The Blonde Twins

Gwen and John had sex, just like they did every week or so. She came
off with a languid sigh and he spewed into her, but unusual during
their couplings, she had something else on her mind.

“We have a problem, John,” she said after returning from the bathroom.

“Like what? Is it money?”

“I wish it were that simple. No, it has to do with Rick and Lindy.”

“What are those two up to now?”

“To put it bluntly, John, the twins have started to fuck.”

“How do you know? They were at each others’ throats just yesterday.”

“Yeah, they’re normal kids in most ways. But Lindy asked me this
morning to put her on the pill.”

“The pill! For Christ’s sake, Gwen, the girl doesn’t bleed yet! She
and Rick are only eleven. He probably doesn’t even squirt.”

“I’m aware of that, John. The point is that Lindy has told me what
they’re up to. They’ve been engaging in oral sex for almost a year,
and last week Lindy got Rick to fuck her. She said it didn’t hurt

“I understand the problem, Gwen. Rick could knock up his sister in
little more than a year, but birth control pills won’t work until she’s
had her first period.”

“Exactly! So, what are going to do about this? Like most girls, Lindy
is more mature than boys her age, specifically Rick. She’s taller and
more filled out. She’s also more sexually alive. She got Rick involved
in sex long before his time.”

“I didn’t whack off for the first time until I was almost eighteen.
They do oral sex? Does Rick come off?”

“Lindy says he does, but there’s no discharge.”

“Now they’re fucking? We can’t afford to send them to separate
boarding schools.”

“I wouldn’t care for that even if we could afford it, John. I want my
kids close to me.”

John had been the twin’s step-father since they were age three.

“I suppose I could get condoms, Gwen, and teach Rick to use them.”

“That seems to be the best solution, John. No way can we stop them from
it now that they’ve started.

* * *

The twins were androgynous. During the winter, when they were bundled
up, it was quite difficult to tell them apart. John once had a
conversation with Rick, thinking that he was Lindy. The boy, amused,
didn’t correct his dad.

Now in early summer, clad in shorts and T-shirts, the twins could be
distinguished by sex, although they possessed similar faces and equally
lovely legs. Rick had long blonde hair for a boy. Lindy’s hair was
shorter than most girls. But Lindy had small titties and Rick a bulge
at his groin.

“Your mother has informed me that you two are having sex,” John said to
the twins in the backyard as they worked to raise a tent.

“I knew you’d find out eventually,” Lindy said.

Rick didn’t want any part of that conversation and focused on pounding
tent posts into the ground.

“Have you thought about the consequences?” John asked the girl.

“Rick can’t knock me up yet, Daddy.”

“But it’s just a matter of months.”

“She made me do it, Dad,” Rick suddenly said.

“You don’t enjoy it?” John asked the boy.

“It’s fun, I guess. But it’s weird.”

“Then stop fucking your sister! It’s not normal!”

“I don’t want to stop, Daddy,” Lindy spoke up. “Rick’s not very good at
it. I want to date older guys.”

“You’re only eleven!”

“Going on twelve!”

“In six months!”

“Don’t yell, Daddy!”

“You’re not going to date, Lindy, not for a number of years. You have
to understand that.”

“I understand that I have a dorky brother who doesn’t know what to do!”

Rick gave up pounding the tent posts and sulked back into the house.

“Rick doesn’t give you pleasure?” John asked, touching the girl’s soft

“He doesn’t have a clue, Daddy.”

“Why should he? He’s only eleven, and it’s not usual for brothers and
sisters to have sex.”

“We’re twins! We’re the same person!”

“But you find him deficient sexually. How could you be the same

Lindy stepped close. John embraced her automatically.

“We’re always together, Daddy. We’ve always been. When we were kids
you couldn’t tell us apart.”

John kissed the girl’s flaxen head. “That’s happened more than once,
but you’re still just a kid.”

“I have boobs now!”

“I’ve noticed.”

“I have feelings, Daddy, that Rick doesn’t understand.”

“He’s never given you the big pleasure? It’s called an orgasm.”

“Whatever it’s called, Rick doesn’t have a clue.”

“Do you rub yourself, darling?”

“All the time. That’s when it really feels good.”

John held the girl in a tight embrace. She gripped his waist.

“I can’t have you going with other boys, darling. We’ll have to find a
solution to your problem.”

