Putrid ass(tr)

“For 135 years Adam knew not his wife Eve, but instead was
visited at night by Lilith, his first mate, the mother of all
demons.” Scarlet recited the words over again in her mind, as her
delicate fingers adjusted the binoculars. The trailer across the
street was only unusual in the fact that out of all the trailers
in this park, it was the only one with the lights on at 3 in the
morning, that and the strange woman in the red dress sitting on
the roof of the trailer, apparently pleasuring herself.
Scarlet heard the staccato beeping sound emitted by the
electronic device next to her suitcase. It was roughly the shape
of a scientific calculator, yet thicker. A tiny microphone was
active within the folds of her ear.
“Scarlet! Are you getting this! Our scanners are getting a
reading of 3,000 Reichs in your location!” sqwaked the woman at
the other end of the line, who was nestled in a non-descript,
windowless van 2 blocks away, the interior littered with
electronic gadgetry. It had been a little known (and less
respected) sexologist named William Reich whose work provided the
basis for the technology now employed by Scarlet and her
She brushed aside a lustrous strand of midnight-black hair away
from her high cheekbones before replying: “That much orgasmic
energy in one location confirms my theory, Cindy.” she said
“Control has authorized you to take the shot!” answered the
agitated female voice on the other line. “That woman is a
Spawnling, she’s the enemy!”

“Oh, I know, Scarlet answered, “I know all too well.” she
sighed quietely. “But if I shoot now, we won’t know how thorough
the contamination is!”

“Agent Black, need I remind you-” began Cindy angrily.

“She’s not going anywhere, and the radio transmitter embedded in
this bullet will enable you to track the target after I’ve taken
the shot. Get the disruptors ready, Agent Black, Out.”

“Scarlet-” *Click*

Agent Scarlet Black dropped her glance briefly to the Detector.
A marvel of technology, but it was a luxury she could do without:
She knew full well that an impossibly large source of orgasmic
energy was emanating from this area. Within her sleek, black
bodysuit, her curvaceously endowed body began that familiar
tingling. The Detector let her pinpoint the location, and
quantify the amount of energy in mathematical terms, but in her
flesh she could feel this daughter of Lilith, she was always
sensitive to concentrations of orgasmic energy. Her flawless,
pale skin began to tingle, her ample breasts throbbed slightly,
and there was the heat, the familiar heat at the center of her
sternum, between those two heaving hemispheres. But she was able
to maintain control.

Yes, this was definitely unusual: Normal humans might generate
10-30 Reichs of energy during the entire sexual experience.
Especially hearty folk might manage 40 after a few hours, but
this? All her training and all the experience of the Agency said
that this was impossible. Even for this Spawnling. The slender,
blond woman in the red dress sitting cross-legged on the roof
with her fingers probing her own opening gave a reading
consistent with Strain 12.
Out of the 25 Strains encountered, she was only moderately
powerful. Really just a common Succubus. (far more common than
the general public believed!) As a Strain 12, she should not have
been able to focus more than 1200 Reichs at a time no matter what
she was doing, either to herself or someone else. The answer,
Scarlet believed must have something to do with the eleven-year
old girl in the upstairs window.

