Tawny’s World – Saturday Morning

She opened her eyes and squinted at the bright sun shining in the window. A
light breeze blew through the open window, making the curtains flutter. The
cool breeze blew across her skin, causing small bumps to form on her skin
as she hugged the pillow and curled up into a fetal position. Looking at
the clock, she realized she would need to wake up now if she were going to
enjoy any of the day before she had to get ready for work. It was already
near noon and it had been days since she had been able to relax at the
beach and unwind riding the surf. She rolled on her back and gave a sigh,
feeling the cool breeze blow across her chest. She felt her nipples
stiffen as she felt the faint stimulation to her breasts. She rolled on
her back and, looking at the ceiling, actually through the ceiling, into a
dream world. She let her hand run lightly down her breast and lightly
pinch her nipple. Her thoughts drifted off to an imaginary woman, a dark
skinned woman with small but firm breasts. She imagined her nipples being
nibbled as she pulled on her nipples, harder now than a moment earlier.
Feeling a coolness in her crotch, she reached down to feel lips moistened
with her self-generated lubricants. Her finger easily slid down her labia
and lightly rubbed across her little bump, causing her to inhale deeply as
her eyes shut and she pictured a male phallus, hard and pulsating, running
up and down her wet crease. With one hand at her breast and another at her
vagina, her thoughts switched back and forth between the image of the male
and the soft body of the dark skinned girl with an active mouth and tongue.
She pinched her nipple hard and thought of a more aggressive woman now.
She imagined a sneering face and an aggressive motion from her. She
twisted and pulled her nipple, imagining her tormentor biting her and
holding her down, no longer caressing her, but now using her. She ran a
finger into her vagina and pushed in and out. She imagined a muscular man
forcing himself on her. Pushing her down and pressing her shoulders in the
bed as he pushed his hard cock deep into her body. She pressed her fingers
into her vagina and ran her thumb over her bud as she imagined his voice
breathing into her ear. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been
fucked before”. She repeated the words in her mind…fuck…cunt….cock
all the dirty little words she loved to hear when she was being fucked.
Fucked hard and aggressively by a man bent on pleasing himself with her
body. Her mind flashed back to the dark girl. She thought of her face
buried in her wet pussy, her tongue probing into the warm, wet pussy as she
continued to run her fingers into and out of her own wet pussy. Her body
writhed on the bed with the breeze blowing across her and then she alarmed
herself as she moaned loudly and felt her vaginal walls squeeze in on her
own fingers. She stiffened and then let out a little squeal as her orgasm
ran through her. The breeze blowing in the windows chilled her body, wet
with perspiration. She relaxed again, feeling the coolness on her skin, as
her perspiration dried under the fingers of air crossing her body.
“It’s time to get up!”; she said to herself, as she sat on the edge of the
bed. She looked around the room and into the bathroom. Getting up, she
walked into the bathroom and reached in to adjust the shower. Cold. No,
cool. No, just warm. That’s it, she thought. She felt the water tumble
down over her shoulders and grabbed the bar of soap. She stepped out of
the water and ran the bar over her skin, building up a layer of white cream
to spread over her body, over her breasts, across her belly and down
between her legs. She was pleased with herself. She had never gotten
along well with her parents, but was forever thankful for the gifts of
nature they had given her, She could eat all she wanted, but maintained a
figure envied by women and desired by all men. Her tall, 5′ 8″ frame was
endowed with soft, round shoulders, firm uplift breasts measuring a full 37
inches and topped with firm brown nipples which were perfectly formed and
tapered to finger tip sized points that became erect when aroused and
extended a good 1/2 inch. Her waist tapered to a tiny 24 inches and was
enhanced by a large concave navel and a firm muscular stomach. Lower, her
labia were concealed by a light puff of light brown hair which allowed a
full view of her lips, slightly open at the faintest hint of stimulus,
revealing a light pink inner layer of skin, beckoning any observer to
explore. Her triangle of hair stood atop a pair of beautiful, shapely
legs; slightly muscular and void of any scars or imperfections. As she ran
her hands over her body she let her mind drift to images of sexual
stimulation again. Her hands caressed her body and the water ran over her
skin feeling warm, stimulating, sexy. As she stepped out and reached for a
towel, her phone rang. She answered it.

