cunt all the way to her throat. It was the reason she loved to be fucked in this position — he could go so much deeper into her.

With throaty, hot sobs, she whipped her naked ass around and around with wanton motions.

Johnny seemed to fuck her cunt with fantastic speed, the friction making her mind spin with lewd ecstasy. His balls bounced off her swollen clit, increasing the growing beat.

“Ohhhh, Johnny, Johnny!” she gasped. “Ahhhhh, Mom!”

“Oh, baby! Oh, God, Johnny! My cunt… you’re burning mother’s cunt up with that hard cock!”

“Mom, what are you doing?” Johnny gasped.

“Fucking you!”

“No, your cunt! What are you making your cunt do?”

“Nothing! I’m not doing anything with my cunt!”

“But it’s squeezing me, Mom! Your cunt is squeezing my cock! If you don’t stop that, you’re gonna make me come too fast!”

“I’m not doing it!” Lisa wailed. “It’s doing it by itself!”

“You’ll make me came, Mom!”

“Come!” she cried, straining hard against him.

“I gotta! I gotta come, Mom!”

Lisa wailed as her cunt clamped wetly around his plunging cock.

“Johnny!” she screamed.

Johnny let out a loud grunt, the rippling contractions of his mother’s cunt grabbing at his cock. He fucked her hard, pulling at her hips. Lisa, coming in overwhelming waves of ecstasy, returned the pressure. Johnny began to squirt, spraying thick come juice into his mother’s convulsing cunt. Lisa cried out as she felt him coming inside her. Her pussy squeezed and gripped. Her stomach was rippling. Her inner thighs felt as if they were going to melt.

“Ohhhh, baby, baby!” she moaned, the intense contractions slowing until she felt only a gentle pulsation in her cunt. “That was so hard, so beautiful! God, you can fuck a girl so good, Johnny.”

Johnny pulled his cock out of his mother’s cunt, letting the wet pink lips close together. He sat back on his heels.

Lisa lowered her head and shoulders to the bed. She twisted her uplifted ass slowly.

“I don’t know who fucked the piss out of who,” she mewled, “but I loved it, Johnny.”

“Mom, your cunt is dripping.”

“Well, what do you expect when you come in it so much.” She giggled, rolling over. “That isn’t all pussy juice, you know.”

She lay on her back, with her legs splayed outward. Johnny ran his fingers through her pussy hair, feeling the softness of it.

“I like this hair, Mom. It’s so soft and curly.”

Lisa smiled at him. Johnny began feeling her tits with his other hand, watching her nipples stiffen.

“Keep feeling mother up like this and you’re going to have to fuck me again, you know,” she purred.

He grinned, squirming around so she could get her hands on his cock.

“Mmmmmm,” Lisa purred, taking his cock in her hand. “So eager. I love that, baby, so eager to fuck mother.”

Johnny was up, showered and dressed for school when Lisa finally got out of bed. She wandered into the kitchen. He was eating a bowl of cereal.

“That’s not a decent breakfast for a manlike you,” she said, running her hand through his hair. “You need eggs, bacon, and toast. Have to keep your strength up, you know.”

“You looked so good sleeping, Mom, I didn’t wanna wake you up.”

“That’s nice of you,” she whispered kissing his forehead. “But from now on, make sure I’m up so you can eat right.”

Lisa slid her robe on, and she saw his frown.

“Really, you didn’t expect me to come in here naked did you?” she asked. “What sort of mother do you think I am?”

“But, after yesterday, Mom, I guess I thought… well, things had changed.”

“Johnny, I was teasing,” she said softly. “If you want me to run around the house naked, I will.”

She started to remove her robe.

“If you take it off, Mom…” he grinned, “…I’ll be late for school.”

“See what I mean?” she said.

“I wish it was summer vacation. I wanna stay with you.”

Lisa hugged him against her body, holding his head to her stomach. “You just want to spend the day fucking me. School is necessary, Johnny. I’ll be here when you get home.”

Johnny turned in his chair, opening her robe. Lisa sighed with pleasure as he began sucking her tits. She drew his hands into her robe, up her ass. Johnny sucked his mother’s nipples and squeezed her rounded, firm ass while Lisa stood purring, starting to tremble.

“That’s enough, honey,” she said, pushing him away gently. “You’re going to be late.”

Reluctantly, he stood up. His cock pushed at his pants with hardness. “You’re gonna make me go to school with this hard-on, Mom?”

“Johnny, you have to go,” she said, eyeing his hard-on. “We can’t do this when it’s tine for you to go.”

“It’s a mean way to treat a guy with a hard-on, Mom,” he said, picking up his books. “But I guess that’s the way it’s gotta be.”

“Yes, it is.”

Lisa kissed him at the door, then stood and watched him walk away slowly. When he was out of sight, she closed the door, leaning against it, almost ready to cry. She had wanted to keep him home — she had been cruel to make him go to school with a hard-on. The least she could have done was take a few minutes to suck, his cock off, she thought.

She opened the door, ready to call him back, but Johnny was already gone.

She spent all morning cleaning house, but she could not get her wind off her son’s crest-fallen expression, or the way his cock strained in hardness as he went to school.

Shortly after noon, she was dressed, her mind made up.

The school was not far away, and she could walk it in ten minutes. She left the house, determination. She had on nylons and heels, but her cunt wat uncovered. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties.

Reaching the school, she went into the administration office, introduced herself and requested to speak to her son for a few minute. She sat on a bench as she waited for him. She crossed her legs, swinging one foot, her cunt wet, making her inner thighs slippery as she thought again about what she was going to do.

She saw him walking down the long hallway, end when he saw her, his eyeslit up. Lisa grinned, uncrossing her legs and spreading them. She watched the delight spread over her son’s face when he caught a peek of her hairy cunt.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” he asked, approaching her.

Lisa took his hand, leading him any from the office. “Nothing is wrong, baby. I got to thinking how you came to school, and bow you would suffer, so here I am.”

“But what can we do at school?” he asked.

“I’ll show you.” She held his hand firmly. “How much longer before the classes change?”

“About twenty minutes.”

“We have time. Show me where the bathrooms are.”

“You have to use the bathroom?”

Lisa grinned wickedly at him. “Yes… with you.”

Eagerly, he gripped her hand and showed her where the bathrooms were located. He paused. “We gonna use the boy’s?”

“Either one you want to use,” she said eagerly. “I don’t care. Just as long as we have time.”

Johnny pushed into the boy’s restroom, with Lisa glancing up and down the hall before she entered behind him. Along one wall was a row of sinks.

“This will do fine,” she said, lifting her skirt to her waist. “But it has to be fast, baby.”

She perched on one white sink, her dress around her waist, her legs spread wide for him. Her cunt was juicy and hot, juices seeping down her inner thighs.

“Hurry up!” she urged. “Fuck me fast, Johnny!”

Johnny, eyeing his mother’s cunt, pulled his cock from his pants. He stepped between her spread knees.

Lisa gripped his shoulders, looking down at her cunt as her son pushed his cock into it. She gasped and twisted her ass on the sink, holding his shoulders tightly.

Johnny held her hips, lunging into her cunt swiftly.

“Ooooh, hurry!” Lisa panted.

She lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist.

Johnny rammed into her pussy fast, holding her hips. Lisa pushed her mouth to his, kissing him hard, her tongue darting past his teeth, breathing feverishly. His cock stabbed into her cunt hard, making her gasp with ecstasy. Her ass was almost ready to slide off the sink, and she squeezed his waist hard with her thighs to keep her balance.

“Ahhh, baby, baby!” she hissed. “Mmmm, fuck mother? Ram your hard cock up mother’s juicy cunt! Fuck me, Johnny!”

Johnny pounded into her crotch. “Oh, Mom, you’re so hot and wet! Your cunt is hot and wet and tight!”

“I don’t like making you go to school with a hard-on!” she panted. “Never again will that happen. Mmmm, Johnny! You feel so hard in my cunt! Your cock is so hard, so hot!”

She tightened her thighs.

“I wish you had pushed your pants down! I want to feel you naked against me, your balls on my ass!”

“I’ll take them down!”

“No! We don’t have time!”

“I wanna suck your tits!” He rushed his hands upward, fingers curling about her tit. “You don’t have a bra on, either.”

“Don’t undress me!” she cried. “We don’t have time, baby! Just fuck me hard and fast, come in mother’s cunt!”

She squirmed on the sink, feeling his cock pound deeply, smashing against her rigid clit. Lisa gasped from the force of his penetration, clinging to his shoulders with a tight grip, her legs wrapped around him, squeezing his waist.

Johnny fucked faster, his face tilted up, eyes closed in rapture.

“Oooohhh, baby, hurry!”

“Mom! Oh, Mom!”

“Does it feel good, baby? Does it feel real good?”

“Ahh, yes!”

“Squirt it in me, Johnny! Please, hurry and come!”

Writhing frantically, afraid she would fail off the sink, Lisa strained her cunt to her son. She began to squeal when her pussy began to throb with that delicious feeling of an approaching orgasm. Her eyes were slitted, fiery with the heat searing through her body.

“Ooooh Johnny! My cunt… oh, my cunt!”

With a moan, she lurched her crotch against him, writhing hard. The pulsations in her pussy turned to contractions, and Lisa began to come in fiery waves of rippling orgasm.

Johnny, his cock gripped by the flexing tightness of his mother’s cunt, cried out, then rapidly spurted his jizz into her.

“Ohhbh, yes, yes!” Lisa whimpered, grinding as hard as she could. “Oooooh, Johnny, yes! God, yes, baby!”

“Ahhhh, Mom!” he moaned, slumping forward, panting harshly.

Lisa took a few moments to caress and hold her son as he trembled, his cock softening in her pussy. When she felt he was strong enough, she gently pushed him upright.

“Now you have to go back to class, and I have to get out of this restroom.”

She slid from the sink, her dress pulling high. Johnny looked at her nyloned legs, her bushy cunt. “Mom, I like you in those nylons. They make you look sexy.”

Lisa giggled impishly, taking his hand sliding his palm up her nyloned thigh to her naked ass, then she pushed him away. “We better not start anything again.”

There was a loud clatter as a bell rang.

“Oh, God!” Lisa gasped. “I have to get out of here now!”

She darted from the restroom, with Johnny right behind her.

They laughed as he walked with her to the main entrance. Lisa was delighted with her son’s expression when they parted.

She leaned and whispered into his ear: “Hurry straight home from school.”

“You know I will,” he replied with a grin. For the rest of the afternoon, Lisa let the anticipation build inside her as she bathed, preparing herself for her son. She was pleased that she had gone to his school, pleased to have, fucked him in the, restroom.

She pulled on a fresh pair of nylons, snapping a baby-blue garter belt with white lace trim about her waist. She snapped a half bra on, one that cupped the lower halves of her tits, leaving her nipples exposed and lifting her tits high.

When Johnny came home right after school, she was standing in the middle of the living room floor. Johnny stopped quick, staring at her.

Linda posed, hips thrust out, hand on hip, looking at him with what she hoped was a wanton expression.

“Oh, that’s nice, Mom!”

“Don’t you think you better shut the door?” She giggled.

Johnny slammed the door shut, watching his mother.

Lisa turned slowly, giving him a view of her body from all angles.

Johnny began to pant. “Mom, your ass is so pretty. And your tits! Your tits are so beautiful! Oooooh, and look at your cunt!”

“This is all for you to look at. Does it make your cock hard?”

Johnny pushed his hips forward, his cock swollen in his pants. He gripped it through his pants and squeezed.

“Oh, don’t hurt it!” Linda whimpered. “Squeeze too hard and you might come in your pants, then I would have to lick all that sweet come juice off your pants instead of sucking it from your cock.”

“Mom, you make me so fucking hot!”

“That’s the idea, baby — to make you so fucking hot you’ll want to fuck mother’s brains out.”

Johnny scrambled from his clothing, staring as his mother posed for him. His cock lurched up, his balls looking hot and full. “I will fuck your brains out, Mom! Oh, I’ll fuck the piss out of you!”

“Oooooh, yes! Fuck mother’s brains out!” Lisa cooed. “Fuck my brains out through my ass, Johnny!”

“Do you mean it?”

“Yes!” Lisa exclaimed. “Fuck mother in the ass this time.”

“Ooooh, Mom!”