There was more going on tonight than just her stepfather’s
drinking, Lise realized. She felt a strange churning in her gut,
and an odd heat in her groin. She wondered if she was just
becoming a woman. No, that can’t be it. Her pathetic, eleven-year
old body had not a hint of womanhood. Perhaps that’s why daddy
hated her. After her mother had left him, daddy would drink
himself into a dazed stupor, bemoaning that Lise, with her mousy
brown hair, and thoroughly dull appearance was the last woman in
his life.
When Daddy would go out with his drinking buddies, Lise would
steal away into his room to find his dirty magazines. She knew
instantly as she laid eyes upon the glamorous women in all their
air-brushed splendor that this was what she should be. This is
what would make Daddy love her. All the world was friendly to
these women. She would keep a few of them, staring in awe and
hope. Awe made all the more profound by her belief that she would
never, ever, be their equal.
“*BELCH* W-what kinna sicko li’l girl are you?!” he bellowed in
rage as he swaggered around their domicile. “Y-yu been taken mah
magzeens again! ain’tcha! aint’tcha!!” his meaty fist collided
with Lise’s bedroom door. Lise knew that nothing she could say or
do would mollify his intoxicated temper, all she could do was
curl up into a ball and hope it would end soon.
On the top of the pathetic structure, Kyra snarled with delight.
She could feel it, this one, this pathetic human girl was the one
she had been seeking. She could feel the energy building; both
within her own moist groin and within the body of the girl below
her. The child would try to ignore the growing change, but it was
inevitable. All she needed was a catalyst. Hmm… She could hear
the beating beginning; the slaps and the cries. But Kyra had to
ensure the fulfillment of all her years of efforts. She needed a
As the beatings continued, Lise withdrew deeper within herself.
The heat between her legs grew greater, and suddenly, on an
instinctive level she knew what needed to be done. Reacting on
impulse, she did the only thing she could to stop the beating:
She reached out and grasped stepdad’s dick. Holding it firmly, he
stopped for a moment in confusion, she held on tightly as a new
awareness dawned. This….this felt right…she began to feel
stirrings deep inside….with the loss of innocence, a switch was
turned on within the girl’s mind and body. Stepdad released her,
and the strange energy surrounding the room kindled a dormant
flame. The demoness on the roof could feel that the child was
aware now, was receptive to the power, like a sleeping giant, her
true potential was AWAKENED!!
The nausea did not last long, it was replaced rather quickly by
a fiery, visceral pleasure. Lyse’s flesh felt like a billion
needles were trying to escape at once, only to work their way
back into her body a second later. She felt loose, and yet
stretched at the same time. Wave after wave of vertigo bombarded
her body, her body which no longer felt like her own. Her mind
rebelled against the impossible stimuli attacking it from all
directions; the girl was overwhelmed by a firestorm of confused
sensation that stole all sense of awareness. Lyse was not Lyse.
She did not who, or what she was, she did not care. She was no
longer a thinking person, but rather an exploding jumble of
emotion and sensation, riding out a storm of madness to it’s
inevitable end.

The Sniper rifle could easily and accurately shoot a man between
the eyes at a distance of two miles. While such a weapon could
not be completely silenced, the rifle made only a series of
muffled puffs as five bullets tore into the body of the Strain 12
sitting on top of the trailer. Scarlet activated her earpice.
“She’s tagged Cindy, get ready to track her, I’ll continue to
monitor the situation for any change.” But Scarlet was skeptical.
The bullets were hollow, and had been filled with an insulation
gel on the theory that this would drain the Spawnling of orgasmic
energy, since that energy was electrochemically based. The
bullets would never kill a Spawnling of her level, but they would
at least slow her down. For a few moments at least. Howling in
rage, the demoness made an impossible leap off the trailer, some
30 feet into the night sky, lustrous blond hair trailing
diaphanously behind her. She bolted away into the night, moving
at speeds to make a cheetah envious. “After that display, it’s
obvious that the insulation gel is ineffective. But the target is
tagged. Begin trace and arm the Tantric Disruptor. I’m
investigating the intended victim. Black, Out.”
Confident in the rest of the team’s ability to track down the
Spawnling, Scarlet adjusted her bodysuit and prepared herself for
the madness to come. She left behind the rifle; they were beyond
such toys now. The orgasmic energy was as strong as ever, she
could feel it electrifying her skin, her breasts throbbed with a
life of their own, and again that burning, fiery sensation
between them on the pristine skin of her chest, marked only by a
tiny mole. She leapt down from the roof of the house she was
perched on, and descended into the maelstrom.

Bones reshaped. Flesh rippled and expanded. The air became warm;
incredibly warm. In less than a minute, the air temperature
increased 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Lyse’s eleven year-old frame
pulsed with tension, pulsed with strength. A new sensation
emerged into the miasma of sensory overload: The feeling of
clothing grown far too tight. Her child-size jeans became taut,
as the legs within them began to stretch and lengthen. Her tiny
shoes were the first casualty, they soon had become open-toed
sandals before the pressing demands of her growing feet.
Lyse arched her back in savage glee as her shoulders and arms
began to expand. Bones began to lengthen first, while her flesh
crawled, danced, and rippled with released powers. She had grown
a foot and a half by the time her muscles joined the parade. They
quivered and twitched uncontrollably as the fibers multiplied and
expanded. Her skeleton continued the impossible transfiguration
by way of Lyse’s formerly boyish hips. Her lower abdomen quivered
and spasmed wildly as the expansion reached awesome proportions.
Her tiny jeans, threads already taut could not hope to withstand
this new demand. The seams split with an audible rip, revealing
sinouous legs with the graceful power of a rainforest Anaconda,
yet feminine as those of a runway model.
Lyse whirled and twisted, flailing her lengthening, expanding
arms. Her smooth skin became rippled with the explosion of mighty
thews within. Her lengthening arms were soon graced with biceps
to surpass those of most men, as a bronze cascade of lustrous
hair writhed through the air like winged silk. Daddy watched with
an unreadable expression; his face a jumble of emotions as
inscrutable as the wild, confusing sensations pulsing through
Lese’s body. And that’s when the buttons of her plaid shirt began
to explode.