“You can do it, Daddy.”

* * *

The solution was too obvious. John entered Lindy’s bedroom before she
put aside her magazine and turned off the light.

The girl lay on the mattress clad in a skimpy garment that covered her
chest and in tight, white panties. She had magnificent, long legs. John
sat on the edge of the bed and placed a palm on her near, pale thigh.

“Is this the solution, Daddy?” she asked.

“Only if you agree.”

“I don’t know, Daddy. With Rick it was sorta of fun, but this is way

“I’ll kiss you goodnight, darling, then I’ll leave.”

“I don’t want you to go, Daddy.”

John stoked the thigh, relishing its softness. His fingers touched her
sex briefly. Lindy started.

“Maybe I should leave,” he said.

“Please don’t!”

“You’ve had sex with your brother, Lindy. Do you really want to keep it
in the family?”

“Yes, Daddy. Where’s Mom?”

“Asleep, as is Rick.”

John ran his hand across her flat belly then inserted it under her upper
garment. He felt an incipient breast and fondled it with two fingers.

“Is this what you want, darling?” he asked.


John leaned down and kissed the girl’s lips. She returned the kiss,
clutching to him. She was practiced.

“Let’s turn off the light, darling.”

John undressed in the dark then took off Lindy’s clothes. He really
wanted to see her naked, but he was afraid that the sight of his
impressive cock would spook her.

They lay together, kissing.

“I won’t ever tell, Daddy,” she said as he fondled her pubescent

“I want to give you pleasure, darling. I can do better than Rick or any
clumsy boy you might meet.”

“Please do it, Daddy!”

Lindy put a pillow over her face as John licked down her body. Mom was
in the next room and the girl was usually loud when excited. She felt
his tongue on her thighs then in the creases between her labia and legs.
Lindy squirmed, knowing what was to come. The pillow muffled a sudden

When John attacked the hairless pussy with his lips and tongue, a
favorite practice of his, Lindy went wild, screaming into the pillow as
he sucked on her clit hood.

He was suddenly atop her and she felt an enormous penetration. Her face
was beneath his chest. It was marvelous, aside from a claustrophobic
angst. It felt better and better as he plumbed her with something very

“Daddy!” she cried into the pillow as the bed creaked and he pounded her
slight body.

Lindy’s orgasm lasted perhaps fifteen seconds. John continued fucking
for another minute before spewing into the girl.

* * *

“I know what you did with Lindy last night,” Gwen told John at the
breakfast table. “I wasn’t asleep.”

“I guess I should feel guilty, but I’m not. Lindy won’t date boys
anytime soon.”

“You’re despicable, John, but I think that was the right solution. What
about Rick?”

“I’m not into pre-pubescent boys, Gwen, however pretty.”

“But you’ll have to do something, if Lindy won’t fuck him anymore.”

“If I can teach him how to pleasure a female, maybe Lindy won’t need

“That would be best, John. We could all get into big trouble if you
continue to fuck my baby girl.”

“She’s not a baby girl, Gwen!”

“I think of her that way.”

“I’ll work with Rick and maybe something will come of it.”

“Take the twins up to the cabin this weekend. Get this thing in order.”

* * *

John had fucked Lindy three times. He was familiar with her eleven year
old body. Rick was another matter.

John had never entertained a queer thought in his life, but here he was
faced with a girlish boy who was extremely attractive.

“What are you going to do with Rick, Daddy?” Lindy asked as they sat on
the dock.

“What did you do with him over the past year?”

“I sucked on him. It was fun. But he didn’t know how to pleasure me,
not like you.”

“Maybe I’ll have to suck him too then instruct him how to bring you

“I’d like that, Daddy. I love Rick. He’s part of me.”

“I understand, darling. Sex is a wonderful thing.”

“Will you do me again? I have an itch.”

“Would you like to have Rich join us?”

“I don’t care, Daddy. He can watch. I just want you. You’re so big.”

Rick came onto the dock as John was taking off Lindy’s swim suit.

“Get naked, boy. I’ll give you some pointers about girls.”

Rick hesitated, not remembering the last time he was naked before his
father. Then he pushed down his swim trunks.

John saw a cock and balls completely devoid of hair. The balls dangled,
and the circumcised cock swelled to maybe five inches as he watched.

“You’re well hung, son,” John said, “but you need to learn how to use
that pole.”

