A Schoolgirl Dress for Easter

It was Friday afternoon. School was over and all the girls went home together, talking, playing, and giggling. The boys followed, shouting and laughing. They were very noisy. They wanted the girls to look back at them. The girls paid no attention.

Susie skipped along with her little friend Peggy. Her blue eyes sparkled. Her blonde pigtails bobbed, and set the ends of her blue satin hair ribbons flying. Her little yellow dress fluttered. The guys behind could see her underpants. They were pink and shiny with little red hearts.

Susie was happy. “On Sunday it will be Easter! The Easter Bunny will bring all sorts of candies! Are you going to the church egg hunt?”

Peggy was happy, too. “I can’t wait to wear my new Easter dress to church. It’s beautiful! It’s red and all fluffy with ruffles.”

Just then, a boy called Peggy’s name. She looked back at him and made a face.

“What’s your new dress like, Susie?” Peggy asked.

“What new dress?”

“Your new Easter dress! All the girls wear new dresses for Easter!”

“Oh!” Susie looked down at her shiny black shoes. Then she said, “I don’t have a new dress.”

“Huh!” Peggy sniffed. “My mother bought me a new dress. Your mother should buy you one. Let’s look in that store. They have nice dresses.”

Susie looked at her shoes some more. A new dress cost too much money. “No, you go ahead,” she said. “I want to see something in the park.”

Peggy went in the store. Susie sat on a park bench. She tried not to cry. Then she heard a strange noise.

“Snap, snap!”

The little girl looked up. It was Mr. Brown. He took pictures for the town newspaper. He was taking pictures of her! Susie held up her hand.

“No, no!” she cried.

“Why are you so sad, Susie?” he asked.

“I don’t have a new Easter dress,” she admitted.

Mr. Brown laughed. “That’s no problem. I can give you a new dress.”

Susie looked at Mr. Brown. Then she said proudly, “Our family does not take charity. We earn what we get.”

Mr. Brown said, “You can earn your Easter dress.”

Susie looked at Mr. Brown happily and said, “Oh, that’s wonderful! What do I do?”

Mr. Brown smiled, and said, “Come with me.”

Susie followed Mr. Brown to a building downtown. They walked up two flights of stairs.

Susie asked, “Where are we going?”

“We are going to my photography studio,” he said. “You can be a model. I will take pictures of you and sell them. That will pay for your dress.” They stopped in front of a door. His name was painted on the glass.

Mr. Brown led Susie to a dressing room. He showed her a closet. It was filled with beautiful little dresses. Some were too big for her. Some were too small for her. Some were just right.

Mr. Brown showed Susie a drawer. It was filled with silky underwear decorated with ribbons, ruffles, and lace.

Mr. Brown picked out a sweet little white satin slip with a wide band of lace around the hem. He picked out silky white underpants with little lacy ruffles around the legs. He picked out a beautiful Easter dress embroidered with flowers and trimmed around the waist with a wide, blue satin sash tied behind in a long, lazy bow. The sash matched her hair ribbons perfectly!

Susie took off her little yellow dress. She took off her pink underpants with the little red hearts. She put on the silky white underpants. She put on the white satin slip. She put on the white Easter dress with the flowers and blue satin ribbon. Mr. Brown zipped up the zipper for her.

The little girl stood in front of the camera. She made a big smile. Mr. Brown took pictures. Susie twirled and danced in the white Easter dress. The hem fluttered and the blue satin bow danced. Susie’s blonde pigtails bobbed and swirled. Mr. Brown took more pictures. Then she stopped.

Mr. Brown said, “We don’t have enough pictures yet. Let me unzip your dress.”

The little girl took off the dress. She stood in front of the camera wearing the sweet little white satin slip with the wide band of lace at the hem. She made a big smile. Mr. Brown took pictures. Susie twirled and danced in the little white satin slip. Her blonde pigtails bobbed and swirled as she danced. Mr. Brown took more pictures. Then she stopped.

Mr. Brown said, “We don’t have enough pictures yet. Lift up your slip.”

The little girl lifted the hem of the slip until the wide band of lace was over her tummy. She made a big smile. Mr. Brown took pictures of the white satin underpants. She turned around. Mr. Brown took more pictures. Then she stopped.