Lisa bent her knees, kneeling on the floor and staring at his jerking cock. Leaning over on her hands and knees, she waggled her ass for him. Johnny moved toward her, watching her ass, seeing the pink ring puckering. He knelt behind her, caressing the satiny flesh for a moment.

“Do it now, Johnny!” Lisa hissed. “I don’t want to wait any longer! Fuck me in the ass now!”

Johnny, so overcome with excitement that he couldn’t speak, rubbed the head of his cock up and down the crack of his mother’s ass, making Lisa whine softly. When he probed at her asshole with the head of his cock, she held her breath.

As he began to exert pressure, her asshole began to tingle hotly, starting to stretch for him. Johnny watched his cock push inward, the heat and tightness fascinating him.

The greater the pressure, the better it felt to Lisa. She wiggled her ass, carefully pushing back against him.

“It’s gonna go in, Mom!”

“Oh, I feel it! I feel it, baby!”

Johnny pushed, and the head of his cock slipped into his mother’s asshole.

Lisa gasped loudly, feeling her asshole being spread wide open. It felt much better than she imagined. It was strange that she felt no pain, only a stretching, tingling feeling that excited her intensely, a fullness that was exquisite. She felt his cock jerk and throb. Her nipples erected and her cunt responded with a twitching heat. As her son slowly pushed deeper, the feeling became more intense.

Johnny, gripping her grinding hips, began to pound in and out of his mother’s asshole. The fleshy sounds were loud as he banged into her, and each thrust made her tight tits sway back and forth.

Lisa cried out, whimpering with the exquisite sensations of being fucked in her ass by Johnny’s cock. Her cunt seemed to swell, open and close, her clit bulging. His cock felt so huge, so hard.

“Do you like it?” she panted.

“Yes, I love it, Mom!”

“As good as my cunt?”

“Oh, yessss!”

“And my mouth?”

“Ahhh, Mom, Mom!”

Johnny, gritting his teeth, plunged wildly into her asshole.

Lisa began to sob, the hot friction setting her ass on fire. She wiggled and thrust with him, grinding back at him when his cock went all the way in.

“I don’t believe it! This is going to make me come, Johnny!”

Johnny was staring down at his mother’s grinding ass, watching his cock thrust in and out, seeing the tight grip that her asshole had on his cock. His balls were now drenched with her dripping pussy juice, making wet sounds as they bounced against her hairy cunt-slit.

Lisa began straining against him, groaning, her clit swollen painfully. She felt the rippling heat start deep in her stomach, spreading along her inner thighs. Her pussy began pulsating. Her asshole seemed to throb around his cock.

“Johnny! Oh, my God, Johnny!”

“Mom, I’m about to come!”

“Oooooh, yes!”

As her impending orgasm swelled inside her body, Lisa strained her ass tightly against her son.

Johnny began to grunt and fuck as hard as he could into his mother’s asshole.

For what seemed mindless moments, they strained hard, holding their breaths. Her asshole squeezed his cock, making it jerk far up her ass.

“Now, Johnny!” Lisa screamed. “Oh, I’m coming now!”

Johnny, unable to resist the sudden squeezing sensation on his cock, grunted and spewed his boiling juices up his mother’s asshole. The squirts spurting into her ass intensified Lisa’s orgasm, and she came so hard that it was almost agonizing.

Weakly, Lisa lowered her head and shoulders to the floor, moaning softly. Her son rested atop her body, his cock still gripped by her asshole.

They panted and moaned for a long time. When Johnny gently pulled his cock out of her ass, Lisa whimpered. As his cock pulled free, she felt a cooling draft of air soothing the crinkling ring of her asshole.

Lisa prepared dinner dressed in her garter belt and nylons, her heels making her legs look longer than ever.

Johnny, naked, sat at the table watching her, very pleased to see her dressed this way.

Lisa felt so wicked, so wanton. Her ass bunched in movement, and Johnny stared in pleasure at her cunt and tits when she faced him.

When dinner was ready, they sat and ate, but Johnny seemed more interested in her body than his food.

“I swear, baby, you’d rather suck my tits or my cunt than eat.” She laughed.

“I would right now, Mom,” he agreed.

“You’ll have all the opportunity to do what you want,” she answered. “But you have to take time out to eat food, not me.”

She removed her shoe and pushed her foot between his knees, rubbing at his cock with it, her eyes twinkling. She told him what she had seen in the mall, of the woman sucking her son off. She told him how hot it had made her.

“You like to see people do that, Mom?” be asked.

Lisa nodded. “I do now. I didn’t realize it until I saw that. Would you like to see someone fucking, honey?”

Johnny’s eyes brightened. “Yeah, but I don’t know how to do that.”

“We’ll have to see if we can, together,” Lisa replied.

“I’d like that. I mean, both of us, Mom.” Lisa’s toe rubbed at his cock, smiling wickedly at him. “Johnny, it seems you and I like the same things. That’s always nice, when we both enjoy the same things together. Baby, I think you’re getting a hard-on. Want mother to suck it off?”

Johnny, grinning broadly, stood up. His cock jutted out.

“You really like to suck cock, don’t you, Mom?”

“Your cock I do,” she purred, slipping taker knees before him. She cradled his balls in one hand, caressing his young ass with the other. She rubbed his cock over her nipples. “I don’t know about other cocks, but I love to suck you off. I love it when you come in my mouth… it’s so hot and thick and sweet.”

“Didn’t you suck Dad off?”

“Of course, and I loved sucking him, too,” Lisa admitted. “But I’ve only sucked the two of you. I’ve never really had the desire to suck anyone else.”

Johnny giggled as his cock smeared her nipples with dripping juices. “I’d suck cunt, Mom I’d lick the pussy of every girl in school!”

“You probably would.” She giggled, rubbing her lips aver the head of his cock.

“But they’d have to let me fuck them, too.”

“Baby, if a girl will let you lick her cunt, she’d probably fuck you as well.”

Johnny ran his hands through his mother’s hair as he watched her rub her lips along the shaft of his cock to his balls.

Lisa licked his balls, then began sucking them gently and tenderly.

“Mmmmm, so hot and full,” she mewled. “I bet you have a big, hot load of juice for mother.”

“Suck my cock and find out,” he urged.

Lisa, her eyes twinkling hotly up at him, moved her mouth to his cock, her tongue caressing it. She pushed her lips to the base of his prick, moaning softly, his throbbing hardness exciting her. She held his cock deep in her mouth for a long time, pushing it against the roof of her mouth, feeling it pulsate against her throat.

Johnny cupped his mother’s face, then he began to slowly push and pull his cock between her hot, wet lips.

“Mmmmmm!” Lisa cooed, pulling her head back. “Ooooh, you want to fuck mother’s mouth, do you? I’d love that, Johnny. Fuck my mouth, baby! Fuck mother’s mouth like it was her hot cunt or tight asshole!”

Johnny eased his cock back into her mouth, moaning softly as he held her face.

Thrusting his hips, he watched his cock sink into his mother’s mouth, her lips gripping tightly, her tongue swirling. Lisa cupped his ass in both hands, feeling his asscheeks bunch in her palms. His balls rubbed at her chin. Her cunt became very juicy as her clit expanded with swollen hardness.

She rubbed her rigid nipples against his thighs as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth. When he pulled it almost free, she sucked at his pisshole, drawing the hot juices out, her tongue fluttering into the small slit. She kept gazing up at his face, watching his rapture, feeling pleased with herself to give him so much ecstasy.

Johnny fucked into her mouth carefully, much too gently for her.

“You can do it faster, honey!” she exclaimed, her lips against the head of his cock. “You don’t have to be so careful. You won’t hurt me, or choke me, or anything. Fuck mother in the mouth as fast as you want!”

Holding her cheeks, Johnny pushed his cock back into her mouth.

Lisa made a soft, hot whimpering sound, then she began to suck his cock with tight lips.

He started fucking her mouth. She drew one of his hands to the back of her head, then holding his ass again, she moaned in pleasure. The rubbing of her son’s hot, hard cock between her lips excited her very much, made her cunt burn with hunger. She felt his body tremble with excitement.

“Oh, suck it, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “My cock is so hard, Mom! Suck my cock! Suck it deep! Oooooh, it’s almost like your cunt! Lick me with your tongue… suck and lick my cock, Mom!”

His lewd words increased the desire she felt, and Lisa began to suck his cock vigorously, gripping his pumping ass tightly. The way he held her head made Lisa happy. It showed his excitement, and she wanted her son to be very excited by her.

“It’s so good, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “Ohhhh, I love this, Mom!”

Lisa nodded that she, too, loved it. The rubbing of his hot cock over her tongue made her tremble with wanton hunger. His prick was very hard, throbbing and dripping as she sucked. The way the rounded head brushed against the back of her throat made her shiver with delight. His balls were very hot as they smacked against her chin.

Running her fingers into the crack of Johnny’s ass, she began to rub and tickle the crinkle of his asshole.

Johnny gasped, staring down as his mother sucked on the head of his cock. Her finger touching his asshole made his balls grow tight, caused his cock to lurch in her mouth.

“Mmmmm!” Lisa moaned, her eyes flashing hotly up at him.

“Mom, if you touch my asshole, it’s gonna make me come faster!” Johnny panted.

“Ooooommmm!” Lisa gurgled, wiggling her finger around his asshole, sucking very hard with tight, wet lips, eyes sparkling up at his excited face.

She swayed her ass slowly, her cunt bubbling with wetness. Her throat tingled as she anticipated the hot spurt of his come juice. Her cunt seemed to clasp tightly, pulsating in tingling pleasure.

Watching his face for his reaction, she slowly pushed her middle finger into his asshole.

Johnny’s eyes widened. He gasped softly. He stopped fucking into her mouth when he felt his mother gently finger-fuck his asshole while she sucked his cock, darting her face back and forth.

“Mom, my asshole!” Johnny moaned.


Johnny wiggled, and Lisa increased the speed of her finger-thrusts in and out of his tight, hot asshole. He gripped the back of her head, and began to force his cock deeper into her mouth.

With her lips smashed at the base, his balls crushed on her chin, Lisa rammed her finger in and out of her son’s asshole, making his cock jerk wildly. She felt him shaking as she listened to his pants and cries of ecstasy.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Johnny wailed. “Ohhh, I’m gonna come in your mouth, Mom! My cock… my ah… oooooh!”

Lisa gobbled hungrily, plunging her finger all the way into his gripping asshole.

Johnny’s cock spewed, spraying her throat with his thick come juice, spurt after rapid spurt.

Lisa gurgled wetly, gulping and swallowing. Her mouth was filled with creamy juices. His asshole clenched about her finger as another spasm whipped through his young body. While he came, she kept fucking his asshole, her cunt swollen with wet heat.

“Swallow, Mom!” Johnny cried. “Swallow it! Swallow my come juice!”

Frantic, gulping wetly, Lisa began to whimper. Her cunt was throbbing, tingling, almost on the brink of an orgasm. She sucked and swallowed in a frenzy, pumping her finger into his asshole.

But then, with a wet cry, she jerked her mouth from his cock. She fell back, flinging her legs wide apart and clutching her cunt with both hands, sobbing as she came in overwhelming waves of passion. Her lips glistened with jizz as she twisted her ass on the floor, with her son standing there on weak knees, watching her.

Slowly she calmed, and lay spread on the floor, legs and arms flung wide apart. She grinned up at him. “I finished you, at least. I wasn’t sure I could, but I did.”

“What are you talking about, Mom?”

“I came, honey. I could hardly stand it, and you were coming off. I couldn’t stop sucking your cock while you were coming, but my cunt was about to explode.”

“You mean you liked it so much, you came, too?”

She nodded, eyes glittering. “I never did that before. I’ve never come while sucking a cock. God, that was a powerful one, too.”

Johnny squatted at her side, caressing her tits. The half bra made her tits stand up in firmness as she lay on her back.

“I thought you had to have a cock in your cunt to come,” he said.

“Apparently not. I guess I just come easy.” Lisa got up. “Let’s have something to drink, honey. For some reason I’m thirsty.”

“Want iced tea?”

“That would be fine.”

She watched him walk into the kitchen, gazing at his tight young ass.

Johnny brought her a tall glass of iced tea, and she sat on the floor, legs crossed. His cock, she noticed, was half hard already. She looked at his prick with a slightly glazed expression.

“Baby,” she said, setting her now-empty glass on the floor. “I’d love it if you sat in my face.”