“Hi Tawny, its Julia, I just called to say happy birthday.”
“Oh thanks, but I think I’d rather forget”.
“Oh c’mon, 27 isn’t the end of the world, 30 is!”
“Well, if you say so.”
“Look Tawny, are you going to go on up to the cove today? I’m getting
ready to go out the door now.”
“Yea, I’m heading up too, in just a few minutes, just gotta load the jeep.”
“Great then. I’ll have a little surprise for you.” “See you there.” “OK,
should be up there in about an hour.”

Tawny Hess put down the phone and smiled. Julia had been a friend for
about a year, since right after she arrived in Hawaii. She was also a
great lover and she had had some great times in bed with her. Julia was a
few years older and it seemed she knew everyone on the island. She set up
Tawny with her first jobs and, as they became closer, literally, she was
able to get better work, thanks to Julia’s connections. Tawny owed a lot
to Julia and saw nothing wrong with showing her appreciation, so when Julia
called , she generally made herself available. She wondered what the
little surprise might be.
After loading up the jeep with her surfboard, a small cooler, a chair and a
blanket, she was off to the cove. The cove was actually a little crescent
shaped beach just to the east of the sunset beach strip on the north shore
of Oahu. Tawny had an efficiency up on the north-west side of the island,
not far from Dillingham field, so the cove was only a 10 minute ride along
the highway, through Haleewa and on past the most famous surfing beaches of
the Pacific. She had been surfing for only about a year, so she liked the
slightly more tame surf that the cove presented. She also liked the
privacy. Hidden behind a band of ironwoods and flanked by private estates,
the cove was less traveled and she could sun in semi privacy; A practice
she found to be an occupational necessity since Julia had hooked her up
dancing at Pure Pleasure, Honolulu once a week.
Tawny arrived at the cove and located the small group that she figured
contained Julia. She was wearing a short body glove suit, black and hot
pink. It concealed her white thong she wore under, in case the opportunity
arose to get a little sun that afternoon.

“Tawny, over here.” Julia hollered as Tawny approached with board, chair,
blanket and cooler in hand. Tawny dumped her stuff and surveyed the group.
There was Julia, in a very brief bikini. She was a blonde and her dark
tan contrasted sharply with her light hair. She had a broad smile and a
row of perfect teeth. Her breasts were small, probably a 33, but she had
pretty nipples that were very sensitive, as Tawny had found out on several
occasions. Julia loved to have her nipples sucked and Tawny loved to
oblige her. Her legs were short for her body, accounting for her 5′ 4″
height, but her skin was dark and soft and her tan lines hilighted her body
nicely and made her look sexy to the eye. Dave was also there. Dave was a
sometime friend of Julia’s and a sometime lover. Julia seemed to think he
was good in a bed, but Tawny didn’t necessarily agree. This difference of
opinion went far to explain their differences in preference. Julia found
Dave easy to manipulate in bed, but Tawny really didn’t like that. She was
far more passive and Julia was an aggressor. Tawny couldn’t argue that
Dave wasn’t outfitted for sex. He had a good 8 inch cock and was seemingly
tireless. On one weekend Tawny had seen him take three women over the
course of several hours and never lost his hardness, but he just seemed
like such a wimp to her. Kathy was also there. Kathy was a slight girl,
just over 5′ in height with a small bust and a small personality. Julia
used her as a sort of “slave”;. no real figuring why she was here today,
other than maybe Julia wanted her for something later in the day. Then
there were two other guys whom Tawny didn’t know. They were massive in
stature. Good looking and aloof. One was more muscular than the other,
but both were buff. The slighter one had a mass of hair on his chest that
made him seem more masculine, despite his smaller stature.

“Hey birthday girl”;. “Come meet a couple friends of mine.” “You know
Dave and Kathy, but this is Brad and Roger.”
Tawny approached Brad, the hairy one, and turned to Roger, the more
muscular one and smiled. “Hi, nice to meet you.”

Tawny felt a tinge of excitement. Roger was clearly stripping her with his
eyes. He had a cold stare and Tawny felt like prey in front of his eyes.
He gave her a slight smile and gazed at her eyes, then back at her chest,
and down to her hips and her legs and back to her eyes. Tawny felt a chill
run up her spine and she laughed a little to break the spell. Roger finally
spoke, “Julia tells me you know how to have fun in Hawaii.”