At the door, Scarlet doubled over in a wave of vertigo. The area
was saturated with more orgasmic energy than she had thought
possible. She left behind her detector, but from the way her own
body was responding, she believed that the creature emerging
within the trailer had to be at least a Strain 20. But no, she
would not call for back-up. Not yet, she had to prove to herself
as much as anyone that she would be a match for a Spawnling of
this magnitude. But her control was slipping; her chest burned,
it wouldn’t be long now. She loosed the straps on her bodysuit
and kicked open the door of the trailer.

With a fury of their own, what were once childish non-breasts
became enflamed with the power coursing through her. Pushing,
stretching, demanding freedom, her rebellious breasts assaulted
the wretchedly confining cloth with prodigious strength. Stepdad
was treated to a peepshow unlike that of any strip club him and
the boys had ever frequented. With each burst button, her new
breasts quivered and pulsed; seeming to defy gravity as they
challenged the puny garment to try and contain them.
With a throaty roar, her chest heaved and the sound of ripping
fabric accompanied the onslaught of gigantic mammaries as they
conquered their confines. Mere seconds apart came the telltale
sound that heralded the end of every stitch of clothing upon
Lise’s frame: Her widening hips had erupted forth, and the dismal
remains of her shredded jeans loosened with an audible pop. She
groaned as a massive bush began to sprout in moments from the
quivering lips of her electrified womanhood.
The new creature flexed its awesome muscles. She was no longer
Lise. It seemed in that moment impossible to both those present
that a frightened, preteen child stood here mere minutes ago.
Sweat dribbled off of rippling muscles, down lithe limbs past
impossibly exaggerated hips that scream of fertility. The salty
drops fell more than six feet to the floor from the throbbing
nipples of overripe breasts that long ago transcended the fabled
D-cup. But, the heat! The room grew hotter still, and the energy
that fueled this new creature could be seen! Delicately lashed
eyes now seemed to gleam with a dull reddish glow! Crackles of
lightning sparked momentarily from awesome breasts. And as the
drops of sweat rolled past iron-hard abdominal muscles, into the
perfect hollow of her thighs, they crackled and hissed like a
blacksmith’s workshop as they entered the hairy bush enveloping
her groin. The greatest heat came from within that pulsing
vagina, evaporating any sweat that dared approach. So much
energy, such raw power nestled within those throbbing lips that
distortion waves of heat could be seen in the air for a moment.
“Not…a child…n-not a girl..” stammered a throaty voice of
passionate promise. “N-Not even a woman, I have the body of a
Goddess!!” In that moment, Lise remembered the hushed tales of
that which men and women do beneath closed doors and raised
blankets. And a lust, a lust to match the fires of a volcano
erupted from her groin. “Daddy…” moaned the fiery goddess as
she glided gracefully across the room. As Lise approached,
Stepdad’s face was engaged in a pitched battle between two
extremes of fear and lust. “I was the last woman in your life,
you always said…” His right hand shot out and grabbed a nearby
aluminum baseball bat, but he hesitated. His left hand…
With a life of its own his left hand was compelled to caress the
rock-hard physique of this thing which might have been his
stepdaughter. He gripped the bat with a frightful, quavering
intensity, but his other hand could not help but explore the
statuesque curvature of the woman’s belly and thighs. Again,
confusion; As the tense moments passed, his left hand could not
decide whether to explore her stunning, pendulous breasts,
seeming to leap with a life of their own, as though still trying
to break free of clothing. Or should his hand fall to the hot
lips of her hairy groin? The opening throbbed and flexed like a
mouth, a predatory mouth, demanding manhood as its prey. Yet
Daddy’s unbelievable lust could not completely conquer his fear!
Lise’s hips were wider than his own shoulders! The choice was
soon made for him.
The long fingers of Lise’s deceptively elegant hands wrapped
around the length of the baseball bat. She began rubbing her hand
up and down the shaft suggestively, moaning as she did so. Then,
with flick of her wrist, her fingers contracted, denting and
deforming the aluminum in her titanic grasp! Fear won out then,
but it appeared that Lise was now nearly as much faster as she
was stronger; for when Daddy bolted for the door, she was already
standing there, and she lunged.
Daddy was pinned to the floor, his grimy clothing was ripped
away in ragged strips exposing already lengthening manhood. In
less than a second, the hungry predator between Lise’s thighs
found the prey it sought. He was pressed into that mighty body,
churning muscles moistening him with a fine sheen of sweat. The
new creature rocked back and forth, hairy groin pulling and
tugging, while mammoth breasts smothered her mate’s stubbly face.
She was not Lise, this was no one she knew, she was a goddess of
strength and beauty, claiming this man as her toy. The heat!
being pinned beneath this fiery being was like laying beneath a
burning log! Her muscles, like steel pistons stretched and pulled
his 40-something body, now he was the child in her grasp! His
bones creaked and protested beneath the swaying fury of this
creature, her hot breath seared him like the propane-gas fire
last year.
His body convulsed with lust, yet in a moment of shocking
clarity, he realized his danger; this creature-woman likely had
the endurance of a buffalo herd, while his all-too-human
abilities were being rapidly exhausted as his climax approached.
Her breasts seemed larger still, and the blistering heat of her
hungry groin seemed intent on devouring every vestige of his
manhood, the grasping lips not only sucked in his shaft, but they
had also grasped and enveloped balls as well, as though preparing
to bite off his entire apparatus! and he knew that would not be
enough to satisfy this woman-thing. “Yes……”Lise moaned. “I
will be the Last woman In…Your….Life!” she purred, as she
felt his pathetic climax.