“You just sucked me off, Mom.”

“Anything wrong with that?”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” he answered hastily. “If you wanna suck me off again, I’m ready.”

“That’s what I love about you.” She grinned. “You’re always ready!”

“Like you, huh?”

She nodded. “When I said sit in my face, I meant your ass. Want mother to lick your ass, Johnny? Maybe you can fuck me between my tits, too.”

Johnny’s face lit up. “Hey, that might be fun!”

“For both of us!” Lisa purred.

Lisa lay back again, and Johnny swung a knee over her head, facing her feet. As he knelt above her face, Lisa managed to unhook her bra. She stared up at him, seeing his balls dangling, his cock lifting with growing hardness, the pink crinkle of his asshole.

When she felt her son fondling her tits, she lifted her head and lapped at his balls, her hands sliding slowly about his thighs and hips. Her tongue laved from the base of his cock, over his balls, then swiped wetly into the crack of his spreading ass. She heard him gasp as she licked a hot circle around his asshole.

“Johnny, play with your cock,” she mewled. “Jack on your cock while I do this.”

Johnny pumped his prick slowly, feeling his mother licking his ass and balls.

Lisa licked at his swinging balls, swirling her tongue as she cupped his asscheeks. She pulled his balls into her mouth, sucking on them.

Johnny jerked on his cock, feeling her nose pressing lightly against his asshole. She drew her knees up, spreading them open so he could look at the wet slit of her hairy cunt, knowing it would add to his pleasure. She moved her mouth to his asshole. She pressed her lips around the crinkle, her tongue wiggling into the tightness. She breathed hotly, fascinated with the pleasure she felt at sucking her son’s asshole.

Lowering her head, she panted. “Johnny, put your cock between my tits and fuck them!”

Johnny leaned over and down, pressing his cock between her satiny tits.

Lisa closed her hands on her tits, smothering his cock. Johnny rubbed back and forth, his balls brushing her chin and neck. Lisa began to kiss feverishly at his asseheeks as he fucked her tits. She felt his juices smearing the flesh of her titties, making his cock slide easily. She twisted her ass on the floor, knees parted very wide.

“Do you like fucking mother’s titties, baby?” she gasped. “I like to feel your ass rubbing in my face, your hot balls on my face. It makes my cunt so wet and hot! Johnny, I’m going to suck your asshole! Fuck my titties while I suck your hot asshole, baby!”

“Suck it, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “Suck my asshole!”

Lisa pushed her face into the crack of his ass, her tongue swirling. She sucked his ass-pucker, pushing her tongue against the tightness.

Johnny shoved his ass down, then he leaned over as far as he could, and he licked at her bulging clit. Lisa mewled and pushed her tongue past the ring of his asshole, then she began to thrust in and out. Tongue fucking her son up the ass with his cock throbbing between her tits made her tremble with steamy wickedness.

Johnny could not keep licking her cunt, due to his excitement. He sat up, smothering his mother’s face with his ass.

Lisa plunged her tongue into his asshole, feeling hot juices drip onto her jutting tits.

Johnny squirmed with excitement.

Lisa stabbed her tongue in and out of his gripping asshole, one hand now wrapped about his hard cock, pumping it. She rammed her tongue as far into his hot asshole as she could, mewling softly.

Her cunt was hot, but it was not pulsating as it had when she had sucked his cock. Whether she came or not was not important to her now. She was doing this for her son, and enjoying it as much as he was. She liked the way his asshole flexed around her tongue, squeezing it. She liked the feel of her lips closing around it. She loved the heat of his asscheeks against her face.

Johnny was holding her tits, pressing them together, trying to make her nipples touch.

“I might come on your tits, Mom!” he moaned. “I think I’ll come all over your fucking titties!”

Lisa pulled her tongue out of his asshole. “Come on them! Come on my tits. Ooooh, Johnny, I like to tongue-fuck you up your hot asshole!”

She buried her face into his ass again, her tongue scooting past the ring. She sucked and licked and tongue-fucked him feverishly, twisting her face between his asscheeks and moaning. His cock throbbed with hardness.

“Almost, Mom! I’m ready to come!”

Lisa squealed, ramming her tongue as deep as she could. She heard her son gasp, then his juices gushed from his cock. She felt his come juice drench her hand, splashing down on her tits.

His asshole went into spasms around her darting tongue. She plunged her tongue time and again into his asshole while he came, soaking her firm tits with the scalding juices of his balls. She clamped her thighs together, her cunt twitching. She almost came.

“Mom,” Johnny panted. “I sure came on your tits.”

Lisa slipped her tongue out of his asshole as he got off her face. Lisa licked her swollen lips, running her wt hands over her tits. She looked at the wetness in her palms, then, with a wicked giggle, she began to lick them. She smeared her hands over her tits again, licking until she had licked her hands clean.

“It’s not the same as when you come in my mouth, but I love it just the same.” She laughed wantonly. “Did you like my tongue up your asshole, Johnny?”

“Yeah.” He grinned at her. “Mom, you sure know how to make me feel good.”

“I’ll always make you feel good,” she purred, stretching luxuriously.

Lisa had no idea how they could watch someone fucking, but they talked all afternoon about it.

“Maybe someone will see us, Mom.”

“They’d have to peek in the windows.” Lisa giggled.

“We could have been caught at school. Would you like to be caught fucking me?”

Linda gave it a moment’s thought. “I wouldn’t mind. It might be exciting if someone caught us.”

“Yeah, but I’d get kicked out of school.”

“Johnny, we don’t have to do that at your school. There’s other places.”

“Like where?”

Lisa really had no idea. The thought of someone seeing her with her son’s cock in her cunt or mouth was exciting to her, but almost all of her fucking had been done at home, or in the car. Fucking in a car wasn’t all that exciting to her, it was much too cramped. Besides, the possibility of being seen in a car was practically nil. Then an idea came to her.

“Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

She went to her room and found an old wraparound dress. It was made of cotton, and quite thin. She wrapped it around her naked body and returned to Johnny.

“Are you going someplace, Mom?”

“In this? Are you kidding?”

He knew better. His mother was always well dressed and groomed before she left the house. “Then what did you put it on for?”

“Watch,” she said, untying the cloth belt and letting the dress open.

“SO you and I are going for a walk. I’m naked under this, and if we see a good place, you can get to my cunt easier. Besides, I’d be almost naked, too.”

“In public, Mom?”

“You want to get caught, don’t you?”

“I guess I do,” he agreed. “You don’t mind if someone sees you naked?”

Lisa wiggled her hips. “I think it would be great.”

“If you’re willing, so am I.”

“I knew you would be.” She grinned, watching him pull on his pants and a T-shirt.

They left the house. The evening was warm, and her thin wrap-around dress clung to her shapely body, so thin that it could almost be seen through.

“This makes me feel so wicked!” She giggled.

“Me, too,” he replied.

They walked a few blocks until they came to the post office. It was closed, but the room where the mail boxes were located was open and well lit.

They stood and looked inside a moment, then Lisa tugged at his hand. “Let’s go in there.”

“But we can be seen if anybody passes.”

“Isn’t that the idea?”


Lisa skipped up the steps and entered the well lit room. One wall was filled with post office boxes, with a long table near the windows.

Feeling excited, Lisa untied her belt, and with her wrap-around dress flying she skipped from one end of the large room to the other, her cunt end tits flashing.

Johnny watched her, his cock growing in his pants.

“Take your cock out!” She laughed, holding her dress about her waist and waggling her naked ass at the windows. “Let’s be nasty, baby.”

Johnny pulled his cock from his pants, watching her while she danced up and down the room, wiggling her ass, spreading her legs and jutting her cunt toward the windows.

They laughed like naughty kids, very excited with what they were doing.

Lisa leaned against the row of mail boxes, spreading her legs wide. She rubbed at her hairy cunt, spreading it open as she faced the windows. Johnny stood near her, watching, as he slowly pumped his cock. Lisa began to pant with heat as she watched him. Being so open thrilled her more than she had expected, and her cunt was on fire, hot juices running along her inner thighs.

“Ooooh, this makes me so fucking hot, Johnny!” she moaned. “My cunt is so hot, I could fuck an army!”

She pushed away from the wall, her hand curled between her thighs. She eyed her son’s cock hungrily. “Johnny, fuck me now! Fuck mother here and now!”

Johnny moved up behind her, just tall enough to fit his cock to her cunt without bending his knees. When she felt his cock at her pussy, Lisa began to moan with eagerness, grinding back against him as he pushed his cock into her cunt.

“Ooooo, baby! Fuck that hot ass!” she whimpered, twisting her ass for him.

Johnny rammed in and out, watching her ass writhe. “You’re wet, Mom.”

“So wet, I’d drown you if you sucked my cunt now!”

“I’m not gonna suck your cunt — I’m gonna fuck it!”

“Yes, baby! Fuck mother’s hot cunt!”

Lisa thrust her ass hard against him. Being so open sent chills of erotic ecstasy through her. She stared out the window, feeling the increasingly wilder lunges of her son’s cock. Her cunt burned and gripped him, her ass twisting. Her tits swayed and she panted from the force of his fuck-lunges. She began wishing someone would come in and see them. She felt so excited that she was sure she would come immediately if anyone stepped through the door.

She began to see images in her spinning mind, images of other people fucking, sucking, spread on the floor of the post office, all eyes staring at her as she took her son’s cock hungrily into her cunt.

“Fuck it, fuck it!” she sobbed. “My son is fucking me! My son is fucking my hot cunt! I’m fucking my son and his cock is so hard and my cunt loves it in there so deep!”

Johnny smiled. “Hey, look! I’m fucking my mom! I can make my mom’s cunt hotter than anyone! Watch me fuck my mom! Look at her shake her hot ass, look at her hairy cunt, her pretty tits!”

“Look, everyone! My son is fucking me!” Lisa sobbed. “See his hard cock fuck my cunt! Watch us fuck!”

“I’m gonna come in my moms cunt!” Johnny shouted. “I’m gonna come in my mom’s hot, juicy cunt, then she’s gonna suck my cock!”

“Ooooh, look at us!” Lisa cried. “My son is going to come in my cunt! I’m going to suck his cock off, make him come in my mouth, then fuck him with my ass! Look at us… watch!”

“Mom, I can’t hold back!” Johnny wailed.

“Ahhh, squirt it in my pussy!” Lisa sobbed. “Come in mother’s hot cunt! Watch my son’s cock squirt in my hot, wet writ, everyone!”

She shook her ass frantically, her pussy clutching his cock tightly, her clit swollen. She began to strain. Her face was flushed with an impending orgasm.

“Johnny!” she cried out in a strangled sound.

“Now, Mom!”

He rammed hard and deep, clawing at her shaking hips.

As she felt his body discharging, Lisa cried out loudly, her cunt contracting with a burning, sweet orgasm.

“Ooooh… ohhhhh!”

“Ahhhh, Mom!”

All her muscles seemed to become liquid. She slumped over the table as her son pulled his cock out of her cunt. She breathed deeply, listening to Johnny gasping for air behind her.

“A car’s coming, Mom!”

“Who cares,” she moaned, not moving.

The car came and passed without slowing.

“Do you think they saw us?” Lisa asked softly.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, Mom.”

“Mmmm, you and me both,” she purred. “Johnny, that was, great, wasn’t it?”

“You bet, Mom.”

She turned to see him starting to stuff his cock into his pants. “Wait! Let me lick it first!”

She dropped to her knees on the floor of the post office, her dress hiked up to her tits. She licked at his cock, swirling her tongue, tasting her pussy juices as well as his come juice. She took his soft cock into her mouth, sucking it for a few moments, then she let it go. She looked up at him, eyes shining.

“Aren’t we terrible?” She giggled.

“Very terrible, Mom, but it sure is fun.” She stood, holding her dress up. “Maybe I should walk home like this.”

“I dare you, Mom!” He giggled.

“Oh, you do, do you? Well, just might do it.”

“Sure you will,” he teased.

“Watch me,” she purred, starting for the door.

But the light of a car flashed along the street, and she squealed, covering herself quickly.

Johnny laughed. “See, you can’t do it!”

“Well, maybe not,” Lisa replied, blushing. They walked in the darkness, hand in hand, laughing about what they had done. The excitement was still in them. Lisa felt like a wicked little girl. She liked the feeling, and she knew her son enjoyed it as much as she did. She reached across and fondled his crotch.

