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Tying the knot

With Joyce still spread completely open Richard stood on his haunches, placing his feet on either side of her waist, and lowered his still bobbing pelvis to her lap. They stopped all movement as Richard, with Joyce’s help, guided the erect and jerking penis back to the wet and winking vulva. Richard stroked to mid […]

Hot Young Wife and the schoolboy

Pretty Harriet Fenton watched the red taillights of her husband’s truck disappear into the darkness of the night. Her heart began to race madly. A nervous feeling crept through her belly and she caught her lower lip between her teeth. She was all alone with her father-in-law. She heard the recliner creak and her heart […]

Peaches and the farmer

I was driving home from work when out of the blue a favorite old joke popped into my head. “Hmm, that might make a good story,” I thought. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it did or not. —– Marcus Jones had been a farmer all his life. His dad farmed the […]

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