“Are you going to teach me?” the boy asked.

“Yes. That’s why we’re up here at the cabin this weekend.”

John pushed down his own swim trunks.

“Wow!” the boy exclaimed. “And you’re not even hard!”

“Let’s play in the water,” John said, slipping from the dock.

He reached up to pull Lindy into the lake. Her small breasts caressed
his chest as she came down.

“Come on, Rick. Jump in,” he said to his son.

“I still have an itch, Daddy,” the girl complained.

“Then scratch yourself.”

Lindy leaned her shoulders against the dock’s planks and masturbated
under the water as John and Rick watched.

“You’ll have to learn how pleasure your sister,” John said to the boy in
a low voice.

“She want’s me to lick on her, Dad.”

“Then do it. I have,”

John grasped his son’s erection beneath the water. He jacked the cock
as they watched Lindy approach orgasm, lips twisting in excitement.

“I’m, I’m something’s going to happen, Dad.”

The boy and girl came at the same time. They both cried out but turned
their faces away and said nothing.

John gave them a minute’s grace before suggesting, “Let’s play in the
water now.”

He flung himself backwards beneath the surface. The twins joined him
with the exuberance of relief. They played for an hour, splashing,
touching and kissing.

* * *

“Not like that!” Lindy protested. “I’ve taught you better!”

Rick had his face between Lindy’s lovely thighs. John lay beside the
kids on the bed.

“Follow her instructions,” he told the boy. “Learn how to give her

John had already decided to have a sexual romp with his step-son, who
was so acutely pretty. He fondled a hairless, shapely thigh then leaned
down to kiss a pert butt cheek. Rick giggled.

“Don’t bother him, Daddy!” Lindy cried. “He’s finally doing it right!”

John laid his head next to Lindy’s and watched her girlish face record
the approach and arrival of orgasm. After she relaxed he fondled her
left nipple and kissed her lips. Rick was atop her, fucking to his own

Rick came three times but he still continued to fuck.

“He doesn’t wear out, Daddy,” Lindy said.

“It’s because he’s too young to shoot. He can experience pleasure again
and again like a girl.”

“He’s not doing much for me, Daddy. I like it better with you.”

“We’ll fuck each other silly this weekend, darling.”

John pulled the boy off of his sister, tickling him. Rick yowled in
laughter, which ended when the man engulfed his five inch cock that was
coated with Lindy’s juices.

“Jesus, Dad!” the boy cried. “Are you queer?”

The man raised his head. “Only for you, Rick,” he said then kissed his
son’s pretty face.

“Don’t forget me, Daddy!” Lindy yelled. “I need you now!”

Rick watched as his father fucked his twin sister. The scene was
fascinating, but the lad learned little. Lindy went wild like never
before with Rick.

“How’d you do that, Dad?” the boy asked after everybody had calmed down.

“Pay attention to your sister, son. Do as she tells you.”

John got up from the bed and went into the kitchen. He found disturbing
the agreeable remembrance of the boy’s cock in his mouth.

* * *

John provided condoms, actually to Lindy.

“No more fucking without this protection,” he told her. “You could get
knocked up.”

“By you, Daddy? You haven’t used one.”

“I shall from now on. Teach your brother what you like. He’s a smart

“I know that, Daddy, but he’s not large like you.”

“You’ll have me once a day, darling.”

“Can you do it now?’ she asked.

The slender, blonde girl lay upon the bed clad just in a bikini bottom,
which she pushed down and threw to the floor. John, standing beside the
bed, removed his swim trunks to reveal his impressive, erect tool.
Saliva filled his mouth as he gazed at his willing feast.

Rick came into the room naked.

“Can I play too?” he asked.

“Has Lindy taught you how to lick on her?” John asked the boy.

“I get it right most of the time,” Rick answered.

“Then do it. I’ll lie beside you.

Lindy looked into John’s face as he fondled a nubbin on her chest while
Rick licked her snatch.

“I wanted you inside me,” she said before they kissed.

“We’ll do that many times, darling.”

Rich succeeded in arousing the girl. John watched her lips twist.

“Let your self go,” he told her in a whisper.

Lindy stared into her dad’s eyes then began to groan and whine. She
uttered a cry at the peak.