“Maybe you just let your cock hang out,” she teased.

“Not unless you keep your dress up, Mom.”

“You’ll do it if I will?” she asked.

“Sure,” he said.

They stopped in the middle of the block. Most of the houses were dark, with only a few having lights on.

Lisa looked up and down the street. Everything was quiet.

“Okay, let’s do it!” she said breathlessly.

“You first, Mom,” he challenged.

“Are you afraid I won’t?”

“Something like that.”

“Just watch, me, then.”

Lisa untied her cloth belt. Then looking up and down the street again, she pulled up her dress, lifting it to her shoulders.

Johnny looked at her, seeing her naked ass, her tits, her cunt, very plainly.

“Now you!” Lisa gasped.

Johnny opened his pants and took his cock out.

Lisa gazed at his prick. “This isn’t fair.”

“It’s what we agreed on.”

“But I’m almost naked out here, and you aren’t. I want to see everything?”

“I’d have to take my pants off, Mom.”

“Just lower them to your legs,” she suggested.

Johnny complied.

They began walking along the sidewalk, Lisa becoming intensely excited watching his cock sway in movement. She dropped behind him to see his naked ass, then she skipped ahead of him so he could see her ass. She turned in circles, so he could see her cunt and tits, then let him catch up with her.

“Johnny, I’m getting hot again,” she moaned. “I can feel my juice running down my legs.”

“So am I, Mom. My cock is starting to get hard.”

They were about a block from home when Lisa stopped and peeled her dress completely off her body, folding it over her arm.

“This is so crazy, but it sure does make my cunt hot! Do you like it, Johnny?”

“I like it so much, Mom, I would fuck your hot ass off right here on the sidewalk!”

“Touch my cunt and I’d let you.” She giggled.

Johnny made a grab for her naked ass, but Lisa danced away from him, giggling softly.

“Catch me and you can fuck me anywhere!” She began to run ahead of him. Her long legs flashed in the moonlight, her satiny ass wiggling. Johnny couldn’t catch her because his lowered pants hindered his movements. Lisa passed underneath a street lamp, then paused beneath it for a moment to let her son look at her.

“Catch me and I’ll suck you off under this light!” she teased.

“I can’t — not with my pants down, Mom!”

“Take them off,” she suggested. Johnny stumbled as he got his pants off his feet, then he rushed at her.

Lisa giggled, then she squatted under the street lamp and took his cock into her mouth, sucking it. She whimpered softly as he put his hand on the back of her head.

“Maybe someone is watching from one of those houses, Mom.”

She rubbed his cock against her lips. “I doubt if they’d know who we are, though.”

“I don’t give a fuck if they do,” Johnny said, stuffing his cock into his mother’s mouth. “I’m so hot I don’t give a fuck if the whole neighborhood is watching!”

Lisa purred, then began to suck her son’s cock hungrily. The idea of being seen with her son’s cock in her mouth sent shivering excitement rippling through her naked body. She clutched his naked ass, darting her face back and forth. Her cunt steamed with wetness, the cool night air doing nothing to soothe the aching pulsations. She bobbed her mouth back and forth, sucking with tight lips as her tongue licked, taking his cock deeply into her throat.

She closed her eyes, imagining that they were being watched from darkened windows. If a car came down the street, she wasn’t sure what she would do, but at the moment she was certain she would suck her son even harder. If the people in the car stopped to watch, she knew her cunt would convulse with a very hard orgasm.

Johnny became too excited to stand still. He began to thrust into his mother’s mouth. He knew she liked it when he fucked her lips hard. He banged in and out, and Lisa cupped his tight balls in one hand, gripping his ass with the other. She moaned in rapture as she sucked, twisting in her squatting position.

Sucking her son’s cock in public sent wild passion through her. Being naked at the same time made her passion even wilder. This had never happened to her before, and if she had suggested such a thing to her husband, he would have thought she was losing her mind. But not her son. Not Johnny. Johnny wanted it as much as she did, if not more.

His breathing was loud and hot in the night air. Lisa began to make wetter sounds, twisting her mouth around his cock. There was something so crazy about what she was doing that her hunger seemed greater than before. Her clit felt enormous, straining from the wet folds of her cunt. Even the lips of her pussy seemed to writhe and pulsate. Her asshole puckered and crinkled, her son’s cock starting to throb and jerk in her mouth.

“Mom, I bet everyone can see you sucking my cock!” Johnny gasped. “Everybody on the whole fucking block is watching you suck me off. They can see your naked ass, your hairy cunt? Ooooh, Mom, suck faster! Fm gonna come… come in your hot, cocksucking mouth!”

Lisa gave a muffled cry, moaning just as he gushed his thick, hot come juice into her throat. She gulped, wetly, swallowing in greed. Her cunt twitched, then began to contract. She squealed as she came taking the rapid gushes of his cock across her tongue huzigrily. She ran her lips tightly against the base of his cock, letting him squirt jizz down her throat, feeling his balls emptying as she held them tightly. The thick spurting went on and on, and Lisa kept coming over and over in a wild, hot series of orgasms.

“Mmmmm!” she mewled, pulling from his cock. “Johnny, you came so much, I almost couldn’t swallow fast enough. This must really make you hot!”

She stood up, folding her dress over her arm again.

Johnny swung his pants across his shoulder. They began walking home. “Honey, what did you say about my mouth?”

“You mean your cocksucking mouth?”

“Yes, my cocksucking mouth.” Lisa giggled. “That’s what it is, isn’t it? I do have a cocksucking mouth. Do you love mother’s cocksucking mouth?”

Johnny slapped her naked ass playfully. “You know I do, Mom!”

The lights of a car lit up the street.

“Oh, shit!” Lisa squealed.

She darted behind a hedge, her son right behind her. The car passed. Lisa put her dress on as her son got into his pants.

“We’re brave, huh, Mom?” He laughed as they started home. “At least talking about it.”

Lisa giggled. “If that car had come along while I was sucking you, they might have run into a tree.”

“You mean you wouldn’t have stopped?”

“When I was coming? Are you kidding! When I come, who cares!”

Johnny slapped her ass again. They ran the rest of the way home, laughing.

While her son was at school the next day, Lisa thought of the night before. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be actually caught fucking her son, but it made her feel good to fantasize about it. She knew Johnny enjoyed talking about it as well.

As they ate that morning, he had brought up the idea of watching someone else, and Lisa knew he wanted to see someone fucking badly. She, too, wished they could watch.

They had to find someone fucking.

Lisa’s husband used to bring home adult magazines, and she had enjoyed reading the ads, and they had even discussed responding to those that appealed to them. They had never gotten around to doing it.

Lisa recalled now that one specific ad had appealed to her more than the others, but she had never mentioned it to her husband. It had been about a father and daughter.

Remembering the ad now, Lisa wondered what it would be like to watch a man fucking his daughter, and soon found herself wishing she had a sweet little girl to enjoy, a sister for Johnny. A sister with the same desires as they had, one that would fuck Johnny as she watched.

She lounged about the house all day, fantasizing about her son fucking an imaginary daughter, and she became excited.

An hour before Johnny was due home, Lisa bathed, brushed her hair, applied her makeup, and walked about in her panties, waiting for him. The last hour before he came home was starting to work on her. Her cunt throbbed with desire, her tits felt swollen and her nipples were very stiff. She was wanting her son more and more, even more than she had desired her husband.

By the time she saw him walking along the sidewalk, her panties were soaked, her cunt swollen with desire.

As Johnny stepped into the house, a big grin appeared on his face as Lisa twirled for him. She knew he loved looking at her.

She hugged him. Johnny’s hands came around her body and cupped her ass, pulling her against his crotch. Lisa tilted his face to kiss him.

“Like me?” she whispered, running her tongue across his lips. “In my panties, I mean?”

“You always look good when I come home,” he said, squeezing her ass. “Never the same.”

“It keeps your interest up.” Lisa giggled. “Not to mention your cock. I feel it getting hard already. Does that mean you’re going to fuck me, baby?”

Johnny sucked her tits for a while, making Lisa squirm and mewl. She grabbed his ass and hugged him tightly.

“Mmmm, you’re making mother hot,” she purred.

Johnny ran his hand between her thighs from behind. He found that her panties were drenched. He sucked a while longer on her tits, then smiled. “Feel how hard my cock is, Mom?”

“Do I? Ooooh, baby, that’s for me!”

He stepped back, peeling his clothing off, watching as his mother eagerly peeled her tight panties down. Lisa kicked them off, then sat on the couch, eyeing his swollen cock hungrily. She spread her legs, leaning back and scooting her ass to the edge of the cushions.

Johnny took a few moments to gaze at her hairy cunt, the slit pulsating and very wet.

Lisa caressed her naked body, fondling her tits and running her palms between her thighs, breathing heavily as her son approached. His cock was very hard and ready to penetrate her pussy.

Dropping to his knees, Johnny ran his cock into the soft hair framing his mother’s cunt, smearing it with his seeping juices.

Lisa watched, her ass writhing. She pulled her cunt wide open.

“Rub the head on mother’s cunt!” she moaned. “Then stick it in me.”

Johnny complied, smashing his cockhead against her clit.

Lisa gasped, her hips lurching upward.

Johnny rubbed his cock down to the steaming slit of her cunt, pushing into her pussy.

Lisa sucked in her breath as he penetrated her, her eyes fiery with desire.

“Oh, Mom, you’re so fucking hot!”

“And you’re so fucking hard!”

Johnny fucked his cock completely into her corn, watching it sink in. His balls rubbed at the crack of her ass.

Lisa squeezed her tits hard as she arched and pressed her cunt as hard as she could against him. She revolved her ass, grinding his cock within her cunt. The throbbing jerk of his prick deep in her pussy took her breath away. As good as it felt to grind against him, she wanted the friction, the sliding sensation of his cock fucking her cunt.

“Ooooh!” she moaned, bucking her ass up and down. “Ahhhh, mother is fucking you!”

Johnny, still on his knees, watched his mother buck up and down, seeing the pink slit of her cunt slide back and forth on his cock. He held her hips loosely while breathing harshly.

“Fuck me!” Lisa whined. “Johnny, you have to fuck me, too. You’re just standing there and letting mother do it all! Come on, fuck me!”

“I wanna put it in your ass, Mom!”

“My cunt!” she insisted.

“Your asshole, Mom!”

“Johnny, please! Fuck my pussy!”

“I will, but I wanna put it in your asshole for a while!”

“You like my ass more than my cunt?”

“It’s just different, that’s all.”

Lisa stopped her pumping and moved her hands down to her ass. She pulled at her asscheeks as her son withdrew his cock from her cunt. She arched upward as he pushed his cock down. She gasped when she felt the head of his cock against her asshole. She pulled her asscheeks as wide apart as she could.

Johnny pushed, watching his cock slide into her asshole, while her cunt writhed with wetness just above it.

“Oh, Johnny!” Lisa whimpered as her asshole stretched around his hard cock. “Ohhh, baby!”

With his cock deep inside her ass, Lisa felt her cunt responding. It was closing and opening as her asshole squeezed around the base of his cock. In a way, she felt as if his cock was still in her cunt as well as up her asshole. It was a lovely sensation, and when her son began to fuck back and forth, the friction on the ring of her clasping asshole made her gasp in pleasure. With her weight resting on his shoulders and the small of her back, she twisted her ass, still holding her asscheeks.

“You like it, Johnny? Do you like how tight mother’s ass is, he hot it is?”

“Yes, Mom!” Johnny panted, ramming in and out of her asshole, watching the force of ibis thrusts making her tits jiggle. “I love to fuck your ass!”

Lisa arched high, squealing, bringing one hand to her cunt. She agitated her clit vigorously as her son watched. With moans of ecstasy, she began to fingerfuck her pussy, darting her finger in as he drew his cock back. Her naked body began to tremble as rippling waves of intense heat flowed through her.

“Now my cunt, Johnny!” she gasped. “Please, fuck mother in the cunt now! Ooooh, I’m getting ready to come!”

Johnny yanked his cock out of her asshole with such quickness that Lisa winced, then he plunged his hard cock immediately into her cunt alongside her finger.

“Oh, baby, yes!” she wailed as she pulled her finger out. “Fuck me hard! My cunt is on fire and I’m ready to come! I want your hard cock deep in my cunt! I want to feel your cock squirt that hot juice in my pussy, my cunt!”

