Sweet easter cunt

Friday morning I was still thinking about being naughty with Daddy and Mr. Jesse when I saw Mary Lou near the flagpole. “Can you spend the night tonight?” she asked right off.

“Oh, my gosh! I forgot to ask!” I admitted.

“You forgot? How could you forget to ask?”

Well, there were two good reasons I forgot, maybe three counting Mama not being home when I got home yesterday afternoon, which come to think of it, set the other two things in motion, so to speak. But, I couldn’t tell her anything about the two main reasons, just the fact that Mama was volunteering at the library.

“I thought she volunteers every other Wednesday,” Mary Lou said suspicious of what actually happened.

“Yeah, she does, but there’s been some problems and she’s had to fill in for other volunteers. And when she finally got home, she and Daddy had a row over something,” I lied, “and I just forgot.”

“Well, my daddy is looking forward to having you over all night,” Mary Lou said clearly annoyed with me. “Gawd, he’s going to be so upset when I tell him…”

“Look, I’ll ask her first thing when I get home. I’m sure she’ll say yes.”

“She’d better say yes, Bunny! I don’t want Daddy taking his frustration out on me!”

“What do you mean?”

“Never you mind. You just come over tonight. Okay?”

“Okay, Mary Lou.”

“Gawd, we’ll have so much fun!” she said squeezing my arm.

“I know. I know!”

The bell rang and we had to get to class. We didn’t get to talk again until after we had lunch and we were outside on the playground away from everyone else.

“Daddy is so looking forward to, how should I say… fucking you again, Bunny,” she said once we were out of earshot of snoops, like Janie or Wendy.

“Gawd, he said that, Mary Lou?”

“Not exactly in those words, but he made it pretty clear what he planned for the night.”

“Is Pete going to be there? Kenny?”

“No. He called Kenny’s dad and talked him into taking Kenny and Pete fishing tomorrow morning. They’re going to Clear Lake this afternoon, camp out and get up early and fish.”

“Camp out? Like in a tent?”

“Yeah. That’s what you do when you camp out,” she replied, “you sleep in a tent.”

“Ewww, with all those creepy crawlies everywhere?”

“They’re usually not in the tent, Bunny. It’s fun! You’ve never gone camping?”


“Hey, maybe next time, Daddy will take us along with Uncle Sid and the boys. Or maybe Daddy can borrow Uncle Sid’s boat and take us camping and fishing.”

“Oh… Okay, I guess.”

“It’ll be fun! We’ll ask Daddy tonight! I’m sure he’ll take us.”

As soon as I got home I asked Mama if I could spend the night at Mary Lou’s.

“Why didn’t you ask me before we made plans!” She was clearly annoyed with me.

“Plans? What plans, Mama?”

“Never you mind what our plans are, but I already told Bess that you’d babysit tonight!”

“But I want to go to Mary Lou’s!”

“You’re babysitting your little cousins,” she replied.

“But, Mama…”

“You should have asked earlier, Bunny!” Then she added, “God, where are we going to find a babysitter at this hour?” She was maybe going to let me go?

Thinking quick I suggested Janie.

“She too young,” Mama said.

“No, she’s not. She’s older than me and she’s babysat before.”

“She has?”

“Yes, Mama. Lots of times. She’s very responsible, you know.” Actually I didn’t think she’d ever babysat before, but I knew she had been eager to do it ever since Christmas when she got a book on babysitting from Santa Claus. “Want me to call her?”

“If you want to go to Mary Lou’s tonight, you’d better,” Mama answered.

So I called. Janie was so excited, but she had to ask her mother. Well, her mom talked to my mom and I was in the clear! Just as soon as I could, and before anyone changed their mind, I headed over to Mary Lou’s with orders to be home early Saturday morning as Mama was taking me shopping. I was in such a hurry that I forgot to call Mary Lou and give her the news.

When she answered the door, she screamed and squealed and we hugged and jumped around excitedly with me happily squealing too. I suppose the sweet old lady who lived across the street saw us and must have been amused at our girlish antics.