John quickly shoved Rick aside and mounted the girl, plunging his fat
cock into her. Lindy’s orgasm persisted, subsided then resumed. She
thrust back at him, tangled her legs with his, scratched his shoulders
then screamed like a highly orgasmic, mature woman, although she was
just eleven years old.

John had not come. He pulled out of the slack girl and lay on his back.

“Finish me, son,” he said to Rick. “Suck me.”

Rick hesitated a moment then bent to the task. John was an oozer, not a
shooter, so the boy didn’t gag on the man’s spew.

* * *

After dark all three played naked in the tepid lake. John kissed Rick
like a lover, while fondling his young flesh. Falling to his knees in
the water, he sucked the boy to orgasm, although there was no ejaculate.
Lindy stood close, caressing each of her guys — her dad and twin

“It’s become so much nicer,’ she said.

That night they slept together on two mattresses pushed together on the
floor. Sleep was frequently interrupted by fucking, sucking and

“Let Rick poke you in the behind,’ John whispered to his daughter.

“In the behind!”

“Yes. Then he and I could have you at the same time.”

Before dawn Lindy was double fucked, and she loved it.

The next day the twins fucked repeatedly. Rick had learned to pleasure
his sister.

They were to return home that afternoon. John wanted to have the girl
one last time, because his wife would not allow him to continue fucking
her daughter. He wanted her as a sexy, orgasmic eleven year old with
great thighs. He desired a pedophilic experience pure and simple.

“Go play on the beach,” he told Rick. “Leave Lindy and me alone for the
next hour or so.”

The boy left the cabin. Lindy gave her dad a strange look. He had
fucked her more than a dozen times during the past couple of weeks. But
she had an inkling of his intention. She played the shy, little girl.

“What do you want to do, Daddy?” she asked.

“I want to touch you. Do you mind?”

“Touch me how, Daddy?”

John was pleased that the girl understood the pretense, that they would
have sex as if for the first time, because it would probably be the last
for them.

Lindy lay back on the bed with feet on the floor. John sat beside her.

“Why do you wear a bikini top, darling? You have so little to conceal.”

“Only boys show their chests, Daddy.”

“There are some boys who have more tit than you.”

“I’ll grow bigger, Daddy. I’m only eleven.”

The bikini bottom tucked into her crack. There was no evident pubic
hair. He leaned down and tongued her navel while fondling a magnificent

“I like you touching me, Daddy, although it tickles.”

“Scoot up onto the bed, darling. Let’s lie together.”

Once positioned, John removed the bra then fit his lips around her
nubbins and sucked each in turn.

“That feel’s good, Daddy, but you’re making me itchy.”

John gave up the pretense. He wanted to fuck the girl one last time.
He quickly removed the bikini bottom then went down on her hairless
twat. Lindy’s juices soon flowed and she began to moan in excitement.
John climbed between the outspread legs and slipped his fat cock into
her slick opening.

“Oh, Daddy!” she cried and pushed back at him.

The girl beneath him achieved two powerful orgasms before he bellowed
and spewed.

“That was our last time, darling,” he told her minutes later as she
cuddled to him. “Your mom doesn’t want me to have sex with you. You
and Rick can keep each other satisfied.”

“Rick’s better now, Daddy, but he’s not like you. Can I date?”

“Not until you’re sixteen.”

“That’s a long time to wait.”

“For you, darling, dating means having sex. You can’t go with a boy
except Rick until you’re sixteen. I suggest you give him more
instruction. He’ll grow larger over the next year.”

* * *

“How did it go?” Gwen asked John after he returned home with the twins.

“Lindy is highly sexed and very demanding, more so than Rick, but she
promised me that she won’t go with another boy for four or five years.”

“Rick has shaped up?”

“Yeah, he’s learned how bring Lindy off. I won’t have sex with them

“Them? You had sex with Rick?”

“It was a confused situation, Gwen. You had to be there to appreciate
it. It’s all worked out for the best, though.”

“Thank god for that. I suppose now I’ll have to, ah, pay more attention
to you.”

“More than once a week, Gwen, and we should become more inventive.”

Gwen shuddered.

* * *

It was midnight. Gwen had gone to bed early, having imbibed a bit too
much wine at supper. Rick was already asleep. Lindy came down the
stairs clad in a nightie, a one piece shift that did not cover her
knees. She looked cute and sexy.

“Daddy,” she said. “I have an awful itch.”

She handed him a condom.