Johnny placed his hands on her lower stomach, feeling the muscles rippling. He ran his fingers through the soft hair of her cunt, ramming his cock in and out of her steaming juicy cunt swiftly, his balls bouncing off her asshole.

“Want me to come in your cunt, Mom?”

“Yes!” Lisa whined.

“Want my cock to, squirt up your hot cunt, Mom!”

“Come in my cunt!”

“Want me to come on your tits?”

“Yes, Johnny!” Lisa sobbed, her ass grinding in a frenzy. “Yes, yes!”

“Come in your cunt! Come in your asshole! Come on your tits! Come on your face!”

“Johnny, I want you to come all over me!” Lisa cried, banging her cunt up and down frantically. “Come in my fucking face, my cocksucking mouth, my wet cunt, my hot asshole! Come, Johnny! Come with me!”

Lisa clawed at her tits as she churned her naked ass in a wild, lewd frenzy.

Johnny pounded into her cunt with wet sounds, his face a mask of rapture.

With a loud grunt he strained, gripping her hips to pull her closer.

Lisa began sobbing, sobs that became screams. Her hips jerked, then trembled uncontrollably.

“Now, Johnny!”

Feeling his mother’s cunt clamp very tightly about his cock as she came, Johnny groaned. His cock began to gush juices into her, spurting rapidly. Lisa’s knees drew back as her cunt gripped his cock.

“Ohhh God Johnny!” she sobbed. “So good! So fucking good! You make mother’s cunt so fucking hot, and I come so fucking hard!”

Johnny slumped, his chest heaving. His cock slipped out of her cunt and rated in the crack of her ass. He leaned forward, his hands sliding up.

Lisa breathed with contentment as he fondled her tits.

“Baby?” she said softly after a minute or so. “Did you really like it last night?”

Johnny grinned. “I sure did, Mom watching you naked outside turned me on. Did you like it, too?”

Lisa nodded, smiling wickedly, her eyes dancing. “I thought it was very exciting. You want to do it again?”


“When do you want to?”

“Tonight, Mom?” he asked eagerly.

“Okay!” She giggled. “It makes me feel like a very wicked little girl when I do that.”

“You can be my nasty little girl, Mom.”

“You want to play doctor with mother? Play house with mother?”

“Aw, that’s kid stuff! I’m not a kid.”

“With a cock like yours, I should say not!” She laughed. “But it’s fun to play, isn’t it? Haven’t you ever played with a little girl in the bushes?”

“Once or twice,” he admitted. “Yeah, it was fun.”

“Then play with me like that. We can pretend we’re hiding from our parents so we can be nasty. You can pretend I’m your little sister and you take my panties dawn and look at my cunt. I’ll pretend to be real shy, and you have to make me touch your cock and play with it.”

“You like to play like that, Mom?”

“Sometimes,” she said, caressing his chest. “Wouldn’t you like to have a little, sister like me? A pretty little sister you could fuck, too?”

“Wouldn’t, you get mad about that?”

“I might play, with both of you.” Lisa grinned. “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a little sister you and I could play with, play with her little cunt and sweet, ass?”

Johnny nodded, becoming excited.

“I’d suck you both, too, Johnny,” Lisa went on. “I’d teach her how to suck your cock, and I’d lick her hot little cunt and we could do everything with her, couldn’t we?”

“Yeah, Mom! I’d suck her ass, too!”

“Mmmm, I feel your cock getting hard again, baby,” she cooed. “What would you like to do with it this time?”

“Fuck you in the mouth, Mom!”

“You love to fuck mother in the mouth, don’t you?” Lisa giggled wantonly, turning to lie back on the couch. “Come on, fuck my face, baby.”

Johnny climbed onto the couch, sliding up her body, his balls rubbing over her tits. Lisa ran her hands up his thighs to his ass, opening her mouth as his cock came close to it. When he leaned over her face, she pulled his cock into her mouth.

Johnny began to move up and down. Lisa clutched his slippery cock tightly with her lips, feeling his balls rub at her chin when he pushed his swollen cockhead to her throat. As she sucked her son’s cock, she imagined having a little daughter watching them, feeling her soft cunt at the same time.

She fantasized about the night before as Johnny fucked her mouth, about being naked outside on the sidewalk with him. She wondered if they had been seen, and hoped they had.

Lisa began to squirm her ass on the couch as her son stabbed in and out of her mouth. She wanted to play with her son, do things with him that would shock others with his cock running in and out of her mouth, she thought of the most perverse things possible, and found her ecstasy growing very hotly.

“Mom!” Johnny moaned. “You really wish I had a sister?”


“And you’d let us fuck?”

She moaned, her eyes flashing up at his excited face, nodding her head as his cock kept thrusting into her mouth.

“And you’d play with us, too?”

Again she nodded her head, a little more vigorously.

“Ohhhh, Mom, my cock…”

Johnny began to fuck her mouth faster.

Lisa clutched his naked ass, feeling his cock throb. She closed her mouth as tight as she could around it, her tongue pushing hard.

“Mom! Ohhh, Mom!”

Lisa whimpered around his cock as he rammed into her throat. She knew he could not resist that powerful urge to push at the moment of his discharge. His balls smashed against her chin. She clenched his asscheeks.

The hot spurts gushed, flooding into her throat. Gulping quickly, Lisa began to swallow jizz as her son squirted over and over. Her cunt steamed with wetness, the hairy lips were swollen, her clit was pulsating stiffly.

With Johnny coming in rapid spurts Lisa jerked on the couch, her legs opening and closing. She began to come in wave after rippling wave of contractions.

Johnny weakened as he leaned over her face. The cheeks of his ass lost their tenseness, and his cock began to soften between her lips.

Lisa began caressing his ass, the backs of his thighs, her tongue moving over his softening cock until his gentle shivering stopped.

“I thought my balls were gonna come off,” Johnny gasped as he lifted from her face. “I don’t think I came that hard before.”

He sat down at her feet, running his hand up her thigh to the soft hairs of her cunt.

Lisa licked her slightly bruised lips, her eyes moist with affection for him. She let her legs splay outward so he could see her pink, hairy cunt.

“I love it when you come so hard, Johnny,” she said, licking the corner of her lips. “It shows me you love it.”

“Mom, did you mean it when you said you wished I had a sister?”

Lisa nodded.

“That would be so nice,” Johnny said. “But I love what we’re doing. I don’t really need a sister.”

“I’m just fantasizing, baby,” Lisa said. “Fantasizing can be a lot of fun, sometimes.”

“Then you really wouldn’t play with a girl?”

“I don’t know. It would depend on the situation, I suppose.”

“But seeing someone else isn’t just fantasizing.”

“Oh, no. I believe you’d really enjoy that, I certainly did that one time.”

“Maybe we will…”

A day or so later, Lisa and Johnny went walking in the late evening with the intention of finding some place to fuck as they had in the post office. It was another very warm evening, and Lisa wore a wrap-around skirt, like a sarong, with a halter over her tits. Johnny wore a pair of blue running shorts.

Although fucking in the well-lit post office had been very exciting, they searched for a different place, wanting the excitement to be the same, yet different.

Lisa had tied her skirt loosely, so her long thigh showed as she walked. Now and then, Johnny wold pull on her skirt to look down at her bushy cunt, making his mother giggle.

Once, they rounded a corner while he was tugging at her skirt, almost bumping into a man walking his dog. Lisa jerked her skirt together just in time. They giggled over what the man’s reaction would have been if he had seen.

Loud rock music was coming from one of the houses, and Lisa and Johnny paused. The house was dark except for one window. They looked at each other, grinning and nodding.

Feeling somewhat shameful, they crept up to the window and peeked inside.

Lisa gripped her son’s hand hard as they stared into the room. There was a man with a girl. The man was fondling the girl’s tits. The girl was wiggling against the man.

“Are you sure your wife doesn’t know you’re home?” the girl shouted above the rock music. “I don’t want her to catch us.”

“She thinks I’m still at work,” the man panted, sliding the girl’s sweater up to her neck. “You did get the kid to sleep, didn’t you?”

“It was easy,” the girl replied, putting her hand on the man’s cock that bulged in his pants.

“I don’t mind babysitting for him at all.”

“You’re the best babysitter we’ve ever had,” the man said, unhooking the girl’s bra. “And you have the sweetest tits, too.”

The girl purred and rubbed his cock. “You’re bigger than my boyfriend!”

“And you fck better than my wife!”

Lisa squeezed Johnny’s hand as they watched through the window. She could hear him breathing. Moving her other hand over the front of his shorts, she found his cock in raging hardness. Pushing her hand into the leg of his shorts, she stroked his cock slowly.

The man was undressing the girl, and the girl was writhing with eagerness, her panting breath almost as loud as the music. The man had her down to her bikini panties when he paused long enough to turn the volume of the music down, telling the girl he was afraid it would wake his son.

The girl stripped her panties off, tossing them onto the bed and watched with blazing eyes as the man undressed.

His cock lurched up, and with a squeal of delight, the girl grabbed it. “Oooooh, it’s so hard!”

The man pushed the girl to the bed, and Lisa and Johnny both gasped as her creamy legs flew wide apart. The dark-blonde hair on the girl’s pussy gleamed like gold as she pushed her ass up to the man. The man seemed as fascinated by her cunt as did Lisa and Johnny. He licked his lips, then buried his face into the girl’s cunt. The girl squealed in a loud voice, wrapping her hot thighs around the man’s head and holding him tight.

“My boyfriend won’t lick my pussy,” she hissed.

The man lifted up. “He’s an asshole. You have the sweetest little cunt I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“He’s always trying to put his cock in my mouth,” the girl moaned, wiggling her ass when the man started licking her pussy. “But I’m not going to let him until he does it to me, too.”

“You really like to have your sweet cunt sucked, don’t you?”

“Better than fucking?” the girl panted. “I love it better than being fucked!”

“But you’re going to fuck,” the man moaned.

“Yes! I will! You can fuck me… because you suck me so good!”

The man held the girl’s grinding hips as he made wet sounds with his tongue.

Lisa and Johnny struggled to keep their breathing down, both of them very excited to watch this. Johnny’s cock throbbed in his mother’s hand, and Lisa’s cunt was bubbling wetly. Lisa wondered if men and wives fucked anymore. She had seen mother suck her son off, they were watching a man licking his babysitter’s cunt. In a way, it was more exciting than if they had come upon a man and his wife fucking.

The girl was young, a high school girl, with an exquisite body and a very pretty face. Lisa knew her son was very turned on by the girl, his cock very hard in her fist. She turned loose of his hand and pushed her palm up the back of his shorts to fondle his tight and stroke his cock at the same time.

The girl, stretched out on the bed, bounced and gasped, holding the back of the man’s head. She bucked and whipped hot crotch his face wildly. Her eyes were wide and hot as she looked down at him.

“Stick your tongue real deep!” she cried out. “Ooooh, I bet you have a real hard cock now! Lick me, lick me!”

The man smeared his face into the girl’s blonde-haired cunt hungrily, making wet, sucking sounds. He turned a bit, and Lisa saw his cock jerking up and down as his fist grabbed it. The girl drew one knee high, holding it at her tit, and Lisa and Johnny watched his tongue swirl into the soft, wet folds of her heated cunt.

“I’d lick her, too, Mom!” Johnny moaned. “You and me both, baby!” Lisa hissed, reaching under her skirt. She rubbed her wet cunt, smearing juices into her palm, then gripping his cock again. “I’d eat her hot little cunt, too, baby! I’d suck her while you fucked her brains out!”

Her wet hand pumped Johnny’s cock, feeling the heat, the throbbing hardness. She moved her fingers into the crack of his ass, rubbing the pucker of his asshole. Johnny pulled his mother’s skirt up, gripping her shivering ass. He pushed his fingers between the cheeks of her ass as she was doing him. He probed his mother’s crinkled asshole, making Lisa cry out softly with pleasure.

“Finger my ass, baby!” Lisa moaned. “Fingerfuck me in the ass!”

Johnny thrust his finger up his mother’s hot asshole, and he grunted as she rammed hers into his. They stood and watched, finger-fucking each other’s ass, both of them trembling. Lisa twisted her ass, her asshole squeezing his darting finger. She pumped her finger in and out of her son’s gripping asshole, her other hand clinging to his cock tightly.

