Spying On Mom

Many people feel an overwhelming attraction to other members of their own family. When suppressed, this attraction often leads to agonizing emotional troubles. When expressed, this stigma sometimes means feelings of guilt and shame that are almost impossible to overcome. Indeed, incest is a subject that has been shunned by society from the earliest memories of man.

Those of us who have these unfulfilled desires are often driven to torment aver our needs. These desires have driven people even to the brink of insanity — or worse.

SPYING ON MOM is the story of a woman and her son who are forced by their desires to come to grips with turbulent emotions. What happens to them when they confront these emotions together reveals their ability to be honest with themselves and to be unafraid of their own feelings.


“You look hypnotized,” Pat said.

She smiled at him. He was damn cute. He was also very young. She had picked him up in a fast-food joint near the office. She’d had her eye on him for weeks and now here she was with him in a motel room, her tits uncovered to his hot eyes, his cock out of his pants, big and swollen and his prick-tip dripping. This was just what she was in the mood for after a hard day selling real estate. A randy young stud with an athletic body and an eager cock.

She had been right about him. He had a big prick. It was always a guess, of course. You couldn’t tell just by looking at a man what he had down there. She’d been fooled too many times. But it was nice when she guessed right.

She licked a cock to be thick around. That was more important than how long it was. She licked a thick cock and big nuts. She hadn’t seen his nuts yet. If he had balls to match that prick, she’d have nothing to complain about. She never complained about decent equipment. The equipment was more important than the face or the brain. Screw the face and the brain, what she wanted and needed was a working cock!

And that’s what he’s got, she thought. She held her tits in her hands. Her blouse was off and her bra was off and she held her tits on her palms and bounced them a bit. She had nice tits, heavy enough to be low-slung. There was a time, years ago, when she’d bounced them around as a dancer in a club.

All that was over, now. She had a successful career as a real-estate broker. She also had a ten-year-old divorce and a teenaged son about the same age as this young man.

It’s four o’clock in the afternoon and I’m as horny as an alley cat, she thought. Was she overdoing it? She didn’t think so. The illusions she’d had as a girl had been replaced by a keen sense of reality. That was why she had made a success selling real estate. She knew there were only two things important in the world: money and sex. She wanted both. She wanted all she could have.

She smiled at the guy again. His name was Wade. Kneeling down in front of him, she leaned forward and pressed her tits against his upright cock. His prick felt warm in the valley between her tits.


“Oh yeah!” he said.

“You’ve been looking at my tits ever since we met. Now you’ve got them around your cock.”

“That’s right.”

She didn’t want to ask him how often he had a woman old enough to be his mother come on to him. She didn’t care. There were thousands of women out there who wouldn’t mind taking her place. They wouldn’t mind having a hot young cock on fire between their tits.

She pulled away. “Let’s get the rest of your clothes off, okay?”

“Sure, Patricia.”

“Call me Pat.”

“Okay, Pat.”

“Let’s have a look at you.”

She could tell he was nervous. His fingers were fumbling as she helped him undress. But he had nothing to be shy about. He had a delicious body, big shoulders, all the muscles, everything she liked. And the equipment. Big cock and big balls. There was enough fuckmeat there to make a girl quiver. What a hunger she had for young men! What a shameless hedonist she was!

I love it! she thought. She could feel the anticipation tying knots in her belly.

“What do you do?” she said. “You must do something athletic. With a body like this.”

He shrugged. “I played some football in high school.”

“Did you finish school?”

“I dropped out.”

“You ought to go back.”

He looked at her as if she was crazy. “What do you want to talk about that for?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

She moved close to him and kissed his lips. She ran her fingertips along the underside of his cock and then dropped her hand to cup his balls in her palm.

“I like your body,” she said. “I like what you’ve got down here.”

After that, she dropped to her knees. She wanted a taste of him. That juicy pink fuckknob. They were all different. When she’d been a girl, she’d been obsessed with cocks. All that sucking she did in high school. She’d been careful not to be too promiscuous. Her father would have killed her if he’d known what was going on. She had to get married early. She had to in order to save her sanity. So what if it didn’t last? She had come through it all right, hadn’t she? She had a grown son. She had her own business. She had this well-hung guy to ball for the next few hours. She had nothing to be sorry for.

She started licking his cock. Up and down with the flat of her tongue, sniffing and licking, and then at times moving underneath to lick his ball-bag. A man she once knew had told her she was a very oral woman. He was right. She enjoyed using her mouth. She enjoyed the feel of a cock between her lips. What she was doing now was postponing the pleasure of it. It also gave her a chance to smell him. She loved the sweaty smell in a man’s crotch.

God, his balls were lovely! Like two walnuts in a pink leather pouch. And above the bag, his thick cock straining to hit his belly. She gave a last fuck from his balls up along the underside of his cockshaft to the tip of his prick. He shuddered. That was nice. She liked to make them shudder.

Holding his nuts in her palm, she closed her fingers around the upper part of his ball-bag and pulled his ball sac. Then she ran her lips over his cockhead and took it in. His fat juicy fuck knob in her mouth. He groaned. She swirled her tongue around and wound his cockhead. She rubbed her tongue-tip back and forth over his piss-hole.

He’ll remember me, she thought. She wouldn’t see him again. She never saw them after the first time. But like the others, he’d remember her — that gorgeous blonde who picked him up and gave him a time in a motel room.

She sucked on his prick. Of course, he liked it, but she always thought she was the one who enjoyed it more. Any woman who didn’t like a cock in her mouth was either crazy or a liar. Even some lesbians liked it. She knew one did. Josie West, the girl she’d worked with years ago. They still talked on the telephone on occasion.

Josie always claimed the only thing a man was good for was a bank account and a cock to suck.

She took more of the guy’s prick in her mouth, down to about half the length of his cockshaft. She knew he wanted more, but she stopped there and pulled back and let his fuckknob drop out.

“Nice,” she said. “Do you like it?”

The guy groaned. “You know it!”

She looked up at him and smiled. It turned her on to see the pleasure in his eyes. He was hot for her. Of course, in the state he was in, he would take almost any woman, but she was the one who had him. And she’d get hers, too. She always made sure of that. You had to prod them when they were as young as this, but she would make sure to get hers.

She knew some people thought she was a determined woman. Maybe she was. She was determined to do more with her life than dream. She wanted too much.

What she wanted now was a mouthful of jism. Holding his cockhead between her lips, she stroked his fat cock with her fingers. It didn’t take long. He was caught by surprise. He was already on the edge because of his excitement, and in a moment she had him spurting his load in her mouth.

He groaned as he came. “Jesus, what did you do that for?”

“To calm you down. And because I like it. Sit down and rest while I get my clothes off.”

She finished undressing. Now the rush was over and she could begin to enjoy the sex the way she liked to enjoy it. She hated rushing things. They were always so hungry for it. That was the only real disadvantage they had. An older man knew enough to take his time. A teenaged guy was like a young bull in a china shop.

She gave him a show. As her tits wobbled around, she could see the heat in his eyes. She knew she had a great body. A solid round ass and long shapely legs. Heavy tits with prominent pink nipples. Some of them always went crazy over her tits. Her tits looked ordinary under a dress when she wore a bra. But once the bra came off, the weight was there, and they had a lovely ripe-looking shape.

When she was naked, she stretched out on the bed. “Come over here and be nice to me.”

He was on her quickly. She kissed his mouth. She pushed his head down to her tits and he sucked her nipples, one after the other. Then she pushed his head again and pulled her knees back.

“Down at the candy counter,” she said.

He wasn’t bashful about it. Sometimes when they were too inexperienced, they hesitated about eating her. She always insisted. She loved it. If they were too awkward, she told them what she wanted. She loved having a mouth on her cunt. She loved seeing her juices on a man’s face. The young men looked so cute when they came up for air. Suck my cunt, she thought. Suck out all the goodies.

This guy did a passable job of eating her. He’d certainly had his mouth on a pussy before. He knew where her clit was. He knew enough to nibble at it until it felt so good she had to start pumping her pussy at his face. She held his head with her hands and fucked her cunt at his mouth.

“Keep sucking,” she said. “Keep sucking until I tell you to stop.”

After a while, she pushed him away. His cock was like a bar of steel again. That was why she felt no qualms about forcing them to go down on her. Most of them loved it. They loved getting their mouths in a wet pussy. Their hot little mouths. She loved it when they were good at it. She’d had a lesbian do her once. Not Josie, someone else. She’d never made it with Josie. They were nothing more than friends. The lesbian had been the best at sucking her pussy. But a man could come close. And a man had a cock and that was what she needed.

“Let me fuck you,” the guy said.

She smiled at him. “Yes, it’s time. You can get behind me.”

She liked it best that way. Kneeling with her ass in the air and the cock behind her. She rolled over now and knelt on the mattress. She knew the effect it had on him. He could see everything she had, her cunt and asshole, everything hanging out. He looked so cute with cunt-juice on his lips.

In a moment he had his hands on her ass and his cock rubbing against her pussy. She was wet and wide-open, and he had no trouble sliding his fuck-knob inside her cunthole. She quivered with pleasure as his thick cock filled her cunt-channel. Young as he was, he knew how to fuck. He had a strong cock and he knew how to use it. She hadn’t made a mistake in choosing him.

“Do you like doing it this way?” she said. He drove his cock in deep. “Yeah, sure.”

“Would you like to fuck my ass?”

“You mean it?”

“Yes, but fuck my pussy first. I’ll tell you when to switch.”

She could sense his excitement by the way he pumped at her cunt. He was like a young stallion, his balls swinging against her clit each time he slammed forward. She rested the side of her face against the mattress and spread her legs wide. She squeezed her tits with one hand. In this position her tits hung far down and the squeezing felt delicious.

After a while she told him he could switch.

“Do you really want it in your ass?”

“Of course I do. Haven’t you ever done it?”

“Sure,” he said. But of course, it was a lie. If he had done it before, he wouldn’t have asked if she really wanted it.

He pulled out of her cunt and she told him to go on and stick his cock in her ass. She was ready for it. She had visited the bathroom when they first arrived and she had greased her asshole with Vaseline. Life didn’t amount to much unless you went after what you needed.

She pushed out, opened her asshole to make it easy for him. She knew she could take him without any trouble. It was sweet that this was his first time. He’d never forget her now.

A deep groan came out of his throat as he slid his cock into the hot grip of her shitter. “Oh Jesus!”

“Is it good?”

“It’s great!”

“Take your time. Make it last. It’s nicer when it lasts a long time.”

He took her advice. He stroked slowly. His cock sliding smoothly in and out of her wide open ass. It was funny how when she was a girl she’d never thought she could go for it. Now she liked it better than the other way.

He was skillful enough to keep fucking her ass nearly five minutes. By this time, her asshole and shit-tube were loose and buttery, and she had already come twice.

When she had the third climax, she clamped her ass with his cock and he lost control. With a groan, he slammed his cock forward and shot off in her bowels.

Afterward she brought a wet towel from the bathroom and cleaned him up.

He lay back on the bed with his folded arms under his head and his breathing heavy. He looked down at her as she wiped his cock with the towel.

“God, you’re something,” he said.

“Too much for you?”

“I could fuck you for a year.”

“We don’t have a year, we have only a little while. Turn over and I’ll do something nice.”

He had a puzzled look on his face as he rolled over. How innocent he was! It was fun getting him to lose his innocence. She always had more fun with a teenager. A grown man expected everything and gave back very little. A teenage guy was grateful.

She played with his ass. She ran the wet towel up and down his asscrack to get it clean. He started squirming, complained she was tickling him. She told him to lie still. She told him he might learn something.

She liked his ass. She gripped and rolled his asscheeks and then spread them apart to expose his brownie. His puckered little eye. She went down on it. Holding his asscheeks open, she tickled his bunghole with her tongue.

“Oh Jesus!” he said.

“No good?”

“Do it again!”

“Get on your knees so I can do it the right way.” She didn’t always do it. She never did it to a grown man. Only to the guys. They brought out the lust in her.

When he was on his knees, she crouched behind him to rim his asshole. He groaned as she loosened his ass-bud with her tongue. Then her tongue was inside, swirling in her shitter, in and out as he trembled at the feel of it.

“Do you like it?” she said.

“Oh wow!”

She was amused. How she loved getting them hot! She pulled his balls and cock back and sucked the knob of his prick. Then she licked his asshole again, long swipes of her tongue with plenty of saliva. Soon she had his ass loose and open.

She made him get on his back again. His cock was iron-hard, his balls tight against the base of his cockshaft. His prick looked about to explode. She teased his cockhead with her fingers. “You liked that, didn’t you?”


“It’s called rimming.”

“I know. I thought it’s something only queers do.”

“Now you know better.”

She played with his cock and balls, teasing him by keeping the touches light and feathery. Then she told him to pull his knees back. He was like putty now. He would do anything she wanted. When his knees were pulled back, she rolled her thumb over his asshole. Then her middle finger. He made a sound of pleasure as she pushed her middle finger inside his ass.


“Christ, you’re making me crazy!”

“But you like it.”


She added another finger. His asshole was loose enough to take it easily. She moved the fingers in and out a few times, and then she leaned forward and took his swollen cockhead in her mouth.

He went crazy. He squirmed on the bed as she blew him. She screwed her fingers in and out of his ass as she sucked his cock. He couldn’t last. Another few seconds and she had what she wanted. He bucked off the bed as the jism spurted out of his prick. All that sweet cock-cream. The nice thing about guys his age was they always had a gallon of spunk to give her.

When Pat arrived home, she called out to Stuart, but there was no answer. Then she walked to the open door of his room and she saw that he was asleep. He was under the sheet with the reading light on. The air conditioning was off. She could tell he was naked under the sheet. She could also see he had a raging hard-on.

She and Stuart had been alone together so long there were no walls between them. Most people were surprised when she told them she had a teenage son. They said she looked too young. Yes, it was true. She did look too young to be his mother. But his mother she was. They were friends. She fucked men whenever she was in the mood, but the only man she really cared about was Stuart. They did everything except that. They had all the bonds except sex.

When he began to grow up, they stopped walking around the house without clothes. Sometimes she was sorry about it. She liked looking at him. The way his body developed. And she knew he liked looking at her, too. But they never looked at each other these days. Not unless it was accidental.

Sometimes he would unexpectedly come into her room while she was dressing, and he would see her in a bra and panties. Or she would see him under the same circumstances. She saw him all the time in his jockey shorts. The bulge of his cock and balls. Sometimes it drove her crazy. All that lovely cockmeat in the pouch of his shorts. So what if he was her own son? She wasn’t made out of stone, was she? She knew what his cock looked like. She had seen it often enough when he was a kid, and then after that on occasion. She had even seen him hard a few times. Like now. When he was sleeping. His prick standing up like a telephone pole. She wanted to see it again. She had just fucked a guy in a motel room and here she was with a letch to have a look at her son.

She resisted the impulse. Maybe it was too kinky. But she had never denied to herself that Stuart excited her sexually. It didn’t bother her. She didn’t care what people would say about it. They hadn’t fucked yet anyway. All she did was think about it. And maybe Stuart thought about it too. The way he stared at her tits when he saw her in a bra. She had to look at him now.

She told herself the sheet had to be adjusted. She wanted him to sleep comfortably. He had the sheet bunched up on one side and all she would do was straighten it out. She lifted the sheet and held it up long enough to get a good look at his cock.

There it was, that lovely hard prick, stiff as a poker and slanting back toward his belly. She hadn’t seen it like this in a long time. How big he was! That glorious cock-knob. His swollen pink balls. He had his father’s coloring. Lots of dark crotch hair. He wasn’t a child any more. This was a young man with a man’s equipment, and a woman had to be blind not to be turned on by him. It made no difference that he was her own son, her mouth watered as she gazed at his cock.

She finally left him. She turned the light off and walked quietly out of his room and down the hall to her bedroom. She could feel the beating of her heart. She was sweating. Oh baby, she thought. She stripped her clothes off and stepped into the shower.

So he turned her on, so what? That had happened before. But this time, it felt different. That gorgeous cock he had! She was certainly cock-crazy. She had always been cock-crazy. She lathered the soap over her body, fondled her tits and pussy and carefully reamed her asshole with a fingertip. She remembered the feel of Wade’s cock in her ass. Stuart’s cock would feel better. Stuart had more cock than Wade. Longer and thicker. She closed her eyes and shuddered as she thought of her son’s cock in her ass.