“I know what you’re going through,” said the statuesque but
undeniably human-looking woman standing in the doorway. Her
runway model figure was clad in a black leather bodysuit with
loose-looking straps, black shoulder-length hair, dark glasses.
Ample bosom, but it was well within human capacities. “You feel
immortal, strong enough to take on the whole NFL. I understand.”
Scarlet said in a soft, yet firm tone. “I know the sensations
that are going through your body. That feeling, that burning
hunger, you feel like if you don’t get a penis inside you, you’ll
explode. The Lise-woman nodded brief agreement.
“You feel entitled, you probably are thinking of all the men in
the world like….well, grapes on a tree. There for you to pluck
and devour.” Lise nodded, her hapless mate struggled impotently
beneath her iron grasp. “And I know that right now you feel like
you can rule the world, but I have to warn you, these desires
will destroy you! This…..you cannot stay like this.” Scarlet
gestured towards Lise’s massive and sleek frame. “It’s not
natural, and I can help you, but you have trust me.” Scarlet
sighed, extended her hand, though her facial expression seemed to
reflect vast pessimism only sprinkled with hope.

The Lise-creature stood away from her terrified mate, and rose
to full stature to meet this newcomer. “You.
Want me.
To give up.
This?” She gestured the length of her eight-foot tall body, she
was already taller than the most gifted basketball stars, and
certainly stronger. Rivulets of sweat and secreted love juice
creeped down her mighty legs. “The girl Lise, was nothing!
Nothing! I won’t be her again!! This…,” her jaw quivered and
her eyes pulsed with light as she spoke. “…Is my dream! My
whole LIFE I’ve wanted something like this! I-I can be the
stripper I always dreamed about!” she twirled her sinuous body
with incredible grace, crackles of electricity flaring between
her breasts. “So many men….” Her eyes seemed to glaze over as
she gazed past Scarlet towards the bathroom window across from
her room. “The high school varsity football captain, I can have
him! Sweet Tommy, down the street,” Whoever this ‘Tommy’ was, her
voice softened a little as she mentioned him. “Rich men, poor
men, I can have them! I…I can have the varsity football team!
And I want them!” Lise’s eyes began to narrow, and Scarlet knew
what was coming next. It always ended up the same way, yet she
still felt obliged to offer clemency regardless. Moving with deft
agility, Lise’s delicate hand wrapped itself around Scarlet’s
throat. She was easily hoisted off the ground by the eleven
year-old titaness. She understood that rage, and she also knew
that the girl was increasing and focusing her orgasmic energy.
Scarlet gulped, she knew what was about to come, and she put on
her own ‘game face’ concentrating her own unique abilities.