The girl on the bed let out a shrill scream, bucking in a frenzy against the man’s face.

“Ooook, make me come! Make me come!” she screamed.

Her naked ass whirled and bounced as she clawed at the back of his head. She twisted in a wild orgasm until the spasms stopped. The man grinned up at the girl. His lips were so wet that they glistened in the light.

“You sure come hard,” he told her.

“I’ll come again when you fuck me!” the girl panted, seeing his cock jerking as he got between her legs. “Hurry and fuck me now!”

The man lunged his cock into the girl’s juicy cunt swiftly, making her gasp with the sudden penetration. She kicked her feet into the air and gripped his hips, bouncing her ass when he began to ram into her. The girl gurgled and gasped hotly, her young body shaking in a violent manner. For a girl who had professed to prefer being sucked rather than fucked, she was sure fucking in a frantic manner, Lisa thought.

“Mom, this is about to make me come!” Johnny moaned, ramming his finger deep into his mother’s asshole.

“Tell me when,” Lisa sighed, watching the man’s hairy balls swinging, then smacking at the girl’s grinding ass.

The man gripped the girl’s churning ass, lifting her, as he fucked faster and faster into her cunt.

“Now, Mom!” Johnny said, almost too loudly.

Lisa quickly leaned over, closing her lips around the head of her son’s cock just as he began to come. The hot squirt of his jizz on her tongue sent her cunt to quivering.

When she had leaned over, Johnny’s finger had come out of her asshole, but her own kept thrusting in and out of his. She felt his asshole squeeze her finger as he gushed thickly into her mouth. The hot taste of his come juice sent tremors of ecstasy through her, and although her cunt was on fire, she did not come.

When she finished him and looked into the room again, the man was lying beside the girl.

She and her son gazed up between their legs, with Lisa stating at the man’s cock and balls, Johnny looking hungrily at the girl’s blonde-haired pussy. The girl’s pink-tipped tits rose and fell as she breathed deeply.

“You know,” the girl gasped, “you said I fuck better than your wife. Well, you do it better than my boyfriend too.”

“Aw, what does a teenaged kid know about fucking?” the man said, lifting up and licking the girl’s nipple.

“That’s for sure,” the girl purred, squirming beneath his wet mouth.

Lisa pulled at Johnny’s arm. “I wanna watch some more,” he protested. “But I’m on fire, Johnny!” Johnny followed his mom back to the sidewalk, twisting his head and trying to look into the window.

“They were gonna fuck again, Mom. I thought you wanted to watch!”

“I do, but need it right now!” she moaned, walking fast and clinging to his hand. “We have to find a place fast.”

They were on a dark street between street lamps.

Lisa stopped, turning to face her son. She drew her skirt up and moved his hands to her naked ass, pressing against him and kissing him deeply.

Johnny felt his mother’s ass as he sucked her tongue. Lisa squirmed against him, feeling the night air on her naked ass and between her legs.

“Over there,” she gasped. “Let’s get behind that hedge.”

“What if someone in the house comes out?”

“Tough titty!”

Lisa pulled him behind the hedge. She dropped to her hands and knees on damp, soft grass. Her skirt was pulled up in back, her naked ass glowing in the moonlight. Johnny pulled his shorts down, kneeling behind her.

Lisa panted. “Fuck me, Johnny!”

She shoved a hand between her legs and grasped his cock, pulling it to her cunt. As her son pushed his cock into her cunt, her breath caught.

Braced on her hands and knees, Lisa shook her ass. Johnny placed his hands on her back and began to plunge his cock back and forth. Lisa moaned as the friction sent ripples of ecstasy through her.

Light from a window fell upon the lawn a few feet away. Soft music came from the house. But Lisa almost wished someone would come out of the house and see her son fucking her.

Johnny made sounds of heavy breathing. He gripped her shaking hips, running his cock in and out of the soft, squeezing wet heat of his mother’s cunt, eyeing the house fearfully. But like his mother, he wanted someone to watch them, too.

“Oooooh, Johnny!” Lisa moaned the buffeting of his thrusts making her tremble.

“Ohhhhh, baby, this is so fucking good!”

“Shhhh, Mom!” he hissed a warning.

“I don’t care!” she panted. “I don’t care! Right now I don’t give a fuck who sees us! I want them to see us! I want them to watch you fuck me with your hard cock… watch you fuck my hot cunt!”

“Be quiet!”

“I don’t want to be quiet!”

“Mom, please…”

“Ooooh, my cunt! Oh, Johnny, you’re going to make me come!”

Johnny leaned over her back, his hands scooting her halter to her neck, grabbing her tits, then he began to pound into her cunt as hard as he could.

Lisa panted, the rapid pounding of her son’s cock into her cunt driving her breath out. She strained hard against him, grinding her ass frantically. The sensation of coming was very intense, and the wet sounds of his cock ramming into her cunt were unmistakable to anyone listening.

“Johnny! Ohhh, baby!”

“Almost, Mom!”

“I’ve got to come! I can’t stop it now!”

Lisa churned her naked ass, spreading her knees, pushing up and back onto her son’s throbbing cock. Her flesh felt as if it was melting, her tits bulging and her nipples feeling very tight.

“Uhhhhh!” she groaned.

Johnny felt her cunt wrap hotly around his cock, the contractions of her orgasm gripping his prick in waves of wet heat. Tightening his hands on her tits, he clung to her as hard as he could, his cock deep inside her pussy. He moaned, then he was spurting into her cunt with quick, burning gushes.

Lisa jerked on the damp pass, clasping her hand over her tight mouth to hold back her scream of ecstasy. Her other arm collapsed, and her face fell into the wet pass, her ass high and grinding. Her knees were spread wider as she strained against him, unable to get enough of his spewing cock into her cunt. Her orgasm went on and on, the hairy lips of her pussy squeezing and draining his writhing balls.

Lisa did not have the strength to move for some time, feeling her son slumped over her ass. His hands had fallen from her tits, his breathing harsh between her shoulder blades.

Neither moved until they heard the closing of a door.

Johnny quickly pulled his cock from his mother’s cunt, sitting back on hiss heels, still breathing hard.

Lisa turned to face him, kneeling in the damp grass, her tits glistening in the moonlight. With a soft purr, she leaned over and pulled his wet cock into her mouth, sucking it gently, licking his pisshole.

Johnny ran his hand through his mother’s hair as she mouthed his cock, his eyes half closed in pleasure.

“Did you come as hard as I did?” she whispered.

“I sure did, Mom.”

Lisa adjusted his shorts before they stood up. Her skirt fell around her hips as they moved back to the sidewalk. Hand in hand, they strolled slowly in the night toward home.

Lisa continued to tingle in a tender, delicious way. Halfway home, she untied her skin, but held it at her hips with bands, letting it open to expose her cunt. Her halter was still at her neck, and her firm tits swayed in movement.

Johnny lifted the back of her skirt and put his hand on her naked ass, feeling it bunch as they walked. Lisa found it exciting to pass beneath a street lamp in this exposed manner, her son holding her ass. She felt so good, she would not have cared if anyone saw them.

“That girl was awfully pretty,” she said. “Have you seen her before, maybe at school?”

“No, but she could be ready to graduate. I don’t know many of the seniors, Mom.”

“She’s pretty enough to be a cheerleader.”

“I’ve never seen her at any of the games.”

“Maybe she’s visiting,” Lisa suggested.

“Perhaps it was his niece.”

“Not from what we heard,” Johnny replied. Lisa undid her skirt and draped it over her arm. “Take your shorts off and chase me home.”

“You’d like that, huh, Mom?” Johnny grinned, peeling his shorts off.

She kissed him, groping ha cock and balls. “Mmmmmm, I love it! It makes me feel like a nasty little girl again.”

“Again? Mom, were you a nasty little girl?”

Lisa giggled. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

She ran ahead of him, laughing softly, her hair fanning behind her in the night air.

Johnny watched his mother’s ass ripple as he trotted behind her, not trying to catch her.

Standing at the darkened door of their house, Lisa pouted. “You didn’t try to catch me.”

“I was watching your ass, Mom. It sure is pretty when you’re running.”

Giggling lewdly, she cupped his balls, her lips brushing against his.

“Johnny, want a hot blow job right here and now? Before we go inside?”

“Out here?” he asked, fondling her cunt.

“What’s wrong with out here?”

“What if someone sees you sucking my cock?”

“Oh, now you’re getting bashful, are you? Fucking me behind the hedge was okay, right? But to get a blow job at the door of your own house isn’t? You know what I’d probably do if someone saw me with your cock in my mouth?”

“Piss in your panties?”

“I don’t have panties on, silly!” She giggled. “No, but I probably would come like a fucker!”

Johnny thrust a finger into her cunt, making her squeal. “Then come like a fucker, Mom!”

Mewling in delight, Lisa dropped to her knees and pulled his cock to her mouth, holding his naked ass…

That weekend, Lisa took her son to the mall, showing him where she had first seen the mother sucking her son’s cock off. Johnny had been nervous about entering the women’s restroom with her, but was also hoping to see something exciting.

The most exciting thing they saw at least to Johnny, was a woman in her twenties lift her dress and push her panties down, listening to the sound of her pining. He had a brief glimpse of her ass, but not her cunt. The exciting part of it for Lisa was being with her son in the restroom, watching his anticipation of seeing another woman’s cunt. His cock was swollen with anticipation, and Lisa whispered nasty things to him, fondling his crotch.

Since nothing interesting could be seen, they slipped from the restroom and strolled about the mall. Then they sipped at soft drinks and sat on a bench in the center of the mall, watching the shoppers.

Lisa called her son’s attention to a woman who was sitting carelessly at a fast-food area. The woman’s knees showed, and they could see almost all the way up her dress.

Johnny looked, then told his mother that what he wanted to see was a woman without panties on under her clothing.

“I don’t have panties on,” Lisa said.

“I mean another woman.”

“You like variety, do you?”

“It’s just exciting, Mom. That’s all.”

With a wave of affection, she hugged him, kissing his check. “I like to see different men, too. But I want only you. I love to look, but that’s as far pit goes, honey.”

“Wanna bet, Mom?” he teased. “If you saw a cock, you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off it.”

“Just what do you think lam?” Lisa asked, feeling put down.

“My nasty mom, that’s who!” He giggled.

“If we get the chance to see a cock, I’ll show you I can keep my hands off it,” she said, firmness in her voice.

Leaving the mall, they walked through the huge parking lot. Lisa had parked near the rear of the mall, where all the dumpsters were. As they approached their car, they heard the unmistakable sounds of heavy breathing. They stopped and listened, determining where the sounds were coming from.

Motioning to Johnny to be quiet, Lisa crept to the dumpster, and peered around it. She saw a boy a year or so older than Johnny. He was pounding on his cock frantically, his eyes closed, his hips jerking as his fist pumped.

Lisa stared at the boy’s cock, pre-come was dripping from the small piss hole. Her cunt seemed to swell suddenly between her thighs, and she drew her son’s palm against it, pressing the material of her dress into the swollen slit. Johnny began to rub her cunt through her dress as they watched. Lisa gripped his cock through his pants.

The boy must have heard them.

His eyes snapped open, and with a little cry of fear, he tried to stuff his cock into his pants.

Lisa stopped him. “No, let me…”

She moved in front of the dumpster and got to her knees in front of the boy. The boy cringed, then gasped as Lisa closed her lips around his cock.

Johnny nodded at the boy, watching his mother sucking on his cock hungrily, her hands holding his shaking hips.

Lisa whimpered and sucked hard and fast on the boy’s throbbing cock, her ass waving.

Johnny, overwhelmed to see his mother with this strange boy’s cock in her mouth, pulled his cock out of his pants. He scooted his mother’s dress to her waist, bringing a gasp of delight from the boy. Johnny let the boy look at his mother’s naked ass a moment, then pushed his cock up his mother’s cunt.

Lisa pulled off the boy’s cock. “Ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me!”

Holding his mother’s hips, Johnny began to ram into her deep and hard.

The boy stared at Lisa’s grinding ass while she sucked again on his cock. He was now leaning against the brick wall, hips jutting outward, moaning softly.

Lisa twisted so that her son could see her lips around the boy’s cock, her eyes closed in lusting rapture. The boy’s cock throbbed in her mouth, the dripping wetness on her tongue. She felt the friction of her son’s cock in her cunt, and she sucked wildly with her mouth.