“Well, I think so anyway”, she said, thinking what he may have had on his
With that cryptic comment, she blinked as her mind drifted to her image of
a few hours earlier, of the man fucking her with a cold hard stare. She
thought of Roger’s face in that thought and it made her nipples swell
slightly. “I mean, it is hard to have a bad time in paradise”, she
continued, letting out a small giggle and turning her attention to her
board to break the spell from his eyes. “Christ, he can probably see my
nipples swell”, she thought, as she turned away. As she turned, she could
almost feel his eyes scanning her ass, her legs, and her crotch. “God,
this guy is such a turn on”, she thought.

“Yea, I agree with that thought” he replied.

“I wonder if he is reading my mind.” she thought, after hearing his reply.
She grabbed her board and walked over to Julia. “Heading in”? she said, to
no one in particular.
“No, not for me right now hon, Julia said. I’m going to chill out here for
a bit.” She reached down and poured a glass full of a frozen drink and
looked at Tawny over her sunglasses. She smiled and said in a lower voice.
“See? What do you think of my little surprise?”
“Tawny, I do know what you really like, don’t I?”

Tawny glanced back at Roger and at Brad. “Two at a time?” she said, back
to Julia.

“Hey, don’t be greedy you little bitch”; Julia said with a laugh, “Brad is
for me, but I figured you could have a little fun with Roger, if he doesn’t
abuse you too much.”

“Abuse me?” “How much do you know about him?”

“Have I ever steered you wrong?” “I know what you like honey and he fits
the bill.”

Tawny felt the chill up her spine again and her nipples begin to swell
against the tight suit. She was talking from experience. She could tell
right away he was forceful and a take-charge type. Julia knew this was a
turn on for her. She glanced over to him and he was still giving her a
cold stare and a survey. She felt like prey again, like a piece of meat,
like a bitch in heat…and she liked it.

“Yea, you know what I like Julia, but damn it makes me feel so easy”

“You don’t need to feel guilty about being a sexy lady honey.” “You’re
just a natural.” “Natural beauty and natural horniness to go along with
it.” “He is just your male counterpart.” “Natural maleness and natural
aggressiveness to go with it.” “Damn, just look at him, like a lion ready
to pounce.”

Tawny walked toward the water, telling herself not to look back, but she
did anyway, and he was still watching her. Yea, that was it, like a lion
ready to pounce. As she hit the water she glanced back again and he was
heading her way with his board in hand.

Tawny set herself up for a swell heading toward shore. Roger paddled up
near her and sat erect on his board. She could see his muscles glistening
and wet and she couldn’t help but stare down at his crotch. His wet suit
clung close to his package. It was not clear, but there was a lot of
something down there. He was hung. It was difficult to tell now, but he
was surely hung well. She glanced up at him as she turned away and saw he
was looking right at her. He had to have seen her checking him out. He
wasn’t even subtle about it. He wanted to fuck her, she could feel it and
she wanted to fuck him too, and she knew he knew it. It was as though he
was reading her every thought. She tried to think of something else, but
as soon as she did, he made a motion, a splash, a distraction to bring her
thoughts back to him, as though he could sense her mind wandering. She
felt the swell and paddled, catching the wave and riding it in, skimming
back and forth in its lead. She was relieved to be surfing again, to give
her mind something else for stimulation. She rode another, and another.
Each time he was close by. Glancing at her, watching her, and she was
looking him over, her hunter, her conqueror.

After an hour Tawny took her board and headed for shore. As she approached
she could see that Brad was gone. He had gone in for a few rides himself.
Julia was sprawled out in her chair, topless, and covered with oil. Her
shaded eyes and hat concealed her head. Tawny put down her board and
considered her options. Roger was headed in on a wave. She hadn’t brought
a top, other than a T-shirt, with her. She needed to get some sun, but she
didn’t want to be too forward in front of Roger. After all, she had just
met him and he was staring at her like mad. Julia suddenly spoke.

“Take off your suit Tawny, I love your tits and I know Roger will.”

Again, her mind was being read. “Were you reading my mind or what Julia?”

“Yes, I was Tawny.” “It is stupid to act like you are innocent.” You are
going to fuck him anyway, so why not give him a preview.” “You have
terrific tits and he already knows it.”

“Damn you Julia, you know me better than I do.” Tawny unzipped her suit
and let her breasts jump out into the warm sunshine. The nipples were
already erect from the cool water and they stood out as though they were
announcing their pride to the world. Julia stared and gave a sigh.

