Shocking Putrid Times

I was in a state of shock – Sam, Bill’s supposedly staid wife, friends of
some fifteen years was sat astride me, facing me, a look of pure pleasure
on her face and sinking one very hot, wet, cunt onto my very erect penis.
She moaned softly as she took me into her, her dress bunched up and
covering our ‘joint’ situation – the sight of her silhouetted against the
bright sunlight of the garden, an the realisation that she had no briefs on
were what had given me that almost instant erection in the first place. But
let me go back a little bit and offer something of the lead-up to my
confusing situation.

I have been married for over twenty five years to my lovely wife Pam. When
we married in our mid-twenties I, like a lot of men in my age group had
‘played the field.’ Not excessively, but still, with the current threat of
aids, more than would now be considered either wise or safe. Pam had had
lots of boyfriends but was a virgin who had ‘saved’ herself for her wedding
night and me her husband. Well she had saved herself, but we didn’t
actually make the wedding night – we had ended up in bed one wet, winter
Sunday afternoon. Once she had discovered the joy’s of sex we had fucked
like mink ever since!

We only had one minor problem, I am fairly well built and until after the
birth of our first son, Pam being fairly petite, could only take about six
to seven of my nine inches, depending how excited she was. Having never
known any other man she didn’t have anything to compare me with and so was
unaware of my size being anything other than normal. I was aware that I was
rather larger than average and that quite a few of my girlfriends had been
unable to take my length. It’s a myth folk’s that girls can take a big dick
all the way in! A very few can, but even then you have to be very gentle to
start with – otherwise it’s hurtsville and a terrible turn-off .

Our sex life was/is exciting if somewhat conventional, my joke of going to
a wife-swapping party, but coming away empty handed ‘cos no one would give
me an MG-B for Pam had worn a little thin over the years.

But back to the present – here I was in the lounge of some very good
friends with Sam, short for Samantha, impaling herself on me, taking all of
me, bouncing on me, rapidly approaching an explosive and mind blowing
orgasm of colossal proportions. Me I was about a nanosecond behind her and
with a slightly strangled moan I shot one helluva load deep in her spasming
cunt. The feeling as her hot, very tight sheath (they had not had any
children) milked me of the last of my semen was incredible – I hadn’t come
like that in years.

I lay there under Sam for a few seconds gathering my wits and then began to
panic. Where were Pam and Bill, they had only gone upstairs so that Bill
could show Pam some changes he had made to the bathroom. They were only
going to take a few ‘moments.’ Sam had leapt on me as son as they were out
the door – they must have heard the noise we made, after all we hadn’t
exactly been quiet – they would be back any second.

Sam lifted herself off my rapidly shrivelling penis, briefly adjusted the
chiffon fabric dress that had started all of this, leant forward took me in
her mouth and cleaned me with a rapid touch of her tongue and lips, then
zipped me back into decency. She then leaned forward and kissed me full on
the lips, a big wet, slobbery, luscious full on the mouth kiss. For the
first time ever I tasted my salty cum, Pam would never have done this.
Staid Pam would never eat me to the point of cumming. I often went down on
her and ate her to the point where she came so violently I got ear-ache
from her clenched thighs and she screamed at me to stop. It was a bone of
some contention that reluctantly all I got was a very little oral
ministration, just a kiss and a lick almost – still that was really the
only thing I missed out on. Given my length and girth I have never even
given anal sex a thought, let alone been tempted to try.

But I digress, back to the now, what the hell was going on, what had led to

We had been before, both children, Pam and myself to see the finished job
Bill had made of their new house. He was one of these sickening characters
who could turn his hand to anything, and had just about rebuilt the inside
of the old house they had bought for a song. It was superb, I had to admit
he really was very good. As DIY is not my forte I didn’t begrudge it them
at all. In any case they really were a very nice couple in all senses of
the term. Sam had grown up a few doors away from us at one time before we
moved house. When she and Bill (they had never had eyes for anyone else to
my knowledge,) had been walking out they had been only too happy to babysit
on the odd occasion we had needed it. It gave them somewhere to discreetly
make out I guess. So we had watched them grow up, been to their wedding,
been to their house, numerous times and now I had just fucked the ass off

She kissed me again and said “Bill and I weren’t the only ones who planned
this.” Then she grabbed me by the hand and almost ran barefoot, she seldom
wore shoes indoors, with me through the house. She placed a finger on her
lips and we quietly climbed the stairs. As we reached the top we could hear
the sounds of obvious lovemaking coming from their bedroom. We reached the
door and my feelings were overwhelmed by the sight of Bill and Pam fucking,
Pam on top, one of her favourite positions, both uncaring, their eyes

As I watched mesmerised, I had never seen another couple fucking in the
flesh, as it were, Sam stroked the growing bulge in my crotch – Jesus this
was hot. At fifty years old my time to recover could normally be measured
in hours not minutes, or almost seconds, but here I was rising to the
occasion again. Bill and Pam were naked. Pam was rising almost to the top
of Bill’s shaft and then plunging down, taking him all – she was leaning
forward so that he could suckle her beautiful tit’s – she’s no Pamela
Anderson, but then I didn’t care she was, had been, all mine. Bill’s penis
wasn’t as long as mine, but he was about the same size round and Pam – my
staid wife was far gone, far beyond caring.