Scarlet could feel the beast stirring, that raging fiend of pure
instinct that dwelled within her; forever separating her from
common humanity. Orgasmic energy always brought out the Demon
that lurked in the core of her being, the demon she worked so
hard to restrain. With only a momentary effort, the draining
process began. The golden electricity that crackled off Spawnling
Lise’s body fed the Demon. Agent Black tensed as she began
drawing the fresh, undiluted orgasmic energy into her body! Lise,
being only eleven, and having not the slightest knowledge of the
secret battles against the children of Lilith, (most humans
didn’t) did not catch on right away.
“500,….700……yes, nearly 1,000 Reichs of energy!” Well,
without the Detector, she couldn’t be exactly sure of the
numerical amount, but she had a rough idea what 1,000 Reichs felt
like; and she knew it would take a normal human couple 100 hours
non-stop activity to generate this much energy, and even then it
could only be released over a long period of time. Yet this girl
was a walking brothel on a day when the Sailors got shore leave.
But soon, comprehension dawned on the girl.

“Y-you, you’re…..stealing my power!” she yelped in shock.

“Yes dear, my heritage and my curse, That’s how I know the
dangers of what you’re doing.”

Scarlet had indeed loosed the straps on her bodysuit, and so her
clothing expanded as the inevitable growth cycle began. Muscles
throbbing, flesh electrified, she grew at least a foot in 30
seconds. Lise dropped her intended victim, unsure of how to
proceed next, but Scarlet knew. Embracing the Demoness within
her, she lunged, grasping the massive breasts of the young
Spawnling! She squeezed, and the power flowed! Both females
groaned with release from the awesome energies being transferred.
Lightning arced along Scarlet’s growing arms, dispersing
throughout her body. Lise’s breasts emanated a ruddy red glow
where her powers were being tapped.
But even Agent Black, with all her formidable experience was now
guilty of a miscalculation: This new Spawnling seemed to have an
ever-increasing maximum level! Sex with her male victim must have
increased her energy ceiling! She could generate more energy than
Scarlet anticipated, but how much more? Scarlet was not prepared
for the prodigious influx of power she stole from Lise’s breasts,
and her body’s own reaction surprised her; she transformed many
times faster than ever before! Her flesh exploded outward!
Muscles became drunk with power in seconds, her flowing black
hair shone, and soon became a blood-red hue. But nothing could
compare with the fiery white heat of her chest, her spasming
breasts swelled, and the tiny mole between them….began
expanding. That mole, that tiny spot on her chest protruded,
pulsed, exploded. She did not anticipate her body’s violently
rapid transformation! A scintillating layer of pure Orgasmic
energy surrounded her, becoming a flash of flames that completely
disintegrated every stitch of clothing upon her body!
All three of Scarlet’s awesome breasts swung free, finally free
from constraining cloth! The third breast between the others,
began throbbing as red sparks flew from the hardening nipple. Her
Demon Breast was volatile, uncontrollable! She had hoped to
resolve this incident without stimulating it, but sadly that was
not to be. MMMM….no! It felt so sweet…She’d almost
NO! She must not loose control! The Demon Breast seemed to have
a mind of its own, if she indulged its desires, she would become
every bit, if not more a threat than this Spawnling. The central
breast swayed, causing her entire rack to jiggle and bounce.
Struggling to retain her focus, Scarlet knew she would have to
conquer her adversary quickly, the longer she was in this form,
the greater the chance her Demon Breast would find some way to
wreak havoc. But for the moment, she had more pressing matters
than her superfluous mammary; the pressing of Lise’s awesome
breasts against her own, as the augmented eleven year old hurled
her athletic body at her!
The dingy trailer was rocked to its foundation by the vehement
thrashing of the titanesses. Sweat-drenched, feminine muscles
churned, throbbed, and thrust as each struggled for control. The
helpless male pawn watching from the sidelines was struck with
the realization that the least of their strainings would
instantly shatter the hardest male body. The two combatants were
equal, perhaps slightly less than eight-feet tall, but the
graceful might coursing through their sleek, slippery bodies was
far higher than any normal man could fathom.
With a mighty fling, the three-breasted goddess with blood-red
hair sent Lise’s hip slamming into a high cabinet in the corner.
The wood was shattered instantly, and silvery compact disks slid
to the grimy carpet by the dozens to be trampled underfoot. “M-my
John Denver CD’s!!” moaned the helpless man. Lise’s flowing
coppery hair flew out behind her as she rammed her shoulder into
her enemy’s gut!