“Damn, you little bitch, you have the finest tits I have ever seen. If
only I had a pair like that I could rule a harem.”

Tawny shook off her suit and adjusted the band of her tong. The cheeks of
her buttocks were slightly lighter than the surrounding area, but her
breasts were matched perfectly with her sides, back and stomach. “Do you
have any more of that slush you were drinking?”

“Sure. And Kathy can help you with the oil.”

“I’ll help” offered Dave as he came back from around a clump of bushes to
sit next to Julia.

“I bet you would like to Dave”, smiled Tawny, “but I think Kathy had first
Tawny sat back on her blanket and closed her eyes as Kathy began to apply
the suntan oil to her legs and slowly rubbed the oil up her thighs and
around her hips. She went into a semi state of consciousness from the
effects of the sea air, the alcohol in the drink and the warm sunshine.

She began to sense something different as the hands reached her breasts and
the oil was applied to her chest and rubbed thoroughly with the pair of
hands. She opened her eyes to see Roger, kneeling over her and rubbing his
hands up and down her stomach and over her breasts, rubbing in the oil.

At first she meant to pull back, but instead she lay still, staring and
feeling his hands work her body. He looked at her, staring, emotionless,
as though she were his property, as though her body belonged to him. She
then realized it did. He could mount her there and she would give no
resistance. But that wasn’t even enough. She would let him mount him
there and…no, she wanted him to mount her there, wanted him to fuck her,
to use her. Damn, was she crazy? What the hell was with this guy. Julia
really did know her. She was just dying to get this guy into her. Tawny
let out a soft moan.

That seemed to have been the cue Roger was looking for. He began to get
more aggressive with his hands, running then up and down her chest, her
legs, up to her crotch and he looked into her eyes with a scornful look, as
though daring her to protest any move he made. Then he reached down with
one hand and took her hand, guiding it to the opening between his shorts
and his leg. He pushed her hand up toward his crotch. Tawny reached in
and felt his hairy crotch, then a bulge, a testicle and another bulge, a
fleshy one. It was his cock, and it was big. As she felt it, it began to
swell. His other hand was running over her nipple and exciting her. She
could feel her crotch moisten, thinking her suit must be wet there by now.

She just didn’t care anymore. She wanted to be fucked, here and now if
necessary, but she needed this man’s cock in her soon. His cock swelled
at her touch and his balls could be felt moving in their sack as the
swelling of cock caused a rearrangement in his suit. He maneuvered on his
knees next to her and his cock slipped down his leg, half stiff and filling
her fist. She wanted to see it, to see it hard and in her hand. Then he
pulled his pant leg up, exposing his half-hard cock. It was beautiful, she
thought. Just like in a dream. A large purple head; an open hole with
semen dripping at the tip and a smooth shaft, devoid of bulging veins.

Tawny became aware that other eyes were on her. Julia was watching, she
knew, and Dave too, from a distance. Then Roger reached over and took a
full handful of her hair and yanked her head over to his leg. “Suck it
Tawny”. “Suck my cock you hot little bitch.”

Tawny heard Julia laugh and make some remark, but she couldn’t hear it. Her
mouth was up against his cock and he was pulling hard on her hair. She
never considered using her other hands to pull away or resist, He was
powerful and his cock looked like it belonged in her. She opened her mouth
and sucked his cock in, feeling it swell more and stiffen in her throat.
She sucked like she was in the privacy of her bedroom, but she was out here
on a public beach. Who cares, she thought. She wanted to fuck Roger since
5 seconds after she first felt his eyes on her and he was her master, her
ruler. His cock and his cum belonged in her and she wanted it that way.
She was never turned on so much by a guy at first sight.

Roger held her by the sides of the head now, guiding her mouth up and down
his shaft. Through the corners of her eyes she could see Dave staring and
playing with his own shaft. She could hear Julia and Brad behind her.
Either he was fucking her or she was giving him a hand job, from the sounds
coming from that way. Tawny sucked on, his shaft fully erect now. She
sat back a moment to take it all in. Roger was on his knees in front of her
and she, on one elbow, was trying to take his cock in, but it was hopeless.
Roger had a good 10 inches and it was bulky, like his body. He had a big
hard cock with a stream of semen to flavor the experience. She continued
to suck for some time. Dave moaned a bit and, as she glanced over, she saw
him fill his fist with white cum. Julia was moaning behind her somewhere,
and Roger began pumping his cock into her mouth steadily. She increased
the pressure on his shaft and then, suddenly, a gush of hot liquid came
into her mouth, filling it and streaming down her cheek. She swallowed,
only to have her mouth fill again; this time with another large load of cum
which she swallowed with two gulps. Another gush, and the cum streamed out
of her mouth, unable to swallow again so quickly. She had never
experienced so much cum from one sex partner. He was loaded and she
couldn’t respond quickly enough to handle it all.