She thought about all the guys she’d had. The teenagers and young men she’d picked up whenever she was in the mood fat it. Maybe it was all a cover for the lust she had for Stuart. Maybe that was it.

She rubbed her cunt. She thought, about Stuart as she masturbated. Could it possibly happen? Would they sooner or later wind up in bed together?

Why not? she thought. It was what she wanted. It made no sense any more to delude herself. She wanted Stuart. Just the idea of it made her quiver from head to toe. Was it possible? She decided that if it was possible, she would find a way to do it.

She came thinking about that. The orgasm ripped through her pussy as she thought of Stuart in bed with her. That lovely cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

Yes, she thought. That’s what I want!


Stuart was completely infatuated with his mother. She had always been the most important thing in his life. As long as he could remember, he’d thought about her sexually. When he was younger, he had tried to repress those thoughts. These days he found it wasn’t that easy. Ever since he’d started dating girls, he’d become more and more aware of his mother’s body.

His friends were all jealous. Everyone said Stuart had the best-looking mother. Some of the guys would snicker, and Stuart knew they were thinking about fucking his mother. They always talked about women like that — this one would be nice to fuck, while that one was a dog. Stuart’s mother, they said, was definitely not a dog. The guys would take a vote and Stuart’s mother would always come out number one. Stuart was proud of her. It also made him feel superior to the other guys. He, after all, was the one who lived with his mother.

Stuart had girlfriends, but none of the girls excited him as much as his mother did.

The teenage girls were like unfinished little dolls. They spent all their time giggling. Either that or creaming their pants while listening to a rock group. Stuart thought women were much sexier than girls. And his mother was the sexiest of them all.

He was crazy about her tits. Sometimes in the house she wore nothing but a teeshirt and shorts, no bra, and it always made his blood race to see those tits swinging around under the shirt. She had big tits, but not massive and sloppy like some women. Just big and heavy. Her nipples were prominent, too. He could always see the shape of her nipples whenever she went without a bra. A few months back she’d worn a shirt unbuttoned down the front and he’d had a glimpse of one of her nipples. The point of her nipple was like a pink raspberry.

Stuart remembered how she used to walk around naked when he was a young kid. It never meant anything to him then. They would both be naked. It seemed ordinary. He had a cock and she had tits. Guys were different than girls. She said they were mother and son, and they shouldn’t hide from each other. She said a person’s body was nothing to be ashamed of.

Then one day she discovered he’d been having wet dreams. She talked to him about it. She said it was natural. He was pawing up. After that, she started wearing clothes in the house. She never pushed him to wear anything, but since she had her body covered, he felt self-conscious about being naked. He would wear a towel around his waist after a shower, or his jockey shorts at other times. She always gave a casual glance at the bulge of his cock and balls in his jockey shorts. Sometimes she would catch him with half a hard-on and she would smile. She wouldn’t talk about it, she would just smile.

He couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to make it with a woman like her. He was no longer a virgin. He’d fucked a few girls. He tried to avoid thinking about doing it to his mother, but he did think about other women. Women who looked like her. He cut pictures out of the hot magazines. He had a whole collection of pictures of women who looked like his mother. Women naked. Showing their cunts. Sucking cock. Getting fucked in the ass. Maybe someday he would burn them all, but in the meantime they turned him on whenever he was bored.

One afternoon Stuart had a new idea. He was alone in the house. He had taken a shower after arriving home from school, and now he had a raging hard-on. His intention was to beat himself off. But not yet. First he went to the laundry basket in the basement. He wondered why he hadn’t thought of it before.

He searched in the basket until he found a pair of his mother’s nylon panties. Blue bikini panties. His cock twitched as he touched the crotch of the panties. Her pussy had been right there. He sniffed the panties. The smell was faint, but it was there. Her cunt. It made him hot as hell. He took the panties with him and went upstairs.

Inside his room, he unwrapped the towel from around his waist and tossed it away. He brought the box of pictures out of the closet, opened it and picked out three of his favorites.

He laid the pictures out on the bedcover so that he could see them while he was standing.

The pictures were something. They were three different women, but they all looked like his mother. Same physical type. Without looking too closely, you’d think it was her. The resemblance always made his pulse race. He arranged the pictures in order, from left to right.

The first picture showed a woman alone. Maybe in a bedroom. She was kneeling on one knee. The top of her body was covered by a blouse. Below that she was naked except for beige nylons and red shoes with high-heels. Her ass and part of her crotch were exposed to the camera. She had a gorgeous ass and sexy legs. She had her fingers in her pussy. She looked like she was masturbating.

The second picture showed a woman sucking a cock. A big cock. The man wasn’t in the picture, only his big prick. The woman had no more than his cockhead in her mouth. It looked like she couldn’t fit any more in. She had a look of adoration on her face. She held his balls with one hand as she sucked his cock-knob.

The third picture was the one Stuart liked best. This time, the woman in the picture was bent over with her hands on the mattress of a bed. She was blonde like his mother. She wore a white blouse, below that, nothing but beige nylons with elastic tops.

Standing behind her was a man, his hands on her waist as he fucked her. You couldn’t tell whether his cock was in her ass or her cunt. Stuart had never decided which it was. Each time he looked at the picture, he thought it was one or the other. This time, he thought the man had his cock in the woman’s cunt. His mother’s cunt. She could be his mother. If you turned the woman’s face a little bit more to the side, you could say it was his mother.

What a neat ass she had! Not too big. He didn’t like them fat. His mother’s ass was perfect. Did she ever fuck like that, bent over with her hands on a bed?

Stuart wrapped the nylon panties around his cockshaft and slowly jerked off as he gazed at the pictures. His eyes moved from one picture to the other and then finally he settled on the last one. His mother getting fucked by some guy standing behind her.

The only thing not right was the blouse. It would be bettor to have her naked so he could see her tits. In that position her tits would hang down like a pair of cantaloupes.

Stuart had a sudden wish to be ten years old again so that he could look at his mother without clothes. Completely stripped. Her tits and pussy and ass. Maybe wearing nothing but nylons like the woman in the photograph.

Don’t be crazy, he thought, you never saw her like that. She never walked around the house like that.

But maybe in her bedroom she did. It suddenly dawned on him that he was a stupid jerk. If he wanted to see her that much, why didn’t he do it? Why didn’t he find a way to look at her?

He could feel the jism rising in his balls. His cock was as hard as a rock. Was there any way to spy on her in her bedroom? A hole of some kind? The hall closet? Maybe he could drill a hole through the wall between the hall closet and her bedroom.

He had to come now. He couldn’t hold it back any longer. He gripped the shaft of his cock firmly and pumped himself to a finish. He gazed at the third picture. Towards the end, he decided the guy’s cock had to be in the woman’s ass. His mother’s ass.

As he thought about that, he turned away to avoid soiling the pictures. A cock in his mother’s ass. He groaned as the hot spunk blasted out of his pisshole to splatter against the night-table beside his bed. Oh fuck! he thought. Oh fuck, I’ve got to look at her!

Later he checked out the hall closet. There was plenty of room inside if he had to hide in there. After she went to bed, she hardly ever came out of her room again. Certainly not to look in the ball closet. She had her own bathroom adjoining her bedroom. He could drill a hole in the wall and then fix up some kind of plug for it. She had a large plant against the wall in her room, and maybe the plant would help hide the hole. I can do it, Stuart thought. It’ll work, all right. His heart beat with excitement as he imagined himself looking at her.

After that Stuart thought about nothing else. All he could think of during school the next day was that hole in the closet wall. During the lunch hour, he arranged to borrow a drill from one of his friends. After school was out, he picked up the drill and hurried home with it. His mother usually walked into the house about seven in the evening, and he was certain he had enough time to finish the job.

First he had to figure out exactly where to drill the hole. He studied the wall in her room and then in the closet. That plant would help. Yes, it would work. He marked the spot and started drilling.

He had the whole thing done within minutes.

A neat hole about two inches across, made with a router bit. He could see nearly all of her bedroom: the bed, the dressing table, and even partway into the bathroom.

He cleaned up under the hole in her room and then in the closet. Then he set about making a plug out of a piece of wood and a piece of the same wallpaper used in his mother’s room that he obtained from a spare roll. It was perfect.

When the plug was in, the plant masked the wall enough to prevent any detection. Inside the closet, a person would have to look carefully to find the hole. The whole thing was done, and now all he had to worry about was getting himself into the closet without his mother knowing he was there.

When? he thought. The eagerness had put a lump in his throat. When would he have his chance? He told himself he had to have patience. Maybe it would take some time.

In fact, it took hardly any time at all. The next evening he realized there was no good reason to wait. He and his mother were in the kitchen talking about some movie they had once seen. She was always dressed to the ears during the day, but as soon as she arrived home in the evening she would change into casual clothes. Now she was wearing white shorts and a pink teeshirt. No bra, nothing under the shirt except those fabulous tits. The slacks were tight, the white cotton molding her ass, showing the rounds of her asscheeks. As she walked around the kitchen, he surreptitiously looked at her body and mentally stripped her naked.

She started talking to him about his social life. She asked him about his girlfriends. “Are you dating anyone now?”

Stuart shrugged. “Not anyone regular.”

“One of these days, some girl is going to get her hooks into you.”

“I don’t think so.”

Pat laughed. “That’s what they all say. Anyway, be careful you don’t get anyone pregnant. I think teenagers do too much these days.”

He said he didn’t think he did that much. When she asked, he told her he wasn’t that experienced with girls.

“Not like some guys.”

“Don’t you worry about that. It’s better not to run around too much.”

He wondered about her sex-life. She hardly ever brought any men to the house. Once in a while a guy called for her, and she went out. Usually she met her dates downtown. So she said. He didn’t mind not seeing her with men.

Just thinking about it made him jealous. He knew it was wrong, because she was entitled to a life of her own, but the idea of other men in her life still made him jealous.

They continued talking about girls and teenagers and sex. She told him that sometimes she thought maybe he was too shy.

“You don’t get anything in life from being shy,” she said.

Stuart squirmed. “I thought you said it was better not to run around too much.”

Pat nodded. “So I did. But sometimes I have the impression, you’re too shy with women.”

“I’m not.”

“All right, we won’t debate it.”

He hungered for her. He watched her tits move as she reached for something on a shelf. He could see the outline of her nipples. The shorts she wore were so damn tight her ass looked about to burst through the cloth. He imagined her naked, her tits swinging as she walked around the kitchen. Or maybe wearing lingerie. If they were married, she would do that. A negligee. Or maybe a garter belt and stockings and high heels. He’d give anything to see her half naked like that. Did any of the men she knew ever see her like that? He couldn’t imagine her fucking anyone. The idea of it made him too crazy. The idea of some guy’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Christ, I’m hung up on her! he thought. He certainly was. She had him paralyzed. He decided tonight was the night. He had to try out the hole in the wall. He had to have a look at her.

During the next few hours, the anticipation tied him up in knots. He had to wait until nearly eleven o’clock, until she went to her room for the night. As soon as he heard her bedroom door close, he slipped out of his room and tiptoed down to the hall closet. It took only a moment to get in there, to close the door and get himself into position at the hole.

He held his breath as he slowly pulled the plug out of the hole. He prayed nothing would go wrong. He’d have a time of it if she found out. Then the plug was out and the light in her room filled the hole and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

It was like some wild dream come true. The view was perfect. She was still dressed. She was sitting on the edge of her bed brushing out her hair. The blood pounded in his head. She was so beautiful. Looking at her in secret this way was even more exciting than he’d imagined. And she was still dressed, too. He told himself he would blow his mind when she took her clothes off. He would blow his Goddamn cookies!

At last she put the hairbrush down and rose from the bed. She crossed her arms over her middle, grabbed the edge of the teeshirt and stripped it off. Her tits were suddenly exposed, bouncing and jiggling, her naked tits — right there, no more than ten feet from his eyes!

They were perfect, just like he’d imagined them. Nipples with wide areolas and points like berries. Juicy pink berries. The skin of her tits was whiter than the rest of her. Protected from the sun. Like sugar-candy, he thought. If he ever had the chance, he would suck her tits for a week.

Then she finished undressing. She dropped her shorts, picked them up and tossed them onto a chair. He saw her front first, her sloping belly, the full bush of blonde hair below that, her firm thighs. She played a lot of tennis, and she was in good shape. A super-looking woman. Then she turned and he saw her ass. Her full asscheeks, the deep spilt, the skin as white as the skin of her tits. He couldn’t decide which he liked more, tits or ass. Then he told himself he was a jerk, every inch of her was a dream.

He prayed she wouldn’t put anything on, not a nightgown or a pair of panties. He wanted her completely naked, uncovered, naked and ripe under his eyes.

She walked back and forth, touching things on the dressing table, sometimes stopping to look at herself in the mirror. At intervals, she would run a hand across her tits, flip her nipples with her fingers. Her nipples were soon out, stiff like two spikes. Not berries any more, now they were spikes. His heart pumping like crazy, he pulled his jockey shorts down to expose his cock and balls. His prick was hard, his balls swollen. Curling his fingers around his cockshaft, he watched his mother moving about her room.

Then she lay down on the bed. The bed faced the hole he was peering through, and he caught his breath as she raised one leg. She picked up a magazine and started turning the pages. He could see her crotch. Her raised knee was pulled a bit to the side, and that opened her crotch. He could make out her cuntlips. Her pussy. The slit of his mother’s cunt! He wondered how big she was inside. Certainly not like some of the girls he’d fingered. Their pussies were so tight he could hardly get two fingers inside. His mother was a grown woman and her cunt would be bigger. She’d had a baby, hadn’t she? They had to stretch when they had babies. He convinced himself she had a big cunt. He yearned to dive into it. Zoom right into that big hairy pussy. She had more hair down there than he’d thought. Most blondes didn’t have too much. His mother had a real bush of hair on her cunt.

More than ever now, he was jealous of any men that she knew. He was sure she fucked a man once in a while. She never denied to him that she had men in her life. He thought of some guy’s cock plowing into that blonde pussy. He thought of his own cock sliding in her big fuckhole. He thought about fucking her. He would suck her tits while he did it. He would bite her nipples while he rammed his cock in and out of her big cunt.

Staring through the hole, he slowly pumped his cock with his fist. It was worth it. All the trouble he’d gone through to make the hole. He couldn’t think of anything more exciting than this.

After a while, she stopped turning the pages of the magazine and started reading it. She moved a hand over her tits and down to her belly. She rubbed her belly a few times, and then after that her hand moved lower down until her fingers were in her cunt bush.

In the closet Stuart was afraid to breathe. He watched her fingers, his own fingers stroking his cock. He watched her touch herself. First her middle finger between hot cuntlips. Up and down, opening them a bit. Then she added her forefinger. Two fingers now between her cuntlips. Two fingers opening her pussy-lips, rubbing slowly from the bottom of the slit where her fuck-hole was, up to the top and the shaft of her clit. Slowly rubbing, stopping, rubbing, he blew his breath out through his teeth. He could feel himself sweating. The heat in his face and throat. This was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. His mother’s fingers opening her cunt. She had her pussy-lips wide-open now. He could see the pink meat, the wet flesh, her clit standing out. He watched as she rubbed the shaft of her clit with her forefinger, then she moved her hand and pushed her middle finger inside her cunt-hole. She screwed the finger around a few times, and then she added her forefinger and used the two fingers together. She fucked her cunt-hole with her fingers. After a time, she pushed her fingers deep inside, left them there and used her thumb to roll her clit.

She was frigging herself. No longer just playing round, but now frigging herself. She put the magazine down and raised both knees and spread them wide. She used her left hand to squeeze her tits. She pulled and twisted her nipples with her fingers while her other fingers worked on her pussy.

Stuart was in a daze. This was the first time he was looking at her, and the result was much more than he expected. Even something of a shock. He never expected to see her jerk off. Not like this. Everything so clear. He could even see the white froth of juice in her pussy. The slime on her fingers. Then his breath caught again as she realized she was tickling her asshole with a fingertip. Jesus Christ, there too! Spellbound, he watched one of her fingers slide inside her asshole.