Once inside we attacked the snacks while chatting about this and that. We talked and talked while waiting for Mr. Mack to get home with the main topic of what would be the sexiest way to greet him when he did come in. Just as we were or dressed in one of Mary Lou’s bikinis, or dressed in just our bras and panties, or just panties, or should we be totally naked for him? We never did actually decide before he walked in and I guess being dressed was the best option for he was ready to go get something to eat first thing.

He took us to the only place in town that was pretty good, Ma Kelly’s. Seeing that it was Good Friday, the special of the day was fried catfish. Yum! Well, lots of other folks had the same idea and we had to wait and wait to get a table. While we waited Mr. Mack asked us about our day and just talked to us like a normal daddy would and not like a daddy who was planning on fucking the both of us as soon as we ate and were home.

And that’s just what happened. After we ate, we went home. He told us to strip naked and then he fucked us both. Me first, then Mary Lou, then me again. He had us eat each other out while he watched and then had us both lick his dick at the same time, and he fucked us again. I also got to practice taking him down my throat. I gagged a few times, but managed. Not surprisingly, Mary Lou could do it without gagging even once. Then he fucked us again. During the entire time he had sex with us, he really only came twice, at the end of the first fuck and then at the end of the last fuck of the night. I got both loads up my cunt. We ended the night in his bed with his slimy cock in my mouth and Mary Lou nuzzled between my legs licking her daddy’s cum from my pussy.

Morning came and Mr. Mack rolled on top of me and fucked me one last time. We showered, or at least Mr. Mack and I showered while Mary Lou fixed breakfast. After we ate, Mr. Mack and I dressed and he took me home. When we left Mary Lou was still naked and finishing up the breakfast dishes. It was only after breakfast that I learned that he and Mary Lou were going to Clear Lake State Park and meeting up with her Uncle Sid and the boys.

Mama was pleased that I was punctual in getting home. She was ready to go and ushered me upstairs to change into clean clothes. I did that, but as I was fixing my hair I noticed something. I have a number of stuffed animals and my favorites I always put on my bed just so after I made the bed. They weren’t just so. They were on the bed, but not the way I liked them. I didn’t think too much about that, and just arranged them properly before heading back down.

Downstairs Mama had my new Easter dress and wanted me to try it on. I did with Daddy sitting right there watching me undress to my panties and bra and then slipping the new dress on. Okay, he’d seen me in my underwear any number of times and no one, not even Mama, thought anything of it.

I modeled the dress for them. It was pink and filly and so pretty! Daddy voiced his approval, but Mama seemed a bit unhappy as my pantyline was showing. Then she had me try on my hat from last year. It was a big floppy white hat and I loved it. Trouble was the ribbon was blue and didn’t go with my new dress.

“We have to get another ribbon,” Mama declared. “And you’ll need a new pair of shoes.” Then I took the dress off and Mama hung it up while I put on my shorts and a top. Then we were off to the mall in Bradston about thirty minutes away on the Interstate.

The first stop was to get the hat ribbon, then it was for new shoes for both Mama and me. Finally, Mama took me panty shopping for a thong that wouldn’t show as much as my regular panties. I was both surprised and pleased at this development. Naturally, we picked out a pink thong to go with my pink dress. While Mama shopped for a new bra for herself, I pushed my luck lobbying for a frilly pink bra to wear under my new dress. Again I was surprised and pleased when she agreed. With our new undies, shoes and my hat ribbon, we headed home.

Daddy wasn’t home when we got there, which wasn’t unusual as he was building an addition for a local church and had a crew working on Saturdays. Mama quickly changed the ribbon on my hat and upstairs she had me try on all my new clothes. Of course to try on the new bra and the new thong I had to get naked. That’s when Mama noticed what Daddy had noticed… my labia hanging down from between my vulva.

She looked up from my pussy and said, “I see you’ve certainly have been enjoying yourself lately. Did you enjoy yourself last night too?