“Oh, good one Tawny, good job.” “Umm, there you go baby, suck it all in.”
“Suck it all, don’t waste any,” said Roger, as the last of his load
streamed out of his cock. He pulled it away from Tawny’s mouth and his
cock sprang straight up, hard as a stone and still pulsating with nerve
impulses from its ejaculation. Tawny considered grabbing it and pulling it
to her crotch, but instead just imagined how good it would be if he mounted
her and began to fuck her. Hard; here on the beach, in front of all these

“Hey Julia, this is one hot bitch all right.” “Shit!, If she fucks
anything like she sucks, she’d be worth her weight in gold.”

“I think you’re going to find out that she fucks much better than she
sucks, Roger.” “Wouldn’t you agree Tawny hon.?”

Tawny thought it was odd that her friend should talk about her like that,
but, unfortunately, just like everything Julia conjured up, it was true.
She was a good fuck and she could prove it too. “That would be for Roger
to judge, I think, but I would like to give him a real demonstration.”

Tawny could hardly believe what she had said. She just met the guy a
couple hours ago. But Julia was a friend, and Julia wanted her to fuck
him. And she owed a lot to Julia. So it seemed OK.

Roger glared at Tawny. “Well then, my little cunt, come here.” He offered
a hand toward Tawny and grabbed a blanket off the sand. Tawny put her hand
in his and he dragged her over to the edge of the cove where the low scrub
and Ironwoods offered a screen from general view. He spread the blanket
and then reached over, taking a firm grip on Tawny’s upper arm. His grasp
was like a vise and he pulled her to his body. His mouth moved over hers,
his tongue penetrating deep, as his hand slid down to her waist band and
pushed her suit down off her hips. He pulled off her mouth and commanded
“Take it off.” Tawny reached down and dropped her suit to her ankles and
stepped out. Then he commanded. “Mine too.” At this, she knelt, pulling
his waistband over his hips and seeing his still hard cock spring up in a
full erection. Tawny held it and opened her mouth to suck him again. His
cock was so pretty and so hard. It made her wet. It was the cock in her
dreams. Roger grabbed her hair and pulled her back. “Hey, did I say suck
me you little bitch?” His voice was stern. Tawny looked up at him and
smiled, but he didn’t smile back. Instead he took his other hand and
slapped her good, right across the face. Her cheek burned. “When I fuck
you, I fuck you my way.” “You better get that straight now.” “If you want
this cock, you get it my way, not yours.” “Now, do you want it?”

Tawny felt her hot cheek and looked back at him. He was insisting on
complete dominance. He was to be in complete control. If she wanted his
sex, she would need to give herself to him completely. He was far too
strong and powerful to challenge. Her senses told her to get out now, but
his cock, erect in front of her face, his demeanor, oozing of manhood. His
authority, made her pussy spread and beg for release. She weakened and
gave in to her inner desire. “Yes, I want it.” “I want to be fucked”.
I’ll do anything you want if you will fuck me with your cock.” Her own
words sounded strange, as though someone else had said them.

Roger smiled and grabbed her head again. “OK you little bitch, suck it,
suck my cock if you want it in your cunt.” “And suck it good, or I’ll dump
it in your mouth again and let you cool your pussy with your fingers.”

Tawny began sucking as best she could. She ran her hand up and down his
long shaft and squeezed his cock head against the back of her throat. She
had never swallowed one this large, although she was no stranger to deep
throat. She swallowed and was pleased to feel his cock head slide into her
throat. She pushed and swallowed, feeling his pubic bush push up against
her mouth and her nose bury into the mass of hair above his balls. She
pulled off and then on again, fucking and sucking on his shaft, hoping he
would do this to her pussy, which was now plainly open and dripping with
the juices of her excitement and anticipation.