Johnny panted as he stabbed in and out of her pussy, staring at the greedy way she sucked the boy’s hard cock.

The boy was moaning softly, his gaze moving from Lisa’s twisting, anked ass, to her mouth wrapped about his cock. His body shook.

Johnny was extremely turned on to see her sucking a cock as he fucked her, and Lisa knew it. She knew it by the way his cock tbrobbed in her cunt, by the hot sounds of his breathing. She tilted her head to one side so he could watch her suck the boy.

Sucking on this unknown boy’s cock, knowing he was seeing her naked ass while her son fucked her, sent a wild, rippling feeling of blatant wantonness through Lisa. Her cunt was hot, very hot, and her desire to suck this strange boy off was very strong. The wonderful way her son banged into her cunt with his cock, while another was in her mouth, created a very strong sense of wickedness in her. She wanted to scream at her son to fuck her harder, to take his cock from her cunt and thrust it up her asshole, then fuck her cunt again, but she was shivering with excitement — she couldn’t stop sucking this boy’s cock long enough to say it.

She wished her son would say nasty things to her in front of this boy, but all Johnny seemed to do was pant and gasp, fucking into her pussy. The hot breathing sounds he made, along with those of the boy in front of her, made her tingle from head to toe. She was enjoying what she was doing, and she knew her son and the boy were enjoying it just as much. The feel of two cocks throbbing in her at the same time was delicious. She could feel her son’s cock jerk deep in her cunt as she felt the hot pulsations of the one in her mouth.

The excitement soon became too much for Johnny and the boy.

The boy was pushing into her mouth as she sucked him, and her son was ramming faster and deeper.

Lisa began to moan as her cunt burned with an approaching orgasm. She shook her ass, twisting her lips around the boy’s cock while sucking hungrily. The fiery rush of her orgasm became intense, and with a muffled, mouth full of cock, Lisa started coming.

She heard her son cry out, then felt the hot spray of his juices spurting into her cunt. Then the boy in front of her gasped, and her mouth was drenched with thick, creamy come juice.

Lisa gulped at the squirting cock, her throat working as her cunt squeezed her son’s cock hard. Come juice flowed into her cunt and mouth at the same time, and Lisa made wet, groaning sounds as she came time and again.

Once the boy stopped coming, Lisa pulled her mouth off his cock. She felt Johnny pull his cock from her cunt. Feeling wicked, she stood up, and lifted her dress, exposing her hairy cunt to the boy. The boy stared, leaning against the wall. He seemed very fascinated with Lisa’s pussy, but then he turned, scooting along the wall fearfully. When he hurried away, Lisa giggled.

“I bet that’s his first time.”

“I think you scared the shit out of him, Mom.”

“He forgot to put his cock in his pants. I hope he won’t go into the mall that way.”

They sat in the car a moment, both surprised at what had happened.

“I told you, Mom,” Johnny finally said.

“Told me what?”

“That if you saw a cock, you couldn’t keep your hands off it.”

“But I didn’t touch his cock, baby.”

“Not with your hands, but you sure did suck him off fast enough.”

Lisa giggled softly. “I don’t know what came over me. Do you think I’m very nasty now?”

“You’re the nastiest person I know.” Johnny smiled. “But I love it, Mom!”

“Then you’re not jealous… disgusted, with me?”

“Fuck no!”

“Oooooh, I love it when you say that.” She rubbed at his crotch.

They drove home, then had an early dinner. Lisa bathed while her son sat on the toilet and watched her. Even this action excited Lisa.

“Would you have fucked that guy, too, Mom?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “I was so hot, though. If he had not been so bashful, I think I might have.”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you, get fucked, Mom.”

“You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t feel jealous?”

“I’d feel horny.”

“You’re always horny,” she purred, eyes turning hot. “It’s one of the things I love about you. You’re always ready to fuck me.”

Johnny stood up, lifting the lid of the toilet. He drew his cock out and leaned forward. Lisa watched interestedly, eyes smoldering. Her hand moved out to grasp his cock just as Johnny was starting to piss.

“Mom, I can’t do it if you hold it so tight!”

“Do it on me,” she whispered.

Johnny looked at her with wide-open eyes. “Do it on you?”

“Piss on me,” Lisa mewled. “I want to see what it feels like.”

“Mom, that is nasty!”

“Mmmm, I know,” she purred, pulling at his cock, trying to turn him toward her. “Come on, Johnny. Be nasty with mother.”

Johnny faced her Lisa started to stroke his cock.

“If you give me a hard-on, I won’t be able to piss, Mom!”

Lisa moved her hand off his cock to his balls, cradling them in her palm. She straightened her shoulders, making her tits strain out, nipples tilted with hardness. Her eyes were bright and fiery as she stared at his pisshole. She caressed her tits with her other hand.

“Give mother a hot shower, baby! Give mother’s tits a nice, hot piss shower!”

“Mom, are you sure?” Johnny asked, trembling.

“I’m very sure,” she whispered. “I want you to be very, very nasty with me. Be as nasty as you can.”

“What if it gets in your face?”

“I don’t mind,” she moaned. “Please, Johnny! Baby, piss on mother’s tits!”

Johnny held his cock at the base, jutting his hips forward.

Lisa lifted her tit with one hand, still clinging to his balls with the other. When he started to piss, it came out slow and weak, running over her rigid nipple. Lisa moaned softly, staring at his pisshole. She ran her hand over her tit, rubbing his piss into her flesh.

“It’s so hot!” she mewled. “Ooooh, piss hard, baby! Piss so hard my nipples will tingle!”

The stream came out in a wild, hot rush, splashing over her nipple. Lisa gasped, surprised at the pleasure she felt as her son pissed on her tits. She had thought it would be only one more wicked thing that they could do with each other, not expecting it to feel so good. She let go of his balls, cupping her tits and lifting them to the hot spray of her son’s piss.

Johnny moved his cock about, pissing over her tits. Lisa’s eyes slitted in smoldering passion as she mewled her excitement.

“Oh, baby, this makes my cunt tingle!” she panted. “Piss real hard on mother’s tits!”

“Ooooh, my pussy is getting wet and hot!”

“Let me piss on your cunt, Mom!”

Using her toe, Lisa flipped the drain plug, and the bath water gurgled as it started draining away.

Johnny stopped pissing, waiting until there was only an inch of so of water left in the tub. Lisa leaned back, spreading her legs wide.

Johnny spurted piss over her trembling stomach, into her pussy hair. Lisa stared down at it, gasping as his hot piss ran across the slit of her cunt. She let out a soft cry and drew her knees to her tits. Johnny stared at her cunt, then aimed his cock. His pissed on the slit of his mother’s pussy, making her clit tingle. He sprayed her hairy slit then pissed against her crinkled asshole.

Lisa began to cry out softly with passion, twisting her naked ass in the tub. “Ooooh, I bet you can make me come! I bet I’ll come if you can piss long enough!”

She fingered open the lips of her pussy. Pulling at her cunt, she spread it open, and Johnny pissed against the pink slit. The tingling hot spray made Lisa’s body tremble with strange sensations.

“Ooooh, baby, do you like to piss on mother?”

“I like it, Mom! I like to piss on your fucking cunt!”

“Mmmm, piss on my fucking cunt!” Lisa whimpered. “Piss on mother’s fucking cunt! Ooooh, it’s going to make me come!”

Lisa tried to lift her ass higher, but the tub was too small. She pulled at her pussylips, watching the piss between them. Her clit bulged with hardness.

Then, with a lewd giggle, Johnny jerked his cock upward.

“Oh!” Lisa gasped as he pissed into her face. She closed her eyes quickly, feeling him piss over her clamped lips. Her cunt lurched, and with a muted squeal, she thrust her cunt upward, her body shuddering as she started to come.

Johnny stared at his mother’s cunt, watching the hairy lips pulsate as he pissed across her mouth and chin.

His piss-stream lost force.

Lisa looked up at her son with fiery eyes, then moved her tongue over her lips slowly, her orgasm calming. But she kept holding her knees to her chest, her ass writhing slowly.

“You pissed in my face.”

“It made you come, didn’t it, Mom?”

“Oh, and so good, too!” Lisa purred. “Johnny, I think I might like to be pissed on.”

“You think? Mom, I know you do!”

“That’s never happened to me before,” Lisa said, fingering her cunt. “I wonder why I never thought about it before now.”

Johnny’s cock started to stiffen as he looked at her in the tub.

Lisa saw his cock getting hard, and with a lewd giggle, she gripped it in one hand, still holding one side of her cunt with the other hand.

Without saying anything, she began to piss, sending an arcing stream into the air, landing near the drain.

Johnny watched in hot fascination.

“I’ve never tried to piss on my back before.” She giggled. “Can you see my cunt piss, baby?”

Johnny nodded, his cock throbbing in her hand.

“Put your hand in it,” she urged.

Johnny leaned over, feeling his mother pissing into his palm. It sprayed over her lifted ass.

“Hot, huh?” Lisa gasped.

Johnny nodded, gazing at her hairy cunt until she finished pissing.

Lisa squeezed his cock hard. “See, you like it, too. It make your cock hard, baby.” Johnny stripped his clothing off.

“What are you going to do?” she whimpered.

“Fuck you, Mom!” he panted, climbing into the tub with her. “I’m going to fuck your cunt! Fuck your piss-wet cunt!”

“Ooooh, go for it, Johnny!”

With the thrust of his cock into her cunt, Lisa began to squirm as she clutched his naked ass. She licked at his shoulders and neck, grinding as he fucked her. His weight crushed her drawn up knees to her tits, the rapid lunges of his cock pressing her into the bathtub.

“Ooooh, fuck mother’s pissy cunt! Fuck me and fuck me! Fuck the piss out of mother’s hot cunt! Ooooohhh, Johnny, make mother come! Make mother piss!”

“Hold your ass up, Mom! I’ll fuck you until you piss!”

“Ahhh, do that! My cunt will piss on your hot balls! Fuck me and I’ll come and piss on your hot, sweet balls!”

The excitement of having her son piss on her, especially on her face, created a fiery feeling inside her cunt as he plunged his cock in and out. She lifted high, pulling on his bunching ass, biting into his shoulder. Everything they had done together, the things they had seen, had sent her passions soaring, but letting him piss on her was the most exciting of all. It made her feel more excited than walking naked with him in the darkness, or fucking him in the post office or behind the hedge.

“Come in my cunt!” she wailed. “Spurt that hot juice up mother’s cunt! Piss in mother’s cunt… drown me with come juice and piss!”

“Uhhhh… uhhhh, Mom!”

“Baby!” she wailed, her orgasm exploding in fiery strength.

They spent the day trying to understand Lisa’s increasingly wilder hungers. She was not bashful about them, only unable to understand why her desires were turning more and more toward the exotic, the unusual. Johnny had never heard of such things, but she was pleased with his eagerness not only to listen to her, but to agree to try some of them.

He watched her slide her dress to her thighs.

He pulled his cock out of his shorts and fondled it as he watched his mom spread her legs apart and rub at her cunt. He dropped to his knees between his mother’s slender thighs, licking and kissing at the creamy, satiny flesh.

“Kiss mother on the cunt,” Lisa purred, spreading her pussy with her fingers. “Kiss my cunt, baby.”

Johnny kissed it, making an exaggerated smacking sound.

“Mmmmmm, lick it just a little.”

He pushed his tongue out, licking up and down the slit, tasting the hot juices. He twirled his tongue over her clit, making Lisa’s hips jerk.

“Is this making your cock hard, honey?” she gasped. “It’s sure making my cunt wet and hot.”

Johnny pulled away from her cunt and showed his cock to her.

Lisa mewled as she saw his cock jerk up and down with hardness. The head of his cock was very swollen, his pisshole seeping. She motioned for him to stand up and as he did, she closed her lips around his cock, sucking it slowly with little moans of pleasure.

“Mmmmm, so hard, so hot!” she moaned softly. “Johnny, fuck me! Fuck me in my cunt, then my ass, then my mouth!”

She scooted to the edge of the couch and drew her knees up.

Johnny pushed his cock into his mother’s cunt, plunging in and out. Lisa moaned as the friction burned along the walls of her gripping pussy. She waggled her ass as she gazed up into his flushed face.