C-CRASH!!! Three pulsing breasts slammed into the broken-down
big-screen T.V. (piece of junk never worked anyway) Not to be
daunted, the scarlet wonder went low, and tackled her opponent’s
THOOOMM!! Lise’s smooth, muscled ass collided with the aluminum
wall of the trailer, leaving a dent with a very fascinating
shape. In less than a second, the two were grappling again in the
center of the room, their unnaturally long legs struggling for
purchase. They slipped frequently, the floor being covered with
broken shards of John Denver CD’s. As the pair thrashed and
flexed, their skin seemed to gleam with energy; patches of skin
seemed to radiate prismatic light with all the colors of the
rainbow. They were truly incredible, the most perfect and
intoxicating females he could ever have imagined! He rose, he
wanted in that moment to plunge himself into their midst, knowing
that he might never again have a chance to lay his hands upon
such extraordinary feminine beings! To call them women seemed
inadequate. They were like ultimate, distilled versions of beauty
and might. Though he would have been crushed like an insect, his
mind was so clouded with lust that he did not want to go through
the rest of his dismal life without touching creatures like this
again. However, the choice was not his to his to make.
Suddenly Scarlet slipped, falling onto her side. She landed
facing the grimy male victim, and before she could act, the Demon
Breast flared with power! From its taut nipple, a shower of
flaming red sparks spewed forth! Bombarding the greasy male
standing in the corner! He moaned and quivered, Scarlet could not
be sure if he would live, but she could tell that the energy was
forcing him into rapid, repeating orgasms over and over! He had
given all he had to the creature that might once have been his
stepdaughter, but still the energy forced rigidity upon his male
member, while paralyzing the rest of his body with continuous
Scarlet grabbed Lise’s legs, pulling her to the ground where the
two resumed their wrestling. It would not be an easy victory, if
she could win at all. Agent Black was more experienced, but this
hyper-pubescent child actually seemed the stronger! And she had
learned Scarlet’s tactic! She gathered no more energy, only using
the strength of her giant body. Scarlet could still drain a few
Reichs here and there, but it might not be enough to make a
difference! The steely muscles of Lise’s thighs pressed against
her, while sparks flew between them as their breasts rubbed. She
could feel oozing love-juices boiling up from the moist heat
between the throbbing lips of her foe’s vagina as it coated her
thighs. The feeling of power, and the lust coursing through her
auburn-haired enemy was indescribable! Scarlet knew that from
personal experience. Especially since she could feel her own
lower lips pulsing in response. Yes, the Demoness within her was
almost overwhelming, but…she must not give
There was no other way, Scarlet would have to embrace the power
within her, the power of the Demoness. Drooling pussies joined
together in a different sort of lip-lock, and Scarlet abandoned
herself…abandoned her inhibitions to the wild volcano of
supernatural lust seething inside her! All of her breasts
expanded to near basketball size, and her own eyes gleamed with a
dull red. With a surge of strength, she hurled her bi-breasted
adversary into the corner, rose up to her full eight-foot height,
and gave herself up to the power of the Demon Breast.

“Lyse! Hey Lyse! You okay in there?” yelled out Tommy Thompson as
he gingerly approached the trailer, the roars and eerie sounds
could be heard by half the block, Tommy had donned his bathrobe
after being awakened by the same and went to investigate. He
always enjoyed the occasional game of catch with Little Lyse. She
was five years younger, but they’d grown up together, and Tommy
had a lot of sympathy for her plight. He thought her stepfather
might have been abusing her, and he contemplating whether to call
the authorities. His freckled face narrowed in suspicion as he
saw those strange red lights emanating from the window. Yes, one
way or another he figured the police should find out. But he
decided to creep close to get a better look.
Pure destructive force. Scarlet needed an energy blast that would
be enough to vaporize a normal human. A Spawnling would need to
expend its reserve of orgasmic energy just to hold itself
together! With a mighty yelp, Agent Black clasped her central
breast, squeezing as a burst of blinding white light blast from
the nipple! It struck Lise in the gut, her entire body burning,
melting with enough kilojoules of energy to liquefy any of the
cars sitting on cinderblocks out front. All the energy taken from
her was returned, after a fashion. Screaming with agony, the
bronze-haired goddess emptied all the energy she had left, just
to hold her body together. When the smoke cleared, she collapsed
to the ground.
Huffing, puffing, chest heaving, Scarlet examined her work, with
profound shock; the girl! She…