Roger finally obliged her. He pulled her away and pushed her back, then
pounced on her, pinning her shoulders to the blanket with his powerful
hands and lowering his mouth on her uplift nipples. He bit hard into them
and, when she yelped a little he pulled off and slapped her face again,
lightly, but enough to get her attention. “Don’t you like me to suck your
tits you little cunt?”

Tawny gasped. “Yes, you can suck my tits.” was her reply.

“Oh I can, huh?” “Well, I’m not asking you if I can.” “I’ll suck anything
I want bitch.” “You wanted me to fuck you, so I’m doing you the favor.” I
really don’t care if you want me to suck your tits or not, but I weakened a
little and thought I’d ask if you like it.” “You gave a little scream, did
you want me to stop?”

Tawny thought only for a moment. Total submission was his game. “NO, I
liked it.” I liked the way you suck my tits.”

Roger dug back in, biting even harder, sending pain impulses through her
body. She wondered if he would bite through the skin, but no, he was
skilled at this. He made it hurt, but didn’t do any damage. He arched his
back and positioned his massive cock between her thighs. “Put it in now
cunt.” “Take my cock in now and enjoy it.”

Tawny reached down and pointed his cock into her lips and pulled on it a
little. She felt a wave of chills run through her body as the head
penetrated the outer lips, sloshing in the wet flesh of her over-eager
pussy. “Oh damn! Please fuck me now!” “Come on, please give me your
cock!” “FUCK ME PLEASE!” She couldn’t stand the suspense anymore. She
was now aware that there was a small group of spectators out of her sight,
but behind the massive shoulders poised above her body.

Roger lunged into her and his large, hard shaft split her vagina with a
smooth continuous assault deep into her belly. She felt every centimeter
as it advanced into her and she let out a long moan as it traversed her wet
tunnel. As it hit her cervix she sucked in a lung full of air between
clenched teeth. She felt like she was being fucked for the first time.
The feeling was so delightful, so fulfilling. Her arms lay over her head
and she could feel his chest brush against her erect and swollen nipples as
his hips crashed into hers and his pubic hair mashed against her own. Then
he pulled his cock out until the head was barely in her lips and lunged
again. This time the feeling was equal in pleasure, but a little more
familiar. He pulled out and lunged. Long measured strokes, set to a slow
count. She felt his rock hard cock crashing into her pussy , stimulating
every nerve in her body and sending waves of pleasure through her head, her
nerve center. She was being fucked. She was feeling total pleasure.
Roger may very well be the best fuck she had ever had, and there were many
to compare it to.

His assault continued until she felt her orgasm coming. Her mind became a
jumble, she had no recollection of time, her vagina compressed and she
could sense he felt it as he momentarily increased his pace and his force
on the in-stroke. She burst in a wave of pleasure and moaned
involuntarily. Biting her lower lip, she sucked more air between her teeth
as her vagina convulsed and his cock continued its inward stroke against
the increased resistance. She was expecting a momentary reprieve, but his
strokes continued, now at a greater pace. His arms forced her shoulders
into the sand beneath the blanket and his body continued to sway. She felt
a drip on her cheek. Sweat from his forehead. She felt hot now, her body
was covered in a shimmer of sweat as it popped out to mix with the layer of
suntan oil. She caught an image of her uplift breasts pointing at his
muscular chest, glistening in sweat as he continued to pump his manhood
into her sopping cunt.

“Yes baby, I’m not near finished yet.” “You are going to get what you
asked for.” “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”
“Your hot cunt is mine now and I need to fuck bad.” “You like my cock in
you you hot bitch?” “Huh?” “Let me hear you tell me.”

It was her dream, but it was real. She was being fucked hard, fucked long,
fucked good. “Mmmmmm, Oh yes your cock feels wonderful.” “Fuck me hard
damn it.” “Fuck me long and hard.” “It’s not my pussy, it’s yours.”
“Fuck it, fuck it all you need to.” Tawny moaned out her thoughts and felt
her chest heaving beneath his onslaught as he continued to fuck her.
“You’re damned right I’ll fuck you.” I’ll fuck you because you’re just a
cunt.” “I’ll fuck you any time I want, right cunt?” He grunted as he
slapped her hard across the ass and pulled painfully on her nipples.

She could hear voices behind him. People were watching, cheering her on as
he fucked her seemingly endlessly. “yes, yes I’ll fuck you whenever you
want.” “I’ll be your cunt.” “I am you cunt!” She replied, lewdly,
excited at her own words.