“Mary Lou, she has an older brother, right?” she continued. “Must be an impressive boy. And where was Mary Lou’s dad when all this was going on?”

“He was home, all night.”

“And he allows this?

“Men! They’re all, the same!” she snorted.

“Well, do you like Mary Lou’s brother?”

“Yes, Mama. He’s very nice,” I whispered.

“I bet he is. Not many boys his age are that well endowed to do that to you. Well, you just be sure and tell me when your period starts so I can get you protected.”

To my surprise she didn’t get mad and she didn’t ask any other questions. But I was about to cry, sure that I would never again be permitted to sleepover at Mary Lou’s.

I laid low the rest of the morning and helped Mama even though she never asked me to help. I vacuumed the entire house and dusted, two chores I knew she loathed. I guess I earned brownie points doing that because she was genuinely appreciative and didn’t seem angry nor upset with me.

Mid-afternoon Janie came over. I was surprised, but also happy to see her. Mama hadn’t said it, but I just knew I’d soon need a new best friend, as I fully expected that Mama wouldn’t allow me to be friends with Mary Lou anymore. She hadn’t said it, but that’s what I anticipated, just as soon as Daddy got home and she talked with him. And what better new best friend than an old best friend? I just had to be careful what I told Janie. Well, Mama always liked Janie the best of all my friends, so Mama was happy to see her too.

I knew something was up the moment she walked in. I could tell just by looking at her that she was about to burst wanting to tell me something. Went upstairs to my room where we could talk in private.

“You won’t believe what happened last night!” she gushed as soon my door was closed.

“What? What happened?”

“Your little cousins! They’re so naughty! All of them!”

“What? What are you talking about, Janie?”

“Okay… so my mom dropped me off that your aunt’s house. Your aunt tells me that she’s fed the kids their supper and that she had given little Davy his bath, but the girls still needed to take their baths and for me to make sure that nothing happens.

“Well, something did happen…”

“What? What happened?” I coaxed.

“So I told Sherry to go take her bath, expecting that her older sister would take her bath afterward. That’s not what happened. I’m playing with Davy when I heard this commotion from the bath. I went to investigate and both Karen and Sherry were taking a bath together!”

“So? They always bathe together,” I told her.

“They do?” Like me, Janie’s an only child and she had no clue, which was pretty common for Janie.

“Yes,” I told her. “They’re sisters and about the same age.” Sheesh, Janie and I had taken baths together now and then when she was sleeping over, so why the surprise that two sisters would share a bath? But that’s Janie for you…

“Oh, okay, I get that,” she said like she knew along how common that was. “But next thing I know and Davy’s naked and climbs into the bath with his sisters! It was like a naked riot with water splashed everywhere!

“So, I’m trying to break it up and they all jump out of the bathtub and run off naked, dripping water everywhere! So I’m chasing them around and the three of them run downstairs and out the back door! I tried to catch them and did catch Davy, but wet, he was so slippery that he got away.”

Changing the subject somewhat she said with a giggle, “I’d never seen a naked boy before. And Davy’s just so cute!”

“Davy likes to run around naked a lot,” I told her. “Aunt Bess lets him. Especially in the backyard.”

“She does?”

“Yes. She says he gets so dirty playing outside that it’s just easier to rinse him off with the garden hose before coming back inside.

“She lets the girls go naked too when they’re all playing in the sprinkler.”

“Really? That’s so…”

“Aunt Bess says that they’re just little kids and there’s no harm in it,” I told her.

“Oh… And what about the game they play?” she asked.

“What game?”

“After I got them back inside… They tracked grass and dirt inside that I had to clean up. I still couldn’t get them dressed and started playing tag.”

“Tag? What’s wrong with tag?”

“Well, the girls, when they tagged Davy, they grabbed his you know what!”

“And what did Davy do?” I asked as I hadn’t seen them play this game before.

She snickered and said, “He grabbed himself and fell on the floor laughing.”