She hadn’t shrunk! Always before, when she defeated some girl or
woman touched by the Children of Lilith, they shrunk back to
normal size. But Lise laid there upon the dingy carpet, as
lithely muscular as ever. Breasts as massive as before. Her
exaggerated hips just as wide, and her face still retained that
haunting, high cheek-boned beauty. Gone was any trace of the
under-developed child she saw through her binoculars. This was
bad, very bad. But….unfortunately Scarlet would not have time
to contemplate this development. She had accepted the Demon
Breast, and that ALWAYS came with a price! She felt her rational
mind descending…..

Falling away into a bottomless pit of insane lust. The kind of
lust that drives you to murder and betrayal, she was caught in
the jaws of a predatory libido so powerful, that any attempt at
modesty or discretion became as useless as howling at the spring
tornadoes. The Demoness was in control now.
“Young…, she snarled. ” A young man…” she could smell him.
The Demoness could smell male lust from miles away. A freckled
face….peering through a nearby window…. And apparently rather
shocked at what he saw. With a roar of feral triumph, Scarlet the
Demoness hurled herself at her delicious male prey. Tommy
Thompson never had a chance.

As the window shattered against a mighty arm, Tommy backed away
in shock. He would have run away in panic, but the agile speed of
the giant woman was as irresistible as her iron-hard muscles. The
sixteen year-old boy was rapidly pulled into the trailer window,
the remaining shards of glass in the window frame began the
inevitable destruction of clothing that was to come. His freckled
face was smothered by an unbelievable rack of breasts, he…he
thought he felt three of them? His clothing seemed to melt away
like uncle Cletus’s gambling money. His bathrobe was gone in less
than a second, leaving only his puny underwear. Before he knew
it, that too had been torn from him, and he stood in naked
Tommy had a chance to glimpse his captor for a brief moment;
Pulsating muscles burst from a feminine frame of otherworldly
eroticism. Her skin seemed as perfect as a marble statue, yet the
raw heat that seemed to be pouring from her groin and chest cast
no doubt that this goddess was flesh and blood. The Softest
curves and the hardest muscles blended perfectly, she was woman
multiplied. No! More like woman to the third power, with that
awesome rack that defied gravity! Her central breast, large
enough to hold Tommy’s entire head, seemed to push at the other
two, forcing them sideways as though it was demanding attention
for itself. Her flaming hair was far too red, she was far too
beautiful to be believed.
The next few minutes were a blur. First, Tommy felt himself
probing the throbbing lips of a steaming hot pussy with his
tongue. Next, he seemed to have his hands tied with straps of
clothing while hanging from the ceiling, the red woman’s mouth
engulfing his stiff member, sending him to new heights of
stimulation. After his exhausted manhood had spewed forth more
than he thought possible, a brief rubbing session between those
quivering, giant, breasts filled him with a newfound hardness
never known before. And then he was ready for the Coup-de-grace.
It was not a time for rational, logical thoughts. Tommy was
buried beneath a mountain of lust as soft as silk, yet stronger
than his Daddy’s tractor. His newly-revived manhood felt as
though it might be pulled out forever by the unnatural demands of
this sex-demon above him. Long before either his fear or his
desire could fade away, he lost consciousness.