She felt another orgasm grow, this one from deep inside and it forced her
to moan loudly as it worked its way back from inside and then up her
vaginal walls to her lips. He continued to drive into her, now with a
rapid pace. His sweat dripped from his forehead and ran down his chest.
She was still pinned tight to the blanket as her body convulsed a little
under the mentorship of her second orgasm. She broke through the second
wave dripping with perspiration and feeling exhausted. She felt faint, as
though she may pass out. Then the change came.

Roger pulled most of the way out and paused. His hand slid under her ass,
pulling it up. “Roll over you bitch, I need to fuck you from behind now.”

Tawny maneuvered around, his cock rotating in her cunt, until she was on
her knees. He pulled her into a kneeling position and grasped her hips in
a vise-like grip and then began to pound into her without mercy. She felt
his hips slap against hers and his balls swing down between her legs on the
in-strokes. He yelled encouragement, then the first slap came down across
her ass cheek. “C’mon bitch, fuck it damn it” he screamed as his hand
slapped down across her ass cheek again. Her skin burned where he was
slapping her, her pussy was getting worn from his assault and his cock
seemed to have grown still longer and harder as it rammed against her
cervix and his hips slapped against her sweaty, red ass. His strokes were
rapid now, like an animal, like a crazed animal, seeking release. She
anticipated a huge gush of cum squirting into her pussy at any moment.
Then it happened, her third. Another orgasm grasped her without warning
and she felt his cock meet it with stiff resistance. She shuddered
uncontrollably and nearly passed out, feeling faint from the convulsions in
her vagina and her leg muscles. At this point she felt him withdraw and
run his cock up over her ass, wetting her asshole with her own juices. He
slid the head back and forth on her ass hole, hinting at the inevitable.
“Yea, you got it bitch, now relax a little and it will go real smooth, your
miserable little cunt is worn out, so I’ll just take this other tight hole

Tawny saw a pair of feet come over to her front. It was Julia and she sat
down in front of her, grabbing her hair in one hand and pulling her toward
her spread crotch. “C’mon Tawny baby, give me a little action.” “You are
making me so hot fucking Roger like this.” Tawny let her mouth be pulled
to Julia’s familiar pussy as she felt Roger push his head against her
spinchter. She relaxed and felt the shaft begin to slide into her ass. It
just kept sliding in and she relaxed completely as he began his in and out
strokes into her tight, but fresh ass. Meanwhile, her mouth was distracted
buy Julia’s cunt. It was wet and her slit was hot to the touch,. She slid
her tongue in as far as she could, mimicking Rogers strokes in and out of
her ass. Julia was hot, because it was a short while before she felt her
head being pulled against her lips and Julia’s hips begin to jerk, rubbing
her clit on Tawny’s tongue. Julia began to shake and moan as her juices
told of her bursting orgasm. Roger began to fuck faster and stiffen as he
finally reached his climax. He jerked and Tawny felt a hot liquid in her
ass. Roger pulled his cock out and another burst cascaded up her back,
dripping down between her shoulder blades, then another burst ran along her
sides and dripped down her rib cage. Roger finished up with a hard slap
across Tawny’s ass and then collapsed on his haunches.

Tawny lay there on her elbows and knees, covered in cum and sweat. Her ass
oozing cum and her mouth smelling of Julia’s sex. “Damn Tawny.” “You
never cease amazing me.” “You have got to be the hottest bitch that ever
lived.”; Was Julia’s appraisal of her performance.

“Do you mind if I give her my load?”, said a voice from behind her. It was

Julia replied “Oh Dave, you horny bastard, you are always looking for ways
to get into Tawny.”

Roger said. “Yea man, give it to her. Her mouth is kinda empty and she
craves it, I’m sure.”

Tawny got to her hands and looked up at Dave, standing before her, his cock
in his hand as he continued to pump it intermittently. It was already
covered with precum and it was very hard. “Here it is baby, ready for
you.” “Full of cum and ready to unload.”

Tawny got to her knees and let Dave push his cock into her mouth. He held
her head lightly, guiding it up and down his shaft. She felt him stiffen
right away, then the gush of cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed
quickly, capturing it all, then a second, smaller eruption, which she also
swallowed. She sucked hard as he withdrew his already softening cock from
her lips as everyone looked on with approval. Tawny felt like the biggest
whore on the island. The thought made her nipples swell again.