She was agitated now. Her head was thrown back on the pillow, her mouth hanging open. He thought she looked more beautiful than ever. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. One hand on her tits and the other hand working her clit and cunt-hole and asshole. Her fingers sliding in and out of her cunt-hole and asshole at the same time. She started moving her legs, opening and closing her knees as she fucked herself with her hand.

Look at it! Christ, what a cunt she had! He imagined the buttery heat of it, the hot juices boiling in there around her fingers. She came finally. He watched her make it. The way her knees trembled, the way she squirmed her ass.

The way she stroked her fingers in a frenzy in and out of her body. At the end came the final spasm. She bucked her ass off the bed, pumped her fingers in and out as she finished herself off.

Stuart’s balls erupted. He clenched his teeth to stifle a groan as the jism spurted out of his cock against the wall of the closet. He pulled his eyes away from the hole and slumped down on the floor in a daze.


“How old are you?” Pat said.

The guy beside her in the car looked at her. “Eighteen.”

Pat chuckled. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter, does it?”

She leaned toward him and kissed him, first his cheek and then he turned his face and she kissed his lips. He had a sweet mouth. A sweet looking body, too. She hadn’t thought of picking anyone up in the shopping mall. But here they were at the end of the parking lot. He had a part-time job at one of the department stores, and now he was finished for the day and she had him all to herself. She’d made a big sale today. She told herself this was a small present. She looked around. It was dusk and the parking lot was nearly empty, the nearest car fifty yards away. She slid her hand into his lap and squeezed his crotch.


He nodded. “Yeah!”

“I bet you’re horny all the time. It’s a sign of health. I know all about guys. I have a son your age.”


“What’s the matter?”

“You don’t look that old.”

“Well, I am. I’m old enough to be your mother. Let’s unzip this!”

She brought his cock out. She had to struggle with his jockey shorts to get him free, but in a moment she had it in the air. He seemed nervous. He kept looking around the parking lot until she told him to relax.

“No one can see anything,” she said.

His cock was not one of the huge ones. He had a young prick with a long foreskin. Silky to the touch. She kneaded his prick with her fingers until he was fully erect, and then she skinned back his foreskin to free his cock-knob.

“It’s a nice one,” she said. “I like it.”

She did like it. His cockhead was pink and shiny. Juicy-looking. It made her mouth water. Maybe it was because he was so young. She loved sucking the young ones. She loved the taste and smell of their young pricks.

“I’m going to suck you off,” she said.

He protested. “Jesus, what for? I thought you said I could fuck you!”

“You will, you will. We’ll go somewhere. But first I’ll suck you. Don’t you like to get sucked?”

“Sure I do.”

She wagged his prick back and forth. “I bet your girlfriends are crazy about this cock. Do you come in their mouths?”

She caught the excitement in his eyes.

“Sometimes,” he said.

His pisshole was leaking steadily now. She smeared the juice over his knob with her thumb. She pulled his foreskin up to cover his cockknob and then skinned it back again. With a murmur of contentment, she shifted her body and went down on him.

She licked his prick-knob, dripped saliva from her mouth and smeared it around with her tongue. Then she took him. He groaned when he felt the heat of her mouth. His cock was short enough so she could take the length on the first pass. She stayed down there, her lips squeezing the base of his cockshaft, his prickhead tickling her tonsils. She could smell his crotch. Sweet and sweaty. What a little prize he was!

After that she brought him off. There wasn’t much they could do in a parking lot, and she wanted to get him to a motel somewhere. She also wanted the taste of his spunk. She bobbed her head a few times and then tightened her lips. He was on the edge, and she could do him without fingers. A few more passes and he stiffened and groaned and released his load in her mouth. Warm and thick. She sucked him dry, nursing at his prick until she had it all. Then she straightened up and smiled at him.

“You’re a doll,” she said. “Now put it away.”

“Are we still going somewhere?”

She laughed. “Of course we are!”

They were always suspicious. They thought it impossible that a woman like her would want them. Some of them knew better, but most of them were like this one. Too new at sex to understand. What was his name? She had to think a moment. Oh yes, his name was Calvin.

A sweet name for a sweet guy. She started the motor and eased the car out of the parking lot and onto the highways. She had to drive a few miles until she found the motel she wanted. She had used this place before. The girl in the office had a bored look as she handed over the key. A few minutes later, Pat had the guy in a room.

After she locked the door and pulled the drapes, she went to him and kissed him.

“Do it right this time,” she said. “Open your mouth.”

She gave him her tongue. Then she took his tongue, sucked on the wet muscle as she pressed her body against his. When she finally broke the kiss, his face was flushed.

“Don’t you like to kiss?”

He wiped his mouth. “Sure.”

Pat chuckled. “But you like other things better, right? Unbutton my blouse.”

His fingers worked at the buttons. She could see how nervous he was. She soothed him, told him how much she liked him.

“You’re grown up,” she said. “You don’t have to feel you’re a baby.”

When he had all her buttons undone, she pulled the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and slipped it off. His eyes were hot as he gazed at her bra-covered tits. With a smile, she reached behind her, unhooked her bra and freed her tits.

“Come on, touch,” she said. “A woman likes to be touched.”

She stood passively while he handled her tits. He seemed in awe of them. Then suddenly he mashed his face against one of her tits and took her nipple in his mouth.

She liked it. His mouth felt good. She took one of his hands and brought it around to her ass. In a moment he had both hands on her ass, his fingers squeezing her asscheeks as he continued sucking her nipple.

Then she gently pushed him away from her tit. “Do you know how to lick a pussy?”

He blushed. “Yeah, sure.”

“I don’t want you to do it if it turns you off.”

“No, I like it.”

She suspected he’d never done it before. Not to a grown woman. If that was true, then it was time for him to learn.

She quickly stripped her skirt and slip and panties off. Her curt was wet, the crotch of her panties soaked with it. She left her gartered nylons on. Let him learn to know the feel of nylon against his ears.

“Over here,” she said. “I’ll sit in this chair.”

His excitement was obvious when she sat down and exposed her cunt. She draped her legs over the upholstered arms to let him have a good look at her.

“Lunch-time,” she said. “Eat me first, and then after that you can fuck me.”

He went down on his knees in front of her. She slid her ass forward and pulled his head in. In a moment, she felt his nose and tongue. The young ones always thought they had to lick her fuck-hole. She didn’t mind. She had his nose against her clit and by gently rocking his head with her hands she could get the action she wanted. Sucking his cock had primed her, and now it took no more than a few minutes to bring her off. She groaned and shivered at the end. She closed her thighs around his head and held him prisoner.

After that she made him lick her clean. She taught him how to swab his tongue up and down her pussy. Then she wiped his mouth with a tissue. He looked so cute. Now he would know how to suck a woman. The next time he balled one of his girlfriends, the girl would have, a surprise.

She helped him undress. He leaned one hand on her shoulder as she pulled his jeans and shorts down. She stripped him completely. She fondled his cock and halls. His prick was up again. His pink balls looked full of spunk.

She took his prick in her mouth. Holding his balls in her hand, she sucked his cock-knob and then the rest of his cockshaft. He had a sweet tasting prick, the long foreskin fun to play with. She pushed his foreskin down with her lips and then pulled it back with her fingers.

After that she told him to turn around, and she plastered a kiss on each asscheek. She was hungry for him. His sweet young body. She licked up and down his asscrack and he giggled. She made him bend forward. She pulled his asscheeks apart to expose his asshole. A light-brown crinkled little assbud. She lapped it with her tongue. He shuddered and pushed his ass back against her face.

“Do you like that?” she said.

“It feels good.”

She laughed. “I’ll bet it does.”

She made him turn around again, and once more she took his cock in her mouth. He was very hard now, his cock in full erection, his prick pointing at the ceiling. She licked up and down the underside of his cockshaft and then popped his nuts inside her mouth, one after the other.

“Alright, lets get on the bed,” she said. “Now you can fuck me.” Then she teased him.

“You still want to fuck, don’t you?”

“Don’t you want to?”

“Yes, I want to. I want you to do it from behind. Have you ever done it that way?” She didn’t wait for his answer. She knelt on the bed with her ass in the air and her head resting on her folded arms. “Get behind me and stick it in.”

“Do you want it in your ass?”

She chuckled. “What do you know about that? Have you ever done it?”


She was certain he was lying. “No, not in my ass. Put it in my pussy.”

She was eager for it now. Her cunt was sopping. She could feel the twitching inside. Poor little pussy needs a cock, she thought. She swayed her ass from side to side. She loved this position. She loved having them look at both fuck-holes at the same time.

Then she felt his cock against her cuntlips. His knob pressed against her wet cuntflesh. She was so wet, he slipped inside without any delay. Nothing to hold him back. In a moment his young prick was buried to the hilt in her pussy.

“Does it feel good?”


“You feel good, too. Your cock feels wonderful.”

She knew he would tell all his friends about her. This beautiful blonde who took him to a motel and let him fuck her. And none of his friends would believe it.

He didn’t last long. A guy like this had once fucked her for nearly an hour without his prick getting soft. But this one was too eager. He came quickly. He kept pumping as he shot his load, and that was nice. That was enough to give her a weak orgasm. She wanted more, but she realized her time with him was finished.

After they were dressed, she drove the guy to the section of town in which he lived, and dropped him off about a block from his home. When he asked to see her again, she gave him a phony telephone number. She had nothing against him, he was cute and she liked him, but she never saw them more than once. No complications and plenty of variety. There were a thousand cocks out there, and life was too short. You’re too hard-boiled, she thought. But she was having fun, wasn’t she?

She went home. Stuart was out. She found a note in the kitchen telling her he’d gone to a softball game with some friends. He said he’d be home by seven. It was almost seven now. She looked at the mail. When she went to her room, she remembered the rubber plant needed water. She decided to do that before undressing. She brought the plastic spray bottle and started spraying the plant and that was when she discovered the hole in the wall.

She wouldn’t have seen it at all if she hadn’t just happened to look at that spot. At first she didn’t know what it was. She touched it with her finger and the piece of wallpaper came away to reveal the hole and the plug inside it. She immediately went out of the room and opened the hall closet. The moment she turned the light on in there she saw the hole on the closet side. A peephole. That’s what it was, a peephole. Stuart had been spying on her. Her own son had been spying on her in her bedroom!

Her first reaction was anger. But that quickly gave way to amusement. Guys his age were always so horny, it was no surprise that he wanted to look at her. She ought to be flattered. These days, if a guy wanted to see what a women looked like, all he had to do was open a magazine. But it was her he wanted to look at. He had gone through all that trouble to make the hole. No, she couldn’t be angry. She thought about him so often in a sexual way, how could she blame him for thinking about her and then doing something about it beside thinking?

You had to admit the kid had gumption.

She made herself a drink and waited for him to came home. He was surprised to see her still dressed in her working clothes. “You going somewhere, Mom?”

She shook her head. “I just came home a little while ago.”

She said nothing to him about discovering the hole in the wall. She hadn’t done anything to it.

“I think I’ll go up and change now. Maybe I’ll take a nap, too. You’ll be all right, won’t you?”

“Sure, Mom.”

She knew why she was doing it. She wanted him to watch her. Kinky as it was, the damn thing turned her on. She told him she might take a nap because she wanted him to go to the hall closet. She wanted him to watch her while she took her clothes off. Oh boy, she thought, now we’ve come a long way.

She was in her room only a few minutes before she heard him enter the closet. She was thankful now she hadn’t touched the plug in the hole. Her excitement was intense. She was already turned-on. Just the idea of exhibiting herself to Stuart was enough to make her wet.

Inside the closet, Stuart’s excitement was as keen as his mother’s. He had the plug out of the wall and his eye at the hole. He had his zipper down and his cock in his fist. His prick was already stiff. He slowly stroked his cock with his fingers as he watched her.

Pat delayed undressing awhile. She wondered if he jerked off as he watched her. She guessed that he did. She guessed it was very exciting for him to see her naked. Finally she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. She did whatever she would do normally. She didn’t want him to get the idea she knew he was watching. She hung the blouse in the closet and tossed the bra into a basket of stuff that had to be washed. Her nipples were hard. Just knowing he was looking at her had stiffened her nipples.

Standing in front of the mirror, she hefted her tits in her hands and examined each one. What fun it was to do it and know he was watching her. She opened ajar of cocoa butter and smeared some on her nipples, first one and then the other. She rubbed the cream over her nipples and then into the surrounding titflesh.

I’m wetting my pants, she thought.

She imagined what it would be like to have his mouth on her tits, his teeth pulling at her nipples, his lips sucking and nibbling. She stripped the rest of her clothes off as slowly as possible. She tossed her panties into the laundry basket. She deliberately kept her nylons and high-heels on. They always made her feel sexy. She liked to fuck wearing nylons. It thrilled her to have Stuart looking at her when she looked so sexy. Was he jerking off? She imagined his hand pumping his cock. That lovely cock he had. Only a few hours ago she’d had a guy in a motel room. But of course, it wasn’t enough. Nothing was ever enough. She could take all the cock she could get. He son’s cock, too. What a lovely dream it would be to fuck him. To have his cock in her mouth and cunt and ass. She would take him everywhere. She would do everything with him she did with the guys she picked up. She would eat his cock and suck his ass.

God, how I want him! she thought.

She puttered around the room. She sat down awhile to brush her hair, and after that she pretended to busy herself with her wardrobe. As if she were choosing something to wear tomorrow. She was having too much fun to stop it. Showing herself to Stuart was incredibly exciting.

She was so horny. Was it because that guy Calvin had been a disappointment? Or was it Stuart? She decided it was Stuart. Then she realized she would never be satisfied with just this. Just exhibiting herself. It was only a game and it would never really satisfy her.

She made her mind up. She slipped into a silk kimono and abruptly left the room. She went downstairs to the kitchen and fixed herself a Bloody Mary. She waited another minute or two to make sure he was back in his room, and then she called out to him.

“Honey, come on down!”

He came out of his room and looked at her from the landing. “What is it, Mom?”

“Just come on down. I’d like to talk to you about something.”

When he walked into the kitchen, his eyes immediately ran over her body. She was standing against one of the counters. She knew the silk kimono outlined all her curves. She still wore the nylons and high heels, but otherwise she was naked. Stuart was obviously well aware of it.

“What is it, Mom?”

I’ll drip my pussy-juice on the floor, she thought. She was so hot. It turned her on having him so close to her after what had happened before. Her knees were trembling. It can’t go on, she thought.

Suddenly, she came out and told him. She told him she knew about the hole in the wall. She told him she knew he’d been spying on her.

He was stunned. She could see the sudden panic in his eyes. That helpless look. She tried to keep her voice even and without anger. She told him it was better if they talked about it.

He wouldn’t talk. At first he stood frozen as he listened to her. Then he suddenly pulled himself together and bolted. He ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room.

She heard his door slam. She could feel the sweat running down between her tits. Dear God, what now? she thought. She went to his room. After briefly knocking on the door, she opened it and stepped inside. He was stretched out on the bed. He turned his face away, refusing to look at her.

“Listen, I’m not angry,” she said. She sat down on the edge of the bed and touched his knee. “It’s important that you know I’m not angry. Really, I’m not.”

“I feel like a rat,” he said.

“Oh, come on.”

“It’s true.”

“It’s not that terrible. There’s nothing unusual about a guy your age wanting to see his mother naked. It’s only natural.”

She talked to him about it. She gradually convinced him she really wasn’t that upset over it. She said they used to see each other naked all the time when he was younger. It wasn’t such a big deal. She kidded him about it. She got him to smile. Then after a while she asked him how long the spying had been going on.

“About a month.”

“When I go to bed?”

She knew what that meant. She often lay in bed naked and uncovered, reading a book or a magazine and playing with her pussy. “You’ve seen me masturbating, haven’t you?”

He flushed. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not that awful everyone does it.”

“I didn’t say it was awful.”

She smiled. “Wow, I bet that turned you on. It did, didn’t it?”

He turned his face away again. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not making fun. Anyway, I’m not angry. Let’s leave at that and stay friends. Okay?”


She rose up from the bed. “I’ll see you later.”



“You’re a super woman.”

She left him and went down the hall to her room. There was nothing more to talk about for the time being. He had spied on her, he had seen her naked, he had watched her masturbating. For nearly a month. She wondered how many nights they had both jerked off at the same me, she on one side of the wall and he on the other. It seemed so silly when you looked at it that way.