“Now my ass!” Lisa cried softly. “Fuck mother up the ass now!”

Johnny pulled out of her pussy, moving his cock down to the pucker of her asshole.

Lisa held her breath, lifting her ass for him. She gasped as his cock pushed past the tight ring of her shitter, then shivered in ecstasy as he began to pump in and out of her asshole. Her cunt pulsated as he plunged into the heat of her tight asshole.

“Baby, I have to piss!” she moaned. “I have to piss!”

Johnny held his cock deep inside her asshole. “Mom, you knew you were gonna piss all the time, didn’t you?”

She nodded, eyes sparkling.

“Can you wait? I wanna fuck you first.”

She nodded, biting at her bottom lip.

Johnny stabbed in and out of her gripping asshole, watching his cock disappear, seeing her hairy cunt pulsate, her clit becoming very hard. When he felt his mother trembling, her asshole squeezing with more firmness on his cock.

Johnny yanked his cock free, then plunged it into her cunt.

“Oooooh, baby, that’s so good!” Lisa gasped, grinding hard against him as he pounded in and out. “Ahhh, ram it hard! Fuck my hot cunt hard!”

Johnny thrust as fast and deep as he could, making his mother gasp and whine with rapture. Lisa lunged her ass up and down as her cunt smashed against the base of her son’s cock.

“Johnny!” Lisa cried, puffing at his arms. “My mouth! Please, put your cock in my mouth now!”

Johnny plunged a few more times into her cunt, then withdrew it, moving toward her face.

Lisa clutched his hot balls and stuffed his cock into her mouth, sucking it. She pushed her other hand to her cunt, agitating her clit in a frenzy, swirling her fingers in tightening circles. She bobbed her head back and forth, moaning deep in her throat. Twisting and puffing on his balls, she mouthed his cock, her tongue sliding and curling and licking. Stabbing her fingers wildly into her burning cunt, Lisa finger-fucked herself as she sucked greedily on Johnny’s throbbing cock.

“Ahhhh, Mom!” Johnny groaned. “You suck so fucking hard! I like the was you, suck my cock, Mom!”

Lisa’s eyes flashed up at him hotly, rolling about in ecstasy, her lips drawn tight asshole licked up the shaft of his prick. She licked his piss-slit, her throat swallowing. She clutched his balls tightly, squeezing them, as if urging him to come in her mouth, fill it with his hot juices.

Johnny, moaning with steamy pleasure, pushed his cock deep as his mother held his balls.

Feeling his cock throb with power, Lisa realized that her son could not take much more.

“Fuck mother in the ass again!” she whined. “Stab your hard cock up mother’s hot asshole again, baby!”

Johnny dragged his dripping cock over her tits and stomach.

Lisa drew her knees to her tits once again, her hands spreading the satiny cheeks of her ass for him. Johnny dragged his cock through the soft hairs of her cunt, down to the pulsating slit to her puckering asshole. With a quick thrust, he drove his cock hard up her ass, making Lisa squeal and jerk.

“Oh, God, that’s wonderful!”

“I’m getting close to coming, Mom!” Johnny gasped, ramming his cock into her ass. “My balls… my cock! I’m about to come, Mom!” Lisa churned her hips in a frenzy, her fingers drumming upon her pulsating clit again.

“Up my ass! Come up my asshole!” she cried out. “I want to feel your cock squirt in my hot asshole!”

Her fingers moved downward on her cunt, spreading the hairy, soft lips wide, the pink flesh revealed.

Johnny kept pounding in and out of her asshole, gritting his teeth, staring at what she was doing with her fingers on her cunt. His balls felt tight.

Lisa lifted her ass, causing her son to stand on his toes to keep fucking into her shitter. Her fingers moved into her cunt, fucking in and out a few times, then she pulled the swollen lips wide open again.

“Ooooh, my ass is on fire!” Lisa cried. “My ass and my cunt… ooooh, baby, fuck the piss out of mother’s asshole! You’ll make me come, too!”

Johnny was fucking as fast as he could move, making fleshy slapping sounds against the spread of her creamy ass. His eyes rolled, his cock feeling as if it was doubling in size up her ass.

“I’m gonna come now, Mom!”

“Ohhh, squirt it, Johnny!”

Johnny let out a grunt, shooting scalding spurts of came juice up his mother’s ass.

Lisa, feeling his cock jerk as be came, sobbed, then cried out with ecstasy. Her cunt convulsed with a powerful orgasm, her fingers rubbing and agitating her puffy pussylips again. Her hips swung around and around as she came, taking her son’s gushing hot juices into her asshole. While still coming, Lisa pressed as tightly as she could against his cock, now feeling the few wiry hairs on the base of it tickling the ring of her asshole.

With a long sigh, Lisa calmed, her cunt twitching. She held her ass up, her asshole gently squeezing his deflating cock. She began to giggle softly.

“You need two more of those cocks, baby!” She giggled. “Then you could fuck me in my mouth and cunt at the same time you fuck my asshole!”

Johnny laughed and started to pull his cock out.

“Don’t take it out yet! Leave it in my ass for a minute!”


“For this,” Lisa said.

She began to piss.

“Mom, you’re pissing on me!”

Lisa giggled lewdly, spraying his lower stomach and the base of his cock. “I told you I had to piss. Don’t you like it?”

Johnny stared at her cunt, watching her piss streaming onto his stomach. He grinned and parted the hairy lips of her pussy, and the piss stream increased with force.

“I might piss in your asshole, Mom!” He giggled.

“You might,” she agreed, spurting hotly. “Why not in mother’s cunt? You want to put your cock in my cunt and fill it with piss?”

“Yeah!” he gasped.

Lisa let go with a final spurt. “Now you can put your cock in my cunt and piss.”

Johnny withdrew his soft prick from her asshole and stuffed the head of his cock into his mother’s pussy.

Lisa tightened her cunt around his cock and waited breathlessly to feel him piss into it. Her eyes glowed and sparkled as she watched him gaze down at her pussy.

The first gush of hot piss into her cunt brought a squeal from her.

“Ooooh, I feel it!”

Johnny giggled, then began to piss hard into his mother’s pussy.

Lisa gasped as she felt her cunt filling it seeped past his cock and over her asshole.

“Oh, it’s coming out!” Lisa exclaimed. “I can’t hold it in my cunt!”

Her pussy expanded, filling with hot piss. She saw excitement and delight on his face, and she knew he was eager to do this again.

She felt the stream of piss weaken in her cunt. She moaned softly. She felt piss drip from her cunt and run over her asshole.

“You can take it out now,” she said softly.

Johnny stepped back, watching her cunt drip piss as she lowered her ass to the cushions. His expression showed pleasure. “You like that, Mom?”

“I loved how it felt, if you could piss for a long time, it might make me come!”

Later, after a bath and dinner, Lisa suggested they go out again.

Johnny was willing, and they talked of what they might come across. Their conversation soon had them both squirming with anticipation.

Lisa wore her wrap-around skirt again. Johnny wanted her to go topless, but she put her halter on, telling him she would take it off later. He put on running shirts once more, and they left the house, hand in hand, bubbling with eagerness.

Walking slowly in the darkness, they were intent on peering into the windows tonight more than going naked together on the street. Johnny told his mother he wanted to see the man with his babysitter again, but when they reached the house, it was dark throughout.

Disappointed, they walked for half an hour more, searching for something to see. A few blocks more and they came to a well lit house. They crept up to the window.

“Maybe this is it,” Lisa whispered as they looked in at a man sitting on a couch with a girl about Johnny’s age.

The man had his arm around the girl’s shoulder. She was leaning against him. The window they stood at was open, and they could hear the two talking.

“Jenny, you’ve got to try and control it.”

“But it’s so hard to do, Daddy. When Mommy was alive, she didn’t tell me to control it.”

“I know, honey. I miss Mommy, too.”

Lisa and Johnny saw the little hand of the girl creep into her father’s lap. The man pushed her hand away gently.

“Jenny, if we keep doing this, something is happen.”

The girl put her hand back into her father’s crotch.

Lisa and Johnny breathed hotly with excitement as they watched.

“I wanna do it, Daddy,” the girl said in a soft tone of voice, rubbing her father’s cock through his pants. “I wanna do it with you.”

“I’m too big, honey. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’re not too big, Daddy,” the girl answered, tugging at his zipper. “I like how big it is.”

Lisa and Johnny saw the girl get her father’s cock out of his pants, wrapping her small fist around it.

“I wanna play with it again, Daddy.” The girl began stroking his cock. She lifted her dress, draping one slim leg over her father’s thigh, her panties revealed. “You play with mine, too, Daddy.”

The man moved his hand to his daughter’s crotch, rubbing at her panties, making the girl squeal and writhe.

“Such a hot little pussy, baby.” The man kissed the top of the girl’s head. “So much like your mother’s pussy. She always had a hot pussy, too, Jenny.”

“I wish you’d fuck me like you did Mommy,” Jenny said, running her fingers over the swollen head of her father’s cock. The girl pulled her panties to the side. “Play with my pussy, Daddy.”

Lisa and Johnny stared at the girl. Her pink cunt-slit looked hot. It was smooth and soft, and they couldn’t see any hair on it. Johnny moaned softly and pushed her hand into his mother’s skirt to fondle her cunt as they watched.

“Want to lick it again, Jenny?”

“Daddy, I wanna fuck!” Jenny exclaimed, pulling hard on his cock. “I wanna feel your cock in my pussy!”

“We have to wait a year or two, Jenny. We’ve talked about this enough. You have to wait.”

“Daddy, why didn’t I have a brother before Mommy died?”

“I can’t answer that, baby.”

“I bet my brother would fuck me,” Jenny said, leaning her head on his chest and gazing at his cock as she jacked up and down the thick shaft. “I bet his cock wouldn’t be too big for my pussy.”

Johnny lifted his mother’s skirt to her waist and fondled her ass, sliding his hand between her thighs to feel her bushy cunt. As he pulled his cock from the side of his running shorts, they watched the girl bending over and running her tongue over the head of her father’s cock.

“Johnny,” Lisa whispered quietly. “Johnny, fuck me!”

Johnny pushed his cock into his mother’s cunt, holding her hips. As he began to fuck her, they watched the girl close her lips about the swollen head of her father’s cock and suck it. He leaned back on the couch, eyes closed, breathing deeply as he ran his hand through his daughter’s soft hair. The girl pumped up and down on his cock as she sucked the rounded head of her father’s cock.

As Johnny thrust his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt, the little girl lifted her mouth, looking up at her father with big, hot eyes.

“Daddy, you wanna come in my mouth again?”

“Only if you want me to, Jenny.”

“Oh, Daddy!” The girl giggled. “I don’t mind if you come in my mouth. Sometimes I can’t swallow it all, but you know I like it.”

Lisa churned her ass against her son as they watched the girl rest her head on her father’s lower stomach, sucking at the smooth roundness of his cock again, her small fist jerking up and down the thick shaft. She kept her knees parted, her smooth cunt gleaming in the light. The man began to move his hips, groaning, as his daughter sucked faster.

Johnny pounded into his mother’s cunt just as fast. Lisa moaned softly, her hairy cunt responding to the penetrating friction, staring at the little girl’s mouth on her father’s prick.

“I’m getting ready, Jenny!” the man groaned, his hand resting on the back of his daughter’s head.

The soft squeal the girl made came to Lisa and Johnny as she pulled her mouth upward. She held the very tip of her father’s cock between her lips, pumping fast and hard on the shaft. The man grunted, and the girl squealed again.

Lisa and Johnny saw the man’s come juice dribbling from the girl’s sucking mouth, smearing over her jacking fist.

Johnny muffled grunt as his cock spurted into his mother’s cunt.

Lisa rammed her knuckles into her mouth as she came, her pussy squeezing at her son’s rapidly spurting cock, her orgasm very strong.

They did not stay to watch any longer.

On the sidewalk, hurrying home, Lisa said, “Johnny, I think I’ve just found a little sister for you.”

“You mean that girl back there, Mom?”

“Yes. You and I are going to become very friendly with them. I don’t mean to marry the man. Although that could happen. But in the meantime, you can pretend you have her as a sister.”

“But, Mom, that would mean you’ll fuck her father, too.”

“Isn’t that okay?”

“Yeah!” Johnny said, grabbing his mother’s ass. “That would be great.”

“Tomorrow, we’ll try and meet them.”

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