Mr. Brown said, “We don’t have enough pictures yet.

Susie said, “I can take off the slip.”

“No,” Mr. Brown said, “go sit on that chair.”

The little girl walked over to the big chair. It was soft and comfy. She lifted the lacy hem of the slip up to her tummy again.

Mr. Brown said, “Can you rub your coochie, Susie?”

“I guess so,” she said. “Why?”

“It feels really nice. Rub your fingers up and down on the bottom of your underpants.”

The little girl rubbed the bottom of her underpants. The fabric was soft and silky. It felt nice. Mr. Brown took pictures. Susie rubbed some more. She closed her eyes and smiled. She wiggled her bottom. Mr. Brown took more pictures. Then she stopped.

Mr. Brown said, “We don’t have enough pictures yet. Take off your underpants.”

The little girl took off the underpants. Her little coochie had tiny blonde hairs. Mr. Brown had to get his camera really close to see them. Susie rubbed her coochie up and down. Mr. Brown took more pictures. The rubbing felt really nice.

“I feel wet!” Susie said.

“That’s good, Susie,” Mr. Brown said. “Spread your little lips apart. Rub the wet stuff up and down.”

Susie spread her little lips and rubbed her coochie some more. Mr. Brown took more pictures.

“Let me show you something,” Mr. Brown said. He reached his hand out. “Spread your little lips.” Mr. Brown licked his finger and rubbed it up and down Susie’s coochie. He pushed his finger into the little hole at the bottom of her coochie.

Susie shivered and said, “Oh!”

“That is your little hole,” Mr. Brown said. Then he ran his finger to the top of her coochie and rubbed the little knob at the top.

Susie gasped with surprise.

Mr. Brown explained, “And that is your love button. Isn’t it lovely to touch?”

“Oh, yes!” Susie gasped.

While Mr. Brown took more pictures, Susie rubbed her coochie up and down. At the bottom, she poked her finger into her little hole. At the top, she rubbed her little love button. Her coochie got warmer and wetter. She sighed when she breathed. Her hips wiggled. Her shoulders wiggled. Her blonde pigtails bobbed up and down.

But Susie didn’t stop. She kept rubbing and rubbing.

Mr. Brown made the little girl stop. He handed Susie something long and pink. It was round and soft at one end. It made a funny buzzing sound. It was like an electric toothbrush.

Mr. Brown said, “Rub your coochie with this.”

The little girl took the pink thing and rubbed her coochie up and down. It felt really, really nice. She sighed even louder. She rubbed her little love button with her fingertips. Mr. Brown took pictures.

Mr. Brown said, “Hold the tip against your little hole.” Susie held the little round end against the little hole at the bottom of her coochie. It felt really, really, really nice. She tried to stick it in. That felt even better. Mr. Brown took more pictures.

But the buzzing pink thing wouldn’t go into her hole. Susie rubbed and pushed with the round tip. Her coochie was really wet and slippery. She pinched her love button. She took big breaths of air. She sighed loudly. The pink thing felt so much nicer than just rubbing her coochie. She pushed harder.

Then she felt a sting! It felt like a bee stung her coochie. “Oww!” she cried.

Mr. Brown stopped taking pictures for a moment. He gently kissed the little girl and said, “It’s okay honey. Now try sliding it in your little hole.”

The pink thing slid right in!

“Ohhh!” she cried. Susie’s wet fingers rubbed the wonderful little button at the top of her coochie. She slid the buzzing pink thing in and out. Mr. Brown took more and more pictures.

Susie was shivering all over. Her heart beat really fast. She gasped for breath. She cried, “Oh, oh, ooh!”

Her coochie felt really hot, wet, and wonderful. She felt her coochie squeeze the pink buzzing thing again and again and again. She laid back on the chair and tried to catch her breath. Finally she took the pink buzzing thing out of her coochie.

Mr. Brown stopped taking pictures. He said, “Thank you, Susie. We have taken enough pictures today. Which dress do you want?”

Susie picked out the most beautiful dress of them all. It was made of elegant burgundy silk. The skirt was covered with a layer of splendid lace falling from beneath its smooth satin sash. She wore it proudly on Easter Sunday.