She lay down on her bed and thought about him. His big juicy cock in his fist. She remembered what it looked like. She imagined his jism spurting in the closet. Sometimes she got pretty wild when she masturbated. She tried to remember whether she had used anything in the past few weeks. Sometimes she used a banana. He had most probably seen her fingering her asshole. She always did that. She was so sensitive there. How strange it was that she wasn’t embarrassed by it all. She was more excited than embarrassed. All the things he’d seen.

She knew she had to have him. She had to fuck him or she’d go mad.

It has to be tonight, she thought. She couldn’t wait. It was stupid to wait. She wanted him, and she knew he wanted her. It had to be tonight.


She slept awhile. When she awakened, she looked at the clock and saw that an hour had passed. The house seemed quiet. Then she heard someone in the kitchen. Stuart was at the refrigerator. She remembered they hadn’t had any dinner yet. She rose from the bed, left her room and went down.

He was in the kitchen eating a banana, standing there in nothing but his undershorts.

“We need dinner,” she said.

He shrugged. “I don’t mind. I can find something.”

“How about a pizza? We can have them deliver it.”

“Sure, Mom, whatever you want.”

She couldn’t help looking at him, at the heavy bulge in front of his jockey shorts. The way the pouch was filled. In the past they’d never made anything of him walking around in his shorts. Somehow, now it was different. Now his spying on her was out in the open. There was something sexual between them now. There always had been, but now it was overt.

She couldn’t take her eyes off him. She walked back and forth, puttering in the kitchen, but all the time she was looking at his body. That firm little ass. His arms and chest. The bulge. He was certainly well-hung. Lots of meat between his legs. Big cock and big balls. She remembered the last time she’d seen him, under the sheet that night.

He noticed her eyes on his body and he blushed. “Maybe I should put some clothes on,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow. “What for? I see you like this all the time.”

“The shorts aren’t much.”

“It’s like a bathing suit, isn’t it? When you’re at the beach, that’s all you wear.”


“Don’t be shy. Anyway, I’m your mother, remember?” Then she teased him. “After all the looking you’ve done at me, I ought to make you walk around naked.”

She ordered the pizza. They said it would take an hour. Stuart agreed to watch TV with her while they waited.

“Now I’m getting hungry,” he said.

“Patience, darling. All good things require patience.”

They sat beside each other on the sofa. Her kimono opened to show her thighs, but she made no attempt to pull it together. It seemed silly to worry about that. The guy had seen everything. She caught him looking at her legs now. She was happy she was still wearing the nylons. They made her legs look sexy.

“Do you like my legs?” She extended one foot and turned it.

“They’re great, Mom.”

“You wouldn’t tell me if they weren’t.”

“Sure I would.”

She thought maybe the bulge in his shorts was getting larger. You’re like a mare in heat, she thought. She was the mare and he was the stallion. What he had in those shorts was a stallion’s cock.

“You’re too far away,” she said. “You’re not doing that on purpose, are you? Mover closer.”

He moved on the sofa and then she moved also. Her thigh pressed against his.

“That’s better. I don’t want this business about the peephole to come between us. Do you promise?”

“As long as you’re not angry, Mom.”

“I told you I wasn’t.”

They watched the TV screen. They talked. At one point she deliberately put her hand on his thigh. She took it away and then she put it back again. The television drama concerned an adulterous love affair. She scraped her fingernails across Stuart’s muscular thigh.

“Sex is exciting, isn’t it? I mean, that’s one of the things you find out as you grow up.”

He blushed and nodded. “I guess so.”

“Did you get very turned-on looking at me? If you don’t want to talk about it, say so.”

“I don’t mind.”

“That’s good. It’s better to be open about it.”

“You’re a dream, Mom. Looking at you is damn exciting. I guess that’s why I did it.”

She kissed his cheek. “I don’t know if I’m a dream, but you’re certainly cute.”

“You’re beautiful.”

She smirked at him. “Especially without clothes, huh?”

“All right, I won’t tease you.”

She looked down at his lap, and now for the first time she saw that he had a hard-on. Their eyes met and he blushed. “Maybe I ought to put some pants on.”

She laughed. “Don’t you dare. I’ve seen erections before, you know.”

“I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t be silly.” She stroked his thigh. “Is it me or some girl you’re thinking about?”

“It’s you.” Then he jumped as her hand suddenly touched the bulge of his cock. “Oh Jesus!”

“It’s all right, don’t be shy about it.”

“Jesus, Mom!”

But he didn’t move. He stayed right where he was, beside her. She touched the base of his cock again, this time with her fingertips. He had his cock pointing up towards his belly, a stiff poker under the cotton of his jockey shorts. She ran her fingertips along his cockshaft.

“You’re as hard as a rock,” she said. “I can’t help it.”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

He was so big. The massive shape of his cock made her quiver with excitement. She knew this was a first. She had never touched him before, not since he’d been a young child. Now she had her fingers dancing up and down along the length of his swollen cockshaft.

She massaged his cock gently. She could feel the heat, the throbbing of his prick beneath her fingers. To touch him like this was terribly erotic. His man-muscle twitching beneath her hand.

He laid his head on the back of the sofa and groaned as she continued to fondle him. Now she was measuring him, her fingertips along each side of his cock to test its thickness. His prick hardly tapered towards the tip. It remained thick all the way. And then his lovely prickknob. The fat mushroom of his cockhead. When he groaned again, she kissed his cheek.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, but maybe we shouldn’t.”

“Do you think it’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s not wrong. Don’t you always say I’m your best girl?”

“And you’re my best man.”

She wanted to feel his cock inside her cunt.

She wanted him to fuck her. She told herself she would teach him to be a perfect lover. They couldn’t turn back now. She needed him too much. She chuckled softly.

“Anyway, I can tell you’re excited, can’t I?” He had his head bent now. He was watching her fingers as they played up and down the shaft of his cock through the cotton of his undershorts. He said nothing. He seemed hypnotized by the sight of her hand on his prick.

Her fingers slipped inside the waistband of his shorts. She pulled at it. He groaned and raised his ass. She pulled his jockey shorts down to below his balls and now his cock was free.

His thick prick twitched against his belly. His cock-knob was a darker pink than the shaft, as dark as the pink of his balls.

“Now that’s a cock!” She took hold of him. She carefully curled her fingers around his cockshaft to get the feel of his meat, the feel of his hot cockflesh. “Mmmmm, baby, how hot you are! You’re close to coming, aren’t you. What a man you are! What a gorgeous cock!”

His cock was indeed gorgeous. So long and thick. She studied it. She feasted her eyes on his prick. She told herself that if she had to judge a perfect cock, this was it. A woman’s dream. She hadn’t seen one as nice as this in a long time.

No, she had never seen one as nice as this. This was her own son’s cock and there was no other like it.

“Don’t move, darling.”

She started stroking his cock, her fingers moving lightly up and down his cockshaft, tugging the velvety skin up to his prick-knob and then down again.

He groaned. “Jesus, Mom!”

“I know, baby. Just lie still and let me take care of it.”

His cockhead glistened with fuck-juice. She spread the fluid over his mushrooming prickhead with her fingertip. Then she stroked him again, this time, more firmly. After a moment, she slid her fingers to the base of his cock and squeezed the tube of muscle to make his cockhead swell.

“Beautiful!” she said.

She suddenly went down on him. He hissed as she dropped her head to lick the tip of his prick. She lapped up the juice brimming in his pisshole. She licked the entire knob of his cock with a swirling motion of her tongue.

Then she took his cockhead between her lips. Her first mouthful! She left it there, just the head of his cock between her lips. The heat of his cock on her tongue. Her teeth pressing gently into the spongy flesh of his cockhead.

Then down. More and more of his cock inside her mouth. The ring of her lips slowly sliding down his cockshaft. She filled her mouth with his prick, her jaws wide-open because he was so thick around. She took all of him. She relaxed her throat muscles, forced the ring of her throat around his cock until she had her nose in his cockbush.

Then she pulled back. She had to pull back in order the breathe. He rolled his head and groaned. She had one hand on his belly and she could feel the sweat pouring off his body.

She pulled her lips free and cupped his heavy balls. “I want you to come in my mouth.”

“Jesus, Mom, are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. I want you to go off in my mouth.”

She filled her mouth with his cock again. This time, she began pumping him with her lips. Up and down. Her head bobbing as she sucked his throbbing cockflesh. Faster now. The ring of her lips tightening to pull at his cockskin. Her tongue swirling at his fuck-knob.

He grunted as he started spurting. The warm jism came jetting out of his pisshole to hit her palate. She held his knob between her lips and milked him with a rhythmic tightening of her mouth. She couldn’t get enough of it. His precious spunk. She felt as though she had waited for this moment all her life. She kept sucking him until she had milked him dry, until whatever he had was hers.

Sue pulled her mouth off his cock and held his prick in her hand. She sat up. “Was it nice, baby?”

He groaned. “I never came so hard!”

She squeezed his prick and chuckled. “It was nice for me, too. You gave me so much spunk.”

“Sometimes there’s really a lot of it.”

“That’s because you’re young and healthy. I bet these lovely balls will fill up again in no time. Look at this, your cock never really went soft. You’re like a stallion. It’s a stallion’s cock.”

“It’s just ordinary.”

“No, it’s not. This cock is something special.”

“Oh Mom!”

“Anyway, I loved having you come in my mouth. It’s our first, isn’t it? Now that the first one is behind us, we can take more time.”

After that, she took him in her arms. She kissed his lips. He was bashful at first about opening his moth. She chided him. She told him she had just sucked him off and it was silly not to kiss the right way. When they kissed again, this time he opened his mouth and she captured his tongue.

Then they broke the kiss and he nuzzled her tits. “I love you, Mom.”

“And I love you too, darling.”

“Did you really like it when I came in your mouth?”

“I loved it.”

“A girl once told me it doesn’t taste so good.”

Pat laughed. “She’s wrong, darling. A real woman loves the taste of a man. And your taste is better than most. Really wonderful. You can tell that girl she’s crazy.”

“I don’t see her any more.”

“What about the others? Do they suck your cock sometimes?”


Pat snickered. “Are they any good?”

“Not as good as you.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“I feel funny talking to you like this.”

“I don’t want you to feel inhibited about talking. It’s better to talk about sex. Most people don’t talk enough. Always say what’s on your mind.”


“Tell me what you want now.”

“Can I suck your tits.” She smiled. She opened her kimono and hefted one of her tits in her hand.

“Here,” she said, “suck my nipple.” She made a sound of pleasure when she felt his mouth on her tit. He sucked vigorously, his lips and teeth pulling at her nipple until it turned into a swollen spike. Then she gave him the other tit. He worked his mouth over it. Both nipples were out, the pink nubs glistening with his saliva.

“I guess you like tits,” she said.

“I like these tits.”

She toyed with his cock. She fondled his balls and jacked his cockskin up and down with her fingers. She loved the feel of his fuckmeat in her hand. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“You know I do.”

“I don’t know,” she teased. “Maybe it’ll make problems for you. Guys are not supposed to fuck their mothers.”

“You promised.”

“So I did. Look at this, look how hard you are.”

“You turn me on, Mom.”

“What did you do in that closet? Did you jerk off when you watched me?”

He blushed. “Yeah.”

She thought of his hand pumping his cock, his jism spurting in the closet as he looked at her body. “You won’t have to do that any more,” she said. “Things will be different now.”

“When can I fuck you?”

She squeezed his cock and chuckled. “My eager beaver. Let’s wait until after we have our pizza. Can you hold out?”

He looked unhappy. “I guess so.” She thought about sucking him off again, but she decided against it. It would do them both some good to wait awhile.

When the pizza finally arrived, she cut it up and served it on plates in the dining room. Stuart had a robe on now. They sat at the dining room table and talked about his plans for the next school holiday. It was hard to believe such an enormous change had occurred in their lives. Now he was more than just her son, he was her lover too. In a little while they would fuck for the first time. She was thrilled at the idea of it. It seemed so perfect.

After they finished eating, she took him up to her room. She wanted the first time to be on her bed. He had watched her masturbate on the bed and now he could make love to her on the bed. She hungered for it. The anticipation made her quiver.

She made him sit down on the bed. Standing in front of him, she slipped out of her kimono and dropped it onto a chair. She could see the excitement in his eyes. How thrilling it was to show herself to him. She still had her stockings on. She placed one foot on the edge of the bed and rolled the stocking down her leg to remove it. Then she did the other one. His eyes remained glued to her crotch. With one foot on the bed, she knew he could see a good deal of her cunt.

“Go on, look,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to look.”

She moved closer to him. She put one foot on the edge of the bed again to expose the lips of her pussy-slit. Using her fingers, she opened her cunt and pulled at her flesh to reveal her clit.

“See that little thing? That’s my joy-button.”

“I know,” he said.

Stuart’s senses were reeling. He could feel his heart pounding. This was different than watching her through the peephole. Here she was with her body so close to him, the heavy fruit of her tits hanging over him. Her fingers holding her cunt open so he could see it. The wt pick flesh. Her clit like a pink little berry. He couldn’t see her pussy-hole. The way she was standing, her cunt-hole was too far down to be visible. He felt his cock twitch under his robe as he gazed at her wet crotch.

“What are you thinking about?” she said. “About your pussy.”

“Does it turn you on?”

“You know it does.”

“Show me.”

He opened his robe to show her how stiff his cock was. She looked at it and smiled. Then she dropped her leg to the floor to stand on both feet. She held her arms out to him.

“Come here, lover.”

He rose up. She made him slip out of his robe and then they moved into each other’s arms. They pressed against each other, one naked body rubbing against the other. She laughed softly as she rubbed her tits against his chest. She fondled his ass and he did the same to hers. She mewled with pleasure as his fingers squeezed the flesh of her asscheeks.

Then she pulled back a bit. She took hold of his cock and stroked it slowly. “I know you want to fuck, but let’s get really worked up first. It makes it better for me.”

He said he would do whatever she wanted. She made him get on the bed. She stretched out beside him and then pulled his face her tits and told him to suck them. She held her tits in her hands to squeeze her nipples out. She craned her neck and watched him as he lapped and sucked each nipple.

“Oh, that’s good,” she said. “That’s the way I like it.”

Stuart was in heaven. He’s dying to get his prick in her cunt, but everything they did was exciting. He could play with her tits for a week. She had the most exciting tits in the world.

All the while, he worked on her tits, she stroked and squeezed his cock. She knew the delay in fucking was driving him crazy.

She was determined to take her time. She wanted the first fuck to be something fabulous, something they would remember forever. She also wanted other things from him than just his cock. After a while she pushed at his head.

“Now down there,” she said.

He knew what she wanted. He had eaten a pussy before. He knew a few girls who wouldn’t fuck unless you gave them head first. He had to suck their pussies before he fucked them. But this was his mother. This was something special. The idea of sucking her cunt made him tremble with excitement.

Pat coaxed him along. She had him kiss her belly first. Then the insides of her thighs. They talked about her pussy. She held the fat lips open with her fingers while he sniffed it. They both laughed as he rubbed his nose against her clit.

“Now your tongue,” she said. “Do it slowly. Tease it first.”

She pulled her knees back to her tits to open her crotch. She held his head with her hands. She closed her eyes and grooved on the feel of his mouth on her hot flesh.

She had him lick her clit a good five minutes. She didn’t come. He was too inexperienced for that. The next time would be better. She would teach him. They would have lovely times together. She would teach him everything.

“Now we can do it,” she said. “I want your cock inside me now.”

She kissed him as he moved up between her thighs. She could feel the excitement in his body. She fondled his asscheeks and then slipped a hand between them to find his poker-stiff cock.

“Come in, baby,” she said. “Come inside my pussy.”

Stuart quivered. He could feel his cockhead nuzzling the outer rim of her cunt-hole. With a deep groan, he pushed forward to bury his cock in his mother’s cunt.

Pat knew he wouldn’t last long. She didn’t care. The joy of what was happening was enough for her. She came before he did. Then she came again when he shot his load. She gripped his ass as he slammed his cock into the deep oven of her cunt.

His hot spunk! she thought. She would have more of it. She would have as much of it as she could get.


The next day Pat couldn’t get her mind off what had happened. She couldn’t concentrate on anything. All she could think about was Stuart and the passionate time they’d had together.