As I stood gaping in the doorway – my mouth wide open I have no doubt, I
became aware that Sam, now naked was undoing my shirt, in fact she had it
undone and was now attacking my trousers with equal vigour. I half aroused
from my state of further shock and stepped out of things to help, still
totally taken up with the scene of sexual frenzy in front of me. I was
almost unaware of Sam taking my now rock hard penis in her mouth and
sucking it all in, all the way into her throat – no one had ever done that
before, the feeling was incredible, hot, cold, I can’t describe the
sensation – I was in total sensory overload.

Sam pulled me down on top of her and pushed me down between her legs the
beautiful entrance to her vagina was totally shaven, the smooth labia and
her mons an almost fiery shade of deep, aroused pink. I couldn’t help
myself I fell on her and ate her like a thing possessed! The taste was
exquisite – a mixture of her own wonderful honey and my own salty semen of
less than ten minutes ago. Was it only that short time? – my balls seemed
full to bursting point again as I lapped at that wonderful squirming cunt,
Sam screaming as I brought her to a crashing climax.

She rolled over and reaching back pulled me to her and into her from
behind, As we fucked, Sam pushed hard back into me and I held her
marvellous hanging breasts as she lowered her head to the bedroom rug to
get a better deeper angle. At eye level on the bed Bill groaned as he
arched upwards into Pam who had cum just before him, her mouth open in that
soundless scream I knew so well. As she slowly came down from the heights
she reached across and squeezed my hand tightly. Underneath me Sam jerked
like a puppet as she came again. The combination was too much and I also
groaned and sprayed my white hot semen into that delicious cunt. Still
coupled Sam and I slid to the floor physically shaking from the emotion and
effort of the moment.

As we lay still totally spent Bill and Pam’s heads appeared over the edge
of the bed looking at us. They both had a shit-eating grin on – Pam spoke
first “Love you darling, how are you feeling?”

How do you answer that truthfully when the conventions of normal marriage
behaviour and the idea of a twenty-five year stable marriage has just
crashed out the window in a sheet of adulterous flames! “Shocked ……
bewildered…. very fucked…. I think we need to talk!” I said.

“Tell you what,” Bill said, ‘I’ll get a bottle from the cooler. Sam give us
a hand with the glasses.”

Pam looked at me “Are you mad at me?’ She said.

“God no,” I replied. “But what happened, why, I mean what lead up this. It
wasn’t spur of the moment – you obviously planned it.”

“Well yes – in a way,” Pam replied. “You remember I had a day off the other
day and I said I was going to call on Sam.”

“Yes” I said.

“Well I did and just dropped in, the kitchen door wasn’t locked so I just
walked in said cooee and ambled into the lounge to find Sam on her back
with her ankles behind Bill’s neck and Bill and she cumming, very noisily.
I should have walked out but I’m afraid I just stood there and gawped. As
they came back I realised I was more turned on than I ever had been, I was
dripping! Sam just grinned and told me that if I stood like that much
longer it would be my turn as Bill was never satisfied with just once –
anyway she might have cum but she didn’t think he had.”

“Simon, love I couldn’t help myself. I was so turned on I had to have him
he was offered on a plate – Sam helped Bill enter me and I came almost at
once and just kept cumming until Bill shot his load. It was nearly a
quarter of an hour before I stopped shaking. It turns out that they are
into very selective swinging and had been thinking of approaching us for
some time. I’m sorry if it was wrong, but it was so good, I wanted to tell
you but I never got the chance to broach the subject. Then we set up today
and we thought it was make or break, I know you had always cast an eye over
Sam, in fact once you said you fancied her something rotten – couldn’t tell
you how much I wanted Bill……..”

At that point it all became too much and Pam started to cry – Sam came back
in the room and she and I put our arms around her and told her to stop
worrying, I said that I forgave her – “I think!” And Sam pointed out that
this fellow and she kissed the end of my again erect penis certainly does!
I simply couldn’t believe my physical reaction to the situation here I was
hard again.

Bill arrived with the bottle to Sam’s sucking on my penis which was
definitely ready for more even if I still didn’t believe the situation. Pam
held the glasses as Bill poured out some wine, we persuaded Sam to leave
off for a little while and we drank a toast to our new found freedom and
future lifestyle.