‘Hmmm, my little nieces were naughty little girls,’ I thought.

“And then what?”

“He’d get up and tag one of the girls who then tagged him right back before he got away.”

“They didn’t hurt him, did they?”

“No, but his little thingie was all red and sticking straight out!” she giggled.

“So what did you do?”

“Nothing. I gave up and let them play until the girls lost interest and went upstairs and put their pajamas on.”

“And Davy?”

“The little rascal wouldn’t get dressed and when I dressed him, he undressed again!”

“Sounds like you had things well in hand,” I said trying hard not to sound too sarcastic.

“No, I didn’t,” she groused. “I totally lost control.”

“Well, the three of them can be a handful,” I said trying to cheer her up.

She then went on about how cute Davy was. That she’d never seen a boy’s privates before and she was worried that Aunt Bess would never use her again.

I then bluntly told Miss Goody Two Shoes, “So, you liked seeing his dick.”

“That’s a bad word!” she said aghast.

“It’s just a word. Just like cock or cunt.”


“Just say after me… dick, cock, cunt.”


“Just say it. You won’t die and go to hell or anything. They’re just words. Now after me… dick, cock, cunt.”

To my surprise she repeated, “Dick, cock, cunt.”

“Very good! Now again!”

“Dick, cock, cunt… dick, cock, cunt… dick, cock, cunt.” She then giggled, her face flushed red. “Dick, cock, cunt.”

“See, they’re just words. Words, like pussy, tits and ass.”

I couldn’t believe it when she then repeated, “Pussy, tits and ass.” We burst out laughing.

She then surprised me by bemoaning her lack of tits and how she envied me and Mary Lou for our tits. Then she really shocked me by asking to see my tits. I showed her. She asked if she could touch them. I let her.

“You want to kiss them?” I asked as she felt me up.

“No!” she said withdrawing her hand like it was being burned.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “We’re both girls.” I took her hand and put it back on my bare tit.

She felt me up for another minute or so and I told her, “Kiss them if you want to.”

She looked at me with a funny look and then she kissed tit!

Right about then, Daddy opens the door without knocking. “Oh! Excuse me,” he said and quickly closed the door. Poor Janie. She was mortified.

“Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!” she said rapidly.

“Hey, he didn’t see anything,” I told her knowing full well that he had. “Honest, he didn’t see anything.”

“Oh, my god! He’s going to tell your mom and she’s going to tell my mom and…”

“No, he’s not. He didn’t see anything. Besides, Mama would be mad at him for not knocking.”

I got her calmed down and her mind was eased by the fact that no one came knocking to investigate further. But Daddy did see. How could he not see?

Janie had to get home and she braved the trip downstairs dreading the possibility that she might encounter my daddy. And she did. He was in his easy chair, drinking a beer and watching baseball. Seeing Janie, he stood and greeted her warmly, telling her that it had been a long time and he was glad to see her. He never once let on about what he saw, her sucking on my tit.

When she was gone, Daddy had me go out onto the front porch with him. “You girls do that sort of thing a lot?” he asked.

“What things?’ I asked all innocent like.

“Playing with each other’s tits. I bet you eat pussy too. Maybe not Janie’s, or at least not yet, but you and your hottie friend, Mary Lou…”

“We’re just friends, Daddy.”

“Yeah, I bet… So be honest with me, Bunny… You and Mary Lou…”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Oh, fuck,” he hissed.

“You’ve got a boner, Daddy,” I teased.

“Yes, I do, baby. Yes, I do.”

I wanted to reach out and rub Daddy through his pants. But even though I’m sure we would have both enjoyed it, that just wasn’t such a good idea out on the front porch. Besides, Aunt Bess had just pulled up at the curb.

Lowering her window, she waved me over. She then gave me her kids’ Easter baskets. It would be my job to put in new grass and fill the baskets with the Easter candy Mama had bought. Later that night, when the kiddos were asleep, Mama would bring the filled baskets to her and Aunt Bess would place them by her kids’ beds to be found first thing in the morning. Me, I’d go to sleep that night hoping the Easter Bunny wouldn’t forget me this year.