Control said that all in all, it had been a good day. The Strain
12 proved vulnerable to the genius of the R&D boys and their
Tantric Disruptor. The demon was in a holding cell back at
headquarters designed to keep her permanently drained of Orgasmic
energy. And this new Spawnling, the young girl was even now in
containment awaiting the Agency’s specialists who would analyze
her condition. Scarlet cast her gaze backwards, into the rear of
the private plane that was conveying her team back to
headquarters. Lise was sealed up tight in a clear, cylindrical
containment tank. The chamber was designed to generate sonic
pulses similar to fingernails on a chalkboard. Not the most
effective system, but so far it was doing a good job of
depressing any orgasmic energy she might have been able to
“I saw you…” she shouted angrily, her voice distorted in the
chamber. “I saw what you did to Tommy. He was mine. He….he was
the only boy who….he was always KIND to me!” Lise gritted her
teeth angrily. “He belonged to me! All men will belong to me!”
Scarlet wasn’t surprised; this sort of possessive lust was common
in women that had been touched by Spawnlings. What did surprise
her was the fact that Lise was only slightly shorter than before,
still well over seven-feet tall. She had read the girl’s personal
profile; she was only eleven. She needed a childhood and an
adolescence to become a well-rounded person. After being drained
of energy, most females in her condition would have returned to
their natural bodies. Would she stay like this? Would she forever
remain in this towering Amazonian body, with super-exaggerated
hips and breasts, a cover-girl face, obsessed with power and
consumed with nymphomania? It looked that way. It had been over
eight hours since their battle, By now Agent Black knew that
Lise’s enhanced sex-drive would fuel her rage. She would become
increasingly aggressive towards anyone restraining her from
satisfying her fanatical sexual instincts. The girl’s breasts
pulsed again, and she put a hand to her moist crotch and groaned
with frustration from her volcanic cravings.
“N-not fair!” she stammered. “Look at me! I’m beyond gorgeous! I
can have Tommy! I can have any man! ALL men!” She was gorgeous;
no male would be able to resist her, the Agency could never
release her in such a state. They would have to sedate her,
somehow. But the fact that she hadn’t changed yet confirmed a
theory Scarlet had developed earlier: this could only mean that
the Children of Lilith had somehow managed to corrupt her on the
genetic level, doomsday scenarios of Spawnlings infecting
countless humans played out in Scarlet’s mind. She would
certainly have her work cut out for her. But Agent Scarlet Black
knew she was indeed up to the task; her body had resumed its
normal dimensions, her hair was once again raven-black, and her
third Demon Breast was nothing more than a tiny mole between the
other two. She had succeeded. She had been able to use the powers
of the demoness that came from her own unique heritage, yet had
been able to pull back before going too far.
Both the men that had been in the trailer last night were
mercifully alive. The older one had resumed breathing, and was
sleeping normally when she left. As for the freckled boy, Scarlet
was able to pull back, to pull back just in time to spare him the
full wrath of her lust. He too had slept soundly. The Agent’s
mind returned to those terrible instances when her demon-self had
driven the men too far, their minds and bodies plunging into a
never-ending cycle of orgasms. No matter how often they climaxed,
the orgasmic energy would not release them, and they spiraled
downward into madness. The lucky ones died of heart failure, the
rest were trapped in sexual frenzy for days, each orgasm greater
than the one before it, until their minds shut down and they
withdrew into a coma, even then some of them continued cuming. It
was likely that Lise, if uninterrupted would possess the same
ability. Maybe…if Scarlet could control herself once then…it
might be possible for her to have a boyfriend….
NO! She wouldn’t, couldn’t do that! The risk was too great, she
knew she must always hold the men she cared about at arms’ length
for their own protection. The Agency understood her condition,
yet even still the few males at headquarters sometimes made
advances towards her, even knowing the risk, mostly those that
saw her transformation. She shook her head in bemusement at the
foibles of male lust. That’s what made them so vulnerable; only
women had some chance of resisting the powers of the Spawnlings,
she and the Agency was the shield that protected a world of men
from their worst threat, and their greatest desire. She would
have to find satisfaction in that.

He did not remember the events of last night. That worthless
stepdaughter of his was gone, and the trailer was in ruins, he
couldn’t explain it, but he didn’t care. The middle-aged man
rubbed his stubbly face as he chuckled with delight. He wasn’t
the type to ask a lot of abstract, philosophical questions. He
never cared to question or understand the world, so he didn’t try
to understand his new powers; he only accepted them. So far,
every woman he desired had been overcome with lust at his
presence; today all he had to do was look at a woman, and she
wanted nothing more than to make wild love to him, regardless of
marriage, family or any other commitment. Somehow, through some
impossible means, he could amplify a woman’s sexual attraction to
him, instantly! No woman had been able to resist it! He laughed
in glee as the hottest chicks in town gathered in his wrecked
trailer and went down on him. All of them, every woman he ever
wanted could be his! He would turn this town upside down! And
frankly, he didn’t care about the consequences. And far, far
away, upon the chest of a woman with dark hair, the tiny mole
between her breasts began to tingle with heat.