After lunch, she returned to her office and masturbated. She was too much on edge to work and she thought it might help. With the office door locked, she had all the privacy she needed. It wasn’t the first time, but it didn’t happen that frequently. The office was a dull place to finger herself off, but she had to have it. It took only a few moments. She sat behind her desk with her skirt pulled back, her pantyhose down at her knees and her fingers at her pussy. After it was finished, she wiped herself with some Kleenex and put her clothes in order again. It’s not enough, she thought. She didn’t want her fingers, she wanted Stuart.

Late in the afternoon, she rushed home. She usually didn’t end her work-day that early, but she was too eager to see him again. Take it easy, she thought, he’s not going anywhere. She tried calming herself down. By the time she walked into the house, some control had been restored.

Stuart was already there. One look at him and she could tell he was waiting for her. She could see it in his eyes.

“Are you home for the day?”

He nodded, “I thought I might do some schoolwork.”

But he didn’t do any schoolwork. Five minutes later, in the kitchen, they fell into each other’s arms. Pat kissed him, a long deep kiss with her tongue in his mouth. “I thought about you all day,” she said.

“Me too, Mom.”

“Come upstairs and stay with me while I change.”

It was like having a new lover. She told herself that’s what he was, a new lover. He stretched out on her bed and watched her while she peeled away her clothes. How exciting that was! She was aware he was watching every movement she made. The hunger he had for her turned her on.

She talked to ease the tension between them, to make him feel comfortable with her. She asked him about clothes. Did he like the outfit she’d worn? Did he like the way she dressed? What about her underthings? Did he find them sexy? Was he turned on by feminine lingerie? She had to drag it out of him, but he finally loosened up enough to talk. He said he liked to see her dressed and undressed. He said sexy underwear always turned him on. She said she would buy some new things.

“Lace and frills,” she said. “I’ll find some things to knock your eyes out.”

When she unhooked her bra, she went over to him and offered her tits. “Just a quick kiss on each one,” she said. “Just to say hello.”

The quick kiss turned into some deliberate sucking. She stroked his head as he filled his mouth with her titflesh. Her nipples seemed more sensitive with him than with other men.

He had such a lovely mouth.

After that she finished undressing. She slipped into a pair of high-heeled mules. She deliberately paraded around the room wearing nothing but the heels. She knew how sexy she looked. She knew all about what her ass and long legs did to a man.

After she finished repairing her make-up, she turned and looked at him. The state he was in was obvious. She teased him about it. “I think you like seeing me like this. It’s made you hard, hasn’t it?”

“You’re beautiful, Mom.”

“I admit I’m not bad for my age. Everyone thinks I’m ten years younger. As long as you like the way I look, I’m happy.”

“I love it.”

She made him strip. She tickled him and made him giggle as she helped him get his clothes off. He was soon as naked as she was, his cock swollen and erect, sticking out like a pole in front of him. She fondled his balls. She tickled the underside of his cock and then bent her head to kiss his cock-knob.

“Let’s go downstairs,” she said. “You can fix me a drink while I get some food out of the freezer.”

When she had her drink, Stuart opened a can of beer and they relaxed in the living room. After a while she went down on his cock. That succulent fuck-knob looked too good to resist. She briefly sucked his prick and then she told him they could do each other at the same time.

“I’ll get on top,” she said.

She slipped the mules off. Stuart stretched out on his back on the sofa and she climbed over him facing his feet. Straddling his body she lowered her crotch to his face and then leaned forward to take his cock in her mouth.

They sucked each other awhile. Sixty-nine wasn’t her favorite position because she liked to concentrate on either sucking or getting sucked. But it was fun to do it with Stuart, because they were home and they had all the time in the world. She liked the way his hands fondled her ass as he sucked her pussy. At times his mouth wasn’t there, and she knew he was just looking at her. She knew what he saw. Her cunt and asshole. When he sucked her pussy in this position, he couldn’t help getting his nose near her asshole. “Do you like my ass, honey?”

When he spoke she could hear the excitement in his voice. “I love it, Mom.”

“I like it when you play with my ass. Your hands feel marvelous. You don’t think I’m too big back there?”

He insisted he liked her just the way she was. She knew her ass wasn’t on the small side. It was fun and round, and she had to be careful about wearing tight shorts. But she had a sleek athletic body and if anything, her ass was a match for her tits. She moved her hips back and forth, waving her ass in Stuart’s face as she sucked his cock head.

Soon after that, she said maybe it was time they fucked. She said she wanted to have his first load in her pussy. “You can do it to me from behind,” she said. “I like it best that way.”

She took charge of things. She chose one of the large ottomans and she knelt in front of it. Resting her elbows on the ottoman, she arched her back to raise her ass.

“Go on, honey. If you’ll kneel behind me, I think you’ll find it’s just right.”

It was fun to teach him. She wanted to make a perfect lover out of him. It would be best for her and best for him. The nicest thing of all was that they were getting so relaxed with each other.

Stuart went down on his knees behind her. The whole thing was like a dream to him. First yesterday and now today. He had to keep reminding himself it was real. This was really her ass in front of him. He could see everything she had. He had never fucked any of his girlfriends like this. It made him wild with lust. His mother’s gorgeous ass. He could see the pink lips of her cunt pouting at him, and then above that the puckered ring of her asshole. She had fine tendrils of blonde hair between her asshole and her cunt-silt. Then the hair became thicker along her cuntlips. He could see how wet she was. The juices glistened in her cuntlips.

“Come on,” Pat said. Reaching underneath, she opened her cunt with her fingers. She poked a finger inside her cunt-hole to get some juice, and then she rubbed the cunt-syrup over her clit.

Stuart put his hands on the lower part of her ass and opened her up. He had a good long look at her cunt-hole. He could see partway inside. He had never looked at a cunt like this before. He loved it. He felt like diving into it. Instead, he hefted his cock in his hand and rubbed his cockhead between her hairy cuntlips. When he found her cunt-hole, he pushed forward. Pat groaned as his fuckmeat stretched her pussy.

“Fuck me, baby. Stick it all the way.” He buried his cock in her cunt. The excitement he felt made him shudder. When he had the whole length of his cock inside, he ground himself against her ass. Pat crooned her approval. She grabbed his balls and rolled his nuts against her clit.

“In and out, honey. Don’t be afraid to fuck me hard. In this position a girl likes it when the fucking is hard.”

He went to work on her. It was wonderful because it was so obvious how much she was enjoying it. But even more than that was the pleasure he had in being able to see everything. His hard cock sliding in and out of her stretched cunt-hole. He had a white froth of cunt-juice on his cockshaft now. He used his thumb to rub some of it across the skin between her pussyslit and her assbud. Then he yielded to the impulse and rubbed the ball of his thumb over the crinkled star of her asshole. She made a grunting sound and suddenly her asshole opened like a tiny mouth under his thumb.

“Stick it in,” she said. “Stick your finger in my ass!”

A few moments later they both came. Pat went off first, her asshole contracting around his thumb and her cunt-channel contracting around his sliding cock. The squeezing of his cock pushed Stuart over the edge and his balls erupted. With a deep moan, he slammed hard against her and dumped his load in her cunt.

Pat left him dozing on the sofa. She went upstairs to the bathroom to freshen up. She felt wonderful. A solid fuck like that always made her feel vibrant. She felt as though she could come a dozen more times. She hoped they would have a long evening together.

She thought about how crazy she was about him. She’d heard about mothers who doted on their sons and ruined them by dominating their lives. She didn’t want to do that to Stuart. What they had between them now was passionate sex, not some neurotic entanglement. God, how she loved fucking him!

She repaired her make-up. She was still naked. She lifted her tits in her hands and wondered how long her body would last. Maybe another ten years and she would start to show signs of age. Enjoy it while you can, she thought. She turned her nipples with her fingers and then dropped her hands. Never mind playing with herself. She had a perfectly capable lover waiting downstairs.

Inside her bedroom, she put a black negligee on and changed her mules to a black pair to match it. She dabbed some perfume on her throat and between her tits. She was eager to be with Stuart again. Then she had a sudden idea and she smiled. Why not? she thought. They would get to it sooner or later. She slipped out of the negligee and walked into the bathroom naked. She found the jar of Vaseline in the medicine cabinet and scooped some out with her middle finger. With a quiver of pleasure, she reached between her asscheeks and worked the jelly inside the ring of her asshole. My glory hole, she thought. His cock was so thick around, she’d have to caution him when he did it. When she finished with the Vaseline, she returned to the bedroom and put the negligee on again.

You’re a serious girl, she thought. When a woman went to a man with a greased asshole, the woman meant business. Only this time the man was her own son.

Stuart was awake when she walked into the living room. He whistled his approval of the negligee. “You look smashing, Mom.”

Pat smiled. “Smashing enough to have you make me another drink?”

It was only her second. As she sipped the Bloody Mary, she stroked his cock with her fingertips. They stood near the stereo. Stuart kissed her and played with her tit. He had the negligee pulled to the side to expose her tits.

She smiled at him. “Next time I’ll wear a garter belt and black nylons under this. You’ll see how sexy that looks.”

“You look sexy this way, too.”

“Is that why you’re so hard?”

“That’s right.”

“Hold my drink. I want this cock in my mouth.”

She crouched to take his prick between her lips. She nursed on his cockhead a moment, and then pushed forward to take his full length. When his prick-knob jabbed at the back of her throat, she relaxed her throat muscles and pushed forward again. She gave him a full second of hot throat around his cockhead and then she pulled back.

“Jesus!” he said.

She rose up and took her drink. “Nice?”

“You had me all the way in there.”

“I can’t do it for more than a moment or two.”

“It’s feels great.”

“Want to try something different?”

“Like what?”

“How about fucking my ass?”

“Oh boy!”

“Have you ever done it before? Tell the truth?”

“Would you like to?”

“Sure, but what about you? I don’t want to hurt you.”

She chuckled. “Don’t worry about that. Just do it the way I want you to and you won’t hurt me. As a matter of fact. I like it. Most women do, you know. You might as well learn how to do it.”

She had fun teaching him. She told him she had already greased her asshole. She said girls his own age might not be experienced enough to do that, and he had to make sure to do it for them.

“Otherwise you’ll hurt them and they’ll be afraid to try it again,” Pat said. “And when a girl is just beginning, it’s a good idea to use your fingers in there. Be gentle with her and later it’ll be nicer for you, too. A young girl has to have her asshole stretched a bit before she can take a man. You don’t have to stretch mine, though. I’ve done it a lot and I can take you as long as you don’t get too hasty.”

“I love you, Mom.”

“We can use that chair. I think it’ll work if I bend over while I’m standing and you stand behind me.” A young stud she’d picked up once had fucked her ass while she was standing like that and she remembered having loved it.

She slipped out of her negligee. She bent over the chair, supporting her weight with her hands and moving her legs apart. Stuart came behind her. He reached down to squeeze her hanging tits. Then he squeezed her ass, railing her asscheeks with his hands.

“I love your ass, Mom.”

“Go in easy at first. Just do everything I tell you to do.”

She coached him through it. In a moment she felt the tip of his prick pushing against her asshole. She had no doubt about being able to take him. She opened her skitter, relaxed her muscles completely and forced her ass-ring to open to his cock. When she told him to push forward, his cockhead popped right in without any trouble.

“Oh Jesus!” he said.

“Keep going, honey.”

“It’s going in, Mom.”

“Keep going until it’s all in.”

She loved the feel of a cock when it went in. All that hot fuckmeat pushing inside her shitter. She could feel more of a cock with her ass than with her cunt. Stuart had such a lovely thick prick. As he pushed in inch after inch, she mewled with pleasure.

Finally she had all of him. His cock was like a red-hot poker up her shiner. She took hold of his balls and rubbed his ball-bag against her cunt.

“Just keep it there a moment,” she said. “Do you like it?”

He snickered. “Are you kidding?”

“Nice, huh?”

“It’s fantastic.”

“Now pull out slowly. Not all the way. Leave your cockhead inside. That’s it. Slowly, baby. Now in again. That’s it. Shove it up my ass, darling.”

He grunted with pleasure. The hot grip of her shit-tube around his cock made him wild. His eyes were glued to his cock. The way his cockshaft stretched her asshole into a big, round mouth. When he pulled out again, it looked like her asshole was sucking on his prick. The sight of that was enough to blow his mind.

He began fucking her. She told him it was all right. She was ready for it now. She wanted his cock moving in and out. In the beginning she liked to have a prick sit still awhile, but then later she needed to be fucked.

“Fuck my ass,” she said with a groan. “Just let yourself go.”

He bucked his hips, fucking his prick deep inside her ass. He was like an animal now. He knew this was a high point of his sexual life. His first assfuck. And his mother, too. His mother’s hot asshole. What a sexy bitch she was! That hot little asshole was now stretched so big. The way it sucked on his cock drove him crazy. He watched his cockshaft slide in and out of her ass and he realized he loved her more than ever.

He came soon after that. He called out to warn her, and then a moment later his load blasted out of his pisshole. Pat felt it. She felt his jism spurting like a hot enema inside her shit tube. She didn’t always feel it when a man came in her ass, but this time she felt it. She clamped her asshole around his cock to milk him. When Stuart felt the constriction of her ass around his cock, he cried out and gave her another spurt of jism.

“Oh Jesus, Mom!”

“Hold on, baby. Let me squeeze you!”

She squeezed his cock with her ass a few more times, and then finally she told him it was all right for him to pull out.

“Easy, honey.”

His cock popped out of her asshole. Her assring was stretched, and he could see some of his jism beginning to leak out. Even as he watched it, her stretched ass hole slowly closed and returned to its normal size.

When Pat finally straightened up, she kissed his mouth and told him he had done it exactly right. “Was it good for you, baby?”

“The best, Mom.”

Later they talked about it. He wanted to know how come it didn’t hurt. She told him about the muscles, about how important it was to relax.

“And the man must be careful,” she said. “If you’re careful, there’s never anything but pleasure.”

They sat beside each other on the sofa and kissed. He fondled her tits and then her cunt. She told him to play with her asshole. “Go inside,” she said. “I’ll show you what I mean about relaxing.”

Hewed his middle finger in her ass. She purred with pleasure as she opened her asshole to him. “You see?”

“You’re wide-open!”

“That’s right. But a young girl might not know enough to do that. You’ve got to be careful or you’ll hurt her.”

“I’ll remember, Mom.”

His cock was stiff again. She played with it.

She ran her fingers over his balls and his cockshaft. She tickled his knob and squeezed some of his cock-juice out.

“I think you’re ready for some fucking again. What would you like?”

He blushed. “Can I go in your ass again?” She smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that. I could use some of that myself. But maybe you’d better go up to my bathroom and get the Vaseline.”

While he was gone, she fingered her asshole. The ring was nice and loose, much softer than usual because she’d recently been fucked. She ran her fingertip around the soft rim and then pushed it inside. After a while she added a second finger. When Stuart returned to the living room with the Vaseline, he found her sliding two fingers in and out of her ass.

“You started without me,” he teased.

“I’m getting it ready for you. Why don’t you grease your cock, honey? Do it all the way down to your balls.”

She continued fingerfucking her asshole as she watched him spread the Vaseline up and down the length of his hard prick. It turned her on to watch him handle himself.

“I’d like to watch you jerk off sometime,” she said. “It’s exciting for a woman to watch that.”

“Sure, Mom.”

“Maybe we could do it together.”

“I’d like that.”

His cock was greased now. She said they would use a different position this time. She would lie on her back and he would come into her in the missionary position.

“What I do is pull my knees way back and you can get at my whole without any trouble.”

She could see the excitement in his eyes. Stretched out on the sofa, she pulled her knees all the way back to her tits and rolled her ass up to expose her asshole. Stuart curled his fingers around his cock and rubbed his cockhead up and down her asscrack. Then he centered his fuck-knob on her whole.

“That’s good, honey. Now just keep pushing and I’ll let you in.”

“Like this?”

“That’s it. There it h. Oh yes, that’s nice! All the way, baby. Give me all of it.”

For some reason, when she took a cock in her ass this way, it always felt as tough it were in her cunt instead, but as big as a log. There was no way to get that tremendous pressure from a cock in her cunt. When she had all of Stuart’s cock, it felt like it was all the way up in her chest.

“Do you like it, baby?”

“I love it, Mom.”