After supper that night I took my bath early and dressed for bed like I always do, in just panties and one of Daddy’s old t-shirts. This shirt had “Hank’s Crew” printed on the back in large letters. Daddy gave out those shirts to guys who worked for him and his construction business. I had “Hank’s Crew” t-shirts in all sorts of colors. This particular one was a faded green with a few holes in it and the sleeves cut out.

Anyway, I was helping Mama prepare the side dishes for tomorrow’s Easter dinner, peeling and slicing potatoes for her killer scalloped potatoes dish. Once I had the potatoes done, she did the rest with me closely observing how she did it. With that and the other side dishes prepped and put on hold until tomorrow, Mama asked me to set the dining room table. She always used her best china and silverware for occasions like this and she trusted me enough to not only set a proper table, but not to break or chip her expensive dinnerware and stemware.

I was just finishing up when she left to take the Easter baskets over to Aunt Bess. So I’m concentrating on getting the forks on the carefully folded napkins just so, when Daddy comes up from behind me and gives me a hug. Only it wasn’t exactly a fatherly hug, as he ran his hands up under my t-shirt to take two handfuls of my tits. He gave my titties a squeeze or two before shoving one hand down the front of my panties while nibbling on my neck and ears. A moment later and he had the t-shirt bunched up and my panties down off my hips. Hmmm, I liked this, but it got even better when I felt his hard bare cock pressing against my lower back. I could only assume he’d dropped his drawers before attacking me and he began humping, sliding his cock high up between my cheeks and onto my lower back while he diddled my clit, toyed with my nipple and nuzzled into my neck. The overall effect was electric. Not only on me, but on him as well, for he quickly got us both off.

Almost a quick as it began, it was over, leaving me breathless with his goo on my back and in my butt crack. It had to be quick too, as Mama wasn’t expected to be gone but five or six minutes.

Daddy finished pulling my t-shirt over my head. Handing it to me he told me I’d better go get cleaned up before Mama got back and then pulled up his boxers which were down around his ankles. I was upstairs washing Daddy’s cum off my back when Mama returned none the wiser.

I just love going to church on Easter Sunday. All the girls and ladies look so pretty in their new Spring clothes. I felt especially pretty with my new frilly pink bra that matched my new pink dress and I felt rather naughty wearing my new pink thong under the dress. What if a gust of wind blew up my dress? I could only hope, as the air was very still that morning. Still, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? I considered flashing someone, but thought better of it. I was, after all, at church.

I did get a chance to flash Daddy once we were home and Mama wasn’t looking. That put a smile on his face, the first smile he had all morning, as he only went to church because Mama made him. I did that on my way up the stairs to change. I had whispered to him to watch me go up the stairs where I hiked the back of my dress up and mooned him. I held the dress up for a good long time letting him get a good look at my ass until Mama called for him to come help her.

Mama was hosting Easter dinner that year. She made a fruit salad, scalloped potatoes and broccoli with a cheddar cheese sauce, as well as her famous and delicious yeast rolls which had been rising all morning. Aunt Bess was bringing a smoked spiral cut ham and dessert, a strawberry cake with strawberry/cream cheese icing. Uncle Joe was to bring the wine and a bag of ice for the iced tea.

Uncle Joe was the last to get there. He had the wine, but had forgotten to buy the bag of ice… yeah right! “Hey, Bunny,” he said, “I forgot the ice. Want to come with me to the Stop-N-Go?” No doubt he had the ice at home and was just looking for an excuse to get me off alone with him. His disappointed expression said it all when I just glared at him and shook my head.

Just as soon as he left, I wanted to kick myself. It was so unfair! He had been the jerk and it was me who had to suffer for it! Well, let him suffer too!