This was a more leisurely fuck. The special first-time frenzy was no longer there. Now they concentrated on each instant of pleasure. He was a marvelous lover, even much better than she expected. When he finally shot his load, she had him stay in there a full minute before she told him to pull out. She kept her legs pulled back so he could watch his jism ooze out of her asshole.

“Why don’t you eat my pussy now,” she said. “I could use a little more loving and that would do it for me.”

He went down on her cunt eagerly. She ran her fingers through his hair and told herself she had to be the happiest woman in the world.


So began the incestuous affair between Pat and her son. They continued their ordinary lives, Pat selling real estate and Stuart going off to school each day, but in the evening and on weekends, mother and son had a private life no one suspected. After the frenzy of the first few times, the sex between them became casual and unhurried. They lived together. They loved each ether. The only new thing was that now they satisfied each other sexually when one or both felt a need for it.

Stuart, of course, was more in awe of what had happened than his mother. He had never balled an adult woman before, and he understood the difference now. He was learning all kinds of things about sex. He had more confidence in himself. He wasn’t timid with women and girls any more. He had a new boldness. Even his mother was aware of it. And the women and girls he met outside the house sensed he was a guy who knew what to do in bed.

But so far, since the affair began, he hadn’t touched any woman except his mother. He was too busy thinking about Pat. Then as the weeks passed, as the affair simmered down to a steady heat, he began once again looking at the world around him.

There were new possibilities now. He looked at the girls and women he knew with greater understanding. He told himself that many of them would gladly fuck him if he gave it a try. The problem was to choose the right woman and the right approach. His math teacher, for instance. Miss Nancy Dale. She wasn’t that much of a knockout, but he’d always had the hots for her. He’d always found her incredibly sexy. Her long thin body. The subtle perfume she used. The way the curves of her ass showed when she wore a thin dress. And she was unmarried, too. Did she have a boyfriend? The hell with her boyfriend, he thought. He’d give anything to fuck her, but it would never be possible if he didn’t try.

He had no trouble talking to her. They knew each other well. She’d known him as a student for nearly four years. The next chance he had, during a lunch-break one day, he talked to her in a way he hadn’t dared before. He flirted with her. They talked about popular music, and every chance he had he hinted that she turned him on.

Miss Dale seemed amused. She bantered with him. She smiled whenever he complimented her, but it was a smile that said we both know you don’t mean it.

Stuart imagined himself fucking her. He wondered what would be the best way. With a long body like that, maybe it would best to have her on her back with her legs over his shoulders. He imagined her legs pointing straight up at the ceiling and wide-apart. He wondered what her cunt would look like in that position.

“I mean it,” he said.

Miss Dale looked at him. “Mean what, Stuart?”

“I mean what I’ve been saying. You’re a very sexy woman. I have fantasies about you.”

“Oh my!” She seemed a bit taken aback.

She looked at him a long moment, as if her eyes were trying to penetrate his skull. She pursed her lips in thought. Then she said she wanted him to come to her classroom when the school day ended.

“Maybe we need to have a little talk,” she said.

That afternoon, when school was let out, Stuart remained in the building and went to Miss Dale’s room. There was nothing unusual about it. Students and teachers had conferences all the time. He had no idea what would happen. There was a possibility she might reprimand him for talking to her like that. But something in his gut told him that wouldn’t happen. She’s as horny as I am, he thought. He had a feeling about her.

He found her alone at her desk. She looked up from the papers, she was working on and smiled at him. He closed the door and sat down when she asked him to. He sat in one of the front row seats. She moved her chair to the side of the desk and they sat facing each other.

She started talking about teachers and students, and how sometimes a student might get a crush on a teacher.

“It’s normal,” she said. “You’re young and inexperienced. It’s perfectly normal for a guy your age to think about an older woman like that.”

Stuart shrugged. “I’m not that young and I’m not inexperienced. I’ve been with a grown woman before.”

Miss Dale blushed. “I see.”

“Don’t be angry with me.”

“I think about you all the time.”

“The fantasies.”

“That’s right.”

She sighed. She seemed nervous. “All right, we’ll talk.”

He knew he had her when she began glancing at his crotch as she talked. She glanced once and then again. During the third glance he slowly opened his legs and she blushed.

“Tell me about the fantasies,” she said. He came right out and told her. He said he had daydreams about making love to her. “I think about fucking you all the time.”

Her smile vanished and a deep flush spread from her throat to her face. “You shouldn’t talk like that.”

“I’m just saying what I feel. Everybody knows the words.”

“Yes, I suppose they do.”

“I’d like to ball you.”

“Just like that.”

“That’s right.”

“You may be too young for me, Stuart.”

“Why don’t you find out?”

She glanced at his crotch again and sighed. “All right, maybe I will. I hope I won’t regret anything.”

What she did was invite him to come home with her. She was very direct about it. She said it wasn’t an easy thing for her to do. The school administration didn’t approve of such things. She might get into trouble. He had to promise not to tell anyone. Stuart nodded.

“I promise,” he said.

“What do you usually do after school?”

He shrugged. “My mom doesn’t get home until seven. I usually go home and fix myself a sandwich.”

“Then I’ll fix you a sandwich at my place…” He didn’t care about the sandwich. All he care about was fucking her. But he smiled at her and said that would be fine.

They rode in her car. They talked about school. Then the talk turned to sex. She seemed amused when he told, her he’d balled some of the girls in her classes.

“What about Christie Simpson,” she said. “I see the way she looks at you.”

“Not her.”


“I’ve never even dated her.”

Miss Dale laughed. “The way she looks at you all the time, I thought you were lovers.”

Then at last they arrived at her apartment. Once they were inside, Miss Dale seemed nervous again. There was no talk about fixing him a sandwich. All she could talk about was how warm it was. He could see the sweat on her upper lip. Then suddenly she backed him against a wall and kissed him full on the mouth.

“I hope you’re good,” she said. “I need someone who’s good.”

He could smell her perfume. He found himself quivering with excitement. He had been looking at this woman so long. Now here they were in her apartment. His cock was hard. When she kissed him again, he pressed the bulge of his cock against her belly.

“Oh my!” she said.

She dropped her hand and stroked the bulge. Her fingers moved up and down the length of his cock. She murmured something as she pinched his cockhead. Then she unzipped his fly, slid her hand inside and pulled his cock out into the open.

Holding his thick prick on her palm, she looked down at it. “You’re circumcised.”

“That’s right.”

She handled him carefully, as if she was afraid he might go off too soon. “These jeans are awfully tight. Can you get your balls out?”

He wondered why she didn’t just tell him to drop his pants. Then he thought maybe she wanted to see his equipment hanging out of his fly. His mother seemed to like that sometimes. She said it turned her on to see his cock and balls hanging out. He slipped his hand inside his fly and scooped his nuts out ta dangle under his cock.

Miss Dale stepped back a bit to look at his exposed fuckmeat. “You’re certainly not a child. It’s a man’s cock and balls, and a guy’s face.”

“No good?”

“Plenty good, buster. I hope you know how to use that thing. But first I’ll say hello.”

She dropped down to a crouch in front of him and gobbled his cock. No delicate sniffing and licking. What she did was open her mouth wide and take all of his cock down to the root. He was caught by surprise. He hadn’t expected her to be so aggressive about it. This was a teacher everyone said was a dried up old bitch. He’d always suspected that wasn’t true. Now here he was with his cock halfway down her throat.

She held him there, his fuck-knob deep inside her throat. Then she slowly pulled back, all the way back to the tip of his prick. She pulled her mouth free of his cock and licked his pinhole.

“That’s my hello,” she said. “I like this banana, Stuart. I really do.”

After that she rose up. She made him stand there with his cock and balls hanging out of his pants while she started undressing. She walked around the room, peeling off her clothes and talking about the school again.

“I hate the principal,” she said. “He tried to fuck me once. He came here one night and I had to throw him out. What a silly old man he is. He drinks too much and then he gets randy and thinks he can fuck anyone he wants. Stuart, what a lovely cock you have! I’ve known you all these years, haven’t I? Honestly, I can’t say I’ve noticed you that much. Not in any special way, I mean. I never realized how mature you really were. Nicely furnished, as they say. I think I’m the one who’s being seduced, you know. It’s not you, it’s me.”

She was almost naked now. She had small tits with long dark nipples. Her nipples looked about an inch long. He had never seen nipples like that and he wondered what it would be like to suck them. His mother had big nipples, but they weren’t as long as these.

She worked at her panty-girdle now. She amused herself by being coy about it. “I’m not that much of a sex-pot,” she said.

“You’re enough for me, Miss Dale.”

She giggled. “It might be better if you called me Nancy.”

“All right, Nancy.”

She turned her back, peeled the panty-girdle all the way down to expose her ass. The girdle came off and she turned around to face him again.

“There,” she said.

She had the hairiest crotch he’d ever seen. Wild hair growing everywhere, all over her crotch and halfway up her belly. He could see it on the insides of her thighs when she walked.

She smiled when she saw his eyes on her. “I used to trim it,” she said. “Do you like a big bush like this?”

Standing close to him, she tickled his cock with her fingers.

“Do you like a hairy pussy, Stuart?”

“It’s nice.”

“Nice enough to fuck?”

“You know it.”

“Now it’s your turn to strip. Let me see all of you.”

He hurried out of his clothes. When he was naked, she fondled his ass and then his cock and balls again.

“In the bedroom,” she said. “I want you on a bed.”

During the next two hours they fucked up a storm. First he fucked her missionary style. He had her with her legs way up in the air and her thin hips gripped by his hands. She had an agile body. He found he could push and pull her back and forth on his cock. They both grunted as his thick prick pounded her cunt-hole.

Then at his suggestion they changed the position. He made her bend over to get it from behind. The idea excited her. She said he was a skillful lover. She knelt on the mattress to offer her cunt. When he moved behind her and saw how hairy she was, he went crazy. She had hair growing all the way up her asscrack. He found it incredibly exciting. He pushed his cock between her hairy legs and rammed inside her cunt-hole.

Now they fucked in a fury. She bucked and tossed her ass. She said it was the best fuck she’d had in ages. She said she loved his cock. She loved the way he fucked.

After he came, she sucked him to another hard-on and told him he had to fuck her again. “Now about your ass?” he said.

She blushed. “Oh, Stuart.”

“You might like it.”

“I know I’ll like it. That’s the trouble.”

They had a rousing assfuck. Not as good as what he had when his mother was in the mood, but Nancy’s asshole turned him on. All that hair around it. Her ass had a nice firm grip, too. Tight and warm. She told him she’d had a lover once, who used to fuck her ass all the time.

“He left me for another woman,” Nancy said. “Maybe she had a tighter asshole.”

Stuart thought her asshole was tight enough. He decided Miss Dale had a classy shitter. His mother’s was a bit on the loose side.

I’ll fuck all the teachers asses, he thought. He giggled to himself as he shot his load.

The next day in class he kept thinking about the way he had fucked her. She was at the blackboard, solving some equations, and all he could think about when he looked at her back was the shape of her ass and all that hair in her asscrack and the way her asshole grabbed at his cock. He would always think of her like that, as long as he knew her during the time he was in school. But he didn’t want to fuck her again. He had realized that in the morning. His mother had come to him in the morning and found him with a hard-on and sucked him off. It felt so good. It made him realize how much he loved his mother. He didn’t want to complicate things by fucking around with another woman his mother’s age. His mother didn’t mind him seeing girls his own age. She even encouraged it. She said he had to live a normal life. No, he wouldn’t fuck Nancy Dale again. Once was enough.

It was only natural now that he thought about the girls in his class. The very class where Miss Dale was working at the blackboard. He thought about Christie Simpson. He remembered what Nancy had said about Christie. She said Christie had her eyes on him. All right, he would find out. She’s got nice tits, he thought. When Christie wore a teeshirt you could see she had fabulous tits.

When lunch-time came, he brought his tray over to Christie’s table and sat down next to her.

She blushed. “Stuart?”

“You want me to move?”

“No, I’m just surprised,” she said. “You never even talk to me.”

“I’m talking now.”

They flirted with each other. Yes, Miss Dale was right. He could tell Christie liked him. When he said he’d like to see her after school, she was obviously pleased.

“I’d like that. What have you in mind?”

“We’ll see what happens.”

“There’s something different about you, Stuart. I don’t know what it is.”

“Maybe I’m some kind of alien in Stuart’s body.”

“Don’t joke around, that stuff scares me.”

He met her after school and she agreed to walk with him through a nearby park. “It’s on the way to my house,” she said.

“Can I go home with you?”

She looked at him and smirked. “Sure, why not. I might as well find out what you’re up to.”

He thought about fucking her as they walked. She would be the first girl his age since he started with his mother. He wondered what Christie would say if he knew he was fucking his mother. Somehow Christie didn’t seem as innocent as the other girls. She seemed to know her way around.

As they came near the house where she lived, Christie turned to him. “My parents are not home.”

Stuart smiled. “That’s nice.”

“Do you expect to fuck me?”

“Well, answer me.”

“I don’t know. Yeah, I guess I thought about it.”

She said nothing. She led him up the porch steps and into the house. When he closed the front door behind them, she turned to him again. “Do you have an erection?”

He rolled his eyes. “Someone may be home.”

“No one’s home, they never come home this early.”

“Okay, the answer is yes. I’ve got a hard-on.”

“An erection.”

“Call it whatever you want, I’m going to fuck you with it.”

“Not unless I say so.”

“Jesus Christ!”

She continued teasing him for another ten minutes. They went down to the den and she brought in two cans of Pepsi and a box of crackers. “I don’t take any crap,” she said.

Stuart shrugged. “What does that mean?”

“It means that even if I like you, I’m not going to let you walk all over me. Okay?”


After that she pulled her teeshirt off and unhooked her bra. She had gorgeous tits. Big and round, the pink nipples standing out ready to be sucked. “You can touch,” she said.

“Do you always do this?”

“Always do what?”

“Never mind, come over here.”

She came to him. She sat on his lap and he fondled her tits. She purred as he tested the weight of each one. He licked each nipple. Then he lowered his head again and this time he sucked. She made sounds of pleasure.

“That’s nice, Stuart. You know how to do a girl. Most guys are so dumb.”

He tried moving on to other things, but she made him stay with her tits.

“Until I tell you to stop,” she said. “You can use your hands more. I like to be squeezed.”

He worked on her tits another ten minutes before she stopped him and slid off his lap. She went down on the floor between his legs. She ran her fingers aver the bulge in his crotch.

“It’s hard.”

“I told you it was.”

“Let me see.”

“Go on, you do it.”

She unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. She gazed at his cock-knob with hot eyes.

“They always look so juicy. Like a fruit.”

“So eat it.”

“Maybe I don’t want to.”

“Sure you want to.”

She did want to. The next moment her pink tongue came out to lick his cockhead. She had such a sweet face. She kissed his fuck-knob. It turned him on to see that pretty mouth against his prick. Then she opened her mouth and started sucking. She worked on just his cockhead, her eyes raised to watch his face.

“Oh that’s good,” he said.

It was better than good, it was great. What he discovered during the next ten or fifteen minutes was that Christie Simpson gave great head. He’d had enough girls and women suck his cock to know the difference. She was almost as good as his mother. Maybe at moments a little better. Christie had a way of using her fingers at the same time as she sucked his knob. His mother liked to deep-throat him. His mother like to bring him off without using her hand. If Christie kept using her fingers like that, he knew he would come. How long could a guy hold out with that kind of sucking going on? But she stopped before he came. She pulled her mouth off his prick and smiled at him.

“I want you to lick my pussy.”

Girls! he thought. You could never tell what they were like. He’d always thought this one was a shy little thing with a lock on her box. Look at her now.

He went down on her. She quickly slipped out of her panties and sat on the sofa with her knees pulled up. When he zoomed in, she draped her legs over his shoulders.

“I’m hot,” she said.

He could see she was. Her cuntlips were banging open. She had a ripe-looking pussy. He could see the white fuck-juice oozing out of her cunt-hole and it turned him on. He went to that first, then he moved up to her clit and she groaned as he whipped it with his tongue.

She had a hot little teenage cunt. More of a fish-smell than his mother had. He had a time sucking her pussy. She squealed when he stuck his tongue all the way inside her cunt-hole.