Dinner was delicious and like all dinners, over much quicker than it took to prepare. Uncle Joe disappeared soon after Aunt Bess’ cake was devoured. Naturally it was up to me, Mama and Aunt Bess to clear the table, wash the pots, pans and dishes and put away all the leftovers, while Daddy and Uncle Blake sat around talking and drinking beer while my little cousins ran amok up and down the stairs.

When the dishes were done, I found them in my room. My cousins, that is. They had torn the covers off my bed and made a tent. I could hear them snickering in their tent and immediately thought about what Janie had said about babysitting them. I peeked in, expecting to find someone naked, but they were all dressed and just playing. They invited me in and joined them for a while. They were playing a game. One would put one hand behind their back and the chosen one had to guess how many fingers were showing. Guess wrong and you got tickled. Then it was your turn to hide the fingers. It was actually a lot of fun and no one got upset, not even when the tickling got inappropriate at times.

By and by Aunt Bess came looking for us. It was time for them to go home. It was about 3:30 PM. I had Karen and Sherry help me put my bed back together, but I should have had just one help me… it would have been easier.

Almost as soon as they left, Daddy announced that he wanted to go check up on his construction site as there had been some vandalism the previous week. He asked me if I wanted to go and see what he did to make money to support Mama and me. He’d never taken me to his work before, so I was interested. It was either that or help Mama with the vacuuming. I went with Daddy.

The site was out of town a little ways in the country. He was building an addition to the Sunday School building of a small church. We walked around and Daddy checked things out. Satisfied that all was in order, he took me to his tiny construction office. It was portable and easily moved from site to site. It was just big enough inside for a desk, a chair and a small filing cabinet. There was a window over the desk that looked out over the construction site, and a small window unit set in the wall that both heated and cooled. The desk was cluttered with papers and the floor was bare plywood. On one wall he had a calendar hung up, a calendar featuring nude women with power tools.

“Does Mama know about this?” I asked as I flipped through the months.

“Of course she does,” he replied. “But I don’t think she’s seen that one yet.”

Sitting in his chair he looked at me and got down to business. “I’ve been thinking about you, Bunny. Thinking about you and those boys, but mainly thinking about the other night.”

“What night?”

“Thursday night. You were naked and had just started to blow me when your mother came home.” He unbuckled his belt, unzipped and pushed his khaki shorts and underwear down below his knees. “How about if you finish what you started?”

“Is that what you want, Daddy?”

“Only if it’s what you want too. You don’t have to, but…” He didn’t need to say anymore and I went to my knees before him.

“No, not like that,” he said. “I want you naked when you suck me.”

I stood back up to disrobe for him. But before I did what we both wanted me to do, I told him, “I want you naked too, Daddy.”

“There’s no time for that,” he said lifting his shirt just high enough so that I could see his bare belly.

Knowing that this was all I was going to get from him, I knelt again and took his rising penis in hand. Soon it was standing tall and the foreskin had rolled back to expose the darker fat head. I smiled up at Daddy, his eyes blazing as I lowered my lips to the head of his dick. I gave it a kiss right on the tip, then licked it, relishing the salty taste on my tongue. Then slowly I engulfed the head with my lips, pleased to hear him groan.

I popped it back out of my mouth and grinned up at him and took him between my lips once again, this time flickering my tongue across the expanse of his velvety smooth cock head. From experience I knew just where the sweet spot was, just under the head at that funny little flap of skin that every cock I’ve sucked had and toyed with it for a moment before taking more of his cock into my mouth where I massaged along the thick tube with the flat of my tongue. More salty juices began to flow from the tip. Mmmm, Daddy tasted so good! I began bobbing my head, running my lips up and down his shaft. I was really getting into it now.

The more I licked and bobbed, the more I got into it, and before I knew it I had so much Daddy dick in my mouth that it hit the back of my throat. That made me gag, but stifling that reflex, I plunged my mouth to the very root and base of his dick, driving his cock down my throat like Mr. Mack had recently taught me.