“I’m coming, Stuart! Oh, boy, I’m coming!” Later they fucked in her room. First they took all their clothes off and looked at each other. He liked her body. She had beautiful tits and a luscious ass. She was blonde like his mother, but maybe a little darker. He made her bend over the bed. “Move your legs apart,” he said.

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Come on, haven’t you ever done it this way before?”

“Not this way.”

“I’ll suck you off again.”

“Like this?”

He showed her. He pulled up a chair and sat down behind her ass. She moaned with understanding when he put his mouth on her cunt. In this position he could actually fuck her cunthole with his tongue. He did that awhile and then he moved north to the puckered rim of her assbud. Her tight little asshole. When she felt the tip of his tongue tickling her asshole, she groaned and pushed back to get more.

“You’re blowing my mind,” she said. “You’re really blowing my mind.”

After a while he rose up and drilled his cock inside her wet cunt-gash. She moaned. She squirmed her hips. She fucked her teenage pussy on his cock.

Why not both? he thought. He could have both. Teenage cunt and his mother’s hot cunt. There was no need to do without either.


“I wouldn’t mind a party with her,” Pat said. “Why don’t you invite her to have dinner with us?”

Stuart had told her about his new girlfriend, Christie. Pat was jealous, but she knew she had to control herself. The best way was to get them all together. If Stuart wanted this girl, Pat decided she didn’t want to be left out.

Stuart was surprised. “A party, Mom?”

“You know what I mean. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

She had his cock in her hand. They were sitting on the living room sofa watching a TV movie. She kneaded his prick with her fingers as they talked.

“Do you think she’d go for it?”

Stuart chuckled. “Christie? Christie goes for anything when it comes to fucking. You really don’t mind that I’m seeing her?”

“You’ve got to have a life of your own, honey. It’s wonderful that we can be together the way we are, but you need girls your own age.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Pat tried to get her thoughts away from Christie by leaning down and taking his cock in her mouth. Stuart groaned as she munched on his fat cockhead. He was only half-hard, but his cock soon stiffened in her mouth. His prick always came around fast once she put her mouth on it. She took him in all the way and opened her throat to his fuck knob as she pressed her nose into his cockbush. Then she slowly pulled back and released him.

“Want to come, honey?”

“Sure, Mom.”

It took only a few moments to bring him off. When he finally spurted, she held just his cockhead in her mouth as she took his jism. She rolled his hot spunk around her mouth with her tongue and quivered with pleasure as she swallowed it down.

“Talk to Christie,” she said.

His breathing was ragged. “Have you ever done it before, Mom?”

“Done what?”

“Two girls and a guy?”

“Did you and the other girl make it together?”

Pat laughed. “Sometimes. The idea excites you, doesn’t it? All right, maybe you’ll see it. If she turns me on, I’ll fuck her. Providing she’s willing, of course. If she hasn’t done it before, she might not want to.”

Stuart chuckled. “Oh, she’s done it. As far as I can tell, Christie’s done everything.”

And so the arrangements were made. Pat wasn’t certain it was the right thing to do. Christie would be the first person to know about her and Stuart. She hoped the girl was smart enough not to talk. Stuart said she was. He said Christie could be trusted. Pat decided that sooner or later she and Stuart had to take chances with people.

She met Christie before the week was out.

Stuart brought the girl home early Friday evening. Christie’s parents were gone for the weekend, and Christie had told them she would use the spare bedroom in Stuart’s house.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway,” Christie said. “They know Stuart and I make it together.”

Pat realized Stuart had been caught by a teenage sexpot. Christie didn’t look it that much. She looked as wholesome as any of the other girls in the neighborhood. A pretty little blonde with a small round ass and big tits. The girl wore nothing under her teeshirt, and each time she moved, her tits jiggled like a pair of cantaloupes. She knew what she had and she didn’t mind showing it. You had to look for it. Christie seemed on the quiet side, but deep down burned a red-hot fire. Like me, Pat thought. She remembered what she’d been like when she was Christie’s age. She’d been just the same. Christie could be her daughter.

They sat talking in the living room before dinner. The two teenagers seemed at ease with each other. Pat imagined them fucking. She had to admit her jealousy. Stuart was still the most important person in her life. How could she not be jealous when he was involved with a girl like Christie?

But she realized she couldn’t blame him. The girl was a little doll. Memories came back to Pat. She wouldn’t mind balling the girl. She hadn’t touched a woman in a long time. She never regretted those brief encounters she’d had. An hour or two with another woman was something special.

After dinner Stuart left the house to get some ice-cream, and Pat and Christie were alone awhile. Pat was as cordial as she could be to the girl, but she was still jealous. Then gradually the jealousy became unimportant. The more she talked to Christie, the more she liked her. They talked about clothes, and then finally the talk drifted to Stuart.

“I think Stuart has told you a few things about us,” Pat said.

Christie nodded. “He said you make it together.”

“Does it bother you?”

The girl snickered. “I wouldn’t be here if it did.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s true. Have you ever done anything like this before?”

“You mean a three-way?”


“Twice before.”

“Two girls?”

“Both times. I’ve never been with two guys. Both times with two girls.”

Christie was smart enough to catch it. She looked at Pat and smiled. “I like balling a girl.”

Pat felt her pussy quiver. She had her legs crossed and now she flexed her thigh muscles to put some pressure on her clit. She suspected her panties were soaked. The more she thought about balling Christie, the more turned-on she got.

When Stuart returned, they had the ice cream. Then Pat went upstairs to change. She stripped her clothes off and looked at herself in the mirror. I’m old enough to be her mother, she thought. Then she climbed into a cotton jumpsuit and returned downstairs.

The kids broke out of a clinch when she walked in. They’d been necking. “Don’t stop on my account,” Pat said. She went to the bar to fix herself another drink. When she turned around again, Stuart and Christie were once again in each other’s arms.

Pat sat down, pretended to watch TV, but continued glancing at them. The teenagers broke apart and whispered at each other. Christie seemed to be teasing Stuart. Then the girl turned to Pat.

“He won’t tell me what you do together.” Pat felt a little drunk. “We fuck, darling. As hard and often as we can.”

Christie giggled and kissed Stuart again. “I bet you do.”

She pulled Stuart’s hand to her tits. He fondled the girl’s tits through her teeshirt, and then he slipped his hand under her shirt to get at her bare skin.

Pat sat back and sipped her drink. She watched Stuart’s hand slide from Christie’s tits to Christie’s lap. The girl opened her thighs and Stuart rubbed her crotch through her denim shorts. Suddenly Christie broke away and looked at Pat.

“Let me see him feel you up.”

Pat was willing. When Stuart came to her, she rose up and they clinched. Stuart fondled her tits through her jumpsuit. Then he pulled the zipper down the front and exposed one of her tits.

“How about this, Christie?”

The blonde girl’s eyes were hot. “You’re turning me on. Come back over here and I’ll suck your cock.”

Pat’s excitement was intense now. She loved Christie’s aggressiveness. “Maybe we ought to get out of our clothes.”

Stuart and Christie agreed. All three hurried out of their clothes. Since Pat wore nothing but the jumpsuit, she was first to be naked. Christie looked her up and down with admiration.

“You’re beautiful,” the girl said.

“And so are you,” Pat said with a smile. The girl was naked also now. Christie’s body was just as she had imagined it. The girl’s pink nipples were mouth-watering.

Stuart sat down after that and Christie lowered her head onto his lap. She licked the length of his cock and then took his cock-knob in her mouth. With one hand holding his balls, she sucked his cockhead with obvious relish.

Pat found it exciting to watch. She wanted to touch the girl, but she held off. Everything in its time, she thought. She remembered herself sucking cock as a teenager. Blowjobs in parked cars in front of her house. All that hot jism in her mouth.

Now Christie took her mouth off Stuart’s cock. “I love this big prick.”

“It’s not that big,” Stuart said.

“Big around. That’s the best, isn’t it, Mrs. Miller?”

Pat nodded. “Yes, I think so. But call me Pat, won’t you?”

Christie giggled. “I forgot.”

But Pat was convinced Christie had done it deliberately. Mrs. Miller! The little sexpot wasn’t that innocent. I’d like to have her suck me off, Pat thought. She had a yen to have that cute little mouth between her legs. That smart-ass little mouth.

After a while Christie pulled her mouth away from Stuart’s cock. “God, the idea of the two you fucking really turns me on.”

Pat watched the girl’s hand as it stroked Stuart’s prick. “You can watch us later.”

“Came on, suck my cock,” Stuart said.

“Yes, go on,” Pat said.

Her eyes met Christie’s. She opened her legs a bit, and for a moment Christie looked directly at her cunt.

“I’ll pop his nuts,” the girl said.

It didn’t take long. She covered his cockhead with her mouth and jacked his cockskin up and down with her fingers. Stuart groaned, his head falling back on the sofa as he came. Pat quivered with lust as she watched the girl swallow his load.

Christie gave a last suck at the tip of Stuart’s prick and then dropped it out of her mouth. She sat up and looked at Pat. “Do you suck him off, too?”

Pat chuckled. “As often as I can.”

“I ought to be jealous.”

“But you’re not, are you?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Come over here, honey. I think Stuart can look after himself for a few minutes.”

Christie eagerly came to Pat. The teenager sat on Pat’s lap. Pat suddenly found herself with the girl’s lovely tits close to her own. They kissed. Pat opened her mouth to accept Christie’s tongue. Then Christie pulled away.

“I like you,” she said.

“I like you too, honey. It was exciting watching you with Stuart.”

They kissed again. This time, Pat fondled the girl’s tits. She fingered Christie’s nipples. Then she dropped her mouth to one of the teenager’s tits and took the fat nipple between her teeth. Christie moaned. Pat nibbled and sucked. A long time had passed since she’d had a tit in her mouth. The girl’s nipple was delicious.

After that, Pat moved from Christie’s tits to her face. “Open your legs, baby. Let me touch you.”

Christie spread her thighs. Pat tickled the girl’s cuntbush and then slipped her fingers into Christie’s young pussy. “Mmmmm, juicy!”

“I’m hot,” Christie said.

The teenager’s clit was bigger than Pat expected. She examined Christie’s pussy with her fingertips. Then she slipped two fingers into the girl’s cunt-hole and stretched the opening a bit.

“Tight,” Pat said.

Christie moaned as she squirmed on Pat’s lap. Pat amused herself pleasuring the girl. The feel of Christie’s cunt grabbing at her fingers was exciting.

Still on the sofa, Stuart’s eyes burned as he watched them. His mother and his girlfriend. The whole thing seemed crazy. But maybe not as crazy as the way he’d been fucking his mother these past months. He could see her fingers in Christie’s cunt. His mother fingerfucking Christie. He knew Christie had made it with girls. He wanted to see them at it. Sucking each other off. Christie sucking his mother’s cunt and his mother sucking Christie’s cunt.

Pat teased Christie. She kept the girl on edge, stroking her clit to bring Christie along and then stopping before she could come. A moment later she would start again and the ride would begin anew.

“I can’t stand it!” Christie said.

Pat chuckled. “Tell me what you want.”

“You know what I want.”

“Tell me.”

“I want you to go down on inc.”

“I’ll get my face all wet,” Pat teased.

Christie moaned. “You’re making me crazy!”

Pat laughed. She made Christie get off her lap. She rose and made Christie sit down. “Knees all the way back.”

Christie pulled her knees back to her tits and Pat slid down in front of her. She studied the girl’s cunt, sniffed at it and then kissed each hairy pussy-lip. It was a young cunt, not much padding on the mound, her cuntlips neat and symmetrical. Pat had an understanding with herself about times such as this. Once committed to sucking a pussy, it was silly to hold back. She liked doing it. She didn’t think it made her a lesbian. It was the sex she liked. A hot running cunt under her hips and tongue. The taste and smell of it. Why should men have all the fun? Sucking a juicy cunt was as pleasurable as sucking a hard cock. Anyone who didn’t think so was a fool.

She started licking. Christie groaned, her neck craned as she looked down to watch. Pat lapped her tongue up and down. She gathered the girl’s pussy-juices and sucked them inside her mouth. Then she used her tongue on Christie’s big clit. That pink little finger now sticking out between her cuntlips. She kissed it. She pursed her lips around it and sucked. Christie moaned, her head falling back as she pushed her crotch at Pat’s face.

The girl’s cunt was hot and juicy, and Pat had fun with it. Such a long time between pussies, she thought. She ought to have it more. If she liked it so much, why didn’t she have it? She was turned on by the way the girl was responding. Christie’s flesh trembled under her lips. The swollen steaminess of an aroused cunt.

Christie came. A series of small cries out of her throat. Then her voice broke as she spasmed and her thighs closed around Pat’s head.

Pat held on. She drank at the girl’s fountain. She kept at Christie’s clit until her orgasm was finished. Then she dropped her tongue down to Christie’s cunt-hole to get her pussy-juices.

“Oh golly!” Christie said.


“I’m wiped out.”

Soon after that both women went to Stuart. He had a raging hard-on again. He sat on the sofa stroking his cock as he looked at them.

“That blew my mind,” he said.

Christie looked at Pat and blushed. “Mine, too.”

“Why don’t you fuck her?” Pat said to Stuart. “She’s ready for it now and I want to see it.”

Christie straddled Stuart’s lap. Her knees on the sofa, she raised her ass to make room to get his cock in her pussy. She used one hand to guide him in. Then she leaned forward and Pat had a wonderful view of Stuart’s cock stretching the girl’s cuntmouth.

“Hold it a moment,” Pat said. She sat down next to them and ran a hand over Christie’s ass and down to the junction of cock and cunt. She rubbed her fingertips over Christie’s stretched cuntlips and then over the shaft of Stuart’s cock. Then back to Christie’s cuntmouth again, this time moving north until she found the girl’s tight little asshole. She rolled her fingertip around and around the puckered rim.

“Now you can move,” Pat said.

Christie started riding Stuart. Pat kept her finger on the girl’s asshole. Then she scooped some juice from Stuart’s cockshaft, rubbed it over Christie’s shifter and slipped her finger inside. She probed the teenager’s tight little asshole as the two kids continued fucking.

After a while Christie stopped fucking and said she wanted to watch Stuart fuck Pat.

“Let me watch you fuck your mother,” Christie said. Then she giggled. “She still has her finger in my ass.”

“I thought you liked it,” Pat said.

“You’re teasing me.”

Pat went to the armchair and bent over with her hands on the seat to be taken from behind. She looked over her shoulder at Stuart.

“Fuck me,” she said. “It’s my turn now.”

Stuart was behind her in a moment. He hadn’t come yet and his cock was like iron. He quickly drilled his prick inside his mother’s steaming cunt. Christie stood beside them, her hands wandering over Pat’s body.

“God, I love this,” Christie said.

Stuart fucked his mother’s cunt awhile, then he pulled out and rubbed his cockhead against her asshole.

“Watch her asshole,” he said to Christie.

Wide-eyed, the girl watched as Pat opened her asshole to Stuart’s fuck-knob. The spongy head of his prick popped inside. No grease. Nothing except Pat’s cunt-juice. Pat groaned as Stuart packed her shitter with his cock.

“Fuck her ass!” Christie cried, her eyes glittering as she watched his cock stretch Pat’s shithole. She moved behind Stuart. She grabbed Stuart’s balls and held onto them as he fucked his mother’s ass. Then the teenager snickered and shoved her thumb inside Stuart’s asshole. Stuart groaned.

“Oh, Jesus, I’m coming!”

He blasted off in his mother’s shit-tube. Christie held his balls as the jism spurted out of his cock. At the end she squeezed his nuts as she rubbed her face across his back.


Helen Taylor knew a kinky twist when she saw one. She’d been running the Blue Lake Resort nearly fifteen years and she’d learned a great deal about people. You had to put two and two together and get four. Here was this couple now in cabin number five, far back from the main house and almost in the woods. Mother and son in the cabin, the guy about eighteen and the mother twice that age, but looking years younger. Outside the cabin, out on the lake or in the dining room in the main house, they were nothing unusual. Inside the cabin they walked around naked and the mother thought nothing of handling the guy’s cock.

Helen saw that by accident with her own eyes. She just happened to be in the woods near the cabin and she took a look through one of the windows. The next day she went back again, and this time she saw the mother suck the guy off. Two plus two equals four. Mother and son were lovers.

Helen was more fascinated than shocked. She didn’t much care what people did with their lives. That was their own business. As long as they didn’t hurt anyone else, why should anyone give a damn? That’s what Helen told herself. But there was another and more important reason why she wasn’t shocked. She’d had an incestuous affair with her own son for years. He was now away in college and she hardly saw much of him any more, but whenever he came home to visit they would always have their own special reunion. How could she possibly be shocked by what was going on in the Miller cabin? She wasn’t shocked, she was damned intrigued by it.

After that, Helen stayed away from cabin number five. She wanted to avoid any chance of being caught spying on them. Instead, she made a plan to get to know the Millers a little better. As soon as she could, she sat down at their table in the big dining room. Since she ran the place, it seemed natural for her to be friendly to the guests.

The Millers were both cordial. Helen had some wine brought to the table. She imagined herself making it with the guy. He looked capable. She’d been divorced for what seemed like a thousand years and she liked cock. She also liked other things. Pat Miller was very attractive, and Helen had no trouble imagining herself making it with her, too. No trouble at all. She could also imagine making it with both mother and son. The idea of that really gave Helen a buzz. She wondered if it could be arranged. You never knew what people might do until you gave it a try.

The next morning when Helen saw Stuart alone in the reading room in the main house, she invited him to play tennis with her.

“You look bored,” she said. “Maybe you can help me get some exercise.”

The guy was willing. They met ten minutes later on the court and they batted a ball back and forth for more than an hour. The more Helen saw of him the more she liked him. He had an assurance about him. He reminded her of her own son. She suspected he knew how to give a woman a strong fuck in bed. She had seen his cock twice, once soft and once hard, and there was certainly enough there to gun her motor.

After they finished playing tennis, Helen invited Stuart to her cabin for a beer. She walked in front of him to let him look at her ass in her white tennis shorts. He had already seen her tits jumping round while they were on the court. Even in a bra, they jumped. She took a 38-D cup and she had plenty to show in front. Without a bra the weight made them droop a bit, the nipples painting south. Her son said she had the kind of tits that made a man want to suck until his jaws hurt.

She liked Stuart’s looks. Except for her son, she never fooled much with guys his age. But she knew all about them. How you could get their cannons to go off three or four times before they were finished. That’s the way Jimmy was. Her son seemed to have an eternal hard-on once he started, and Stuart Miller looked just as virile. The Miller boy had a delicious body. She quivered as she remembered what his cock and balls looked like.

Once they were inside Helen’s cabin, she brought out the cold beer and started flirting with him. She had no problems. She knew exactly what she wanted and she already knew more about Stuart than he realized. As she expected, he made no attempt to fend her off. He flirted back. They bantered and laughed and came on to each other. She could see he had eyes for her tits. They were bigger than his mother’s and she could see her tits turned him on.

After a while she asked him about his girlfriends. She got him to admit that he was no novice with girls. She smiled at him.

“I could tell right away,” she said. “You look like you know your way around a woman.”

He sipped his beer and then smiled back at her. “I’m not a kid, if that’s what you mean.”

“No, you’re not, so maybe I ought to be direct with you.”

“About what?”

“About what I’m thinking. Right now I’m sitting here thinking about how much I’d like to suck your cock.”

He was silent a moment. Then he chuckled. “How about that?”

“Yes, how about it?” Helen said.

“You mean it, huh?”

“Of course I mean it.”

She took hold of the bottom of her teeshirt and peeled it off. In a moment she had her bra unhooked and tossed away. Lifting her big tits in her hands, she pointed her nipples at him.

“Believe it now?”

He pursed his lips and gave a low whistle. “God, what a pair!”

She dropped her tits and rose up. She held her arms out to him and he cane to her she kissed his mouth, her belly pressing against the bulge in his shorts.

“Let’s have a look at this.”

Stepping back, she worked at his belt and opened the top of his shorts. She pulled everything down to his ankles, denim shorts and jockey shorts. Then she straightened up again. His cock bobbed in front of her, thick and stiff and already dripping. She cupped her hand under his balls and then ran her fingertips along the underside of his prick.

“Are you going to pop off in my mouth?” He looked at her with hot eyes. “Do you want me to?”

“Yes, that’s what I want.”

The next moment she was down on her knees with his fuck-knob in her mouth. He had a meaty prick, hot and throbbing. She liked the smell and taste of it. His crotch was sweaty after the hour of tennis. Like a gourmet meal, she thought. Her son had a bigger prick, but this one was nice enough. Gorgeous knob and a heavy pair of balls. The guy was well-hung. Maybe it was all the exercise he got with his mother.

“Shoot it,” she said.

She squeezed his nuts as she worked his cock with her mouth. She had him groaning before long. He pumped his hips as he started spurting. Four long spurts of his ropey jism. She twisted his ball-bag. She pursed her lips over the tip of his cock and sucked him dry.

“Oh wow!” he said.

“I guess that means you liked it.”

“Do you want me to stay? I’ll get hard again and fuck you, if you want.”

She patted his dangling cock and shook her head. “Maybe next time, honey. We’ll have something to look forward to.”

“You promise?”

She promised him. She kissed him again and watched him pull his clothes up. What a shame to cover that lovely prick. But she knew it was for the best. She had to work on his mother first. She sent Stuart away and lay down to take a nap before lunch.

After that the day passed quickly. In the evening, after dinner, Helen found Pat Miller in the bar. Stuart was in the TV room watching a ballgame. Helen smiled at Pat, sat down beside her and ordered a daiquiri.

“Mind some company?”

Pat smiled and welcomed her. “I was just about to get lonely.”

They started talking. This was the second time, and it wasn’t long before they warmed to each other. They had a number of things in common. They were both women who had survived a wrecked marriage and raised a son without much help from anyone.

They started talking about men. After a while Pat hinted that she knew about Helen’s little tryst with Stuart that morning.

“He tells me everything,” Pat said.

Helen raised an eyebrow. “Everything?”


“Maybe I should be embarrassed.” Pat laughed. “What for?”

“You don’t mind?”

“Definitely not. Anyway, let’s not pussyfoot about it. He says he enjoyed it and I have no complaints.”

Helen was pleased. They continued talking, had another round of drinks, and then it was Helen’s turn to hint at something. Pat picked up on it immediately. She questioned Helen and Helen said yes, she knew about Pat and Stuart. She explained how she’d seen them accidentally. She said nothing about coming back to look again.

“Serves me right for not pulling the shades,” Pat said. “Does it bother you? About Stuart and me? Some people would start screaming.” Helen chuckled. “Not me. I’m not like that. In any case, why would I scream when the territory is so familiar?”

Helen explained to a surprised Pat about her affair with her own son. Pat listened intently as Helen told her Jimmy was now away in college.

“They grow up fast,” Helen said wistfully.

“They sure do!”

“We seem to like the same sort of candy.” Pat smiled. “It seems we do.” Helen snickered. “Two big swingers drinking alone in the mountains. I assure you I’ve had wilder times. With more than one, if you want to know. I like them in pairs.”

“With your son?”

“No, not with him. The loggers come into these mountains every spring and I manage to find some entertainment. I like them with muscles. And big cocks.”

Pat laughed. “I like you.”

“And I like you, too. Have you ever made it with a woman?”

The question hung there. Pat was silent a long moment as she stirred her drink. Then she said: “As a matter of fact, I have.”

“So have I.”

“I assumed that when you asked the question.”

“I like it.”

“I think I’d like it a lot with you. We’re sitting here drinking when we might be doing something more interesting. I think I’d like going down on you.”

“Lord, how reckless we are!” Pat said with a smile. “I don’t think I can refuse an offer like that.”

Ten minutes later they were in Helen’s cabin. They kissed. Pat put her hands on Helen’s tits.

“Stuart told me about these. I’d like to look at them.”

Helen slipped out of her shirt and bra. She held her tits in her hands. “They hang too much.”

Her excitement evident in her eyes, Pat shook her head. “They’re lovely.”

“Quick, on the bed. I want you.” Helen turned the lights down while Pat undressed. Then Helen stripped the rest of her clothes off and joined Pat on the bed.

“You’ve got me shaking,” Pat said.

“And dripping, I hope.”

“You’ll find out.”

“I like a good deal of sauce on the entree.”

Pat chuckled. The next moment her chuckle turned into a moan as Helen’s mouth found her cunt. Pat pulled her knees back to her tits as Helen settled down to her meal.

As far as Helen was concerned, Pat had the loveliest cunt she’d had in a long time. It wasn’t often that Helen made it with a woman her own age. There were too many pretty young girls around, girls either already gay or willing to try a woman to see if they liked it. Pat was something different. A mature woman very much like Helen herself. A ripe cunt oozing a thick stew of fuck-juice that turned Helen on and increased her daring.

She traveled south with her tongue. She visited Pat’s asshole. Pat accepted the compliment and quickly rolled her ass up to make herself more available.

“I do love that,” Pat said.

Helen stiffened her tongue and used it to probe Pat’s asshole.

They kept at it a long time. Helen did all the sucking. Cunt-hole and asshole. She had offered to go down on Pat and she expected no favors in return. She didn’t need any. Sucking Pat’s juicy cunt was a treat. Helen slurped and dug in. She used her nose and mouth and chin. Pat groaned and came, her fuck-juices drizzling over Helen’s face.

When Pat recovered, she said: “How about a three-way?”

Helen looked up from Pat’s wet pussy and smiled. “With Stuart?”

“That’s right.”

“I’d love it,” Helen said.

The next evening after dinner, Helen went to the Miller cabin. Pat opened the door when she knocked.

“We conned a bottle of champagne out of your bartender,” Pat said.

She wore drop earrings and a pair of high heels and nothing else. Stuart wore only a pair of blue jockey shorts, his cock and balls bulging in the pouch. Helen looked them both up and down and chuckled.

“I think I’ll be getting lucky tonight.”

“But first you get some clothes off,” Pat said.

Helen quickly stripped. She hefted her tits in her hands, enjoying the admiration in the eyes of both of them. “I’ve had the hots over this all day.”

Stuart opened the champagne and poured.

After the champagne was tasted, Pat moved close to Helen and kissed her.

“I never got to look at all of you last night,” Pat purred. She fondled one of Helen’s big tits and then stroked Helen’s impressive ass. “You’re a lot of woman.”

“With some wear on the chassis.”

“It looks fine to me. Fine and tasty.”

“If you’re offering, I won’t refuse.”

They put their champagne glasses down and went to the sofa. Helen loved having her pussy eaten. She was thrilled by the way Pat looked at her. Pat’s eyes radiated hot lust. Stuart sat nearby, sipping his champagne as he watched them.

Before Helen sat down, the two women kissed and fondled each other. Pat rubbed her nipples against Helen’s. Then she slipped a hand between them and tickled Helen’s pussy with her fingertips. “Stuart gets turned on when he sees me eat a woman. Isn’t that true, darling?”

Stuart nodded. “That’s right, Mom.”

“Is Jimmy the same?”

“He certainly is.”

When Helen moved her legs apart, Pat slipped two fingers inside Helen’s cunt-hole. “You’re very fuckable. I’d love to fuck you with a cock.”

“You’re making me hot.”

“Sit down, honey. Let Pat make you feel good.”

Before long, Helen was seated on the sofa with her knees up and Pat’s mouth on her pussy. Pat teased Helen by doing a lot of sniffing and superficial licking. Helen finally had to grab Pat’s head to pull Pat’s face against her cunt.

“Come on, suck it,” Helen said in a throaty voice.

Pat laughed and nuzzled in. She rubbed Helen’s clit with her nose while she lapped at Helen’s cunt-hole. Helen groaned and lifted her tits in her hands. She pinched her nipples with her fingers as she gazed down at Pat’s head.

Stuart watched them. His cock was soon too hard to keep covered. He peeled his shorts off and tossed them away. Then he took his cock in his hand and returned his eyes to the women on the sofa.

“Came over here,” Helen said to Stuart.

When the guy walked over, he smiled at her. “Is she giving good head?”

“Don’t talk so much and stick your cock in my mouth.”

She sucked his prick while Pat ate her pussy. Mother on one end and son on the other. She had never made it with a duo like this. Now she knew how others felt when they balled her and Jimmy together.

After a while she pushed Stuart away. “Get behind her and fuck her,” Helen said.

Stuart grinned. He moved behind his mother’s ass. Kneeling on the floor behind her, he fingered her cunt and then drilled his cock inside her cunt.

Pat groaned into Helen’s pussy. She wiggled her ass as Stuart began fucking her. Helen held her tits in her hands and rolled her nipples with her fingers as she watched Stuart fucking his mother.

Stuart ran his hands over Pat’s ass as he fucked her cunt. He loved her ass. His mother’s lovely ass. He rubbed her asshole with the ball of his thumb as his cock slid, in and out of her stretched cunt-hole. With a sly grin at Helen, he dropped some saliva on his mother’s asshole and rubbed it around with his finger.

“Yes,” Helen said, “I’d like to watch that.”

“What about you?” Stuart asked.

“Maybe later.”

After that he pulled his cock out of Pat’s cunt and pushed his fuck-knob at her asshole. Pat grunted, opened her ass and his prick popped inside.

“Oh yeah!” Stuart said. Gripping her ass with his hands, he drove forward to bury his cock to the hilt in her shitter.

Helen quivered. She liked nothing better than a hot prick up her ass. She never let anyone do it except Jimmy. She thought maybe tonight she would break her rule and let Stuart fuck her ass. He had such a delicious cock. She would pretend it was Jimmy’s prick packing her shit-tube.

Helen came after that. She blew her climax on Pat’s face. Pat guzzled on Helen’s pussy, nibbling her clit until the end and then sucking up the juices flowing out of Helen’s gaping cunthole. When Pat finally pulled away, she told Stuart to fuck Helen.

“She needs it now,” Pat said.

Helen was more than ready for his cock, but she wasn’t too keen on the idea of his prick coming straight out of Pat’s ass. But then Pat looked at Helen and caught it. Pat smiled, waited until Stuart’s cock was out of her ass. Then, as Helen watched, Pat went down on Stuart’s prick to clean it with her mouth.

God, what a pair they are! Helen thought. Her pulse racing with excitement, she watched Pat lick and suck the cock that had just been inside her ass.

Before long Stuart’s cock was ready for Helen. She bent over on one of the armchairs.

The guy moved behind her and quickly filled her cunt-channel with his fat prick.

“Oh boy, he’s good,” Helen said. She reached underneath to grab his balls. She rubbed his ball-bag over her clit. She loved the way he fucked her. All that solid fuck-meat stretching her cunt-hole.

Stuart fucked Helen’s cunt a good five minutes. Then he started rubbing her asshole with his finger. “How about now?”

“I’ll need something,” Helen said.

Pat took care of that. “I’ve got some baby oil,” she said. In a moment she had the oil dripped into Helen’s asscrack. “Mmmmmm, I like doing this,” she said. She made sounds of pleasure as she worked the oil into Helen’s asshole.

Then Stuart pulled his cock out of Helen’s cunt and raised it up to get at her shitter. His mother helped him. Holding his cockshaft, she positioned his cockhead on the ring of Helen’s asshole.

“Open the door, Helen!”

Helen opened her ass and a moment later Stuart’s cock slipped inside.

“Oh baby,” Helen said. She imagined it was Jimmy’s cock. Then she told herself she was being silly. It was nice to have a fresh cock up her ass. Very nice indeed.

Pat moved behind Stuart. She fondled his ass as he fucked in and out of Helen’s stretched shithole. It always turned her on to see him fuck another woman. She held his balls in her hand, squeezed his nuts each time he buried his cock in Helen’s shitter. Then, still holding his balls, she worked her thumb inside his asshole and reamed him out.

“Oh fuck!” Stuart moaned.

“Go, baby,” Pat said. “Dump it in her ass!” Stuart groaned and shot his load. Helen came when she felt his jism freshly lubricate her shitter. She closed her asshole around his cock and milked him dry.

“Listen,” Helen said a little while later, “I’ve got an idea.”

“What’s that?” Pat said.

“Stay on another week and Jimmy will be here. Maybe we could make a foursome.”

Pat laughed. “I could go for that. How about you, Stuart?”

Stuart pulled his cock out of Helen’s ass and watched her asshole close. “I like the mountains,” he said. “I really do, Mom.”

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