Dimly I recall Daddy exclaiming, “Holy fuck!” I paid it no mind and backed out enough to catch my breath and then plunged his dick down my throat again.

I felt the length of his cock tube pulse and knew he was cumming. I backed off a bit to catch some on my tongue and once again swallowed him whole as he continued ejaculating. Before he was finished I caught the last pulses in my mouth and not directly down my gullet, savoring the taste I had grown to love… the taste of a man’s cum. They were all different, I knew by then, not way different, but some have a stronger taste than others. Old Warts, his cum tasted very strong. Pete’s and Kenny’s were almost sweet… not sweet-sweet, but very mild in flavor. Daddy’s was much like Uncle Joe’s and Mr. Mack’s, flavorful, but not bitter. Mr. Jesse’s was stronger, as was Pops, but nowhere near as pungent as Warts. And Jake Bottom’s was so long ago it seemed that I couldn’t quite say, but he wasn’t bitter.

I let him soften in my mouth, as I loved the feel of a dick hardening or softening in my mouth and I was quite lost in the moment until Daddy said, “Where did you learn to do that?”

‘Do what?’I thought.

“You didn’t learn that from some boy, even a big cocked boy. You learned that from a man! Damn it! You’ve been fucking a man!

“Who is he, Bunny?! Who taught you that?!” he demanded.

Suddenly he yanked me off the floor and put me over his lap.


“Owww!” I hollared.

“Tell me! Who are you fucking?!”


“Owww! Stop, Daddy!”


I was in for it I knew. But he didn’t spank me again, but instead declared, “Joe! Joe’s been fucking you?!

“Yeah, he took you out of town for a weekend. Going to visit Pops, he said. Where did he take you? To some motel and screwed you the entire weekend?”

“No, we went to Pops,” I said hopping he wouldn’t pop me on the butt again. Fat chance…


“Daddy! Stop. Stop!”

“It is Joe, isn’t it?” I didn’t answer and he didn’t pop my butt again, but began rubbing it. Pretty soon he was rubbing it and not long after running his hand between my legs. Oooo, that felt good!

“I ought to fuck you myself,” he growled as his fingers penetrated me for the first time. “Yeah, you like this, don’t you? Of course you like it, you’re a hot little slut.” I didn’t like him calling me a slut, but I did like what his fingers were doing to my cunt. “Yeah, that’s it, push back at my hand. Show me how much you want it!”

Right then the office phone rang. He let it ring until the answering machine picked up. It was Mama!

“Hank? Are you there? Pick up, Hank…” There was a long pause, “What’s taking you so long? Oh, never mind.” Then she hung up.

Daddy’s fingers were in me deep and he just held them still during Mama’s message. When she hung up, he pulled his fingers from me, picked up and flipped me over with my back centered over his knees and my feet up on his desk. He plunged two fingers into me once again and rubbed his thumb on my clit. Meanwhile he leaned over and took a nipple into his mouth and gave it a good sucking while my pussy just went crazy. Wow, what a rush! What a rapture! Then he made me suck his dick again, only he really didn’t have to make me. Suddenly he pushed me off his dick.

“We’d better get home before I do something I’ll regret,” he said. “So, get your ass dressed!”

In a blink of an eye he was a Grumposaurus! Gee, what did I do? I guess I wasn’t quick enough because he started yelling for me to hurry up and that we had to get home. I had barely gotten my last shoe on and he dragged me out of the little office and into his work truck.

On the way home I ventured to ask if he was angry with me. He looked over at me and then pulled to the side of the road. Stopped, he put the truck in park and turned to me.

“Hell no, Bunny. I’m not angry with you. How could I be angry with a daughter like you?

“Now, when we get home, you go upstairs and brush your teeth. I don’t want your mother smelling my cum on your breath, Wash your face and hands too.” He put his fingers to his nose and inhaled. “I’ll do the same to get the smell of your sweet cunt off my fingers.” He then reached over and cupped my tit, giving it a squeeze. A moment later we were back on the road heading home.